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Washington Fellowship to Bring Africa’s Young Leaders to Washington D.C. Pg. 2

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Afrikan Post

January 2014

Obama to Train More Africans This Year

From the Editor

O u r G r eates t G lor y is n ot in n ever f a llin g b u t in r is in g ever y time we f a ll . We ar e co mmittted to b r in gin g th e commu n ity th e bes t in N ews f r om Af r ica a n d th e D ia s por a.  Yo u may a ls o vis it o u r webs ite a t www.a f r ik a n pos f or d a ily n ews u p da tes o n Af r ica . D is cla imer : Th e o p in io n s ex pr es s ed in ar ticles a n d s tor ies in th is N ews p ap er a r e th os e o f th e a u th o r s an d d o n ot n eces s ar ily r ef lect th e views o f Af r ika n Po s t . All commen ts a n d s u g g es tio n s ar e welcome.

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D E PA R T M E N T S Vol.6 Issue 1


Former Ghana National Dance Champion/Musician, Ordained as Pastor In The US Pg. 7

Washington, DC and Addis Abba Mayors Sign Sister City Agreement Pg.15

Ghanaian Pastor Making Waves in the US Pg. 11


It is Personal Pg. 20


2014 World Cup Draw

Pg. 39


Kwame Mayor Enters Race for Governor of California 2014 Pg. 11

The new flagship program of President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), will bring 500 young leaders ages 25 to 35 to the United States each year beginning in summer 2014 for academic coursework and leadership training and will create unique opportunities in Africa for Fellows to put new skills to practical use in leading organizations, communities, and countries.

2014 Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders

Who is eligible to apply?

All qualified applicants will not be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, socio-economic status, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Competition for the Washington Fellowship is merit-based and open to young African leaders who meet the following criteria: Are between the ages of 25 and 35 at the time of application submission, although exceptional applicants younger than 25 will be considered; Are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the U.S; Are eligible to receive a United States J-1 visa; Are proficient in reading, writing, and speaking English; and Are citizens and residents of one of the following countries: Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Republic of the Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Individuals residing in the Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Guinea-Bissau, Madagascar, Sudan, and Zimbabwe may not apply to the public management track. Residents of Sudan may only apply for the Civic Leadership track.

The U.S. Department of State and IREX reserve the right to verify all of the information included in the

application. In the event that there is a discrepancy, or information is found to be false, the application will immediately be declared invalid and the applicant ineligible.

Applications not meeting the above technical eligibility requirements will not be forwarded to the selection committee. If you do not meet the technical eligibility requirements for this program, we invite you to visit for information on other U.S. Department of State exchange opportunities.

What are the criteria for selection? The Washington Fellowship is conducted as a meritbased open competition. After the deadline, all eligible applications will be reviewed by a selection panel. Chosen semi-finalists will be interviewed by the U.S. embassies or consulates in their home country. If advanced to the semi-finalist round, applicants must provide a copy of their international passport (if available) or other government-issued photo identification at the time of the interview.

Selection panels will use the following criteria to evaluate applications (not in order of importance):

A proven record of leadership and accomplishment in public service, business and entrepreneurship, or civic engagement; A demonstrated commitment to public or community service, volunteerism, or mentorship; The ability to work cooperatively in diverse groups and respect the opinions of others; Strong social and communication skills; An energetic, positive attitude; A demonstrated knowledge, interest, and professional experience in the sector/track selected; and A commitment to return to Africa and apply leadership skills and training to benefit the applicant’s country and/or community after they return home. Among other opportunities, fellows will also receive internships and small grants to start businesses, build on existing NGO work or improve their communities. Financial support for the program’s fellows will be provided by private sector partners such as Boeing, Ethiopian Air, and Microsoft.

Source: www.

January 2014


Afrikan Post

January 2014

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We Have Mobile Phones You can Use in Ghana

Afrikan Post

New Laws In Effect In Illinois Since Jan. 1, 2014

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) - More than 200 new laws will go into effect in Illinois come Jan. 1. Below are a number that could have an immediate or significant impact on residents' lives:

SPEEDING: The maximum speed limit on tollways and interstate highways in Illinois will increase to 70 mph, up from 65 mph. The bill is SB2356

TEEN TANNING: Tanning facilities may not permit anyone less than 18 years of age to use tanning equipment, regardless of whether the person has permission of a parent or guardian.

The bill is HB0131.

MEDICAL MARIJUANA: Illinois has become the 20th state to legalize medical marijuana in a pilot project with some of the strictest standards in the nation, as of January. However, it may take more than a year to actually purchase marijuana as separate state agencies draft rules that must be approved by a legislative committee.

The bill is HB 1.

IMMIGRANT DRIVERS LICENCES: Illinois is the most populated state to grant drivers licenses to immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally. The program, which began in December 2013l, will be expanded at locations across the state in January.

The bill is SB957.

17-YEAR-OLD VOTING: Seventeen-year-olds may now vote in primaries if they will be 18 by the following general election.

The bill is HB0226.

SEX EDUCATION-ABSTINENCE: Public school sex education courses offered to 6th-12th graders must now cover contraception as well as abstinence. It's unclear how much the impact the new law will have, since many schools say they already teach both.

The bill is HB2675.


Pet owners can return a pet or be reimbursed for veterinary costs if an illness was not disclosed by the seller.

The bill is SB1639.

SEX ASSAULT-PARENTAL RIGHTS: Parental rights will be stripped from men who conceived children through sexual assault.

The bill is HB3128.

SOCIAL NETWORKING: It will be illegal for a school to ask for a student's social networking password without proper cause.

The bill is HB0064.

METH DISCLOSURE-MOBILE HOMES: The owner of a mobile-home park must disclose to a potential buyer all information regarding prior methamphetamine production in the property for sale.

The bill is SB2101. TASER USE:

Every law enforcement agency will be required to submit data on its use of stun guns or Tasers. The Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority is then required to analyze the data and submit a report to the governor.

The bill is HB0131.

January 2014


Maryland Law Expanding Driver’s Licenses For Illegal Immigrants Takes Effect By John Wagner, A new law that will expand the ability of illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses in Maryland is set to take effect on Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

Under the measure, which Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) signed into law in May, the state is making permanent a two-tiered system for obtaining driver’s licenses that it adopted on a temporary basis in 2009 to comply with a federal law. Going forward, illegal immigrants will be able to obtain a second-tier driver’s license if they meet certain requirements, including having filed tax returns for the past two years. The licenses will not be recognized by federal agencies, however, and therefore not valid for boarding an airplane or entering a federal building.

The two-tiered system adopted in 2009 was set to expire in 2015 and restricted eligibility to those who already had licenses at the time.

During legislative debate, proponents said that the new measure would make the state’s roads safer by allowing the Maryland Motor Vehicles Administration to administer written and road tests for undocumented citizens, and by making it possible for insurance companies to issue them liability coverage.

Opponents argued that the bill — known as the Maryland Highway Safety Act of 2013 — would reward the behavior of those who have entered the country illegally.

The legislation, sponsored by Sen. Victor R. Ramirez (D-Prince George’s) passed 29 to 18 in the Senate and 82 to 55 in the House of Delegates.

The law is one of only a handful set to take effect on Jan. 1 in Maryland. Most other measures passed during the 2013 session of the General Assembly took effect on July 1 or Oct. 1. Source:

NPP Washington Metro Elects New Executives

The new executives for the NPP USA, Washington DC Chapter have been elected. The election night was a beautiful evening in late December, one of new beginnings and a reawakening to our shared purpose – advancing the vision of the NPP.

Following the guidelines of the National Executive Committee, chapter members were asked to vie for the open executive positions. Applications were accepted in early November 2013, and the presentation of manifesto and vision was completed on November 30, 2013. The publication of the voters register was done on December 2, 2013 and a free, fair and transparent election took place on December 28, 2013.

Subsequent to the successful organization and coordination of the elections, Mr. Joe Anokye, the Co-Electoral Commissioner, performed the swearing in ceremony of the new executives. The outgoing chairman, Mr. Steve OpokuKwarteng, congratulated the new executives and assured them of his continuous support. “I have the utmost confidence in the ability of the new executives to contribute to the progress and success of the party,” commented OpokuKwarteng. The new executives are:

• Chairperson Dr. Aaron Adade

• 1st Vice Chairperson Mr. John Nyarko

• 2nd Vice Chairperson Ms. Tina Abrefa-Gyan • General Secretary Mr. Augustine Agbenazaa • Treasurer Mr. Felix Ohene-Bediako

• Public Relations Officer Mr. Kobina Eric Nyanteh

• Youth Organizer Mr. Kwame Baa-Gyimah The new executives want to offer sincere acknowledgements to our chief patron, Dr. Charles Osei Dankwah, for his continuous support; chairman emeritus of NPP USA, Mr. Mohammed Idris, for his guidance, presence and optimism; and, Mr. Augustine Blay for his immense contributions as the Electoral Commissioner. We also acknowledge the hard work of Mr. Kwame Owusu-Ameyaw and Mr. Charles Mantey. Both demonstrated exceptional leadership in vying for open positions as chairperson and 1st vice chairperson respectively, and we look forward to their continued support and dedication to the party in the coming years.

We seize this opportunity to thank all the past executives for the great work done. We stand on the foundation you have built for us, and will excel because of your commitment and contributions. We are proud of all the members and the new enthusiasm following these elections. Great thanks to all. We have every confidence that the new executives will rise to the challenges in the chapter, hold high the core values of the party, continue to unite all members and be part of the winning team of 2016. For that reason, we wish all the new executives great success.

Happy new year to all! Signed, Kobina Eric Nyanteh Public Relations Officer





January 2014 Page6

Japan And China Criticise Each Other's Africa Policies

Shinzo Abe is visiting three nations in Africa

China and Japan are criticising each other's policies in Africa as each country pledges more money for the continent.

Japan has suggested China is buying off African leaders with lavish gifts.

Meanwhile China accuses Japan of courting African support for a place on the United National Security Council.

Japan's leader Shinzo Abe is touring three nations in Africa, the first trip there by a Japanese prime minister for eight years.

Mr Abe is expected to pledge more than $14bn in aid and trade deals during his trip to Ethiopia, Ivory Coast and Mozambique.

China has hailed Africa a "golden ground" for foreign investment and has pledged to double its aid to the continent to $20bn a year. Chinese foreign ministers are visiting East and West Africa this month. Mr Abe's spokesman Tomohiko Taniguchi admits Japan is lagging behind China in terms of investment in Africa.

But he told the BBC that "countries like Japan, Britain and France cannot provide African leaders with beautiful houses or beautiful ministerial buildings".

The Chinese often pay for public buildings, including the African Union headquarters in Ethiopia, where Mr Abe is due to speak on Tuesday.

Mr Taniguchi said: "Japan's aid policy is to really aid the human capital of Africa." He said many African leaders believed that through strong links with Japan they could obtain industrial expertise and know-how.

China insists its aid and co-operation with Africa are completely selfless.

The Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi told the Hong Kong newspaper Ming Pao that China does not approve of "certain countries" which try to compete with others for their own interests and offer aid to Africa out of purely political motives.

This appears to be a reference to Japan's attempts to win the votes of African leaders in support of its bid to be a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, something China opposes. By Duncan Bartlett Business reporter, BBC World Service

Former Ghana National Dance Champion/Musician, Gemann Ordained As Pastor In The USA

Ghanaian Musician and dancer, Nana Kwasi Agyeman better known as Gemann was on December 8, 2013 ordained as a pastor in the United States of America. The ordination, which took place at the Total Redemption Ministers in Bronx-New York was attended by his family and well-wishers.

When asked by Eugene Selorm Owusu in a telephone conversation with him about his gospel album, Gemann said that his “G14” gospel album was launched in the USA some time back. He went on to say that the album would be released in Ghana next year for his Ghanaian fans to have a feel of his gospel songs. Gemann was a notable dancer cum musician in the early 1990′s. He was known for his perfect imitation of the late Michael Jackson’s dance moves and also known for his popular song, “Highlife in G Major”. He was at the meridian of his career when he accidentally shot a taxi driver with whom he had a scuffle over the fare. He was con-

New Year's Twin Babies Born In Separate Years January 2014

Page 7

demned to death in 1995 but his sentence was later mitigated to life imprisonment in 2003.

Gemann was part of the 500 prisoners that former President J. A. Kufuor granted pardon to, just before he left office in 2009.

Gemann is the Founder and CEO of G' Love Radio, a word, music and talk radio station based on Texas, USA .

He is also the President of New Life Christian Love Fellowship

As people around the world partied their way into the new year, two mothers gave birth to two of the last babies of 2013 and two of the first babies of 2014. While born just minutes apart, their twin babies entered the world in two different years.

On Dec. 31, 2013, at 11:58 p.m., Yaleni Santos Tohalino gave birth to baby girl Lorraine Yaleni Begazo, who weighed at 6 pounds, 4.9 ounces, at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, in Washington, D.C. Soon after, her twin brother Brandon Ferdinando Begazo was born on Jan. 1, 2014, at 12:01 a.m., weighing at 5 pounds, 10.4 ounces.


"I feel wonderful full of joy and happiness and a full sense of realization," the twins' father, Warren Begazo, told "This is her first children ever, and they're beautiful and she's really happy."

In Toronto, two fraternal twin sisters were also born in 2013 and in 2014, respectively. At Trillium Health Partners-Credit Valley Hospital, older sister Gabriela Salgueiro was born on Dec. 31, 2013, at 11:52 p.m., weighing 6 pounds, 16 ounces.

On Jan. 1, 2014, at 12:00:38 a.m., younger twin Sophia Salgueiro was born, weighing 5 pounds, 13 ounces.

"They kind of got that golden ticket. They've got different birthdays," the twins' mother, Lindsay

Salgueiro, told "They're going to be best friends for life." "We really did celebrate New Year's Eve," Begazo said.

"Not a bad way to end the year and not a bad a way to start the year off," said Salgueiro.

Both the mothers and babies are healthy and looking forward to going home.

Source: ABC News

January 2014

Thoronka Law Offices

Green Card

U.S. Immigration Law Practice


Removal and Deportation


Work Authorization Personal Injury/ Criminal

Employment Visa (H1B) Divorce Licensed in Maryland and Massachusette

Virginia Office Kamah Gueh-Thoronka 13198 Centerpoint Way Suite 101 Woodbridge, VA 22193 voice(571) 285-5497 or (571)285-5242 Fax: 571-285-5679

Massachusetts Thoronka Law Offices 225 Stedman Street Lowell, MA, 01852 (978) 275-9889

Whoopi Goldberg Wants To Return Home To Sierra Leone

Oscar award winning actress Whoopi Goldberg has disclosed that she is planning a visit soon to Sierra Leone. The ‘Sarafina’ star who recently discovered her DNA to the Kroo and Mende people of Sierra Leone said she is planning a ‘home coming’ soon. Goldberg confirmed to SaloneJamboree in an exclusive interview that she discovered her DNA to Sierra Leone and she is ready to walk the footsteps of Isaiah Washington, another African American Hollywood actor who became the first African American to gain Sierra Leonean citizenship based on DNA. Goldberg’s interview with SaloneJamboree is the first for any Sierra Leonean media. Commenting on her DNA discovery, she wrote to SaloneJamboree: “It’s a wonderful thing to be able to pinpoint where your blood originates, so it means I know where home is.” Asked whether she is ready to follow the footsteps of Isaiah Washington, the popular actress said: “Again it’s another part of the “who and where did I come from” puzzle. I think if one follows Isaiah’s lead it can only help us all connect,” she said. On how she would use her new discovery to better the lives of Sierra Leoneans, Goldberg said: “Once I know more about my people… I can answer that.” Updating SaloneJamboree about her current projects, Goldberg said she just finished a documentary about a female comedian named Mom Mabley. She said her current works also includes ‘Teenage

Mutant Ninja Turtles and 2 book to movies’, ‘Big Stone Gap,’ and ‘A Day Late and a Dollar Short.’ On her popular South African anti apartheid movie, ‘Sarafina’, Ms Goldberg said: “What makes ‘Sarafina’ different is no one knew this part of African history, and it felt needed, but it opened on the first day of the 1992 Riots in Los Angeles, so attention was not paid, “she said.She also has high regard for the South Africa`s first Black President,Nelson Mandela. She said: “Nelson Mandela was a man true to his word, he united S.A.,and was able to forgive, and who doesn’t want that?”

“Lastly, my words to the people of Sierra Leone… I will see you soon.” Courtesy of Salone JamboreeStay

Whoopi Goldberg



January 2014

Next to Blaze N Cuts and Aburi Gardens Restaurant -Opposite Checkers





3 time failure class for regular driving; Driver improvement clinic course

Website: www.

January 2014

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Kwame Mayor Enters Race for Governor of California 2014 days of Adams and Eve !!!.

January 2014


UN Appoints Ex-President Kufuor as Special Envoy

"A [few] hypocritical members of Ghana's National Security, even don't like People with Brain Powers, who hate Corruption, and who hate Nation Looting, like Kwame Mayor, to help build the Country", said the Ghanaianborn "America's Mandela", who has again, strongly criticised Ghana's ruling Government of using a (few) Anti-American, or Enemies of United States, who are Al-Queda Oriented, or Al-Queda Sympathisers, who are always coordinating with some Satanic Al-Quedas, who have strangely infiltrated into C.I.A., and F.B.I, which are supposed to protect America's Civilized ideals, and ideas of Democracy, Freedom, and Liberty, to terrorize him, everyday.

Former Ghanaian-American Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate, "Osagyefo Dr" Kwame Appiah Boateng, (popularly known by Ghanaians around the World as "Kwame Mayor", is running for Governor of California 2014, hoping to become the next "Terminator", like Austrian born, Arnold Schwarzenegger, his Campaign Website: WWW.GhanaWebsite.Org, reports.

Asked whether Ghana is still worth dying for, the Pan-Africanist, and Pro-American Democracy Activist, replied :

"Yes, Ghana is still worth dying for, if the Country is freed from Rawlings, and Boakye Djan's history of Anti-American Terrorism, Bloodshed, Corruption, and on-going Nation Kwame Mayor, who is undoubtedly, amoung the World's Most Looting" Sophisticated Intellectuals, lamented that all Ghana's Presidents, especially former President John Agyekum Kufuor --- (with the Exception of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah), are not serious in recruiting the Best Brains to build the Country, and are only interested in recruiting Corrupt People, and Nation Looters, who don't have Brain Powers like Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

"President John Mahama has proven to the Nation, and to the whole World that he was not serious when he mentioned about Inclusive Government. Somebody like "Osagyefo Dr" Kwame Mayor, does not have to beg to serve Ghana. If President Mahama, who claims that he is against Corruption, and yet, his Cronies don't like Anti-Corruption Crusaders, and Best Brains to serve Ghana, then I see Nkrumah's prediction of Dark Days in Ghana", said the Fair-Minded Politician.

"Kwame Mayor will not beg to serve any Government in Ghana, since Governments in Ghana, especially, the Government of former President John Agyekum Kufuor, stole, and implemented several of my ideas, which benefitted Ghana", said the Nation's Most Sophisticated Scholar, since the


United Nations (UN) Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon has appointed former President John Agyekum Kufuor and former Prime Minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg as Special Envoys on Climate Change.

The two former leaders are to assist Heads of State and Governments around the world in mobilizing the political will and action in advancing the 2014 Climate Summit that will be held in New York in 2014.

In an interview with Citi News, spokesperson for Mr. Kufuor, Frank Agyekum explained that the two leaders would assist the Secretary-General in his consultations with leaders of the various countries to raise the level of ambition to address climate change and to accelerate action.

“The idea behind it is for the two of them to raise awareness with the international community especially with countries for the G8 and D20 about the possibilities and the importance of reducing carbon emission to levels of about 2 degrees Celsius,� he explained. Source: Citi News

January 2014



Kenyan 'corpse' Wakes Up In Mortuary

Pastor Tries To Walk On Water Like Jesus, Then Drowns In Front Of His Congregation December




Paul Mutora was visited by relatives after being rescued from the morgue

Kenyan authorities have launched an investigation into how a man declared dead in a hospital woke up alive in its mortuary the next day.

Shocked mortuary workers at Naivasha hospital ran away when the body stirred and was seen to be breathing.

Paul Mutora, who had tried to kill himself by swallowing insecticide, was pronounced dead on Wednesday night.

The chief medic said the drug used to treat him slowed the heart beat, which may have led to the mistake.

"This might have confused medical personnel, but the victim was saved before he could be embalmed," Dr Joseph Mburu, the superintendent in charge of Naivasha District Hospital, was quoted by Kenya's Standard newspaper as saying.

According to the paper, Mr Mutora's father and other relatives visited the morgue on Thursday morning to view the body and then returned home to start funeral arrangements.

"But in the afternoon we were informed, he was alive and were left in shock," the father said.

A witness told the Star newspaper that when noises were heard inside the cold room: "The mortuary attendant and a worker took to their heels screaming."

Journalists photographed Mr Mutora later recovering on a male ward in the hospital in the lakeside town, 90km (55 miles) north-west of the capital, Nairobi,

"This was a mistake from the start and I apologise to my father," the patient said.

Source: BBC

Walking on water is not easy. Not too many people have the ability. Let’s see, there’s Jesus, and well, that’s about it. Unfortunately for one pastor on the West Coast of Africa, his attempt to become the second man to make this impossible feat a reality cost him his life.

Pastor Franck Kabele, 35, told his congregation that he was capable of reenacting the very miracles of Jesus Christ. He decided to make it clear through way of demonstration on Gabon’s beach in the capital city of Libreville.

Referencing Matthew 14:22-33, Kabele said that he received a revelation which told him that with enough faith he could achieve what Jesus was able to.

According to an eyewitness, Kabele took his congregation out to the beach. He told them that he would cross the Kombo estuary by foot, which is normally a 20 minute boat ride.

Sadly by the second step into the water Kabele found himself completely submerged. He never returned.

This is not the first incident of this nature in Africa. At Ibadon zoo in southwest Nigeria, a self-proclaimed Prophet claimed to be able to do what the Daniel of the bible did by walking into a den full of lions.

Though he was warned numerous times by zoo keepers, according to NG Newspapers, the Prophet thought of them as nothing more than enemies of progress. The Prophet, with a crowd of people watching, put on a long red robe and proceeded to enter the cage full of lions.

Within seconds of opening the door, the lions ripped the Prophet from flesh to bone. The bible should come with a warning label, “Don’t try this at home.” Source:


9 Ways to make a Million By Steve Tobak | Post

January 2014

Top 10 Scholarships For African American Students With Deadlines In January 2014

Nationwide - The new year is here, and it's time for students to get back to work. This year, more than $50 billion dollars will be given away in scholarships, and many of these programs have deadlines that are fast-approaching. Scholarships are free monetary gifts that can be used to pay for college tuition, books, and boarding. Most scholarship programs require students to excel in academics, sports, or in an essay competition.

It's a safe bet that more ink and paper have been expended in the name of how to make money than just about any topic. In case you're wondering why, here's a hint: Do you know how the dollar sign originated? Try overlapping the letters U and S, as in United States. Capitalism and the American Dream are both alive and well, and with good reason. Who would have thought basic staples like food, shelter, transportation and healthcare would cost so damn much? We used to think of a millionaire as rich. Pretty soon that's going to be the poverty level. So how do you get ahead — and stay ahead — of the ever-increasing cost of living? Surprisingly enough, there's no secret to making big bucks. The problem is people want it to be easy, like a winning lottery ticket, a magic formula for timing the stock market or a get-rich-quick pill. Sorry to break this to you, but you live in the real world, not a fantasy novel. And while there is no silver bullet for making it big, it isn't rocket science, either — unless you happen to be Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk. For the rest of us, this is how real people make gobs of money in the real world. Start with nothing and grow up in a tough neighborhood. Lots of wildly successful people started with nothing and fought hard every day of their lives to make it. Starbucks founder and CEO Howard Schultz and Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein grew up not far from where I did in Brooklyn. Competition and adversity breed great leaders. Do what you love ... and pray there's a market for it. Steve Jobs said, "The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle." He was absolutely right. If you follow your passion — and so do customers — the money will follow. Follow the yellow brick road ... to Silicon Valley. The high-tech industry has created enormous wealth for millions of people, and not just top executives, either. Microsoft alone accounts for an estimated 12,000 millionaires among former or current employees. The reason? Technology startups are the land of equity and opportunity.

Own your own business and live like a monk. Two-thirds of America's millionaires are selfemployed. The vast majority are small business owners who live on budgets well below their means, invest their money, and never received any kind of inheritance, according to the book "The Millionaire Next Door." Do you really need that new car or iPad? Nope.

Take risks, make mistakes and trust your gut. Most people are either ridiculously risk averse or take dumb risks they know they shouldn't take. Take smart risks, the ones that make sense to you. Trust your gut. You'll be wrong more often than not but that's okay. Nobody ever got ahead by playing it safe. Work your living tail off and make lots of sacrifices. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is a serious workaholic who works 90 hours a week. So does Elon Musk, who runs two companies and is not much of a delegator. The same was true of Steve Jobs when he ran Apple and Pixar. You get out of life what you put in. Manufacture your own luck. It's said that luck is when opportunity meets preparedness. While it's true that I've been very, very lucky, it's also true that I never stopped searching for opportunities and never hesitated to go for it when I found even a glimmer of a possibility. My advice: quit tweeting and linking and get out and network with real people in the real world. Stay married. I've seen it over and over again: one of the most common killers of wealth is the good old "divide by two." Think about it. Each time you get divorced, that's another divide by two. Divorce is a geometric progression — to the poor house. That's why only the poor and very rich can afford it. If you're in the middle, forget it. Diversify, diversify, diversify. That age-old axiom is so true it isn't funny. I have an old friend — a former senior executive like me — whose investment strategy has always been to put his money in as many different places as possible. It takes time and effort but the payoff is huge. Save your money, invest it wisely and diversify. Of course, you can always call yourself a social media entrepreneur or a self-branded CEO of one and generate all sorts of free online content while the folks at Google and Facebook get rich. The truth is, nobody ever got anywhere by doing what everyone else is doing. You may as well just buy lottery tickets and pray for a miracle. Source:

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Here they are top 10 scholarships with upcoming deadlines in January 2014:

#1 - The Tom Joyner Foundation "Full Ride" Scholarship awards a full scholarship to one student to attend a Historically Black College and University (HBCU). Learn more at

#2 - The Burger King Scholars program is designed to help high-school seniors who are looking to start college next year. Annually, the program awards more than $1.4 million in scholarships to more than 1,000 students. Learn more at

#3 - The Gates Millennium Scholars Program (also known as the Bill Gates Scholarship) awards scholarships each year to African American students who plan to enroll full-time in a two-year or four-year college or university program. Learn more at

#7 - Ronald McDonald House Charities Scholarships (RMHC) for African American Future Achievers are awarded to eligible high school students with high academic performance and community service as well as financial need. Learn more at

#8 - The Talbots Scholarship Program awards one-time scholarships to women who want to go back to school to earn their undergraduate degree after graduating from high school or receiving their GED at least ten years ago. Applicants must demonstrate financial need. Learn more at

#9 - The Ronald Reagan College Leaders Scholarship Program awards scholarships to college juniors and seniors who demonstrate leadership qualities in support of freedom, American values and constitutional principles. Learn more at

#10 - The NASA Aeronautics Scholarship Program is open to both undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a career in the field of aeronautics. It is a renewable scholarship for U.S. citizens and nationals. Learn more at

#4 - The Ron Brown Scholar Program provides scholarship awards to African-American high school seniors who are excelling in their academics, exhibiting exceptional leadership potential, and actively serving in community service activities. Learn more at Source:

#5 - The Discover Card Tribute Award Scholarship Program is sponsored by Discover Financial Services. The program recognizes students in their junior year of high school who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in their communities. Learn more at

#6 - The National Black Law Student Association (NBLSA) provides four scholarships each year to African-American students currently in law school. Each applicant will be required to complete an essay on a topic that is related to the specific scholarship for which they are applying. Learn more at


Pepsi Picks Noella Wiyaala As Brand Ambassador Post

Noella Wiyaala has been snapped up by Pepsi for a brand ambassadorial role in 2014. The soft drink manufacturer is yet to put out official information but sources say the deal “is done”.

She joins Nigeria’s Tiwa Savage in the New Year as the only two ambassadors in West Africa.

Sources close to her say “Wiyaala’s image is expected to be used extensively to promote Pepsi throughout Ghana as the brand looks to grab a larger share of the soft drinks market.

“It is thought that the hard-working singer was selected because she personifies that new breed of ambitious young Ghanaians who “Dare for More” by aspiring to make their mark as Africans in all walks of life at home and abroad.”

Since coming out in 2013, Wiyaala has released seven songs; including club remixes of “Make Me Dance”, and also secured an international distribution and publishing deal with JTV Digital in Paris.

She also made her TV acting debut in Viasat 1’s hit comedy series MultiKoloured this year.

The young songstress is handled by Djimba World.

Church Donates Record $1M for Bible Translations

CBN News - A church in Indiana has donated more than $1 million to fund new translations of the Bible. According to Wycliffe Bible Translators, the Indianapolis church donation is the largest ever by a single congregation. The donation came from College Park Church’s yearly special offering held on the Sunday before Christmas. College Park’s global outreach pastor said there was no special effort to break a donation record and that “God did it.” The funds will be used to translate the Bible into seven languages used by more than a million people in Asia.

January 2014


United States Dedicates New U.S. Embassy in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea


Photo courtesy of

Office of the Spokesperson Department of State Washington, DC December 11, 2013

In an important symbol of our friendship and bilateral relationship with the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, Under Secretary for Management Patrick F. Kennedy, and U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Equatorial Guinea Mark L. Asquino presided over the dedication of the new U.S. Embassy complex in Malabo today.

The new multi-building complex provides embassy employees with a safe, secure, and modern workplace. Situated on a 12.5-acre site in the Malabo Dos section of the capital, the complex includes a chancery building, a service/utility building, an access pavilion, Chief of Mission residence, Deputy Chief of Mission residence, staff housing, and a recreational facility.

The $71 million project incorporates numerous sustainable features to conserve resources and reduce operating costs, including an energy recovery unit that reduces the need for heating and cooling, water-conserving plumbing fixtures, and the use of regional and recycled materials. The new Embassy is registered with the U.S. Green Building Certification Institute as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) facility.

The facility was designed by Karn Charuhas Chapman & Twohey (KCCT) of Washington, DC, and constructed by Caddell Construction Co. of Montgomery, Alabama.

Since 1999, as part of the Department’s Capital Security Construction Program, the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO) has completed 108 new diplomatic facilities and has an additional 36 projects in design or under construction.

OBO’s mission is to provide safe, secure, and functional facilities that represent the U.S. Government to the host nation and support our staff in the achievement of U.S. foreign policy objectives. These facilities should represent American values and the best in American architecture, engineering, technology, sustainability, art, culture, and construction execution.





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Alternative Medicine


January 2014

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Washington, DC and Addis Abba Miss Ghana USA Meets Ambassador Mayors Sign Sister City Ohene Agyekum Agreement

Washington, DC DC Office of African Affairs

Mayor Gray Signs Historic Sister City Agreement between Addis Ababa and the District of Columbia

Mayor Vincent C. Gray and Mayor Diriba Kuma of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia today signed a Sister City Agreement between Addis Ababa and the District. The agreement will facilitate cultural and educational exchanges for the benefit of residents in both cities as well as provide an opportunity for the District and Addis Ababa to share information and collaborate on mutual priorities in many areas, including economic development, public health, urban planning, transportation and youth engagement. This agreement will be in force for a period of five years.

“Inspired by the District’s vibrant Ethiopian community, the largest African diaspora in the

District, I am proud to call Addis Ababa the District’s newest Sister City,” said Mayor Gray. “I am deeply grateful to the members of the Ethiopian community for their contributions to the District and view the partnership of our two cities as an opportunity for the residents of these two great capital cities to enrich each other culturally, educationally, economically and in quality of life.”

Alice Gyamfi, the reigning Miss Ghana USA and MISS Africa USA 1st Princess met with the Ghanaian ambassador to the US to discuss the Bright Foundations joint efforts with the youth for human rights organization and miss Africa usa organization in launching a scholarship Competition. This scholarship has been launched in Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia and Cameroon. Students will write an essay concerning education as a human right. The winner from each country will win a 1 year full scholarship including tuition, books, and uniforms. The overall winner will have the opportunity to attend the International Human rights conference in Geneva Switzerland. Alice Gyamfi and Dr. Agyekum also spoke about the need to maintain a strong Ghanaian cultural identity even in the midst of the pervasive American culture. This meeting included Jesse Morrow and Bari Berger from the Youth for human rights organization.

Non-denominational Young Adult Worship Group Feed The Homeless In Washington Dc Metro

January 2014

The Great Banquet hosted by a nondenominational young adult worship group named yuhhlo(youth under his glory) fed the homeless in shelters across Alexandria and Springfield as well as Washington DC giving away packaged meals , evangelizing and praying for them with the overall goal of winning souls for Christ. The Great Banquet is an initiative put forward by Youth Under His Glory Ministry (Yuhglo) and the young adults of NX Generation Young Adult Ministry (NXG) to bring food and the warmth of the Word of God to those who are without.

An estimated number of 13,205 homeless people live in the Greater DC Area. Many of these individuals day-by-day go hungry spiritually and physically. Although we can't reach this amount in a single project, by the grace of God we will avail ourselves to those whom we can reach. Thus we are initiating this feed the homeless project titled "The Great Banquet Project."

“We collected donation of non-perishable canned good that will be used to cook and set up a buffet style lunch in at a specified location in Alexandria. We also aimed at packaging about 100-200 lunches contained in portable lunch bags. These bags were given to a group of volunteers who drove around the Greater DC Area in search of the the homeless and shelter homes to deliver it to. Each lunch package had an indication of God's love and care for them and a Bible.”

Their vision is to share the love of God and also speak about Christ to the homeless people in the Area. “We aim at praying with/for them as we carry through with this project. “

Items Donated were: Canned Items: Green Beans, Corn Packaged meat: Ham, roast beef or turkeyMac & Cheese Packs of Water Cookies Bags of Chips



January 2014

Offices in Dumfries and Alexandria Call to Make an Appointment



It Is Personal Her Page

Dr. Miriam C. Gyimah

Ever wonder why some things happen to you? Do you search and find no clear answers to questions about your personal adversities? There is an answer. It is because of who you are. It is because as a child of God, you are special; you are “the apple of His eye” (Zechariah 2:8); you have been made a “peculiar person” (1st Peter 2:9) and as a result, someone, something, desires that very special thing in and about you. And they will come in their full strength to separate you from it and even usurp your place. Are you going to cower in the fetal position somewhere in a corner and relinquish your rights, joy and peace for that someone or are you going to stand to assert yourself and strength knowing who you are in the Lord? It is obvious that all people will experience adversities and challenges. That is a clear and undeniable truth of life confirmed time after time. Perhaps for an entire year, your nation’s rainy season will be so overwhelming that it will begin too early, rain too much and end well after its usual time, leaving your crops in ruins, unsalvageable. Or perhaps, the dry season also will come too early, stay well after its welcome and leave your land parched and unquenchable. The world’s economy could fall drastically and we will all feel the pinch in job loss and inflation. Such things happen not only to you, but to everyone and we will all suffer along with each other. Then there are those times when something will happen only to you. Sometimes, such occurrences are simply the natural order of life, but then at certain times, they are directed at you and you alone. All we know is that moments before, we were walking on solid ground and then in the next moment, we have fallen into a pit, desperately looking up, frantically calling for help. The adversity could be financial, where all was well and now as a result of job loss you become virtually homeless. It can be an unhappy and unstable home life, serious health problems, or even the sudden death of a loved one. The fact is that once upon a time, you were happily serving and worshiping your God, obeying His word and enjoying the blessings, but in the next moment, everything changed as if the ground you were walking on was quaking, threatening to come apart and swallow you. Don’t fret. It is personal. According to God’s word, our personal trials and tribulations and even eventual

demise can be warranted by our own disobedience as in the case of Jonah, who intentionally disobeying God’s directions, was swallowed by a whale that God Himself had assigned to swallow him. Jonah remained in the whale for three days repenting and praying until God released him. Let’s also recall Samson, who after disobeying by mingling with people God had forbidden the Israelites to consort with, yielded to the seductress power of Jezebel and found himself without his hair and strength. Samson met his demise with his enemies because he had sinned by doing his own thing. If you are undergoing adversities, search to see if you have erred in some way and quickly make amends with God and whomever else, to bring an end to your affliction. However, many times in our Christian journey the attacks in our lives are not warranted. We have done absolutely nothing to deserve those severe hardships. In fact, we have rather been faithful in our roles as children of God. This is when we should discern that it is a personal attack brought by our enemies to undermine and even cause our demise. At such times, we should recall that because we have clearly and consciously chosen to serve God, though we have been promised righteousness, peace and joy (Romans 14:17) and all that God has to offer to us here and beyond, we have nevertheless enlisted ourselves in an army, and there are ongoing battles and wars in which we partake on the spiritual level which can obviously result in injuries and casualties. We must acknowledge and accept this, for it is a spiritual truth from which we cannot escape. Take for instance the story of Queen Esther. In The Book of Esther, the queen’s cousin Mordecai was personally being pursued by his enemy Haman, because the proud Haman was angry that Mordecai wouldn’t bow down to him as did everyone. Mordecai understood that he was only to bow to God and not to any man or idol. As a result, Haman hated him, and conceived in his heart a means to kill not only him but all the Jews of the kingdom as well. The plot was personally designed against Mordecai, but he knew what to do. He enlisted the help of Esther and although Esther knew that standing up for Mordecai and the Hebrew people could mean certain death to her, she took up the challenge and proclaimed a threeday fast for her people. In the end, it was neither Mordecai nor the Hebrew people who were killed, but the gallows that Haman had fashioned intending to trap Mordecai were the very gallows that sealed his fate; Haman was executed! When you are a faithful child of God, your enemies in the spiritual and even the natural realm will become jealous and hateful wanting to see you disgraced and destroyed. But your response to the trials they precipitate and your unwavering belief and faithfulness to God in this time of pain and anguish will ensure that they will be the ones to be made ashamed. What they had wished on you will rather befall them. Let’s confirm the above with another incident in Daniel chapter six which has the same end. Daniel, a Hebrew leader in Persia was hated and envied. Daniel was hated because not only did he excel at his work and was

favored by King Darius, but also because he faithfully prayed to and worshiped his God and not the gods of the land. As a result, venom filled the hearts of the other leaders so much so that they plotted to compromise him where he would eventually be killed. His enemies connived to have an irreversible edict written and approved by the king that for 30 days, only the king should be prayed to and that anyone found praying to any god or man should be put to death. See, the fact is that your enemies watch and study you. They come to learn about you so that they can place obstacles in your way to cause you to trip and fall. Their constant intention is to see you knocked off your pedestal, the very pedestal with which God has so graciously endowed you. The schemers in this case knew that Daniel was faithful to his God and that despite the decree, he would pray and thus, their innermost desire would be realized when Daniel is put to death. Daniel wasn’t fooled. It was personal, but he knew in whom he had believed. He also knew that come what may, he would rather obey his God than men. So unafraid and unashamed, Daniel continued to pray three times a day by his open windows. He was seized and thrown into the lions’ den to be demolished. But when morning came, Daniel was still alive as God had shut the lions’ mouths so that they could not devour Daniel. Rather, those who conspired and developed the decree solely to entrap Daniel were the ones who, along with their wives and children, were thrown into the lions’ den and destroyed. It is personal when an entire edict has been established simply because of one person. It is personal when your enemies search and plot to determine how they might bring about pain and misery to your life. Would they be successful with their gossiping, backbiting and shunning? Will that be the way they will cause you to become discouraged and stop doing what you have been doing for God? Are you going to stop leading the praise and worship team or quit the choir? Are you going to step down from that post to which you were elected or appointed on your job or at church? Are you going to stop attending church service or quit the church altogether? What is going to be your response to the attacks and machinations made against you? Are you going to accuse the Lord of being unfaithful to you because the loss of a good job and good health are now your woes or are you going to stand firm and fight these battles knowing who you are in God and acknowledging the manipulations of the enemy? Finally, let’s consider another individual who was perfect in every way even according to God Himself, but was faced with unbelievable tragedy, simply because of another’s resentment. In the Book of Job, Job of Uz, the greatest man of the East in those times, was blessed beyond measure, because he was upright and faithful to God. But of course, Satan himself could not leave that alone. He was jealous, because while he was homeless roaming back and forth on Earth, Job had real estate properties, innumerable livestock and blessed with ten children. Job also had the respect of his community. Consequently, Satan challenges God that Job is only faithful because of the blessings that God has granted him, not because he loves God. God allows Satan, Job’s enemy, to have his way with his wealth and all his

January 2014



blessings. He does and Job loses everything, even his children in one day. But Job only prostrated himself and worshiped God, accepting God’s supremacy. Dissatisfied with Job’s response, Satan goes back to God and asks to attack Job’s health. God grants the permission, trusting that Job will never cease to love and worship Him. Job’s body is attacked with painful boils from his head to the soles of his feet, but he remained faithful in his worship and never cursed God. In the end, the Lord rewarded Job for his faithfulness by not only healing his body, but by also blessing him with twice as much as he had before. Additionally, God blessed him with ten more children, the very number of children he had previously, and lastly, he was blessed with long life, where he lived until 140yrs. Was the attack on Job personal? No doubt. Was it intended to undermine and discredit him? Absolutely. Did Job stop worshiping God and did he curse Him? No. While Job was not privy to what had transpired between God and Satan, Job knew his God and understood that both blessings and curses can come from His hands. Believing that he had been faithful to God, that he had not brought those curses unto himself, he stayed true to his Lord. What is your response when such things happen to you? What challenge or trial are you facing? Have you determined its roots? Was it brought about by your disobedience to God or can you identify it as a personal attack to test you? What are you doing about it? What will you do about it? Are you going to fight by praying and fasting as Esther, Mordecai and the Hebrews did in order to claim your victory over the situation? Are you going to obey your God and continue to pray and call upon his name as did Daniel? Or are you going to continue to worship and continue your faithful relationship with Him as did Job, knowing that your God is faithful and supreme and that despite your afflictions, He is worthy to be worshiped and praised? When such attacks come, know that they are personal, but know even more that this is when it is time to fight and shame your enemies and claim what is yours. Don’t allow the jealous ones to triumph over you. Don’t let Satan and his demonic and human agents to harass and have their way with you. There is something special about you that they desire. There is something wonderful about you that they want to destroy. Are you going to let them? Fight them all the way until it is over, knowing that God fights alongside you.

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Understanding African English

Ghenglish is what I call it. Yes! Ghenglish, the Ghanaian version of the Queen’s English.

To any foreigner, it may sound outlandish and difficult to comprehend but to the Ghanaian, it is everyday English used in every conversation.

While this plethora of words, expressions and phrases are used understandably among Ghanaians and foreigners living in the country, they often leave first time visitors at sea.

After all, just as some words in the Queen’s English were either derived or borrowed from other languages, so have Ghanaians explored their linguistic creativity to come up with these phrases. has been sampling some Ghenglish phrases and expressions.

“Can you hear the smell?”

That’s how some Ghanaians would ask you if they want to inquire whether you smell something. Perhaps, it is only in Ghana that one can ‘hear’ a ‘smell’. Funny huh? Well, wait till you walk with an average Ghanaian who would want to exhibit his grasp of the English language.

“I’m going to come”

Don’t get it twisted. The person actually means, “I will be right back”.

“I’m coming”

So you called this guy passing by and he responds, ‘I’m coming’, while still in motion. Don’t rack your brain; it’s not worth it. He meant, “I’ll be with you shortly”.

“Branch at the next junction”

after making payment requests, give me “my balance”. Balance is Ghenglish for “change”.

“Last price”

“What’s your last price?” You’ll often hear this while bargaining the price of some service or item. It could come from either party and means lowest price offer.

“Home-used” This term is used in reference to second hand goods usually from Europe, America and Asia. For example, “home-used car” or “homeused electronic appliances”.

“Flash me”

And hey! You make a new friend in Ghana and ask for a cell phone number. You will hear expressions like “let me flash you so you store my number” or “I will flash you for you to call me”. Flash means missed call.

“Light off!”

You know you are in Ghana when the whole neighbourhood screams in unison - “light off!”. This is easy right? “Light-off!” is the synonym for blackout.

“Repeat again”

Another common Ghenglish phrase one would easily notice is “repeat again”. I’m sure you’re saying that’s tautology. Yes, it is and that’s Ghenglish for you. Source: Stephen Kwabena Effah www,

Interesting Facts About Fridays In 2014

4/4/2014 Friday 6/6/2014 Friday In a country where landmarks serve better in giving directions than the compass, many Ghanaians use the 8/8/2014 Friday expression “branch at the next junction” to mean “turn 10/10/2014 Friday 12/12/2014 Friday at the next junction”. We are going to use the calendar of 1997 in 2014 Date and festivals are the same History repeats itself “It will start in 10 minutes time”

The programme is delayed, and the MC pleads, “It will start in 10 minutes time” instead of “It will start in 10 minutes”. It’s a Ghanaian thing!

“Sorry for left”

Ghanaians are certainly a courteous people. So much they would apologise for handing something to you with the left hand, “sorry for left”. It’s an economised version of “sorry for using my left hand”.

“Drop me here” or “I’ll drop here”

You hear this often in public transport – trotros and taxis. The passenger tells the driver, “drop me here” or I’ll drop here”. All what that means is “I will alight here”.

“Give me my balance”

Still on the public transport or at the shop, the chap

Enjoy the year 1997 in 2014

January 2014




HE: Yes. At last! It was so hard to wait. SHE: Do you want me to leave?

HE: No! Don't even think about it! SHE: Do you love me?

HE: Of course! Over and over.

SHE: Have you ever cheated on me? HE: No! Why are you even asking? SHE: Will you kiss me? HE:Every chance I get. SHE: Will you hit me?

HE: Are you crazy? I am not that kind of person. SHE: Can I trust you? HE: Yes

SHE: Darling!


Who Is The Most Stupid? 1. Ga man who removed his shoes to enter a taxi.....

2. Asante man who went to the bank with a spanner to open bank account.

3.Upper east man who went to bed with a ruler just to know how long he slept

4. Upper west man who watched the news and waved at the news reader.

5. Navrongo nurse who woke up a sleeping patient simply because she forgot to give him sleeping pills....

6. A Cape Coast man who lowered his TV volume because he wanted to read a text message..

9.Dagaate man who polished his shoes to take a passport photo.

10.Western man who climbed a mango tree to check if the mango was ripe enough then came down and started stoning it.....

11. Eastern man who chose to drink Fanta because he thought sprite was unripe 11.Brong Ahafo man who saw a statue and greeted it “Good Morning” 12.Ewe/ Volta man who put his radio inside

January 2014

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Nigerian Colonel Honoured With Award By President Obama January


In April 1971, an 18-year-old boy born in Enyiogugu, Mbaise, Imo State, landed at the John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York, United States of America with just $10 in his pocket and a gargantuan determination to succeed in life. It was an ambition that pumped in his heart, propelled by the love of his parents and 13 siblings. Working full time night jobs, including washing dishes in restaurants on some days, he endured deprivations, scrimped and saved to pay his way through college, after being adequately prepared by the sound moral training he received from reverend fathers that taught him at Holy Ghost College, Owerri, a Catholic academy that once produced morally upright, well-educated adolescents who moved on life to become professionals and public servants desperately needed by post-Second World War Nigeria, at a time the country was burning with the quest for independence from Britain. “In a way, I have been on my own since I was about 13 years old. You could say that I learned to solve my problems, focus on my objectives, and strive to be the best that I can be,” Colonel Edwin Njoku recalled in an interview with this reporter in 2003, soon after he became the first African in the United States army to rise to the rank of a colonel. In the intervening years, he held various positions of increasing responsibility, several of which were very strategic to the national security of the United States, and put in a total of 28 meritorious years before retiring in 2013. You can then begin to understand how Njoku felt when he was nominated by US top military brass for the Legion of Merit (LOM), a military award of the United States Armed Forces that is given for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements. Njoku, a specialist in nuclear science and radiological physics, enlisted in the United States Army in 1985 on direct commission as 1st Lieutenant and was promoted to a Captain a month later. As at 2003, he was one of the only two black people certified by the American Board of Health Physics. And has since been a diplomat of the American Academy of Health Physics. Born to the late Chief Oliver Njoku (Ochiriozua 1 of Enyiogugu) and the late Mrs Monica Onukogu Njoku, he was the first of 14 children of his parents. So when he stood on the dais at the White House for the formal decoration, the event marked another milestone for Nigeria, the land of his birth and a salute to the indomitable spirit of the people despite

the deficiencies of the country’s political leadership. “Looking back at my childhood era, I can safely describe it as filled with adventures. I was into everything, from active sports to hunting and trapping, fishing, farming, or just hanging out. I even ran restaurant for a while,” says Njoku who began his formal education at St Paul’s Primary School, Enyiogugu, Mbaise before going to Holy Ghost College, a school he describes in this fashion, “My beloved HOGOSCO, I will always cherish the education and experience that I got from that school.” It is an emotional connection he shares with His Grace, Dr. Anthony J.V. Obinna, Archibishop of the Catholic Diocese of Owerri, who is an illustrious ambassador of the college that sits directly opposite the cathedral, which itself is a postcard landmark of Owerri. Njoku’s natural quest for higher education in America took him through Worcester Junior College, Worcester, Massachusetts, University of Lowell, Lowell, Massachusetts, University of Massachusetts, New York Institute of Technology, Old Westbury, New York and Hunter College, New York, New York, the various institutions where he obtained the following degrees – AS, BS, MS and MSc. His postgraduate studies focused on Nuclear Science/Radiological Physics, Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Engineering Technology. Upon enlisting in the US Army at graduate level, he attended the officer advanced professional training at the US Command and General Staff College as well as the US Army Chemical School and the Air War College. His experience in nuclear science would ultimately play a significant role in the Middle East and Korea, two troubled regions where he served when former US President George W. Bush, Jnr. sought to resolve the global challenge posed by Iraq’s dreaded possession of nuclear materials and other chemical weapons of mass destruction. Understandably, and for obvious reasons too, Njoku bluntly refuses to talk about his work in this regard, but happily explains why he branched into nuclear science: “I chose the nuclear field because it appeared fascinating and I liked

the challenge. It has turned out to be a distinctive choice. It prepared me to work in nuclear power plants, nuclear medicine and radiation oncology, military applications effects, and plain scientific research. The industrial hygiene and environmental engineering programs were pursued for the sake of gaining an overview of what my employees were doing. I hated to be ignorant of the work I was tasking people to do.” Funny enough, Njoku’s ride through the US military establishment began on a tennis court, he says with a smile, recalling how it happened: “I joined the US Army in 1985 after several months of prodding by a Lt. Colonel Ezell Ware (now a Major General) who used to play tennis with me. He admired my academic qualifications and was bent on selling the advantages of joining the military. He kept pushing on what the military could do for me, including showing me the world. I finally gave in and accepted a direct commission. I went in as a 1st Lieutenant and was promoted to a Captain a month later. “Considering the way everything has turned out, he was right. The US Army delivers on its promises. The US military, despite its shortcomings, represents the most ideal organization ever created by mankind. It provides an environment where people can rise according to their abilities, irrespective of race or national origin. Enlisted soldiers do not have to be citizens to join the army but they may not be placed in sensitive positions. They, however, have to be permanent residents. As at 2003, we did not have many African-born officers in the military. Among us, I happen to be the first to attain the rank of Colonel. But I have worked hard to see an increase in that number, particularly among people with medical backgrounds. Today there are several Nigerians in the US military. In fact, there are three other enlisted Njoku (s) in the army.” His promotion in 2003 brought with it more responsibilities. He served as the Deputy Chief of Professional Services. And was the command’s Preventive Medical Science Officer while handling collateral duties as the Nuclear Science Officer, and the Chemical/NBC Officer. He was also the deputy director of the 2nd Med/63rd RSC Emergency Medical Response to Weapons of Mass Destruction training program and Adjunct Instructor with the US Defense Readiness Training Institute. Altogether, by serving in these various capacities, one of Njoku’s major contributions was in the area of emergency medical response to weapons of mass destruction. Under his leadership, more than 1000 physicians, nurses, and other emergency response personnel were trained between 2000 and 2003 as Al Qaeda fears rose across the US. The trainees went back to their communities and units, equipped and ready to respond to emergencies. “I am particularly proud of this effort,” Njoku says with great elation. Of his role models, he names Major General Ezell Ware and former United States Secretary of State, General Colin Powell, who had previously been the National Security Adviser to former President George Bush, Jnr, after serving as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs under former President George Bush, Snr. He says of role models: “Both are dynamic individuals who reached the pinnacle of their profession through




hard work and perseverance. They are worthy of emulation. Colin Powell and I are products of the same system and to some degree, share some commonalities. He grew up in the Bronx, in a not-so-well to do family, and became the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Powell held several high visibility positions and performed well in each of them. While I did not hold any such positions, I have enjoyed what I have done in the course of serving in the United States Army. It has been a great honour to serve.” Now that he has retired, Njoku would spend more time attending to his pet love: “I relax by attending to my garden. Since childhood, I have always enjoyed going into the garden and picking fresh tomatoes and bell peppers. I supply my neighbors with the excess vegetable produce during the growing season. Sometimes I relax with a good book, particularly historical biographies and military history. Once in a while, I re-read one of Chinua Achebe’s novels for Ibo proverbs.” Yet there is great pain in Njoku’s heart: “The level of poverty in the village distresses me. Several years ago, I tried to alleviate the situation by providing seed money to several women to start small-scale businesses. Some succeeded but many were hampered by the worsening economic conditions. I have continued to extend a helping hand where a slight chance of success exists. I am not financially well off by any stretch of imagination but I am like my father. We have the philosophy that a house built on quick sand will eventually collapse; one can’t be happy in his “castle” if he is surrounded by abject poverty. I have committed a substantial amount of resources towards the building of the local church and rectory. I have also renovated St Paul’s Primary School building after I got fed up with the deplorable conditions in the school. I was informed (and witnessed it) that the school children normally abandoned their desks to avoid getting soaked when it rained. This situation could not continue unabated and something had to be done. I could not imagine myself attending classes in such deplorable conditions. In another little way, I have been paying income tax to the Nigerian government for quite some time. My hope is that this would help the government extend needed services to the people. Despite all, I don’t particularly think that I have made any substantial impact. More needs to be done; jobs need to be created for the youths and I wish I had the magic wand to make it happen. My vision for my birthplace is that we need to work harder to improve the economic situation, working with government to create more jobs for the youths and improve education and infrastructure. With his retirement, Njoku has ample time to devote to this vision.





100 Years and 100 Interesting Facts about Nigeria

2013 estimated population of 174,507,539 is the most populous Black nation and the 7th most populated nation in the entire world, trailing after—from least to most—Pakistan, Brazil, Indonesia, USA, India and China (1.3bn). 2. Nigerians are 1/5th the total population of Black Africa. 3. Nigeria, with 521 languages has the fourth most in the world. This includes 510 living languages, two second languages without native speakers and 9 extinct languages. 4. The Portuguese reached Nigeria in 1472. In 1880 the British began conquering Nigeria’s south. The north was conquered by 1903. 5. Wole Soyinka is a Nigerian Nobel laureate. He wrote 'Telephone Conversation!'

6. With a net worth of $16.1bn, Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote is the richest Black person in the world.

7. Yoruba and their bloodlines worldwide have the highest rate of twinning (having twins) in the world. 8. The 2006 Census found Nigerians to be the highest educated ethnic or racial group in America.

9. The Northern knot, Arewa insignia has Christian origins, investigation by Ibraheem A. Waziri revealed. It is adapted from the Church Celtic knot. 10. Pre-tribalism: Malam Umaru Altine, a northern Fulani man was the first elected Mayor of Enugu, in the east, and was even re-elected for a second term.

11. Pre-tribalism: John Umoru, from Etsako in today’s Edo State (Western region) was elected for the House of Assembly to represent Port Harcourt in the Eastern Nigerian House of Assembly. 12. The Colonial Cantonments Proclamation of 1914 established ‘foreign quarters,’ ‘Sabon Gari,’ institutionalizing the Sabon Garuruwa system of ‘foreigner’ residential segregation in Nigeria. 13. Crispin Curtis Adeniyi-Jones (1876-1957) who the street in Ikeja, ‘Adeniyi-Jones’ was named after, was a medical director from Sierra Leone (a Saro). As a co-founder of NNDP, he won one of the Lagos 3 legislative council seats in 1923 and represented Nigerians for 15 yrs.

14. Saros was the name given to 19th and 20th century ‘Creole’ African literati migrants from Sierra Leone.

15. Amaros was the name for repatriated Brazilian and Cuban slaves; the ‘Aguda’ people of Lagos today. This Brazilian community includes deportees of the brave “Malê Revolt” in Portugal.

16. British colonization was not all voluntary ‘happy slave trade,’ but involved brutal terror against non-cooperation and stiff opposition. Captain Lord Esme Gordon Lenox, 'With The West African Frontier Force,' describes: “…we stormed down to Amassana, which was a town supposed to be friendly and fined them 25 goats and 20 chickens for non-assistance, then returned to Agbeni and burned half...October 1st was spent in continuance of yesterdays incendiraism by burning every town or farm we could see. I shudder to think of how many houses we have destroyed in these two days. On our way back to Egbbeddi in the afternoon we passed by Sabagreia and told our old friend Chief Ijor that most likely we should burn down Sabagreia the next day…”

17. Nigeria’s population was just 16 million in 1911. It is projected to hit 444 million by 2050, surpassing the US and becoming the 4th largest in the world.


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18. The population of Lagos today is about more than the total population of all Eastern states combined.

37. Obasanjo’s first term and Babangida’s regime oversaw the weakening of the naira.

20. Nigeria’s north (719,000 sq. km), occupies 80% of Nigeria’s land mass. In size it is four times the South.

39. Babangida’s coup in 1985 was invaluable to the colonialists suspected to have been in support as it led to Nigeria accepting SAP restrictions, loans and crippling foreign monetary conditions.

19. Lagos’ population in 1872 was 60,000. By 2015 it will be the third largest city in the entire world.

21. 1st republic Aviation Minister, Chief Mbazulike Amaechi hid former South African President, Nelson Mandela, for six months in Nigeria to evade his arrest by the apartheid regime.

22. Gangsta: In 1984 under the disciplinary Buhari/Idiagbon government, there was a sophisticated attempt to kidnap and repatriate ex-civilian regime minister of transport, Umaru Dikko from the UK, anesthetized in a freight crate, for the embezzlement of $1bn under the Shagari regime.

23. Valor: Part of the ‘Forgotten Army,’ Nigerians volunteered to fight with the allied forces among the 81st and 82nd West African Divisions, in the Second World War.

24. The Adubi war in 1918 was a major uprising by 30,000 Abeokuta Ebga warriors against the colonial government for colonization, taxation and slave labor. One British was killed and rail and telegraph lines destroyed. The British rewarded their soldiers with medals for quelling the uprising. Awape Adediran a Molashin/ Kingmaker was imprisoned for his active involvement.

25. Activist Mrs. Fumilayo Ransome-Kuti travelled widely, including to the Eastern bloc (Hungary, USSR and China where she met Mao Zedong). These interactions angered Nigeria, Britain and America. America called her a communist and refused her a U.S. Visa. 26. Mrs. Fumilayo Ransome-Kuti, legendary Fela’s mother, was one of the delegates that negotiated Nigeria’s independence in Britain.

27. Once upon a time, the north was the more literate part of Nigeria. According to Lord Luggard, there were 25,000 Qur’anic Arabic schools with about 250,000 pupils in the north. 28. Sardauna of Sokoto said he preferred foreign workers to Igbo’s because he felt Igbo’s are domineering. This was while Nigeria existed as regions with regional administrations.

29. Kaduna Nzeogwu killed Sardauna in Nigeria’s first military coup.

30. In 1966, a mischievous Igbo owned bakery allegedly made a loaf of bread with a label that depicted Nzeogwu as the Saint in the ‘Saint George and the Dragon’ medieval tale, killing Sardauna, the ‘dragon,’ this labeled bread provoked deadly antiIgbo riots.

38. General Buhari and Idiagbon rejected IMF demands that Nigeria devalue its currency.

40. Nigeria has 5 of the 10 richest pastors in the entire world, with net worth’s according to Forbes, from $10-150 million. They are Pastors, David Oyedepo, E. A. Adeboye, Chris Oyakhilome, Mathew Ashimolowo and Temitope Joshua.

41. Nigeria has the 4th highest number of poor, living under a dollar a day in the entire world. 100 million are ‘destitute’ according to figures from the NBS (National Bureau of Statistics).

42. Nigeria, the 3rd biggest economy in Africa is 160th out of 177 countries in HDI (Human Development Index). 43. Nigeria has the highest paid legislators in the entire world.

44. Based on amount squandered, of an income of $81 billion per year, Nigeria is the most corrupt nation in the world. 45. The nation with the most defrauded people, aka ‘mugus,’ in history, is Nigeria. Successive administrations continue to loot a greater percentage of the nation’s wealth, running in hundreds of billions of dollars.

46. Nigeria in 2013 was rated the worst country to be born based on welfare and prosperity projection. 47. Aliko Dangote funded Presidents Obasanjo, Yar’Adua and Jonathan’s 4th republic campaigns. Buhari rejected funding from Dangote. 48. Usman dan Fodio (1754–1817) was trained in classical Islamic science, philosophy and theology and wrote over 100 books on society, culture, religion, governance and politics. He could only declare Jihad when he was made leader in Gudu {In Islam you can only declare Jihad if you are an official Muslim leader}.

49. The Borno Empire rejected Dan Fodio’s colonization jihad. Al-Hajj Muhammad al-Amîn ibn Muhammad al-Kânemî not only militarily defended his Empire, but also did so by religious, theological, legal and political debates, challenging why a Muslim Empire should colonize another. 50. Kano history has it that a great warrior princess Magajiya Maimuna led her cavalry from Zaria to conquer Kumbwada.

31. Idrîs Aloma (1571-1603) King of Kanem-Bornu went on pilgrimage and came across firearms. He brought some guns back, along with Turks to train his army on how to use them.

51. Kumbwada in Kano today is ruled by Queen Hajiya Haidzatu Ahmed, who presides over up to half a million subjects. A throne curse which makes men sick and die, keeps males off the throne. {Sadly, the woman ruled Kumbwada is the least funded chiefdom in Nigeria}.

33. A brand new car sold for N2000 in 1975. A ticket to London was less than N100 in 1975.

53. There are several Nigerian officials in the government of English speaking The Gambia.

32. Travel Visa was not required to travel to the United Kingdom till 1984.

34. In 1976, 75 kobo exchanged for one British Pound and 60 kobo for one US dollar.

35. A dollar was 90 kobo at the beginning of Babangida's term in 1985. 36. Nigeria took its first loan from the World Bank in 1977.

52. Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire) is Nigeria's leading trade partner in Africa.

54. There is a Nigerian origin, Yoruba chief in Accra. Chief Brimah is the only foreign Chief with a seat in the Ghanaian traditional council. 55. Cross River State: The Ejagham (Ekoi) people in the Southeast are believed to have originated the Nsibidi (Nsibiri) writing system which later spread to the Efik, Igbo, Ibibio, Efut, Banyang and Annag peoples.



100 Years and 100 Interesting Facts about Nigeria

56. Discovered in 1928, Nigeria’s North and North Central region hosts West Africa’s oldest civilization; the Nok, which flourished between 1000 BC and 300 BC. {Nok sculptures recently went on display disappointingly in Germany (not Africa).} 57. Finished in 1460 the Benin Iya or moat is a historic world defense wonder. Spanning 1,200 kilometers with walls as high as 18 metres, it is the world’s largest archeological structure. 58. Sungbo's Eredo in Ogun state (6°49′N, 3°56′E) is a 100 mile system of up to 70 ft trenches and walls around Ijebu-Ode. It’s Queen, Bilkisu Sungbo has been attributed to the Biblical Queen Sheeba (Queen Bilkis in Quran).

59. Lord Lugard estimated in 1904 that there were 170 walled towns still in existence in the whole of just the Kano province of northern Nigeria. He described Kano: ‘Commercial emporium of the western Sudan.’ Of its wall, he said, ‘I have never seen, nor even imagined, anything like it in Africa.’ 60. Osun: Queen Luwo, the twenty-first Ooni (ruler) of Ile-Ife paved the streets with quartz pebbles—and broken pottery, in 1000AD. The architecture had decorations that originated from Ancient America.

61. Borno: The capital city of Kanem-Borno, Ngazargamu, was one of the largest cities in 1658 AD; the metropolis housed “about quarter of a million people” and had 660 well planned, wide and unbending streets. 62. In 1246 AD the Kanemi of Borno created a sensation in Tunisia when he sent a gift of a giraffe to Al-Mustapha, king of Tunis.

63. Sokoto: Two-story buildings with constructions glazed with tsoluwa, (laterite gravel), 10 mile circumference city walls, some as high as 20 feet, is how 16th century Surame, a Sokoto metropolis created by empire ruler, Muhammadu Kanta Sarkin Kebbi, was. UNESCO describes Surame as “one of the wonders of human history, creativity and ingenuity.” 64. Kano: In 1851, this city, one of the largest in Africa, made 10 million sandal pairs and 5 million hides for export every year. 65. Kebbi: Nigeria's Sorko Sea lords of Kebbi state, made ships (Kanta) which were used for far away expeditions, including the 1311 AD, 2000 ship, famous voyage of Songhai Empire’s Mansa Abubakari II to the America’s, decades before Columbus.

66. Yobe: The oldest discovered boat in Africa, and 3rd oldest on the world, the 8500 yr old Dufuna canoe was discovered by a Fulani herdsman in 1987 in Dufuna village, Fune LGA.

67. Ondo: Confusing evolution scientists, the 13,000 yr old IwoEleru cave skull, the oldest human fossil remains found in West Africa, has ‘ancient’ (140,000 yr old Laetoli) features, yet lived in more modern times.

68. Benin Kingdom: The high quality and highly sophisticated bronze work of the Benin Kingdom dating as far back as the 13th century is a world wonder. Great works in iron, wood, ivory, and terra cotta products also highlight the empire’s history.

69. Benin Kingdom: Lourenco Pinto, captain of a ship that carried missionaries to Warri in 1619, described Benin kingdom, ‘Great Benin where the king resides is larger than Lisbon, all the streets run straight and as far as the eyes can see….’

70. Akwa Ibom: King Jaja of Opobo (1821–1891) founded Opobo city-state in 1867 and shipped palm oil to Britain independently of British middle men.

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71. Ancient Greeks appear to have Nigerian roots as supported by the Benin Haplogroup or Haplogroup 19. According to Jide Uwechia, ‘The Benin Haplotype (which originates from Nigeria, West Africa) accounts for HbS associated chromosomes in Sicily Northern Greece.’

72. Ilorin’s Oba Afonja utilized Fulani warriors to help rebel against the Oyo Empire. The warriors after defeating Oyo took over Ilorin and Sheikh Alimi, their leader became the first Emir. 73. Much of north Nigeria was part of the Songhai Empire. Muhammad Kanta annexed Kebbi and other states between 1512 and 1517. 74. The Obasanjo military regime converted Nigeria from a Parliamentary system to a Presidential system of government.

75. Much of traditional pre-colonial Nigeria operated a parliamentary form of government. The council of elders could make or impeach the King. 76. General Johnson Thomas Umurakwe Aguiyi-Ironsi on 24 May 1966, with Decree No. 34, dissolved Nigeria’s regions, creating provinces. He unified Regional Public Services under a single Commission. Riots were provoked in Kano and mutiny in Abeokuta; eventually there was a coup. 77. In 1967 Gowon split the four regions into 12 states.

78. Gowon’s Decree No. 8 of 1967 after the Aburi conference restored Nigeria as a confederacy.

79. Late President Murtala Muhammed’s dad, Pam Azatus Iyok was from Dogon-Gaba, near Vom in Plateau state, Nigeria’s Middle Belt. Pam became a Muslim and married Ramat from Kano. Murtala Muhammed’s wife, Hafsat Ajoke was a Yoruba lady. 80. Ex- President Yakubu Gowon from Jos state (Middle Belt) is a Christian. General Obasanjo was his Army chief who helped him defeat the Biafra attempted secession from 1967-1970. 81. Nigeria has been ruled for 30 years by Christians (25 years if Azikiwe is excluded).

82. Mujahid Asari Dokubo, the leader of the southern Movement for Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) and the most vocal enemy of the north, is a Muslim.

83. Nigeria is not roughly divided between a Muslim north and a Christian South. The far north, east and far south do have concentrations, but the rest of the nation defies such demarcations.

84. In the Southwest, Osun, Lagos, Ondo and Oyo have a higher population of Muslims than Christians according to counts. Benue, Nasarawa and Plateau in the north have Christian majorities.

85. According to the Senate joint committee, Nigeria’s chief terrorist leader, Abubakar Shekau is not a Nigerian; he hails from Niger republic. {Shekau is believed by security services to be deceased.}

86. According to current demographics, after Hausa-Fulani (29%), Yoruba (21%), Igbo (18%) and Ijaw (10%) comes Kanuri (4%) and then Ibibio (3.5%) and Tiv (2.5%).

87. Not really a northern caucus, but it was late M. K. O. Abiola that orchestrated and sponsored the Buhari /Idiagbon coup and then again the Babangida coup overthrow of Buhari. –Shagari memoir, “Beckoned to Serve;” Babangida, “Karl Maier – Midnight in Nigeria.” (Max Siollun) 88. The leading caucus is basically a childhood friendship:

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President Obasanjo was childhood friends with President Babangida, President Abacha and Commander Danjuma.

89. President Babangida was childhood friends with President Abdulsalam.

90. President Obasanjo graduated Abdulsalam who later became President and went on to hand over power to democratically arranged President Obasanjo.

91. Under the Presidential system, Nigerians have had 7 years total Northern rule and 11+ years Southern rule.

92. Total civilian rule, Parliamentary and Presidential, Nigeria has had 12 years Northern and 11+ years Southern rule.

93. 6 coups is the highest number of any nation in Africa. Nigeria along with Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Uganda and Mauritania are the nations with 6 coups.

94. The Biafra war included a ‘Mid West invasion.’ The Midwest was either a battle field or in Biafra’s sights—Dr. Nowamagbe A. Omoigui relays.

95. The Biafra 12th battalion headed by Lt Col Victor Adebukunola Banjo captured Benin and set out to capture Ibadan and Lagos.

96. The Biafra 13th battalion, led by Ivenso entered Kwara, now Kogi and captured Okene, Atanai and Iloshi.

97. Cameroon was an administrative part of Nigeria in 1945, hence the NCNC party (National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons). Towards independence the UN mandated British held former German territory, south Cameroon opted to join French Cameroon and not Nigeria.

98. J.C. Vaughn, Ernest Ikoli, H.O. Davies, Obafemi Awolowo and Sam Tsuiuel Akinsanya founded the Nigerian Youth Movement (NYM) in 1934 to promote national unity particularly between Yoruba and Igbo.

99. Azikiwe left Nigerian Youth Movement (NYM) because he claimed the organization had been seized by Yoruba’s and it discriminated against Igbo’s including himself.

100. Oyo defeats Ashanti: In 1764 the Ashanti army marched on Dahomey, Togo. At Atakpamé, the Ashanti army was ambushed and sacked by Dahomean infantry and female elite soldiers allied with forces from the Oyo Empire. Ashanti King Kusi Obodum was destooled after the defeat.

Nigeria’s century compilation was created as a historical snapshot of peculiar events, for our benefit and that of Nigeria’s younger generations. It was compiled to the best of our ability and influenced by our learning, recollection and prejudices. We invite Nigerians to collect and share with us more important and unique events that define 100 years of Nigeria. Resources utilized here can be found on Source:

Nigerian Actresses Who Shaved Heads For Movie Role



the offer was so good for the actress to refuse . Fans say she looks sick with her head shaved .

Halima Abubakar : She surprised everyone when she buzzed her hair off to create awareness for cancer . And she looks great with the shaved hair . While her fans says she looks good on it , others also reacted negatively .

Photo: Vanguard Actress who shaved hair. Nollywood is known for its bandwagonism and recently one of the trends that has taken centre-stage is shaving of the hair, mostly for movie roles or simply to reach deep down, as some have said, to bring out the gritty woman in them.

Vast majority of them did it for the money while other claim it comes with the job. An honest confession has thus emerged that shaving your hair for a movie scene that would ordinarily bring a thousand naira per scene could fetch as much as ten thousand naira, at least for the upcoming ones who get paid a thousand naira per scene.

The popular stars, as we are made to understand could be astronomically paid without any mathematical permutation.The following are some top actresses who have shaved ' their hair at one time or the other.

Adaora Ukoh The big , bold and beautiful queen had to shave off her hair in a movie titled "Thy Kingdom come " where she played the role of a woman who became a widow . It was gathered that she was payed N2 million to play the role . Interestingly , she still carries a low cut till date . Her fans confess how much they love her bald look . She sure looks gorgeous with it .



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Husband Of Emelia Brobbey Gets Her A New Range Rover For Her Birthday

Ebube Nwagbo : She recently shaved her hair in the movie " Widow's cot " alongside Angela Okorie and Chitta Agwu . She wrote it on twitter that she did it for love of her job and money .

Queen Nwokoye : The trio of Oge Okoye , Queen Nwokoye and Ghananian actress Rukky Mushud , were paid some millions of naira to have their hairs shaved to the skin in a movie titled " The Three Widows " . Judging by reactions from fans , she doesn't look good with her shaved hair .

Nuella Njubigbo : She was relieved of her lush hair , a requirement for the lead role she played in a movie . It was gathered that she was paid handsomely for the role . As fans commended her for the great look .

It looks like actress Emelia Brobbey stays winning! After bagging two awards at the 2013 Akoben Kumawood Awards, she is now the owner of a 2013 Range Rover Super Charged SUV. According to sources, the car is a birthday gift from her husband for her birthday January 6. Some girls are truly lucky!

Angela Okorie ; She recently joined the list of Nollywood actresses who lost it for a role in a movie titled " Widow's cot " which had about fourteen Nollywood actresses shaving their hairs to meet the requirement of the script .

Eve Esin : The Akwa Ibom state born fast rising actress , has joined the many actresses who have shaved their hair for movie roles . In the movie titled " Girls on fire " , she was made to shave her hair when her friend , while fighting with her because she slept with her boyfriend , hit her on the head with bottle .

Chacha Eke : She recently shaved her hair for the movie The screen goddess started schooling at St Agatha's girls j.s.s then moved to Akyem Swedru secondary school for her S.S.C.E. After " Criminal Widow", which Emelia attended Kyebi Presbyterian Teachers Training college for three years where she obtained her Teachers cert 'A' Tessy Oraguwa : She has taken a step further in her acting career . She is working on a movie and had her hair In addition to her credentials are diploma in Journalism, ICM shaved completely for the role . According to a close Chika Ike : The actress was paid N5 million to shave her hair in source , she was rewarded handsomely to get her hair Certificate in Broadcast Journalism and Bachelors degree in human a movie titled " Moment of tears " she is the first ever resource management. Emelia started Gimpa alongside acting in 2007 shaved for the role of a widow in the new movie . Nollywood damsel to declare amount received as compensation and graduated in 2010 that is where she pursued a bachelor’s degree . Her fans say she looks better without the shaved hair . Anita Joseph : She didn't shave her hair for a movie role in Human Resource Management at Ghana Institute of Management , but for style . Judging by fans reaction , she looks hot- and Public Administration (GIMPA). Mercy Johnson : This Nollywood star actress is a delight to She has appeared on numerous television shows and red carpet events ter with her shaved hair than with weaves . watch any day on screen . She went bald sometime ago when both in Ghana and Abroad.Her can do spirit has earned her numerous she featured in a movie "Hearth of a widow " shot in Enugu . nominations and awards in Ghana movie Awards, Kumawood and Esther Audu : She's a perfect description of an African She was reportedly paid handsomely to shave her hair . Her fans beauty . Esther is one of the ladies who has been rock- Akoben Awards. and critics say she doesn't look too good with her shaved hair . In October 15th 2012 Emelia unveiled her own production house ing her shaved hair for a while now . She didn't shave called ENDTIME FILMS which is yet to release its first film entitled her hair for a movie role , but just try out a different Crystal Okoye: Crystal Okoye is a rookie but one with a big 'FREMA'. look and everyone think she looks great with it . dream. Within a year of coming into the industry she has starred The humble and free spirited actress,entrepreneur,human resource in over 20 films with more than five of them as the lead charac- Chita Agwu : The beautiful Nollywood actress , also pesonnele and a model also owns a foundation registered as 'EMELIA ter. She joined the 'Hairless Queens' with her quest appearance BROBBEY CHARITY ORGANIZATION' set aside to help the less shaved her hair for the movie " Widows cot " . When in 'Widows Cot'. privilaged in the society. asked how much she was paid , she simply said "They EMELIA BROBBEY still remains humble, and Godfearing. tried " Oge Okoye : she went bald in a movie which required the bald effect to portray the character of a widow . It was rumored that BY AYO ONIKOYI AND JULIET EBIRIM Profile from Uche Jombo : She went bald in the movie " Holding up " , which she produced with Emem Isong last year , where she played the role of a cancer-ill mother . Uche rocks her shaved head well coupled with her smile which she always have on .




January 2014

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Pastor Who Steps On His Congregation & Makes Them Eat Grass



Victory Bible Church International re-launches Scholarship Scheme

January 2014

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He said during the 2013-2014 academic year, the scheme was able to support 41 students of which 19 were girls and 22 boys, and that it would disburse an amount of Ghc170,000 to cover 104 students at the secondary and tertiary levels of education. Rev. Yarboi said the church was excited to be contributing towards the spiritual needs of the people as well as their social needs, particularly in the area of education, which he said, forms an important part of human development

Victory Bible Church Internationalre-launched its scholarship scheme to help finance the education of many brilliant but needy young people in the country. Pastor Lesego Daniel stepping on his members A South African preacher made his congrega- and survive on whatever they choose to eat. tion eat grass to 'be closer to God' before 'Yes, we eat grass and we're proud of it stamping on them. because it demonstrates that, with God's Under the instruction of Pastor Lesego Daniel power, we can do anything,' Rosemary of Rabboni Centre Ministries dozens of follow- Phetha told South Africa's Times Live. ers dropped to the floor to eat the grass at his The 21-year-old law student says she had ministry in Garankuwa, north of Pretoria after been battling a sore throat for more than a being told it will 'bring them closer to God.' year, but it was healed after she ate the grass. His controversial methods have drawn criticism from thousands of people although By JILL REILLY members of his congregation swear by his methods - he is said to have claimed that Source: humans can eat anything to feed their bodies

The scholarship scheme which was instituted in 2005 by the Presiding Bishop of the church to help 100 students every academic year, has so far benefited 244 people who pursued various courses at different educational institutions in the country.

The Presiding Bishop of the church, Reverend Tackie Yarboi said as a church, their mandate was to raise the foundation of many generations, “there are many foundations in this world and education is one of the important foundations necessary for human development.”

He noted that one of the major challenges facing the world today was the burgeoning disparity and uneven opportunities amongst different peoples of the world, adding “the rich nations seem to be getting richer as their poor counterparts continue to lag behind”. Rev. Yarboi said the church believed that apart from the ‘God factor’, education was the key in personal and societal advancement and transformation.

He explained that education does not only potentially increase a person’s earning power and for that matter their well being, it also opens up a person’s mind and their ability to appreciate issues better, and then become agents of positive change in society.

The Congregation feeding on grass as ordered by their pastor

“We believe that by doing this, we are effectively contributing our quota to the developmental process thereby helping to make the society more balanced” he noted.

Dr Joyce Aryee, the Executive Director of Salt and Light Ministries said education was God’s idea and not man’s, and it was also not an option but compulsory; but not everyone could afford it when it is even free. She urged the beneficiaries to take their studies seriously so that they can achieve their goals and also help others as some people are helping them today

Professor Jane Naana Opoku, Minister for Education, congratulated the church and all the contributors of the scheme for using their hard earned money to help brilliant but needy people in the country, and therefore urged the students to be obedient and learn hard to become useful to the nation.

Source: GNA

January 2014

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Lovina Bhavnani Akowuah Speaks On Her Life And New Book which is predicted to be number 1 over the next decade. We sell energy products like gas, electricity and heating oil that also forms part of a 500 billion dollar industry and is the third largest industry in the United States. We are also involved in text marketing and healthcare.

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By Oral Ofori

Q: Since Ghana is your birth country, give us a short history of your life there and why you left A: I grew up in Tema where my father worked for VALCO (Volta Aluminum Company) a Kaiser subsidiary. I was blessed to have such a wonderful childhood in which I did my elementary education at Tema Parents Association which in my view is the best school in Tema. I continued to Mfantsiman Girls for my high school education. After my high school education I worked for the government of Ghana for a year as a Kindergarten Teacher as part of requirement for anyone who intended to attend an institution of higher education.

While I grew up as a young girl, my father always drummed in me the saying ‘the sky is the limit’. With that at the back of my mind I wanted to explore the possibilities of life. Thanks to my family I pursued my undergraduate education at the University of East London in the United Kingdom where I completed a degree in Business Administration which served as a strong foundation for my life journey.

Q: We know you're an entrepreneur associated with 5Linx, tell us a bit about that as well A: Although I was blessed to have a fairly good corporate job, I always felt it was not my place and that I needed more; I was thus searching for something to make me fulfilled. So I dabbled with entrepreneurship about 6 years ago and started a small scale bakery business. I concluded a year later that it was not a viable business option as expenses where high. Four years ago therefore I got introduced to 5Linx, a company which presented me with a business module that was new to me. It involved a direct approach of marketing products and services by word of mouth and leverage.

Statistics have indicated that this model made more millionaires than any other industry combined and the model seemed to have worked very well for several. 5Linx products and services are marketed nationwide and we are expanding globally in 2014. Our products range from telecommunication services such as VOIP (Voice over Internet protocol)


Q: Are there plans to also make this book available in your home country Ghana sometime A: Yes. My firm is presently conducting research into how to effectively market the books in Ghana so very soon it will be readily available there too.

Q: Since you are working on your dreams, what do you say to people and especially fellow women out there who have dreams but are struggling to achieve them A: Let me share where Lovina has come from. As a young girl from Ghana, my life was not built on a silver platter. I had to Q: How has the association with 5Linx influenced your life work hard for everything that I have accomplished today. Firstly A: My association with 5Linx exposed the true meaning of entrepreneurship to me. As I shared earlier, I had ventured into the society surrounding me in Ghana at the time did not encourentrepreneurship on my own when I started my small scale bak- age the average African girl to become ambitious. It was enough for you to just finish your high school education. My struggles ery business at home, that however became a lost dream because I couldn't find ways of making it profitable. My associ- started with my high school education. I did not make good ation with 5linx firstly allowed me to start a potential multi-bil- grades for my first Ordinary Level examination. When all my lion dollar business with a very small investment and has since friends went back to school to complete the last two years of high proved to be well worth the investment because of the financial school I had to re-take my exam by enrolling in a private institution. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I learnt return I receive. It also opened the doors to residual income from that failure and was determined to take charge and push forwhich has today become my favorite type of income. Lastly it ward. When I went to London, I was so determined not to repeat has provided me with personal growth and development I failure in my life so I worked hard and I was blessed to complete would otherwise not have received had I remained as an my undergraduate degree with a second class upper which was employee. So yes this association has been worth it. just one step below first class. This success taught me that you Q: Speaking about your life, I hear you have written your very can do all things when you put your mind to it. Once I discovered that, I felt limitless. first book, what is it called and what is it about A: My book is titled Unleash your Greatness which is actually As women, we have a lot of challenges, we struggle with respongoing to be a trilogy with book one currently out there and called The Journey: Catalyst to Change. This is a Motivational sibilities as a mother, as a wife and quite frankly as a woman— period—and sometimes some cultures frown on women becomand Personal development book. ing successful. Whichever direction you choose to go, one way or the other someone is going to be hurt or ignored, but what will Book one focuses on taking the reader through a journey to you say to yourself 40 years down the line when you are asked, help them reflect on their life and identify what fulfills them and what will eventually become the catalyst for change in it. It what did you achieve in life, would you say you were an average person, I spent my life becoming an exceptional wife or I lived seeks to share the steps that are needed to develop people as out my dreams to the fullest? Everyone woman has the strength successful entrepreneurs by teaching them guided principles to do more. That’s why God gave us the responsibilities to birth a that will help them prepare for any journey they are undertakchild and to be the peacemakers and more. Every woman has a ing. greatness in them that is waiting to be unleashed and to every woman out there I say: you have dreams and have desires you It will also show you how I apply these principles in my daily can achieve and you just need to put your mind towards going for struggles. it. The people around you who you are afraid to hurt will eventually catch on to your vision and end up supporting you. The objective of this book is to help as many as possible to unleash their greatness and to live a fulfilled life. A lot of peoQ: The future is unknown, I can tell you are planning for it ple today have dreams that have unfortunately but paused due though, what do you hope to achieve through this book and with to exigencies of modern living. Unleash Your Greatness is life in the long term meant to guide and move an individual to action. A: This is just the beginning of many things I hope to accomplish in life. I am so passionate about helping people. I always loved Q: What really inspired the writing of this book A: I started writing this book 2 years ago out of frustration and pouring out into people and imparting my knowledge. It gives me such a great sense of fulfillment. That is exactly what attracted anger and disappointments. I went through a lot of rejection, me to embrace the direct marketing business module, because it adversities, distractions and failures during my journey as an entrepreneur and as I was thinking about how brutal this experi- positions you to help people and by default get blessed also. So this Book is a teaching book and a guidance for many out there ence was for me, I wondered if everyone who climbs the sucwho are struggling to tap deep into themselves to draw out what cess ladder experience such brutality, I wondered if people knew of these experiences. I therefore felt the need to share my fulfills them. I want to help free people from settling in life and living for others by ultimately creating awareness. If a young girl story to help others avoid some of the pitfalls and mistakes I from the continent of Africa with limited resources and opportuencountered on my own journey to become better. nities can do it then anyone can do it too. So that is what inspired me to write this trilogy, I believe sucOral Ofori of #TheAfricanDream cess is a journey and is not one to be expected to happen overnight and most people need to understand that, they need to be enlightened and they need to have a very strong mindset to fight for their dreams and not give up so easily in life. If more stories are shared then the person who is just beginning their journey will have some of the tools and ammunition needed to attack their goals and fears as this will help make more dreams

America School of Nursing & Allied Health

January 2014

Begin Your Nursing Education Today

Classes Offered

Nurse Aide Training Medication Aide Training Home Health Aide Phlebotomy Training Pharmacy Technician Coming Soon: LPN, RN

Morning, Evening, Weekend Classes Available

Call 703-490-8402 or Visit us at 14910 Jefferson Davis Highway Woodbridge, Virginia 22191 Fax: (703) 490-8403

Tel : 571-502-5388/ 571-477-9819

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January 2014

African Community Resource Center-Fund Raising Event

Page 32

Dressing up for an evening out means turning up the glam factor. Nothing is fancier than a black-tie affair, so leave your daytime looks at home and break out the glitz. It is our pleasure to invite you to join the executive of THE AFRICAN COMMUNITY RESOURCE CENTER and our team at our First Annual Black Tie Gala to benefit the building of THE AFRICAN COMMUNITY RESOURCE CENTER.


January 2014




Pope Francis To Appoint Paul Anomakodie, A Blind News Anchor 19 New Cardinals Burkinabe and Ivorian on The List

Paul Anomakodie

Born to Anthony Anomakodie and Juliana Anomakodie in Sekyere Odumase in the Ashanti Region, Paul Anomakodie is the 5th born of his family.

Pope Francis is to appoint 19 new cardinals , including churchmen from Haiti and Burkina Faso, reflecting his commitment to the poor.

Cardinals, who wear red hats and robes, are the most senior clergymen in the Roman Catholic Church below the Pope.

Sixteen of the new appointees are under 80, making them eligible to enter a conclave to elect the Pope's successor.

The new cardinals will be formally instated at a ceremony, known as a consistory, on 22 February.

The three clergymen over 80 come from Spain, Italy and the Caribbean island of St Lucia. They will assume the title cardinal emeritus.

The 19 Cardinals are

Archbishop Pietro Parolin (Italy) Archbishop Lorenzo Baldisseri (Italy) Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Muller (Germany) Archbishop, Beniamino Stella (Italy) Archbishop Vincent Nichols (Britain) Archbishop Leopoldo José Brenes Solórzano (Nicaragua) Archbishop Gérald Cyprien Lacroix (Canada) Archbishop Jean-Pierre Kutwa (Ivory Coast) Archbishop Orani João Tempesta (Brazil) Archbishop Gualtiero Bassetti (Italy) Archbishop Mario Aurelio Poli (Argentina) Archbishop Andrew Yeom Soo Jung (South Korea) Archbishop Ricardo Ezzati Andrello (Chile) Archbishop Philippe Nakellentuba Ouédraogo (Burkina Faso) Archbishop Orlando B. Quevedo (Philippines) Archbishop Chibly Langlois (Haiti)

Monsignor Loris Francesco Capovilla (Italy) * Archbishop Fernando Sebastián Aguilar (Spain) * Monsignor Kelvin Edward Felix (St Lucia) *

His sight started failing him at age four (4) after he suffered from measles. His parents tried all they could to help him regain his sight by taking him to various hospitals and even prayer camps but to no avail.

He was finally referred to School for the Blind Akropong from where he went to Okuapeman for his second cycle education.

He is now an award winning news anchor with ETV Ghana. Source:

Results of New Patriotic Party (NPP) -USA

National Executive Elections

The New Patriotic Party (USA) concluded their congress on Sunday January 12, 2014 in Charlotte, North Carolina after officially electing its national leadership. The new leaders were sworn in by Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia . The list of speakers at the three day convention were Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, member of parliament for Assin North, Hon Sarah Adwoa Sarfo, MP for Dome Kwabenya Constituency and Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, 2008 and 2012 Vice Presidential candidate of the Party .

National Chairman


Mr. Kwaku Agyei Yeboah (Incumbent) Total Votes 209 Dr. Philip Bannor 150 Mr. Kwaku Fordjour 8

National Vice Chairman Fred Kyei-Asamoah Isaac Fosu Kwabena Kyei Aboagye

Total Votes 176 97 94

National Secretary

48% 26% 26%

* Cardinal emeritus, without voting rights

Augustine Agbenaza Dr. Kofi Nsiah Preprah Tina Abrefa Gyan

Total Votes 152 41% 127 35% 88 24%

Mr. Collins Nuamah Dr. Kwasi Ayim Darko

Total Votes 207 56% 160 44%

National Treasurer

57% 41% 2%



Worcester City Worship with Selina Boateng

Selina Boateng Performs Live at Worcester Massachusetts Photo: Africaba Media

By O B Stephen, The Christian Journal Contributor Worcester MA – The Ghanaian community in the city of Worcester was blessed with a live performance from the Ghanaian songstress Selina Boateng who was in the United States for a visit. The event was dubbed “Worcester City Worship with Selina Boateng”. The venue for this special worship service was the Good Shepherd Ghana Methodist Church situated at 21 Belmont Street.

The Ghanaian songstress was interviewed on the “Saturday flavor” program which is hosted by O. B Stephen and aired every Saturday morning on ABR fm. During the interview, she told listeners how she was humbly raised in Kumasi and narrated the road that led her to become the Ghanaian gospel super star she is today. She continued with a powerful live worship on radio to give listeners a foretaste of what was going to happen later on in the day.

The stage was ready and many Ghanaians who were eager to partake in this worship experience arrived on time for the start of the program. Rev. Thomas Ofori, who is the host pastor of Good Shepherd Ghana Methodist Church led the prayer session of the program which was followed by worship and praise from different gospel artist including minister Randy from Rhode Island and Isaac Boakye of Worcester. The atmosphere of the event venue was filled with

joy as the audience gave a rousing respond to Selina Boateng who was called on stage by the M.C. of the program Fiifi Abedu of ABR fm. With lifted hands and a heart of worship, the songstress led the gathering in a powerful worship. When the gear was shifted from worship to praises, the audience responded with a dance and the shaking of their body.

The songstress sang most of her popular tunes including “Me nko meho”. Fiifi Abedu handed the M.C button to Akokora Tagor of New Vision FM who continued to steer the program to a successful end. Mrs. Mary Ofori led the audience into a fundraising in support of Selina Boateng ministries. The amount raised was to be used to support the underprivileged children in Ghana, especially the orphanage homes. Many of the Ghanaian community leaders in Worcester such as Rev. KKB and CEO of Ester Fashion Paradise were present to support such a worthy course.

January 2014



South Sudan’s Salva Kir Runs to T.B. Joshua – Will Putin do the Same?

On Sunday, December 29, 2013 the auditorium of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Nigeria was packed with thousands of international visitors, including Malawian president Joyce Banda, as Prophet T.B. Joshua showed them a letter from South Sudan president Salva Kiir asking for prayers after hearing of the prophecy he gave concerning his nation. The prophet then instructed his congregation to pray for cease fire and reconciliation.

After the prayer, T.B. Joshua started to prophesy about the coming year of 2014. He said that “Many giant nations will become small nations and many small nations will become giant nations.” In particular he mentioned that the country Russia was to face trouble soon.

He said, “We have to pray for the nation of Russia because I’m seeing a great war coming against them. Their leader will face a greater opposition and the opposition will be so much that it may squeeze him and that will turn the nation into

another thing.”

The very next day Russia was hit by what was said to be a terrorist attack when an explosion hit a trolleybus during the Monday morning rush hour in the city of Volgograd. Could this be the beginning of what T.B. Joshua was speaking of? Two days after the SCOAN’s prayers, the rebel leader Riek Machar agreed to a cease fire saying he will enter peace talks, but will that encourage Russia’s president Vladimir Putin to acknowledge T.B.



Faithfuls Flock to New Year Eve Service To Welcome 2014


January 2014



Vigils at packed Christian worship centres ushered in 2014 in the East Coast of the United States Members of the various churches freely mixed with first-timers to sing praises to God, danced and waved white handkerchiefs in appreciation of the gift of life. Many watch night services include singing, praying, testimonies and fellowship.A massive, exuberant crowd of wor-

shippers from around the New York area flocked to different churches for prayers to mark the end of 2013. As the New Year rolled in, celebrating the entrance of the New Year with prayers, songs and testimonials to God was part of Watch Night services.

Divine Word Int. Church-Springfield VA

Holy Fire Dynamic Church, , Bronx NY

Royal House Chapel Int'l, Bronx, NY

KCFC & Divine Power Ministry Joint Service

The Church of the Living God (Northern Virginia)

Upper Room Assembly of God, Bronx NY

Resurrection Power & Living Bread Min. Bronx, New York.

Break Through Worship Center and Apostle Continuation Church

Resurrection Power and Living Bread (Bronx) NY

At Bible Believers' Tabernacle - BBT. Bronx NY

At Living Faith International Church.

Church of Pentecost-Bronx NY


Afrikan Post

Source: USA | Prince Osei Bonsu

Ghanaian Pastor Making Waves In USA

A USA-based Ghanaian pastor, Prophet Frank Dwomoh Sarpong has been in the limelight in recent times as the power of God is being manifested through him in the Capitol Heights.

Prophet Frank Dwomoh of Restoration Chapel International located on 9111 Hampton Overlook, Capitol Heights a suburb of Maryland is being used to heal the sick, preaching the word and operating in the prophetic realm.

Through the servant of God, people have been delivered from various oppressive forces.

At the end of a 21-day fasting and intensive prayers, Prophet Frank Dwomoh encouraged the congregation to keep steadfast in God as his hour of blessings is at hand. "The hour of increase has come, those who have issues with jobs, marriage issues, diseases, have regaind their freedom, the chains of witchcraft were broken.”

During the Church service in the filled to capacity Capitol Heights auditorium, the Prophet also admonished the congregation to be God fearing, remain honest and let the word of God be their guiding principle.

Many of the congregants gave testimonies about

how most of the issues that were brought before the Lord during the fasting and prayers were solved. Prophet Frank Dwomoh Sarpong also prayed for God's intervention to restore the lost glory of the world, so that the world will see peace to avoid all the calamities that is going on these days.

He observed: "It is very sad to hear and read about the unfortunate incidents befalling the world, and it saddens my heart, but the Bible says that we must give the Lord thanks in all things and it’s my fervent prayers to the Most High God to deliver us from all evil."

" It shall come to pass in that day that his burden will be taken away from your shoulder, and his yoke from your neck, and the yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing oil,” he quoted Isaiah 10:27 to give confidence to the congregation, adding, “This is the time for healing the sick, the lame, the blind, the depressed, the oppressed, the obsessed the possessed, the battered, the wounded, to come and be delivered by the Mighty hand of God."

Rev. Frank Dwomoh Sarpong




Marriage Across Cultures and Generations – An African Bride in China

Afrikan Post

Chika Ike And Oge Okoye Get Chieftancy Titles January 2014



By Lorraine Spencer

It was love at first sight when Aida 26, saw Yan Yang 58, an artist from China visiting her home town of Freetown, Sierra Leone. Aida was so sure that Yan, significantly older was the love of her life, that within one month they were married and moved to China. Did she have any idea that her wedding would rival that of a Chinese empress? Probably not. But that is what she got. When I came across this spectacular video on YouTube, I could hardly believe my eyes. It was a true celebration. It seems that no expense was spared as the it looks like an entire town showed up in support of this very in love couple. Yan, the groom is all smiles and Aida is just lovely, a princess with all the glitz and glamour one would find at a royal wedding. Well settled since having married two years ago and a baby, Aida is doing very well.

The Yangs own a large art studio where Yan influenced Aida to pick up a brush and learn traditional Chinese art. She became quite skilled it and now the couple works on joint projects. Yan also encouraged Aida to learn how to play the Guqin, a tradition stringed instrument played in ancient China. There are only about 2000 Guqin players in the world and Aida is obviously one of them. Aida has immersed herself into Chinese culture mastering the language and living well in her adopted home of Beijing. She is one shining example of out of the box thinking and taking a chance on love. What a life she is living!

Chika Ike

Actress and refugee ambassador Chika Ike was conferred with a Chieftaincy title in Amoli Kingdom in Enugu state. She was given the title of Akwa Ugo 1 of Amoli Kingdom for her contribution to the growth and development to the Igbo land and being a role model to women of Igbo land. She is now Chief Chika Ike 1 of Amoli Kingdom. It wasn't just Chika Ike, actress Oge Okoye also got a Honorary Chieftaincy Title (Igolo Nwanyi 1 of Amoli) in Awgu L.G.A. Enugu State for her contribution to the growth and development of Igbo land. Congrats to her. Source:

Yang and her husband Yang Yan create a Chinese painting in their studio in Beijing, capital of China, (Xinhua/Zhang Ruiqi) Source:

Oge Okoye

Afrikan Post

January 2014

Meet The Man Who Has 39 Wives, 94 Children & 33 Grandchildren And Is The World’s Biggest Family

Ziona Chana’s family has been named the world’s biggest family. He has 39wives, 94 children, 14-daughters-in-law and 33 grandchildren. Wow!

They live in a 100-room, four storey house set amidst the hills of Baktwang village in the Indian state of Mizoram, where the wives sleep in giant communal dormitories. Here is what he told the Sun:

‘Today I feel like God’s special child. He’s given me so many people to look after. I consider myself a lucky man to be the husband of 39 women and head of the world’s largest family.’To expand my sect, I am willing to go even to the U.S. to marry,’ The family is organised with almost military discipline, with the oldest wife Zathiangi organising her fellow partners to perform household chores such as cleaning, washing and preparing meals. One evening meal can see them pluck 30 chickens, peel 132lb of potatoes and boil up to 220lb of rice. He even married ten women in one year, when he was at his most prolific, and enjoys his own double bed while his wives have to make do with communal dormitories. He keeps the youngest women near to his bedroom with the older members of the family sleeping further away – and there is a rotation system for who visits Mr Chana’s bedroom. Rinkmini, one of Mr Chana’s wives who is 35 years old, said:

‘We stay around him as he is the most important person in the house. He is the most handsome person in the village. One of his sons insisted that Mr Chana, whose grandfather also had many wives, marries the poor women from the village so he can look after them.

39 Wives, 94 Children and 33 grandchildren

Source: gossipboyz,com

Their 100 room residence Ziona Chana and his wives

Page 38


Latest Fifa Ranking

Nov 2013 Rank Team 1 Spain 2 Germany 3 Argentina 4 Colombia 5 Portugal 6 Uruguay 7 Italy 8 Switzerland 9 Netherlands 10 Brazil 11 Belgium 12 Greece 13 England 14 USA 15 Chile 16 Croatia 17 Côte d'Ivoire 18 Ukraine 19 France 20 Mexico 21 Bosnia-Herzegovina 22 Russia 23 Ecuador 24 Ghana 25 Denmark 26 Algeria 27 Sweden 28 Czech Republic 29 Slovenia 30 Serbia 31 Costa Rica 32 Romania 33 Scotland 34 Armenia 35 Venezuela 36 Nigeria 37 Panama 38 Egypt 39 Cape Verde Islands 39 Peru 41 Honduras 42 Mali 43 Turkey 44 Hungary 45 Iran 46 Austria 47 Cuba 48 Japan 49 Tunisia 50 Iceland 51 Cameroon 52 Paraguay 53 Montenegro 54 Korea Republic 54 Norway 56 Wales 57 Albania 58 Burkina Faso 59 Australia 60 Slovakia 61 South Africa 62 Israel 63 Libya 64 Finland 65 Senegal 66 Guinea Source:

Africa's Football Fixtures

6 December: World Cup finals draw, Sao Paulo

11-21 December: Club World Cup, Morocco 2014 5 March-2014: International friendlies

15 March-14-2014 April: Fifa U-17 Women's World Cup, Costa Rica

12 June-13 July 2014: World Cup finals, Brazil

1-31 August, 2014: Fifa U-20 Women's World Cup, Canada 13 August, 2014: International friendlies

5-9 September, 2014: International friendlies

10-14 October, 2014 : International friendlies

10-20, 2014 December:

Club World Cup, Morocco


Group A: Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon

Group B: Spain, Netherlands, Chile, Australia

Group C: Colombia, Greece, Côte d’Ivoire, Japan

Group D: Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, Italy

Group E: Switzerland, Ecuador, France, Honduras

Group F: Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iran, Nigeria

Group G: Germany, Portugal, Ghana, USA

Group H: Belgium, Algeria, Russia, Korea Republic

January 2014

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