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Inauguration Highlights New Levels of Engagement, Support for Africa University


Bishop Marcus Matthews, vice chair of the Board of Directors for Africa University (AU). As Furusa approaches one year on the job, Matthews notes that Furusa’s leadership is generating excitement. “He is willing to make the tough decisions that are needed at this time in the university’s history,” Matthews said. “I am excited about his approach, which is thoughtful and prayerful and shows a mindset that we have not seen previously.” e board, alumni and partners have pledged to help Furusa as he implements strategies to ensure that at least 60 percent of

AU lecturers hold PhDs by the end of 2016. “Our goal is that by 2018 our students will enjoy access to diverse and flexible instructional modalities [online/hybrid] that enhance graduation and learning for success,” Furusa said. “ey will experience a rich and engaging intellectual environment that is supportive and caring and fosters the educational excellence and operational effectiveness essential for quality student academic and social life.” Furusa is also streamlining the process for awarding scholarships and financial aid, using some of the available scholarships to recruit promising young students from African countries underrepresented in the student body. Plans are being drawn up to enhance campus infrastructure by adding housing for an additional 1,000 students, renovating existing dormitories, and adding more sports and recreational facilities.

Spring 2015

undreds turned out for the inauguration of Africa University’s fourth vice chancellor, Prof. Munashe Furusa. Held March 20-22, the inauguration ceremonies showcased the university’s strengths, contribution and impact. Two Zimbabwean parents announced a gift of $110,000, designated for the construction of a new dormitory for female students. e Indiana Conference had already presented a $1 million endowment for a professorship in agriculture and natural resources. ere were numerous cash and in-kind gifts from other individuals and companies. Attendees also celebrated news that the Foundation for Evangelism will endow an E. Stanley Jones Professorship in Evangelism, named in honor of the university’s founding vice chancellor, Prof. John W. Z. Kurewa. “At the inauguration, people recommitted themselves to helping the institution, and this is especially true of the board members,” said



Thank you for supporting Africa University through your 100 percent remittance of the Africa University Fund apportionment in 2014. Here is the listing of Annual Conferences with 100 percent or more in 2014 (with 2013 performance for comparison):

North Central Jurisdiction Dakotas East Ohio Illinois Great Rivers Iowa Minnesota West Michigan West Ohio Wisconsin Jurisdiction Total Support

2014 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 130.46% 91.25%

2013 100% 100% 106.5% 100% 100% 100% 131.68% 95.36%

Northeastern Jurisdiction Baltimore-Washington Greater New Jersey New England New York Peninsula-Delaware Susquehanna West Virginia Western Pennsylvania Jurisdiction Total Support

2014 100% 100% 100% 100% 100.43% 100% 100% 100% 95.76%

South Central Jurisdiction Central Texas Oklahoma Indian Missionary Rio Grande Southwest Texas Jurisdiction Total Support

2014 100% 100% 100% 100% 89.22%

2013 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 93.75% 2013 100% 100% 100% 89.04%

Southeastern Jurisdiction Florida Holston Kentucky North Carolina Red Bird Missionary South Carolina Tennessee Jurisdiction Total Support

2014 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 102.98% 100% 91%

2013 100% 100%

Western Jurisdiction Alaska United Methodist California Pacific Desert Southwest Oregon Idaho Rocky Mountain Jurisdiction Total Support

2014 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 91.78%

2013 100%

100% 100% 100.39% 121.89% 91.70%

100% 86.25%

Africa University Today — Spring 2015

Alumni Harness Networks to Aid in Faculty Recruitment

Africa University graduates provided leadership as delegates at the 2012 General Conference and resourced the gathering as interpreters/translators.


frica University (AU) graduate, the Rev. Kalaba Chali, is spearheading a novel approach to resourcing his alma mater. He is calling on people within AU’s growing network of alumni and friends to serve as interpreters and translators at the 2016 General Conference of e United Methodist Church and donate their stipends to the institution. e donated stipends will resource efforts to recruit lecturers with doctorate degrees as the faculty for the university. Chali, who holds a bachelor of divinity degree from AU, returned to the campus in August 2014. He was part of a delegation led by Bishop Scott Jones from the Great Plains Conference, where Chali serves as the mercy

and justice coordinator. After interacting with faculty, students and staff—including Vice Chancellor Munashe Furusa who had only been with AU for a month at the time—Chali described the excitement generated by the new administration as “thoroughly infectious”. Although alumni make gifts as they are able and help recruit students, Chali says alumni want to do much more for the university. at desire led him to write to the secretary of the General Conference, the Rev. L. Fitzgerald Reist; its business manager, Sara Hotchkiss; Global Ministries’ general secretary, omas Kemper; and other leaders to pitch this idea. He described their feedback as positive and encouraging. “ere is a lot of support,” said Chali. “More than 35 people with the necessary skills and experience have responded positively and the list is growing daily.” Chali hopes to put together a roster of at least 75 respondents who can provide language services in French, Swahili, Spanish and Portuguese. His appeal urges potential interpreters and translators for the 2016 General Conference to commit to donating

BMCR Prioritizes Advocacy for the AUF leading up to GC2016

After receiving the Africa University report, the 2015 Meeting of the Black Methodists for Church Renewal (BMCR) took immediate action, resolving to make advocacy for the continuation of the Africa University Fund (AUF) apportionment a high priority leading up to the 2016 General Conference. Pictured right to left: Rev. Dr. Cedric Bridgeforth, chairperson of BMCR; Mr. James H. Salley, associate vice chancellor for institutional advancement, AU; Mrs. Claudine Leary, AU alumna/coordinator for development, MTSO; Ms. Elaine Jenkins, director of planned giving, AU; and Ms. Glorianna McClain, executive assistant to Mr. Salley, AU.

50 percent of any stipends for their services as a minimum contribution to AU. So far, most who have signed up have indicated they will donate 100 percent of any stipends. “It isn’t only alumni! Many friends of AU want to contribute and that is a great example of who we are as a connectional church,” said Chali. “e church is helping AU, but the institution is also helping the general church. It is doing the work of empowering the church to realize its mission.”

To sign up and participate in this effort to invest in AU, please contact the Rev. Kalaba Chali at kchali@greatplainsumc.org or telephone (316)684-0266.

How You Can Help

ocated at Old Mutare, Zimbabwe, Africa University is the first fully accredited United Methodistrelated educational institution in Africa, established by action of the General Conference. The university offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in six faculties of learning: agriculture and natural resources, education, health sciences, humanities and social sciences, management and administration, and theology. The Institute of Peace, Leadership and Governance offers post-graduate diplomas and master’s programs.


Africa University continues to be the evidence of faith, hope and belief in the visions of dreamers. We are counting on you! Encourage your church to set a 100 percent apportionment remittance goal. Sending a portion of your goal each month makes it easier to reach full remittance by year’s end. Your church’s 100 percent apportionment remittance means 100 percent Continued next page.

How you can help... continued. support of Africa University’s operational budget, for costs such as utilities, equipment and faculty salaries.

Celebrating the Journey with Africa University


embers of the Africa University (AU) Advisory Development Committee met on April 18, 2015, in Orlando, Florida, at the invitation of Bishop Kenneth Carter and the Florida Conference. ey heard from bishops and other leaders how partnering with AU can be a source of insight and impetus for transformation efforts at the local church level. “We want to help in developing leaders on the continent of Africa,” Carter said. “is is very relevant to who we are as Floridians. Florida is historically tribal and has a need for reconciliation, for journeying together toward reconciliation and justice.” In March, a 14-person delegation from the Florida Conference traveled to the university’s main campus in Mutare, Zimbabwe, and returned to share their experiences and what they had learned with their local congregations. “AU is a great leader and witness in making diversity incarnate,” said Rev. Dr. Sharon Austin, director of connectional ministries at the Florida Conference. “It helps us to speak to the growing diversity here in Florida.”

For 23 years, United Methodists across the connection have been investing in AU. eir contributions include support for the Africa University Fund (AUF) apportionment, the construction of student and staff housing, and endowed and direct scholarship gifts. Several conferences—Florida, Illinois Great Rivers, Mississippi and Upper New York—are working to endow scholarships. “We did not begin this journey to leave AU alone now,” said Bishop James Swanson from the Mississippi Conference. “AU is one of the best stories e United Methodist Church has to tell around the world. God has been good to us so we have to do more to bless all of Africa so that Africa can be a blessing to the world.”

Usahwira Scholarship Program


frica University’s more congregations into Usahwira scholarship the program. program is getting a makee new approach over. e word “Usahwira” focuses on using African means “beautiful friendship” culture—as expressed in Shona, a language spoken through art, music, drama, in Zimbabwe—fitting, as the food and fashion—to bring Usahwira scholarship program Rev. Dr. Bill McFadden with Rev. people of different Dr. Henry Masters, Sr. invites congregations to deepen backgrounds together. their relationship with the university by Described as “beautiful friendship venues,” a supporting one student for a minimum of four variety of fundraising and friend-making consecutive years. activities are being outlined to stimulate e Africa University (AU) Development collaboration between congregations that would Office launched the program in 2003, with not normally interact, among small rural support from advisers who served on the Local churches, within districts, or conference-wide. Church Partnerships subcommittee. e Rev. Under Usahwira, an individual, family, church or district adopts and supports a student Dr. Henry Masters helped to develop the as he or she pursues a degree program. For more concept while serving at Holman United Methodist Church in Los Angeles, and he is the information or to make a Usahwira pledge, visit support-africauniversity.org. primary architect of a new approach to bring

Consider these additional ways of helping the university educate new leaders for the nations of Africa: Planned Gifts are the foundation for the long-term survival of Africa University. As you make your estate plans, consider leaving a gift or bequest to Africa University in your will. If you have already included the university in your estate plans, please let us know so we may welcome you to the Richard E. “Dick” Reeves Legacy Society. Usahwira—This word in the Shona language means “a beautiful friendship.” Encourage your local church to become a partner with Africa University by supporting one student at the university for four years. The annual cost of supporting one undergraduate student is just under $6,000. Local churches may provide full or partial scholarships. Endowment Fund—Give to the Africa University Endowment Fund (World Service Special Gift #03-0188). The interest income from the endowment provides scholarships for our students. For more information about giving opportunities or to make a gift, visit us at support-africauniversity.org. To learn about Africa University and its impact, visit africau.edu. Let’s work together to continue the transformation of lives and of Africa. To order resources to help tell the story of the Africa University Fund apportionment, visit umcgiving.org or infoserv.um.org. Or, call United Methodist Communications, toll-free (888) 346-3862, during normal business hours. Available resources include: • Africa University: A Place of Peace, Learning and Hope DVD (600115) • Africa University Fund: Pieces of the Dream DVD (600512) • We are Africa University (600611) Africa University Development Office P.O. Box 340007 Nashville, TN 37203-0007 (615) 340-7438 audevoffice@gbhem.org www.support-africauniversity.org

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Africa University Today — Spring 2015

Timothy and Susan Tewalt: Responding to the Africa University Story


frica University (AU) needs no hype, no embellishments. Just tell the story, and the people will respond.” is was Bishop Charles Wesley Jordan’s sound advice to me when I embarked upon this ministry with AU 14 years ago. Two who responded immediately upon hearing the AU story for the first time on September 7, 2014, were Timothy and Susan Tewalt of Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. ey immediately decided to include AU in their estate plans after hearing how lives are being

transformed. When asked what the most important factor that influenced their decision to leave a bequest to the university was, they said they wanted to leave a legacy by becoming involved in one of the great mission projects of the denomination. Susan grew up in the Methodist Church, and Timothy was reared initially in the Evangelical United Brethren Church before the two denominations merged. ey met while students at West Virginia University and married one year after their graduation. Susan retired in 2013 after a career in geology, last serving with the U.S. Geological Survey. Timothy retired in 2012 after a career in contracts administration and negotiations, last serving with Science Applications International Corporation. In their retirement, the Tewalts are active members of their local church. In addition, Timothy is an avid golfer and volunteers at professional golf tournaments.

e Tewalts’ prayer for AU is that it will continue to grow and become a beacon for any African child who yearns for a first-rate tertiary education. Elaine Jenkins, Director of Planned Giving The AU Today is published by the Africa University Development Office, in partnership with the Office of Communications, General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM). For more information, contact the: Africa University Development Office P.O. Box 340007 Nashville, TN 37203-0007 Tel: Fax: Email:

(615) 340-7438 (615) 340-7290 audevoffice@gbhem.org support-africauniversity.org.

Profile for Africa University Development Office

AU Today - Spring 2015  

Latest news, including coverage of the Inauguration of AU's 4th Vice Chancellor and alumni efforts to aid in faculty recruitment.

AU Today - Spring 2015  

Latest news, including coverage of the Inauguration of AU's 4th Vice Chancellor and alumni efforts to aid in faculty recruitment.