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Please Remember Africa University in Your Will Issue: 06

Vol: 23

September - October 2018

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Africa University Development Office | P O Box 340007 | Nashville, TN 37203 Tel. (615) 340-7438 | Fax. (615) 340-7290 | Email: audevoffice@gbhem.org

The Campaign for AU Showing Strong Results

Legacy Society Inductees

gifts being desThe Campaign for Africa ignated to stuUniversity—an ongoing dent scholareffort to raise $50 million to enhance teaching and ships. Between and 2017, research, campus infra2013 the university structure, and student received about access through scholar$1 .5 million ships—continues to post in gifts to the strong results. The camcampaign in paign has raised more than Africa. The $41.5 million in cash Dr. Ken Lutgen presents the first installment of a university and pledges, about 82 $12,000 campaign pledge supporting the Rev. C. is reporting percent of the goal, as Jarrett and Mrs. Mai Gray Endowed Scholarship. gifts to the of August 31st. More than half of the overall cam- campaign in Africa totaling more than paign receipts to date, $22.6 mil- $464,000 as of August 2018. Currently, lion, have been in the form of unre- the top three sources of campaign gifts stricted gifts to the Africa University in Africa are multilateral organizations, Endowment Fund. In addition, church- foundations, and churches. To learn more about or supes and individual donors have prioritized endowed scholarships, capital port Seeding Hope. Shaping projects, and endowed chairs/profes- Opportunity. The Campaign for Africa University, visit: www.supsorships, in their giving. Contributions to the campaign in port-africauniversity.org. Africa are growing, with most of the

Twenty-one individuals were inducted into the Richard E. “Dick” Reeves Legacy Society and two current members were recognized for having made second planned gifts to Africa University on September th. Africa University recognized Rev. Gérard Nsabimana as the first graduate of the institution to be inducted. He endowed a scholarship. Dr. Robert M. Schneider and Mrs. Virginia Schneider have also endowed a scholarship. “Education can provide the keys to many different doors of opportunity,” they said. “We want our scholarship recipients to walk through those doors to discover new worlds as we did.” The Richard E. “Dick” Reeves Legacy Society has a current membership of .



AU Friends and Supporters Honored with Drum Awards Three couples were presented with AU’s highest honor at the th Richard E. “Dick” Reeves Legacy Society Recognition Dinner on September th. The honorees —Rev. Dr. William McFadden and Mrs. Martha McFadden, Rev. Jimmy L. Carr (posthumous award) and Rev. Joy T. Carr, and Rev. Dr. Donald R. Wood and Mrs. Dorothy A. Wood—are all longstanding friends and supporters of Africa University. In honoring Dr. and Mrs. McFadden, Africa University recognized their effectiveness in sharing the university’s story in the East Ohio Conference and across the United Methodist connection. Dr. McFadden chairs Africa University’s Planned Giving Council and the East Ohio Conference has the highest number of planned gift donors to the institution. Rev. Jimmy Carr served on the Africa




, only three days before the couple was to leave for Zimbabwe with fellow Mississippi United Methodists. The presentation of a $ . million scholarship endowment gift to AU from the Mississippi Conference campaign that Rev. Carr co-chaired was one of the highlights of the trip. The couple’s son, David Carr, was present with his mother to accept the drum and hear about the rainbow that stretched across the AU campus on the day his father died. Dr. and Mrs. Wood rounded out the list of honorees. Good News Television (GNTV), led by Dr. Wood, has donated state-of-the-art multimedia services to Africa University for more than two decades. These honorees bring the total number of Drum Award recipients to to date.


University site selection committee and was a founding member of the AU Board of Directors. He and his wife, Rev. Joy Carr, gave towards the Mississippi Conference’s gift of the Cross and Flame that overlooks the AU main campus. Rev. Carr died of heart failure in March


Touching Lives If you want to touch the past, touch a rock; if you want to touch the present, touch a flower; if you want to touch the future, touch a life.—Anonymous It is not too early to consider how you will continue to support Africa University’s transformational ministry 100 years from now. Even though none of us will be around to see this in person, it is entirely possible to continue to give in 2118 as you do today. How? Make a gift to the Africa University Endowment Fund. Through this fund, your annual gift will continue to touch lives long after you have

passed away, even when the year 2118 rolls around and beyond. What is the best way to give to the AU Endowment Fund? Some make a one-time gift or build up their fund with gifts spread over a number of years.

100 Years Hence

Elaine Jenkins, Director of Planned Giving.

Others provide for an estate gift (this is easily done through a will, living trust, qualified retirement plan, or life insurance) that is designated for the endowment. If the idea of establishing an endowment fund bearing your name excites you, please contact our Director of Planned Giving, Elaine Jenkins, Africa University Development Office, P. O. Box 340007, Nashville, TN, ,( ) 37203 0007 615(fax), 340-ejen7428 (telephone), ( ) 615 340 7290 kins@gbhem.org (e-mail address). You may also wish to visit the planned giving website at http://www.africau.plannedgiving.org/. Thank you!

This Burundian Graduate Student is Walking in his Father’s Footsteps In August, William Rumuri and university. his friends began planting fruit He made important contributions trees along the driveway leadto the strategic direction, master ing up to the Ubuntu Retreat plan, and visioning of the campus Center on the Africa University infrastructure. campus. They started with the In late October , a civil war fruits that are popular among the in Burundi claimed Ndorimana’s students—mangoes, oranges, life. He was one of more than tangerines, and avocados. Their victims of extrajudicial killings in plan is for a mixed orchard that the town of Gitega. His family was lines both sides of the driveway. targeted. Ndorimana’s wife and one Graduate students voluntarily son were also killed. For many William Rumuri, (second from the left) with three friends and fellow filling their free time planting trees tree planters. His father’s friend and former fellow AU Board member, years, his surviving children lived in is notable. the shadows. James H. Salley, is in the center. But there’s something else William Rumuri is Ndorimana’s that makes this initiative special. The driveson. With this tree-planting project, Rumuri Ndorimana served on the Buildings and way that Rumuri and his friends are working Grounds Committee, alongside directors is literally walking in the footsteps of his on overlooks the Ndorimana Bonaventure from Africa, North America, and Europe. He late father. It is a labor of love, rooted in Dining Hall and Student Union Building, helped his fellow directors to understand hope and a desire to be a part of the future named in honor of a Burundian pastor and and embrace the dreams and expectations that his father dreamed of in the earliest founding member of the Africa University of African United Methodists for the new days of the Africa University story. Board of Directors.



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Acacia e-Newsletter - Sept. - Oct. 2018 issue  

News update on institutional advancement efforts at Africa University.

Acacia e-Newsletter - Sept. - Oct. 2018 issue  

News update on institutional advancement efforts at Africa University.