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SC AU Golf Tournament Exceeds Goal

IPLG Director Attends Peace Conference

Teams played through the rain and raised more than $8,500 for AU.

About 77 golfers from across South Carolina and beyond, braved the rain and played in the annual Africa University Golf Outing on Sept. 28, in an effort to raise money for scholarships at the university. Bishop Jonathan Holston was among those who participated in the tournament, which took place at the Cobblestone Golf Course in Blythewood, SC. The event featured a large number of return participants as well as 57 corporate and other sponsorships. “One of the reasons Africa University is one of the missions of the South Carolina Conference is the unique attachment between us,” Holston said. “The tournament is a way to

connect people in a significant way, financially, spiritually and hands-on.” “We raised more than $8,500 toward AU and exceeded our goal,” said Ronald D. Friday, who organized the tournament along with Rev. John Culp and James Salley, who is Africa University’s associate vice-chancellor for institutional advancement. “It’s a marvelous effort for the advancement of African young people, supported by men and women across South Carolina,” said Friday. Organizers are already planning for next year’s tournament, slated for Sept. 26, 2016 at Cobblestone Golf Course. Adapted from an article by Jessica Brodie, South Carolina Advocate.

Conferences Urged to Strengthen Support for AUF As 2015 draws to a close, reports from the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) show that giving to the Africa University Fund (AUF) apportionment stood at two-thirds of the asking, as of October 31. Africa University relies heavily on the church’s investment in the AUF to fulfil its mission of disciple-making and leadership formation for Africa, so the institution is urging conferences to do all they can to close the gap. As GCFA general secretary Moses Kumar noted in his blog, “...every dollar that is willingly given by members of The United

Methodist Church makes a difference in the lives of others...I see it in the difference the graduates of Africa University make...” “The university is counting on annual conferences to step up and invest 100 percent of their asking to the AUF in 2015 so that the dynamic and transformative ministry that is happening on the Africa University campus continues to flourish,” said James Salley, associate vice chancellor for institutional advancement. In 2014, a record 31 annual conferences invested 100 percent of their asking to the AUF and at least four other conferences fell short of the goal by less than five percent.

Dr. Pamela Machakanja, (right), reading the Scripture at the opening worship service.

The seventh annual Interfaith Peace Conference at Lake Junaluska provided an opportunity for networking and dialogue on issues of reconciliation and peace for Dr. Pamela Machakanja, director of the Institute of Peace, Leadership and Governance (IPLG), at Africa University. During the event, held November 10-13 at the Lake Junaluska Assembly in North Carolina, Machakanja held discussions with interfaith leaders. She also updated key friends and supporters of Africa University about the work and impact of the Institute. Reflecting on Machakanja’s luncheon presentation to the group, Mr. George Thompson noted that the relevance of Africa University’s peace emphasis bodes well for the future of political leadership in Africa. “If we can continue to support dialogue, learning and the sharing of techniques for negotiating peace and strengthen Africa University’s role and contributions in shaping leadership, we will be in good shape,” said Thompson, a member of the planning committee for the 2015 conference.

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Blessings and Thanksgiving at Year’s End As we come to the close of another successful year, we remember our many blessings and name them one by one. We remember with gratitude the fruits of the labors of others who are helping us build a first-class, first-rate university on the continent of Africa. We remember the beautiful things that we have seen, heard, and felt as we traveled across the nation this year meeting friends who have decided to invest in Africa’s future—its young men and women. We remember the many new friends we have met along the way, from whom we have caught glimpses of the meaning of our own lives and the true character of human dignity and generosity.

Dean Beauty Maenzanise with lecturers and the seminarians who graduated in June .


We remember with acute awareness the spirit and the presence of God with whom


ALL things are possible—even the building of a university, brick by brick. For these many blessings we give thanks in humbleness of mind and simplicity of heart. (Adapted from Howard Thurman’s “Blessings at Year’s End”, found in Meditations of the Heart.) For more information about the planned giving program, visit the planned giving website at or call or write our Director of Planned Giving, Elaine Jenkins, Africa University Development Office, P. O. Box 340007, Nashville, TN, 37203-0007, 615/340-7428 (telephone), 615/340-7290 (fax), (e-mail address).

AU Holds Key Stakeholders Gathering

Indeed, God is transforming the world now—through us—because God loves us. —Desmond Tutu, God Has a Dream: A Vision of Hope for Our Time

General Board of Higher Education and Ministry The United Methodist Church P O Box 340007 Nashville, Tennessee 37203-0007


Africa University’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. Munashe Furusa, and senior administrators met with key university stakeholders in Zimbabwe on October 29. The gathering was organized as part of the groundwork for the launch of the university’s strategic plan for 2016-2020. The Government of Zimbabwe as well as the Zimbabwean corporate sector, church, media, and nongovenmental organizations were wellrepresented at the meeting. Attendees focused their deliberations on innovation and human capital needs, and on ensuring the continued relevance of AU’s teaching, learning and community outreach efforts.

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