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(l-r) Amanda Edwards - Council Member At-Large 4, Hon. Sylvester Turner - City of Houston Mayor, Warren Fitzgerald Muhammad - Attorney at Law, Matriarch Ruby Lee Sanders -Mosley, Jarvis Johnson - State Representative Dist. 139, John Whitmire - Tx. Senator Dist. 15, Andrea Cooksey - President of Houston Black Real Estate Association and Roy Douglas Malonson - AANI Publisher/ AHCBED Chairman

Matriarch Ruby Lee Mosley



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New Improved Website Hon. Sylvester Turner City of HoustonMayor

I am excited to announce the launch of the City’s improved website, www.houstontx. gov. Almost half a million people use our website each month, so I wanted visitors, residents and businesses to have the best experience possible when engaging with the City online. The new site features many of the City’s most popular online pages, such as job opportunities, animal adoption and trash and recycling information.

Roy Douglas Malonson Chairman Shirley Ann Malonson President/C.E.O. Chandra Jarmon


Kimberly Taylor

Production Asst.

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Editorial & Opinion

It also features tools that provide the information in more than 100 languages. Launching a website that celebrates the unique diversity and welcoming nature of our City was a priority for me. We now have a site that works for everyone and serves as a tool that makes it easier for Houstonians and others to access services, find information, and engage with local government Since more than half of all users go to the site from their cell phones and tablets, enhancements were made to allow for better navigation on mobile devices. The site also features improvements to Americans with Disabilities Act compliance and general usability. This would have typically cost hundreds of thousands of dollars if done by an outside contractor, but the redesign was accomplished

by a taskforce led by the Mayor’s Office of Communications and Office of Innovation, with Houston Information Technology Services Department overseeing the project at no extra cost to taxpayers. Additionally, the three finalists of the “Digital Design Challenge” -- Brand Ranch Media, Don Suttajit, and Think Thank Ideas -- provided valuable community input by presenting their vision for the City’s website design to me. The City is also launching a new web governance policy in the coming weeks to ensure pages are maintained consistent and content is updated regularly.

We are making every effort to establish the City of Houston as a global leader in technology and innovation. Our website exemplifies the spirit of Houston and shows our commitment to making technology work for all Houstonians. **

From Victim to Activist (A Story of Gun Violence and Mental Illness)


By: Dr. Ruth, Guest Writer

ver the past year in Texas and throughout the United States we have observed an increase in the number of gun-related violence linked to persons who were allegedly mentally impaired. Many of these horrific crimes are followed by the explanation that the perpetrator may have suffered from mental illness and at some point, displayed warning signs that could be indicative of, or characterized as originating from mental illness. In several instances, the perpetrator had one or more encounters with law enforcement in which little or nothing was done to protect potential future victims from the offender. Unfortunately, Houston, too, has not been exempt from this societal problem. One such local example is that of Lee Arthur Preston Jr., a resident of the

Sunnyside Community and a victim of shocking gun violence perpetrated by an apparently mentally ill neighbor on two separate occasions. His story was covered by the local media. Moreover, the perpetrator is well known to law enforcement and lives in the house right next door to the victim in the Sunnyside Community located in Harris, County Texas. The facts in this instance weave a cautionary tale of the dangerous mix of mental illness and gun violence and clearly demonstrates that at present our society is not adequately prepared to deal with the problem. Nearly nine years ago, on October 3, 2008, Lee Preston Jr. of Houston, Texas was shot three times by his neighbor whom, he later was informed by her family member that she had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and had a history of mental illness. Having


Hon. Jarvis Johnson Texas Dist. 139

Dry erase markers. Pens and pencils. Lesson plans for the week. These are necessary supplies to arm our teachers with – not guns. A teacher is a person who helps others to acquire knowledge, competences or values. Nowhere in their job description does it say, “be prepared to open fire in a classroom” or “will confront a madman without hesitation.” If only Republicans felt the same. Due to the so-called leadership of our president and our lieutenant governor here in Texas, teachers with guns could become our harsh reality. They did not sign up for this. Mentally challenged individuals will carry out their plans no matter who has a gun. An untrained educator, armed or not, will do what most us would when shots ring out – duck and run for cover. We cannot expect a novice to be able to take aim to

grown up alongside the neighbor, Preston along with most of the neighborhood was keenly aware for years that something “was not quite right with the neighbor”. Preston remembered during her school years she would regularly stand in front of her house and hurdle obscenities and wild rants at people passing by. She would threaten to kill strangers passing by, family members and especially her neighbor Lee Preston. Preston who had been threatened by her on several occasions reported her escalating threatening behaviors against him to her mother who was also her primary caregiver.

Texas • MARCH 12 - 18, 2018

stop a shooter without potentially hitting an innocent bystander. How will a parent react when they are told their child was killed by a teacher trying to stop a shooter from killing other students? Will that teacher be considered a hero or a murderer? We have trained law enforcement who are responsible for maintaining public safety and security. And even they fall short. In the recent massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Deputy Scot Peterson remained outside for over four minutes. The shooting lasted approximately six minutes. Peterson’s job as the school’s resource officer was to ensure everyone on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas campus was safe at all times. He was trained. He was armed. And he hesitated. Peterson froze. We all can only wonder how many lives could have been spared had he gone in. How can we expect an untrained teacher to react differently? We can’t. Let’s arm our teachers with a better teacher to student ratio in the classroom and better pay – not guns. **

However, her family was unable to adequately help her and the strange behaviors continued to escalate. In October of 2008, while Preston and his friend were entering his home, his next door neighbor followed behind them carrying a loaded rifle. Before anyone could get out of harm’s way, she fired. Preston was struck repeatedly—

shot in his back-shoulder area, neck, arm, thigh and a ricocheted bullet to the jaw, shattering his front teeth and jaw bone. Continue @

TEXAS • MARCH 12 - 18, 2018

Editorial & Opinion

Birds of the Same Feathers Flock Together The Standard View


Billy “Hollywood” Groves

he love and respect that President Donald Trump shows for those people associated with him, who are accused of serious misconduct is very disturbing. Disrespect toward people especially, women is a pattern of choice for Trump and his comrades; whether they worked in the Whitehouse, as recently resigned staff secretary Rob Porter and speech writer David Sorensen or if they were not in the Whitehouse, people like FOX television host Bill O’Reilly or Alabama Senator Candidate Roy Moore or Corey LeWandowski. I could go “on and on” about dysfunctional people close to Trump and it’s not an accident but by nature of thought. As the old saying goes “Birds of a feathers flock together” this is the pattern the world is viewing these days. The love that Trump showed for Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore during Moore’s losing campaign spoke volumes to where he was mentally about people like that. Moore was accused by 8 women of abusing them in very abusive ways, some of them were young teenagers when it happened. When the news came out that Bill O’Reilly had violated women who worked with and around him at FOX television news, Trump still bragged positively about him and has never to this day spoke negatively about O’Reilly. All of the people that Donald Trump have brought into his inner circle are people who are devoted to him. Trump doesn’t care about issues of violations against women,

because he has been accused by many women of violating them. Alleged wife beater Rob Porter former Whitehouse staff secretary, who had disturbing domestic abuse charges brought against him by his ex-wives, even though these chargers were shown to be true by law enforcement officers, Trump had this to say about Porter. “ I have a lot of confidence in Rob Porter.” The Whitehouse and Trump are having major problems trying to cover up all of the dysfunctional “Birds of the same feathers” found throughout his administration. Whitehouse Communications Director, Hope Hicks, a longtime loyal Trump supporter also recently resigned. Hope Hicks, even admits that she has told some “white lies” to protect Trump from all the turmoil he has created. The really sick part of Trump’s world is the fact that he will attack anyone on his team, regardless of how loyal they have been to him in the past. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session, who has been one of Trump’s strongest supporters during Trump’s presidential campaign has not been exempt from Trump’s attacks; Trump has publicly belittled and insulted Session in such a way that it makes session look like a disgracefully weak idiot. The fact that Trump will attack anyone around him, regardless of how much loyalty they show him, speaks volumes to the tumultuous, reckless, unprecedented foolish behavior of this president. It’s no surprise that the morale among the people at the Whitehouse is at an all-time low. When you look at how Trump has reacted to the investigation into the Russian meddling in our 2016 presidential race, it can only be described as “crazy”. Continue @


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Yes, Black Lives Still Matter… Even in the Classroom

“Millions of tears have fallen for black sons, brothers, lovers, and friends whose assailants took or maimed their lives and then simply went on their way.” A young

man by the name of Aberjhani documented this statement in his collection of Illuminated Corners. I couldn’t agree with him more on this subject. As it is, members from our community have been to the cemetery too many times to bury young Black men who were murdered in cold blood by officers of the law and it was labeled justified. Although Aberjhani presents a truthful thought, I must admit that not all of us simply go on our way. In fact, addressing current and historical issues such as these is one of the primary reasons that African-American New &Issues exists. Without fear or favor, we strive weekly to tackle the issues that others remain silent about. Therefore, I felt compelled to raise my concerns in regards to the proposal to allow teachers to arm themselves. I would be the first one to object and oppose these new laws that are being proposed. Simply because Black lives really do matter to me and African-American News&Issues. It is just something about an authoritative figure holding a piece of steel in their hand that automatically attracts the nearest Black face. We have seen and heard of this scenario unfolding in many cases and the sad part about it is that officers of the law, who have a sworn duty to serve and protect citizen’s, have gotten away with it far too many times. So I have to wonder…. What will stop teachers from doing the same thing or having the same reaction in times of trouble or crisis? Statistics have shown that mass killings are usually the crimes of our White

counterparts. But, for some reason, it is our young Black men that are constantly being racially profiled, targeted and victims of murder. By no means am I being insensitive to the senseless school shootings that have taken place around the country. But, with the same token, our teachers belong in the classroom, instructing and molding the minds of our next generation. It should not be their duty to be on the battlefield of carrying guns to protect students, that is the job of law enforcement.

I have been researching a few states that are seriously considering passing legislation to allow teachers to arm themselves with guns. The House Civil Justice subcommittee passed the proposal submitted by the state of Tennessee. According to Marta W. Aldrich’s article entitled, Proposal to arm teacher with guns advances in Tennessee legislature, “The bill would allow districts to adopt policies that let select school staff voluntarily carry a concealed firearm on school property.” Aldrich informs that, “One school employee could carry a handgun for every 75 students and would be required to obtain a state permit and undergo 40 hours of training, plus another 16 hours of training annually.” Elected officials are seriously presenting their cases and drafting these bills to train and teachers to carry guns. Now anyone that knows me, is aware that I have never professed to be the overzealous Bible-toting, scripture-quoting type of Christian. However, I don’t understand the rationale of prayer being taken out of school, but serious consideration to teachers packing pistols is a viable proposal to protect our children. As previously stated, my major objection is that our young Black students could very well be


We MUST Understand Roy Douglas Malonson, Publisher

the next targets of being shot or killed, simply from trying to get an education. As a matter of fact, there is already a town in Oklahoma at Okay Public Schools that has 5 percent of teachers carrying guns, in the event of a school shooting. For the record, I am not just singling out the state of Tennessee, because there are several states that are fighting for the bid of being first in line to arm teachers with guns. The states of Florida, Illinois, Arkansas and Ohio are just a few of the ones that have been heavily in the news in regards to raising and presenting bills on the subject. They can call it what they want to, but in my eyes all I see is, “Houston we have a problem!” But of course, Donald Trump sees no issue with this in all. As a matter of fact, making the Black race extinct appears that, that wouldn’t be a bad idea to him anyway. So his proposal to offer bonuses to teachers who are willing undergo training for carrying a weapon is all a part of his little deceptive plan. On February 22, Trump tweeted that, “History shows that a school shooting lasts, on average, 3 minutes. It takes police & first responders approximately 5 to 8 minutes to get to site of crime. Highly trained, gun adept, teachers/coaches would solve the problem instantly, before police arrive. GREAT DETERRENT!” This man is the Commander-in-Chief of the United States and his solution to the problem is to educate while being armed with guns. So at the end of the day, my position remains the same,

“Yes, Black Lives Still Matter… Even in the Classroom.” **




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AHCBED from pg. 1

By: Tatiana Harasim

Keynote speaker and matriarch, Ruby Lee Mosley reminded the audience of never forgetting from where they came from when she spoke at the Acres Home Chamber for Business and Economic Development’s 29th Annual Awards Banquet. She then touched on the importance of taking part in the election process and how there was a time that Black people were not allowed to be in positions of power. “Today, we are not rearing our children to vote,” Mosely, who had to pay a dollar fifty poll tax the first time she registered to vote, said. Mosely – who still serves on the Old Acres Home Citizen Council, the Acres Home Multi Service Center Advisory Board and the Police Positive Interaction program – told the crowd that now more than ever, it is the time to be serious and to stop playing with God. “If we don’t read, who’s going to read for us?” Mosley said. “If we don’t stand, who’s going to stand for us?” She stressed the importance of people holding themselves accountable. To prove this point, Mosley began to call out the Acres Homes Civic Club Presidents by name and said she needed a list of the voters in Acres Homes, so they can get to work. A recurring theme in Mosley’s speech was to never forget that “God is our maker, our creator, problem solver, mind regulator, our mother and our father.” With this key value always in her heart in mind, Mosley was able to use her three degrees from Prairie View A&M University and abilities as an elementary teacher, social worker and community organizer to make positive changes in the community. TX- 4

Mosely has worked tirelessly to better the world around her and has shown no signs of slowing down at 82 years old.

Cover Story

At the end of her speech, Mayor of the City of Houston, Sylvester Turner, presented an award to Mosely. Mayor Turner shared the impact that Mosely had

Texas••August MARCH 12-18, 12 - 18,2013 2018 Texas

guests were greeted at the door by the soothing sounds of the Aldine ISD George Washington Carver High School Jazz Band as they entered the 29th Annual Awards Banquet held at the Acres Home Chamber for Business and Economic Development.

had on the community and on his life personally, the chairman emeritus, Roy Douglas Malonson and his mother, Cleo Glenn Johnson-McLaughlin.

The young and talented musicians included Axel Camey on alto saxophone, Laila Chinn and Stephanie Montoya

Earlier in the program, the honorary chairpersons were then recognized. These included:

Next to take the podium was State Senator John Whitmire who also paid homage to Mosely. Whitmire continued by saying he is the luckiest state senator because of the diversity of his district. “I encourage all of you to travel my district – it is what the future of Texas will look like,” Sen. Whitmire said.

Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee United States Representative, Texas District 18

Honorable Al Green United States Representative, Texas District 9

Honorable John Whitmire Texas Senator, District 15

• •

Honorable Jarvis Johnson Texas State Representative, District 139

Honorable Sylvester Turner Mayor, City of Houston

Honorable Rodney Ellis Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 1

Honorable Jerry Davis Council Member, District B, City of Houston

Honorable Alan Rosen Harris County Constable, Precinct 1

Honorable Dr. Alton Smith Lone Star College, Board of Trustees, District 3

Honorable Rhonda Skillern Jones Houston ISD, Board of Trustees, District 2

Dr. Austin A. Lane

Andrea Cooksey; Honoree Willie French Jr.; Warren Fitzgerald Muhammad

The mayor shared Mosley’s advice to him when he was not sure about running for office again.

Also a founding member of the Knights of St. Peter Claver Council 151, French established a food pantry at St. Monica that provides food and assistance for over 600 people per month.

“If you are parking your car because there is no gas left in your car, Ms. Mosley will understand, but if you are parking your car and there is still gas left in your car, Ms. Mosley will not understand,” Mayor Turner said.

French’s spirit of giving back touched banquet guest Helen George who said, “That’s why events like this are important – it shows people helping people, which always makes a profound change.”

Earlier that evening, Andrea Cooksey took the stage next to introduce one of the night’s honoree’s, Willie French Jr.

Later in the evening, Chairman Emeritus of the Acres Home Chamber for Business and Economic Development and publisher of African-American News & Issues, Roy Douglas Malonson.

on his life that encouraged him to run for mayor.

French – a native Houstonian, founder of Tools Enterprises, devoted husband to his high school sweetheart and father of seven children – has always made time for his faith and community. French was one of the first Lectors and Eucharistic ministers at St. Monica Catholic Church, where he also serves on the Grounds Committee to ensure the pride and beauty of the church is well taken care of.

Malonson began his speech by playing the song “Wake Up Everybody” by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes and also touched on the importance of everyone holding themselves accountable. “It’s so simple it’s stupid,” Malonson said. “We have to keep our dream alive and keep hope alive.” Before the speeches began,

on clarinet, Martin Pachecho on trumpet, Gilbert Alvarez on drums and Jalinn Smith on electric bass. The students were joined by none other than their Orchestra Teacher, Michael McCullough on guitar and keyboards. After the welcome and occasion were delivered by Dr. Edwin A. Davis – the pastor of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church – the crowd rose to sing the Negro National Anthem led by A’syria Williams. The invocation was then given by the master of ceremony for the evening, Warren Fitzgerald Muhammad, Attorney at LawFitzgerald & McElroy P.C. “Greatness is right here in Acres Homes,” State Representative Jarvis Johnson said as he offered the greetings for the night. Rep. Johnson reminded the room that we all must be the change that we want to see. He then thanked the keynote speaker and matriarch, Ruby Lee Sanders Mosely, for the impact she has


TEXAS • MARCH 12 - 18, 2018

AHCBED Honoree Bios

Matriarch Ruby Lee Sanders Mosley

From a small town in Mexia, Texas, is retired educator, life-long community activist and humanitarian, Mrs. Ruby Lee Sanders Mosley. She was born April 25, 1929 to Rosa Bell and Willie Sanders.

At the age of 16, Ruby graduated from Woodland High School. Following, she became a certified beautician at Franklin Beauty College. She utilized that skill to finance her studies at college. Shortly thereafter, Ruby enrolled at Prairie View A&M University and moved to Houston in 1948. Ruby joined Mount Pleasant Baptist Church on January 01, 1949. Since that time, she has been a faithful and diligent steward that has served as President Matriarch Ruby Lee Sanders Mosley & of the Choir Board and Representative Sheila Jackson Lee Secretary of the Trustee Board. Additionally, Ruby met the love of her life: Mr. Melvin Mosley and together they birthed three daughters: Carrie, Wanda and Marilyn. After Mrs. Ruby Mosley completed her studies at Prairie View A&M University, she went on to the University of Houston and University of Texas at Austin. She later worked as a Health Coordinator with Gulf Coast Community Services. Mrs. Mosley received training in community organizing from Alex Branch (Former Community Leader in Acres Homes). Along with her were several other great leaders who trained under Alex Branch, inclusive with Justine Boone and Beulah Shepard. Mrs. Ruby Mosley worked tirelessly advocating to provide water, sewer and city services to areas in Houston that still had outhouses. She also partnered with KPRC-TX Channel 2’s, Napolean Johnson who assisted her with her cause. In 1982, Mrs. Ruby Mosley worked as a City of Houston Community Service Supervisor. During this position, she worked to provide necessary services to the children and senior citizens of the Cuney Homes Housing Development. Through her works, a school was established and named in her honor. Furthermore, Mrs. Ruby Mosley is decorated with a variety of awards from elected city, state and federal officials. In 2003, local and state authorities gathered together to celebrate the opening of the Ruby Mosley Parental Technology Center. The center is located inside M.C. Williams Middle School located at 6100 Knox, Houston, Texas 77091. As a result of her undying love and passion for the residents of Acres Homes on February 05, 2011, Mrs. Mosley was recognized by the City of Houston for her commitment and service to the Acres Home community. Accordingly, the Acres Homes Multi-Service Center Auditorium was named in her honor. To date, Mrs. Ruby Mosley serves on the Old Acres Homes Citizen Council, the Acres Homes Multi-Service Center Community Advisory Board and the Police Positive Interaction Program Board to name a few. Mrs. Ruby Mosley is the proud grandmother of 8 and greatgrandmother of 10 children. She has been married to Mr. Melvin Mosley for 51 years. **

Read us online! www. aframnews. com


Mr. Willie French, Jr.

Willie French, Jr. was born August 13, 1935 to proud parents Louise (Rideau) and Willie French, Sr., in Houston, Texas. He was christened into the Catholic faith at an early age in LeBeau,

Louisiana. Willie attended Richard Brock Elementary, Booker T. Washington Junior/High School and Houston Community College. After marrying his high school sweetheart, Florence Powers on May 2, 1953, they grew their family with seven children: Carol, Vanessa, Michelle, Willie III, Charleta, John and LaDonna. Their seven children have further blessed their lives with 12 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. As a young man, Willie held a number of jobs to provide support for his young wife and family. Over the years, he became skilled at many crafts and was gifted with many employment opportunities. Always willing to develop new skills, Willie learned to repair cars, home improvement/ renovation projects, and repair/maintenance of outdoor water pumps. A dedicated and proud employee of Armco Steel for 28 years, Willie was greatly respected by co-workers and friends. After retiring from the steel industry, he decided to return to school to earn a certificate in heating and air condition repair/service. Upon graduation from this program, Willie started his own company, Tools Enterprises, which has been in business for over 30 years. He is now an independent consultant in the AC/ Heating industry. In addition to being a hardworking, loving and caring father, Willie has always made time for his faith and community. Recognizing the need for recreation for children, he organized little league baseball for St. Monica Catholic Church. He was one of the first Lectors and one of the first Eucharistic Ministers at St. Monica. He is also a founding member and active volunteer for the St. Vincent de Paul Society, an organization which provides food for those in need. He has served this organization in numerous capacities, including president, treasurer and financial secretary. Possessing a desire to ensure the pride and beauty of St. Monica, Mr. French serves on the Grounds Committee.

Jaqueline Shannon & Honoree Willie French Jr. Jr,

Willie was a founding member of the Knights of St. Peter Claver Council # 151 during its inception in 1965. He continues to be an active member and earned the highest rank -a Fourth Degree Knight. While serving as Junior Knight Commander, he expanded the Little League Baseball program that began at St. Monica to include to the entire Acres Homes Community. Believing that organized sports is a constructive outlet for children and young people, Willie organized a basketball league at St. Monica giving it the distinction of being the only Catholic Church in Northwest Church Communities with a basketball team. In 1969, he founded a food pantry which is headquartered at St. Monica. The pantry provides food and other assistance for 600 to 700 people per month. In addition, Willie has served as Grand Knight, Financial Secretary for over 25 years, charter Board Member and two terms board member. He is the Coordinator for the Annual Mother's Day Breakfast and Celebration, as well as the Chairman of the Beloved Committee responsible for coordinating funeral dinners for the family of deceased members of Council or Court # 151. While too many to name, Willie has earned many awards, accolades and honors for his faithful service to St. Monica and the Acres Homes Community. Willie French is proud to be a member of the Founding Families of St. Monica -the church that he loves and desires to serve. Willie has been and continues to be a blessing and inspiration to his family, friends and community. ** TX- 5



American News&Issues


Texas • MARCH 12 - 18, 2018

PUBLIC NOTICE Public Notice The City of Houston’s Housing and Community Development Department (HCDD) invites you to attend its Spring Open House and Public Hearings to review and comment on the 2018 Draft Annual Action Plan, give input on budget priorities, and learn about HCDD’s programs for home repairs and home buying. Location West End Multi-Service Center 170 Heights Blvd, Houston, TX 77007 Southwest Multi-Service Center 6400 High Star Dr, Houston, TX 77074

Date Tuesday, March 27, 2018 at 6:00 pm Thursday, March 29, 2018 at 6:00 pm

Both venues are accessible for persons with disabilities. For additional information or to request special arrangements at the public hearings (interpreter, captioning for the hearing impaired, sign language, or other), contact Fatima Wajahat at 832.394.6156 or For specific questions or concerns about fair housing or landlord/tenant relations, please contact Royce Sells at 832.394.6240.

Faces of the Evening

The 2018 Annual Action Plan (Plan) is the City of Houston’s (City) application to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the following four entitlement grants: Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), HOME Investment Partnership Grant (HOME), Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS Grant (HOPWA), and Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG). The Plan estimates that $39,172,745 in federal grants and $251,443 in program income will be available to the City for housing and community development activities for the 2018 Program Year (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019). The following tables show the proposed budgeted activities. HUD has not yet announced allocations for the 2018 Program Year. When HUD announces the allocation amounts, dollar amounts will be adjusted according to the percentages listed below: CDBG - $21,969,500 Public Facilities and Improvements Public Services (Homeless, Social Services, Youth, Special Needs, Elderly) ESG Match









Single Family Home Development



Homeownership Assistance



Single Family Home Repair

Multifamily Home Repair and Development



Economic Development



Code Enforcement



Program Administration



HOME - $6,794,343 Multifamily Acquisition/Rehabilitation/New Construction/Relocation/Activity Delivery Single Family Acquisition/Rehabilitation/New Construction/Relocation/Activity Delivery







Operating Costs



Supportive Services



Project or Tenant-based Rental Assistance



Short-Term, Rent, Mortgage & Utility Assistance







Emergency Shelter



Homeless Prevention Rapid Re-Housing

$396,196 $693,530

20.1% 35.1%




Program Administration

HOPWA - $8,687,055

Grantee Administration ESG - $1,973,290 Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS)

You may comment on the Plan during the 30-day comment period from March 13, 2018 to April 12, 2018. The Plan shall be made available in an accessible format upon request. Comments will be accepted at the Open House and Public Hearings or by mail to: City of Houston, Housing and Community Development Department, 601 Sawyer, Suite 400, Houston, TX 77007, Attn: Fatima Wajahat, or by email to You can view the Plan at the following locations: • Online at • Main Public Library – 500 McKinney, 77002 • Housing and Community Development Department – 601 Sawyer, Suite 400, 77007 (copies may be obtained at this location)

HOU - 6




Texas • MARCH 12 - 18, 2018

PublicHappenin’ Notice What’s

WEDNESDAY MARCH 21, 2018 Gtr Houston Black Chamber


American News&Issues



size of Ad toand run in AAN&I’s Houston edition.Houston edition. Black Rate and MAR size of Rate Ad toand runHouston in AAN&I’s Houston edition. Rate size of Ad to run in AAN&I’s Community Conversation SATURDAY Leadership Forum DATE: March 12 - Issue 18, Issue 8) (Vol. 23 Issue 8) Acres Homes MSC 2018 EDITION March - 11,Ctr)2018 (Vol. 23 7) (Vol.1223 EDITION DATE: March - 18, 2018 MARCHDATE: 17, 2018 EDITION U of H5 ( Student Nigerian-American Multicultural Council Career Discovery Huston Baptist University 7502 Fondren Rd Houston, TX 77074 From 10:00am - 4:30pm FOR MORE INFO: (832) 775-8698

PUBLIC NOTICE Lone Star College Bid Request:

• RFP #567 Campus Food Service Programs Lone Star College. RFP Due: 03/26/18 @ 2:00 p.m. Online WebEx pre-proposal meeting will be held on Thursday, March 8, 2018, 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.; call–in number 832-813-6701. Contact 832-813-6216 For information to register and bid, please visit: http://wwwappsdstc.

4455 Unversity Dr Houston, TX 77204 From 8:00pm - 9:00pm FOR MORE INFO: (713) 660-8299

6719 W Montgomery Rd Houston, TX 77091 From 6:00pm - 7:30pm FOR MORE INFO: Heading Title: Public Notice

2018 Media KitsContact Information:

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Public Notice

Public Notice

Name: MICHELLE ALLEN Name: Christine Y. Campos Company: Lone Star College System Company: Lone Star College System Company: Lone Star College System Phone: 832.813.6299 Phone: 832.813.6873 Phone: 832-813-6216 PUBLIC NOTICE Fax: 832.813.6513 Fax: 832.813.6513 Fax: 832.813.6513 Lone Star College Bid Request: Email: Email: Email: Address for Tearsheets: Address for Tearsheets: •Address RFP #577 Media Solution for Capture Tearsheets: for Lone Star College Due: 4/4/2018 5000 Research Forest Drive 5000 Research Forest Drive 5000 Research Forest Drive at 10:00 AM. Online WebEx preThe Woodlands, Texas 77381-4356 The Woodlands, Texas 77381-4356 The Woodlands, proposal meeting will be Texas held on 77381-4356

For more info EMAIL Name: Margaret A. Bailey

PUBLIC NOTICE Lone Star College Bid Request: • RFQ # 574 External Auditor Services – Lone Star College. RFQ Due: 3/28/18 @ 10:00a.m. Online WebEx pre-proposal meeting will be held on Monday, March 19, 2018, 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.; call–in number 832813-6702. Contact michelle.allen@ 832-813-6299 For information to register and bid, please visit: http://wwwappsdstc.

Tuesday, 3/20/2018 at 10:00 AM; call– in number 832-813-6701. Contact AD COST 832-813-6873. Must register to bid: istar/supplier.htm.



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back to (713) 692-1183 back to (713) 692-1183 back to (713) 692-1183 Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County,by TX 12 (METRO) by 12 for NOON Wednesday for by 12for NOON Wednesday NOON Wednesday next Monday’s publication. next Monday’s publication. nextof Monday’s publication. At its January 25, 2018 meeting, the Board of Directors the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Texas (METRO) approved the FY2017 Urbanized Area Formula, the FY2017 State of Good Repair and the FY2017 Bus and Bus Facilities Programs of Projects. These Signature Programs of Projects will be funded with grant support from the United States Department of Transportation Section 5307, Section 5337 and Section 5339 of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act). A complete listing of the projects can be found at Date





Members of the public may submit comments in writing to the address LSC PO # 44773 LSC # 44773 listed above; or, request for a public hearing will be PO accepted until 5:00 p.m., Friday, March 16, 2018. Further information may be obtained by P.O. Number for this AdP.O. Number for contacting Albert Lyne, METRO Interim Director of Grant Programs, at 713-739-4637 or

LSC PO # 44773

this AdP.O. Number for this Ad

The approved FY2017 Program of Projects outlined above will become the final Program of Projects unless amended by the Board of Directors. • 713-635-4000 HOU - 7



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Texas • MARCH 12 - 18, 2018


George Washington Carver Jazz Band Aldine ISD George Washington Carver High School Jazz Band Jalinn Smith on electric bass, Orchestra Teacher, Michael McCullough on guitar and keyboards, Gilbert Alvarez on drums, Laila Chinn and Stephanie Montoya on clarinet, Axel Camey on alto saxophone and Martin Pachecho on trumpet,

Linda Austin, Janet Moore, Cassandra Irving

Jacqueline Bostic, Renee Jefferson-Smith, Demetrius Smith TX - 8

TEXAS • MARCH 12 - 18, 2018

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1.) Guy Johnson; Jimmy Branch & Martha Branch; Diane Sheppard; Franacie Hyder; 2.) Avanell Houston-Demart; 3.)Sheldon & Shawnica Moss; 4.) Sylvia Teague, Amelia DeLanda, Congressman Al Green, Nirsi Maravilla, Flora Adams, 5.) Asyria & Latuaasha Williams; 6.) Georgia Provost & Terrance Pace

Bra n d New !

ce Sin 94 19

Ebony Vibrations

Keyboard Player

la b i a v A



Bassist Drummer

Saxophonist We appreciate o ur customers!


Thursday, Friday & Saturday 11am - 5pm Credit Cards Accepted Lay-a-way



Female Vocalist

6130 Wheatley Street Houston, Texas 77091 TX - 9


Read us online! w w w. a f ra m n e ws. co m


Texas • MARCH 12 - 18, 2018

Jacqueline Bostic McElroy & Art Lou McElroy; Terry Williams; Pastor Edwin Davis, Charlotte Davis & Dr. Todd Davis; Brian Busby, Mr & Mrs. Richard Caranza; Tatiana Harasim & Kwentoria Williams;Dr. Linda & Steve Head; Anyssa & Armando Perez, Mayor Sylvester Turner; Dr. Austin & Lorean Lane; Gerald & Donna Napoles TX - 10

Texas • MARCH 12 - 18, 2018



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Funerals * Hospitals * Sympathy * Birthdays Anniversaries * Weddings * Valentine * Women’s Day Easter * Mother/Father’s Day * Schools & More

Call or Co m Llamar o e In! Entren!

Cards Credict epted Ac


Live Ivy Plant

Flowers for All Occassions OPEN

Tues: 12pm - 5pm | Wed, Thurs, Fri: 8am - 5pm


1.) Eli & Felicia Warren; 2.) Dr. Stacy Jones & Terrence Reed; 3.) Rodrick and Angela Dow; 4.) Janikka Bratton & Judge Elaine Marshall; 5.) Tamika Alford Stephens & Selina Chapa; 6.) Larry & Cathy Richardson

6130 Wheatley Street |

Houston, Texas 77091

email: We Appreciate Our Customers TX -11



American News&Issues

Texas • MARCH 12 - 18, 2018



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African-American News&Issues Vol. 23 Issue 8 (March 12 - 18, 2018) HOU  


African-American News&Issues Vol. 23 Issue 8 (March 12 - 18, 2018) HOU