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Off Da Glass Squad

Greater Houston

Women in Black History Though known for being a, dedicated civic leader, humble humanitarian, powerful lecturer, prominent attorney and astute professor; it is her appointment as “The Nation’s First Female African-American Immigration Judge” that has sealed her a remarkable place in history.

Yolanda Torrence standing with a community partner by the name of Rodney.

SOUTH DALLAS - After meeting Yolanda Torrence, we realized “Fairy Godmothers” really do exist. And no….she does not wear a long, flowing, wispy gown and wave a wand around in her hand that drips sparkles. But if you verbalize to her what it is you want, and do so effectively, you may just get your wish after all.

When Yolanda Torrence was initially approached with the idea of coaching a group of Black South Dallas boys in basketball, she was not too sure about whether or not she was up for the task. She was going to be responsible for a group of boys who had volatile tempers, used excessive profanity, and had problems with truancy. The idea of coaching them in basketball would offer them some much needed discipline and structure, but how long would it take for them to get there and how would she be able to take on this huge responsibility by herself? Ms. Torrence felt the only reason why these boys were exhibiting such aberrant behavior was because they needed to be taken out of their comfort zone and exposed to people and things outside of their community. But was she the right woman for the job?


Clarease Rankin Yates

Eventually, due to the persistence of a woman at the Martin Luther King Center in Dallas named Anita a.k.a. Bug, Ms. Torrence, a resident of Grand Prairie, eventually took a leap of faith, and made her way out to Dallas to meet the boys. SEE PAGE 7



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Editorial & Opinion Hey Wait a Minute...

Why Are We Not Moving Forward? Hon. Jarvis Johnson Texas Dist. 139


he State of Texas has many suggested solutions to our Hurricane Harvey emergency housing issue. Why are we not moving forward? As the State Representative for District 139 who sits on the Housing and Urban Affairs Sub Committee, I have traveled the devastated areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey. I, along with my committee members, have held six legislative

Roy Douglas Malonson Chairman Shirley Ann Malonson President/C.E.O. Chandra Jarmon


Kimberly Taylor

Production Asst.

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hearings to listen to the issues plaguing municipalities, as well as their constituencies so that we can better provide them with the necessary resources from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and subsequently the General Land Office (GLO). I am outraged and cannot find all the necessary words to describe the lack of accountability by government. Hurricane Harvey made landfall on August 25, 2017. That is over four months ago. According to Time Magazine, more than 300,000 people were left without electricity and billions of dollars of property damage was sustained throughout Texas. The growing number of confirmed fatalities has reached 89 as of January 7, 2018. By August 29, 2017, approximately 13,000 people had been rescued across the state. An estimated 30,000 others were displaced. The Texas Department of Public Safety stated more than 185,000 homes were damaged and 9,000 destroyed. What has been done to help rebuild people’s lives? Not enough! I was moved to write this piece after receiving a Twitter post by the General Land Office showing trailers being provided to two families – out of the thousands impacted – with the caption, “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth and to have a home again.” To continue reading go to

Straight No Chaser By: Arielle Johnson


he war on terrorism has recently been broadened to include groups of non-violent Blacks, now known as Black Identity Extremists. The perceived threat is, because more Blacks are expressing their disdain and outrage for the legal immunity police officers seem to have, when they gun down innocent Blacks or use extreme force to subdue them, there will soon be a premeditated violent retaliation against police officers. It is interesting that around the same time this FBI report was made public, 45’s administration announced they were going to decrease funding of their efforts to Counter the Violent Extremism of white supremacists and neo-nazi groups..the REAL threat. I imagine they will take the money they save seeking out white supremacists to create Black Supremacists groups to target. The interesting thing to note is that this B.I.E. group designation appeared in an FBI report created in August 2017, less than a week before the Charlottesville clash between white supremacists who showed up to protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue and individuals of all races who showed up to counter protest. This melee resulted in 3 deaths and numerous injuries. In my opinion, this designation is about a year late.

shooting Downtown. Come here!!!!” With gaping mouths and racing hearts, we watched various clips of instagram footage on each other’s phones, as the totally unexpected took place. It was supposed to be a peaceful march for justice and peace, which brought to everyone’s attention the recent gunning down of blacks in Louisiana and Minnesota at the hands of police, but it was chaos, women, men and children running everywhere. That was a major

Rakem Balogun

event which actually occurred, therefore I would think, if the FBI was handing out domestic terrorist group designations, why wouldn’t they have done so in the days following this shooting. The only thing missing from this shooting, was a group

TEXAS • FEBRUARY 5 - 11, 2018

Now as quiet as it has been kept, Northern Texas may have earned itself the title of being the homeplace of the first Black person ever prosecuted for being a Black Identity Extremist. What makes it difficult to determine, is the fact that there has been very little press coverage about the incarceration of Rakem Balogun, whose legal name is Christopher Daniels. Also, current FBI agents have been reluctant to speak with the press, so the closest we have been able to get to understanding their reasoning for targeting this individual, has been by talking to former agents and researchers of the criminal justice system. In an interview conducted by, John Raphling, a senior criminal justice researcher for the U.S. Human Watch program said, “It is a concern that anyone who puts themselves out with an unpopular viewpoint is going to be the subject to surveillance, and we don’t know how many other people are subject to that surveillance. This guy happened to get caught having a gun he wasn’t supposed to.” Rakem Balogun was the subject of a pre-dawn raid here in Dallas on December 12, 2017. Two firearms were recovered, a Taurus Protector Poly 38 and a Norinco AK style assault rifle. According to the transcript from the Detention hearing which took place on December 15, 2017, Mr. Balogun was prohibited from having firearms due to a domestic charge which took place back in 2007. However, these two weapons were found in his home in his bedroom.

to the d e n e p p a h “What ent?” m d n e m A t s r Fi

It was right here in Dallas on July 7, 2016, when my daughter was laying across my bed, scrolling through her Instagram posts, while I was detangling my hair that she started to scream, “Momma, MOMMA! They

of counter protestors. The clash between the two sides gives 45’s administration a chance to point the finger and say, “Hey look right here...this video proves they are just as violent.” However by ignoring the provocation factor, they are simply spitting on the graves of those killed in the Charlottesville protest.

As I read through the transcript, I discovered something I was not aware of. Facebook posts are allowed in court as exhibits in hearings and can be the basis to incarcerate someone. To continue reading go to

TEXAS • FEBRUARY 5 - 11, 2018

Editorial & Opinion

American Rap Music: Black History Around the Globe The Standard View Billy “Hollywood” Groves


hen President Trump recently tried to put businessman Rapper Jay-Z in his place with one of his crazy tweets; that action spoke volumes to how powerful rappers in America and around the world have become. Now, even though we have this very unstable man in the Whitehouse, rappers, hip hop artists and entertainers have been able to become the voices to help Black people, minorities and immigrants. Black history has always highlighted Black music and music performers. These days with rap music being so popular around the world, rappers now have the power and popularity to help America stay in position as the world’s leader. While this article references mostly hip-hop/ secular artists rap also covers a full array of other music styles including Christian rap and rappers. America must not forget that despite the fact that America currently is the most powerful nation on the planet, we are only five percent of the World’s population. The joy of rap music, which was created by Black people in America, is that it has become a positive ambassador for our nation. Young people in Russia, China, India, Africa, Canada, Germany, Spain, Japan, England Asia and every other civilized country have embraced rap music wholeheartedly. We all know and understand

that there is a racist part of America that has no love or respect for Black, Brown, poor and immigrant people. Sadly, the world has seen this dark part of our society and it has had a negative effect on how the world views us and how it does business with us. Sometimes in life you have to toot your own horn if you want to be heard. Surprisingly, rappers and their music have become a bridge over troubled waters for America. Because of the love that many foreign nation’s young people (who are the future), have for rap music and rappers, in addition to becoming rappers themselves they have expanded their love for American rappers and rap music to include an overall love for America and its people. This is good news for our nation. President Trump says “repeatedly” he wants to build a wall and isolate America from the world. If you know anything about history, then you know what happens to nations that build walls and isolate themselves from the rest of the world. Well, the end result goes like this; those nations are eventually attacked and destroyed because they lose contact with the world’s progress, improvement and friendship. We’ve all heard the saying that Sunday morning church services are the most segregated moments in America. This is the result of people choosing to worship with people of the same races at the same churches. It’s sad but many evangelicals often refuse to change their styles of worship and broaden their base of worshipers. To continue reading go to


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A Hell of a Choice

While speaking on immigration in 2014, former President Obama said,

To be an American is about something more than what

we look like, or what our last names are, or how we worship.”

The statement that the former POTUS made should be true in every aspect, as it relates to living the American dream and being a part of the “land of the free.” However, we know that this is not always the case. Some people have a completely different definition and idea of what type of people and cultures define being an American. It is no secret that there are those amongst us who believe that America belongs to members of their society and them alone. Sad to say, we are living under the administration of a president who exemplifies this mentality. One may easily assume by way of his actions, communications and executive orders, that he really has no thought for anyone outside of his circle. Within one year this POTUS has had more controversy going on than in any other POTUS in history, from what I can see. He constantly thrives on keeping division within the nation and has no regard for demonstrating his distaste for those who do not look like him. Meanwhile, he chooses to boisterously distract the attention of Americans with foolishness, notwithstanding that he has trouble in his own backyard, which he seems to downplay every chance he gets. But the term, “impeachment” has been flowing in the air quite often in relation to POTUS. In fact, before the close of the year one of our own, Congressman Al Green

stood boldly on the Senate floor and introduced articles to impeach Donald Trump. Although unsuccessful in his attempt, we are witnessing that the wheel Rep. Green set in motion is still rolling. Merely every day, some new development is emerging in the possible collusion between Russia and POTUS. With the continued discussion, there can’t help but be some type of conversation in regards to the possibility of impeachment. Realistically, this situation has caused me to wonder, “If what we will inherit, will be worst than what we have?” With the options that we have before us, I must admit that it’s a hell of a choice, either. For our understanding I will present the line order that we will undergo, if an impeachment was to occur. The way that the American government is designed, if Donald Trump was impeached, then next in line for the seat would be Vice President Mike Pence. In the event that he was impeached as well, Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House would follow in the office. Like I said, it’s a hell of a choice, especially considering that all three demonstrate the same type of mentality and behavior towards the American people, as the current POTUS. As far as the Vice President, not many people see or hear much out of him, unless it’s when he’s hanging on the coat tail of defending the countless racist comments delivered by his counterpart. Most recently, he went on record in the defense of POTUS for making racist comments against Haiti and African countries, referring to them as “shithole countries”. In an interview with the Associated Press, Vice President Pence told reporters that he knows Trump didn’t mean to be racist. He also said, “I know what’s in the president’s heart.” Trying to ease the controversy behind Trump’s remarks, Pence


We MUST Understand Roy Douglas Malonson, Chairman

stated, “I know that what President Trump wants to do is reform immigration to make our system one that puts the interests of America first.” Well, people can call it what they may, but it just shows that the Vice President supports the racist actions of Trump and if given the chance he will display the same behaviors, if not worst. Moving on down to the runnerup, Mr. Speaker of the House isn’t in too much better of a shape than Pence. He has the same habit of defending and justifying Trumps rampant racist outbursts and disposition. When asked by CBS’ John Dickerson about Trump and race relations in regards to the violence in Charlottesville, he simply dismissed Trump’s actions. He said after having “candid conversations” with Trump he knows that, “his heart is in the right place.” At the end of the day all I can say on the subject is that we are, “damned if we do and damned if we don’t”. With that being stated, I will once again echo the words of President Obama as spoken during one of his victory speeches. He said, “As it has for more than two centuries, progress will come in fits and starts. It’s not always, a straight line. It’s not always a smooth path.” In a way I really want to uphold the encouragement found in this statement and tell our faithful audience that progress will come, sooner rather than later. Yet, with the choices that we have set before us, I just can’t say that progress is on the horizon any time soon. Because we have a hell of a choice, if things get any worse than they already have within this current administration.

- END TX-3



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YATES from pg. 1

Cover Story

TEXAS • FEBRUARY 5 - 11, 2013 2018 Texas • August 12-18,

istration of President Ronald Reagan. Prior to relocating, her exemplary service to Washington was acknowledged by the Council of the District of Columbia with the Clarease E. Mitchell Rankin Recognition Resolution of 1990. She was honored for her, “example of citizenship, public service and dedication to her adopted hometown of Washington, D.C.” The following year, she was also honored by the Commonwealth of Kentucky with the distinguished title of being designated a Kentucky Colonel. Establishing a Legacy in Houston

Clarese Yates and family attends the Texas Children’s Hospital Ambassadors Picnic (-r) Donna and Jasmin Mitchell, Cary and Clarese Yates, Lauren Marie, Kennedy & Harry Mitchell

HOUSTON - Clarease Rankin Yates was born in the “city of brotherly love” and the “birthplace of liberty”. Though she grew up in a segregated era, her parents afforded her a pleasant upbringing. Her father, the late Samuel Stewart was a tailor by trade and owned a local dry cleaning business. There, he taught her and her brother business ethics, as they worked alongside him. Her mother, Willa Mae instilled proper etiquette, values and morals within her, and saw to it that she had ballet

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TX- 4

lessons, as a child. Her primary years of education were performed in the Philadelphia public school system, where she graduated from Overbrook High School in 1958. At the age of 19-years-old, she married Harry Mitchell together they had two sons, Harry and Terrence. While working as a legal secretary, Clarease desired to go to college and attend law school. Despite her husband’s objection, she enrolled and began studying at Temple University. While she excelled tremendously in her collegiate life, unfortunately, her marriage did not survive law school. However, Clarease remained determined to fulfill the mission she envisioned for herself. Accordingly, she earned her bachelor’s degree and Juris doctorate from Temple University. Upon receiving her credentials, Clarease began practicing law in the office of Philadelphia’s district attorney. Thereafter, she accepted a post as an attorney with the United States International Trade Commission in Washington, D.C. She then served as senior legislative analyst for the District of Columbia and later an admin-

istrative law judge. At some point during her career in Washington, she decided on learning how to pilot a boat. At the recommendation of a friend, she met the late, Dr. Guy Robert Rankin. Dr. Rankin owned a boat and was willing to give her some hands on experience. As time progressed, those lessons evolved into a strong relationship, which resulted in marriage. The move to Washington proved to be an invaluable asset to both her professional and personal life. Within a decade, her reputation within the legal arena had begun to precede her; as evidenced when she was extended the opportunity to relocate to either, Chicago, El Centro, CA or Houston, to further her expertise. Deciding on the latter, the family relocated to Houston in 1990; thus establishing Judge Clarease Rankin Yates, as the first female African-American immigration judge in the nation. Her appointment within the U.S. Immigration and Nationalization Service came under the admin-

Noticeably, Judge Yates had already made a plethora of civic and professional accomplishments before her arrival to Houston; therefore, she took no

Cary & Clare

se Yates

thought in picking up, where she left off in D.C. Hence in the summer of 1992, she was amongst ten other influential women honored at the YWCA Outstanding Woman’s Day, for exceptional contributions in their perspective occupations. In addition to her judgeship, she dedicated service to the Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law, as an adjunct professor in 1993. Eventually, she and Dr. Rankin

became heavily involved with the Sickle Cell Association-Gulf Coast Texas. Through their friendship with Dr. James Douglas, he compelled her to join the board. She served as Chairman of the Board from 1995-1996. From this experience she met a close friend, the late Judith Jones, who suffered with the illness. Together, they established a fundraiser for the organization, “Let the Fashions Begin” in 1996. Sadly, Dr. Rankin, though very supportive in the endeavor, passed away before he could witness the show come to fruition. Thereby, the first event was dedicated to his memory. Since that time, Judge Yates has incorporated Let the Fashions Begin (Men of Style) as a 501(c) (3). The gala’s mission is to provide funds for Texas Children’s Hospital for Sickle Cell Research, to “accelerate the discovery of a total cure for sickle cell disease.” The event highlights fashionably savvy male trailblazers from the community, who are making positive strides. It is through this effort that Texas Children’s Hospital currently has a Sickle Cell Research Center. After living as a widow for some time, Judge Yates met Mr. Cary Yates. Cary, a legend in his own right was divorced with three small children at the time. As luck would have it, the pair hit it off instantaneously. Consequently, they married and raised their children together. “Cary turned out to be the perfect mate and we have been doing a lot together – family-wise, It’s been a great match,” she said. To continue reading visit us online @ By: Rebecca S. Jones

TEXAS • FEBRUARY 5 - 11, 2018

Acres Home Chamber

Read us online! www. aframnews. com

for Business and Economic Development, Inc.

Member Profile:

Superintendent Carl A. Davis and New Life Tabernacle

come and experience our name. Our ministry attracts rejected people and there are a whole lot of rejected and hurt people - for that reason, we reach out to the community and the city,” says Supt. Davis.

First Lady Harolyn Davis & Superintendent Carl A. Davis

HOUSTON Superintendent Carl A. Davis hails from Memphis, Tennessee. He was birthed into a spiritually sound environment by the late Superintendent Sherman, Jr. and Jurisdictional Supervisor Curlie C. Davis (Tacoma, Washington). Ministry has been a part of his inheritance, since as far back as he can remember. Growing up, he was heavily involved in his father’s ministry, at the Lakeview Gardens Church of God in Christ. It was there that he crossed from death to life, invited Christ into his life and received salvation, at the tender age of 12. While working out his salvation as a musician at Lakeview Gardens, Davis heard a call beckoning him to preach the Gospel of Christ. He acknowledged and accepted the call in 1974, under his father’s pastorate. After committing to a three-day consecration, he preached his first sermon in June of that same year. Thereafter, he was trained as a licensed minister for a couple of years and ordained in July of 1976, under the

leadership of the Presiding Prelate, Bishop J.O. Patterson, Sr. Eventually, Davis enlisted into the military. During his time there, he travelled around the world serving the American people. Upon being discharged, he migrated to Tacoma Washington, where he met his wife, Harolyn. To their union were two children born. Due to several job transfers, the family relocated to Houston, Miami and Washington, while faithfully serving under different pastors throughout those regions. Having experienced living in several cities, the family agreed that they enjoyed living in Houston the most, hence settling in the nation’s fourth largest city in 1990. In August of 1997, Superintendent Davis became the pastor of New Life Tabernacle Church, a ministry that was established based on the needs of people. Since its inception, New Life has existed as a beacon of light within the Acres Homes’ community and onward. “New Life is a place where people can

Within two decades, the Lord has enabled New Life under the leadership of Supt. Davis, to be extremely fruitful and experience exponential growth, with a membership of over 2,000. Furthermore, continual growth within the ministry necessitated the building of four different phases. In August of 1999, New Life designed and built a new sanctuary, then again in December of 2001 and the third sanctuary was completed in December of 2005. Most recently, the Family Life Center was erected in March of 2013. Charity begins at home and spread abroad… Supt. Davis upholds a strong commitment to servicing the needs of members of the church, as well as those within the community. In wake of the devastating Hurricane Harvey, New Life and the Superintendent, through their “in-reach” and “outreach” efforts, blessed the affected members of the church with $500 to aid in their efforts. Afterwards, the church contributed donations and rendered financial relief to those in need of assistance throughout the community. To continue reading visit @ By: Rebecca S. Jones

Save the date!

Upcoming chamber & member events FRIDAY MARCH 30, 2018


FRIDAY FEBRUARY 9 , 2018 State Rep. Jarvis Johnson Mardi Gras & Valentine’s Day Celebration 6719 W. Montgomery Rd. Houton, TX 77091 10:30am - 1:00pm FOR MORE INFO:

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Cliffdale BC 24TH Annual Easter Egg Hunt 854 Enterprise St Houton, TX 77088 12pm - 4pm FOR MORE INFO:

(281) 447-8850 The Acres Home Chamber for Business and Economic Development, Inc. is located at 6112 Wheatley St. Houston, TX 77091. For more info on upcoming events or to inquire about joining AHCBED contact Anthony Stewart at (713) 692-7161 or email

Beulah Ann Shepard Building 6112 Wheatley Street ▪ Houston, Texas 77091



Cordially invites you to our

Annual Awards Banquet Friday, March 2, 2018 7pm - 9pm

Keynote Speaker: Ruby Lee Mosley Community Matriarch Phone: (713) 692 - 7003 Email: RSVP by Friday, February 23, 2018


“Wake Up Everybody” TX - 5



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A Staged packed with Promise and Hope

DALLAS - In spite of the promise of plummeting temperatures and sleet coated roads & bridges by nightfall, people from all walks of life, packed the Gilley’s South Dallas Ballroom for the Course Correction Conversation event. This event, which was 3-4 months in the making, finally came together on Martin Luther King Day. Hundreds of people showed up with their families, friends and colleagues, prepared to hear various on stage conversations, about what it would take for our polarized nation, to join forces and become one. As Bishop Omar Jahwar, Founder of the Urban Specialists always says, “We have to stop thinking it’s us again them.” Before the conversations began on stage, Afram News had an opportunity to speak with the widow of Alton Sterling, Andricka Williams, who is also the mother of his 3 children and her Grandmother, Gus Coleman in the media room. One of the first questions we asked was, how they felt about the “I Can’t Breath” social media movement and protests across the nation, following the death of Alton Sterling, and Nick Cannon leading the protest in New York City wearing a shirt with the words “I Can’t Breath” in bold lettering. Much to our surprise, we found out they were not included in the organization of those protests and had no knowledge of Nick Cannon’s involvement. But although they may not have been aware of the protests prior to our mention of it, In spite of the promise of plummeting temperatures and sleet coated roads & bridges by nightfall, people from all walks of life, packed the Gilley’s South Dallas Ballroom for the Course Correction Conversation

Andricka Willams and Gus Coleman​

event. This event, which was 3-4 months in the making, finally came together on Martin Luther King Day. Hundreds of people showed up with their families, friends and colleagues, prepared to hear various on stage

“Oh What A Night!”

conversations, about what it would take for our polarized nation, to join forces and become one. As Bishop Omar Jahwar, Founder of the Urban Specialists always says, “We have to stop thinking it’s us again them.”

Before the conversations began Danesha Chester on stage, Afram News had an opportunity to speak with the widow of Alton Sterling, Andricka Williams, who is also the mother of his 3 children and her

Mrs. Bertha Barnes Dinkins’ 80th Birthday Celebration

Deion Sanders, John Carlos and Scarface

Grandmother, Gus Coleman in the media room. One of the first questions we asked was, how they felt about the “I Can’t Breath” social media movement and protests across the nation, following the death of Alton Sterling, and Nick Cannon leading the protest in New York City wearing a shirt with the words “I Can’t Breath” in bold lettering. Much to our surprise, we found out they were not included in the organization of those protests and had no knowledge of Nick Cannon’s involvement. But although they may not have been aware of the protests prior to our mention of it, Andricka and her grandmother, Ms. Wallace say they are forever thankful for the person/persons who captured the cell phone footage of Alton being killed by the police. Andricka stated, “The police were saying Alton was resisting arrest, but he had a breathing problem. He never even slept on his back at the house, so when we saw the video, we immediately knew he was trying to position himself, so he could breath.” Andricka’s grandmother, Ms. Wallace told us, you can hear the officer going to the extreme in video by stating, ‘I’m gonna shoot you in the head mutha-ck-!’ “If it wasn’t for that cell phone video, it would have been his word against a dead man’s word.”

To continue reading visit us online @ - By: Arielle Johnson TX - 6

Texas • FEBRUARY 5 - 11, 2018

“From Berth to 80” …the perfect catch phrase adorning the priceless invitation to an evening with family and friends; sparkle and glitz; love and laughter; reflection and reminiscing. LaFontaine VIP was the place to be recently when the offspring of Bertha Dinkins, along with oversight by Kenneth Babineaux, rolled out a stellar celebration for their Mother and lifelong educator, mentor and now, Octogenarian. The honoree stunned the waiting audience wearing an elegant heavily beaded bronze, gold and silver Couture gown as she descended the spiral staircase to an applause that resulted in a standing ovation! She looked absolutely lovely!! Program participants included jaw dropping performances by Jada Walker, contemporary dancer and vocalist Chad George. Presentations were made by long-time friend State Representative Senfronia Thompson, Gospel Recording Artist Sara Jordan Powell, and former principal Dr. Ron Johnson. Former students and program participants included Comedian Margo Foreman, Reverend Jerome and Lady Nickerson, Mary Gatlin of Gatlin’s BBQ, Mrs. Judy Owens, Dr. Barbara Allen and Burl and Sheryl Jones. Reverend and Mrs. Phillip Kent, Sr., graciously served as emcees. Bertha’s previous and present church families were on hand to share in the beauty of the moment. Lovingly nestled in hilarious familial remarks, Bishop James Dixon, II. gave insight about his “Aunt Bertha” like no one else could. If you were in the building, you did not leave the same following his Saturday night sermon about the number “80”. “Oh What A Night”…and To God Be The Glory!! --PENNED BY LINDA REECE-WHITAKER

ITION DATE: January 29 - February 4, 2018 (Vol. 23 Issue 2) EDITION DATE: February 5 - 11, 2018 (Vol. 23 Issue 3) TEXAS • FEBRUARY 5 - 11, 2018

Public Notice What’ Happening Marketplace Heading:


American News&Issues


Public Noticeedition. In an instant, she knew she had to step in to make a difference in these boys lives before they PUBLIC ze of Ad to NOTICE run in AAN&I’s Houston SUNDAY CARRIERS became victims of the streets around them. FEBRUARY 3, 2018 Contact Information DATE: February 5 - 11, 2018 (Vol. 22&Issue 3) In 2014, Ms. Torrence took on the responsibility of coaching the boys at Zumwalt Sankofa Circle Name: Yasmeen Hasan


Houston Community College Request for Proposals (RFP) HUMAN PATIENT SIMULATOR RFP NO.: 18-13

Sealed proposals will be received in Procurement Operations (3100 Main Street, Room No. 11B01, Houston, Texas 77002) until 2:00PM (local time) on Thursday, February 22, 2018. Documents can be obtained at:


Sankofa Circle Phone: 713.718.6217 Outside Email: Launch Party: for Tearsheet/Copies: Black PowerAddress to Sales 3100 Main Street BlackLivesMatter


Houston, Texas 77002 Pan-African Connection Bookstore Art Gallery and Resource Center Must have AD COST 4466 South Marsalis Avenue knowledge of maps Dallas, TX 75216 Heading Title: Cost to run ad for 2 weeks and From 12:00pm - 7:00pm Public Notice

$280.80 African-American Communites Contact Information: For more information The Color Purple Musical Name: Lesley Hamilton The Color Purple call 713-692-1892 Company: Dean Foods SUNDAY FEBRUARY 4, 2018


Middle School in the fundamentals of basketball under the name of “Off Da Glass Squad” – free throws, rebounding, blocking out, passing, shooting; all of the areas that lay the foundation for those interested in becoming competitive ball players. Practice is every Thursday after school, but not only does she coach, Ms. Torrence personally drives each boy to the doorstep of their home after each practice or game against another team. When asked how she has been able to fund the needs of the boys of the “Off Da Glass Squad”, Ms. Torrence will tell you flat out, she uses her own money. Back in 2014, when she started working with the boys, many of them did not have cellphones. Yes…the luxury we often take for granted was too much of an expense for their families to afford, however, Ms. Torrence definitely needed a way to communicate with her boys. Without giving it a second thought, as if their lives as well as hers depended upon it, she went out and purchased prepaid android phones for all of the boys. With a pre-paid android, even if the minutes run out, in a wifi wired area, the boys could still communicate with her via the internet.

Oak Farms Dairy is bidding on Project RFP# 18-12-03 for the Houston Independent School Music Hall at Fair Park Phone: 713-547-7186 Send Resume to District. We are looking 909 1st Ave Fax: for possible M/WBE Dallas, TX 75210 Email: subcontracts for the followBeginning @ 1:30pm Address Tearsheets: TUESDAY ing productssign or services. Please for approvalFOR and faxINFO: back tofor 713-692-1183 MORE --needed for tearsheet mail out --FEBRUARY Exterior/Interior Window by 12 NOON Wednesday week before Monday 20, 2018 (214)the 413-3953 Cleaner. If you are interHouse of Blues Dallas ested in this opportunity, Lalah Hathaway please contact Gordon 2200 N Lamar St, AD COST This should be 112784Harris at 713-224-6161 by Dallas, Texas 75202 2/12/18. Starts at 7pm your Event. FOR MORE Total Cost to run AdINFO forVISIT: one week:



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Off the Squad team talk before the game

When she handed them the phones she said, “If ANYTHING happens, call me, or reach out to me via the internet with your phone.” Those phones immediately boosted their selfesteem by making them a part of a community they had been living outside of.

Please sign for approval and fax Friendship-West Baptist 14th Annual Weekend back to (713) 692-1183 Before taking the plunge to help the boys, Ms. Torrence’s male and female friends Church Festival Of Black constantly told her to be very careful when she went out to South Dallas. by 12 NOON Wednesday forIn her mind, she was wondering how bad it could possibly be, but on her first planned Harvest Project Dance 2020 W Wheatland Rd, Bruton Theater outing with the boys, while her Chevrolet Suburban was parked, some heartless miscreant publication. Dallas, Texas 75232 Dallas, Texas next 75202 Monday’s (214) 743-2440



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pulled the third seat out of the Suburban within a matter of minutes. Imagine the disappoint in the boys eyes knowing their first trip out of the ‘hood was cancelled due to some thievery, but Ms. Torrence recovered quickly saying to herself, she would replace the third seat as soon as she could, but right then and there, they had some place to go. The workaround – “I don’t have seats for everyone, so some of you will just have to sit on the floor.” And that’s what they did. Soon the community became the eyes and ears she needed to constantly be in the know when it came to her boys, and whenever they were involved with any sort of mischief, she would get calls. “Ms. Yolanda, Darren is hanging out outside of my apartment complex on a school day. Shouldn’t he be in school?” or “Ms. Yolanda, I just saw Dondre over here by the Dart hub in Downtown Dallas and I know he ain’t got no bus ticket. Is everything okay?” Calls such as the ones listed here are the types of calls that help Ms. Torrence realize she is making a difference in the boys lives, and that she is not alone in wanting to see the boys succeed in life. To continue reading visit us online @ | By: Arielle Johnson TX - 7



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African-American News&Issues Vol. 23 Issue 3 (February 5 - 11, 2018) HOU  
African-American News&Issues Vol. 23 Issue 3 (February 5 - 11, 2018) HOU