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The Chemist: Alice Ball

GET OUT & VOTE Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Greater Houston - Women’s History

Judge Elaine Marshall “Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.” ~ First Lady Michelle Obama ~



lice Augusta Ball was born on July 24, 1892 in Seattle, Washington to Laura, a photographer, and James P. Ball, Jr., a lawyer. Ball earned undergraduate degrees in pharmaceutical chemistry (1912) and pharmacy (1914) from the University of Washington. In 1915, Ball became the very first African American and the very first woman to graduate with a M.S. degree in chemistry from the College of Hawaii (now known as the University of Hawaii). She was also the very first woman chemistry instructor at the same institution. Ball worked extensively in the laboratory to develop a successful treatment for those suffering from Hansen’s disease (leprosy). CONT. @


Suburban Sugar Land Women & Partners: “February In Review”

SEE PG 6 Glover Elementary (Fort Bend ISD) Aspiring Artists with Mrs. Rosalind Riggs, Art Instructor and member of the African American History Program Committee.



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Leadership Hon. Jarvis Johnson


Texas Dist. 139

n effective leader is someone with the ability to guide others with integrity, confidence, accountability and passion. They must be a strong communicator and an inspiration to others. 1. I have strived to do this as a man and as a politician – to lead by example. 2. I believe actions speak louder than words. 3. I had the privilege of

Roy Douglas Malonson Chairman Shirley Ann Malonson President/C.E.O. Chandra Jarmon


Kimberly Taylor

Production Asst.

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Editorial & Opinion

serving the hard-working citizens of District 139 and the State of Texas in the 85th legislative session. Since taking office in January 2017, I wrote, co-authored, sponsored or co-sponsored 65 bills.

The Texas House of Representatives is made up of 95 Republicans and 55 Democrats. I was able to reach across the aisle and work with Republicans to get 19 of these bills passed. I believe that it is possible and necessary to work together with those who may not share all the same beliefs for the purpose of making a greater change. One of these changes is House Bill 374 -- it is putting vocational education back in

Straight No Chaser By: Arielle Johnson

We are definitely at the Crossroads when it comes to making a decision about how we are going to handle our latest issue, concerning the prevalence of United States school ground shootings. As I posted on my Facebook account last week, which by the way I got ‘zero’ likes for, is the fact that there is a simple solution to resolving the gun violence at schools for school aged children. Keep your ‘friggin’ children at home and ‘eff’ a job. In the bible, it says to put your husband first and then your ‘friggin’ children. So... WTF is going on? According to an article published by the NPR, on 4.6.2013, the first group of immigrants to use guns in America, may have been the Pilgrims who immigrated to the United States from Leiden, Holland. However, as I read further

schools, giving young people a finish line they are able to see.

Wanting to do all I can to guarantee their success, I helped create two apprenticeship schools. Throughout my first term, I was able to register 800 new voters – reminding constituents that every voice matters. I have organized an adoption fair that will take place on April 7th at Bella Vista Missionary Baptist Church to make sure our children do not age out of Child Protective Services (CPS). Children who age out of CPS have a 98 percent chance of going to prison. We have to give our young people a better chance than this. They deserve it. They are our future.

I have held four senior citizen events, touching over 1500 seniors. We must always remember to take care of those who have paved the way for us – to give flowers to the living. No one must be forgotten – especially in times of disaster. As we all know, thousands of Texans were displaced from their homes and their jobs after Hurricane Harvey. Although I traveled over 2500 miles across the State of Texas, was able to personally help 80 people with clothing, food and housing repairs, as well as get over $10,000 donated to aid the Harvey victims, there is still more work to be done. This is why I have proposed House Bill 312 - Establishment of a Disaster Recovery Fund.

Guns, Children and the NRA

into the article, it later mentions in the following paragraph, the Spaniards may have been the ones to bring them to our country. (To read the entire article please refer to the followiong link https://www. the-first-gun-in-america)

How this gun thing all got started is not as important as what we are going to do about regulating gun use in America. Again, we are at the Crossroads. Is it that difficult to find guards to walk the school grounds to make sure the guns do not make it pass the security check point? I mean hell, we do this at the airport. Here’s another one...lock your guns up at the house to make sure kids don’t get your weapons. And last but not least, check you kid’s mobile and internet account from time to time to see what they are accessing. Just the other day, I came across a post my friend in Columbia posted in Spanish “At What Age Should Children Be Allowed to Have Their Own Cell Phone.”

When you put a cellphone in your child’s hand and tell them to call you if anything ever happens, you might as well be putting a gun in some of their hands. Your kid might have a direct connection to a White Supremacists group or something else far more horrific. Right now, we are turning into the American Horror Story. All the while, I thought it was just a show. Today, I have decided to arrange the words in the title of this article the way in which they appear, as Mama Dee would say, “In That Order”, is because the children are the ones who are suffering the most and are in the middle of this mess. I would have included some names of some huge politicians too, but ain’t nobody got time for that, and all titles are supposed to be succinct and on point. If you are reading this now, and did not catch a clue regarding the content of the article immediately after reading the title, perhaps it will suffice to say, you are completely apathetic or just

Texas • MARCH 5 - 11, 2018

House Bill 312 will amend the Government Code to establish a Disaster Recovery Fund account. This additional assistance funding will be allocated in times of extraordinary burdens to state and local entities as well as volunteer fire departments in areas where the Governor has declared a state of disaster. This additional funding will help relieve the fiscal burden placed on local communities during times of disaster. No one can afford to wait for the government to take action while suffering through a natural disaster. People are literally on the streets and entire cities are going bankrupt. When cities are without a workforce and unable to do business, the city suffers, and the state suffers. We are losing tax dollars. Continue @

have the mental capacity of two fleas rubbed together at the asshole. And might I add, that’s if you can even find yours. I came across an article last week on the internet, regarding how the U.S. ranks in school shootings worldwide and this is what I discovered. By the way, what I discovered was what I predicted prior to attempting to locate the stats. We, the U.S. of A., are at the top of the list when is comes to school shootings. (It is interesting to note, I cannot find that article anywhere online right now, at this moment, as I’m writing these words to you. Look family, I was about to go into a brief history on the NRA, but I would rather encourage you to do a little research on your own, and we’ll follow up with each other next week. Besides, I stays on the move like a bat outta hell, and it’s time to move a couple of more pieces on the chess board at this moment, then flip it and do it again. Peace Family


TEXAS • MARCH 5 - 11, 2018

Editorial & Opinion

Billy “Hollywood” Groves

The latest school shooting in Florida at Stoneman Douglas high School is the second worst school shooting in American history. The questions Americans are asking are:

Why is this happening; What can be done about it; and Who is really the blame?” For the true answers to these questions, we can’t go down the “so called” politically correct normal thinking road, which emphasizes the second amendment of the Constitution of America; which says, “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” That part of the U.S. Constitution was put on the Amendments in the 1700’s, and using it as an answer to our current school shootings is not only fake information but outdated larceny. I’ve heard that answer from so many confused people in America, who have voiced the “II Amendment” in defense of gun laws, which we can see have not worked. I’m just going to get to the true facts. The National Rifle Association (NRA) and the people who support their system are truly the main people to blame for America’s gun violence. The powerful money making N.R.A. has a lot of influential powerful people under their control, including Florida Republican U.S. Senator Marco Rubio. According to our American media reports,

there are large numbers of U.S. Congress people and U.S. Senators who have received financial support from the NRA. That’s the reason we have not heard mass criticism from certain voices in our government after these gun tragedies. I really want to congratulate and commend the young people (our future) who are fighting for their lives with giant protests, demonstrations and public rejection of the NRA and America’s current gun laws. President Trump, who is rated as a highly trusted, strong, competent president by the NRA, who supported him throughout his campaign for president; refused to say anything negative about the NRA, regardless of what they are accused of doing. Trump texted a very encouraging message about the NRA right after the Florida high school shooting. He described the NRA as American patriots. Trump and the NRA are both supporting the foolish thought of arming teachers and other school employees. They are suggesting that having more guns at schools will cure the problem, which can only be summed up as “a very stupid plan”. However, it makes a lot of sense to the “money motivated” NRA and the “money chasing” Donald Trump to sell anything to anybody. The NRA is selling guns all over America, regardless of the circumstances. Take the Chicago shootings which have been occurring there for quite a while. Chicago is in the state of Illinois which has strong anti-gun laws. The guns used in most of the Chicago shootings, come from their neighboring state Indiana, where the NRA sells many, many guns that end up on the streets of Chicago. Continue @

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What’s Wrong With Oprah?

The NRA: Gun Control Draft The Standard View


People never cease to amaze me

with the continued stigmas and unbalances in regards to us Africans living in America. I always say that,

there is just something about this

Blackness that is se-

riously misunderstood.’

I thought on this, in reference to the 64-year-old native of Kosciusko, Mississippi, Oprah Winfrey, who has been hinting around at throwing her hat in the ring for the bid of presidency in 2020. Since then, there have been all types of critics ranting and raving within the media arena about her lack of experience in politics and her long-standing entertainment history affiliation. However, the thing that bothers me the most about all of the rhetoric swarming in the news is the idea that there have been several politicians that have preceded Donald Trump who have been entertainers, including Trump himself. And real entertainers at that, might I add. So entertainers occupying seats to represent the masses of American voices’ across this nation is no new idea or presentation to American democracy. I honestly believe that it really wouldn’t matter what profession Oprah was in or came from if her skin was the right color. It is one thing for a woman to run for president, but it takes things to another level when there is the first indication that there may be a possibility of a Black woman running for president. By the way, I am not just referring to an old woman, but one of the richest women in the nation and one who has major clout. We MUST Understand that, at this point, considering what is going on in the presidential seat at the moment, it wouldn’t take much

to do a better job than what we have inherited in Trump. I believe my youngest grandchild can attest to that inference. We see in this current administration that the lack of political skills that a candidate has in regards to running for president and securing the role, has nothing to do with nothing. Furthermore, Oprah has always been known as being a guru for politics by presenting varying political issues on her award-winning Oprah Winfrey show. In more recent years, she was an avid supporter of former President Barack Obama, as she was a major contributing personality towards his 2008 campaign. She later offered her support towards endorsing Hilary Clinton, when she was running for president in 2016. Though Clinton was not victorious in her efforts, Oprah’s support contributed greatly to her campaign. I stated all of that to suggest that Oprah is no rookie in politics or campaigning. So, I’m wondering now, “What’s Wrong with Oprah?”

Just to recap, the government has been encompassed with a good many of personalities that have transitioned from the entertainment industry into a role of politics. KC Wright documented a few of these figures in an article titled, 15 Famous Actors Turned Politicians. Although there are many others that are amongst this list he highlighted several politicians including: Ronald Reagan, John Davis Lodge, George Murphy, Helen Gahagan Douglas, Fred Gandy, Ben Jones, Shirley Temple Black, Clint Eastwood, Fred Thompson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Franken, Jesse Ventura, Kal Penn, Jerry Springer and Melissa Gilbert. While some of the names here are familiar to members of our generation, not all of them are. Continuing, many people are unaware that former President Reagan was in the entertain-


We MUST Understand Roy Douglas Malonson, Publisher

ment industry. Wright recorded, “Certainly the most famous performer-turned-politician in history, actor Reagan became the POTUS in 1981 after serving as the governor of California. Prior to his political career, Reagan had a seven-year contract with Warner Brothers Studios where he worked on numerous films; he also served in the U.S. Army Air Force’s Motion Picture Unit, and was president of the Screen Actors Guild for seven terms between 1947 and 1960.” I chose to share this information presented by Wright because people need to know that a person’s past experiences should not affect their ability to lead or serve the nation. We MUST Understand that the United States Constitution only gives three eligibility requirements for a person to become president. Those qualifications include being: at least 35-years-old, a resident the country for 14 years, and a natural born citizen. The requirements are clear cut, they leave no room for the type of experience, status, affiliations, race, religion or any other values that a person has. Now with that, of course the American people have the option to vote and choose who they would want to represent them. And in which case, it has been shown that Americans have no issue with voting for and electing a member of the entertainment industry. So again I ask, “What’s Wrong With Oprah?” Concluding, all I have to say on the matter is that the American people stand a much better chance with someone of Oprah’s caliber in office, in contrary to what we have now. Continue @




American News&Issues

MARSHALL from pg. 1

HOUSTON – Former First Lady Michelle Obama once said that, “Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.” This thought runs parallel to one of Texas’ longest serving female African-American judges, the Honorable Judge J. Elaine Marshall. She has dedicated over thirty-years to the judicial community of Houston and has made remarkable strides within that time frame by caring and compassionately rendering justice for Houstonians. Recently, AfricanAmerican News & Issues was privileged to conduct an interview with the historical, multi-talented dominating force behind the bench.

The Early Years J. Elaine Marshall was the only child birthed to James and Mildred Marshall. Her early years were spent traveling abroad the country due to her father’s service to the United States Air Forces. Being exposed to many different cultures and environments helped to create an outgoing personality within her, as well as, an exceptional gift to dialogue in several languages. In the midst of her primary years of education she experienced the transition, and highs and lows

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12th Edition

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TX- 4

Cover Story

of attending the segregated and Carolyn’s advice and winning the 30-Year Success Story office, she decided to also run for integrated public school systems Upon requiring her legal Senior Class President in which in Texas. Growing up, her parents credentials, she relocated to she was successful. These acalways stressed the importance of Houston in 1980, where she served complishments early on, served to maintaining good grades. During as the Assistant District Attorney mold Marshall into accepting her our interview, she recalled watchfor Harris County for eight years. God-give talent of operating as an ing a football game with her father During her tenure there, she assistauthoritative figure in leadership. and a few of his friends. Although ed in developing the office’s Child she didn’t understand the sport or Abuse section. what was really Following, she taking place, she was confirmed thought to herself as a full-time that it was a municipal judge “pretty school” in 1987, then, and told them served as adminthat she wanted istrative judge to go to school and later associate there when she presiding judge. grew up. Her She also sits as father and his the chair of the friends explained Municipal Court to her that it Judges Section would be an of the State Bar impossible task Judge Elaine Marshall & Teen Court Graduates of Texas. On because it was an December 7, all-boys school. However, the idea Making Historical Strides 2016, Mayor Sylvester Turner always stayed with her. appointed the Honorable Judge Upon graduating high school, Over time, Marshall’s parents to serve as Director and Presiding Marshall was accepted into the divorced but remained friends and Judge for the Municipal Courts University of Notre Dame, shared in on the parenting experiDepartment. In regards to her thereby establishing her a sigence. After the divorce, she and her appointment she said, “It was a nificant place in the institution’s mother moved in with her Aunt blessing and I am very honored history. Until 1972, the university Nola and her five children in San and humbled that they put the faith had remained an all-male school Antonio. As a result she said, “I in me to allow me to be the first when they begin to let women became my aunt’s sixth child and and to let me lead and show the from around the nation transfer in. my mother inherited five children community what it is we can do.” However, Marshall became one of and we were all raised as sibtwelve women who were amongst While sitting on the bench for lings.” While her mother served as the first group of female students over three decades, the wellthe enforcer and chef, her aunt was to attend the university for four respected Judge has encountered adamant about spiritual and moral years. As she advanced in her stud- a plethora of experiences. She commitments. Though the sisters ies, she changed her major several revealed that one of her most had varying personalities they both times. In the process one of her rewarding achievements has taught their children that there was professors recognized an uncanny been the restructuring of the Teen nothing they couldn’t do, if they ability of hers to dispute and solve Court Program. In its inception put their mind to it. problems. Therefore, she sugthe court started with 15 members gested that she go to law school. Growing up the oldest three, and has increased to over 100 at Hence, after earning a Bachelor of Marshall and her two cousins/ present. Through partnerships Arts degree in Psychology with a sisters, were inseparable and the with the: High School for Law minor in Black Studies from the trio went everywhere together and Enforcement and Criminal University of Notre Dame; she did everything together. Carolyn, Justice, the Houston Police matriculated at the University of now a Doctor in Dallas, was the Department’s Youth Advisory Texas Law School. Accordingly, oldest of the bunch and always Council and the Municipal she attained her Juris Doctorate encouraged her; insomuch that Courts’ Juvenile Case Manager degree from UT’s School of Law when they were in high school she Program the program has made a in Austin. persuaded her to run for Junior tremendous impact throughout the Class Vice President. Following community.

TEXAS• •August MARCH 12-18, 5 - 11, 2013 2018 Texas

Teen Court is a court for teens, by teens. The program’s objective is to: improve the overall understanding of the juvenile justice system; promote application of appropriate sanctions in relation to juvenile offenses; reduce recidivism of juvenile offenders and spark an interest in the legal profession. Participants in the court hear real cases, by real defendants and render real justice. For more information or details about the court, email The Honorable Judge is passionate about pure justice for all, which is exemplified through several programs that she was instrumental in helping to develop, two of which are, the Homeless Outreach docket and the Prostitution Diversion docket. Her latest initiative has been the Court’s Amnesty which “encourages those with outstanding court matters to speak directly to the judge without fear of arrest, learn about the Court’s many options, and benefit from the dismissal of qualifying cases.” The Judge strongly urges residents to reach out to her to see what assistance she may be to help satisfy any outstanding court issues. In past, the Honorable Judge has worked as an Adjunct Professor of Law at Texas Southern University, Thurgood Marshall School of Law. In addition to her native language, she also speaks French, German and Swahili. Over the years, she has been the recipient of numerous awards, honors and accolades. Her most recent distinction came when she was named TMCA 2017 Outstanding Judge. The award is a prestigious one, which is presented every year to a Texas municipal judge who “demonstrates excellence in the fair administration of justice.” Continue @ By: Rebecca S. Jones

Texas • MARCH 5 -11, 2018

Texas HBCU

Jarvis Christian College’s SCLC President/CEO Charles Steele Jr.

Mr. Steele was serving his third term as Senator before resigning to become the National Vice President of the SCLC, the Atlanta based organization founded by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In October 2000, he was elected as a Senate Member of the High Chamber (U.S. Parliamentary Group) of the International States Parliament for Safety and Peace. The International Parliament nominated Mr. Steele to the Ministry of American Affairs on March 15, 2001.

Mr. Charles Steele Jr., President/CEO of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Hawkins, TX – Jarvis Christian College was pleased to announce that Mr. Charles Steele Jr., President/ CEO of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), was the feature speaker for the Black History Month Program. Mr. Steele, a Civil Rights leader, was elected to the Tuscaloosa City Council in 1985, where he served two terms. During his tenure as City Councilman, he organized the Unity Day Scholarship Fund, the Tuscaloosa Police Athletic League and secured funds to build the Bernice Washington Insight Center, a drug treatment center. He also organized the Tuscaloosa Drug Task Force and the Partners for a Drug Free Tuscaloosa County (formerly Tuscaloosa Drug Task Force). In 1994, Mr. Steele was elected to the Alabama State Senate. The Senator played key roles in recruiting not one, but several new plants in his district. He also sponsored a non-traditional educational program with Robert Townsend of Hollywood, California, for the youth of his district. Additionally, he recruited the Rosa Parks movie to Alabama, where he served as a consultant to the production of the $7 million CBS movie project.

Mr. Steele graduated from Druid High in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and attended college at Mississippi Valley State University and Oakland University. He received his bachelor’s degree from American International University at the Paramaribo Suriname, South America Campus. He holds an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters Degree from Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama; an Honorary Doctorate of Christian Education from the F.T. Bozeman School of Ministry and Global Evangelical Christian College of Louisiana; and an Honorary Doctorate from American International University at the Paramaribo Suriname, South America Campus. Jarvis Christian College (JCC) is historically Black liberal arts, baccalaureate degree-granting institution affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The mission of the college is to prepare students intellectually, through academic programs that promote excellence in teaching and learning; socially, through student-centered support programs that encourage positive and constructive communication among peers, faculty, and staff; spiritually, through programs that stimulate spiritual growth and worship; and personally, through interaction that fosters self-development and maturity. The mission further seeks to prepare students for professional and graduate studies, productive careers, and to function effectively in a global and technological society. **

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Collison With Opportunity and a $40 Billon Industry the foundation's director of development.

“We are a national foundation that supports all high school collision programs across the country," said Eckenrode. "Those are the programs that produce students who look to enter a $40 billion industry," Eckenrode said.

SAN ANTONIO---The San Antonio High School/College Transportation Career Fair co-hosted by the college and Collision Repair Education Foundation http://www. collisioneducationfoundation. org membership in the collision repair labs of the college’s Southwest Campus at 800 Quintana Road in the city’s Port San Antonio neighborhood (building marked as "4" on the interactive map http://alamo. edu/spc/imap-swc/). Nationally, it's a common time-saving practice for plant operators and prospective employees of high school age to join forces for recruiting in a single high school location, explained said Daniel Salas, director of the college's collision refinishing technology program. The difference in the upcoming program is the students and the plant operators are enhancing their traditional time-saving location practices by holding the event at a location where collision technologies are taught at the college level. The college’s decades-old collision repair technology program is undergoing a facility upgrade so thorough and transformational that plant operators and prospective employees of high school age will not recognize it. The college's current building for collision technologies is long past its prime, but much of the

equipment students use would be the envy of commercial collision shops nationwide. Soon the excellent equipment will possess an equally excellent new home in a recently funded $20 million building, and all will be balanced. Because that positive information should be of concern for both industry representatives and prospective employees, it will be shared informally during the program, said Salas. "We are having a career fair here March 1," said Salas. "We will have at least 600 high school students and 20 vendors in my lab. Judson High School was going to host it and they called us to see if we could host it. For our benefit, we said yes. We should be able to tell them about our new building and the new prep station, frame machines and paint booths we offer. Most of the students---many from Holmes and Southwest high schools---will be here from 9-11 a.m., but it will be going on all day until 2 p.m. Anyone interested in the careers in the automotive industry should attend. The companies represented are large and diverse, with needs for a range of talents required to joint their teams,” said Salas. St. Philip's College and San Antonio are the first stop on a campaign the organizers are bringing to scale nationally, explained Brandon Eckenrode,

"We've been around since 1991, and as a philanthropic organization since around 2009, we know instructors are in need of help," Eckenrode said. "Due to the cost of the training aids, we ask for industry to contribute to academic programs. We’ve gone from raising $300,000 since 2009 to over $100 million since then with a current staff of six and 90 percent of revenue going to the schools,” Eckenrode said by phone from his firm's Chicago area base. "We could be providing ten times that support, but we also need to help students bridge to employment with multibillion dollar companies who consistently losing millions in revenue because they need employees," Eckenrode said. "We started organizing fairs in neutral ground, to bring local students in contact with local and national employers. Companies in the industry are generally present at those events for brand awareness." "This is the first time we are going to San Antonio for larger scale events, before we go to Chicago, Nashville, St. Louis, Denver, Boston..." Eckenrode shared. "The San Antonio event will be the largest we have done in terms of student count. When we start reaching 600, we’ve never seen numbers this high before... the emphasis at our fairs used to be just careers in collision, but now it’s auto service, heavy duty... so other students may be interested in attending," said Eckenrode. ** TX - 5


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Dr. Thomas Randle, Supt., Lamar CISD discuss ways to assist students.

Evelyn Peters Dean, President @ Suburban Houston - Fort Bend Alumnae Chapter (SHFBAC)

Albert Fang, UH Sugar Land

Catherine L. Brown, UH Sugar Land TX - 6

Seth Hogan, 9th Grader in Pearland ISD


Texas • MARCH 5 - 11, 2018

Willowridge High School ( Fort Bend ISD) Marine ROTC with Luc Cadet , Gunnery Sergeant, instructor.

Suburban Sugar Land Women & Partners: “February In Review”

Karen Overton and Gloria Austin are zealous in excitement watching “ Tell Them We Are Rising”!

African American History Program Committee: Elise Leaks Harmon, Chair; Donisha Smith; Mose Austin; Mable Scott Austin and Tomika Lewis

It’s a family affair with Ms.Lynn Saunders, Maya and Chase

Kahleab Hill, Senior at Stafford High School in Stafford MSD with Mrs.Tori Simon, Mother

High school students from Fort Bend , Katy Lamar, and Stafford ISD’s attend free and open to the public PBS premiere live streaming of “ Tell Them We Are Rising” at UH Sugar Land.

TEXAS • MARCH 5 - 11, 2018

what’s happenin’


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North Houston Suburban Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. Rate and size of Ad to run in AAN&I’s Houston edition. EDITION DATE: March 5 - 11, 2018 (Vol. 23 Issue 7)

Rate and size of Ad to run in AAN&I’s Houston edition. EDITION DATE: March 5 - 11, 2018 (Vol. 23 Issue 7)

Heading Title: Public Notice

Contact Information:

Heading Title:

Mrs. Denene Prophet Williams; Dr. Stacey Jones; Mrs. Robbie Rogers; Mrs. Maudria Echols Name: Sharon K. Ognowski

Public Notice

Company: Lone Star College System Phone: (832)813-6211 Fax: 832.813.6513 Contact Information: Notice to Proposers Email: Sharon.K.Ognowski@lonestar. Sealed electronic proposals will be Name: Ethel Kujimiyo Address for Tearsheets: received by Lone Star College for: Company: Houston ISD 5000 Research Forest Drive • CSP #573 – LRNC & TECH The Woodlands, Texas 77381-4356 556-6524 Terminal Unit Replacement. Elec- Phone: (713) SATURDAY SATURDAY tronic bids due by 11:00 a.m., Friday, Fax: 713-556-6551 MARCH 10, 2018 MARCH 17, 2018 4/6/2018. Mandatory Pre Proposal and Site Visit, Tuesday, 3/20/2018 at Email: AD COST Afro-Fusion Nigerian-American 1:30 p.m. at LSC – CyFair, on 9191 Address for Tearsheets: Barker Cypress Road, Houston, TX Dance Workshop Multicultural Council 4400 West 18th Street 77433. Contact: sharon.k.ognowski@ TotalCareer Cost Discovery to run Ad for one we Judson Robinson, Jr. Houston,Texas 77092 Heading Title: Community Ctr Huston Baptist $164.16 University Must Register to Bid: http://wwProcurement Department Public Notice Hermann Dr 7502 Fondren Rd er.htm . If registered, please ensure your registration is up to date. For Houston, TX 77004 Houston, TX 77074 Contact Information: assistance with the on-line registration AD COST From 12:30pm - 2:00pm From 10:00am - 4:30pm process, contact donna.e.cottrell@ or 832-813-6275. Name: A. Bailey FOR MORE INFO: FOR Margaret MORE INFO: Company: Lone Star College System (832) 775-8698 (832) 775-8698 Total Cost to run Ad for onePhone: week: 832-813-6216 PUBLIC NOTICE Fax: 832.813.6513 Please sign for approval an Lone Star College Bid Request: Email: $496.80 Address • RFP #567 Campus Food Service back for to Tearsheets: (713) 692-1183 Programs Lone Star College. RFP 5000 Research Forest Drive Due: 03/26/18 @ 2:00 p.m. Online by The 12 Woodlands, NOONTexas Wednesday 77381-4356 WebEx pre-proposal meeting will be


North Houston Suburban Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. Annual Heritage Program with

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PUBLIC NOTICE ATTENTION Private Nonprofit Schools and Neglected & Delinquent Facilities in Houston, Texas and the Surrounding Areas Action Required Private Nonprofit Schools and Neglected & Delinquent Facilities with students enrolled who reside within Houston ISD attendance zone boundaries and/or whose physical location is within Houston ISD attendance zone boundaries may be eligible to receive equitable services from specific federal Title grants under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act for: Title I, Part A – Title I, Part A, Subpart D – Title I, Part C – Title II, Part A – Title III, Part A. This notice applies to the 2018-2019 school year. Contact Houston ISD for more details by Friday, March 9, 2018. For Title I, Part A / Title I, Part A - Subpart D / Title II, Part A – Call 713-556-6928

CARRIERS & WRITERS Outside Sales Person

held on Thursday, March 8, 2018, 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.; call–in number 832-813-6701. Contact 832-813-6216

Must have knowledge of maps and Africannext Monday’s publicatio American Communites AD COST For more information sign for call approval fax 713-692-1892 Totaland Cost to run Ad for one we Signature

Please Resume to backSend to (713) 692-1183 $108.00 bythe 12Women NOON for Bringing Healthy Change to our Communities – and in Wednesday Them. Date next Monday’s publication.

For Title I, Part C / Title III, Part A – Call 713-556-6961

For information to register and bid, please visit: http://wwwappsdstc.

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Locations throughout Houston, Baytown, LSC PO # 44773 Deer Park and Beaumont! P.O. Number Ad To learn more, visit Please signfor forthis approval or call (832) 548 5000 to make an appointment.


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next Monday’s publicatio TX - 7





American News&Issues

TEXAS • MARCH 5 - 11, 2018



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African-American News&Issues Vol. 23 Issue 7 (March 5 - 11, 2018) HOU  


African-American News&Issues Vol. 23 Issue 7 (March 5 - 11, 2018) HOU