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In Loving Memory

Rev. Paul Delano Duncan

Greater Houston God gave Rev. Paul Delano Duncan, 97 years old, his Golden Wings to go through the pearly gates, to go to His Heavenly Home in December 29, 2017. Born in Moscow, Texas, he lived in Houston until the last six years. He moved to Old Ocean so that his daughter could care for him. Paul, the eldest child, was born to Dee and Katherine Duncan on September 12, 1920. He began his life working on the farm, raising crops, picking cotton, and milking cows at the “Dee Duncan Dairy Farm”. He would tell us stories of his humble beginnings such as walking miles in shoes with cardboard soles to school and church. As children, they had church, and he would preach to his sisters and brothers.

Samuel Cornish

Rev. John Russwurm

“If I didn’t know no better and believed the image portrayed of Black folks, when I watch the 6 or 10 o’clock news I’d be scared of you Negroes too,” -Publisher Roy Douglas Malonson

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Wanting a better life, Paul moved to Houston and attended Jack Yates High School, graduating in 1941. Breaking racial barriers, he enlisted in the United State Marine Corp and quickly rose to Platoon Sergeant serving in World War II in the South Pacific Islands. Returning home, he joined trinity East Methodist Church, which has remained his home church Rev. Duncan received his B.A. and M. Ed. Degrees from Texas Southern University and the University of Houston. He graduated from Theology School at Southern Methodist University. A diligent worker, Rev. Paul worked while obtaining his education. He was a manager of the Lincoln Drive Inn in Houston for many years. He taught and retired from Jack Yates High School for twenty-five years. Being a faithful servant, his total focus was ministering and pastoring his churches. See Page 10

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Editorial & Opinion

Trump The Blame: 2018 U.S. Government Shutdown The Standard View


Billy “Hollywood” Groves

ur recent U.S. government shutdown on August 2018 has only one person to blame. That person most responsible for this American debacle is Present Donald trump, who is sitting in the most powerful political position on the earth. When you add in the fact that the Republican Party controls both the U.S. House of Congress and the U.S. Senate and Trump is a republican. There is no way the blame can’t be placed on the President. Isn’t it ironic that on

Roy Douglas Malonson


Shirley Ann Malonson


Chandra Jarmon


Kimberly Taylor

Production Asst.

the first anniversary of his “Make America Great Again” presidency, he is standing in front of a closed United States government”! The majority of Americans knew soon after he was elected, that he would be an incompetent leader. We must also remember that it was the “Gerrymandered Electoral College System” which allowed this man to win, despite the fact that he lost the popular vote by over three million votes. I really truly believe a lot of the people who voted for Trump knew he was a bad choice, but they blocked out reality and did what they knew was wrong. Trump’s supporters knew his “build a wall’ and his “tweet and divide the people” mentality was

Leader, worked and is working very hard to get the President to work with Democrats so that congress can get the government open. Trump opposed immigration of certain people of color into the United States and continues to state that he will build a wall and Mexico will pay for it. Trump’s crazy manipulation of America’s principal programs which make our country great is a true threat to our nation’s future. Think about it, what does it look like to our world neighbors, “the best nation on the earth can’t keep their government open”! When the U.S. Government was closed for a little while when President Barack Obama was in office; we know that it was a

dangerous and they should have known it was a bad agenda that would create chaos and which could only lead to eventual failure.

Republican Party “hate message” for America’s first Black President. This current shutdown of the government could have easily been prevented if our current President wasn’t displaying Anti-American, racist, and unconstitutional behavior. The positive side of this situation is that time will continue and we “The citizens of America” will have a chance to let our voices be heard with our vote. As a man of God, I know that life is a journey that doesn’t always go the way we want it to, but what I can testify to is “if we keep the faith, we will win in the end”! To continue reading go to

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Letter to the Editor


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All of America and most of the world know that Trump walked away from deals that were presented to him that would have kept the Government open. At the time of my writing this article, the government is still closed and Trump is still tweeting crazy thoughts. Trump has destabilized our nation and even when the Government does reopen, he still will be threatening to break our Government down again. U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, the Senate Democrat Minority

Texas • JANUARY 29 - FEBRUARY 4, 2018

Ethnic Cleansing on Steroids Straight No Chaser


By: Arielle Johnson

e all laughed when 45 announced he was running for President, and wondered how anyone, would ever take a man walking around with a dead orange squirrel sitting on the top of his head seriously. And if you were eating or drinking anything when he told the world he was going to build a wall to keep Mexicans from crossing over into the southern U.S. border illegally, you probably laughed so hard, you spit it out. Overnight, he became the GREAT white hope, capable of making America Great AGAIN. Back then, it appeared as if the Mexican race was our biggest problem here in the United States. Blue collar workers rejoiced and stampeded to the polls thinking to themselves, the jobs they lost to Mexicans, due to wages which were too low for them to consider, would be brought back offering the pay they deserved. They soon discovered they had been played.

While other immigrant groups looked on as Mexicans were being attacked and memes of them vaulting over the top of this so-called “magical wall”, were in everyone’s Facebook and Twitter feed, they sort of relaxed knowing the attention was not directed towards them. However, slowly, but surely, previous policies and agreements which were put in place to protect all immigrants started to get repealed left and right. It seems the American dream has turned into a living nightmare for many who came to this country seeking asylum and an opportunity to thrive economically. Immigrants who are part of the DACA program are in limbo now,

as they wait for the government to come to an agreement about their fate. There is a good chance their ability to remain in this country will be predicated on the plan for the actual Wall, 45 is still talking about constructing. Ohhh yeah…. something to the tune of $18-25 billion dollars. Many of us for some reason, automatically associate the DACA program with Hispanics, but we fail to realize there are brothers and sisters from African nations and the island of Haiti living here, that are also waiting in limbo to see whether or not they will be able to remain in this country. It looks like 45 is ramping up efforts to express to hell, as many black and brown people out of the States as possible, before the government has its final say so on the matter. Within the first two weeks of January 2018, 45 has ended the Temporary Protected Status program, which will affect more than 200,000 Salvadoreans, sent I.C.E. in to raid 98 7-Eleven stores, which only amounted to 21 arrests and referred to Haiti and African countries as “shithole countries”, while in the same breath asking government officials, why we can’t let more people in from places like Norway. This entire illegal immigrant round up sort of reminds me of the time when slaves were forced to produce documents which proved they had a right to work in certain areas. If they could not produce the right documents, they were returned to their masters and often beaten mercilessly for getting away. About the only thing missing today are reward signs for turning in immigrants. I imagine if there were reward signs posted up in laundromats and handed out across mass transportation systems in the country, a lot of industries would just shut down completely. To continue reading go to

Texas • JANUARY 29 - FEBRUARY 4, 2018

Editorial & Opinion

Name Calling Trump:

Bully Pulpit Takes on New Meaning The Standard View


Ianthia FisherManaging Editor

never thought I would “see the day” that the person holding the highest office in our country of America, “The President of the United States” would resort to the lowest level of defense; the practice of “name calling”. While I’m not averse to attacking ones opponents with the strongest truthful defense available, I am appalled by the petty, personal, pitiless attacks employed by our President which he uses to discredit, defame and destroy his perceived adversary without the benefit of a fair and impartial hearing. The Office of the President of the United States has often been referred to as a “bully pulpit”. One definition of a Bully Pulpit is “a public office or position of authority that provides its occupant with an outstanding opportunity to speak out on any issue”. Attacking individual people via name calling and verbal abuse is usually not the desired use of such a prestigious privilege. I am sure each of us is fully acquainted with the act of “name calling”—a line of defense to which one usually resorts when he or she feels powerless over a situation or person and/or lacks the clout, cash, courage, and even in some cases the character to take on the enemy in a “fair fight”. Over the years I’ve observed this strategy used to bully, or intimidate the opponent by rallying others and incorporating them into “the fight mode” through simple chanting and deleterious name calling. Pretty soon, such name calling is not about the facts but about the fun and hype of being a part of

something bigger than you, aka a gang mentality. Subsequently, this strategy often sways others away from the real issue at hand and manipulates them into siding with the oppressor without knowing the “cause”. “Rebel without a Legitimate Cause” might be an apt description of this behavior. Sadly, name calling appears to rally a significant number of people which adversely affects the relationships between and among many Americans. It causes people to forget the Biblical admonition and President Lincoln’s warning that a house divided against itself cannot stand. As a Minister of the Gospel however, I have no illusions about the source of this evil and injurious practice--- Its sole purpose is to kill and to steal and to destroy. Agenda sounds familiar? In the Bible in John 10:10 Jesus describes the thief as one who comes to kill and to steal and to destroy. As loyal Americans and decent human beings we cannot allow our nation to be killed, stolen and destroyed and simply do nothing about it. Growing up with the practice of name calling, an African American cultural experience known as “ Playing the Dozens” or making outrageous comments about another person’s mother(often in jest) my first thought was to join in and let the fray begin. The kindest name I could think of for POTUS was “Troubled Trump” because of the conflict and trouble that he’s brought to our country and the possibility that something might be personally wrong with his reasoning. Then I quickly rebuked myself and remembered that Jesus taught that the best way to overcome evil is with doing good. To continue reading go to

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The Black Press is Valuable


ther cultures understand the importance of disseminating information to members from their communities, in a language that they can understand. On any given day, if a person was to visit various newsstands across the city, a wide mix of newspapers representing the diversity of races that exist within the United States would be found. Chinese, Japanese, Asians, Hispanics and all other cultures have their own paper to help the understanding of their people. Considering the fact that AfricanAmericans worked to build this nation with sweat, blood, tears and in many instances their lives; our history within the nation should be one of the most cherished. Last year, I featured an editorial entitled, “As Long as it’s ‘His-story’, there will always be a Problem!” Because for too long the scales of history has been unbalanced and crucial AfricanAmerican facts and details have been white-washed out of the American version of history. This is one of the reasons that I always refer to the term, “history” as “his-story”; because history is another person’s view about how they perceived things at the time. In many cases, it depends on whose story you read whether or not it is an adequate reflection of the events or struggles that occurred. People have a tendency to minimize challenges, unless they are directly related to them. Therefore, we have a duty to tell our own story, as opposed to letting someone else fill the seat. No one will ever tell and present our story like us. This is one of the main reasons that the Black press was instituted. Nowadays, news is distributed so quickly, there is little room for folks to decipher what’s really being presented.

So it is vital that we have a source that we can depend on to tell us the truth about the issues that affect us the most. Undoubtedly, not everyone agrees with this thought because a lot of people think that everything is ok. Some of our new mis-educated integrated folk feel that it is racist to have a publication that exclusively caters to one race. That is until they are convicted of being Black in America. We MUST Understand that there is more to the Black press than highlighting beautiful shades of

Brown, trendy attires and displaying the “Who’s, Who” in the community. The Black press serves not only as the distribution source of information for African-Americans, but it provides a voice for our people. Despite many common misconceptions, even when Blacks refuse to read the Black press, those who do not look like us do. Many of our counterparts are just as curious about viewing our perceptions of our story, as they are their own. We have to learn to safeguard our Black print media, because it is one of the last things that we can truly call ours. As it is, Blacks only own the print media. By that I mean that there are not many Black-owned television networks. Oprah Winfrey established OWN, but asides from that there are not too many other outlets that we can honestly claim ownership. Hence we


We MUST Understand By Roy Douglas Malonson, Chairman

have to make use of the resources that we have at our disposal. Nevertheless, it is imperative that Black folks have knowledge of the great assets and amazing strength that our ancestors possessed. Our children should know that they come from a race of people who were considered lower than other human beings; but even in the midst of what society labeled them as; they were still able to persevere and make great contributions to a nation that never recognized them as people to begin with. Though AfricanAmericans have overcome slavery and other struggles since entrance into this nation, in the year 2018 other levels of disenfranchisement for Blacks still exist. Black folks being overwhelming victims of: police brutality, low unemployment rates, mass incarceration, voter right suppression, housing discrimination and other social and economic challenges alone; should be enough to stress the importance and value of the Black press. Simply put, the constant disrespect of the White news media confirms why we need a Black newspaper. We exist to tell our story and preserve our history. We will have a reason to exist until 100-percent of racism, biases, equal opportunity, police brutality, injustices in criminal justice, inequality and other problems have been solved and they are no longer issues in our society.

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African American News&Issues

Press from pg. 1

cover story Origination of the Black Press

HOUSTON - It is no secret that rugged depictions and stereotypical assumptions featuring African-Americans, often consume televised reporting networks to present a generalized view of the Blackcommunity. Nevertheless, it is the role of the Black Press to honor the proclamation notated in the first African-American newspaper, “Too long have others spoken for us… We wish to plead our own cause.”

Origination of the BlackPress

The Freedom’s Journal was the first African-American newspaper in the country. It was formed in New York by John Russwurm and Rev. Samuel Cornish, who were two African-Americans on March 16, 1827. The journal included: foreign and domestic news, editorials, biographies, births and deaths and advertisements within the Blackculture. During the era the newspaper was published, slavery had yet to be abolished. informs that the publication presented, “Editorials deriding slavery, racial discrimination, and other injustices against African-Americans were aimed at providing a counterweight to many of the White newspapers of the time period which openly supported slavery and racial bias.” Although Freedom’s Journal was only in circulation for two years, it heavily impacted the African-American community and inspired the emergence of many other Blackpublishers, such as: Frederick Douglass, Philip Alexander Bell, John Mitchell, Jr., Anthony Overton, Robert Lee Vann, Marcus Garvey, John H. Johnson, Fleming Alexander and a long list to follow. Frederick Douglass was one of the most instrumental figures in the history of dominating the Blackpress. He was a self-liberated slave from Maryland. After learnTX- 4

Texas • JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2018 Texas •29 August 12-18,4,2013

John H. Johnson

ing the alphabets from his slave master’s wife, he taught himself how to read and write. Early in life, he sought out an escape from the bonds of enslavement, a mission he accomplished by the age of 20, when he fled to the North. During the Civil War, he strongly opposed slavery and women’s suffrage. On December 3, 1847, he published The North Star, an anti-slavery newspaper in Rochester, New York. The name of the paper reflected the North Star which slaves used as a guide in the night to lead them to freedom. Its motto was, “Right is of no sex—Truth is of no color— God is the Father of us all, and we are brethren.” In the first issue of The North Star, Douglass stated his purpose for establishing the newspaper. He expressed that it was, “common sense that those who suffer injustice are those who must demand redress and, thus, African-American authors, editors, and orators must have their own paper with which to share their voices.” Content such as: slavery abolishment and political issues, editorials, letters from readers, poetry, book reviews and advertisements were produced in the periodical. Though popular

in its time, the newspaper did not generate enough to self-suffice. The financial strain resulted in a merger between The North Star and Gerrit Smith’s, Liberty Party Paper, which created the Frederick Douglass’ Paper. After dedicating nearly 12-years as a publisher in the BlackPress, Douglass permanently ceased the publication when he left for a lecture tour in England. However, the journalistic podium that he created for himself paved the way for a foray into politics. To this day, Douglass is known for his works with President Abraham Lincoln, which produced the Emancipation Proclamation.

The Role of the BlackPress in Our Society

As time progressed and the Blackpress continued to evolve, scores of African-American newspapers and journals were birthed. It has been proven that each century in American society, yields some form of unbalanced treatment amongst the Blackcommunity. During the afflicting days of slavery, reconstruction, Jim Crow Laws, segregation, The Civil Rights struggle and other hurdles, the Blackpress has been an influential platform which has served to bring awareness and empowerment to members of the African-American community. Even today it serves as a catalyst to speak out for those who have no voice. It has continued to provide a view as to where we come from, things we have overcome and issues that we face today. James Baldwin once said, “If you know whence you came, there is really no limit to where you can go.” This is the importance of newspapers such as ours and other Blackpress publications. We live in a culture where many publishers capitalize off of the circulation and benefits that the BlackPress possesses; yet

many are not a true inclusion by definition. For our understanding, Roland Wolsely defined certain criteria that a publication must meet to be an established member of the BlackPress. He explains in The BlackPress that, “Blacks must own and manage the publication… they must be the dominant racial group connected with it… The publication must be intended for Blackconsumers… a magazine or newspaper for Blackcitizens which deals with their interests and concerns and is not primarily for Whites. The paper or magazine must serve, speak and fight for the Blackminority.”

African-American News & Issues, 23-Year Journey

In the mid 90’s, chairman of the Acres Home Citizens Chamber of Commerce, Roy Douglas Malonson along with wife and partner Shirley Ann, sought after a publication that would be by the people and for the people. Pursuant, Roy contacted several existing Blacknewspapers, at an attempt to produce and generate a quality newspaper that would cater to typical residents of the AfricanAmerican community; most of whom were often overlooked in other publications. Despite his continued efforts to work with preestablished publishers to create a true Blackpaper with a Blackvoice, none were interested. Determined to provide the community with a newspaper that would give African-Americans a genuine platform, the Malonson’s created the Acres Home Citizens’ News, locally published by Malonson Company in February of 1996. The paper developed an audience as the “official voice of Acreage Homes reporting on schools, churches, businesses and community.” Within four months the community periodical was noticeably a rampant success. The

name of the paper was changed to reflect the accurate name of the community, Acreage Homes Citizens’ News. In September of 1996, the name of the paper was changed to Citizens’ News which expanded its circulation from the Acreage Home Community to include other Black communities in North Houston including: Bordersville, Carverdale, Trinity Gardens, Independence Heights, Scenic Woods and Settegast. As the newspaper was in its developmental stages it underwent various styles, designs and formats which can be visibly noted from the premier introduction of the first volume up until its current style and design. Another name change was implemented into the publication

James Baldwin

that began to make its presence known within Houston’s North side. In February of 1997 the name was changed from Citizens’ News to Acres Home Citizen with an emphasis of being the link to North Houston African-American communities. In May of 1997, due to the rapid demand for such a unique style of publication, the company initiated the inclusion of a much broader spectrum. As a result, To continue...See page 5

Texas • JANUARY 29 - FEBRUARY 4, 2018

Press from pg. 4

Fredrick Douglass

the paper that had been originally formatted and designed to target the Acreage Home community upgraded its name to reflect its circulation area and ever-growing audience. Thus, African-American Neighborhood News evolved. As the paper continued to thrive in its enhancements, the need to report news within the Black community proved to be beneficial towards the ultimate focus of its design. However, the company soon realized that not only was ‘news’ pertinent to the Black community, but the issues that consumed it were just as vital. This concept produced, African-American Neighborhood News & Issues, a format which presented coverage of: injustices, accomplishments, acknowledgements and recognition to members of the AfricanAmerican community that were not featured in other publications In October 1997, the Black Neighborhood Marketplace was introduced. This feature was an added avenue to local businesses and organizations to link the community to their locations. The newspaper started out as a monthly publication, transitioned to a biweekly edition and necessity made it weekly. As the newspaper continued to increase its presence in

cover story Houston, the name was changed to African-American News & Issues to suit the expansion of the circulation that followed. Within a matter of four years the once community paper had become one of the widest circulated and read newspapers’ in the State of Texas with a Black perspective; increasing its audience to over a million readers. Over the years, African-American News & Issues has maintained a reputation that has allowed its readership to be informed of entertainment, educational, local, state, regional, community, religion, community news and events and a wide range of other resourceful information. Although African-American News & Issues has seen a variety of changes, the main objective that Roy and Shirley envisioned has not ceased. African-American News & Issues has never neglected its key vision and mission of reporting and presenting current and historical realities affecting our communities. The 23-year mission

Marcus Garvey

and commitment established by Publisher Roy Douglas Malonson continues, “Our paper will keep dealing with injustice until it is balanced.”

The Need to Embrace Anytime news is disseminated by broadcast media, newspapers and other outlets, there is a certain

protocol established through the networks, sponsors, advertisers and investors of the entity. In most cases, these agents aim to present material in a way that will appease their viewers and audiences, while satisfying the expectations of their perspective advertisers and investors. Unfortunately, the inclusion of addressing hapless issues relevant to the AfricanAmerican community are, least likely to be on the agenda for many mainstream media channels and sadly a good many of our “so called” Blackpublications. Nobody or nothing should be able to influence the Blackpaper, including money. There are numerous Black-owned newspapers, but not all of them live up to the true creed of the Blackpress; especially those owned by people who do not look like us. The need to address and highlight the issues that pervade our community should be top priority for every true African-American publication. Our publisher remains committed to dealing with the deeply rooted issues of our people, no matter the cost. He says, “If advertisers want to reach Blackfolks and they ain’t doing nothing derogatory, well we the only game in town - but if they want to tell us what to do then, they can keep their damn money. A lot of these Black-owned papers won’t deal with the issues because they don’t want to offend their advertisers and lose a penny.” As he continued he echoed the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. King affirmed that, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” It is imperative that we tell and present our own story, because no one is able to tell it the way that we can. After all that we have endured and the current challenges that we are yet faced with, we have a right to tell our own story, since rightfully its ours to tell. Most people that document history do it in a way that will make themselves and/

Read us online! w w w.afra

John Mitchell Jr.

or their cultures look good or to uplift their own. African-Americans should be no exception to the rule. In a recent interview with Shepherd Manson B. Johnson, Jr. (Holman Street Baptist Church), he offered words on the need to embrace the BlackPress. He said, “African-American News & Issues is on point to R-I-G-H-T


the story - to give the right news because you can’t believe everybody’s news. The person behind the pen writes the story like they see it, the same with textbooks and it all depends on who wrote it. I’m appreciative of Roy Malonson and African-American News for helping the understanding of the Blackmasses in understanding many public policies (local, state and national), and to be an interpreter. The person that intrigued me most about the Black Press was Frederick Douglas. He convinced me that ‘Black press is not an option, it’s a necessity.’ You must have a tool to express your freedom. I would say African-American News, continues to do for us, what many of us have not done for ourselves - that is to catalog and chronicle events of people’s lives that make a difference. The idea of Black press must not be treated lightly. We must take hold to it and view the Black press as necessity, not an option and we need to put it where it needs to be on the totem pole of our future.”

Roy Douglas Malonson; Publisher By: Rebecca Jones TX- 5



American News&Issues

Warren Broadnax

Warren Broadnax

Warren Broadnax hails from Houston. He attended public school in HISD and graduated from Willowridge High School in 2001. Upon graduating,

Acres Home Chamber for Business & Economic Development. Inc.

he immediately enlisted in the United States Navy, where he dedicated four years as a Sonar Technician. Thereafter, he went on to work in the corporate world for some time. While serving as a firefighter, Broadnax took his career to the next level in 2012. At that time, he embarked on a journey to become an entrepreneur with his business partner, Marcus Bowers. The pair invested $900 and began selling quality virgin hair out of the trunks of their cars. From this concept, She’s Happy Hair Inc. was birthed. With much determination the venture expanded to include, six thriving stores located throughout the United States. With three locations in Houston, two in Dallas and one in Detroit; SHH has become one of the nation’s leading virgin hair suppliers. Recently, the chain launched its line of signature hair care products for African-Americans including: organic shampoo and conditioner, edge control, Moroccan oils and are in the process of developing more

Mrs. Ruby Lee Sanders Mosley. Being reared in a Christian Home, Ruby had no option of going to church or attending school. With the father who ensured religious participation by way of attending Methodist devotion on 1st and 3rd Sundays and Baptist devotion on 2nd and 4th Sundays, Ruby receive salvation an early age.

"Dynamite comes in small packages", is what came to mind after encountering the sweet and enduring presence of the oldest daughter birth to Rosa Bell and Willie Sanders on April 25th 1929. From a small town in Mexia Texas, hails retired educator, lifelong Community acHOU - 6

products. In 2015, Broadnax launched Happy Me Tee LLC, a printing t-shirt and garment company he established with his wife, Britne. They attracted the attention of other parents after designing a 3D t-shirt, featuring a photo of their son at his little league football game. From there, they were inspired to begin selling artistic expressions and designs in the forms of t-shirts and custom apparel out of their garage. As business increased an official location was opened. During the same year, Broadnax and partner, Maurice Atkins created GGB Trucking, LLC. In its inception the company started with one Ram Dually. Since then it has expanded its fleet to include various trailers for hauling, 18-wheelers and increased its employee base. Today, it operates as a trucking and logistics company which professionally transports loads across the country on all platforms.

Ruby Lee Mosley- Community Matriarch tivist, humanitarian and above all devout Christian,

Ruby Lee Mosley

Texas • JANUARY 29 - FEBRUARY 4, 2018

After the passing of her mother at the age of 8, Ruby recollects the dominant presence of her father who always encourage her to reach her full potential. The demise of her mother initiated combined efforts from both her maternal and paternal grandparents, who assisted her father with shaping young Ruby into a very independent and ambitious woman. At the tender age of 16, Ruby

graduated from Woodland High School. Following, she became a certified beautician at Franklin Beauty College. She utilize that skill to finance her studies at college. With a mountain of motivation, Ruby enrolled at Prairie View A&M University and moved to Houston in 1984.

Ruby can remember vividly the first opportunity she had to vote. However, she reminisced of how before she could register to vote, a $1.50 poll tax was required. Thrilled and excited to take part in such a historical event, Ruby made her way to Hopkins Pharmacy located at the intersection of West Montgomery and Wheatley, and paid the required fee. Upon relocating to Houston, Ruby did not leave her God, she bought Him with her. Continuing the foundation already laid for her, Ruby joined Mount Pleasant Baptist Church on January

Over the years, Broadnax has developed a reputation for being savvy, goaloriented and self-driven. He continues to advance himself by attending seminars, workshops and business development courses. As devoted as he is to his three enterprises, he is equally dedicated to offering time to community service. Annually, he hosts a school supply drive, free pictures with Black Santa and a toy and bike giveaway at She’s Happy Hair Inc., during the holiday season. Tentatively, he is working on a project to inspire the youth and the community through his, Phenomenal Woman Series. The series will aim to honor and highlight local female leaders from the community, who are making a positive impact. He takes pride in, “inspiring people to become better, seeing them grow and encouraging entrepreneurs to believe in themselves.” Warren Broadnax is married to his wife and partner, Britne and they have three children.

1st 1949. Since that time, she has been a faithful and diligent steward that have served as a President of the Choir Board and Secretary of the Trustee Board. Additionally Ruby met the love of her life Mr. Melvin Mosley. Together labor three daughters Carrie, Ronda and Marilyn. To date, she serves on the Old Acres Home Citizen Council, the Acres Home Multi Service Center Community Advisory Board and the Police Positive Interaction program just to name a few. Mrs. Ruby Mosley stated that she has learned to be thankful and appreciative of everything in her life during an interview, she explained that, " $1 in my pocket is worth more than $5 in yours if I don't have it". She further alluded to the fact that, her greatest strength is continually renewed through her involvement with her church, family, community and the opportunity and ability to help those who can not help themselves.

Texas • JANUARY 29 - FEBRUARY 4, 2018

EDITION DATE: January 29 - February 4, 2018 (Vol. 23 Issue 2) EDITION DATE: February 5 - 11, 2018 (Vol. 23 Issue 3)

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PUBLIC NOTICE Houston Community College Request for Proposals (RFP) HUMAN PATIENT SIMULATOR RFP NO.: 18-13

Sealed proposals will be received in Procurement Operations (3100 Main Street, Room No. 11B01, Houston, Texas 77002) until 2:00PM (local time) on Thursday, February 22, 2018. Documents can be obtained at:

Darian Ward

Maya Angelou once conveyed an encouraging thought, when she said, “Develop enough courage so that you can stand up for yourself and then stand up for somebody else.” Years ago, when I was growing up in Acres Home, I had to learn very quickly that I needed to have enough courage to stand up for myself. Because if I didn’t people would run all over me and at many points in my life, back then - they did. However, as I continued to mature, I also developed the mindset that I wouldn’t allow anybody to run over me and those I love, especially my own people. I came to the realization that when people choose to disrespect members of the African-American community on a wide scale and especially in mainstream media; it is really a reflection and indication of how they view, generalize and feel about members of our race as a whole. I thought on these things in regards to the recent uncovering of the actions performed by the Press Secretary for the City of Houston, Darian Ward; as well as the disciplinarian solutions that she was faced with. Recently, the Houston Chronicle featured an article entitled, “Emails show Turner aide repeatedly used city resources for personal business”. The first statement in the report states, “Mayor Sylvester Turner's press secretary used Houston's publicly-funded television station to promote contestants in a reality show she was developing as one of many private business ventures, emails show, part of her sustained use of public office to further her personal interests.” The story goes into much detail regarding the amount of pages of emails and conversations that Ward used at the city’s expense. It

Former Mayor Annise Parker

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Public Notice

CARRIERS & Outside Sales Person

Contact Information SATURDAYName: Yasmeen Hasan FEBRUARY 3, 2018 Phone: 713.718.6217 Email: Houston Museum of Address for Tearsheet/Copies: African American Culture 3100 Main Street Over There Some Houston, Place: Texas 77002 Reception Must have 4807 Caroline St, Houston, knowledge AD COST of maps Texas 77004 and FOR MORE INFO Cost to run ad for 2 weeks African-American (713) 526-1015 SATURDAY



Marketplace Heading:

FEBRUARY 3, 2018

$280.80 Communites For more information

claims she, “pitched several reality series to Over There Some Place: call 713-692-1892 THURSDAY television networks”; “routinely leveraged Reception Send Resume to JANUARY 29, 2018 her public title and the access it afforded to 4807 Caroline St, Houston, boost her private interests” and “leveraged Houston East End Texas 77004 her position for the benefit of charities she Chamber FOR MORE INFO This should be your supported”, while serving as press secre2018 Vision Luncheon Please sign for approval and fax back to 713-692-1183 (318) 512-3864 8181 Airport Blvd tary. Although Mayor Turner suspended ad! Send your event in 4 by 12TX NOON Houston, 77061 Wednesday the week before Monday Ward for two weeks without pay, the article SUBSCRIBE weeks in advance From 11am- 1pm criticized the mayor for having, “brushed off For more info. critiques of Ward's behavior”. Mayor Turner’s response according PO# 112784 to the Chronicle was, "She's done her job extremely well since I've been here, over and P.O. Number above." He further said, "I have no question with regard to her work performance." Undoubtedly, the mayor’s response was not the intended one that the writers desired to hear, so they kept fishing. Amidst reportBeulah Ann Shepard Building 6112 Wheatley Street ▪ Houston, Texas 77091 ing the comments of others, former Mayor Annise Parker, raisedSignature from the dead to put Date Cordially invites you to our her two cents in. The article informs that th Ward was originally the press secretary of the former mayor, since 2014 and Mayor Turner Friday, March 2, 2018 kept her on, once he was elected to office. 7pm - 9pm Apparently, the naïve former mayor was unaware of the misconduct during her tenure, Keynote Speaker: but that did not stop her from offering her opinion on the subject. The feature records Ruby Lee Mosley her as saying, “As far as I'm concerned, that's a fireable offense." It also states that she said, Community Matriarch "The work I was aware that she was doing was acceptable, which is why she kept her Phone: (713) 692 - 7003 job, but this is unacceptable."


According to the evidence presented suggests that the original offenses were initiated during Parker’s term as a mayor. By: Roy Douglas Malonson To continue visit

Annual Awards Banquet

Email: RSVP by Friday, February 23, 2018



Up Everybody” HOU - 7



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Commissioner Ellis’ Internship Program Places 10 Students in Jobs This Semester

Aldine ISD Announces Community Meetings

The Texas Legislative Internship Program (TLIP), created in 1990 as an educational opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students, has placed 10 interns this semester in positions in Houston and New York.

Houston, Tx-- The District will hold five community meetings in each vertical area cluster this spring.

Five students are working for Precinct One Commissioner Rodney Ellis’ office; two for the City of Houston, including one in Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Office; one for the District Attorney’s Office; one for Harris County Criminal Court at Law Judge Darrell Jordan; and one for the Innocence Project in New York.

All faculty, staff, students, parents and community members are invited to attend the meetings. The agenda for each meeting will cover the six topics listed below. Agenda Bond 2015 Updates — Get an update about the status of various projects such as construction of new schools, renovations and technology upgrades at campuses.

While in the Texas Senate, Commissioner Ellis started the program to give students a unique opportunity to interact with officials from all levels of state and local government. About 700 interns have served in TLIP since its inception. “I was inspired to create TLIP by my mentor, the late Congressman Mickey Leland, who always instilled in me to help the younger generation,” Commissioner Ellis said. “Now, we have former interns who are reaching back to pull the next generation forward.” TLIP, sponsored by Commissioner Ellis and administered by Texas Southern University, offers students an opportunity to receive a minimum of six and a maximum of 15 academic credit hours for participating in the program, which combines academic study and research with supervised practical training. During legislative sessions, TLIP interns are placed as legislative assistants in the offices of ranking members of the Legislature, including the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. In the interim between legislative sessions, interns serve in the offices of elected and appointed officials at the state, county and municipal levels. Former TLIP interns includes Texas Reps. Ana Hernandez, Armando Walle and Ron Reynolds. Judge Jordan also served in the program. “TLIP continues to develop our future leaders,” said Commissioner Ellis, who serves as the interns’ adviser while his office assists in coordinating on-site activities. “For 28 years, the program has been the bellwether of success for college students.”

Dallas County GOP “PARTY OF VOTER SUPPRESSION,” Dallas, TX – In the middle of the night on, the Dallas County Republican Party (DCRP) filed a lawsuit to throw 128 Democratic candidates off the 2018 Democratic Primary ballot in Dallas County. Congressional candidates, state legislative candidates, judicial candidates, and other local candidates are among those whose filings are being challenged by the DCRP. Texas State Representative Eric Johnson (D-Dallas), one of the candidates targeted by the DCRP, released the following statement in response: “Texas Republicans are constantly looking for ways to disenfranchise minority voters. They have done it at the state level in Austin and now they are trying to do it at the local level in Dallas County.

The vast majority of the Democratic candidates who were targeted by the DCRP’s frivolous lawsuit are minorities. This is just the latest attempt by Texas Republicans to take away the ability of minority voters to elect candidates of their choice,” stated Representative Johnson. “To try and knock over 100 mostly minority candidates off another party’s primary ballot is simply unheard of,” stated Johnson. “I have known and respected people on the other side of the aisle for decades who would never have dreamt of doing something like this. The Republican Party, which has become the party of voter suppression nationally, has hit a new low in Texas,” Johnson added.

Reconfiguration — Learn about grade span changes, building conversions and campuses that will be combined. Hear about boundary and school zone changes to optimize enrollment capacity and balance enrollment between schools. These changes will take effect next school year (2018-2019). Superintendent Search — Hear more about the superintendent search process, including how and when the District will gather public input. Strategic Design Goals — Learn how the community-informed strategic planning process created the five-year plan, which the District implemented in 2017. Hear about the set priorities and how these help focus energy and resources in a manner that ensures community stakeholders and District staff are working toward common goals such as providing students with the support they need to prepare them for their future.

Challenges — Gain insight about the District’s current financial status. Understand how the state funds public schools like AISD and how enrollment as well as absenteeism impact funding. Highlights — Learn more about the new campuses set to open in 2018-2019 and how reconfigured grade spans can effectively balance educational demands to serve students better. The District grouped the meetings by vertical clusters of schools (e.g., early childhood/prekindergarten schools, elementary campuses, intermediate and middle schools that feed into a high school). Community members should attend the meeting at the high school located within the geographic area that they live in. Each meeting will have information specific to their vertical cluster of schools. Schedule February 8: Aldine HS @ 6:30 p.m. February 15: Davis HS, 6:30 p.m. February 20: MacArthur HS @ 6:30 p.m.

March 22: Nimitz HS, 6:30 p.m. *Eisenhower HS: Date TBD (The District will share with the public once a date is determined.) The meetings will provide direct contact with community members and give District leaders a chance to listen to local issues and concerns. Plan to attend and join the conversation. We want to hear from you!

Richmond, Texas -- With the cost of a transplant often exceeding $500,000, many transplant families are unable to shoulder the financial burden of such a procedure. The Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA) is a national charity dedicated to organizing and guiding communities in raising funds for transplant-related expenses. In Richmond, volunteers are raising funds for COTA in honor of transplant patients like local toddler, Ashton Guerra. Ashton is the son of Shayna Barker and Johnny Guerra. Born in 2016, Ashton was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia. The doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas, have recommended a life-saving liver transplant. An estimated $75,000 is being raised by Richmond volunteers. Volunteers are needed to assist with fundraising activities that will help with transplantrelated expenses. Individuals and groups interested in more information can contact Community Coordinator Carol Barker at 979.332.0055 or Media representatives may contact the campaign Public Relations Coordinator Elizabeth Argote at 979.257.8006 or for more information about the family or the COTA community fundraising campaign.


Texas • JANUARY 29 - FEBRUARY 4, 2018

Texas • JANUARY 29 - FEBRUARY 4, 2018

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I Look Like Love


Credit Cards Acce Lay-a- pted way

OPEN Thursday, Friday & Saturday 11am - 5pm

Valentine Gifts “Sassy in Red” By: Annie Lee

Phillipa Williams with volunteers of I Look Like Love According to a statistic published in 2015, over 70% of Black children are born to unwed mothers. Another statistic states that 85 percent of all black women headed, single-parent households, are living in poverty. As compared to two parent Black family homes, single Black women parented homes are only bringing in 36% percent of their annual income. When we stop to look at the number of unwed mothers with multiple babies daddies, all sorts of pictures come to mind and verbal shots are often fired in the direction of the mother, for not having learned her lesson the first time around. This statistic is so prevalent, that anytime a black mother is pictured alone with her kids, the assumption is, there is no father in the picture. Being the frequent subject of rather barbarous memes, while struggling to fill in financial gaps, for mere necessities, can play a terrible mind game on Single Black Mothers. Single motherhood carries a stigma which becomes magnified by representatives in the political arena, who point and wag a finger at them, for believing the government will supply all of their needs, and help with raising their children. Of course there are single black women who have never approached the government for any assistance, and are making more money than some two parent black and white homes, but rarely are these women thrust before the public as spokespersons for Single Black motherhood.

city of Dallas, by providing them with pampers and mentoring opportunities since 2016. Phillipa Williams once worked as a supervisor at Verizon in the area of scheduling/forecasting in the repair department. However, that was 8 years ago, before the layoffs began and she lost her job. At the time she lost her job with Verizon, she was already a member of the Friendship West Baptist Church, where she was able to obtain a position as a member of the church staff in the department of Christian education. When asked what led her to create a nonprofit to help single mothers, she told us she too was a single mother and remembered the amount of pressure she was under after losing her job. “During the Christmas season, when my son was just a toddler, I didn’t have enough money to get a Christmas tree. My son was really too small to miss one, if we didn’t have one that year, but I remember wanting to create the holiday experience feeling for him. Much to my surprise, a co-worker of mine gifted us with the tree and all of the trimmings and it really lifted my spirits.” This experience reminded Ms. Williams of how important it is for mothers to have friends and family to support them.

As the government rescinds policies on a number of programs, which have been in place for decades, and have been paramount to filling in the gaps, many grassroots organizations have sprung up to provide what has been taken away. Also, these community organizations, which are close to the heart of the problem, have identified needs which were previously overlooked by federal government. One such program is called, I Look Like Love.

Through the I Look Like Love non-profit organization, Phillipa Williams is able to support young mothers of children ages 0-3 years, by providing diapers and through mentoring. Diapers are an expense that can eat up to 14% of monies brought into low income homes, and presently, there are no governmental programs to address this need. However, Ms. Williams has made a Diaper Pantry available to mothers who meet their qualifications. She has also, through much hard work, been able to secure an arrangement through WIC, which allows her to provide pampers to women in this program every 3rd Friday of the month.

The founder of I Look Like Love, Phillipa Williams has been helping single mothers in the

Arielle Johnson To continue reading; Michael Guinn- Dallas Poet

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6130 Wheatley Street | Houston, TX 77091

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Texas • JANUARY 29 - FEBRUARY 4, 2018

Happy Sweet 16 Sinclaire Hoyt!!

Shirley Ann’s Flowers

Funerals * Hospitals * Sympathy * Birthdays * Anniversaries * Weddings Valentine * Women’s Day * Easter * Mother’s/Father’s Day * Schools & More

rs Flowe l for Al s ion Occas

Call o r in! Ll Come a

o Entr mar


Fourth(back): Lauren Johnson, Inspyr Simon, me, Paige Tiller, Jada Mcauley, Bre’yon White, Lauryn Dulany, Shirleen Muthoni, Jois Joubert Third row: James Williams, Jaden Newton, Amarachi Nwankwo, Albert Fernandez, Alyssa Bob Second Row: Chelsea Williams, Lyana Gonzalez, Abby Ramos First Row: Erris Lovely, Natalie Del Puerto, Micheal Mcduell, Han Kim, Naomi Boling Photo By: Mercie B. Studios

Reverend Paul Delano Duncan

Credi tC Accep ards ted


Corn Pot Plant OPEN

Tues: 12pm - 5pm | Wed, Thurs, Fri: 8am - 5pm www.shir leyannflower

(713) 692 - 1100

6130 Wheatley Street | Houston, TX 77091 email: We A ppr eciate Our Customer s TX - 10

Paul married Sarah Duncan to which daughter, Delano Faye and Deborah Leona(deceased) were born. Thus, began a loving and wonderful family life full of fun and lots of laughter. There were many picnics, Home-comings to Moscow and Liberty, Texas., vacations, church programs, Galveston beach outings, bowling and fishing. We grew up attending football games (Yates an TSU) at Jefferson Stadium. He loved to roast peanuts!!! Which he took very seriously. As he matured, traveling, barbequing, bowling, and fishing became his favorite hobbies. Rev. Paul exhibited a lifelong commitment to Christ. His passion was pastoring his churches preaching, and singing. During this time, he married and divorced Evonne Garner. Reverend Paul served on the Board of directors at the Golden Age Hobby House, and Duncan Funeral Homes, He served as Chairman of the Administrative Board of Trinity East U.M.C. While there, he accepted his call to the ministry in 1982. He served as Senior Pastor of the following United Methodist Churches in the Texas Conference: Sealy, Rosenberg, Anahuac, Grace (Houston), and Wesley. His last charge was Grace (Brazoria), and Nuezion (Sweeny), of which he was their longest serving minister until the deterioration of his health. Rev. Paul was truly a lover of life. Remaining positive and never a stranger, he was a very friendly man to all, and possessed an unusual gift of getting along with everyone, He loved the Houston Rockets, and attended many games. He loved to sing and pray with everyone. He would teach his grandchildren how to live a positive and spiritual life. Recently he would preach, pray, and sing through the night, He was ready to go home. He leaves to cherish his memory, his beloved daughter, Delano Faye (Bill), grandchildren: John Johnson IV, Meshah Hawkins, Bruce Lemons (Libby), Atari Wallace, and Deyanna Barefield. Step-sons: Calvin (Mariyn), and Michael Thomas. Grandchildren: Zavion Knox, Tahj and Koran Hawkins, Anasia, Tren, and Tru Wallace, Maggie, Madison, and Marley Lemon, Kamri and Kiara Duncan, Mikiah Schooley, Jordan and Kaden Duncan, a beloved sister-in-law, Ruby Banks, Ruth Parham, faithful neighbor, Robert Bernard, and many other relatives and friends. My father was my rock, and he will forever remain in my heart as my hero.

Texas • JANUARY 29 - FEBRUARY 4, 2018

Public Notice National


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Women March 2018

Obamacare, HOUSTON - For the second elections. To that regard, the following day protests against consecutive year, women of another rally was held in Las Vegas with the White supremacy all ages, religions, cultures and theme, Power to the Polls. Thousands were (particularly economic backgrounds convoluted present as organizers promoted the national against the white in peace and harmony, around the voter registration tour, which is an effort to supremacist world to join in on the Women’s register a million new voters. gathering in March 2018. In January, the Another headline of many protests was Charlottesville, march was initiated following the sexual harassment. Last year exposed a wide Virginia) and inauguration of President Donald docket of high ranking scandals of sexual demonstrations Trump, with over 4 million misconduct involving men in power. Women against the attendees worldwide. Trusting are angry and they are speaking out about it. Republican tax in their intuition, many who felt The attempts to defund and curtail Planned plan.” Hence, the they were getting a bad deal out of Parenthood by Republicans and Donald federal governDonald Trump assuming the White Trump, was also top agenda amid protestors. ment shutdown House, returned to echo the same In essence, many women were gathered that occurred sentiments. around the world to say - they are tired of Saturday morning Erica Chenoweth at the getting a raw deal out of government. But, only served to University of Denver estimated an attendance of between 1.6 million and 2.5 million supporters at the varied demonstrations Mayor Sylvester Turner & Deshara Goss around the nation. The New York Times, Ainara Tiefenthaler found, of protests. Chenoweth and Pressman of the heighten the cause of the move“more than 200,000 protesters attended the Washington Post reported on numerous other ment and raise more awareness march in New York; 600,000 attended in anti-Trump rallies. Beyond the Women’s in regards to Trump’s policies. Los Angeles, Chicago turned out 300,000 March records that, “there have been many The debate over extending leand thousands in Washington, Philadelphia, more demonstrations speaking out against gal status to illegal immigrants Austin and hundreds of other cities and Trump and his views: the airport protests brought to the U.S. as children towns around the country…” against the travel ban, the Day Without an was one of the main elements relative to the shutdown. Fellow women in Organizers incorporated that other corners of the message and utilized it as a world also demonrallying cry, as well. strated allegiance in the cause of sisterOur publisher, Roy hood and equality. Douglas Malonson always Marches were held in says, “Your money and your places like, Germany, vote are two of the most Uganda, Japan and powerful tools that you have. many other regions; Therefore you should be nearly 40 were careful who you give them reported in Canada to.” Through actions many alone. Globally, legislators and leaders of the women stood in solicommunity appeared to agree darity with American with him on some level. The Little Kyre Smith attended the walk making a difference early. women, while drawing most impactful message that attention and creating resonated throughout the various platforms to address marches was the need for women to utilize at the end of the day if we can’t count on the different issues that their power at the polls. After last year’s anything else, we can count on POTUS to be affect their cultures. A woman attending the protest to preserve, protect, and promote Women Rights march, many women launched campaigns POTUS. True to form, Donald Trump seized for public office and have already saw Factors such as: the day to embellish in himself by boasting success. Speakers encouraged protestors to healthcare and immigration reform, women’s Immigrant, the Day Without Women, the on “unprecedented economic success and continue to seek office and support the sucreproductive rights, LGBTQ rights and many March for Science, the March for Truth, wealth creation” within his year in office. cess of Democrats in the upcoming midterm other pertinent issues were at the forefront LGBTQ Pride marches, rallies to save By: Rebecca Jones

HOU - 11

African American News&Issues


Texas • JANUARY 29 - FEBRUARY 4, 2018



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African-American News&Issues Vol. 23 Issue 2 (January 29 - February 4, 2018) HOU  
African-American News&Issues Vol. 23 Issue 2 (January 29 - February 4, 2018) HOU