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UNESCO AFRICAN YOUTH EXCHANGE A special cultural exchange and Academic Enrichment Program for youths abroad. The African Youth Exchange Program is an international students’ short-term travel program. With AYE program, students will travel to another country and have the opportunity to experience a different culture and advance them in academic and career interest as well as improve their knowledge and understanding of the world in a limited period of time.

Students will be able to explore and engage various institutions such as the African Union, United Nations, selective University campuses, museums of science and technology, museums of arts, take STEM classes, as well as participate in other fun programs and activities in the United States.


United Nations


The Rotary Club


African Views Organization

Youth Orientation for Development

World Mission

Academic Institutions

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS AND REQUIREMENTS Cost of travel, program fees, insurance, clothing, stipends or personal expenses are the responsibility of the participating students and their families. Travel to the host country is arranged by participating schools and the consortium in regards to determining dates, times and airlines to be booked for the exchange. Please see additional document attached.

QUALIFICATIONS FOR SHORT-TERM EXCHANGE STUDENTS Any student, age 12-18-1/2, of good character who possesses a warm personality and a desire to live abroad and host in return is eligible for the program. Candidates should be adaptable and flexible, well-mannered and want to experience life in other countries and cultures. Student must have completed and submitted form and must have fulfilled all required, such as essay, questionnaire and other obligations as determined or recommended by the consortium.

RESPONSIBILITIES OF EXCHANGE STUDENTS AYE Students are required to accept the following obligations: •

Students are expected to obey the laws of the host country at all times and accept the discipline of their host parents (Disobedient students will be terminated and parents will bear any travel surcharges).

Students are required to sign a written statement that they will not, under any circumstances, drive a motor vehicle during the Youth Exchange Program.

Students may be asked to perform tasks with other service organizations, youth groups, and community groups during their stay in the host country as relevant to their country or selfdevelopment.

During their stay abroad, students may be expected to attend official Youth Exchange Program functions.

Students are ambassadors for their home countries and must at all times behave in a manner which will reflect positively on their families, communities and country.

Students must travel directly to and return directly from their host countries. Students are not allowed to stay in the host country after the termination of the exchange period.


One of the greatest benefit of the program is the opportunity to meet children of the same age group from everywhere in the world. Student attend Youth programs visit schools and enjoy the benefit of exposure and life time friendship. In the pictures taken during 2016 UNESCO Youth Exchange program in (left) visit to Wallace School in Hoboken, NJ. (Middle Students from China. (Right) Meeting other student at the United Nations.

NOTES: • Once your visa is granted, and your flight is booked we will provide a checklist for the following: • Detail information about the Exchanges and Enhancement program Agenda and Schedule • Preparation for Arrival • Weather and packing • Arrival pick up / to the Student Hostel/ housing check-in/ Reception check-in) • Getting Settled/Getting Around

ATTEND BENEFITING PROGRAMS AT THE UN Gain access to large institutions such as the United Nations and African Union and other mayors, consul general and Governors offices to engage in opportunities for leadership development, study skills, life skills, career choice guidance.

ATTEND BENEFITING PROGRAMS AT THE UN Gain access to large institutions such as the United Nations


Meeting Senator Bill Perkins


• Meeting Mayor Dawn Zimmer • Invited to courts • Tour of the Hoboken city hall


A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY We provide international exposure to students who wish to excel in their studies during and gain additional insights from expert mentors in various STEM fields that would enhance the development of their potentials and the recognition of their roles and responsibility in fulfilling their career goals and societal needs.


NIGERIA Mr. Emmanuel Ejiogu 24, Fashoro Street, Surulere Lagos State +234.808.444.5199 +234.813.117.4801

UNITED STATES Mr. Wale Ajibade 223 Park Avenue Hoboken, NJ 07030 +01 646-226-0262

Unesco african youth exchange  

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