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welcome stand beside you through all of life’s challenges.

Strength We offer a depth, breadth and longevity that our competitors find difficult to match.

Thank you for taking time to learn more about KNM. Our purpose is to help Australian families and businesses secure their financial wellbeing. We offer:

Expertise Our advisers are specialists in their chosen fields.

Service Reliability, diligence, availability.

Trust Our clients come first and our mission is to serve them.

Convenience We offer a range of solutions and services across life insurance, income protection, legal services, superannuation including self managed superannuation and general insurance.

Care Our people genuinely care about our clients. When you hurt, we hurt. We


life insurance and general insurance When it comes to insurance we don’t offer just one product – we deal with most of the large Australian financial institutions and we seek out the product that offers you the best value.

Superannuation In superannuation, we have cutting edge self managed superannuation experts who can advise on structures that maximize your situation in a prudent and compliant way. If it is retail superannuation you need, we deal only with the major Australian institutions. KNM is such a trusted organization that we even deal with an industry superannuation fund.

We don’t take short cuts and we don’t invest your money where we wouldn’t place our own.


our promise

If it is legal services you need, you will soon see that our lawyers are a little different to others. We offer pragmatic, sound, commercial solutions. Whether it is a dispute, a business agreement, a property transaction or planning your estate, our people have the resources and capability to help.

When it counts, the people of KNM are there for our clients. Whether it’s dealing with a family death, not being able to work due to injury or illness, dealing with the complications of superannuation and taxation, obtaining legal advice or securing general insurance for your property or business, we offer care, support, expertise and reliability.

Our clients know that when they engage a KNM adviser they are getting a practical problem solver who can achieve the outcome they need.

our clients We have offices throughout Queensland but we are continually expanding into other parts of the country. We have a special affinity for Regional and Rural Australia serving the needs of families, farmers, and business people working in the agricultural sector and regional centres. We also work with the development industry, professional persons, company directors and SME business owners.

KNM - We stand beside you through all of life’s challenges.

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VALUES At KNM you can bank on straightforward, honest advice. You will be treated with the respect and courtesy that all of our clients, associates, representatives and colleagues deserve.

1. Trust Your trust is our honour. We will never breach your trust.

2. Expertise At KNM you will receive the services of a specialist. KNM engages life insurance experts, superannuation experts, SMSF experts, legal experts and general insurance experts.

3. Service Our aim is to exceed our clients’ expectations: to take the hassle out of their life, provide convenient solutions and help them, their families and their businesses succeed in every endeavour.

4. Prudence All KNM advisers are careful – especially when it comes to our clients and their future. As professional risk managers we remain vigilant for unforeseen risks. When you are not watching, we are.


5. Reliability We follow up. We call back. We check, check, check. KNM people are practical, logical people. We use something, others don’t: common sense.

6. Simplicity Financial services, legal services and estate planning can be complicated. We take the complexity out and everything we do is practical. We explain our recommendations in plain English.

7. People We care about our people. We care about our clients. We are interested in you, want to get to know you and want the best for you.

8. Delivery It’s no good talking the talk. You have to deliver. And in the end this is what KNM does – we deliver on our promises. And we deliver you the insurance, superannuation and legal solutions you need.

Trust, service, people. That’s our business.

KNM Professional KNM Professional is KNM’s dealership, offering risk advisers and financial planners a personalised “authorised representative” relationship. KNM’s Australian Financial Services Licence covers superannuation, life insurance, gearing, direct equities, basic deposit products, managed investment schemes and general insurance. KNM also holds an Australian Credit Licence. We are able to provide authorized representatives with professional indemnity insurance coverage, system support, administration support, compliance audits and compliance assistance, commission administration and of course, on-line training, supervision and professional development. We also offer KNM Professional, a website for the exclusive use of KNM advisers and authorised representatives. At there is a range of marketing, industry and compliance tools as well as a forum for advisers to share knowledge and experience.

Our Professional Development Days are held in Brisbane and we host an annual conference in a resort location. No egos, no ties: just learning, fun and sharing. When it comes to compliance we provide excellent resources, a comprehensive, easy to understand manual, and practical but careful assistance to our advisers. Our Managing Director takes a hands on role along with our highly experienced Compliance Administrator. So, if you are a risk adviser or a prudent financial planner who wants a dealership they can work with, KNM may offer you a home. If you are new to the industry we can offer you support, training and introductions. If you are more experienced we respect your right to run your business and if you are thinking about an exit, then KNM offers a succession facility.

KNM: a personalised package for authorised representatives.

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KNM FOR Life KNM for Life provides clients with specialized advice in relation to life insurance, income protection, total & permanent disability insurance and trauma insurance. We have the expertise to advise on buy-sell insurance, key person insurance and related business risk insurances. We understand the tax implications of life insurance and we know how best to structure policies to maximize the value of every premium dollar. We have specialist risk advisers employed in Cairns, Ingham, Mackay, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. All of our specialist risk advisers are supported by highly competent and efficient administrators. With well over 3,000 clients, KNM for Life specializes in providing life insurance solutions to the rural sector, the Queensland development industry and SMEs throughout Australia. We deal through and with a large number of accountants who rely on us to provide their clients with sound risk protection advice.


We deal with all of the major life insurance companies and on behalf of every client we search the market to find the best value policy possible. KNM for Life does more than just provide advice. We work with you, your accountant, your doctor and the life insurance companies to get you the life insurance cover you need as quickly and as hassle-free as possible. Speaking of hassle-free‌we offer a regular review service of your life insurance portfolio. If you are paying too much, if you need to change the configuration of your portfolio, we will look after this for you. Backed by a strong team with expert capability in general insurance, superannuation, self managed superannuation and law, KNM offers clients a panel of coordinated specialists.

Specialist risk advisers‌

KNM SUPERANNUATION At KNM we have built our reputation based on trust, prudent advice and careful implementation. Our expert superannuation advisers and planners are leaders in their field and are equipped to provide advice over a wide range of superannuation products including equities, fixed interests and property. Our self managed superannuation specialists are highly qualified and come with technical expertise second to none. Often this can involve investment in property using an SMSF. We use only blue ribbon superannuation funds. We are even authorized to advise in respect of an Industry Superannuation Fund. Our approved product list does not carry any highly leveraged boutique funds or agricultural schemes (eg. walnuts, olives etc).

As a company with a risk management heritage we advise our clients on investing their superannuation funds carefully. We listen to what you say about your goals, your needs and your risk appetite. We listen to what you tell us about what is important to you now and in the future and what is important for your family. If you are in business, KNM can take the hassle out of managing your staff superannuation. Our advisers are able to provide sound advice on estate planning issues as well and utilize the expertise of our life insurance and general insurance advisers as well as our lawyers.

Prudent, careful. That’s KNM Super.

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KNM GENERAL INSURANCE KNM General Insurance is a boutique general insurance brokerage focused on rural and commercial general insurance broking. Trading as Sunservices, we have underwriting arrangements in place with a wide range of high quality, reliable insurers. Whether it is business insurance for a tradesperson, professional indemnity insurance for an architect or an insurance pack for a farm, Sunservices is able to take your insurance needs to the market and find the best cover for the lowest price possible. With their expert knowledge, Sunservices is also able to provide advice on policy terms, claims management history, reliability and general quality of the policy.


As with all of KNM’s other business units, our services continue well after you take up your policy. After implementation of your policy, we review your cover each renewal date, we are available to handle any policy changes and we are there for you at claim time. Whether it’s KNM General Insurance, KNM for Life, KNM Superannuation or KNM Legal, our passion is to help.

Expert brokers offering boutique service.

KNM LEGAL KNM Legal is a commercial legal practice offering services in incorporations, business agreements, conveyancing and property transactions, wills and estate planning, dispute resolution and litigation as well as providing compliance services to the financial services sector. The firm’s principal has been involved in numerous mergers and acquisitions, acted for large financial institutions in relation to compliance matters, litigation and general commercial agreements. Our lawyers are also experienced in conveyanciy of residential property and commercial leases.

KNM Legal delivers a genuine, solution focused approach that puts commerciality and results for clients’ best interests before anything else. Our people have been in business and know the importance of availability, reliability and practicality. That’s the difference when you deal with KNM Legal.

KNM Legal: legal advice that delivers commercial results.

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Our people David Beaton Qualifications and Experience David is a Specialist Risk Adviser based on the Gold Coast.

David Beaton Dip FS Risk Insurance Specialist Gold Coast David Beaton is authorised by KNM Services Pty Ltd to provide advice on and deal in the following financial products: • Life Insurance

Special Skills • Personal risk advice - Life, Total and Permanent Disability, Trauma and Income Protection insurance. • Business risk advice – Buy/Sell, Partnership and Key Man insurance.


David joined KNM in 2009, and immediately improved KNM’s client service marketing procedures and refined the process. Once these processes were integrated throughout the KNM offices, David decided to take on an active adviser role and hasn’t looked back. David is very experienced within the finance industry. Prior to joining KNM he was with a leading private lender, specialising in high value and short term loans. David brings a professional and innovative approach to risk advice. His combined youth and industry experience make him a valued member of KNM for Life. David’s clients include company directors, tradespeople and self employed persons. To make an appointment with David, please call him on his direct line (07) 3620 6200, or for any general enquiries call KNM on 1300 566 566.

Ray Behn Special Skills • Personal Superannuation • Self Managed Superannuation Strategies • Personal Retirement and Investment Strategies

Ray behn Dip FS superannuation adviser brisbane Ray Behn is authorised by KNM Services Pty Ltd to provide advice on and deal in the following financial products: • Deposit and Payment • Life Insurance • Debentures, stocks or bonds issued or proposed to be issued by a government • Interests in Managed Investment Schemes including Investor Director Portfolio Services

Qualifications and Experience Ray has over 25 years experience in financial services becoming a financial planner in 2003. He has experience in the areas of estate and succession planning, superannuation and investment. Amongst other senior roles he was previously the Administration Manager responsible for investment management for Austrust, the largest trustee company in Australia and Senior Adviser at CB Financial, specialising in superannuation for large corporations and high net worth individuals.

Adviser Profiles • Securities

• Superannuation

• Gearing and Margin Lending products • Direct Equities

Ray holds a Diploma of Financial Services and is a Certified Financial Planner™. To make an appointment with Ray, please call him on his direct line (07) 3620 6200 or for any general enquiries call KNM on 1300 566 566.

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Steve Gibbs Qualifications and Experience

Steve Gibbs BSc, Dip FS Risk insurance Specialist mackay Steve Gibbs is authorised by KNM Services Pty Ltd to provide advice on and deal in the following financial products: • Life Insurance

Special Skills • Personal risk advice - Life, Total and Permanent Disability, Trauma and Income Protection insurance. • Business risk advice – Buy/Sell Partnership and Key Man insurance.


Steve has been working in the finance and insurance industry since 2000 and started with the KNM team in 2009. Since joining KNM, Steve has dedicated his efforts to servicing the Mackay, Whitsunday and coalfield areas, where he has called home with his family since 2000. Steve is skilled in all areas of personal and business insurance. He matches his professionalism with the valuable and comprehensive advice he provides to all clients. Steve’s clients include miners, self employed people and a range of professionals. To make an appointment with Steve, please call him on his direct line (07) 4957 5444 or for any general enquiries call KNM on 1300 566 566.

Kevin Hardwick Experience Kevin is a founding member of the business that became KNM Services Pty Ltd. Since then he has been providing specialist life insurance and superannuation advice to accountancy practices and their clients. Kevin is skilled in all areas of personal and business insurance.

Kevin Hardwick Dip FS Risk Insurance Specialist ingham Kevin Hardwick is authorised by KNM Services Pty Ltd to provide advice on and deal in the following financial products: • Life Insurance • Superannuation

Special Skills • Personal risk advice - Life, Total and Permanent Disability, Trauma and Income Protection insurance.

He has extensive experience in advising company directors and professional people, as well as families and business people in the rural sector. Kevin heads up KNM’s New Clients Advice Team, is responsible for business development in Far North Queensland and is a director of KNM. To make an appointment with Kevin, please call him on his direct line (07) 4776 3999 or for any general enquiries call KNM on 1300 566 566.

Adviser Profiles • Business risk advice – Buy/Sell Partnership and Key Man insurance.

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John Mulraney Qualifications and Experience

John Mulraney Dip FS Risk Insurance Specialist Brisbane John Mulraney is authorised by KNM Services Pty Ltd to provide advice on and deal in the following financial products: • Life Insurance • Superannuation

Special Skills • Personal risk advice - Life, Total and Permanent Disability, Trauma and Income Protection insurance. • Business risk advice – Buy/Sell Partnership and Key Person Insurance.


John has a Diploma in Financial Services. He has been working in the insurance industry since 2003 and started with the KNM team in 2007. Since joining KNM, John has dedicated his efforts to servicing the rural and regional areas of Australia. John’s clients include farmers, company directors, tradespeople, self employed and a wide range of people in the rural sector from around Australia. To make an appointment with John, please call him on his direct line (07) 3620 6200 or for any general enquiries call KNM on 1300 566 566.

Gavin Pitcher Qualifications and Experience

Gavin Pitcher Dip FS Risk Insurance Specialist carins Gavin Pitcher is authorised by KNM Services Pty Ltd to provide advice on and deal in the following financial products: • Life Insurance

Gavin has been in the insurance industry since 1993. Prior to that Gavin owned and managed his own business. He started with the KNM team in 2006 and he’s managed the Cairns area since then. Gavin’s clients range from individuals to businesses. Gavin has first hand experience of managing a business so he knows the importance of obtaining advice that can be trusted. To make an appointment with Gavin, please call him on his direct line (07) 4047 5900 or for any general enquiries call KNM on 1300 566 566.

• Superannuation

Special Skills • Personal risk advice - Life, Total and Permanent Disability, Trauma and Income Protection insurance.

Adviser Profiles • Business risk advice – Buy/Sell Partnership and Key Man insurance.

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ADMINISTRATION TEAM Kayla Crethar client services officer brisbane Kayla started at KNM in 2010 as an administrator. Kayla provides application and underwriting support for KNM advisers and assists clients in claims and enquiries. Kayla is involved in many facets of KNM’s operations. This includes assistance to authorised representatives. Kayla is currently completing a Diploma of Financial Planning. Kayla has a Bachelor of Business (QUT) majoring in Marketing. Please do not hesitate to contact Kayla with any enquiries on 1300 566 566.

LEISA DUKE customer liaison officer sunshine coast Leisa coordinates relationships with both KNM services and Sunservices Insurance. Leisa insures our clients receive the policies and services our risk, general risk, superannuation and legal teams provide. Leisa started her career in financial services industry working with a leading accounting firm in Brisbane specialising in providing superannuation and taxation advice. She also trained accountants and their staff in implementing programs used for the administration of super funds and for their clients using MYOB, Quick books and various other accounting and tax office programs. Already having a diploma in business management she then went on to complete her diploma in financial services. Please do not hesitate to contact Leisa on 1300 566 566.


COURTNEY cooper Client Services Officer Brisbane Courtney is responsible for maintaining and renewing client policies. Courtney joined the KNM team in 2011. She has a wealth of experience in customer service and administration roles. Courtney is studying for a Bachelor of Environmental Science. For enquiries regarding your existing policy, renewal or changes to your personal circumstances, please call Courtney on 1300 566 566.

ROBYN VADALA CLIENT SERVICES OFFICER INGHAM Robyn is responsible for maintaining and renewing client policies. Robyn has been in the financial services industry since 2000 and has worked in various roles within the organisation. Robyn has an Associate Diploma in Business. For enquires regarding your existing policy, renewal or changes to your personal circumstances, please call Robyn on her direct line (07) 4776 8901 or (07) 4776 3999.

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ADMINISTRATION TEAM JO BOTTRELL COMPLIANCE ADMINISTRATOR BRISBANE As the Compliance Administrator for KNM, Jo is responsible for the administration and management of authorised representative appointments, assisting in maintaining advice documents, and updating compliance registers. Having worked in the life insurance industry since 1998, Jo brings a wealth of experience to her role and KNM.

Paula Arciciga para legal, knm legal brisbane Paula Arciciga brings to KNM a wealth of experience in conveyancing, commercial law and dispute resolution. Paula holds a Bachelor of Laws.

bruce capland client service advisor brisbane Bruce is highly experienced in managing client services and is able to provide our clients with advice on thier existing policy needs.




Rod Baker CPA, BBus Non Executive Director

Marty is a lawyer with financial services and regulatory experience. Marty was a non-executive director of KNM from 2001 to 2005. In 2008 Marty was appointed Managing Director of KNM Group. Marty is currently studying for a Doctor of Business Administration. Marty is based in Brisbane, Qld.

Rod is the Managing Director of Business and Wealth Partners. Rod has had a long association with the KNM group and has been a Director of the company since its inception. Rod is based in Cairns, Qld.

Brian Stewart LLB MBA Non-Executive Chairman Kevin Hardwick Executive Director Kevin is a founding director of KNM and is a highly experienced life insurance adviser. Kevin is based in Ingham, Qld.

Brian has been Chairman of KNM since March 2011. He is a lawyer having formerly been the Secretary of the Attorney General’s Department in Queensland. Brian is the current CEO of the Urban Development Industry Association of Qld. Brian is based in Brisbane.

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BigTree Insurance Group

Mel Slade Mobile 0418 620 180 Phone (07) 4927 5899 Fax (07) 4927 5872 Address 104 Fitzroy Street, Rockhampton QLD 4700

Helena Blum Mobile 0417 609 960 Phone (07) 4053 5535 Fax (07) 4053 6635 Postal Address PO Box 4579, Cairns, QLD 4870

Authorised Representative Paul Eyles Mobile 0417 762 485 Phone (07) 4953 1116 Address PO Box 1086, Mackay QLD 4740

Av insure Trudy Kattwinkel Mobile 0419 628 190 Phone (07) 5607 0029 Address 6 Barker Street, Currumbin, QLD, 4223


Clarence Financial Services Anne Clarence Rhon Lewis Mobile Phone (07) 07 5527 1133 Fax (07) 5527 1444 Postal Address PO Box 3255 Helensvale, QLD, 4212

Mark Kelly Insurance Services Mark Dingle Mobile 0457 729 563 Address Shop 8/152 Marabou Drive, Annandale QLD 4814, Australia Phone (07) 4725 8801 Address 148 Edward St, Ayr, QLD, 4807 Phone (07) 4783 5380

north city group Roy & Lynette Levine Mobile 0414 644 717 Amanda Levine Mobile 0414 464 543 Phone 1300 044 824 (02) 9449 3608 / 9449 6335 Fax (02) 9440 8230 Address 3 Nioka Place, St Ives, NSW, 2075

Super Symmetry Solutions Bob Starzynski Mobile 0417 723 235 Phone (07) 3620 6206 Jeff Chung Mobile 0424 163 033 Phone (07) 3620 6207 Steve Penrose Phone (07) 3620 6208 Fax (07) 3630 2930 Address Suite 7, Level 1, 463, Nudgee Road, Hendra, QLD, 4011

Lighthouse Financial Advisers Townsville Michael Hogue B B D FP Certified Financial Planner Phone 1300 154 307 Fax 1300 154 907 Address Suite 1, 6 Aplin Street Townsville, QLD, 4810 Postal Address PO Box 1457 Townsville, QLD, 4810 us



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KNM culture

This is the way we do things at KNM:

3. At KNM we do business. We seek out opportunities and within the law and within our ethical framework, we do what is necessary to make business happen. While we have appropriate structures and processes in place, we resist bureaucracy and instead we endeavour to empower our people to make the decisions that are necessary.

1. At KNM we maintain traditional values – dear to us are quality, trust, reliability, honesty, sincerity, loyalty, open communication and just plain decency. Our people are focused on exceeding our clients’ expectations in all these regards and in performing our services as promised.

4. At KNM, we operate as a team. Our people back each other up, they provide each other with opportunities and they communicate with each other openly. It doesn’t matter the division, the team or the office – we are all striving towards to the same goals – satisfying clients.

At KNM Services, we have a special culture, a special character – it’s the way we think, the way we do things. It’s what makes KNM a little special and different. We are proud of our culture and we want to make sure we continue to do the things we do, the way we do them.

2. At KNM we like the people we work with. Everyone at KNM – staff, , representatives, shareholders, clients – are respected and valued as individuals and for the unique skills and qualities they bring to the company. We encourage our staff to maintain a healthy work/life balance.



KNM Mackay

Phone (07) 3620 6200 Fax (07) 3630 2930 Business Address Suite 7, Level 1, 463 Nudgee Road, Hendra, QLD, 4011

Phone (07) 3620 6200

Phone (07) 4957 5444 Fax (07) 4957 5455 Postal Address PO Box 1749, Mackay, QLD, 4740 Business Address Suite 8, The Park Centre, 50 Macalister Street, Mackay, QLD, 4740

KNM for life

KNM Ingham

KNM dealership

Phone 1300 566 566

Ruralco Phone 1300 753 864

KNM super Phone 1300 566 566

KNM legal Phone 1300 566 566

KNM General Insurance – Sunservices Phone (07) 4162 3339 Fax (07) 4162 4747 Business Address 196 Haly Street, Kingaroy, QLD, 4610

Phone (07) 4776 3999 Fax (07) 4776 2555 Postal Address PO Box 1488, Ingham, QLD, 4850 Business Address 2 Herbert Street, Ingham, QLD, 4850

KNM Cairns Phone (07) 4047 5900 Fax (07) 3630 2930 Business Address Suite 4, Level 1, 155 Mulgrave Road, Cairns 4870

KNM services’ fsg is available by calling 1300 566 566

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count on KNM Services to deliver you tailor-made financial and legal solutions

KNM Corporate Brochure  
KNM Corporate Brochure