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13 & 14 October 2022 | ExCeL London, UK Headline sponsor

CCR Trends Report: The Rise of Medical Aesthetics CCR’s annual Trends Report and Press Conference, discussing the medical aesthetic industry’s current trends in surgical and non-surgical aesthetics. Co-edited by Francesca White, editor of Tatler’s annual Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide and beauty editor-at-large, and Shannon Kilgariff, Aesthetics journal editor and content manager.

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Trends Report 2022

An exclusive look at what’s hot in the world of non-surgical rejuvenation New figures reveal that the UK’s non-surgical aesthetic specialty is valued in excess of £3 billion in the next 12 months. Yes, you read that right – 3 BILLION!1 Despite the country’s economic crisis, people are still willing to spend their money on treatments that not only make them LOOK better but, critically, FEEL better. So what exciting new trends can you expect to see in 2023? As the UK’s number 1 event for aesthetic practitioners, CCR is THE place to discover all the game-changing new treatments set to take the market by storm. And that’s not all; data obtained exclusively for CCR by RARE: Group gives in-depth insight into how we expect medical aesthetics to develop over the next year and what trends will emerge. Here we share a must-read summary…

Understanding demand through the ages Statistics reveal that the demand for aesthetic treatment is highest among 25-40-year-olds. Research found that 32% of 25-32-year-olds and 29% of 33-40-year-olds have had treatment or are considering doing so in the next 12 months.2 With collagen decline beginning around the age of 25, it is no wonder that this age group is beginning to explore aesthetic procedures. London-based aesthetic practitioner Dr Souphi Samizadeh, founder and director of Revivify London, says, “After the age of 25, people slowly start to lose volume in their face, while fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear. Within this age group, men and women are usually in full-time work and often don’t have children dependent on them, so have the disposable income to spend on themselves. In addition, they’re fully equipped with using social media and conducting their own online research, so are confident finding safe and suitable practitioners. I expect this trend to continue over the next few years.”


As expected, treatment remains popular within the peri- and postmenopausal age group of those aged 41-50, with 20% saying they have had or would consider treatment in the next 12 months.2 Dr Samizadeh comments, “This

of 25-32 year olds have had or are considering treatment in the next 12 months 2

Trends Report 2022

age group can be more cautious of aesthetic procedures; both in terms of spend and safety. They may have seen bad or ‘fake’ results 20+ years ago when techniques weren’t as sophisticated, so fear things going wrong or looking unnatural. They need lots of reassurance to help them part with their hard-earned cash and invest in something that will ultimately boost their confidence!” Shockingly, 13% of 16-17-year-olds in the UK have had or are considering treatment in the next year.2 Dr Samizadeh says, “It is terrifying to think that teenagers, whose bodies and facial features are still developing, have undergone an aesthetic procedure. It is important to highlight that since October 2021, it has been illegal to inject botulinum toxin or dermal filler in anyone under the age of 18. Unfortunately, there may be unscrupulous practitioners still offering treatment under the radar; these should of course be reported.” Significantly, however, 66% of this age group said that the cost of treatment could prevent them from going ahead with it.3 Dr Samizadeh emphasises, “If any teenager is considering treatment, ensure you speak to a qualified practitioner who will give you thorough advice when you turn 18. Remember, a good practitioner will always say ‘no’ to treatment if they don’t think you’re ready yet.”

Prioritising health and wellness We all know that being in optimum health can enhance the results of treatment. Quitting smoking, reducing alcohol intake, upping exercise and looking after your mental health have long been mainstay pieces of advice practitioners share with their patients. But are they supporting patients through such lifestyle changes? And if so, how are they doing it? To share best practice, CCR has launched the UK’s first Aesthetic Wellness agenda, curated by Dr Mayoni Gooneratne, who runs a health and wellness arm to her aesthetic clinic called Human Health. The focus here will be on the importance of implementing mental health support in aesthetic clinics, and introducing more wellness-focused services, such as weight management, health supplements, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and other ways to improve ageing on a cellular level from the inside out. Dr Gooneratne says, “Without wellness, we are nothing. What we see and hear in aesthetic clinics is patients unhappy with their skin, but that’s only because they can see something’s not right with it. What they’re not always seeing, and what is really happening, could be lack of sleep, poor diet, stress or other health issues, which should be prioritised before practitioners treat skin. It’s so important to address wellness first and I hope to see this developing over the coming years.” With the global wellness industry set to be worth US $7 trillion by 2025, we expect this to be big business and a continuing trend over the next few years.4 Statistics suggest that of adults who suffer from depression and anxiety, 42% would be more likely than the average adult to consider a procedure in the next year.5 Dr Gooneratne says, “This is concerning as it suggests that almost half of the people we as clinicians see are worried. These stats also don’t include other mental health conditions, so we have to be aware of those too. I have found that since the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of my patients have a degree of anxiety; it isn’t always appearance related, but it’s important they see medical aesthetic practitioners who are able to support them appropriately and ethically, which may mean not treating.” She continues, “I hope these stats don’t rise, and recommend those seeking treatment go to someone who will take the time to discuss any depression or anxiety that you may be suffering with and support you through this – having an aesthetic treatment isn’t the answer.”



of 16-17 year olds have had or are considering treatment

Trends Report 2022

Innovative injectables CCR is home to the most respected injectable brands in the UK, which will all be demonstrating their latest products and innovations. Here are our highlights:

Botulinum toxin: a new era Prescription-only wrinkle-relaxing injections are still amongst the most popular aesthetic treatments. For a number of years, a few brands of botulinum toxin have dominated the market. That’s set to change for the first time in 10 years. We’ve recently seen three new toxins come to market with new preparations and delivery methods. Dr Samizadeh is highly knowledgeable in this field. She says, “This is an interesting area of aesthetics and certainly one to keep an eye on, with big changes expected over the next couple of years. The wider availability of different products could see prices driven down to compete with other brands and, potentially, better and longer-lasting results as manufacturers up their research and development to stay relevant.” In the UK, you will need a prescription from an appropriately qualified medical practitioner to have wrinkle-relaxing injections as they are classed as a drug. This means that there are also strict rules on what we can say about them. If you would like to know more, get in touch with Mantlepiece PR (contact details below) who can put you in touch with relevant professionals. Introducing hybrid injectables Combining treatments for enhanced results is not unusual. Now, Allergan Aesthetics has made it even easier with its latest innovation. HArmonyCa is a hybrid injectable treatment that combines hyaluronic acid (HA) and calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) to offer an immediate lifting effect, while influencing new collagen production for longer-lasting results. A study found that more than 90% of patients reported an improvement in their appearance following treatment, while president of Global Allergan Aesthetics Carrie Strom says the product “May answer some of the multi-dimensional needs of ageing skin.”6 Dr Tapan Patel, founder and director of Aesthetics Award-winning PHI Clinic in London, says, “I always felt there was a missing piece from the treatments we had to offer our patients. We had great innovations for building volume, treating pigmentation and improving skin texture, but there were a lot of patients who we couldn’t help – those with poor skin architecture. With dermal fillers, you might be able to improve patients to a certain extent, but they would still have some lines, creases and accordion lines, which are those that form from the corner of the mouth and go across to the lower part of the cheek.” Dr Patel adds, “Of course, there was calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA), which could create positive results, but the problem was that it didn’t last very long. That’s why we have a place for the new hybrid HArmonyCa collagen-stimulating injectable, which combines CaHA and HA in a single syringe for both an immediate and sustained lifting effect.” Find out more by visiting the Allergan Aesthetics stand at CCR. Bespoke treatments, bespoke results One of the negative stereotypes of having filler treatment is ‘everyone looks the same’. While we know that’s not true if you’re treated by a highly-experienced, qualified medical practitioner, global pharmaceutical company Galderma is making doubly sure


New Restylane Holistic Individualised Treatment (HIT) by Galderma

Trends Report 2022

this doesn’t happen with its new treatment approach, recommended to all practitioners who use its Restylane range. The methodology involves helping patients discover how treatments can work in conjunction to achieve individualised natural, balanced and beautiful results. You may have heard of HIIT in the workout sense, but have you heard of HIT in the aesthetics world? The newly-coined acronym from Galderma stands for Holistic Individualised Treatment. The simplified approach is based on cross-usage of products for different areas of concern. These include five different HITs: Bright Eyes, Profile, Kiss & Smile, Glow On and Shape Up. Galderma experts are tailoring HITs to suit you – find out more by visiting the team at their stand. The power of polynucleotides Another area of injectables set to make an impact in 2023 is the use of polynucleotides. One brand – Plenhyage XL – has its debut at CCR. These polynucleotides are natural, highly-purified DNA molecules extracted from royal wild salmon.

Game-changing HArmonyCa dermal filler by Allergan Aesthetics

The cruelty-free product comes in the form of an injectable gel, which help repair tissue by stimulating fibroblasts, encouraging cell turnover, improving elasticity, boosting collagen production and hydrating skin, thanks to its powerful wound-healing polymers. Not only that, it calms inflammation and rebalances melanocyte activity to create an even and refreshed skin tone.

Plenhyage XL key opinion leader and consultant plastic surgeon Mr George Christopoulos says, “It’s exciting to have a new regenerative product on the market that works differently from the usual aesthetic tools.” Find out more via Plenhyage XL’s exclusive distributor, DermaFocus. Another product that use polynucleotides is Juvenus from Croma-Pharma, which launched last year. Derived from germinated wild salmon cells, the product is injected into the deep layers of the dermis and rejuvenates the skin by increasing the ability of the fibroblasts to synthesise collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Boost that collagen While we’re used to hearing about HA dermal filler, there are other options available.

Power up your skin rejuvenation with polynucleotides – the latest tool in regenerative medicine

Gouri is the first product that uses liquid-type polycaprolactone to offer longer-lasting results, which are usually first visible after one to two weeks. Encouraging collagen production across the face, the product offers smooth results that can last up to a year. Also new to the market is Novuma, which promises results that last between one to two years. Novuma uses calcium hydroxyapatite to stimulate collagen to lift and correct signs of facial fat loss, while improving moderate-to-severe facial lines and smoothing skin. The product also increases the activation of fibroblasts to enable your skin to produce more collagen – something we’re all after! Hairvolution While platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can be used alone to boost hair growth, results are very dependent on the individual, so it is usually used as an adjunct to other more invasive treatments such as a hair transplant. A new study, however, has looked at using PRP alone with the Arthrex ACP double syringe (a device used to facilitate the preparation of autologous PRP from a sample of blood) and it showed promising results.


Trends Report 2022

Innovative Topilase by Prollenium

Clinicians noted a 46% improvement in hair density, 45% thickness, 54% quality, 21% sheen, 68% hair growth, 20% less hair growth and only 4% no effects. The report notes that an average of 8 out of 10 patients are very likely to recommend PRP treatments to friends. With non-surgical developments such as this increasing, it could mean patients don’t have to go down the often expensive and time-consuming transplant route to get their hair back!7 Developments in filler dissolving Tackling dermal filler complications with the world’s first topical hyaluronidase is Topilase from Prollenium – a Canadian-based filler researcher and manufacturer making waves here in the UK. The skin serum contains small amounts of an enzyme complex that can dissolve HA filler, which allows minor filler imperfections to be corrected without risk or trauma. Dr Emily Mehta, medical director of Harley Academy and STORY Clinics, says, “It is particularly useful in the under-eye and lip areas, which is where I see more than 90% of filler problems. Both areas are easily overtreated by less experienced practitioners and can also occasionally cause product migration. The process is completely painless – it is simply a serum that is rubbed into the area where filler needs to be reduced or removed.” You can find out more about Topilase, along with Prollenium’s REVANESSE HA portfolio which launched at CCR last year, by visiting the Prollenium stand.

Taking the lead in topicals An exciting array of non-injectable products are sure to hit the headlines this year, and all are showcased at CCR. Here are some of the most promising… The ultimate skin collab You’ll have heard of Dermalogica – the skin brand praised by experts – and you’ll definitely know HydraFacial as one of the most advanced facials in the world; but now it’s time for Dermalogica x HydraFacial Treatment. For the most enviable, hydrated and optimised skin, you’ll need to book your session asap. The multi-step treatment will combine the benefits of hydradermabrasion, a chemical peel, LED light therapy, painless extractions and a special delivery of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and peptides. In addition, it may also include lymphatic drainage to improve detoxification, or a personalised booster to improve skin hydration and ageing concerns.


“Topical hyaluronidase is useful in the under-eye and lip areas, which is where I see more than 90% of filler problems” Dr Emily Mehta

Trends Report 2022

Ultimate combinations Hyperpigmentation and discolouration should become a thing of the past thanks to a novel new product line called Cyspera Intensive System from AestheticSource. Using a three-stage process comprising Cyspera Intensive, Cyspera Neutralise and Cyspera Boost, the product uses a trademarked Cysteamine Isobionic-Amid complex to target persistent brown patches and dark spots, then Neutralize rebalances the epidermis and neutralises the cysteamine odour, before Boost uses the Isobionic-Amid complex to even skin tone and improve complexion. A clinical study of 28 patients found the products provided 10% better evening of skin tone within four weeks, and four times better toleration after 16 weeks.8 Consultant dermatologist Dr Jinah Yoo, who practises in London, says, “The Cyspera Intensive System is an exciting and innovative launch as it offers a long-awaited, clinically proven alternative to hydroquinone. The three-step system delivers impressive results on persistent epidermal pigmentation to even out the skin tone. Its suitability for long-term use makes it a game-changer in pigmentation treatments.” Mimicking magic Another not-to-be missed product combo also comes from skincare distributor AestheticSource. The company’s award-winning skincare brand skinbetter science now as three new skincare regimens designed to offer the most effective results, based on your skin type. Where to Start Regimen is perfect for aged-looking skin of any tone. A clinical study found that after 12 weeks, 100% of patients reported that skin appeared brighter, more radiant, even looking, healthier and youthful. Researchers reported a 64% improvement in skin dullness, as well as a 54% improvement in skin texture after 12 weeks’ use.9 The Clarity Regimen is ideal for patients dealing with skin ageing and blemishes. After only four weeks, 80% of patients felt better about themselves, said pores were less visible and their skin felt less greasy. Researchers noted a 52% improvement in the appearance of skin clarity after 12 weeks.9

Discover new patented technology Dermatopoietin in Evenswiss skincare


Pigmentation control for all skin types: Cyspera Intensive System from AestheticSource

Trends Report 2022

Finally, the Even Glow Regimen is designed to address the appearance of brown, red and yellow discolouration that can occur from sun damage. After 12 weeks’ use, researchers found that patients experienced a brilliant 44% improvement in brown patches. Additionally, 96% of patients agreed that discolouration and overall skin tone had improved, while their skin was more even. An exciting new patented technology called Dermatopoietin is enhancing skincare results by up to 90% in two weeks.10 By mimicking a natural signalling cytokine found in the skin, Dermatopoietin, found exclusively in Evenswiss skincare, triggers a surge in collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production. Thanks to this, clinical studies have shown improvements in fine lines and wrinkles, skin density, under-eye bags, cellulite and hair loss.10 Miss Rachna Murthy, founder and director of Face Restoration in London, says, “The brand has already developed a cult following amongst our patients!” Find out more at the Evenswiss stand. Three-in-one facials A three-in-one facial that promises to give users soft, hydrated, radiated and tighter skin in just 45 minutes is now available. DermaFrac combines microdermabrasion and microneedling with the simultaneous infusion of potent serums to tackle everything from congested skin to fine lines and hyperpigmentation. With multiple skin infusion serums to choose from, patients will undergo a bespoke treatment tailored to their needs. Dr Preema Vig, founder and director of Dr Preema London, says, “DermaFrac eliminates potential problems associated with traditional microneedling roller treatment, where variations in pressure applied can produce uneven and unpredictable results. It’s a welcome addition to my clinic.” Check out the Eden Aesthetics stand to learn more.

Light up your life with new Dermalux Compact Lite

Proteins, peptides and patches Delivering active ingredients directly to the skin can have a huge impact on aesthetic concerns. Thanks to Luna however, the possibility of effective delivery of active proteins and peptides offers fantastic results. The product was even recognised as an Aesthetics Awards Product Innovation Finalist earlier this year. Based on natural hyaluronic acid in the form of self-dissolving micro-cones, the microstructure concentrates and precisely delivers the active ingredients to target areas of concern such as ageing, wrinkles, expression lines, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, acne, hormonal breakouts and whiteheads. Dr Deniz Kanliada, who runs his self-titled clinic in Harley Street, says, “This advanced two steps skin-transforming system reveals skin that looks smoother and clearer.” For more info, visit Luna MicroCare’s stand. Bubble building blocks World-leading consultant plastic surgeon Mr Tunc Tiryaki has led a team of internationallyacclaimed plastic surgeons from the US and Europe, alongside biotechnology and genetic engineers from Harvard University, to develop a novel new skincare product called Messagere that uses exosomes. Exosomes are tiny bubbles released from stem cells, which act as building blocks and messengers. They have the power to repair and rejuvenate tissue, as well as reduce inflammation. As it is not permitted to use human exosomes, the ones used in Messagere are derived from newborn calf blood. They are obtained from the placenta following the birth and do not cause any harm to the animals. Studies have so far suggested that exosomes reduce wrinkles and increase skin elasticity significantly more than retinol, which is the current leading evidence-based topical for antiageing.11


Three-in-one DermaFrac facial for soft, hydrated, radiated and tighter skin in just 45 minutes!

Trends Report 2022

Bright futures for flawless skin The latest innovation from SkinCeuticals promises to soothe inflammation, while correcting and reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation simultaneously. Phyto A+ Brightening Treatment is an oil-free moisturiser, which has been clinically proven to reduce blemishes by 20%, improve rough skin texture by 19% and reduce pore clogging surface oil by 28%.12 The product is enriched with the same phyto botanical blend at the heart of SkinCeuticals’ hero product and #2 bestseller globally, Phyto Corrective serum, one bottle of which is sold every minute, so is sure to be a big hit! Professor Firas Al-Niaimi, a consultant dermatologist based in London, says, “Not all patients are able to or wish to tolerate dryness or redness that retinoid, for example, can cause. It is good to have an alternative that addresses the three main contributing factors to dull skin without clogging pores or introducing unnecessary ingredients to the skin.” Getting personal You can now quickly and easily customise your skincare to your exact concerns, thanks to the fantastic new Lesielle device from 3D Aesthetics. Your skincare concerns are gathered via an online questionnaire, which then uses an advanced algorithm to identify the products

Customise your skincare to your exact concerns thanks to the new Lesielle device from 3D Aesthetics


Trends Report 2022

and ingredients that can be combined to best suit your skin. The formula can be adapted as and when you need to; giving you the power to add or alter properties and ingredients as your skin concerns change. The device produces skincare that only contains what you need, with high percentages of active ingredients for a truly effective solution. Lesielle has been developed by pharmacists, engineers and designers, as well as being tested by dermatologists, so you can trust you’re in good hands with its creations! Supplement success While not a topical, a new oral supplement promises to restore cellular NAD+ levels to slow ageing and transform skin from the inside out. The natural molecules found in every cell in your body drop by approximately 50% every 20 years, but Nuchido TIME+ has been found to increase levels by an impressive 242%. With plans to diversify into additional products to target cellular ageing, Nuchido could be a real trendsetter when it comes to supplementation.13

Devices that deliver With so many powerful machines in action across the country, it’s hard to know which are truly transformative. We’ve rounded up some of the best with updates on their latest developments: Leading lasers Faster and stronger than ever before, the PicoSure Pro system by Cynosure is here to tackle hyperpigmentation in all skin types, reduce wrinkles and acne scars and improve overall skin tone. With patients reporting 100% satisfaction on RealSelf and 83 peer-reviewed publications to its name, this device has the power to make a difference!14 Another laser making waves is the Emerald from Erchonia. As the only laser with US FDA clearance for overall body circumference reduction in patients with small pockets of fat, or those with a BMI of up to 40, it is one to watch. The effective product targets fats cells and shrinks the fatty liquids inside, without harming the cells. The procedure is reported to be painless with no side effects, and the average circumference loss is an impressive six inches!15 Tackling acne can be a challenge, but now a new laser is heading to the UK with the FDA stamp of approval. AviClear from Cutera is the first and only FDA-cleared energy device for the treatment of mild, moderate and severe acne. It uses a 1726 nm wavelength to resolve acne at the source, by selectively targeting the sebocytes and suppressing sebum production, offering patients a safe, prescription-free solution. Clinical trials have found that future breakouts are shorter, less intense and more infrequent following the AviClear procedure.16 Could this change the way acne is treated moving forward? Board-certified dermatologist Dr Jeffrey S. Dover certainly thinks so. He says, “Topical therapies yield temporary results and oral medications present several challenges. AviClear offers patients a safe, well-tolerated, drug-free approach with durable results, which significantly shifts the treatment paradigm for acne.” Body sculpting boost Google trends have shown a 60% increase in searches for ‘body contouring near me’, demonstrating a growing interest nationwide over the past 12 months.17


Sculpt your body and banish cellulite with the impressive Endospheres device

Trends Report 2022

Laser innovations leading the way is the PicoSure Pro system by Cynosure

One of the devices showing promising results for not only contouring, but cellulite reduction, blood circulation and muscle recovery, is Endospheres. Known as a Compressive Microvibration® treatment, the device has been found to improve skin appearance and boost general health. Dr Galyna Selezneva, who practises at the Dr Rita Rakus Clinic in London, says, “Aesthetic treatment technology has evolved so much that I believe liposuction will not be needed in future… Paired with a healthy lifestyle, Endospheres generates impressive results, and I’m so excited to be able to offer this to my patients as part of their treatment plans.” Visit the Endospheres stand for more. Lighting the way with LED Light-based treatment with LED has long been an effective method of rejuvenating skin and the awardwinning Dermalux devices can be found in hundreds of clinics across the UK. Now the brand has released the Dermalux Compact Lite – an adjustable LED panel design which enables versatile positioning for use with a treatment couch or chair. The new device is a full technology upgrade to the current Compact system; it has had a redesign with an articulated panel head for face, scale and body treatment and touchscreen (iPad style) operation. The product uses unique Tri-Wave MD technology to reduce redness and hyperpigmentation, as well as

LED convenience with RENEW Pro Facewear by LUSTRE® ClearSkin


Trends Report 2022

rejuvenating spot-prone skin. The device will be medically CE certified and US FDA cleared for the launch later this year. Another product leading the way forward in LED is the RENEW Pro Facewear by LUSTRE® ClearSkin. This is the first semi-flexible light therapy mask in the UK to be wireless and to feature multiple functions with a compatible iOS/Android app, enabling users to create personalised sessions tailored to their own skin needs.

“Innovative uses of ultrasound Performed on a clean, dry face, each pre-set routine lasts just 10 minutes. The mask starts working from the very first use, not only targeting the skin physically, but are growing promoting a sense of wellbeing and helping to boost mood too. With daily use, users will typically notice an improvement after just 30 days. Visible improvement of the skin, steadily. Its use skin tone and smoothness may be observed after six weeks. The LUSTRE® ClearSkin REVIVE is available for at-home use, while patients can also could transform benefit from the brand’s ClearSkin 3XPRESS™ Beauty Patches that fit anywhere on the face or body, as well as its skincare range. aesthetic Ultrasound innovations Most commonly known for its use in pregnancy scans, ultrasound does have other practice over uses too! In aesthetic medicine, it is used for facial and body contouring, with fantastic results achieved. the next few In addition, momentum is starting to build for ultrasound’s use in guiding appropriate placement of injectables, as well as helping to manage complications. years” Consultant plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon Mr Dalvi Humzah says, “Innovative uses of ultrasound are growing steadily – while it can enhance safety, it’s not without controversy; practitioners should not rely on ultrasound for placement and of course need to have sound anatomical knowledge before they treat any patient. Its use could transform aesthetic practice over the next few years.”

Mr Dalvi Humzah

To learn more about ultrasound, check out Clarius, distributed by Advantech Surgical. Lift and smooth In just one or two treatments, patients are seeing improvements in fine lines and wrinkles, as well as a lift to their eyebrows, neck and chin tissue thanks to the new Softwave ultrasound device. Different to the type described above, the technology, which is US FDA-cleared, generates heat at the appropriate depth to trigger neocollagensis, which increases and regenerates collagen in the skin for a rejuvenated effect. Dr Munir Somji, founder and director of Dr MediSpa clinics in London and Essex, says, “I have always been an advocate of ultrasound technology to help improve the skin for some of the most common concerns, laxity, lines and wrinkles and overall tone and texture. Not all ultrasound is created equal, and Softwave has managed to achieve exactly what is needed to get optimal results with just the right amount of energy and depth. It is more tolerable for the patient than its predecessors, and the results are consistent and repeatable.” Reducing radiofrequency time You may have heard of Thermage – a radiofrequency device that smooths, tightens and contours skin – but you need to check out the newly US FDA-approved Thermage FLX. The system features a new vibrating handpiece to help enhance patient comfort, and a larger treatment tip that reduces procedure time by 25%.18 In only one treatment, gentle heating tightens existing collagen and stimulates the production of new collagen, all with little-to-no downtime for the patient.

Smooth, tighten and contour skin with newly US FDA-approved Thermage FLX







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Trends Report 2022

Cosmetic surgeon Dr Angelica Kavouni says, “This is the gold standard in our practice and our most popular skin smoothing treatment for face and body.” Meet the team behind the product at the Solta Medical stand. Two times the power Combining treatments in aesthetics is not unusual, but what is unique is the innovative twoin-one technology that uses radiofrequency microneedling (RFM) and high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to lift, firm and tighten the face and body through one device. The Focus Dual from Lynton targets heat to the deepest layers of the skin, while the upper skin remains intact, resulting in almost no downtime. Every layer of the skin can be treated, offering patients bespoke procedures based on their individual concerns. Getting photo fabulous The new protocol for laser device company Lumenis does what it says on the tin – Photofabulous gets you camera ready by combining two of its leading technologies. The Stellar M22 IPL and ResurFX address both skin pigmentation and texture issues, as well as stimulating collagen and elastin to leave you with healthy, radiant-looking skin. After this treatment you can confidently ditch the filters and go makeup free on those video-conferencing calls! Photo masterpieces Award-winning imaging device company QuantifiCare has launched an upgrade to the impressive LifeViz Infinity – the LifeViz Infinity Pro, distributed by DermaFocus in the UK. The 3D cameras allow practitioners to standardise before and after images to aid first-class visualisation of results, while computer imaging technology allows for simple and effective photo comparison. The hand-held device, which can also be mounted on a tripod, captures 360° face and body photos in 3D. The technology allows practitioners to simulate expected treatment results and perform skin analysis to see the extent of sun damage, spots, rosacea and hyperpigmentation, giving you the opportunity to see for yourself what a difference aesthetic treatment can have! Another exciting new imaging device is the oVio360. With just one click of a button, it can capture 360° high definition images with consistent lighting, positioning, white balance, background, colour balance and framing. The clever device can also take 360° motion capture videos, and allows practitioners to create custom galleries for you to review all of your images. Check out oVio360 for yourself at CCR.

Staying safe while looking beautiful A significant amount of people in the UK are hesitant to undergo treatment due to concerns over the safety of the procedure and quality of the product. According to the RARE: Group data, this includes 80% of 25-32-year-olds, 78% of 33-40-year-olds and 84% of 41-50-year-olds.3 So what can patients do to ensure safety and quality? CCR hosts the annual Aesthetic Complications Expert (ACE) Group World conference. This key association shares expert advice on essential safety precautions and what to do in an emergency. Medical director of the group Dr Martyn King says, “The findings of the RARE: Group report are reassuring! Personally, I am encouraged when a new patient comes into my clinic and they have done their research on the clinic, the practitioner and their treatment. However, there needs to be more focus on where they obtain this information and not just looking at the



of 41-50 year olds are hesitant of treatment due to concerns over procedure safety and product quality

practitioner website, social media or adverts, which can sometimes be misleading.”

Trends Report 2022


Nurse prescriber and ACE Group World director of regulatory affairs Sharon King adds, “Look at their qualifications, check they are on a professional register, have a look at their professional affiliations; for example, have they written articles for journals or held any positions of responsibility? Also, when the public are researching treatments, they should visit non-promotional sites that offer unbiased information such as health websites, the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) or ACE Group World patient information leaflets.” Since travel restrictions have eased following the pandemic, the UK has also seen an increase in surgery complications. Patients requiring corrective surgery after returning from abroad increased by 44% in 2021 compared to 2020, and surgeons expect this rise to continue.19

increase in corrective surgery after patients get treated abroad

According to reports, some patients had life-threatening concerns that required emergency surgical removal of dead tissue and admission to intensive care for life support following systemic infection.19 Consultant plastic surgeon Mr Naveen Cavale, UK national secretary of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS), says, “It is worrying to see so many people returning to the UK with complications from surgery abroad and, unfortunately, as a result of the cost of living crisis, we’re likely to see more people travelling for cheaper deals. I would urge anyone considering surgery abroad to think twice and if you do decide to go ahead, check the ISAPS Medical Travel Guide for advice before booking.” In the Medical Travel Guide you can find ISAPS members, guidelines for plastic surgery tourists, travel planning, surgeon selection and appropriate surgical settings, as well as appropriate recovery, aftercare and complication procedures.20

Aesthetics is a booming industry As the earlier statistics suggest, the development of the aesthetics specialty is not slowing down, and we are seeing new trends emerging all of the time. Over the next year, it will be particularly interesting to see how the botulinum toxin market – which hasn’t seen much change for a decade – will evolve; how will the new products influence prices and demand? Regenerative medicine will also be an area to keep a close eye on; how will this impact the ageing face and will its success mean less demand for other treatments? While we may not have all the answers just yet, we can guarantee that CCR 2023 will be the place to find them! Keep in touch and join us again next year.


Trends Report 2022

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Trends Report 2022

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Trends Report 2022


Trends Report 2022

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See you next year Register your interest for 2023

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