Aesthetics july 2014

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WHAT YOU SEE She may narrow her focus on one area, but together we help her appreciate a holistic approach to peri-orbital treatment.

An eye for detail.

Allergan and You. You provide your skills and passion, while we provide a unique portfolio of innovative products. Together we are committed to revitalising the peri-orbital area. UK/0053/2014 January 2014

Botulinum Toxin CPD Article 14906 UK Aesthetics Journal Front Cover_June 14_V2.indd 1

An examination of the literature and emerging indications by Mr Dalvi Humzah, Professor Andy Pickett and Anna Baker

Pain Management

The Aesthetics Awards 2014

Invasive or 15:21 04/06/2014 non-invasive?

Practitioners discuss their preferred methods of keeping patients’ discomfort to a minimum

How to enter, and why we should be celebrating innovation and excellence in medical aesthetics

Mr Adrian Richards on the surgical and non-surgical options for aesthetic treatments