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Check out new sculpture artist Maureen Morris superb antler carvings.

Join us for our exhibition opening 'Reverie' with work by North Vancouver Artist Alissa Kim Tjen.

We have some some beautiful new work in the gallery, including new pieces by Rande Cook and Wilfred Sampson

DON'T MISS YOUR CHANCE TO SEE POPULATED BY MARK THIBEAULT Don't miss your chance to see this fabulous exhibit by Telkwa artist Mark Thibeault. Thibeault’s practice extends across painting, music and lutherie, he is inspired by the natural environment, and how it and human experience both continually adapt to the other’s changing influence and needs.


Maureen Morris has been carving for over 40 years. Her work is characterized by exquisite detail and flowing lines that blend effortlessly with the antler form. Morris grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia and now makes her home in Atlin, Yukon. Fall 2022

Issue 04


White Hawk Watching Antler and Wood

Salmon Antler and Whale Bone

Antler Sculpture Antler and Wood Fall 2022

Issue 04

REVERIE EXHIBITION OPENING WITH WORK FROM ARTIST ALISSA KIM TJEN October 1st 2022 Opening 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Artist Talk October 7th 2:00 PM

Aesthete Fine Arts is excited to announce an evening of art, food and some wonderful new paintings by artist Alissa Kim Tjen! Alissa Kim Tjen is currently based out of North Vancouver, BC. She has participated in a number of juried group exhibitions throughout Vancouver and her work can be found in private collections in Canada, the United States, Germany, India, South Korea, Australia, and the UK.


Alissa is a member of the Canadian Federation of artists and holds a Bachelor of Design from Emily Carr University. Her work has been shown in galleries across Vancouver and she was recently featured in Saatchi Art's Best of Spring 2021.

I explore what is beyond water, especially the resting water that is quiet and serene. As I observe the reflections on the water, I delve into the dualities of reflection and depth. Water not only replicates the world and objects in its reflections but also replicates the dreamer as it invites the dreamer into a new experience. Clouds live in symbiosis with deep water as waterlilies with the sky. Water allows images to intersect with each other, making it a universal home for the world underneath and above. I explore this phenomenon using acrylics which has the benefit of conveying the degree of opacity. The depth of water is conveyed with more opaque layers of paint while a transparent and watercolour-like fluidity reveals the overlapping world of sky and water. I am moving from representation to abstraction in order to make the process become an experience of being in nature. In my process, there’s a balance between chance and control, unexpected and expected and coincidental and intentional. I like my brush to guide itself, making its own movements. I like to control the shapes by giving loose strokes a defined form. There are areas that are dense with delicate shapes and lines that merge and overlay, while there are areas that are airy, open and simple. Intuitive choices conceal some layers and and brushworks and allow those underneath to rise above. Some brush marks fade, some redefine; some create their own form. The background becomes the foreground and the foreground merges into the background with some brushworks floating above the surface, some sinking below. This conscious and unconscious act of layering creates a depth of water, as well as the surface of the water, that reflects its imagined, unknown world above.

Paradise of Green III Acrylic on Canvas 30 x 40

As we know, water is a source of life, renewal, healing, change and reconciliation. It echos an intimate reflection of one’s own inner being. My paintings reunite me with many happy memories of being by the water. It becomes a metaphor for my inner peace and reconciliation. I constantly strive to express the natural beauty and what is yet to be seen.

Fall 2022

Issue 04


Fall 2022

Unity Totem Wilfred Sampson Cedar

Issue 04

New Arrivals from Rande Cook

Fall 2022

Fall 2022

Issue 04


NathanWWW.AESTHETEFINEARTS.CA Cyprys ! Fall 2022

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