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2019 | ISSUE 4

THE AEROTROPOLIS CIDS DIGEST The official newsletter of the Aerotropolis Community



The Airport West Community Improvement District and Airport South Community Improvement District (collectively “Aerotropolis Atlanta Community Improvement Districts” or “AACIDs”) were recently awarded a Livable Communities Initiative (LCI) grant to complete the AeroATL Greenway Concept Development. The AeroATL Greenway Concept Development is the

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next phase of the AeroATL Greenway Plan completed in fall 2018. Each of the partners (Aerotropolis Atlanta Alliance, Aerotropolis Atlanta CIDs, Clayton County and the cities of Atlanta, East Point, Forest Park, Hapeville, South Fulton and Union City have identified a model mile trail segment to further develop concept and feasibility The AACIDs are soliciting Proposals from qualified firm(s) or organization(s) to provide Consultant Services for professional services to complete the AeroATL Greenway Concept Development. This Request for Proposals (RFP) seeks to identify potential providers for the Scope of Services included in the RFP package.

Click to Download the RFP DUE AUG 9TH

JULY 2019, ISSUE 4



In order to better understand the freight and the logistics process that impacts our region, we are well underway with the Aerotropolis Atlanta Freight Cluster Plan (FCP) study. We are working in tandem with several partners, including the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), the Aerotropolis Alliance, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), Fulton and Clayton Counties, and the cities of Hapeville, East Point, College Park, South Fulton and Forest Park. The study will examine the existing and projected future conditions of freight movement around the airport and recommend improvements that will aid in the continued movement of cargo in and through the airport area. The FCP area was estimated to be $313 billion more than five years ago and has seen double-digit expansion since the last study was done. FCP will examine the existing and projected future conditions of freight movement around the airport and recommend improvements that will aid in the continued movement of cargo in and through the airport area. Please CLICK HERE for more information and stay tuned for our upcoming podcasts next month!

BRINGING NEW LIFE TO OLD NATIONAL HIGHWAY In partnership with the City of College Park and the Old National Merchant’s Association we have completed the beautiful landscape install on Old National Highway. We’re currently painting the sidewalks across the bridge for added “pop”.



A special thank you goes out to Councilman Tracey Wyatt for his support on this project.  

JULY 2019, ISSUE 4

VIRGINIA AVENUE SMART CORRIDOR 2ND PUBLIC MEETING The AACIDs will host its second public meeting for the Virginia Avenue Smart Corridor on Thursday, August 15, 2019 from 5:00 - 7:00 PM at the Virginia Crossing Development at 1005 Virginia Avenue.  The meeting will share project updates and and answer any pertinent questions regarding the direction of the study. The survey results truly helped to organize and devise a more strategic plan on how we will prioritize the projects based on a set of criteria.  We asked respondents to rank them by importance.  Overall, we heard from the public that mobility options, safety and environment and public health are the top three criteria, followed by return on investment and stakeholder input. The weighting below will be used during the prioritization process to rank recommended projects.

Visit the Smart Corridor Website

The SMART Corridor Public Meeting August 15, 2019 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM 1005 Virginia Ave. Hapeville, GA 30354

JULY 2019, ISSUE 4



For years, we have seen some of the most fantastic, engaging and affordable technologies in the field of surveillance. What was once thought of “Big Brother” conspiracy, now is on the doorbell and smart phone of millions of citizens. The Aerotropolis Atlanta Community Improvement Districts (AACIDs) are no different. We have four main initiatives that include: Beautification, Infrastructure, Signage and potentially the most important being Public Safety. Public safety is everyone’s concern. We take great pride in our allegiance to this concern and have built a partnership with local law enforcement agencies to support business owners in the area. Because safety is aligned with positive motifs such as: efficiency, credibility, value of service, and economic vitality, we have created the Aerotropolis Community Connect program. This platform allows local business owners to selectively share video feeds directly to the police. This cutting edge, cloud-based, security surveillance technology, provided through Genetec, a provider of IP security solutions unified in a single platform, will significantly improve response times to incidents, hence offering smoother and more effective investigations. There are various indicators that support, the use of security cameras aid in increasing safety and reducing the risk of theft. Similar video monitoring programs, in other cities, have reported this technology has helped to deter crime. When business owners are engaged in the process, response times can be reduced as an officer may be aware of a crime prior to a call being placed. Because officers can view cameras on their smartphones, laptops and tablets, they can conduct surveillance on those business that may be high in negative activity and stop those incidents without those suspects having any idea they are being watched. The business owner can also share recorded video directly to the police, rather than waiting several hours or days to make the transfer or grant access to the video. Easy access to the video can also allow for quick distribution of a suspect’s image to officers close to the scene of the crime, ultimately improving the investigation and search. Because recorded video is stored in the cloud, it is safe from physical damage and secure from unauthorized access. This direct connection to the local police department is reassuring to participants of Aerotropolis Community Connect; thus optimizing their Aerotropolis business experience. The camera systems are reasonably priced and can be leased or purchased through several vendors, including Georgia Power and Comcast. The affordability of the system extends to the police departments as well. Cities and counties that are clients of Genetec, can get a user license for all their officers for under $200. Those who aren’t clients can get the service per user for under $150 per license. In a world moving toward smart cities, this technology will prove invaluable in the long run. By purchasing or leasing high definition security cameras, companies can be directly connected to the local police departments.

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