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And a new year begins!!! Yes, dear EA members, we are now embarking on another 11 months of challenges ahead of us and we are ready to go! The AGM on the 14th of April went well with just fewer than 100 people in attendance. Reports were presented and met with approval. A point was raised on our monthly newsletter and a short discussion followed. As a result of that discussion, we agreed that the monthly newsletter shall remain available to all members in its current hardcopy format however with increased accessibility to computers we encourage members to receive their newsletter via email or to download the newsletter via our website. The benefit of this is that you are able to view the newsletter in A4 size and in colour! Any reduction of hardcopy newsletters will save us time, manpower and costs due to the volume of printing and postage. It is a ‘greener’ option as well. Please advise our editor Carol Richards should this be a suitable option for you. Sadly, there were no winners for any of our 3 awards as we had received nil nominations. We would like all members to please take full opportunity of the Awards available for next year. There is a small change to our Management Committee. Firstly, I would like to thank Margaret Chowdhurie, Sue James & Graeme Mitchell for their tireless effort over the last 12 months in the Catering and Sports & Games sections of our committee. We are all truly grateful for your service and friendship and will miss you. Next, I would like to welcome Val Conier (Whitaker) to our team. Her friendly personality will be a welcome presence in our committee. Our new team structure can be viewed on the inside pages. Thank you members for your support and encouragement and look forward to another year of your continued support. You will find enclosed with this month’s newsletter (as an insert) a Calendar of Events for the year. As you will see we have lots of activities planned particularly as we build up to our “Silver Jubilee” Celebrations. Please mark off your favourite events in your diaries so you don’t miss out!!! As it is a long term plan, some events may be subject to change. Please check our calendar on the back page of the newsletter for latest updates. A ‘benefits scheme’ offered to our members is also attached (as an insert). More details inside. Speaking of events, our biggest and best Sunday lunch of the year has always been our May Mother’s Day lunch! It is on Sunday 5th May 2013 and we have prepared a fantastic afternoon especially for our darling mum’s and grandmother’s! There will be music and dancing, presents and prizes and lots more as we show them our appreciation. It’s only a few days away so make sure you mark your diaries and don’t forget to bring Mum & Grandma! Chad




Prize Draws


Mother’s Day / Benefits Scheme


Winter Dance


Seniors, Golf


Lucky Numbers Draw: There wasn’t a Lucky Number’s draw or Members draw in April due to the AGM being held. The jackpot stands at $70

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Remember you have to be there to win it.

MenuFundraising subject to change

Regular Sunday Lunches

In order to help raise money to celebrate our Silver Jubilee Anniversary in 2014 as from March the lucky number draw will increase to $2.00 a number but the prizes shall remain as

Venue : Redcliffe Community Hall Corner Morgan Road and Field Avenue in Redcliffe (entrance also from Grand Parade)

Menu 1st subject change Prizeto$25

Tickets given out strictly on a first come first served basis, we are unable to give out tickets for those who are yet to arrive.

2nd Prize $15 3rd Prize $10

Lunch served from 12 noon.

We will also be holding raffles during the year as well as other fundraisers.

Members bringing guests, please sign in the Visitors Book at the door.

Donations will also be gratefully accepted.



The Next Sunday Lunch we will be Celebrating Mother’s Day Sunday 5th May

AEAWA Member Benefits Scheme 2013 to 2014 AEAWA is pleased to announce the launch of a membership scheme providing our members with discounts when members require services in the following areas:    

Purchase of Asian groceries Submission of income tax returns, Migration application services, Settlement services; and Certain legal services such as wills and powers of attorneys.

Unlike the RAC or other similarly sized associations who are able to attract many retail outlets and service providers to provide a discount to their members on the expectation of increasing business when serving such members, AEAWA with its small membership base of not more than 400 members will always find it hard to attract retail outlets and service providers to provide a discount to these members. Therefore, the Community Services Sub-Committee has focused on important services which may be useful to their members rather than seeking discounts from food or other retail outlets. As these service providers are provided by third parties, AEAWA cannot guarantee the quality or level of service provided. We encourage you to provide us with your feedback so that we can monitor the usefulness of this scheme and review the continued use of the service providers listed for the coming years. A separate brochure on the Benefits Scheme is found in this month’s newsletter. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before accessing the benefits.





Please ring Kay Klass on 0410 478 334 for Tickets 4


SENIORS REPORT Not just for Seniors ... but for all members & friends


Hi Everyone A Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers, Grandmothers and Mum’s to be, have a wonderful day enjoy the pampering.

“Wanna be the next Adam Scott” Please contact Graeme Mitchell direct on 0403 336 899 for the venue and date of the next Golf Game

My Committee and I will continue to do our best to organize all the activities and events that you have enjoyed throughout the years. We can only do our best and it is up to you the member’s and your friends to participate in what’s being offered.

Thanks, Graeme

Suggestions and ideas are very welcome.


We had our first meeting after the AGM and a tentative calendar of events has been discussed.

The Management Committee encourages and welcomes constructive feedback from members. All signed suggestions will be responded in writing.

For more information and updates please refer to the Newsletter and notices at the Sunday Lunches. As you can see by the photos on page 10 a lovely evening was enjoyed by all who attended the Annual Chinese Dinner.

Letters to the Editor

Please remember that all the activities organized are for one and all not just for Seniors.

If you have some interesting news or things to celebrate, please write to: P O Box 875 CLOVERDALE WA 6985 OR send and email to

See you soon, Joan Reincastle 5


Hello Everyone, I am back this year as a Committee member with a NEW name for those of you who remember me as Valerie Whitaker in 2010, but I am now Mrs Valerie Conier after getting married last year. I am looking forward to an exciting year ahead, our Committee has much in the works for your entertainment. I will be looking after Sports and Games as well as helping out at the Sunday Lunches, so we should have some fun together. Looking forward to seeing all of you at our Mother’s Day lunch on the 5th May, do say hello as I come around to your table. Valerie ==================================================================== President Chad Beins _____________________________________________________________________________ Vice President Kevin de Souza Community Servers Heritage

Treasurer Carol Richards Editor Community Services Assistant

Secretary Brian Leicester Membership Webmaster Editor

Events Chad Beins __________________________________________________________________ Functions



Sunday Lunch

Sports & Games

Kay Klass

Joan Reincastle

Derrick Holmes

Gary Aviet Valerie Conier

Valerie Conier Chad Beins Membership Charles Reincastle Webmaster Alan Jupp Editor Carol Richards



Great Food & Entertainment LUNCH VOUCHERS


To serve the lunches faster, a lunch voucher needs to be purchased –this is how it works:

Butter Chicken

when you arrive you get a numbered ticket as usual  then you purchase a lunch voucher at the entrance, currently $6 for a main meal ($3 for over 80’s and free for over 90’s)  if a side dish is available this may also be purchased at the same time  when your number is called, please present your numbered ticket together with the coloured voucher at the kitchen to receive your meal. 


Nasi Lemak

(N.B: One ticket = one main meal + side dish).

A gentle plea - please have the correct amount handy to save us running out of change.

Kway Teow

In the unfortunate event that we run out of all meals, we will refund your money. Chicken Rice

(Cakes are sold after the lunch service has finished)

Menu subject to change



Quarantine Matters Black Spined Toad This critter is found in China, southern Asia, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Indonesia. Related to the Cane Toad, it has no natural predators. Australia is free from the Black Spined Toad. What is the risk to Australia? This toad is more damaging than the Cane Toad. Being a carnivore, the Black Spined Toad has the potential of causing serious damage to Australia’s natural environment. Apart from competing with other native frogs and toads, it is also likely to carry exotic parasites and diseases. How can it get into Australia? It can hitch a ride on shipping containers, machinery and personal effects e.g. bags, boxes and shoes. So next time you go overseas, especially to Thailand and Indonesia, and leave your shoes unattended, inspect them before packing. These guys love to hide in shoes. If you find one in your belongings when you get home SECURE and REPORT it immediately to AQIS on 1800 020 504 Human Quarantine Biosecurity/Quarantine officers monitor reports from the captains of aircraft and ships about the health of passengers arriving in Australia. This guards against diseases such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) or yellow fever. Infectious diseases such as yellow fever are spread by mosquitoes, and would be very difficult to eradicate if they become established in Australia. AQIS uses World Health Organisation (WHO) approved insecticide sprays on all commercial aircraft flying into Australia to manage these disease risks. Aircraft cabins are treated with residual sprays when no passengers or crew are on board. In some instances, the cabin is sprayed before landing if residual spraying hasn’t been carried out. In addition, all Australia’s international airports have mosquito trapping (vector monitoring) programs to ensure high-risk insect carriers of human diseases are detected quickly. REMEMBER: Declare or Beware! Don’t risk an on-the-spot fine. BL Source: DAFF

Disclaimer The contents of this newsletter are of an informative nature and do not account to advise anyone. We make no guarantees as the accuracy, correctness or reliability of the content.


THE EURASIAN Members Affairs

No new memberships were received this month.

To become a new member obtain an application form from the Management Committee or from the website -

Please remember that only financial members will receive a newsltetter

To renew your membership, please post the form below with your cheque.

Payment (either cheque or cash) can also be handed at our Sunday Lunch .

Charles Reincastle

If you have not paid your subscription and wish to do so, or not sure whether you are financial or not, please ring, sms or send an email, my contact details are 92769439 / 0404215042 or

Pay directly to AEAWA

Account Name: Australian Eurasian Association of W.A. Inc. Bank : Bank West


BSB: 306 042 Account Number: 082 139 5

Members please feel free to bring Visitors to our Sunday Lunches, but we ask that you have them sign the Visitors Book so that we may welcome them to our Club.

Reference: Name & Membership number

Fees for 2013 Pensioner: Single: Family:

1 yr $15 1 yr $19 1 yr $28

or 3 yrs $40.50 or 3 yrs $51.30 or 3 yrs $75.60

MEMBERS RENEWAL FORM Name(s) ……………………………………………………………………………… Address ………………………………………………………………………….…. Amount $ ........................................................ Membership No ……………………………. Send this form to AEAWA Members Affairs PO Box 875, Cloverdale WA 6985



2013 Annual Chinese Dinner

Should you object to your Photos being posted or published in the Newsletter or on the website or facebook pages, could you please advise the committee members accordingly so they can be removed.



Business Classifieds THERMOMIX Thermomix TM31is the most advanced kitchen appliance on the market today! Contact Hellen Tay for your own in-home cooking demonstration. Ph: 94504381 Mob: 0414340947 or

Our Warmest Thoughts are with . . all of our members and

INFINITE FINANCE AUSTRALIA Let us assess your current loan to ensure that it isn’t costing you more than it should. Call Troy Quintal 0415 764 672 for all your finance needs (CRN 399480) Office ph: 9382 1125

their families who are unwell or grieving. If you know of someone who would like to share their loss, or just need a prayer, please feel free to contact the committee or drop us a line.

D&L LINTELS For all your Structural Steel Solutions. Suppliers of Galvanised, Dimet & Duplex coated. Call David Mikaere 9356 1797 or 0438 661 739 Keith & Angie’s Dance Classes Why not add another dimension to your social life and learn to waltz, rhumba, cha-cha, rnr and slow rhythm. Call 9207 2819 or 0419 907 960.

NEWSLETTER BY EMAIL You can help us with the rising costs of printing and postage by receiving the newsletter by email.

PlaneTorque Australia Pty Ltd An aviation consulting company providing a range of technical, administrative and logistical services. Visit : Contact Alan Jupp on 93774669 UDance Unlock the secrets of Ballroom and Latin dance. Learn how to dance not what to dance. Classes are fun and engaging. More information at Or contact Basil on 0478 616 766 or at

If you would like to receive the newsletter electronically please send an email to the Editor Carol Richards at Alternatively if more than one copy of the newsletter is received in your house and you only want 1 please let me know. Also if the details on the address label are incorrect in anyway please notify the Editor either by email or phone 0411812981.

SendOutCards® “Changing Lives ….. One Card at a Time” Visit to learn more about this incredible service with a free test run. Vince Fassom, Thomo Pty Ltd, 0414 633747

Thank you Carol


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