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Press Release 5 October 2012

19th International Advertising Festival of New Europe

Leo Burnett, Look At Media and The Village won top Golden Drum Awards (EMBARGO UNTIL 5 OCTOBER 2012, 22.30 GMT+1) Portorož – Today on the 5 October 2012, at 20.30 (GMT+1) at the Multi Channel Awards Ceremony the Golden Drum’s Multi Channel Jury announced the final winners of this festival. A total of 22 Silver Drums, 14 Golden Drums and 7 Grand Prix Awards were presented to the best works entered this year. With 142 points, Leo Burnett was awarded the Golden Net award for the most successful agency network at the festival. With 71 points, the agency Look At Media was awarded with the Golden Rose award for the most successful agency and also the Tartini Award for the most successful independent agency, also winning the award with 71 points. The most awarded brand of the Golden Drum Festival with 71 points collected, the brand The Village was awarded the Golden Drum Brand Grand Prix award. In the category of special awards, the Golden Watch award wasn’t awarded this year, but the Virtuoso awards were presented in three categories: Best Cinematography was awarded to Christos Karamanis, McCann Erickson Athens, Greece for the entry The Hand (A14020G12), Best Illustration was awarded to Christian Bircher, Ogilvy&Mather GMBH, Austria for entry The Vintage Edition (E65008G12) and Best Photography was awarded to Ale Burset, BBDO Russia Group, Russia for the Entry Fisherman’s Tales (B18007G12. The winners of this year’s Off Drum Competition Piran Portorož Poster Award are Boyko Taskov and Ivan Raykov for their entry 20 years of Drumming (PPPA087G12). The winner of the Boss Drum Award 2012 is Group 2: OMG Agency (as in Oh My God Agency), composed of the following Young Drummers: Maria Borzilova, BBDO Russia Group, Ewa Cymer, Netizens SP. Z.O.O., Laura Ionescu, Kubis Interactive, Dejan Spirkoski, Publicis Skopje and Nikolay Perevoshahikov, BBDO Moscow. The winning group will receive the Boss Drum Award and a prize of 5.000 Euros. Multi Channel, Groups Q-W Q. Integrated communication campaigns R. Direct campaigns S. Digital campaigns T. Mobile campaigns U. Events V. Public relations W. Innovative campaigns Total

Total entries 66 19 47 11 40 92 44


Silver Drum 3 2 3 1 3 9 1 22

Golden Drum 1 1 2 1 2 4 3 14

Grand Prix 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 7

Multi Channel Jury is composed of Michael Kutschinski, president, and Mihai Gongu, Aleksandra Kolarić, Dan O’Donoghue, Alemsah Ozturk, Katja Petrin Dornik, Anja Radulović, Nir Refuah, Eric Schoeffler, Grigory Sorokin and Jacek Szulecki. Jury of the Off Drum Competition Piran Portorož Poster Award was presided by Jure Apih, Honorary President of Golden Drum, Founding member and CEO of ICAC – Intercontinental Advertising Cup, with the help of Milka Pogliani, Creative Consultant and Advisor and Juraj Vaculik, Owner, Founder, CEO at MADE BY VACULIK, Slovakia.

Jury of the Off Drum Competition Boss Drum Award 2012 was presided by Tomasz Pawlikowski, CEO Central & Eastern Europe + CIS at Publicis Worldwide with the help of Barbara Krajnc, Executive Director of the Golden Drum Festival, Slovenia, Dan O'Donoghue, Worldwide Strategic Planning Director, Publicis, UK, and Mitja Petrovič, director and co-owner of the agency Publicis Group Slovenia. At the press conference Barbara Krajnc, Executive Director of the Golden Drum Festival, pointed out that the festival received a lot of new entrants this year and that she believes that Golden Drum has made a decisive step forward regarding the quality of the program. Lučka Peljhan, Executive Director of the Golden Drum Competition, said how thrilled she was that this year she was working with such great Juries who really lived up to the reputation of their members. She also welcomes that entrants have shown great approval of the new competition structure, introduced last year (division in Single and Multi Channel while opening the competition to countries from New Europe only), a fact that also reflects in the increase number of entries in the Multi Channel Section from 221 (last year) to 319 this year. Michael Kutschinski, president of the Multi Channel Section, gave appraisal to his jury members: “We have been a fantastic group. It was really a pleasure working with such great minds. At the beginning of the jury duty, I asked other members to try to use the right half of the brain instead of the left one, when judging entries I am happy to say, most members did that. We saw great work that really touched us. It’s not about efficiency but it’s about creativity. Switching off your left side. Overall we are happy with the results and regarding the talk about why Grand Prix awards must be awarded in every category; I have no problem with that as the best in the category (best of show) should get the top prize.” Golden Drum Program Gamification is the future of advertising “Website should be as amusing as TV channels” was a bold statement by Jeff Coghlan, Founder and Managing Director of Matmi New Media Design from UK. He should know, he taught 11 million kids to brush their time – by a computer game for Philips. And he helped Lili Allen to become No. 1 on music charts where ever ‘her’ computer game ‘Escape the Fear’ was popular. Lately, with arrival of social networks and smartphones his company decided to diversify and test the water with iPhone apps. Coghlan showed us two cases, one for virtual music band Gorillaz (‘Escape to Plastic Beach’) which got 2 million plays on Chapter 1 and 2 in the first six months after the launch and was paid by advertisement. Another case was for United Airlines. He talked about a new way of marketing: gamification or game dynamics, which is still about achievement, interaction, loyalty, but in a non-gaming environment, such as the famous musical stairs from Sweden. People just love to play and this is more motivating and engaging then pure advertising persuasion. In the future Coghlan foresee the branded game industry will continue to grow and evolve. Due to convergence of technology branded games in the future will be playable across any device (console, mobile, tablet, TV…). Content will belong to the user and not to the device. Digital agencies will need to adapt to the needs of not just the client but the customers preferred method of media consumption. Branded cross platform solution and IPTV apps would become common place, he said. Engagement and interaction between customer and brand will increase, and the quality of the casual branded game will improve to a point where they can match any indie causal game.

Can advertising agencies adopt the start-ups way of thinking? Creative Academy by McCann Group brought a colourful bunch of people on stage: three agency persons, two start-uppers and one investor. Their debate was on how can an advertising agency adopt a more start-up way of approach and loose the laziness the regular salary is causing, as Matias Palm Jensen, Chief Creative Innovation Officer for Europe, McCann Worldgroup, put it. Luka Topolovec, CEO of a Slovenian start-up Equal Eyes/Drugi vid, suggested that agencies do more demo versions, more analytics, more repetitions and be consistent at it – just like his team is. The other thing is – since they depend on themselves only – to make sure that everything a company does brings profit, not to make campaign for the sake of a campaign. Gal Brill, CEO and Founder of an Israeli start-up UppSite, found some things that start-ups can learn from advertising agency: having a great product is not enough, they need to find a proper name, their target group and a way to spread it around the world. They all count they will become viral, but someone has to start it and they need some help here. Nir Refuah, now VP Creative, McCann Digital, Israel, used to established many new companies. He knows that start-up founders treat their product as a baby. He suggests collaboration between the two: in their agency they are always looking for start-up technology to use in their advertising campaigns; on the other hand, start-ups are looking for some help in naming, wrapping and branding. Or, an agency could have a start-up incubator within itself, to develop new things. Best of the best A sort of a start-up is also a new Boss Drum competition which collected 24 people under 30 years from different countries of Eastern Europe for two days to work in four interdisciplinary teams (art, copy, design and digital) on the same brief. After 48 hours of work they had a presentation in the afternoon. A thought jury (Barbara Krajnc, Executive Director of the Golden Drum Festival, Slovenia, Dan O'Donoghue, Worldwide Strategic Planning Director, Publicis, UK, Tomasz Pawlikowski, CEO Central & Eastern Europe + CIS at Publicis Worldwide and Mitja Petrovič, director and co-owner of the agency Publicis Group Slovenia) announced the winning team (getting 5.000 EU) tonight. Today’s audience also enjoyed seeing the best campaigns on the worldwide level (The Gunn Report), intercontinental level (The Cup – bringing best works from Europe, Asia and the South America) and European level (Epica Awards). Additional information at the festival website or at Daily Photos in the Gallery: Borut Odlazek Public Relations 19th Golden Drum Festival +386 30 313 513

Dobitnici nagrada 19. Festivala Golden Drum 2012  

Dobitnici nagrada 19. Festivala Golden Drum 2012