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SPECIAL ‘OFF MARKET’ LISTINGS Here is an example of a real and genuine ‘Special Off Market Listing’. The owners of ‘Special Off Market

swimming pool is located in a separate

Listing Properties” are usually, e.g.

area in the garden landscape.

normally high public figures, Judges, Solicitors, Barristers, High Profile

Listed at $849,000, which is a very

business people who restrict us from

realistic price for this quality property.

publicly advertising the location and

Two storey with the Master Bedroom

details of their properties.

on the first level. 4 bedrooms plus study or 5 bedrooms, dual living areas,

Some of the very best properties in

2 car garage, full brick construction, a

the best locations are never publicly

brilliant modern design, remodelled

listed for sale, but we can provide

kitchen, expansive outdoor living

verbal information on the properties,

areas and decking overlooking an

suburbs and an indication on price.

inground pool which is cut into the

This is officially, a ‘Special Off Market

hillside and out of any wind.

Listing’ Property sale. Please contact Brian Phillis This property is on Highvale Drive,

0411600100 and discuss the other

Helensvale which is the dress circle of

‘Special Listed Properties” that we

the Gold Coast.

have on offer.






maximum views of the Gold Coast

and the topography of the land. As you can see, a private and secluded

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R e a l

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