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Advocate Art was founded in 1992, with a group of illustrators who liked the idea of having an agent but not the other things that often came with that. We call our ethos four “F.A.C.T.s”: Fairness, Ability, Creativity and Trust. It’s about doing the right thing and being with the right people. We think our principles set us apart from conventional agencies, sticking to them has meant we have attracted the most creative illustrators and artists who in turn attract (with a little help) the best clients. The people we represent are perfectly able to conduct their own affairs but like working with Advocate Art because we offer value to them in the services we provide. Clients are assured that we represent artists that are like-minded professionals, pre-vetted and able not only to get the job done without fuss, but also to surpass expectations. It’s their choice to be with us, we have a high retention rate - with the most popular artists in our group being with us from the start! We were one of the first Agencies to give direct client contact with our illustrators, allowing creativity to flow without being diluted in translation. We were one of the first to offer re-sales as an important secondary income to artists. Now we have gone beyond that too, with the development of an on-line portal - ARTicle which enables artists to have transparency into the back office functions of the business, such as royalty management and credit control, amongst other things. Business is all about relationships, which is why we have a very high artist to agent ratio, clients often use us as artistic advisors, project managers as well a trend forward resource for pre-qualified talent. It is for these reasons that Advocate Art has become the largest illustration agency around and I’d like to think one of the most respected but- we understand we didn’t get that way by acting like the biggest. Come and find out for yourself…


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Amanda Burnett is a children’s illustrator based in Mandurah, Western Australia, where she enjoys coastal life with her husband and children. She studied Illustration Design at Curtin University. Her artwork is whimsical, fun, and full of surprises (often in the form of unexpected mice!). She works primarily in ink and watercolour, enjoying their playful effects, but she has recently begun experimenting with digital illustration too!



Amanda Shufflebotham is a designer and illustrator based in the historic Welsh/English border town of Chepstow, where she lives with her partner and two sons. She was born near Oxford and attended Swindon School of Art and Design in the late 1980s, which led to a career in publishing, design and advertising. In 2004, while her sons were very young, Amanda branched out into freelance work and it was at that point that her approach became more illustrative. Her designs have been used for greeting ware in the UK and the US, and in the tourism sector. Amanda now works from her home studio, and when she’s not illustrating and designing she is spending time with her family and enjoying her garden. In fact, if Amanda hadn’t gone into design she would have like to be a landscape gardener as the shapes and textures of foliage have always enchanted her.



Anna Grimal was born in a town between the sea and the mountains. She fell in love with illustration and decided to go study at Escola Massana for five years. She also went to Belgium to enjoy an erasmus full of things to learn. Today in Baix EmpordĂ , on the same town where she was born, she is surviving between his work and his drawings. She is developing an inspiring work . She try more and more to do manual pieces with touches of digital art for diverse publications or collaborate with the textile sector, to see her art on t-shirts and beautiful decorative objects.



Carlo Beranek is based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He studied animation at a creative college in Rotterdam but soon discovered that his true passion was for illustration. If Carlo weren’t an illustrator he would have been a chef. He loves reading, listening to music, going to the cinema, and would jump at the chance to move to a big city like London or New York and adopt a dog.



Damian was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and still lives there these days. From a very young age, he wanted to be a artist. His uncle, who had a successful creative career himself, was Damian’s role model and taught him a lot. Then, at age 14, Damian took comic classes with Oswal at Carlos Garaycochea’s drawing school. He works for a children’s audience and loves adding a pinch of humor to illustration. Although, the colour is applied digitally, Damian still prefers to start with a traditional pencil sketch. His dog Dorothy loves to be a part of his process, so sometimes Damian has to listen to music and sing along loudly to drive her away.



Darren Gate is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Glasgow, Scotland. Darren studied Graphic Design at university, and his approach to illustration is influenced by this experience – affecting his choice of hand drawn typographies and layouts. Darren works in lots of different ways, but his preference is for drawing in pencil and then enhancing the images digitally. His characters are boisterous and imaginative, carrying about them a certain boyish charm. When Darren isn’t illustrating, he’s probably tending to his two parrots. If Darren weren’t an illustrator, he would be a teacher, and if not that, then definitely a parrot whisperer.



Dragan is a freelance illustrator based in Croatia. After he passed his MA in Applies Graphics he went on to work as a graphic designer, mostly designing posters for the education and culture sectors. After experiencing work on a number of more significant illustration projects, Dragan decided that he much preferred it to graphic design and wanted to pursue illustration full time. Beside his enthusiasm for art, Dragan finds inspiration by exploring nature and reading books, everything from literary classics to illustrated adventures for children to young adults.



Evgeny was born in Russia, and studied at the Moscow Polygraphic Institute. As an illustrator he has enjoyed a great deal of success, taking part in a number of high-profile exhibitions all around the world, from Italy to Japan. His work has also made him the recipient of many awards, including the Bologna Ragazzi Award (2004), and he was twice nominated for the Astrid Lingren award (2009 and 2010). Evgeny’s approach to illustration is flexible, and he enjoys creating unique imagery in a range of media for each new story that he works on. He currently lives and works in Moscow, Russia.



Ferdinando Bastini was born on a little farm in the Tuscan countryside. As a young boy he loved cartoons, comic books and video games After many years of working on the family farm, in 2012 he decided to change his life and moved to Florence to study entertainment design at the NEMO Academy. He graduated in 2015, and has been working as a freelance illustrator since.

301 x 303mm - this MUST include a 3mm bleed



Fotini Tikkou was born in Athens, Greece. When she was little all she wanted to do was draw, a passion that she maintained adamantly enough throughout her childhood for her parents to accept that she would never really want to do anything else. So she applied to Athens School of Fine Arts, graduating in 2009, and landed her first job as a children’s book illustrator. In the years that followed, Fotini worked on many books, often alongside day jobs to pay the rent, took on further studies, and travelled. She has now settled in Copenhagen with her partner and daughter and works as a freelance illustrator full-time. Fotini’s approach to illustration is very dynamic, and she continually strives to mix things up and expand upon her skillset. She works in collage, watercolour, stamps, and digital media, often all at once, and creates imagery ranging from heartwarming to bizarre, forever keeping her viewers guessing. If Fotini wasn’t an illustrator, she would be a food critic, having a love for eating but not for cooking!



Ismael Pinteno was born in Algeciras, a port city on the southern coast of Spain. When Ismael was a child, his dad spent a lot of time drawing and painting and made the effort to take the young Ismael to many museums, which would eventually influence Ismael’s decision to study Fine Art in Seville. Since then, Ismael’s work has enjoyed significant recognition and success. His best artistic experience to date is the opportunity he had to work on a documentary about the Spanish Civil War, which is closely followed by the news he received that Danny Boyle would be featuring one of his painting in “Trainspotting 2”. When Ismael isn’t working on his illustration and other artistic projects, he enjoys music – playing guitar and ukulele – and indulging his passion for astronomy. If he weren’t an illustrator, Ismael would want to be a ninja



Ieuan Protheroe is an illustrator and designer currently living and working in London. Ieuan grew up in Wales, and studied 2D animation and design at Cardiff Glamorgan University. His career thus far has led him to many varied opportunities, including a number of years working as a designer in the animation industry for distinguished studios. Drawing is at the heart of all Ieuan’s work, and creating new worlds and characters to inhabit them is his specialty. In his spare time he loves playing ukulele and reading, and is a keen country romper and amateur wildlife photographer.

301 x 303mm - this MUST include a 3mm bleed



Jose Rubert, aka YAYU, is a children’s illustrator from Barcelona, Spain. He grew up with a pencil forever in his hand, and later studied at Escola Joso, a comic art and illustration school in Barcelona. Comics and manga are chief among Jose’s influences, and humour is at the heart of his work (he often catches himself laughing while he’s drawing!). When Jose isn’t drawing, he likes to travel and take long forest walks with his dog. He is also a big fan of film and enjoys many quiet evenings in watching a classic with one of his cats on his lap.

301 x 303mm - this MUST include a 3mm bleed



Julien lives and works in Bordeaux. From a young age, he knew he wanted to draw pictures for a living, and started his career by drawing all over the walls of his house (his mother was not very happy about it). Julien studied at L’Institut des Arts Appliqué and the Intuit/Lab, both in Paris, and went on to build a successful freelance career, working in advertising and publishing. His work has won awards and been published widely. Julien’s work is mostly generated digitally. He especially enjoys drawing monsters, creating new textures, and using as much colour as possible. While he’s working, he is often kept company by his cat, Nuage, but only if Nuage isn’t busy eating or sleeping.



Laura was born in Monterrey, Mexico. Drawing was one of her favourite pasttimes when she was a child. Her parents were very supportive of her passion, so she attaended drawing classes since the age of 8. She then went on to get a degree in Graphic Design, but after graduating ended up persuing a career in Illustration and make her chidlhood dream come true.


Lena Nemik is a children’s book illustrator and writer. She creates many of her own stories filled with characters of all kinds, from freaky to adorable, all conjured in her characteristic playful style. She takes her inspiration from artists and imaginary worlds she admires, including Tove Jansson, the Harry Potter world, and Studio Ghibli films. When Lena is not working, she loves cycling, walking in the forest, and cooking (and eating!) Vegan food.

301 x 303mm - this MUST include a 3mm bleed



Magalí Mansilla is a freelance illustrator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires, and has been freelance since 2004. Magalí uses a variety of techniques to create her illustrations, but whichever medium she chooses her priority is capturing the magic of childhood in dreamlike forms and colours. In her free time, Magalí enjoys practicing yoga, playing guitar and ukulele, discovering new music, and watching Buster Keaton films.



Marc is a self-taught illustrator from Lewes, East Sussex. As a child he drew endlessly, but it wasn’t until his son was born that he rediscovered his love of doodling – both as a way to entertain his son, and as a source of entertainment for himself! Marc has since graduated from doodling and now works full time as an illustrator (although he would argue that there is very little difference between his doodling days and his present practice). He spends much of his time (fueled on strong tea) drawing silly pictures containing forlorn looking yetis, giant purple robots and the like. Marc works digitally with the aim of creating colourful engaging work, full of texture and atmosphere. He finds inspiration in gallery shows, museums, books, and funny things his 3 year old says (he was talking about flying jellyfish recently, which Marc feels he should definitely draw).



Mariela was born in Argentina. She has been working as a freelance illustrator, mainly focusing on children’s books, ever since she was in college. Over the years, she worked on editorial, story and educational books. She is passionate about designing new characters, telling their story and showing their emotions.



Pedro hadn’t planned to become an illustrator. He loved to draw as a child, but initially chose engineering as a profession. He worked as an engineer for a full decade before realising that all that maths really wasn’t for him and much prefer to make pictures for a living. Pedro now resides in a small town in the north of Spain and works as an illustrator. He usually begins his image-making process by sketching in pencil and then reworking the sketches digitally. However, he does enjoy experimenting (perhaps it’s the engineer in him…) and often tries new techniques and approaches to see what results.



Sahar Haghoo was born in Rasht in the north of Iran. She has loved painting and drawing since was a child, working directly from her imagination and dreams. She graduated from the University of Tehran with an MA in Illustration, and now lives and works in London. Sahar’s approach to illustration is experimental, and she loves working across different media and trying new techniques. When Sahar isn’t illustrating she enjoys cooking, reading, mountain climbing and travelling. In the future, if she’s not too busy with her illustration work, she would love to own a restaurant and serve imaginative dishes from a variety of cuisines



Sara Brezzi is an Italian surface pattern designer and illustrator, born and raised in a small town called Poppi, near Florence, where she still lives with her partner and their son. Sara’s father is a librarian and her mother is a kindergarten teacher so she grew up surrounded by beautiful books and images, which stimulated her childhood imagination and influenced her later decision to pursue a creative career. Sara graduated from the University of Siena with a BA in Preservation of Cultural Heritage and History of Illustration, but realised that creating artwork, rather than studying its history, was where her real passion could be found. Sara’s designs are hand drawn anzd then scanned in for processing and colour management. She loves creating illustrations that are as colourful as possible, combining cheerful and quirky elements to capture positive vibes and leave the viewer bursting with joy!



Sonja Wimmer is an illustrator based in the German Alps. She studied and worked as a graphic designer, before deciding to move to Barcelona and study illustration at the Llotja School of Art and Design. Sonja now works as a freelance illustrator and her books have won multiple awards in the US. For inspiration, Sonja often ventures outdoors to draw – heading to the seaside or up into the mountains – but also finds that inspiration can come from simpler places, like the sideways glance of a passerby or the dregs of her coffee in a cup.

301 x 303mm - this MUST include a 3mm bleed Artwork MUST be at least 600DPI



Steve is originally from a small village in North Yorkshire, but he now lives on the outskirts of the vibrant city of Leeds. There are lots of arty folk in Steve’s family, so it was only natural that he should have a love for drawing from a young age, taking his early influence from the Beano and Dandy comics to Warner Brothers and Disney cartoons. Steve works in Photoshop and Illustrator. When Steven isn’t illustrating, he likes to see live music, watch films, play video games, take walks in the countryside and play guitar.

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New Signings  

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