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Advocate Art was founded in 1992, with a group of illustrators who liked the idea of having an agent but not the other things that often came with that. We call our ethos four “F.A.C.T.s”: Fairness, Ability, Creativity and Trust. It’s about doing the right thing and being with the right people. We think our principles set us apart from conventional agencies, sticking to them has meant we have attracted the most creative illustrators and artists who in turn attract (with a little help) the best clients. The people we represent are perfectly able to conduct their own affairs but like working with Advocate Art because we offer value to them in the services we provide. Clients are assured that we represent artists that are like-minded professionals, pre-vetted and able not only to get the job done without fuss, but also to surpass expectations. It’s their choice to be with us, we have a high retention rate - with the most popular artists in our group being with us from the start! We were one of the first Agencies to give direct client contact with our illustrators, allowing creativity to flow without being diluted in translation. We were one of the first to offer re-sales as an important secondary income to artists. Now we have gone beyond that too, with the development of an on-line portal - ARTicle which enables artists to have transparency into the back office functions of the business, such as royalty management and credit control, amongst other things. Business is all about relationships, which is why we have a very high artist to agent ratio, clients often use us as artistic advisors, project managers as well a trend forward resource for pre-qualified talent. It is for these reasons that Advocate Art has become the largest illustration agency around and I’d like to think one of the most respected but- we understand we didn’t get that way by acting like the biggest. Come and find out for yourself…






Alan is a freelance artist who started out as a storyboard artist for a London agency, before back to his roots in the North East to pursue a career in graphic design. As much as he loved working in design for large blue chip clients, Alan’s love has always been illustration, so 13 years on, via a stint as a tattoo artist he arrived at Advocate’s door. Since joining Advocate Art a year and a half ago, Alan has be fortunate to work on a variety of jobs including Ben 10 Omniverse graphic novels for Viz Media, as well as childrens book illustrations for the likes of Harper Collins and Watts. He can turn his hand to many styles to suit the client, but with a keen interest in the comic book world he is at home working on bold graphic pieces and strip work. Working from an attic studio along with his trusty side kick, Ollie the miniature schnauzer (miniature in size, giant in personality and appetite), and his two sons Wilf and Teddy.



Pieruz studied fine arts at Salamanca University specializing in painting, graphic design and audiovisuals. He studied one year in Saint-Etienne, France. He spent two years working in his art studio in Salamanca. He had some of his individual and collective exhibitions there. At that time, he made his doctorate in illustration at Salamanca. He also has exhibited his work in cities like GijĂłn, Oviedo, Barcelona, and Madrid. A scholarship gave him the opportunity to move to Barcelona. Seeking to combine different ways of artistic expression, Pieruz decided to take up illustration studies at the EINA, Centro Universitario de DiseĂąo y Arte, de Barcelona. There he found more expressive and graphic forms of communication. Now, Pieruz works as an illustrator in his studio. He talks about himself in the third person.



Alessandro was born in February1980 in a beautiful little place called Castiglione della Pescaia, just by the sea. He studied in Florence and graduated with A Bachelor’s degree from prestigious “Accademia delle Belle Arti” as a set designer. Before going to university, when he was a child, Alessandro started drawing by copying comics and illustrations from books. He believes that’s the main reason he is able to tackle multiple styles and enjoys a challenge each respective style brings. He worked as a cartoonist, illustrator and concept artist (his favourite), with traditional and digital media. Alessandro also won a prize for his comic called “Lagrimas en la lluvia”, featured as the best comic book publication published in Spain in 2011. He lives and works in Siena, with his wife and baby, and a crazy cat.


Alex was born in Bilbao. He tried his hand at pretty much everything illustration industry has to offer, from children’s books to animation to storyboarding for advertising agencies and many other jobs. He loves good TV series, unusual films, and, of course comic books!



Andrea was born and currently works in Vincenza. He graduated with a Discipline of the arts, music and entertainment from the University of Bologna. Since 2004, he has been working as an illustrator and cartoonist for several publishers. His interest in arts began with cartoons and comics, which led him to his three-dimensional style that is in some cases realistic and in others more cartoon. Over the years he realised his style was more suitable for illustration for children, especially the young sector. He prefers this because it gives him the opportunity to create humorous characters and use bright colours inspired by his favourite cartoons. He loves drawing nature and he loves his job because it is very varied and gives him the chance to experiment. He REALLY loves his job because it allows him to communicate in an essential way through colour and line. He loves his family and walks in the mountain forests with clouds passing you by, and Enya’s music while he works. Oh and he also loves good beer.


Angie Pik was born and still lives in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia. Since she was a child, she has enjoyed film productions, especially animations. In them she found support and emotion; in fact she discovered that she could better understand the world through them. On bad days, she thought “I want people not to feel alone, or feel support through my work” and so she decided to get involved in the world of illustration and animation. She began to draw and improve by observing many great references and also learning about art history. She had classes in illustration techniques, anatomy and cinematography; in her country there is no illustration as a career, so she studied in different places different things related to the career that she loves. During her tour, Angie has found spectacular artists who inspire her to improve, some of them are Leo Espinosa, Lorena Álvarez and Alejandro Mesa, who are her compatriots; Gop Gap, Satoe Tone, Lissy Marlin, Rafael Mayani, Yuko Shimizu, among many others, and she must mention Studios Ghibli, Disney, Laika Studios, Cartoon Saloon and Pixar; she would like to mention that music and audiovisual productions influence her constantly. So, her passions are: illustration books, cinema, animation, music, ice cream, chocolate and animals. And talking about this, she thinks that if she were not an illustrator, she would have dedicated her life to the animals! Angie thinks her work always tries to stick to some specific emotion; it does not matter if she makes a character or a scene or an animal, she tries to tell something beyond the obvious.



Anna Grimal was born in a town between the sea and the mountains. She fell in love with illustration and decided to go study at Escola Massana for five years. She also went to Belgium to enjoy an erasmus full of things to learn. Today in Baix EmpordĂ , on the same town where she was born, she is surviving between his work and his drawings. She is developing an inspiring work . She try more and more to do manual pieces with touches of digital art for diverse publications or collaborate with the textile sector, to see her art on t-shirts and beautiful decorative objects.



Anna comes from Bulgaria. She has a degree in Mural Painting and Fine Art from the National Academy of Arts, Sofia, but is now based in South West England. Her art education was very traditional; she was taught a lot of art history, theory and practical techniques, which, she thinks, is this is why she now enjoys what she does so much. Her parents are both artists so she doesn’t think it ever occurred to her that she could have any other profession! Her work varies greatly in style but is always friendly, welcoming and approachable. She creates an enthralling atmosphere with a witty intricate detail; she likes the idea of having a ‘before’ and ‘after’ and that her picture is only a momentous peek into a better, more friendly and happier world. She looks for inspiration in everyday things; funny things she reads in the paper or books, seeing new places and people and funny situations she witnesses or imagines. Sometimes, a single thought can inspire her to create a whole new series of works!



Annabel’s career began with a degree in Fashion, followed by a Masters in illustration (she hated sewing!). Her first job was in a publisher’s studio doing colouring books and encyclopaedias, which was good for general knowledge. Then she went freelance with children’s books. She accidentally got into greetings cards by agreeing to cover maternity leave for a friend and she loved it. Now she’s getting back into book illustration again. She loves doing figures and animals, but does not love drawing bicycles. She prefers to work by being left alone with her pencils and paints and she likes the feel of actual paint and paper, incorporating the accidental into her work. For her, inspiration can come from anywhere, magazine snippings, TV, random animals, random things in general, cat videos.



I was born in Saskatchewan, Canada in 1966 to a family that encouraged artistic pursuits of all kinds - including writing, drawing, photography and music. At the age of 21 I came to Vancouver with the band I was in, in order to find a new drummer (we would eventually go through 8 before disbanding). I had not considered being an illustrator in spite of drawing my whole life, but now that I’m doing it cannot imagine any other job I would like to do more. The artwork I produce is created digitally using my iPad pro, either with native apps or as a graphics tablet, and I am interested in juxtaposing traditional looking elements with purely digital elements to create something that looks new. My work is constantly evolving. When I’m not drawing or pouring juice for my two kids, I play in a few bands with good friends, where the socializing is as important as the singing together. Lastly, in order to clear my head of everything else, I love to engage in a weekly game of ice hockey in the winter, and baseball in the summer.



Audrey Dowling is a French artist and illustrator living in County Kilkenny, Ireland. She initially pursued a career in the Fashion Industry in Paris but somehow ended up in the Irish countryside, with her husband and a flock of 4 children and 3 pets. She now works as a fine artist and children’s book illustrator and sells her paintings in markets, fairs and galleries. She also works on commissions. Her favourite technique for fine art includes a mix of oil pastels and ink washes, with finishing touches in oil paints and pencils. For illustrations, she usually starts working traditionally by sketching with pencils and then colours digitally. Her universe is colourful and narrative, often praised as graceful and poetic. She is deeply inspired by folklore, fairytales and life in different eras, which comes through in her vintage drawing style and palette choice.



After graduating Emile Cohl Arts School in Lyon quite a while ago, Caroline Romanet became a 3D artist for a French Videogame Company. Although the job was interesting, she didn’t enjoy herself that much and was feeling like a bird in a cage! She then thought she’d be happier trying to become a children book illustrator. Most fortunately, it worked ! A couple of years later, she had the craziest desire to become an « international » illustrator, especially to get published in the United Kingdom as she’s deeply attached to this country. She started to look for an illustrator agency and had the pleasure to be accepted by Advocate-art. Since then she has been working everywhere around the world. For a little time now, she has also been working under a pseudonym (Alice A. Morentorn) mostly on youngster’s novels, with ink and watercolor. She is now thinking of writing her own stories. Who knows, that could work too! She also teaches digital illustration and charcoal drawings at Emile Cohl’s School of Arts in Lyon.



Ever since being able to hold chunky crayons and deface her bedroom walls with them, Chellie has loved to draw. After studying Applied Arts at the University of Derby and a brief spell working as a designer within the retail industry, Chellie turned to Illustration and hasn’t looked back. Chellie enjoys experimenting with mixed media and is increasingly rediscovering pens, pencils and paint and incorporating these with her detailed computer-based vector line work. She enjoys creating intricate patterns and striking compositions with elegant, flowing lines. Chellie now lives in the Peak District with her partner and two children, working from her home studio, where she is surrounded by the beautiful, inspirational countryside and a plentiful supply of tea and biscuits.



Damian Zain was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1974, he still lives there. From a very young age he wanted to be a artist, he grew up admiring great cartoonist like Quino, Roberto Fontanarrosa, Guillermo Divitio, Alberto Uderzo, Carlos Nine ... and many, many more !!! He learned a lot from Ruben Albarracín, a plastic artist, also from Buenos Aires (his uncle) who guided me in the first steps. Then, at age 14, he took comic classes with Oswal at Carlos Garaycochea’s drawing school. He worked for a children’s audience and he loved adding big doses of humor. He colours digitally but he prefers the traditional pencil and paper for the previous sketch. He usually draws while listening to music and his dog Dorothy leaves him alone if he starts singing. She does not have good musical taste he supposes.



Born in the late 1970’s Mr Broadbent is an illustrator and designer. He has worked for the last 15 years or so creating all manner of illustrations for companies all over the planet and beyond. He was originally grown in Yorkshire in the bleak North, and later transported via the helicopter network to Loughborough in the centre of England. There he gained a degree but was forced to leave due to the conker shortages that year. London was the next stop, a relatively brief one as he couldn’t stomach the cockneys. Run away is what he did, right down to the South coast, to Brighton. He continues to reside there to this very day, living with 2 children a cockney wife and an hesitant whippet. Cycling, walking, driving and running around like most other humans do nowadays.



Ellie is a coffee addict, an avid snowboarder and bad joke teller. She completed her degree in Illustration in Plymouth and now living in Worcester with her (equally bad joke-telling) boyfriend. They love lazy Sundays watching cartoons all day, her biggest inspiration for drawing! She has always loved watching cartoons and when she was around 8 she decided, “Hey, I want to draw like that!” So she picked up her pencil, and here she is. She loves writing and illustrating children’s books. Starting with scribbles before drawing and colouring up in Illustrator and Photoshop. When she’s not doodling or drinking coffee, you will usually find her shopping for makeup, binge-watching cartoons or watching pug videos on Youtube. Yes, she is an adult, why do you ask?



Emanuela was born in 1986 in Rome, where she grew up, and now lives in Anguillara Sabazia, a little village on the coast of lake Bracciano. She graduated from the “International School of Comics”, where she studied artistic drawing, graphic design and illustration. She’s grateful that her family has always supported her. During the years after her studies, she has worked with a number of publishers and has participated in various competitions. This year, the Sharjah Book Authority will exhibit her illustrations of “Beauty and the Beast”. When she works on her illustrations, she lives in a magical world; music, Disney, the Victorian age and her favourite books are her inspiration! The usual method that she employs in her work is digital art with photoshop and watercolors; she likes to refine her drawings with details. In her free time, Emanuela reads books, watches movies and TV series and hangs out with her best friends… they are part of her family! She is a Harry Potter fan girl and loves the geek world!



Erin was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 1990. She spent her childhood pouring over books that were full of quirky, colourful, ink splattered illustrations, such as Quentin Blake, who, even today, is an inspiration to her. She studied Fine Art: Painting at the University of Ulster. She now lives in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne with her husband and their little dog, Daisy. She is driven by a joy to create, a love of colour and of the beautiful things in this world. She loves seeing bright colours splash across the page. She uses a mixture of watercolour paint and inks on watercolour paper. The inks she uses are highly pigmented acrylic inks, which have incredible colour, intensity and staining power. She also loves to experiment with glitter and metallic paints; anything that adds beautiful colours and textures to her work. She works from her home studio in Newcastle, where she is kept company by Daisy and the radio.



Eva was born and raised in Mataró, 30km from Barcelona in Spain, where she currently lives. She has drawn since she can remember. She has two older sisters; one is a painter and the other one is a musician. Art and crafts were very normal in her childhood home. In the nineties, when she watched a local TV series issued by Akira Toriyama, she knew she wanted to work in animation world. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, but she taught herself digital painting. Her personal motivation is to experiment and improve her digital art, and be able to publish her work with great illustrators like Jason Chan or Paul Bonner. Her inspirations are Studio Ghibli: Castle in the Sky, her neighbour Totoro, Porco Rosso, Princess Mononoke, Ponyo and animators and cartoonists like Chris Sanders, Don Bluth and Glen Keane. She would describe her artwork as a mix between cartoon style and realistic. Her main skills are in the field of character design, props, background and digital painting for young children’s stories. Her clients always say that she is very quick and professional. The fact that she uses a variety of techniques and styles (traditional ones and also digital) makes her a very versatile artist. She considers herself a person with a lot of creativity, imagination and with the ability to problem-solve. She works either in Photoshop or Illustrator (for vector images). Sometimes, she even starts the illustration entirety from scratch in digital.



Fabiana Attanasio was born in March 1985 in Rome. She has loved to draw since she was a child and started her career graduating from the “International School of Comics” with a degree in Illustration. Since then, she has worked as illustrator for children’s books. She likes to use traditional media, loves the feeling of using brushes and pencils, but she works also with digital media. Now she lives in Anguillara, a small lake town close to Roma, with her three men: her husband, her dog and her bunny! She loves everything handmade, animals, flowers, videogames, Japan and, of course, her job!



Gabriela Castro is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with her boyfriend and her dog Mr. James. For 10 years, she has provided services of illustration and graphic design, creating nice characters that can be applied to designs for products. She has worked with numerous clients specializing in design and illustration of patterns, character design, games, toys and all types of stationery. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture Design and Urbanism. She has done numerous courses in illustration and participated in numerous exhibitions in universities and art galleries in Argentina, China and Mexico. The work method used for her illustrations ranges from vector drawings to photoshop ad she loves to draw with watercolors (a technique she is currently perfecting). She is also a teacher at VectSweety, where she teaches Illustration and Character design. Her hobbies include cooking rich and sweet things, being in touch with nature and animals, embroiding, weaving, making stamps and products and everything related to creativity and crafts. And she has a great admiration for Japanese culture and vintage retro art.



Gary was born and raised in a little village in Surrey. Spending most of his youth playing with action figures or burying them in the garden (because y’know, they died). Always daydreaming (much to the annoyance of his swimming teacher) Gary was always drawing from his imagination and creating fantastical worlds for his characters to live in. After acting and singing his way through school, he went on to study animation. After graduating he set off to London where he worked briefly as a model maker. After a hiatus touring with a puppet theatre, Gary now lives in sunny Brighton working as an Art director as well as an illustrator. He lives with his wife, 2 naughty cats and a cheeky little monkey called Arthur (that’s his son).



Hannah grew up in the Netherlands and Norway. Returning to England she studied politics and history at university, she finally saw the light and after a spell as a graphic designer followed her first love - illustration. Illustration styles and techniques never stand still and Hannah’s styles and techniques are always evolving. She lives in a little quaint village in the middle of england with 2 cats and an ever growing collection of 50s ephemera and cook books.



Isabelle is an illustrator living in coloured worlds full of little enchanted creatures. Isabelle is very excited by her job, she describes it as “just happiness�, and she loves getting her little readers very happy as well. Isabelle lives in the Southern Burgundy countryside with her beloved kids and lots of cats and rabbits. The best conditions to get inspired !



Jacqueline has been illustrating children’s books for many years. She has worked above a chocolate factory, from a caravan by the sea and now works from home near a city farm, with her faithful dog curled up near her feet! She has illustrated books that have been published across the globe and when asked what is her inspiration she says, “everything!”



James was born in 1986 and lives in East Yorkshire with his wife and two children, who all engage with his madness (or just put up with it) but they are truly his inspiration in life and art. James is a self-taught artist, who transformed a childhood hobby into a love and passion after growing up with many magical tales by the likes of Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake, and in later years, the fantastical worlds of Middle Earth and Hogwarts. James is very versatile, his style of work appeals to a wide range of ages from children’s picture books to young fiction. His illustrations are unique, quirky and full of life, and he uses his imagination and creativity to bring a picture to life and target the intended audience.



Born and raised in Sheffield, and after a childhood spent sketching and painting James studied illustration at Wolverhampton University. He went on to have a long career as an in-house illustrator for several greeting card publishers, working on branded characters, and also on original illustration. Over the years, this taught him to develop many different styles and to work in many different media. Although a large part of his illustrations are done digitally now, he still likes to do line-art in his sketchpad and get the paints out and make marks.


Jeremy began his illustrating career in Bath, England, in 1988, as an airbrush artist, creating artwork for children’s books. He built up a large commercial client base working for many major companies producing packaging and advertising artwork. Over the years, he moved onto other styles and media: watercolour, oils and so on. He now also uses computers for a variety of illustration projects, for example, instruction manuals, 3D models of buildings and 3D animation. Jeremy considers himself to be a versatile artist, able to deal with any number of subjects and styles.


Jon Davis always loved drawing as a child, thinking up characters and stories - paints, pencils, felt tips, crayons, anything would do. So he decided to study Illustration at Glyndwr University, Wrexham. Now, he has illustrated more than 50 books for publishers across the globe. He works digitally, in Photoshop with a tablet and pen, and currently has picture books out with Sterling, Harcourt and Hallmark, and a series of young readers out with Hardie Grant Egmont and Scholastic. He has worked with many other publishers. including Faber & Faber, OUP, Miles Kelly, Tiger Tales, Thomas Nelson and Pearson. His first self-penned Picture book, “Small Blue and the Deep Dark Night� came out recently with Harcourt and he is currently working on some further concepts for picture books.



Kay lives and works in a small Victorian terraced house with her two cats on the edge of Chorlton nature reserve, on the outskirts of Manchester. She has made a living from illustration for the past 28 years, working mainly in children’s books and now developing ideas for licensing. She works supervised by her 2 cats. While working she listens to Radio 2 or Radio 4 and she loves music - a jazzy tune to tickle our ears or something from Otis Redding, Areatha Franklin... 60’s stuff! When she’s not in her studio she likes to spend a day in bookshops or go to an exhibition. Most days she walks through the nature reserve and she feels the heron’s know her now! She is also a member of Prospect Print studios and Hotbed Press studios and she sell her etchings, lino-prints and collographs at craft fairs. She also enjoy gardening and recently gardening and flowers are creeping into her work a lot more. She loves houses too and she’s hooked on the Rightmove website and has a weakness for style magazines! She loves to go in her studio everyday, radio on, furry supervisors at her side, coffee and biscuits at the ready and create pictures all day!


I grew up with a love of books, comics and cartoons which inspired me to draw. Someone once said that I see life as a cartoon and that is pretty ok with me. My artwork always starts with my sketchpad before moving on to digital and my studio is filled with sketches, colours and coffee. I love bringing ideas to life and, as a primary school teacher, have a keen interest in educational ideas. My first book, ‘B is for Blobfish’, was inspired when planning a science lesson and features a wide range of unusual and unloved animals. Alongside illustration, I write stories, poems and create animations and interactive games. I’m also a town crier and 4th generation Punch and Judy man - Oyez! Oyez!


Lena Nemik loves to tell stories with her drawings and create cute monsters! Lena enjoys working with traditional and digital media. She focuses on the children’s book illustrations. Lena also creates her own books and illustrates stories written by other authors. Lena has been working with a variety of publishing houses, media projects and non-commercial initiatives since 2009, and authored and illustrated two books. Lena’s creativity was influenced by Tove Jansson with her Moomin’s world and amazing characters of Hayao Miyazaki. She’s a big fan of the Harry Potter universe and finds a lot of inspiration in it. Lena looks for creative ideas in good animation, beautiful books and the wonderful people around her.



Born near Paris around three decades ago, Loic works mainly for the board game industry and youth publishing. He always tries to create bridges between fun, whimsicality and poetry. He also works for advertising as a storyboard artist and an illustrator. His influences range from Uderzo to Jamie Helwett through to Miyazaki, as he’s also a true Japan lover and knows the culture very well. He also operates as a live artist in “New”, an improvised musical played in Paris, where he brings his spontaneity to the table.



Lucy is from Cheltenham, but now lives in Manchester with her husband and two children. After completing her art foundation course in Cheltenham and her Illustration degree in Exeter, she worked at various publishing companies in London before joining Advocate and becoming a freelance illustrator. Her portfolio originally consisted of greeting card and print designs, but she subsequently moved into children’s book illustration. Lizzie works predominantly in acrylic paint and pencil crayon, but she also loves to use collage to add texture. As well as illustrating for others, she also writes and illustrates her own stories, quite often inspired by her children!



I grew up with a love of books, comics and cartoons which inspired me to draw. Someone once said that I see life as a cartoon and that is pretty ok with me. My artwork always starts with my sketchpad before moving on to digital and my studio is filled with sketches, colours and coffee. I love bringing ideas to life and, as a primary school teacher, have a keen interest in educational ideas. My first book, ‘B is for Blobfish’, was inspired when planning a science lesson and features a wide range of unusual and unloved animals. Alongside illustration, I write stories, poems and create animations and interactive games. I’m also a town crier and 4th generation Punch and Judy man - Oyez! Oyez!



Maurizio is an illustrator because he was in a… crash! When he was a baby, he had his right leg broken in an accident! The following months he spent in bed, reading comics. This took place around 1966. During that time, he started to love these worlds of amazing adventure, humour, action and fantasy. This was the main reason that he became an illustrator. In that time, his “teachers” were the Marvel Comics‘ team from the 70’s! This was around 1986. Then he worked mainly with advertising agencies, publishers, graphic design studios… Thanks to Advocate Art he had his debut outside Italy in 2010. Maurizio doesn‘t have time for much outside of work! He live in Rimini, a famous tourist city on the East Coast of Italy. In the summer, he loves to spend his time on the beach, running, biking on the boardwalk. Or in full relax mode with a drink, watching the sunset! But if it’s raining, cinema and TV series are his salvation



I’ve always loved drawing - ever since I can remember! So studying art was a obvious choice for me. After college, I studied illustration at the North Wales school of Art and Design, where I gained a degree. I’ve been working as an illustrator for 15 years now and I’ve been lucky enough to work on a variety of illustration projects, from packaging and greeting cards to children’s books (which I enjoy illustrating the most). I live in Mid Wales with my two children, who are always a source of inspiration, and my partner Paul Nicholls, who is also an Advocate artist.



Born in 1974, Michael has been drawing pictures ever since he could pick up a Burnt Sienna crayon and scribble all over the new wallpaper. Nowadays, he tends to use a Mac, pencils and paper. He lives in Surrey, with his lovely wife Alice and crazy children. When he’s not drawing colourful fun pictures or solving mysteries, he also designs Toys and Chocolates. Yum.



In a quiet wood in Devon, England, lives Natalia Moore. She is passionate about her work, and is inspired by family and animals. Natalia loves to draw and illustrating is her perfect job. When not doodling, Natalia can be found going on her very own adventures, and exploring the world, but not without her sketchbook.



Nicola is a British Artist, Illustrator and Designer, who grew up in North Devon, surrounded by beautiful countryside and stunning coastline. Growing up in such a glorious location has had a profound influence on her work as an Artist today. After a few years living and working in Buckinghamshire, then Staffordshire, she has returned to the west country to set up her studio at the foot of the Quantocks in Somerset. Nicola studied at Winchester School of Art where she obtained a BA Honours degree in Fashion & Textiles. Studying as a textile student in Winchester has also had a great influence in her work today. There she developed a passion for fabric, pattern and above all, a love of colour. Colour and light are the most important qualities that influence every piece she creates. “Colour, light, texture and pattern often influence’s one’s mood and creates atmosphere”. Nicola likes to work in various different media, such as watercolour, air brushed acrylic & pastels, but her absolute favourite has to be working in oils. She also enjoys combing the drawn or painted image with digital art and effects, often working in ‘Adobe Illustrator’ or ‘Photoshop’ to finish pieces off.



My name is Patricia. I am originally from Málaga in Spain, but nowadays I live and work in Berlin. It is a wonderfully creative environment. My passion is drawing. I’m happy when I hold a pencil or brush in my hand; in fact, I’ve drawn since I can remember - that was the reason I studied fine art. At the start of my career, I worked in fashion and, after several years as a graphic and fashion designer, I decided to work in what I love: illustration!! I love watercolors and ink but most of my work is digital; I recognize that this is faster and cleaner. I consider myself a versatile illustrator, though I feel special interest in children’s illustrations since I became a mummy. I place high demands on myself at work, I am flexible and I know how to adapt to the requirements of each project.



Pedro hadn’t planned to become an illustrator. He loved to draw as a child, but initially chose engineering as a profession. He worked as an engineer for a full decade before realising that all that maths really wasn’t for him and much prefer to make pictures for a living. Pedro now resides in Cantabria, a small town in the north of Spain, and works full time as an illustrator. He usually begins his image-making process by sketching in pencil and then reworking the sketches digitally. However, he does enjoy experimenting (perhaps it’s the engineer in him…) and often tries new techniques and approaches to see what results. When Pedro isn’t illustrating he enjoys spending time with his family and playing lots of board games. He is a voracious booklover, but regrets that he does not have enough time to do as much reading as he would like!


Liz and I have created art together since leaving Stafforshire University in 2001, we both gained a first class degree in Surface Pattern Design. During this time I became passionate about colour, often experimenting with bold shapes, combining pattern, collage and mixed media. Liz edged more towards illustration, she focused more on finer detail and line, soon finding a real style of her own. We both still very much work with the same set of skills, mostly working together on commercial briefs, Liz sketching and then passing along to me to colour up. However when it comes to a one off fine artwork, we go our separate ways a little and let our individuality show through! We have a large collection of paintings and prints with the Whistlefish Galleries based in and around Cornwall. Many of our paintings are based on Cornish Seaside towns, we try to capture the quirkiness of the buildings, and the hustle and bustle of street life. More recently we’ve been enjoying painting London hotspots.



Roger Simรณ is an illustrator based in a town near Barcelona, where he lives with his wife, son, and daughter. He has become the person that he would have envied when he was a child: someone who makes a living by drawing and explaining fantastic stories. Among his many projects, he is most proud of the first book he wrote and illustrated about his first child.



Sally was brought up in a small town in the Highlands of Scotland, called Alness and studied Illustration at Edinburgh College Of Art, before moving to Glasgow where she now lives and works with her partner and young son. Since Sally was young she has always loved drawing and had a passion for children’s literature and illustration. Her current influences include vintage picture book illustration from the 50s and 60s. She has had many years experience working as a children‘s Illustrator and happily works both digitally and traditionally. Recently Sally‘s been enjoying experimenting with simple block printing techniques and watercolour and writing her own stories.



Sarah is an illustrator living and working in between the dreamy spires of Oxford, UK. She has always loved drawing, especially creating characters and scenes because she thinks people are endlessly fascinating and entertaining! Her illustrations usually start as handdrawn line art in pen or pencil before working them up in Photoshop or Illustrator. When she’s not in the studio, she likes being out in the Oxfordshire countryside with her friends, making screen prints and attempting some experimental vegan cooking, nearly always sound tracked to 6Music.



Sarah lives and works in Worthing, on the sunny south coast of England with her daughter, who is a daily source of inspiration. Since graduating in 2006, Sarah has worked in children’s publishing, both in-house and freelance. She creates bright and engaging digital illustrations using Illustrator and Photoshop. In her free time, Sarah loves to paint, play guitar and bake cakes. But not all at once.



Sonja Wimmer is an illustrator based in the German Alps. She studied and worked as a graphic designer in her hometown of Munich and in Brussels, before deciding to move to Barcelona and study illustration at the Llotja School of Art and Design. Sonja now works as a freelance illustrator for clients based all around the world, and her books have won multiple awards in the US. For inspiration, Sonja often ventures outdoors to draw – heading to the seaside or up into the mountains – but also finds that inspiration can come from simpler places, like the sideways glance of a passerby or the dregs of her coffee in a cup. Illustration, for Sonja, presents a way to bring a little light into people’s lives: to move them, and make them laugh, reflect and dream.



“Stefano Tambellini was born in 1983 in a small town of Tuscany (Italy). He graduated in Traditional Hand-drawn Animation at the National film school in Torino. Then he moved to London, where he lived for 5 years, starting to work as an illustrator. Bloomsbury, Barrington Stoke, Harper Collins, Workman Publishing, Rizzoli and many others have published his drawings. He loves to illustrate monsters, creepy ghost stories, old classics, mystery tales and atmospheric fairytales. His main influences in drawing are Edward Gorey, Mervyn Peake, Shigeru Mizuki, Charles Addams and Joann Sfar. He lives with a grey cat called Mandragola and he’s also a stop-motion puppet maker and animator.”



Steve is originally from a small village in North Yorkshire, but he now lives on the outskirts of the vibrant city of Leeds with his partner and their daughter. There are lots of arty folk in Steve’s family, so it was only natural that he should have a love for drawing from a young age, taking his early influence from the Beano and Dandy comics to Warner Brothers and Disney cartoons. Altogether, Steve has over ten years of experience working in the creative industry, and has strong Photoshop and Illustrator skills. Recently he has had the opportunity to work on some dream projects, including providing illustration for a fun chapter series of children’s books and illustrating a range of Star Wars greeting cards. His ultimate ambition as an artist is to work on a cartoon series, and perhaps design a range of action figures. Steve likes to keep up to date with the latest cartoons and children’s books, and he adapts his style by introducing elements from new sources of inspiration. When Steven isn’t illustrating, he likes to see live music, watch films, play video games, take walks in the countryside and play guitar.



Tamara works both traditionally and digitally to create her painterly storytelling illustrations. Her work has a strong sense of lighting, naturalistic colors and dynamic compositions. She is strongly inspired by wildlife, children and the environments they reside in. She uses this inspiration to add a layer of realism to her work. Tamara’s illustration journey began at Dawson College where she earned her associates degree in Illustration and Design. Shortly after, she furthered her studies at Sheridan College, where she attained her Bachelor degree of Illustration.



Valeria Issa was born in Rome in 1988 but lived in a tiny village nearby for most of her childhood. She studied Character Animation and Digital Illustration at Nemo NT Academy of Digital Arts in Florence. Straight after graduating she moved to London and realized she wanted to pursue her interest in illustration. After all, she couldn’t stay away from her pencils and sketchbooks! She loves portraying children and animals in humorous situations and using bright and captivating colors. She takes inspiration from everything and everywhere around her, in that unconventional way that defines her style and creativeness. She loves chocolate and cats, messy doodles and when it rains at night. When she is not working she can be found writing short stories, watching movies and trying new recipes in the kitchen.



My name is Verónica and I was born in Alicante, a little city in the south east of Spain and is also where I currently live and work as freelance illustrator. I have loved drawing and painting for as long as I can remember, my first painting was made together with my father, he is an amateur painter and taught me the first steps into drawing when I was a child. I think my main influences come from to childhood inspirations,I grew up watching every kind of cartoons and reading illustrated children’s books, particularly fairytale ones, which inspired me to draw. I studied Fine Arts in Valencia and then two masters on Digital Creation and 2d Traditional Animation. Since then I has been developing my art practice. I have experimented with various types of art such as painting, design, illustration and animation. My range of projects include children’s book illustration, Illustration character design and background and props design for videogames. I usually start to draw by pencil and add color by digitally way, I love to try out a new brushes and textures in every illustration. One of my favorite projects has been producing illustrations for a Children’s book whose benefit were to built a school in a small village from Madagascar. Currently, when I am not illustrating, you can find me walking by the sea with my little dog.



Violetta is a Kiev-based illustrator and author of children’s and young adult literature. Her favourite techniques are watercolour, ink, pencils and digital pastel. She graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Printing with a degree in Book Graphic design. Though her official artist name is Violetta, her friends and family prefer to call her by her birth name, Natalia!



Yingying is a self-taught artist with an overactive imagination and propensity for daydreaming. After graduating with a science degree from the University of Oxford and spending the next seven years working in Japan, she realised her true passion for art could not be stemmed and made the stomach-plummeting leap from hobby to career. She works mostly with digital painting and describes her natural style as semi-realistic. As a Chinese-British national, she is interested in combining western and eastern influences in her art, as well as exploring environment and character design with an emphasis towards fantasy and sci-fi. She finds endless inspiration in the beauty of nature, as well as from creative geniuses including Hayao Miyazaki, John William Waterhouse, and Ludovico Einaudi. Outside of art, she enjoys working on her young adult novel, tinkling away at the piano, and seeking out the best afternoon teas in the land.

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