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' This book is

AMAZING' said Ella, 'It's like we are really there Pichard!

The Wild Time

The Wild Time

Today is just an ordinary day for Ella and Pilchard. It is raining outside and they are bored. Mum suggests they read a new book that she has just bought. ‘Jungle Adventures... Sounds interesting!’ As Ella settles down to read, she becomes so engrossed in the story that it feels like she is really in the jungle. When she looks up, she is surrounded by animals! They play all afternoon and have lots of fun taking photos. At tea time. Ella ushers the animals back into the book, and goes to tell her mum about the wild time that she has had with her new friends. ‘Sounds like you had a lovely dream!’ Says her mum. Of course, Ella knows it was all true... she has photographic proof!

had elephant rides...

Written by: Kirsti Davidson

Illustrated by: Kirsti Davidson Selling Points: Popular subject matter Beautiful illustrations Specification: 250 x 250mm, 28 pages.

They played games, monkeyed around,

and took silly photographs.

I ’m No t Sc a r e d o f

M o n s te r s ! A little girl wanders past the lair of a monster. ‘She’ll be easy to scare’ he says. The Monster jumps out and shouts ‘Boo’. The girl turns to the monster and says, ‘Oh, hello, what are you?’ The monster replies that he is a ‘Taskitee’, and that she ought to be scared of him. But the girl says, ‘I’m not scared of monsters; there’s only one thing that scares me, its nothing like you, its all covered in hair.’ The confused monster then says, ‘Hang on a second, I know just who you mean.’ He brings one monster after another out to try and scare the girl, but none of them do. Each time she adds another feature to the description of the only thing that scares her. ‘I’m just not scared of monsters, don’t you see?’ But then the little girl spots a spider on the ground. She screams and shouts - ‘Look out! There it is!’ All of the monsters scream and hide behind the little girl, and ask her what they should do. The little girl replies, ‘There is only one thing for it,’ takes a big breath and screams, ‘DADDY.’ Her Dad sighs when he sees what she is pointing at. ‘It is only a spider, you are so easily scared!’ He ignores the line of monsters standing behind his daughter. The pair walk off into the distance, much to the dismay/confusion of the crowd of monsters. Written by: Collaborate Agency Illustrated by: Mike Byrne Selling Points: A purely fun story, full of high interest illustrations. Strong female lead character. Specification: 250 x 250mm, 24 pages.

Pascale lives in a little cabin in the middle of the mountains. She loves living there and fills her time with all sorts of lovely things; her favourite activity is knitting! She LOVES to knit. But sometimes, despite her busy days, Pascale gets a bit lonely. One day when out collecting firewood, she meets a huge Yeti who is having a very hard time because he just can’t get warm in the snowy mountains. Pascale has an idea and knits him a huge jumper, which he loves so much that he takes her to meet his Yeti family, who ALL want jumpers too. The Yetis think Pascale and her jumpers are wonderul and they ask her to stay with them. Finally, Pascale is no longer lonely and the Yetis are no longer cold!

Written by: Ellie O’shea Illustrated by: Ellie O’shea Selling Points: Fun and quirky illustrations. Lovely story that can be told all year round, or could be adapted into a seasonal book. Specification: 250 x 250mm, 28 pages.

When suddenly, she was covered by a HUGE dark shadow.

One cold snowy day, Pascale ventured out into the forest to collect logs for her fire.

Pascale was so happy she finally had someone to knit for... and she was never lonely again.


Ernie and Mousey are the best of friends. They do everything together; they play, eat and adventure together. But not everyone in the jungle thinks that they should be friends. The other elephants are scared of Mousey and tell Ernie that he should be too. Mousey is scared he’ll lose his friend, so he dresses up like an elephant. But Ernie just laughs... “It doesn’t matter that we’re different; I like you just the way you are!”

“I have big ears like you, I’m bigger like you and I have a trunk like you to guzzle water down! I want to be

just like you

so we can be friends!” she said.

Suddenly through the trees he found her.

“What are you wearing?” laughed Ernie.

Angelika Scudamore

Ernie and Mousey were the best of friends. They did

Written by: Angelika Scudamore Illustrated by: Angelika Scudamore Selling Points: Topical story about seeing past other people’s difference and loving the person inside. Friendly, cute and colourful illustrations. Specification: 250 x 250mm, 28 pages.



HENRY'S AIRPLANE By Emiliano Migliardo

Henry is an adventurous crocodile who likes to do all sorts of fun activities and explore lots of different places. In this book, join him as he takes to the skies in his little airplane. Designed as a set of collectible mini books, this tried-and-tested format lends itself to becoming an extensive series or stories for young readers to collect. The distinctive illustration style lends itself well to product licensing and possible spin off series.

Written by: Emiliano Migliardo Illustrated by: Emiliano Migliardo Selling Points: Huge potential to become a collectible product. Possibility of licensing and spin off brands. Specification: 150 x 150mm, 16 pages. Other Henry Books include: Henry’s Train, Henry’s Submarine, Henry’s Boat, Henry’s Scooter, Henry’s Car, Henry’s Bicycle, Henry’s Helicopter

He was good at dodging mountains at high speeds, and he never got sick. Even when doing lots of loop the loops!

E e g g g n s a r t S t a Wh d a l ! i t a M This is a story about a hen named Matilda, who was very much looking forward to egg-laying season. But when it was time, no eggs arrived. She was very sad and a bit envious of her friends. Over the coming days, she found some other discarded eggs laying around, and decided to pop them all into her own nest. When hatching day arrived, boy did she get a shock! Lots of crazy antics were about to unfold for Matilda and her rather strange looking babies... Written by: Adriana Santos Illustrated by: Adriana Santos Selling Points: Beautiful illustrations by a popluar artist. Wholesome and sweet story with a subtle moral lesson. Specification: 260 x 215mm, 28 pages.

‌ d e l t r a t s s a w e d l i t Ma o feathers.

ith n w n e e r g s One wa t a yard s a e l t a s a rw Anothe n her! taller tha

paws‌ , s e n i p s d a ird h h t e h t And e a rat! k i l t u o n s p ed-u n r u t a and

s M ' e y r e h W

? r e g i T

than a snake like me? r e g n Lo

‘Where’s my Tiger? I can’t start exploring without my Tiger!’ Join Maggie as she goes on an adventure into the jungle in search of her friend the Tiger. Along the way, she meets all sorts of interesting animals; some are long, some have big eyes, some have pointy teeth. But none of them are her Tiger... where could he be? The charismatic character in this book, along with all the wonderful animals she meets, is bound to spark an interest in exploring nature.

Written by: Morena Forza Illustrated by: Morena Forza

Morena Forza

Selling Points: A fun look at jungle animals. Vibrant and colourful illustrations. Specification: 260 x 215mm, 24 pages.

Then I haven’t seen your tiger, Misssssss.

Squirrel and Bear

take to the air. Squirrel spent hours a day watching the birds soar above, wishing he could fly. The birds laughed at him, saying that he belonged on the ground and that he was never meant to fly like them. But Squirrel’s friend Bear (a genius inventor) believed that together they could achieve squirrel’s dream of flying like a bird. And so they set out on their mission, and after a few mishaps they managed to take to the air. This is an uplifting tale about never giving up on your dreams and is so beautifully illustrated that both children and adults will love it.

Written by: Patrick Brooks Illustrated by: Patrick Brooks Selling Points: Beautiful Atmospheric illustrations. Sweet uplifting story. Specification: 250 x 250mm, 24 pages.

g a c i M

It was already late when Wolf on his way back home.

All of the sudden, he saw something strange. A little Owl was falling down from a tall tree!

d r s o W Duba Kolanovik

Wolf stayed up late that night. He did lots of research on flying and owls. Little Owl did not sleep either, but that was nothing special. Owls are always awake during the night time.

Wolf was walking home through the forest, when a little Owl fell down from a tree into his path. He tried to help Little Owl back up to her branch, but the poor bird couldn’t fly. Wolf decided to help Little Owl learn to fly, but it was very difficult. He was very frustrated with the little bird ‘What kind of Owl are you? You are so clumsy!’ His words hurt Owls feelings. One day, Little Owl repeats back to Wolf all of the hurtful things he has said, starting to believe them herself. Wolf realises how horrible he has been; he says sorry, offering words of encouragment to Little Owl, and these help her to overcome her fears and finally learn to fly. A lovely tales that teaches children about the importance of being kind to others.

Written and Illustrated by: Duba Kolanovik Selling Points: Lovely story with a simple moral message about patience and kindness. Whimsical illustrations by very popular artist. Specification: 250 x 250mm, 28 pages.

Wolf was tired, and losing patience. But then Owl looked at Wolf with her big eyes and sighed...

mI? a l w O f o d n ki “W hat unable to fly!� d n a y s m u l c ghts, i e h f o d Afrai

Her words made Wolf feel very sorry, what kind of friend was he, being so mean to Little Owl.

. . . y p S I the Garden


Katie Saunders

Join Bertie and Rita as they explore their garden and play a game of ‘I Spy’. This innovative take on a first-words book will not only teach young children lots of new words, but also encourage them to play their own game of ‘I Spy’. These books are not arranged alphabetically, so there will be no problem with co-editioning. Instead, the book focuses on the game of ‘I Spy’ as a way of introducing different words. Written by: Katie Saunders Illustrated by: Katie Saunders Selling Points: First words with easy co-editioning Possibility of an extensive book series. Specification: 220 x 220mm, 24 pages.

I spy with my little eye, somthing beginning with...


I spy with my little eye, somthing beginning with...



Bird! Also... At School In the Town At the beach

Dancing Dark Chocolate

It has long been known that excercise and healthy food are very good for you and help you stay fit. But did you know that healthy foods like to keep fit too!? They are very good at thinking of fun and interesting ways to stay active. This vibrant and colourful introduction to ideas about health and fitness is sure to encourage young readers to try new things that are ‘Good for me.’






Long Boarding





Kiwi fruit

Green tea

Written by: Lisa Perret

Illustrated by: Lisa Perret Selling Points: A fun introduction to one of today’s key issues, perfect for inspiring young minds Vibrant and colourful illustrations. Specification: 250 x 250mm, 28 pages.


Fen ci



Growing out of the daily doodles that quirky illustrator Sarah Goodreau posts on her blog, ‘A Bad Day for flying kites’ is a series of very short stories that feature Sarah’s fanastically dry and dour sense of humour. Similar in style to the cult classic, ‘All my friends and dead,’ this book would be perfect for any adult who enjoys looking on the darker side of life. This book also has great potential for syndication.

Written by: Sarah Goodreau

Illustrated by: Sarah Goodreau Selling Points: Potential for syndication deals. A new take on a format that has proven to have cult appeal. Specification: 160 x 120mm, extent negotiable.

Short stories for short people


Out of

Africa Teresa Bellón’s fabulous illustrations fill this animal atlas with fun, humour and beautiful colours. Spot facts, written in a soft, slightly humorous tone, add value through soft learning. The simplistic design makes this book ageless and helps it to stand out alongside other books in this genre. A Whole World Safari divides the world up by continent and shows an overview of the animals living in each of them.

Written by: Collaborate Agency Illustrated by: Teresa Bellón Selling Points: Quirky, on-trend illustrations in a cool, modern colour palette Fun spot facts written in a humorous voice. Specification: 260 x 215mm, extent negotiable.

The African Elephant is the largest land animal in the world and has a huge trunk that it uses like we use our hands.

Animal Lifespan 14 years

70 years

25 years

25 years

The Lion is very lazy and spends over 16 hours a day sleeping. Male lions have a fabulous mane and a mighty roar!

Animal Groups Pride of Lions

Parade of Elephants

Tower of Giraffes

Dazzle of Zebra

The Turtle has a hard shell that protects it like a shield. Some Turtles can tuck their arms and legs inside their shell to hide from predators.

The Zebra sleeps standing up, but only when in a large group, because it is afraid of predators. such as the Lion.

The Giraffe is the tallest animal in the world. It has a very long neck which helps it reach the leaves on tall trees and enjoy views of the Savannah.

The Tiger is not very good at hunting. It only manages to catch it’s prey once in ever 10 tries! Tigers are very good at swimming though.

Enter the wonderful world of classic fairy tales in a way that is completely new with this collection of Fairy Tale Recipes. Designed with both child and adult book lovers in mind, this is a beautifully illustrated recipe book with a twist. Instead of cakes and roast dinners, these are fairy tale recipes, inviting the reader to use their own imagination to embellish the story. There is a sprinkle of humour in there too, for good measure. As well as the beautifully illustrated book, there is also an oppor tunity to add value with a selection of press-out pages, inviting the reader to act out their own versions of the tales by following the recipes provided. Written by: Collaborate Agency Illustrated by: Sue Downing Selling Points: A unique voice, telling classic tales in a new format Beautiful illustrations by one of Advocate Art’s most popluar artists. Perfect for child’s play or as a collectible book for adults. Specification: 260 x 215mm, extent negotiable.

‘Nursery Rhyme Recipes’ also available

A book of Yummy Recipes Join the Little Chef and her cat, Louie, as they embark upon a culinary adventure around the kitchen. Each simple recipe is told through a lighthearted comic strip, ‘peppered’ with humour to help keep young cooks interested! Written by: Ellie O’shea Illustrated by: Ellie O’shea Selling Points: A unique twist on the standard children’s cookbook. Delightful illustrations and humour by a popular children’s artist. Specification: 265 x 265mm, extent negotiable.

Anyone can learn to cook with a recipe. And I will be here to help you!

Added value from activity pages, such as ‘Design your own Sombrero.’

Tricky tasks clearly labelled with an ‘Ask a grown up’ symbol. Explained in the intro pages.

‘This is the Sun’ is a book about the planets in our Solar System. Each spread is dedicated to one planet. There are stats on the temperature of each planet and its distance from us; it is a simple but interesting text that gives a great overview of the planets, plus fun spot facts about some of the other objects in our Solar System, such as comets, asteroids and moons.


The beautiful illustrations, fun facts and the option for a pullout poster make this the perfect book for any budding space enthusiasts.

Written by: Collaborate Agency Illustrated by: Stef Murphy

Selling Points: Soft learning for a key curriculum subject. On-trend illustrations. Specification: 270 x 215mm, extent negotiable.

This could make a really great roll fold book!

On 20 July, 1969, The USA landed the first ever men on the moon.

This is the

Earth Earth is the third planet from the Sun, the densest planet in the Solar System, the largest of the Solar System’s four terrestrial planets, and the only astronomical object known to harbor life. Earth formed about 4.54 billion years ago. The Earth has a powerful magnetic field, this phenomenon is caused by the nickel-iron core of the planet, coupled with its rapid rotation. This field protects the Earth from the effects of solar wind.

y od . b r ola rock s l l a y sm st and r e v du t is a A come tly of ice, os made m


15°c / 59°f


0m / 0km

Illustrations from left hand pages combine together to create a pull out Solar System poster.

Super Stats Flip Books

Ruler Battles evil conquerors Ruler Battles - Evil Conquerors is a spiral bound stats book that allows the reader to compare a range of Evil Conquerors and the facts and figures about each one. By turning true facts into a game, this book becomes the ultimate in ‘learning by stealth’ and will encourage even the most reluctant readers to absorb all sorts of interesting information. Written by: Collaborate Agency Illustrated by: Jacqui Davis Selling Points: Turning non-fiction into a game for the ultimate ‘learning by stealth’ experience. Potential for further series expansion. Specification: 250 x 250mm, 28 pages.

Also Crazy Royalty and Insane LEaders

Timur the lame

Introduction. Cipienissusda volut andanita venihil lorumquos nusci nita quodi iniscietur? Dia volorum quid quatem facerist, custibusa quid quo officia epreic.

Lived to (years) Kill Count Lands Conquered

68 17m 10







Fun Fact During his mid-twenties, Tamerlane was crippled by injuries to his right leg and right hand.


the impaler Introduction. Cipienissusda volut andanita venihil lorumquos nusci nita quodi iniscietur? Dia volorum quid quatem facerist, custibusa quid quo officia epreic.


Lived to (years)


Kill Count


Lands Conquered







Fun Fact Vlad the Impalers surname was Dracul. The Story of Dracula the vampire was inspired by him.

Alternative Art style Giuliano Aloisi

Mad e c n e Sci . ts is nt ie sc g un o Y r fo ts en m ri At home expe

Mad Science is a super fun, interactive story that encourages young minds to engage with the idea of science. The book follows ‘Cool Science Kid’ as he tries to achieve a number of different goals, including building his own space rocket. For each goal to be achieved he must first deduce how to create the scientific elements needed, such as propulsion. Readers are encouraged to follow along with the task, in line with proper scientific method, recreating the experiments themselves using simple step-by-steps. With a keen emphasis on understanding processes and evaluating findings., this book will help encourage kids to understand the value and purpose of science.

Written by: Ryan Pentney and Collaborate Agency Illustrated by: Ryan Pentney Selling Points: Learning that could help reinforce and cement national curriculum knowledge. Learning by stealth.. Specification: 250 x 250mm, 28 pages.

Encouraging use of the scentific method: Purpose - Prediction - Procedure - Observation - Evaluation - conclusion Clearly illustrated step by step instructions


Cool science kid wants to build a space rocket, but first he needs to work out the sciEnce parts and you have got to help him!



THE STORY OF ONE MAN’S THRILLING JOURNEY THROUGH THE HUMAN BODY ‘A Voyage Through Uranus’ tells the story of a sea captain/spaceman as he works his way through the other-worldly landscape of the human body. Getting up-close and personal with all the different bodily functions that go on inside of us all, this is the ultimate adventure in learning by stealth. The 50’s Sci-i inspired artwork will make for a beautiful book, filled with subtle humour that would make this book desirable for both children and adults alike. Written by: Collaborate Agency Selling Points: Lots of action and humour shown through fantastical illustrations. Intense learning by stealth. Specification: 260 x 115mm, extent negotiable.





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THE landscape

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Collaborate books!