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Advocate Art was founded in 1992, with a group of illustrators who liked the idea of having an agent but not the other things that often came with that. We call our ethos four “F.A.C.T.s”: Fairness, Ability, Creativity and Trust. It’s about doing the right thing and being with the right people. We think our principles set us apart from conventional agencies, sticking to them has meant we have attracted the most creative illustrators and artists who in turn attract (with a little help) the best clients. The people we represent are perfectly able to conduct their own affairs but like working with Advocate Art because we offer value to them in the services we provide. Clients are assured that we represent artists that are like-minded professionals, pre-vetted and able not only to get the job done without fuss, but also to surpass expectations. It’s their choice to be with us, we have a high retention rate - with the most popular artists in our group being with us from the start! We were one of the first Agencies to give direct client contact with our illustrators, allowing creativity to flow without being diluted in translation. We were one of the first to offer re-sales as an important secondary income to artists. Now we have gone beyond that too, with the development of an on-line portal - ARTicle which enables artists to have transparency into the back office functions of the business, such as royalty management and credit control, amongst other things.Business is all about relationships, which is why we have a very high artist to agent ratio, clients often use us as artistic advisors, project managers as well a trend forward resource for pre-qualified talent. It is for these reasons that Advocate Art has become the largest illustration agency around and I’d like to think one of the most respected but- we understand we didn’t get that way by acting like the biggest. Come and find out for yourself…


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Hello! I’m Alex, a full-time freelance illustrator and infographic artist currently working between São Paulo (Brazil) and Porto (Portugal), with more than 20 years of experience in the creative industry. After graduating with a degree in Advertising I was selected in a program for young talents to work in the leading newspaper in Brazil, where I stayed for 8 years and learned the secrets of visual journalism. In the last 10 years I've been working exclusively as a freelance and in this period I expanded my field of work from journalism to cover also advertisement and textbooks. I aim to create a graphic work where Visual elements replace texts, communicating ideas quickly and entertaining, translating a complex piece of information into something comprehensible for anyone. For achieving this self-imposed goal I use vector for 90% of my drawings, trying to be minimalist whenever it is possible and using a limited color palette and basic geometric shapes.



Amanda Shufflebotham is a designer and illustrator based in the historic Welsh/English border town of Chepstow, where she lives with her partner and two sons. She was born near Oxford and attended Swindon School of Art and Design in the late 1980s, which led to a career in publishing, design and advertising. In 2004, while her sons were very young, Amanda branched out into freelance work and it was at that point that her approach became more illustrative. Her designs have been used for greeting ware in the UK and the US, and in the tourism sector. Amanda now works from her home studio, and when she’s not illustrating and designing she is spending time with her family and enjoying her garden. In fact, if Amanda hadn’t gone into design she would have like to be a landscape gardener as the shapes and textures of foliage have always enchanted her.



My name is Celeste Aires. I was born in San Juan, Argentina, a town by the Andeans. I grew up in a house with a big garden, two dogs and a little sister. I always loved drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, and I always had a big imagination. So I decided I wanted to be an artist for a living. After high school, I went to Art collage for a little while, but then I dropped it and became a trekking guide, I spent several years working in the mountains and climbing around the world. In 2011 I moved to Buenos Aires to study Animation Direction and I became a professional illustrator a year after that. I love mid century modern style, geometrical shapes, adventure tales, chocolate, mountains, being outdoors, animals and plants. I think my work is a bit nostalgic, simple and funny. I want to evolve as an artist and explore and mix all medias and techniques I can. By the way, my name means Light Blue Air :)



Born in the late 1970’s Mr Broadbent is an illustrator and designer. He has worked for the last 15 years or so creating all manner of illustrations for companies all over the planet and beyond. He was originally grown in Yorkshire in the bleak North, and later transported via the helicopter network to Loughborough in the centre of England. There he gained a degree but was forced to leave due to the conker shortages that year. London was the next stop, a relatively brief one as he couldn’t stomach the cockneys. Run away is what he did, right down to the South coast, to Brighton. He continues to reside there to this very day, living with 2 children a cockney wife and an hesitant whippet. Cycling, walking, driving and running around like most other humans do nowadays.



Diego Vaisberg, graphic designer and illustrator. Art Director at DGPH studio, Product developer at INK-Co accessories brand, professor at Palermo University. Working with Martin Lowenstein over the past 10 years, DGPH has a unique and peculiar style and way of understanding the visual arts. The works made at the studio, have been exposed in art galleries in Tokyo, Taipei, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Sao Paulo, among other cities. The studio currently works on products for kids, character design and animation pitches, editorial, advertising projects and branding for apparel brands.


I originally graduated from the National Taiwan University of Art, where I studied sculpture. This gave me a solid classical training within the field of fine art. After working many years in graphic design, greetings-card creation and even TV set design, I took some illustration courses in a local college and also private lessons with illustrators, and then began building my career in this field. Since I grew up in a tropical country (in London I still have to wear 4 or 5 layers!), naturally I love to use bright colours and I draw a lot of inspiration from tropical plants. I also love to draw animals, especially cats; particularly black cats. I love exploring different materials. I use a lot of water colour, block print, pastels, and sometimes I draw directly on the computer



Jenny wren has created illustrations for various book publishers over the World since joining Advocate. She loves to illustrate maps, busy scenes, and animals of all shapes and sizes. As well as producing artwork for book projects, Jenny also loves to design greetings cards, featuring fun characters, decorative florals or trend led icons.



Lila Kalogeri is a freelance illustrator, comic artist and painter. She graduated from the UCE, Birmingham, with an MA in Visual Communication in 2002 and has since been working for book publishers, magazines and agencies. She has been commissioned for various painting projects and her work has been displayed in numerous exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Most of her work is computer generated, but she also enjoys working with traditional media. In 2015, she received a merit at the EBGE illustration and graphic design awards for her illustration of “Vres poios eimai� first readers book.



My name is Marc-Etienne. I was born in Troyes, France, studied Illustration at Emile Cohl school in Lyon and I now live in Paris where I work as a freelance illustratorI Sitting too close to the TV watching Cartoon network when I was a boy is what got me into drawing. But it’s my teenage skaboarding years that really drew me into illustration, enjoying the work of people such as Jeremy Fish and Evan Hecox. I like to draw colorful and humourous scenes with playful characters. I worked for several advertisement campaigns but I really like magazines’ related work as well as children’s books illustrations because it allows me to have a more offbeat approach and funnier results.



Marc is a self-taught illustrator from Lewes, East Sussex. As a child he drew endlessly, but it wasn't until his son was born that he rediscovered his love of doodling – both as a way to entertain his son, and as a source of entertainment for himself! Marc has since graduated from doodling and now works full time as an illustrator (although he would argue that there is very little difference between his doodling days and his present practice). He spends much of his time (fueled on strong tea) drawing silly pictures containing forlorn looking yetis, giant purple robots and the like. Marc works digitally with the aim of creating colourful engaging work, full of texture and atmosphere. He finds inspiration in gallery shows, museums, books, and funny things his 3 year old says (he was talking about flying jellyfish recently, which Marc feels he should definitely draw).



Sarah Goodreau received a B.F.A in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Now based in London, she works with various publications around the world. Her passion is storytelling through imagery and hopes to continue on with this in many different forms. Sarah’s work is a mix of the whimsical and the strange, focusing on humor and beauty. She also art directs for Wizard Fingers, a small animation project she works on with her partner.



Teresa Bellon was born in Albacete, Spain. She spent a few years wandering around, studying different things and doing drawings just for Mum and Dad; until she finally accepted her fate and did an Illustration Course in Madrid. As a result, she began working for national and international clients and she has participated in several exhibitions. Her main sources of inspiration are Portuguese and Nordic illustrators of children’s books. Her drawings have a touch naive, limited colour palette and simple compositions. Finally, Teresa doesn’t stay at home waiting for inspiration, she sets out to find it, so she travels, buys illustrated books and enjoys long walsk in Madrid .


Ed Myer is a Manchester-born illustrator represented by Illustration agency Advocate art. Ed is now living in London. After growing up in an artistic household, surrounded by other artists in the family, Ed studied ceramics at university but always continued drawing pictures. As well as illustration, Ed likes travelling, playing computer games and walking little Ted (his Jack russell).



Venitia Dean is a freelance illustrator who grew up in Brighton. She has always loved drawing, ever since she could hold a pencil! As a teenager she discovered a passion for figurative illustration and then when she turned 19 she was given a digital drawing tablet for her birthday and started transferring her work to the computer. She hasn’t looked back since! As well as illustration, Venitia loves reading graphic novels, and walking her dog Peanut.



Kay Coenen (38) is an infographic designer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and his works spans from corporate clients to some of the country’s magazines and newspapers. He begun working with information graphics almost 10 years ago, and has since establish himself in the market with his company Infographicmedia. He also gives guest lectures about the subject on Art Academies or Universities in the Netherlands. “What I like about producing infographics is that every question of a client is a new challenge. I love to dive into the subjects and learn new things every day.” “For every new project I choose one of my illustration styles that fits the client identity the best. Sometimes 3D is a good solution, but 2D or hand drawn illustrations are also possibilities. This challenges make my work so interesting! Every day is a new challenge!”



I was born, I live and work in Vicenza. I teach drawing and digital coloring at the International School of Comics, based in Padua. I participated in various group exhibitions with the group of artists called “SchioComics”, and the exhibitions “Vinc” and “Interferenze” (2015) in Vicenza. I am a member of the Association “Autori di Immagini” (AI). My interest in the arts began with cartoons and comics; these influences led me to a three-dimensional style, in some cases realistic, in other more cartoon.I love my job because it is very varied and it gives me the chance to experiment with a lot of graphics solutions, but mainly because it allows me to communicate in an essential way through color and line. I love my family, walks in the mountain forests, clouds that pass you by, Enya’s music (which I listen to while I work), and a good beer.



I was born in Santeramo, Italy, where I grew up and now live. All my life, I’ve had a passion for comics, especially those drawn realistically in a personal style. I began my education at the Liceo Artistico and I went on to study painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bari. I am inspired by the work of comic authors, like Sergio Toppi, Dino Battaglia and Attilio Micheluzzi, and by that of painters like Paul Gauguin, David Hockney and Lucien Freud. If I weren’t an artist, I would be a handyman, actor or dancer. Alternatively, I would be a character from a Moebius or Micheluzzi comic strip. I like to listen to jazz, rock and classical while I work and I taught myself English purely by using computer software!



Born and bred in Kent, I loved painting as a kid and used to paint my versions of the Disney Characters. I always wanted to do something with art and went to the Kent Institute of Art & Design to see what the possibilities were. I was inspired by the works of David Shepherd and Norman Rockwell for their detail and diversely different styles. I usually work in watercolour but can also do pencil or acrylics depending on what is required. My style is realistic, but not photo realistic, I just like it to look as it’s meant to be. My work includes natural history, botanical, people and scenes. Outside of the artistic field, although not too far removed, I love pottery and make and sell my own pieces and enjoy photography as well as cycling but I’m not too good at that and invariably end up in a ditch.



I began my illustrating career in Bath, England, in 1988, as an airbrush artist, creating artwork for children’s books. I built up a large commercial client base working for many major companies producing packaging and advertising artwork. Over the years I moved on to other styles and media: watercolour, oils, etc. I now also use computers for a variety of illustration projects, for example: instruction manuals, creating 3D models of buildings and 3D animation. I consider myself to be a versatile artist able to deal with any number of subjects or styles...



I still collect armour and antique toy soldiers , and my wife and I collect small bulldogs. We have had to buy a larger bed to allow them space at night. They are all very clean and well behaved. We grow a lot of vegetables, which supports a garden full of wild rabbits which the bulldogs chase but never catch. Ed recently persuaded me to get into Radio Controlled model plane flying‌in between these activities, I paint anything that comes along, jigsaws, Childrens books, Christmas cards of course, it’s all interesting.


A former biologist turned science illustrator, trained at the Science Illustration program at UC Monterrey Bay. He worked early on his illustrator career for field guides of plants and animals of his country of origin, Colombia, and now owns and works in his art Studio, LIBERUM DONUM, doing concept art, storyboarding and his passion: comic books.



Martin Bustamante is an illustrator and painter from Argentina. At the age of 3 he was able to draw a horse “starting by the tail�as his mother always tells. As a teenager he found on movies like Star Wars and books as Prince Valiant, from Harold Foster, new and fascinating worlds full of colors, shapes and atmospheres that became his inspiration for drawing. At that moment drawing and painting became his passions. He started working as a professional illustrator and has work for several editorials and magazines from Argentina, USA and Europe.



Mat Edwards draws inspiration from the things he sees in daily life. Immersed in his art with his brain “always ticking over” he can create everything from the thoroughly modern to vintage style designs. While his talent and eye for detail is a constant, his technique has evolved from using purely traditional materials to using almost all-digital methods – creating works just as before, but without, he says, the clutter ….. after all it is all just well arranged blobs of paint or pixels.



I was born and raised in Aintree, which is just outside Liverpool. After completing my Art Foundation at Hugh Baird College, I went on to study Illustration at Wolverhampton University. I originally trained as a paper based artist until switching over to digital work in 1997. Since then, I have worked for many years freelancing in licensing before arriving at Advocate. Whist working in licensing, I got to work on many character based books for Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob the builder, Noddy and much more. I worked for many different publishers in that time and now, under Advocate’s guidance, have branched out into many new and different styles.



I am an Illustrator based in Italy, currently living in Monza with my wife, two baby twin girls and a small herd of pets. I’ve been doing illustrations since 2006. Nowadays, I’m a fully digital artist who relies on the latest technology to create and deliver to clients the best artworks I can, be it while I’m at home at my desk or working on-the-go. I’m a versatile artist who has collaborated with others on a variety of projects, from children’s books to manuals to posters, to fantasy books to jigsaw puzzles, card games and editorial books. I have a passion for fantasy, science fiction and... Siamese, talkative cats.



Not even primarily - graphic designer, artist, illustrator, designer and photographer, but definitely meets with success primarily in those professions. From many years of experience in designing and creating for advertising, media and publishing houses in Poland and abroad.In the visual challenges of valuing especially the creativity and freshness concept, not shunning draw satisfaction from a purely "technical" side of creation. Still looking for new inspiration and ways to improve their skills. Guided by the maxim that "visually impossible does not exist ... but impossible to fulfill the ... conditions.

Our Principals,

F a i r n e s s , A b i l i t y, C r e a t i v i t y, Tr u s t a n d t h a t ’ s a F. A . C . T.

Our mission, Great available ar t from Great available ar tists.

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