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Acea, Gruppo industriale leader nel mercato italiano e primo operatore nel settore idrico, gestisce servizi primari anche nei settori dell’energia e dell’ambiente generando valore per le persone e per i territori in cui opera. Un impegno che si concretizza attraverso importanti investimenti su infrastrutture, reti ed impianti, fondamentali per la crescita del Paese, ma anche attraverso l’incremento di soluzioni innovative necessarie allo sviluppo sostenibile del Gruppo e a una sempre migliore qualità dei servizi.

The Acea Run Rome The Marathon once again confirms itself as one of the most important sporting events in our city. The beauty of Rome and the passion of the runners are protagonists of this great international sports event. Thousands of Italian and foreign athletes, from over 100 nations of the world, renew their personal challenge in Rome and are ready to participate in a great collective celebration in the wonderful setting that only the Capital can offer: from the Circo Massimo to Colosseum, passing through San Pietro, Piazza del Popolo and Piazza di Spagna. Behind the scenes of this event is a solid organization that has managed, year after year, to make the marathon increasingly beautiful, inclusive, and participatory, with strong involvement from the world of volunteering and special attention to the environmental impact. It will be a great day of sport, solidarity, and fun: among those who will compete with the queen of road races, those who will have fun in teams with the Run4Rome relay, and those who can enjoy the city of Rome with the Stracittadina. We are proud to experience again, together with all of them, this great sporting event.

The beauty of Rome and the passion of the runners are protagonists of this great international sports event

The marathon of the Capital of Italy is the only marathon where athletes run through history. From the Circo Massimo to Colosseum passing through San Pietro, Castel Sant’Angelo, Foro Italico, Piazza del Popolo, and Piazza di Spagna. A race that is run with legs but also with eyes and of which we are proud, a great sporting event that enriches the city’s tourist offer. A reason to come to Rome once again or stay one more day, but also a great sports day for the city, for thousands of families who will run the non-competitive race. We are happy to welcome this new and beautiful edition, to the athletes and their companions, confident that it will be an unforgettable day of sport.

3 ______ I SALUTI
A major sports event that enriches the city’s tourism offerings GREETINGS

La quarta edizione della Acea Run Rome The Marathon si profila come un evento ricco di record, con oltre 18.000 iscritti alla sola maratona e 40.000 totali, di cui più di 10.000 provenienti dall’estero in rappresentanza di 110 nazioni.

Un dato estremamente rilevante se si pensa all’indotto anche turistico che un evento del genere porta alla Città di Roma. Grazie al supporto e alla collaborazione con Roma Capitale, le istituzioni locali e regionali e i molti stakeholder del territorio, siamo riusciti anche quest’anno a organizzare una manifestazione che sarà di grande sport, ma anche di grandi eventi e manifestazioni collaterali, che vogliono lasciare alla città e a tutti i partecipanti un’importante legacy per il futuro.

Sotto il profilo degli sponsor quest’anno avremo 32 partner, 10 dei quali si affacciano alla loro prima edizione, un’area espositiva ancora più grande rispetto allo scorso anno e 64 realtà presenti, tra sponsor, partner e charity. Ed è proprio la parte di progetti solidali che mi interessa sottolineare, con numerose Organizzazioni No Profit a partecipare al progetto staffetta, che cresce ogni anno e che aiuta a farsi portavoce e a raccogliere fondi per importanti cause.

We are in the fourth year of Acea Run Rome The Marathon, and we have achieved the significant goal of the participation record: the Acea Run Rome The Marathon will be the largest and most participated marathon ever held in Italy. The record-breaking achievement includes the registration of over 10,000 foreign participants from 110 countries. It has never happened before - such great international participation and significant numbers, with numerous runners to whom we offer services at the level of renowned Major Marathons. These numbers stem from the utmost attention to countless details across various areas, including marketing and communication, including social media, thanks to a team of top-notch professionals working year-round who believe in this project. The success has been tangible even during the Get Ready sessions, the group training both in Rome and ‘On Tour’ around the world. These training sessions have set the standard, being replicated in Italy and Europe by small and medium-sized races. The Rome Running Week is born with many events spread over nine days. I want to emphasize once again the Expo Village at the Palazzo dei Congressi, one of the most beautiful and well-organized, envied by Europe. All of this will be just a significant step towards the edition of March 16, 2025, when we will celebrate the 30th year of the Rome Marathon: it will be an event full of emotion, vibration, art, history, culture, sport, and fun. The new logo is already ready, and we are prepared to immediately break this year’s record. It will be a marathon full of surprises. There are emotions in many other marathons around the world, but Rome is different, it is more. Just think of the start in front of the Colosseum and the finish where, in the last kilometer, you run alongside it amidst tears of joy. On Sunday, there will be over 40,000 participants in all distances, from children to adults, from those who just want to walk to those who believe in absolute competitiveness. Everyone is welcome. Acea Run Rome The Marathon is you. Have a great time!

DANIELE QUINZI Direttore Marketing Corriere dello Sport – Stadio ALESSANDRO GIACOMINI Managing Director Infront Italy

The Acea Run Rome The Marathon 2024 is the largest Italian sports event in terms of participation. There will be over 40,000 participants across three distances: marathon, relay (Acea Run4Rome), and the city-wide Fun Run, with a large number of foreigners and dozens of musical and entertainment events along the race route. We have measured and certified the course, making it even faster by eliminating the climb to the Mosque, and more spectacular with the start line facing and running around the Colosseum.

Rome and its marathon will be even more beautiful and significant this year. Thousands of volunteers line the route, the true heart of the marathon, with many collaborations with volunteer associations and non-profit organizations for the Charity project. My gratitude goes to everyone involved, especially the technical offices of Rome Capital, the Municipal Police, the Army, the Guardia di Finanza, and the Air Force, as well as the State Police and Carabinieri, who all work together to make the marathon possible. Next year will mark the 30th edition, and we are already working on many innovations to make it even more memorable than this one. Enjoy Rome, enjoy its marathon.

With great pleasure, I extend my warm greetings and wish the best of luck to those participating in the great ACEA RUN ROME THE MARATHON. It was 1995 when the first “MARATHON OF ROME” started. Twenty-nine years have passed, yet the excitement remains the same for this event that has always marked the beginning of the marathon season. Rome is unique, and 40,000 people will run along an extraordinary route that retraces history. Enjoy every single meter. COME ON, GUYS, we’ll see each other on the 17th to share this excitement together.

Rome is unique; 40,000 people will run along an extraordinary route that retraces history

Iam pleased to welcome all of you to the 29th edition of the Acea Run Rome Marathon, the largest mass participation sports event ever held in Italy. Few places are more thrilling to run a marathon than in Rome, the eternal city. Rome holds a special place in my heart, having lived here for several years when I was young. This weekend, around 19,000 runners from 110 countries will descend upon this historic city to take part in a race that will literally take you through time. From the starting line at the Roman Forum, through its historic squares and streets, to the finish line at the Colosseum: the Rome Marathon is truly a race like no other. Additionally, tens of thousands of people, joyous and happy, will experience the thrill of running 5 kilometers amidst some of the world’s most iconic landmarks with the Fun Run.

This will be a significant year for our sport in the city of Rome, with the European Athletics Championships taking place at the Olympic Stadium in June. The Rome Marathon will kick off in grand style what promises to be a fantastic 2024 for athletics in the city of Rome.

I would like to thank the organizers for putting together another edition of this historic race and wish all those participating in this year’s event good luck in achieving their personal goals. Have a wonderful day on your journey!

The solemnity of history, the beauty of sport. This combination is worth a new page of writing in the name of a Marathon that has become a tradition to honor. Rome and the magnificence of its iconic places on the background, 42,195 km to run, chasing a dream with the will to leave a mark. The 29th Acea Run Rome The Marathon is expected to be a great party of international scope, with a record-breaking attendance: about 19 thousands subscriptions and an even wider program that is qualified and oriented towards solidarity purposes. There is the essence of our movement and the values that lead it, the ability to interpret them thanks to the exciting content. A nice promotional showcase, the bridge to the next great agonistic appointments that await us, starting from the European championship of athletics, in the year of the Paris Olympic and Paralympic games of 2024. In my name personally and that of the Italian National Olympic Committee, I congratulate the organizers for the commitment and the skills deployed, and I address a sincere encouragement to the athletes who will join the race, with the assurance that they will provide with a show that meets the expectations of the blazon of the event.

The center of the world. The Capital of the athletics. In the year of the European championship of Rome, the Acea Run Rome The Marathon acquires even more meaning and charm. The event of Sunday 17th March will be the occasion to show to the world the enchantment of the Eternal City and the and to look ahead to the continental exhibition of June. The constantly evolving numbers of the subscriptions confirm that the passion for running and for outdoor physical activity is always increasing: a feeling that is felt everyday in the streets and in the parks of this city and that reflects on such an attended, international and innovative marathon. As Federation, our commitment is to put the Italian organizers in the best possible conditions to develop their projects and to reach quality standards that have nothing to envy to the other great European and international marathons. I wish all the participants an unforgettable day and I hope to find them in the Olympic Stadium in a few months for the spectacular European championships.

STEFANO MEI Fidal President SEBASTIAN COE World Athletics president GIOVANNI MALAGO’ Coni President

One more year, the 29th for the marathon of Rome, the fourth as Acea Run Rome The Marathon. Challenging, long, exhausting, often very complicated, but the final result, the one that we are living all together in these days is something unique. Acea Run Rome The Marathon 2024 has become the marathon of records, with participative numbers that Italy has never seen before and that projects us among the world’s most important marathons. As Project Manager of the event I wish to thank the team of 30 people that work everyday of the year, a team that has grown up to 100 people in the last months. In the streets, on Sunday 17th March there will be even more than 2500 volunteers, who also represent the heart and soul of the marathon. We are a solid, united team, that is involved in many present and future projects, a synergy work for ATI (Temporary Entrepreneurial Association) among Infront Italy, Corriere dello Sport-Stadio, Italia Marathon Club and Atielle, big companies that has united to give birth to an overall project with great results. And we are already working on the edition for the 30th birthday, for which we expect exiting news and we expect a further growth of both public and interest. In the mean time this year the Rome Running Week is born, where in nine days of events we show how inclusive a marathon can be. Something new, as the Pasta Party on the prestigious terrace of Palazzo dei Congressi, and other confirmed activities such as the Expo Village enriched with an important quality and quantity of exposers. The friendship and the strong collaborationwith Athletica Vaticana has been confirmed, which has seen us grow and build a path of solidarity initiatives throughout the year, apart from a strong desire, thanks to the partnership with Circularity Sustanibility Partner, to let the Marathon become more and more sustainable thanks to many concrete actions.

The path that we are pursuing with Sapienza University is very much positive as well, because, in addition to the Conference about health and sport, it also led us to organize a real event for students in the space of the campus. Again with Sapienza, we are developing research to measure the socio-economical fallout on the territory. Lastly there will also be a big party with Marathon Party on Sunday evening at Palazzo dei Coronari. A few lines to tell you that the Rome Marathon is not just a race, but a big event for the whole city.

It is with great enthusiasm that this year we sustain the Marathon of Rome once again, an extraordinary event that unites the passion for sport, the culture and the beauty of our wonderful city. As a company that is committed to promotion and sustainability, Acea promotes with conviction the importance of sport for the individual and collective health and for its ability to bring people together, sharing the values of solidarity and inclusion. The Marathon of Rome is not a simple race, but a unique experience that connects athletes from all over the world who test their determination, their commitment and resilience, and inspires them to achieve their goal step by step, overcoming their limits both on the field and in life. The path that winds along the streets of Rome will let you immerse yourself in the millennial history of the city, among iconic monuments and suggestive places that narrate the greatness of our past and that will make this experience unforgettable.

For the 29th year the partnership between Roma and the Acea Run Rome The Marathon is renewed. A competitive event that has always been able to appeal the best runners, on an international level, but that is also an extraordinary occasion to live and admire the city of Rome, its iconic places and its millennial history. And Rome, on its part, as every year will pay the right acknowledgment to the athletes who past and present write memorable pages of sport. Again in this edition, following the tradition of the Acea Run Rome The Marathon, the paralympic athletes of FISPES and FSSI will race side by side with the Olympic ones, in order to reaffirm that the passion for sport erases every difference and barrier. I am sure that this year Rome will once again be the setting of a great moment of sport and inclusion, with the awareness that the actions of the competing athletes will be able to transcend the purely competitive context and become, as always, an example and inspiration for a lot of people.

BARBARA MARINALI Acea President LUCA PANCALLI President of the Paralympic Italian Committee LORENZO BENFENATI
Project Manager Acea Run Rome The Marathon



Acea Run Rome The Marathon 2024 aims to send an important message to all runners and beyond. The word is one: WATER. The meaning is LIFE. Because humans are made up of 70% water, because runners for their marathon or daily run constantly need water to hydrate properly and regulate body temperature. The city of Rome has a great advantage that, as always, comes from history: the ‘nasoni’, the iconic cast iron fountains established in 1874, are 2500 throughout the city. During the Get Ready training sessions, participants will often find public fountains along the routes, and thanks to the intervention of experienced nutritionists, they will also receive theoretical knowledge about the benefits of proper water intake for their bodies and their runs.





Acea, Gruppo industriale leader nel mercato italiano e primo operatore nel settore idrico, gestisce servizi primari anche nei settori dell’energia e dell’ambiente generando valore per le persone e per i territori in cui opera. Un impegno che si concretizza attraverso importanti investimenti su infrastrutture, reti ed impianti, fondamentali per la crescita del Paese, ma anche attraverso l’incremento di soluzioni innovative necessarie allo sviluppo sostenibile del Gruppo e a una sempre migliore qualità dei servizi.



Unmissable. To collect. To be used and reused, in competition, in training, in free time. Always with you.

Quality and technicality, Joma has applied all the highest possible quality levels for the official Acea Run Rome The Marathon t-shirt, conceived by the Joma Sport Innovation, Research and Devel opment Department.Available in both men’s and women’s models, made of 90 g MESH polyester. Made of recycled fabric to minimize the impact on the environment. The fabric identified is characterized by its high elasticity, breathability and lightness.

All the technical details have been studied for greater freedom of movement, elasticity and greater comfort for the athlete. Among the characteristic elements there is a portion of the Colosseum, also gold in colour, as a symbol of the capital in the world, the Colosseum that marathon runners will see at the start and around which they will complete a full lap before entering Viale dei Fori Imperiali and finishing their efforts.



Your emotions, your race is something unique. Make your official Acea Run Rome

The Marathon t-shirt unique too, at the Expo on race days go to the IL NEGOZIETTO CUSTOMIZE stand. It will be located near the race pack/t-shirt collection point, in a few minutes it will be possible to print whatever you want at a cost of 5 euros. You can purchase them on the Endu marathon registration platform.


For the Fun Run a much happier theme underlined by bright colors and fun graphics. Fuchsia for women or light blue for men, it will accompany over 10 thousand participants to the finish line.

T-SHIRT ‘ROME’ FINISHER – Choose the best, make the exclusive Joma Finisher t-shirt from Acea Run Rome The Marathon yours. Rome under your feet, thousand-year-old streets that vibrate and breathe forever with you. Run and win, make the exclusive Joma Finisher t-shirt from Acea Run Rome The Marathon yours. Produced in 90g MESH polyester, a fabric characterized by its high elasticity for freedom of movement, resistance, lightness and breathability and maximum comfort. Black background and turquoise print that recalls the path found in the word ROME. A network of roads crossed by the Tiber river that marathon runners will conquer and then experience the emotions of a milestone in history. Great success, for this extremely elegant finisher T-shirt, culminating in the sold-out.



Run4Rome Relay Race shows off a green garment on which are stylized architectural elements of the route, the culmination of which is the Colosseum, the race finish line.


The legendary and highly sought-after backpack is back for all marathon runners, compatible with the standard dimensions of hand luggage for traveling by plane, in addition to the main compartment, it has a convenient pocket for storing shoes.

Matching the T-shirt, it has the colors blue and golden yellow.





Jama R.2000, the shoes that leave a mark in the history of Acea Run Rome The Marathon

The official R.2000 Acea Run Rome The Marathon sneakers re turn for their XXIX edition with a fresh look, maintaining the essence of the city. Additionally, continuing on with the evo lution of the R.2000 model. Joma wants every runner to find their ideal running shoes in order to live a unique experience.




Here is the queen. Because there is no effort, sweat, effort, training, dream, goal without a medal. And this is the one you will dream about every night between now and March 17th. Gold, more than deserved for all the finishers of Acea Run Rome The Marathon whose triumph is captured in a medal symbolizing success and courage. From history the Colosseum, a symbol of glory to pay homage to the glorious feat of each marathon runner. Then, when you will have it around your neck, only chills.


For the Fun Run, a fuchsia lanyard for her and a blue lanyard for him to encircle a golden medallion bearing the name of the event.


You can personalize your medal with your name/ surname and your race time!

You can purchase the service ONLINE when registering for the race, or directly at the stand upon arrival!

Rome in every beat, so says the Acea Run4Rome Relay medal on which architectural elements of the route are stylized within a heartbeat, the culmination of which is the Colosseum, the finish line of the race.



Eighteen men and twelve women for victory. For Italy, Giorgio Calcaterra and Carmine Buccilli.

HALL OF FAME –In the history of the Rome Marathon, now in its 29th edition, eight flags have waved. In the men’s category, Africa scored 25 victories, with 14 for Kenya, 10 for Ethiopia, and 1 for Morocco, the most recent during the last edition. Europe has defended itself with Italian athletes who have won three times with renowned names: Stefano Baldini in 1998, Ruggero Pertile in 2004, and Alberico Di Cecco in 2005, the last to raise the Italian flag.

On the women’s side, Ethiopia leads the standings with 11 victories, followed by Italy with 6, Kenya with 5, Russia with 3, and 1 each for Algeria, Estonia, and Ukraine. For Italy, Franca Fiacconi was the first to win in 1998, immediately followed by the late Maura Viceconte. From 2001 to 2004, Maria Guida, Maria Cocchetti, Gloria Marconi, and Ornella Ferrara achieved a winning streak.

TOP MALE RUNNERS - The record to beat is 2:06:48 set by Ethiopian Bekele Tefera Fikre in 2022. Eighteen athletes are vying for a spot in the event’s hall of fame, with 12 athletes from Kenya and 2 from Ethiopia. Representing Italy will be the ‘King of Rome’ Giorgio Calcaterra (Calcaterra Sport Asd) and Carmine Buccini from Alvito (Etrusca ASD).

On paper, the man to beat is Ethiopian Fentahun Hunegnaw, who secured fifth place at the Amsterdam Marathon in 2019 with an excellent time of 2:06:04, which makes him a strong contender for a new course record. His time significantly distances him from his closest challengers, including Kenyan Cosmas Birech, who set his personal best of 2:08:03 on the streets of Rome when he claimed the top spot on the podium in 2018. Close behind are Ethiopians Dechasa Alemu Moreda and Derara Hurisa, with respective personal


bests of 2:08:07 in Hamburg in 2022 and 2:08:09 in Mumbai in 2020. In the first group of pursuers is Kenyan Brian Kipsang, boasting a time of 2:09:07 in Barcelona in 2019, along with his compatriots David Kiprono Metto and Asbel Rutto, with times of 2:09:30 in La Rochelle (FRA) in 2021 and 2:09:46 in Mersin (TUR) in 2023, respectively.

Clocking in under 2 hours and 12 minutes are Kenyans Sila Kiptoo, who finished the Madrid Marathon last year in 2:10:31, Rogers Kipyego Keror, who set a personal best of 2:10:50 here last year, and Isaac Cheluko, with a best time of 2:11:04 in Mersin (TUR) last year, followed by Nicholas Rotich with 2:11:24 in Linz in 2019 and Brimin Kipruto Kimeli, who finished in Dublin in 2023 in 2:11:55.

Defending the Italian flag are Giorgio Calcaterra (Calcaterra Sport ASD), who has participated in dozens of editions of the Rome Marathon. Calcaterra, always eagerly anticipated and beloved by the public, is an excellent ultramarathon runner, with three gold medals at the World Championships in the 100 km road race and a countless collection of podium finishes, including 12 consecutive victories at the 100km del Passatore. Giorgio brings with him a personal best of 2:13:15 from the Ferrara Marathon in 2000, while Carmine Buccilli (Etrusca Asd) brings a personal best of 2:16:30 from Rotterdam (NED) in 2016 and is familiar with the streets of the capital, having run there in 2019.

Making his debut in the marathon distance is Kenyan Reuben Narry, who holds a half marathon personal best of 1:03:03 from the Incheon Half Marathon (KOR) in 2018.

TOP FEMALE RUNNERS - For women, the record was set in 2019 at 2:22:52 by Ethiopian Kebede Megertu Alemu. There are 6 Ethiopian athletes, 5 Kenyans, and one Burundian contending for victory. The favorite is Ethiopian Zinash Mekonen Lema, who in 2019 in Valencia set a time of 2:24:55 and finished 11th at the World Half Marathon Championship in the same year. Close behind is Kenyan Lydia Naliaka Simiyu with a time of 2:25:44 from the Cape Town Marathon (RSA) in 2021. Ethiopian Sorome Negash Amente follows closely with a time of 2:26:22 from the last edition of the Dublin Marathon. Further behind are compatriots Obse Abdeta Deme with 2:27:14 at the Taipei Marathon in 2023, just one second ahead of Emebet Niguse, who achieved 2:27:15 in Dubai this year. Close behind is Kenyan Judith Cherono with a time of 2:27:23 from the Istanbul Marathon in 2021, and compatriot Shamilah Tekaa Kipsiror, who achieved her best time of 2:28:13 in the last edition of the Venice Marathon. Behind her is Burundian Cavaline Nahimana (Atl. Libertas Unicusano Livorno), accustomed to competing in Italy, where she recorded her best time of 2:30:09 in Milan in 2022. Cavaline achieved 8th place at the All-African Games 5000m in 2019 and 6th place at the African Championships 5000m in 2016. Ethiopia is represented by Gebriala Baraki, whose best performance was at the last edition of the Palermo Marathon with 2:30:50. Making her debut is Ethiopian Hiyane Geshe Lama.

Registrations are open online on the official website

All information and bookings are available on the website









COGNOME NOME NATO/A NAZIONALITÀ TEMPO EVENTO DATA (F) ASSEFA Tigst 03-dic-96 ETH 2h11'53" Berino 24-set-23 (M) KIPTUM Kelvin 02-dic-99 KEN 2h00'35" Chicago 08-ott-23
COGNOME NOME NATO/A NAZIONALITÀ TEMPO EVENTO DATA (F) JEPCHIRCHIR Peres 27-set-93 KEN 2h27'20" Sapporo 07-ago-21 (M) KIPCHOGE Eliud 05-nov-84 KEN 2h08'38" Sapporo 08-ago-21
COGNOME NOME NATO/A NAZIONALITÀ TEMPO EVENTO DATA (F) YAREMCHUK Sofiia 03-giu-94 ITA 2h23'16" Valencia 03-dic-23 (M) CRIPPA Yemaneberhan 15-ott-96 ITA 2h06'06" Siviglia 18-feb-24
COGNOME NOME NATO/A NAZIONALITÀ TEMPO EVENTO DATA (F) SHANKULE Amane Beriso 13-ott-91 ETH 2h24'23" Budapest 26-ago-23 (M) KIPLANGAT Victor 10-nov-99 UGA 2h08'53" Budapest 27-ago-23
COGNOME NOME NATO/A NAZIONALITÀ TEMPO EVENTO DATA (F) KIPLAGAT Vivian 09-nov-91 KEN 02:22:25 Milano 07-apr-19 (M) EKIRU Titus 02-gen-92 KEN 2h:04:46 Milano 07-apr-19
COGNOME NOME NATO/A NAZIONALITÀ TEMPO EVENTO DATA (F) ALEMU Kebede Megertu 12-ott-97 ETH 2h22'52" Roma 07-apr-19 (M) FIKRE Bekele Tefera 11-set-98 ETH 2h06'48" Roma 27-mar-22


COGNOME NOME NATO/A NAZIONALITÀ TEMPO EVENTO DATA ASSEFA Tigst 03-dic-96 ETH 2h11'53" Berino 24-set-23 HASSAN Sifan 01-gen-93 NED 2h13'44" Chicago 08-ott-23 KOSGEI Brigid 20-feb-94 KEN 2h14'04" Chicago 13-ott-19 CHEPNGETICH Ruth 08-ago-94 KEN 2h14'18" Chicago 09-ott-22 SHANKULE Amane Beriso 13-ott-91 ETH 2h14'58" Valencia 04-dic-22 RADCLIFFE Paula 17-dic-73 UK 2h15'25" Londra 13-apr-03 ASSEFA Tigist 03-dic-96 ETH 2h15'37" ex aequo Berino 25-set-22 CHEPNGETICH Ruth 08-ago-94 KEN 2h15'37" ex aequo Chicago 08-ott-23 DEGEFA Worknesh 28-ott-90 ETH 2h15'51" Valencia 03-dic-23 KEBEDA Asefe Sutuma 11-dic-94 ETH 2h15'55" Tokyo 03-mar-24 KOSGEI Brigid 20-feb-94 KEN 2h16'02" Tokyo 06-mar-22
LIST MEN COGNOME NOME NATO/A NAZIONALITÀ TEMPO EVENTO DATA KIPTUM Kelvin 02-dic-99 KEN 2h00'35" Chicago 08-ott-23 KIPCHOGE Eliud 05-nov-84 KEN 2h01'09" Berlino 25-set-22 KIPTUM Kelvin 02-dic-99 KEN 2h01'25" Londra 23-apr-23 KIPCHOGE Eliud 05-nov-84 KEN 2h01'39" Berlino 16-set-18 BEKELE Kenenisa 13-giu-82 ETH 2h01'41" Berlino 29-set-19 LEMMA Sisay 12-dic-90 ETH 2h01'48" Valencia 03-dic-23 KIPTUM Kelvin 02-dic-99 KEN 2h01'53" Valencia 04-dic-22 KIPRUTO Benson 17-mar-91 KEN 2h02'16" Tokyo 03-mar-24 KIPCHOGE Eliud 05-nov-84 KEN 2h02'37" Londra 28-apr-19 KIPCHOGE Eliud 05-nov-84 KEN 2h02'40" Tokyo 06-mar-22 KOSGEI Brigid 20-feb-94 KEN 2h16'02" Tokyo 06-mar-22
COGNOME NOME NATO/A NAZIONALITÀ TEMPO EVENTO DATA YAREMCHUK Sofiia 03-giu-94 ITA 2h23'16" Valencia 03-dic-23 STRANEO Valeria 05-apr-76 ITA 2h23'44" Rotterdam 15-apr-12 EPIS Giovanna 11-ott-88 ITA 2h23'46" Amburgo 23-apr-23 VICECONTE Maura 03-ott-67 ITA 2h23'47" Vienna 21-mag-00 EPIS Giovanna 11-ott-88 ITA 2h23'54" Valencia 04-dic-22 DOSSENA Sara 21-nov-84 ITA 2h24'00" Nagoya 10-mar-19 YAREMCHUK Sofiia 03-giu-94 ITA 2h24'02" Londra 23-apr-23 EPIS Giovanna 11-ott-88 ITA 2h25'20" Valencia 05-dic-21 STRANEO Valeria 05-apr-76 ITA 2h25'27" ex aequo Londra 05-ago-12 STRANEO Valeria 05-apr-76 ITA 2h25'27" ex aequo Zurigo 16-ago-14 INCERTI Anna 19-gen-80 ITA 2h25'32" Berlino 25-set-11 GENOVESE Bruna 24-set-76 ITA 2h25'35" Tokyo 18-nov-01 KOSGEI Brigid 20-feb-94 KEN 2h16'02" Tokyo 06-mar-22
COGNOME NOME NATO/A NAZIONALITÀ TEMPO EVENTO DATA CRIPPA Yemaneberhan 15-ott-96 ITA 2h06'06" Siviglia 18-feb-24 FANIEL Eyob Ghebrehiwet 26-nov-92 ITA 2h07'09" Siviglia 18-feb-24 AOUANI Iliass 29-set-95 ITA 2h07'16" Barcellona 19-mar-23 FANIEL Eyob Ghebrehiwet 26-nov-92 ITA 2h07'19" Siviglia 23-feb-20 BALDINI Stefano 25-mag-71 ITA 2h07'22" Londra 23-apr-06 BALDINI Stefano 25-mag-71 ITA 2h07'29" Londra 14-apr-02 CRIPPA Nekagenet 16-set-94 ITA 2h07'35" Valencia 03-dic-23 MEUCCI Daniele 07-ott-85 ITA 2h07'49" Siviglia 18-feb-24 LEONE Giacomo 10-apr-71 ITA 2h07'52" Otsu 04-mar-01 FANIEL Eyob Ghebrehiwet 26-nov-92 ITA 2h07'53" Osaka 26-feb-23 INCERTI Anna 19-gen-80 ITA 2h25'32" Berlino 25-set-11 GENOVESE Bruna 24-set-76 ITA 2h25'35" Tokyo 18-nov-01 KOSGEI Brigid 20-feb-94 KEN 2h16'02" Tokyo 06-mar-22


THE MARATHON WORLD SEASON TOP LIST 2024 MEN COGNOME NOME NATO/A NAZIONALITÀ TEMPO EVENTO DATA KIPRUTO Benson 17/03/91 KEN 2h02'16" Tokyo 03/03/24 KIPLAGAT Timothy 18/09/93 KEN 2h02'55" Tokyo 03/03/24 GELETA Deresa // ETH 2h03'27" Sevilla 18/02/24 AMDOUNI Morhad 21/06/88 FRA 2h03'47" Sevilla 18/02/24 NGETICH Vincent Kipkemboi 03/01/99 KEN 2h04'18" Tokyo 03/03/24 AYALE Gashau 22/08/96 ISR 2h04'53" Sevilla 18/02/24 GOBENA Addisu // ETH 2h05'01" Dubai 07/01/24 DUMECHA Lemi 12-set-95 ETH 2h05'20" Dubai 07/01/24 MEGERSA Dejane // ETH 2h05'42" Dubai 07/01/24 KIROS Hailemaryam 05-feb-97 ETH 2h05'43" Tokyo 03/03/24 INCERTI Anna 19-gen-80 ITA 2h25'32" Berlino 25-set-11 GENOVESE Bruna 24-set-76 ITA 2h25'35" Tokyo 18-nov-01 KOSGEI Brigid 20-feb-94 KEN 2h16'02" Tokyo 06-mar-22 ITALIAN SEASON TOP LIST 2024 WOMEN COGNOME NOME NATO/A NAZIONALITÀ TEMPO EVENTO DATA EPIS Giovanna 11-ott-88 ITA 2h28'24" Nagoya 10-mar-24 GIOMI Sarah 22-gen-85 ITA 2h45'48" Siviglia 18-feb-24 TUCCITTO Alessia 26-ott-97 ITA 2h45'53" S. Felice C. 04-feb-24 MAGLIANO Camilla 04-dic-85 ITA 2h49'01" Carrara 18-feb-24 MORONI Federica 06-set-72 ITA 2h49'46" Bologna 03-mar-24 SOMMI Giulia 01-giu-87 ITA 2h50'58" S. Felice C. 04-feb-24 VENTURI Giorgia 24-mar-84 ITA 3h01'28" Bologna 03-mar-24 SIMONELLI Stefania 27-feb-79 ITA 3h02'37" Bologna 03-mar-24 DI MARTINO Ivana 28-mag-70 ITA 3h03'33" Dubai 07-gen-24 DIQUIGIOVANNI Barbara 28-giu-71 ITA 3h04'44" Tokyo 03-mar-24 INCERTI Anna 19-gen-80 ITA 2h25'32" Berlino 25-set-11 GENOVESE Bruna 24-set-76 ITA 2h25'35" Tokyo 18-nov-01 KOSGEI Brigid 20-feb-94 KEN 2h16'02" Tokyo 06-mar-22 ITALIAN SEASON TOP LIST 2024 MEN COGNOME NOME NATO/A NAZIONALITÀ TEMPO EVENTO DATA CRIPPA Yemaneberhan 15-ott-96 ITA 2h06'06" Siviglia 18-feb-24 FANIEL Eyob Ghebrehiwet 26-nov-92 ITA 2h07'09" Siviglia 18-feb-24 MEUCCI Daniele 07-ott-85 ITA 2h07'49" Siviglia 18-feb-24 AOUANI Iliass 29-set-95 ITA 2h08'05" Barcellona 10-mar-24 ESPOSITO Giacomo 25-set-94 ITA 2h22'24" S. Felice C. 04-feb-24 JBARI Khalid 27-mar-89 ITA 2h23'37" Carrara 18-feb-24 NARDONE Francesco 07-set-94 ITA 2h22'28" Siviglia 18-feb-24 AVON Diego 04-mag-85 ITA 2h24'27" Siviglia 18-feb-24 BELTRAMI Lorenzo 11-ago-95 ITA 2h24'50" Siviglia 18-feb-24 PERLO Lorenzo 14-apr-79 ITA 2h27'14" Siviglia 18-feb-24 INCERTI Anna 19-gen-80 ITA 2h25'32" Berlino 25-set-11 GENOVESE Bruna 24-set-76 ITA 2h25'35" Tokyo 18-nov-01 KOSGEI Brigid 20-feb-94 KEN 2h16'02" Tokyo 06-mar-22


In 2023, Rome was the fastest marathon in Italy for women. An even smoother route, the slight slope was eliminated at the twenty-eighth kilometre near the Mosque. Departing in the direction of the Colosseum

ROME – Two new milestones will mark the history of the Acea Run Rome The Marathon which on Sunday 17 March 2024 is preparing to set a trio of records: to confirm itself as the marathon in Italy with the highest number of participants, as was also the case in 2023, to set the record for the number of participants in the event and therefore finally to become the marathon with the highest number of participants in the history of Italy. The other great achievement accomplished by the organisers is that of making the route even smoother by smoothing out specific points to consolidate the potential of a track that, in the last edition, proved to be among the fastest in Italy.

FAST – In the last edition it proved to be the fastest finish on Italian soil for the first two women, the Kenyan Betty Chepkwony, who improved her personal best by 7 minutes, winning in 2h23’01” and the Ethiopian Fozya Jemal Amid, who came second in 2h25’08. In 2022, the men’s team set the course record with an extraordinary 2h06’48” by the Ethiopian winner Bekele Fikre Tefera.

Acea Run Rome The Marathon is also an opportunity to add, among the emotions of participation, that of a new personal record, a goal to which the organisers have paid great attention by studying the details so that it is a perfect experience for each runner.

NO CLIMB – There has been confirmation that the start will be divided into three waves to avoid the constriction that naturally occurs in mass events and thus allow everyone to run quickly and immediately at their own pace. On the route, however, the uphill slope of the Lungotevere dell’Acetosa that bordered the Mosque, located at approximately the twenty-eighth kilometre, has been eliminated.

THE ROUTE – There is a change of direction of the start, which will be much closer to the Colosseum than last year; athletes will access the starting grids from Piazza Venezia and for those who will use the metro to get to the area, the stop will be Piazza di Spagna or Barberini (Metro A – Red line). This year, everything


will be even better: runners will start with the Colosseum before their eyes, running towards the Colosseum. There will be 16 refreshment points and 12 sponging stations throughout the track, a job carried out by the approximately 1,500 volunteers involved, great in number and in terms of the passion with which the team carries out the task of supporting the runners on the route. With strong emotions at the start, the athletes will start off looking at the Colosseum, filling their eyes with so much beauty before facing the 42.195km. At the start, the athletes will set off in the direction of Piazza Colosseo and will circumnavigate the Colosseum for the first time and then head towards the southern part of the track and towards Rome. They will return to the traditional route in the direction of the majestic Pyramid of Cestius, a funeral monument incorporated into the Aurelian Walls, of which it became a bastion. A long parade leads to Via Valco di San Paolo, between Ostiense and Via Marconi, near the seventh kilometre, which is the southernmost point of the route. From here, the runners continue towards the north, first of all the passage in the Testaccio district to experience the spirit of the real Rome, the Rome of the locals; the Lungotevere Aventino will follow in succession, where Remus and Romulus were picked up by the waters of the River; the Lungotevere de’ Cenci, located between the Tiber Island and the Capitoline Hill, and the Lungotevere dei Tebaldi, which is among the most beautiful of the embankments that will lead the runners to Via della Conciliazione, where they will admire Saint Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City and later the colonnade located at the sixteenth kilometre. A gentle right turn will be made, leading runners to find themselves in front of Castel Sant’Angelo and the “er coridore” (in Roman dialect), the Passetto di Borgo, which was built to facilitate escape for Popes under attack.


– With the compass pointing North towards the new spectacular and inevitable passage through the Olympic Stadium and the Foro Italico, places that have hosted the Olympic Games in 1960. A few rapid kilometers bring the marathoners to pass through the Acqua Acetosa Lungotevere the northernmost point touched by the marathon where the Olympic Village of Rome was placed in 1960. The old path would have brought the athletes to ad-

mire the Mosque, placed at about the 28th kilometer, after facing a slight slope, that has been eliminated this year.

Here the return begins towards the dreamy finish line, the first stop at the 35th kilometer with Piazza del Popolo and the twin Churches, twin just as far as the appearance is concerned, as they have several differences, of Santa Maria in Montesanto and Santa Maria dei Miracoli, requested by Pope Alessandro VII, but mostly used as execution places for hangings. From Piazza del Popolo 7 kilometers of wonders start, undoubtedly the most fascinating among the world’s marathons, the Rome of ‘La Dolce Vita’, the ones that, as Goethe said, can be comprehended just by being experienced. Via del Corso discloses itself, with its abundance of noble buildings and churches, and Via del Babuino, with the famous fountain.

We proceed to Piazza di Spagna, captured in the legendary “Vacanze Romane”, on the staircase of Trinità dei Monti where Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn meet after spending a lighthearted night together. The 136 steps staircase is very famous, at the end of which is placed the Barcaccia fountain that the athletes will graze while running. On the right of the staircase there is the “Casina Rossa” that hosted, among others, the poet John Keats. After all these emotions, there is Piazza Navona with Fountain of the Four Rivers and Sant’Agnese in Agone Church, and from here only three kilometers will remain to live with a lump in your throat: after running alongside Circo Massimo and admiring the Constantin Arch where Abebe Bikila wrote a new chapter for the African continent, the Ethiopian was the first African marathoner to win an Olympic medal, he entered history as a myth by running barefoot.

Here we are at the last kilometer, finishing is spin-tingling, tears and the heart in your throat, it remains just the right time to run for the second time around the Colosseum the welcomes back the marathoners who run to cross the spectacular finish line on Fori Imperiali with the Colosseum behind them, that will dominate in a one-of-a-kind souvenir picture.



9 - 17 MARCH 2024


Get Ready at EUR - Basilica San Pietro e Paolo

7:50 am - start at 8:30 am - Piazzale sei Santi Pietro e Paolo, 8

Get Ready, last date with a refinement training: there will be up to 14 km to run (12 turns of 1160 meters each) at different speed, from 4’ per km to 8’ per km (4 speeds). There will be gadgets for every participant that will be collected near the Cisalfa store.

MONDAY 11TH Waiting for the Stracittadina FUN RUN

4 pm - Via Liberiana, 17 (Rome) - The 100 associations that will animate the village that was promoted by CSV Lazio, regarding the event “Together for a greater good - Good Deeds Day” connected to the Acea Run Rome the Marathon, will meet in preparation for the big event of 17th March.

TUESDAY 12TH - Press conference event at 12:30 am at Mercati di Traiano

12:30 am - There will be the mayor Roberto Gualtieri, the Councilor for sport Alessandro Onorato and the organizers of Acea Run Rome The Marathon.

WEDNESDAY 13TH Sapienza University

10 am - “Run Rome The Marathon passes through La Sapienza”- The notice of the event, the process of rapprochement, the social and economic influence, nutrition and training, sustainability.

1 pm - Sapienza Run: 3km run accessible to everyone inside the college.

13TH, 14TH, 15TH AND 17TH MARCH – 10AM - 7PM

WWF photographic exhibition “We are the Panda”

Cured by the photographers Alessandro Dobici, Alberto Cambone and Roberto Isotti, in Acquario Romani – Casa dell’Architettura of Roma. Through the evocative ability of the images you will find out how humans and animals share the same appearance with the same nature, the same approach, the same home, the same destiny. The Dittici session, core of the photographic narrative path, will highlight couples of portraits in which characters from the film industry chose to play some endangered species, and who will invite us to recognize ourselves in Nature to learn how to protect it: this is the only way to protect ourselves as well.

THURSDAY 14TH Civic Museums – Libera Terra and Stadio Domiziano

CIVIS MUSEUMS – From Thursday 14th to Tuesday 19th the access to the Capitolin Museum System will be free for everyone who subscribed to the Marathon of Rome and for their companions. The marathoners will have show up at the ticket office with the confirmation letter of the event, both on paper and in digital, complemented by an identity document in order to withdraw the title for a free entry for theirselves and one more person.

List of the museums: Centrale Montemartini - Circo Massimo Area Archeologica - Musei capitolini (Except Villa Caffarelli) - Mercati di Traiano - Museo di Roma in Trastevere - Galleria Comunale d’Arte Moderna (via Francesco Crispi) - Museo dell’Ara Pacis (access to the Museum only) - Museo di Roma Palazzo Braschi (access to the Museum only) - Museo Civico di Zoologia - Musei di Villa Torlonia: Serra Moresca, Casino Nobile, Casino dei Principi, Casina delle Civette. Museo della Forma Urbis - Area Sacra di Largo Argentina Info: exhibition spaces are excluded – Ukiyoe Exhibition, Matteotti Exhibition, Newton Exhibition, the Forum Super Pass, Special Events such as Circo Maximo Exp and the Planetarium.

6 pm – Acea Run Rome The Marathon and Libera Terra run together (public event) ROME RUNS FREE: on 17th March with the legs and on 21st March with the heart. Appointment on Thursday 14th at 6 pm, at Libera’s headquarter in Via Stamira 5. Moderator: Lucilla Andreucci, speakers: Luigi Ciotti, Libera’s president – Lorenzo Benfenati, Acea Run Rome The Marathon Project Manager – Marco Caponeri, Acea Run Rome The Marathon Coach – Federica Romano, Head of the official Pacers of the marathon

– Roberto Di Sante, Journalist and theatrical author.


Guided tour and exclusive aperitif in the Archeological Area of Stadio Domiziano, a subterranean level under Piazza Navona, reserved for sponsors and marathon’s exhibitors.

FRIDAY 15TH Opening of Expo Food Village with entertainment

9 am – 8 pm) – EUR Palazzo dei Congressi

11 am – official opening of Expo with institutions, organizers and sponsors.

12 am – TALK: Running & Wellness with World Athletics, Fidal and organizers.

5:15 pm – TALK: Running Performance (from the boy, to the agonist, to the amateur) with World Athletics, Fidal and organizers.

7:10 pm – LITERARY CORNER: “a Guinness couple” with Angela Gargano and her husband Michele Rizzitelli.

ITALY TOURING CLUB – From Friday 15th March (reservation required)

On the occasion of Acea Run Rome The Marathon, the Italian Touring Club, an establishment that has been taking care of Italy as a common good for 130 years, accompanies the participants of the marathon in the discovery of the beauty of Rome. Walks and itineraries through history, at a slow pace, to discover the secrets of the Eternal City. Discover all the events.


SATURDAY 16TH Expo Food Village with entertainment (9 am – 8 pm)

EUR Palazzo dei Congressi

11:30 am – Top Runner Presentation


“Running and conscience: a meeting in the heart” Roberto Riccio and Chiara Spinelli.

“Run: from hell to New York” with Roberto Di Sante.

“Running is my life” with Giorgio Calcaterra and Daniele Ottavi.

3:30 pm – Pacer Presentation

2 pm – 7 pm PASTA PARTY – (reservation required)

Palazzo dei Congressi Terrace – Eur

A ritual, a gathering even before the big 42 km journey, the exclusive Pasta Party is for every marathoner who wants to have the energy and the right spirit to conquer Rome and the Acea Run Rome The Marathon. Choose you Italian Pasta, have fun, book your seat with your relatives and enjoy the magnificente Terrace of Palazzo dei Congressi.

It is not for everybody, it is just for the best ones like you. Limited seats and reservation within 11th March. Thanks to Gima Caffè you can purchase the Pasta Party (Pasta+water) on your ENDU subscribe page for the marathon at 6,80 euros and enjoy.

6 pm – the marathoner and the sportsman’s service – with Athetica Vaticana Basilica Santa Maria in Arcoeli – Piazza del Campidoglio – Staircase of Arce Capitolina. Headed by the archbishop Giovanni Cesare Pagazzi.

SUNDAY 17TH Race Day – Acea Run Rome The Marathon

08.25 am START differently abled people

08.30 am START group 1

08.35 am START group 2

08.40 am START group 3

08.45 am START group 4

09.00 am START relay race Acea Run4Fun

09.10 am START Fun Run

10.40 am first M finish

10.55 am first F finish

11.10 am Male award ceremony

11.20 am Female award ceremony

11.30 am -3.00 pm finish

3.30 pm limit time, last finisher arrival

8.00 pm – Marathon Party, the medal party (reservation required) Teatro delle Bellezze - Piazza dei Coronari – Rome (Purchase)





9:00 - 10:30 am Musical entertainment by Radio105

10:30 - 11:00 am Preparing for RRTM24: Video of the path and information for the race

11.00 - 12.00 am

Opening ceremony of the RRTM24 Expo

12.00 am - 1.00 pm Round table: Running & Wellness in Italy and around the world

1.00 - 1.30 pm INiX at RRTM24: pushed and pushers

1.30 - 1:45 pm Preparation for RRTM24: Video of the path and information for the race

1:45 - 2:45 pm Musical entertainment by Radio105

2:45 - 4:00 pm The Charity Program of RRTM24

4:00 - 4:30 pm

4.30 - 5.00 pm

Preparing for RRTM24: Video of the path and information for the race

Running Literary Corner: “A Guinness couple” - Michele Rizzitelli and Angela Gargano

5.00 - 6.00 pm Round table: Running Performance - From the boy, to the agonist, to the amateur

6.00 - 6.30 pm Penny Market for RRTM24

6:30 - 7.00 pm RRTM’24: Running towards sustainability

7.00 - 8.00 pm Musical entertainment by Radio105


9:00 - 10:30 am

10.30 - 11.30 am

11.30 - 12.00 am

Musical entertainment by Radio105

Meeting with the athletes who entered the history of the Italian marathon - Fiacconi & Calcaterra

Presentation of the Top Runners of RRTM24

12.00 am - 1.00 pm Literary Corner of RRTM’24: “Dear Runner I am writing you” “Running and conscience: a meeting in the heart” - Roberto Riccio

“Run: from hell to New York” - Roberto Di Sante “Running s my life” - Daniele Ottavi and Giorgio Calcaterra

3:30 - 3:50 pm presentation of the Pacers of RRTM24

3:50 – 4:00 pm Presentation of the Senators of RRTM24

4:00 – 5:00 pm ACEA and its testimonials at RRTM24: the theme of water in sport, sustainability and a look to the future

5.00 - 5.20 pm The guide by ProAction to alimentation and integration for RRTM24

5.20 - 6.00 pm Joma, official Technical Sponsor presents the footwear R-2000 RRTM24

6.00 - 6.15 pm Preparing for RRTM’24: Video of the path and information for the race

6.15 - 6.30 pm Cisalfa Sport next to RRTM24

6.30 - 7.00 pm QuickDNA – The fundraise along the marathons of the cties of Rugby “Six Nations” for Craig Maxwell

7.00 - 8.00 pm

Musical entertainment by Radio105


6:00 – 7.45 am Piazza Venezia – MANDATORY time schedule Entering the starting gates

7:00 - 7:30 am Musical Player with Radio 105

7.30 - 8.00 am Goodday ROME with Radio 105

8.25 am START differently abled people, pushers and wheelchairs

8.30 am START group 1

8.35 am START group 2 8.40 am START group 3 8.45 am START group 5

9.00 am

relay races 9.10 am


9.00-10.30 am Musical entertainment by Radio105

10.35 am by Male Winner finishes

10.50 am Female winner finishes

11.10 am Male award ceremony

1:00 - 3:00 pm

Musical entertainment by Radio105

2:00 – 7:00 pm Pasta Party – Terrace of Palazzo dei Congressi EUR

3:00 - 3:30 pm

Preparing for RRTM24: Video of the path and information for the race

11.20 am Female award ceremony

11.30 am - 3.00 pm MARATHONERS finish

3.00 - 3.30 pm Appointment in 2025 with Radio 105

8.00 pm Marathon Party




Rome, now, today, right now, as two thousand years ago. Rome the invincible and eternal. Rome forever

The city of Fellini’s “La dolce vita”, where you fall in love with every step and where every step can make you feel like a glorious marathon runner. Rome awaits you: majestic, noisy, colourful, and in a state of celebration.

Rome is unique. With the spine-tingling romantic sunset at Janiculum Hill and the taciturn sunrise over Lungotevere. 42.195 km imbued with art and history, of cobblestones stepped on in the past by Roman gladiators with battered sandals and today trampled by hundreds of thousands of marathon runners who have already raced there in the last 28 years. These are runners who became real marathon runners in Rome. Eternal ones. Starting from the Colosseum, they have wept along the Imperial Fora on the first kilometre of a journey called the Marathon. And then they shed warm tears again on arrival, because the excitement of winning a medal is always irrepressible. Along the way, every marathon runner has come across monuments that only Rome – and no other place in the world –can offer, emotions that can only be experienced in the Eternal City. The road rolls by, asphalt and cobblestones, maritime pines and the applause of thousands of fans along the roads

that run alongside the open-air museum you can find only here. Those who run in Rome make history, run amid history, and retrace history.

Rome’s marathon through history, from 1906. The winners and its evolution up to today’s Run Rome the Marathon.

Those who run in Rome make history, run amid history, and retrace history

The marathon in the Italian capital has a strong tradition. We could go back over a century to 2 April 1906, when the Emilian Dorando Pietri won the marathon, crossing the finishing line in Piazza di Siena. We could go back 60 years, to that magical night of the 1960 Olympics in Rome, when Ethiopian Abebe Bikila opened the season of African marathon runners, running the whole race barefoot. He became a legend, his stride along Appia Antica illuminated by torches is pure athletics history, as is the photo of him winning on arrival at the Arch of Constantine. More gold medals again, this time at the World Championships on 6 September 1987 with the success of Kenyan-Japanese Douglas Wakiihuri, a great icon of world running. The marathon we all know today originated in 1995 with the Italia Marathon Club and in 2011 was awarded the presti-


gious IAAF Gold Label recognition. In 2019 the organisation was entrusted to FIDAL, and since 2020 there has been a new organising committee formed by Infront, Corriere dello Sport – Stadio, Italia Marathon Club and Atielle Roma. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the edition planned for 29 March 2020 could not take place; with just a few weeks to go before the start, it had to be cancelled on account of a global lockdown that stopped it from being held. At the Alba Edition Special Race on Sunday, 19 September 2021, the mission of heightening emotions was entrusted, a goal achieved thanks to the departure at dawn, with the sun’s rays illuminating the monuments, a unique and unrepeatable opportunity to experience an exciting page of history, to the notes of the Tenor Carlo Asogna and to the thousands of marathon runners who made their steps and their joy felt, leaving a mark of their passage in the Eternal City forever. In 2022, the winner, the Ethiopian Fikre Bekele Tefera, achieved a new male record with the first three men at the finish line. Even for women, there is great satisfaction in having shown that the route is among the smoothest ones on Italian soil: the first two women, in fact, achieved the first two best performances on Italian soil in 2023. 2023 will be remembered for

the National Anthem sung live by Tenor Carlo Asogna, the 40 entertainment events with games, shows and music along the way, the magic and amazement of the flyover of the Tricolour Arrows combined with the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Italian Air Force while the marathon runners waited for the start, religiously lined up at the starting line between the Colosseum and the Imperial Forums.

Recent editions have attracted over 115 participating countries, while in the men’s roll of honour there have been 14 successes for Kenya, 10 for Ethiopia, 3 for Italy with Stefano Baldini, Ruggero Pertile and Alberico Di Cecco, and 1 for Morocco, during the last edition. For women, we find victories that fly the flag in 11 cases for Ethiopia, 5 for Kenya, 3 for Russia, and 1 for each of Estonia, Ukraine and Algeria. There is also a significant Italian presence: six times, thanks to the victories of Franca Fiacconi, Maura Viceconte, Maria Guida, Maria Cocchetti, Gloria Marconi and Ornella Ferrara.

The race record is held by the Ethiopian Fikre Bekele Tefera, who reached the Imperial Forum in 2022 in 2h 06’48”, while the fastest woman ever was Kebede Megertu Alemu (Ethiopia), who ran it in 2h 22’ 52’’ in 2019.









1995 Belayneh Tadesse Etiopia 2h 10’ 13”
1996 Moges Taye Etiopia 2h 12’ 03”
1997 Dube Jillo Etiopia 2h 13’ 08”
1998 Stefano Baldini Italia 2h 09’ 33”
1999 Philip Tanui Kenya 2h 09’ 56”
2000 Philip Tanui Kenya 2h 08’ 27”
2001 Henry Cherono Kenya 2h 11’ 27” 8 2002 Vincent Kipsos Kenya 2h 09’ 30”
2003 Frederick Cherono Kenya 2h 08’ 47” 10 2004 Ruggero Pertile Italia 2h 10’ 12”
2005 Alberico Di Cecco Italia 2h 08’ 02”
2006 David Kipkorir Kenya 2h 08’ 38”
2007 Elias Chelimo Kemboi Kenya 2h 09’ 36” 14 2008 Yego Jonathan Kiptoo Kenya 2h 09’ 57” 15 2009 Benjamin Kiptoo Kolum Kenya 2h 07’ 18” 16 2010 Siraj Gena Etiopia 2h 08’ 39” 17 2011 Chumba Dixon Kiptolo Kenya 2h 08’ 45” 18 2012 Luka Lokobe Kanda Kenya 2h 08’ 04”
2013 Getachew
Etiopia 2h 07’
Terfa Negari
Hailu Etiopia 2h 09’
2014 Legese Shume
2015 Abebe Negewo Degefa Etiopia 2h 12’ 23”
2016 Amos Kipruto Kenya 2h 08’ 12”
2017 Shura Kitata Tola Etiopia 2h 07’ 30”
2018 Cosmas Jairus Kipchoge Birech Kenya 2h 08’ 05”
2019 Heyi Tebalu Zawude Etiopia 2h 08’ 37” 26 2020 Not held for Covid19 26 2021 Clement Langat Kiprono Kenya 2h 08’23” 27 2022 Fikre Bekele Tefera Etiopia 2h 06’48’’ 28 2023 Allam Taoufik Marocco 2h 07’43” course record in red QUALUNQUE SIA IL TUO SPORT, DA CISALFA TROVI I MIGLIORI PRODOTTI PER FARLO. VIENI A TROVARCI IN UNO DEI NOSTRI NEGOZI, SCARICA L’APP O VISITA CISALFASPORT.IT SCEGLIERE LA PLAYLIST È GIÀ SPORT. ENTRA IN UN MONDO DI SPORT INQUADRA IL CODICE HALL OF FAME ROME MARATHON MEN



29 HALL OF FAME EDITION YEAR SURNAME AND NAME NATIONALITY RESULT 1 1995 Elena Sipatova Russia 2h 37’ 46” 2 1996 Fatuma Roba Etiopia 2h 29’ 05”
1997 Jane Salumae Estonia 2h 31’ 41”
1998 Franca Fiacconi Italia 2h 28’ 12”
1999 Maura Viceconte Italia 2h 29’ 36”
2000 Tegla Loroupe Kenya 2h 32’ 03” 7 2001 Maria Guida Italia 2h 30’ 42” 8 2002 Maria Cocchetti Italia 2h 33’ 06” 9 2003 Gloria Marconi Italia 2h 29’ 35” 10 2004 Ornella Ferrara Italia 2h 27’ 49”
2005 Silviya Skvortosova Russia 2h 28’ 01” 12 2006 Tetyana Hladyr Ucraina 2h 25’ 44” 13 2007 Souad Ait Salem Algeria 2h 25’ 08” 14 2008 Galina Bogomolova Russia 2h 22’ 53” 15 2009 Firehiwot Dado Etiopia 2h 27’ 09” 16 2010 Firehiwot Dado Etiopia 2h 25’ 28” 17 2011 Firehiwot Dado Etiopia 2h 24’ 13” 18 2012 Hellen Kimutai Kenya 2h 31’ 11” 19 2013 Helena Kirop Kenya 2h 24’ 40” 20 2014 Geda Ayelu Lemma Etiopia 2h 34’ 49” 21 2015 Meseret Kitata Towalk 22 2016 Tusa Rahma 23 2017 Tusa Rahma 24 2018 Tusa Rahma 25 2019 Kebede Megertu Alemu 26 2020 Not held for Covid19 26 2021 Peris Lagat Jerono 27 2022 Dalasa Sechale Adugna 28 2023 Chepkwony Betty course record in red


Characters and groups that make history at Acea Run Rome

The Marathon. The “Senators” are starting. Felix Weber arrives by bike. Many pacemakers from around

the world

ROME – A race through the millennia-old history of Rome makes the Acea Run Rome The Marathon a special milestone for a marathoner, to be experienced with even more intense emotions amidst the city’s antiquities and a river of runners. On March 17th, many characters will be at the starting line of the event, to run in Rome, into history, to tell their own story or to write a new one.

THE SENATORS - Always at the finish line of all editions, the “Senators” are the special legion that triumphs for their experience and the immense love that binds these men to the marathon of the eternal city. They are 20 men who live the Rome Marathon as an almost visceral calling. Their passion was born with the same event; they have always been there for 28 editions, never backing down even when the marathon took place just a few months apart, as happened after the Alba Edition Special Race in September 2021, followed by the event in the traditional March date in 2022. Their value is even greater considering that they lead a normal life, with work, family, and various commitments, and make every effort to train and be in good shape on the pre-


determined date. They can tell you all about it, they’ve lived it, they’ve run them all. Domenico Anzini, Aldo Avella, Franco Baccari, Pietro Bernardo, Vanni Casarini, Gianni Corsi, Sandro Curzi, Romano Dessì, Annunzio Di Gioia, Claudio Infusi, Stefano Gavazza, Roberto La Mura, Franco Lodovichi, Felice Nucci, Giuseppe Nucera, Alberto Orlandi, Vincenzo Pelliccia, Angelo Salvati, Giovanni Sippelli, and Francesco Tartasi deserve a special thank you for their constant commitment and for always being prepared for every marathon call in the most beautiful city in the world.

FELIX WEBER - Handlebars to the right for German ultrarunner Felix Weber, who will reach the starting line of the Acea Run Rome The Marathon by bike. “The world changes thanks to your example, not your opinion,” a quote by Paulo Coelho that Felix has made his own by truly setting an example, starting with the choice of a vegan diet. On his bike, Felix chose Italy to enjoy the blossoming almond trees, the explosion of spring, and the scent of nature’s awakening to escape the cold and gray winters beyond the Alps. Heading to Rome to run in an open-air museum before hopping on his bike to head back towards Istria.

THE PACERS - Over a hundred pacemakers will escort the approximately 18,000 runners of the Acea Run Rome The Marathon, with half of them coming from 15 foreign countries. A vocation where responsibility and satisfaction merge, becoming one; the goal is to run a marathon with the commitment to lead a group to the finish line in a predetermined time, always ready to dispense advice, provide assurance, set a constant pace, keep morale up in difficult times, prepare their fellow travelers for the next turn, or gather encouragement from the crowd. A role of great generosity that concludes in front of the stopwatch, when the effort for each runner turns into joy and for the pacers, it turns into the embrace of those who thank them for making it, for having experienced a wonderful journey together with the group. The pacemakers have been carefully selected thanks to the collaboration of Federica Romano, who, among other characteristics, has been able to highlight how the average number of marathons run by each pacer is, curiously, exactly 42.


- 1a onda: palloncini dalle 2h50’ alle 3h45’ (tempi ogni 5’)

- 2a onda: palloncini dalle 3h10’ alle 4h05’ (tempi ogni 5’)

- 3a onda: palloncini dalle 3h30 alle 4h55’’ (tempi ogni 5’)

- 4a onda: palloncini dalle 5h00’ alle 6h00’ (tempi ogni 10’)

- 4a onda: palloncini dalle 6h00’ alle 6h30’ (tempi ogni 15’)

Acea Run Rome The Marathon dà il benvenuto anche ai pacer istruttori di fitwalking che porteranno al traguardo in 5h20’00” o 6h30’00” i seguaci di questa disciplina.

ANTONIO RAO - Age is just a number in running; in the end, all it takes is to put one foot in front of the other to conquer the world and the marathon. A simple gesture that can lead to great and historic achievements. Like the one reached by the 1933-born Calabrian Antonio Rao, who last year, after turning 90, became the world record holder in the M90 category of the marathon, after crossing the finish line in 6h14’44” at the pace of 8’53”/km (6.8 km/h), with a half marathon split of 2h49’40”, and with ample time ahead of the scheduled 6 hours and 30 minutes race cutoff.




On Monday 18th March 2024

Special Edition Corriere dello Sport - Stadio Roma-Lazio


A special insert is dedicated to Acea Run Rome

The Marathon, to be preserved with the medal and the race number. Just like in the greatest marathons of the world the official classification of the marathon will be published with all the names of the finishers and the times of this great race. Every team will be there on the classification, in order of arrival, with the four surnames of the participants of Acea Run4Rome relay.

A strong will of Corriere dello Sport – Stadium that appears among the organizers of Acea Run Rome The Marathon, one of the most prestigious Italian newspapers that writes about sport since many years ago, suports and loves the runners of the marathon of Rome and writes about running throughout the year with many articles on both the printed newspaper and the online pages of



Shared commitment, guaranteed fun, solidarity and a dive into the magic of Rome, all this is Acea Run4Rome relay race

THE RELAY – In Acea Run4Rome Relay the team is the important thing. A team who is capable of accomplishing an achievement, of winning, of finishing the marathon with 4 people and doing the right thing because the soul of Acea Run4Rome is deeply solidary. To define Acea Run4Rome 5 words do the trick: solidarity, freedom, friendship, health, teamwork. To Acea Run4Rome means to the right thing for ourselves and for others and to really feel marathoners. But it is not just about running 10 km each. This is not just a race against the stopwatch or the opponents. It is more about supporting the No Profit Organizations that have joined the project and believing together, working as a team, in an eth-

ical, social and concrete project. The fun is guaranteed, the excitement is multiplied by four because next to you there will be you teammates, who run for and with you, to win together. About 10 km each, it takes very little to make a even bigger party compared to the past, more music, activities in the exchanging point. To run Acea Run4Rome is an important goal but it can be done because divided we fall, united we stand, in order to follow your dreams, in one of the most suggestive paths of the world, starting under the Collosseo and along the Fori Imperiali, passing by Vittoriano ad Piazza Venezia, Circo Massimo and Lungotevere, Castel Sant’Angelo, Viale della Conciliazione and Basilica di San Pietro.

Acea Run4Rome is an important goal but it can be done because divided we fall, united we stand, in order to follow your dreams

Bib Leg distance Leg start area

Public transport to get leg start area

1st leg team number with A 12,900 km Via dei Fori Imperiali Metro A, Barberini

2nd leg team number with 7,300 km

S2 km 20,200

(700 mts away)

Viale Giulio Cesare (near Metro A Lepanto)

3rd leg team number with C 9,500 km about

Largo Carlo Azeglio Ciampi (near Lungotevere Aventino)

Metro B, Circo Massimo

Metro A Lepanto (1km away)

Metro A Lepanto

Viale Giulio Cesare (near Metro A Lepanto)

Metro A Lepanto

EXCHANGE POINTS - The exchange points will always be a big party with shows and music, racing and fun is the watchword. The first stage is approximately 12,900 km, with the start from Via dei Fori Imperiali. First change point in Carlo Azeglio Ciampi (Lungotevere Aventino height) and start of the 2nd stage, the shortest, of 7,300km. Changeover and start of the third stage at 20.200km in Viale Giulio Cesare (Metro A Lepanto height) where you will run for 9.200km up to km 29.400 located in Viale XVII Olimpiade and here the party with music and entertainment will truly be top of the class. From here the 4th and final stage for 12.795 km up to the Fori

Transition area / leg finish area

S1 km 12,900 Largo Carlo Azeglio Ciampi (near Lungotevere Aventino)

S2 km 20,200

Public transport leaving the leg finish area

Metro B, Circo Massimo (700 mts away)

Viale Giulio Cesare (altezza Metro A Lepanto) Metro A, Lepanto

S3 km 29,400 Viale XVII Olimpiade (area parcheggio)

S3 km 29,700 Viale XVII Olimpiade (near parking area)

Stazione FM Piazza Euclide e (distanza 1 km circa)

urban train station FM Piazza Euclide (1km away)

Imperiali, the starting point, after having crossed the entire historic center and having caressed the Colosseum again in the last, memorable kilometer. Total 42,195km. The great thing is that each team will be able to meet again at the end of the race and continue the party at the Circus Maximus where there will be the stands of each NPO involved.

REUNION – Starting from this year it is allowed for the athletes of each team to reunite with their teammates so as to cross the finish line together. The official entering place will be about 400 meters before the finish line, in the are of Via Celio Vibenna.


On Sunday March 17th Acea Run Rome The Marathon runs for solidarity 25 no profit organizations have joined the project

THE NON PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS – With ACEA Run Rome The Marathon on Sunday 17 March 2024, runners will be the stars of the show along the streets of the capital. At last, it will be time to think about running as a team sport again, a team that in the Run4Rome relay not only cares about the race finish line, but also the nobler and more important objective of highlighting social issues and supporting the work of the various non-profit organisations that have joined the project. The largest Italian sporting event involving mass participation also focuses on a charity project, with the Charity Program, and an inclusion project. ACEA Run4Rome will allow beginners, walkers, athletes in general and competitive runners to be the stars of the show and enjoy a day that is both healthy and fun. Your dream of running and crossing the finish line of a major international marathon can become a reality. All you have to do is create your own team of four people and each one running one of the foreseen legs (one of these also accessible to participants aged 16 and over) for a total of 42.195 km. The participants have a big heart and see solidarity, freedom, friendship, well-being and team spirit. Yes, the aim of the Acea Run4Rome solidarity relay is noble and this is thanks to the participation in the Charity Program of 22 Non-Profit Organisations, each with its own purpose: Airc, Fondazione Maratona Alzheimer, Fondazione Telethon, Il Mondo di Matteo Onlus, Sport Senza Frontiere Onlus, EY Foundation, Rotary District 2080, Dynamo Camp, Comitans ETS Foundation, Street Child Italia, La Stella di Lorenzo Onlus, Amka, Sea Shepherd, Associazione Edoardo con Noi, AISM – Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association, Special Olympics, Fondazione Arché Onlus , Aned National Association of Hemodialysis, Dialysis and Transplant – APS (A.N.E.D.), COMIP – Children Of Mentally Ill Parents, Isla ng Bata – L’Isola dei Bambini, Banco Alimentare Roma and Fondazione Paoletti.





Running the Acea Run4Rome means doing something good for ourselves and for others while feeling like true marathoners



On Sunday, March 17th, alongside the marathon, there will also be the 5 km Fun Run Stracittadina.

ROME – It’s the most beautiful 5 kilometers in the world, from the Colosseum to the Circo Massimo, an explosion of happiness, a great celebration of friendship, carefreeness, music, running, and solidarity. This is the Fun Run, associated with the Acea Run Rome The Marathon scheduled for Sunday, March 17, 2024.

The Fun Run is a party for everyone, a run or walk for all, 5 kilometers at your own pace, with family, children, and even dogs because there’s also the “Stracanina” (dog-friendly run). At the finish line, at the Circo Massimo, there will also be a sports area with various sports and entertainment activities.

As a gift for all participants, a commemorative running technical t-shirt signed by the technical partner Joma, a Gym Bag, and various other products from sponsors will be provided. Under 18 participants will receive a participation medal. A sports medical certificate is not required to participate.

STRACANINA - Stracanina is the ‘six-legged’ event associated with the Fun Run. There’s also space for dogs of all sizes and breeds to join the run or walk, strengthening the unbreakable

bond between owner and pet. Registrations are open for the Stracanina Fun Run, at a cost of 3 euros for your four-legged friend. All dogs will receive a participation bib, a dedicated race pack, and a big surprise at the finish area in Circus Maximus. There will also be a dog area where you can watch performances or receive consultations from instructors of the association “Un Lavoro da Cani” (A Job for Dogs). In the sports area, UISP Roma and Sapienza Sport technicians will offer the opportunity for everyone to try out various sports disciplines for free, from volleyball to rugby and martial arts. For more information, visit the official website


PLOGGING - Superheroes with the power to clean up the city of Rome, that’s the goal of those who will participate, alone, with friends or family, in the world’s first team plogging competition, where they’ll have to collect as much litter as possible within the set time. The race starts from Piazza di Porta Capena and finishes at the Circo Massimo after covering 3 km. Each team must consist of 8 ploggers: two ploggers for each waste category (1 man 1 woman/1 adult 1 child). The waste to be collected in each race session includes glass, plastic, paper, and mixed waste/cigarette butts. Ploggers can move along the race route through light or fast running. The top three teams on the podium will receive a prize. For information and registration:


BIB COLLECTION AND RACE KIT - The bib and race kit (shirt and gym bag with any sponsor products) must be collected at the Expo Village of the Acea Run Rome The Marathon (Palazzo dei Congressi, Piazza John Kennedy 1, Rome) on Friday, March 15th and Saturday, March 16th from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm), by presenting a valid ID, confirmation letter. It will also be possible to collect on behalf of someone else with proper authorization: a specific authorization form duly filled and signed, valid ID, confirmation letter. It will NOT be possible to collect the bib and event kit on Sunday, March 17th, 2024.

The subscription to the FUN RUN can be completed though the following options on the website of the event at the following rates:

Single young (0-8 years old) €3,00 – race number + medal only

Single adult (8 years of age and older) € 13,00 – race number + race package + medal (if earned)

Groups of 4 or more people (8 years of age and older) €10,00 –from the fourth member onwards – race number + race package + medal (if earned)



The Fun Run Stracittadina has a strong solidarity spirit. Once again this year, the partnership with CSV Lazio ETS, the Volunteer Service Center, is fundamental. They will organize a new edition of “Insiwme per il Bene Comune - Good Deeds Day,” the great event that promotes solidarity, just as volunteering has always done: together and in the general interest. On Sunday, March 17th, around a hundred associations will welcome participants of the amateur race at the finish line of the 5km at the Circo Massimo. In the Village of Insieme per il Bene Comune, volunteers will enrich the day with free

activities for adults, children, teenagers, and even four-legged friends. From historical reconstructions to workshops; from games to cultural initiatives; from activities for furry friends to free health checks. On stage, the musical entertainment of the Quindieverse kids. As every year, those who wish can run the Fun Run in a solidarity mode by choosing one of the associations on the website together-perilbenecomune. net. With the support program for volunteering of FunRun and CSV Lazio, associations can collect registrations, investing part of the proceeds in their projects. “We have wor-


ked - explains the president of CSV Lazio Cristina De Luca - on a ninth edition rich in content and ready to welcome citizens in what will be a community of learning aimed at everyone, especially the younger ones, who at Circo Massimo will be able to come into contact with a thousand volunteers.” Together for the Common Good - Good Deeds Day is an international event born in 2007 and present in over 100 countries. 4 million people worldwide participate, engaged in 23 thousand solidarity projects. In Italy, it has been promoted since 2015 by CSV Lazio, the Volunteer Service Center, which, for over twenty years, has promoted, strengthened, supported, and qualified the presence and role of associations and volunteers in the Third Sector entities, with particular regard to volunteer organizations.


Acea Run Rome The Marathon is committed to planting 3,000 trees in the Pèten region of Guatemala, with the dual purpose of absorbing CO2 emissions and supporting the economy and nutrition of local farming families. Help us counter CO2 emissions by planting one or more trees in Run Rome The Marathon’s forest!

You can buy them on the Endu marathon registration platform



ROME – The road towards Carbon Neutrality has begun, this is the last great goal of Acea Run Rome The Marathon of next 17th March 2024, the greatest Italian and one of the world’s most important marathon. A true believing, almost a mantra, with real, concrete, certain, measurable actions. Data in hand, after just three years of existence (the first edition was in September 2021), Acea Run Rome The Marathon is the first marathon in the world regarding environmental sustainability. The numbers and the certificates confirm it, the desire of preserving planet Earth, even during a mass event that on Sunday 17th March, together with the relay race Acea Run4Rome and the Stracittadina Fun Run and Dog Walk&Run, will let 40 thousands people from 110 nations of the world run. The challenge on sustainability that was launched in 2021 has already produced several results, but not every single one of them, so it is necessary to continue believing and pursuing them step by step, because it is with a big sense of responsibility that we should and can do so much. The organizers of the Roman event, Infront Italy, Corriere dello Sport – Stadio, Italia Marathon Club and Atielle, in collaboration with the Sustainability Partner Circularity – Benefit Society, operating in the world of Circula Economy – have programed numerous new initiatives for this edition that is just around the corner, and already for the future years too.

Since 2021 Acea Run Rome The Marathon has implemented an important policy of sustainable development for the greatest and most participated sport event in Italy. The ISO 20121 certification has already been obtained and the ambitious goals to achieve keep on increasing. Thanks to the contribution of Banco Alimentare Roma 109 tons of materials were recovered.



ISO 20121 CERTIFIED – Since the beginning the organization has adopted a system od sustainable management that has allowed it to obtain the ISO 20121 “Sustainable event management” certification, released by the Certification Institution Rina. The starting point to define the sustainable development policy of the event is to evaluate the economical, social and environmental impacts of the event. There are clear and pragmatic goals: in terms of the economy to reduce, reuse and recycle in order to limit waste; in social terms, to promote and adopt technical behaviors and to track the environmental impacts in order to reduce the negative ones and optimize the positive ones. The management of the Organization, on the base of the directions of the ISO 20121 internation rule has defined a formal document of “sustainable development Policy”, in accordance with the aim of Acea Run Rome the Marathon, shared with its stakeholders. In particular, the main stakeholders has received a scoreboard of their respective achievements and contributions, with reference to the goals of sustainable development, in respect of the directions of the 2030 Agenda written by the United Nations: a system od guidelines to meet the requirements for the constant improvement of the management system of Acea Run Rome the Marathon.


– Among the goals that were achieved in the last edition held in March 2023 such as in 2022 and 2021 there is the reduction of food waste, a more sustainable mobility, the reduction of CO2 emissions, an enhanced management of waste and funding, the use of supplies from renewable sources and a communication work aimed at sensibilizing the athletes that has predicted, for example, the promotion of a mascot, symbol of the safeguarding of biodiversity and the collateral presence of a plogging event, for the reutilization of urban waste. Run is sustainable: is requires passion, strength and consistency above all. Whoever runs knows the everything depends on the impact with the ground and to go faster you need to be light while taking a step. This is the way Acea Run Rome The Marathon, together with its circularity partner zeroCO2, Banco Alimentare Roma, Rina and Plastic Free Odv Onlus, aims to be: light in the impact, fastly reaching the finish line.

In 2023, thanks to the active support of Associatione Banco Alimentare Roma ODV and of the initiatives that were organized with Circularity and the sustainability partners, 43,57 tons of beverages, among others, were recovered, 18000 liters of which were of water and 20000 liters of isotonic beverages, 1280 kg of food and snacks, 90 kg of thermal blankets, 240 kg of race bags, 210 kg of t-shirts, with an estimated reduction of 11% of food surplus compared to the 2022 edition; in terms of CO2 production, it was reduced by 11,72 tons. This contribution also acquires a social value because the net provides with assistance to over 100000 destitute people living in the city of Rome and in the Lazio region.

The trees are considered to be the more efficient and cheap technology used for the compensation of greenhouse gas emissions: Acea Run Rome the Marathon, in partnership with zeroCO2 and thankis to the support of the subscribers to the marathon has created, between 2021 and 2023, a forest of over 6000 trees in Guatemala that allow to absorb over 6000 estimated tons of CO2.

A particular attention was paid to the means of transport that were used during the race, for the mobility of the athletes and their equipment: the existent fleet was supplemented up to 39% of vehicles of hybrid or completely electric power. The challenge for the next editions is to progressively implement the percentage of means that have reduced environmental impact. The athletes who have reached Rome were also able to use the means of sustainable mobility, contributing to reducing CO2 production by 25 tons.

Acea Run Rome The Marathon and Delta Airlines promote together a sustainable activation. In the Delta flights to Rome and in the Expo Village of the event plastic bottles will be collected and restored; then they will be transformed into a celebrative mosaic. The activity will be promoted and narrated on Sunday at Circo Massimo.

In the last three years Acea Run Rome The Marathon has also enhanced its circularity level, by selecting and recovering waste destined to separate collection. The waste generated from the marathon were 24296 kg, 3190kg of which were of plastic and 2400 kg of paper. The activity of collecting and selecting has allowed to recycle 56% of the plastic,


amounting to 1787 kg, and 85% of the paper, amounting to 2040 kg of recycled paper. In accordance with the goals of sustainability, the mission of Acea Run Rome The Marathon is to make the waste management more and more virtuous, by reducing the waste production per-capita and by increasing the percentage of single-material (plastic or paper) going to recycling.

“We are proud to continue supporting Acea Run Rome The Marathon in its path of sustainability. Together we have already achieved important goals and the roadmap for the future editions includes additional challenges with the aim of reducing the environmental impact in every phase of the event. This is courtesy of the dedication and the will of the Organization to promote a virtuous change in the management of big events, in addition to the close cooperation with every partner and stakeholder involved”- comments Camilla Colucci, founder and CEO of Circularity.

2024 AND CARBON NEUTRALITY – Circularity also supports the Marathon’s goal of reducing as much as possible the use of disposable plastic, particularly in the dining areas. In this regard, an important innovation of this edition concerns the modality of distribution of the water during the path of the race: thanks to the support of our sponsors along some of the dining areas of the path there will be placed tanks of water. The water will be distributed to the runners with the aid of little compostable glasses filled by the many volunteers, thus reducing the use of plastic bottles.

In this year’s edition Acea Run Rome The Marathon is committed to plant 3000 more trees in Guatemala, in Pèten Region, with the double end of absorbing CO2 emissions and sustaining the economy and the supplies of the local farming families. Every participant, when subscribing, can contribute to the Acea Run Rome The Marathon forest by purchasing one or more trees to contrast CO2 emissions. Circularity has also realized training activities and workshops planned according to the specific needs of the Organization with the aim of integrating the principles of sustainability and circular economy in its management strategy. Furthermore, SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) were identified, that are correlated with the virtuous initiative that were implemented.

The ambitious goal of Acea Run Rome The Marathon for the next years is the reduction of the generated emissions in every phase of the event and reaching Carbon Neutrality. To face in an efficient and concrete way the challenges for a more sustainable marathon, Circularity has in fact structured a long-term roadmap that has started in the 2021 edition, introducing a path of sustainability, aimed to estimate – with transparency and continue enhancement – the carbon footprint of the activities with the most environmental impact in the event, by activating virtuous initiatives of sustainability and circular economy that allow the reduction of the measured emissions.

In order to calculate the carbon footprint of a complex event such as Acea Run Rome The Marathon, Circularity relies on the international methodology “GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard”, and on the methodologic guidelines for the sport sector, specifically the “Carbon footprint methodology for the Olympic games”, written in 2018 by the international Olympic committee to estimate the carbon footprint of the Olympic Games. ARRTM is committed to estimate the carbon foot-

print before the event with the aim of defining the reduction of the emissions. After the event, on the base of the effective calculated data, the reduction plan is adjourned in the perspective of an enhancement for the future editions. On the site of the marathon (www.runromethemarathon. com/ sostenibilita/#popmake-5963) the Vademecum of sustainability is available for every enthusiast and participant, in addition to the sustainability Policy of the event. From 2023, Turtle Vittoria is the mascot of Acea Run Rome The Marathon, in agreement with WWF; it was chosen as a symbol of support for the endangered species. Every advertisement banner in TNT (non-woven fabric) placed along the barriers that delimit the path in the day of the race are made of recycled material, in support of a growing attention to the theme of the environmental protection even in the processes of supply and, in general, in the entire organization of the sport event. Furthermore, thanks to our technical sponsor Joma, every runner’s t-shirt is made with recycled yarn, according to the aim of increasing the use of recycled material in every product of Acea Run Rome The Marathon.

CIRCULARITY – Circularity is an innovative start up with 100% Italian capital, joined at 20% by Innovatec, leader company in the clean tech sector, listed in the Euronext Growth Milan market of Borsa Italiano (already AIM Italia). The startup, founded in June 2018, is guided by Camilla Colucci, co-founder and CEO of the society. Circularity is a benefit society, i.e. it integrates in its social object, in addition to the profitable goals, the aim to have a positive impact on the society and the environment. The innovative start up has developed the first and only platform of industrial symbiosis for Italian companies, that connects the performers of the processes of production, transformation and waste and material management, in order to activate paths of sustainability and circular economy. Thanks to its team composed by professional experts on sustainability and materials engineering themes, Circularity also develops applications and manages consulting projects aimed to help the companies along the path of integration of sustainability and circularity inside their business model.






A lot of fun to lighten the runners’ effort

A lot of emotions, it is party time

Almost 40 different activities in 42 kilometers of ground and sampietrini, of monuments and magical places that are famous all over the world. For the 17,000 marathoners, the relay runners of Acea Run Rome The Marathon and also for the participants of the Stracittadina SN4IFUN Run, but also for the entire city of Rome there will be a lot of emotions.

A marathon is made of running and cheering, but Acea Run Rome The Marathon is also made of live music, DJ sets, dances, sports, radio 105 music and the tenor singer Carlo Assogna, music bands of every genre, drum shows, Original Brazilian Samba, drums and drummers, cheerleaders, in short, color and warmth.

The new meets the ancient thanks to Gruppo Storico Legionari, the social and environmental participation with the artists that will perform the mural and then dancers, sound and light games, many side events of an international marathon, the biggest marathon in Italy and one of the most awaited marathons of all time. The warm greeting of Rome organizes a joyful show to approach the finish line.



Group taining ,from Rome to all Italy and in the world

A true gathering for lovers of running, walking and health who have participated in Get Ready, the group training in preparation for the Acea Run Rome The Marathon, the Acea Run4Rome and the Stracittadina Fun Run.

The participants of every Get Ready are over 300, who are careful to follow coach Marco Caponeri’s theoretical and practical rules, everyone at their pace, from the most trained and performing to the walking Fit Walking groups, no one was left behind, thanks to the precious help of the official pacers of the marathon.

Running in company is certainly easier and especially more fun, because Get Ready are primarily but not exclusively a party for Roman runners: there are hugs, music, smiles, gadgets. Get Readys are free training that are open to everyone; to take part in the next programmed dates you just need to subscribe on the official website of the marathon. Among the many runners there will also be the legendary Franca Fiacconi, champion of a few decades ago, capable of winning many races and marathons, wearing the blue t-shirt and representing many times Italy, as well as winning, in 1998, both the marathon of Rome, in her city, in front of her public, and the New York marathon in November.

THE WATER – Acea Run Rome The Marathon 2024 wishes to send an important message to all the runners and more. The word is one: WATER. The meaning is LIFE. Because men are made of 70% water, because the runners constantly

need water for their marathon or for their daily run, to drink and for a correct hydration and thermoregulation. The city of Rome has a great advantage that, as always, comes from history: the ‘nasoni’, which are the iconic cast iron fountains established in 1874 are as much as 2500 all around town.

In the paths of the Get Ready trainings there will often be public fountains and participants, courtesy of expert nutritionists, will be able to learn theoretical notions about the advantage of a good use of water for their body and for their run.

THE DATES – 16th December 2023; 13th January, 3rd February, 17th February and 9th March 2024. The meeting of 17th February took place in Parco di Monza, starting from the specialized running store Affari&Sport.

ON TOUR – As the previous editions there are 29 trainings programmed for Get Ready On Tour, 24 of which in Itsly and 5 abroad. These numbers are growing and with well selected locations, limited compared to the many offers received. Get Ready On Tour is powered by the infinite passion of over 150 official race pacers constantly assisted by Federica Romano, who hold the banner and the message of Acea Run Rome The Marathon in the world. As much as 70 are involved, with a media of 4 per training, that want to train in bigger of smaller groups with charisma, will and ability, in the runners communities of their cities.


In Italy the Get Ready On Tour training sessions will take place in Lombardia, Piemonte, Veneto, Friuli, Marche, Emilia-Romagna, Lazio, Umbria, Campania, Puglia and Calabria, while in the rest of the world they will go from Germany to across the Atlantic, landing in the United States, starting from Indiana, right on 23rd December, then Texas and Canada with the magic Toronto.



Fort Wayne (Indiana - Us)


Toronto (Canada)


Roma (Parco Degli Acquedotti)


Bitetto (Bari)


Moiano (Bn)

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Bitetto (Bari)


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Roma (Parco Del Cappellaccio) Fitwalking




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Udine (Parco Del Cormor)



In addition to the Get Ready, thanks to the advice of coach Marco Caponeri, everyone had the opportunity to have an official training plan to arrive prepared and in shape for the marathon. Acea Run Rome

The Marathon has made training tables available, both generic and free, and personalized for all runners.

The athletes were able to follow 3 months of free or personalized training at the agreed cost of 29 euros starting on 17 December 2023 to arrive ready and prepared on 17 March 2024.

Coach Marco Caponeri with Franca Fiacconi


A true champion, with a winning character, a lioness in life and in sport. She ran her first marathon in 1989, when “women who practiced foot racing could be counted on the fingers of a few hands. Suffice it to say that female marathon was introduced only in the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984.”

“I was born in Rome and I ran my first 42km marathon right in my city, the emotion of being on the starting line of this race is always the same. To start in the shadow of the Colisseum inspires an incredible euphoria, a beautiful feeling of greatness and mystery”.


Scopri di più sul nostro sito:


Debut at 23 years old in the marathon Where? In her Rome where it came the second one

The golden year? 1998 Victory in Rome Marathon

• Victory in New York with 2h25’17’’ (the only Italian woman)

• Personal best and Italian record

• 2nd best European performance of the year

• 6th world’s best performance

The other successes

She won the marathons of Prague, Padova, Trieste, Turin, Cesano Boscone, Penang (Malesia)m Bologna, Carpi, 2nd Berlin Marathon and Osaka Marathon and many more successes.

Two more times in New York, 2nd in 1996 and in 2000 and once 3rd in 1997

Scopri i nostri numerosi veicoli ecologici elettrici e a biometano in azione !
Vieni a trovarci al Circo Massimo e partecipa ai laboratori di eco falegnameria di Echo Labs il 17|03.


1° – Train on wavy grounds, doing a lot of muscular work, because the path of the marathon of Rome with its cobblestones will test your legs, but it is only a matter of training, don’t fear.

2° – Leave the headphones home. If you are one of those people who listens to music while running, change your habits for once. Listen to your body, your feelings, look around, hear the sounds, because this race will fill your heart.

3° – Leave home the stopwatch too. You are not coming to Rome to make a performance. Take your time to look around, you will step on the streets where gladiators and emperors used to walk, you will cross squares that the whole world envies us, one above all is Piazza di Spagna, you will find yourself in front of monuments that are a part of everyone of us. Put your eyes and heart into it and you will go back home fulfilled with satisfaction, regardless of the time result.



Every time you use them it will be a caress for your heart. Discover and purchase the official Acea Run Rome The Marathon merchandising products, produced by the Winner company, always carry them with you or give a gift to someone you love. Rome is forever, Rome is always with YOU

Here is VITTORIA, our Turtle and super Mascot of the event! Acea Run Rome The Marathon runners can support WWF in the conservation of an endangered species by purchasing it at the special price of €9.99.

55 RUN TO THE BEAT AT 30,000 FEET. Listen to your bespoke Delta x RRTM running play list. And discover Spotify curated mixtapes available onboard Delta flights on your next trip to the USA. DELTA.COM RUNNING FOR A CHANGE. Visit the Delta Booth at Circus Maximus on Marathon day to discover our Replastic Mosaic project.




22 hours packed into two days of entertainment, sports activities, sponsor stands, and specialized brands in the world of running. Open to participants but also to anyone who loves the world of sports, running, and wellness. The Expo Village is not just the location to pick up bibs and race packets but much more.

In the approximately 4500 square meters, there will be 100 exhibitors, with around 20% being international, ready to welcome approximately 70,000 people over the race weekend. Not to be missed on Saturday is the presentation of elite runners, the starting champions, the “Senators” of Acea Run Rome The Marathon, and the pacers, the race assistants who will guide all marathoners to the finish line.


● Kids Area curated by Oasi Park

● Games area with foosball and checkers

● Food Area with food trucks

● Red Bull Area with Event Car

● Various installations for fun entertainment

● Green areas within the village in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Waste Management, and the Department of Environmental Protection for the supply of greenery.


The true driving force behind the Acea Run Rome The Marathon are the over a thousand volunteers who, for three days, will be the face of Rome and its marathon. Their assistance and professionalism, combined with the smile and enthusiasm that characterize them, will be essential. Many associations are in the field to support them, including the legionaries of the Historical Group of Rome, a cultural association active for over 25 years in the field of cultural dissemination and, as always, a protagonist at the start and finish area with the reenactment of ancient Rome, a unique reality accredited worldwide.



Piazza John Kennedy, 1, 00144 Roma - RM


Friday, March 15th – 9am to 8pm

Saturday, March 16th – 9am to 8pm

The Expo Village is the best place where participants from all over the world can meet on the eve of the big event.



From Termini Station: Metro Line B towards Laurentina Stop: EUR Fermi (10 stops from Termini Station).



Registration for Run Rome The Marathon on 16 March 2025 is already open. At the Expo at the Run Rome The Marathon 2025 stand it will be possible to purchase the bib at a discounted price. Don’t miss the opportunity, enjoy the 30th edition. It will be special.


Sportograf is the official photographic partner of Acea Run Rome The Marathonand will be close to you throughout your race, from start to finish!

At the end of the event, these multimedia contents will be professionally processed and put online as quickly as possible, sorted by bib number.

Take advantage of the promotional price only in pre-sales at € 34,99. THE POST-EVENT




42.195 kilometers throughout Rome, a dream come true. During your training or race, you can hydrate in an eco-friendly way using the fountains along the route. How to find them? Waidy Wow is the water and environment-friendly app, a new tool for enhancing water resources and the beauty of our territories, which, through mapping over 50,000 water points, promotes responsible water consumption with a view to sustainable development and contributes to the reduction of singleuse plastic. Among its features, Waidy Wow helps monitor water needs, amplified during sports activities, and find the nearest fountain. The app also allows you to create walking, cycling, or running routes and select recommended thematic itineraries for training and discovering the artistic and cultural heritage of cities, such as the cinematic fountains of the Capital.

The application is available for both Android and iOS systems DISCOVER IT HERE

APP J U S T A W A R M I T A L I A N W E L C O M E i n 7 s t r a t e g i c s p o t s o f R o m e o m n i a h o t e l s . c o m



The programme features several events: 4 relay teams with batons signed by Pope Francis, the athletes’ messages “My heart runs for... “, the Mass for the Marathon Runner and the solidarity race “Coppa degli Ultimi”.

Rome is a strong runner, with plenty of pace and spirit thanks to the long-standing friendship between Acea Run Rome The Marathon and Athletica Vaticana, the sporting association of the Vatican City. On 17 March, Rome will be the venue for a great international marathon, staged along with the Acea Run4Rome relay race and the 5km Fun Run and bringing together over 40,000 people from all over the globe for Sunday of sport, friendship, peace and brotherhood.

THE CARITAS KITCHEN - This isn’t a last-minute entry: the Rome Marathon and its large team of volunteers, outreach workers and pacer athletes have been working with Athletica Vaticana all year long, serving those in need at the Caritas kitchen located at Roma Termini train station.These important efforts, far from the spotlights of the build-up to the marathon, are all about belief and the shared human journey of friendship and mutual enrichment. This year, the journey includes a meetup at the Caritas kitchen on the evening of Friday 1 March, where a team of marathon volunteers will be helping out.

MESSAGES – Also part of the programme is an audience with the Holy Father in the Vatican on Wednesday 13 March, while on the race days, each athlete will be participating with a personal message as to why they want to run the marathon, forging a bond be-

tween body, mind and soul together with Athletica Vaticana. At the Expo Village at the Eur Congress Arena on the opening days of Friday 15 and Saturday 16 March there will be a display case, where all the runners can leave a message to complete the phrase ‘MY HEART RUNS FOR...’. Manning the Pacer stand there will be Brother Massimiliano Quirico, an athlete who has previously run for Italy and the Italian army, and the official pacer, American priest Fr Samuel Anderson from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Br Massimiliano and Fr Samuel will take all the runners’ messages to the afternoon Mass for the Marathon Runner, where some of them will be read out and all will be blessed in front of the altar. During the Mass itself, worshippers will have the opportunity to write additional thoughts and messages.

MARATHON MASS - In this Olympic and Paralympic Year, Athletica Vaticana - the official multi-sport association of the Holy See - will be organising a “Mass for Marathon Runners and Athletes” in a spirit of fraternity and friendship, on Saturday 16 March, the eve of Acea Run Rome The Marathon. The Mass, accompanied by the choir of the Diocese of Rome, will be celebrated at 6 pm, in the beautiful and ancient Basilica of St Mary of the Altar in Heaven (Campidoglio) in the heart of Rome. The Franciscan basilica


overlooks the route that the marathon runners will take on Sunday morning.

At the end of the Mass, a “Marathon Prayer” will also be recited to illustrate the marathon as a metaphor for life and sport, followed by the blessing of the male and female athletes and others closely involved in the sporting world.

The invitation to celebrate the “Mass for Marathon Runners and Athletes” is addressed to women and men from any sporting discipline: amateurs, professionals, coaches, managers and family members, who will offer the congregation their readings and prayers. The hope is that the Mass will be a sign of peace, through sport.

The service will be led by Archbishop Cesare Pagazzi, secretary of the Holy See’s Dicastery for Culture and Education, appointed by Pope Francis to manage sporting affairs.

RELAY BATON – Four Athletica Vaticana teams will be running in the Acea Run4Rome solidarity relay. The teams have been named after two encyclicals, “Laudato si’” and “Brethren all”, and two apostolic exhortations “Evangelii gaudium” and “Laudate Deum” by Pope Francis. The beneficiary of the funds raised by this special quartet will be the Airc Foundation for Cancer Research.

The athletes from each team will be passing and carrying to the finish line a gold-coloured baton, signed by Pope Francis with the inscription ‘Simul Currebant’ (They ran together), inspired by the Gospel of John (chapter 20, 4): Peter and John run together – “simul currebant” – to the tomb on the morning of the Resurrection. John, younger and faster, arrives first but stops and waits for the older Peter and gives way to him. As Pope Francis has told Athletica Vaticana, knowing how to “keep up with the slowest” should be an attitude in every social sphere, today more than ever before.

“COPPA DEGLI ULTIMI” – Once again this year’s marathon event will include a solidarity race, “Coppa degli Ultimi”, addressed to athletes who embody fundamental values such as inclusion, solidarity, resilience, hope and personal rebirth through sport.

The trophy for this year’s event, designed by Roman artist Barbara Salvucci, has references to history and memory, expressing resilience and hope and the unstoppable ability to start over. The wing pointing upwards, in a form inspired by the Roman Baroque, speaks of freedom and the ability to surpass limits, tests and trials as the spirit soars towards its dreams, creative expression and inspiration. The wing symbolically overcomes barriers and insurmountable distances to reach the most unexpected goals, both in life and in sport.


Programma “Sapienza e Acea Run Rome the Marathon”

13 marzo 2024 Aula Magna - Sapienza

Ore 10.00 - 10.15

Saluti istituzionali

Antonella Polimeni Rettrice Sapienza Università di Roma

Alessandro Onorato Assessore ai Grandi Eventi, Sport, Turismo e Moda di Roma Capitale

Indroduzione: Niccolò Mornati Summer Sports Director, Active Lifestyle and Business Development Infront

Modera: Cristina Limatola Prorettrice Sport e Benessere Sapienza Università di Roma

10.15 - 11.45

10:15 – 10:30 La comunicazione di un grande evento - Prof.ssa Barbara Mazza Sapienza

10:30 – 10:45 Corsa verso l’Eccellenza: Strategie di Comunicazione per il Successo della Maratona di Roma - Daniele Quinzi

Direttore Marketing del Corriere dello Sport - Stadio

10:45 – 11:00

Organizzazione Acea Run Rome The Marathon, gli step di avvicinamento - Lorenzo Benfenati

Project Manager Acea Run Rome The Marathon

11:00 – 11:20 Presentazione della ricerca “L’incidenza socio economica di Acea Run Rome The Marathon” - Prof.ssa Maria Paola Faggiano e il gruppo di lavoro Sapienza


Modera: Prof. Maurizio Barbieri Direttore Centro di Servizi sportivi SapienzaSport

11.40 - 12.10

11:40 – 11:55 Nutrizione e allenamento per le lunghe distanze - Dott. Francesco Fagnani

11:55 – 12:10 L’allenamento per la maratona - Marco Caponeri Coach Acea Run Rome The Marathon

12.10 – 12.50

12:10 – 12:20 Un evento a ridotto impatto ambientale - Alex Craig Sause Infront

12:20 – 12:30 Il legame identitario tra Acea e la Maratona, nel segno della sostenibilità – Pierfrancesco Latini responsabile Risk Management, Compliance e Sostenibilità

12:30 – 12:45 Circularity

12:45 – 12:50 Chiusura lavori

13.00 Sapienza Run Corsa di 3km aperta a tutti all’interno della Città Universitaria

9:00 - 16:00 Stand esterno per iscrizioni Fun Run




From Friday, March 15th (event by reservation)

On the occasion of Acea Run Rome The Marathon, the Touring Club Italiano, a foundation that for 130 years has taken care of Italy as a common good, accompanies the marathon participants in discovering the beauties of Rome. Walks and itineraries through history, at a leisurely pace, to discover the secrets of the Eternal City.

Discover all events CLICK HERE



From Thursday, March 14th to Tuesday, March 19th

Free access to the Capitoline Museums for all registered participants in the Rome Marathon and one accompanying person. Marathoners must go to the ticket office showing the confirmation letter of participation, either in paper or digital format, along with an identification document to collect the free entry ticket for themselves and one accompanying person.

List of museums:

Centrale Montemartini

Circus Maximus Archaeological Area

Capitoline Museums (No Villa Caffarelli)

Mercati di Traiano

Museum of Rome in Trastevere

Galleria Comunale d’Arte Moderna (via Francesco Crispi)

Museum of the Ara Pacis

(Museum entrance only)

Museum of Rome Palazzo Braschi

(Museum entrance only)

Civic Museum of Zoology

Villa Torlonia Museums: Serra Moresca

Villa Torlonia Museums: Casino Nobile

Villa Torlonia Museums: Casino dei principi

Villa Torlonia Museums: Casina delle Civette

Museum of the Forma Urbis

Sacra Area of Largo Argentina


Excluded are exhibition spaces such as the Ukiyoe Exhibition, Matteotti Exhibition, Newton Exhibition, and Special Events like the Circus Maximus Exp and the Planetarium.


C O R R I A M O C O N TE ,

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Ma GoldBetlive non è solo livescore, è anche informazione sugli appuntamenti sportivi in programma, news, approfondimenti e rubriche esclusive.

GoldBetlive non smette mai di correre e quest’anno lo farà anche con voi lungo le vie della Città Eterna per la Run Rome the Marathon.

O L D B E T L I V E N O N S M E T T E M A I D I C O R R E R E P E R L O S P O R T .


A ritual, a meeting even before the great 42km journey, the exclusive Pasta Party is for all marathon runners who want to have the right energy and spirit to conquer Rome and the Acea Run Rome The Marathon. Choose your Italian pasta, have fun, book your place together with your family and enjoy the special place Terrace of the Palazzo dei Congressi. It’s not for everyone, it’s for the best like you.

Limited places.

Thanks to Gima Caffè, purchase the Pasta Party (Pasta+Water) on your ENDU page, marathon registration for 6.80 euro and have fun.

BOOK 13 march

After the race, join us at the Teatro delle Bellezze for the Marathon Party

On Sunday 17 March, Acea Run Rome The Marathon 2024 will continue with the Marathon Party in Piazza dei Coronari in the very heart of Rome!

At the Locanda dei Coronari (in Piazza dei Coronari) you can dine with a special 20% discount dedicated to runners! Just show the Medal or Bib and the discount is also available for your companions!

Book your table by calling +39 0631054663 or come directly to the restaurant.

Starting from 8:00 p.m. at the Teatro delle Bellezze (also in Piazza dei Coronari) there will be the Marathon Party.

Purchase the entry ticket and meet up with your running friends who have lived with you the Acea Run Rome the Marathon and celebrate this special day with some music! The entry ticket includes a drink from the bar.

BUY HERE Purchase the entry ticket (subject to availability)


When: March 17h 2024 from 7:00 p.m.

Where: Locanda dei Coronari, Piazza dei Coronari 1, Rome

Promo: 20%

(just show the Marathon or Relay Medal or Bib, the discount is also available for their companions)


When: March 17h 2024 from 8:00 p.m.

Where: Teatro delle Bellezze, Piazza dei Coronari 1, Rome

Price: € 14,99

(The entry ticket includes a drink from the bar)

66 IL PARTY UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 UNI EN ISO 45001:2018 ISO 37001:2016 SA 8000:2014 UNI/PdR 125:2022 ISO 22301:2019 CERTIFIED CERTIFIED ISO 50001 ISO 50001 UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 27001:2022


We are excited to announce a new partnership with CONI to offer discounted health services to participants of the Acea Run Rome The Marathon.

For all registered runners, we guarantee a 30% discount on sports medical examinations. The Institute is open from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. The discounted price for the sports fitness certificates under this agreement is Euro 99 for athletes over 35 and Euro 56 for athletes under 35, including urine analysis.

To book, no promo code is required. Simply present the Marathon registration confirmation at the time of booking. This offer is also valid for international participants!


On March 17th, it’s Marathon Day and also the anniversary of the unification of Italy. For this reason, the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, and the Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, will be at Piazza Venezia for an institutional event that requires maximum security measures. It is therefore mandatory to be at the starting line and pass through the gates of Piazza Venezia by 7:45 am


For this service, you must use only and exclusively the official backpack that was provided to you when collecting the race pack: consequently, for safety reasons, no other bags will be accepted on the race day. You will need to correctly apply the bag deposit sticker over the transparent window of the backpack. You will find this sticker in your race bib’s envelope. This sticker will contain your race number and the number of the lorry to which you will have to deliver the backpack. You will have to deliver your backpack before 7:30 am to the operators of the lorries located in Via dei Fori Imperiali (in front of Foro di Traiano). Each lorry is marked with a number. In sequence, you will first find the lorries for the bag deposit for men and immediately after the lorries for women. DO NOT put valuables, money, or personal documents inside the backpack: the organization will not be responsible for it!

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