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From the Principal It is coincidental that our yearbook is entitled “Sunrise” and each of my days at AUS begins with a beautiful sunrise. As I drive south on the 605 freeway beside the Santa Fe Dam, I look to the east and see some of the most picturesque sunrises I have ever seen. The sharp colorful rays of light that flood the sky, sometimes through filters of cloud make me think of the variety of colorful exhilarating experiences that are my privilege to enjoy each day at AUS. Meeting each morning with the faculty to spend a spiritual moment and pray for specific students gets the day started. Being able to witness to my class of Jesus’ love and power in my life is the highlight of each day. I have been so excited this year to work with a most energetic Home & School Association and see major accomplishments take place to improve our school. Interacting and joking with teachers and office staff is so much fun. Laughter is such an important part of each day in our school. Seeing students happy and laughing about experiences adds spice to each day. As the day goes on I find great pleasure in talking with and responding to parents of our student body. They are so friendly and helpful. Making learning fun in my Science classes is another bright ray of my day. Chapel time each week is special as we fellowship in music and word as a school family. As I drive home on the same 605 freeway I often glance to the west and see the last dimming rays of that same sun that 10 hours earlier began my day and I have happy thoughts of another day at AUS. I hope you have enjoyed this year as much as I have and also pray that you will keep AUS daily in your prayers as we work together to draw closer to Jesus Christ.

Ken Phillips 2

AUS Staff

Tricia Klebba

Marc Estephan

Patricia Thomas


Jackie Diego

Ken Phillips

Leon Kopitzke


Teresa Amezaga

Diana Echeverria

Sharon Weir

Linda Aumack


Seventh & Eighth Grade

Mark Estephan

Ken Phillips 6


Class of 2005

Eighth Grade Langevin, Gregory Lapidario, Mark Martinez, Priscilla

Ojeda, Christopher Rodas, Marvin Saavedra, Sinead

Suarez, Ivan Tenney, Heather Vance, Andrew

Zepeda, Areli


Seventh Grade Amargo, Ashley Archila, Hector Aumack, Evan

Barrios, Stacy Beltran, Peter Billones, Jason

Campos, Moises Chavez, Wendy Gallimba, Easter

Gamboa, Bryant Godoy, Maria Hernandez, Kevin

Jeronimo, Zack Lizardi, Ashley Valendez, Neal

9 9

Class Photos


Class Photos


Fifth & Sixth Grade

Leon Kopitzke 12


Fifth Grade Brown, Morgan Castilla, Becky Fontanez, Moriah

Gonzalez, Emmeline Lopez, Sarai Roberts, Marcia

Rodriguez, Andrea Ruiz, Karen


Sixth Grade Caldwell, Sarah Gamboa, James Goh, Bryan

Headworth, Bobby Jeronimo, Yanina Keylor, Isaiah

LeSieur, Justin Lizardi, Liz Luna, Salvador

Nava, Jonathan Ojeda, Joshua Tenney, Joanna


Class Photos


Class Photos


Fourth & Fifth Grade

Linda Aumack 18


Fourth Grade Byars, Brandon Carvajal, Giovani Chavez, David

Echeverria, Denielle English, Mikal Hernandez, Eli

Ortiz, Jonathan Perez, Cristian Reynolds, Brandon

Rodriguez, Steven Saenz, Karissa Sanabria, Edgar

Starks, Imri Vance, Kimberly Zepeda, Yolanda


Fifth Grade Adame, Miroslava Aumack, Alex Castillo, Alexis

Hill, Cody Mead, Kristelle (4th Grade)


Class Photos


Class Photos

Future Mustangs!


Second & Third Grade

Tricia Klebba 24


Second Grade Manzanero, Genesis Ortiz, Leticia Roberts, Gregory

Shimizu, Kayla Soliz, Isai


Third Grade Arano, Jason Barrios, Darlene Chavez, Bryan

Diego, Leilani Echeverria, Damian Gomez, Lindsay

Jeronimo, Aaron Pena, Oliver Rivas, Jaime

Vindel-Caliz, Perlita Macabuhay, Roxanne


Class Photos


Class Photos


First & Second Grade

Pat Thomas 30


First Grade Alejandre, Thomas Barrios, Michelle Gomez, Eduardo

Harris, Trescia Reynolds, Aron Rubalcava, Natalia

Sanabria, Moises Shimizu, Brandon Soliz, Neri

Starks, Taryn Tillman, Jasmine

32 32

Second Grade Alvarez, Anna Canteras, Kayla Gonzalez, Emmanuel

Perez, Jennifer Rivas, Andrea Rodriquez, Adriel

33 33

Class Photos


Class Photos



Jackie Diego 36


Kindergarten Castillo,Ilyn Castro,Mario Chavez, Kristy

De La Paz, Iana Izima, Chiemela Luna, Everardo

38 38

Kindergarten Ortiz, Kevin Reyes, Carlos Rubi, Jorge

Shetler, Joshua Wilson, Keshawn

39 39

Class Photos


Class Photos


Back to School Night


Read, White & Blue Patriotic Hat Contest

The overall winners. Congratulations!

It’s a tough decision


L. A. C o u n t y F a i r

I want my mommy!

Never fear! We are here!


L. A. C o u n t y

It was a long day.

F a i r


Fall Festival

Lining up to take Mr. Phillips down.



That fish is mine!





That’s a sour pickle!

That’s a Q and a Z and a triple value equals 75,000 points!


Crystal Cathedral


Science Museum






Christmas 54

thimf ifm gooouf peezzzzaf!

Parties 55

Spirit Week

Hey Cutie, find your comb yet?


Spirit Week


Spirit Week 58

Spirit Week 59





Red Ribbon Week


Basketball 63

Ivan Suarez at AUS since: 6th Grade Future Occupation: Famous Rapper Fav color: Blue Fav food: Chicken Burritos, Sinigang Ng Bagos fav AUS memory: When Chris almost made Heather sick.

Mark Lapidario at AUS since: 6th Grade Future Occupation: Music Mogul/CEO Fav color: Black Fav food: Adobo fav AUS memory: Talking to friends and getting into trouble

Christopher Ojeda at AUS since: Kindergarten Future Occupation: Orthodontist Fav color: Dark Blue Fav food: Sopes fav AUS memory: In 6th grade we drew on pots and then had to break the pots and put them back together. Randy, Andrew, Skailer and I took a piece from everyone’s pots so they couldn’t put them together.

Sinead Saavedra at AUS since: Kindergarten Future Occupation: Marine biologist Fav color: Green Fav food: Lasagna fav AUS memory: I was drinking some soda and Chris said something funny and I spit my soda all over Heather.


8th Grade

Areli Zepeda at AUS since: 8th Grade Future Occupation: Surgeon or Doctor Fav color: Hot Pink, Baby Blue Fav food: Chile Rellenos, Panbasos fav AUS memory: All the funny and scary things that happened to Sinead, Heather , Priscilla and me this year!

Heather Tenney at AUS since: 2nd Grade Future Occupation:  Photographer or model Fav color: Orange, Purple & gray Fav food: Twinkies fav AUS memory: The time Sinead & I had a yogurt fight. I smelled like spoiled strawberry milk for the rest of the day.

Priscilla Martinez at AUS since: 8th Grade Future Occupation: Lawyer or Forensic Scientist Fav color: Blue & Green Fav food: Chinese & Mexican food & Jolly Ranchers fav AUS memory: When the girls were playing football and I caught the ball and ran the wrong way and scored a touchdown for the opposite team.

8th Grade Andrew Vance at AUS since: Kindergarten Future Occupation: Computer Technician in animation Fav color: Blue Fav food: All food fav AUS memory: I was playing tackle football with my friends and my pants ripped when everybody jumped on me.

Gregory Langevin at AUS since: 7th Grade Future Occupation:  Computer Designer Fav color: Blue Fav food: Pizza fav AUS memory: When Mr. Phillips fell asleep in class.

Marvin Rodas at AUS since: 7th Grade Future Occupation: Engineer Fav color: Blue Fav food: Mexican food


Cross Stitch


New Playground Equipment!!!


Tsunami Relief Effort

You got cash?! I’ll be your friend!


Can I play now Coach? PPlleeeeaaasssseeee?

The water feels SO good on a hot day!


Studies are an important part of life at AUS.


Collect their autographs before they get rich and famous and forget the “little people�!

8th Grade Class Officers Back: Heather, vice-president; Mark, pastor Front: Areli, secretary; Ivan, treasurer; Sinead, President



I’m not going to touch it! You touch it!


Fixing the broken sewer pipe.



No one else means more to us than You do. You’ve been the light of our family. Now that you are fast approaching 8th grade graduation, we hope that you grow into the adventure of your destiny. Succeed it’s all you have to do. You’ll do well!!!! We Love You, Dad, Mama, Papa, Victoria & Natalia

Shen Shen you’re graduating 8th grade. I am so proud of you and I Love you so much. Continue to be as special as you are. Remember to always pray and keep God first in your life. This is only the beginning. Never give up, and Remember there is nothing you can’t do.

Bubaloits, wa u fu doin, I am really proud of everything u have accomplished. U know there is something special when a Brother and a Sister are Class president for the same school, KEEP ON FOLLOWING MY FOOTSTEPS AND U’LL B IN GOOD HANDS. I love you 4 ever ur little brother. Alan

Mi Gorda Bella, Te quiero como el cielo tan grande e infinito, y asi es lo que deceo que tu brilles como brillan las estrellas y se que vas a brillar siempre. Has brillado en mi corazon y mi alma y en tus clases eres excelente. Que Dios te siga dando sabiduria, inteligencia y Gracia!!! AMEN, Tu verdadera Madre, (Abuelita)

Our Big Sissy, We are so proud of you, we want to be just like you. WE LOVE U!!!!! Marcia & Gregory


Areli Tu naciste para ser una gran bendicion, para nosotras ya que el Senor te dio un corazon limpio y lleno de amor. El cual te llevara a alcanzor todos tus suenor. Felize dia de tu graduacion recuerda que despues del Senor Jesus yo soy quien mas te ama. Mama, Yoly and Ruth

To my beloved girl, Congratulations. I’m very proud of you. Trust in God because He’ll always be there when you need Him so will I. Love Mami Areli is a good sister because she helps us. God bless you and have good luck in high school. Love Ruth & Yolanda


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