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’m going to admit something to you – I’m quite a big fan of a programme called Smallville. For those of you who’ve never heard of it, Smallville is a TV series which chronicles the early life and adventures of a young man called Clark Kent (aka Superman) and his friends. So why do I like it? Well, let me see, there’s the very good-


looking Michael Rosenbaum – I do like men with shaved heads – who plays the ruthless and ever-so-slightly evil Lex Luther. Then there’s the soundtrack which is rather good, but the thing that gets me glued to the TV on a Sunday afternoon is the ‘bursting in and saving the day’ antics of Clark Kent. You see, I’m a sucker for the ‘damsel in distress’

by Abigail Murphy

How cool would that be?! What about you? If you could be some kind of superhero what superpowers would you have? Go on, have a laugh, scribble down your top five! You know you want to. In fact, thinking about it, Mr Clark Kent really does have the most impressive compilation of abilities around. Not only can he see through walls (and pretty much anything else for that matter), he can also run faster than a speeding bullet, is stronger and harder to hurt than a ball of solid steel, has got the best hearing in the world, don’t forget the cool laser beams from the eyes thing – oh, and I suppose he’s not that bad looking either (although he’s not really my type). But the coolest thing about Clark Kent is how he feels about his friends. He would do anything for them, and whenever any of them are in trouble (and let’s face it, it’s a TV programme, so that’s every episode) he’s always right there,

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On my list so far I have: 1. The ability to see in the dark – from Dark Angel 2. Serious whooo-hah! martial arts skills – like Trinity and Neo from The Matrix 3. Clone-like transformations – from X-men 4. The rather nifty trick of walking through walls – from X-men 5. And most definitely the X-ray eyes – from Superman

ready and willing to save them, and even though he can’t tell them who he really is, he saves them time and time and time again. He doesn’t care that he’s already had to save them fifty times already. He doesn’t ask for rewards or praise. They are in danger, so he runs to put himself in their place. Their safety and wellbeing are his biggest concerns. Bit like God, really, but we’re the friends who go stumbling from one danger zone to another. Still, he wants to be our friend nevertheless. We’re the ones he wants to hang out with, the ones he wants to have a relationship with, the ones he wants to save. To prove it, God sent Jesus to live (and die) right here on earth. Jesus lived on earth 2,000 years ago. He healed people who were terminally ill and even brought people back to life – now that’s what I call a super man!

ALLSTAR/Cinetext Collection

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storylines, oh, and the superpowers. Superpower! No self-respecting super hero could consider him or herself worthy of the title of superhero without at least one decent extraordinary ability. Sometimes I wonder what superpowers I’d have if I were a SuperAbigail. In fact I’ve wondered about it so much that I’ve even managed to compile a list of my five favourite superpowers: