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for a day I would . . .


In the last issue of we gave readers the opportunity, on the feedback form, to name the three things they would do if they were God for a day. Here are just a few of the responses we received: ‘. . . ensure world peace.’ ‘. . . despair at how much people take me for granted.’ ‘. . . heal all sickness.’

‘. . . put the “sharing element” in every human heart.’

‘. . . eradicate incurable diseases.’

‘. . . only let it rain at night.’ is one year old! The publication of this issue marks our first anniversary. Thanks to everyone who has already taken the time to fill in and return a feedback form. Your comments are very important to us; helping us to decide what’s good and what’s rubbish. Don’t forget if you have any ideas for articles which you’d like to see featured in the magazine, we’d be happy to hear from you. To date we have produced six issues. How many have you seen? Your overall opinion: Loved it

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‘. . . give parents the knowledge that kids grow up fast – so make best of time you’ve got.’ ‘. . . stop evil getting in.’

‘. . . start again with no devil.’ ‘. . . take away greed.’

Do you belong to any type of faith group/church?

‘. . . hear what children have to say.’



‘. . . prove my existence.’

‘. . . perform his job only a fraction as well as he!’

‘. . . back-pedal sixty years.’

This part of the feedback form is entirely optional. This information would just be helpful in letting us know how and where the magazine is being distributed nationwide. (We will not use the information you provide to flog you stuff or pester you in the future.)

‘. . . make my family beautiful and rich.’ ‘. . . stop all wars.’

Cut along the dotted lines, fold in half and stick down the three open sides. Then pop it in the post. Postage is FREE.

‘. . . make everyone obey me.’

‘. . . stop earthquakes (God is supposed to have made the Earth so it should be possible).’

Name: Address:

‘. . . make everyone learn sign language (because I’m deaf).’ ‘. . . improve the bus service.’ ‘. . . change the world – take all the bad out.’ ‘. . . see justice done.’

‘. . . make everyone happy.’ ‘. . . improve the weather in Britain’

‘. . . destroy sin.’

‘. . . eradicate racism.’

‘. . . annihilate the baddies – ie murderers, abusers, etc.’ ‘. . . find a cure for cancer.’

‘. . . bless everyone who does good things.’



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I were Magazine volume 02 issue 05 page 32 - If I were God for a Day Magazine volume 02 issue 05 page 32 - If I were God for a Day Magazine volume 02 issue 05 page 32 - If I were God for a Day Magazine volume 02 issue 05 page 32 - If I were God for a Day