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LET THE ADVANTURE BEGIN. Advanture Magazine is the first dedicated publishing platform for the modern vanlife culture. A quarterly magazine that you can enjoy while on the road, or while at home when planning your next adventure. With a focus on adventure and sports, our platform delivers curated content aimed at those who are enabled by their vans to get out there for micro-advantures, weekend trips, and longer overland missions. Published quarterly Advanture Magazine has an active audience of over 22,000 vanlifers. Both the digital and print magazine audience are enjoyed globally, but our core audience is located around Europe. Platform links: *all statistics shown in this media kit are 100% organic with zero paid efforts. Updated May 2021.

We publish an adventure VANLIFE magazine. 3500-4000 readers PER ISSUE. We have readers in EVERY EUROPEAN country, and we are the ONLY campervan mag dedicated to adventure & sports niche. • • • • • • •

4 magazines published per year (quarterly) English and German language editions Digital and print Pilot issue launched February 2020 Interactive digital magazine optimised for mobile Independent and self published platform A consistent ~5 minute average reading time

AUDIENCE BREAKDOWN Active adults who love to get outside for sport, travel and other leisure. Core audience aged 25-54 are passionate about alternative lifestyle and are inspired by others to find their own adventures. A higher disposable income earner, who either owns or wants to own a modern adventure rig. Upgrades and accessories reflect the activities they are interested in. Travels include solo, as a couple, as a family and with small groups of friends. 74% males, tech and social media savvy. The majority travel as a couple or small family, in medium to large sized vehicles. Willing to invest in the latest trending gadgets and quality equipment to support them on wild experiences. This includes: vehicle modifications, vehicles accessories, lifestyle accessories, camping equipment, adventure equipment, outdoor equipment suitable for family, safety gear, long lasting products/ food/reusable. Other platforms they subscribe to: Outside Magazine, Volkswagen Magazine, Camper Magazine, various vanlife Youtube channels. image right: data for digital magazine, May 2021

Advanture Magazine is community driven.


• Instagram has very strong engagement, and people use our own hashtag • 4-6 posts per week, 10-20 stories • IG stories very popular, with many engagements, swipe ups and more • Regular posts, many of which get thousands of likes • Single posts get tens of thousands of impressions • 0-21k audience in 14 months • Numerous reader uploads, when they receive their latest magazine

Instagram snapshots: captured May 17th 2021

in 2021 our presence continues increasing.

• ranking first page on Google with high level key words such as “vanlife magazine” and “advanture” • Consistent daily traffic across the platform • Mobile first platform • Unique content written exclusively in-house


EDITORIAL DIRECTION VOICE Advanture Magazine is articulate and specific. The content curated for the pages is carefully researched and written, providing the highest level of storytelling within the niche. THEMES Readers enjoy a wide range of themes ranging from travel reports to technical advice such as buyers guides. Flowing with the seasons we explore food, sport, destination travel, culture and more. ADVERTORIALS A space for brands to tell a story of their own. This could be a piece provided to us, or a brand can sponsor/support a feature that we write in-house.

REGULAR FEATURES PARK UP A number of pages dedicated to topical and seasonal news surrounding the vanlife niche. An area for the close community to share something, such as feedback from a social media post, or even a snapshot from their latest trip. TALLER An ongoing series looking at a wide range of DIY and professional workshop campervan conversions. The goal is to highlight essentials such as layout, safety elements concerning gas/electric, legal frameworks and much more. INTERVIEW A series of Q&A with an interesting person, primarily practicing a sport, who is enabled by their van. TRAVEL BLOGS Inspirational road trips with marked routes, places to camp and points of interest. These can be partnered with a leading spot finder app service provider.

2021 RATE CARD Our rates from issue 06 include both print and digital placement. All digital ads are interactive. You can supply both EN and DE language artwork. All prices excl 21% VAT. EUR


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