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PGA Parking Garage Luminaire The new PGA LED Luminaire from Visionaire combines unique contemporary design with new LED technology and provides optimum lighting and energy savings over traditional lighting systems. Choose the PGA LED Luminaire for parking garage and ceiling mount applications. LED Technology • 16L to 48L LED’s available in 350, 530 or 700 mA ratings. • 4000 or 5000 Kelvin for natural or white light. • Full cutoff optics available in six distribution patterns. • 50,000 to 140,000 hours of life for the LED’s Construction • All aluminum construction throughout provides lasting durability for the PGA series. • The driver compartment allows for cooler operation and longer life of the driver. • Driver maintenance is simplified with quick disconnects provided as a standard feature. • The LED’s are mounted to an aluminum heat sink built to draw heat away from the LED junction points for extended LED life; and are independent from the driver. Applications • The PGA - LED series can be used for a variety of lighting projects. • Low level lighting for garages and ceiling mount applications • 18 to 102 watts of energy efficient lighting in single light engine version.


LED Parking Garage Luminare

All Aluminum Construction Aluminum is used thoughout for it’s corrosion resistant qualities.

LED Driver

High performance with a power factor greater than 90%, and rated for -40° C operation.

Low Profile Hinged Ceiling Mount Box

For standard 4” junction box.

Integral Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink Maximizes LED life.

Cutaway View

Stainless Steel Screws

Secures gasketed housing cover.

Surface Mount Conduit Box

3/4� Knock -outs for easy retrofit applications

Full Cutoff Optics

Available in six different distribution patterns.

Gasket LED Light Engines

Gasket provides complete weather proof protection.

The LED light assemblies are available with 16, 32 or 48 LEDs.

Optional Motion Sensor

Mounts directly to the bottom of the housing

Pendant Mount

1/2� Stem and canopy supplied


Project Name:


Catalog Number:


Dimensional Drawings



Low Profile Mount


The new PGA LED luminaire from Visionaire, simplifies the task of selecting the best solution for LED parking garage lighting. The design of the luminaire, compliments the design of the pre-cast concrete coffers; creating an integrated lighting effect; and maximizes the perceived lighting coverage. It is an ideal replacement for the high-maintenance fluorescent or HID fixtures of yesterday.

Optics Type I (T1)

Type II (T2)

Source # of LEDs 16 (16LC)

Milliamps mA 350 (3)





(32LC) (48LC)

(5) (7)




Max. LEDs








Six optical distribution patterns are available. Choose between 4000 or 5000 Kelvin temperature of the LED’s. A durable polyester powder coat finish is guaranteed for five years; and is available in standard or custom colors. The PGA LED series is an exceptional choice for parking garage lighting and other ceiling mount applications.

The LED housing is formed aluminum with internal heat sink for maximum heat dissipation; with either 16, 32 or 48 LEDs. The formed aluminum driver compartment allows the driver to operate cooler for long life. Available with a Low Profile Ceiling Mount Bracket, a Speed Mount Bracket for surface conduit mounting, or Pendant Mounting.

Model PGA-1


Kelvin 4000K

Voltage 120-277



*Neutral white *Universal voltage


*Cool white


480 (5)

347 (8)

Type III

Type IV (T4)


Finish Bronze (BZ)


Black (BK)

Ceiling Mount *No Conduit Feed

Speed Mount Bracket™ Ceiling Mount


Pendant Mount 12” (PM12) 24” (PM24) 36” (PM36)


Type V

Mounting Low Profile Mount

*347V & 480 V not available in 16LC *347V & 480 V not available in 32LC 350 mA

White (WH) Graphite (GP) Grey (GY)

Options 0-10v Dimming Driver No Controls


Motion Sensor/Control Watt Stopper FSP-211 22’ Distance @ 8’ CLG HT Must specify Dimming Driver. *120V-277V Only


Motion Sensor

20’ Distance @ 8’ CLG HT Must specify Dimming Driver. Can use with Wireless Control *120V-277V Only


Silver Metallic (SL)

10kV Surge Protector

Custom Color (CC)

Emergency Battery Pack


*120V-277V Only


Type V-W (T5W)

For more detailed information on mounting, wiring or installation instructions, please consult factory. If poles are not ordered with fixtures, please specify mounting requirements. This document contains proprietary information of Visionaire Lighting  LLC. Any use of this information requires the written approval of Visionaire Lighting, LLC. In keeping with our TQM policy of continuous improvement, Visionaire reserves the right to change any specifications contained herein without prior notice.



Housing Heavy duty formed aluminum housing with internal heat sink for maximum heat dissipation. Silicone gasket is used for weather tight operation. Mounting

Electrical Assembly The PGA LED series is supplied with a choice of 350, 530 or 700mA highperformance LED drivers that accept 120v thru 480v, 50 Hz to 60 Hz, input. Power factor of 90%. Rated for -40°C operations.

A Low Profile, hinged, ceiling mount bracket, can be secured directly to a recessed junction box, or to the ceiling.


A Speed Mount bracket with 3/4” knockouts is available for surface conduit mounting.

Five (5) year Limited Warranty on entire system, including finish. For full warranty information, please visit

The ceiling hangar bracket on both versions allows the fixture to be suspended while making the wiring connections. The housing bracket then attaches to the ceiling bracket via a tamper-proof screw. 1/2” stem and canopy supplied for pendant mount applications.

Options 0-10 Volt Dimming Driver Watt Stopper FSP-211 Motion Sensor

Thermal Management The PGA series provides excellent thermal management by mounting the LEDs to the substantial heat sink within the housing. This enables the Luminaire to withstand higher ambient temperatures and driver currents without degrading LED life.

10 kV surge protector Emergency Battery Pack Listings

Optical System

PGA is UL listed, suitable for wet locations.

The highest lumen output LEDs are utilized in the PGA series. IES distribution Types I, II, III, IV, V and V-W are available. The optical system qualifies as IES full cutoff; to restrict light trespass, glare and light pollution.

Powder Coated Tough.

IP65 Rated

CRI values are 70 for 4000K and 75 for 5000K. Quali-Guard® Finish The finish is a Quali-Guard® textured, chemically pretreated through a multiple-stage washer, electrostatically applied, thermoset polyester powder coat finish, with a minimum of 3-5 millimeter thickness. Finish is oven-baked at 400º F to promote maximum adherence and finish hardness. All finishes are available in standard and custom colors.



Finish is guaranteed for five (5) years.

# LEDs 16



mA 350 530 700 350 530 700 350 530 700

Type 1 2,278 3,273 4,299 4,786 6,631 8,318 7,188 9,994 11,242

Type 2 2,331 3,207 4,213 4,691 6,499 8,151 7,044 9,794 11,017

PGA 5000 K Lumen Data Type 3 Type 4 2,401 2,193 3,304 3,018 4,341 3,964 4,833 4,413 6,696 6,115 8,398 7,670 7,258 6,628 10,091 9,216 11,352 10,367

Type 5 2,514 3,459 4,544 5,059 7,010 8,792 7,598 10,565 11,884

Type 5 W 2,361 3,249 4,269 4,752 6,584 8,259 7,137 9,923 11,163

Watts 18 26 37 35 52 71 56 80 102

Visit for up-to-the-minute chart information, including types not listed here. * For 4000K multiply values by 0.95


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Brochure 2015 pga sml