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MASLINA TAVERN Light lunch Menu

COLD DISH Octopus salad with crostini Mozzarella cheese with mint and prosciutto with peach

110,00 Kn 95,00 Kn

Smoked tuna and Feta cheese on Fava beans puree, Ponzo sauce

135,00 Kn

Adriatic scampi salad

140,00 Kn

Chicken Caesar salad

90,00 Kn

SOUPS Creme soup Parmentier with mussels and grissini

45,00 Kn

Fruit gazpacho soup with goat cheese and mint

40,00 Kn


Penne Mare & Monti with shrimps, mushrooms and cuttlefish

115,00 Kn

Clam risotto with goos liver and glazed beetroot

150,00 Kn

Stuffed zucchini Milanese with feta cheese, Nori algae and black truffles

120,00 Kn

Pan-fried seabass fillet served with red onion compote, green asparagus and lemongrass sauce

175,00 Kn

Grilled squid served with swiss chard and boiled potato

135,00 Kn

Scampi Buzara

195,00 Kn

Beef Tagliata served on rocket salad, potato chips and radish

170,00 Kn

Entrecote steak marinated in mustard and soy with portobelo mushrooms and goat cheese

165,00 Kn

Complaints book can be found on the bar.VAT is included in all prices. We do not serve alcoholic drinks to minors If you have any food allergies or food intolerance please advise your waiter

Maslina Tavern - Light Lunch  

Maslina Tavern located at Hotel Dubrovnik Palace has the atmosphere of a typical Mediterranean tavern, with a menu inspired by the finest lo...

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