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COLD APPETIZERS Beef Carpaccio Served with rocket salad, capers, Grana Padano cheese and Dijon sauce

120,00 Kn

Vegetable and Mozzarella terrine With green broad bean pesto and tomato foam

85,00 Kn

Croatian antipasto

95,00 Kn

Plate of assorted Croatian cold cutV Smoked fillet of Cod With pickled vegetables, ham, asparagus and Bolzano cream

145,00 Kn

Black tiger shrimp Saltimbocca Wrapped in smoked ham and served over rocket salad

130,00 Kn

SOUPS Cream of asparagus soup with poached octopus

50,00 Kn

Saffron flavoured fish consome'

55,00 Kn

HOT APPETIZERS Capesante Scallops gratinated with Grana Padano cheese

125,00 Kn

Buzara Mussels cooked with white wine, garlic and tomato, served with crostini

80,00 Kn

Goat cheese in dough Placed on tomato carpaccio with creamy mint dressing

95,00 Kn

Cuttlefish risotto Served with Black tigers prawns

120,00 Kn

MAIN DISHES Lobster (kg) Boiled or grilled, served with your choice of sides and clarified butter (ghee)

890,00 Kn

Fresh catch of the day (kg) Please ask your server to see our display of fresh catch which is served with side dish of your choice

620,00 Kn

Fisherman's pot (for two persons) Everything that sea can offer - scampi, shellfish, lobster, fish..... all braised in white wine with finest herbs and plum tomato

950,00 Kn

Dentex fillet 180,00 Kn Cuttlefish and polenta timbale, roasted fennel, asparagus, truffle and white wine sauce Lobster Termidor au gratin Served with Papardelle pasta

275,00 Kn

Tuna steak Grilled zucchini, red pepper salad, potato and toasted almond sauce

175,00 Kn

Lamb chops Herbs crusted with humus puree, couscous torte and cumin sauce

245,00 Kn

Beef Rossini Tenderloin of beef with goose liver and truffle sauce

235,00 Kn

Turkey rolade 135,00 Kn Stuffed with vegetables and pistaccio, wrapped in bacon, served with broccoli cream and mushrooms sauce

DESSERTS ď€ Honey almond parfait with fig sauce

55,00 Kn

Peanut chocolate tart with caramel

45,00 Kn

Warm chocolate cake with kumquat

50,00 Kn

Cheesecake with apples and caramel

40,00 Kn

Ice cream ď€ scoop

12,00 Kn

Complaints book can be found on the bar.VAT is included in all prices. We do not serve alcoholic drinks to minors. If you have any food allergies or food intolerance please advise your waiter

Maslina Tavern - Dinner Menu 2014  
Maslina Tavern - Dinner Menu 2014  

Maslina has the atmosphere of a typical Mediterranean tavern, with a menu inspired by the finest local ingredients. From light appetisers, a...