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The Original Entertainment Group, Inc. is a Texas Corporation founded in the summer of 2008 with one goal:

Provide new, different and quality entertainment to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

The ownership and management of the company is comprised of a mix of experience professionals in management, event planning and promotions, sports, finance, marketing and law.

Aaron Matthews

Kelvin Crawford

TeQuarial Earl

Ramon Coleman Ramon Coleman

Tedrick Thurmond

The Original Entertainment Group P.O. Box 24833 Fort Worth, TX 76124 Telephone: (817) 791-4424 or (972) 333-2369 Email:


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WHAT WE DO lifestyle promotions // nightlife //event planning // strategic marketing // entertainment booking // sports

Our approach to marketing and promotions is simple. We appeal to the senses of our customers to create original, engaging and relevant experiences. Whether it’s an intimate setting for a professional mixer, a chic club night for the sexy or a sporting event viewing party, The Original Entertainment Group brings flavor to each event. We also partner with venues and partners to drive traffic and increase awareness of the hottest social scenes. Collectively, we’re the masterminds behind several legendary events in the Fort Worth /Arlington market. But don’t take our word for it, here’s a sneak peek:

MTV’s Wild 'n Out Live Show Featuring Leonard Robinson, Randall Park, Shawty Shawty, Spanky Hayes and Nema Williams at Will Rogers Auditorium

Ladies Night Starring R&B singers Tank and Montell Jordan at Will Rogers Auditorium

OEG Super Bowl Party Sold out viewing party at the Studio Movie Grill in Arlington

Summer Breeze Wine & Cheese Exclusive art exhibition and music celebration for 400 patrons, hosted by Greek organization, Kappa Alpha Psi


The Experience: Professional Mixer Monthly networking event at Fort Worth’s Aqua Lounge

Fireworks of Laughs Featuring Kenny Howell at the Scott Theater for Sickle Cell Anemia-Tarrant County

The Experience: Thriller Edition Annual Halloween and costume party in downtown Fort Worth

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The Experience: Salounge Edition Converting the Esoterica Studios hair salon into an upscale lounge

Community Comedy Jam Fort Worth’s celebration of diversity and voter registration starring Juan Villareal


The Original Entertainment Group provides the promotions blitz that you don’t have the time or resources to activate on your own. Our team is made up of young, aggressive, enthusiastic movers & shakers who live, work and play right here in Dallas/Fort Worth. Ultimately, our goal for each event is to fulfill 4 objectives:

1) ATTENTION – We get eyeballs on your brand that create opportunity. 2) ACTION – All of our campaigns are designed to inspire consumers to

act (buy, visit, call, try, tell, etc.)

3) ATTENDANCE – Engaging messages position events for maximum attendance among your desired audience. 4) AWARENESS – Just because the event is over doesn’t mean we’re done.

We create excitement by sharing

images from each occasion and creating anticipation for the next one.

And these are the strategies and tools we use to get the job done right every time:

EMBRACE * E-mail Blast – promotion via 7,000 e-mails to DFW folks who want to know what’s hot * Text Messaging – SMS text blasts directly to cell phones with event information and offers * Fliers – creative, high quality fliers distributed directly to peers who desire the latest info * Social Networking –exposure on all major web portals, like MySpace, LinkedIn, Event Brite, etc. *Target – Our event concepts target an under-served, diverse group in DFW


*The singular focus is on results that matter to our clients/partners and excellent service. * We customize agreements to fit budget and time guidelines. * We craft mutually beneficial profit shares that make long-term sense. * Our events are accessible to the target audience and have high perceived value.


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* Each experience allows an opportunity for attendees to interact, network and relate. * Prizes, offers and other incentives keep the energy and excitement throughout the event. * We partner with venues & vendors who enhance each event and add value for the consumer.

Clubs // Restaurants // Theaters // Entertainment Centers// Schools // Studios // Gyms // Parks

No matter the location, we’re experts at getting the right audience to the right place at the right time. Not only do we drive traffic and awareness for your event, we target the people who are most likely to tell others, spend money and come back. From creating a custom event from scratch or enhancing your existing plans, allow us to do the heavy-lifting to promote your venue. Here are some things to consider as we craft a Promotional Plan for your venue:

MARKETING – Of course this is what we do well and can fit any budget. We will incorporate your design requirements into a compelling set of materials that get attention.

MUSIC – Our roster of DJs and hosts are known all over the Metroplex. We will create the desired atmosphere and communicate relevant messages.

SECURITY/DRESS CODE – Oftentimes the venue is solely

responsible for validating IDs and enforcing set dress codes. We can work with your team to ensure compliance.

CATERING – If outside food and beverage is required we can work with you to identify menus and vendors.

PROFIT SHARING – Our promotional agreement will include


and display boxes are used at times to brand partners or sponsoring brands. All displays will be approved by the venue.

GREETERS – We have professional hosts and hostesses to welcome attendees, direct crowd flow and collect information cards.

For details on how we can support your location or event, contact us today at


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considerations for distributing proceeds from the door (entry), concessions, product sales, registrations, etc.

WHO ARE WE TALKING TO? Generally, our events are positioned to successfully deliver the urban-minded young adult, ages 25 – 34 and the secondary groups whom they influence. 30.1% earn $50,000 or more, and 13.6% earn $75,000+. The segment is composed primarily of educated, single, urban renters. It is a confident and independent group that doesn’t follow in the footsteps of earlier generations but makes its own marks. Psychographics: Young Adults 25 – 34 are the first generation to grow up without many historical constraints, but they also face issues like AIDS, drugs, gang wars, racial profiling, divorce and corporate downsizing which shape their music and social activism. Moreover, they are characterized as ambitious, independent, entrepreneurial and creative; they don’t follow in their parents’ footsteps; they are more inclined to be “trailblazers.”

Implications: The target audience (A25-34) is a large segment with growing affluence that marketers should address. The older patrons are a financially stable group with significant disposable income. This generation embraces new concepts and approaches, making it a prime target for new/improved products and services, particularly those that enhance lives. They are also a good target market for financial services and major purchases (homes, automobiles, etc.) given their focus on the building of wealth and the accumulation of material goods. Innovative approaches (including the Internet) that positively reflect their lifestyles will capture the attention of this generation. Compiled by The Hunter-Miller Group using SOURCES: Advertising Age,,, Black Enterprise, Black Issues in Higher Education,,, Emerge, Fortune, Jet, LIMRA’s MarketFacts,, The Nation, New York Times, Plastic Surgical Nursing, Siecus Report,, U.S. Catholic, and the U.S Census Bureau.


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This generation appreciates new/better/different approaches to life: •They value the Internet and other technologies. •They try to achieve a balance between work and family and personal freedom. •Many generally do not have “generational money,” so many are concerned with building a strong financial base, and they are more financially savvy than their predecessors. •They view education as the means to achieve career and financial goals. •They see entrepreneurship as the road to financial independence, job security, and empowerment for their community. •Their accumulation of assets is a way to prove they’ve “made it” despite all the obstacles. •70% will pay more to get “the best.” •They are more likely to respond to marketing which positively reflects their lifestyles. •They prefer to do business with “diversity friendly” companies and those that give back to the community.

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Telephone: (817) 791-4424 or (972) 333-2369 Email:


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The Original Entertainment Group P.O. Box 24833 Fort Worth, TX 76124

The Original Entertainment Group - Company Profile  
The Original Entertainment Group - Company Profile  

The Original Entertainment Group, Inc. is a Texas Corporation founded in the summer of 2008 with one goal: Provide new, different and qualit...