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President’s Report ADRIAN COLLEGE

2012 — 2013



Letter from the President

We are building momentum here and you are the reason why. Your gifts, your generosity and your willingness to share of yourselves are what make the incredible potential of this institution a reality. State-ofthe-art academic facilities, groundbreaking programs and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities are abundant on this campus as a direct result of your giving. As a College, we continue to make national headlines and attain remarkable achievements in and out of the classroom. As a community, we celebrate the accomplishments of our students, faculty and staff and encourage

one another in the pursuit of knowledge and meaningful citizenship. Our students understand the effect these gifts have on their dreams to complete a degree at Adrian College. These remarkable young men and women continue to realize their own potential and aspirations. It has been an honor to serve as the president and watch our students learn, grow and graduate with the confidence they can make a difference in our world. Whatever the amount, each and every one of the names printed

on these pages represent those who have made a difference and impact our future—and that of our students. It is with sincere gratitude that I say “thank you” on behalf of the campus community, for being a vital participant in this ongoing endeavor.


Jeffrey R. Docking, Ph.D. PRESIDENT



Letter from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Letter from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Adrian College is a place of inspiration and accomplishment. This is a campus comprised of students, faculty and staff members who strive for more than a “getting the job done” mentality, but getting it done right – and in true Bulldog style. We think outside of the box here and are committed to excellence in everything we do. This is one of the many reasons I am thrilled to be a part of the Bulldog family as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Under President Jeffrey Docking’s leadership, Adrian College has



grown to be an outstanding educational institution. The College continues to make headlines for its story – from doubled enrollment and extensive campus improvements to implementing creative ideas and most recently, to offering families student loan repayment assistance. It’s clear that the Adrian experience is one worthy of its national headlines.

are able to make an impact now for future generations of Bulldogs who will walk these halls. On behalf of President Docking, the Board of Trustees and the campus community, I thank you for your continued support of our students – and their education here at Adrian.

Sincerely, But none of this would be possible without the remarkable gifts of our friends and alumni. It is truly through your generosity that we

Patrick Farver

“I believe that you live on inside the hearts and minds of everyone you’ve touched while you were here on earth.” - Mitch Albom









Wolfe Lecture Hall

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.� - Anne Frank




n spring of 2013, the rumbling of new construction once again ignited the Adrian College campus. As the complete renovation of Peelle and Jones Halls began, it soon became apparent that the innovative change occurring within these walls would have historic impact on the College. Upon completion in late 2014, these state-ofthe-art facilities will house a brand new 16,000 square foot addition, adding six additional labs for the sciences, research space, conference rooms and a beautiful entrance foyer. But the momentous changes don’t stop there – the existing hallways will receive a much-needed facelift and a complete renovation as well.

This is not the first time Peelle and Jones have received attention. Through their generosity and passion for the College, two exemplary alumni had previously provided improvements to the educational spaces on campus. The Wolfe Lecture Hall, named in honor of Stephen Wolfe and his wife Cynthia, can be found nestled inside the halls of Peelle. Offering premium technology and tiered-seating space, this classroom remains a campus favorite. Wolfe, a 1971 graduate, provided a great deal of support to the improved campus experience. From new equipment for



the Physical Plant Department to a brand new sprinkler system for the College mall, his commitment to the College is visible throughout the seasons. He has served on the College’s Board of Trustees since 2011. Another recent renovation, the Baer Lecture Hall, is located on the main floor of Jones Hall. Through the generous support of donor, trustee and alumnus Chuck Baer and his wife Shirley, Jones 110 received a complete transformation. The renovations concluded updates to the largest lecture hall on campus. The classroom features 96 comfortable seats, a breakout room and a real-time stock ticker similar to those seen on the trading floor. Mr. Baer remained involved with the College beyond his years as a student and was awarded with an Honorary Degree in 2008 and the Distinguished Alumni Award in 2009, all while serving as a member on the College’s Board of Trustees. Through generous gifts like that of the Wolfe and Baer families, the College continues to experience significant transformations. Every gift, regardless of amount, impacts the student and faculty experience – in and out of the classroom.



Baer Lecture Hall

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



Overview of Growth & Giving 2012-2013







1968 1972 1970 1971 1973 1967 1969 1974 1965 1963 CLASS YEAR


20 10

10 0



















40 31,312,253














The College budget, doubling over the last six years, is recognized as a leading economic engine for its community.





For number of donors by class, the top 10, all from the 1960s and 1970s, had 41 or more donors.



The College received significant support for Renaissance Capital Campaigns in 2012 – 2013.

$2,437,590 $1,705,703












1,000 500

10 0























Annual - Unrestricted Annual - Restricted





Capital Gifts Endowed Gifts

1945 1947 1940 1946 1952 1954 1949 1955 1963 1944 CLASS YEAR









Honor Roll Class of 1936 thru 1943

Class of 1953

Helen E. Stephenson ‘40 Aiken Samuel R. Beal ‘40 William H. Hewes ‘37 Margaret E. Powell ‘41 Thomas Fern O. Knight ‘42 Trebilcock S. Edmund Watters ‘41 David A. Webb ‘43 Edna H. Bachus ‘36 Westgate 8 donors, $11,370

Class of 1944

Jane M. Munro Downing Meredyth J. Radabaugh Foltz Robert W. Freligh Marian E. Porter Gmeiner Barbara J. Chesnut Riedel 5 donors, $1,575 29 % participation

Class of 1945

Virginia Feikert Burckhalter S. Allen Heininger Virginia R. Dowling Horvath Grace A. Squires Orr Jean P. Welsh Schultz Eleanor V. Powell Scouten Pauline S. Renshaw Spangler 7 donors, $105,826 50 % participation

Marjorie L. Matthes Chambers Alice L. Dennis Paterson Margaret E. Dennis Rink 3 donors, $26,150 43 % participation

Katherine E. Miller Brown Sally A. Scott McDougall Landis C. Stewart 3 donors, $1,250 50 % participation

Class of 1948

Mary L. Robinson Fairchild Ellen L. Syfert Lentz 2 donors, $125 13 % participation

Margaret A. St. Germain Brinkman



Class of 1954

Class of 1958

William A. Cooper Richard W. Croll Donald B. Medley William H. Pinnell Elizabeth A. Pruitt Smith Mildred M. Hawthorne Thompson Ronald W. Tuck Ronald D. Willnow Edward M. Winter 9 donors, $4,675 35 % participation

Class of 1955

Class of 1959

Steven N. Andrews Doris M. Grof Baker James L. Bond Frances A. Brumbaugh Kawahara William J. Lewis Walter A. Rentsch Rozell W. Sattler Roger O. Shanks Mary B. Inwood Smith 9 donors, $7,020 31 % participation

Jane Redman Browder Bette J. Davis Davies Marilyn Leeper Gere Keith L. Hurlbut Carl A. Landel Gilbert R. Landtiser William H. Leech Thomas W. Lennard Darrel R. Loar Martin A. McEntarfer Philip B. Nelson Stanley L. Reid 12 donors, $9,440 24 % participation Joyce M. Eklund Bliss William H. Edinger Lowell G. Kafer George R. McGinnis Norma L. Pifer Reid Betty J. MacDonald Amy John W. VanValkenburg B. Evada Born Brown 6 donors, $1,550 Donald C. Burkett 15 % participation Joanne Bowman Dayringer John F. Fleischman Mary K. Browne Fleischman Ermil Jones Frederic D. Nofziger Geneva M. Walton Pinnell Richard C. Alverson Lois M. Arnold Rust Michael J. Barrett Jean E. Weiss Sayre Wallace W. Skinner Benjamin W. VanRiper Gerald M. Wallace Seth H. Ware Evelyn C. Wangerin Winter 16 donors, $8,836 40 % participation

Class of 1960

L. Gene Addington Richard Cline Ronald J. Croll Micheal M. Cromley Gail S. Vatter Devore Gerald E. Emerson Virginia L. Hammond Emerson Shirley A. Puthoff Engwall Paula M. Gass Goodes


Charles F. Baer Joan Y. Greenler Barrett Lawrence J. Bentley Mary Dumire Croll Sheilah J. Newell DeKroub Robert C. Forbes Betty J. Dusa Heising Robinette B. Lutz Howard Sylvia J. Hoffman Kloc Albert W. Langley Nancy J. Stevens McCormick Carolyn K. Doelle Mullett Fred G. Pinkerman Robert M. Ransom Bruce W. Stephens Darlene R. Yager Ward M. Kathryn Kishpaugh Wyler 17 donors, $36,502 27 % participation

Class of 1952

Richard M. Dersham Lee C. Engwall Marlene D. McComb Gardner William Grant Donald C. Hoffman Toh-Bin Lim Marvin H. McCallum James A. Smith Janice E. Ferry Yost 9 donors, $4,195 20 % participation

James S. Carlson John C. Fountain Lora D. Kaltenborn King David B. Lott Janet E. Hull Ohrman Robert J. Ohrman David M. Pearcy Laverne R. Spotts Wallace H. Williams 11 donors, $9,951 27 % participation

Golden Class Agent

Class of 1949

Evelyn M. Andre Harvey H. Brinkman Robert W. Brown Julia E. Fuller Buchter Clarence R. Constantakis Gene A. Crockett Robert C. Dawson Sally J. Watts Dawson Norman J. Kee Mary L. Buck Leaders Inez C. Entrekin Luce Verna M. Enders Olds Richard G. Rust Charles W. Sutherland 14 donors, $5,795 27 % participation

Class of 1957

Class of 1956

Class of 1947

Class of 1950

Class of 1951

Class of 1946

Jean E. Brewer Brittain Barbara P. Bryant Crockett Dorothy J. Bacon Dunham Harold L. Baker Carolyn J. Baker Joanne Beamer Baran Greenfield-Grant Richard G. Butler Eunice R. Wygocki Maley George R. Jenkins Lester V. Slauter Calvin C. Rice Donald Walhout Madelon F. Leech VanRiper 8 donors, $475 Mildred L. Middaugh Ware 33 % particiption 7 donors, $560 18 % participation

GIFTS BY CLASS 2012 – 2013 Duane R. Hall Ferd F. Heising James R. Hoenig John J. Makay Jack A. Miller Peter E. Nims Cleofas T. Perez Sylvia J. McCracken Pinkerman Wayne E. Sparks John G. Wyler R. Jane Sebring Zimmerman 20 donors, $7,590 25 % participation

Class of 1961

Carlos G. Alafita Harold D. Craft David L. Draggoo Ruth A. Stanford Dudgeon Marjory E. Gentz French John S. Geisler James R. Koresky Charlene N. Smith Marlatt Charles W. McCallum Barbara E. Casteel Nailler Ralph G. Spratt Dale J. Storrer Eric D. Sullivan 13 donors, $9,275 15 % participation

Class of 1962

M. Martin Andrews Geraldine K. Barnes E. Michael Benes Ronald K. Corl Martha J. Kiester Couretas David J. Devore William P. Girardin Kenneth H. Gonser Weimer K. Hicks James E. Hood Margaret Burns Huff Ronald E. Huff Charles R. Kishpaugh Janet I. Rust Larson Elaine L. Chatwin Mansfield A. Lynne Pearson Martin Janet L. Oyer David P. Papenhagen Shirley A. Goetz Papenhagen Warren D. Pettis Kay D. Reed Reeves Edwin V. Ritzler LeRoy B. Stoddard Thomas E. Wahlrobe Maurice E. Walworth Philip H. Wilcox H. Ann Smith Williams 27 donors, $64,815 28 % participation

Steven D. Abell Carolyn J. Gazel Bechtol

Thomas L. Pridgeon Ronald L. Reeves Karyn L. King Russell Richard H. Russell Frederick J. Shumaker S. Gary Spicer George E. Taylor Donald D. Turpening Joyce J. Williamson VanValkenburg Carole E. Taylor Wilcox Class Agent: Bill Trudeau 36 donors, $34,005 23 % participation

Class of 1965

Class of 1964

Class of 1963

Clifford M. Black Douglas L. Boyse Nancy A. Sell Boyse G. Stanford Bratton Robert J. Campbell Richard C. Cheatham David L. Craig James H. Culbertson Robert C. Drager June A. Yost Eicher D. Bruce Emerson Rae L. Thornton Franke Robert F. Goudie Evelyn A. Schwartz Hankus Janice L. Winter LaRee Stephen V. Laske Robert J. Lewis Myrtle R. Mapes Carlene Raines Maxwell John R. May Robert G. McPhail Lewis F. Rehner John K. Rogers John S. Safran Lee Salazar Elaine J. Nofziger Schnitkey Joyce R. Showerman Harry W. Speedy Amy-Marie Hohn Stover Judith A. Studenka Michael J. Sullivan Shirley A. Rupp Sullivan Richard A. Wilcox Kenneth J. Wine Frank E. Winzeler Howard J. Yost Burgess O. Young Maureen Bozin Young Miriam L. Benton Zimmerman Class Agent: Robert Goudie 41 donors, $35,960 29 % participation

David S. Ball Douglas J. Baur Paul A. Benson Charles R. Beshenich James A. Chapman David D. Dennis Janice M. Owens Drager Reginald K. Felt James I. Godfroy Joan E. Mumaw Gould Audrey R. Masuda Hayashida Anita M. Schroeder Hershman Alice E. Neuman Hood John C. Imonen John J. Jimenez Patricia M. Thoman Jimenez P. Michael Kindinger Corlly A. LaRee Sally A. Rehse Mason Janet E. Roekle McCrady Douglas K. Mercer R. Carolyn Lloyd Mitchell O. Eugene Montgomery Donald L. Numbers Bruce M. Pfister Everett W. Potter

Margaret McNeese Abell Joanne Cole Ball Charlene Weaver Baur Sandra S. Dunny Benes Dorothy A. Boyse Brown Lindle D. Cochran Mary E. King Conner Lawanda Radabaugh Croll Carl F. DeMeritt Laird P. Eddie Juanita J. Ferguson Joan M. Bergland Foster Charles H. Franke Helen L. Kishpaugh Gallup Richard L. Goodrich Robert L. Hess Deloras M. Stark Koehler Michael A. Koppitsch Stanley M. Legenc Michele L. Collins Lewis Robert B. Lewis Donald R. Lucas Willard H. Mason Eva M. Megerle Robert L. Meyers Paul F. Miller Rhea Robinette Mills Gail E. Monahon Judith A. Martens Newsom Bruce R. Norton M. Richard Olsaver Paul R. Palpant Carol M. Plotts Rosebrock Sheryl L. Barnhart Safran Stanley K. Sasaki David L. Smith Nancy R. French Smith Patricia A. Johnson Suckley Gene H. Thaler Judith B. Berndt Walls Linda E. Dox Weston Carole S. Clifford Winter Class Agent: Laird Eddie 42 donors, $53,058 24 % participation

Class of 1967

Class of 1966 James W. Alguire Robyn J. Arrington Robert S. Baker Sharon K. Goodemoot Brink Edna L. Brown

Judy C. Gould Collier James E. Crusinberry Elizabeth A. Jobse DeMeritt Robert L. Dorn Suzanne R. Ehrmin Linda L. Kapnick Emerson Dean K. Ferris Mark E. Garrett James W. Hosmer Larry G. Irish Louanne Cooper Jackson Jerry L. Lapham Donna J. Lindberg Michael L. McAran Dennis A. Nagle A. Elizabeth Foster Niehaus Norma F. Luce Norton George F. Payne A. Edward Perkins Shirley N. Bush Perkins Anne E. Frost Rehner Robert S. Ritz J. Michael Schoales Larry S. Tuttle Michael W. Walls Cinda Lou Walton Class Agent: Ed Perkins 31 donors, $631,808 16 % participation

David A. Anderson D. David Batch Paula G. Herron Batch Nancy L. Ehl Bennett Robert J. Bragg Thomas R. Carl Mary L. Clucas Janet T. Thomson Correll John D. Correll Robert H. Cunningham Ann K. Metcalf Czmer Roger W. Davidson Sharon G. Holmstrom Fenn Clifford J. Furness Janice J. Copeland Gale Tobias V. George Milton H. Gilbert Chris C. Gotshall JoNell Walker Gotshall Judith A. Childs Grieshaber John E. Gunthorp Dianne K. Travnik Hess James R. Ingham Frederick A. Johnson Beth A. Porter Kerley Wayne D. Lancaster Carol J. Rutledge Legenc Robert L. Macomber William C. Macomber Jane M. Brasiola Mallery Michael D. Mans Ricky L. Marlatt Michael L. Marshall Martha M. Schroer Mattei Judy L. Raines McAran Barbara S. Burkwalt McAuliffe Thomas H. Meyer Diana J. Spitnale Miller Duane E. Miller



Honor Roll Judith A. Harder Montgomery Gary M. Nelles Marcia Richards Payne Robert E. Peterson Robert C. Pollefeyt Robert W. Rowbotham Sandra Neu Rundell Dennis A. Smith Sue A. Willis Stevens Shirley J. Crist Tennant John F. Thompson D. J. Ware Carolyn R. Pierce West Pamela A. Meister Wilde Class Agent: Bob Cunningham 53 donors, $43,068 26 % participation

James P. Reamsnyder Stuart F. Redpath David R. Sheely Janet S. Schaffner Sheely Carolin Topliff Spragg Brian A. Stahl Robert A. Tallman Keith H. Thomas Mary K. Hayes Thomas Howard N. Thorkilson Thomas E. Tourtellott Carol A. Seager Vernier Chris L. Willard Lucy A. Zimmerman Class Agent: Richard Gurdjian 64 donors, $707,316 25 % participation

Class of 1968 Jon A. Amyx Harold M. Arrington Beverly J. Ost Bailey Joseph G. Balsanek Mary Cermak Betzoldt Robert E. Bishop Thomas H. Blanton Sarah E. Gammie Bouchier George L. Byerly Charles E. Chase William R. Chase Suzanne E. McCully Christensen Marjorie J. Rock Conry Stephen H. Dopp Stephen M. Edwards William D. Emery Sydney A. Matthews Engel Terry A. Euper Patricia C. Holben Finnie Perry T. Foor Linda J. Wilt Frechen Robert L. Gale John L. Garvin Karon J. Pendleton Gautz Stephen R. Gregg Jan M. Drake Gurdjian Richard A. Gurdjian Diane L. DeYoung Harris Rodney D. Hochstetler Sharon L. Smith Hone Charles E. Honess James F. Icerman Norris Isley Thomas P. Jordan Jeanne E. Blumer Lasky Steven M. Lasky Susan E. Barnes Lhotka Kathryn A. Dragoo Macomber Patricia D. Ernst Mans Mary J. Replogle Marshall John C. McCurdy Joan L. Heffelfinger McKown Sandra K. Moore Constance M. Black Nagle Bethany G. Stevenson Nelles Ann K. Neefe Nelson Arthur H. Penebaker Robert A. Pentland Norma M. Scheer Preston Robert J. Radder



Class of 1970

Class of 1969 William N. Albring Linda M. Baker Allen Elizabeth A. Blackburn Balsanek Shirley K. Bistline Brannan Jonathan I. Brown Susan M. Nauman Cole Marjorie E. Stewart Comerzan Sherry N. Moss Craemer Donna R. Papenbrock Cunningham Raymond E. Davis Harold T. Ferguson Dale D. Goodrich Larry A. Green Mary E. Quay Gregg John R. Guess Georgia E. Anacker Hansen Judith S. Mehaffey Hay Mary L. Rifenberg Herman Vicky S. Erbskorn Hoag James E. Jones Karen M. Kishpaugh Matilda Vanderwaal Lamain David A. Livingston Penelope J. Burke Macomber Pamela Goater McCarthy John W. McNaughton Marsha E. Dawson Nelson Barbara K. Lewis Neuin Phillip Nino Larry G. Olsen Linda L. Kendricks Peterson Gayle A. Hunter Radder Susan B. Ragland Theron C. Richards Aaron F. Brown Riker Gary L. Santee Richard P. Shammas Sherri A. Davis Sible Duane L. Snodgrass Thomas P. Swihart Rebecca A. Seith Tuttle Daniel T. van Blaricom Dale L. Vroman Anne K. Poole Webster Jane A. Tinker Wilson William M. Wilson Phyllis L. Seybert Wood Clifford B. Yard

Class of 1971

Robert H. Zane Class Agent: Rick Snyder 49 donors, $20,780 18 % participation

Lynn J. Anderson Don R. Baker Stephen E. Bernath R. Bruce Bickel Pamela A. Malloy Blair Linda J. Boyers Borton Daniel J. Braunstein Steven R. Bruns Barbara A. Black Bryson David L. Burkey David F. Burkholder Rhea L. Muhn Butler Orrin H. Camp Edmund N. Chaffee Mary M. Treat Church Timothy D. Craemer Donald W. Curtis Dennis A. Dunlavey Jacqueline K. Bauer Euper Sandra E. Gammie Roger W. Goranson Dianne Peugeot Gorsuch Paul S. Gorsuch Kathryn G. McKelvey Guess Robert C. Guy Paul L. Hamman Carol Simmons Hay J. Douglas Hay Paul N. Hayes R. Dean Henderson Theodore Herkowitz Douglas E. Herman Ronald G. Hoag Kenneth E. Hosmer Ruth Savage Isley Jane E. Priestley Kamlay Thomas F. Lewis Sanford J. Linden Diane L. Messervey Livingston George Maniez Albert J. McKown Dorothy J. Ewald McLaren Robert T. Neuin Marilyn R. Forsthoffer Pekarek William D. Peugeot Caroline S. Marko Redmon David E. Rickard Pamela J. Ruffer Sauder Lynn A. Schefsky Nola J. Bunton Shafer Sarah E. Shumate Nancy N. Nuffer Smythe Mark S. Starner Stephen H. Swigart Gerald C. Thompson Dean P. VandenBroek Paula E. Delaney Vincent Katherine A. Royal Walton Donna I. Robinson Winarski Class Agent: David Rickard 59 donors, $56,942 24 % participation

Nancy L. Bryan Balmer Deborah A. Barker Ronald L. Batory Sandra L. Bittner Stephen V. Bleecker Susan B. Call Boman Laurel A. Hamilton Braunstein Brenda L. Jameson Buckler James M. Burns Rebecca R. Amstutz Chaffee Peter B. DeWitt Kenneth R. Dunlap Pamela Priebe Dunlavey John C. Ellenwood Claudia L. Kasper Haarz James H. Hammill Marcia D. Dunk Hawk Claudia A. Woda Herkes Nancy J. Flory Hess Karen L. Hruby Patricia A. Mustain Ivory H. Douglas Jahn Craig M. Kallio Roger W. Kingsbery Janet L. Markel Kuehn Gretchen L. Siferd Leppla Ellen M. Shaver Lietzke Theodore A. Lietzke Charlene A. Hyde Matheny Jo A. McCormick Diane M. Hannewald Moore Barbara C. Creedon Morris Noel E. Negelspach James H. Pyle Lee Rossman Pyle Sarah G. Hebebrand Rathburn Doris A. Gillett Robertson Linda C. Asman Robison Thomas A. Robison Diane B. Kastelan Rulewicz Stephen J. Rulewicz William B. Russell James R. Seitz Coralee K. Hill Shearer James R. Smith John C. Smith Thomas J. Smith Daniel D. Sprau Kathy Kleppinger Sprau Catherine L. Dickinson Squillace Ronald C. Stevens Suzanne Ellinger Stewart Richard C. Sweebe James E. Vail Larrel Whitaker Heidi L. Froom Wilfong Rudy B. Wilfong Richard G. Wilson Stephen P. Wolfe Class Agents: Doug Law & Ellen Kucik Law 59 donors, $49,947 20 % participation

Class of 1972 Richard W. Balhoff Folke A. Boman

GIFTS BY CLASS 2012 – 2013 Diane K. Bratt Gary M. Brittain Judith A. Robertson Callan David G. Comerzan Kenneth W. Cronin Lawrence C. Davis Bruce M. Denton Barbara J. Lowell DeWitt Karen S. Dorman Sally C. Boucher Elsea Patricia A. Edgington Fackler Janice E. Irey Fate Kathy J. Carson Ferguson Janice M. Burkett Friend David R. Gnaedinger Deanna K. Baker Hartley Robert A. Hawk Martha I. Seiser Haynes Frances E. Reaves Jacobs Susan M. Kingsley Donna M. Hamlin Kleiver Kenneth R. Korn Sandra H. Horton Korn Glen E. Krauss Rebecca J. Millar Kridel Paul E. Langford John W. Leppelmeier Sara J. Cline Levitz Alan L. Litwin Shirlee M. Toland Looney Paul A. Luttenbacher Dennis J. Mateyka Amanda Meitz John G. Orr Janet L. Groff Peshke Frank V. Pimienta Craig A. Potts Ronald E. Pruett Patricia A. Smith Russell Roger C. Samonek Brian P. Schendel Ned L. Schott Thomas G. Schultz Sue L. Henry Scott Janet C. Wilson Seitz Robert T. Semmens Richard J. Senica Charles W. Sheets Alan W. Sipe Barbara Serbinski Sipe Vincent J. Squillace Fred D. Stoye Marcia H. Donnan Szumowski Linda L. Kinney Thomas Nancy J. Aiken Vail Judy A. Smith VandenBroek Howard B. Vreeland James B. Walsh M. Jean Wells Larry E. Wine William K. Wolf Class Agent: Rick Senica 63 donors, $21,720 19 % participation

Class of 1974

Robert W. Arnold Gary A. Barcus Michael J. Berthold Sarah J. Hise Berthold

David C. Anderson Deborah L. Anthony Beverly J. Schaefer Barnett Gretchen E. Donnelly Brown Reid M. Richardson Bullard Vaughn R. Deline William S. Ferrucci Madolyn S. Nagley Greve Kimberly A. Moore Hackett F. Denver Hedge

Linn L. Reist Stephen D. Rowe Cheryl A. Thompson Senica Nancy Caputi Shnider Pamela A. McOwen Steele Rebecca J. Stroube Jeffrey L. Turner Yvonne K. Egerton Walsh Pamela A. Caverne Weir Brent R. Weis Marta J. Hilbert Witte Class Agent: David Coy 40 donors, $12,068 18 % participation

Class of 1976

Class of 1975

Class of 1973

Diane Andrews Henningfeld Wynn A. Hensel Cynthia P. Patton Jahn Christine G. Edgar Johnson Mary L. Williams Johnson Robert A. Jordan Harry S. Kammerer William S. Kenyon Elizabeth A. Fowler Larson Charles R. Laster James J. Lister Michael A. Luce Melinda A. Dygert MacDonald Diane M. Masters William R. McCaulley Colleen S. Murphy McQuade Patricia A. Rogan Moran Ralph A. Mortensen Kenneth A. Munsch Karen L. Murray David P. Neuhauser Margaret A. DeLand Neuhauser Sherry White Nino Larry L. Opelt Scott W. Parker Robert E. Poole Susan C. Pross Kathryn A. Radcliffe Semmens David R. Sheppard Jeffry H. Starbuck Ann E. Batdorf Vreeland Mary Lou Wainwright Lynne C. Ebert Whitney Mary E. Burton Wine John C. Zang Mary A. Kime Zang Class Agent: Dave Anderson 47 donors, $26,785 18 % participation

Dennis J. Blazey Karla L. Burguard Bocskay Mary K. Jacob Boss William E. Boss Brent C. Bruot Cynthia Allen Callog Charles P. Cartwright Ellen L. Wolf Cartwright John L. Cowan Robert K. Crowhurst Julie A. Fritz-Bergman Steven L. Frost Joseph W. Geldhof Yvonne A. Worrell Gnaedinger David L. Grabowski Vicky L. Reynolds Griggs Patrick T. Hackett Christine A. Frederick Haines Bruce V. Haynes Deborah L. Martin Holt Kathy S. Howe Hoover Steven M. Huyck Glennys L. Burns Israel Jay C. Johnson William G. Kammerer Diane E. Elfers Kenyon Grant Kolb Phillip L. Landis Dennis E. Lehman Janet M. Krill Leppelmeier James O. Lowe Cheryl A. Ulm Lum Christine L. Rupp Luttenbacher Janice S. Saunders Maresh Marilyn S. Munsell McNitt Travis W. Pearse Douglas A. Powers Rhonda K. Good Powers Estella C. Patton Roberts Deborah A. Carpenter Robinson Karen P. Graham Serilla Roger L. Sherrie Rebecca A. Thompson Smith Richard W. Smith Sharon S. Speyer Mary Elizabeth St. Clair Stritmatter Anthony L. Strong Virginia Thackaberry Robert Warner Leonard A. Witte Class Agents: Michael Berthold & Sarah Hise Berthold 55 donors, $42,120 19 % participation

Scott D. Allen M. Susan Magnuson Austin Valerie A. Fager Betschman Bradley H. Binks Jean C. Whitfield Birkhill Thomas G. Boldt Gayle E. Brokaw Michelle K. Matthews Brokaw Barbara J. Bruggeman Lynne S. Simonsen Calhoun Gerard A. Carleton Maryella O’Connor Carlucci Jane D. Castle David G. Coy Jeffrey L. Drefke Corine S. Peluso Geldhof Deborah A. Vergien Gerken Linda P. Prasse Goldner Kenneth P. Herman Gary L. Hopkins Daniel R. Howlett Clark P. Johnson Mark N. Magnuson Michael N. Matheny David A. Mezey Charles D. Morrow Henry J. Pieh Barbara H. Miller Pruett

Garry L. Adrian Bradley Baum Susan A. Beach Binks Eileen S. Chaffee Mark V. Courtade Ruth D. Miser Courtade Emily M. Wuerfel Coy Loraine E. Pennock Curtiss Deborah L. deLaski-Smith Jacquelyn R. Amstutz Dennis Ann L. Dixon Jahl W. David Johnson Peggy B. Haven Masser Robert E. Masser Cathy J. Charlesworth Mejia Francis D. Merriam Richard F. Michalak Martin A. Muir Patrice L. Ohnsman James C. Pixler Jane E. Andrews Reist Zita M. DeKont Slade Eugene H. Smith Gail R. Thomas Strong James F. Thompson Barbara A. Pasch Vaught Class Agent: Martín Muir 26 donors, $8,065 12 % participation

Class of 1977

John P. Aiken Thomas W. Aliber Daryl N. Bailey Mark A. Beatrice Michael D. Beckman Karl F. Brevitz Martin J. Briden Vickie Wilford Byrd Karyl Bittinger Camarati Kurt L. Darrow James F. Dickson Bruce C. Diven Kim I. Montz Diven Sarah J. Freligh Daniel S. Jones Kathleen D. Keyes Cheryl A. Gilman Koester Mark J. Lucas Colin J. McQuade Richard P. Melin Patty L. Somerton Merriam



Honor Roll Louise A. Thomas Northrup Linda L. Miller Shambarger Linda J. Ondrus Simon Stacie M. Witte Thompson Colleen E. Craig Thurston Douglas B. VanFossen Steven A. Wells Sondra B. Smith Willobee Sally I. Ragland Zetzer Class Agents: Linda Boss & Barb Salenbien 30 donors, $17,207 15 % participation

Class of 1978

Daniel E. Amstutz Bruce A. Barut Kent A. Bowker Beverly K. Betz Bucar Paul P. Bucar Elizabeth H. Cullen Espinosa Paul A. Fahrbach Randall S. Faust Debra L. Ellis Fullhart Rachel M. Bronson Haviland Jacqueline E. Geiger Herman Martha G. Hook Jane N. Marino Ledbetter Diane S. Underhill MacLennan Jonathan Malhoit Gayle A. Richwine McQuade James P. Neumann Cheryl A. Arnoldi O’Neill Kelly B. Seabold Gregg J. Simon Peter C. Smith Ralph H. Smith Abby L. Staschke Kimberly S. Hillard Steudle Robert M. Urwiller Robert A. Walker Nathan E. Weaks Clifford Weeks Deborah E. Search Willoughby Class Agent: Diane Underhill MacLennan 29 donors, $4,760 15 % participation

Class of 1980

Allen A. Bahr Lisa Grunewald Bailey Colleen S. Moore Barton Kathleen M. Engel Beagan-Miller James S. Bicknell Phillip W. Bova Nancy L. Oldis Bowker Cynthia E. Craig James M. DeBroux Delores M. Walton Eberhart Gary M. Fullhart Pamela A. Goss Mary C. Bopp Goudy Gary T. Hayes Lucinda A. Held-Faulhaber Peter M. Hildebrandt James E. Kreutzfeld



Class of 1982

Gayle F. Carter Aiken Theodore E. Benic Patricia H. Bristol Diane M. Czuk-Smith Renee P. Swengros Dabrowski Kay E. Sigsworth Gaishauser Kathleen A. Goolian Claire R. Becker Hills Jamie L. Van Arsdalen Ianni Keith A. Kabacinski Brian F. Lilly Marcia L. Miller Mary L. Montecinos Dawn M. Howard Mullins Steve J. Piorkowski Donald R. Rathburn Lorie J. Schell David M. Schiappa Lynnda A. Host Skidmore Victoria M. Witt Van Arsdalen Pamela S. Westcott Nancy L. Zielke Class Agents: Jeffrey Dorchock & Judith Allen Dorchock 22 donors, $8,025 13 % participation

Charles H. Bennett Janelle R. McCance Blickensderfer Lorie A. Wayne Chesnut Raymond J. Galecki Bonnie J. Pinnell King Sandra L. Wilson Ledbetter Jyll A. Aldridge Lilly Colleen R. Maher-Minor Sharon K. Voegeding Miller Marcia L. Ablett Rapp Kaye L. Jacobs Reinhart Susan K. Rupp Rupp Christopher R. Sliva Kathryn A. Lewis Smith

Genelle M. Allen Ann E. Downey Michael P. Duffy Thomas L. Eddington Steven L. Eshelman Madeleine E. Lakatos Fojtik David F. Hills John P. Hiner Gregory G. Hook Brian W. King Marjorie L. Hughey Kumar Natalie C. Snyder Mettert Phillip D. Miller Scott R. Milnes Christopher L. Pence Michael L. Pender Diana L. Temple Chris N. Tripp Tracy A. Webb Patrick M. Webster Marsha M. Bitson Woolley Class Agent: Mike Duffy 21 donors, $8,075 14 % participation

Class of 1983

Kevin L. Althouse Mark K. Bacigal Mary E. Curtis Barrett Angela D. Doemland Brown Karen E. Marquard El-Tawil Kim Y. El-Tawil Nancy A. Godfrey Eshelman William J. Hackett Terri L. Wamer Hook Lori L. Aldridge Huggins Barbara A. Schleef Kienman John M. Kindervater Vicki L. Green Kindervater Gerald R. Lee Cindy L. Corwin Lobb Margot E. Egel Maurer Mark A. Miller Beth L. Quarles Pence Jon L. Petticrew William E. Pinnell Sandra L. Held Reese Kathryn S. Ashmore Salow William S. Shollenberger Myrna L. Furness Spencer John J. Urban David L. Van Geison Marilyn K. Wilson Ward Mark W. Willson Class Agent: Angie Doemland Brown 28 donors, $6,780 11 % participation

Arlene I. Bachanov Sherrie L. Pfister Bertram Michael S. Blue Randall R. Boadway R. Cole Bouck Glenn A. DeLong Teresa L. Denton Elizabeth A. Deo Rachelle M. Zink Duffy Ellen L. Bergstrom Engle Ronnie L. Garcia Noland P. Granberry Karen M. Sera Hackett Jeffrey N. Hood Jennifer A. Kunst David R. LeBrun Cindy J. Clarke Melnik Martin J. Moffett Kathryn M. Mohr Mary M. Remer Polce Christina M. Whitford Serra Michael A. Serra Douglass J. Taylor James D. Thomas Catherine J. Truchan Peter Vassallo Amy Jo Young Patricia L. Wasserman Zimmerman Class Agent: Amy Jo Young 28 donors, $20,520 11 % participation

Class of 1981

Class of 1984

Nathan C. Smith Haig B. Stoddard Job M. Winters G. Harley Wood Class Agent: Nathan Smith 18 donors, $5,855 11 % participation

Class of 1979

Raymond P. Micallef Beth M. Johnstone Myers Ann L. Nickel-Swinkey Earlene E. Price Joan H. Rife Cynthia A. Hunger Sanchez Thomas N. Schau Steven J. Schmieg Ruth A. Schultz Yvonne K. Whisler Seabold Susan M. Radabaugh Smethurst Steven P. Spilger John L. Tennant Karen E. Pugh Tennant Cameron R. Van Arsdalen Lori A. Fireoved Weaks Jeanine A. Mick Yard Class Agents: John Tennant & Karen Pugh Tennant 34 donors, $11,265 18 % participation

Class of 1985

Cynthia A. Anthony Robert J. Borger Lori A. Voegeding Bradshaw Brian Bunton Mark A. Crothers William C. Fierle John F. Fleming Robert A. Hummer Todd A. Hurlbut David L. Koppenhofer Crystal A. Mecartney MacAllum Marianne E. Majkowski Constance McCrea Tammy G. Petticrew Meisel Thomas A. Meisel Casandra Coley Miller Phillip H. Milner Linda S. Ragatz Moffett Cynthia M. Alderman Nabozny Gerald H. Nabozny Roberta A. Copeland Paulino James D. Schweigert Carla M. Smith David P. Smith Teresa A. Spiegelberg Victoria C. Zeller Stewart Colette A. Wiley Paul H. Wydendorf Class Agent: Scott Chesley 28 donors, $4,593 11 % participation

GIFTS BY CLASS 2012 – 2013 Class of 1986

Frederick L. Almond Kevin M. Cote Jeffrey A. DeBest Douglas A. Duncan Michelle A. Bobik Fischley Tina D. Olsen Fleming Michael A. Fritz Patricia L. Schnoblen Frye Melanie J. Themanson Fuhrmann Elaine M. Ragatz Gomulka Julie M. Stumpmier Hartford Christopher D. Hauck Kirsten Penton Hill Julayne L. Morningstar Hughes Steven M. Konkle Mary J. Gorski Koppenhofer Kelly M. Krueger Diane M. Brown Loftus Albert R. Loughner Susan L. Sheldon Loughner Barbara J. Anderson Mackling Joseph B. Markovitch Stephanie A. Myers Robert E. Phillips Deborah A. Dean Pinnell William R. Selberg Tamara L. Adams Stubbs Gina M. Valentino Peter J. Vavrinek Laura A. Davis Zeronian Class Agent: Gina Valentino 30 donors, $22,995 13 % participation

Class of 1989

Class of 1987

Susan E. Bentley Bowden Eric L. Campbell Thomas S. Collins Kimberly A. Harmon Kathleen A. Phelps Herrera Stacie L. Blackwell Holcombe Sharon K. Whitcher Lane Charles T. Lytle Vonda J. Marrow Randy A. Mudge Tracy L. Robinson Oakes Lorinda M. Sheppard Barbara J. Cape Waldron Dana K. Ziemer White Desiree L. Hardy Wyzynajtys Class Agent: Randy Mudge 15 donors, $2,427 7 % participation

Carole M. Bach Mark A. Bowden Michael P. Burger Daniel J. Collins Virginia A. Schue Coppin Amy D. Emerson Cote Vincent J. Crawford

Tina L. Hubbard Alread Peter F. Bleam James E. Carlson Mary E. Saunders Collins Christopher D. Davis David A. Fazekas Jeffery O. Goodes Carl J. Harsh James L. Hopewell Diana K. Herd Keefe Terri L. Keegstra Charles R. Klettner Kristopher E. Krohn Ann M. Grebeck Maccani David L. Messer Karen M. Vanderpool Messer Jill L. Merithew Ouellette Martha J. Quist I. Craig Rainey Deborah A. Slatick Rowe Willard W. Schultz Class Agents: Thomas Mack & Marikate Leavens 21 donors, $4,030 9 % participation

Class of 1990

Jacqueline T. Brail Anderson Phyllis K. Campbell James I. Deere Elizabeth A. Felske Frownfelter Mark W. Goodman James R. Grissinger Stephen J. Hedge Angela M. Dennis Hill Daniel W. Hobson Angela A. Whitaker Kessler Douglas A. Miller Gregory H. Wallace David C. Willson Scott J. Wilson Class Agent: Douglas A. Miller 14 donors, $3,534 6 % participation

Richelle R. Carson-Emmendorfer John W. Hartley Heidi M. Sponseller Hotmire Sherri S. Jessup Karla E. Kowalski Kenneth B. Lee Molly A. Minard Ron E. Rapa Matthew P. Rausch Becky A. Bauer Reed Bryan G. Schneider-Thomas Julie E. Schneider-Thomas Lisa M. Scheid Wallbaum Robert L. Wright Class Agent: Heidi Sponseller Hotmire 14 donors, $2,975 6 % participation

Class of 1992

Joseph N. Campoli Michael J. Hague Tony D. Hoskins Patricia Husband Karen S. Addington McColl Scott A. Miller Amy J. Newman Paradine Ryan I. Parkinson Michelle A. Rosingana Rancilio Matthew J. Russelburg Kirsten E. Slater Smith Vonda K. Romine Walker Tracy A. Warrick Thomas M. Weller Class Agent: Tony Hoskins 14 donors, $11,006 5 % participation

Class of 1993

Timothy L. Cekander Mark A. Douglass Jill L. Ingraham Fenrick Aimee R. Staelgraeve Goda Steven J. Goda Sean P. Hanoian Tonja M. Suemnick Jolly Erin E. Newbauer Lee Robert E. Merritt Elizabeth Ruhl Quinn Stacy G. Pasch Rellinger Kristin A. Hautamaki Russelburg Julie A. Royce Schutten Saralyn M. Popham Tapp Wesley W. Tapp Margaret E. Kopple Wagner Scott W. Wagner Joseph A. Zbell Class Agents: Steve Goda & Aimee Staelgraeve Goda 18 donors, $17,975 7 % participation

Class of 1994

Karen D. Baird Christopher M. Bartnikowski Kimberly I. Roy Blocker Keith T. Bozyk Susan J. Maynard Cassar Traci L. Polen Cekander Jessica L. Fritz Echols Danielle E. Clevenger Hart Jackie L. Sauls Jackson Carolyn J. Jones Raymond S. Kolster Jennifer L. Meissner Long Michael T. McGlinchey Jennifer L. McNabb Karen S. Hug Meister Amanda K. Robinson Overmyer Daniel J. Pozdol Stephanie M. Roach Kimberly S. Schulz Schalk George M. Stephens Sally M. Myers VillaSenor Class Agent: Karen Baird 21 donors, $4,929 11 % participation

Class of 1995

Class of 1988

Class of 1991

Robert C. Defenderfer Tanya L. Szepansky Fierle Amy C. Schumaker Kelledes Molly A. O’Neill Klettner Ketha K. Kerby Knuth Gina L. Tambornini Kreidler John C. Papas Lisa B. Young Roberts Scott W. Spohler Richard W. Stafford Stephen J. Thallman Kelly A. Stutz Wallace John G. White Mark L. White Class Agent: Michael Serra 21 donors, $3,691 8 % participation

Aimee B. Lanning Adamski Mark G. Adamski Sarah A. Ruete Bartnikowski Mitchell P. Blonde Christina L. Zook Brown Matthew D. Bruder Brad A. Busscher Emmy M. Heiby Butler Matthew P. Cheplicki Cynthia M. Farnham Jennifer L. Babcock Hamilton Martha E. Large Hanoian Christopher A. Keller Jane E. McNabb Kovicak Jay P. Overmyer Brett A. Peters Brad T. Place Andrew R. Shaw Tricia M. Singer Andrew B. Spohn Class Agent: Brett A. Peters 20 donors, $5,505 11 % participation

Class of 1996

Jennifer L. Abernathy David B. Drews Karl G. Epps Allan M. Gladieux Lance G. Hamilton Joel K. Humphries Julie A. Harkins Humphries Kathryn A. Neal Jennifer L. Kosanovic Place Jeannie M. Cabello Rainey Amy L. Hassig Smith



Honor Roll Danielle R. Massanari Ward Class Agent: Danielle Ward 12 donors, $4,542 8 % participation

Class of 1997

Pedro O. Alvarez Annette R. Knipe Armentrout Matthew G. Armentrout Jason H. Boisher Corey J. Borck Lori M. Clayborn Carey Sara E. Broge Drews Danelle L. Perkins Gittus Patricia C. Gray Kimberleigh H. Arvin Pozdol Adelia M. Sears Romeo Tracy A. Ruegsegger Cortney C. Rust Schaefer Class Agent: Jason Boisher 13 donors, $2,762 6 % participation

Class of 2001

Kristie J. Hillard Jones Eric J. Kimble Richard L. Kirkpatrick Raymond E. Lennard Amber M. Metro Sanchez Class Agent: Aaron Swiggum 5 donors, $1,135 4 % participation

Patrick A. Bellmore Andrea R. Stump Burt Hope R. Carter Leigh Anne Cramer Cowger Margaret L. Moses Dague Janna M. Roe D’Amico Caroline C. Drews Eric S. Emmendorfer Gregory J. Gnepper Steven W. Herron Patrick J. Kilbane Jennifer A. Vorhes Lirot Joel L. Mazur Angela K. Phillips Michael G. Rankens Nicole L. Sarles Troy A. Schmidli Ann E. Betzoldt Smart Amanda C. McAnally Spohn Susan G. Gutstein Wright Class Agent: Mike Rankens & Troy Schmidli 20 donors, $3,359 11 % participation

Class of 2000

Class of 2003

Dawn M. Virant Eisenscher Kara H. Kressbach Lennard Erin L. Strittmatter Marshall Kevin P. Richie Joni L. Elliott Smith Bradly L. Vance Gerald D. Vander Vlucht Class Agents: Kevin Richie & Brad Vance 7 donors, $2,035 5 % participation

Class of 1999

Douglas K. Barrow Michael M. Bell Catherine C. Dobrovolec Coccia Doron D. Eisenscher Marsha L. Fielder Jennifer L. Swope Hinderer Angela M. Kreusel James A. Mahony Lora E. Cromwell Mahony William E. McCaulley Jane E. Floyd Richie

Beth C. Lawrence Brooks Stephen V. Brooks Michael J. Czarney Toby M. Ernst Thomas J. Fain Christine A. Hammerle Daniel J. Hedgcock William J. Hohnke Kevin E. Inkrott Laura K. Kennedy Jaissle Michael F. Jaissle Jennifer M. Kay-Rivera Jessica A. Kidd Matthew R. Kraft

Class of 2004


Joslyn A. Stacy Byrne John P. Chesley Stephanie R. Roos Cleland Joseph L. Decker Rebekah L. Horn Zachary D. Kenne Diana L. Wilson Oehler Class Agent: Joe Decker 7 donors, $819 4 % participation

Class of 2006

Melissa K. Murray Balsan Thomas J. Cornelius Mallory N. Frailing Anne M. Kelly Carlos A. Lozano Benjamin W. McDuffee Class Agent: Mallory Frailing Radoy 6 donors, $1,579 4 % participation

Matthew E. Johnston Marc A. Spicer Sara L. Morningstar Spicer Class Agent: Matthew Johnston 3 donors, $210 2 % participation

Dennis A. DeSmet Ryann J. Eff Amanda L. House Thomas L. Largent Robert J. Magyar Catherine L. McLouth Neal D. Mossing Ryann E. Waterstradt 8 donors, $2,404 4 % participation

Gregory W. Bartosch Robert J. Cichy Benjamin J. Enser Zachary J. Galia Joseph L. Hart Griffin D. Howell Caitlin J. Lake Christopher P. Ludwig Michael L. Mahony Zakary T. McNitt Michael L. Miller David A. Napieralski Ethan D. Nowak Nathan D. Sarkissian Timothy M. Storm 15 donors, $1,844 5 % participation

Class of 2012

Bethany J. Camarati Karen M. Kruisenga Cornelius Michael A. Kosch Deborah S. Mason Class Agent: Deborah Mason 4 donors, $177 3 % participation

Class of 2008

Class of 2010

Class of 2007

Class of 2011


Class of 2005

Harrison C. Bailey Christon M. Calley Jennifer L. Carlson Mark A. Eberline Trevor L. Markovich Erin M. VanDerworp 6 donors, $188 5 % participation

Leah M. Straschewski Chambers Kirk G. Cleland Erin L. Scott Inkrott Cynthia A. Kruisenga Rankens Stephanie B. Tennant Terrazas Class Agent: Kirk Cleland 5 donors, $575 3 % participation

Class of 2002

Class of 1998

Chandra A. Mapes Feeser Michael L. Lagger Bethany M. Blonde McCaulley Matthew D. Mika Jessica A. Rath Michael P. Riley Christopher R. Smith Jennifer L. Tessmer Taylor Jacqueolynn B. Tonsor Whiteley Nicholaus P. Whiteley Class Agent: Mike Lagger 10 donors, $1,414 6 % participation

Class of 2009

Joshua J. Liuzzo Rey C. Mondragon Stacy M. Neumann Brandon D. Tripp Class Agent: Jennifer M. Kay & Eric Driver 18 donors, $5,095 10 % participation

Jill M. Cain Welch Class Agent: Kate Orben Herring 12 donors, $4,005 6 % participation

Christopher P. Cook Morgan Emanuel Alexander J. Gettys Samantha K. Hill Jamie L. Hollingshead R. Skyler Lambert Kelly C. Babbles Largent Sean A. McCarthy Michael Neal Kevin H. Proshwitz Brent L. Swee Joseph R. Van Geison 12 donors, $514 3 % participation


Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present. -Albert Camus

$10,000 or more Adrian Mechanical Services Co. Harold M. Arrington ‘68 Robyn J. Arrington ‘66 Charles F. ‘59 & Shirley Baer Thomas A. & Karen Baither Ronald L. ‘71 & Barbara E. Batory Charles R. ‘64 & Sara A. Beshenich E. Phillip Bradstrum Trust W. Todd Carver William R. Chase ‘68 William M. & Mary E. King ‘65 Conner Willard M. Cornelius, Sr. Trust John & Martha J. Kiester ‘62 Couretas James H. ‘63 & Sharon Culbertson James M. Davis Trust Jeffrey A. ‘86 & Kathleen DeBest The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Fdn. Estes-Palmer Fdn. Trust James B. & Melissa S. Sage Fadim The Farver Fdn. Patrick D. & Debra L. Farver Betty D. Godard Stephen R. ‘68 & Mary E. Quay ‘69 Gregg Carson C. & Nancy Grunewald Richard A. ‘68 & Jan M. Drake ‘68 Gurdjian William K. & Valerie W. Hall S. Allen ‘45 & Margot Heininger William H. Hewes ‘37 Scott F. & Cynthia S. Hill International Healthcare Consultants Inc. Elmer M. Jones Trust Kapnick Insurance Group Douglas L. & Mary E. Kapnick James D. & Susie Kapnick Michael L. & Tiffany Kapnick Wayne D. Lancaster ‘67 & Lucie Gregoire Dennis McCloskey Eva M. Megerle ‘65 Orville D. and Ruth A. Merillat Fdn. Ruth A. Merillat Michigan Colleges Fdn. Ernest & Elsie Nicolay Fdn. Ernest L. & Elizabeth O. Nicolay Travis W. ‘73 & Armida Pearse Julia M. & Everett L. Ridge Trust Margaret E. Dennis ‘46 Rink Sage Foundation Henry M. Seldon Trust Isaac & Donna Sheppard Slusarski Excavating & Paving Spartan Chemical Co. Inc. Harry W. ‘63 & Patricia Speedy S. Gary Spicer ‘64 S. Gary Spicer, Sr. Fdn. Paul L. & Mary Elizabeth St. Clair ‘73 Stritmatter John R. Storey Living Trust Richard J. & Patricia Strowger Richard C. ‘71 & Bobbi Jo Benton ‘72 Sweebe Stephen H. ‘70 & Catherine Swigart



Honor Roll James D. ‘84 & Michelle D. Thomas Gary C. & Margaret A. Valade Harvey Warrick Stephen P. ‘71 & Cynthia Wolfe


$5,000 - $9,999 James S. ‘57 & Sharon Carlson Frank Dick Robert C. Forbes ‘59 The George Fund Doris J. Giddey Trust Terry & Barbara Growcock The Growcock Family Fdn. Paul L. ‘70 & Kaye Hamman Tony D. ‘92 & Sarah Hoskins Donald A. & Louise Kleinsmith Thomas W. Lennard ‘51 William J. ‘55 & Anna Jean Lewis The Loutit Fdn. Gary J. & Erin M. McCloskey Maus Charles W. ‘61 & Constance McCallum Amanda Meitz ‘72 Richard P. ‘77 & Janis Melin Robert L. Meyers ‘65 Michigan International Speedway Mary Lee Moon Alice L. Dennis ‘46 Paterson Plasti-Fab Inc. Ronald L. ‘64 & Kay D. Reed ‘62 Reeves Douglas W. & Deborah A. Carpenter ‘73 Robinson John K. ‘63 & Maggie Rogers Martha R. Seger W. Kenneth & Marianna K. Staples Wesley W. ‘93 & Saralyn M. Popham ‘93 Tapp Gina M. Valentino ‘86 Wal-Mart Fdn.


$2,500 - $4,999 Richard J. & Rosemarie A. Adomatis Kevin B. & Cynthia L. Barnes Mark & Estelle M. Bresnahan Matthew D. ‘95 & Lisa Bruder Stanley P. & Karen M. Caine Tim Wilson & Agnes I. Caldwell Daniel L. & Lynne M. Crowell Jesse R. DeWitt Jeffrey R. & Elizabeth Docking W. Robert & Millicent Docking Amy S. Foote General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church Steven J. ‘93 & Aimee R. Staelgraeve ‘93 Goda Amy M. Green Karey & Juanita L. Greene A. Theodore Halsted Mark N. Magnuson ‘75



Philip J. & Sherri L. Masciovecchio Scott A. ‘92 & Kathleen Miller Mark S. Prielipp & Kathryn M. Mohr ‘84 Steve J. ‘80 & Frances Piorkowski David & Susan Pomeroy Linda Primavera Hamdi I. & Connie F. Rammal James D. & Kathryn M. Reynolds Richard H. ‘64 & Karyn L. King ‘64 Russell Lynn A. ‘70 & Maureen Schefsky Susan Seger G. Curtis & Margaret J. Shaffer Alan W. ‘72 & Barbara Serbinski ‘72 Sipe Daniel & Pauline S. Renshaw ‘45 Spangler Ronald & Susan S. Stempky Gregory & Jane E. Sutherland John D. & Jeanne A. Thurman Larry S. ‘66 & Michelle Tuttle Daniel J. & Sharon L. Vaassen William & Kathryn M. Weide West Michigan Conference of The United Methodist Church Philip H. ‘62 & Bonnie Wilcox Virginia C. Yansen


$1,000 - $2,499 Donald & Frances M. Werner Alguire Jonathan & Betty J. MacDonald ‘52 Amy Deborah L. Anthony ‘74 William A. & Lena L. Bachman Daryl N. ‘77 & Lisa Grunewald ‘79 Bailey John & Melissa K. Murray ‘06 Balsan Bradley ‘76 & Carol A. McCowan ‘77 Baum Jack & Mary Cermak ‘68 Betzoldt James S. Bicknell ‘79 Edward O. & Debra M. Blews David Bosio Karl F. Brevitz ‘77 Curt M. & Angela D. Doemland ‘83 Brown Barbara J. Bruggeman ‘75 Donald C. Burkett ‘52 Gonsala Cardenas Community Foundation for Southeastern Michigan Harold D. Craft ‘61 Robert H. ‘67 & Donna R. Papenbrock ‘69 Cunningham Kurt L. ‘77 & Renee Darrow Robert C. ‘50 & Sally J. Watts ‘50 Dawson Frank L. & Betty DeLeon Daniel H. & Linda Depta Richard M. ‘58 & Lenna Dersham Detroit Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church Donald Duchene Doris J. & Donald L. Duchene Fdn. Michael P. ‘82 & Rachelle M. Zink ‘84 Duffy Laird P. ‘65 & Sonja A. Eddie Ryann J. Eff ‘10 Betty J. Emmert Karl G. Epps ‘96 Thomas J. Fain ‘03 Perry T. ‘68 & Barbara Foor Allen & Bonnie S. Garbrecht G. Glen & Marlene D. McComb ‘58 Gardner

John S. Geisler ‘61 & Candace Ross Richard Gillespie Pharmacy Steven A. & Florence Gjerstad Gleaner Life Insurance Society Owen W. & Judy Glei Dale D. ‘69 & Donna Goodrich Roger W. Goranson ‘70 Whitmore & Svea Gray Duane R. Hall ‘60 The Ernie Harwell Fdn. Audrey R. Masuda ‘64 Hayashida F. Denver Hedge ‘74 David S. & Shelley A. Flickinger ‘64 Hickman Stephen L. & Sally Hickman Stephen L. Hickman Family Fdn. Daniel W. Hobson ‘90 Steven G. & Cheryl L. Howell Frank & Tracy Hribar John C. Imonen ‘64 Thomas P. ‘68 & Eileen Jordan Philip P. Painter & Terri L. Keegstra ‘89 William S. ‘74 & Diane E. Elfers ‘73 Kenyon Karen M. Kishpaugh ‘69 Carl A. ‘51 & Agnes Landel Gilbert R. Landtiser ‘51 Robert G. & Thelma Lee John W. ‘72 & Janet M. Krill ‘73 Leppelmeier Rorie S. Lewis Brian F. ‘80 & Jyll A. Aldridge ‘81 Lilly Elwood J. Berkompas & Donna J. Lindberg ‘66 J. Stewart Linden Fdn. Sanford J. ‘70 & Karen Linden Joshua J. ‘03 & Meghan Liuzzo John J. & Donna M. LoVasco Donald R. ‘65 & Jacqueline S. Lucas Roderick E. & Diane S. Underhill ‘78 MacLennan George R. ‘56 & Janice J. McGinnis Jennifer L. McNabb ‘94 Russell F. McReynolds Paul & Lorene E. McVey Meemic Fdn. for the Future of Education Paul A. & Cathy J. Charlesworth ‘76 Mejia Thomas H. ‘67 & Jeanette Meyer Richard F. ‘76 & Laura Michalak Douglas A. Miller ‘90 Kenneth A. ‘74 & Sheryl Munsch James & Marsha E. Dawson ‘69 Nelson Peter E. ‘60 & Nancy Nims William & Louise A. Thomas ‘77 Northrup The Peoples Church of East Lansing William H. ‘54 & Geneva M. Walton ‘52 Pinnell Robert E. ‘74 & M. Lisa Poole ProMedica Health System Thomas P. & Elizabeth Ruhl ‘93 Quinn Michael G. ‘02 & Cynthia A. Kruisenga ‘04 Rankens Matthew P. Rausch ‘91 David E. ‘70 & Janet K. Rickard Barbara J. Chesnut ‘44 Riedel Jason C. & Shannon B. Rinaldo Edwin V. Ritzler ‘62 Robert & Leian Royce John S. ‘63 & Sheryl L. Barnhart ‘65 Safran Thomas N. ‘79 & Judith Schau Jean P. Welsh ‘45 Schultz Eleanor V. Powell ‘45 Scouten

GIVING SOCIETIES 2012 – 2013 Martha R. and Susan I. Seger Fdn. Roger O. ‘55 & Kay Shanks Lorinda M. Sheppard ‘87 Fern C. Shierson Anthony J. Shipley Sarah E. Shumate ‘70 Wallace W. Skinner ‘52 Wiliam & Zita M. DeKont ‘76 Slade Dennis A. ‘67 & Ninia Smith James A. ‘58 & Elizabeth A. Pruitt ‘54 Smith Hildreth H. Spencer Brian A. ‘68 & Janice Stahl Stevenson Lumber Inc. Jerry L. & Ardith E. Stewardson Carlyle F. & Jeane M. Stewart Landis C. ‘47 & Carol Stewart Donald E. Stroud Eric D. Sullivan ‘61 Charles W. ‘50 & Patricia Sutherland John L. ‘79 & Karen E. Pugh ‘79 Tennant Topical Review Book Co. The Troy Fdn. Peter J. ‘86 & Linda B. Vavrinek Brad W. & Jane E. Vernier Thomas E. Wahlrobe ‘62 & Elizabeth Bell S. Edmund Watters ‘41 The Webster Fdn. Patrick M. ‘82 & Laurie Webster Paul J. & Linda E. Dox ‘65 Weston Robert & Sharon S. White Keith R. & Michaeleen M. Williams Job M. Winters ‘81 Charles B. & Marsha M. Bitson ‘82 Woolley


$500 - $999 1108 Associates Aget Manufacturing Co. Michael W. Allen & Janice Whelan Jeff & Tina L. Hubbard ‘89 Alread David C. ‘74 & Martha Anderson Matthew G. ‘97 & Annette R. Knipe ‘97 Armentrout Geraldine K. Barnes ‘62 Thomas & Cynthia A. Beaubien Michael M. ‘00 & Sara A. Bell Robert F. & Muriel L. Bell Theodore E. ‘80 & Lynn Benic Birmingham First United Methodist Church Thomas H. ‘68 & Sharon Blanton Dennis J. Blazey ‘73 & Mary Manning Peter F. ‘89 & Sheri R. Bleam David & Kimberly I. Roy ‘94 Blocker Donald C. Burkett ‘52 Thomas G. Boldt ‘75 & Jane D. Castle ‘75 Douglas L. ‘63 & Nancy A. Sell ‘63 Boyse Ruby Boyse Daniel J. ‘70 & Laurel A. Hamilton ‘71 Braunstein David J. & Patricia H. Bristol ‘80 Gary M. ‘72 & Elizabeth Brittain Dennis & Brenda L. Jameson ‘71 Buckler Michael P. Burger ‘88 Richard & Karyl Bittinger ‘77 Camarati

Orrin H. ‘70 & Susan Camp Richard C. ‘63 & Diane Cheatham Clarence R. Constantakis ‘50 William A. ‘54 & Auguste Cooper Paul & Virginia A. Schue ‘88 Coppin Kevin M. ‘86 & Amy D. Emerson ‘88 Cote Jeffrey A. & Jill B. Craig Mark A. ‘85 & Laura Crothers Joanne Bowman ‘52 Dayringer Glenn A. ‘84 & Jeanne M. DeLong Keith E. & Cynthia Diven Clyne W. & Joan Durst Robert & Delores M. Walton ‘79 Eberhart Thomas L. Eddington ‘82 Kim Y. ‘83 & Karen E. Marquard ‘83 El-Tawil William D. ‘68 & Kathleen Emery Kevin M. & Jane D. DeRose Evans Earl L. & Janice A. Ferguson William C. ‘85 & Tanya L. Szepansky ‘88 Fierle Frederick B. & Patricia Fisher John C. ‘57 & Marjorie Fountain Kenneth C. & Pamela P. Frisch Jerry Bergman & Julie A. Fritz-Bergman ‘73 Gary M. ‘79 & Debra L. Ellis ‘78 Fullhart Kurt & Dawn Gallinger Helen L. Kishpaugh ‘65 Gallup Gaylord Crane Inc. Gerdeman-Hovest Inc. Gregory J. Gnepper ‘02 & Christine A. Hammerle ‘03 James I. Godfroy ‘64 Kenneth H. ‘62 & Evelyn Gonser Mark W. ‘90 & Karen C. Goodman Noland P. ‘84 & Lisa M. Granberry Chris & Nancy Gravelle George L. & Annabelle Green Marc T. & Judith A. Childs ‘67 Grieshaber John E. ‘67 & Patricia C. Gunthorp Robert C. ‘70 & Margaret A. Guy Michael J. ‘92 & Michelle Hague Richard A. & Christine A. Haire James M. & Mary Kay Hamby John E. & Judith A. Harnish James L. & Deanna K. Baker ‘72 Hartley Christopher D. Hauck ‘86 J. Douglas ‘70 & Carol Simmons ‘70 Hay James N. & Marsha M. Heath Kenneth & Diane Andrews ‘74 Henningfeld Donald C. Hoffman ‘58 & Margaret Goble Gary L. ‘75 & Becky Hopkins Virginia R. Dowling ‘45 Horvath James W. Hosmer ‘66 Robert B. & Kristi N. Hottenstein Gregory & Jamie L. Van Arsdalen ‘80 Ianni Pauline M. Jesue John E. & Deb Johnston Ermil Jones ‘52 Kappa Kappa Epsilon Sorority Patrick J. ‘02 & Kathleen Kilbane Roger W. ‘71 & Ann Kingsbery Richard L. Kirkpatrick ‘99 Charles R. ‘62 & Janice Kishpaugh James E. ‘79 & Roberta Kreutzfeld Lenawee International Club Robert B. ‘65 & Michele L. Collins ‘65 Lewis Victor Liberi Toh-Bin ‘58 & Margaret Lim

Francis A. & H. Kathryn Locke Paul A. & Melinda A. Dygert ‘74 MacDonald Robert J. Magyar ‘10 James A. ‘00 & Lora E. Cromwell ‘00 Mahony Michael D. ‘67 & Patricia D. Ernst ‘68 Mans Myrtle R. Mapes ‘63 John C. ‘68 & Mary J. McCurdy Michael C. & Alice F. McGrath William H. & Marilyn S. Munsell ‘73 McNitt C. Henry & Lorraine Mensing Douglas K. ‘64 & Barbara Mercer Meyer Riverview Farms Inc. Matthew D. Mika ‘01 Duane E. ‘67 & Diana J. Spitnale ‘67 Miller Molly A. Minard ‘91 O. Eugene ‘64 & Judith A. Harder ‘67 Montgomery Randy A. Mudge ‘87 Martin A. Muir ‘76 Stephanie A. Myers ‘86 Dennis A. ‘66 & Constance M. Black ‘68 Nagle Don R. & Carol Newsom Robert J. ‘57 & Janet E. Hull ‘57 Ohrman Nellie M. Oliver Trust Kevin & Amy J. Newman ‘92 Paradine Robert E. ‘67 & Linda L. Kendricks ‘69 Peterson Dougas A. & Londa J. Pickles Jack R. Poole Carl E. & Patricia Price Earlene E. Price ‘79 Thomas L. ‘64 & Sharron Pridgeon James H. ‘71 & Lee Rossman ‘71 Pyle Patrick S. & Carolyn A. Quinlan Robert M. ‘59 & lynne Ransom Russell R. Raymond Stuart F. ‘68 & Amy Redpath Paul & Sandra L. Held ‘83 Reese Aaron F. Brown ‘69 Riker Timothy J. & Elizabeth Robinson Stephen J. ‘71 & Diane B. Kastelan ‘71 Rulewicz David M. ‘80 & Stacey Schiappa Troy A. ‘02 & Jennifer Schmidli Richard J. ‘72 & Cheryl A. Thompson ‘75 Senica David R. ‘74 & Caroline H. Sheppard William S. Shollenberger ‘83 Ronald & Shelly Sides Christopher R. ‘81 & Patricia Sliva Denise K. Slone Jeff David & Carla M. Smith ‘85 Gregory C. & Ann C. Smith Nathan C. ‘81 & Kathryn A. Lewis ‘81 Smith Kenneth S. & Tami D. Smith Mary B. Inwood ‘55 Smith Nathan C. ‘81 & Kathryn A. Lewis ‘81 Smith Peter C. Smith ‘78 & Diane M. Czuk-Smith ‘80 Ralph H. Smith ‘78 Wayne E. Sparks ‘60 Vincent J. ‘72 & Catherine L. Dickinson ‘71 Squillace Donald S. & Barbara H. Stanton Jeffry H. Starbuck ‘74 Frederick H. & Carol Sullivan Scott T. Sunde & Elaine R. Regan R. Stanley & Jerilyn Sutton George E. Taylor ‘64



Honor Roll John L. ‘79 & Karen E. Pugh ‘79 Tennant John & Shirley J. Crist ‘67 Tennant Howard N. ‘68 & Marti Thorkilson Donald D. ‘64 & Otila Turpening Bradly L. Vance ‘98 Rick L. & Carol A. Seager ‘68 Vernier Howard B. ‘72 & Ann E. Batdorf ‘74 Vreeland John M. Walbridge Gerald M. ‘52 & Carolyn Wallace Michael W. ‘66 & Judith B. Berndt ‘65 Walls Robert P. & Joan Ward Brent R. ‘75 & Connie Weis Richard E. & Wilma P. Werstler Rudy B. ‘71 & Heidi L. Froom ‘71 Wilfong Wallace H. Williams ‘57 Todd C. & Amy Wilson John G. ‘60 & M. Kathryn Kishpaugh ‘59 Wyler Robert H. ‘69 & LuJuana Zane Joseph A. Zbell ‘93 John P. Holton & Nancy L. Zielke ‘80


$250 - $499 Mark G. ‘95 & Aimee B. Lanning ‘95 Adamski Thomas W. ‘77 & Karen Aliber M. Martin ‘62 & Mary Andrews Artic Pond Inc. Mark K. Bacigal ‘83 Gary A. Barcus ‘73 David Bartley Christopher M. ‘94 & Sarah A. Ruete ‘95 Bartnikowski Gregory W. Bartosch ‘11 Bruce A. ‘78 & Janine Barut Douglas J. ‘64 & Charlene Weaver ‘65 Baur Roger & Carolyn J. Gazel ‘63 Bechtol James R. & Rachel B. Becker E. Michael ‘62 & Sandra S. Dunny ‘65 Benes Robert L. & Patricia A. Bensmiller Robert D. & Karen Bernyk Michael J. ‘73 & Sarah J. Hise ‘73 Berthold Bickel and Associates Inc. R. Bruce ‘70 & Diana Bickel Bradley H. ‘75 & Susan A. Beach ‘76 Binks Scott & Janelle R. McCance ‘81 Blickensderfer William E. ‘73 & Mary K. Jacob ‘73 Boss Bryan W. & Robin L. Bott Keith T. ‘94 & Tiffany Bozyk G. Stanford ‘63 & Marietta Bratton Ellsworth & Dorothy A. Boyse ‘65 Brown Edna L. Brown ‘66 David & Reid M. Richardson ‘74 Bullard C & J Tober Inc. David & Judith A. Robertson ‘72 Callan Wayne S. & Cecelia Carpenter Timothy L. ‘93 & Traci L. Polen ‘94 Cekander Henry W. Cetola & Katherine Duckworth



Edmund N. ‘70 & Rebecca R. Amstutz ‘71 Chaffee Chi Omega Alumnae Assoc. Richard & Mary M. Treat ‘70 Church Robert J. Cichy ‘11 Citizens Gas Fuel Co. Andrew & Tina L. Claiborne Michael J. Claus & Joann Prisciandaro Randy A. & Sue Clement Jeff Smith & G. Penny K. Cobau-Smith William T. & Juanita-Renee Collins David G. ‘72 & Marjorie E. Stewart ‘69 Comerzan COMMUNICORE Jennifer Compton Gene A. ‘50 & Barbara P. Bryant ‘49 Crockett Ronald J. ‘60 & Mary Dumire ‘59 Croll Micheal M. ‘60 & Joanne Cromley Dana A. & Ann K. Metcalf ‘67 Czmer Tim R. & Janna M. Roe ‘02 D’Amico William C. & Marilyn Dean Joseph L. Decker ‘05 Bruce C. ‘77 & Kim I. Montz ‘77 Diven Domino’s Pizza of Adrian - WaGain Inc. Ian & Carrol Dovey Joseph R. & Patricia A. Downey David L. Draggoo ‘61 Caroline C. Drews ‘02 Kenneth R. ‘71 & Donna Dunlap John E. Eipper Doron D. ‘00 & Dawn M. Virant ‘98 Eisenscher Jennifer Ellsworth James L. & Linda Feeney Reginald K. ‘64 & Dorothy Felt Dean K. ‘66 & Joan Ferris William S. ‘74 & Cindy L. Ferrucci George & Marsha L. Fielder ‘00 William C. ‘85 & Tanya L. Szepansky ‘88 Fierle David C. & Patricia C. Holben ‘68 Finnie Charles H. ‘65 & Rae L. Thornton ‘63 Franke Bruce & Melissa Freshcorn Steven L. Frost ‘73 Joyce Gifford Marian E. Porter ‘44 Gmeiner Robert F. ‘63 & Diana Goudie Patricia C. Gray ‘97 Kevin G. Green Oded & Cynthia F. Gur-Arie William J. ‘83 & Karen M. Sera ‘84 Hackett Hadden Tire Co. Hale Insurance Agency Gordon C. & Judith Hammerle James E. Hanley Sean P. ‘93 & Martha E. Large ‘95 Hanoian Frank I. & Martha Harding Diane L. DeYoung ‘68 Harris Gary T. Hayes ‘79 Denise D. Hein John & Claudia A. Woda ‘71 Herkes Theodore ‘70 & Nancy Herkowitz Steven W. ‘02 & Chelsea Herron Highland United Methodist Church Andrew & Kirsten Penton ‘86 Hill James R. Hoenig ‘60 Timothy G. & Sheri L. Hoyez Keith & Julayne L. Morningstar ‘86 Hughes Robert W. & Patricia Husband ‘92

Kevin E. ‘03 & Erin L. Scott ‘04 Inkrott Larry G. ‘66 & Cheryl Irish Linda Jacobs Frederick A. Johnson ‘67 Robert A. Jordan ‘74 Lowell G. ‘56 & Sara Kafer Jennifer M. Kay-Rivera ‘03 Eric J. ‘99 & Kristin Kimble Charles R. ‘89 & Molly A. O’Neill ‘88 Klettner Gerald V. & Rosette Koch Krieghoff-Lenawee Co. Anil B. & Marjorie L. Hughey ‘82 Kumar Stanley M. ‘65 & Carol J. Rutledge ‘67 Legenc Dennis E. Lehman ‘73 Guenther F. & Marcia Lengnick Raymond E. ‘99 & Kara H. Kressbach ‘98 Lennard Gary Lewandowski & Cheryl Stroud David A. ‘69 & Diane L. Messervey ‘70 Livingston Scott & Jennifer L. Meissner ‘94 Long Paul A. ‘72 & Christine L. Rupp ‘73 Luttenbacher Robert L. ‘67 & Penelope J. Burke ‘69 Macomber John Minor & Colleen R. Maher-Minor ‘81 John J. Makay ‘60 Helen M. Marshall Michael L. ‘66 & Judy L. Raines ‘67 McAran William R. ‘74 & Norma McCaulley Matthew & Colleen S. Murphy ‘74 McQuade Greg & Nicole L. Megale Robert E. ‘93 & Karita Merritt David & Martha A. Meyers Jack A. Miller ‘60 Phillip H. ‘85 & Kim Milner Scott R. Milnes ‘82 O. Eugene ‘64 & Judith A. Harder ‘67 Montgomery Maher & Wafa Mualla Gerald H. ‘85 & Cynthia M. Alderman ‘85 Nabozny Kathryn A. Neal ‘96 Donald E. & Donna Nelson Philip B. Nelson ‘51 Kenneth Swinkey & Ann L. Nickel-Swinkey ‘79 Office Solutions Inc. Michael R. & Tiffany R. Olsaver Larry L. ‘74 & Cynthia Opelt Grace A. Squires ‘45 Orr John G. Orr ‘72 Ryan I. ‘92 & Laura Parkinson Michael L. ‘82 & Karen Pender Arthur H. ‘68 & Jayne R. Penebaker A. Edward ‘66 & Shirley N. Bush ‘66 Perkins Brett A. Peters ‘95 Warren D. ‘62 & Karleen Pettis James C. ‘76 & JoAnn Pixler Brad T. ‘95 & Jennifer L. Kosanovic ‘96 Place Keith I. & Roberta J. Pohl Martha A. Poppink-Melcher Daniel J. ‘94 & Kimberleigh H. Arvin ‘97 Pozdol I. Craig ‘89 & Jeannie M. Cabello ‘96 Rainey

GIVING SOCIETIES 2012 – 2013 Ron E. & Cathy Rapa William C. & Diane L. Rauser John & Kimberly S. Ravenhall Kevin P. ‘98 & Jane E. Floyd ‘00 Richie Stephen D. ‘75 & Pamela Rowe W. A. Rush Trust Robert G. & Audrey Sack Christopher & Kimberly S. Schulz ‘94 Schalk Steven J. ‘79 & Heather Schmieg Thomas G. ‘72 & Jane Schultz Mark & Jana Schutte Sue L. Henry ‘72 Scott Delphine M. Sefcik James R. ‘71 & Janet C. Wilson ‘72 Seitz Charles W. Sheets ‘72 & Marilyn K. Joslyn-Sheets Betty L. Skillman Mark C. & Amy L. Hassig ‘96 Smith David L. ‘65 & Nancy R. French ‘65 Smith Thomas J. ‘71 & Barbara Smith Sound Specialist LLC Steven P. Spilger ‘79 & Wai Liew-Spilger Scott W. ‘88 & Leigh Spohler Andrew B. ‘95 & Amanda C. McAnally ‘02 Spohn John & Pamela Stansik Bruce W. ‘59 & Rhea Stephens Terry L. & Colleen Stoddard Dale J. ‘61 & Marcia Storrer Jerry & Carol Straub Judith A. Studenka ‘63 Supply 55 Inc. Edward A. & Barbara Taveirne Donald & M. Elizabeth Telfer Jordan Timmerman Thomas E. ‘68 & Barbara Tourtellott Dale L. Townsend Ronald W. Tuck ‘54 Jeffrey L. Turner ‘75 James E. ‘71 & Nancy J. Aiken ‘72 Vail Douglas B. ‘77 & Paula VanFossen Lynn & Marian Voegeding Michael W. ‘66 & Judith B. Berndt ‘65 Walls Jeffrey S. & Danielle R. Massanari ‘96 Ward James O. & Bonnie Watson Sally A. Watson R. Barry & Anne K. Poole ‘69 Webster John A. & Virginia C. Weeks Richard A. ‘63 & Carole E. Taylor ‘64 Wilcox Ronald D. Willnow ‘54 Edwin & Sondra B. Smith ‘77 Willobee William M. ‘69 & Jane A. Tinker ‘69 Wilson Daniel & Donna I. Robinson ‘70 Winarski Kenneth J. ‘63 & Donna Wine Larry E. ‘72 & Mary E. Burton ‘74 Wine Mike & Bridgette Winslow Charles L. & Susan D. Wismer Jerry L. & Julie S. Wright Ken L. & Sandra K. Wyrick Scott Yuengling & Amy Jo Young ‘84 Burgess O. ‘63 & Maureen Bozin ‘63 Young


$100 - $249 Steven D. ‘63 & Margaret McNeese ‘65 Abell L. Gene ‘60 & Judy Addington Garry L. Adrian ‘76 Advanced Sealing Technology Inc. Louise E. Aebersold Carlos G. ‘61 & Barbara L. Alafita James W. Alguire ‘66 Genelle M. Allen ‘82 Scott D. ‘75 & Janelle Allen Richard C. ‘57 & Marge Alverson Daniel E. Amstutz ‘78 Jon A. Amyx ‘68 David A. ‘67 & Cheryl L. Anderson Lynn J. Anderson ‘70 Lee R. & Donna Andre Steven N. ‘55 & Elisabeth Andrews Robert W. ‘73 & Jayne Arnold Carole M. Bach ‘88 Arlene I. Bachanov ‘84 Beverly J. Ost ‘68 Bailey Karen D. Baird ‘94 Don R. Baker ‘70 Robert S. ‘66 & Anne Baker Richard W. ‘72 & Vicki Balhoff Michael & Joanne Beamer ‘53 Baran Michael J. ‘57 & Joan Y. Greenler ‘59 Barrett Douglas K. ‘00 & Heidi Barrow Austin & Colleen S. Moore ‘79 Barton D. David ‘67 & Paula G. Herron ‘67 Batch Samuel R. Beal ‘40 Leonard J. & Ann I. Bean Michael D. ‘77 & Mary Beckman Charles H. ‘81 & L. Michelle Bennett Nancy L. Ehl ‘67 Bennett Lawrence L. & Deborah Benson Paul A. ‘64 & Diane Benson Dennis J. & Judith L. Bentley Andrew H. Berry Thomas & Peg Best Ronald & Valerie A. Fager ‘75 Betschman Frederick R. & Jean C. Whitfield ‘75 Birkhill Robert E. ‘68 & Jana Bishop Sandra L. Bittner ‘71 Stephen V. Bleecker ‘71 & Elizabeth Harasek Mitchell P. ‘95 & Dawn Blonde Randall R. ‘84 & Carol Boadway Jason H. Boisher ‘97 Folke A. ‘72 & Susan B. Call ‘71 Boman James L. ‘55 & Evelyn W. Bond Books of Discovery Corey J. ‘97 & Shanda Borck Robert L. & Sarah E. Gammie ‘68 Bouchier R. Cole Bouck ‘84 Kent A. ‘78 & Nancy L. Oldis ‘79 Bowker Edward T. & MaryAnn Bozyk Robert J. Bragg ‘67 William & Shirley K. Bistline ‘69 Brannan Diane K. Bratt ‘72 Brighton First United Methodist Church Gayle E. ‘75 & Michelle K. Matthews ‘75 Brokaw John H. & Jane Brooks Stephen V. ‘03 & Beth C. Lawrence ‘03 Brooks

C. Randle & Jane Redman ‘51 Browder B. Evada Born ‘52 Brown Roger & Dawn Brown Katherine E. Miller ‘47 Brown Brent C. ‘73 & Barbara A. Bruot Paul P. ‘78 & Beverly K. Betz ‘78 Bucar Brian ‘85 & Susan Bunton Brian T. & Amy K. Burgin David L. ‘70 & Linda M. Burkey David F. Burkholder ‘70 Faith A. Burleigh James M. ‘71 & Joyce Burns Chris & Andrea R. Stump ‘02 Burt Richard G. ‘53 & Rhea L. Muhn ‘70 Butler George L. ‘68 & Kathleen Byerly William & Vickie Wilford ‘77 Byrd Richard L. & Lynne S. Simonsen ‘75 Calhoun Lawrence & Phyllis K. Campbell ‘90 Richard A. & Dorothy M. Campbell Joseph N. ‘92 & Cassandra Campoli Brian & Lori M. Clayborn ‘97 Carey James E. Carlson ‘89 & Laurie A. Feula-Carlson Fred & Maryella O’Connor ‘75 Carlucci Richard T. & Carol A. Carson Charles P. ‘73 & Ellen L. Wolf ‘73 Cartwright Joseph & Susan J. Maynard ‘94 Cassar Dennis L. & Marjorie Castle Eileen S. Chaffee ‘76 James A. Chapman ‘64 Mark D. & Carla Chapman Charles E. ‘68 & Linda Chase Keith Christy Robert & Joanne Claflin David M. & Carolyn R. Clark Kirk G. ‘04 & Stephanie R. Roos ‘05 Cleland Richard ‘60 & Janet Cline Mary L. Clucas ‘67 Nicholas & Catherine C. Dobrovolec ‘00 Coccia Lindle D. ‘65 & Nancy Cochran Richard A. Cohen & Cheryl C. Lutz Collins Sports Medicine Thomas S. ‘87 & Darcy Collins David G. ‘72 & Marjorie E. Stewart ‘69 Comerzan Kathleen J. Conway Brian Cook Michael T. & Rachel Cookenmaster Antonis A. & Tara B. Coumoundouros Mark V. ‘76 & Ruth D. Miser ‘76 Courtade John L. ‘73 & Lynn Cowan Timothy D. ‘70 & Sherry N. Moss ‘69 Craemer Jeff Tascoff & Cynthia E. Craig ‘79 David L. Craig ‘63 David L. & Kathryn Crawford Vincent J. ‘88 & Beth Crawford David A. & Audrey E. Croal Gene A. ‘50 & Barbara P. Bryant ‘49 Crockett Lawanda Radabaugh ‘65 Croll Richard W. Croll ‘54 Robert K. ‘73 & Joan E. Crowhurst Donald W. Curtis ‘70 Loraine E. Pennock ‘76 Curtiss Cutler-Dickerson Co. Michael J. Czarney ‘03 Mark G. & Lynne D’Andreta



Honor Roll Tommaso & Phillippa D’Andreta Michael & Susanne D’Arcangelo John & Bette J. Davis ‘51 Davies John A. Davis Raymond E. Davis ‘69 Willis H. & Audrey Davis Robert C. Defenderfer ‘88 & Ann Trent Joseph & Sheilah J. Newell ‘59 DeKroub Lynn A. & Mariel DeMoss Lester E. & Jacquelyn R. Amstutz ‘76 Dennis Bruce M. ‘72 & Jeannine A. Denton Dennis A. DeSmet ‘10 David J. ‘62 & Gail S. Vatter ‘60 Devore Peter B. ‘71 & Barbara J. Lowell ‘72 DeWitt Stephen H. Dopp ‘68 Karen S. Dorman ‘72 Claire & Janet Douglass Mark A. Douglass ‘93 Ann E. Downey ‘82 David B. ‘96 & Sara E. Broge ‘97 Drews George F. & Susan Dubbs Ruth A. Stanford ‘61 Dudgeon Matthew & Ruth Duncan Paul Duncan Dennis A. ‘70 & Pamela Priebe ‘71 Dunlavey Mark & Susan Early William H. Edinger ‘56 Mark Edington Richard A. Egli Suzanne R. Ehrmin ‘66 Fred & June A. Yost ‘63 Eicher John C. ‘71 & Audrey E. Smith ‘73 Ellenwood Frank J. & Susan L. Emerick D. Bruce ‘63 & Linda L. Kapnick ‘66 Emerson Samuel J. & Kathy M. Engardio Todd L. & Ellen L. Bergstrom ‘84 Engle Lee C. ‘58 & Shirley A. Puthoff ‘60 Engwall Terry A. ‘68 & Jacqueline K. Bauer ‘70 Euper Thomas Evans Patricia A. Edgington ‘72 Fackler Randall S. ‘78 & Theresa L. Faust Marisa J. Fauver Chandra A. Mapes ‘01 Feeser Harold T. ‘69 & Kathy J. Carson ‘72 Ferguson Juanita J. Ferguson ‘65 Deborah Field James & Michelle A. Bobik ‘86 Fischley Ronald E. & Monica Fogarty Joseph & Madeleine E. Lakatos ‘82 Fojtik Joan M. Bergland ‘65 Foster Ronald & Linda J. Wilt ‘68 Frechen Robert W. Freligh ‘44 Sarah J. Freligh ‘77 Dwight & Patricia L. Schnoblen ‘86 Frye John B. & Annette M. Gaeth Frank E. Gainer Robert L. ‘68 & Janice J. Copeland ‘67 Gale Ronnie L. ‘84 & Elisa Garcia Mark E. Garrett ‘66 Joseph W. ‘73 & Corine S. Peluso ‘75 Geldhof



Tobias V. ‘67 & Carol George Ronald & Jean Gerdeman Alexander J. Gettys ‘12 Michael & Donna Gibbons Milton H. ‘67 & Lucretia Gilbert Norman J. & Sally Glasser Val D. & Elaine M. Ragatz ‘86 Gomulka Jeffery O. ‘89 & Jeanne Z. Goodes Paula M. Gass ‘60 Goodes Richard L. ‘65 & Martha Goodrich Kenneth & Mary Ann Gorlitz Paul S. ‘70 & Dianne Peugeot ‘70 Gorsuch Pamela A. Goss ‘79 Chris C. ‘67 & JoNell Walker ‘67 Gotshall Larry & Joan E. Mumaw ‘64 Gould David L. ‘73 & Cynthia J. Grabowski Larry A. ‘69 & Virginia Green James C. Grant & Carolyn J. Baker ‘49 Greenfield-Grant Orrin & Mary Gregg James R. ‘90 & Janet Grissinger Charles E. & Betty Gross John C. & Susan Gruel John R. ‘69 & Kathryn G. McKelvey ‘70 Guess Alfred H. Guhl R. & Claudia L. Kasper ‘71 Haarz Peter & Christine A. Frederick ‘73 Haines Lance G. ‘96 & Jennifer L. Babcock ‘95 Hamilton Aloysius & Evelyn A. Schwartz ‘63 Hankus Roger D. & Lisa A. Hart Leslie & Julie M. Stumpmier ‘86 Hartford John W. Hartley ‘91 Curt R. & Beth A. Hartman Robert & Rachel M. Bronson ‘78 Haviland Robert A. ‘72 & Marcia D. Dunk ‘71 Hawk Richard A. & Judith S. Mehaffey ‘69 Hay Paul N. ‘70 & Donna Hayes Bruce V. ‘73 & Martha I. Seiser ‘72 Haynes Daniel J. Hedgcock ‘03 Robert G. & Charlyn C. Heidenreich Allen Faulhaber & Lucinda A. Held-Faulhaber ‘79 R. Dean ‘70 & Ruth Henderson Richard & Deanna Hennard William L. Henning Wynn A. ‘74 & Lucinda Hensel Cedrick Heraux Douglas & Kathleen A. Phelps ‘87 Herrera George A. & Anita M. Schroeder ‘64 Hershman Jill A. Hersman Neva M. Hicks Peter M. ‘79 & Janet Hildebrandt David & Angela M. Dennis ‘90 Hill Amy Hillard David F. ‘82 & Claire R. Becker ‘80 Hills John P. ‘82 & Kathleen S. Hiner Benjamin C. & Betty A. Hirsh Michelle K. Hiscock Ronald G. ‘70 & Vicky S. Erbskorn ‘69 Hoag Rodney D. Hochstetler ‘68 Howard J. & Deborah L. Martin ‘73 Holt Charles E. ‘68 & Lorraine C. Honess Jeffrey N. ‘84 & Diane Hood Gregory G. ‘82 & Terri L. Wamer ‘83 Hook James L. Hopewell ‘89

Robert E. & Beatrice Horton Darrel R. & Heidi M. Sponseller ‘91 Hotmire Griffin D. Howell ‘11 Daniel R. ‘75 & Melanie Howlett Karen L. Hruby ‘71 Ronald E. ‘62 & Margaret Burns ‘62 Huff Robert A. ‘85 & Dawn Hummer Joel K. ‘96 & Julie A. Harkins ‘96 Humphries Steven M. ‘73 & Teresa Huyck John L. & Sharon Iafolla James F. Icerman ‘68 James R. ‘67 & Elizabeth Ingham Norris ‘68 & Ruth Savage ‘70 Isley Dean & Glennys L. Burns ‘73 Israel Roland & Lila L. Jackson John & Frances E. Reaves ‘72 Jacobs Michael F. & Ann L. Dixon ‘76 Jahl H. Douglas ‘71 & Cynthia P. Patton ‘74 Jahn Douglas L Baker & Stephanie J. Jass JBM ENT Inc. George R. ‘53 & Judy Jenkins John J. ‘64 & Patricia M. Thoman ‘64 Jimenez Denis F. & Carol Jodis Adam G. & Gail Johnson James R. & Anne D. Johnson Clark P. ‘75 & Mary L. Williams ‘74 Johnson Daniel S. Jones ‘77 Waylon & Kristie J. Hillard ‘99 Jones Craig M. ‘71 & Pamela Kallio Thomas & Jane E. Priestley ‘70 Kamlay Harry S. Kammerer ‘74 Keith A. & Kelly A. Karsten Frances A. Brumbaugh ‘55 Kawahara William & Diana K. Herd ‘89 Keefe Amy C. Schumaker ‘88 Kelledes Christopher A. ‘95 & Maryann P. Keller Zachary D. Kenne ‘05 Walter L. & Beth A. Porter ‘67 Kerley Chad W. Kershner Jessica A. Kidd ‘03 Paul & Barbara A. Schleef ‘83 Kienman John M. ‘83 & Vicki L. Green ‘83 Kindervater Brian W. ‘82 & Bonnie J. Pinnell ‘81 King W. Carleton & Eleanore M. Kinney Carolyn J. Kleinsmith James & Donna M. Hamlin ‘72 Kleiver Laurence A. Kline Timothy P. & Dawn M. Knapp John W. & Ketha K. Kerby ‘88 Knuth Robert L. & Deloras M. Stark ‘65 Koehler Dan & Cheryl A. Gilman ‘77 Koester Grant Kolb ‘73 Raymond S. ‘94 & Jennifer Kolster Randy & Ann M. Konz Michael A. Koppitsch ‘65 James R. ‘61 & L. Jeanne Koresky Kenneth R. ‘72 & Sandra H. Horton ‘72 Korn Craig N. Hellberg & Karla E. Kowalski ‘91 Marianne Koza Matthew R. Kraft ‘03 Victor C. & Deanne F. Kraft William T. & Gina L. Tambornini ‘88 Kreidler Angela M. Kreusel ‘00 Rebecca J. Millar ‘72 Kridel Kristopher E. ‘89 & Joni S. Krohn

GIVING SOCIETIES 2012 – 2013 Norma O. Krouse David L. & Janet L. Markel ‘71 Kuehn Jennifer A. Kunst ‘84 Michael L. ‘01 & Crystal Lagger Phillip L. ‘73 & Barbara Landis Jerry G. & Sharon K. Whitcher ‘87 Lane Paul E. Langford ‘72 Corlly A. ‘64 & Janice L. Winter ‘63 LaRee Thomas L. ‘10 & Kelly C. Babbles ‘12 Largent Stephen V. ‘63 & MaryLou Laske Charles R. ‘74 & Rose A. Laster Robert & Mary L. Buck ‘50 Leaders David R. ‘84 & Jenny L. LeBrun Steven & Sandra L. Wilson ‘81 Ledbetter D. Jack & Vonda Lemon Theodore & Ellen L. Syfert ‘48 Lentz Alexis Lewandowski Thomas F. ‘70 & Peggy Lewis Erven & Susan E. Barnes ‘68 Lhotka Carmina Lizyness Darrel R. ‘51 & Sandra Loar Daniel J. & Cindy L. Corwin ‘83 Lobb David B. ‘57 & Constance Lott Albert R. ‘86 & Susan L. Sheldon ‘86 Loughner Lozano Agency Inc. Carlos A. Lozano ‘06 Mark J. ‘77 & Chris Lucas Inez C. Entrekin ‘50 Luce Michael A. ‘74 & Connie J. Luce Christopher P. Ludwig ‘11 C. David & Georgia Lundquist David M. & Dorothy S. Lusty Keith & Crystal A. Mecartney ‘85 MacAllum Michael & Ann M. Grebeck ‘89 Maccani William C. ‘67 & Kathryn A. Dragoo ‘68 Macomber Patrick E. & Angela Maguire Michael L. Mahony ‘11 Marianne E. Majkowski ‘85 Elizabeth T. Major Lester & Jane M. Brasiola ‘67 Mallery Elaine L. Chatwin ‘62 Mansfield Joseph B. ‘86 & Laura J. Schwenkel ‘88 Markovitch Ricky L. ‘67 & Charlene N. Smith ‘61 Marlatt Jean C. Marnich Shane A. & Erin L. Strittmatter ‘98 Marshall James & A. Lynne Pearson ‘62 Martin Raymond G. & Patricia C. Martin Troy J. & Kelly Martin Charles & Carol Marvin Willard H. ‘65 & Sally A. Rehse ‘64 Mason Diane M. Masters ‘74 Michael N. ‘75 & Charlene A. Hyde ‘71 Matheny John R. ‘63 & Carol A. May Michael T. & Lois McAuliffe Keith A. McCleary & Susan Crowe Casey J. McCloskey Jo A. McCormick ‘71 Don & Erica McDonald Sally A. Scott ‘47 McDougall Martin A. ‘51 & Joan McEntarfer Jo Ann McKinnon Albert J. ‘70 & Joan L. Heffelfinger ‘68 McKown

Donald & Dorothy J. Ewald ‘70 McLaren Robert G. ‘63 & Sara McPhail Colin J. ‘77 & Gayle A. Richwine ‘78 McQuade Donald B. ‘54 & Louise Medley Brian & Elizabeth G. Merillat David L. ‘89 & Karen M. Vanderpool ‘89 Messer Natalie C. Snyder ‘82 Mettert David A. ‘75 & Jane Mezey Ronald & Yvonne Michko Marcia L. Miller ‘80 Mark A. ‘83 & Sharon K. Voegeding ‘81 Miller Michael L. Miller ‘11 Herbert & Rhea Robinette ‘65 Mills R. Carolyn Lloyd ‘64 Mitchell Momentum Marketing Specialists LLC Van C. Momon & Pamela L. Berry Ray C. Mondragon ‘03 Paul T. & Merle Mooney MSU Breast Cancer of Lansing Carolyn K. Doelle ‘59 Mullett Dennis & Dawn M. Howard ‘80 Mullins Thomas W. Muntean Gary L. & Emily A. Muylle David A. Napieralski ‘11 Gary M. ‘67 & Bethany G. Stevenson ‘68 Nelles David P. ‘74 & Margaret A. DeLand ‘74 Neuhauser Stacy M. Neumann ‘03 Brent L. & Amy L. Newblom David L. & Judith A. Martens ‘65 Newsom Paul & A. Elizabeth Foster ‘66 Niehaus Frederic D. ‘52 & Hope E. Nofziger Ethan D. Nowak ‘11 Donald L. ‘64 & Karen Numbers Michael & Tracy L. Robinson ‘87 Oakes Allan & Verna M. Enders ‘50 Olds M. Richard ‘65 & MaryAnn Olsaver Larry G. ‘69 & Beverly A. Olsen Jay P. ‘95 & Amanda K. Robinson ‘94 Overmyer Janet L. Oyer ‘62 Stavros Paskaris Margaret L. Patterson George F. ‘66 & Marcia Richards ‘67 Payne David M. ‘57 & Evelyn Pearcy Michael D. & Marilyn R. Forsthoffer ‘70 Pekarek Christopher L. ‘82 & Beth L. Quarles ‘83 Pence Robert A. ‘68 & Anne Pentland Cleofas T. ‘60 & Rosamaria Perez Joseph A. & Joanne Perez Jon L. ‘83 & Denise Petticrew William D. Peugeot ‘70 Daniel P. Phelps Robert E. ‘86 & Cynthia Phillips Henry J. ‘75 & Cheryl L. Pieh Richard A. & Sarah E. Pilcher Frank V. Pimienta ‘72 Fred G. ‘59 & Sylvia J. McCracken ‘60 Pinkerman William E. ‘83 & Deborah A. Dean ‘86 Pinnell Planning Alternatives Ltd. Keith I. & Roberta J. Pohl Everett W. Potter ‘64 Craig A. ‘72 & Janet Potts Mary Alice Powell

Pro Med Uniform Kevin H. Proshwitz ‘12 Ronald E. ‘72 & Barbara H. Miller ‘75 Pruett Steve J. & Roseanne Pscodna John S. Radabaugh Mallory N. Frailing ‘07 Radoy Marcia L. Ablett ‘81 Rapp Jessica A. Rath ‘01 Donald R. ‘80 & Linda M. Rathburn Sarah G. Hebebrand ‘71 Rathburn Richard & Matilda E. Ravenhall James A. & Becky A. Bauer ‘91 Reed Lawrence & Susan Rehe Lewis F. ‘63 & Anne E. Frost ‘66 Rehner Stanley L. ‘51 & Norma L. Pifer ‘56 Reid Kaye L. Jacobs ‘81 Reinhart Ray J. & Stacy G. Pasch ‘93 Rellinger Michael J. & Sharon Reynolds Theron C. Richards ‘69 Gary Byers & Joan H. Rife ‘79 Michael P. Riley ‘01 Robert S. ‘66 & Carillon Ritz Stephanie M. Roach ‘94 Ila M. Roback Thomas A. ‘71 & Linda C. Asman ‘71 Robison Adelia M. Sears ‘97 Romeo John & Carol M. Plotts ‘65 Rosebrock David & Renee Ross Robert W. ‘67 & Nancy Rowbotham Taylor L. Royce Richard G. ‘50 & Lois M. Arnold ‘52 Rust Lee ‘63 & Gale Salazar Paul & Kathryn S. Ashmore ‘83 Salow Stanley K. Sasaki ‘65 Robert & Pamela J. Ruffer ‘70 Sauder Robert W. & Margaret Sawyer Jean E. Weiss ‘52 Sayre Lorie J. Schell ‘80 Darren & Cynthia M. Schmucker Bryan G. ‘91 & Julie E. Schneider-Thomas ‘91 David R. & Elaine J. Nofziger ‘63 Schnitkey Christopher & Theresa Schornack Willard W. ‘89 & Kristine Schultz James D. ‘85 & Lisa Schweigert Kelly B. ‘78 & Yvonne K. Whisler ‘79 Seabold Richard A. & Eloise Selleck Robert T. ‘72 & Kathryn A. Radcliffe ‘74 Semmens Michael A. ‘84 & Christina M. Whitford ‘84 Serra Maurice D. & Susan E. Sharai Andrew R. ‘95 & Christy Shaw Dennis A. Shaw Elaine Shaw Scott & Charissa Shawcross David R. ‘68 & Janet S. Schaffner ‘68 Sheely Stephen M. Shehan Roger L. ‘73 & Mollie Sherrie Joyce R. Showerman ‘63 Stanley R. & Kimberly A. Shults Frederick J. ‘64 & Carol Shumaker Gary B. & Sherri A. Davis ‘69 Sible Gregg J. ‘78 & Beverly Simon Geoffrey & Lynnda A. Host ‘80 Skidmore Richard & Susan M. Radabaugh ‘79 Smethurst Christopher R. Smith ‘01 Eugene H. Smith ‘76 & Deborah L. DeLaski-Smith ‘76



Honor Roll James R. Smith ‘71 Richard W. ‘73 & Rebecca A. Thompson ‘73 Smith Steve & Tina Smith Nancy N. Nuffer ‘70 Smythe Duane L. ‘69 & Jane E. Snodgrass Drew & Myrna L. Furness ‘83 Spencer Sharon S. Speyer ‘73 Marc A. ‘08 & Sara L. Morningstar ‘08 Spicer Laverne R. ‘57 & Joanne Spotts Carolin Topliff ‘68 Spragg Ralph G. ‘61 & Julie Spratt Daniel D. ‘71 & Kathy Kleppinger ‘71 Sprau St. Paul’s United Methodist Church St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church Veronica Stade Mark S. ‘70 & Maxine Starner Bruce G. Stevens John & Victoria C. Zeller ‘85 Stewart Wallace & Tamara L. Adams ‘86 Stubbs Michael H. & Patricia A. Johnson ‘65 Suckley Paul K. & Julia A. Sullivan Milton L. Sunde Swartz Creek United Methodist Church Dennis R. Swiggum Jeremy Symington Patrick & Jennifer L. Tessmer ‘01 Taylor Tech Fab Inc. Diana L. Temple ‘82 Virginia Thackaberry ‘73 Gene H. Thaler ‘65 Stephen J. ‘88 & Christy Thallman John F. ‘67 & Judith M. Thompson Patricia A. Thrash David & Colleen E. Craig ‘77 Thurston David T. & Shannon L. Tjernlund Richard & Lynn Triftshouser Brandon D. Tripp ‘03 Mark K. & Katherine M. Tuttle Universal Health Services Inc. John J. Urban ‘83 Robert M. ‘78 & Kimberlee Urwiller Randall M. & Janice M. Van Gasse David L. ‘83 & Wendy Van Geison Dean P. ‘70 & Judy A. Smith ‘72 VandenBroek Gerald D. Vander Vlucht ‘98 Benjamin W. ‘52 & Madelon F. Leech ‘53 VanRiper Norbert & Cathleen Veit Carlos & Sally M. Myers ‘94 VillaSenor Voran Funeral Homes Inc. Scott W. ‘93 & Margaret E. Kopple ‘93 Wagner Robert A. ‘78 & Pauline Walker Timothy & Lisa M. Scheid ‘91 Wallbaum James B. ‘72 & Yvonne K. Egerton ‘75 Walsh David H. & Katherine A. Royal ‘70 Walton Clair & Darlene R. Yager ‘59 Ward Steven B. & Marilyn K. Wilson ‘83 Ward D. J. Ware ‘67 Seth H. ‘52 & Mildred L. Middaugh ‘53 Ware Jeffery A. & Stephanie A. Warnecke Tracy A. Warrick ‘92 Prosser M. Watts Nathan E. ‘78 & Lori A. Fireoved ‘79 Weaks Clifford ‘78 & Julie Weeks



Milton A. & Janet Weidmayer Richard & Pamela A. Caverne ‘75 Weir Andrew & Jill M. Cain ‘00 Welch M. Jean Wells ‘72 Steven A. ‘77 & Karen K. Wells Leo J. & Barbara Wesley Weston United Methodist Church David & Kimberly B. White Nicholaus P. ‘01 & Jacqueolynn B. Tonsor ‘01 Whiteley Joseph & Lynne C. Ebert ‘74 Whitney Marilyn C. Whitney Chris L. Willard ‘68 Kimberly S. Williams James & Deborah E. Search ‘78 Willoughby Bruce A. & Sheryl L. Wilt Carole S. Clifford ‘65 Winter Leonard A. ‘73 & Marta J. Hilbert ‘75 Witte William K. Wolf ‘72 Tom Wolstenholme & Justine F. McLoughlin-Wolstenholm G. Harley ‘81 & Kathryn Wood Melissa Wooden Brenda J. Woodward Robert L. ‘91 & Beth Wright John C. ‘74 & Mary A. Kime ‘74 Zang Gregory & Laura A. Davis ‘86 Zeronian David & Sally I. Ragland ‘77 Zetzer Austin & Miriam L. Benton ‘63 Zimmerman


Jennifer L. Abernathy ‘96 Helen E. Stephenson ‘40 Aiken John P. ‘77 & Gayle F. Carter ‘80 Aiken Marc Akemann Ali G. Alamdari Adam W. Albertsen William N. ‘69 & Vicky Albring John R. & Linda M. Baker ‘69 Allen Frederick L. ‘86 & Rosa Almond Kevin L. ‘83 & Tammy Althouse Pedro O. ‘97 & Jennifer Alvarez David J. & Deborah R. Amos Kelsey & Cory G. Andersen Jacqueline T. Brail ‘90 Anderson Evelyn M. Andre ‘50 David & Michelle Angileri Anode Engineered Experiences Cynthia A. Anthony ‘85 Donald A. & Emma M. Anthony Mark & M. Susan Magnuson ‘75 Austin Andy Baek Allen A. ‘79 & Crystal Bahr Harrison C. Bailey ‘09 Harold L. ‘53 & Doris M. Grof ‘55 Baker David S. ‘64 & Joanne Cole ‘65 Ball Raymond & Nancy L. Bryan ‘71 Balmer Joseph G. ‘68 & Elizabeth A. Blackburn ‘69 Balsanek Edward C. & Sannie R. Baran Deborah A. Barker ‘71 Cody J. & Kim E. Barnes Rick & Beverly J. Schaefer ‘74 Barnett

Merrill & Mary E. Curtis ‘83 Barrett Shirley A. Bartin Ronald J. & Susan M. Bartosch Henry L. & Patricia S. Bawol Ronald W. Miller & Kathleen M. Engel Beagan-Miller ‘79 Mark A. ‘77 & Jonelle Beatrice Beaubien Inc. Michelle P. Beechler Daniel W. & Nancy Behring Patrick A. Bellmore ‘02 Lawrence J. ‘59 & Evelyn Bentley Stephen E. Bernath ‘70 Brian & Sherrie L. Pfister ‘84 Bertram J E & Elaine Birlson K. Thomas & Alice A. Birlson Donald & Marjorie Bischoff Clifford M. ‘63 & Angelica H. Black Clinton K. & Donna Blackmore Robert W. & Deanna I. Blackwell Pamela A. Malloy ‘70 Blair Joyce M. Eklund ‘56 Bliss Michael S. ‘84 & Heather Blue John & Karla L. Burguard ‘73 Bocskay Robert J. ‘85 & Patricia Borger Jerry & Linda J. Boyers ‘70 Borton Phillip W. ‘79 & Karen M. Bova Mark A. ‘88 & Susan E. Bentley ‘87 Bowden Randy & Lori A. Voegeding ‘85 Bradshaw Kirk A. Brazeau Martin J. ‘77 & Sarah Briden Ronald & Sharon K. Goodemoot ‘66 Brink Harvey H. ‘50 & Margaret A. St. Germain ‘49 Brinkman Jean E. Brewer ‘49 Brittain Donald & Christina L. Zook ‘95 Brown Michael & Gretchen E. Donnelly ‘74 Brown Jonathan I. ‘69 & Jerilynne Brown Marcie Brown Robert W. ‘50 & Carolyn L. Brown Wilma Brown John Thompson & Ellen A. Brubaker Erhardt F. & Vivian Bruder Steven R. Bruns ‘70 & Margaret Bunce Barbara A. Black ‘70 Bryson Julia E. Fuller ‘50 Buchter Virginia Feikert ‘45 Burckhalter Kathleen R. Burkhardt L. Donald & Wilnella M. Bush Brad A. ‘95 & Tayna Busscher Bernie & Tracy Butgereit Andrew & Emmy M. Heiby ‘95 Butler Glen H. & Coelina Byers Jason G. & Joslyn A. Stacy ‘05 Byrne Christon M. Calley ‘09 Cynthia Allen ‘73 Callog Lewis J. & Jill Calvin Bethany J. Camarati ‘07 Eric L. ‘87 & Kathleen Campbell Fred T. & Gilda Campbell Jeffrey D. & Jane A. Campbell Robert J. ‘63 & Joanne Campbell Dominic Caradonna & Marie Lafata-Caradonna Thomas R. ‘67 & Suzanne Carl Gerard A. ‘75 & Elizabeth Carleton Ashley T. Carlson Donald G. & Diane I. Carlson Jennifer L. Carlson ‘09 Kellie L. Carnahan Arthur L. & Madeline Carpenter

GIVING SOCIETIES 2012 – 2013 Rod & Hope R. Carter ‘02 Nancy J. Casey David R. & Joan Chalk Gregory A. & Susan L. Chambers Leah M. Straschewski ‘04 Chambers Marjorie L. Matthes ‘46 Chambers Matthew P. ‘95 & Melissa M. Cheplicki John P. ‘05 & Nikole C. Chesley Donald & Lorie A. Wayne ‘81 Chesnut Catherine A. Choske Suzanne E. McCully ‘68 Christensen Gerald L. Clancey Wendy Clancey Aubrey R. & Dona M. Clark Nancy L. Close Richard & Susan M. Nauman ‘69 Cole David & Judy C. Gould ‘66 Collier Daniel J. & Barbara Collins Daniel J. ‘88 & Mary E. Saunders ‘89 Collins Dario & Mary Beth Comuzzi Peggy J. Conarton Marjorie J. Rock ‘68 Conry Christopher P. Cook ‘12 Frank & Terry Cordova Kelly L. Cordova Ronald K. ‘62 & Sharon Corl Thomas J. ‘06 & Karen M. Kruisenga ‘07 Cornelius Correll Consulting LLC John D. ‘67 & Janet T. Thomson ‘67 Correll Craig F. & Robbyn M. Coulon Frank & Renee Courtney Carrie J. Cousino Christopher & Leigh Anne Cramer ‘02 Cowger David G. ‘75 & Emily M. Wuerfel ‘76 Coy Allen Craven Kenneth W. ‘72 & Melissa Cronin James E. Crusinberry ‘66 Thomas M. & Jan W. Cullen Mark & Renee P. Swengros ‘80 Dabrowski Judd W. & Margaret L. Moses ‘02 Dague Roger W. ‘67 & Marlene Davidson Chad & Laura-Lee Davis Christopher D. ‘89 & Helen Davis Coretha Davis James E. & Joanna K. Davis Lawrence C. ‘72 & Joanne Davis Allen & Gail de Somer James M. ‘79 & Alison DeBroux James I. Deere ‘90 Karina Defoe Vaughn R. Deline ‘74 Carl F. ‘65 & Elizabeth A. Jobse ‘66 DeMeritt Craig & Rebecca M. Denney David D. ‘64 & Julia Dennis Michael T. Fruchey & Elizabeth A. Deo ‘84 Ron & Debbie Desimone Stephen M. & Deborah Deuschle James F. ‘77 & Sally Dickson Jacquelyn C. Donovan Robert L. Dorn ‘66 Patricia Dougherty Jane M. Munro ‘44 Downing Robert C. ‘63 & Janice M. Owens ‘64 Drager Jeffrey L. ‘75 & Lorra Drefke John E. & Judy Drews Marvin F. & Sherron Drews Joseph A. & Joanne Drouin

Douglas A. Duncan ‘86 & Teresa L. Denton ‘84 Trevor & Cathy Duncan Dorothy J. Bacon ‘49 Dunham Charles R. & Phyllis Dygert Larrie Eaton Lauren Ebelt Mark A. Eberline ‘09 Jessica L. Fritz ‘94 Echols David & Rita Edwards Stephen M. ‘68 & Andrea Edwards Gerald J. & Sherry L. Eisinger Scott Elliott Bruce R. & Judith Ellis Sally C. Boucher ‘72 Elsea Morgan Emanuel ‘12 Gerald E. ‘60 & Virginia L. Hammond ‘60 Emerson Eric S. Emmendorfer ‘02 & Richelle R. Carson-Emmendorfer ‘91 Galen T. & Sydney A. Matthews ‘68 Engel Benjamin J. Enser ‘11 Toby M. ‘03 & Shantay M. Ernst Steven L. ‘82 & Nancy A. Godfrey ‘83 Eshelman Victor & Elizabeth H. Cullen ‘78 Espinosa Steve & Kathy Evans Paul A. Fahrbach ‘78 Mary L. Robinson ‘48 Fairchild Cynthia M. Farnham ‘95 John & Janice E. Irey ‘72 Fate Thomas R. & Marcia E. Faulhaber David A. ‘89 & Julia Fazekas Roger J. & Mary L. Fechner Harlan R. & Carolyn A. Feeman Sharon G. Holmstrom ‘67 Fenn Mark & Jill L. Ingraham ‘93 Fenrick Jamison M. & Stephanie J. Fetter Jody Fetterhoff Barbara A. Finch John & Rose Mary P. Finnerty Ronald J. & Elizabeth A. First Brian D. & Kathaleen J. Fitzhenry John F. ‘52 & Mary K. Browne ‘52 Fleischman John F. ‘85 & Tina D. Olsen ‘86 Fleming James P. & Nancy M. Fogarty Meredyth J. Radabaugh ‘44 Foltz Michael W. Foster C. Paul Fowler Dennis & Mary Frailing Kevin & Patti Franklin Marjory E. Gentz ‘61 French Dana & Janice M. Burkett ‘72 Friend Michael A. ‘86 & Beth-Ann Fritz John & Elizabeth A. Felske ‘90 Frownfelter Timothy Frusti Edwin & Melanie J. Themanson ‘86 Fuhrmann Clifford J. ‘67 & Jerie Furness Dennis A. & Kay E. Sigsworth ‘80 Gaishauser Bob & Martha D. Gale Raymond J. Galecki ‘81 Zachary J. Galia ‘11 Sandra E. Gammie ‘70 Irene G. Gardocki Mark W. & Virginia Garrison Charles F. & Marcile C. Garrod John L. ‘68 & Jean Garvin Peter A. & Melinda Gatteri

Karon J. Pendleton ‘68 Gautz William & Marilyn Leeper ‘51 Gere Tim & Deborah A. Vergien ‘75 Gerken Richard D. Geyer Gimme Shelter Ltd. William P. ‘62 & Virginia Girardin Scott & Danelle L. Perkins ‘97 Gittus Allan M. ‘96 & Michele Gladieux David R. ‘72 & Yvonne A. Worrell ‘73 Gnaedinger Lee & Linda P. Prasse ‘75 Goldner Kathleen A. Goolian ‘80 William & Mary C. Bopp ‘79 Goudy Michael A. & Elizabeth M. Graham William ‘58 & Barbara Grant Daniel & Kelly Greiner Madolyn S. Nagley ‘74 Greve John H. & Elaine M. Gribble Thomas H. & Kristi J. Griffith Russell & Vicky L. Reynolds ‘73 Griggs Douglas G. & Susan R. Haase Patrick T. ‘73 & Kimberly A. Moore ‘74 Hackett Norman & Mary Jane Haft Raymond T. Haines Jo Lynne Hall William K. & Valerie W. Hall James & Carol Hamel Jo Ann Hamilton James H. ‘71 & Julie Hammill Dennis & Georgia E. Anacker ‘69 Hansen Sarah L. Hanson Hans G. & Valery Haracourt Kimberly A. Harmon ‘87 Carl J. ‘89 & Sandra A. Harsh Daniel & Danielle E. Clevenger ‘94 Hart Joseph L. Hart ‘11 Vivian R. Hartzell Mary Ann Hawley James D. & Diane Hedgcock Stephen J. Hedge ‘90 Ferd F. ‘60 & Betty J. Dusa ‘59 Heising Suzanne G. Helfer Jean L. Herbert-Brown Douglas E. ‘70 & Mary L. Rifenberg ‘69 Herman Kenneth P. ‘75 & Jacqueline E. Geiger ‘78 Herman James M. & Dianne K. Travnik ‘67 Hess Dale & Nancy J. Flory ‘71 Hess Robert L. ‘65 & Karen D. Hess Roger D. & Beverly Hicks Weimer K. ‘62 & Anita B. Hicks Samantha K. Hill ‘12 Daniel & Jennifer L. Swope ‘00 Hinderer Elizabeth Hines William J. Hohnke ‘03 & Corinna Christman Hilding & Stacie L. Blackwell ‘87 Holcombe Jamie L. Hollingshead ‘12 George E. & Bridget Holton Cliff & Carolyn Holtz Joel P. & Sharon L. Smith ‘68 Hone James E. ‘62 & Alice E. Neuman ‘64 Hood Martha G. Hook ‘78 Jerry & Kathy S. Howe ‘73 Hoover Rebekah L. Horn ‘05 Kenneth E. ‘70 & Gail Hosmer Amanda L. House ‘10 Michelle Howard Roger & Robinette B. Lutz ‘59 Howard



Honor Roll Horace M. & Carolyn Hudgins Jeffrey & Kristen Hudson Lori L. Aldridge ‘83 Huggins Allison M. Hulshof Keith L. ‘51 & Murldean Hurlbut Todd A. Hurlbut ‘85 Mark & Karen Hurt Leonard & Linda Huyck Dennis Ireland Thomas & Patricia A. Mustain ‘71 Ivory J. D. Plastics Tommy & Jackie L. Sauls ‘94 Jackson Franklyn & Louanne Cooper ‘66 Jackson Lori Jacobsen John & Rosemary Jaissle Michael F. ‘03 $ Laura K. Kennedy ‘03 Jaissle Keith Janes & Julie Boyce-Janes James & Jeri Jenkins Sherri S. Jessup ‘91 Minnion & Sandy Johns Jay C. ‘73 & Christine G. Edgar ‘74 Johnson W. David Johnson ‘76 Matthew E. Johnston ‘08 Joe & Tonja M. Suemnick ‘93 Jolly Carolyn J. Jones ‘94 James E. ‘69 & Connie Jones Keith A. ‘80 & Diane V. Kabacinski William G. ‘73 & Robin Kammerer Darci J. Karapas Patricia Katz Dennis & Linda S. Kaufman Norman J. Kee ‘50 Anne M. Kelly ‘06 Michael C. & Nancy Kepsel Patrick J. & Angela A. Whitaker ‘90 Kessler Kathleen D. Keyes ‘77 Alia K. Khurram Robert B. & Linda D. Kidston P. Michael Kindinger ‘64 Lora D. Kaltenborn ‘57 King Susan M. Kingsley ‘72 Sylvia J. Hoffman ‘59 Kloc Gary & Nan T. Knee Randall F. & Melissa K. Knowles Patricia Konkle Steven M. ‘86 & Sally Konkle Lucinda A. Kopp David L. ‘85 & Mary Jo Gorski ‘86 Koppenhofer Susan Korwin Michael A. Kosch ‘07 Robert & Jane E. McNabb ‘95 Kovicak Glen E. ‘72 & Norma J. Krauss Scott Kretzer & Kathleen Hill-Kretzer Louise R. Kring Kelly M. Krueger ‘86 David Kwan Caitlin J. Lake ‘11 William & Matilda Vanderwaal ‘69 Lamain R. Skyler Lambert ‘12 Albert W. ‘59 & Carol Langley Jerry L. ‘66 & Judith Lapham Robert W. & Jane LaPlant Jessi Larrison E. Donald & Elizabeth A. Fowler ‘74 Larson James N. & Sarah E. Larson Janet I. Rust ‘62 Larson John H. & Mary Anne Larzelere



Donald D. LaSala Henry D. LaSala Steven M. ‘68 & Jeanne E. Blumer ‘68 Lasky LaurelHouse Designs LLC Tony & Jane N. Marino ‘78 Ledbetter Gerald R. ‘83 & Mary J. Lee Kenneth B. ‘91 & Erin E. Newbauer ‘93 Lee William H. ‘51 & Joyce Leech Franz & Gretchen L. Siferd ‘71 Leppla Keith & Debbie Levick Gary & Sara J. Cline ‘72 Levitz DeAnne M. Lewin Robert J. ‘63 & Carol A. Lewis Hector Leyba Joyce D. Liebert-Roberts Theodore A. ‘71 & Ellen M. Shaver ‘71 Lietzke Patricia L. Lippert Eric & Jennifer A. Vorhes ‘02 Lirot James J. ‘74 & Anita A. Lister Alan L. Litwin ‘72 Diane M. Brown ‘86 Loftus John & Shirlee M. Toland ‘72 Looney Kelly & Judy Low James O. ‘73 & Kristine Lowe Karen M. Ludwig John F. Luepnitz Wing & Cheryl A. Ulm ‘73 Lum Charles T. ‘87 & Rosemary Lytle Scott & Barbara J. Anderson ‘86 Mackling Cathy Madison William & Julie Maffesoli Martin J. & Nanette J. Mahony Eunice R. Wygocki ‘49 Maley Jonathan ‘78 & Barbara Malhoit George Maniez ‘70 Maplesmith Farm Theodore & Janice S. Saunders ‘73 Maresh Marine City United Methodist Church Robert H. & Kathleen R. Markey Trevor L. Markovich ‘09 Vonda J. Marrow ‘87 Michael L. ‘67 & Mary J. Replogle ‘68 Marshall Lawrence & Evana J. Marson Greg P. & Valerie K. Martuch Deborah S. Mason ‘07 Robert E. ‘76 & Peggy B. Haven ‘76 Masser Jorge G. & Lois J. Mata Dennis J. ‘72 & Diane Mateyka Matinee Musicial Club Martha M. Schroer ‘67 Mattei Lindsay L. Matthews Richard & Margot E. Egel ‘83 Maurer Carlene Raines ‘63 Maxwell Joel L. ‘02 & Amanda H. Mazur Michael & Barbara S. Burkwalt ‘67 McAuliffe Marvin H. ‘58 & Joyce McCallum Daniel J. & Kimberly M. McCarthy Michael & Pamela Goater ‘69 McCarthy Sean A. McCarthy ‘12 Mary McCartney William E. ‘00 & Bethany M. Blonde ‘01 McCaulley Scott & Karen S. Addington ‘92 McColl Nancy J. Stevens ‘59 McCormick Donald & Janet E. Roekle ‘64 McCrady Bill Tsaparas & Constance McCrea ‘85 Donald J. & Marla McDowell

Benjamin W. McDuffee ‘06 Michael T. McGlinchey ‘94 Terrance F. & Carol McGlinchey Charles J. & Evelyn M. McKitrick Catherine L. McLouth ‘10 John W. McNaughton ‘69 & Donna L. Bement-McNaughton Lois R. McNeil Zakary T. McNitt ‘11 Thomas A. ‘85 & Tammy G. Petticrew ‘85 Meisel Timothy & Karen S. Hug ‘94 Meister Sandra B. Mell Robert & Cindy J. Clarke ‘84 Melnik Francis D. ‘76 & Patty L. Somerton ‘77 Merriam Raymond P. Micallef ‘79 Chad & Carol J. Miller Gerald D. & Sandra A. Miller Paul F. ‘65 & Diane Miller Phillip D. ‘82 & Casandra Coley ‘85 Miller Martin J. ‘84 & Linda S. Ragatz ‘85 Moffett Mike & Barb Mohler Beth Molnar Gail E. Monahon ‘65 Mary L. Montecinos ‘80 Diane M. Hannewald ‘71 Moore Sandra K. Moore ‘68 Trey & Marti M. Morales-Ensign Patricia A. Rogan ‘74 Moran Teri L. Moreno Joshua J. Morey Ronald W. & Shirley Morningstar Kevin & Barbara C. Creedon ‘71 Morris Charles & Kathleen S. Lee Morris Charles D. ‘75 & Emily P. Morrow Ralph A. ‘74 & Carol Mortensen Anne Morton Neal D. Mossing ‘10 Neal Bever & Karen L. Murray ‘74 Renee’ A. Murry Beth M. Johnstone ‘79 Myers Larry J. & Janean L. Myers Barbara E. Casteel ‘61 Nailler Michael Neal ‘12 Noel E. Negelspach ‘71 Gary & Ann K. Neefe ‘68 Nelson Robert T. ‘70 & Barbara K. Lewis ‘69 Neuin James P. ‘78 & Kathy L. Neumann Keneth C. & Jacquelyn Neumeyer Cindy Nichols Phillip ‘69 & Sherry White ‘74 Nino Bruce R. ‘65 & Norma F. Luce ‘66 Norton Glenn B. & Angela J. Nowicki Laurie L. O’Connor Dominic R. & Diana L. Wilson ‘05 Oehler Dave Lesley & Patrice L. Ohnsman ‘76 Old Mission Dentistry PC Harriet J. Oliver John M. & Cheryl A. Arnoldi ‘78 O’Neill John M. & Dawn M. Osadchuk Gerald L. & Cheryl C. Otto David & Jill L. Merithew ‘89 Ouellette Paul R. ‘65 & Gail D. Palpant Eric & Penelope F. Pankow John C. ‘88 & Karen Papas David P. ‘62 & Shirley A. Goetz ‘62 Papenhagen Scott W. Parker ‘74 & Debby Halscheid-Parker

GIVING SOCIETIES 2012 – 2013 Jeanne K. Parsons Thomas & Roberta A. Copeland ‘85 Paulino Kenneth J. & Cheryl Pelletier PEO Sisterhood Chapter EI Janet L. Groff ‘72 Peshke Donald C. & Karen L. Petticrew Barbara J. Pewitt Bruce M. ‘64 & Jeannie Pfister Angela K. Phillips ‘02 Evalind E. Pickering Ricole L. Pickles Pike Road Civic Club Joel & Joanne Pinkerton Anthony & Mary M. Remer ‘84 Polce Robert C. ‘67 & Petrella Pollefeyt Douglas A. ‘73 & Rhonda K. Good ‘73 Powers Patrick A. & Norma M. Scheer ‘68 Preston Douglas C. & Darlene Price Winifred W. Price Michael & Diane Pridgeon William P. & Mary Jane Pridgeon Susan C. Pross ‘74 Donald & Cindy Quinlan Martha J. Quist ‘89 Robert J. ‘68 & Gayle A. Hunter ‘69 Radder Susan B. Ragland ‘69 Dany & Angela Ranalli Christopher & Michelle A. Rosingana ‘92 Rancilio Glenn Rand Ron E. ‘91 & Deborah J. Rapa James P. ‘68 & Patricia Reamsnyder Red Austins Funeral Coach Service LLC Caroline S. Marko ‘70 Redmon Terry L. & Sue A. Reed Michael & Rebecca Reese Linn L. ‘75 & Jane E. Andrews ‘76 Reist Walter A. Rentsch ‘55 Ronald & Julie Repicky Calvin C. ‘53 & Martha E. Rice Estella C. Patton ‘73 Roberts Jeffrey & Lisa B. Young ‘88 Roberts Rodney & Doris A. Gillett ‘71 Robertson Leslie D. & Marjorie Robertson Frances Rogan Brigitte P. Rogowski Reid B. & Ellen L. Rosebrugh Bradley & Deborah A. Slatick ‘89 Rowe Ronald W. & Marsha K. Rowley Royce-Schutten Agency Thomas & Catherine M. Royer Tracy A. Ruegsegger ‘97 Douglas & Gwen Ruesink James & Sandra Neu ‘67 Rundell Kevin & Roxanne Runyan Steven & Susan K. Rupp ‘81 Rupp Matthew J. ‘92 & Kristin A. Hautamaki ‘93 Russelburg William B. ‘71 & Patricia A. Smith ‘72 Russell Michael P. Ryan Roger C. Samonek ‘72 Amber M. Metro ‘99 Sanchez Antonio & Cynthia A. Hunger ‘79 Sanchez Gary L. ‘69 & Marilyn Santee Nathan D. Sarkissian ‘11 Nicole L. Sarles ‘02 Rozell W. ‘55 & Norma Sattler Albert P. & Colleen M. Sawaya

Florence M. Sawicki John E. & Cortney C. Rust ‘97 Schaefer Randall & Judith Schaefer Schafer Hardwood Flooring Co. Brian P. ‘72 & Jacqueline Schendel Lynn M. Schense J. Michael ‘66 & Gloria Schoales Ned L. Schott ‘72 Linda A. Schramm Ruth A. Schultz ‘79 Ken & Julie A. Royce ‘93 Schutten Heather N. Schuyler Brian L. & Judeth G. Schwab Kristina M. Schweikert Kenneth E. & Anne P. Seaman William R. ‘86 & Lynnae Selberg Edward C. & Patricia A. Sell Michael & Karen P. Graham ‘73 Serilla Reed & Nola J. Bunton ‘70 Shafer Robert & Linda L. Miller ‘77 Shambarger Richard P. ‘69 & Kathy Shammas Coralee K. Hill ‘71 Shearer Bethany Shepherd Nancy Caputi ‘75 Shnider John D. & Jeanne Shroat Daniel L. & Julie A. Shull William J. & Linda J. Ondrus ‘77 Simon Jacob Simons ‘13 Jeffrey Singer Tricia M. Singer ‘95 Paul G. & Barbara Sisoler Orin W. & Deborah K. Slack Lester V. ‘49 & Lynn Slauter Jason L. & Ann E. Betzoldt ‘02 Smart David P. ‘85 & Carrie E. Smith Henry B. & Jane M. Smith John C. Smith ‘71 Ronald & Joni L. Elliott ‘98 Smith Matt & Kirsten E. Slater ‘92 Smith Matthew L. & Susan C. Smith P. Kurt & Joanne M. Smith Juerell & Regina Smith South Oakland MEA-NEA Lawrence L. & Linda M. Spare Robert A. & Karen J. Spence Michael & Wanda Spencer Teresa A. Spiegelberg ‘85 Frank & Virginia St. Onge Richard W. Stafford ‘88 John & Amy Stamper Abby L. Staschke ‘78 Pamela A. McOwen ‘75 Steele George M. Stephens ‘94 & Angela K. Adams-Stephens Jeff & Susan Stephenson Joel & Kimberly S. Hillard ‘78 Steudle Ronald C. ‘71 & Sue A. Willis ‘67 Stevens William & Suzanne Ellinger ‘71 Stewart Haldon G. & J. Melissa Stimson Haig B. ‘81 & Alice Stoddard LeRoy B. Stoddard ‘62 Timothy M. Storm ‘11 Amy-Marie Hohn ‘63 Stover Fred D. ‘72 & Deborah A. Wood ‘73 Stoye Kathryn Strand Anthony L. ‘73 & Gail R. Thomas ‘76 Strong Rebecca J. Stroube ‘75 Wendell & Phyllis T. Strunk Michael J. ‘63 & Shirley A. Rupp ‘63 Sullivan Sunday Racing Inc.

Brent L. Swee ‘12 Thomas P. ‘69 & Bonnie Swihart Richard J. & Pamela J. Sych Scott Syme & Kimberly Parrigin-Syme Edward & Marcia H. Donnan ‘72 Szumowski Olga G. Tafolla Robert A. ‘68 & Patricia Tallman Douglass J. Taylor ‘84 & Michelle A. McCusker Haley Taylor Jameson L. Teamor Scott D. & Stephanie B. Tennant ‘04 Terrazas Donald & Ann D. Theis Keith H. ‘68 & Mary K. Hayes ‘68 Thomas Toby B. & Linda L. Kinney ‘72 Thomas Margaret E. Powell ‘41 Thomas Gerald C. ‘70 & Marlene Thompson Gregory Thompson James F. ‘76 & Stacie M. Witte ‘77 Thompson Mildred M. Hawthorne ‘54 Thompson Ryan G. & Melissa A. Thompson Titan Tire Corporation of Bryan Timothy & Marcia Tobias Kenneth & Doris J. Tousley Fern O. Knight ‘42 Trebilcock William S. Tregea Chris N. ‘82 & Diane Tripp Catherine J. Truchan ‘84 Rebecca A. Seith ‘69 Tuttle Richard K. Uecker Cameron R. ‘79 & Victoria M. Witt ‘80 Van Arsdalen Bryan R. Van Benschoten Daniel T. ‘69 & Beverly A. van Blaricom Andrew J. Van Doren & Lucinda A. Sebald Joseph R. Van Geison ‘12 Nancy Van Raemdonck Erin M. VanDerworp ‘09 John W. ‘56 & Joyce J. Williamson ‘64 VanValkenburg Peter ‘84 & Cynthia Vassallo Richard N. & Barbara A. Pasch ‘76 Vaught Paula E. Delaney ‘70 Vincent Dale L. ‘69 & Anita S. Vroman Michael A. & Carolyn A. Wagner Mary Lou Wainwright ‘74 Bradley C. & Melanie A. Waite Michael & Priscilla Walden Dan L. & Barbara J. Cape ‘87 Waldron Donald ‘49 & Justine Walhout Chris & Vonda K. Romine ‘92 Walker Gregory H. ‘90 & Kelly A. Stutz ‘88 Wallace Cinda Lou Walton ‘66 Maurice E. ‘62 & Sally I. Walworth Margaret E. Ward Jerrald & Francine A. Warner Robert Warner ‘73 Gary A. & Kathie L. Waterstradt Ryann E. Waterstradt ‘10 Larry J. & Michelle Watripont David A. Webb ‘43 Matt Nikkari & Tracy A. Webb ‘82 Guenther & Juanita Weidle John F. & Mary M. Weishar Thomas M. Weller ‘92 & Kyoko Amano Carolyn R. Pierce ‘67 West Pamela S. Westcott ‘80



Honor Roll Edna H. Bachus ‘36 Westgate Robert L. & Marjorie A. Whitacre Larrel Whitaker ‘71 Gary & Bonnie White John G. ‘88 & Dana K. Ziemer ‘87 White Mark L. White ‘88 William E. & Ruth Ann Wighaman Pamela A. Meister ‘67 Wilde Colette A. Wiley ‘85 Florence G. Williams Robert & H. Ann Smith ‘62 Williams John A. & Donna Williams David C. ‘90 & Leslie Willson Mark W. ‘83 & Karla J. Willson Peggy Wilson Richard G. ‘71 & Yvonne Wilson Scott J. ‘90 & Susan Wilson Traci Wilson Frank & Cindy Wingfield Edward M. ‘54 & Evelyn C. Wangerin ‘52 Winter Frank E. Winzeler ‘63 Craig & Phyllis L. Seybert ‘69 Wood Jeff & Cami Woodbury Richard Woods Nathan & Kristina Wray Mark & Susan G. Gutstein ‘02 Wright Paul H. ‘85 & Cheryl Wydendorf Todd & Desiree L. Hardy ‘87 Wyzynajtys Clifford B. ‘69 & Jeanine A. Mick ‘79 Yard William R. & Diane M. Yordy Howard J. ‘63 & Janice E. Ferry ‘58 Yost Karen Young Lucy A. Zimmerman ‘68 John E. & Patricia L. Wasserman ‘84 Zimmerman James & R. Jane Sebring ‘60 Zimmerman

FACULTY AND STAFF Ali G. Alamdari Adam W. Albertsen Michael W. Allen Matthew G. Armentrout ‘97 William A. Bachman Harrison C. Bailey ‘09 David Bartley Cynthia A. Beaubien Michelle P. Beechler Robert D. Bernyk Mary Cermak ‘68 Betzoldt Peter F. Blean ‘89 Sheri R. Bleam Bryan W. Bott Robin L. Bott Dawn Brown Marcie Brown Andrea R. Stump ‘02 Burt Coelina Byers Glen H. Byers Agnes I. Caldwell Christon M. Calley ‘09 Jill Calvin Lewis J. Calvin Ashley T. Carlson Jennifer L. Carlson ‘09 Kellie L. Carnahan Carol A. Carson



Richelle R. Carson-Emmendorfer ‘91 Keith Christy Andrew Claiborne Tina L. Claiborne Michael J. Claus Randy A. Clement Nancy L. Close G. Penny K. Cobau-Smith Juanita-Renee Collins Jennifer Compton Kathleen J. Conway Christopher P. Cook ‘12 Antonis A. Coumoundouros Carrie J. Cousino David G. Coy ‘75 Allen Craven Janna M. Roe ‘02 D’Amico Chad Davis James I. Deere ‘90 Dennis A. DeSmet ‘10 Jeffrey R. Docking Jacquelyn C. Donovan David B. Drews ‘96 Michael P. Duffy ‘82 Rachelle M. Zink ‘84 Duffy Lauren Ebelt Richard A. Egli John E. Eipper Scott Elliott Jennifer Ellsworth Toby M. Ernst ‘03 Chandra A. Mapes ‘01 Feeser Jamison M. Fetter Jody Fetterhoff Deborah Field Marsha L. Fielder ‘00 Ronald E. Fogarty Melissa Freshcorn Zachary J. Galia ‘11 Alexander J. Gettys ‘12 Richard D. Geyer Elizabeth M. Graham Patricia C. Gray ‘97 Kevin G. Green Kristi J. Griffith Oded Gur-Arie Christine A. Haire Jo Lynne Hall Gordon C. Hammerle Judith R. Hammerle James E. Hanley Sarah L. Hanson Valery Haracourt Mary Ann Hawley Denise D. Hein Suzanne G. Helfer Diane Andrews ‘74 Henningfeld Cedrick Heraux Samantha K. Hill ‘12 Amy Hillard Kathleen Hill-Kretzer Michelle K. Hiscock Jamie L. Hollingshead ‘12 Robert B. Hottenstein Griffin D. Howell ‘11 Frank Hribar Allison M. Hulshof Linda Jacobs Stephanie J. Jass John E. Johnston Carolyn J. Jones ‘94 Darci J. Karapas

Alia K. Khurram Donald A. Kleinsmith Louise Kleinsmith Ann M. Konz Lucinda A. Kopp Scott Kretzer David Kwan Thomas L. Largent ‘10 Jessi Larrison James N. Larson Sarah E. Larson Donald D. LaSala Henry D. LaSala DeAnne M. Lewin Victor Liberi Joyce D. Liebert-Roberts Melinda A. Dygert ‘74 MacDonald James A. Mahony ‘00 Elizabeth T. Major Trevor L. Markovich ‘09 Troy J. Martin Keith A. McCleary Alice F. McGrath Michael C. McGrath Zakary T. McNitt ‘11 Nicole L. Megale Elizabeth G. Merillat Martha A. Meyers Marti M. Morales-Ensign Teri L. Moreno Joshua J. Morey Kathleen S. Morris Maher Mualla Thomas W. Muntean Beth M. Johnstone ‘79 Myers David A. Napieralski ‘11 Michael Neal ‘12 Laurie L. O’Connor Stavros Paskaris Daniel P. Phelps Carolyn A. Quinlan Patrick S. Quinlan Mallory N. Frailing ‘06 Radoy I. Craig Rainey ‘89 Jessica A. Rath ‘01 Kaye L. Jacobs ‘81 Reinhart Catherine M. Royer Roxanne Runyan Nathan D. Sarkissian ‘11 Lynn A. Schefsky ‘70 Troy A. Schmidli ‘02 Cynthia M. Schmucker Heather N. Schuyler Kristina M. Schweikert Stephen M. Shehan Bethany Shepherd Ann E. Betzoldt ‘02 Smart Jeurell Smith Regina Smith Andrew B. Spohn ‘95 Marianna K. Staples Terry L. Stoddard Jeremy Symington Ann D. Theis Gregory Thompson Ryan G. Thompson Jordan Timmerman William S. Tregea Richard K. Uecker Bryan R. Van Benschoten Joseph R. Van Geison ‘12 Erin M. VanDerworp ‘09

GIVING SOCIETIES 2012 – 2013 Danielle R. Massanari ‘96 Ward Francine A. Warner Mark L. White ‘88 Marilyn C. Whitney Kimberly S. Williams Peggy Wilson Traci Wilson Sheryl L. Wilt Cindy Wingfield Bridgette Winslow Charles L. Wismer Jerry L. Wright


(includes current and former parents) Richard J. & Rosemarie A. Adomatis Scott D. ‘75 & Janelle Allen David J. & Deborah R. Amos Jonathan & Betty J. MacDonald ‘52 Amy David C. ‘74 & Martha Anderson Lee R. & Donna Andre M. Martin ‘62 & Mary Andrews Steven N. ‘55 & Elisabeth Andrews David & Michelle Angileri Donald A. & Emma M. Anthony Charles F. ‘59 & Shirley Baer Beverly J. Ost ‘68 Bailey Edward C. & Sannie R. Baran Cody J. & Kim E. Barnes Kevin B. & Cynthia L. Barnes Shirley A. Bartin Ronald J. & Susan M. Bartosch Daniel W. & Nancy Behring E. Michael ‘62 & Sandra S. Dunny ‘65 Benes Robert L. & Patricia A. Bensmiller Lawrence L. & Deborah Benson Dennis J. & Judith L. Bentley Robert D. & Karen Bernyk Brian & Sherrie L. Pfister ‘84 Bertram Thomas & Peg Best Jack & Mary Cermak ‘68 Betzoldt K. Thomas & Alice A. Birlson Donald & Marjorie Bischoff Clinton K. & Donna Blackmore Robert W. & Deanna I. Blackwell Douglas L. ‘63 & Nancy A. Sell ‘63 Boyse Ruby Boyse Edward T. & MaryAnn Bozyk Mark & Estelle M. Bresnahan John H. & Jane Brooks Roger & Dawn Brown Wilma Brown Erhardt F. & Vivian Bruder Brian T. & Amy K. Burgin Kathleen R. Burkhardt Faith A. Burleigh James M. ‘71 & Joyce Burns Bernie & Tracy Butgereit Lewis J. & Jill Calvin Richard & Karyl Bittinger ‘77 Camarati Jeffrey D. & Jane A. Campbell Richard A. & Dorothy M. Campbell Dominic Caradonna & Marie Lafata-Caradonna Gonsala Cardenas Arthur L. & Madeline Carpenter Richard T. & Carol A. Carson Joseph & Susan J. Maynard ‘94 Cassar

Dennis L. & Marjorie Castle Edmund N. ‘70 & Rebecca R. Amstutz ‘71 Chaffee David R. & Joan Chalk Mark D. & Carla Chapman Catherine A. Choske Gerald L. Clancey Wendy Clancey Lindle D. ‘65 & Nancy Cochran Daniel J. & Barbara Collins Dario & Mary Beth Comuzzi Michael T. & Rachel Cookenmaster Frank & Terry Cordova Frank & Renee Courtney David G. ‘75 & Emily M. Wuerfel ‘76 Coy Jeffrey A. & Jill B. Craig Kenneth W. ‘72 & Melissa Cronin Daniel L. & Lynne M. Crowell Thomas M. & Jan W. Cullen Dana A. & Ann K. Metcalf ‘67 Czmer Mark G. & Lynne D’Andreta Michael & Susanne D’Arcangelo Coretha Davis James E. & Joanna K. Davis John A. Davis Joanne Bowman ‘52 Dayringer Allen & Gail de Somer William C. & Marilyn Dean James I. Deere ‘90 Frank L. & Betty DeLeon Glenn A. ‘84 & Jeanne M. DeLong Craig & Rebecca M. Denney Ron & Debbie Desimone Stephen M. & Deborah Deuschle Keith E. & Cynthia Diven Ian & Carrol Dovey Joseph R. & Patricia A. Downey John E. & Judy Drews Marvin F. & Sherron Drews Joseph A. & Joanne Drouin George F. & Susan Dubbs Henry W. Cetola & Katherine Duckworth Michael P. ‘82 & Rachelle M. Zink ‘84 Duffy Charles R. & Phyllis Dygert Mark & Susan Early Larrie Eaton David & Rita Edwards Gerald J. & Sherry L. Eisinger Bruce R. & Judith Ellis Betty J. Emmert Steven L. ‘82 & Nancy A. Godfrey ‘83 Eshelman Steve & Kathy Evans Thomas Evans Thomas R. & Marcia E. Faulhaber Marisa J. Fauver William S. ‘74 & Cindy L. Ferrucci George & Marsha L. Fielder ‘00 Barbara A. Finch Ronald J. & Elizabeth A. First Brian D. & Kathaleen J. Fitzhenry Meredyth J. Radabaugh ‘44 Foltz Amy S. Foote Michael W. Foster John C. ‘57 & Marjorie Fountain Dennis & Mary Frailing Kevin & Patti Franklin Dana & Janice M. Burkett ‘72 Friend Clifford J. ‘67 & Jerie Furness Irene G. Gardocki Charles F. & Marcile C. Garrod Peter A. & Melinda Gatteri

Ronald & Jean Gerdeman Joyce Gifford Steven A. & Florence Gjerstad Norman J. & Sally Glasser Owen W. & Judy Glei Paula M. Gass ‘60 Goodes Roger W. Goranson ‘70 Robert F. ‘63 & Diana Goudie Chris & Nancy Gravelle George L. & Annabelle Green Karey & Juanita L. Greene James C. Grant & Carolyn J. Baker Greenfield-Grant ‘49 Daniel & Kelly Greiner John H. & Elaine M. Gribble Thomas H. & Kristi J. Griffith Carson C. & Nancy Grunewald Douglas G. & Susan R. Haase James M. & Mary Kay Hamby James & Carol Hamel Jo Ann Hamilton Gordon C. & Judith Hammerle Leslie & Julie M. Stumpmier ‘86 Hartford James L. & Deanna K. Baker ‘72 Hartley Curt R. & Beth A. Hartman Vivian R. Hartzell James N. & Marsha M. Heath James D. & Diane Hedgcock Richard & Deanna Hennard Wynn A. ‘74 & Lucinda Hensel William H. Hewes ‘37 Donald C. Hoffman ‘58 & Margaret Goble George E. & Bridget Holton Cliff & Carolyn Holtz Steven G. & Cheryl L. Howell Timothy G. & Sheri L. Hoyez Horace M. & Carolyn Hudgins Jeffrey & Kristen Hudson Keith L. ‘51 & Murldean Hurlbut Mark & Karen Hurt Robert W. & Patricia Husband ‘92 Leonard & Linda Huyck John L. & Sharon Iafolla John & Rosemary Jaissle Keith Janes & Julie Boyce-Janes James & Jeri Jenkins Pauline M. Jesue Adam G. & Gail Johnson Keith A. & Kelly A. Karsten Patricia Katz Frances A. Brumbaugh ‘55 Kawahara Michael C. & Nancy Kepsel Robert B. & Linda D. Kidston W. Carleton & Eleanore M. Kinney Timothy P. & Dawn M. Knapp Gary & Nan T. Knee Randall F. & Melissa K. Knowles Patricia Konkle Susan Korwin Norma O. Krouse Jerry G. & Sharon K. Whitcher ‘87 Lane Jerry L. ‘66 & Judith Lapham Gerald R. ‘83 & Mary J. Lee Robert G. & Thelma Lee Dennis E. Lehman ‘73 Keith & Debbie Levick Gary Lewandowski & Cheryl Stroud Robert B. ‘65 & Michele L. Collins ‘65 Lewis Theodore A. ‘71 & Ellen M. Shaver ‘71 Lietzke Patricia L. Lippert



Honor Roll Kelly & Judy Low Donald R. ‘65 & Jacqueline S. Lucas Karen M. Ludwig John F. Luepnitz David M. & Dorothy S. Lusty Paul A. ‘72 & Christine L. Rupp ‘73 Luttenbacher Paul A. & Melinda A. Dygert ‘74 MacDonald Cathy Madison William & Julie Maffesoli Martin J. & Nanette J. Mahony Robert H. & Kathleen R. Markey Joseph B. ‘86 & Laura J. Schwenkel ‘88 Markovitch Jean C. Marnich Helen M. Marshall Lawrence & Evana J. Marson Raymond G. & Patricia C. Martin Greg P. & Valerie K. Martuch Philip J. & Sherri L. Masciovecchio Jorge G. & Lois J. Mata Michael N. ‘75 & Charlene A. Hyde ‘71 Matheny John R. ‘63 & Carol A. May Daniel J. & Kimberly M. McCarthy William R. ‘74 & Norma McCaulley Donald & Janet E. Roekle ‘64 McCrady Don & Erica McDonald Donald J. & Marla McDowell Terrance F. & Carol McGlinchey Jo Ann McKinnon Charles J. & Evelyn M. McKitrick Lois R. McNeil Thomas A. ‘85 & Tammy G. Petticrew ‘85 Meisel C. Henry & Lorraine Mensing Brian & Elizabeth G. Merillat Ruth A. Merillat Chad & Carol J. Miller Duane E. ‘67 & Diana J. Spitnale ‘67 Miller Gerald D. & Sandra A. Miller Mark S. Prielipp & Kathryn M. Mohr ‘84 Van C. Momon & Pamela L. Berry Paul T. & Merle Mooney Ronald W. & Shirley Morningstar Anne Morton Randy A. Mudge ‘87 Gary L. & Emily A. Muylle Keneth C. & Jacquelyn Neumeyer Brent L. & Amy L. Newblom Cindy Nichols Glenn B. & Angela J. Nowicki Donald L. ‘64 & Karen Numbers Harriet J. Oliver John M. & Dawn M. Osadchuk Gerald L. & Cheryl C. Otto Margaret L. Patterson Travis W. ‘73 & Armida Pearse Kenneth J. & Cheryl Pelletier Cleofas T. ‘60 & Rosamaria Perez A. Edward ‘66 & Shirley N. Bush ‘66 Perkins Janet L. Groff ‘72 Peshke Donald C. & Karen L. Petticrew Warren D. ‘62 & Karleen Pettis Barbara J. Pewitt Henry J. ‘75 & Cheryl L. Pieh Richard A. & Sarah E. Pilcher Joel & Joanne Pinkerton William H. ‘54 & Geneva M. Walton ‘52 Pinnell



Steve J. ‘80 & Frances Piorkowski David & Susan Pomeroy Winifred W. Price Michael & Diane Pridgeon William P. & Mary Jane Pridgeon Steve J. & Roseanne Pscodna Donald & Cindy Quinlan Patrick S. & Carolyn A. Quinlan John S. Radabaugh Hamdi I. & Connie F. Rammal Dany & Angela Ranalli Ron E. & Cathy Rapa John & Kimberly S. Ravenhall Terry L. & Sue A. Reed Michael & Rebecca Reese Ronald L. ‘64 & Kay D. Reed ‘62 Reeves Lawrence & Susan Rehe Kaye L. Jacobs ‘81 Reinhart Ronald & Julie Repicky James D. & Kathryn M. Reynolds Michael J. & Sharon Reynolds Leslie D. & Marjorie Robertson Timothy J. & Elizabeth Robinson Frances Rogan Brigitte P. Rogowski David & Renee Ross Robert & Leian Royce Douglas & Gwen Ruesink Kevin & Roxanne Runyan Steven & Susan K. Rupp ‘81 Rupp Richard H. ‘64 & Karyn L. King ‘64 Russell Richard G. ‘50 & Lois M. Arnold ‘52 Rust Michael P. Ryan Albert P. & Colleen M. Sawaya Florence M. Sawicki Robert W. & Margaret Sawyer John E. & Cortney C. Rust ‘97 Schaefer Randall & Judith Schaefer Christopher & Theresa Schornack Jean P. Welsh ‘45 Schultz Brian L. & Judeth G. Schwab Kenneth E. & Anne P. Seaman Delphine M. Sefcik Edward C. & Patricia A. Sell Richard A. & Eloise Selleck Scott & Charissa Shawcross Isaac & Donna Sheppard John D. & Jeanne Shroat Daniel L. & Julie A. Shull Stanley R. & Kimberly A. Shults Ronald & Shelly Sides Gregg J. ‘78 & Beverly Simon Paul G. & Barbara Sisoler Orin W. & Deborah K. Slack Gregory C. & Ann C. Smith Nathan C. ‘81 & Kathryn A. Lewis ‘81 Smith Kenneth S. & Tami D. Smith Mary B. Inwood ‘55 Smith Matthew L. & Susan C. Smith Richard W. ‘73 & Rebecca A. Thompson ‘73 Smith Steve & Tina Smith Daniel & Pauline S. Renshaw ‘45 Spangler Lawrence L. & Linda M. Spare Wayne E. Sparks ‘60 Robert A. & Karen J. Spence Michael & Wanda Spencer Frank & Virginia St. Onge John & Amy Stamper John & Pamela Stansik W. Kenneth & Marianna K. Staples Ronald & Susan S. Stempky

Jeff & Susan Stephenson Landis C. ‘47 & Carol Stewart Kathryn Strand Paul K. & Julia A. Sullivan Scott T. Sunde & Elaine R. Regan Charles W. ‘50 & Patricia Sutherland Gregory & Jane E. Sutherland Dennis R. Swiggum Richard J. & Pamela J. Sych Scott Syme & Kimberly Parrigin-Syme Edward A. & Barbara Taveirne Donald & M. Elizabeth Telfer John L. ‘79 & Karen E. Pugh ‘79 Tennant John & Shirley J. Crist ‘67 Tennant Toby B. & Linda L. Kinney ‘72 Thomas Timothy & Marcia Tobias Kenneth & Doris J. Tousley Fern O. Knight ‘42 Trebilcock Richard & Lynn Triftshouser Larry S. ‘66 & Michelle Tuttle Mark K. & Katherine M. Tuttle Rebecca A. Seith ‘69 Tuttle Daniel J. & Sharon L. Vaassen Daniel T. ‘69 & Beverly A. van Blaricom David L. ‘83 & Wendy Van Geison Benjamin W. ‘52 & Madelon F. Leech ‘53 VanRiper Norbert & Cathleen Veit Brad W. & Jane E. Vernier Lynn & Marian Voegeding Michael A. & Carolyn A. Wagner Bradley C. & Melanie A. Waite Michael & Priscilla Walden James B. ‘72 & Yvonne K. Egerton ‘75 Walsh Gary A. & Kathie L. Waterstradt Larry J. & Michelle Watripont Nathan E. ‘78 & Lori A. Fireoved ‘79 Weaks John A. & Virginia C. Weeks William & Kathryn M. Weide Milton A. & Janet Weidmayer John F. & Mary M. Weishar Richard E. & Wilma P. Werstler Robert L. & Marjorie A. Whitacre David & Kimberly B. White Gary & Bonnie White Philip H. ‘62 & Bonnie Wilcox John A. & Donna Williams Keith R. & Michaeleen M. Williams Charles L. & Susan D. Wismer Tom Wolstenholme & Justine F. McLoughlin-Wolstenholm Jeff & Cami Woodbury Melissa Wooden Ken L. & Sandra K. Wyrick Karen Young

GIFTS IN KIND Anode Engineered Experiences Beaubien Inc. Jack & Mary Cermak ‘68 Betzoldt Donald C. Burkett ‘52 Roger J. & Mary L. Fechner Jean L. Herbert-Brown Carolyn J. Jones ‘94 Krieghoff-Lenawee Co. Mark N. Magnuson ‘75 Joseph A. & Joanne Perez

GIVING SOCIETIES 2012 – 2013 Glenn Rand Michael & Rebecca Reese Thomas & Catherine M. Royer Schafer Hardwood Flooring Co. S. Gary Spicer ‘64 Stevenson Lumber Inc. Donald & Ann D. Theis David L. ‘83 & Wendy Van Geison John W. ‘56 & Joyce J. Williamson ‘64 VanValkenburg Florence G. Williams

IN MEMORY OF William G. Aebersold ‘52 Arnold & Helen Aiken Dorothy E. McConnehey ‘63 Arbaugh Charles P. Baither Cynthia T. Bosio Wilbur Cron ‘51 Virginia E. Bates ‘38 Dawson Virginia L. Smith ‘29 Dilks Robert C. Foster Richard Gippert Richard A. Goolian J. W. Gray James R. Jackson ‘51 Ida M. Johnson Richard D. Lackie ‘54 Jane K. McCloskey Thomas C. Mercer ‘87 James A. Neff ‘62 Ellen M. Bruce ‘38 Obee Philip Olofson ‘67 Joyce E. Olson D. Duncan Paterson ‘46 June E. Hicks ‘46 Radabaugh Phyllis M. Salmon ‘53 Richards Doc Roland Ronald W. Schult ‘63 Frances H. Heckert ‘38 Shaffer Glenn C. Shaffer ‘36 Dorothy M. Stephenson ‘41 Shaft Janet A. Shierson Robert A. Slone ‘65 Henry C. Smith ‘28 Martha E. Smith Nancy Sparks Ruth M. Obee ‘36 Stade Gary H. Steudle ‘63 Mary C. Obee ‘40 Treat Robert S. Treat ‘41 James & Betty Rose Vail Cordelia B. Walbridge Rosalie M. Warrick Charles E. Wood ‘65



Class of 1972 Harold D. Craft ‘61 Jeffrey R. Docking W. Robert & Millicent Docking Amy Heiss Andrew Inkrott Arthur J. Jones Donald A. & Louise Kleinsmith Guenther F. Lengnick Paige Rankens Nathan J. Sefcik ‘86 Nora Sheahan Anthony J. Shipley Martha E. Smith Hildreth H. Spencer Eric D. Sullivan ‘61 John W. VanValkenburg ‘56

Birmingham First United Methodist Church Brighton First United Methodist Church Detroit Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church Highland United Methodist Church Marine City United Methodist Church St. Paul’s United Methodist Church The Peoples Church of East Lansing St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church Swartz Creek United Methodist Church West Michigan Conference of The United Methodist Church West Ohio Conference The United Methodist Church Weston United Methodist Church

MATCHING GIFT COMPANIES AT&T Fdn. Auto-Owners Insurance MG Co. Bristol-Myers Squibb Fdn. Campbell Inc. Computer Associates International Inc. Conrail Consolidated Rail Corp. The Dow Chemical Co. Fdn. Dow Corning Corp. DTE Energy Fdn. Emerson Electric Co. General Mills Fdn. Genworth Fdn. Hewlett-Packard Co. IBM Corp. Matching Gifts Program Illinois Tool Works Fdn. Johnson Controls Fdn. JPMorgan Chase Fdn. Eli Lilly and Co. Fdn. Lincoln Financial Group Fdn. Marsh & McLennan Co. Matching Gifts Program Mustang Fuel Corp. Nissan North America, Inc. The Northern Trust Co. Pfizer Inc. PNC Financial Services Fdn. The Providence Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Stanley Black & Decker Inc. State Farm Companies Fdn. The Toro Fdn. United Technologies MG Program Verizon Fdn. Wacker Chemical MG Corp.

MICHIGAN COLLEGES FOUNDATION Armstrong International Inc. DeRoy Testamentary Fdn. The Charles DeVlieg Fdn. Gordon Food Services Inc. Michael J. & Sue Jandernoa JSJ Corp. Masco Corp. Meritor Inc. Northwestern Mutual Financial Network The Tiscornia Fdn. UPS Fdn. Frederick S. Upton Fdn.

ESTATE TRUSTS E. Phillip Bradstrum Trust Willard M. Cornelius, Sr. Trust James M. Davis ‘46 Trust Sophia Piel Dawson Trust Doris J. Giddey Trust Elmer M. Jones Trust Marietta Mauger ‘49 Montgomery Trust Nellie M. Oliver Trust Everett L. ‘23 & Julia M. Craig ‘22 Ridge Trust W. A. Rush Trust Henry M. Seldon Trust John R. Storey ‘63 Trust Edna Y. Sturm Trust

I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver. - Maya Angelou



John Dawson Society

The John Dawson Society recognizes those individuals who have included Adrian College in their estate plans. A pin with the likeness of Dr. John Dawson (image at right) is given as a token of the College’s appreciation. The following individuals have given Adrian College permission to be included in a published listing of this group.

John Dawson Society Members Jon A. Amyx ‘68 Richard W. Balhoff ‘72 David Banachowski ‘73 Sheri R. Reeves Bleam Mitchell P. Blonde ‘95 James L. Bond ‘55 Gary M. Brittain ‘72 George A. Burk ‘63 David F. Burkholder ‘70 Clifford J. Caine Stanley P. Caine David M. Carlson Ellen A. Cavanagh *George W. Chaffee ‘45 Charles E. Chase ‘68 William R. Chase ‘68 John W. Cisco ‘60 Mary E. King ‘65 Conner David L. Crawford Micheal M. Cromley ‘60 E. John De Waard ‘57 Jesse R. DeWitt Steven T. Dhondt ‘66 Frank Dick James R. Distler ‘69 Helen J. Doane Earl Downing ‘50 Betty J. Emmert Reginald K. Felt ‘64 Perry T. Foor ‘68 Robert C. Forbes ‘59 Judy K. Weber ‘63 Foster Robert W. Freligh ‘44 Julie A. Fritz-Bergman ‘73 Bonnie S. Garbrecht John S. Geisler ‘61 Paula M. Gass ‘60 Goodes Colleen Gray 36


Carson C. Grunewald Richard A. ‘68 & Jan M. Drake ‘68 Gurdjian Michael J. Hague ‘92 Duane R. Hall ‘60 Katherine L. Orben ‘00 Herring Judith B. Hofmann Richard G. Isaac ‘71 *James R. Jackson ‘51 Michael H. Jacobitz ‘73 & Pauleve Benio Carolyn J. Jones ‘94 Douglas L. Kapnick Deena L. Boone ‘74 Katz William S. ‘74 & Diane E. Elfers ‘73 Kenyon Robert J. Kuster ‘38 Carl A. Landel ‘51 Stephen V. Laske ‘63 Guenther F. Lengnick Darrel R. Loar ‘51 Shirley L. Moore ‘67 Lorenzo James A. ‘00 & Lora E. Cromwell ‘00 Mahony John J. Makay ‘60 Myrtle R. Mapes ‘63 Joseph B. Markovitch ‘86 Daryl P. McDonald George R. McGinnis ‘56 Douglas A. Miller ‘90 Jack A. Miller ‘60 Versia D. Miller Kathryn M. Mohr ‘84 Mary Lee Moon James A. Muir ‘51 Kenneth A. Munsch ‘74

Ernest L. & Elizabeth O. Nicolay Mary Lou Lutz ‘45 Pellowe Robert E. Poole ‘74 Ronald W. Rickard ‘72 Margaret E. Dennis ‘46 Rink Terrance A. Robinson ‘66 Frances Rogan Jean E. Weiss ‘52 Sayre Suzanne M. Schad ‘76 Lynn A. ‘70 & Maureen Schefsky Jean P. Welsh ‘45 Schultz G. Curtis & Margaret Shaffer Anthony J. Shipley Sarah E. Shumate ‘70 Barbara B. Biggard Smith Scott R. Smith ‘76 Hildreth H. Spencer Elizabeth K. Blair ‘46 St. Clair Marian H. Starbuck Richard J. Strowger *Edna Y. Sturm Gary C. & Margaret A. Valade John W. ‘56 & Joyce J. Williamson ‘64 VanValkenburg R. Estelle Wade Thomas E. Wahlrobe ‘62 Robert P. Ward Ronald W. Weyer ‘66 Chris L. Willard ‘68 Robert H. Winkler

2012-2013 Alumni Association Board of Directors

The President’s Report represents gifts received during Adrian College’s fiscal year July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013. We make every effort to ensure accuracy in the listing of Adrian College donors. Please advise the Development Office of any errors in your listing by calling 888-691-0008 or emailing, so our records can be corrected. We appreciate your assistance.

Brad Barrett ’04 Kathryn Carruthers ’05 Jim Culbertson ’63 Bruce Diven ’77 Ryann Eff ’10 Amanda Fassett ’10 Madeleine Lakatos Fojtik ’82 Michael Fox, Jr. ’04 John Geisler ’61 Danelle Perkins Gittus ’97 Steve Gregg ’68 Carrie Hartley ’04 D.J. Helser ’71 John Imonen ’64 Jennifer Kay-Rivera ’03 Patricia Anderson Leary ’76 Stanley Legenc ’65 Mindy Dygert MacDonald ’74 Chuck McCallum ’61 Marilyn Munsell McNitt ’73 Brett Peters ’95 Nate Smith ’81 Vicki Eustice Thomas ’80 Kody Turner-Schimmel ’10 Larisa Salvia Walega ’02 Tracy Warrick ’92

2012-2013 Parent Council Lou and Marie Candiotti Cynthia Diven Reid and Pam Vandekerkhove Jane and Brad Vernier Gary and Kathie Waterstradt Todd and Jane Zickafoose THE PRESIDENT’S REPORT 2012 – 2013


The Board of Trustees 2012-2013 Robyn J. Arrington, Jr., MD ‘66 Detroit, MI Medical Director Total Health Care

James D. Kapnick Adrian, MI President Kapnick Insurance Group

Charles Baer ‘59 Indian Wells, CA Retired Divisional President Becton Dickinson & Co.

Richard D. Kibbey Madison, GA Attorney Law Offices of Richard D. Kibbey, P.A.

Ronald L. Batory ‘71 Moorestown, NJ President & COO Conrail

Russell McReynolds Lansing, MI Senior Pastor Lansing United Methodist Church

Harold D. Craft ‘61 Dallas, TX Chairman of the Board Craft-Barresi Consultants

Shelley Milano ‘78 Mercer Island, WA Retired Senior Vice President General Counsel & Corp. Secretary Eddie Bauer

Jeffrey A. DeBest Ann Arbor, MI Group VP & GM Johnson Controls

Kathryn M. Mohr ‘84 Britton, MI Attorney & Partner Robison, Curphey & O’Connell, LLC

Linda Depta Portage, MI Marketing Director Kalamazoo Valley Community College Frank Dick Adrian, MI Chairman Emeritus Gleaner Life Insurance Society Patrick Farver Adrian, MI President Blissfield Manufacturing Co.

Robert M. Ransom ‘59 Flushing, MI Retired Circuit Court Judge Genesee County

Carson C. Grunewald Grosse Pointe, MI Attorney & Partner Bodman, Longley & Dahling LLP

Douglas W. Robinson Rancho Mirage, CA Managing Director Securitas Security Services USA Inc.

Richard A. Gurdjian ‘68 Adrian, MI President Gurdjian & Associates

Michael Seelye ‘74 Kalamazoo, MI President & CEO Don Seelye Ford Inc.

John E. Harnish Birmingham, MI Senior Pastor Birmingham United Methodist Church David S. Hickman Tecumseh, MI Retired Chairman of the Board United Bank & Trust


Travis W. Pearse, Jr. ‘73 Jackson, MI President Global Manufacturing & Assembly Corp. David Pilmore Sylvania, OH Chief Executive Officer Adrian Steel Company

Bonnie S. Garbrecht Battle Creek, MI Retired Battle Creek Educator


Ernest L. Nicolay, Jr. Farmington Hills, MI Retired President Kar Nut Products Company, Inc.

Anthony J. Shipley Detroit, MI Retired Minister Detroit Conference United Methodist Church

Sarah E. Shumate ‘70 Hollywood, FL Retired Vice President for Student Services St. Thomas University Richard J. Strowger Grosse Pointe, MI Retired Executive Director Detroit Historical Society Richard C. Sweebe Memphis, TN President & CEO Diamond Companies James D. Thomas ‘84 Miami, FL Attorney & Partner Squire Sanders LLP Gary C. Valade Bloomfield Hills, MI Retired Executive Vice President DaimlerChrysler Paul Weston Charlevoix, MI Retired Executive Vice President Investment Management Co. Stephen P. Wolfe ‘71 Eden Prairie, MN Retired Chief Financial Officer The Toro Company Marsha M. Woolley ‘82 Livonia, MI Minister Newburg United Methodist Church

Ex-Officio Jeffrey R. Docking Adrian, MI President Adrian College Deborah Kiesey Lansing, MI Bishop The United Methodist Church

Associate Trustees Michael Claus Adrian College Faculty Jennifer Ellsworth Adrian College Faculty

Megan Vandekerkhove Adrian College Student Melissa Roe Adrian College Student

Trustee Emeriti Gaylord L. Baker Black Mountain, NC Retired Attorney & Partner Hammond, Baker & Kralick David L. Crawford Grand Rapids, MI Retired Minister The United Methodist Church Robert P. Ward Bloomfield Hills, MI Retired Minister The United Methodist Church

President’s Staff Jeffrey R. Docking President Jerry L. Wright Vice President of Business Affairs & CFO Frank J. Hribar Vice President for Enrollment & Student Affairs Agnes I. Caldwell Vice President & Dean for Academic Affairs James A. Mahony ‘00 Vice President for Development

Development Staff Ronald L. Reeves ‘64 Development Officer Lynn A. Schefsky ‘70 Director of Planned Giving Dennis DeSmet ‘10 Development Programs Officer Carolyn Jones ‘94 Director of Research & Constituent Management Kaye Reinhart Administrative Assistant Carol Carson Records Clerk

Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give. - Eleanor Roosevelt





President's Report 2013  

Every gift counts! Thank you to all of the generous donors to Adrian College. Words cannot fully express our thanks for your support.

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