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MM CoMarketing Banner x Series - 160 x 600

Banner starts with white copy on blue background.

White surroundings start to push in on the banner squishing the “shrink” copy into nothing.

“Stretch” copy and blue background expand from nothing out from the middle — continuing until banner space is filled.

The banner will not have a ruled outline on these 3 frames as shown here, but will be white to exaggerate the shrinking and stretching concept.

“Stretch” copy fades out and “Highperformance” line fades in.

To get from this frame to the final layout, white hyphen (or some other part of the white text) expands to form the white area that contains the product image and either the optional offer copy or the IBM Express Advantage logo. As the white area expands the content (photo and optional offer copy or logo) is revealed. Product name and “Learn more” fade in immediately following the white section expansion.

Optional offer frame.

Offer copy fades out and IBM EA logo fades in to replace it.

EA logo fades out and IBM BP logo and the Business Partner logo fade in to replace it. The last thing is the arrow animation.

Arrow animation: When they first come on screen, they are all the darker blue. Then, after the logos come on screen, the simple animation starts: white (followed by med blue) moves in from left to right and ends in the position shown here in the last storyboard frame.

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