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Bankruptcy – What Next? 02071934067

The current economic continues to have an adverse effect on both commercial and private property markets. As a consequence, the effect

a bailiff to enforce a debt is not uncommon and can put your home as well as your possessions in jeopardy. On average a 113 mortgage Repossession Orders are made every day. There are various options available to an

vest in the Trustee whose function is to sell the assets to pay the costs of the bankruptcy estate and creditors. This will include a person’s main asset – the family home. The Trustee can only deal with the Bankrupt person’s equitable share in the property. In other words, if a property is jointly owned then this normally means the value of the property less any secured charges, such as a mortgage, which will leave the equity available, of which half would belong to the Trustee to realise. This can be done by the joint owner buying out the Trustee’s interest, a remortgage, reaching a settlement or at worst the sale of the property. An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is a contractual arrangement with creditors to repay debts over a set period of time which can freeze interest and charges. It is based on monthly contributions that can be made and is an option that only an individual can propose. Approval of an IVA is subject to agreement by creditors. It provides room for negotiation and allows an individual to retain some control. Income will be assessed in order that contributions can be made to the IVA and the family home will still need to be dealt with, but this can be negotiated on terms which allow a controlled solution to be found. At Aspect Plus LLP we have the skills and experience to provide specialist advice to

which ranges from basic debt advice to Debt Management Plans, Debt relief Orders, Individual Voluntary Arrangements and Bankruptcy. Each option requires specialist advice in order that

as well protection of the family home. We can also negotiate settlements with your creditors and advise on the most suitable course of action to take. We always provide free initial

consequences of each process. The two most common formal insolvency processes for an individual that owns assets is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement and Bankruptcy. These are words that you may have heard or someone you know or a friend of a friend has dealt with, but do you really know what they mean? Both are dependent on each individuals own circumstances and each carry different consequences. In Bankruptcy, an individual can petition for their own bankruptcy but also a creditor can issue a petition and make an individual bankrupt. A Trustee in Bankruptcy is appointed and assets owned by the Debtor will

guide you through your situation in order that the right solution for you can be found.

position remains a serious issue. The average household debt in July 2015 was £6,005 which excludes any mortgages. The average consumer borrowing, which includes unsecured loans, deals, per UK adult was £3,176 in July 2013. The estimated outstanding average mortgage across £11.3m households is £112,604 as at July 2015. The family home is usually the most important asset as well as the singular largest investment an individual will make. This asset remains paramount to each individual who will want to protect the same for their family and their future at all costs. Therefore, it is imperative that the right advice According to the Money Advice Trust, local authorities in England and Wales referred 1.8m cases to bailiffs in the past 12 months. This mostly related to council tax arrears, business

Contact details: Aspect Plus LLP, 40a Station Road, Upminster, Essex RM14 2TR Tel: 01708 300170 Email: *Statistics from

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Dear reader

This issue’s main feature is ‘The Women’s Strength’. We have 5 women with 5 life stories and 5 professional careers that will make you reflect about the diversity of women nowadays. The other day I was on the train on my way to London. As I normally do, I use the time to catch up with messages and check emails, etc. in one of the messages I received there was a story about labels. The use of the term intrigued me because, up to then, I thought this word could only be used to describe products. It was naive of me, because people are also labelled according to their life styles, skin colour, personal opinions, political choices or style of dressing. In short, any personal choice can become a reason for labelling. So, I thought, where do we go from here? The way I perceive things is very simple: you are free to be whatever you wish to be. Labels were created for products to be sold in shops and not for human beings. We are too varied in the way we think, the way we are and the personal tastes we have to be defined in just one word. With a more journalistic perception, we will cover a subject of great interest – women who have children with a national of a foreign country. Get to know The Hague Convention, that can in sudden and cruel ways, change the lives of parents and their children. This issue has surprised and moved me in many ways and, I’m sure, will do the same to you.

Adriana Chiari

illustration: Daiane medeiros

Enjoy reading!

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BEAUTY 46- MICROPIGMENTATION – DESIGN AND SHAPE by Roseane Shekinah 88- SPRING/ SUMMER ESSENTIAL PRODUCTS by Mariana Prado 81- SURGERY – QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS by Dr Marcos Sforza ‘YOUR SPACE’ Kelly Duarte - Distant Dreams Become Reality by Andriele List Daniel Toledo, Lawyer- your company will go global with Loyalty Miami. FSN Group Launches Moto Express an innovative delivery system arrives in London. Fernando Paiva Pereira, Hairdresser (trained by L’Oréal, Schwarzhopf, Tony & Guy, Redken, Vidal Sasson). Brenno Rosa, Insurance Adviser, The Importance of Life Insurance








It is very common to find in our wardrobe items of clothing that we have worn just a single time. I don’t mean that ‘party frock’ but one of those pieces that can be worn in our everyday life. Can we create a look ideal for a walk in the park and then, by simply changing some of the accessories, wear it to go to the theatre? Certainly! I have some tips that can help you with the right combination for that desired effect. Which pieces should I choose? Choose a piece that feels comfortable and that fits your body neatly. Most important: the garment must be in the correct size. Consider a printed dress with a dark background colour. Many people like prints but do not know how to wear them.

How to create various looks with one item from your wardrobe?

These four looks were created with the same dress; we can wear it for a casual or a more formal outing. Just by changing some accessories and some key pieces we create a new look. Start buying clothes with which you could create at least three different looks. You will save money, have more space in your wardrobe besides adding so much more personality to your appearance. Thaize de Oliveira Image Consultant



Bankruptcy in the United Kingdom? What happens next?


Most people perceive bankruptcy as something bad; the end of the line when it comes to debts and interrupted credit deals. But what does it involve and what really happens when it takes place? In this article we will see whether bankruptcy is really the end or whether it is merely the beginning of a new way of living. To declare bankruptcy: To declare oneself bankrupt was an option to be considered by those who were seriously affected by the credit crisis and by the recession that followed it. Bankruptcy can be the only viable option and is indeed an alternative for those who can no longer honour their debts. Bankruptcy normally lasts for a period of 12 months. While this period is ongoing, a few restrictions are applied to your finances. You may have to pay a certain monthly amount towards your debts. If, by following the directives given by the person responsible for dealing with your case you can get rid of the

Bianca Edwards Businesswoman and Business Administrator

bankruptcy within a period of 12 months, that means you may go on living as you did beforehandalthough you will certainly need be more careful with your finances. You will, however, still need to pay dues for another three years. If the Official Receiver (OR) that deals with your case deems that you acted dishonestly or irresponsibly you may suffer a Bankruptcy Restriction Order that can affect your finances for up to 15 years.

Effects on your career:

Are Pensions affected?

Starting over after bankruptcy may not necessarily be difficult so long as you have changed the way in which you deal with money matters and understand the need to control it better. Bankruptcy has a permanent effect on people because, fundamentally, it changes the way they deal with money and, in some cases, the way in which they see themselves and others. It is a difficult experience and can cause stress and embarrassment but it can also offer a new beginning to people who have lost all hope, and that is priceless.

If you have an HM Revenue approved pension scheme, it will be totally secure since it is not classified as part of a person’s property. In the case of a nonapproved pension, you may still request discretion from the administrator in order to exclude and protect it. If you are in receipt of a pension at the time that you go bankrupt, the pension will be classified as earnings and you may have to use it to repay the debt.


If you are officially bankrupt, there are certain job positions that you may not occupy, such as being the Company Director or a Member of Parliament. There are also legal institutions that would not hire someone classified as bankrupt. However, once the charges are lifted, you will be able to take any position just as before. Starting over:



Marília Maciel Journalist


It was in the 18th century, during the Industrial Revolution, that women took the first steps in entering the job market. Working women’s initial movements took place in the United States and Europe where they campaigned for higher pay, a reduction of the exhausting working hours and an end to child labour, a very common practice in factories at that time. With the advent of the First World War (1914 –18) the struggle intensified, and on 08 March 1917, in Russia, a protest called ‘Bread and Peace’ managed to gather 90 thousand women. The date has since been celebrated as International Women’s Day. It was only in 1945, more that 20 years later, that the United

Nations (UN) recognized officially the rights of women and signed the first international agreement which ensured principles for gender equality. In the history of both Brazil and the world some women stood out, either for their professional achievements or for breaking away from the taboos of a chauvinistic society. Among them, Cleopatra, a great strategist and stateswoman, who spoke six languages and enchanted all with her charms and intelligence; Anita Garibaldi, the Italian woman known as ‘the queen of two worlds’ and considered one of the strongest and most courageous women in history; Cora Coralina, a Brazilian poet and short story writer who lived through a life of challenges and only published her first book at age 76; Carmen Miranda, a world icon 18

and a woman pioneer of the radio, theatre, cinema and television, who suffered as a victim of prejudice but with her talent managed to mute all criticisms; and Frida Kahlo, the Mexican painter who was unique, strong and revolutionary and always ahead of her time. Each of these woman contributed towards how we live nowadays, when feminist movements are gaining more body and voice. The internet has always been a great ally in accomplishing that. Stories of real women are recountedby the five brilliant women that illustrate the cover of our 11th issue. The accounts of their struggles are an inspiration so that we continue united in the fight for equality, after all, we do not want to be better or worse than anybody: we fight so we can be equal.

Suzan Correa midwife and doula

It is not easy to have to prove daily that we are as strong as men and to have to fight every day for our equal rights, either in the professional or private domains.


In my field of work, I relate mostly with women but I still come across problems when dealing with husbands and also with the hierarchy that still exists in the medical environment. Nevertheless, I consider myself privileged for being in a position that allows me to fight for the rights of my patients and women in my daily life.


Ivone Arruda VAN DRIVER


Initially I worked as a motorbike courier and now I am a van driver. I have experienced several situations of prejudice in and out of my job. I recall several occasions when the supervisors would not consider me for certain delivery jobs because I was a woman. I also routinely overheard jokes and laughs directed at me at the workplace. The worst part of being a woman is the responsibility of dealing with two workloads; the day job and also the daily domestic chores- which ideally should be shared by husbands and wives. A woman cannot ever be tired, she always has to muster strength at the end of the day to deal with the second work load that is the home chores.


Micheline Sanches Head chef


We still live in a society in which women are much attacked; it can happen silently but it is still very much ingrained in people’s minds. There is still much to fight for so we can secure our space but I believe that through the evolving of relationships and with the help of the internet things will get much more exposed.One of the experiences that most affected me took place at the time I finished college training in Belo Horizonte. When I started searching for jobs and after getting three refusals in a row, the last interviewer was very honest with me and told me that, as a woman, I should look for work in another field and that really frustrated me a lot.


Member of the police force


In spite of being in a job where the majority are men, I do not face problems in the workplace for being a woman. Discipline is respected within the Police and so is the hierarchy. There are several programmes within the Police for training women who wish to progress in their careers. The instances that still bother me are the dubious compliments, asides or casual indiscreet staring. These cause embarrassment but I love my work and get all the support I need within it.

daniele tedesco Psychotherapist


To be heard and to be taken seriously by the male public, especially if you work in the field of psychotherapy, which does not have an expressive male public, is very difficult. This has, at times, bothered me greatly but, nowadays, I manage to take advantage of this and understand that that the feminine public is very united, even though many women think the opposite. What bothers me the most is the trivialisation of women by men, their confusion with women as professionals and how much they can push the limits hoping to get from this contact some sort of sexual gratification or even a way of promoting themselves in the power struggle. As therapists, we experience this situation in the clinic, but it is also present in professions like carers and other areas within the health industry. This does happen and needs to be discussed.

Photos: Daniela Luquini Makeup: Roseane Shekinah and Siomara Medeiros





What is the Importance of the financial year? Luciana Oliveira Accountant


Financial year is the period, normally of 12 months, that is used as a reference for the payment of taxes due to the fiscal authorities in every country, for instance, taxes derived from financial operational or non-operational activities as well as profits or losses accumulated by a company.

accountability in Brazil and the UK.

Revenues can come from services as freelancing, paid wages, receipt of profits, pensions or donations, selling of properties, receipt of dividends, share sales, etc.

**During the fiscal/ financial year, if the company or the autonomous individuals are registered for VAT, the frequency for the submission and calculations becomes every quarter, so planning and organization are imperative.

The nature of the earnings, the frequency and the deadline for reporting, expiry dates and responsible athorities vary from country to country. Below is information about income tax

*In the UK Limited Companies can choose any period as their Fiscal Year so long as it comprises a period of 12 months. The period is called Financial Year. The declaration is made via self-assessment and linked to the UTR (unique tax reference).

During the financial year it is necessary that you keep all documentation related to financial activities listed in the Income Tax declaration, in order 26

to protect the user (yourself) in case of inspection or questioning by the responsible authorities. Expenses of a personal nature are not declared in the UK, but in Brazil they can be declared and have their amount deducted from due Income Tax. In the UK, expenses from some services that contribute to the generation of income in some professions, may be deducted. Instances include ‘market research’ and expenses for travel to events, fairs, and seminars that can enhance the undertaken activity. Another relevant factor is that if expenses are greater than earnings, the accrued loss can be used in the subsequent financial/ fiscal year to minimize the tax amount payable.

This is so for Income Tax in Brazil as well as in the UK. Nowadays, income can be paid in many ways, by PayPal, credit card, cash, cheque, bank transfer in the country of residence or abroad. Regardless of the payment method, it is important that all earnings are declared, even if registered in different accounts. It is also recommended that accounts for commercial activities are kept separate from personal ones, so that

the earnings can be easily identified. The Declaration is obligatory, regardless of the volume of earnings in the period – although in Brazil there are certain exceptions. The end of the financial year deadline has to be observed even by people who are not economically active or living on benefits. Employers also must observe the deadlines for payment of labour taxes. *In Brazil there are several other levels of taxation according to the

size or activity field of a company and services offered. There are also three levels of taxation: federal, state and municipal, but these are not the subject of this article. The financial year must be observed by all citizens, contributors and beneficiaries of the economic system of each country. Paying taxes is part of their obligations as citizens and essential in the provision of their demands.


Fiscal Year

Regulating Organ

Nature of Earnings



01/01 to 31/12

Receita Federal


01/03 to 30/04 of following year

United Kingdom

06/04 to 05/04


31 January of following year


*For limited companies any period of 12 months within the fiscal year

In Brexit times with immigration a hot topic, being up-to-date with your taxes is essential when applying for British citizenship. In addition, it is imperative when purchasing a property and applying for credit or loans. It needs to be emphasised that if you have bank activities that are not compatible with your declared earnings you can be a target for

private investigation or suspension of your bank account by the financial institutions. In the UK all your financial activities are registered with Experian. A late payment of a telephone or energy bill can be reflected in your Credit History, which is also affected by whether or not your name is listed in the Electoral Roll (registration for voting in the area 27

Pay by Date

0 April 31 July to 31 January

where you live). The financial year is, therefore, important for accounts declaration to the fiscal authorities and needs to be done within the deadlines and legal terms of each country. By doing so, you are performing your duty as contributor and your role as citizen. Contact HMRC (Receita Federal in Brazil) or a licensed professional for assistance in all fiscal matters.

photo:Ana Karine Viana neves


Dreams do come true


Kelly Duarte, 42 and married, moved to London in 2004. While she lived in Brazil her life was anything but easy. From an early age she was used to working hard. Now, with a lot of effort, working as a babysitter and cleaner, she managed to realise a lifelong dream: she bought her family a home and kept on supporting them. Kelly came to this world in the hands of a midwife in Itabira, a district of Senhora do Carmo/ MG. She was part of a family of 25 kids and none of her siblings and parents could read or write. She started working at a very early age; at 7 she was already helping her father in the farm fields. Alongside her sister Maria (aged 8) she cleared the weeds and chopped sugar cane to help support the family. The first pair of shoes that Kelly and Maria ever had were a gift from her older brother and godfather Sebastião. She remembers that she was 10 and her sister Maria 8, when she had her first pair of brown Xereta sandals very similar to Havaianas. It felt to her like winning the lottery.

Andriele List Journalist

The family relied on donations of second hand clothes and food. Their typical breakfast consisted of boiled green bananas or cornmeal cooked with lard, that her mother Terezinha Viana Duarte used to call ‘sweated corn’. Lunch normally was a soup made with green bananas.

growing. She recalls that her siblings used to mock her whenever the family got together by asking: ‘How exactly will you be able to afford to buy a house?’ Kelly argued that she would move to Rio de Janeiro and earn money. When she reached 13 she decided to start spreading her wings.

When she was 7 years old, Kelly and her family lived in a very simple mud house built by her own family. It was then that a storm destroyed the house and almost claimed the lives of all her family members. Kelly remembers that day clearly: ‘My parents cried and prayed to God for help. I held on to my younger brother and, holding an image of the catholic patron saint of Brazil, Our Lady of Aparecida, prayed for our salvation.

She moved to the town of Itabira and worked as a babysitter, then a domestic help and eventually in a haberdashery shop. She worked in this shop for ten yeas and it was there that she met the people she affectionately calls her ‘angels’; a family she nowadays considers her own: Mr Nery the brother of the lady who owned the shop, and his wife, Dona Maria who decided to help her to get the ticket that brought her to England where their three children were studying at the time.

In the midst of so much sadness for having lost their only abode and nearly losing their lives, Kelly developed a great dread of rain and wind. But it was in that moment of great suffering that she nurtured the desire of, one day, being able to give her parents a home. Time passed and this dream kept on

In 2004 their son Junior, whom she considers a brother, helped her to start a new life in the UK. Kelly says that she is eternally grateful and would do anything for this blessed family that helped her in so many ways. Once in London, with effort and dedication in her jobs as babysitter and cleaner, Kelly


managed to realise her main dream; to buy her parents a house. In 2006 while she was working hard, she met her husband Gilson Pedroni and they got married in 2010. Kelly’s victories do not end there. She paid for surgery which one of her brothers needed and still pays health insurance for two nieces who were born with health problems. She built two small houses next to her parents’ house for two of her sisters. She

also sends money monthly to her mother and another two sisters who are undergoing renal and cancer treatments.

winner. The one thing that makes her sad is the loss of her father Sebastião Dias Duarte who died in 2015.

In 2018 Kelly wants to realise another dream: to buy her own house in England. She has also obtained a Life Coach Certificate, at the age of 42.

He used to joke that she was their father and mother in one. He also used to regret having to get Kelly to start working at such young age. She says she has no regrets and that she would do it all again if needed. Because of all her strength, Kelly managed to get where she has and conquer her place in the sun.

She proudly admits to being very thankful to God and all those who have helped her on her journey so far. Kelly considers herself a

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Custom Cleaning Services is a one-stop shop for all cleaning services in London and the surrounding areas. We are a single point of contact for cleaning offices, residential and commercial properties. The companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ethos focuses strongly on health, safety and environmental policies, equality and diversity in the work place.


The Collective Unconscious

A powerful new answer to relationship harmony


F Daniele Tedesco Psychotherapist

For millennia, from Egypt to Latin America, ancient people have believed that the force that sustained life came from their ancestors and, because of that, performed rituals honouring their forefathers. It is not a coincidence that since then, regardless of their beliefs, cultures and ideals, people have striven to establish a greater connection with the meaning of life. This attempt appears to be personal to those experiencing it, kept in confidence or shared only with a therapist or a close friend. It gives people the feeling of being ‘alone’ with their struggles. However, even though these experiences are very intimate, in reality, they can be connected to an immense ‘invisible’ puzzle to which humanity is interconnected with feelings, experiences and thoughts. A scientific study by Northwestern University (USA), conducted by Professor of Neuroscience Moran Cerf, shows the correct form of interconnectivity and the balance of the brain in human relationships (and I add, this balance happens among all living creatures). Maybe you were not aware that your brain works as a ‘router’ of information. This important scientific study confirms that our brain is a true electromagnetic antenna that constantly exchanges data with other brains, often in an unconscious manner. This exchange of data happens all the time via our body language, our expressions and even our thoughts; making others aware of this brain activity because of the electromagnetic energy that it 33

delivers. To this invisible elusive network of human communication, we give the name ‘Collective Unconscious’. In it is recorded the majority of sufferings that we experience privately, and which can be reflections of sufferings originated and lived by our predecessors. Nowadays, with advanced psychology and innovative understanding of the human brain, it is possible to learn practical exercises on how to ‘remould’ a dysfunctional subconscious that may be connected to the collective unconscious. A simple way to verify if your connection to the collective unconscious is in a healthy state (or unhealthy state) is to observe if our thoughts about life, the world and people are of hope and positive ideas, as opposed to negative ideas, failure and isolation. To direct our life towards new possibilities and positive synchronization of the unconscious, above all, we need to harmonize with our past experiences, discard the toxic mental and emotional elements, and start to clear out and free negative power. Only then, will we start to connect with people who are at peace, equilibrium, harmony, solidarity and success. I have been teaching this to thousands of people for over 10 years and I am confident to say that this is possible and more realistic than you imagine. Becoming aware of our collective unconscious when making new choices in life is the futuristic and more realistic way in the psychology of human interaction.




How do you react? How do you communicate? How do you react when you do not know?

Katia Kauffman Psychologist


This week I went to see ‘Dream Girls’ at the Savoy Theatre. It is a musical about the careers of three female singers. Art imitates life, and a scene that defines the personal life of one of the characters is the topic of our conversation today. Who am I in my professional life? How do I see myself? How do I imagine that I am seen by others? How much do I play with reality? How do I learn? How do I deal with opinions contrary to mine? These and other questions follow us throughout our professional lives just as is shown in the play with Effie White. Whenever we look at our performance in interpersonal relationships we perceive ourselves in a positive or negative way. The ego, ‘ich’ in German, or simply the ‘self’ is, in psychoanalytical theory, one of the three structures of the psychic apparatus model of Freud, Austrian neurologist and the father of psychoanalysis. It aggregates the consciousness that I have of myself, my identity and the way in which I perceive the ‘other’ or the reality around me.


Imagine that in your professional life you see yourself as being competent in performing a task. Imagine that, while performing it, reality poses new demands. How do you react? How do you communicate? How do you react when you do not know? Does it reveal healthy dynamics or the opposite? Asking questions is of great help when we need to check our dynamics. In a moment of crisis and important decisions in your career, question yourself, put yourself in the place of what bothers you. The strangeness in moments of difficulty is simply life proposing ways of expanding. Stop! Take a step back. Distance yourself. Find your “Gestalt” and ask yourself what the situation is trying to say to you. Life is constantly expanding. A fragile ego is not able to ask questions. Admitting yourself to be precarious is valuable so that you do not continue to be fixed and inflexible. As in real life, Effie White’s journey in Dream Girls, is made up of choices. To see oneself in constant transformation and to embrace the contradictory within us at any given time, that is where the valuable art of living lies.



what is the role of women?


Nancy Campos Entrepreneur and RME’s Ambassador

What are the trends and tendencies to watch out for this year? Results from The Future 100- 2018 from the international consulting organization J. Walter Thompson (JWT), maps out social, economic and behavioural movements we should observe in order to improve businesses. The subject is so rich that I decided to write a series of articles to share with you.

The international consulting organization highlight the importance of the feminine approach and participation of women in business as a strong trend for the current year!


Lucie Greene, the organization’s global Innovation manager, says that the speed of technological changes and the global nature of digital networks are speeding up the establishment of new trends. Companies’ branding and marketing now find themselves in an ever more sophisticated consumers’ environment where they are watched for the nuances of their visual language, their representation of diversity as well as for their ethics and transparency.

What is the role of women in this scenario? The feminine approach is being more valued and more attention given to women who work off-camera in the cinema, media and photography industries coupled with the effort to understand how the feminine approach influences these industries. A good example is the film Wonder Woman, directed by Pat Jenkins, a rare example of how a female director, in charge of a film with a budget of more than US$ 100 million, has managed a historic success as the film grossed US$103.1 million in the US opening weekend alone. ‘Feminine inclusion is the order of the day in the great diversity spectrum. From new tech enterprises to more traditional companies, there is growing pressure for increasing diversity within their staff team’, says the consulting manager. ‘Sexist or limited representation of women is being brought to public attention.

technological health products, create smart products designed for women’s physical needs’. Examples range from a new silicon tampon (the company that developed the product raised US$1 million via an accelerator in 2016) to an app that detects ovulation and calculates fertile days that has been officially approved in Sweden as a contraceptive. ‘For a long time, the majority of large technological corporations have ignored women as consmers, but that is now changing. As a market segment, women represent a share larger than the population of China and India together, and which is worth US$ 20 trillion. The new wave of start-ups led by women is creating technological health products that empathetically target women and also are presented in a refreshing aesthetic design to serve the needs of this strong consumer group’, reports the study. The JWT Report has many other interesting facts. Coming soon: more contents about the trends for the year.

Brands that want to reach younger clienteles now have to incorporate values like diversity and inclusion in their philosophy from the beginning’, recommends JWT. Women technology entrepreneurs are also heading a revolution which the consulting organization calls Femtech Revolution. ‘They lead a new wave of 39


How Loyalty Miami earns 6 million dollars a year and helps companies go global by Daniel Toledo

In Brazil, economic data such as a high rate of employment and rising violence point to an uncertain business scenario. Meanwhile, in Miami, Daniel Toledo, from São Paulo/Brazil, an attorney who specializes in International Law, invests 100 thousand dollars in the expansion of his consulting firm. It is called Loyalty Miami, a company that helps other companies take their businesses overseas, particularly to the United States. The young 40-year-old businessman, founding partner in the consulting firm, informs that his company closed the year with a 6-million-dollar turnover and has a bold growth target for 2018: 70%. Going against the Brazilian scenario, he wins customers who wish to expand their business, or apply for investment visas in the United States. And, to better serve his customers, he’s expanding the business – today the three physical offices are in the United States: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, New York – and setting up structures in Barcelona, in Spain, Lisbon, in Portugal, Brisbane, in Australia, and soon Manchester, in the UK. With startup capital worth 100 thousand dollars spend on the hiring of employees, the opening of the companies in the respective countries, advance on lease, furnishings and decoration, Daniel Toledo and his partners don’t need to spend a single dime of their own. This is because he and his company, Loyalty Miami, have one of the highest credit scores in the United States, which ensures them credit at annual interest rates that look like a percentage of monthly interest in Brazil. Daniel Toledo’s strategy to keep the business based in the United States includes an exclusive secretary living in Miami, hired to assist prospects from different countries in Portuguese, Spanish and English, and refer them to the regional offices. “Loyalty grew fast because I believe in hard work and the deliveries made by my efficient team. Without it, the process becomes unsustainable. And thereby, God lends a helping hand”, he says. He claims he helps people structure their business to support the visa, not the opposite, and this is a distinguishing point. “If the business fails, people lose their immigration visa. Therefore, there’s no point setting up a great visa process if the business has no good structure”, Daniel Toledo adds. Loyalty Miami can manage all the steps of a business implementation process, so it is attractive to those with no business vision and to large companies as well. The company provides a complete advisory service which includes the establishment of a company in the United States, market research, financial, legal and accounting structuring, implementation with the hiring of staff, information technology system; in addition to an efficient business plan, for at least, 3 years. “Our outside partners also provide engineering, architecture, decoration, and design services, among others”, Daniel says. For Loyalty Miami’s business growth and diversification plans, Daniel Toledo reveals that he’s developing an e-commerce platform with a surprising business model, to be informed soon, and will help small businessmen sell all over the world.

Daniel Toledo is an attorney specialized in International Law, managing partner of Loyalty Miami and presidentof ABAC – American Brazilian Association of Commerce.

photo:Ana Karine VIANA neves | 44 7576 256594

| @naturaemlondres


Suitcase ready to travel

nowned for the The Algarve is re all year round, sun that shines hes, pools and the paradise beac rilling bars and diving areas, th s of superb nightlife. Beache a with different quality and a se tice you to shades of blue en lidays. ho unforgettable

THE ALGARVE Karla Barbosa Travel Consultant


But there are also the mountains and the culture- here one lives in harmony with nature and the traditions are kept alive. Referred to as ‘the best-known secret of Europe’, Portugal’s Algarve region offers a feast for the eyes with its sunny dream beaches studded with limestone caves and grottoes surrounded by a sea of intense blue. Located in the extreme south of the country, the Algarve has in its 200 km of sea coast some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe like the Praia da Luz, the Armação de Pêra and the thermal spa of Caldas de Monchique. To wander in the narrow streets of the town, enjoy the exciting night-life or the tranquil life style of Sagres are also part of the appeal of this stretch of the Portuguese coast. Those who go to the Algarve for their summer holidays rarely stay less than a week.

Seven days are ideal to get to know the beaches of the region and visit towns like Faro, Albufeira, Tavira and Sagres. This is a region rich in landscapes, beaches of the most diverse kinds, street markets, shopping and restaurants. The list of attractions in the Algarve is extensive and goes well beyond the beaches. The night life is also a highlight, with incredible parties that go on through the night. The region has a number of fishing villages for those interested in discovering the local costumes and traditions, artists and events. These have very photogenic settings. The ones I most recommend are in Armação de Pera, Senhora da Rocha, Benagil, Carvoeiro, Ferragudo, Alvor and Carrapateira. Sea Sports The Algarve is a leader in nautical tourism: the marinas are among the best in Europe and the sea ideal for sports like diving and boat 42

tours. Short boat tours of about an hour are ideal to visit the grottoes. Towns In a region famous for its beaches, the towns of the Algarve can sometimes go unnoticed. These are the most famous and the ones I recommend to those looking for something more than beaches: Faro- has many monuments and historical buildings in beautiful Portuguese architecture. Sagres- Fishing Village with several forts. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s on the way to Cabo de SĂŁo Vicente. The Weather in the Algarve This is the most famous region of Portugal due to its mild weather all year round. This paradise on earth has some of the best weather conditions in all Europe and is ideal for most kinds of activities. The blossoming almond trees in January signal the approaching spring. What will follow is a sunny summer and a golden autumn. This is truly a year-round destination. In fact, the Algarve has a privileged location in Portugal and one of the most stable in the world. It rarely rains and the average temperature of the water in the summer is about 21 to 22 degrees centigrade. Due to its geographical position, the Algarve is influenced by the European continent, North Africa, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The lowest and highest Temperatures are about 15 and 31 degrees centigrade. It would be a miracle if temperatures ever approached negative figures in the Algarve. A sunny day on an Algarve beach is unbeatable. After a splash in the sea followed by a delicious lunch of fresh seafood by the sea front, you can practise 43

golf in one of the many golf clubs scattered throughout the region, try a new sea sport or visit one of the many cultural attractions of the region. There are many activities to be tried and the Algarve offers a great selection of these all year round. In winter, you can go on a pleasant trekking tour, spend the day sunning on the beach or enjoy one of the many multicultural attractions in the town of Faro. These are just some of the activities you can enjoy in the southernmost region of Portugal during the colder months of the year. One of the reasons why tourists from Northern Europe keep on coming is the desire to enjoy a few hours of sunshine. When to go: Summer is the most popular season and thus the most expensive one. Those looking for a bit of tranquillity and better prices, pay your visit in spring or autumn. Where to stay: - Grande Real Santa Eulália Resort E Hotel Spa: This hotel located close to Albufeira is one of the best options for those wishing for comfort and rest. Besides the cosy and well decorated accommodation, the pleasant restaurant has a beautiful sea view

where the guests can enjoy the delicious breakfast. The hotel also offers excellent options for lunch and dinner with typical Portuguese desserts. - Júpiter Algarve Hotel: Located in the Portimão region, this hotel undoubtedly offers the best cost/benefit rates. The rooms are modern, comfortable and decorated with extreme good taste. Besides the leisure area with a swimming pool and a gym, the guests can count on an abundant and varied breakfast. In the evening, along with all the delicious seafood and snack options, the tourists can also taste a selection of special wines and cocktails.

In order to get attractive rates at these hotels, you should do some price research and make reservations well in advance. In summary, the Algarve is a perfect destination for those who wish to spend unforgettable restful days by the sea, taste delicious Mediterranean dishes as well as enjoy beautiful beaches.

- Vale D’ Oliveiras Quinta Resort E Spa: Located in Barranco Fundo, in the Lagoa region, this hotel offers comfortable and cosy accommodation. The refined taste in the decoration of the restaurant, the excellent (and abundant) breakfast and the mouth-watering options for lunch and dinner all deserve to be highlighted as they delight the guests.


Have a gre





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We are a Brazilian company based in London and Albufeira .We arrange your financing with the banks and we also manage your property for you.

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New design and shape

Micropigmentation In this issue, I tackle an area of your face that is perhaps the most important when you do your make-up; the eyebrows. It is a tricky area to make-up because it demands that the eyebrows have a good design and are correctly aligned. There are thousands of products for eyebrows on the market - miracle formulas and recipes that promise perfect results. But when your best efforts do not bear fruit you get tired of trying for hours to resolve something without results, it is time you looked for professional help. Roseane Schekinah Makeup Artist 46

Uneven eyebrows make it hard to create the balance of symmetry even if you are talented with make-up. Sometimes not even stencils, those step-by-step videos from YouTube or even the best make-up tuition can help you. If you want perfect eyebrows you had better look for help from an eyebrow expert.

When I teach make-up, I advise students to seek professionals in the areas of Micropigmentation or Microblading. They will analyse the format of your face and design eyebrows that will always look perfect.

What is Micropigmentation? Micropigmentation is a technique that temporarily fills gaps in eyebrows, eye lashes and lips. Results lasts between one and three years, depending on the region where the procedure is performed. The treatment, popular among women, involves depositing pigments onto the epidermis that will correct gaps in hair growth on eyebrows. The results boost women’s self-esteem by rendering making-up easier; you simply need to work within the contours designed by the micropigmentation. Micropigmentation is a solution available for women who have plucked their eyebrows into too thin a line and which, as a result, no longer grow uniformly resulting in crooked and out of proportion results. For those with eyebrows that are too blonde or thin, micropigmentation will lend a more marked result. The procedure is also recommended for those with excessively bushy eyebrows who wish to have thinner and better shaped ones. I hope you enjoy this issue. Big kiss and see you soon!

For those with eyebrows that are too blonde or too thin

” 47

Makeup Course Bride Makeup Micropigmentation Permanent Makeup


Radicalism among young people in the United Kingdom Mirna Kauffman Hillingdon Council Educational Consultant


Besides radical ideology, what do terrorists – who embraced death, showed no mercy to victims and took away hundreds of innocent lives in recent attacks on the U.K. – have in common? They are all young and British, between the ages of 16 and 24, and often described as possessing the potential for brilliant academic futures. They were all born, raised and educated in British culture. What makes an individual with a promising future abandon their studies, family, careers and friends, alienate themselves completely from their parents’ values and latch onto a group of violent extremists, to the point of dying for an ideology? It is vital that we understand why young men are so vulnerable to the attraction of radicalism. Extremists target

individuals with low self-esteem, who were bullied and know the sting of discrimination. The radicalization process employed by ISIS (the so-called Islamic State) is not accomplished overnight. It is a set of articulate teachings that offer young followers the illusion of feeling they are part of something special. The brainwashing comes later, and with-it isolation and separation from any friends and family members who don’t understand the young person’s “calling.” These young people are led to believe they are part of a fraternity – a brotherhood, as they call it – within which each member acts to bring about justice. They become radical in discourse and ideology, and, once enmeshed in the group, believe themselves to be 50

living for an urgent cause. Soon, they volunteer for action. According to BBC News, around three thousand people in the United Kingdom were listed as having links to violent Islamic extremism, and another 20,000 were reported to have been in recent contact with extremists. The government of the United Kingdom defines radicalization as the process by which an individual or a group comes to adopt extreme political, societal and religious ideals. To fight the trend, the government started a program that combats radicalization and terrorism called CTSA (Counter Terrorism and Security Act) 2015. The program seeks to form a partnership between the government, individuals, organizations and communities

The radicalization of a young person doesn’t only bring about destruction in their own life: it changes the reality of their entire family. And, as we saw in 2017, it can change the history of a nation.

to prevent involvement with terrorism and other illegal activities. The government has also invested in a rehabilitation program called Prevent, as part of a larger strategy to battle terrorism. The project offers psychological help, support with employment and education, ideological mentoring and counselling. Between 2015 and 2017, 7,631 people went through Prevent, with about 2,000 of them being under the age of 15. Among those in that age range, 532 were girls. Another 2,100 were between 15 and 20 years of age, and another 1,200 were aged 21 to 30. As part of their prevention strategy, the government has made radicalization a highly important issue in schools, colleges and universities, where professors and

educators are warned to be on high alert, watching for signs of extremism. In the midst of this, what is our role as parents and educators? If we live in the United Kingdom, this issue is also our responsibility. Our sons and daughters will be exposed to different ideologies every day – and bear in mind, radicalization does not come only from Islamic extremist groups, who mostly target British Muslims. Statistics show a considerable number of British people are converting to I slam. The number of people recruited by other extremist groups is also on the rise – far-right extremists are a worrying example, whose radical ideology targets Muslim, LGBT and Jewish communities. As parents and educators, it is 51

necessary for us to understand radicalization, so that we can protect our children when they are at their most vulnerable. Observing what our children consume on social media, paying attention to changes in their behaviour and looking out for new radical rhetoric that makes no room for reasonable argument are a few things we can do, according to resources on The website also offers a helpline operated by trained professionals who can clarify issues of concern or respond to alarming situations. The radicalization of a young person doesn’t only bring about destruction in their own life: it changes the reality of their entire family. And, as we saw in 2017, it can change the history of a nation.


Endometriosis: a mysterious disease


Dra. Vania Martins Gynaecologist

Endometriosis is a very common health complaint among young women in their fertile age (10 to 45 years old, WHO the World Health Organisation). The disease usually causes a lot of pain and affects the life quality of the patient who will suffer constantly from strong menstrual cramps. Risk factors: Women who have incidence of the disease in their families are more prone to developing the problem. It is also possible that other factors contribute to its onset like: irregular menstrual cycles, very long menstrual periods (longer than seven days), never having been pregnant or abnormalities in the uterus. Possible causes: Retrograde menstrual cycles: the blood flows back to the uterine tubes and, as a consequence, flows into nearby places like the ovaries or even the intestines. Low immunity level: when there are problems in the immune system, the body moves the production of endometrium cells to the wrong place. Main symptoms: . Severe menstrual cramps. . Strong abdominal pains in the pre-menstrual period. . Intense bleeding during menstruation. . Presence of nodules or cysts (in the ovarium and fallopian tubes). . Feeling of pain during urination. . Constipation and intestinal pain. . Nausea and vomiting during menstruation. . Bleeding through the anus during menstruation. Diagnosis: A visit to the gynaecologist is recommended for a precise diagnosis via these tests: . Transvaginal ultrasonography 2D/3D for a deep pelvic analysis.


ADVICE: Consult your gynaecologist if you have severe menstrual cramps or experience pain during the sexual act. Physical exercise can help, as can avoiding processed and food rich in refined sugars.

. Pelvis magnetic resonance for cases of profound endometriosis. . Laparoscopy to analyse the structure of the tissue of the abdominal cavity. . Colonoscopy- this test looks for alterations in the internal part of the intestines. . Cystoscopy for the diagnosis of bladder endometriosis. Treatment options: Endometriosis is a chronic problem that will rarely have a definitive cure. It is important to consider factors like age, seriousness of the problem and the desire of the patient to have children in the future. Normally, surgical procedures are suggested (in the most serious situations) or treatment with drugs such as pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications, contraceptives or IUD. It is important that the patient is aware that the treatment is often long-term, especially when it involves the use of substances to ameliorate the symptoms. Because of this, stopping taking the medication can make the problem re-occur. Endometriosis and pregnancy : Women suffering endometriosis usually also experience infertility; 50% to 70% of women with the problem are also diagnosed with infertility.



Effective communication. Get to the point!


A few days ago, in a scene from The Crown, which portrays the British royalty, between Queen Elizabeth and Winston Churchill, he says: â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Time wasting is a serious problem. What I learnt in 52 years of civil service is that there is no problem so complex or crisis so serious that it cannot be solved in 20 minutesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. And so you can conclude that in all scenarios there is a simpler, less elaborate way of communicating, resolving conflicts, exposing ideas and selling. Either in royalty, in the business world or in marketing there is no longer time for idle talking and roads that lead nowhere. In television, broadcast news and in our daily lives, a huge amount of energy is wasted in meetings that could be resolved by emails and excessive bureaucracy that leads nowhere. Never before has time wasting cost so much. Leaving royalty aside and focusing on our

plebeian world, companies have never before placed so much value on professionals with good communication skills who are capable of adding value, establishing relationships and keeping dialogues open, more democratic and simpler- but not simplistic. People capable of creating niche markets and solving problems in a practical manner by employing fast and effective ways to communicate that can surprise by their objectivity and personal imprint are in high demand. What is interesting is that many people believe that this communication format is new, and that it comes as part of the crazy world and its rapid changes that we presently live in. But it has been well known since time immemorial, that to speak well you should not speak too much. And to help you get it right, some tips: . Concentrate on what needs to be 56

Juliana Albanez Journalist said and not on what may impress. . Remember that our brain does not assimilate well excessive information, so trim all the excesses. . Make sense, your communication needs to have meaning and be inter-connected, like a story or an interesting fact. Whatever you say needs to make sense. . Have a style, a personal touch. Your presence and authenticity can have a surprising effect. And evaluate, yes, evaluate your communication skills with the world, with people around you, observe whether you are achieving the results that you hoped for. You are the only oneresponsible for the message that you pass to the world, not the company or your boss. Start by analysing if people pay attention to what you say. This evaluation is a first step that may not take you to royalty but nonetheless is a majestic path.


A balanced diet for our children


Amanda Yitzhak Nutritionist


Life has become a struggle against time. Nowadays parents work too hard in the hope of giving a better future to their children. The children, loaded with obligations of their own, start to behave like adults too early without having enough maturity to make the correct choices for their lives. This situation and behaviour have brought serious consequences to several aspects of modern living. Carrying this into the nutrition environment, we notice that our frantic daily routine prevents us from serving balanced meals to our kids. Practicality frequently makes us opt for ready-made or fast food, often loaded with chemical additives, artificial colours and preservatives. Childhood obesity has had a tenfold increase in the last forty years. A survey conducted by London’s Imperial College, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and by The Lancet magazine used data from children from 1975 and from 2016, since in this four-decade interval the number of obese youngsters has grown from 0.7% to 5.6% among girls and 0.9% to 7.8% among boys. These figures carry on growing with frightening speed. Lack of care with the day to day diet can result in: . Increase in cholesterol and triglyceride levels . Childhood obesity- a problem affecting children in developed nations . Diabetes- the second most common chronic disease in childhood . High blood pressure . Tooth decay . Hyperactivity . Anxiety . Lack of concentration resulting in

poor school performance It is important to pay attention to the seriousness of the problem so that these figures can decrease. Pay attention to what your children eat as well as the quantity and quality of the food. The consumption of processed food with high levels of sugar must be avoided. Our children need a balanced diet rich in nutrients necessary for a healthy development. Nowadays, it is possible to find, in supermarkets across the nation, reasonably priced food that is also practical and healthy. Some smartphone apps will tell you the total calories in certain foods and that can help you monitor calorie consumption. With all that in mind, I have prepared a few tips to help you. Prepare snacks with 100kal for your children and keep an eye on the sugar content in the food they eat. Nowadays, sugar is considered the main food villain. See below a list of everyday foods that, because of their high sugar content, must be eaten in moderation. The equivalent quantity of sugar cubes each food item contains: . Banana, 4½ sugar cubes. . 1 cup of strawberries, 1½ sugar cubes . 1 Medium slice of pineapple, 2½ sugar cubes . 1 Gala apple, 6 sugar cubes . 1 Bunch of grapes, 5 sugar cubes . 6 Mini carrots, 1 sugar cube . 1 Corn on the cob, 1½ sugar cubes . 1 Spoonful of ketchup, 1 sugar cube . 1½ soup spoons of Haagen Daz Vanilla ice-cream, 26½ sugar cubes . 3 Oreo biscuits, 3½ sugar cubes . 1 Glass of orange juice from 59

concentrate, 6 sugar cubes . Snickers bar, 13½ sugar cubes . Skittles, 12½ sugar cubes . McFlurry ice cream, 18½ sugar cubes For more comparisons visit Here are some suggestions for healthier sweets for our children with lower levels of sugar, which are quick to make, attractive and balanced. Homemade Fruit Lollies Benefits: fruits are excellent foods. The majority have up to 90% of water in their composition, and are fibre and are cholesterol free. Cassava Brigadeiro Benefits: cassava is good in aiding the immune system, decreasing risks of osteoporosis and of type 2 diabetes. It is also a good source of carbohydrates, vitamins B6 and C, magnesium, manganese and copper. Banana Biomass and Cocoa Mousse Benefits: excellent for the intestines as it supports the intestinal flora besides boosting the immune system. It is rich in fibre, prolongs satiety feelings and aids the treatment of obesity by reducing glucose absorption. For recipes and how to prepare the above suggestions, visit


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The Hague Convention

In the past five years Brazilian courts recorded 507 charges for repatriation of children kidnapped by one of their parents, in their own country or abroad. In most cases the kidnapping took place after alleged physical and psychological abuse against their mothers.

Diana Brito Journalist



The arrival of Brazilian psychologist Valéria Ghisi, 39, at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport in November 2016 turned into a dramatic event; one that has become familiar to many separated couples disputing their children’s guardianship when they no longer live in the same country. ‘I tried to explain to my daughter in Portuguese what was taking place, as they removed her from me because I was being charged with kidnapping by her father. She clung on to me and cried: ‘No, mummy, no. I don’t want to go’, the mother sadly recalls. Ghisi relates that the moving scene touched even the airport judge who had tears in her eyes from the scene. The psychologist and university teacher- from Curitiba, Brazil, had come to France with her daughter, aged three at the time, after receiving a judicial order in which she was charged with international child kidnapping based on The Hague Convention terms. She was requested by the French Courts to settle details relating to her child’s guardianship, pension and visiting rights. Brazil became a signatory in 2000 of The Hague Convention that deals with civil aspects of international child kidnapping. A total of 112 countries have signed the treaty, among them Portugal, Italy, France, the United States and the UK. Besides demanding the return of children taken abroad illegally, the country has the obligation of returning those brought illegally into Brazilian territory. Mainly because of lack of knowledge of the existence of the treaty, it is common for a mother to inadvertently return with her child to her country of origin without the father’s authorisation. Figures from Brazil’s Ministry

of Justice point to the fact that, between 2013 and 2017, there were 507 requests for restitution in accordance with The Hague Convention, from which 292 supposedly dealt with children and adolescents living in Brazil. The remaining 215 requests involved minors living abroad. The Ghisi case was particularly notorious because it involved a criminal accusation; she was, however, released on the same day once she could prove with documentation she carried with her, that she had filed domestic abuse charges against her ex-partner before she left for Brazil and also that the child had never ceased contact with the father’s family. Ghisi’s relationship with the French civil servant, now 47 years of age, lasted for four years while she was based in Paris studying for her doctorate. When she got pregnant, she says he wanted her to have an abortion. Since abortion is legal in France she even visited a clinic but changed her mind after a conversation with the social worker. After that she says she endured domestic abuse, filed a police complaint and left for Brazil. At that time, the mother decided not to return to France. The Union’s Attorney General (AGU), demanded that The Hague treaty be observed but, according to Ghisi, they overlooked the criminal accusation and the arrest injunction against her partner. However, she managed to prove that she had even received a visit from the child’s father in her hometown of Curitiba. Soon afterwards, her family reported her case to OAB (Brazil’s Advocates Order) and also filed a representation against AGU and 63

were victorious in the first instance. AGU then appealed against the decision but lost in November of last year. The proceedings are ongoing. In a published note, AGU and France’s Central Authority stated that they had no knowledge of the penal charges prior to the child’s return to the country because the Public Ministry of France had kept the case confidential. The child’s father was represented free of charge by AGU- as customarily happens with any persons abroad requesting repatriation supported by the Convention. Since then, due to provisional measures, the mother has only been able to visit her daughter on Wednesdays and on alternate weekends. She was not permitted to have permanent guardianship of her daughter while she was subject to criminal charges and did not have a permanent job. At the end of last year, all restrictions were lifted (contact with her daughter and recovery of passports to leave France). The unpaid license from the university where she teaches in Curitiba however, runs out at the end of January and she needs to return to Brazil in order to keep her job. Although she holds dual citizenship (Brazilian and Italian), she has not been able to renew her rent contract because she does not have an income nor a guarantor. She survived last year with money earned with casual jobs as a babysitter and animal carer since her qualification as a psychologist is not accepted in France. Her family and friends have also been helping financially.

On the 14th of last month, the little girl became 5. ‘We agreed that we are not going to forget each other and that I will continue asking the judge to let me take her home with me’ says the mother. The little girl also suggests strategies: ‘If I keep really quiet and you hide me inside your suitcase, we can escape and no one will realise’. The lawyer for the child’s father, Martine Jadoul, says that the father denies the accusations of domestic abuse. She agrees that the mother may maintain contact with the child via Skype when she leaves France. Valeria Ghisi however said there were no agreements between them for her to keep in contact with the child via teleconference when she returns to Brazil. In total, seven offices were contacted by the mother’s family to deal with the case so far, two of these in France. ‘The family had to sell cars and personal objects to pay for lawyers. We are all very shaken’, says Ricardo Ghisi, the girl’s grandfather. A similar case was experienced by Brazilian air stewardess Tunísia Viana, 38, who also claims she suffered domestic aggression from her American husband at the end of her pregnancy in 2011. When her child was born she went straight to a refuge for victims of abuse in Miami and three months later she discovered that her American partner had criminal records relating to a history of abuse against women. This helped in her victory in the Brazilian courts for the guardianship of her child.

‘He was a seductive and attractive man. A smooth talker, he asked for my hand kneeling down in a Miami restaurant, but soon revealed himself to be another kind of person; a psycho stalker. Five women had previously denounced him prior to me’, says Viana, now living in São Paulo with her two daughters, one from another marriage.

The reporter was not able to contact the ex-husband’s lawyer. The Ministry of Justice says that the United States and Portugal top the ranking for requests for restitution based on the treaty. Cláudio Fruet, a lawyer specialising in ratification of international sentences and extradition cases, advises that mothers who have children abroad must apply for a Brazilian passport for the child soon after birth. The nearest consulate will instruct on the procedure. He also explains that in cases involving domestic abuse, the woman must go to the police to undergo a physical evidence inspection and file charges against the aggressor. ‘Once back in Brazil (based on article 13 of The Hague Convention, which was written to protect mothers and children abroad), she must file an official complaint against her partner and be prepared because he will certainly file penal charges against her as well’.

Women from The Hague

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Blossom With bucolic sceneries displaying gentle colours and textures, it is almost possible to scent the aroma of Spring already circulating in London. The city always has an awakening, a novelty, a surprise… a surprise... just like Spring and my hat collection design. It is possible to anticipate the effects of this season with the sight of the beautiful blossoming trees in St. James’s Park, the gardens of Regent’s Park, the cherry trees in Greenwich… the textures and natural movements, like femininity itself, seem to celebrate beauty. This wonderful sensation also occurs in beautiful Brazilian sceneries. The editorial set in Fazenda Santa Barbara provides beautiful settings to showcase various aspects of my Blossom collection. The result is in perfect harmony with the shades and mood of Spring. The RRosner dresses display exquisite textures in the compositions of “looks”; Trinita e Vasti have the sobriety that traditional hat making demands and, in their flounces and thread details, also follow the creative movements of this collection; Adriana Scarpelli’s jewellery translates the luxury and refinement of the high aristocratic hat making, and the gentle beauty of Kiko could not be more precise in portraying the modern woman. The team of photographers, Murilo e Flávia, seeks to capture the lightness of this essence in their photos and along with the camera movements of Erick Vasconcelos, aided by a musical rhythmic beat, evokes a part of Brazil in London. It’s worth checking out! By: Graciella Starling

Graciella Starling - Millinery | Features: Editorial Blossom Production: Graciella Starling / Assistance: Persona Eventos / Model: Bruna Guth/ Beauty: Agência First por Kiko de Lima /Hat: Graciella Starling / Dresses: Trinita Vasti / Maison Alexandrine by RRosner /Jewellery: Adriana Scarpelli / Location: fazenda Santa Barbara / Photo: Flavia e Murillo Medina / Video: Erick Vasconcelos


Dra. Vania Health Care Fertility Scan USG Fertility Check Couples - Couples MOT Blood test for ( NIPT) - Non Invasive Test for Diagnostic of Genetic Diseases( Down, Patau, Turner, Klinefelter, gender) Consultation in Gynecology Fertility Consultation Early Pregnancy Scan ( First Trimester Scan) Scan for Fetal Biometry Coaching for Health English Only Pre IVF Consultation In Vitro Fertilization partnership ( City Fertility London) Exam to detect HPV Virus Cotesting : Smear test + HPV Test in one exam

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Spring is on its way and brings with it several unmissable events in London. From exhibitions to open-air theatre plays, there are options for all tastes and styles. Check these out! The Credit Suisse Exhibition: Monet & Architecture

Proposing a totally new look on one of the greatest painters of all time, the exhibition ‘Monet & Architecture’ opens on April 9th at the National Gallery. The public will be able to appreciate more than 75 works of art by Claude Monet, showing the relationship between the French impressionist painter- famous for his landscape paintings- with the architecture of cities like Paris, Venice and London. The exhibition will be on until July 29th 2018 and tickets can be purchased from the site: Credits: The Credit Suisse Exhibition: Monet & Architecture: Claude Monet Le Quai du Louvre, 1867 © Collection Gemeentemuseum Den Haag; London Coffee Festival: Brooklyn Coffee Foto: Divulgação; The Future Starts Here: Camisa solar de Pauline van Dongen em colaboração com Holst Centre. Photo: Liselotte Fleur ; Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre: Teatro ao ar livre Foto: David Jensen; Open Garden Squares Weekend: Nomura International PLC Photo: Diana Jarvis

London Coffee Festival

Lovers of coffee brace yourselves! The 8th edition of the London Coffee Festival will take place from 12 to 15 April at the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane. Among this year’s highlights are the return of the Coffee Masters competition which reveals the world’s best baristas, and the Espresso Martini Party with performances by renowned London DJs. Workshops and coffee tastings are also part of the programme. More information:

The Future Starts Here

Focusing on technological advances and their impact on modern society, The Future Starts Here will be the main exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum this coming spring. The show will display objects printed by astronauts while in space using the world’s first 3D Printer that operates in zero gravity, and also a solar shirt that can generate enough electricity to charge day to day items like a smartphone or a camera. The exhibition is interactive and raises questions like: ‘We are all connected, but still feel lonely?’ or ‘Who wants to live forever?’ the Future Starts Here will be on from May 12th until November 4th 2018. Info:


Patricia Dantas Journalist

Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre

Do you want to watch a play in an open-air theatre in the heart of London? If so, do not miss the 2018 Season of the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre. This year’s season starts on May 17th with the premiere of ‘Peter Pan’ by J. M. Barrie (May 17th until June 15th). The Turn of The Screw, As You Like It, and Dinosaur World Live are other shows for this year’s season that ends on September 15th. More information:

Open Garden Squares Weekend

With more than 200 gardens scattered around London, the Open Garden Squares Weekend will return to the capital on 9 and 10 July. For one weekend only, the public will have the opportunity of exploring the most secret and private gardens, green areas and rooftops of the city. Nomura International PLC, MaRoCoCo Garden at Rococo Chocolates, Eaton Square, Belgrave Square, Royal College of Physicians’ Medicinal Garden, The Deanery, and Rosmead Garden are a few of the gardens already confirmed to take part in this event. Information:


Fernando Paiva, 26, married to Gabriela Ferreira Paiva, was born to a middle-class family in the eastern part of the city of São Paulo. His father was a lawyer and his mother a hairdresser. In his childhood he dreamed of becoming a footballer but eventually decided to have a go and train to become a hairdresser like his mother. He started his studies at Fernando Alves Hair Academy - at the time considered the best hair school in the country. In his first job he worked for Jacques Janine at Bourbon Shopping Centre, the largest chain of hairdressers’ salons in Latin America at the time. At age 20 he started as an assistant to Marcelo Comino, a well stablished professional with a 20-year strong career. With great effort he managed to train in Europe. In Spain he took part in the Salon Look fair and attended a workshop at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Madrid. He graduated from the Lluis Llongueras Academy. In Paris he attended courses at Kérastase and L’Oréal Paris and took part in the world launching of the Inoa colouring. In London he studied at the Tony & Guy Academy. On his return to Brazil, as a professional hairdresser, he had the opportunity of working again for Jacques Janine salons in a branch at Aldeia da Serra, where he remained for a period of five years, improving and enriching his knowledge of the trade. During this time, another opportunity of studying abroad arose, this time at the Redken Academy in fashionable 5th Avenue in New York. He took part on an online contest promoted by Wanderley Nunes who, along with Rosângela Brachetta was a partner in Studio W salons. He competed with other top professionals from all over Brazil and won. As a reward, Fernando attended a workshop hosted by Wanderley Nunes himself and eventually got an invitation to join his team. After many years dedicated to clients that look for him from all parts of Brazil and even from abroad, Fernando and his wife left for Miami in search of pastures new and challenges. Nowadays, after a long journey filled with dedication, discipline, studies and perseverance, Fernando has managed to garner a number of qualifications both national and international and highlights a few of them: PhD in Haircut (L’Oréal); MASTER COIFFEUR (L’Oréal); COLOUR PERSONALITY (Schwarzkopf); CUT AND COLOR (Tony e Guy); CUT AND KNOW WHY (Redken); SALON CREATIVE CUT (Vidal Sassoon). And so, Fernando Paiva continues his journey performing his abilities, creating new techniques and spreading joy and beauty wherever he goes.


Sandra Griffiths Plastic Artist

CREATIVE PHOTO FRAME A clothesline photo frame is a great decorative idea for displaying pictures of yourself, family moments or that special someone. Everybody likes to see photographs that bring good memories. Remembering pleasant moments will give that wonderful nostalgic feeling inside. You can build your clothesline photo frame in many ways: stretch the line on the wall, within a frame, use a hanger, a piece of wood of the size and shape that you want.

Material needed: . Choose a simple frame - one that you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t use and that has been kept away for ages. . String . Plastic and wooden clothes pegs . Hot glue . Scissors Note: Try painting the pegs if you wish.

The options are many!

step by step 1. Stretch the string within the frame and cut into the desired lengths. Then, glue the end of the thread on the inside edge of the frame- keep enough distance between the lines. 2. Check and make sure that the lengths of string are securely glued. 3. The fun bit; choose the pictures you want to display. photo: Natalya Cardoso

4. Hang the photos on the stretched string using the pegs. Choose a clear wall to hang the frame with the pictures on. Inspire yourself!


Gesiane Gouveia Chef


Ham, Chicken, Cheese and Herb Muffin

It’s simple! It’s easy! It’s delicious! The season is changing and with it our body system also changes and we crave light and tasty food. This savoury muffin is very practical and easy to make. It is a versatile recipe and can be made with other ingredients of your choice. It is a great option for a snack or a light meal when served with a green salad. Ingredients - Makes 20: . 125g of ham chopped into small cubes . 125g of shredded cooked chicken . 175g of grated cheese . 850g of plain flour . 3 tablespoons of baking powder (or use self-raising flour) . 675ml of milk

. 225ml of vegetable oil . 1 large onion finely chopped . 150g spring onions finely chopped . 5 eggs . Salt and black pepper to taste . 4 tablespoons of mixed herbs Preparation : 1. Pre-heat the oven to 175 ºC. 2. In a large bowl mix the eggs and milk. Slowly add the sieved flour and baking powder if used, and beat to a smooth texture. 3. Add the oil, ham, chicken, cheese, onion and spring onions and mix well. 4. Add the salt, pepper and herbs. 5. Divide the mixture into 20 muffin cases. Ideally use oiled silicon cases as these are easier to remove the muffins from once baked. 6. Bake for about 25 to 30 minutes. 75

7.Use a toothpick or a pointed knife to see whether its cooked through. Additional information: You can use this recipe to make a single large muffin that you can serve as a cake, cutting it into slices. You will need to reduce the heat to 150 ºC and bake it for about one hour. If using small eggs, add an extra one but pay attention that the dough is not too heavy. Instead of spring onion you may use any other herb. Tarragon is slightly sweet and adds a lovely taste.

>> O seu espaço <<



The delivery start-up MOTO EXPRESS, created by FSN Advisory Group, will be active in London in six months’ time, according to Fábio Nunes, the group’s executive director.

EXPRESS utilizes, besides standardized motorbikes designed specifically for use in deliveries, Android and iOS mobile apps. The contact and booking of the service can be done via these apps.

MOTO EXPRESS has been active in the European market for a year performing deliveries with quality and security. Its staff team of employees and freelancers undergo a rigorous selection process and, once selected, are constantly trained and monitored by the Group and by its clients.

The service is available for the general public looking for services like: restaurant deliveries, pharmacies, offices, etc. The operation is executed in the shortest possible time thanks to a cutting-edge technology that searches and selects the best routes to be used and the delivery can be monitored throughout its process.

With the objective of maintaining the quality of its services, MOTO

Utilizing web platforms, mobile

apps and social media via chat box, MOTO EXPRESS was created by FSN Advisory Group (a business management company with 15 years’ experience based in Spain and Portugal and with representation in Brazil). It proposes to revolutionise delivery services with the use of motorbikes that do not add to traffic congestion and guarantee fast and secure deliveries. The company looks forward to its entrance into the English market with high hopes because this will provide the platform from which it will start granting franchises with a view to implementing the service throughout Europe.


>> COMMERCIAL & PRIVATE CLIENT SERVICES Nabas International Lawyers is a multi-service law firm serving businesses and individuals with legal and professional services on domestic and international matters. Specialist advice from our team bring resolve to sensitive matters requiring both privacy and expedience with the ability to tackle complex management and personal issues. As a firm we work collectively with you to best serve your interest. Nabas International Lawyers is a trading company of Cubism Law, duly qualified law firm giving our clients and us a strong platform to provide specialist services and professional support. Our practice areas are divided within two scopes, Business and Individual affairs. Business affairs are tailored to business related services involving commercial and corporate legal issues for small businesses to corporates. With Invidiual affairs , clients have personal issues to be tackled and require our representation. Of course it is common for the business and individual client needs to intertwine. We are able to analyse and contribute to the resolution process.

Management of personal legal affairs are a challenge. A challenging climate should not intrude in your goals and sensitive matters. We put crucial attention, and apply assurance to reach settlement. We aim to serve you with expertise, sincerity, and commitment.

Business milestones are critical to reaching operational and financial goals whether entering from abroad or managing your business domestically. Our approach to business is to understand YOUR business and YOUR objectives. We can advise you on critical issues likely to affect your goals and provide immediate solutions to calm concerns.




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Tax Law Management of personal legal affairs are a challenge. A challenging climate should not intrude in your goals and sensitive matters. We put crucial attention, and apply assurance to reach settlement. We aim to serve you with expertise, sincerity, and commitment.

Brazil, England, Wales and Portugal +44 (0) 20 7252 0106 +44 (0) 20 7681 3855

Dr. Vitoria Nabas | Lawyer Partner-Founder

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your home for Spring Carolina Sandri Interior Designer

Spring :tips for an incredible ambience!

In just a few months we will be entering the season of flowers. Spring is the best time to bring the freshness of nature and the sun into our homes. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nothing like a little renewal in your space and so have the best of this season in our homes. Revamp your cushions and bedspreads Spring evokes relaxed afternoons. Colourful cushions in light fabrics add delicacy to the composition. In the bedroom and in the living room you can combine bedspreads and cushions in different colours and prints. Choose light fabrics Replace the heavy fabrics from winter with linen and cotton. Your dinner table will have a more delicate and at the same time elegant look with a linen tablecloth. Keep it simple Revamping does not mean you need to change everything inside your house. It is a good idea to clean your rugs, which you can stow away so that you can show the natural floors for a while. Rearranging the living room furniture, for instance, can be a very simple and inexpensive way of changing the ambiance for the new season. 78


# #


Fashion books, bronze objects and flowers are my favorites when decorating my own home.

Use natural plants and flowers

Remove all accessories that you consider heavy and replace them with potted plants and natural flowers. You will feel the lightness and elegance of a simple ambiance. Renew your bed linen Give yourself a present of new bedlinen. Neutral tones mixed with spring colours will provide a delicate and cosy atmosphere. New Walls Nothing freshens up a room more than a newly painted or wallpapered wall. You can repaint the whole room or simply add a little colour and texture to a single wall, a niche or just the ceiling. Add colour Colourful accessories are an easy and affordable way of revamping a room. Without spending much you can find vases, interesting objects and colourful books that will easily transform any coffee table or console. Fashion books, brass objects and flowers are some of my favourite items when I revamp my own home.



ASK OUR SURGEON Marcos Sforza Plastic Surgeon

1. Am I a good candidate for cosmetic surgery? Why? The patient alone can decide whether he or she needs plastic surgery and for what reasons. The surgeon ought not to interfere in the decision. The surgeon’s role is simply to decide whether what the patient asks for is feasible with the least possible risks. 2. What results can I expect? Cosmetic surgery must primarily be capable of fulfilling the needs and desires of the patient. It also ought to be performed in a safe way and with minimal risks. 3. Is it possible to see ‘before and after’ photos of other patients that have undergone similar cosmetic surgeries? The plastic surgeon can only show pictures of patients who have agreed to have their image used for that end. Preserving patient confidentiality is paramount.

Besides that, each patient is different, and showing other people’s results is not a guarantee of good results. An experienced surgeon will, however, be able to show cases that illustrate the desired results 4. What care must be observed before the procedure? It is important to quit smoking, avoid alcohol and adopt a healthy diet prior to surgery. 5. What is the aftercare? Out team of nurses will look after you but do expect that at least one week’s rest will be needed. 6. What will I feel immediately after the surgery? And in the following days? A little bit of pain, discomfort and nausea. Normally cosmetic surgery is very well tolerated and our team will guarantee your comfort. 81

7. What is the average recovery time? Two to four weeks depending on the nature of the surgery. 8. Can I then go back to my normal life? Normally you will wait a week before you feel more comfortable. 9. What are the most common risks associated to cosmetic surgery? The main risks can be related to allergies to anaesthetics or to the procedure itself; infections, bleeding or rejections (in the case of breast implants). 10. Where is the procedure performed? The surgery will be performed in CQC UK registered hospitals specialising in cosmetic surgery.


imagine yourself placing all the food you have eaten throughout the week. Now stand back and take a look. Do you like what you see? Next to this table, place a tray and imagine all the residues your body has eliminated during the same period. How do you compare the difference between the input and output volumes? What has happened to all the food that you have eaten? People usually get surprised by the difference and shocked by the amount that they ingest but not eliminate due to constipation. The good news is that the discomfort can be minimized and even removed with simple changes in food habits. The adoption of some habits, adequate nutrition and a healthy life-style can considerably reduce intestinal problems.

10 Natural remedies for Tozzo intestinal problems Cristhiane Nutritionist


A well-functioning intestine gives us good humour, clear skin and a sensation of wellbeing. However, when the frequency of visits to the toilet decreases, our bodies begin to show signs of tiredness, low immunity, abdominal distension, bloating and indigestion. Constipation, a well know inconvenient problem, affects women twice as often as men. Particularly when you have an unbalanced diet, a change in your intestinal microbiota (the good and bad bacteria population

that live in our intestines) is common and that disturbs the optimum flow of residues and causes poor intestine functioning. It’s worth remembering that the intestines are part of our elimination system. They are responsible for the greater part of the cleansing that our organism needs to perform to keep us disease-free and balanced. I like to propose a game to my patients: ‘Imagine a white large table. On this table place all the food you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now 82

We know that there is no magic formula that fits all equally and that each person’s organism functions in a specific way, and because of that getting to know each person’s individuality is very important. A nutritionist or doctor can help you identify allergies and intolerances that are normally associated with the problem. Many of my tips may already be part of your day to day life, but the golden rule of intestinal health is habit! If your diet is already healthy try to also incorporate the ten tips below for the next thirty days and see the results. Some of these habits will make a lot of difference to your intestines health straight away and should become your natural healthy routine. So, pen and paper in hand and get started today:

1 - Drink More Water Sounds simple but many people do not observe the most basic rule for healthy intestines. There is no right quantity of water to be drunk during the day, however water needs to be drunk regularly throughout the day. Observe the colour of your urine; ideally it should be clear and transparent. Also observe how often you drink water and how often you eliminate it; ideally it should be once every 2 -3 hours. Try to double your consumption of water this week: if you normally drink four glasses throughout the day, try to double it to eight. That will help get your intestine in order. If you have difficulty in increasing water consumption, try adding some flavour to the water with fruits and herbs.

3 - Eat food rich in water and fibre

2 - Be more active Exercise and body movement stimulate peristalsis; the contraction and relaxation of the abdominal muscles that aid blood flow in the intestines and digestion. So, get moving. Regardless of which exercise you choose to practise, remember that your body has to be active and move all the muscles. That will stimulate your normal intestinal function

Fibre is very important in helping residues to move efficiently through the intestines. Green leaves, broccoli, carrots, cherries, pears and apples are all good sources of fibre that can easily be added to daily meals. Some foods are known for being water rich and helping improve circulation and adequate functioning of the intestines. I like to recommend my patients to eat more celery, pineapple, beetroot, cucumber, melon and watermelon, either whole or juiced.

4 - two cooked apples Another golden tip and a true natural treatment is the addition of two cooked apples a day to our diet for a period of ten days. Try cooking them with raisins and cinnamon, like a sugar free jam, and eating them before going to bed. This powerful recipe is rich in pectin and will help bowel movement and increase peristalsis.


5 - vegetable juice Drinking a glass of green juice daily, or at least three times a week, can greatly improve your intestineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s health. The juice promotes powerful hydration to the body. It is rich in minerals and phytonutrients, >>

especially magnesium, a mineral component of green leaves that aids the organism in its daily cleansing. Low consumption of this nutrient has been associated with the acceleration of degenerative diseases and to an increase in constipation. This micronutrient is responsible for relaxing the nervous system and increasing the intestine’s movements. However, the golden rule here is Variety. Do not eat the same vegetables every day. Alternate the kind of leaves and vegetables and choose those low in sugars, like cucumber, celery, leeks, spinach, chicory, rocket, etc. Adding fruits to the juices is optional but, if you choose to, use those with a low glycaemic index.

7- tea from plants This has to be the last alternative, after you have tried all the above. Although we know that the continuous use of laxatives, even those from plants, can make the intestines a bit lazy, their use for short periods can be very efficient in helping people with chronic constipation. Having the intestines not moving for three to ten days can be much more toxic than consuming teas made from laxative plants, like Cascará Sagrada, Senna, Erva-Mate or prunes. If this is the case with you, you will find many types of laxative plants in health food stores. My advice however is that you consult a nutritionist or a doctor who will prescribe the right phytotherapy for you, as the proper treatment with these teas has to be regular and with start and end date for the treatment.

6 - Eat more enzymes You may think that I will now prescribe some sort of supplement but the ideal here is simpler: eat raw food! Our modern lifestyle diet is rich in processed foods, many people do not eat enough whole, raw and unprocessed food. I mean vegetables, fresh fruits and totally vegetarian meals so that you can absorb lots of enzymes from live food. If you are not a vegetarian, try to have one meat-free meal a day to facilitate your digestion.

Adequate digestion of the proteins you eat is essential for good functioning of the intestines. Whenever you eat meat, try to have a slice of pineapple or a slice of not too 84

ripe papaya with it: the enzymes in these fruits have proteolytic functions, that is, they ‘break’ the proteins.

8 - Sleep well When we do not sleep enough or sleep badly, our body gets tired, and not only externally. Our internal organs also need to rest in order to function healthily. Often cases of trapped wind are directly linked to poor sleep. So, pay attention to your sleep.

9 - Switch off and relax Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s common for people to fill up their diaries and forget to leave any time for resting. Body and mind need breaks so that they can function adequately. When you notice that your body is unbalanced and functioning badly, try switching off the computer and mobile phone and taking a break. Taking a warm bath, reading a book, stretching and meditating all help the body to re-connect. I love to watch guided meditation videos available on YouTube â&#x20AC;&#x201C; many are short and easy to follow and help to bring comfort and mental wellbeing even to those who have never meditated before. Another tip is to stand at a window and stare the sunlight for three minutes soon after you get up in the morning, eyes closed and paying attention to your breathing. This practice stimulates the release of the cortisol hormone, known for awakening and activating your body.

10 - Probiotics and natural prebiotics Probiotics are the good bacteria that promote intestinal health. They are available both as supplements or in foods like yoghurt, fermented milk, kefir and other naturally fermented foods. Prebiotics are non-digestible carbohydrates that, when consumed, stimulate selectively the proliferation and activities of desirable bacteria in our intestines â&#x20AC;&#x201C; as they are ideal food for them. Good sources of prebiotics are onion, potato, yacon, chicory, leeks, asparagus and green banana biomass. I normally advise my patients to eat at least one serving of one of these every day. If you suffer from acute constipation, try to incorporate these new habits into your day to day life. But remember that the results are not immediate and it is important to seek advice from a professional who can discover the anomalies that make your body unbalanced. If you maintain a healthy diet and keep new healthy habits, you will certainly notice significant improvements to your intestines. Shall we test it? I challenge those who suffer with this problem to follow my tips for a period of a month and then see the results. I wish you all good health always!

BEAUTY BECCA Lit From Within Kit


If you like illuminators, the warmer days are perfect for you to shine. Invest in an illuminating primer under your foundation or BB Cream and finish with a illuminating powder on the higher points of the face. These are my favourites from Becca.

Mariane Prato Youtuber and Beauty Expert

Need to refresh through the day? Your skin needs hydrating? That’s what a ‘beauty spritz’ is good for. Spray it on your face and feel renewed!

CAUDALÌE EAU DE BEAUTÈ Beauty Water Spray 30ml £10

Spring/Summer Essentials SALLY HANSEN AIRBRUSH LEGS SPRAY £10 Deep Glow 75ml

ERBORIAN CC Crème SPF25 45ml


If you need a trick to disguise your white legs, this spray is for you. Apply a uniform layer and let it dry for 15 minutes before getting dressed. BIORE UV AQUA RICH £9.99 WATERY Essence Spf50+/Pa++++

With the weather getting warmer, the natural look also dominates your makeup needs. Steer clear of heavy foundations this time of the year. A good BB / CC cream is all you need to get uniform results while protecting your skin. Choose products with high SPF, like this one from Erborian.

Protection is the key to younger-looking skin so a good sun protector can be your best friend. Remember to re-apply throughout the day. 88

£22 LANCASTER ‘TAN MAXIMISER’ REPAIRING AFTER SUN Soothing Face and Body Moisturiser 125ml After sitting in the sun and building up a beautiful tan, apply this moisturizing lotion that helps to prolong the tan and prevent your skin from peeling.

BENEFIT Majorette Cream Blush

£20 HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Bronzer - Travel Size With proper protection, your face will remain flawless all through summer. But if you want an additional glow and the look of a Greek goddess, try a bronzer with light reflecting micro particles, like this one from Hourglass.

JOUER COSMETICS Long-Wear Lip Topper


Nobody likes dry lips. Leave your matte liquid lipstick in the drawer and choose instead glosses for this time of the year; besides moisturizing and feel wonderful on your lips, they are back in force.


A healthy coloured blush never goes out of fashion; in warmer days choose long lasting and water-resistant cream formulas.

ST. MORIZ FAKE TAN Mousse Cor Dark


So that you can arrive at the beach with a gorgeous tan without actually sitting in the sun for hours, try applying a good fake tan lotion with a tanning mitt. This will bring natural flawless results.



Scarves: long and square

CRĂ&#x2030;DITOS: foto: Alessandro Filizzola | Maquiagem: Michela Carvalho

Fernanda Andrade Fashion Journalist



Now that winter is about to wave us goodbye is the time to start to look forward to spring. The days get longer, the temperatures get milder and the city becomes more colourful. It is also time to wave goodbye to woollen scarves and start sporting lightweight long and square scarves instead. Researchers suggest that the habit of wearing a head scarf first appeared in ancient Rome and used to be called ‘sudario’ meaning, literally, sweat cloth. Its natural evolution was the scarf, which needed to be handy and thus was carried around the neck. The first woman in history to wear a kerchief wrapped around her head was Nefertiti, the Egyptian queen in 1350 BC. In China in 230 AD, the staff and warriors of emperor Cheng were identified by their kerchiefs. In 1261 AD, kerchiefs were incorporated into the belly dance routine with the dancer tying them around her waist creating a skirt. Spanish and Portuguese women embroidered their kerchiefs and wore them wrapped around their heads. In England Queen Victoria helped to propagate its use as an accessory. In France, silk versions were immortalised by the Hermès brand in 1837 (famous for its square printed silk kerchiefs). Nowadays they are present in almost all wardrobes and their uses go beyond just drying tears and protecting against the wind. This universal accessory also has the role of rescuing the self-esteem of women who have undergone chemotherapy and is extremely charming when worn wrapped around the head just like the cinema divas of the 30s and 60s. In the fashion world, it can appear both in sophisticated productions as well as in basic outfits and it can be very handy if you want to add something special to your look. Kerchiefs are perfect for those who do not dare to wear prints. They can be worn on the head to highlight buns and ponytails. They are extremely charming worn around the neck or as belts. Small kerchiefs can become bracelets and add a touch of glamour to various types of bag. Colourful long scarves can transform very basic clothing and give you a modern and sophisticated look. The more elaborate ones can turn a basic black dress into something fit for the red carpet. The truth is they will never go out of fashion, they can turn up with less force in some collections but they will always be there, wrapped around some fashionistas with a Dior, Chanel or Hermès label attached to them. *The difference between kerchief and echarpe is only their shape. The kerchief is square while the echarpe is rectangular. 93

Brazilian School accredited by VTCT, ABT ( Associated Beauty Therapists) and GTI (The Guild of Beauty Therapists)


We offer a Range of Professional Courses in Beauty • Lymphatic Drainage Pre and Post-Surgery • Modelling Massage (Cellulite, localized fat and lose skin) • Swedish Body Massage • Manicure;Pedicure, Gel Polish Application • Waxing and Intimate Waxing • Threading • Eyebrow Design in Higher Definition • Classic Eyelashes Extension • Russian Eyelashes in 3D • Professional Makeup • Micropigmentation (eyebrow,eyes and lips) • Microblading (Tebore) • Facial Skincare (deep face cleansing, massage, peelings, rejuvenation, electrical,etc) For more information visit 07821541659


ENTREPRENEUR ‘For women, by women’

“A woman is complete when she is able to fulfill her own needs.” /lennemoghadari



Fabiana Martins Pio Journalist

label how to beat them?


Fat, skinny, shorty, chubby, dike, feminist, unloved, divorced, mad, clumsy, nerd, stupid, etc. So many labels! Unfortunately, most of us have been labelled at some point in our lives and suffered, with greater or lesser intensity, psychological handicaps that influenced our relationships and even professional prospects. In the United Kingdom alone, 2.5 million young people are victims of bullying every year, according to a recent research by the acclaimed anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label. According to Liam Hackett, CEO of Ditch the Label, research results have revealed that labelling has a marked impact on health, self-esteem and development. The Annual Bullying Survey 2017 shows that 36% of people who experienced bullying felt depressed

and one quarter have self-harmed as a consequence. Young people with special learning and mobility needs, or those who identify themselves as LGBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Transgender), are the ones that tend to get labelled more often. Race and religion also are linked to bullying. ‘It is clear that the political environment and the means of communication also impact society as a whole, including the schools’, explains Hackett. The majority of bullying is carried out by young people who have suffered stressful and traumatic situations and thus become more prone to labelling other people, according to research findings from Ditch the Label. Founded in 2012, the British charity Ditch the Label is active in the UK, the United States and Mexico and is geared up to help young people between 12 and 25 96

years of age. The organization offers help through research and campaigns with the support of celebrities and famous brands. It also makes available a personalised digital mentor support that uses an advanced technological system which raises alerts when users use terminology showing vulnerability and suicide tendency. Since its foundation, one million young people have already received direct support with plans to increase this figure even more. ‘Bullying is a learnt behaviour. We are not going to stop until it is finished’, says Hackett. Why do Labels Affect Us? According to transpersonal psychology, no one has the ability to control what others think or say, but we do have the capacity to choose our own thoughts. ‘External labels affect us because they


of young people suffer labelling because of appearance


because of their interests and hobbies




of all surveyed think that men are better at jobs in the political and legal environments while only 4% think that that women were better in those

because of high grades at school

of young women think that their gender will have a negative impact on their careers, while among young men it is only 4%

Sample: 2,400 young people in the UK, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the Philippines. The Gender Report 2016 Ditch the Label, registered charity No 1156329

Illustration: Daiane medeiros

11% because of gender

Sample: 10,020 young people surveyed in the UK The Annual Bullying Survey 2017 Ditch the Label- registered charity No 1156329

strengthen and validate false internal labels. For an external judgement to be internalised it has to resonate with a belief that has internal value. When the internal beliefs are rethought and deconstructed they will cease to exist’, explains Evanise M. Zwirtes, a transpersonal psychotherapist. ‘Nothing and nobody can influence us in any way unless we allow them to, and that permission can often be unconscious. When women who feel inferior are labelled, they will want to react by screaming, cursing and accusing society. This reveals, in reality, a projection of unresolved internal issues. To work these out, it is important that these women learn to respect and love themselves so their reactions will generate respect from society without loss of their own identities’, says Evanise.

Humans are malleable. An adult can learn how to think in a different way and change issues developed during infancy and adolescence for example. When a woman develops feelings of self-worth and self-esteem, the external labels, which are social, can continue but will no longer affect her. ‘Each person, if you look closely, has been affected by traumatic experiences. But, according to scientific evidences, regardless of what may have happened, if that person wants to they can overcome any labelling or somatic experience that may have affected them’, explains Evanise. How to Overcome Labelling? According to Evanise, all adults carry within themselves their child psyche that needs to be worked 97

upon to a greater or lesser extent. Most of us have developed intellectual but not emotional intelligence and can sometimes behave like children. We tend to project our negative emotions on each other. By learning self awareness and self control, even though negative labelling exists, we become independent of these external factors. We need to learn to fight against our negative emotions. We have the power to change how it affects us - we must never choose the role of victim by accusing our parents, school or society. ‘Our parents tried to give us the best they could. They may have had a childhood worse than ours. To blame others for what happened in the past is a waste of time’, says Evanise.

For internal development Evanise advises reading good self-help books, group therapy meetings, development of spirituality and, if needed, professional help. ‘These are therapeutic processes that strengthen consciousness, regardless of what has taken place in the past. Those who need external approval have not yet learnt how to accept themselves’, says Evanise. TESTIMONIALS ‘When I was a child I was constantly called fatty and garden gnome and many other things because I was chubby and short. At age 19 when I became a single mother the social pressure and labelling increased even more. When I decided to move to London so I could offer a better

life to my son, I needed to leave him behind with my mother. The labelling then became even stronger and eventually led to deep depression and eventually to cancer. To fight the disease, besides conventional treatment, I also started working on my self-esteem with the help of a psychologist. And I went back to drawing, a childhood passion I had abandoned for lack of encouragement. I express myself through my drawings. It is a way of exorcising frustrations, anger and feelings of anguish. It is also a joy. Nowadays I learn to value the moments that life throws my way more than any material things.’ Daiane Medeiros, 38, visual artist and educator of children with special needs, London, UK. ‘Throughout my whole life I have been labelled, especially for being gay and overweight. Recently I

started to have some silver hairs and because of that I now am also called frumpy. I decided to come out as gay as an adult. I spent many years of my life hiding the person I really am. If I had a choice, I’d choose to be heterosexual, because that would make things easier in a country like Brazil, an extremely chauvinistic society where most people don’t respect their fellow citizens. I have now lived with my partner for eight years but, even nowadays, we still fear being assaulted in the streets when we hold hands. We have to be constantly vigilant. We intend to get married this year and to adopt two children. My parents still pretend that I am not gay. Nowadays I manage to deal much better with my sexuality. I am an adept of holistic floral therapies but occasionally I still suffer panic attacks. All the difficulties we endure through life end up

contributing to our internal growth. Nowadays I see that the problem is not with those who are labelled but with those who label others’. Ana Paula Quintela, 49, owner of book publisher Volpi&Gomes. Lives in Santos, Brazil At age eleven my mother took me to see an endocrinologist because I was overweight. The doctor placed me in front of a mirror and said that society would never accept me as fat as I was. I still remember this scene clearly. It crushed me and, years later, I developed anorexia. I underwent psychotherapy for a few years and managed to overcome the condition. Nowadays, when I look at myself in the mirror, I no longer see that distorted image of myself but the person I really am. However, I realise that the labels used to describe my appearance affected me more than the ones I

hear about me being married and not willing to have children. That is a choice I made when I was still a teenager and I feel very strongly about. Because of that, I do not feel pressurised by society and not even by my husband, because I always had very clear views about the subject. The labels in that respect do not affect me and people by and large respect my opinion’. Luciane Mallman, 38, lawyer, London, Brazil ‘When I was a child I used to be very skinny and people called me Olive Stick. At college most of my girlfriends already had sweethearts except me. I was the last one in the group to lose my virginity and I wanted to get rid of that burden quickly. Recently I ended an eight-year relationship and the fact that I am now a divorcee does not bother me. When I was married my life was very comfortable but

when I ended the marriage I was practically broke. But I love my life as it is now and my financial independence. I could have chosen to be a victim but I decided to fight. I never want to be a ‘trophy wife’ again. Now I want a more balanced relationship. I work daily on my self-esteem with the help of readings, talks, videos and meditation. I have always been considered a strong person who fights and always gets what she wants. But I also look after my self-esteem so that I do not suffer with all the social labelling. We are not perfect but we can always improve what we are. If we are not happy with something we must have the courage to change it. It is very easy to complain and whine but that does not lead to self-development and emotional independence’. Flávia Castro, 38, entrepreneur, London, Brazil



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