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Western Chester C the community connector, Western Chester County Chamber of Commerce (WCCCC) is honored to be able to send you, a local resident, this publication twice a year. It is very important to us, to share the stories behind the businesses and families that make up our community. We want to make sure that our business owners and residents understand that the Chamber is a resource for businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes. Every day we get the question, what is a Chamber of Commerce? To us, that question has an expansive answer, because as you can imagine, different types of businesses have very different needs and challenges. The Chamber of Commerce works to fill those needs and help businesses grow. How we do that, we’ll get into below, but let’s start with this simple statement; the Chamber is a connector, a mediator or an advocate for your organization. What is the framework of a Chamber of Commerce? The Chamber is a nonprofit organization (not connected to government) that operates as a member-driven group made up of business owners, community leaders and professionals that collectively work together to make western Chester County a better place. Members of the Chamber share resources, connect, patronize one another and create a community network that drives growth. With its members’ interest as a driving force, the Chamber addresses issues in the community that affect the business climate and engage in initiatives that strengthen our local economy and community. Donna Horvath of Honeybrook Golf Club puts it, “I am truly amazed by the intensity and commitment of all 50


the members, we really get a lot of information and have made a lot of great connections.” Any size or type of business can join the Chamber of Commerce, whether they’re a small new start-up or a company with 100+ employees. Chamber Membership has annual dues that provide members the access to the many resources the Chamber offers. Membership Perks The answer of what can a membership with the Chamber of Commerce do for you, is entirely dependent on what your type of business needs. A retail store owner may not need the same things as a manufacturer, in the same way that a farmer is looking for resources much different than a dentist. WCC Chamber pushes up our sleeves and focuses on providing 5 branches of service to its members; education and resources, networking, advocacy and visibility. Networking and building relationships are a popular avenue that members leverage when joining the Chamber. The relationships an individual can build through the Chamber’s network can lead to strong business or community partnerships. If your business ever runs into issues, you can tap into the Chamber network for guidance and insight. Matt Gorham Real Estate Team Keller Williams explains,“ WCCCC is authentic, you can build real relationships with real people. When I have a client moving to the area, I can call the local businesses around and really introduce them and show them the community through my Chamber connections.” The Chamber hosts 35+ events a year where professionals

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