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District Attorney that same day. On her lunch breaks at the job, she would sometimes pick up law books and read them. “I just fell in love with the law,” she explained. “My father wanted me to be an attorney in the worst way.” While working in the office of the Chester County District Attorney, Eileen was reminded of a notorious crime that had occurred not far from where she had grown up in Chester County. Eileen said that she was haunted by the case because of its proximity to her own home, and the fact that the victim was just a few years older than she was. Mary Constance “Connie” Evans left her home on Phoenixville Pike in West Goshen on Saturday, Oct. 24. It was her 15th birthday. She was on her way to meet her boyfriend, who was going to accompany her into West Chester so that she could do a little shopping for a birthday present. Connie never made it to see her boyfriend that day. She disappeared, and a little later in the afternoon her boyfriend showed up at the Evans’ home asking about her. Connie’s mother contacted the West Goshen Police Department right away. Local law enforcement assembled a search team, and the authorities and two hundred volunteers were soon combing the area for clues about the missing girl. Eileen recalled that during the days and weeks after the girl’s disappearance, everyone in the area was on edge. Eileen’s own mother wouldn’t let her ride her bike for a two-mile trek into town because of the fear that had gripped the normally peaceful community. More than a month after her disappearance, Connie Evans’ body was found not far from the Devon Horse Show grounds. She had been raped and strangled. Eileen never forgot the horrible nature of the crime, which remained unsolved for years. She explained, “Connie lived a couple of miles away from where I grew up. Though I never met Connie, her school picture was in the newspaper, and she had the smile of a sweet girl. It haunted me.” While she was working in the Office of the Chester County District Attorney, Eileen got to know some of the detectives and police officers who worked on the initial investigation of the disappearance. When Eileen became a paralegal, she was able to review some of the police reports that had been issued regarding Connie’s disappearance. She started compiling a folder of information about the Connie Evans case. Eileen vowed to herself that she would find Connie’s killer. 10

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And she started taking steps to put herself in a position to do just that. Eileen enrolled in the Philadelphia Police Academy and after her graduation she was offered a job with the West Chester Police Department and with the Chester County Sheriff’s Department. She chose the position with the Sheriff’s Department, and her law enforcement career was underway. In 1985, she petitioned the Chester

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When Law is working a case, she is totally dedicated—as this display that includes Toni Lee Sharpless and James Kelly indicates.

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Kennett Square Life Summer/Fall 2019  

Kennett Square Life Summer/Fall 2019