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DO YOU FEEL IT? The world. It’s still out there. That city you’ve longed to explore. The beach you can feel as you close your eyes and breathe in. The natural wonder dancing in your soul, pulling you toward the door. The world. It’s waiting for you. And we feel it, too.

Come sail the most luxurious fleet in the world and rediscover the comfort and security found aboard our smaller ships, with never a crowd and with every luxury included. Explore each captivating port, returning each night to your own suite, refreshed and replenished daily, while savoring the most exquisite luxury dining at sea. The world is waiting. Begin your journey with Regent.


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Ageless beauty, timeless style, dignified grace, unparalleled wit and astute intelligence are just not enough superlatives to describe the phenomenon that is Gabrielle Anwar, and we had the exclusive with her.... read more on Page 12.



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gabrielle anwar

life is too short not to laugh



geless beauty, timeless style, dignified grace, unparalleled wit and astute intelligence are just not enough superlatives to describe the phenomenon that is Gabrielle Anwar. Upscale Living magazine spoke exclusively to her about her fashion sense, being her best self at 50, the challenges of raising three children and releasing a film that was shot 15 years ago. Gabrielle, you were born in Surrey, England. What are your fondest memories of your formative years? My parents were terribly bohemian and raised my brother and me in an artistic environment laced with atypical experiences. We helped my father build our house for example, literally laying bricks with cement and stomping the foundation dressed in nothing but our Wellington boots. My mother went back to college when I began preschool, she earned her teaching degree, specializing in Dyslexia which my brother suffered from. He and I were her willing guineapigs, covered in papier-mâché, or poster paint most days, delighting in the inevitable adventure. We had a book I would delve into periodically called, “101 Things To Do.” We were never bored, a sentiment I have continued with my own children, there’s no excuse for a human to ever be bored! You come from a talented family – mom is an actress and dad a film producer and editor. Was becoming an actress a natural progression for you? I became an actress by default. I had been removed from my high school due to a rather strong desire to rebel against the system. My mother home schooled me while I recovered from a nasty incident where my face was broken by a particularly unpleasant classmate. During this time, my mother who was a trained actress and ballet dancer taught me various dramatic pieces, song and dance. I excelled in these areas compared to the academic strictures I did not organically gravitate toward. I auditioned at Italia Conti, a vo-

cational performing arts school in London and was accepted. Two years later, when I was 15, I auditioned for a BBC drama and was so characteristically nervous that I sat on the table instead of the chair. I was immediately cast as an “awkward teen”. While away on location in England, I fell in love with the independence, the creative process, the lack of peers to torment me, and of course the cash with which to buy my first stereo system. The rest is history. How do you adapt to portraying your characters in a believable way – the sultry Donna in Scent of a Woman to the no-nonsense sexy Fiona in Burn Notice? I am drawn to women who are well written. Sadly, up until very recently most green lit screenplays/TV shows were written by men, so I automatically question the depth of the female roles. Objectivity is so overwhelmingly obvious on our screens, that I am repelled by most of what I read! One of the reasons I began writing material was to appease my frustration with the anachronistic content. Even though Scent of A Woman was filmed in 1992, it’s a classic that is an absolute essential part of a movie collection. What was it like starring opposite Al Pacino? Al was extremely kind to me. To this day when we see one another we have a tremendous appreciation for each other. He infused our single scene with improvisation and spontaneity which was both exciting and terrifying. Marty Breast was an exceptional director who, unlike most I have worked with, was motivated by the artistic evolution of film making, rather than an egoic descent into sadism! What film genre is your favorite to star in? It’s been a while since I’ve starred in a film. This is a very fickle business and often talent and bankability do not go hand in hand.


FEATURE I have very fond memories of the dramas I was a part of. The less formulaic, conventional tales that leave you wanting, that open the heart and mind.

Style vs comfort?

And to watch?

Have you had any fashion ‘disasters’ you want to disclose?

The same. I love to watch dramas and with the advent of binge watching, can gobble up hours of streaming in a single session. I am always drawn to female empowerment but have an aversion to cliché and over sentimentality. Having grown up playing with rolls of old school film on my father’s cutting room floor, I have always had a deep appreciation for film making and the collaborative result of a well-conceived, directed, performed, lit, edited screenplay.

My most memorable disaster was my first homemade dress that came apart at the seams at an event. No safety pin could have kept me together. My date and I had to swiftly leave a really fun party before I was completely naked.

How critical are you when you watch yourself on screen? I am super critical, but I don’t take myself too seriously. I am proud to say that I can laugh at myself and critique myself with a generous amount of humor and self-effacement. Life is too short not to laugh, no matter how cool you think you are! You have three children. It must be a rather busy household. Raising children well is a Herculean task. One that mothers do not get enough gratitude for – even from their own children! I am on the board of Pikler USA, and have established a parenting site, ThePlayhouse.org pouring my heart, soul and mind into an entirely unique approach to infant parenting inspired by Dr. Emmi Pikler a pioneer in Europe in the 1930’s. I encourage all new mothers to explore the Pikler method, it is truly life changing. Are you 50? You look amazing! How do you stay in such phenomenal shape? Thank you! I appreciate the compliment and humbly accept, rather than deflect or reject it with an impressive lack of humility, I will force myself to bathe in the glow of good health and youthful residue!! I have been through a menopausal sojourn these past couple of years and am adjusting to the new body I live within. I have long said that I would never resent myself for aging, maturing, morphing into the beautifully wise woman I long to become. Your beauty regime is on point. What is the secret to your flawless skin? Again, thank you. Every once in a while, when I look in the mirror and see a worn out, pale, well-lived looking 50-year-old, I will drag myself to @MiamiDermaPro and beg Paula to rejuvenate me any which way she can. @drbentalei is my go-to guru in Los Angeles, but subtlety is key and once you begin “enhancing” it can be a slippery slope toward caricature. Vanity is very unattractive after 50. How varied is your fashion sense? I have a rather eclectic wardrobe. Pieces from the 1980’s, homemade frocks and a plethora of well-kept vintage circa 1800’s. What is your favorite go-to fashion style? I love the 1970’s for fashion, just so feminine and ethereal. As a child of the ‘70’s I have fond memories of maxi dresses and flowers in the hair. That would be my go-to look, no matter how dated. 14 | UPSCALE LIVING MAGAZINE | JANUARY 2021

Always comfort. Comfort is stylish. Discomfort is affected.

What is your advice to women wanting to find their best selves? That’s a big question. I co-chair the board of The Center For Integral Wisdom. We are a think tank for the future, for the future generations, our children and grandchildren and so on. As much as Pikler can directly improve the lifetime of an individual if implemented in infancy, so, the CIW can directly improve the contentment of one’s life. Rather than reading self-help books, or engaging in therapy, though both certainly have an important role, the CIW and the work we do heals the tumult inevitable in one’s lifetime, by not focusing on the past, but the present and the future, infusing the world, both internal and external with love. Outrageous love. The practice is astounding and entirely unparalleled. Have you done a lot of traveling and which places have left a lasting impression and why? I have been blessed to travel all over the planet. I have just penned a memoir that chronicles my time hopping from continent to continent and all the misadventures in between. Every destination has made a lasting impression, for better or worse, but I can wholeheartedly say that I was fully engaged in the culture, cuisine and romance each city or village or island had to offer. How has the pandemic affected you and your family? Thus far, my family has maintained a safe distance from any COVID related trauma. My elderly parents have been sequestered together in close quarters in California, and after nearly 60 years of marriage are perfectly content! Impressive indeed. My eldest daughter, Willow is also on the west coast and I miss her terribly. My two youngest, Hugo and Paisley, both remote schooling here at home in Coconut Grove are studying hard for finals and Paisley, poor thing is harassed by the college entry exam prep. We could all use a break, like the rest of our global community. In general, I am grateful for our health, our pantry and the roof over our heads. Are there exciting projects on the horizon for you? I have a cavalcade of projects currently on the back burner, waiting for the restrictions of COVID to pass before fully igniting. Mostly written work, pilots, films, novels. I am easily entertained by my keyboard. ThePlayhouse.org keeps me pleasantly busy always adding content and learning more about how to truly change the world! I am actively seeking investment to direct an indie in the spring, an autobiographical venture into the effects of mental illness. A very timely subject matter. I do have a film about to be released after 15 years in a chrysalis. “Awaken” takes a brutal, unflinching look at mankind stripped bare of the thin veneer of social convention. A must see. Especially because I was 35 when we shot it, so it feels like a time warp for this wise old lady.









The Butte Safari Jacket is made from a supple baby calf nubuck leather that offers a velvet-soft feel and a refined twist on timeless style, and the soft Merino wool lining provides an extremely comfortable interior. | MSRP: $1,998 https://tinyurl.com/yabugeep

Designed for unparalleled cold weather defense, the Chateau Parka is a classic winter essential. This slim-fitting silhouette has a protective mid-thigh length, and is finished with stretch ribbed knit cuffs to lock in warmth. | MSRP: $1,050 https://tinyurl.com/ya78lecg

The Breitman down jacket reinterprets the timeless silhouette of biker jackets with the iconic texture of nylon rainwear fabric and graphic quilting that mixes diamond and striped patterns. All of the style’s classic details are featured like a Mandarin collar with snap closure and metal zippers. | MSRP: $1,345 https://tinyurl.com/y97yucn6



HUGO BOSS SLIM-FIT BLAZER COAT IN PURE CASHMERE A blazer-style coat created as part of the elevated BOSS Tailored collection. Cut to a neat fit, this button-through coat is crafted in 100% cashmere for a silken feel and a luxurious appearance. Signature labeling at the interior underlines the exclusive nature of this design. | MSRP: $1,895 https://tinyurl.com/yb7k7vtf

BURBERRY THE MID-LENGTH CHELSEA HERITAGE TRENCH COAT You can never go wrong with a classic. This slim-fit trench coat has a cleancut silhouette and rounded shoulders, and the archive-inspired style is woven in their signature gabardine with a Vintage check lining. | MSRP: $1,990 https://tinyurl.com/yaerlzka



Delage D12 is a Formula 1 Racer for the Road | BY SOMNATH CHATTERJEE


here are not many cars that could make a Lamborghini look restrained or a Bugatti seem slow but Delage has done exactly that. Meet the D12 hypercar and it is the newest offering from this French luxury automotive brand which has risen from the ashes after its 70-year hibernation. Before we talk about this extreme new hypercar, it is important to look back at what the Delage brand name is all about. Founded by Louis Delage, this French car-maker was known for its luxury and performance cars along with a motorsport pedigree.

Some of its racing cars like the 2.0-liter V12 LCV had Grand Prix racing wins in the mid1920s. It also had Le Mans success under its belt with various podium finishes. That translated to gorgeous road cars that valued performance as well as luxury along with craftsmanship. It made cars until 1953 and now under new owner, French entrepreneur Laurent Tapie, it has made a radical comeback with a car that probably signifies the values which Delage was always known for. We are tempted to say that the D12 is a racing car for the road but most racing cars are not as extreme as this! The D12 is indeed shock and awe along with performance figures to match its styling. On the more extreme ‘D12 Club’ you get an in-house developed 7.6-liter V12 engine that makes a scarcely believable 1,038PS as Delage has added an electric motor for further boost as well. To put those numbers in perspective the weight of the D12 Club version is just 1,310kg. Let that sink in for a while. If that is too much then there is a ‘slower’ D12 GT which makes 1,130PS and is 1,400kg. It uses an 8-speed gearbox while the centrally-tandemseated D12 will use Formula 1-inspired push-rod suspension, with ex-F1 World Champion

Jacques Villeneuve being the chassis development driver. With a name like that being enlisted as a development driver, you already get the idea that Delage is serious about crashing the hypercar party in spectacular style. The styling must be discussed as it is unlike anything else we have seen with an extreme iteration of the ‘racer for the road’ concept. It makes some of the current hypercars seem restrained in comparison. There is a carbon-fiber chassis and even the wheels are made up of that along with various lightweight materials being honed for an extreme track racer that ideally looks like to be found lurking in a pit-lane and not to be used on a public road! The seating position is also a devotion to the level of extreme that Delage has gone to as the passenger sits at the back of the driver akin to a fighter-jet! The interior seems to be lifted straight off from a Formula 1 car with the same brutal sense of purpose. Aerodynamics has played a big part in the design of the D12 with massive cooling areas and a streamlined fighter-jet like appearance. The performance numbers are also biblical as you would expect with a 0-62mph time of 2.5 seconds and setting a new Nürburgring Nordschleife lap record for a road-legal car is a mere formality at this point. With just 30 examples being made with each costing about $2.3-million, the Delage D12 just sky rocketed to being the ultimate billionaire s toy! Think of it as a Formula 1 car with number plates and you get an idea of what this ‘car’ is all about. It’s outrageous and bonkers fast with a design that looks like an amalgamation of an alien spaceship and a racing car. We are certainly envious of those lucky 30 individuals though having your own F1 track should be a priority before you buy one of these!






The Emperor‘s New Clothes | BY SOMNATH CHATTERJEE


he Escalade nameplate needs no introduction and it is the staple of every celebrity garage along with the jet set. It has been one of the most popular luxury SUVs and in some ways has become a celebrity in itself. Amidst the paparazzi and flashing lights, there would always be a black Escalade lurking around the corner. Now there is a new one and by that we mean all new along with an interior ready to give anything from Germany a tough fight.

free driving on more than 200,000 miles of compatible highways in the United States and Canada using a variety of cameras and sensors. Along with the technology and features, it also has a longer wheelbase which affords more second and third-row space. You really can lounge in the second row of the new Escalade with an enormous amount of legroom and headroom while your entourage won’t mind being seated in the third row!

The 2021 Escalade is bolder and better in every way with the biggest highlight being the interior. Being based on a new architecture gives the Escalade a new arsenal and canvas on which to paint its much bolder ambitions. The interior is largely a triumph with an elegant design plus high levels of quality and luxury being mixed together with an abundance of technology. Fabric and wood is lovingly draped all over crucial touch-points of the cabin while the technology paradise is topped by an avalanche of OLED displays.

What is of more importance to the celebrity clientele though has to be the fire-power underneath that massive hood and here it is a V8 albeit one that is all new along with displacing 6.2-liters and 420 bhp. For the first time ever, the new Escalade is also offered with a 3.0L turbodiesel engine for a more frugal drive although the V8 has always been the staple choice and we do not foresee that being changed. Standard is a 10-speed automatic transmission with electronic shift control. Also of importance is an all new independent rear suspension and because of that we expect the comfort levels to increase over its predecessor with owners being less likely to spill their champagne due to an erratic ride. While the change in interior technology along with the added sophistication is indeed welcome, the standard Escalade buyer would want the exterior design to remain the same as the authoritative stance and the brutish appeal has been the reason why many gravitate towards this SUV. It is good news on that front as it is even bigger while this time it carries its bulk with greater confidence. The design overall is sharper along with a menacing appeal. The new Escalade certainly has enough charisma and luxury to give the likes of the Range Rover or the Maybach GLS a bit of a fright. Overall, Cadillac has done a brilliant job here as beyond the glitz and glamour, the Escalade finally has the substance to back up all that celebrity status that it has been so nonchalantly been carrying all these years.

It is being touted as an “industry-first” curved OLED display which offers more than 38 inches of total display area while the pixel density is twice as good as a 4K TV. In total there are three screens: a 7.2-inch-diagonal touch panel to the driver’s left, a 14.2-inch-diagonal instrument cluster display behind the steering-wheel and a 16.9-inch-diagonal screen to the right of the driver. You also have stainless-steel speaker grilles, piping on the door panels and ambient lighting. Personalization is high on the list of priorities for the new Escalade as it has eight color and trim choices along with custom perforation and quilting patterns. Other features include a 36-speaker audio system, augmented reality based navigation, four exterior cameras, night vision and rear-seat entertainment with a pair of 12.6-inch touch displays. More interestingly the 2021 Escalade debuts the “Super Cruise driver assistance technology” as enables hands-








hile seeing unicorns and flying chariots might not be possible, here is something that might change the way we perceive transport. The Slovakian start-up company, Klein Vision have brought our future closer with the launch of a flying concept car – Air Car V5.

timated the travel range of the car-plane around 1,000km with a flight consumption of 18 l/h. The flying car is also capable of flying with a takeoff of 300m. The best part? The stability and controllability of the AirCar are accessible to any pilot.

The company recently released a video showcasing the AirCar V5 in full action during its 1500’ AGL flights at Piestany airport in Slovakia. While the video doesn’t completely show off the flying car but encapsulates the capabilities of the car-plane. The fifth-generation flying car is designed by Professor Stefan Klein, a design that he had been working on since 1989.

“The key flight parameters confirmed all theoretical concepts and calculations that the development of the AirCar was based on. Following the completion of all required flight tests in compliance with EASA regulations, we will deliver a model with a certified ADEPT, 300HP engine within the next 6 next months” said Professor Stefan Klein, Klein Vision’s CTO and test pilot. Klein Vision also said they already have a buyer for the AirCar V5.

“With AirCar you will arrive at your destination without the hassle of getting a ride to airport and passing through commercial security, you can drive your AirCar to the golf course, the office, the mall or your hotel and park it in a normal parking space,” said Anton Zajac, Klein Vision’s co-founder, investor and pilot in a statement. The Concept Did you know, the first flying car patent was filed in 1918? The concept of the flying car isn’t abstract thanks to the sci-fi movies that we grew up watching. However, expecting them to become a reality so soon is simply astonishing. The Klein Vision’s AirCar V5 stands out from its competition, the Volcopter VoloCity and the SkyDrive SD03 both in design as well as performance capabilities. Cars can be heavy, but planes must be light. The two-seat model weights 1,100kg and can carry an additional load of 200kg per flight. The AirCar V5 is powered by a BMW 1.6l engine, has an effective power output of 140 horsepower and a top speed of 200 km/ph. Klein Vision also plans to shift from the BMW engine to a still-to-becertified engine that would help the plane reach about 162 kt top airspeed. The company has es-

The car transforms into a plane by sliding the rear section of the car and two wings pop out of the car in less than 3-minutes. Once the wings are fully expanded, the AirCar V5 is ready speed off the runway. Once the flight is over, the wings are retracted in the same manner and its back to being a car. The AirCar V5 has had two successful 7-minute flights only 18 months after its development. The company now plans to go in production within the next six months. The four-wheel undercarriage concept creates a “self-lifting” fuselage shape that provides 27% of the lift, with dimensions – the body is 6.2m x 1.8m – that allow it to be parked in a conventional garage. “The wing and tail deployment/retraction mechanism is very impressive, converting the automobile into an aeroplane. The cockpit providing space for the driver/pilot and a passenger is very roomy and nicely styled. The overall appearance of the flying car on road and in the air is superb,” added Dr Branko Sarh, Boeing Co. Senior Technical Fellow (ret). The Klein Vision AirCar V5 is a testament of the precocious technological know-how we possess.






How to look and feel stylish | BY HELÉNE RAMACKERS

Hitting the slopes this snowy season? For those who live in a winter wonderland, nothing is quite as exhilarating as partaking in either Alpine or Nordic skiing. Upscale Living magazine sourced the most exquisite products that are a must-have on your next downhill, cross-country or ski-jumping adventure.

REFLECTIVE SNOWSUIT NATALIA STYLE This gorgeous reflective snowsuit with matching belt bag and mittens is sure to make an impression on the slopes. Not only is it stylish and warm, it comes with a removable fur-trimmed hood, is waterproof, windproof, thermally insulated, has a moisture wicking liner, the hypoallergenic filling is warm and light and the entire suit is also available in faux fur. | https://natalia.style/



TOCKR USS TEXAS TOCKR WATCHES The Tockr USS Texas watch houses a high-grade Swiss quartz movement in a 316L steel case. The dial has applied luminous indices and features a silhouette of the battleship, encircled by a portion of the USS Texas herself. Every portion of reclaimed material is unique, so no two watches will be alike. All of this can be seen through a highly durable sapphire crystal and is sealed by a caseback bearing The Battleship Texas Foundation insignia. This beautifully stylish timepiece comes packaged with both a pink strap and a white silicon strap, making it an excellent choice for altering your wardrobe colors on your skiing expedition. | https://www.tockr. com/collections/uss-texas


NOBLE ISLE HAND SANITIZER Perfect to take on the slopes for an added layer of hygienic safety, look no further than Noble Isle’s lightly fragranced, luxury hand sanitizers. They leave a subtle, long-lasting aroma and contain 75% alcohol to remove harmful germs and bacteria. Produced in two fragrances, both are available in the 250ml size and the Rhubarb Rhubarb! scent is also available in the smaller, 75ml size. The sanitizers are 100% vegan, paraben-free, SLS-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free and contain natural extracts and natural-based ingredients. Rhubarb Rhubarb! and Wild Samphire Hand Wash and Hand Lotion are also available to complete the experience and sooth hands after a long afternoon of après! | www.nobleisle.com

Stay fashion forward with these stylish earrings designed to hold your AirPods in place. MISHO has reinvented the way you wear and style your AirPods, by creating sculptural earrings that seamlessly wrap around / clip onto AirPods. Designed so you can effortlessly slip your AirPods in and out of the earrings through the day (you won’t need a mirror), there’s one for every occasion. From the sculptural, stylish Pebble pods (perfect for Zooms) to the minimal Active wear options (great for a long run, workout or skiing), they are available in four styles. Designer Suhani Parekh was inspired to create the Pods as the global lock-down took place. With life becoming increasingly digital, she found herself on the phone and video meetings throughout the day. AirPods weren’t mixing well with Suhani’s existing earrings and they were frequently popping out, so she got to work creating a seamless, chic solution. | https://www.mishodesigns.com/



EAR MUFFS NATALIA STYLE Keep your ears warm this winter with these jeweled fur ear muffs. Choose between black or white, or pick both, they are the perfect accessory to round off your stylish snowsuit. | https://natalia.style/

CASHMERE SCARF & HAT SET LILYSILK Made of 100% cashmere, this hat and scarf set is the ideal essential for your upcoming ski trip. It has great stretch and is super soft, protecting you from chilly weather. This cashmere hat and scarf set is warm and comfortable, and the twist knitted will round off your winter outfit perfectly. | www.lilysilk.com

GARRETT LEIGHT SUNGLASSES GURNEY’S MONTAUK RESORT & SEAWATER SPA Exclusively sold at Gurney’s Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa, one of Montauk’s iconic year-round destinations, the Garrett Leight sunglasses are the perfect unisex addition for the loved one who dons a classic yet trendy style. The ideal accompaniment for those bright snowy slopes, the lenses are semi-flat and also feature 100% UVA & UVB protection. Available for purchase online, the Garrett Leight sunglasses in style Brooks 47 features a semi-square shaped style constructed out of cellulose acetate with metal core wiring. | https://www.gurneysresorts.com/shop/gurneys-exclusive-garrett-leight-sunglasses



talk about

TIME A Look Back, A look Ahead | BY BARBARA PALUMBO

Now that 2020 is part of the past, it’s okay to safely step out from behind the blackout curtains and ponder the big things – the good things – that actually did come out of last year. However it’s also a time to think about what the future might look like with regard to luxury, and in particular, quality Swiss timepieces. Despite the fact that the major Swiss watch fairs didn’t take place in 2020, the world’s most recognizable brands still managed to successfully release their new novelties to a public anxious for any news that wasn’t related to the pandemic. Brands such as Breitling welcomed a global audience of watch enthusiasts to join them on their YouTube channel to witness the introduction of their new models in live time. Tudor went as far as to make sure all of their authorized dealers had their new novelties in stock and ready to be sold on release day. And scores of watch community members took to Instagram to express their opinions about everything and anything related to the timepieces flooding their feeds. It was an unexpected year filled with unprecedented ideas, but the watch industry, despite it all, survived and largely thrived. Here’s a look back at some of the most talked about watch releases of 2020.



The Rolex Oyster Perpetual in Vibrantly Colored Dials Rolex’s releases made waves last year (as they do every year) but it was their relatively affordable model – the Oyster Perpetual – that offered a colorful alternative to releases containing commonly used neutral-hued dials. The 36mm version of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual introduced this past September boasted five new dial colors: coral red (pictured), candy pink, turquoise blue, yellow, and green, sending social media into a first-grade frenzy as collectors got in touch with their inner six-year-olds. But aside from the happiness-inducing, Crayola-like lacquered dials, this version of the Oyster Perpetual contained Rolex’s in-house caliber 3230; the movement also implemented in the new 41mm no-date Submariner.



The H. Moser & Cie Streamliner Flyback Chronograph in Funky Blue While this independent watch brand has technically been around since 1828, 2020 seems to have been the year the brand’s name fell on everyone’s lips for all the right reasons. Launched to the world at the beginning of 2020, the H. Moser & Cie Streamliner Flyback Chronograph was the first steel sports watch by the brand. This award-winning, nontraditional chronograph timepiece also includes a snakelike integrated bracelet. Limited to 100 pieces at the time of the launch, the gray-dialed chronograph sold out quickly, prompting the brand to release the same piece in its trademark “Funky Blue” fume dial the following November.



The Bentley Edition Chronomat 42 B01 by Breitling Apparently, no one let Breitling know that 2020 was going to be a rough year. The Swiss watch brand released a number of new novelties for both men and women and did so virtually (and quite successfully) on their YouTube channel while often accompanied via satellite by members of their “Squad” including Academy Award Winner, Charlize Theron. The B01 Breitling Chronomat in 42mm contains the brand’s 01 in-house self-winding movement. The reintroduction of the Chronomat model caught the attention of adoring fans by being presented on a new, sleek Rouleaux stainless steel bracelet. While available in a variety of colors, the Bentley edition offered a rich dark green dial and black sub dials.



THE TUDOR BLACK BAY FIFTY-EIGHT IN NAVY BLUE The 2020 release of Tudor’s Black Bay Fifty-Eight in a new navy blue dial and matching bezel sent the watch-o-verse into a fanatical frenzy. Scrolling through wristwatch-centric social media feeds in early July meant that many were witness to a blue Tudor wave. And why not? The sister brand of Rolex has always had a solid following, and blue steel Swiss-made sport watches are most certainly still “a thing”, as one can easily tell by some of the other watches mentioned in this article. The 39mm sport watch comes with a 5-year warrantee and contains the calibre MT5402 manufacturer’s movement, which offers the wearer a solid 70 hours of power reserve.



THE HEUER 02 MONACO IN BLACK BY TAG HEUER TAG Heuer’s Monaco collection of watches continued to expand in 2020, offering buyers more dial colors and choices between bracelets and straps. After the popularity of the release of the blue faced Heuer 02 in late 2019, the brand added a classic black dial to the watch and released that version in late 2020. What the Heuer 02 offers (aside from being a watch that is easily recognized by even “non-watch” people) is a story long associated with racing by a brand long known for its affordability. Combine that with over 80 hours of power reserve and the Heuer Monaco 02 performs better than many other watches within the same budget.





The Omega Speedmaster “Silver Snoopy Award” 50th Anniversary Edition Omega again hit the popularity jackpot with a 2020 release commemorating the 50th anniversary of an award presented to the brand by the astronauts of NASA in 1970: the coveted “Silver Snoopy.” From a design standpoint, this particular Speedmaster – which was not released as a limited edition – is less serious than other models in the Speedmaster collection. The animated character of Snoopy appears in a spacesuit and is embossed in silver on the left-hand blue sub dial. The dial itself is also silver and laser engraved with Ag925. The face also includes two more blue sub dials, and blue PVD angle-shaped hour markers and hands. This Omega Speedmaster “Silver Snoopy Award” 50th Anniversary Edition is driven by the OMEGA Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 3861; a movement certified as a Master Chronometer from the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS).

Looking back, we see that many of the most popular watches released during the pandemic had cases and/or bracelets made with steel, thus making them more affordable than watches offered in precious metals. Coincidence? Likely not. But will the future look different aesthetically or is the watch enthusiast community so stuck in this blue-dialed, steel watch mindset that these characteristics will be the norm for years to come? Needless to say, only time will tell. 



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COCO GIN: https://www.cocogin.com


Surrounding yourself with Artful Design | BY NATALIE KING


ne exquisite element, be it velvet slippers, a moving piece of artwork or the delicate glow of an antique lamp, can enhance your entire surroundings and has a powerful impact on our mood and sense of optimism. As we approach a new dawn of life during times that have been trying and unpredictable, the joy of looking at, experiencing and living with beautiful, hand-made objects brings such a sense of permanence and soul to our personal style and interiors which should live in harmony. There is a definite shift in interior design towards the desire to mix in elements of drama through colors and patterns, and to bring in elements of patina and a forgotten elegance. I spoke recently with Randal Dawkins of Acroterion, the famed appointment-only antique store in upstate New York, about his lifelong passion for antiques. “There is an intangible quality that a fine handcrafted antique object innately

possesses, and its survival is a testament not only to its character but individuality as well” he said. At Acroterion, a collection of Chinese export lives harmoniously with French lighting and ancient sculpture. A favorite piece from the Acroterion collection is a circa 1670 Dutch delft baluster form vase converted for use as a lamp. It’s all in the mix and his eye for combining materials and eras feels fresh and soulful.

To keep with the feeling of inspiration, museums like The Frick Collection in NYC has been hosting a range of digital content called Cocktails with a Curator which has been hugely popular. At these digital gatherings, cocktail and mocktail recipes are provided and a selected curator discusses a piece of art from the collection. It’s a nice way to feel a bit of escapism and culture from the comfort of your home.

The palette of earthy red and blues in the piece titled Swirl Silhouette by artist Christopher Peter brings a sense of movement and beauty to an interior. His art includes not only his interpretation of silhouettes but extends to richly layered contemporary pieces and custom works. What could be chicer than an original piece of art done in a palette that instantly lifts the atmosphere of your space?

To scent your space with a signature fragrance is a way to create a feeling of home and also to bring in memories of your favorite hotel stays or travels through olfactory recognition. Fragrance like smoky wood and peppered air, sparkling citrus, or lavender recalling the beauty of Provance will create instant ambiance. For something with depth, opt for a candle or room spray from a historic fragrance house such as Trudon, which has been creating fragrance since



Birds of Paradise Plate 6: https://www.collectoworld.com/products/bids-of-paradise-plate-6

Acroterion: https://www.acroterion.com

1643 where Claude Trudon opened the first store on rue Saint Honore in Paris. Trudon went on to become a Royal Manufacturer and created candles for the Imperial court of France. These room sprays and candles in cloches adorn some of the chicest boutiques and hotels across the world and it’s a nice little moment of decadence to bring an element of this historic brand into your own home. In keeping with family businesses, Dover Rug has a collection of exquisite, hand-knotted rugs that elevate interiors by creating a distinct presence and sense of history. “One of the most important parts of working in a family business such as ours is working directly with the weavers and artisans overseas who hand make these products” says Hasan Jafri of Dover Rug. The family travels abroad each year and visits the artisans who hand make the rugs, forming a lifelong relationship. In a world of mass production, this intensive process that takes time and a generational knowledge of rug making, is a breath of fresh air. A hand-loomed rug is a sound investment as these pieces only get better with time. Famed interior designer John Derian has a collection of slippers for Stubbs and Wootton that will take the most basic outfit into an effortlessly elegant moment of style. In Florence, fashion house Stefano Ricci has imagined a timepiece inspired by octagonal floor plans expressed through architecture of the Dome of Santa Maria del Fiore and the Tribuna degli Uffizi. When asked about the Florentine inspiration behind the Octagon watch, Stefano Ricci says, “for centuries the best has come from here” and he notes that the eight sides of the Octagon represent a train-d’-union, between man and God. His creations are all an artful tribute to Florence and the history of artistic expression in this beautiful Italian city.

Stefano Ricci: https://www.stefanoricci. com

Christopher Peter: https://christopherpeter.com/ home.html

“Style—all who have it share one thing... originality.” - Diana Vreeland

Dover Rug: https://doverrug.com

Olive Oil: https://shop.casasdehualdo.com

On a smaller scale, swapping out a few elements that have everyday use, and therefore are sometimes resigned to be basic, such as dishes, spices and oils, can provide such a lift of mood when replaced with an elevated counterpart. Shown here is the Birds of Paradise Collection plate by Laboratorio Paravacini depicting a whimsical illustration of a bird with exotic plumage. This Milan based brand applies hand-crafted, traditional Italian pottery appli-cation to these most charming plates that add style to the table. In-spired by distant lands and extraordinary objects, COCO GIN has created a line of butler trays, used as indulgent breakfast trays or cocktail tables. The Casati Laquer Tray is inspired by the mesmer-izing and eccentric heiress Luisa Casati who famously took moon-lit walks with her jungle cats along the pebbled streets of Venice. She was a woman who lived on her own terms – freeing herself from the corsets of her Gilded Age contemporaries and dressing in a style that became legendary for its artistic flair. She was dressed by Fortuny, painted by John Singer Sargent and became not only a fashion legend but a fierce supporter of the arts who promoted the importance of living with your own, wholly original sense of style. She is an inspiration, especially at a time of a reset, where many of us are having a fresh look at our surroundings and style, imagining with hope, and redefining our futures. 

John Derian for Stubbs and Wootoon: https://stubbsandwootton.com/ collections/womens-john-derian-collection

Trudon room spray, Column Marble salt and pepper: https://hudsongracesf. com








ith parallel life paths, Christina Kaz and Lilit Devejian met and formed an immediate kinship, almost a sisterhood. Launching their company LuxySpace in 2016, they spoke to Upscale Living magazine about their like-mindedness and creating an elevated environment for the clients.

We had tandem life paths. Both Armenian and even as young girls, we had an aptitude for interior design, rearranging furniture to the surprise and delight of our families. But we didn’t meet until adults, when we formed an instant connection while working for a prominent custom-home builder.

Christina and Lilit, tell us a bit about yourselves.

Christina: She was like a sister, but I’d only just met her. We knew it was perfect. We are close friends and often mistaken for siblings. Launching our own luxury interior design and staging firm was a natural next step.

Christina: At a young age, I learned that hard work, persistence, and loyalty make for the best foundation. When arriving in the United States from Armenia, my family had very little in terms of possessions, yet thrived through entrepreneurship with the foundational values I continue to place stock in today. Launching my own interior design firm with Lilit was a natural progression. Growing up, I always enjoyed fashion and design. Even at a very young age, I knew that was where my future would be. It is an honor to enhance the quality of our clients’ lifestyle, providing environments that are aesthetically pleasing and true to each individual client. I wake up every morning excited to help create an environment that our clients never knew could exist. I received a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design and headed a design team at a prestigious custom home building firm. I abide by the adage ‘Being true to yourself is always the best policy’. Lilit: As co-founder of LuxySpace, I thrive on helping others realize how much their environment affects their everyday life, both in the way they see the world and the decisions they make. I find it quite magical to guide clients toward creating an uplifting space. It is a transformative process. My Bachelor of Arts is in Art and Interior Design with a background in art history.

Lilit: Christina and I are so in sync; our visions are always very much in line. We knew we were a dynamic duo that would be unstoppable and there would be infinite possibilities to create thrilling, meaningful environments for our clients. You co-founded your firm LuxySpace in 2016. What and who inspires you? Christina & Lilit: The ability to empower people through interior design and help them live their best life. People who are comfortable with who they are and are true to themselves. You both have Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. Are you always on the same page and if not, how do you resolve things amicably without egos being bruised? Christina & Lilit: We really are always on the same page, actually finishing each other’s sentences. It is quite amazing and allows us to speak for each other, move fast in our design process and execution. There’s always unconditional trust between us. It is very special!

Prior to LuxySpace, I worked as the head of design at a custom home building firm. I believe that deep meaning is key to artistic success. I always tell clients, ‘we are the designers of our own existence, and there is nothing insignificant about our lives.’ I try to be intentional with my own life, so that I can help our clients create the most empowering, vivifying spaces. My maxim is ‘Timeless is always in style’.

We leave our egos at the front door and it’s not about us, but it’s always about our clients. Whatever is the best decision for the client is the winning decision.

You had an immediate connection when you met for the first time. How do you remember it?

Christina & Lilit: As Principal designers, we curate inviting and elevated spaces that are healing, empowering and inspiring. Our firm requires an intensive client discovery process to uncover our clients’ desired lifestyle and passions. Successful design is a tool of enlightenment and self-improvement.

Lilit: Yes! We are business soulmates. Sometimes you meet people and from that very first moment you feel like you have known them your whole life—that’s exactly how our journey began.

Talk us through how you create an elevated existence. And an uplifting space?







We believe that everything around us projects energy based on your own background and upbringing. First, we need to uncover and understand what those are and embrace positive energy and avoid the negative. To not worry about other people’s preferences and be true to yourself. We all grow up in a way seeing ourselves as a main character of our story and imagine living our best life in a superb environment. LuxySpace can help connect the dots and create that environment to thrive in. The goal is not merely to invent a beautiful atmosphere, it is to establish an elevated existence. What are/have been your biggest challenges in your career? Christina & Lilit: Interior Design is not just the objective, it’s the journey and the destination. At LuxySpace clients come first in everything we do. Their needs and expectations are at the core of every decision we make. Aligning ourselves with like-minded professionals in all our trades that understand the importance of this is the challenge.

take care of them, everything evolves to another level. Another lesson we learned is that the process might be completely different with each client and it is more than ok! The favorite part of your job? Christina: It’s very special when after intensive discovery sessions, we present our design concept and see the spark in the client’s eyes realizing that not only do we understand where they are coming from, but they can’t believe how we were able to amplify their vision. What is the best thing about being at the helm of a principal designer service? Lilit: Having the freedom to establish the kind of environment, culture and principles that you and your team look forward to every day.

Important lessons along the way?

Are your homes as stunning as those of your clients? I’m thinking of the old proverb of the shoemaker’s children that have no shoes …. hopefully that’s not the case with your abodes.

Christina & Lilit: We’ve learned that trust and transparency is of the utmost importance. The minute your client realizes you are truly there to

Christina & Lilit: It’s a little bit of both. We haven’t been able to prioritize our own homes quite yet. It is in the works. Whether you are in




HOMES + INTERIORS your temporary or forever home, it’s important to be comfortable and be surrounded by special pieces that tell your story. What are your favorite rooms in your own home and why? Christina: Kitchen and Great Rooms! We enjoy entertaining and love creating spontaneous experiences with food, friends, and wine. What key pieces in your home can you not live without? Christina & Lilit: Customized sectional for comfort. Custom drapery to bring in different layers of texture and frame your windows. Multiple lighting sources that can provide different ambiance for different occasions. Talk us through a timeless interior design style. Lilit: Timeless interior style is not trendy, it’s classic, well scaled and in neutral color tones. It’s well layered, harmonious and takes into consideration its own environment. It’s functional and intentional. It’s timeless! Is there a right and wrong when it comes to decorating? Please explain. Lilit: Absolutely! Common mistakes include not investing in the right items, that are well proportioned and scaled properly. Instead, bringing in multitudes of items trying to fill up the space. You only need the right items in the right places. How does one keep things modern / timeless without having to break the bank? Christina: By combining clean lines, neutral hues, well scaled furniture, and accessories. Selecting each piece intentionally and splurging only on strategic furniture pieces, for example a sofa or dining chairs. We often invest in upholstery seating furniture and sometimes focal point statement pieces, while repurposing accent tables and case goods. Do you believe in repurposing dated pieces or should one just shop for new ones? Christina: It’s definitely worth considering to repurpose, as long as the piece you are working with still has life in it, is well designed and is a favorite piece. It is not worth spending a lot of budget and energy on a piece that you don’t really appreciate. It does cost more than most people anticipate. However, if the piece is family heirloom and sentimental it’s totally worth the investment. You have done some exquisite interiors. Do you have any favorites? Lilit: One, that comes to mind is a colonial 12000 sq. ft. residence in a secluded setting on 44 acres. Though, we don’t naturally gravitate towards this style, the client truly appreciates colonial style architecture. We helped to build the client’s dream home from conceptual design to finishing touches. We stayed true to the authentic characteristics of classic colonial style. For example, it was incredible to design and coordinate the massive 20ft. custom designed imported glass dome at the foyer to the intricate layers of stacked crown molded, applied molding, stained and painted custom wood paneling, applique, and much more through the entire home. LuxySpace paid close attention to every detail. Have there been projects that you have declined? If yes, why?


Christina & Lilit: There have been projects we declined simply because we couldn’t see the successful execution at the end of the project for whatever reason. We usually end up developing lasting friendships with clients. It can be a long process so being a good fit and envisioning a successful execution at the end of the process is crucial. We also do take in consideration gut feeling and intuition. You travel for business, and hopefully pleasure too. Which have been your favorite places to travel to that have left a lasting impression? Christina & Lilit: Spain and Barcelona in particular. The people are welcoming and warm hearted. People live their lives at the fullest, amazing architecture, good food, and great energy. What do you do for fun? Christina & Lilit: Hosting impromptu gourmet dinner parties with fine wine and great company. Any exciting plans on the horizon? Christina & Lilit: In 2021 we will be scaling and expanding our Luxury Staging Branch. Our team helps elevate and sell the most distinctive properties, estates, and developments faster and in higher volume than the market average. https://www.luxyspace.com/




Majestic 175 Superyacht Refined Excess



ize is everything in the world of megayachts and now there is a new contender for the title of the largest megayacht ever built with the Majesty 175 by Gulfcraft. Having just finished its construction at their facility in the Emirates, it is the world’s largest megayacht built as a MCALY3 yacht over 500 GT (gross tons). It was first announced at the 2016 Monaco Yacht show and now it has been launched. The appearance of the Majesty 175 is elegant and yet it is also infused with a layer of modernity with the design being penned by Cristiano Gatto Design Team in Italy. Another highlight of this megayacht happens to be the fact that it would be a commercial yacht with its construction having composite materials. That brings added benefits like less weight plus lower fuel consumption along with lesser maintenance required since unlike metal, chances of corrosion are less and also being less susceptible to rust since you can spend more time in water. Another advantage of the composite materials being used is the fact that it can sail in areas with low draft. Building the Majesty 175 has been a complex process and took Gulfcraft years to finish but it has been worth the wait we would say. Built as a successor to the Majesty 155, the 175 has an efficient hull which makes it more accessible to many places despite its size. The Majesty 175 is powered by twin MTU 2,012hp engines along with having a range of more than 4,000 nautical miles. This yacht comes with state of the art equipment, in form of an advanced navigation

system plus a plethora of safety and control systems. The list of luxury features being available are also long with there being an infinity pool at the forward deck and a hybrid sky-lounge that can be converted to an open sun deck. The design is specifically made to create a feeling of space while it has a seven cabin layout including a total capacity of fourteen passengers. On the upper deck you will find a private owner’s suite while the main deck has the VIP lounge. There are also large cabins for the crew and the captain. The sense of space is also enhanced by large windows which bring in higher levels of light and expanding the views on offer. Other features include a beach club and a gym at the main deck. The Majesty 175 is ripe for causing disruption in the megayacht category with its composite construction and technology as there are many key elements which make it suitable for yacht making. In the commercial category the composite build pattern has brought in many advantages which we have discussed above but along with that the re-sale, structural rigidity and the life of the vessel becomes stronger and more durable. Composite construction also means fewer parts which is also a positive feature. A prominent Emirati businessman is the owner and no doubt, the Majesty 175 puts Gulfcraft at the top in the megayacht category.







828.526.1717 meadowsmountainrealty.com 488 Main Street, Highlands | 2334 Cashiers Rd, Highlands 132 Hwy 107 S, Cashiers


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The Most advanced business jet from Dassault



peed, comfort and range happen to be one of the key factors that business jet owners look out for and the newest offering from Dassault Aviation promises to break new ground in this competitive world of private luxury aviation. Unveiled in Bordeaux-Merignac, France, the Falcon 6X is the latest ultra widebody business jet that joins the Falcon range. Claimed as “their most advanced aircraft yet” the Falcon 6X promises the tallest and widest cabin in business aviation along with a higher level of speed and comfort. It can fly from London to Hong Kong or from Los Angeles to Moscow nonstop with a 5,500 nm (10,186 km) range and top speed of Mach.90. The Falcon 6X can also perform safe approaches as low as only 109 knots, slower than other business jets. It features a flaperon control surface which increases take off and landing control, especially on steep approaches. This allows the 6X, like other Falcons, to safely land in small airports short runways at less than 3,000 feet. Back to the cabin and it is spacious plus configurable according to the owner’s wishes including added privacy with partition areas. The aircraft has a 16-passenger seating capacity with multiple seating zones including a conference room and a large storage place. You also get a large table much like the wide-cabin equipped private jets which makes it more practical. Further convenience is afforded by a large lounging area and of course you can convert it into a bed. It has more glass area too with no less than 30 extra-large windows which gives a

panoramic view. Of course there is mood lighting which is also customizable. Dassault says that the air quality inside the cabin is 10 times better over the minimum requirement. Just like the Falcon aircrafts the 6X shares the same sound-proofing for a quiet cabin. There is also Falcon connect and other amenities on board. The cabin design is sleek too with a luxurious yet modern look. The Falcon 6X also has a digital flight control system with an auto-trim function which removes the need for constant pilot correction. Other features include a flight envelope protection system which removes exceeding structural speed limits and stalling plus hazard avoidance. The 6X also has a vision system called as ‘FalconEye’ which adds extra help in flying in all weather conditions, day and night. Despite Covid-19 and its challenges, Pratt & Whitney Canada completed ground and flight tests of the aircraft’s PW812D engine, thus making it ready for the first flight. The Falcon 6X takes the fight to the likes of Gulfstream and Bombardier with expanding the business-jet market with longrange and wide-cabin aircrafts. With everything on schedule expect it to be ready for certification in two years at an expected price of $47 million plus. The current pandemic has only fueled further demand for private aviation with new customers looking at business jets with long range, bigger seating capacity and also having a certain level of flexibility.




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WHAT’S NEW “Bringing you the finest places around the world is what we love to do here at Upscale Living magazine. In keeping with this tradition, we are focusing on introducing you to new kids on the block or accommodation establishments with a re-looked lease on life. Grab your travel diary as you want to get to these places as soon as possible!”





The newest resort in the prestigious Ritz-Carlton Reserve portfolio opened its doors on December 15th, 2020. Higashiyama Niseko Village, owned by YTL Hotels, is a stunning ski-in, ski-out property that is thrilled to welcome guests to Niseko, Japan’s top winter sports destination on the island of Hokkaido. Higashiyama Niseko Village is only the fifth Ritz-Carlton Reserve in the world, and the very first Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Japan. Dato’ Mark Yeoh, Executive Director of YTL Hotels said, “YTL Hotels’ illustrious portfolio continues to expand in Japan and globally, and it is a pleasure to work with Marriott International on this exceptional property. We have immense commitment and dedication to making an even greater mark on the world with Japan’s first Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Niseko Village.” “Offering a world-class getaway 60 | UPSCALE LIVING MAGAZINE | JANUARY 2021

to Niseko’s adventurous mountains, Higashiyama Niseko Village presents renowned gastronomy, culture and traditions. With every privilege and convenience afforded, guests can look forward to being pampered and cared for in every way conceivable through its evolving seasons. YTL will continue to build on the area’s natural attractions to strengthen Niseko Village’s reputation as the most sought-after and snowiest award-winning ski resort in Asia over the next ten years.” Fifty elegant guest rooms and suites at Higashiyama Niseko Village are appointed with refined amenities. Positioned at the base of Mount Niseko Annupuri in the heart of Niseko Village, the property is an all-season alpine resort set within the Niseko United ski area that offers 2,191 acres of skiable terrain and access to extensive backcountry skiing. The area also has an international ski school, chairlifts and

gondolas, a dining and retail venue, an outdoor activity park and two world class golf courses. The inspiration behind the ultra-luxurious property lies in the Japanese proverb “Kachou Fuugetsu” (Flower, Bird, Wind, Moon), the philosophy of discovering oneself through nature. During their stay, travelers are encouraged to explore the local origins of the food on their plates, appreciate the power of solitude while on a mountain walk or ski run and enjoy the healing elements of Japan’s hot springs for an experience rooted in discovery and harmony. When it comes to cuisine, the property celebrates seasonal produce harvested at its peak, with guests enjoying delectable offerings that mirror the season with locally sourced vegetables, prized cuts of meat and seafood. https://www.ritzcarlton.com/ en/hotels/japan/higashiyama



Scheduled to open in January 2021, Pendry West Hollywood is located at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Olive Drive, at the heart of the iconic Sunset Strip. The hotel features 149 luxury guest rooms, including 37 suites and an additional 40 private residences. Guests and residence owners will have exclusive access to hotel amenities including a rooftop pool and bar, multiple chef-driven food and beverage outlets created by the legendary Wolfgang Puck, multi-purpose live entertainment venue, screening room, bowling alley, Spa Pendry, state-of-the-art fitness center and curated art collection. Commanding attention on Sunset Boulevard, the hotel is wrapped in 6,000 square feet of digital signage. An elevated environment that feels rooted in the neighborhood, while redefining modern-day hotel design and urban living, Pendry West Hollywood was

designed by internationally acclaimed architecture firm Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects and executed by Cuningham Group Architects. Pendry blurs the line between indoor and outdoor space to provide connection to sweeping views. Interiors by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio celebrate laid-back California glamour through the interplay of two design concepts: Los Angeles at dusk and ocean waves. Every guest room is designed with classic sophistication, distinguished with a modern twist. Clean lines, brass accents, decadent art deco inspired light fixtures and luxurious headboards pair with curated works of art and modern technology. The modern Bar Pendry is a rich, moody space anchored by a central fireplace that welcomes guests for evening cocktails, an elevated menu of small bites and late-night conversation as well as a signature restaurant concept featuring indoor and outdoor

dining offered throughout the day and into the evening. Located on the rooftop, Merois will celebrate the open-air allure of the City of Angels with a menu that spotlights Chef Wolfgang Puck’s eye for the sophisticated subtleties of Japanese, Southeast Asian and French/California cuisine. This casual street-side European style café will feature a relaxed, all-day menu of neighborhood-friendly favorites including classic salads, handmade pastas, vegan dishes and renowned Wolfgang Puck pizzas, fresh from Ospero’s wood-burning pizza oven. https://www.pendry.com/ west-hollywood/




The Saxon Hotel, Villas & Spa unveiled a fresh new face to its public areas following a major refurbishment in 2020. During the months of the hotel closure due to the pandemic, Team Saxon has been hard at work to ensure that the much-loved Saxon hospitality can once again be enjoyed in even more beautiful surroundings with the improvements that have been made to the iconic Saxon reception area, Qunu restaurant, the Cigar Library and the Olive Bar. The Saxon reception, with its distinctive chandelier and twin staircases, has been the hero of many an Instagram post over the years. In tribute to the hotel’s friendship with favored former guest, the late South African President Nelson Mandela, the well-known Dean Simon artwork, ‘Foresight and Hindsight – The Five Faces of Mandela’, which traces the progression of Mandela’s life from his early youth through to the compas62 | UPSCALE LIVING MAGAZINE | JANUARY 2021

sionate older statesman, has been given pride of place behind the reception desk, framed by textured wallpapers and artisanal lampshades in traditional style. The updated new look for Qunu restaurant features a dramatic mural composed by Justin Badenhorst from Nomad, creating a new focal point in the restaurant. The mural was painted from a photo taken at Shambala Private Game Reserve, the Saxon Hotel’s sister property in the Waterberg area in South Africa, showing a warm sunset view over the reserve from under a Wild Seringa tree (Burkea Africana). The striking look of the floor has been a talking point already, its new texture is a liquid marble flooring technique making for a fresh look and combining well with the new color palette of the restaurant.

In Qunu, guests will now be delighted to see their perfect aperitif prepared at the newly installed bar, whilst enjoying the music of Saxon in-house musicians - saxophonist Femi Koya and pianist Jonathan Assempath, before embarking on their culinary journey with the Qunu team. Qunu’s award-winning menu showcases a fine balance of African flavors, using produce from The Saxon’s Sarapana garden and the best locally sourced heritage ingredients. The beautifully presented cuisine on offer includes local and international favorites and even a few twists on traditional dishes, treating guests to the outstanding dining experience Qunu restaurant is known for. www.saxon.co.za



The Palm Beaches, America’s First Resort Destination, and White Elephant Resorts are thrilled to announce the opening of White Elephant Palm Beach, in late 2020. The 32-room property is housed in the former Bradley Park Hotel – originally constructed in 1924 as one of the first resorts on Palm Beach’s Main Street. During its century-long history, it was initially owned by Colonel Edward R. Bradley, who ran a private and celebrated Beach Club casino on land that is today Bradley Park. The footprint of the structure and the facade remains, while the interiors have been stripped to the bones and rebuilt by Boston-based Elkus Manfredi Architects in collaboration with the owner, New England Development, as well as the Landmarks Commission of Palm Beach and the National Park Service to create a new hotel that showcases the history

of the existing building while incorporating a contemporary interpretation of Mediterranean-revival architecture. White Elephant Palm Beach maintains the welcoming feel of a private residence with 13 rooms and 19 suites spread across four stories. The layout of the property takes advantage of the South Florida sunshine and features a U-shaped outdoor courtyard that is the social heart of the hotel – a place to relax and recharge, whether lounging on the patio or around the pool. The landscaping features mature, local flora whose lush colors and tropical fragrances envelop guests. The design captures the spirit of a grand home while maintaining the ambiance of a landmarked boutique hotel. Breaking from the bright pinks and greens that dominate the Palm Beach aesthetic, the White Elephant Palm Beach features a neutral color palette with sleek metal ac-

cents and vibrant pops of color. The hardwood floors, Carrara marble, elegant tiles and woven rugs are all interpreted with contemporary style. Outside, the Mizner-style facade is painted a light, creamy-white color with classic black-and-white striped awnings, terracotta roof tiles, and black trim to bring a fresh, sophisticated look to the classic structure. Guests are welcomed onto the property by a seven-foot white elephant statue by Santa Fe-based artist Fredrick Prescott. Guestrooms and suites range from 510- to 3,000-square feet featuring custom-designed furniture. King-size beds are outfitted with Pratesi linens with upholstered backboards accented in a colorful palm and flower print. The custom-designed wooden arches that frame the entrance to some of the rooms are a defining architectural element of the hotel. www.thepalmbeaches.com


Dumont JETS | Dumont MRO | Volo Direct




We’re ready to fly when you are. +1.302.317.3310 info@dumontgroup.com www.dumontgroup.com Wyvern Wingman Certified Operator


THE COEUR D‘ALENE RESORT a Fabulous Place to recreate all Year | BY TRACY BEARD


n late September, I left the comfort of my home and drove to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, where I spent two nights at The Coeur d'Alene Resort. The 18-story resort towers rest on the northern shore of Coeur d’Alene Lake, and the rooms boast spectacular views of either the lake or the majestic mountains nearby. The area offers a plethora of activities for the outdoor enthusiast. For water lovers, the 49.8-square-mile lake is perfect for paddleboarding, kayaking and boating. For winter fun, three ski resorts are within a one-hour drive from the city center: Silver Mountain Resort, Lookout Pass Ski & Recreation Area, and Schweitzer Ski Resort. The Coeur d'Alene Resort accommodations, meeting rooms and restaurants all afford stunning views of the lake, and there are plenty of activities year-round for all ages.




TRAVEL ROOMS WITH A VIEW All rooms at The Coeur d'Alene Resort are well-appointed. My corner suite on the 15th floor overlooked the marina and the lake. A wall-to-wall window faced west, and each day I relished the stunning views from my living room couch while simultaneously enjoying the warmth that permeated from the gas-lit fireplace in the corner. Each morning I donned the cushy robe found in my closet and perched myself on the balcony to enjoy a steaming cup of coffee. The view on the first morning was gloriously sunny, but on the second morning, I awoke to an entirely new scene outside my windows. Two clouds hovered over the water. Soon a mystical fog engulfed the skies and descended upon the lake consuming everything in my view. The larger cloud broke free from the fog and moved slowly across the water like a grand Viking ship. As time went by and the sun rose higher in the sky, the fog burned off. I watched as people ventured out to their boats and meandered in and out of the marina. Newbie paddleboarders dubiously risked getting wet and paddled out onto the lake. DINING AT THE RESORT Titos Italian Grill & Wine Shop The Coeur d'Alene Resort boasts numerous tasty restaurants. Titos Italian Grill & Wine Shop, located in The Coeur d'Alene Resort shopping center, offers an extensive wine collection for sale and is a great place to stop for lunch or dinner. During my visit, I ordered the soup and half-sandwich. The homemade tomato basil soup was delicious, and the grilled turkey and cheese sandwich on toasted garlic bread was warm and comforting, just the right size for a late afternoon lunch. After the light meal, my travel companion, Connie, agreed that we should purchase a bottle of Rombauer Chardonnay to drink on our balcony later in the day. Dockside restaurant On our first evening, we dined downstairs at Dockside restaurant. Since we had a late lunch, we ordered a few appetizers and cocktails for dinner. The artichoke dip, made with Cougar cheese produced at the Washington State Creamery, was served with homemade potato chips, toasted bread and delicious pickled onions. The deviled eggs arrived topped in three ways—with smoked salmon, bacon, and Boursin cheese. Idaho is famous for several food products: potatoes, trout, beef, and huckleberries. I chose to sample some of the area’s bounty. I ordered the Huckleberry Sizzle cocktail. It was made with huckleberry vodka, Saint Germain, lemon juice and huckleberry puree. Connie enjoyed a jalapeño margarita. We spent the remainder of the evening outside by the firepit and listened to a talented singer accompanied by a guitarist perform at a wedding on the terrace below us. Beverly’s On our second night, we dined at Beverly’s. We began the evening with a couple of delicious drinks in the bar. Sticking with the Idaho bounty theme, I indulged in the huckleberry lemon drop mixed with a perfect balance of sweet and sour. Connie ordered a smoky old fashion. This was one potent drink. The bartender made 68 | UPSCALE LIVING MAGAZINE | JANUARY 2021




the cocktail with Makers Mark Bourbon containing 58% alcohol, Grand Marnier, a drop of water, a large piece of orange rind, and maraschino cherry liqueur. He emptied the drink into a wine decanter, added smoke, covered the top and let it steep in the smoke for a few moments. He then poured the drink over a large ice cube in a whiskey glass. One of these was enough to keep Connie happy for the rest of the evening. After drinks, the hostess entered the bar and led us through the restaurant to a beautiful alcove with a magnificent view of the lake. This was the owner’s table. Executive Chef Rodney Jessick stood waiting to chat with us. Chef Jessick has worked at the resort for over 40 years and currently oversees all dining venues at the resort and outlying properties. Chef Jessick recommend the ahi tuna as an entrée. The thinly sliced perfectly cooked sesame-coated ahi tuna was served with pickled ginger and bright red candied ginger. The plate was garnished with a generous decorative display of soy and wasabi glazes, and a side of garlic bok choy finished the plate. The dish was gorgeous and delicious. Dining at Beverly’s is a must when visiting Coeur d'Alene, but a treatment at the resort’s spa is also a fabulous experience.

reduced. Treatments are limited to one hour each, but the service and quality remain stellar. I enjoyed a deep tissue massage. Nicole, my masseuse, began the treatment by putting a warm wet cloth behind my head and a heating pad on my back and feet. I spent a luxurious hour being pampered and left feeling renewed, relaxed and refreshed.


There is plenty to do outside near the resort. Weekend ferries take guests for tours around the lake, paddleboards, jet skis and kayaks are available for rent, and numerous hikes begin nearby. The resort golf course is not only beautiful, but also boasts a one of a kind floating green for the

Water features at the spa’s entrance create an atmosphere of serenity. Due to the current Covid-19 regulations, the spa menu has been 70 | UPSCALE LIVING MAGAZINE | JANUARY 2021



14th hole. The entire area is picturesque, and the historical Cataldo Mission located at Coeur d’ Alene’s Old Mission State Park, is within an hour’s drive. There is plenty to do both inside and outside at The Coeur d'Alene Resort. If you are ready to escape the confines of your own home and are looking to enjoy some incredible views and loads of fun, book a trip to the resort. 



Golf Technology to Enhance Your Game

Mevo by FlightScope MSRP: $499

The Walker Trolley ‘Cape’ Model MSRP: $399

Arccos Caddie MSRP: $179.99

Tag Heuer MSRP: $2,550

Mevo provides data points that includes carry distance, ball and club speed, spin rate, smash factor, vertical launch angle, apex height and flight time. https://www.flightscopemevo.com/

The Cape model is built for the purist and makes a big impression. A convenient one-fold handle makes collapsing and unfolding easier than other pushcarts on the market. shorturl.at/jxSY2

Golf ’s first Artificial Intelligence platform combines Automatic Shot Tracking, Strokes Gained Analytics, Smart Distance Club Averages, A.I. Powered GPS Rangefinder, and Caddie Advice to help golfers of all skill levels. shorturl.at/tJLZ8

On and off the course, there is a lot to love about this smartwatch. TAG Heuer’s sporty spirit is expressed in a special edition designed for the most discerning golfers. https://tinyurl.com/ydhtclvt




Five Luxury Golf Communities You will Love to Call Home | BY DAMON M. BANKS

We have all seen the astonishing numbers of people leaving the cities and looking for beautiful communities to call home that can provide a better quality of life. Not to mention being able to play golf throughout the week while working remotely and balancing family, work and life. For those of you researching communities in hopes of making a move during 2021 to either work remotely or begin enjoying the life of retirement, these five luxury golf communities provide residents with an idyllic place to call home, and should be at the top of your list.


he game of golf is riding high at the moment, and there are no signs that this surge will slow down anytime soon. There were 10 million more rounds played during August 2020, when compared to this same month in 2019. This is an unbelievable 20 percent increase according to the National Golf Foundation. With the number of people shifting their

perspective on life as a result of the pandemic, combined with the millions planning to play more golf in the years ahead, golf communities provide the amenities, homes/lots, services, locations and all-around lifestyle we want right now. In reality, this is the lifestyle that we all need right now.






Spanish Peaks is a 3,530-acre golf and ski community that is adjacent to Big Sky Resort, and one that provides residents with an unmistakable refined luxury while being surrounded by the pristine Montana wilderness. During the warmer months of the year, the 18-hole Tom Weiskopf Signature Golf Course provides 40-mile views among 300 acres of the property; and then you have direct access to Big Sky Resort and its 5,850 acres of world-class terrain with 300 named runs on four connected mountains during the winter months. This location will have even more to offer residents and their guests when the $400 million Montage Big Sky opens in late 2021, which will feature 150 guestrooms and suites, a seemingly endless number of amenities and 39 Montage Residences. Home prices range from $2.75 million to $5.5 million with several new offerings that are very exciting for the community. The Highlands are 3- to 6-bedroom luxury homes from 2,905 to 4,620 square feet that are located along the Highland Ski Trail, which leads to the Flatiron chairlift, and only a short walk to the Tom Weiskopf Signature Golf Course. Inspiration Point features 5-bedroom townhomes from 3,808 to 4,275 square feet that blend western character and a contemporary mountain feel. Additionally, you can build your dream home on the lots and large-acreage tracts from 3 to 190 acres that range from $400,000 to $7.5 million. | https://spanishpeaks.com





SAILFISH POINT Hutchinson Island, Florida

Sailfish Point is a 532-acre oceanfront community near the southern end in Stuart, which is surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean, Indian River and St. Lucie Inlet. This unique location makes Sailfish Point the perfect community for residents who love deepsea fishing almost as much as they love golf. The Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course meanders through the waterways, wetlands and coastal dunes that define Sailfish Point’s Treasure Coast setting. As an added bonus, the expanded golf practice area is one of the leading game improvement facilities in Southeast Florida. A recently reimagined 60,000-square-foot clubhouse with resort-caliber beach club offers multiple dining options, a two-story fitness center, aquatic center, tennis courts, full-service spa and access to a staggering five miles of pristine beach. At Sailfish Point, families and couples simply enjoy living life at their own pace. Sailfish Point is a private community like no other. This Florida sanctuary offers 520 distinctive homes in an astounding array of living possibilities from spacious beachfront properties and intimate oceanfront condos to elegant villas and spacious townhomes with private boat docks. A host of these move-in-ready luxury residences are available with prices starting just below $1 million for condos and scale up to $15 million for an oceanfront estate. Residents of Sailfish Point receive the finest in privacy, security, and emergency assistance. The locals describe Sailfish Point as being an unpretentious, comfortable, and truly authentic place to call home. | https://sailfishpoint.com






Creighton Farms is located in picturesque Northern Virginia horse country, unassumingly situated between the quaint towns of Middleburg and Leesburg; and just 20 minutes from Dulles International Airport, and 55 minutes from downtown Washington DC. This is an exceptional club community where you can create an enduring legacy with your family and friends for years to come in a pristine setting that is ideal for sports, recreation, wellness and the pursuit of happiness. Since opening in 2008, the Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course has received such accolades as being named one of the “Best New Private Courses� by the likes of Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, Golfweek and T+L Golf. This extraordinary private community features an unprecedented list of amenities including an award-winning 34,000-square-foot clubhouse complete with full-service locker rooms, steam rooms, golf shop, meeting space, pub, massage rooms, resort-style pools, Har-Tru and all-weather tennis courts, fitness center, and coming soon, a state-of-the-art golf performance center. When you arrive through the gates at Creighton Farms, you discover a beautiful enclave of custom homes that reflect the rich architectural styles of the storied past. The 900-acre gated community offers 1to 7-acre home sites with dramatic views of woods, meadows, mountain ranges or the incredible golf course, plus a choice of exceptional homes ranging from exquisite villas to extravagant legacy homes. There are several different neighborhoods within the community, and each offers something unique for residents, with pricing starting at $1.6 million. Creighton Farms is also a Southworth Community, which is a company internationally known for its stability, credibility, and for offering great value. This is a sophisticated sanctuary that we know you will love to call home. | https://creightonfarms.com





DESERT MOUNTAIN Scottsdale, Arizona

Desert Mountain is absolute heaven for those who want amenities galore, a different golf course for every day of the week and simply breathtaking views from every angle. With 8,000 acres, this desert playground is also home to a newly remodeled spa, tennis on three surfaces, pickleball and ten restaurants and grills, plus 20 miles of private hiking trails, mountain biking, horseback riding and more than 40 social clubs. It is not surprising that Desert Mountain is often referred to as “The Best Golf Club in the World” as it is the only club in Arizona to be ranked in the top 20 in the in the Platinum Clubs® of America prestigious list of Top 150 Country Clubs in the nation, and the only private community anywhere with six Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Courses, plus a par-54, 18-hole course, No. 7 at Desert Mountain. Desert Mountain saw an all-time record for custom-home sales volume at over $225 million in 2019, and 2020 has proved to be a banner year for sales and memberships. With so many homesites, custom and semi-custom homes, there is something for everyone here. For those looking for the newest opportunity, homes are now selling at Seven Desert Mountain™, the community’s newest luxury residential enclave. Though most of the current listings range from $2 million to $3.5 million, there are numerous opportunities either side of this range, and regardless of where you end up at Desert Mountain; the picturesque Sonoran Desert has never looked so good. | https://desertmountain.com





CHAMPION HILLS Hendersonville, North Carolina

Champion Hills is Hendersonville’s premier private community that is quietly nestled in the natural beauty of North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains. The clear mountain streams, Carolina blue sky and their top-ranked Tom Fazio-designed golf course combine seamlessly to provide residents with an unmistakably different (and preferred) lifestyle. Beyond the natural beauty of the area, this is also in the heart of one of the most sought-after relocation corridors in the United States – the “Ville to Ville” pipeline spanning between Greenville, South Carolina, and Hendersonville and Asheville in North Carolina. Southern hospitality blends with a mountain lifestyle to create a magical experience for residents; and since they have recently celebrated their 30-year anniversary, this iconic community must be doing something right. Building lots at Champion Hills range from .5 up to 1.5 acres, with prices from $50,000 to $300,000. Move-in ready luxury residences range from $500,000 to $3 million featuring golf course, wooded and mountain views. The golf club is managed by global leader Troon, and is part of the Troon Privé collection of private clubs that provides full equity members access to over 250 private and resort courses in the collection, including many of the topranked facilities in the United States. At Champion Hills, full-equity and 12-month trial memberships include full access to golf, dining, the wellness center, pool, spa, and tennis courts. As residents are known to say at Champion Hills, “visit for a day, stay for a lifetime.” | https://championhills.com





Marriot International Takes Luxury to the Next Level in Baja | BY DEVE SANFORD


hat is it about the allure of travel that seems to feed the human spirit? Is it the inherent yearning of escapism or the apparent likelihood of creating lifelong memories? Whether a thrill seeker or jet setter, travel enriches life in a way that very little else does. In the world of hospitality there are few hotels and resorts that cater to their guests by providing personalized travel experiences, and Marriott International has emerged as a brand leader by not only paving the way, but raising the bar. In its portfolio of international properties Marriott has curated an ensemble of some of the world’s most iconic hotels that uniquely capture the essence of their breathtaking destinations. Among its many core values, Marriott understands that luxury is no longer tied to consumption, but to connectivity with wanderlust being one of its most authentic components. An exemplary representation of Marriott’s diverse portfolio of properties is its stunning collection of hotels and resorts located in the heart of the breathtaking, Baja Peninsula. At its southernmost tip lies Los Cabos, an incredible destination for the discerning traveler. Whether seeking a relaxed luxury getaway, an action packed weekend or a fun family holiday, Marriott offers three different properties nestled between the cerulean waters of the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean. The Solaz Los Cabos, JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort and Spa and Zadun, a Ritz Carlton Reserve property will not only have guests yearning to come back, but thoughtfully redefining the intent in which they travel. Within moments of arriving at Solaz Los Cabos, the symbiotic integration between architecture, landscape and art is immediately evident. Visually captivating this sophisticated retreat replicates the desert meeting the sea by creating a juxtaposition




TRAVEL of landscaped areas imitating native vegetation. Covering an area of 9.8 hectares, the resort is comprised of a 128 room hotel, residences and even an onsite museum, all of which pay homage to the rich cultural heritage and life on the peninsula. The use of local Mexican Huanacaxtle woods and textiles throughout the property create a warm and distinctively contemporary atmosphere all complimented by over 400 works of art created by Mexican artist, Cesar Lopez Negrete. From gorgeous rooms and suites with panoramic views of the sea, to unique experiences tailored to each guests, every detail of this luxurious property indulges the senses with a profound feeling of HARMONY and endless possibilities to create lasting memories. SOLAZ, A LUXURY COLLECTION RESORT, LOS CABOS - Peak (high) season starting rates/night - $859 USD + 19% taxes + 15% service charge - $359 USD + 19% taxes + 15% service charge Less than 30 minutes away from Solaz is the JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort and Spa. Opening in 2015, the beachside oasis is tucked away in exclusive Puerto Los Cabo, a 2,000 acre mixed-use resort community. The sprawling property offers the perfect vacation for families and couples with endless options to cater to everyone’s needs. It has six restaurants and bars, golf course, spa and numerous pools overlooking the beach, making it the perfect locale for lounging in the sun. The main hotel has 299 guest rooms and for those wanting more of a VIP experience can check into the Griffin Club, a 45 room enclave within the hotel that offers amenities including butler services, access to a club lounge and private pool. Among the many culinary delights at the hotel, guests should take note to not miss out on the poolside margaritas and lobster tacos, the perfect combination while peering out over the endless sea. Under the direction of chef Thierry Blouet, a meal at Cafe Des Artistes is also a must, with its unique fusion of Mexican with French cuisine. For guests that want to venture off property for a meal, the hotel offers transportation to Flora Farms. Founded in 1996 it was the first little organic farm in Cabo. Today, it helps supply luxury resort dining rooms of internationally known chefs. Flora Farm is a wonderful place to visit, rich with culture, local artisans and a fresh market. Besides endless options of Baja inspired cuisine, JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort and Spa takes relaxation to a whole other level, in fact, it provides guests with 21,000 square feet to do

so. The Jasha Spa is nothing short of a spectacular. It comes complete with saunas, pools, steam rooms and relaxation areas, all the typical components that compliment a retreat focused on peace and mindfulness. But the real star of the spa is the Temezcal. It is a low heat sweat lodge used in spiritual cleansing rituals dating back to pre-Hispanic Indigenous people of Mesoamerica to promote health and well being. The hotel offers this incredible opportunity to guests as a way to fully immerse themselves into the culture in a very authentic way. PEACE is the focal point of this stunning resort and it is captured not only in its beautiful environment but in the very essence of its surroundings. JW LOS CABOS BEACH RESORT & SPA - Peak (high) season starting rates/night is $539.00 USD - Low season starting rates/night $209.00 USD - Rates per room per night plus applicable taxes (19%) plus 10% service charge. Nestled between the gently sloping dunes of Puerto Los Cabos is the luxurious Zadun, Ritz-Carlton Reserve. Only the fourth of its kind, the newly-opened, oceanfront resort offers unrivaled views of the Sea of Cortes. Considered to be the crème de la crème within the Marriott portfolio, Ritz Carlton Reserves are unique sanctuaries located in the most exquisite, jaw dropping locales around the world. Zadun is inspired by the Spanish word for “dunas” and is intricately realized by the suites in villas that emerge from its horizon. The expansive 20-acre property is home to two championship golf courses, 115 guest suites, four restaurants, several swim-ming pools, spa and botanical park. Each guest room is its own miniature refuge that offers the absolute ultimate in luxury. The striking floor-to-ceiling glass windows, that invite the outdoors inside, are only shadowed by the luxurious terrace area complete with plunge pool, fire pit, and an outdoor sitting area. Throughout the stunning property are thoughtful expressions of modern Mexican design mixed with colorful textiles and accent pieces made by local artists. As if this idyllic setting wasn’t enough to make every dream come true, Zadun appoints a dream keeper to each guest just to make absolutely sure. Every guest suite comes with a tosoani, a dedicated assistant that is your point of contact for everything from dinner reservations to making sure your bath is the perfect temperature when you arrive back to your room after a long day. This is what dreams are made of and one of the many reasons that Zadun is

unforgettable. Guests can spend lazy mornings eating breakfast while watching manta rays leap from the sea at El Barrio, the all-day restaurant inspired by a Mexican market. The restaurant leads into the main pool area where it is easy to spend an entire day. A short walk downhill from the pool is X, an adults only pool area complete with Equis, its own raw bar and ceviche restaurant. Appearing like a lantern from the dunes is the architectural centerpiece of the property, Candil, the agave bar featuring more than 100 labels of mezcal and tequila. The breathtaking location offers exquisitely handcrafted bespoke cocktails including the Nauyaca, a favorite of mixologist Hector Ramirez. The perfect prelude to dinner, just next door is Humo, where guest can indulge in Latin American inspired cuisine prepared over open flames. Like an oasis in the desert Spa Alkemia emerges amidst rich, green foliage enticing guests to take a transformative journey. Open to the elements this garden spa is one of the first in Los Cabos to have a Savasana sound room. The composition of the post treatment room is just as unique as the space itself. Semi-precious gemstones are inlaid into the walls correlating to the colors of the chakras and guests are invited to slip into a meditative state accompanied by the sound therapy vibrations that vibrate through the floor. Created to provide the absolute ultimate in luxury, Zadun offers bespoke, personalized amenities and experiences which are completely unique to its destination. With every imaginable comfort, it is transquality in which guests will savor the most, and it will be something that they carry with them, not only after they’ve left but until they return again. ZADUN, A RITZ-CARLTON RESERVE - Peak (high) season starting rates/night $959 USD - Low season starting rates/night APRIL 2021 $799 - FESTIVE Season $1,900 USD Among the many qualities that leave a lasting impression about these amazing Marriott properties is how each has something unique to offer guests in terms experiences and atmosphere while finding a way to leave the perfect combination of harmony, peace and tranquility with them all.






(PART 3 OF 3)


Sure enough a week later I was back. Having previously recorded my experience of Kefalonia’s northern niches in Fiscardo and southern shores in Lourdata I just had to complete my exploration of the island and the western waves of Paliki. As a peninsula Paliki is wonderful to drive around. I hired a car from Rentcarkefalonia (www.rentcarkefalonia.gr/en) run

by the charming and unruffled Apostolis. It was perfect to escape all those airport interiors and queues by walking literally a minute away down a dappled lane dappled with trees. I invite you to envisage a landscape of white rocks and rich brown earth, of silvery olive groves and pine conifers topped beneath the bluest of skies by the vivid green glory of cypress trees. All highly reminiscent of Andalucia at her speckled and meandering best. In this pastoral and idyllic setting





the animals are free-ranging and often stray. Goats and sheep roam the roads and dogs guard territory while cats gather to populate the village squares. Cockerels announce what Homer described as the rosy-fingered dawn. Newly-finished and where I was fortunate enough to stay, is Elia Villa (https://alekos.eu/ index.php/elia), very much the VIP villa of the Alekos Beach Houses group (www.alekosbeachhouses.com). It’s in walking distance of Lixouri, the local town. It has a supreme setting beneath a craggy bluff and backed by gorgeous groves of olives. A prize position for such a zen gem. For this zen interior is über-chic. Under a beamed roof suggestive of beach huts the villa has a calm, horizontal vibe as all three bedrooms look out to sea. There’s a modern, neutral beauty mercifully sparing excess adornment acknowledging that there’s more than enough glory and magic on view outside. The cozy chill-out area comfortably joins the all mod-cons kitchen to offer a stress-free living experience. It can accommodate six people though, with no stairs, it’s perfect for a small family and wouldn’t feel overwhelming for a couple. I can quite see why the architect Dionysis Avgoustinos has a reputation that precedes him. Truly a dream holiday getaway. I stepped out of the widened doors to the patio where inside meets outside with seamless continuity. Everything is thoroughly thought through. Even the avocado-colored towels match the lovely spongy grass of the landscaped, lavender-bordered lawn while the paved forecourt and the local stone blend harmoniously with the terrain. The infinity pool actually finishes in front of olive groves from which at night crickets whistle like referees to combine sublimely in that Mediterranean way with a full galaxy of stars. I went to visit some alternative accommodation within the Alekos Beach Houses (www. alekosbeachhouses.com) group that comprises twenty villas under a consortium of owners, fifteen of which extend right onto the beach. Alexandros Beach House (https:// alekos.eu/index.php/villas), in front of the rippling shores of the golden Logos beach and with the longer Lepada beach nearby, houses as many as ten people and is perfect for a deeply relaxing time, catering even for meditation and yoga retreats with its restful and remedial bedrooms. Alekos Beach Houses all come with a prompt and professional concierge service run by the charming, conscientious and super-helpful Kostas Voyatzis who is ever-ready to share a passion for the island that started with his childhood holidays. He very much espouses his own philosophy of ‘living like a local’ and offers up the chance to participate in activities such as harvesting the olives and picking the grapes and baking fish in the sand. For the more active he researches and arranges tailor-made boat trips, free-diving and paragliding. He’ll even come and collect you from the airport. It’s handy for both villas to have the local tavern Apolafsi (www.apolafsi.gr) only a few hundred yards away and wonderful to eat on its terrace beneath the grapevines with the moon reflecting across the water. All very romantic. All very Mamma Mia. Kostas took me on one of his truly memorable tailor-made boat trips to some stunning places inaccessible from the shore. They’re not in the guidebooks, how can they be when only Kostas with the help of the skipper Demetris can get one there across Myrtos Bay? We went past the village Zola and the beach Vouti in his boat to the one at Agia Kyriaki. Chalk cliffs create the most stunning and bluest of waters: an extraordinary turquoise made almost incredible when lit by the sun. Flocks of seagulls, too numerous to count, fled upwards as if startled by human contact beyond Fteri and Amidi beaches. Demetris, available via Kostas’s concierge service, has another boat the ‘Romantica’ in which he takes people out for the whole day stopping at secluded beauty spots for his guests to swim as well as to have lunch. He took me to see Assos, a stunning peninsula with the cutest of villages. Here there are traditional houses with striking colors and brilliant bougainvilleas framed by vivid green pine trees and ancient shady plane trees. The ultimate picturesque harbor without any twee affectation. What a treat next to go by boat to the famous Myrtos beach, the scene of the bomb detonating in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. 91 | UPSCALE LIVING MAGAZINE | JANUARY 2021


Alongside the port I came to the excellent restaurant Bella Mangia, owned by Yiannis Kiriakopoulos, alongside Kostas the chef and Zeta the baker. It’s has a retro-Italian feel with tasteful traditional music transmitted around its spacious, wooden floors and pebbled walls. What joy to discover that my sea bass, perfectly grilled, moist yet crisp, had come fresh from the neighboring fisheries. Also on the portside was the restaurant Akrogiali, meaning coastline, and true to its maritime character were old wooden beams above pictures of the harbor and ships from the old days. This traditional and authentic eaterie offers an honest and hearty meal from its extensive menu and is open for both lunch and dinner the whole year round. I could imagine sitting out in mid-summer on the roof terrace, above diners spilling out onto the street, to watch people alighting from the ferry and local kids trying out their push bikes. Another day I went with Kefalonia Sailing Point (www.kefaloniasailingpoint.gr), whose charming skipper Nikos Hionis was clearly at one with his 44 foot long yacht. He offers trips with up to six beds for anything from seven to ten days aboard from the gulf to Zante, to Lefkada, to Paxos and as far as Corfu within his May to October season. He took me out from the inland and across to the uninhabited ‘Rabbit Island’ an on to the golden and fabulously long strand of Xi beach. To crown such a special outing, on returning through the gulf, I chanced upon a school of dolphins flipping joyously back from the food that spills out of the fish farms of Argostoli to dance majestically and magically before the sunset. Another evening I ate at V+S Corner, a family concern of ten years standing run by Giorgos Solidaikis. To dispel any thoughts of mosquitos I always recommend the natural Canelle Spray (www.cinnamonhill.com) not just because it’s highly effective but its cinnamon aroma for me is far preferable to that of the citronella variety. Here he offers a range of traditional local dishes including chicken with ouzo or mastika, pork gyros and beef in a clay pot

with potatoes, fresh tomato, eggplant, feta and gouda as well as fresh meagre or sea bass fillet with spicy fresh tomato sauce, aubergine and capers. The menu even offers a whole page of vegan options. I tried the local Sclavos Orgion which perfectly complimented my steak au poivre aided by the freshest of salads. The beach Xi (pronounced ‘Chsi’), named after the Greek letter whose shape it resembles, is the ideal length for a proper walk beneath cliffs of white argillaceous cloying clay, a smear for spa-going types upon their skin for its natural ingredients. The beautiful red sand changes mesmerically into a spicy color at dusk from ginger to both cinnamon and cumin while the sunsets provide extra magic over what Homer described as the wine-dark sea perhaps with Kefalonia in mind. I must go back whenever but soon! FACTBOX Adam reached Gatwick Airport via Southern Railway (www.southernrailway.com) and had support from Holiday Extras, the market leader in UK airport parking, hotels, lounges and transfers, who aim to find you a hotel and parking package that’s cheaper than the cheapest airport parking on its own (on two week breaks). To book the Hilton at London Gatwick Airport, visit HolidayExtras.com or call 0800 316 5678. Prices for Elia Villa for 2 people in low season starting from 180€/night and high season from 392€/ night (20€ per extra person). To book https://alekos. reserve-online.net/?room Prices for Alexandros Beach House for 2 people in low season starting from 69€/night and high season from 296€/night. (15€ per extra person). To book https://alekos.reserve-online.net/?room






Ever wondered what it must be like to rub shoulders with a celebrity? Upscale Living magazine has found a few hotel gems owned and co-owned by nine of our favorite stars. Who knows, you might be in the company of greatness next time you stay there.






Albany is a luxury resort community set on 600 oceanside acres in The Bahamas. The collective vision of its founders - Joe Lewis (British entrepreneur and owner of Tottenham Hotspurs), Tiger Woods, Ernie Els & Justin Timberlake - Albany is one of the most exclusive resort communities in the Caribbean. The name Albany comes from its centerpiece Albany House, a pink beachfront Bahamian manor house with an onscreen credit as the home of the villain in the Bond film “Casino Royale.” Surrounding the property are beachfront, ocean- view and club villas (3-6) bedrooms inspired by traditional Bahamian architecture with courtyard-style entrances, manicured grassy lawns, and private pools and gardens. Albany is a sportsman’s haven with world-class training facilities and fitness center; therefore it is frequented by professional athletes from around the world. Guests can enjoy a mega gym, over 35,000 sq.ft, a mega yacht marina and a recording studio too! Albany’s sports offerings include an 18-hole championship golf course designed by pro-golfer Ernie Els (host to the Hero World Challenge PGA Tour); an equestrian center; and a racquet center with Har-tru tennis courts, hard courts and panel tennis. Albany is an unparalleled combination of surroundings, architecture, sporting amenities and stellar service. https://www.albanybahamas.com/




Armani Hotel Dubai, the first hotel designed by Giorgio Armani, in collaboration with leading property developer Emaar Properties PJSC, in Burj Khalifa, is offering visitors to Dubai an unprecedented choice for luxurious indulgence in elegant settings. Since opening, the hotel has welcomed thousands of guests, who seek an exclusive lifestyle experience with signature suites and rooms designed by Giorgio Armani, a delectable range of food and beverage choices, or the first in-hotel Armani/SPA. A spokesperson for Emaar Hotels & Resorts, said: “Armani Hotel Dubai has created a new benchmark in luxury hospitality, pushing the accepted norms and frontiers in the industry. The collaboration with Giorgio Armani brings a new level of aesthetics to the hotel. Additionally, the concept of Lifestyle Managers, who meet every need of the guests, introduced for the first time in Armani Hotel Dubai, has redefined service standards.” Located in Burj Khalifa, occupying the floors concourse to 8 and levels 38 and 39, the hotel features 160 luxurious guest rooms and suites, seven innovative restaurants, exclusive retail outlets and a spa. Every aspect of the hotel’s design and service offerings has been designed and planned by Giorgio Armani himself, from the bespoke furnishings to restaurant menus and in-room amenities. Practicality and elegance, the cornerstones of Armani’s signature style, combine with precious materials and sophisticated finishes to create a highly personalized space. https://www.armanihoteldubai.com/




Located in Westchester County, Bedford Post Inn is a Relais & Châteaux property. Situated in the heart of Bedford, NY, this charming property features eight luxury rooms, two distinct restaurants specializing in sustainable farm-to-table cuisine, and beautiful yoga studio, the property is a tranquil sanctuary just outside of New York. The property is owned by Richard Gere and Russell Hernandez who joined focuses in 2007 to restore the historic property that dates back to 1860’s. Designed by Tiffany Vassilakis, guests may choose from five different room layouts, most with a working fireplace to enhance the cozy and romantic feel. All rooms are prepared with Frette linens and towels, and some rooms have a terrace which overlooks the wooded property. This authentic country inn is just an hour from Manhattan, and is the ideal setting for a tranquil getaway. Surrounded by pristine woodlands, this historic residence offers a genuinely warm and hospitable atmosphere. The Bedford Post Inn offers infinite ways to relax, including yoga courses, as well as more terrestrial delights in its three restaurants under the expertise of Chef Roxanne Spruance: The Farmhouse for formal dining, the outdoors option The Terrace, and The Barn, which offers delicious brunches and breakfasts with homemade bread and cakes. http://www.bedfordpostinn.com/




Cardozo South Beach is owned by Emilio & Gloria Estefan and managed by BENCHMARK®, a global hospitality company as part of its Gemstone Collection. These international superstars, most widely recognized for their impact on the global music industry, translate their passion for entertainment to a love of hospitality. Cardozo South Beach is the sister property to the Estefan’s Vero Beach, Florida hotel, Costa d’Este Beach Resort & Spa. Originally constructed in 1939 with architecture by Henry Hohauser, Cardozo is steeped in historical significance that stretches from a World War II U.S. housing facility. Cardozo South Beach reopened in May 2019 as a reimagined icon in Miami Beach’s celebrated Art Deco district following a full $15 million makeover which saw the reinvigoration of the structure and the interior design of the hotel. It now boasts a modern, white motif that also embraces the hotel’s Art Deco legacy. Cardozo’s 1,500 square-foot penthouse offers an indulgent space as the hotel’s largest room category – spanning the width of Cardozo’s top floor. It features two king bedrooms, private dressing area, dining area, living room, two master bathrooms with marble soaking tubs and glass enclosed double showers, an additional guest bathroom, two 60-inch televisions, and panoramic views of the famous South Beach strip and shoreline. https://www.cardozohotel.com/




Cromlix is a five-star Victorian manse set in 34 acres of secluded grounds in beautiful Perthshire, Scotland. It was converted by tennis champion, Sir Andy Murray, to recreate the glorious era of grand, country house living. It is now a 15-bedroom estate with a one-bedroom Gate Lodge, offering guests a thoroughly opulent stay. Its recent win as the 2019 Luxury Country House Hotel of the Year by the Scottish Hotel Awards, has firmly cemented its position as one of the top hotels in the region. It has a private chapel, loch house and Wimbledon styled tennis court to explore on the grounds. Each of the 10 bedrooms, 5 suites and one-bedroom gate lodge has its own individual design and character. Light spills into the rooms, which are all subtly decorated and enjoy splendid views over the manicured grounds or tennis court and surrounding countryside. Chez Roux restaurant, overseen by the legendary French chef Albert Roux and run by award-winning executive head chef Darin Campbell, is housed in the glass-walled conservatory overlooking the grounds and offers diners a ringside view of the chefs at work in the extensive open kitchen. The restaurant currently holds 3 AA Rosettes. Athletic pursuits include an onsite tennis court where tuition is available with prior arrangement, fishing on our house loch and billiards room. https://cromlix.com/




Ecotourism certified for over ten years and recently crowned World’s Best Eco Spa, Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat is a complete health and wellness destination in Australia’s Gold Coast hinterland. Designed for guests to rest and re-focus on their health, it is set on over 500 acres of pristine bushland and rainforest. This low-tech retreat has the largest land space in Australasia and provides stunning ocean views, native wildlife and clean fresh mountain air. Gwinganna has become known for its extensive range of innovative wellness programs winning multiple awards globally including Eco Spa of the Year for the past three years. Packages are fully inclusive helping to make it easy for guests to simply arrive and immerse themselves into the experience. Actor Hugh Jackman visited Gwinganna a few times many years ago and loved it so much, he decided to become a part owner. He and his wife Deborra-lee visit whenever they can. Operating since 2006, it is Australian owned and was the vision of fitness and wellness entrepreneur, and current owner Tony de Leede. The environmental element was a key focus from the very start. It is believed that Gwinganna is the only Australian spa involved in the translocation of rescue animals including 13 koalas and 12 echidnas to date. https://www.gwinganna.com/




The name Nobu Matsuhisa needs no introduction. One of the world’s most widely acclaimed restaurants, the master chef ’s influence on dining and hospitality extends to all four corners of the globe. His longstanding and enduring partnership with Robert De Niro and Meir Teper is the foundation of Nobu Hospitality, a global lifestyle brand synonymous with instinctive design, fine ingredients a powerful energy and a passion for service. The story of the Nobu brand begins in the late 1980’s when Robert De Niro first visited Matsuhisa’s eponymous sushi restaurant in Los Angeles. It would take him four years to convince Nobu to expand into De Niro’s own corner of Manhattan – but in 1994, sister brand Nobu made its debut on a quiet block in Tribeca. Quickly garnering popularity and universal acclaim, Nobu was termed a game changer both for its unprecedented taste combinations and unexpected design, which steered away from what was traditional Japanese into Nobu Style. Buoyed by an ever-increasing popularity and growth, as the restaurants expanded, Nobu Hospitality was born. In 2009, the shareholders approached hospitality gurus, Trevor Horwell and Struan McKenzie to lead the strategic focus in growing Nobu Hotels & Residences into the powerful force in the hospitality industry it is today. https://www.nobuhotels.com/




The Clarence is one of Dublin’s most iconic hotels, located in the heart of Dublin on Wellington Quay. This listed building was built in 1852 as a private residence, and was shortly after turned into a hotel. The unique structure, with its copper clad roof, red brick and detailed cornicing, was refurbished in the 1930s. Its location on the quays, the main thoroughfare for entering and leaving the city, made it the perfect spot for an eclectic clientele, with everyone from visiting clergymen to bawdy musicians kicking up their heels here. In 1992, U2’s Bono and The Edge bought The Clarence, turning what had become a tired and worn stopover into a gorgeous and contemporary boutique hotel, the kind of place that they’d choose to stay themselves. The new Clarence Hotel later opened in June 1996 and soon became one of Dublin’s most popular hotels. Known as ‘the original rock n’ roll hotel’, The Clarence attracted musicians and celebrities from far and wide to stay whilst in Dublin. In September 2000, a month before the release of the U2 album ‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind’, a live version of the song ‘Beautiful Day’ was filmed on the rooftop of The Clarence Hotel for the BBC program Top of the Pops. https://theclarence.ie/




Virgin Limited Edition is an award-winning collection of unique hotels and retreats chosen for their beautiful locations and magnificent surroundings. The company is owned by British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson. There are eight different locations to choose from around the world, each offering a sense of style, luxury, exceptional personal service and fun. “So what’s Virgin Limited Edition all about?”, Sir Richard Branson explains. “When you refer to something that’s a ‘limited edition’, it normally implies a kind of extraordinary, rare quality, usually offering something better, exclusive or more desirable … well, that’s exactly what we do. My very special collection of retreats embodies all these values, providing unsurpassed friendly service, a high-quality product, value for money, and of course, fun!” The collection includes Necker Island and Moskito Island in the British Virgin Islands, Ulusaba a private game reserve in South Africa, Kasbah Tamadot a mountain retreat in Morocco, The Lodge luxury chalet in Switzerland, Mahali Mzuri a luxury tented safari camp in Kenya, Mont Rochelle Hotel and Mountain Vineyard in Franschhoek, South Africa, and the historic Son Bunyola Estate in Majorca, which includes three private villas. Each property has been personally selected by Virgin Limited Edition’s owner and has its own unique story to tell. www.virginlimitededition.com


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Social Distancing in the Lap of Luxury at the Hotel Crescent in Dallas, Texas | BY DEVE SANFORD

Social distancing can be difficult, especially when the holidays are right around the corner, people are craving an escape from the monotony of everyday life, and Upscale Living Magazine explored one of our favorite cities in the nation to find the perfect staycation. The iconic Hotel Crescent Court offers just that, located in the heart of Big D it is hand’s down the best spot in the city for a luxurious and leisurely break. From the moment guests enter into the impressive foyer, appointed with stunning florals and artwork, they will notice right way that their entire checking process is not only made to be convenient, but seamlessly get them up to their rooms with minimal contact. The Hotel Crescent Court accommodations range from beautifully appointed single guest rooms to lavish two-story suites complete with private kitchens. The Rosewood Suites provide the perfect getaway. Their residential style delivers that “home away from home” feeling to their guests and welcome them flawlessly to the suite life. The most popular suite, it comes in three different floor plans and ranges in size from 1,485 to 1,725 square feet. During this time, safety is definitely a major concern and guests will be relieved to know that the Hotel Crescent Court has made it their priority to take every precaution to ensure that it follows and creates unique ways to enjoy a safe and luxury experience. Throughout the hotel there are touch-less hand sanitizer stands and digital menus. The hotel also offers safety amenity kits complete with gloves, hand sanitizer and wipes in their guest suites. The hotel is monitored to avoid crowds and elevators have a limit as to how many people can get on at once.


PROFILE cosmopolitan cities. How do you feel having such a rich history has impacted the properties resilience during such uncertain times in the hospitality industry? This year has definitely presented us, our neighbors, and our industry with unprecedented challenges. We feel very lucky and proud that our reputation and guest loyalty has played a hand in our resilience. Not only are we a travel destination for people visiting Dallas, but we are a local destination for those looking to getaway, relax and celebrate milestones. We are happy to have become a “tradition” for many people, as they are excited to get back and see us and we are excited to see them. What steps has Hotel Crescent Court taken in providing guests with a feeling of well being and safety while staying at the hotel? Implementing enhanced safety protocols, Hotel Crescent Court has rolled out extensive safety and hygiene trainings for its employees, along with conducting regular temperature checks for its associates upon entry and issuing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at the beginning of each shift. In addition to its staffing requirements, the hotel is practicing social distancing in all spaces, providing hand sanitizer throughout the property, increasing regular sanitation at high touch-points, cleaning guestrooms thoroughly with healthcare grade products, removing all in-room collateral, incorporating disposable covers for remote controls, while housekeeping is bagging all used linens in-room and transferring in single use bags, to prevent contamination and more. Additionally, all guests arriving on property will be offered a personal PPE kit for purchase. So many people have been unable to travel due to restrictions, has the hotel experienced more local guests as a result? How have the guests demographic changed?

Upscale Living Magazine had the opportunity to sit down with Amanda Escobedo, Marketing Manager at Hotel Crescent Court to discuss some unique ways the hotel is maintaining its reputation for providing luxurious experiences in the midst of a very difficult time within the hospitality industry. AMY ESCOBEDO-MARKETING MANAGER HOTEL CRESCENT COURT How did you get your start in the hospitality industry? I have been in hospitality since I took my first job, waiting tables, and have been in it ever since! I have worked in commercial real estate with luxury office buildings and became a hotelier with Starwood. Since, I’ve worked for Marriott Hotels and then I took my role with Hotel Crescent Court.

Absolutely, we are in the era of the “Stay-cation, “Safe-cation, and “Work-cation”. We are seeing a lot of local weekend getaways and midweek leisure stays. Our area provides walking distance to many of the attractions that are able to safely open during the pandemic, so we see families that come in from the suburbs and stay a couple of nights in the city for safe entertainment. Also, we see guests who want to visit family, but want to socially distance appropriately with their lodging. Along with those celebrating anniversaries or other milestones, but are limited in their options. Going forward, what will be some of the ways in which Hotel Crescent Court will continue to strive to cater to their guests as well as stay consistent with their brand image? Continuing to deliver the highest-level of customer service through luxurious stays - with safety at the forefront - and through hyper-personalized packages + creative programming. What lasting effects will this period of time have on the hospitality industry? How will it change going forward?

Southern hospitality we are exceptionally proud of and an eclectic style that is unique to the area. You see it all over the city. It’s like a marriage of European luxury with Texas Flair!

It is definitely unpredictable to forecast anything right now as trends are constantly changing, but I do think the heightened attention to cleanliness will stick around, as it should. I think the year of the “road-trip” will last - people are thinking out-of-the-box for their getaways and are traveling distances they can easily drive to.

Hotel Crescent Court is not only known as a landmark in Dallas but recognized as an architectural jewel among the nation’s most

Are there any special experiences that the hotel is offering that cater to guests wanting to experience a staycation?

When you think of Dallas and luxury what comes to mind?



Yes! We have several special packages right now geared towards families, romantics and those needing to have a spa day. Our website special offers page is the best place to check. We update them seasonally. As hospitality moves into the future, hotels around the world are working harder and harder to set the bar in sustainability and digital technology, in what ways is the Hotel Crescent Court making advancements in those sectors. Hotel Crescent Court is always trying to stay up-to-date digitally. We put a lot of focus on our social media platforms to help tell our story through photos and shared content, we updated our website daily with changes. We have also moved menus to a QR code link to help lessen high-touch items, like menus, around the hotel. We also have a phone application in the works that will incorporate keyless entry and contactless check-in/ check-out. What advice would you give a guest as a must try during their stay on your property? The Spa — we know how much stress the majority of people have experienced this past year and consistently across the board the overwhelming feedback from our guests is how calming our space is. As of January 2018, Hotel Crescent Court completed a multi-million dollar renovation of the 22,000 sq. ft. luxury spa and fitness center. Delicate and seemingly simple, The Spa features a non-cluttered design creating an oasis of calm, where upon entering, spa-goers are instantly subdued into a state of relaxation, shedding any stresses for the soothing remedies of nature. All artwork and materials were hand-selected to showcase simplistic natural forms and patterns, from spiral root figures representing health and growth to forms of water and lush vegetation to connect with the most basic elements. The essence of serenity is also captured throughout the holistic space with a subdued color palette of subtle lavenders, blues, greys and warm creams accented with brass metals and gloss whites, providing a tranquil space in which to relax, unwind and be pampered. The Spa boasts 16 treatment rooms, women’s and men’s lounges, relaxation rooms, a couples suite, whirlpool with a hot and cold dip, dry sauna, an all-new sleek nail salon offering multiple manicure stations and pedicure thrones, as well as a Spa Lounge, complete with freshly squeezed organic juice and champagne. A sumptuous variety of services include massages, facials, body treatments, skin care essentials, nail care and waxing, while mindfully- picked partners and products incorporate Epicuren, Cosmedix, emerginC, ALO and Beyond Yoga apparel. Additional facilities include an enhanced boutique with retail space and a fully refurbished health and fitness center, featuring new TechnoGym equipment, flooring and lighting. Your most favorite menu item at the Crescent Club? My favorite item is the Burrata & Tomato Salad (seasonal) and the The Crescent Tortilla Soup, which is an old recipe passed down and is a favorite of our members and around the city!




Each month, the team at Upscale Living magazine will bring you the latest in What’s Hot! – from the newest trends in watches, to shiny new jewelry, magnificent make-up, tantalizing toys for young and old, or the most extraordinary books you have to add to your collection.



KRUGER BIRDS VAN DEN BERG Undoubtedly the ideal purchase for any birder or twitcher safari, Kruger Birds’ size and informative pages makes this book a definite essential part of an upcoming Kruger National Park visit. Designed to easily fit into your pocket, the full-color photographs will serve as inspiration on what your favorite bird(s) will be during your game drives in the Greater Kruger area. With 447 different bird species covered in Kruger Birds, the book kicks off with a handy introduction, some helpful tips, then continues to section the different species of The Big Six, Birds of Prey, Birds at the water, Ground-living birds, Birds in trees, Thumbnails and an Index. Right at the end of the

Kruger Birds book in Thumbnails, readers will be delighted to find the cross paged reference to each listed bird with a photograph and useful tick-box next to it. “We wanted to create a pocket-book edition on only the birds of Kruger, but at the same time publish a book that will teach you things traditional bird books don’t,” says Heinrich. “All the favorites are there in their stunning plumage, from the most photographed lilac-breasted roller to the exquisite African Fish Eagle, even the not-so-striking ones have a place in Kruger Birds.” Compiled by the Van den Berg family, with photographs by Heinrich, his wife Dana, and

Philip and wife Ingrid, extensive care has been poured into Kruger Birds along with decades of knowledge. After having retired from careers in environmental education and biological sciences, Philip and Ingrid discovered their love for photography. Together, they bring a wealth of experience to HPH Publishing. Heinrich is an international award-winning wildlife photographer, as well as an accomplished writer and publisher. Through his publishing company HPH Publishing which he started in 2001, he has published in excess of 20 full-color wildlife titles, most of which are the most spectacular must-have coffee table books. www.hphpublishing.co.za



MOODS OF NATURE Heinrich Van Den Berg The striking black and white cover image of a leopard suspended over a tree trunk paves the way for the most extraordinary black and white photographic coffee table book by acclaimed wildlife photographer Henrich van den Berg. Interspersed with the unique addition of orange images, the masterfully crafted Moods of Nature is unlike any coffee table book you might have laid eyes on. “With the era of social media,” Heinrich explains, “we are so bombarded with sugary imagery. With Moods of Nature, I tried to break away from convention, and take the sugar out of wildlife photography.” Which he certainly does, especially with the cover shot. “I took the image in the Greater Kruger National

Park area of South Africa. All photographers revert to clichés and we have to force ourselves to look past them. It took a long time photographing leopard for me to realize these animals are not about the face or the teeth or the eyes. Leopards are all about the spots. By cropping the face off a leopard, the viewer is led to see the spots as if for the first time.”

Capturing a bird in flight, the poetic accompaniment is beautifully written by Heinrich in the chapter entitled water + wait: “When we at last depart from the ocean, the wake of our wings will write our story in the clouds. As we lift and fly towards the mountain, the fog will grey and thicken until it becomes invisible. We will become mist and rain and flow all the way down to the sea inside us.”

Paging through Moods of Nature, one is struck by the images that leap out at you, www.hphpublishing.co.za with witty captions and poetry-like descriptions. It’s a refreshing change from books that seemingly have information overload and the simplicity is what makes is even more appealing. It can be best described as bold and innovative. Soulful even.



MELANIA & ME Stephanie Winston Wolkoff Author Stephanie Winston Wolkoff started her career as a receptionist for Sotheby’s before she began working for Vogue as a public relations manager. While at Vogue, she met Melania Knauss in 2003, and the two became really good friends. They became so close, almost like sisters and Stephanie attended Melania’s wedding to Donald Trump, her baby shower when pregnant with son Barron and they had regular standing lunch dates. Stephanie recalls when she saw Melania at the office during a private meeting with Vogue editor Anna Wintour: “Part of my job was to know all the players, to research them and learn whatever I could about them. I needed to know more about Melania than I already

did, which was that she was the Slovenian model girlfriend of Donald Trump. I knew more about him of course, the businessman who loved to see his name in print and on the side of buildings.” “They’d been together for three years, during which time she had gotten her green card and moved into the penthouse of Trump Tower. Trump and Anna were friendly – they had met over the years at New York society events. His daughter Ivanka, his favorite, had been offered a job at Vogue after she graduated from Wharton.” Melania & Me is an inside revelation of the supporting role Stephanie played alongside her friend, eventually becoming the trusted advisor to the First Lady. Serving as executive producer and chief

creative officer of the 58th Presidential Inauguration, she had a front-row seat to Melania’s transformation from a rough-cut gem to precious diamond. “After Melania’s makeover for Vogue, she was transcendent, high fashion, editorial worthy. The makeup. The hair. The jewels. She truly was ready for her moment.” Melania & Me is a frank and poignant memoir that takes readers into Trump Tower and the White House, regaling a friendship with one of the world’s most famous women. https://www.simonandschuster.com/ books/Melania-and-Me/Stephanie-Winston-Wolkoff/9781982151249



THE HAND & FLOWERS COOKBOOK Tom Kerridge Tom Kerridge is a Michelin-starred chef who opened the pub, The Hand & Flowers in 2005 with his wife, Beth Cullen-Kerridge. Within a year, he gained his first Michelin star and in 2012, won a second Michelin star, becoming the first pub ever to do so. The Hand & Flowers, located in the heart of Buckinghamshire, serves up state-of-the-art and sophisticated dishes that expertly revives and improves British classics for the twenty-first century.

a pub that’s open 365 days of the year, we had to try and maximize every little bit of energy – and opportunity to trade – from it.” This beautiful cookbook with gorgeous photography by Cristian Barnett showcases 70 of the best dishes that have ever appeared on the menu. Sectioned into starters, main course and dessert, even a novice will salivate over these offerings: Treacle-cured chateaubriand, Fillet of beef with Hands & Flowers chips & béarnaise sauce, Fish & chips with pea purée & tartare sauce, Potted artichoke and the delectable looking Tirami Choux.

“My wife and I lived above the pub when it first opened,” Tom recalls in Twenty-four hours at The Hand & Flowers, “and so it literally did start off as ‘twenty-four hours’ for us. “Since opening The Hand and Flowers in We always felt that if we were paying rent for 2005,” Tom says, “our approach for a proper 114 | UPSCALE LIVING MAGAZINE | JANUARY 2021

pub with proper pub food, has won us many loyal friends and customers. We aim to make every customer feel special as they walk through the door, with friendly and professional service and exceptional food and drink.” Taking it a step further with The Hand & Flowers Cookbook, old fans and new followers can now get an inside scoop into what it truly entails to cook like a twostar Michelin chef while sharing in every detail of the most scrumptious dishes from this award-winning pub. https://www.bloomsbury.com/us/the-handflowers-cookbook-9781472935397/


RHINOS WITHOUT BORDERS - CHASING THE BLOOD MOON Dereck and Beverley Joubert Every so often a book is published that truly has an impact, on an emotional level and Rhinos Without Borders is one of those – it touches the heart. Expertly written by Dereck Joubert and brilliantly photographed by Beverley Joubert from Great Plains Conservation founders Dereck and Beverley Joubert, this is an integral part of any collector’s compendium. Rhinos Without Borders – Chasing The Blood Moon shines the light on the illegal wildlife trade, specifically that of rhino poaching, causing numbers to diminish at such a rate that forces were joined between the Jouberts, Great Plains Conservation and &Beyond to translocate rhinos from the

highly targeted regions of South Africa to the safer environs of Botswana. Rhinos Without Borders was born in 2014, following a number of successful integrations and a successful increase in numbers.

The oversized coffee table book Rhinos Without Borders – Chasing The Blood Moon is a celebration of these magnificent animals. With haunting black and white photographs paired with the use of red, a symbol of wealth in the East, the largest market for rhino horns, which also happens to be the color of the blood moon. This uplifting book is a keepsake for future generations who will hopefully still be able to see rhinos in the wild, where they belong. Because nobody needs a rhino horn but a rhino.

The alarming occurrence of rhinos losing their lives under a Blood Moon, named so for the startling color, also known as a poacher’s moon, is of great concern to conservationists across Africa. Why then are rhino horns such a sought-after commodity? Believed to have a use in traditional Chinese medicine, a rhino horn contains little more than what our own https://greatplainsconservation.com/safarifingernails consist of – keratin. The injustice boutique/product/rhinos-without-bordersof these sentient animals being slaughtered for chasing-the-blood-moon-coffee-table-book/ their horns is cause for alarm.



The Devil‘s Keep

World‘s Most Expensive Whisky Launch | BY KEVIN PILLEY


he Craft Irish Whiskey Co. has launched its limited edition bottle, “The Devil’s Keep”, a triple distilled, 29-year-old single malt. It became the world’s most expensive-ever inaugural whiskey release ever when it fetched £46,000/ $60000 at auction in Texas. 666 bottles are available.

recovered, went into remission when she was five. She is now eighteen.

The maiden bottle was bought by Jim Crane, the owner of Major League Baseball’s Houston Astros. The proceeds of the sale will go to a charity that supports children affected by serious illnesses. The charity was founded by Houston Astros player Carlos Correa and his wife. The distillery donated bottle number 17 to the sale. The Astros dedicated the team number to a young fan called Cameron Gooch who died of cancer aged just 10. The Craft Irish Whiskey’s founder Jay Bradley’s own daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer when she was just five months old,

Fresh Irish water is added before maturation to avoid dilution and to ensure the unique flavors are retained. What is known as the ‘angel’s share’ is lost in evaporation which leaves, the Devil’s share with a 48.5% ABV. It is the oldest-ever release of a triple-distilled whiskey.

Aged in 200-liter ‘first fill’ American oak bourbon casks and finished then tawny Port French oak barrel, found in a Portuguese bodega, it is the fruit of Irish distillers in Co Antrim in Northern Ireland.

Jay Bradley said: “We’re thrilled to be celebrating Ireland’s whiskey resurgence by launching The Devil’s Keep, which has been a crusade sparing no expense to source the finest ingredients, and the most sublime flavors. It’s truly the culmination


of our devotion, passion and craft. Born from a conversation with my late father, The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. has a single mission: to create the finest whiskeys Ireland has ever made and to redefine global perceptions of luxury, while building a legacy.” The bottle was designed by Tiago Russo and comes with a glass and carafe of local water from the region it was created.. The case also includes whiskey stones made from obsidian to avoid further dilution with ice as well as an atomizer containing the ‘angel’s share’, captured by expert perfumer Sarah McCartney. A second launch of a seven piece collection is planned for next year. ‘The Emerald Isle Collection’ will be in partnership with Fabergé.”

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