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Linyanti Ebony Visiting part of the northern region of Botswana’s charm

FASHION 17 Ah-Women Best Fashion and accessories for women for the upcoming season 21 Ah-Men Best Fashion and accessories for men for the upcoming season

TIMEPIECES 22 RM 25-01 Richard Mille and Sylverster Stallone collaborate to launch $1million

PHOTOGRAPHY | ART 24 Architecture and Landscape in Norway” Exhibition Photographs by Ken Schluchtmann

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60 Former Home of Peggy Lee Sultry jazz singer, songwriter and screen actress sells her home for $9.995 million

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62 Niagara Ice Wines Canadas’ Ice Wines

Windstar’s Wind Surf The preeminent way to cruise the Rivieras


How Dassault Aviation Falcons Take The Ultra-Rich Further, Faster

AUTOMOBILES 38 Tramontana The Tramontana GT is simply one of a kind

TRAVEL 39 What’s New! - Necker Island, British Virgin Islands - andBeyond Vira Vira, Lake District - Viceroy Riviera Maya, Playa Del Carmen 44 Luxury Escape in Napa Milliken Creek Inn 46 Inzolo Exclusive Game Lodge Eastern Cape, South Africa 50 Sandals Royal Caribbean Extraordinary Over Water Experience in Montego Bay, Jamaica 80 Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest Modern Luxury


Louis XV Monte Carlo Chef Alain Ducasse Restaurant


Two-Star Michelin Dining in Provence, France - L’Oustau De Aumaniere Restaurant - Michel Kayser Restaurant Alexandre

cover A visit to Linyanti Ebony in the northern region of Botswana’s charm.

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By Heléne Ramackers Photographs courtesy of African Bush Camps and by Heléne Ramackers

Interspersed between the Linyanti swamps and Chobe National Park, Chobe Enclave is home to staggering numbers of elephants, buffaloes and other animal species endemic to this area. Part of this northern region of Botswana’s charm is the coveted Linyanti Ebony, establishing only four well-appointed tents, ensuring exclusivity, charisma and the ideal stomping ground for families and friends in a cavernous environment.


lying into the region with Mack Air in the Cessna Grand Caravan with Captain Keith Simmonds, it is evident that pachyderms love water as clusters of elephants gather in or around every single mud wallow or liquid source available in the vicinity. The drive from Saile airstrip to Linyanti Ebony takes us on a game drive, and along the way, we spot some zebras, a few grumpy buffaloes, a giraffe chewing on cud and the cutest vervet monkey playing hide-andseek between the green leaves of a tree. We arrive later than anticipated, and after a refreshing drink, we are linked up with our guide Oratile Des Gotshajwang known as Des, for our late afternoon / early evening game drive. In the swamps, herds of elephants are having a marvelous time, drinking and cooling themselves with whatever means they can find. Des stops the vehicle when a large number of elephants is making their way to the greenery to feed. Our attention is suddenly drawn to what can be perceived as twins, two small elephant calves, similar in size, both suckling from one cow. ‘Mom’ teaches the one the finer maneuvers of using his trunk, and he mimics every behavior she displays. The sun has started setting and a warthog is sitting in the entrance to his burrow, sleepily looking at us. As we drive closer to the swamps, in the long grass, we see something moving swiftly. It pauses, and we can see the glimmering eyes. It’s an African Wild Cat, a first ever sighting for us. Back at camp, it is time for dinner, and tonight we dine on a mushroom starter, bream (fish) for main course and lemon cheesecake for dessert. My daughter and I decide to call it a night and we retreat to our luxury family tent, which is situated right next to the main area. Perfectly proportioned for a family of four, the two of us relish in the fact that we each have our own room.

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The dark wooden furniture is beautifully complimented with soft beige bedding. Our tent has an outside and inside seating area, two rooms, a shower, a bath and a flush toilet. After a shower with the Healing Earth products, I climb into bed and both my daughter and I are elated that there is a portable cooling system in our room to get rid of the sweltering heat. A hyena’s call momentarily wakes me and as the new day starts, we all gather around the fire for breakfast. A crested barbet, red-billed francolin, greater blue-eared starling and a few tree squirrels scavenge for crumbs falling off the grill. On our morning game drive, a duo of tree squirrels sun themselves in the early morning rays. In the marsh, a herd of buffalo are attempting to swim across the channel to the other side to feed on the long grass. The younger ones endeavor it with vigor while the older bulls take their time to get to the food. In the mopane woodland, Des suddenly becomes quite animated as he has now discovered that my daughter is a keen birder. “I have something really special to show you”, he announces. He lets out a bird call. There is an answer. My daughter and I gasp in unison. It’s a breeding pair of Verreaux Eagle Owls and their chick, sitting perched high up in the branches of two separate trees. The chick is so fluffy, he looks almost like a stuffed animal. With the no-schedule policy at Linyanti Ebony, we enjoy our afternoon at leisure poolside, taking in the magnificent vista over the marsh. In the distance, we can see elephants coming in for a drink. Or is it a feed? They really have the best of both worlds here. During our evening game drive, we stop for sundowners to witness the red ball of fire

sinking into the horizon. Dinner is a gastronomic feast consisting of fillet steak, hand-cut fries and chocolate mousse for dessert. We turn in timeously as we have an early start on our last day. On our final morning at Linyanti Ebony, we decide to forego the game drive. Instead, we are treated to the most delicious breakfast, after which we are whisked away by Helicopter Horizons in the red Robinson R44 Raven II for a scenic flight over the marsh. Captain Liam McMillan knows the intricacies of the marsh and points out animals we don’t even notice. Part of your stay at Linyanti Ebony between March and November is a complimentary 30-minute scenic flight, undoubtedly a wonderful way to get a bird’s eye view of the surroundings. We are dropped off at the Saile airstrip for our flight back to Maun. Captain Chris Dekker from Mack Air is waiting next to the Cessna Grand Caravan and before we know it, we are on our way. A few pick-ups later and with a full

flight of passengers, we land at Maun Airport. Time to check in for our Airlink flight back home to Cape Town. The queue is long, but the Airlink desk attendant is refreshingly friendly. She hands our boarding passes over, and with a smile, we know that our flight on the Airlink Avro RJ85 will be comfortable and relaxing. After take-off, we are offered a drink and meal service, and 2 hours and 35 minutes later, we land safely at Cape Town International Airport. It feels great to be home after creating such glorious memories with my daughter. Thank you to Jemma MacMillan from African Bush Camps for arranging our stay and for Linyanti Ebony for hosting us. Views expressed are the author’s own.

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Airlink is a privately owned airline business. The Regional Feeder Airline offers a wide network of regional and domestic flights within southern Africa and operates as a franchisee to SAA Route Specific Information: Direct scheduled flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town to Maun, Botswana. Connectivity: Through our alliance with SAA travelers can connect conveniently with SAA, their Partner airlines and other carriers throughout Southern Africa and the world. Frequent Flyer Programme: Airlink is a member of South African Airways (SAA) Loyalty programme -Voyager. Website: Flight Bookings:  online, booking agent or SAA Central Reservations +27 11 978 1111. TRAVEL TIPS: - Malaria precautions are required for travel to Botswana; speak to your healthcare practitioner about prophylactics. - Visas are required for travel to Botswana. - Botswana’s currency is the Pula. US Dollars, MasterCard and Visa are accepted as means of payment. US Dollars, MasterCard and Visa are accepted as means of payment.

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“Flying at a Different Level� MACK AIR is a fixed-wing charter company operating from Maun International Airport in northern Botswana.

Our services include: Game lodge and camp transfers for tourists | | Medical evacuations as and when needed | Private and business charter | Scenic flights over the Okavango Delta | Supply runs to and from game lodges




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Fashion & Accessories for the upcoming season |BY LISA ALONNIE

Furla Handbag

Dior wool & silk jacket ($4,100)

Moraine Lake - Citrine & Pearl Necklace

Clinique Moisture Surge Jimmy Choo 2019 Cruise Collection 17 Upscale Living Magazine | JANUARY




Fashion & Accessories for the upcoming season |BY LISA ALONNIE

Coat by Fendi

Brunello Cucinelli FW 2018-2019

Loafers by Burberry

Blacpain Fifty Fathoms 21 Upscale Living Magazine | JANUARY






Timepieces born of collaboration are not new. What Richard Mille and celebrated actor, artist, director and producer, Sylvester Stallone, bring to horology, however, is a timepiece that is as extreme and luxurious as the passions both men share. Known for their radical materials technology, Richard Mille deploy the 20-piece limited edition RM25-01 Tourbillon Adventure chronograph, a “horological UFO” able to conquer the most out-ofthis-world environments.


peaking on Stallone, Richard Mille said it best. Stallone is ”an artist, whose deeply personal work is rooted in his passion for great painting and sculpture … We became friends, and discovered that we were passionate about similar things and had similar desires. He is a fan of all things mechanical, something that comes through in his sculpture works. Of course, he also loves watches, and enjoys wearing them, particularly rather imposing models. So naturally, it occurred to us one day that we ought to do something together.” “The RM 25-01,” Mille continues, “is like no watch that has ever existed before. Like Sylvester Stallone himself, it is completely unfettered. Its development was especially slow and painstaking, and as an object it is completely in sync with the brand: extreme, designed for extreme conditions, useful, sophisticated and complex, yet unbelievably tough— the ultimate timepiece.” Let’s start with the combined Carbon TPT® and Titanium case, an indestructible composite whose surface has become something of a brand signature itself and significantly reduces the overall weight of the watch. RM25-01’s

grade 5 titanium baseplate and bridges support a mechanism that combines tourbillon complication with the complexity of a new ‘competition’ chronograph movement. It goes without saying that over the course of several months, Richard Mille engineers work incessantly to optimize the caliber, successfully reducing the weight of the watch while increasing its overall precision and long-term reliability—with 50 percent lower energy consumption, by the way. The RM 25-01 also boasts a 70-hour power reserve, as 24-hour scale, in the event that the owner has no sunlight, a 360° graduated disc, is water resistant to 100 meters, and comes with a titanium bidirectional daytime bezel. The first is a compass in grade 5 titanium with a DLC coating that has both a fixed and a rotating bezel. The Carbon TPT® cover has a mirrored back and a slot at 12 o’clock to increase precision with the compass needle. Further, its sapphire crystals have a multilayer anti-reflective treatment to prevent any mutual interference of the movement and compass. A spirit level located at 4 o’clock makes the watch is perfectly horizontal for better readings, and, above all, detachable. And at 2 o’clock—get this—a hermetically sealed compartment holds water purification tablets that make a litre of any water safe to drink within 30 to 120 minutes. The RM 25-01 also comes festooned with 35 jewels, a sapphire anti-glare caseback, and a 0.40mm thick dial. The beauty of the timepiece, however, is not merely born out of Stallone’s decades-long cinematic legacy; nor is it the Hell’s Kitchen native’s close friendship with Richard Mille alone; the RM25-01 is oneof-a-kind timepiece that stands alongside Stallone’s storied career as a serious artist—stretching back to 1975, no less; and with close to 400 painted works produced over his lifetime, the RM25-01 (at $983,000) emerges as an ode to luxury, passion, adventure, and a philosophy of life that is other-worldly, to say the least.

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Top: Viewpoint SnØhetta by Snøhetta. | Bottom: Trollstigen Visitor Center by Reiulf Ramstad Architects. | Top Right: Exhibition view. Latex prints on Aludibond Trollstigen Visitor Center by Reiulf Ramstad Architects. Norwegian stones. | Photo credit: @ Ken Schluchtmann

24 Upscale Living Magazine | JANUARY 2019




he exhibition “Architecture and Landscape in Norway”, which runs until January 17th, 2019, in the Felleshus of the Nordic Embassies in Berlin shows a selection of photographs taken by Ken Schluchtmann at the intersection between contemporary architecture and landscape along the National Scenic Routes in Norway. The National Scenic Routes, initiated in 1994, consist of 18 selected roads that run along the coasts and fjords, and over the mountains and plains in Norway. By 2024 there will be almost 250 rest areas and viewpoints created by some 60 architectural firms, landscaping firms, designers and artists. It all started in 1997 with a trip to Norway. The impressions Ken Schluchtmann experienced at the time were so intense that he then quit his law studies in Hanover and trained as a photo designer in Berlin. For the current project, he has been traveling the country over the past eight years driving over 25,000 kilometres, living in his VW-Bus for weeks and producing over 10,000 photos. Ken Schluchtmann is up until now the only professional photographer who has photographed these landscapes consistently. He uses a coherent imagery, which creates a strong identity and shows some of the most beautiful parts of rural Norway. The pure power of the landscape is strengthened by the integration of architecture and art works.

The same idea is behind the exhibition and graphic design concept conceived by Schluchtmann together with the Berlin creative agency Bluescope using the architecture of the Felleshus to create an experience where the audience can immerse in Norway’s impassable and impressive landscape. Whether you make your way through the rows of seats in the auditorium to see the video or go up the stairs to the first floor, where an oversized first picture makes the viewer appear small: the architecture of the building is consciously used everywhere as an integral part of the exhibition concept, with its various levels and materials, such as exposed concrete, glass, wood and metal, reminding one of the buildings Schluchtmann photographed in Norway. In order to achieve a more intense experience for the viewer, in addition to the presentation of the photos in various sizes and print types, film, projection, animation and even large stones, which the photographer had brought back from Norway over the years, have been merged into an overall concept. The exhibition space at the 1st floor is defined by black partition walls which follow the outlines of the travelled routes. These walls trace the photographer’s itinerary and provide changing spatial experience and surprising views for the visitors within the space itself | Source by v2com.

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Ferguson Bath & Kitchen.

Precedent Furniture Sansa Chaise Lounge by Perigold


Symphony Bathtub by Boca do Lobo. Michael Harrison Collection Veranda Montecito Arm Chair. 26 Upscale Living Magazine |




Elizabethan Oak Chest, Somerset, England, circa 1600. Cassius Hairhide and Shearling Wing Chair.

Kate Spade Gerbera Flax wallpaper.

Grand Napoli Chandelier by Fabio Ltd.

Dexter Horse Weather Vane on Iron Base. 27 Upscale Living Magazine |




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By Tracy Beard Photographs courtesy of Tracy Beard and Windstar


hades of red, yellow, and orange fill the sky. You take a seat out on the deck with your glass of bubbly in hand. The music plays over the loudspeaker, and the wind catches the sails as you watch the sun dip below the horizon. The city lights glow and slowly dim as you sail out to sea. Come savor incredible experiences while cruising “Charms of the French and Spanish Rivieras” on Windstar’s flagship yacht, Wind Surf. THE UNIQUENESS OF THE WIND SURF Wind Surf, the largest of Windstar’s fleet, accommodates 310 guests and 200 crew members, and at 535 feet the ship is small enough to enter exotic ports that mega-ships cannot. According to Hotel General Manager Julian Petrasuc, “The Wind Surf is like a unique piece of jewelry at sea.” Julian explained that there are very few commercial yachts with sails, and the Wind Surf boasts the most extensive amount of public deck space of any in the world. He says, “Guests never feel crowded on board because there is always space for them to walk outside on the main, star and bridge decks.” HIGHLIGHTS ON THE WIND SURF Windstar’s motto “180 Degrees from Ordinary” means all staff strive to be flexible for the guests. In case of a delayed tour, the lunch hour on board is extended to accommodate later arrivals. This service ensures that guests will enjoy their experience without feeling stressed if they are late. Staff with Windstar have the freedom to create unique moments. They can add to the tour program as things arise and make changes as necessary, which differentiates Windstar cruises from most other cruise lines. During my trip on the Wind Surf, I learned about some exciting highlights that repeat guests experienced on previous Wind Surf cruises. One couple shared how the chef took a small group of people into town and how they assisted in shopping for local specialty items that were served during happy hour on board that evening. The couple exclaimed how thrilled they were to taste their way through the marketplace with the executive chef. Another gentleman shared how he was part of a group that attended a unique tour at a European chocolate maker’s private home. The participants learned about the ins and outs of making fine chocolates and then proceeded to make several varieties with the master chocolatier. Several repeat guests told me about the incredible on-deck BBQs they experienced on previous cruises. The weather cooperated and one evening the crew prepared for the legendary BBQ. Tables, grills and chairs lined the decks, live music permeated the air, and everyone dined on grilled meats and seafood, fruits, vegetables, salads, bread and the local

29 Upscale Living Magazine | JANUARY 2019


specialty, paella. The evening ended with passengers and crew dancing the night away. Those at the helm of the Wind Surf make safety their priority; but when weather permits, they maintain an open-bridge policy. Guests can visit the bridge, learn about sailing, and get a closer look at how this stunning yacht glides seemingly effortlessly through the water. GOURMET CUISINE AND STELLAR SERVICE Gourmet food is available on the ship 24 hours a day. AmphorA, the main dining room, features a variety of delicious choices each evening including a James Beard Foundation approved recipe. Two specialty restaurants are accessible by reservation only: Candles, the seafood and chop house that is set up each evening on the Veranda, and Stella, the Parisian bistro. All passengers can choose to lounge about in their stateroom and delight in the ship’s 24/7 room service, or they can visit the Veranda that is open for breakfast and lunch every day. Wind Surf ’s crew consists of people from all over the world. Julian says, “The crew is the soul of the ship, and they make the company successful. Crew members learn each guest’s name within the first or second day, and they treat the Wind Surf as if it were their home, making visitors feel especially welcome.” AMAZING RIVIERA TOURS Cruising the French and Spanish Rivieras is a luxurious experience, and Wind Surf tours offered in ports of call are equally decadent. I sampled delicious wine and learned about wine production at Domaine de Frégate in Toulon, France. I took in the beauty of the Golden Corniche while riding comfortably in a luxury bus, dined on bouillabaisse in Nice after touring the old town, and savored local cheese and wine with a small group of eight in Aix-en-Provence. Due to severe weather conditions on my cruise, it was necessary for the captain to change the itinerary several times. We were unable to dock in St. Tropez leaving some guests disappointed. Staff worked diligently with local guides and put together a new and unexpected trip departing from Nice and going to Monte Carlo as a substitute tour. I spoke with several guests that opted for the new tour. They were overjoyed with their experience, and the fun in Monte Carlo overshadowed their disappointment in missing St. Tropez. This kind of effort is the “jumping through hoops” that Wind Surf staff does consistently to retain their 50 to 66 percent of returning passengers. Book a trip to the Riviera and anticipate rich and exciting highlights with Windstar’s Wind Surf. 30 Upscale Living Magazine | JANUARY 2019



AVIATION FALCONS Take the ultra-rich further, faster

32 Upscale Living Magazine | JANUARY 2019


|By Dellvin Roshon Williams

Best known for their work in combat and private business aircraft, French aerospace giant Dassault is not just a industry leader; it is an aviation behemoth that represents a profound shift in the way governments and the affluent consume elite air travel; from the twin-engine canard-delta wing Rafale fighter to IXV (Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle) space vehicle, Dassault Aviation SA (a subsidiary of Dassault Group) has been a stalwart in global aerospace since the early twentieth century; and now, Dassault—and do pardon the somewhat gauche pun—, goes stealth mode with their ultra-long-range business jet offerings.


ake the Falcon 8X, the brand’s new flagship that’s revolutionizing ultra-long-range private aviation, for example. It can fly nonstop from New York to Dubai, Dubai to Adelaide, and Jeddah to São Paulo. The 8X also has a travel range of 6,450 nautical miles (7,422.5 miles), the longest in the Falcon family, and 30 different design layouts for maximum cabin comfort at 42.67 ft in length. , a three 6,722 pound PW3070D engine system shortens transoceanic travel, allows takeoff from shorter runways, and reduces current emission standards by 30 percent. The pièce de résistance: a flight deck outfitted with the world’s most advanced military technology. The FalconEye

Combined Vision System is the first Head-up Display (HUD) to combine unprecedented database-driven terrain mapping, thermal, and low-light images into a single view. FalconEye also boasts a revolutionary fourth-generation multisensor camera that generates very high definition images. In synthetic vision system (SVS) mode, the camera displays a 40° horizontal by 30° vertical field of view with a 1280x1024 resolution, one of the widest angles on any HUD, ensuring full coverage of the viewing area with no tunnel vision effects. It’s kind of like flipping the light switch on in a dark world for pilots. “Operators, Gilles Gautier, Vice President, Falcon Sales for Dassault Aviation says, “value the performance, flexibility, robustness and innovative features of our large-cabin models, which draw heavily on advanced technologies inherited from Dassault’s fighter programs. This is particularly true of newer models like the Falcon 8X, which offers the best combination of range, cabin comfort and operating efficiency of any aircraft in its class.” “The regional market improved last year and we anticipate a good market in 2019 and going forward,” continued Gautier.

Dubai to any destination in Europe, Africa, or Asia. More than any other purpose-built business aircraft, the 6X offers 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m) of headroom and a width of 8 ft 6 in (2.58 m), accommodates twelve to sixteen passengers (in three separate lounge areas), and offers a number of different layout configurations—a large entryway, crew rest area, and spacious rear lounge for greater privacy. The 6X features a string of innovative design features, most notably an ultraefficient, next-generation wing and a Digital Flight Control System (DFCS) that commands flight control surfaces, including slats and flaps, reduces pilot workload, and increases performance and safety. The DFCS features a remarkably novel “flaperon” device that enhances lift and roll control, especially during approaches with a steep descent profile. So, for High-Net-Worth (HNW) and Ultra-High-Net-Worth (UHNW) jet buyers thinking about first-class comfort, design, and privacy, $47 million for the 6X (and $58million for the Falcon 8X), is a small price to pay.

In similar fashion, the much vaunted Falcon 6X ultra widebody twinjet links 33 Upscale Living Magazine | JANUARY 2019

Dumont JETS | Dumont MRO | Volo Direct




We’re ready to fly when you are. +1.302.317.3310 Wyvern Wingman Certified Operator



As many of us know, the wing of an airplane and the spoiler of a car work according to the same principle, although both perform the exact opposite objectives. In short: the wing of an airplane allows it take flight, while the spoiler on a car keeps it grounded.


ramontana has borrowed from both worlds to successfully achieve what can easily be described as a road carving fighter jet. This super car boasts absolutely perfect weight distribution and draws 888 hp from its Mercedes Benz, aluminum, 4-Turbo V12 power plant.

Having absorbed over ten years of development, the Tramontana GT is simply one of a kind, an arduous undertaking from the engineering team and the active Formula 1 drivers who devoted themselves to the concept. Each unit requires over 4000 manufacturing hours, the equivalent of three years of a racing engineer’s work load. Produced in Barcelona, Tramontana opted from its beginnings to drastically limit its annual production in order to maintain exhaustive control over each unit produced. Once produced, there will be no other like it! Among Tramontana’s many special features are: A carbon fiber monocoque (designed under FIA standards), adjustable traction control

mated to a sequential, six-speed, paddle shift gearbox, carbon-ceramic disc brakes (380 mm), 6-piston calipers (AP Racing) and Öhlins inboard suspension. The last two of eight units will be produced in 2019. Tramontana continues hard at work on future designs with emphasis on alternative propulsion technologies Engineering excellence blends with craftsmanship in near perfect harmony. Seldom does the opportunity to own one presents itself. In January, a unique opportunity to bid on a very special Tramontana will do just that as Production car No.1 of 8 will be offered at the hands of the renowned Mecum Auto Auctions in Kissimmee FL

38 Upscale Living Magazine | JANUARY 2019


WHAT’S NEW “Bringing you the finest places around the world is what we love to do here at Upscale Living magazine. In keeping with this tradition, we are focusing on introducing you to new kids on the block or accommodation establishments with a relooked lease on life. Grab your travel diary as you want to get to these places as soon as possible!”


39 Upscale Living Magazine | BEST OF LUXURY




Following a complete rebuild after the ravaging effects of Hurricane Irma in 2017, Sir Richard Branson’s pristine Necker Island welcomed back its first guests to the newly restored Great House in October 2018, with further accommodation reopening in 2019. Great House has been lovingly restored with two brand new rooms and the addition of Leha Lo, a stunning Balinese style house, accommodating two adults. Panoramic views of the Caribbean, the Atlantic and neighboring islands can be enjoyed from your balcony at Great House and all the 11 guest rooms come with king-sized beds and en-suite bathrooms. On the upper level, the stunning Master Suite comes complete with 40 Upscale Living Magazine | JANUARY 2019

an outdoor jacuzzi and sundeck. This is not all that is in store at Sir Richard Branson’s home and favorite hideaway – there are white sandy beaches, watersports and top class food. Let’s not forgot the tennis court which has seen many a Wimbledon great in a match-off with Sir Richard. “It is wonderful to see Necker Island’s beauty restored and to have welcomed back our first guests. It has been a busy year and it’s not over yet as we look forward to 2019 and the reopening of further accommodations; including a new and improved Bali Hi complex which will feature an extended pool and outdoor lounge as well as a private plunge pool in

each of the individual Bali Houses,” says Jon Brown, Managing Director for Virgin Limited Edition. As with all of the handpicked Virgin Limited Edition properties in this exclusive portfolio, you can be assured of the best in luxury accommodation, cuisine, activities and the most inspired locations in the world. www.virginlimitededition. com/necker-island



True relaxation, gracious villa living, exquisite dining, personalized pampering is best enjoyed at Viceroy Riviera Maya in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Situated a mere 35 minutes from Cancun International Airport, making it the ideal destination for a much-deserved vacation. With 41 villas offering luxury, privacy and generous indoor and outdoor living space, the serenity is palpable when being faced with a sugary-white-sandbeach, lapped by the warm turquoise waters of the Caribbean. It is furthermore immersed in a lush jungle ambiance that is home to a resident family of friendly spider monkeys who cannot resist swinging from the palm or guava trees.

by the Mayan shaman, freeing you from any cares and worries you might have, replacing those feelings with renewed, relaxed beginnings at the resort. At the Wayak Wellness Spa, healing techniques and traditions of the ancient Mayans are practiced. The spa’s circular structure embraces the holistic philosophy of the Mayans that guides the spa experience. Treatments may be enjoyed on the beach, in the privacy of your villa or on the resort’s pier.

Chef Carlos Zamora offers a gastronomic proposal that clearly expresses the zests and forms of modern Mexican cuisine, ensuring a fine balance between classic and contemporary. Guests dine on a romantic loft with views of the aquamarine Caribbean in a casual, open-air tropical ambiance. With advance notice, guests at Viceroy Riviera Maya can enjoy the ‘dine anytime, anywhere’ policy, whether they feel like dining on their patio, on the beach or by the pool.

La Marea is a celebration of traditional Mexican cuisine infused with international influences. Fresh ingredients are fused with subtle spicing and food combinations to create colorful dishes that are jam-packed with exquisite flavors.

41 Upscale Living Magazine | JANUARY 2019

A Mayan Blessing is performed to welcome guests



With astounding properties dotted all over Africa and South Africa, andBeyond has ventured into the overseas market with its first property outside of Africa in Chile’s Lake District. Incorporating its ethos of Care of the Land, Care of the People and Care of the Wildlife, andBeyond Vira Vira is sure to encapsulate the spirit of all the andBeyond properties, striving to leave the world a better place, creating yet another remarkable guest experience. In winter, enjoy the best of the snow-capped mountains by being pulled along on a sleigh by huskies on a sledding expedition. There is birdwatching aplenty and exciting excursions allow birders to visit varying 42 Upscale Living Magazine | JANUARY 2019

habitats such as mountains, lakes, rivers and forests to search for an iconic bird species. Remember the binoculars! This is the ideal place for those who love adventure – imagine skiing or trekking The Villarrica active volcano, horseback riding, fly fishing and scenic helicopter rides. The property offers a WILDchild program for intrepid little explorers, al fresco dining along the shores of the Liucara river and the gastronomy of a farm-to-table restaurant. Finding his inspiration from the different seasons, chef Damian Fernandez is a French-trained executive chef, adding magical flavors with his pure and authentic cuisine, from crusty

baguettes to his mouthwatering French croissants. Infused by the delicious savors of Southern Chile, Damian and his team create delectable 3-course lunches and 4-course dinners. Comprising 12 villas, 6 suites and a 5-room hacienda that integrate the best local furnishings like textured Chilean rugs, hand-woven tapestries, Mapuche artifacts and restored antiques, creating plush and colorful interiors. The lodge also incorporates the ancient wisdom and way of life of the local Mapuche people into the guest experience, offering a visit to the nearby textile workshop, run by a local Mapuche tribe.

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Luxury Escape in Napa at Milliken Creek Inn 44 Upscale Living Magazine | JANUARY 2019


By Jarone Ashkenazi Photos courtesy of Four Sisters Inns

With a history that dates back to the mid-1850s, Milliken Creek Inn is set on the Napa River along the famous Silverado Trail. Silverado Trail was known before as Old Mountain Road and was a stagecoach stop for weary travelers during California’s Gold and Silver Rush years. The house returned to its roots as a hostelry, but it wasn’t until 2013 following an extensive renovation which transformed the Milliken Creek Inn into a luxurious country escape. It was during this time that the inn joined the prestigious Four Sisters Inns and become one of the premier hideaways in the Napa Valley.


n the heart of wine country, the inn offers tranquility and relaxation mixed with a sophisticated style on three verdant acres. The Main house invites guests with the warmth like a friend’s living room with its wood floors, leather armchairs, and blooming orchids. The hideaway is set along the ever-flowing river that offers a variety of trees including Magnolia, Redwoods, Bamboo and more along with quaint shady walking paths and lots of wildlife spotting, too -- birds, deer, foxes. The small but proud inn offers 12 accommodations that boast a chic yet comfortable decor that are second to none. From flickering fireplaces, canopy beds with the finest linens, rain showers, and oversized hydrotherapy tubs, their seven Luxury King Spa guest rooms are the most opulent. The large rooms feature separate sitting areas, fireplaces and stand-alone hydrotherapy tubs, while some have a private terrace and others a private deck. At The Milliken Creek Spa, guests can choose between a thoughtfully prepared treatment menu to promote therapeutic and natural healing. While the spa is currently undergoing a complete remodeling, guests may still enjoy by the Spa’s highly trained professionals who carefully treat each customer and instill a restorative process to recharge the mind, body, and soul to a more peaceful state. Guest’s may opt for massages either in their private rooms, or in the outdoor cabana set alongside the Napa River, weather permitting Although there is no restaurant on-site, guests can enjoy complimentary gourmet breakfast which can be delivered directly to their room, or anywhere on the property. Nightly wine and cheese tastings, along with freshly baked cookies (also available throughout the day)

for those with a sweet tooth, is offered daily at sunset during their Magic Hour. The Inn invites local vintners to pour their favorite selections each night to the delight of their guests, providing the perfect way to relax and celebrate after a day of exploring. The luxe hideaway in the Napa Valley is also offering two special offers, the Romance Uncorked Package, which is offered year round and the Stay One Night, Receive Your Second Night Half Off, which is available to be booked until March 28, 2019. The indulgent Romance Uncorked Package allows you and your special someone to make the Inn a romantic enclave and take advantage of a 75-minute couples aromatherapy massage in the guests’ room, plus sparkling wine, chocolates and more. Guests who book the Stay One Night, Receive Your Second Night Half Off package will be bask in the beauty of the Inn and gain access to concierge assistance (which is available to all guests) in planning your romantic stay in Napa Valley. The Milliken Creek Inn provides a window to explore the beautifully dynamic region thanks to its knowledgeable local experts and experienced planners. From exploring some of the world’s best vineyards to a mesmerizing hot air balloon tour over the valley and more, the Inn’s staff are ready to assist with any request. Along with outdoor excursions and other adventures in and around the Inn, guests of Milliken Creek Inn & Spa, will receive two passes to Synergy Wellness Fitness Center, Napa’s stateof-the-art gym and wellness center.

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Inzolo Exclusive Game Lodge EASTERN CAPE, SOUTH AFRICA

46 Upscale Living Magazine | JANUARY 2019


By Heléne Ramackers Photographs courtesy of Insolo and by Heléne Ramackers

In the heart of South Africa’s Eastern Cape province, idyllically located in a sheltered valley, Inzolo Exclusive Game Lodge is best defined as the ideal bush home. With only four chalets, you will be assured of the best in exclusivity, luxury and absolute privacy.

“It is either an enormous turkey or a lion with its leg up in the air”, our ranger Dave quips in his native Scottish accent. Hysterical laughter fills the early morning air and as we drive towards the ‘turkey’, we notice it is, in actual fact a lioness, having none of the lion’s fervent attempts to mate with her, unceremoniously kicking up a fuss by pushing him away from her with her back paws. He disgruntledly lies down next to her and proceeds to fall asleep. The crisp morning air has taken its toll and everyone is keen to get back to the lodge with the welcoming prospect of a hot drink and a warm fire. Our animal sightings have been astonishing – we saw a cheetah with an impala kill, plenty of zebra, blesbok, an elephant feeding and the most adorable baby giraffe, estimated to be about a week old with its very tall mother. When owners Paul Lynch and Dave Hurr initially purchased the land as a farm and used the original lodge as a weekend getaway, they had a shared vi-

sion of turning it into something extraordinary. Dotted into the landscape with the most breathtaking views over the escarpment and the valley below, Inzolo Exclusive Game Lodge came to fruition. Inzolo isn’t just a ‘pretty face’ in the best sense of the word – the owners pride themselves on the two special conservation initiatives that are ongoing – the interactive buffalo breeding project and the protection of the endangered Cape mountain zebra. The day we arrive at Inzolo, lodge manager Christina invites us to observe an unusual procedure where veterinary students witness and assist, under the guidance of world-renowned wildlife veterinarian, Dr William Fowlds, the darting and gestation testing of a female buffalo. It’s confirmed – she’s going to be a mom! Buffalo ‘daddy’ is unaware of his pending fatherhood, munching away at some greenery in a feeding trough. After this interesting viewing, we head back to the lodge to enjoy the most scrumptious high tea, consisting of deliciously

47 Upscale Living Magazine | JANUARY 2019


prepared melt-in-your-mouth biltong & cheese sandwiches, tuna & cheese sandwiches, citrus tartlets, a variety of salads and Amarula cheesecake for dessert. Attentively served by hostesses Phumla and Yandiswa, as well as barman Themba, you couldn’t wish for more polite staff.

Tonight, we dine in the boma area and the atmosphere is electric. Chef Sebastian ensures that there is food aplenty – salads, soup and bread for starters and for main course, a variety of meat dishes – venison, chicken, sausage and malva pudding for dessert.

Dave meets us in front of the lodge for our game drive. With over 16,000 acres of bush, you might not find an animal around every corner, but you will be rewarded with some amazing sightings. Down at the watering hole, we spot the sweetest baby hippo, but they all quickly dissipate into the water. The male starts showing dominance by ‘yawning’ – showcasing his huge incisors to the rest of the pod.

The interiors at Inzolo are the handiwork of Cape Town firm Artichoke, blending the perfect mix of earthy elements into the lush green surroundings. Our chalet is the ideal fusion of bush meets bespoke design, combining modern accents with east African influence. The pièce de résistance is the freestanding bath on our outside deck, which my husband willfully tries out. I opt for the inviting shower with the wonderfully fragrant Rain products.

A cheetah is on the prowl, looking for prey. Using the game drive vehicle as cover, he walks right past us and seems to be aiming for a meal that would be too large for him to bring down. Despite being the world’s fastest land mammal, cheetahs don’t make big kills as they, unlike leopards, are unable to hoist their meal up into a tree. Driving back to the lodge, we encounter a ‘road block’ in the form of a very large bull elephant, not wanting to relinquish his yummy foliage to move out of the way. We patiently wait and eventually he saunters off to continue his feeding frenzy. 48 Upscale Living Magazine | JANUARY 2019

The sound of droplets on the roof wakes me in the early morning and I radio Dave to let him know that we will rather forego the game drive excursion as the animals might not be out in full force. He notifies me later that the other guests have also decided to go out later and around 10am, we start our drive. Little do we know that the timing is perfect – as we approach a corner in the road, we see him, the most majestic lion with a mane that can only be described as a mohawk gone wrong. He is fiercely protective of his kill he has stashed under the overhanging branches of a shrub. As we leave

him in peace, he lets out a snarl, warning us that this is his meal and he is not sharing. The rain has abated, but it seems as though game drives are hungry work, even as spectators. Apart from the homely atmosphere, we are excited to get back to the lodge to tuck into the delicious breakfast that will be waiting for us, expertly created by chef Sebastian. What I look most forward to is sitting outside on the deck, cappuccino in hand, while my daughter sips on her hot chocolate and my husband unwinds with his morning coffee, looking out over the watering hole where an animal might stop by for a drink. Just another tough day in South Africa. *** Thank you to Sara Needham and Gillian Gernetzky from Nicky Arthur PR for arranging our stay. Views expressed are the author’s own.


Sandals Extraordinary Over Water Experience at Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay, Jamaica By Tim Cotroneo

The Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica, can barely keep up with the demand for their newest form of romantic luxury accommodations. Honeymooners are booking months in advance to experience one of Sandals’ 12 Bungalows and 5 Villas poised high over the water in the shape of heart. For those seeking “One Love,” Sandals Over Water accommodations feel all right.


oyal Caribbean’s Over Water architecture thrills with villas maxing out at 2,000-square-feet, glass vision floors revealing exotic marine life, and gigantic indoor/outdoor baths with rainfall showers and huge soaking tubs. Sandals exceeds expectations with 24-hour butler service,

50 Upscale Living Magazine | JANUARY 2019

liquor cabinets stocked with top-shelf spirits, and VIP access to this private island adventure. Beyond the obvious romance implications, your Over Water villa or bungalow is all about the deepest form of relaxation. Your quarters feature a premium king-sized bed, two-tiered

sun decks, lounge chairs, hammocks, and a wall-to-wall surround of turquoise Caribbean Sea. Half the fun of a Sandals Over Water stay is the anticipation leading up to your floating vacation. Let’s look at what guests experience before, during, and after their Over Water stay.





One of the best parts of choosing the Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort is its convenience. The Royal Caribbean is just a 10-minute drive from Montego Bay’s Sangster International Airport. Guests staying in an Over Water Bungalow or Villa enjoy complimentary BMW private transfers to and from the airport.

As your butler temporarily bids farewell until you need an appetizer, special cocktail, or custom dinner, it’s time to absorb what Over Water is like from the inside out. It’s hard to ignore the glass floor that presents waves of turquoise beneath your feet. Your villas interior, including the floor, can be illuminated with the press of a button.

If you wish to explore beyond your bungalow or villa, realize that Over Water guests have access to both Sandals Royal Caribbean and Sandals Montego Bay, a sister resort located just a five-minute shuttle drive away.

Upon arriving at Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort, guests are introduced to one of their two 24-hour butlers. The butler helps guests board a private water taxi that glides to your Over Water oasis.

You discover that your king-sized bed is equipped with a special comfort technology. This premium sleep, combined with the sounds of ocean waves, promises a slumber that is revitalizing.

The anticipation builds as you view your romantic getaway from a distance, and then on to a long walkway positioned on stilts. Your heat pumps in double time as you spy the bungalow and villas with their thatched roofs and spacious decks just ahead.

Your kitchenette is stocked with the finest premium liquors. If your favorite spirit isn’t within arm’s reach, your butler is just a phone call away. The indoor/outdoor baths are massive and include an infinity soaking tub. You have the option of opening an outside wall to maximize your view and breathe in the fresh Caribbean air.

FIRST IMPRESSION- THE BIG REVEAL You’ve seen the photos, watched on YouTube, and imagined these first few Over Water minutes for months. As the butler leads you through an initial walkthrough it’s okay if your head is spinning in delight. Indoors and outdoors become one in your Over Water retreat. Privacy and openair exhilaration merge in harmonious Jamaican splendor. After the walkthrough your butler hands you a cell phone. Press the phone symbol twice if you need anything. It’s time to decompress while enjoying the most luxurious level of island time imaginable.

OUTDOOR OUTSTANDING Your Over Water exterior includes double decks, along with stylish ergonomic chairs and hammocks for reading, tanning, cocktailing or sea gazing. If this is your first Jamaica getaway, Montego Bay’s emerald meets turquoise version of the Caribbean Sea will be ingrained in your memory long after you return home. If you need to stretch a bit, Sandals Royal Caribbean includes Sandals Cay, the resort’s own 2 ½ acre private island. In the evening, the island also hosts The Royal Thai restaurant that offers exquisite Thai cuisine under the stars.

Sandals Montego Bay is home to nine restaurants, as well as the Red Lane Spa. Your butler can arrange dinner reservations and spa treatments. Sandals guests can also take advantage of water sports ranging from scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, and sailing. OVER WATER FAREWELL In the last stanza of the Bob Marley song “One Love,” the words say, “As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end.” As you hop in the water taxi one last time and head for home, you turn back toward your bungalow and realize that the thrill of those first few Over Water minutes are matched only by the memories you’re bringing back home. During those initial Over Water moments, it was your head that was spinning in delight. As you sail away on the water taxi, this time it’s your heart that is smitten. Marley’s words seem to resonate as you think, “This Over Water get together feels all right.”

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hey were talking yachts when I arrived. A man at the next door table looked at me over his glasses as if he instinctively knew that my only private means of water transport was a lilo.

My throat went dry. My heart lurched. My Adam’s apple did a bunjee jump. I noticed that one bottle of “Chateau Petrus” 1945 would cost me about hundred times my VISA limit.

The women beside him shot me the same sneer of withering contempt as if she suspected that the “Vaucluse” asparagus and crushed black truffles would be wasted on me and the turbot and caramalized endives would go over my head.

It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to eat in an Alain Ducasse restaurant. Someone once described him as “The Muhammad Ali of cooking”. I was in his Louis XV restaurant in Monte Carlo. It was my first time in a “temple of taste” and “shrine to savoir-faire”.

The Felix Hippolite Lucas ceiling fresco bore down on me. The tapestried walls pressed in. Haughty courtesans looked down from their gilded “fin de siecle” portrait frame , branding me a philistine in “”l’art de table” , a child of Col.Saunders rather than Careme or Escoffier.

In the old days , with its lavish splendour and staff in nankeen breeches and gaiters , Monte Carlo’s “Hotel de Paris” was a magnet for the haute monde. It became a place of uninhibited self-indulgence ; a byword for the high life. The rich and famous all went there. A Russian grand duke once smashed sixty magnums of Champagne against a marble pillar just for a toast. Fourteen hundred bottles of fine wines were consumed every day in its heyday.

“Je propose une flute de Billecart Salmon champagne rose followed by un Clos SaintJoseph avec votre coquillages et peut-etre un Chateau de Beaucastel Vielle Vigne Chateauneuf-du-Pape , “ said the sommelier, leaving me with the wine list. 52 Upscale Living Magazine | JANUARY 2019

The one kilometre long cellars of the grand nineteenth century palace hotel now hold

250000 cellars or “cave”. It is considered one of Europe’s finest and most valuable collection of wines. Upstairs, the restaurant offers a choice of sixteen different mineral waters as well as fifteen different coffees , sixteen different teas and fifteen types of cigar. Ducasse has helped establish the luxurious and super-trendy Mediterranean resort into one of the great gastronomic destinations of the world. A local helicopter firm even offers a gourmet taxi service up to the auberges and excellent restaurants in the neighbouring French department of “Alpes-Maritimes”. Monaco’s masterchefs have become celebrities and as famous as former residents and visitors like King Farouk , the Prince of Nepal and Charles Wells , the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo. Although it is only the size of London’s Hyde Park , Monaco has the highest density of Michelin-starred restaurants than anywhere. The famous ultra-chic principality on the French Riviera , eleven miles from Nice ,has


Amuse bouche at Alain ducasse been connected with the name of “Michelin” for many years. Prompted by the waiter , I had a “ragout” of cod and Perugina sausage thickened by the swimming bladder of a Norwegian stockfish. Then Pyrennean suckling lamb. I got through three napkins just drooling at the desserts trolley. Over one lunch for two heady hours , surrounded by the opulent chic and conspicuous choc of one of the world’s greatest restaurants , I fulfilled my jetset fantasy and sampled the ultimate of sensual delights. I wanted to say “Bravo” but it sounded corny. I wanted to praise the Nicoise peas and make discerning comments about the “Xeres” vinegar but I didn’t know where to start. The waiter said it all for me when he came to our table. “ Culinary art is the search for the absolute. Here we set an impeccable ideal. Our kitchen renders very good what is already very beautiful.” He smiled letting me digest his words. “ Perhaps next time I may recommend the strained Muscat pumpkin soup , followed by our veloute of Breton lobster with chestnuts and maybe

bass filet with sautéed cuttlefish and anchovy fritters. It is exquisite.” He kissed his fingers. The couple on the table beside me were still wearing their ”pearls-beforeswine” expressions. He was puffing away at an unfeasibly large , long cigar. She was swilling an ancient Cognac. As I passed them on the way out , I wanted to say , “ The Chateau Yquem is so hit or miss here. Such a shame there was no eel on today either. But Alain told me that the fishermen in the Straits of Messina are on strike. Of course , it would never have happened in King Farouk’s day.” In my mind I also heard my fingers clicking towards the waiter and the voice of experienced epicure and globe-trotting gourmand saying , “ Put a case of Petrus in the back of the Lamberghini , garcon. And book me the same table for the same time tomorrow , will you ? Ringo will be coming. Miss Bassey too. I don’t know about Herr Becker. ” In my mind’s eye , I saw the man’s eyes popping and his nostrils flaring as he choked on his outsized “Cohiba”.

Loup, betteraves, agrumes

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ANYWHERE & EVERYWHERE w w w. up s c a l el i v i n g m a g . c o m 786.760.9133




Two-Star Michelin Dining in Provence, France | BY TRACY ELLEN BEARD PHOTOS COURTESY OF


rovence, France, a sun-kissed region that has it all— lavender-filled hillsides, turquoise waters, delicious wines and incredible food. Recently, I dined in two of Provence’s exceptional two-star Michelin restaurants, L’Oustau de Baumanière and Michel Kayser’s Restaurant Alexandre.

55 Upscale Living Magazine |





r. Raymond Thuilier opened L’Oustau de Baumanière in 1945, the same day his grandson, Jean-André Charial, was born. The property, nestled between the mountains in Les Baux de Provence, consisted of a hotel, gourmet restaurant, pool and stunning gardens. Today with Chef Jean-André at the helm, the Baumanière boasts an exquisite spa, impressive chateau, a high-end shop, wine cave and two restaurants, L’Oustau and Cabro d’Or.

heavenly clam chowder, but the texture was far more refined.

My friend Connie and I dined on lunch at L’Oustau. We sat by the pool on a bright sunny day. Our dining extravaganza commenced with a glass of Champagne Baumanière Grand Cru Cuvée Jean-André Charial. Chef André paired it with smoked salmon sprinkled with dried apple and homemade oyster crackers filled with cream of mustard. Next, we savored a delicate puree of codfish with a single bite of smoked eel. The flavor evoked memories of my father’s

Chef André marries his signature dish of milk-fed leg of lamb with a rich and creamy dauphinois gratin, thinly sliced potatoes layered in a crock with cream and baked until tender. Our appetites began to wane; and although we could not finish the scrumptious lamb, not one speck of the potatoes remained in the crock.

56 Upscale Living Magazine |

The subsequent course was a delicate slice of raw tuna laid atop eggplant mousseline with droplets of olive oil, specks of fresh dill, and a scattering of fried capers. Chef André produces his own Champagne, red and white wines, and two distinct olive oils. Each course during our lunch arrived with a different bread and wine.

Another spectacular and surprising dish was the chef ’s creative use of the humble carrot.


Orange carrots were roasted, pureed, and deep fried into chips. The whole carrots sat atop the puree adorned with the chips. Then Chef André decoratively drizzled a thickened balsamic vinegar over the carrots. He, thus, raised this common carrot to new gastronomic heights. We concluded our meal with a confit of apricots, crushed pistachios and jasmine flowers. Our experience at the Baumanière is something out of a fairytale. I hope to return one day and stay a few days in this paradise.




hef Michel Kayser worked at the restaurant of a converted provincial home in Garons, France, long before he purchased the property in 2001 and opened the restaurant, Alexandre. Today, Alexandre reflects Chef Kayser’s personal style and showcases his culinary talents.

After my stroll, I met up with the assistant maître d’ Jonathan in the library lounge where I sipped on a glass of Champagne Duval-Leroy. Chef Kayser soon joined us, and he shared how he learned about cooking from his grandmother.

I arrived at the parklike setting before the lunch service began. Meandering inside the restaurant, I noticed the elegant organic Mediterranean décor designed from wood, stone, leather and other natural materials. Stunning glass bulbs hung from the ceiling, walls were artistically textured, and the natural earth-tone color scheme gave a perfect segue to the outdoor dining area.

Chef Kayser grew up like many children wearing hand-me-down clothes. When he achieved success in the culinary world, the first thing he purchased was an expensive shirt which he modeled for his grandmother as a symbol of his success. Jonathan translated our conversation and said, “Chef Kayser inspires. He started with nothing, and now he wants to motivate others.”

When I stepped outside, sheer fabric swathes swayed in the breeze, lush 100-year-old cedar and pine trees shaded the manicured lawn and statues beautified the garden.

Before lunch, Chef Kayser invited me into his kitchen. The staff works together in a synchronized manner, and I watched Chef Kayser meticulously inspect each plate before it left for

the dining room. He was firm with his staff but jovial and good humored at the same time. I dined on an array of appetizing culinary artwork. Standout dishes were the Tomato Island, made with garlic cream, and Walk on the Beach, artfully displayed seafood with toasted bread in the center of a hand-crafted bowl. Foam topped the bread, and a waiter came and poured “the sea,” a flavorful broth around the toast island. Other delicious dishes were the zucchini flower stuffed with truffle mousseline and the roasted pigeon breast. Earning one Michelin Star is a challenging endeavor, but receiving two is quite an accomplishment. If you find yourself in Provence, France, make it a point to dine at these incredible restaurants.

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Former Home of Peggy Lee


ultry jazz singer, songwriter and screen actress Peggy Lee, who popularized Lover, Fever and Is That All There Is?, who could pack concerts tighter than Frank Sinatra and whose fans included Albert Einstein and Aldous Huxley, lived until her 2002 death in this French Regency-style estate in Los Angeles’ elite Bel Aire neighborhood. It is currently on the market priced at $9.995 million. Built in 1969 and designed to host event-sized parties, this stunning two-story Bel Air mansion practically begs it’s owners to entertain, show off its regal interior and stroll its Old World-style terraced gardens with lush plantings, fruit trees and roses. The entry doors in the vine-covered exterior walls are replicas from a historic church in Oxford and open into a soaring foyer with circular staircase and a chandelier that Peggy Lee sourced from a Paris flea market. Measuring 6,062 square feet with five bedrooms, seven baths and views overlooking Los Angeles, tree tops and the Pacific, the home has six tuscan-

61 Upscale Living Magazine | JANUARY 2019

style fireplaces, a great room overlooking the views to the ocean over the terrace with European style pool and spa, a den, library and an Old World style kitchen with unfinished Venetian plaster walls, a Calacatta marble slab island, dining area and a barrel-vaulted ceiling of hand-laid imported ile imported from an Italian estate. Antique flooring is from an historic villa in the South of France and appliances are Wolf and Miele. An elevator ascends to the second floor where there is a two-bedroom master suite and two separate guest suites. A rooftop terrace offers panoramic views and the home is on one of the few cul-de-sacs in Bel Air, offering additional privacy. Peggy Lee was discovered by Benny Goodman, the popular bandleader, while singing in a nightclub in 1940. By 1943 Lee left the band and was making a name for herself with her whispery singing style appearing with the country’s biggest pop stars - Frank Sinatra, Perry Como and Bing Crosby, all of whom also

got their start with the Big Bands.Well known for popularizing the songs Fever and Is That All There Is? and multiple popular albums, her songs became especially meaningful to those leaving for deployment in World War II and to those they were leaving behind. Her singing skills eventually parlayed her into film acting, more songwriting and voice overs for Disney animations. Lee was nominated for twelve Grammy Awards and in 1995, given the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. In 1999, she was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Songstress Peggy Lee’s former Bel Aire mansion, restored over three years to its original beauty is now for sale, priced at $9.955 million. Co-listing agents are Billy Rose and Jon Grauman of The Agency, Beverly Hills.  Photo credit: The Agency Source: Top Ten Real Estate Deals




ou look like a cold-hearted megalomaniac too me. Bold, Audacious. Original. Maybe a narcissist?”

The asparagus and brie wonton tartlets circulated. Feet stomped. Breaths smoked. Teeth chattered. Noses became rosed. The snow fell, the Eiswein frothed and the marshmallows toasted over open fires. If you haven’t drunk high quality, multi-layered wine in thick gloves, an all-elements protecting “SprayWay” fleece-lined Tundra storm jacket, thermal underwear and a woolly anti-hypothermic Canadian-made “Tilley” Chapeau du Liege hat, you haven’t had the full extreme epicurean oenological, multi-layered experience. Every January (11-27 2019), over three weekends, Niagara-on-the Lake, an hour from Toronto and four hundred miles from New York, holds its Ice Wine Festival. Canada makes 70 percent of the world’s ice wine. Thirty-five Ontario state wine growers man the revival stations and provide the ripe quince, baked apple and tart grapefruit bouquets. The climate provides the cryogenic suspension. The growers include “Megalomaniac”, “Coyote Run” and Karl Kaiser and Donald Zaraldo’s “Inniskillin” which first made ice wine on its Brae Burn estate in 1984. The Romans discovered ice wine accidentally, noticing grapes left to rot for livestock winter fodder made good sweet wine if picked and pressed when frozen solid. Ice wine is labour intensive and expensive. Germany probably made the first commercial ice wine in the late eighteenth century. Luxembourg has a “vin de glace”. Japan’s Furano winery in central Hokkaido produces ice wine. New York State, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio do too. But Canada is the hub and Niagara the H.Q. Grapes must be picked at no less than -8 C ( 17F). Sugar level must be no less than 35 Brix. Ice wine can be made from Riesling and red Cabernet France although the “Vidal” grape is most common. This French hybrid was originally developed for cognac production. “Pilliterri Estates” makes superb Cabernet Sauvignon and Blanc ice wines and “Jackson Triggs” a delicious Guwurztraminer one.

62 Upscale Living Magazine | JANUARY 2019

On your ice wine crawl around the only wine route best appreciated in the snow, wrapped up in your winter-hardy salopettes and hydrophobic Nubeck leather “Obox BDry” hiking boots, you have tutored tastings with producers who offer food pairings like scallops, candied salmon, double chocolate macaroons, Quebec blue Elizabeth cheese and sweet potato brulee! Ice wine seems to go with everything. It’s not just a dessert wine and recommended with sushi and spicy food. Red ice wine goes well with dark chocolate. The most unusual suggested to me was a wine complimenting cobblers. At the Niagara Ice Wine Festival a $40 “Discovery Pass” allows you to visit the barrel cellars of eight wineries and taste, sometimes in the fog amongst frosty vineyards, at places like “13th Street” and “Reif ”, “Peller” and “Konzlemann” estates. As well as the “Megalomaniac” winery which began as a retirement fund-raising project for a children’s charity. Owner John Howard refused to have his wine named after him. “Megalomaniac” produces “Local Squeeze” Riesling and “Bigmouth” Merlot. The “Selfie” and Narcissist” are also on its list. “Pilliterri”, founded by a Sicilian, now exports to forty countries producing over a quarter of the country’s ice wine. Says Jeff Letvenuk : “We typically harvest in early January but it’s completely weather-dependent. We usually have a 3-4 day lead time to know when the temperature will co-operate. We love having people come to visit us to see one of the world’s rarest wine harvests happen live!” By the end of it all, having learned all about sweet and savoury synergies and how to survive prolonged exposure to warm hospitality from people who know how to control their fruitiness and, having been educated into appreciating fine wine with no feeling in your fingers (let others pour ), your face takes on the colour of the iconic and unique local produce – pale yellow at first , light gold next and then “maderize” or deep amber golden. And very often burgundy.

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Travel with us to Africa and experience the tranquility and charm Linyanti Ebony in Botswana; or let's cruise the Rivieras with Windstar's W...

January 2019 Upscale Living Magazine  

Travel with us to Africa and experience the tranquility and charm Linyanti Ebony in Botswana; or let's cruise the Rivieras with Windstar's W...