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Artwork blending dreams, poetry, mystery & magic


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ON THE COVER Interior Designer Lori Morris shares with us her look at designing. What’s her favorite style, colors and trends.

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| By Francesca Peraza 11 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 40


“Comfort is about the feeling that you get when you enter a room.”

12 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 40


Meeting with the beautiful and talented Canadian designer, Lori Morris was amazing as was the last time. Today, we asked her questions about some of her most beautiful projects and the idea behind them. Here’s what she had to say: All your projects are so different. Your process is highly customized. Describe your process of working with clients. Where do you begin? Whether it is the building of a new home or decorating an existing one, it’s always based on a client’s inspiration in terms of feeling. We do whatever it takes to make our client feel at home in their space. Of course, at House of Lori Morris Design (House of LMD), we have our own signature style – a mix of modern and

classic design that is avant-garde, sophisticated, and sexy. Many clients come to us torn, feeling like they are required to choose between traditional and contemporary design elements – but they actually don’t have to. At House of LMD we embrace tradition and modernity and allow them to coexist in a calming balance. So would you say you always work backwards from the feeling the client wants to have and then you create that feeling? It is often hard for people to describe how they want a room to look and feel. With my clients, I often hear the term “warm.” They’ll say I want this to be sophisticated but warm, modern but warm, traditional but warm. When a client asks for a “warm” design, what they are saying is that they want their house to feel like a home. We don’t do design for design’s sake at House of LMD. No matter how opulent or luxurious a room is, you have to be able to live in it, and it has to be comfortable. And comfort doesn’t necessarily mean only using soft fabrics and plush cushions. Comfort is about the feeling that you get when you enter a room. Comfort means the space touches your memories,

delights your eyes, makes you feel comfortable and welcomes you in. Creating warmth and comfort in a home requires a sense of balance and proportion of textures, finishes, pieces and design. And this is when House of LMD comes in. But initially you are inspired by the client? Yes, our starting point is always the client’s wishes. We listen very carefully to what people say they want. Visuals help. It is not easy for people to articulate exactly what speaks to them in terms of design because often it is a visceral and emotional reaction. But, yes, everything starts with our clients’ wishes. They inspire us in terms of their desire. And then we go from there. You often use oversized black and white photography in your homes. I like how you pair this in more traditional spaces. At what part of the project does the art element come in? Art is the finishing brush stroke to the cohesive painting that we create with a space. The eye is always drawn to art, be it a black and

13 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 40


white photograph or a color print, so it needs to be right. Choosing a certain style of art or artists really depends on the space and the client. I don’t think of black and white photography as a color element, I treat it as a style element, like denim or wood or metal. Black and white photographs straddle that traditional-modern dichotomy we’ve been talking about. Photography is a fairly modern invention, but keeping the photographs black and white speaks to old Hollywood, to classic rock and roll, to edginess, to sexiness. Many of my clients come to me with preconceived notions of artists or photography they like but it’s like a dress, you really have to try something on before you can see how gorgeous it is. A good photograph can stand up to the weight of the dramatic architectural details we layer into our homes. When you are looking at a blank floor plan, how do you decide what will be the feature piece? Do you have your signature pieces that you gravitate towards? There is no signature piece and no step-by-step guide. Our work is less a series of steps than a gradual evolution. We work so much by instinct and rely on creativity. If I have to break it down, from the start of a blank floor plan, we always start from a focal point in each room. If we are building the house from the ground up, we create architectural focal points throughout the house. A focal point can be anything like a fireplace, a feature wall, a gorgeous window, a beautiful archway, beautiful doors or a millwork wall. Then we take these architectural focal points and pair them with balanced design. And there can be surprises: even if we have planned for the fireplace to be the focal point, sometimes, you enter a room and realize that the window is actually the room’s most striking feature because of a gorgeous view. The room becomes what it is meant to be through layering of design elements, furniture, textiles, drapery, accessories. We start with a focal point in each room and design with an eye to that.

House of LMD, our design is very rarely about one color or one piece, it is about a feeling. Black walls help us create the warmth and depth of feeling that our clients ask for. I recently had a client and we did most of her house in gorgeous pastels and she said to me: “You know Lori, we spend most of our time in that dark library you made for us.” Dark paint colors, like black, help us create our signature style of layers and layers of details. That said, a dark room has to be done properly. Everything needs to be in balance and the overall finishing of the space has to align with the feeling you are trying to create. Color is almost inconsequential. It is about creating a feeling through the layering of design elements. So to answer your question, black can work in living rooms, powder rooms, bedrooms. But you have to do it right.

Have you travelled anywhere recently that helped give you inspiration for work? I recently came back from Switzerland. So inspiring! There was a jewelry store in Geneva that had oversized steel doors decorated with faceted glass fashioned to look like gemstones. Just imagine the thought that went into that – they took the time to make the door to a jewelry store look like jewelry. Door details are very interesting to me because they seem like such a small element but they can create a lot of interest through carving and panels and hardware and hinges. Doors set the tone for a space. They are the first thing you see before you walk into a house or a room. Right now I am very inspired by beautiful original doors from Europe. I must travel to Europe every year. Always. I have to go to London and Paris! I will never be tired of being in Europe and being inspired by European

Black walls are a daring choice but look so effortless here. What rooms do you recommend work well with black paint? Any room you want. Seriously. I do not know where the myth started that dark colors close down a space. Dark colors do not have to be dark and dreary. At 14 Upscale Living Magazine | Issue 40



15 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 40


design. Europe will be my inspiration for my lifetime career in design.

that I did not have to explain to anybody that anything was right or wrong. My home is probably the purest expression of my creativity because I just did whatever felt right and did exactly what I wanted in every room. But if you are ever looking for me in my house, I am most likely in my bed!

What is a favorite piece in your own home? Be it an accessory or a room where you spend the most time? I spend the most time in my own home because every piece of it reflects who I am. If I had to pick my favorite pieces, I particularly like the What element of being an interior designer Yannick Fournie painting in my lounge, I like gives you the most joy? the sofas in my living room, I like my truffle I love that my job is to be an artist and to be grey flannel and suede walls in my powder creative. I love that I can draw a house from room. What I love about my house is the fact scratch and understand what it looks like three16 Upscale Living Magazine | Issue 40

dimensionally. I love to see the spaces I design evolve. It is so satisfying to see the design you have imagined come to fruition. You can have a beautiful, architecturally gorgeous exterior of your home and beautiful architectural details in the interior, and beautiful finishes for floors and ceilings and doors and hardware and furniture – but you need that one extra step of having beautiful accessories to make the picture perfect. And when everything is finished and perfect, that gives me joy. 

Indulgent Needs

Authentic Luxury Handbags Tanzanite Luxury Watches Soaps and Lotions


William Morris | RAVEN WITH HORNS 1998 | blown glass, steel stand | 29” x 18” x 20”

William Morris | PETROGLYPH VESSEL 1989 blown glass | 22” x 20” x 7”



William Morris | IDOLO 2003 blown and hot sculpted glass 27” x 9” x 11”


Selections from the Artist’s Archive Abmeyer + Wood Fine Art - Seattle, WA October 6th - November 26th, 2016


t is rare that an artist has the opportunity to change the history of art, let alone during their lifetime. Beginning in the 1970’s when William Morris worked as Dale Chihuly’s gaffer to his retirement from blowing glass in 2007, he has been a major player for over three decades in the studio glass movement. He approached the medium with a unique vision, one that wasn’t dependent on solely achieving beauty. Rather Morris took glass down a different path than his predecessors, one that embraced the ability of the material to transform into wood, bone, fiber and sinew- objects that appear as if they have been unearthed as part of the archaeological record. Viewer’s often pose similar questions about these contemporary sculptures as they would about the ancient objects that inspired them. How was it used? How was it made?

What is it? Much of the power of the art created by William Morris resides in this element of mystery. By tapping into the psychic unity or collective unconsciousness shared among all people regardless of where or when they lived, Morris attempted to harness a universal energy. This inspiration guided his work, as he strove to create new forms that did not already exist but yet were sprung from the mindset of the specific people or cultures that captivated him. Numerous artists have attempted to follow the path laid out by Morris, but he is unique not only for his vision but the exceptional technical ability displayed by the artist and his team. During his active career, William Morris created a number of significant sculptures that were deemed to be pivotal to his career. Some of these works were archived- secreted away to be released at a later date. This exhibition at

Abmeyer + Wood Fine Art (Seattle) will feature 27 sculptures in total including 20 pieces drawn from the artist’s personal archive that may have been featured in books or museum exhibitions, but are newly released onto the art market. Abmeyer + Wood is honored and excited to have the opportunity to share these important sculptures, including the largest installation of Morris blown glass (the Mazorca Installation) available anywhere in the world. William Morris’ sculptures can be found in many museum collections around the world. A short list includes the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), Musée des Arts Decoratifs (Paris), Renwick Gallery of the National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institute (Washington DC), and the Victoria and Albert Museum (London). 

19 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 40


SINGAPORE JEWELRY FAIR A World of Fine Jewelry and Precious Stones | By Alina Rosa Leyva


uch anticipated as the absolute marketplace for jewelers and collectors, comes the largest and most significant fine jewelry event, the Singapore Jewelry & Gem Fair taking place from November 4th through the 7th of 2016 at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore. This year’s fair will feature a stellar cast of over 200 exhibitors from more than 28 countries. Over the four-day event, visitors can anticipate more than 120,000 pieces of fine jewelry worth over $3 billion, including prized diamonds and pearls, precious stones and gems, rare and exquisite jewelry pieces, exceptional timepieces and other dazzling collectibles. Being the largest fine jewelry event in Singapore and the region, the fair will sparkle with internationally acclaimed jewelers from Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, USA and the world over displaying a stunning array of the most exquisite jewelry and finely crafted designs marked at irresistibly attractive prices ranging from hundreds to millions of dollars. The massive jewelry collection promises a piece of treasure for everyone, whether one is a business trader, private collector, jewelry connoisseur or deal hunter.  For more information, please visit

20 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 40

ARCHITECTURAL PLANNING J. Armando Leyva 253-653-6815


ROXY SOWLATY Her Love for Design | By Francesca Peraza


he beautiful Roxy Sowlaty invited us to her home in Beverly Hills to share with us her love for interior design. The star of #RichKids of Beverly Hills opened her own interior design firm specializing in high end residential projects and she is soon launching an online do-it-yourself interior design website and home goods product line. Here is what she had to say. What is your signature decor style? My signature decor style is definitely refined but still glamorous! I like to create unique designs with pops of color, sparkle and gold without getting “cheesy”. My style changes depending on who I’m designing for. I like the space to match the person living in it. What exciting design projects have you been working on? I’ve really gotten into remodeling over the past 2 months and just completed 2 really fun ones. Both were for hip young parents and they gave me free reign! One was more traditional and chic while the other is more edgy and fun. I always have such a blast with remodeling because I get to transform a space from top to bottom as opposed to just with furniture - so I get to be extra creative! 22 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 40

What interior design trends are you looking forward to for winter 2017? Although I tend to be more of a gold/brass girl, I feel like it’s been so overdone recently. I’m ready for clean aesthetics with statements in brass as opposed to brass or copper overload. Tell us about your home goods product line, Decor Me: I make beautiful agate coasters, trays and bookends, some fun banana leaf print furniture and delicious smelling candles! I’m going to introduce some great upholstered items and case goods - such as sofas, chairs and bar cabinets - in the near future too. Designing furniture has always been a passion and fun way to share my designs with more than just my clients! Your design business seems to be growing fast. What’s up next for you?  Knock on wood!! Always striving to work harder, create more products and have more projects. The more the better!!! LOL! I love what I do and have so much fun everyday. Even when I get home covered in construction dust.


HOME TRENDS Decorating your home with style

ETERNITY CHANDELIER | The elegant silhouette of this chandelier takes its brilliance from the skillful application of the crystal. The eternal circles are individually wrapped in brass and placed with astonishing attention to detail. Glass is available in clear glass, black or amber. The structure is available in polished brass, nickel or copper in a high gloss or matte finish.

KOKET TEXTILES | Lighten Up with Koket Textiles Geisha sofa velvet Textiles Lighten Up with New KOKET Textiles Collection.

JUSTIN VAN BREDA, LICHFIELD DESK | The Lichfield desk exudes classic elegance with prism and fluting details on the frame and the legs. To further enhance the writing table style there is a leather inlay on the surface of the desk. available in a range of colors. Crafted in solid hardwood with an oak veneer, the desk is available in a range of classic shades.

LEONARDO SET OF 3 | A stylish addition to your home decor and glamorous accessory. It can be used as a decorative object on your sideboard or display cabinets. The set is of 3 different decorative sizes with white bone and nickel finish; a simple unique creation of eichholtz house. 24 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 40


RELOADED DESIGN Eliana Trentalancia

Artwork blending dreams, poetry, mystery and magic

Furniture as characters, as distinctive unique pieces, each with a story to tell. The common denominator? A touch of eccentricity. Furniture for men and women who are not afraid to be bold. Reloaded Design™ has become, in just two years, a real “must have” for upscale glamorous people and already includes among its followers movie and rock stars who decided to have one of the extraordinary piece of interior art for their home. Each bespoke piece by Reloaded Design™ is the outcome of patient work to revive traditional craftsmanship. With exquisite workmanship, Eliana Trentalancia reinterprets antique pieces, giving them an unconventional and esoteric new life. Reloaded Design™ thinks outside the box, creating a unique and specific style. Each piece comes from a different era and shows a variety of Italian workmanship techniques. Mirrors, iron, glass beads, perforated metal, semiprecious stones, bijoux, esoteric symbols, coral, mother of pearl, jade, skulls, zodiac signs are all used to give each piece an individual mood:

The Mini-Table Limited Edition Versatile. Practical. Eccentric. Unique. This is the philosophy of the Reloaded Design™ Mini-Table, created to meet the diverse needs of contemporary living. Used alone, or paired with other models, of differing heights, measurements and shapes, to create designer compositions that match your individual style and creativity. Limited Edition, according to Reloaded Design™’s philosophy. Elegant or ironic colors, patterns and decorations. A furnishing element that makes each space unique and original, to use as an occasional table, coffee table or bedside table. Easy to disassemble, thanks to a twist-off base, it rapidly transforms into an elegant and handy multipurpose tray. A bespoke, original item that can be customized with a zodiacal sign or theme on request. A unique gift for yourself or for others.


weaving a dream, a poem, mystery and magic. Every item is inspired by different cultures and epochs, from Gothic to French Baroque. Opposing materials are put together - poor and precious- for fun, to challenge the conventions of traditional design. Each piece has a different identity, a gift for those who love the contrast between simplicity and opulence. Reloaded Design™ is inspired by fashion, theatre, art, jewelry and mythology. Tribal and esoteric references give the work an even more magical and exclusive aura. Romanticism, minimalism, baroque and opulence converge, creating a dreamlike interplay of allusions between past and future. “Reloaded” … the word speaks for itself. The aim of this work is to bring emotion to each recovered piece of furniture, giving new energy to a creation that is poised between art and craftsmanship.

27 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 40


YDE RTW Spring/Summer 2017 “Love is Paradise” is the theme for Designer Ole Yde who takes inspiration from the simple things that make him happy in life. There is movement and color in most of the pieces. Ruffles, glitter and fun floral prints help to give the collection a whimsical and youthful edge. This collection is designed for women who like feminine and refined clothes but who also like to have fun with what they wear.

28 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 40

Heidi Merrick Noir Silk Pajama Pant Set. Made of 100% repurposed fabrics.

24K Gold Infused Night Cream: | Say good-bye to dry skin and dream with LE’ ROYAL 24K Gold Infused Night Cream. Relaxes the skin, nourishes dry areas for a refreshed everlasting youthful look while catching up on your beauty sleep. For normal to dry skin.


ASHLEYLauren A Designer for Your Life | By Ava Roxanne Stritt

ASHLEYlauren is a young, beautiful and red-carpet ready fashion line that can take you confidently through every part of your life. As a gal on the go - like you, I do not have the liberty to spend a ton of time deciding on the appropriate design for those events in life that you need to look your best. As in other parts of our lives - one needs a go-to expert and designer Ashley Lauren is my top pick! The designs of ASHLEYlauren consist of evening, cocktail, mother of the bride, bridal, prom, homecoming and pageant dresses. My daughter, Alexis Grace Stritt, has won numerous crowns while in an Ashleylauren design. Her dresses lift the spirit of the ones who wear them. ASHLEYlauren uses the latest in materials for a superior fit and pride themselves in creating a look and feel that brings out the essence of every woman’s beauty. Their dresses are designed and constructed with a woman’s body in mind. By paying special attention to every detail to accentuate a woman’s curves and shape for an unparalleled fit and design. Their built-in corseting gives customers a couture feel and style at a more affordable price. Every piece in their line provides a sensuous experience,

distinctive look and one-of-a-kind fit which adds a level of poise and confidence to any event. Designer Ashley Lauren recognizes the power of fashion. Immersed in design, intrigued by the latest trends and influenced by classic silhouettes, she takes great pride creating clothing that fits a unique style and personality. It is Ashley Lauren’s passion for all things fabulous that motivates her to design a line that is both timeless and modern. Thus, making you feel FABulous too! “I love fashion, beautiful pieces crafted out of rich and luxurious fabrics. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a woman enter a room in a great fitting dress and glowing with confidence. The dress plays an important part in making that entrance truly memorable; I am proud to be a part of its creation.” - Ashley Lauren ASHLEYlauren’s corporate headquarters are located in Scarborough, Maine. The company also maintains showrooms in Atlanta and New York. I was lucky enough to chat and meet with Ashley Lauren while my daughter was modeling for many designers in Atlanta this past summer. 29 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 40


Wempe and Glashütte Celebrate Watchmaking Milestones | By Anthony Demarco


he small city of Glashütte is the center of a German watchmaking industry, producing timepieces that have been getting a great deal of recognition around the world. In some cases the companies are even challenging the dominance of the Swiss watch industry. The German watchmakers are known for producing timepieces with distinct characteristics, such as minimalistic aesthetics (think Bauhaus) with an emphasis on readability. Mechanical details include extra-long power reserves and three-quarter sized base plates for extra stability. The Hamburg-based company, Wempe, is well known as a premier retailer of luxury watches and jewels on three continents. The company was founded in 1878 by Gerhard Diedrich Wempe as a small watchmaking and repair shop and grew into an international retail business.

About 10 years ago the company, under the leadership of Kim-Eva Wempe, extended its brand to its own line of watches made in Glashütte. The company first partnered with watchmaker Nomos Glashütte to produce two watch lines: The Wempe Zeitmeister (time champion) and the Wempe Chronometerwerke. Later it built its own chronometer workshop on the grounds of a derelict astronomical observatory specifically to produce chronometers. The facility on green rolling hills surrounded by farmland was soon joined by a watchmaking training center and the country’s only chronometer testing center, creating the German DIN standard 8319. The company wasn’t finished as in 2006 it completely renovated the observatory, making it fully functional and renaming it the Wempe Observatory. This seemingly unrelated project

serves as an important historical symbol for Wempe and the Glashütte watchmaking industry. In the times before electronics, observatories were used to synchronize clocks and watches to a single unified time. The observatory in Glashütte served this purpose. Otto Lange, grandson of Ferdinand Adolph Lange (the founder of the Glashütte watchmaking industry and it most famous brand, A. Lange & Söhne) and Herbert Wempe, proprietor of Wempe Chronometerwerke (the son of Wempe’s founder), jointly founded the Glashütte Observatory Workgroup in 1910 for the purpose of establishing a research and educational institute for young watchmakers and a regulating institution. Two World Wars and the separation of the country that followed led to the abandonment of the observatory and the plans of the innova-

31 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 40


tive watch entrepreneurs. In fact, the entire watchmaking industry went into steep decline during this time. It wasn’t until German reunification in 1990 that the industry started its return. The return of the Wempe Observatory along with the watchmaking workshop, training facility and chronometer testing center could easily be interpreted as marking the full return of Wempe as a watchmaker as well as the return of a prosperous Glashütte watchmaking industry. To mark the 10th anniversary of making chronometers and the completion of the fully functional observatory tower, Wempe introduced three new watch models, unveiling them September 8 during a celebration on the grounds of the observatory. It included tours of the watchmaking facility and observatory and an outdoor barbecue on a picture perfect late summer’s day. A month later company officials came to New York for the unveiling of a new design and expansion of its store in the Peninsula New York hotel. It’s been quite a year.

32 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 40



The Life of a Successful Entrepreneur | By Priscilla Pilon


e had the opportunity of sitting down with successful entrepreneur Vin Lee, owner and CEO of Grand Metropolitan and no stranger to the luxury lifestyle. Here is what Mr. Lee had to say.

Tell us about the Beverly Hills Cigar Club. Is there a physical “Clubhouse” or is it a virtual society with a means to furnish the finest brands its members? The Beverly Hills Cigar Club is a social club founded in Holmby Hills. We participate in events all over the globe including Cannes Film Festival, Concours d’Elegance, and Winter/Summer Olympics celebrations.

Closer to home the BHCC hosts and sponsors, in collaboration with our other brands, celebrity charity auctions and red carpet events. Unlike your local tobacconist shop with a couple of chairs and a plasma screen. The BHCC is all about access to many of the world’s most exclusive affairs. Of course, it is also the only place you can enjoy our LOUIXS cigars, rated Top 10 in the world and the “Bugatti Veyron” of the cigar industry. When I relocated Grand Metropolitan headquarters from South Florida to Beverly Hills/Bel Air almost 15 years ago I purchased a fine jewelry store off of Rodeo Drive and relocated the operation to an 8,000 sf private showroom in Bel Air. In the build out, I included a cigar room and a wine room, home to thousands of labels and vintages. 33 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 40

P R O F I L E A few years later we relocated to a much larger facility, an 11,000 sf private estate on half an acre with much better parking and security. The two story gallery with hand carved stone fireplaces and crystal chandeliers illuminate the hand painted inlay tile ceiling while outside 20 foot tall hedges dripped with pink and violet bougainvillea ensure privacy from the outside world. My husband grew up picking shade grown tobacco leaves in Connecticut for premium cigars during the summers. I am curious to know if your specially blended cigars use wraps from the states or elsewhere? When I first started in the business, my goal was to create a cigar that one could recognize from across the room as significant and distinct. In the way that Christian Louboutin heels are noticeable from a distance. We experimented for years with multiple natural options to create a white cigar blending leaf tobacco from all over the globe. Many people believed that Cuba grown tobacco was the finest in the world. Then after the embargo it was very trendy to create cigar blends with Cuban “seed” tobacco which was romantically smuggled from Cuba but grown in other regions most often the Dominican Republic. Tobacco is very much the same as wine, as a culmination of sun, earth, and rain create subtle influences on the flavor and experience. Our new cigar, launching next year, the Meister Brau, has been developed to the same exacting standards it is replacing the Goldwin. A 20 year aged Dominican Olor tobacco, two golden Connecticut shade leaves, Connecticut shade binder and draped in an elegant Connecticut shade wrapper. Cigar bars have been dwindling in numbers yet the ones that remain have a robust following. I know there is only one cigar bar left in Boston proper. Stanza Dei Sigari in Boston’s Italian section, the North End, seems packed most nights. What is the trend in the country, fewer establishments, but a more sophisticated and enthusiastic clientele? The reason I relish the cigar industry so much is it is a micro-market, with approximately 15 million enthusiasts spending around $4 billion each year. In similar fashion to the fine jewelry and furniture industries it is dominated by independent brands creating inspired advancements and client experiences. Recent developments have been challenging for players both large and small. Severe regulation and the overall public rejection of tobacco consumption in general has stunted the entire cigar population of the Unites States. This month the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has thrown down the gauntlet upon the cigar industry and will be enforcing strict new requirements for luxury cigars to enter the market. I find it fascinating that in today’s culture it is frowned upon to show cigar smok34 Upscale Living Magazine |

ing (which is legal) in film and television, yet encouraged to show the use of cannabis (which is illegal in most states). The Beverly Hills Cigar Club is very much in support of the public’s opinion on smoking. We believe that tobacco products should be enjoyed in a sanctioned and licensed atmosphere with like-minded aficionados. We have secured the rights to own and operate cigar clubs in the top 70 markets of North America. In addition we have long term plans for private lounges around the globe under our Carlos Murphy brand. Unlike many of the local smoke shops across America, The Beverly Hills Cigar Club is more than just cigars. It is a tastemaker for wine & spirits, food, fashion and entertainment. Regarding Grand Metropolitan Group’s holding of the Bonwit Teller brand, are there plans to bring back the retail stores or remain an online presence solely? If affirmative, where and when will the first location open? It took us many years to prepare for Bonwit Teller & Co., The Specialty Shop of Originations. We had to assemble our portfolio of 125 brands with leadership positions in 7 industries to be properly positioned. My vision for the 21st Century Bonwits embraces the new economy and social media platforms built high upon the legacy of an iconic brand. I have long admired retail powerhouses like London’s Harrods and Selfridges, Moscow’s GUM and Paris’ Hediard. Grand Metropolitan is planning on creating the American version of these. We have been in conversation with Mr. Florian Martigny and his Hong Kong based Luxify. A partnership with Bonwit Teller would create a $30 billion offering for American and European customers with tens of thousands of aspirational items that includes a selection of Hermes Birkins and Lindys, a rare bottle of 1981 Chateau LaFite Rothschild, a vintage 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB, even a Gulfstream G650 that sleeps 5 and has 2 bathrooms . We wish to provide luxury goods unavailable at our competitors’ locations. Grand Metropolitan is reorganizing our portfolio brands under the Bonwits moniker. This will give the company access to Finlay Fine Jewelers’ 30 jewelry brands, Heilig-Meyers’ 30 home furnishing brands, and another 50 other luxury brand offerings like our Pushkin Caviar and LOUIXS cigars. In addition, we have plans for branded products under the Bonwits nameplate such as fine linens, stationery, confections & sweets, and floral. Baubles come in many shapes, sizes and colors. What’s hot in jewelry design these days? Vin Lee Jewelers, my eponymous label created the tennis earring (also known as the ear climber) presented at Cannes Film Festival and part of a suite worn by the daughter of French President Francois Mitterand on the red carpet. This inline diamond earring created to trail the

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silhouette of the ear has been seen on celebrities, royalty, rock stars and emulated by designers all over the world. At a recent screening of Hunger Games in Paris, Jennifer Lawrence was seen wearing one. This design has also started showing up on film and television with recent cameos on STARZ hit series’ Power and Survivor’s Remorse. In our mainstream operations, people have embraced the precious and semi-precious gemstones as acceptable intimate alternatives to diamonds. We maintain an inventory of about 100,000 cts. In many cases, diamonds are considered as accent stones flanking incredible fantasy cut semi-precious stones caste in brilliant precious metals. This melee is becoming higher and higher in quality than often the center stones itself. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, what say you? Diamonds have always been pretty good friends to me too. One of the hottest trends today in the fine jewelry market is colored diamonds. I was just privately offered a 4 carat red diamond by a Vancouver broker representing the sellers. The owner is looking for a $50 million sale price. By comparison, the “Oppenheimer Blue”, was sold by Christie’s Auction House for $57.6 million. The stone was an impeccable 14.6 carat. Competitor Sotheby’s sold the 12 carat “Blue Moon Diamond,” in November for a record breaking $48.5 million. Sotheby’s also includes the $31.6 million “Unique Pink,” a 15.4 carat fancy vivid pink stone among its title setting hammer strikes. The rising tide raises all ships. The diamond market is much like the fine art market in that record setting transactions create trends among the consumer markets. You will find more and more brides blushing with vibrantly colored diamonds sliding on their fingers on that special day. Now for a bit about you…Besides enjoying a good stogie, what are your hobbies? Most of my life my main passion was exotic cars. I loved showing as well as track racing and was constantly negotiating with dealers around the country. But since the economic downturn of 2008, my attention has shifted to collecting fine art. When precious metals commodity markets shot up in stark contrast to a torpedoed art market, we were able to step in from an advantageous position. Beverly Hills based Gallery Rodeo is really my private passion. It allows me to pull together my education in a social setting with fine wine and food. When you go on vacation, do you prefer action or low-key? To be honest other than a few long weekends, I have not been on a vacation in 18 years. But with homes in CA and FL for almost 15 years, where does one go? Certainly, the older I get the quieter I prefer

it. I bow out of the majority of events we participate in for this very reason. In places like Los Angeles, it is very hard to go anywhere without being suffocated by the crowds and traffic. So when I can escape to an abandoned beach or bougainvillea bluff overlooking the sunset with a basket picnic, I embrace it. What are your favorite hotels and resorts? What is most important to you when choosing where to stay? Although I haven’t had a real vacation in almost two decades I have travelled extensively throughout North America and Europe. I have registered over 500 flights since the millennium. Much of my travel has involved renting private residences for extended stay. This occurred prior to the advent of AirBNB. Transportation is more important to me than lodging and amenity. But I do admit to secretly being a foodie. The closest thing I have had to a vacation in recent years was taking a jet to Napa Valley for a tour of several wineries and private art auction. I stayed in a suite at the Villagio Inn & Spa armed with a fistful of 1992 Opus X and two bottles of 2007 Cristal from the V Wine Cellar. A brand new Audi R8 convertible glistened in the parking lot as a parade of hot air balloons floated by. The night ended with a quiet stroll back to the Villagio after wagyu, foie gras and “oysters & pearls” at Thomas Keller’s French Laundry. When I was at the Kremlin after G20, I enjoyed my visit to the Hotel Metropol Moscow. The property was a short stroll through a large parking lot of exotic cars to Gum Department store on Red Square. In Italy for Milan Fashion Week and a Ferrari California, the Hotel Principe di Savoia, part of the Dorchester Collection. The Sultan of Brunei owns the Dochester Group, and I am loyal to their exceptional standards of style and customer service. I have had some of my fondest memories at The Resort at Pelican Hill overlooking its epic Coliseum Pool, the Huntley Hotel and its penthouse lounge with longing romantic views down Santa Monica, and St. Regis Monarch Beach with it’s chauffeured Bentley Continental Flying Spur. Beautiful surroundings and delicious food are a wonderful enjoyment, but the company you share it with is much more important. Takeout from Fatburger roadside or Domino’s Pizza in bed was far better than any business meal I had at Café Pushkin in Moscow.

While I do not often enjoy a glass of wine, I have had an extensive inventory over the years. Grand Metropolitan does a great deal of entertaining especially through the Beverly Hills Cigar Club, so the bottles tend to stack up. A favorite personal escape from my youth is the Olde World Wine Cellar at the Hotel Frankfort in Northern Michigan. It was here that I was first introduced to Spatlese Riesling and Gewürztraminer along with walks on Lake Michigan near the lighthouse. This modest awakening also brought Pouilly-fuisse and Vouvray to my palate. While each season was capped off with DP-PB&J (Dom Perignon and Peanut Butter & Jelly on a French baguette) from the Arboretum in Harbor Springs. Now in my 40s, I became a big fan of the ’61 Chateau Petrus, LaTour and the LaFite Rothschild. But I am more of a collector than a consumer. I recently gave my Dad a bottle of the famed Chardonnay from a pilgrimage to Chateau Montelena for the holidays. Wine just like cigars has a way of bringing people together and can define a moment for the rest of your life. Describe the perfect evening out with friends. Where would you go, what would you eat and drink and which cigar would you smoke?

P R O F I L E after the G20 in Moscow. I found myself in Old Town, Riga, Latvia one crisp sunny evening. The concierge had boasted about this boutique restaurant called the 3 Pavaru but doubted I would be able to get a table there. A nice casual stroll through the cobblestone walkways that wound their labyrinth around the many couture shops eventually led to this unassuming alley where umbrella tables had somehow mushroomed up. Each was adorned with glass fishbowls floating fresh cut flowers. In my scotch-taped Latvian I convinced the waitress to introduce me to one of the eponymous three “chefs” who quickly found me a table in the back of this not-as-of-yet-open-fordinner restorans. The next two hours were a culinary orgy of foie gras, duck confit, caviars, pate’, and chanterelles. The artist serving the food would literally paint the sauces directly onto the white parchment covered table alongside the accompanying basket of fresh breads. The rest of the delicacies were offered on marble slabs. Leaving 3 Pavaru was like saying good bye to old friends. The whole staff really loved their work. I walked back through those narrow streets stopping at Tabakas Nam for a box of Cohiba Siglo IV to cap the night. The only thing missing was her. That would have made it the perfect evening. 

Hmmm, this opens up all kinds of possibilities. I did a six-week tour of the Baltic States

Are you a wine guy or more into spirits? Actually that is a very interesting question. I have a modest collection of rare and vintage cognacs including the collector set of Courvoisier that Russian Art Deco artist Erte’ (Romain de Tirtoff) created with Baccarat. These eight works of art contain a blend of rare Grande Champagne cognacs, some from the 19th century. I tend to have a bottle of Dewars 18 or Laphroaig on hand to cap off the night.

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The Glittering Jewels of the


| By Anthony Demarco


he Paris Biennale des Antiquaires is the grandest of the international antique and arts fair. One of the most anticipated parts of the fair are the displays of high jewels by some of the world’s most prestigious jewelry houses, including Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Boucheron, Bulgari and Wallace Chan. This year marked unprecedented change for the venerable event, which was held September 10 – 18 as all 14 high jewelry exhibitors from 2014 pulled out because of new rules dictating smaller booths to accommodate more art and antique dealers. However, the jewelry portion of the show did go on beneath the soaring glass dome of the Grand Palais with four established independent high jewelry houses of diverse backgrounds and offerings taking the place of those who left The most anticipated of all the jewelers was Cindy Chao. The Taiwanese jewelry artist is known for her sculptural gem encrusted one-of-a-kind Black Label Masterpiece jewels that could take upwards of three years to complete—most notably her iconic butterflies. It was the first public exhibition of her jewels ever. During the September 8 press preview, her booth was so full that it was roped off several times. The 41-year-old artist didn’t disappoint as she brought 12 new Black Label creations to celebrate her 12th year in business as well as some other classic pieces, several on loan from collectors. Boghossian, based in Geneva and Antwerp, presented several statement pieces that used an assortment of materials and exclusive techniques. The Boghossian family is now in its sixth generation as a gem business but it has only been since 2008 that the Boghossian name has become a consumer high jewelry brand. Albert Boghossian, who manages the

high jewelry business, says the jewels tell the story of the company’s diverse family heritage interpreting what he calls an “East meets West” style—based on Armenian, Persian, Syrian and Byzantine influences. It is also known for its “art of inlay” technique where gems are set within one another. Another technique is known as “kissing” because the gems are set so close together they appear to be just touching. Indian high jeweler, Nirav Modi, had perhaps the most striking display of the group, with fanciful jungle-like motif with tropical bird sounds. One of its pieces, the Embrace bangle, expanded and contracted within the display, showing how the bracelet hugs the wrist. In addition, the company displayed several diamond jewels showcasing its exclusive Ainra cut, in which curved diamonds are cut and set to create an alldiamond link, replacing a need for metal chain. The technique gives the diamonds a light, silky flexible cascading effect. The Geneva high jewelry house, de Grisogono, the only jeweler that had previously exhibited at the Biennale (2008), showcased a number of emerald and diamond pieces set in white gold. Much of the talk was about the jewelry brands that didn’t exhibit but those that did provided more than enough high jewelry masterpieces to make the Paris Biennale des Antiquaires sparkle.

(1) Cushion-shaped 26-carat Ceylon sapphire inlaid into a chalcedony bangle by Boghossian (2) The “Phoenix Feather Brooch” by Cindy Chao uses 1,000 diamonds of varying yellow hues. Hidden within the feather are a 2.47-carat chameleon diamond and a 2-carat fancy-vivid orangey yellow diamond. The gems set in titanium weigh only 36 grams (about the weight of two macaroons). (3) A white gold ring by de Grisogono with a 1-carat round diamond and 84 emeralds weighing 1.20 carats and 387 white diamonds weighing 8.97 carats (4) The focal point of the “Bowtie” brooch by Cindy Chao is a 76-carat old-mine-cut diamond within the ruby-encrusted bow.

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By Alina Rosa Leyva

BALMORAL MEN’S LEATHER BOOTS Dark brown burnished calf boots chosen for utmost comfort and style. The boots can be worn with a tailored outfit for a smart sophisticated look or paired with chinos for a casual smart image

UOMO SALVATORE FERRAGAMO brings an original take on gourmand fresh accords with the sensuality of rich woods. Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo, the new fragrance for men. Available in 30ml Eau de Toilette Spray, 50ml Eau de Toilette Spray and 100ml Eau de Toilette Spray.

MONTEGRAPPA NEROUNO DUETTO BLACK BALLPOINT The NeroUno Duetto boasts the unmistakable by now octagonal design with a conic shape - a hallmark of the of Montegrappa products, while taking on new inspiring details such as the line-patterned pen cap, which is entirely made in shiny metal and offered in the three plated shades of palladium, 18k rose gold or ruthenium. The cap top, embellished by the brand’s logo, remains the inimitable signature of excellence just as the 18k gold nib is. Available as fountain, rollerball and ballpoint pens, the NeroUno Duetto writing instruments remain faithful to their minimal simplicity and somewhat male allure, but are enriched with details of an ever more contemporary flair. 38 Upscale Living Magazine |

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American Designed Custom Chronograph





On the occasion of Announcing a New Master Blender | By Rita Cook


o drink or not to drink, when Hennessy is in question there is no other answer. You definitely want to a drink. Or should I say sip. Sip it slow to get the flavors and the experience of this unique cognac. On a visit to Los Angeles for the Hennessy presents “Legacy Cognac “HENNESSY 8” the evening began with a private viewing at the Please do Not Enter Gallery showcasing the new limited edition masterpiece created by Hennessy Master Blender Yann Fillioux. The evening was made even more special since the event was on the occasion of the official announcement of his nephew Renaud Fillioux de Gironde being named as the eighth generation of Hennessy Master Blenders. The Hennessy Legacy The legacy of the name and the Hennessy 8 experience will certainly be as timeless as is the heritage of this brand. After all, the legacy cognac Hennessy 8 takes the past 250 years and puts it into one blend of perfection. For dedicated cognac connoisseurs, Hennessy 8 began presenting the new blend in April with a mere 250 bottles of the limited edition being offered - never to be crafted again. The price, well, if you have to ask then you probably won’t be able to afford it. Due to its unique and historical nature, Hennessy asked the internationally renowned artist Arik Levy, a longtime friend of the Maison, to design an exceptional creation to showcase Hennessy 8.

To that point, the bottle is crafted in handblown Baccarat crystal. The Hennessy 8 carafe is truly a masterpiece of crystal-making savoirfaire. Its design features eight inset rings, an ode to eight generations of Master Blenders. Observed as a whole, this virtuoso composition is greater than the sum of its parts: in creating an impression of movement, it forms a tribute to the Maison Hennessy’s traditions of constant innovation and passing down a unique knowhow from one generation to the next. A crystal stopper engraved with a floral motif reprises the notion of eight rings, while a copper silk thread around the bottle’s collar leads to a medallion sealed by a ribbon, a specialized technique perfected by Hennessy’s sister house, the Maison Guerlain. Visiting Cognac, France Now fast forward to my recent trip to the Cognac region on a Uniworld cruise where the six exclusive cognac houses are found. A small group of us were shuttled to the region near Bordeaux for a day of cognac and song. While the Los Angeles experience sipping the smooth liquid was an enchanting experience overlooking the twinkling lights in one of the world’s most loved cities, being in the Cognac region and feeling the energy of the place only enhanced my love for this area of France more.

The unbroken cognac-making dynasty dates back to the early 1800s, when James Hennessy chose Jean Fillioux as his Master Blender. It was in 2015 that Maison Hennessy celebrated 250 years of an exceptional adventure that has lasted for seven generations and spanned five continents. However, no matter where in the world you find Hennessy, its true roots also return to the French region of Cognac. It is the seat from which the Maison has constantly passed down the best the land has to give, from one generation to the next. In particular, such longevity is thanks to those people, past and present, who have ensured Hennessy’s success both locally and around the world. Hennessy’s success and longevity are also the result of the values the Maison has upheld since its creation: unique savoir-faire, a constant quest for innovation, and an unwavering commitment to “Creation, Excellence, Legacy, and Sustainable Development.” Today, these qualities are the hallmark of a House – a crown jewel in the LVMH Group – that crafts the most iconic, prestigious Cognacs in the world. --------------------------------------------------------For more information, visit or; for details on how to purchase Hennessy 8. ---------------------------------------------------------

A True Cognac Celebration The arrival of a new generation at Hennessy marks a milestone for the Maison Hennessy. 41 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 40


| By Rita Cook. Photos courtesy of Guillaume de Vaudrey


ndulge me (and yourself ) just a little because I am going to describe to you the details of the 2017 Rolls-Royce Dawn. If you have an extra $400,000 around take one of these immaculate driving machines home with you. Otherwise, put it on your bucket list. For Rolls-Royce fans you already know about the Wraith, well the Dawn is a close sister, but with noticeable changes. For example, the exterior body panels are different on the Dawn and notice the new bumper design in the rear. There is also a powered soft top that has a few differences too. It’s those little Rolls-Royce tweaks that make for good driving. Standouts for me when I took the Dawn for a weekend spin with some of the Rolls-Royce folks in Sheridan, Wyoming, were the rear-hinged side doors and the triangular taillights. I was especially delighted when I opened the door and in the side panel there is an umbrella just in case there is a sudden rainstorm and you are caught unaware.

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Expect lots of tantalizing surprises on the Dawn, I could have curled up like a baby and slept with the comfortable leather seats in the front and back. In fact, I hate sitting in the back seat but with the top down in the Dawn it feels alright. Competition for the Rolls Royce Dawn, as I have been telling everyone, is the yacht you have your eye on and perhaps a Piper plane. Really, though when the Dawn goes on sale in a few days in July I’ve been told that real competition will come from the Bentley Continental GT Convertible, Bentley Falcon or the Aston Martin Vanquish. Still Rolls-Royce demands a certain respect that the competition just can’t command. The 2017 Dawn is for certain the quietest convertible you will ever ride in with room enough for four to sit comfortable in the lap of luxury with the top down. If you dare, driving at speeds up to 155, you will feel the rush of the road, but you can still have a conversation even if the top is down. After all, the 2017 Rolls-Royce Dawn


can go from zero to 60 in a little under five seconds. I think my colleague, Guillaume de Vaudrey and I actually did that as we were passing folks on the barren roads of Wyoming heading to Yellowstone National Park for the perfect afternoon drive. Rolls-Royce Dawn lovers will have a choice of colors as they build their own special machine, my favorite was the Mandarin leather interior and the choice of a Midnight Sapphire exterior is going to be just one more reason folks are turning their heads when you drive. Under the hood of the 2017 Rolls-Royce Dawn you get a 6.6-liter, twinturbo V-12 engine and that produces 563 horsepower and 575 pound feet of torque with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Take note too of the dynamic accelerator pedal that offers the driver as much as 30 percent more response time at medium throttle. The tires on the Dawn or 20-inch runflat tires meaning if there is a deflated tire the driver can travel for another 100 miles as fast as 50 miles per hour for a tire change. That means, naturally that there is no need for a spare tire and jack- translation – more room for luggage if needed. There is also the option for the 21-inch wheels on 10-spoke rims if you prefer.

Another big safety measure is the concealed roll-over protection system that will deploy from behind the rear head restraints if needed. This mechanism deploys fast too with a ratchet system locking the roll-over system into place and surrounding the full windscreen of the vehicle. For driving at night the Dawn has a head-up display and heat detection system so you will be alerted to animal or human heat signatures offering a warning so the driver can avoid the danger in the dark. As we were driving through Yellowstone National Park a rain storm suddenly hit while we had the top down. No problem because when you hit the mechanism the insulated cloth top will go up or down while the car is driving at low speeds quietly and with ease. You can expect the 2:1 wheel height to body height, a long bonnet and overall a sophisticated tapering with a contemporary design that rolls down the road in full-on “look at me” mode. Inside notice the interior with wood on the deck and the interior door panels, which the customer gets to choose, creating a well-rounded classy design. There are four separate bucket seats front and back and take note of the dials and particularly the new clock design. The Bespoke audio has been tweaked for the perfect sound in the Dawn and whether the top is up or down it’s all good with perfect acoustics. There are 16 speakers and both a theatre or studio setting for the best sound in the cabin. A four-seat drophead motor car that is pretty much perfection all around - consider this tip in closing, especially if you are sitting in the backseat. The driver and passenger in the front seat embark first from the car with grace and ease, of course. You are sitting in the back seat, here’s how you make your entrance from that position. Stand up in the back seat gracefully and slide out of the Dawn – or should I say disembark. All eyes will be on you and of course, on the Dawn as well, ushering in a new age for Rolls-Royce. 

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THE HOUSE THAT NAT BUILT The Iconic Nat Sherman Townhouse


| By Doug Singer

rom their humble beginnings in 1930 in the heart of New York City’s garment district, Nat Sherman has become one of the most recognized and sought after brands in the premium cigar industry. This family-owned-and-operated company continues to serve as an icon and remains the preeminent American choice for artisan-quality cigars. While Nat sherman is the brand, the Nat Sherman Townhouse is most certainly its heartbeat and unquestionably its flagship and celebrated home. Located at 12 East 42nd Street, the Townhouse is a true oasis for the cigar aficionado and is situated just around the corner from many of the world’s most famous landmarks. Old photographs featuring a wide array of celebrities enjoying Nat Sherman cigars cover the walls and seem to transport you back in time. Dark wood and hues of amber and cognac are in abundance, and quite frankly, entering the Nat Sherman Townhouse feels much more like crossing the threshold of a friend’s elegant home than any retail store with which I am familiar. To add to the milieu, there is a grand piano dramatically situated in an alcove above the store entrance, which historically has been a favorite hangout of everyone from Frank Sinatra to former New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani. Along with an unparalleled world-class selection, which is by far the best stocked humidor in New York City, you’ll find an eclectic mix of patrons, antiques and distinctive tobacco products. The Townhouse is also taking advantage of modern technology and now along with onsite private humidors, offers Nat’s Virtual Humidor. It will assist you in organizing and tracking your cigar collection and experiences, share with other enthusiasts, and discovering new cigars that might land right in your wheelhouse. Through their web interface and integrated mobile app for iOS, you can track your humidor from anywhere your travels may take you. 44 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 40

A significant point of interest is the Nat Sherman staff. These are individuals who are extraordinarily well versed in their craft and deliver a superlative level of professionalism with the grace of a bygone era. Whether you are stopping by for a stogie with some pals, or buying by the box, you are most definitely in good hands. If it is exclusivity you are seeking, their members-only Johnson Club Room will provide a selection of cigars curated by Nat Sherman’s expert connoisseurs. Relax in style on the plush leather couches, or survey the scene from generation’s past and take a tour of the climate-controlled humidor where famous Nat Sherman members have personal lockers to store their favorite smokes. Still family owned and operated, the selection, the ambience and the extremely knowledgeable staff make them one of the finest purveyor of fine cigars in the world. The Nat Sherman Townhouse is dedicated to the idea that we should slow down and savor the moment—with a cigar, of course.



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Photos courtesy of Virgin Limited Edition and Heléne Ramackers

ULUSABA Heaven on a Hilltop | By Heléne Ramackers


ituated in the Sabi Sand Reserve in South Africa, adjacent to Kruger National Park, you will find Ulusaba, which translates to ‘place of little fear’. A lodge and area rich in history, the local Shangaan tribe had the upper hand during any battle, using the hills as an outpost for the tribal chief and senior warriors. Enter visionaries who thought it apt to take advantage of the vantage point, with the construction of Rock Lodge taking place in 1983 and an access road built in the same year. After Sir Richard Branson purchased Ulusaba in 1994, a complete rebuild of Rock Lodge and Safari Lodge took place. The Treehouse Suite at Safari Lodge came to fruition in 2008 and the following year saw the completion of the Cliff Lodge Suites at Rock Lodge. With only 21 rooms spread over two lodges you can expect the attention to detail and exclusivity you deserve. Ulusaba is situated in one of the most pristine areas in the reserve, with 13,500 hectares (about 33,000 acres) of open bush, making it a game viewer’s paradise. The elevation of Rock and Cliff Lodges offer unrivalled views of the surrounding areas.

A dusty winding road takes you to the recep- bed, white percale linen, fluffy white towels and tion area, located at Ulusaba’s airstrip. The blu- a fully stocked inclusive mini-bar. Should you est of skies and friendliest of faces meet your fancy a swim, you can dip into your infinity arrival – Ronel stays in touch with you through- edge plunge pool while surveying the surroundout your journey to ensure that you have not ing areas for grazing wildlife. Meals are aplenty when you stay at Ulusaba, at taken a wrong turn. She expertly hands you over to your ranger and tracker team, who ensure least seven throughout the day. Your day kicks that you are well looked after for the duration off with pre-game drive beverage and snacks, followed by game drive tea, coffee or hot chocoof your stay. We are placed in the skilled hands of ranger late and snacks (muffins or rusks) and breakPhillip and tracker David, who together load us fast at the lodge when you return from your and our luggage into the waiting Land Rover. drive. Lunch is followed by high tea and then The wind is whipping about and I wonder how it’s time for your late afternoon / evening game we will make it up the steep 37 degree incline. drive where sundowners and snacks (chips and Phillip manoeuvres the vehicle and its contents biltong) get served. Back at the lodge, a gastroproficiently to the top and we are greeted by our nomical feast awaits you – three choices of starters, main course and dessert and there is always gracious host, Anél. She takes us into the dining area, where the a vegetarian option. You will never go hungry walls are adorned with family photographs of Sir at Ulusaba! My favorite part is always the animal viewing Richard Branson and his family. Welcome to Sir and we were incredibly fortunate in our sightRichard Branson’s Private Game Reserve! Our accommodation for the next two days is ings. Our first game drive yielded wildebeest Makwela Dusk at Rock Lodge and from our ve- and zebra. A surprise waited in the tree with a randa you can see forever and beyond. Creature full-bellied leopard suspended from the branchcomforts make your stay so much more luxuri- es, with hyenas lying in wait for morsels from ous: imagine a four-poster mosquito-net draped his kill to drop to the ground. 47 Upscale Living Magazine | Issue 40


Few things rival a sunrise or sunset in the African bush, and we had our fair share of these spectacular marvels. Morning had broken and we were greeted with an elephant and her two calves languidly feeding on branches. A giraffe sashayed into the foreground and his silhouette completed the picture. Phillip listened intently to what someone was saying on the twoway radio and there, around the corner, they came into view – two lionesses and three sub-adult cubs. Our next sighting was a leopard strolling casually to have a drink, lapping up water while sniffing the air for a female who was safely veiled on the opposite side of the river bank. On our way back to camp, we saw the cutest critters – some dwarf mongoose! More excitement was in store during our late afternoon drive when we found a cheetah on an impala kill. As she glanced upwards, she saw two hyenas approaching, hissed at them and backed away as they stole her kill right from under her. The next morning’s game drive showcased buffalo, elephants and a female leopard calling for her cub. As we drove back, elephants were feeding along the road and we had to stop as animals have right of way at Ulusaba. It’s time to leave and we are all saddened. At Ulusaba, you feel as though you are part of a family. My only regret? Not staying longer! NOTE: Thank you to Virgin Limited Edition for making our stay possible. Opinions expressed are the author’s own.

TRAVEL TIPS: Ulusaba is situated in a malaria area. Speak to your healthcare practitioner about the risk associated with malaria. From winter to autumn (September to May) the rainfall is limited, making the bush dry and animal viewing more prevalent. Temperatures are pleasant during the day, but always pack something warm for the morning and evenings. During spring and summer (April to October) the rains are more customary, making the landscape lush with greenery. Temperatures are balmy with warm evenings, so remember the sunscreen and hats! Says Sir Richard Branson: The African Bush - just the thought of it conjures up some fascinating images of breathtaking wilderness, sunrise safaris, and a retreat far away from the city. Here your imagination becomes reality. At Ulusaba, we have set out to create the most beautiful game reserve in Africa. I hope someday we’ll be able to share this with you. 48 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 40


49 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 40



Travelers are sophisticated consumers. Looking for the perfect destinations to whet appetites, both literally with culinary/thirst-quenchers and figuratively with heart pumping activities or romantic getaways, vacationers seek unique experiences at fine resorts and luxury destinations. Our seasoned Luxury Travel Writer, Priscilla Pilon has scoured the world to bring you her current top picks by category. Bon Voyage!



rootbos, designated as one of National Geographics’ Unique Lodges of the World, is a virtual utopia where five-star accommodations coexist with nature in an eco-paradise. The all-suite rooms and villa have private porches, spectacular luxurious bathrooms, and canopy beds overlooking acres of gorgeous King Protea plants. Its blooms are the national flower of South Africa. The Grootbos Foundation is an award-winning non-profit organization committed to responsible tourism and transforming communities. On property, local women attend the Food Production and Life Skills College and grow food at the Siyakhula Farm producing organic fruits and vegetables, free range chickens, and honey from the beehives set in the beauty of the fynbos (distinctive type of vegetation only found in the southern tip of Africa). The cuisine at Grootbos is the freshest possible with mostly locally sourced products. Since the chefs use the produce grown on the property, we could literally taste the wholesomeness in every bite. Each meal was a true gourmet farm-to-table experience. The homemade honey ice cream with honeycomb cookie was simply out of this world. Grootbos is nestled inside the best area to see the “Marine Big 5” - whales, sharks, dolphins, seals and penguins. The list of resort activities is brimming with exciting outdoor adventures for people of all ages.  51 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 40





his legendary Gleneagles Hotel and Resort boasts three championship golf courses on the private estate and recently played host to the 2014 Ryder Cup at their Jack Nicklaus designed PGA Centenary Course. The hundred yearold King’s Course and natural beauty Queen’s Course are walking-only courses that have inspired many to play the rounds of their lives or to curse the day they picked up a club. Either way, everyone enjoys the 19th hole at the jazz themed bar, tasting one of the 120 single malt whiskies on offer. The hotel itself is a throwback to a bygone era where style and grace ruled the day. Modern amenities such as the spa and family play rooms have made their way into the castle but formality and tradition remain in the décor and activities presented - falconry, tennis, shooting, equestrian school, fishing, off-road driving and gundog school. 


etit bungalows with private front porches on the quiet river set the mood for a relaxing getaway. The green and blue palettes in the rooms match the peace and tranquility found outdoors. Healthy food options are served at every meal where portions are not Texas-sized, rather spa-sized. Menu items list caloric intake to facilitate making better choices. Chef Stephane Beaucamp teaches guests how to cook replacing sugary, fattening ingredients with more healthy alternatives. The more calories saved, the more wine can be justified with dinner. The outdoor activity center hosts daily water excursions or for those who wish to exercise on their own. Hydro bikes and paddleboards are fun choices. There are indoor exercise classes and instruction for those who prefer a more rigorous regime. A huge indoor lap pool under the roof of an old barn adds to the Texan charm. Next to the indoor pool is an outdoor version with cabanas and lounge chairs tucked in amongst the native wild flowers. Inside the spa, treatment rooms are spacious and have a heavenly scent that relaxes the mind and body before the actual treatment begins. The waiting area boasts a large fireplace with lounge chairs and comfy blankets to cozy up in while waiting for your turn in heaven. Treatment options range in a variety of traditional massage techniques to the latest, most technologically advanced procedures. 



hile gay cruises and pride parades are often the focus of LGBT travel by many in the industry, the overall desire for a unique travel experience in a destination that is LGBT-friendly is often the priority for today’s LGBT travelers. Quebec City makes for an ideal destination with the rich history, charming cobblestone streets and friendly gay scene. Beyond the everyday reasons to visit Quebec City to savor the culture and history, there are also a number of international events throughout the year that make this a must-visit destination. The Festival d’Eté de Québec is every July; the Carnaval de Quebec transforms this city during January and February; and the Fête Arc-en-ciel is a favorite for LGBT travelers celebrating this “rainbow festival” each September. 

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Issue 40




ravelers can be in the vibrant, unique city of Bordeaux, the world’s wine industry capital, in less than four hours from Paris’ Montparnasse train station or in just over an hour by plane from the airport Orly. Wine tasting is the best part about Bordeaux, however, history buffs will be enamored with the evolution of the villages surrounding the vineyards and lineage of the winemakers. Each Chateau is a study in architecture, interior design and botany. And, as in most of France, gastronomy is also a high priority for the Bordelais people. Both wine tasting and Michelin-star cuisine can be found at a former 17th Century Monastery, now Hotel Château Cordeillan Bages  in Pauillac. Perfectly situated next to one of the area’s famous wineries, Lynch-Bages it is a wonderful property to base out of to explore the riches of the region.



yon has 18 Michelin-star restaurants (14 one-star, 3 two-star and 1 three-star) and it isno wonder. “Chef of the Century” Paul Bocuse hails from Lyon. Chef Bocuse is known worldwide as the father of modern French cuisine. His philosophy of using organic and less caloric ingredients has become the international standard for gastronomic restaurants. The Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon acts as the premiere training ground for hospitality and culinary arts management in Europe. Students train under professionals who speak to the overall approach of focusing on, “the relationship between people and food.” They teach with three guiding principles, “health and wellness; flavor and enjoyment; economics and management.” The teaching restaurant is open to the public and foodies are encouraged to take a bit of knowledge back home by attending bespoke cooking classes at The Institute. Visitors to this UNESCO World Heritage city can eat and drink their way through their holiday tasting classic French dishes, modern twists on old favorites and international delights at the indoor Food Halls. 



manta offers unparalleled luxury and seclusion in Punta de Mita, Mexico. The décor is minimalist chic with clean lines and perfect use of negative space, but still has everything honeymooners need, including fluffy bathrobes, gigantic soaking tubs, and outdoor hot tubs with incredible views of the pristine beaches below. Ocean front casas with large infinity pools have exclusive access to an openair kitchen, dining room and lounge area that overlooks the pool and vista below. Even when the resort is full, it feels like you have the place to yourself. Built into the hillside and staggered, the stunning architecture allows guests to take advantage of the views but maintain complete privacy. The Relais & Châteaux brand prides itself on its cuisine. Food served beachside or on the airy patio is to be savored. Local market fish and wholesome ingredients help make authentic Mexican dishes especially notable. 

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Issue 40




ccessible only via reserved gondola, Hotel Das Graseck is a holistic resort in the mountains committed to wellness and relaxation. All-suite, modern alpine rooms are tranquil, zen-like retreats with spectacular views and soothing sounds from the bubbling brook below. Within the hotel, medical specialists, physiotherapists, dentists and sports scientists see guests in specially designed treatment rooms with picture windows facing the grand views for health assessments and preventive health counseling. Mind, body and soul therapies include innovative spa treatments, wholefood meals and nature walks. Programs are customized for individual health needs. But lest you think it is all work and no play, in warmer months there is an outdoor fire pit and beer garden where folks enjoy clean mountain air while sipping on their favorite libation. 



he Shamwari Group is a pioneer in the wildlife conservation network but also provides first class hospitality in a variety of different accommodations to suit upscale traveler safari needs. The Shamwari Game Reserve lodges are spread out ensuring that no area is crowded even at the peak season. Family-friendly colonial bush experience Sarilli Lodge overlooks Bushmans River. The Edwardian Long Lee Manor is great for large groups and has spa treatment rooms. Bayethe Lodge is a tented paradise with secluded views of the African bush. Eagles Crag Lodge is a romantic group of individual suites with private plunge pools and views of the rocky mountain cliffs. While the accommodations are impressive, the real thrill is going on twice daily safari drives in open-air vehicles with enthusiastic expert rangers who provide an awe-inspiring, life-changing experience. All the Big Five (African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and White/Black rhinoceros) are represented and are the true stars of the safari experience. Their mantra is “Conserving a Vanishing Way of Life.” Guests are encouraged to visit the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and the Born Free Big Cat Sanctuaries that promote education about treating wildlife humanely and the preservation of endangered species. 



ermatt is a city of only six thousand full-time residents who are allowed to own cars, but they may not be driven above ground in the city proper. Most guests arrive via train into the heart of the village. Upscale Hotel Mont Cervin Palace treats guests like royalty collecting them from the station in bright red horse-drawn carriages and delivers them to the historic hotel in less than five minutes. Hiking and skiing are two of the most popular activities in Zermatt. The town has four different access points up the mountain with a system of trains, gondolas and lifts that take adventure seekers to the Gornergrat in no time. Charming gourmet bistros like the 17th century rustic chalet family run Zum See, lie in the hamlets in the lower valleys and local favorite restaurants like the one at Hotel Cervo have killer views of The Matterhorn. Elegant hotels, unpretentious people, sporty activities, creative cuisine and wide-open slopes make it an ideal international ski destination. 

54 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 40

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The luxury travel industry changed on September 1st 2016 with the launch of Club1Hotels is a private Global Luxury Hotel Club that offers its members heavily discounted wholesale rates at the finest 3.5, 4 and 5-star hotels in more than 160 countries. These wholesale rates have no blackout dates and members may cancel their reservations up to 48-hours prior to arrival without a fee. Membership also includes exclusive rates on car rentals, personalized concierge services, and access to more than 900 airport clubs and VIP lounges in more than 300 cities worldwide. Club1Hotels is cordially inviting all Upscale Living Magazine subscribers to enjoy a complimentary 1-year Beta-Explorer Membership. That’s a $675.00 value and it’s yours at no charge if you register before November 30th 2016 please visit www. What’s the catch? Nothing. It’s that simple; Club1Hotels just asks for your honest feedback on share your travel experience as a BetaExplorer. That’s it! Traditionally, luxury hotel rooms were out of reach for most frequent travelers and only reserved for special events and VIP guests. Now, with a Club1Hotels membership, these rooms are available to the frequent travelers and even the seasonal traveler, at true wholesale rates never offered to the public. Though travel clubs are not new to the industry, none have scaled as Club1Hotels while maintaining high-levels of

concierge service and quality. Club1Hotels is the Claire Endean-Cance, from Luxury Travel world’s largest supplier of wholesale hotel rooms. Diary writes, Some of their luxury hotel partners include “Is Club1Hotels The Cheapest Way To Book Four Seasons, Bellagio, Ritz-Carlton, Waldorf Luxury Hotels? I have done a great deal of Astoria, Westin, Shangri-La, InterContinental, research, booking hotels at various locations Peninsula, St. Regis and the Park Hyatt just to around the world on a number of different name a few. dates and from my research, Club1Hotels does “Club1Hotels was developed to provide indeed offer the cheapest way to book luxury our members an unprecedented access to hotels. Savings seem to vary according to the luxury travel options at a tremendous values,” locations with the greatest savings to be made in said Pierce “Professor P” Hutchings, VP of major cities and particularly in the US.” Marketing for Club1Hotels. “We work tirelessly “Is Club1Hotels Cheaper Than Hotel to provide our members true unlimited access Aggregators Like Kayak, and to the world’s largest supply of wholesale luxury Trivago? hotel rooms and services.” For the dates I checked, yes. Club1Hotels was Traditional travel clubs offer limited locations coming in cheaper than all three.” or fixed vacation packages on select travel @DJL31production said, “I just joined @ dates; Club1Hotels offers its members the Club1Hotels and you should as well, I did a bit “true flexibility” never seen before in the travel of poking around on user friendly beta test and industry. Start by selecting the type of traveler very easy and good rates “ you are; Frequent or Infrequent Traveler. After Pierce “Professor P” Hutchings said it best, a 30-day trial period, Frequent Travelers pay “It’s time you traveled your way, and we want to a $100 one-time initiation fee and $575/year provide you the tools to upgrade your traveling (paid in 12-monthly installments of $47.91/ experience.” month) and Infrequent Travelers have the With additional services, including vacation option of paying a $50 initiation fee and $59/ home rentals, special unpublished airfares, month with no long-term commitment. Both private jet sharing, preferred golf course access, Frequent and Infrequent Travelers can cancel restaurants and other activities, Club1Hotels their membership at any time. Next, book your is set to become a global sensation by making rooms anytime, anywhere in the world. It’s that luxury travel easily accessible, affordable, and simple. enjoyable for everyone. Travel bloggers around the world have tried it For information  and love it. 57 Upscale Living Magazine | Issue 40


MEREDITH MICHAELS BEERBAUM A Timeless Champion | By Francesca Peraza

58 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 40



ime continues moving forward, but special moments are never forgotten. That’s especially true for celebrated champion and Rolex Testimonee, Meredith MichaelsBeerbaum. Born on December 26th in LosAngeles, California, Michaels-Beerbaum is the first woman show jumper to be ranked world number one. Her career is a catalogue of remarkable achievements–each one reflecting a special moment in time. Michaels-Beerbaum first started showing signs of success in 1983, at the early age of 14. Competing in the Senator’s Cup at the Washington International Horse Show, an amateur competitiion for the best young riders in the United States; the then teenager rode an ex-grand prix horse in the event, a horse she had been saving especially for this competition. “I never forgot that moment because I won and the price was a gold Rolex watch, my first ever” Growing up in California, she always dreamed of winning a gold medal at the Olympics: “I still have a short autobiography, which I wrote at school as a10-year-old. I had to explain in the essay what I wanted to achieve in the future. I stuck a photo of a show jumper on the page and put a caption underneath saying ‘Meredith Michaels wins Olympicgold’.” “The 1984 Games were held in Los Angeles, and for me that represented the pinnacle of athleticism. My step-father bought tickets to the final of the show jumping, but unfortunately we misread the start time on the day of the event and actually missed the competition–it was terrible!” The US team went on to win gold that year and the then 15 year old Michaels Beerbaum watched every moment on television. It was many years later, after marrying German show jumper Markus Beerbaum and becoming a naturalized German, that she finally fulfilled her dream of riding at the Olympics, first in Beiging in 2008, then London in 2012 and most recently in Rio. This year, Michaels-Beerbaum helped the German Team win Bronze in the show jumping competition, adding another medal to her ever growing cabinet of success. Michaels-Beerbaum says she keeps all her equestrian mementos from the past, although some are still at her family home in the United States. “I came to Europe in 1991to turn professional with only a backpack on my shoulder and a pair of spurs in my hand. But I have won plenty of trophies since.” She trained at the stable of legendary German rider Paul Schockemöhle, in Mühlen, Germany, planning to stay for only one summer, but it soon became three and the start of a new life in Germany. It was during that

time that she met Markus Beerbaum, her husband to be. Europe was certainly the most significant catalyst in my career; the second was changing my nationality and becoming German–that was a major decision. One underlying memory that I attribute to that moment is the number of people telling me how a woman would never, ever be put on the national championship show jumping team in Germany. Fortunately, they were wrong.” Michaels-Beerbaum’s parents were very supportive of her staying in Europe and quitting her studies at Princeton University. “The hardest part for them to accept was when I decided to change my nationality and become a German,” she says. AfterMichaels-Beerbaum’s move, her riding career quickly went from strength to strength. “My first professional win was the Maastrict Grand Prix. There was no prize money but I won a city car. I was the happiest person on the face of the earth.” A string of achievements followed and her exceptional results were recognized in 2005, with an invitation to become a Rolex Testimonee. “I was one of Rolex’s first equestrianTestimonees–it was a great honour to be welcomed in to the Rolex family and associated with such a presti gious brand. I was lucky enough to win my first Rolex watch when I was 14, so I knew the importance of the Rolex name. Only the very best sportsmen and women are invited to represent Rolex and that meant everything to me,” says Michaels-Beerbaum. Her trophy cabinet at her home in Germany is testament to that phenomenal talent, as one of the sport’s most successful rider. She remains the only woman, and one of only three people, to have ever claimed three World Cup Final victories, first in 2005 in Las Vegas (US), then the Rolex World Cup Final in 2008 in Gothenburg (Sweden), and finally the Rolex World Cup Final again in 2009 in Las Vegas (US) “My second World Cup Final win in Las Vegas was my most perfect victory. I won each of the three legs, and my horse Shutterfly and I jumped without any faults. It was also an extremely emotional time for me, as my step-father passed away at the age of 69 just six weeks before the show. He was one of the main reasons why I was where I was in the sport – he supported me for many, many years! He was the one who took me to horse shows and spent all the money that he had to buy me horses.” Since winning her first watch in 1983, Michaels-Beerbaum has build up a collection of Rolex timepieces, each one witness to her glittering career. “I always wear one of my Rolex watches when I’m riding, and I tend to rotate them every 3 to 4 months. I definitely see them as my lucky charm,” she 59 Upscale Living Magazine | Issue 40


claims. “Away from show jumping, if I go scuba diving, I will make sure that I put on my Yachtmaster.” “Without a doubt, my favourite Rolex watch is the Datejust in white gold, which I won at my second World Cup Final victory in Gothenburg in 2008. Engraved with ‘Rolex Champion’ on the back, it’s a watch that reminds me of one of my most glorious moments as a show jumper. I remember the Final because I entered the arena knowing that I couldn’tafford to knock any fences down. Many of the other riders hit the last fence, so I had to go clear to win. To make matters worse, Shutterfly was so nervous in the warm-up ring that he refused to jump! He was very sensitive and he could feel the tension but I just trusted him and we went into the ring and made it happen!” In February of 2010, a new chapter in Meredith’s life began when she welcomed her daughter Brianne Victoria to the world. Despite her concerns about returning to the saddle, in September 2010 she was competing at the 2010 Kentucky World Equestrian Games, and even won Team gold. Given Michaels-Beerbaum’s long term affiliation with Aachen, it 60 Upscale Living Magazine | Issue 40

was only fitting that in 2011 she retire her globally renowned and much loved horse,Shutterfly. He was the world’s most successful show jumper and to get her they reached the very pinnacle of equestrian sport. Even with Shutterfly stepping down from elite competition, MichaelsBeerbaum continued to retain her status at the highest level, and in2015, she lead Germany toTeam silver at the European Championships in Aachen. “I went into the competition with a brand new horse, Fibonacci. I think we were both nervous but the horse was fantastic! I had two mistakes, without them, I definitely would have been on the individual podium. I was so pleased the Team won the silver medal. I also took huge strength from the performance of Fibonacci,” said the champion rider. World number one for 24 months, and the first woman in history to represent Germany in a Championship event, Michaels-Beerbaum accomplishments have set a precedence for successful and aspiring show jumpers around the world. Her continued pursuit of perfection is synonymous with Rolex, and reflects their core values of excellence and precision.

Balm for the soul, luxury for the senses and relaxation for the body – simply enjoy your holiday and keep the special moments in your mind for eternity. Experience a different way of spending your holidays! breezedays combines for you the quality of service and comfort of an upper-class luxury hotel with the feeling of a private yacht-trip! We offer yachts in three different categories and sizes, with even the ‘smallest’ version being 16 metres in length with three luxurious cabins. Let the breezedays team guide you to the most beautiful places and the best hidden highlights of the Balearic Islands. Experience special moments on board of luxury and comfortable yachts - Welcome on Board Be our guest and enjoy those special moments with breezedays. • • +352 621458843


THE BENETTI DELFINO 95’ Celebrating after Canne’s Success | By Francesca Peraza


ven though the Cannes Yachting Festival has finished, some of the most elite yacht builders are celebrating in their successful event, even world-known Italian Super Yacht builder, Benetti who is proudly announcing the new sale of its third 29-meter Delfino 95’ superyacht, which along with its sister vessels, are scheduled for delivery in 2018. Delfino 95’ will be the new displacement yacht from the Class D range, a luxury vessel that promises to be incredible, both for design and for performance. This super yacht will feature stylish external lines, designed by Giorgio Cassetta, while renowned designer Achille Salvagni will give Delfino 95’ a beautiful and elegant internal design. On-board accommodation consist of two master suites, two double rooms and two twin rooms allowing for ten guests and four crew members, ample room for everyone to enjoy time at sea. The elegance and high quality of all the shipyard creation are also evidenced by the last award Benetti received: once more, at the Cannes Boat Show, the 64 meter Benetti FB264 won the World Yacht Trophies Award 2016, in the category Best Layout, one of the most important award in the business. As the new year closes in, we are certain that Benetti will continue delivering the most luxurious and sophisticated super yachts in the world, after all the name Benetti says it all.

62 Upscale Living Magazine |

Length Overall: 95' 0"

Max Speed: 13.50kn


Beam: 23' 0"

Cruising Speed: 12.00kn

Passenger Rooms: 5

Max Draught: 6' 8"

Fuel Capacity:

Master Rooms: 2


Double Rooms: 2

Builder: Benetti

Water Capacity:

Twin Rooms: 2

Year of Build: 2018


Hull Number: BD101


Number of Decks: 3


Issue 40


CELEBRITY CHEFS and their Swagger | By Karen Holly Berliner

Most of us don’t like to boast or brag, chefs included. It brings out the bashful in even the biggest giants. With that in mind and with a fine tasting palate in tow, ULM has playfully granted carte blanche bragging rights to some of the latest (not so latest, tried and true) and the very greatest in the culinary industry, and gleaned some of their unique claim to Chef Fame.

63 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 40


Mahogany Salmon Marinade Marinade for 6-8 salmon fillets 3/4 cup tamari soy sauce 6 ounce orange juice fresh and 3 ounce lime juice fresh 1/2 cup green tea and 1/2 cup dry sherry 4 tablespoons rice wine vinegar and 2 tablespoons sesame oil 3 tablespoons honey and 2 tablespoons Chinese five spice 2 cloves fresh garlic and 2 tablespoons ginger minced

Heat honey with fresh juices in microwave, just until honey melts. Place all of the above ingredients in a bar blender, add in honey and fruit juices. Get happy with the blender. Once marinade is fully mixed, place the entire desired amount of salmon to be marinated in a vessel for cold storage pour marinade over the fish. Marinate for 24 hours. Remove fish from marinade about 30 min. before cooking. You can roast the salmon, grill it or broil it.

Chef Charlie Ayers Chef Charlie is most widely known as the former executive chef for Google Inc., a position he won in November of 1999 in a cook-off, judged by the company’s 40 employees. By the time he left Google, Chef Charlie and his team of five sous chefs and were serving 4,000 lunches and dinners daily-all of the same quality and variety as in that initial interview. He and his cafes were featured in the New York Times, London Times, France’s Le Capital, the Washington Post, The Food Network, and many others as well as occupying an entire chapter (“Charlie’s Place”) in David Vise’s book, The Google Story. In addition, Chef Charlie has had the pleasure of cooking for such luminaries as Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell, Mikhail Gorbachev, the Sultan of Brunei, Queen Noor of Jordan, Robin Williams and Gwyneth Paltrow. Chef Charlie just opened his new Calafia Cafe and Market a Go Go in Where and how were you trained? I attended culinary school at Johnson & Wales University in Providence RI in the mid 1980’s. I trained under a master chef from Greece who specialized in fish and seafood What is your favorite wine? I tend to drink Pinot Noir when I drink wine. It’s actually my wine of choice before anything else. I am noticing a trend of bolder and bigger wines paired with foods that have bold and big and spicy flavor profiles. What do you do to stay current on new trends? I tend to travel quite a bit to some of my favorite US food cities: New York City, Chicago, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Dallas and Denver. I have many fellow chef friends in each of these places and I make it a point to visit their restaurants and competing restaurants. It gives me an opportunity to see what’s hot and 64 Upscale Living Magazine |

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what’s going on in other parts of the nation. It also serves as inspiration for new dishes at my restaurant in Palo Alto. In my travels, I’m happy to see one trend catching on through out the country. That trend is reducing food waste and it’s something we’ve been doing for years at Calafia Cafe. In the kitchen it is easy to reuse everything from the green tops of carrots to the tops of strawberries to the small purple leaves under the cauliflower. It’s nice to see people repurposing waste for decorative or edible purposes. Even the pulp from our juice bar goes to the local chicken farmer. I’m also noticing the trend of the pop up of more and more Life style focused restaurants: Vegan, Gluten Free and Paleo. I’m also seeing the fast-growing trend of more raw food – juicing restaurants and Poke Bars. Is there a chef you admire the most? I would have to say that would be a chef friend of mine by the name of Ken Oringer. I worked with him long ago in Boston and Providence, long before either of us had reached any level of success other than paying our bills and having enough money left over for beer, food and gasoline. Ken now has a number of restaurants across the East Coast. He does all the big food and wine festivals across the US and is often featured in magazines and television programs. But success hasn’t changed him and he’s still the same guy that crashed on my couch for six months in the east bay of SF in 1990. It’s rare nowadays to see or know someone who hasn’t been changed by success. What are your 3 favorite places to eat in the world? I would have to say Paris, London and Tokyo.


Chef Makoto Okuwa With over twenty years of experience, Chef Makoto Okuwa has developed his own take on Japanese cuisine, where traditional EdomaeSushi meets innovative flair. Chef Makoto’s introduction to the intricacies of Japanese cooking began in his hometown of Nagoya, Japan. At the age of 15, Makoto apprenticed with Sushi Master Makoto Kumazaki; his study continued under the tutelage of legendary Sushi Master Chef Shinichi Takegasa. After ten years of training in Japan, Makoto moved to Washington, D.C. where he began to work closely with Iron Chef Morimoto and was soon asked to assume the Head Sushi Chef role at Morimoto New York and Morimoto Philadelphia. In 2005, he was recognized by the James Beard Foundation for outstanding contribution. In 2007, Makoto received a New York Rising Star Chef award by StarChef. com. Following these accolades, he also made several appearances on the Food Network’s original “Iron Chef America” alongside his mentor Iron Chef Morimoto. In 2007, Makoto fulfilled a lifelong dream by opening up his own restaurant, Sashi Sushi + Sake Lounge in Manhattan Beach, California, where he remains a partner. In 2009, Makoto was asked to appear on Iron Chef America as a competitor, allowing him to showcase his extraordinary culinary expertise. At his new namesake restaurant in Bal Harbor, Makoto continues to evolve his style of crafting playful, exquisitely presented dishes which pay tribute to Japanese tradition.

What is your favorite wine? Sparkling – Not just For Breakfast Any More - everyone likes to drink sparkling any time of the day, sometimes even on ice. Excellent Wine bythe-Glass Options. Anything but Napa and Bordeaux - there are amazing Italian, Australian and South African wines on the market recently. What do you do to stay current on new trends? Read magazines or social media to stay in touch with many people who I think are trendy. As my current profession I always noticed food / restaurant related trends. Is there a chef you admire the most? Chef Yoshihiro Mutata. His food is very deep and thoughtful. Japanese called “kiwo terasanai “nothing fancy but very shape, and grateful. Very difficult to explain by the words. He isn’t chasing the trend. But he is the tradition and real deal. What are your 3 favorite places to eat in the world? French Landry - (Napa US), -Goura Kadan (Hakone ryokan, Japan) and Beirut - Lebanese (Panama City Panama)

Where and how were you trained? I started working in sushi / Kaiseki restaurant in Japan when I was 15 years old. Right after I graduated from junior high school. It was very old fashion way to learn the necessary skill from dishwasher to sushi chef and Kaiseki chef.

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Issue 40


Chef Ryan Hardy In 2013, Ryan Hardy opened Charlie Bird with Sommelier Robert Bohr. Located in the SoHo section of NYC, Charlie Bird’s Italian-inspired menu showcases Hardy’s inventive culinary style and inherent passion for quality product and service. In February 2016, Hardy opened Pasquale Jones again partnering with Bohr and adding Grant Reynolds to the mix as partner. His menu highlights the restaurant’s two Stefano Ferrara ovens, delivering “Neo-NY”-style pizza from one and roasted meats and vegetables from the other. The restaurants both offer a superb wine experience, featuring a moderately priced collection of 200-300 French- and Italian-focused selections. His talents and numerous accolades have been showcased in feature stories and appearances in Food & Wine, Martha Stewart Living, The Martha Stewart Show, Cooking Light, Wine Spectator, Saveur, GQ, The New York Times and NBC’s Today Show.

Is there a chef you admire the most? One of my favorite chefs is definitely Michel Troisgros. His ability to have an incredible lineage, two beautiful restaurants and one of them in a barn really speak to my inner farmer! What are your five favorite places to eat in the world? New York, Rome, Gallipoli (Puglia), London and Mexico City

Where and how were you trained? I traveled a lot after college - San Francisco, New York and everywhere in between. I found myself cooking along the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard with the incredible seafood, started a farm in Colorado to learn about vegetables, pigs, hens and eggs and then headed to Italy for further work. I’m not traditionally trained through some school – I actually have an accounting degree, if you can believe that - but I always followed my passion and curiosity to learn new techniques and new flavors. What do you do to stay current on new trends? Eat, read, travel, repeat. I really avoid the trends in the industry. If we look to the wine world as inspiration, the best wine makers in the world tend to hone their craft and become more efficient, more consistent rather than upheavals in trends - I like to follow a similar approach with food and let nature guide me through the construction of a dish.

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Herb-Butter Roasted Chicken with Tuscan-Style Bread Salad adapted from Chef Ryan Hardy


Pan Roasted Double Veal with a bouquet of vegetables and roasted Georgia peaches This dish combines the elegance and subtlety of a Veal Loin with the earthy richness of a Rib Roast. The array of vegetables served with it shows the summer’s bounty at its best and the Georgia Peaches add a fruity sweetness. Feel free to substitute other vegetables and herbs with whatever is the freshest from the garden.

Chef Peter Xavier Kelly Peter X. Kelly is the founder and owner of Xaviars Restaurant Group, which includes four of the most critically acclaimed restaurants in New York State. Peter owns and operates Xaviar’s at Piermont, The Freelance Cafe and Wine Bar, Restaurant X & the Bully Boy Bar and X2O Xaviars on the Hudson. These restaurants have been recognized with the industry’s most coveted awards and accolades, earning The New York Times highest rating (extraordinary), The Mobil Travel Guide Four Star Award, The Dirona Award, the Restaurant News Dining Hall of Fame, Wine Spectator’s “Best of Award of Excellence”, and a 29 out of 30 rating by Zagat’s Survey. He has also been recognized as a New York State Restaurateur of The Year, and was nominated for the prestigious James Beard Award as “Best Chef in the Northeast.” For more than 3 decades, Peter has set the standard for fine dining. As an experienced, talented and successful entrepreneur, his contemporary American Cuisine provides his guests with a unique dining experience by combining exquisite food with outstanding service. Where and how were you trained? I am self taught, never attended culinary school or worked in a kitchen prior to opening my first restaurant in 1983 (other than as a dishwasher) What is your favorite wine? My favorite style of wine is Burgundy, specifically Red Burgundy from the Cote Noir La Tache DRC 1985. What is trending now is a move to more esoteric wines being offered with pairings. While it is always fun to discover a new wine or viticulture area this trend is being driven by the high cost of established brands and wine making regions. What do you do to stay current on new trends? I travel a lot and dine out as often as possible to see what chefs from different areas, states, countries are doing. I think the number one trend for the past several years has been the casualization of dining. Not certain this is a good thing for the fine dining segment. In the kitchen certainly housemade charcuterie and whole animal usage (nose to tail) on menus is seeing alot of development. Is there a chef you admire the most? I think Jean-Georges Vongeriecten is the preeminent chef working in America today. He has for the past 25 years managed to set a very high bar for all others to emulate. His commitment to product as well as guest satisfaction is astonishing. What are your 3 favorite places to eat in the world? L’Arpege in Paris, Jean-Georges NYC, Galatoire’s New Orleans.

Double cut veal rib chop (approx. 20 oz, trimmed to 1 bone)

6-8 cloves of roasted garlic & 10 pearl onioins, peeled

2 tbps of butter and 2 oz of Madeira wine and 1/2 cup of veal stock or canned chicken broth

1/4 cup of shelled fava beans and 1/4 cup of shelled English peas 6-8 asparagus spears cut 2-inch lengths

4 Georgia peaches and 1/4 lb of quartered mushrooms

1/4 cup of carrots, zucchini and yellow squash, cut in small dices 2 sprigs each fresh thyme and sage, salt and pepper.

3-4 fingerling potatoes (scrubbed) 1 baby artichoke, trimmed

Prepare the vegetables and preheat the oven to 400*. Place peaches on an oiled cookie sheet and rub each peach with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Place peaches in a 400* oven and roast for 15-20 minutes until the skin is blistered and peaches are very tender. Remove from oven and allow to cool. Cut top from each peach and using a spoon scoop out pit. Leave 2 peaches whole and dice the other 2 peaches and set aside. Bring a large pot of salted water to boil. Have ready a bowl filled with ice water. For the artichokes, trim the tough outer leaves and base from the artichokes. Place them in boiling water for about 10 minutes, until tender. Remove from pot of water and place them in bowl of ice water. Cut artichokes in quarters or 1/8ths. Remove and reserve. Place pearl onions in boiling water and blanch them for 3 minutes. Refresh them in ice water and set aside. Put shelled fava beans in boiling water for 1 minute. Remove them from boiling water and place them in ice water. Slip skins off of the fava beans and set aside. Place shelled English peas in boiling water for 30 seconds. Remove them from boiling water and place them in ice water. When cold, remove from water and set aside. Repeat the blanching method for the asparagus, carrots, zucchini and yellow squash. Place scrubbed fingerling potatoes on baking sheet. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and drizzle with a teaspoon of olive oil. Place in oven and roast for 20 minutes.

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Remove from the oven and allow to cool. Cut them into ½ inch dice and set aside. Roast 1 head of garlic and reserve 5 to 7 cloves. Roast the Veal: Place a 12-inch ovenproof skillet over medium heat. Season the veal chop on both sides with salt and pepper. Place the veal rib chop in the pan and cook over medium heat for 4 minutes. Turn the chop over and continue cooking on the other side for 4 more minutes. The meat should be well bronzed. Add quartered mushrooms, diced peaches, artichokes, fingerling potatoes, roasted garlic and pearl onions to the pan. Place the fresh thyme and sage on top of the veal chops and place the pan in the preheated oven. Roast the veal and vegetables for 12 minutes. Remove the pan from the oven, then remove the veal from the pan and place it on a cutting board. Allow the veal to rest for 10 minutes before slicing. Prepare the Sauce: Place the pan with the vegetables on high heat and sauté the vegetables that were cooked with the veal for 1 minute. Add the Madeira and the veal stock (or chicken broth) to the pan. Reduce by half and add all other vegetables. Add 1 tablespoon of butter (cut in small pieces) to the pan. Swirl the pan to incorporate the butter. Spoon the vegetables and sauce onto 2 warm dinner plates. Place 1 whole roasted peach on each plate, slice the veal and lay it over the vegetables. Serve and enjoy!

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THE AUREUS - 24 KARAT GOLD SURFBOARD LUX Surfboards have created a unique and one of a kind 24 karat gold surfboard, the world’s first limited edition Aureus golden gilt surfboard has been handbuilt in a small studio by the North Devon, England. Its dimension is 6ft 8” x 20 1/2” x 3” and priced at £125,000.

THE AERO-X A vehicle that makes low-altitude flight realistic and affordable. The futuristic looking creation flies up to 10 feet off the ground at 45 miles per hour. The Aero-X can be adapted for many outdoor uses: surveying, search and rescue, border patrol, disaster relief, ranching and more.

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UBTECH ALPHA 1S HUMANOID ROBOT The world’s first advanced, entertaining human robot engineered with a flexible servojoint design mimicking any human movement. Size 39.8 cm height and 91.5 cm wide and approximately 11.4 cm depth weighting 3.64 lbs. Available for purchase at Harrods.

Issue 40

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