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Iva Ksenevich The New Milliner Master | By Felicity Williams

Iva Ksenevich is the Belarus born milliner to know. Merging art with fashion, Iva’s luxurious, handcrafted headwear exudes both grace and glamour. Studying in the fashion capitals from London to Paris, the cities’ influences can too be seen in her designs, formulating headwear that is fashion forward while maintaining a classic couture nature. Inspirations come from the weaves of nature, geometry of architecture and the lives of artists to name a few. We caught up with Iva to discuss all things headwear… How did your career in millinery begin? Spontaneously! I was always very creative, but never thought it will end up with millinery. I once went to London, and was so inspired by the city, people in the streets, the mixture of styles and, obviously, hats! In Belarus, where I am from, people mostly wear hats just to keep themselves warm, same in Russia. So when, after my trip to London, parents found out, that I want to start making millinery - they thought it was another crazy idea. I’ve showed them Royal Ascot, they said it looks like a Carnival and I will never make any money with it. I was stubborn - earned money to go to London again and study with the Royal milliner Rose Cory, a lovely old lady who makes hats since she was 13. Then to Paris to continue up studies with Estelle Ramousse, a French pro of different millinery styles. After it was just the matter of self-development.

in museums. I am not a big fan of too much color and over exaggerations with volumes and sparkles. I like simplicity and clear lines, geometry looks quite interesting framing soft and imperfect face and hair lines..

Tell us about your brand… My brand started in 2013, when I made the first collection named “13”, and guess what - it’s my lucky number! Why it started - because I want to bring back the highlight to millinery as a very special accessory. It is luxury to wear. It makes you special and gives a woman a very unique aristocratic glow.

Who would you love to see wearing your head wear? Women around the Globe. I really like the idea of international beauty. When no matter where you are from, you understand it. Every woman wants to be a queen, to attract the attention of men, to feel high class. I would love to see ladies wearing my headpieces and feel this way.

Who is your customer? My customers are different: business ladies, brides, housewives who like to go to events, public persons, fashionistas. Mostly these are ladies who understand their style, and have passion for millinery. My works are truly international: Moscow, London, New York, Paris, Milano, Australia, China, Latvia, Serbia and even Finland! I either meet the customer personally, or ship the piece. Do you have a favourite collection to date? Maybe the first one. It’s like a baby, doesn’t matter how many you have you love all of them, but the first one always remains special. It’s when you don’t know how, what will come out of it, you have no experience. Seeing your work worn by people, their smiles and excitement - the best reward! I remember bringing my first collection to London for a photoshoot with a very talented photographer Jennifer Jukes. And there was a whole big team of hairstylists, makeup artist, assistants etc.. And I remember their eyes sparkle with inspiration when I layed out the pieces. Then I understood, that if English people are surprised with hats - then it’s properly done. Which are your favourite headpieces? All of my pieces are unique, handmade, none are ever exactly the same, thus some of them I keep in my private collection. I love wearing them myself to different events, some owns my mother. Also, there is a number of millinery that are for shows only, hopefully, one day you will see them 18 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 38

Do you have a style icon? Oh no, having a style icon is not for me! There are so many different and stylish people! Of course, I have my mood board with thousands of beautiful pictures from different models, photographers, magazines and celebrities. But it is just the matter of “educating the eye”, as Bill Cunningham said. When you start to create the beauty, you begin noticing it around, most often in simple things. As for the person who inspired me - Philip Treacy. He is the first one who broadened up millinery styles so much, made them come alive.

What is next in 2016? I’d like to keep the intrigue. Though I’m sure you will be surprised, nobody has ever done it before in the matter of millinery. I’ll just say, that the inspiration came from the exposition of Louboutin’s shoes. | www.

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