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Elegant Styles For Him


Best Red Lipsticks


Iva Ksenevich


The Mogok’s Fiery Red Ruby Set


Healing Waters Spa


Bold and Impactful

The New Milliner Master The Pinnacle of Luxury Jewelry

The Restorative, The Medical, The Zen Beauty Creams

The Perfect Solution for your Skin


McLaren 650S GT3


Porsche Turbo & Turbo S

Heads to the Geneva Motor Show A Dynamic Luxury Machine

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44 Bonded against Time Fashion

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From Urban to Safari, The Best Luxury African Experiences for Food, Wine, Game Drives, Sightseeing and Relaxation Simple luxury thrills for your Home Ultra Luxury Condo coming to Coconut Grove How a Hawaii Developer Does Global Design

A Grand and Coveted Historic Canadian Mansion Classic Fork \ Contemporary Spoon Charles Heidsieck NV and Zonin Dress Code Prosecco Grey Edition

Balm for the soul, luxury for the senses and relaxation for the body – simply enjoy your holiday and keep the special moments in your mind for eternity. Experience a different way of spending your holidays! breezedays combines for you the quality of service and comfort of an upper-class luxury hotel with the feeling of a private yacht-trip! We offer yachts in three different categories and sizes, with even the ‘smallest’ version being 16 metres in length with three luxurious cabins. Let the breezedays team guide you to the most beautiful places and the best hidden highlights of the Balearic Islands. Experience special moments on board of luxury and comfortable yachts - Welcome on Board Be our guest and enjoy those special moments with breezedays.

www.breezedays.com • info@breezedays.com • +352 621458843


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A Life of Style


Escape to Beauty in Tuscany

Dennis BASSO


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Creating a Legacy

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DENNIS BASSO A Life of Style

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| By Natalie King

Dennis Basso is a larger than life character. He is full of style that transcends from fashion, to the décor of his homes, to the legendary dinners that he hosts in the Hamptons. He designs some the most exquisite fashion of our era, from the dreamy light blue bridesmaid’s dresses for Nikki Hilton’s wedding at Kensington Palace, to his anticipated Fashion Week shows each year. He has the star qualities of a glamorous Hollywood: the great laugh, impeccably tailored clothing (more on that later) and the feeling that whenever you’re speaking with him he is perpetually en-route to something fabulous – but he makes time for people and waxes poetic about whatever it is you want to discuss. His Pre-Fall 2016 collection is in a word: majestic. Perfectly in line with the bohemian wave of beauty in interior design and artisan made goods throughout the West Coast, the collection had a most fanciful incarnation. With his low, almost conspiring voice, he tells the story of his inspiration. I’ve done enough fashion coverage to hear stories of inspiration, often circling around an idea of the new modern woman but Dennis changed the landscape literally. Speaking on his inspiration, he says, “Were in a field – and there’s this enormous tree where there’s this marvelous party at an old country manner home” he begins, “it’s a hazy, glamorous affair where the women are dressed to the nines in these flowing, almost bohemian gowns. Wildflowers are everywhere. The moon, the flowing fabric, is all captured from this image”. Fabulous indeed. Back mentally from the Manner estate, he’s now at the Madison Avenue flagship store, prepping these dresses for Fashion Week and talking about all things beauty- from inspiration, to dinner and what makes a stylish man and woman today: How do you begin your day? Oh I try to do two healthy things right away; I eat a good breakfast and work out with my trainer. Then I’m talking with my team about the collection and checking in on all we are accomplishing for the day ahead. Lunch is a wonderful opportunity to communicate, for work or catching up with a dear friend. I always make time to enjoy this. You travel everywhere and have managed to create a life that seems so in-tune with who you are in terms of style. How do you stay inspired? My antennae are always looking up at beauty! It’s in the street; it’s how the park changes through the seasons. There’s always something to be inspired by at all moments of the day. I take this and translate it into my home, into my work.

Speaking of home, I need to pause a moment on your collection of blue and white porcelain. (He has one of the most extensive collections in the US). I know, it’s marvelous and my home makes me very happy. It’s very us, me and Michael. Does each piece have a story? I’m very much interested in the spirit of a collected house. You know, yes. I can tell you where every single piece has come from. We travel extensively and always bring back something for the home. Each piece essentially tells our story. We have a vast collection from Asia, also wonderful glass wear from Turkey, a collection from Sardenia. And of course wonderful finds from here in the U.S. You always have to keep an eye out and it’s a good idea to pop into your favorite antique store and see what you fall in love with. Your dinner parties, whether it’s 6 or 100 people, have a similar vein of casual perfection – the place settings, candles, flowers. What do you enjoy most about these evenings? It’s great fun, from the planning throughout the whole evening. We have a wonderful housekeeper who is a great cook and we all help out in the kitchen together on many occasions. Even at a casual party the silver tea service is out, I love that. We don’t believe in storing anything! Everything is used and enjoyed; nothing is kept in a cupboard. At this moment, what makes a stylish woman to you? She’s a collector of quality pieces. She knows how to mix designers well. She is engaging in conversation and is good to people. She travels. She exudes style in an effortless way. And a man? Here’s the thing, and it’s very important. A man needs to get back to what was once considered the necessities to be a stylish gentleman. There’s too many options today and being stylish is a very simple thing to accomplish. This begins with grooming, and having a good tailor. It doesn’t matter if your tall, short, attractive or unattractive, if you have a good neighborhood tailor and a few key pieces, you will be appealing and stylish. Be good to the special person in your life, and really listen. Time today is valuable. Create time. For style, he needs a few crisp white shirts, a navy blazer, a good watch, and polished shoes. These pieces need to be well kept. That is style, caring and making an effort. As the evening comes, Dennis is perpetually in motion. Creating final design sketches, planning a dinner at Bemelmans Bar at the Carlyle, while arranging his next LA travel. When his husband calls he makes time. A modern gentleman, always in style. 11 Upscale Living Magazine |



Vintage Navy Blue Hooded Winter Coat by J. Crew ($400) Arnette Heist 2016 Sunglasses

Sydney SS 2016 Collection


Astor & Black menwear

Armin Strom Gravity Collection Water

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Tommy Bahama Riviera Paddleboard




Sheer Lip Color Lipstick, Bobbi Brown Shade | Rosy A more delicate of the red, this lightweight formula delivers an effortless wash of colour, with slight tinges of orange and pink for a nourishing shine.

It is said that a woman is never dressed without her red lipstick, bold and impactful a red lippy should never be too far away. There are many red lipsticks on the market but finding the right one for you isn’t always that easy. Your search is over, we have compiled our top 5 favorite red lipsticks that will keep you pouting. | By Felicity Williams

Lipstick, MAC Cosmetics

Marvelous Moxie Lipstick, bareMinerals

Shade | Ruby Woo A best-seller for MAC and an all round favorite with the fashion crowd, this lipstick is ultra long lasting, 2 swipes a night and that’s all you’ll need.

Shade | Live It Up Super saturated with intense pigmentation means that this lipstick is a keeper. Creamy in texture the color glides on for full coverage with a glossy finish.

Rouge Allure Lipstick, Chanel Luxury Matte Lipstick, Daniel Sandler Cosmetics Shade | Red Carpet Not only is there a high level of color pigment, the lip plumping formula contains hyaluronic acid for a perfect pout and avocado oils to nourish the lips. Perfect for going into autumn. 16 Upscale Living Magazine |

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Shade | 99 Pirate A cosmetics bag isn’t complete without a Rouge Allure lipstick and their deep, vibrant red is ultra-fine and intense for a bold look.




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Iva Ksenevich The New Milliner Master | By Felicity Williams

Iva Ksenevich is the Belarus born milliner to know. Merging art with fashion, Iva’s luxurious, handcrafted headwear exudes both grace and glamour. Studying in the fashion capitals from London to Paris, the cities’ influences can too be seen in her designs, formulating headwear that is fashion forward while maintaining a classic couture nature. Inspirations come from the weaves of nature, geometry of architecture and the lives of artists to name a few. We caught up with Iva to discuss all things headwear… How did your career in millinery begin? Spontaneously! I was always very creative, but never thought it will end up with millinery. I once went to London, and was so inspired by the city, people in the streets, the mixture of styles and, obviously, hats! In Belarus, where I am from, people mostly wear hats just to keep themselves warm, same in Russia. So when, after my trip to London, parents found out, that I want to start making millinery - they thought it was another crazy idea. I’ve showed them Royal Ascot, they said it looks like a Carnival and I will never make any money with it. I was stubborn - earned money to go to London again and study with the Royal milliner Rose Cory, a lovely old lady who makes hats since she was 13. Then to Paris to continue up studies with Estelle Ramousse, a French pro of different millinery styles. After it was just the matter of self-development.

in museums. I am not a big fan of too much color and over exaggerations with volumes and sparkles. I like simplicity and clear lines, geometry looks quite interesting framing soft and imperfect face and hair lines..

Tell us about your brand… My brand started in 2013, when I made the first collection named “13”, and guess what - it’s my lucky number! Why it started - because I want to bring back the highlight to millinery as a very special accessory. It is luxury to wear. It makes you special and gives a woman a very unique aristocratic glow.

Who would you love to see wearing your head wear? Women around the Globe. I really like the idea of international beauty. When no matter where you are from, you understand it. Every woman wants to be a queen, to attract the attention of men, to feel high class. I would love to see ladies wearing my headpieces and feel this way.

Who is your customer? My customers are different: business ladies, brides, housewives who like to go to events, public persons, fashionistas. Mostly these are ladies who understand their style, and have passion for millinery. My works are truly international: Moscow, London, New York, Paris, Milano, Australia, China, Latvia, Serbia and even Finland! I either meet the customer personally, or ship the piece. Do you have a favourite collection to date? Maybe the first one. It’s like a baby, doesn’t matter how many you have you love all of them, but the first one always remains special. It’s when you don’t know how, what will come out of it, you have no experience. Seeing your work worn by people, their smiles and excitement - the best reward! I remember bringing my first collection to London for a photoshoot with a very talented photographer Jennifer Jukes. And there was a whole big team of hairstylists, makeup artist, assistants etc.. And I remember their eyes sparkle with inspiration when I layed out the pieces. Then I understood, that if English people are surprised with hats - then it’s properly done. Which are your favourite headpieces? All of my pieces are unique, handmade, none are ever exactly the same, thus some of them I keep in my private collection. I love wearing them myself to different events, some owns my mother. Also, there is a number of millinery that are for shows only, hopefully, one day you will see them 18 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 38 www.upscalelivingmag.com

Do you have a style icon? Oh no, having a style icon is not for me! There are so many different and stylish people! Of course, I have my mood board with thousands of beautiful pictures from different models, photographers, magazines and celebrities. But it is just the matter of “educating the eye”, as Bill Cunningham said. When you start to create the beauty, you begin noticing it around, most often in simple things. As for the person who inspired me - Philip Treacy. He is the first one who broadened up millinery styles so much, made them come alive.

What is next in 2016? I’d like to keep the intrigue. Though I’m sure you will be surprised, nobody has ever done it before in the matter of millinery. I’ll just say, that the inspiration came from the exposition of Louboutin’s shoes. | www. ivaksenevich.com


MOGOK’S FIERY RED RUBY SET The Pinnacle of Luxury Jewelry | By Katerina Perez

Despite the undisputable fact that nowadays we get to see plenty of beautiful jewelry at its finest, it is not often that we encounter a jewel that truly takes our breath away. And when we do, we never forget the feelings it inspired in us: excitement, surprise and very likely infinite gratitude to the person who created it. It is one such jeweled masterpiece, or more accurately, a whole set, the Mogok’s Fiery Red suite, designed by the Thailand-based brand Fai Dee, that belongs to this category of jewelry. And here is why it is worth your attention… The classic, elegant design of the necklace, earrings and ring set with important gemstones, combined with the exceptionally vivid, bright color of the Burmese rubies will leave you in no doubt about the rarity, value and importance of the set. It is these extremely precious red corundums that account for the hefty price tags achieved for the jewels at the December 2015 Christie’s auction in Hong Kong: $7,202,576 for the necklace and $3,137,191 for the earrings. These are eyepopping figures, however no ruby set like the Mogok’s Fiery Red has ever been presented at auction before! And there will not be another set alike. Why? Read on. It is hard to imagine that creating three traditional jewels could take several decades, but that was the case. Twenty years were spent sourcing and selecting the Burmese rubies from their source, the Mogok Valley, and it then took another six years to cut and polish the stones, come up with the design and produce the finished pieces. Rajeev Lunia, greatgrandson of Fai Dee founder, Roop Chand Lunia, has spent many years of his life hunting for the perfect rubies, matching in intensity and distribution of color, as well as purity.

His obsession with the ideal criteria for his perfect stones stemmed from a trip Rajeev took to Burma in which he saw an absolutely incredible uncut 12 – carat ruby. The stone radiated an enchanting scarlet glow that resembled red hot coals. Its fiery tones are hard to convey in words; it was the color of love, passion, of life itself – as ruby, “the king of gemstones”, is often associated with them. It is hardly surprising that it did not take long to eclipse everything Rajeev had seen before with its breath-taking beauty, and he was seized by a determination to make it his own. But the ruby’s owner was in no hurry to part with it, and the young man had no choice but to offer him a price he could not refuse. Having finally got his hands on a marvel of such impeccable purity and color, Rajeev set to work tracking down more matching rubies, putting them aside with the intention of one day creating an unforgettable masterpiece of jewelry. That masterpiece is the Mogok’s Fiery Red suite.

ders have been sold. Fai Dee’s necklace features thirty two natural pigeon-blood rubies between 1.04 and 5.05 cts, combined with colorless D-F diamonds, with a clarity grade VVS1-VS1, all framed in gold and platinum. The earrings are topped with 2.5 cts rubies, with two 5 cts rubies beneath, separated by a diamond of around 1.5 cts each. The SSEF Swiss Gemological Institute certificate accompanies the Mogok’s Fiery Red set stating that the rubies use for its creation are of Burma (Myanmar) origin, with no indications of heating and the color known as "pigeon blood red". The certificate also has an appendix stating that the ruby necklace possesses extraordinary characteristics and merits special mention and appreciation. These jewels are such are finds that there is no doubt 0 current owners show them much appreciation indeed!

The cutting and polishing of the stones lasted from 2005 and 2011. The amount of raw material that needed to be cut from the sourced minerals was of no consequence: what mattered was that the stones had to be perfectly matched across all properties. For that reason a number of high quality Burmese rubies did not make the cut, either because the red tint was not bright enough or because there were more inclusions than desired. Talk about dedication to your cause and knowing your goals! By 2015 the fourth generation of the Runia family were at last ready to part with their beloved treasure and unveil the Mogok’s Fiery Red set at Christie’s auction house, the same place where many of their previous ruby won19 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 38 www.upscalelivingmag.com


HEALING WATERS SPA The Restorative, The Medical, The Zen

| By Ava Roxanne Stritt

20 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 38 www.upscalelivingmag.com

A spa visit truly is a matter of health, at the unique Healing Waters Spa in Columbia, S.C. At Healing Waters, they believe in healthy living as the cornerstone to looking and feeling beautiful both inside and out. Inspiring transformations of all types is their speciality. This revolutionary facility is both a relaxation spa -- and a medical spa, which means you’ll find facials and relaxing body rituals, as well as a medical doctor on site. Dr. Peter Haines is a plastic surgeon with a relaxing demeanor. Healing Waters was founded by Amanda Gorecki, and the Spa Manager is Cory King. Healing Waters is located within Palmetto Health Baptist Parkridge, which is part of Palmetto Health, the largest and most comprehensive health care system in the Midlands region of South Carolina. If you’ve ever been curious to try a medical-based spa treatment, but you’ve been hesitant, this is your place. The spa is located within a hospital, but you would never know it when you are inside the spa’s walls which hold such amazing decor. The spa divides the year into quarters, which reflect four basic body needs: calm, balance, correct and restore. Each quarter a different body treatment reflecting these needs is carefully crafted to help you improve in this area. The rituals were developed with the hope of making a positive influence on the mental, emotional and physical well being of the guests. When I visited it was the balance quarter when guests come to find their center, harmonize the mind, body and soul and remember where “I” begins and ends. The Restorative I started my treatments with a quick visit to their steam room, which resembles a luxurious hammam. Try to sneak a peak when the steam is off to see it in its full glory. The steam room is in the ladies changing area, where you will find some of the largest individual showers in the industry, along with cool facial clothes and cucumber slices for your eyes. While there, I experienced the Balance Hot Poultice Body Ritual, Power Facial and CoolScultping. The medical side is seamlessly integrated into the relaxation areas of the spa, so you never know when one section starts and the other ends.

H E A L T H I left with recommendations and best practices for how to continue to best care for my skin along with PureMD product recommendations. The Medical My experience at Healing Waters culminated with CoolSculpting, which targets fat without invasive surgery. It essentially freezes and breaks down fat cells that you can’t get rid of through regular healthy diet and exercise. My CoolSculpting session was relaxing. I perused a magazine, enjoyed tea and also one of the best scones I had eaten since I was in London. It has only been a couple of weeks, but I already have a different fit to my clothes and look forward to the final results. Take-home guidelines are given and patients are told to make a three-month follow-up appointment. I think I will have to combine my follow-up with a spa treatment, of course! Another medical option is laser treatments to help the skin. Choose from the BBL, halo and other lasers. You can find many other well-known cosmetic medical treatments such as Botox and fillers like Voluma, as well as full plastic surgery. The Zen The lounge itself has enough true, healthy nourishment that lounging is encouraged and possible. The spa water in each quarter reflects the theme of that time of the year. The Balance Spa water was an aromatic blend of rosemary, lime and orange. Also one can opt for an herbal tea, like their Organic Detox Infusion. Their lounge is set up to give you the illusion of a private area at almost any angle. Nothing is required of you in this area, but to relax. There is no other spa in the area the exudes this feeling more: “Stay with us and let us care for you.” This day spa is as luxurious as any four- or five-star resort, something I have not encountered in a day spa before. With a medical staff always on site, it will surpass other day or resort spas in the level of medical care. A lovely lunch can be provided if you are spending the day at the spa. My meal was from one of the best, health-conscious restaurant groups in the area, Miyo’s. The spa hopes to soon offer its own spa menu soon.

Cory King, Spa Manager of Healing Waters Spa recommends a Poultice Body Ritual to restore balance. Per King, “It releases stale and stagnant energy from head to toe, leaving yourself feeling centered and refreshed.”

The lounge is even more refreshing in one of the softest robes around. Everything is new and fresh, and that enhances deep relaxation. There’s nothing to worry about.

My Balance Body Ritual began with a scrub, to remove dead skill cells, followed by a cleansing full-body mask and steam therapy. Then, warm Thai herbal poultices are used to massage all over your body. They hold herbs ranging from Tamarind to Patchouli. The poultices are packaged to take home with you, so you can continue to use their powers at home in your own bath. The treatment wraps up with with a Swedish-style massage, using the hydrating Balance body lotion. The 90-minute treatment is designed to release stale energy and leave you feeling refreshed and centered.

Not even parking worries, like you might find in other downtown area spas. Park right at the front or side of building.

The highly customized Power Facial was next. It may includes everything from cleansing, toning, exfoliating, masks, moisturizers -- plus extractions, a neck, shoulder and foot massage, micro-dermabrasian and more. This is the mother of all facials, from lips to eyes (the PureMD RevitalEyez Eye Treatment is amazing). Because the facial is so customized, it will be tailored to your skin’s needs. I truly felt that my personal needs were the utmost thing on the therapist’s mind -- not the clock. My lovely esthetician even checked in on me during my additional treatments.

If you’re lucky, you might even be able to catch a ride to the door with the hospital’s ambassadors in their golf carts. The perfect fusion of medicine and luxury culminates with Healing Waters’ product line, Pure MD Skin Products. Pure MD embodies what the Healing Waters Spa stands for; it fuses natural, botanical ingredients with chemical ingredients and cutting-edge, anti-aging technology. I live so close to Healing Waters that I think about just dropping by to catch some zen in the lounge almost daily -- and Healing Waters does offer “Massage Me Monthly” memberships, which entitle you to monthly discounts on massages and 10 percent off products and body rituals. So slap on those Costa sunglasses, take a trip to Columbia and while you are there, refresh yourself with a trip to Healing Waters Spa. Tell them Ava, the Spa Travel Gal, sent you!

21 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 38 www.upscalelivingmag.com

a d v e r t o r i a l

MONTEV Escape to beauty in Tuscany | By Natalie King

As golden sunlight pours into the stone courtyard, a landscape of emerald green is seen from all angles, and a breeze picks up the scent from flowering jasmine and lemon trees nearby. There are few things better in this life than experiencing Italy the way it should be done -- with an abundance of the simplest pleasures: meals thoughtfully prepared, stunning natural surroundings and an interior design that pays tribute to history in a modern way. This is all experienced at Monteverdi, a divine hotel in Tuscany. 22 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 38 www.upscalelivingmag.com

a d v e r t o r i a l

VERDI 23 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 38 www.upscalelivingmag.com

a d v e r t o r i a l

A draw of Monteverdi is the property’s ability to provide all of the seclusion that you could hope for, while being a short drive from excitement, shopping and rich history. This Val d’Orcia region of Tuscany is famous for Etruscan, Roman and medieval collections as well as ruins and artifacts. In fact, one of the most recent and significant Etruscans tombs, Tomba della Quadriga Infernale, was unearthed less than 5 km from Monteverdi. In addition, from this unique hamlet, it is less than an hour’s drive to the most renowned Tuscan hill towns: Siena, Montepulciano, Orvieto and Pienza, to name only a few. It is less than two hours from Florence and Rome. A personal concierge will deliver your every want, from private transportation, cooking classes, couture shopping, truffle hunting or a wine tasting at one of more than 300 vineyards in the region. As with many Tuscan villages, the original inhabitants of Monteverdi had dwindled significantly in recent years, due to many moving into the cities for work or last-generation family members who have passed on. Enter Michael L. Cioffi, an American lawyer touring Italy to explore his Italian roots. He immediately fell in love with a 12th century forgotten and nearly abandoned village. He wanted to preserve and restore this “new love.” Though friends and family advised against it, he purchased the first building that would later become a part of Monteverdi Tuscany. Unknowingly at the time, this one purchase would lead to breathing life into a town that had been forgotten by time, with only few remaining families living there. Michael has since renovated various empty homes in the most thoughtful way with renowned interior designer Ilaria Miani, who exemplifies sophisticated modern spaces that nod to historic elements. What began as a single building in the nearly abandoned Tuscan village of Castiglioncello del Trinoro has become a travel destination of beauty and luxury on a peak above Tuscany's Val d'Orcia, a UNESCO World Heritage site. By infusing modern amenities and style into the bones of an 800-year-old village, Michael has developed a once-forgotten town into an example of fine living and thoughtful design. He follows the credo Love, Life, Land and, in the sp​i​rit of Tuscany, he has created a mecca where Opera performances, a Modern Art gallery, fine and casual dining, wine tasting and exploring the land flourishes. The hamlet of Castiglioncello del Trinoro, home to Monteverdi, now relishes in visitors who have an appreciation of the simple pleasures that make up a well-lived life. Think of carpe diem and la dolce vita rolled into one experience in the green and gold rolling hills of Tuscany. As with the interiors, the Spa at Monteverdi is a testament to design, perfectly reflecting the natural environment. A sensory experience, the Spa offers the best of the healing arts with product from legendary perfumer Officina Profumo - Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella in Florence. Established in the 13th Century by Dominican friars, Santa Maria Novella was created based on the healing properties of herbs, plants and flowers. A 24 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 38 www.upscalelivingmag.com

a d v e r t o r i a l

25 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 38 www.upscalelivingmag.com

a d v e r t o r i a l

26 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 38 www.upscalelivingmag.com

a d v e r t o r i a l

treatment called The Full Monteverdi, for example, is a total immersion in the scents of Tuscany. The treatment begins with a rubdown with warm oil, followed by a salt scrub enriched with Tuscan plants such as rosemary, lemon balm and sweet orange, followed by a heavenly soak in an outdoor tub overlooking the Val d’Orcia, finished by a 75-minute massage. As with what you expect with Tuscan dining, the meals are nourishing, delicious and made with love. Chef Giancarla Bodoni masterfully takes tradition to a modern place, as with the Monteverdi theme. With a kitchen garden flourishing with organic produce, she creates the menu based on each season as to enhance each meal with foods grown in the Tuscan sun and soil. Her passion can be referenced in each bite. When I asked if she could write one of her most-loved recipes for readers to experience at home, she was delighted to do so. The recipe for Ricotta Panna Cotta is included for your enjoyment. With twelve bedrooms and three, 2-6 bedroom villas each uniquely designed and decorated and scattered throughout the narrow, intimate streets of the village, Monteverdi Tuscany is a place that inspires. Local villagers strolling the streets create the feel of an era steeped in the simple pleasures of living life full and passionately. This incomparable hotel property is the opposite of ordinary. As with many things in life, trusting an instinct brought on by immediate love is the stuff of greatness, which is how this revival of beautiful Monteverdi came to be. To learn more visit: www.monteverdituscany.com *

27 Upscale Living Magazine |

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a d v e r t o r i a l

Fresh Ricotta panna cotta wrapped in grilled zucchini to tomatoes and roasted lemon Skill level: medium | Preparation time: 1 hour | Ingredients | Serves 4 1 1/3 cups fresh ricotta 2 medium zucchini 他 cup heavy cream 1 pint of grape tomatoes 1/2 tsp. gelatin 5 basil leaves 1 lemon extra virgin olive oil Salt/Pepper Grated nutmeg Method In a small saucepot place the heavy cream with the grated nutmeg. When it comes to a boil add the gelatin and whisk until it is dissolved and incorporated into the cream. Set aside and allow to cool. With a mandolin slicer slice the zucchini lengthwise. You are going to need a grill for the zucchini. If you cannot grill the zucchini you may turn your broiler on high. Place the zucchini drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper on a baking sheet and broil them until they are beginning to char. Do this on one side only. Keep the broiler setting on your oven at 375 degrees. You will need the hot oven for the tomatoes. Place the ricotta in the electric blender, season with salt and pepper. Turn the blender on and pour in the heavy cream and basil leaves. Blend for a couple of minutes until incorporated and smooth. If you have a hand blender, you can use it instead of the electric blender. Place the ricotta into aluminum ramekins and cool in the refrigerator. Allow to set for two hours. Cut your grape tomatoes in half and the lemons into 8 pieces, removing the seeds. Place the tomatoes and the lemon in a baking sheet. Season with olive oil, salt and pepper and place in the oven for 10 minutes. The tomatoes and lemon should begin to caramelize. Once your fruit is nice and golden remove from the oven. Assembly Loosen the ramekins with a small knife or by dipping into a bowl of hot water. Place two slices of zucchini on a plate side by side slightly overlapping. Place one ricotta on top and wrap the zucchini around the ricotta. Place the tomatoes and lemons on top of the ricotta to serve. Buon appetito! 28 Upscale Living Magazine |

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ICELAND Adventure Awaits

| By Natalie King

Iceland is called the Land of Fire and Ice because it is a land of extreme contrasts. Wanderlust at it’s best – this is a place where you can truly experience immense landscapes of pure, untouched beauty and towering volcanic mountains. A steaming hot spring can be found moments away from a glistening backdrop of pure white snow, while a black desert made up of lava ash is juxtaposed by a lush landscape and aqua blue waterfall. Areas untouched by modern civilization create the perfect atmosphere to truly unwind and feel moved by your surroundings. The majestic landscape of Iceland is awe-inspiring. This is what drives the owner of Adventure Patrol Iceland, Arnar Már Baldvinsson, to create tours of the landscapes. “Every element of our tour is designed to create the most memorable experience and showcase these unique elements of Iceland” he says. Arnar is as passionate about the landscape as he is about the people of Iceland. “Iceland as a whole is very informal. The Icelandic people are very good natured and low key, this is a welcomed aspect by many of our travelers – it makes for a great experience”. Another draw of the Iceland experience is the Stopover-offered by Icelandair, which provides the chance to experience Iceland for up to seven nights at no additional airfare on your way to more than 27 destinations in Europe. Group tours with Adventure Patrol can consist of an afternoon, all the way to a 7-10 day tour circumventing the entire country. Family tours are a great way to connect and have an off-the-grid adventure to celebrate

a milestone or adventure. A selfie with the Adventure Patrol fleet of cars is becoming an attraction in itself, as is taking pictures at these remote, breathtaking locations. The fleet owned by Adventure Patrol is made up of heavily modified trucks called superjeeps and are meant to tackle the tough terrain and climate and can accommodate up to 7 adults plus luggage. One favorite day tour is the Golden Circle Adventure, which includes all elements of water: from lakes and geysers to waterfalls and glaciers. This tour begins at Thingvellir National Park – which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thingvellir represents the setting of the world’s oldest parliament, the Althing, and is located in the middle of the Mid Atlantic Ridge, where the tectonic plates of North America and Eurasia come together forming fissures and crevices along with Iceland’s largest natural lake, Thingvallavatn. The superjeeps come in handy when the tour takes the guests to the Langjökull glacier, Europe’s second largest, where people can experience the blue glacier ice first hand. These tours are not just about a rugged experience. One tour consists of driving away from any city lights and experiencing the Northern Lights stream across the sky in vibrant shades of emerald, amethyst and sapphire. Peaceful and restorative elements like spa services at hotels and fine dining are easily added to enhance the trip. Along with a private helicopter tour and boating options, you are able to customize each element to fit what you’re seeking, from extreme adventure to rest and total relaxation among the beauty of Iceland.

a d v e r t o r i a l Photo taken on top of the notorious volcano glacier Eyjafjallajรถkull, aka E-15 or simply Kevin, which closed European airspace for days aback in April of 2010.

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McLAREN 650S GT3 Heads to the Geneva Motor Show

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C么me Ledogar, 24, confirmed as new Factory Driver for 2016 Driver Academy further strengthened with the addition of Colin Thompson, 21 Factory Driver line-up to compete in the UK, mainland Europe and North America 650S GT3 to star at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show among new models from McLaren following debut competitive season, scoring victories in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America Following the most successful season for McLaren GT, with the 650S GT3 winning on each of the four continents it competed on, 2016 will see more cars competing in more championships across the world. Plans for Factory Drivers Rob Bell and Alvaro Parente are now finalised along with confirmation of the signing of C么me Ledogar to the works line up. The announcements coincide with confirmation that the 650S GT3 will line up as

part of an impressive display at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show alongside the three tier model range from McLaren Automotive for the first time. Joining the Factory Driver line-up for the 2016 season is 24 year old C么me Ledogar. The young Frenchman made the switch from single-seater racing at the end of 2011, and has since enjoyed success in GT racing including champion of the Porsche Carrera Cup France in 2014, and runner-up in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup and Porsche Carrera Cup Italia last year. Among his plans for the season, it is confirmed that Ledogar will contest the Blancpain Endurance Series in a McLaren 650S GT3. Rob Bell, 36, and Alvaro Parente, 31, will continue the relationship with McLaren GT having been part of the Factory Driver line up since 2012. The pairing has proved a formidable team with both claiming championship wins with the 650S GT3. Both drivers will join Tekno Autosports this weekend for the Liqui Moly Bathurst 12 Hour. Having recently secured the Asian Le Mans Series title with customer team Clearwater Racing, Bell will now compete throughout Europe with the 650S GT3. He will take on the Blancpain Having secured the International GT Open title in 2015, Parente is taking on a new challenge for the 2016 season as he joins customer team K-PAX Racing / Flying Lizard Motorsports as part of the assault on the Pirelli World Challenge which will see four examples of the 650S GT3 on the grid. The Portuguese driver will make his championship debut at the Circuit of the Americas in March for the first of the 20 race calendar. His valuable experience of European circuits will also be added to as he is confirmed for the Blancpain Sprint Series. Colin Thompson, 21, is the fourth driver to join the McLaren GT Driver Academy alongside Alex Fontana, Struan Moore and Andrew Watson. The young American from Doylestown, Pennsylvania has made a strong impression over the past few seasons securing the IMSA Porsche GT3 Cup title in 2014, followed by the Pirelli World Challenge Porsche Cup championship title last season. Thompson will join Parente as part of the K-PAX Racing / Flying Lizard Motorsports two car line-up in the Pirelli World Challenge. | BY DANIEL KASAKEE

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PORSCHE Turbo & Turbo S | By Mark Gallivan

Late last year there was heard a collective sound of Porsche Turbo owner choking on their blue lobster ravioli. The white-coated denizens at Zuffenhausen sheepishly announced that the base Porsche Carrera would now, for the very first time, also have a turbocharged engine. “Good grief!” they spluttered, “a Turbo is for the flagship 911, never the entry level car”. This genuinely was a seismic shift by Porsche that rivalled the retirement of the 993 with the demise of the last air-cooled engine. Now with the introduction of the new 991.2 – sounding like dull Microsoft bug fix – the base Porsche 911 has a smaller 3.0 litre engine with two turbos stuffed, slap-bang, into its tail. True, in a year of election it hardly raises an eyebrow on a Bloomberg reporter’s face. Nevertheless, to die hard Porsche enthusiasts who spent all those late nights working hard, years managing savvy investments with conspicuous care so that one day he or she owns a Porsche Turbo was horrifying. All that hard work so their Head of Investments down the corridor could say they’ve a turbo in their Porsche as well? Outrageous! But what of the new Porsche Turbo and S variants? Is it still the Turbo with all the go or has the iron fist been diluted, just a tad? In an effort at allay Turbo owners’ fears of its premier status, Porsche have revised the Turbo and Turbo S models - giving both respective power hikes – an extra 20bhp in each – rising to 540bhp in the Turbo and 580bhp in the S. Acceleration is now down under the magical three seconds to 2.9 seconds in the S, entering the McLaren 570S party without being on the guest list. Gone is the manual gear change option but the excellent PDK remains. This is made possible by all-new higher fuel pressures, new injection nozzles and inlet ports - that sort of stuff. And no, we haven’t a clue what they mean either, but the effect makes the already brutally powerful Turbo don a flak jacket and head out looking for serious trouble. Prices are now starting at 36 Upscale Living Magazine |


$159,200 for the Turbo and $188,100 for the S. And the key word here is starting – you’ll discover endless options to add to those sticker prices. The bigger story with the new Turbo cars though, is something Porsche call Dynamic Boost Function. In a normal car when you lift off the accelerator the throttle dies a bit, losing split second momentum. With the new Dynamic Boost Function in place there is no loss of power, waiting for you to blast of out of a corner with true ferocity. Equally, driving dynamic options are available on the steering wheel via the rotary knob that allows a driver dial in the Sport Response Button. If Turbo owners were feeling a bit short changed, these newly revised Turbo and S cars help keep it the Daddy of the non-race spec Porsche range. We drove them. We were impressed. In typical Porsche fashion there are stealthy revisions to the headlights, taillights, door handles and engine lid. Though you and I won’t notice unless we’re talking to a true 911 expert. It’s now that we need to forewarn you of their particular modus operandi. These people firstly make eye contact, corner you, and in a pincer movement worthy of Rommel, bombard you with dreary Porsche incremental design facts since 1975. You’ll spot them easily - they’re single. To which we suggest the following options: (a) bring up a totally unrelated subject – maybe your Aunt’s arthritis or (b, the one we like) run for your life. We can fully recommend the Turbo and Turbo S – the latter coming with carbon ceramic brakes and sexy wheels. It’s more exciting than ever and with 0-60mph sub 3 seconds credentials and finally puts the everyday 911 flagship into the big league and the base 991.2 Carrera back in its box. To do that to a car as sublime as the Carrera is Super Bowl half-time stuff. Now then, where exactly did we put that $159,200?



Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is delighted to present a limited edition Cocktail Hamper, conceived to meet the needs of customers who wish to relax and enjoy something a little beyond the traditional glass of Champagne. The Hamper itself is meticulously hand-crafted over a period of eight weeks from American Walnut Wood and the finest Natural Grain Leather that adorn the interior of some Rolls-Royce motor cars. On opening the Navy Blue leather-bound lid, the customer is presented with every necessary accoutrement required to create and enjoy the perfect cocktail. Each implement is a bespoke, hand-made creation designed to combine beautiful aesthetics with practicality, ensuring effortless use. Indeed, the notions of effortlessness and supreme luxury inform everything about the design. The paring knife, for example, is magnetically housed in a recess hewn into the American Walnut structure thereby ensuring it is stored and transported in safety and without disturbance. On opening, an automatic integrated light illuminates the Hamper in a warm glow,

in turn reflecting from the mirrored surfaces to evoke the aesthetic of a luxurious cocktail bar. “Each motor car that we craft represents a deeply personal expression of individual customer tastes and lifestyles. This extraordinary scope for personalisation extends far beyond the car itself through an Accessories Collection, featuring exceptional objects designed to augment the lifestyles of the marque’s customers,” said Gavin Hartley, Head of Bespoke Design, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. “This beautifully executed Cocktail Hamper illustrates the marque’s intimate understanding of the desires of the most discerning patrons of luxury in the world; Rolls-Royce customers.” Only 15 of these exquisitely crafted hampers will be produced, ensuring their exclusivity. Customers wishing to acquire one can do so through one of the marque’s 130 dealerships across the globe ($46,328)

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Emirates Airline Offers Sky-High World-Class Service | By Debbie Kickham Everyone dreams of experiencing world-class service in the air – and with Emirates Airline, those dreams are realized. Most recently, at the 2015 APEX Passenger Choice Awards, Emirates won in numerous categories including: Best Overall Passenger Experience, Best in Region: Middle East, Best Food and Beverage, Best In-Flight Entertainment User Interface, Best Cabin Ambience and Best Ground Experience That’s right. Passengers love Emirates, and for good reasons. Said Adel Al Redha, Emirates’ Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer: “The customer is at the heart of everything we do. In the air and on the ground, at the frontline and behind the scenes, our dedicated staff work hard every day to deliver an exceptional travel experience.” One of the many things that set Emirates apart from any other airline is its amazing First-Class cabin. It includes seats that recline from upright position to a full flat bed, an electrically operated door and an illuminated vanity mirror. And if you need a refreshing shower – Emirates has that covered too, with two shower spas in First Class that include a shower cubicle with water temperature/time control, vanity unit, wash basin, clothes changing area and toilet, hairdryer and full-length mirror, heated flooring and leather seating, plus perfumes from Bulgari. When it’s time to sleep passengers can enjoy their flat beds with comfort covers, fabric sleeping suits and slippers, down pillows and cotton-lined blankets. If you’re on a long-haul flight, you will also be given, among other things, a Bulgari amenity bag that the luxury brand designed exclusively for Emirates. (A collection of amenity bags for coach passengers is coming in the next few months). Oh yes, and if you haven’t seen the commercial yet, let me tell you that Jennifer Aniston has made a commercial for the airline in which she showcases how great – and unusual -- Emirates’ on-board showers are. On the ground, Emirates offers a network of 38 dedicated airport lounges around the world so that passengers can refresh in the shower, relax with a drink, savor gourmet cuisine, stay up to date with the latest news and sports, and enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi. 40 Upscale Living Magazine |

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Need to be entertained? Adding to its collection of awards, in June 2015 Emirates was awarded the “World’s Best Airline Inflight Entertainment” at the 2015 Skytrax World Airline Awards, for the 11th consecutive year. Always pioneering, Emirates’ in-flight entertainment system continuously sets industry standards, from being the first airline to launch personal TV screens in all seats in 1992, to Live TV in 2013, and free WiFi on its compatible aircraft in 2014. Now, with more than 2,100 channels on ice Digital Widescreen, Emirates continues to push boundaries in the depth and breadth of content it offers to the global traveler. And when you’re hungry, you can rest assured that Emirates has you covered with gorgeous gourmet cuisine. First class passengers can order multi-course meals a la carte, which are created by top international chefs. The menu is on demand and can be placed at any time during the flight. Emirates uses the finest Royal Doulton china and exclusive Robert Welch cutlery, thus providing a premium experience that is unmatched. Flying Emirates is a superb experience, any way you slice it. There are even special amenities for children. Emirates’ newest range of toys is called the “Fly With Me Animals,” for infants and toddlers and specially designed Fly With Me Lonely Planet activity bags for kids between six and 12 years old. Each bag features different content to encourage a sense of adventure in young travelers, to include fold-out world maps, travel journals, plastic drink bottles, cards with world facts and educational books exclusive to Emirates. The first four Fly With Me Animals – which are meant to be entertaining and educational -- include Lewis the lion from Africa, Peek U the panda from China, Enrico the monkey from Latin America, and Leila the camel from the Middle East. Emirates has more than 4 Million children who travel with the airline every year, and so it’s only natural that the airline would cater to small fry – and kids of all ages. | www.emirates.com

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a d v e r t o r i a l

BENEDETTO GUITARS Creating a Legacy | By Natalie King

Handmade, meticulously detailed Benedetto Guitars have been part of the legendary careers of top jazz guitarists for nearly five decades. Adding to the allure of the Benedetto brand is the location of their factory – in historic, beautiful Savannah, Georgia. “You don’t have to come to Savannah to purchase a Benedetto, but many of our clients arrange for a visit to tour our workshop and experience our beautiful and historic City,” says Howard Paul, the company’s president. With the labor and time intensive process of designing and building the guitar by hand, Benedetto will make only 100-120 guitars per year, with an average timeframe of eight months to complete each instrument. The process is completely personalized, allowing for a customized look reflecting the client. For a musician who is looking to create great art, it only makes sense to invest in a guitar that is produced in a similar fashion. The Benedetto Guitar is known equally for its performance quality as for its aesthetic appeal. The guitars have been featured in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, reside in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, and travel within the National Guitar Museum. In a modern world of fast, mass- produced commerce, the process of building guitars in such a unique and artful way is telling of the passion behind the brand. www.benedettoguitars.com

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BONDED against


There’s just something irresistible about spy movies. The femme fatales, the fervent fight scenes and the memorable one-liners combine in the perfect fusion of sexy and sinister, creating a genre so addictive that everyone knows the line: “The name’s Bond. James Bond.” So if you’re still holding on to that secret agent fantasy, secretly or not so secretly, take in the lush images of our models, Jacqueline Depaul and Gregory Zarian. Here, we present the idea of two agents, perhaps a super spy couple, or perhaps they have just met in a counterespionage covert operation. Both are living high-stress lives, always on the edge, and romance must be had on the fly; catching the briefest of opportunities. Timing is everything – whether on the job or otherwise. Despite their affluent lifestyle, time is one luxury this couple does not possess. Regardless of limitless technology at their command, and endless gadgets to keep their lives on track, our agents are really controlled by that basic law of time. Whether it is the tick-tock of a hand-crafted wood watch by JORD or the dual-time functionality and rugged styling of the Italian-designed Diesel, our lives are truly wrapped up in the concept of time. This couple feels bound by the unrelenting race against time – time for pleasure being cut short by the demands of the job. Feeling as though time binds every part of them, they still endeavor to out-run the clock and shake off the constraints of time while embracing every precious moment.


Lesley Pedraza (www.lesleypedraza.com) Female Model/Blogger:

Jacqueline Depaul (www.yellowbrickrunway.com) Male Model: Gregory Zarian (www.gregoryzarian.com) Make-up/Hair:

Claudia Rivas (http://claudias-touch.com) Post Production:

Argiris Maipas (www.qualityretouching.com)

- J.Depaul & D.L.Reynolds

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Skirt: Gordana Gehlhausen/ GOGA Shoe: BCBG Watches: JORD Watch Shirt: John Varvatos Bowtie: Nodstroms

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Suit: Mr. Turk Shirt: Hugo Boss Watches: JORD Watch

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Tuxedo: Braveman Suits Bowtie: Braveman Suits Shirt: Hugo Boss Cufflinks: Burberry Dress: Gordana Gehlhausen / GOGA Watches: Diesel

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Master & Dynamic MW60 Wireless Over Ear Headphones

Nomad Collection Trolley Cabin Small $1,480

Louis Vuitton Monogram Scarf $590 Jimmy Choo (£257) sunglasses Vivienne Westwood Ballin in the Garden & Flowers SS2016 Collection



Byredo Black Saffron Eau de Parfum 48 Upscale Living Magazine |

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Men Watch White MotherOf-Pearl Set With Diamonds




Africa From Urban to Safari, The Best Luxury African Experiences for Food, Wine, Game Drives, Sightseeing and Relaxation

Travel Writer Priscilla Pilon took her twenty-year-old niece Claire O’Brien along on a whirlwind three-week trip of a lifetime to four different countries in Africa - South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana. Leaving no stone unturned, they sought out the very best to share with Upscale Living readers and proved multigenerational travel can be very rewarding.

49 Upscale Living Magazine |

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T R A V E L Urban - Johannesburg

Johannesburg Expect the unexpected in Johannesburg - Joburg or Jozi as many locals call this surprisingly vibrant and beautiful city is making a comeback in a big way. Did you know that Joburg has over six million trees within its city limits? Barclay’s Bank, BMW, General Electric and Cisco Systems are some of the major international brands investing in South Africa’s future. The suburb of Sandton has become the financial capital for southern Africa as well as the shopping and entertainment hub. With over 70 coffee houses ranging from rustic cafés to trendy espresso bars, the coffee culture is huge in Jozi. You can easily spend the better part of a day strolling along the main street of Parkhurst’s upscale private label boutiques. Where to Stay Morrells Boutique Estate is the perfect place to begin a holiday in Joburg. Guests can unwind and shake off the jetlag with a therapeutic massage at the spa or relax by the pool while getting acclimated to the time change. Dine en plein air in an atmosphere reminiscent of the French countryside or indoors by the roaring fire surrounded by antiques and animal skins in winter. Charm oozes out of every nook and cranny in the former 1800’s dairy farmhouse accommodations and a gentle spirit is present in the stately Manor House’s seven suites across the street. Four Seasons Johannesburg http://www.fourseasons.com/johannesburg/ has invested its first footprint in southern Africa with its location in the ultra chic Westcliff area. During the last two days of a three-week journey, we were pampered at the Westcliff Spa with a relaxing lymph draining tri-touch massage, worked out in the fitness center to stretch our backs and prepare for the long flights ahead, and dined outdoors on the multi level terrace with gorgeous views of the Johannesburg Zoo. We dined at Flame (famous for its brick oven pizzas and grilled meats) and at the View (contemporary cuisine). Both restaurants served great South African wines and killer cocktails thanks to award winning barmen Warren and Takunda who have each created their own signature concoctions that taste as great as they look. Sipping a colorful Esther’s Touch or Summer Splash by the pool as the bright red African sun sets over the Westcliff hills is the perfect way to toast the end of an amazing expedition to Africa. What to Do Explore Johannesburg’s heritage. Soweto, the birthplace of the Apartheid Movement, has become a major tourist attraction with the addition of the emotionally moving Nelson Mandela Museum. Pop up markets and festive restaurants with live music have been growing to meet the demand of tourism. Learn the journey to democracy at Lilliesleaf, an award-winning heritage site. Located in the suburb of Rivonia, this 50 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 38 www.upscalelivingmag.com

Morrells Boutique Estate

Four Seasons Johannesburg

living museum is dedicated to preserving and maintaining conversations about a free and equal South Africa. 44 Stanley Sandton - a collection of food, fashion, furniture, health, beauty showrooms, specialty shops, coffee houses and restaurants. http://44Stanley. co.za Amatuli - source, collect, and trade furniture, rare artifacts, interior objects http://www.amatuli.co.za Parkhurst - top shopping and dining destination on 4th avenue with European sidewalk cafes. http://www.southafrica.net/za/en/articles/entry/ article-southafrica.net-parkhurst-johannesburg Rosebank Mall – large variety of stylish stores, restaurants, coffee bars, a cinema and craft markets. http://www.rosebankmall.co.za/about-rosebank-

T R A V E L mall.htm Art Africa - located in a Parkview suburb, this upscale curio shop offers high quality southern African hand sewn tapestries, beaded artifacts, wooden masks, and African print fabrics. http://www. southafrica.net/za/en/articles/entry/article-southafrica.net-art-africa The Orbit - live jazz music and bistro. http://www.theorbit.co.za Art Galleries - from contemporary to fine arts, Jozi has it all. The ten best can be found online at: http://blog.gumtree.co.za/top-10art-galleries-johannesburg/ Where to Eat Rockets - laidback, outdoor patio sitting area. http://www. rocketrestaurant.co.za Flames - at The Four Seasons: casual dining (breakfast, lunch, dinner). http://www.fourseasons.com/johannesburg/dining/ restaurants/flames/ View - at The Four Seasons: urban/chic, indoor/outdoor atmosphere, smart casual. http://www.fourseasons.com/johannesburg/dining/ restaurants/view/ Salvation Cafe - down to earth cafe in 44 Stanley, serving “fresh and honest food.” http://www.salvationcafe.co.za Westcliff Deli - at The Four Seasons: French style design, casual indoor/outdoor seating or grab a quick snack on the go. http://www. fourseasons.com/johannesburg/dining/restaurants/westcliff_deli/ ll Giardino - located in 44 Stanley: popular venue of choice for weddings, corporate/private functions. Voted one of the top 10 restaurants in Joburg by Eat Out Magazine. http://www.ilgiardino. co.za Hudson’s The Burger Joint - Parkhurst, mostly locally sourced top quality ingredients. http://www.theburgerjoint.co.za/index. php?option=com_content&view=article&id=70&Itemid=138 How to Get Around Uber is very convenient, and works the same as in any other major international city with options for Uber X and black car private car service. Gautrain, a mass rapid transit system conveniently connects Johannesburg, Pretoria, the OR Tambo International Airport, and many other stations. It is fast, safe, and reliable making it a practical method of travel for commuters in South Africa. http://www.johannesburg-airport.com/gautrain.html Photo courtesy of Priscilla Pilon

Luxury Africa can be Compatible with Animal Conservation and Sustainability - The world is getting smaller and smaller as remote villages, jungles and beaches are being introduced into the travel market. However, more than ever, upscale travelers are conscious of the footprint left behind and support resorts and tour operators that are committed to conservation and sustainability. Southern Africa boasts some amazing land and water safari properties that deliver fantastic experiences without compromising amenities. Most safari lovers agree the ingredients for a meaningful trip must include seeing “The Big Five” - African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and White/Black rhinoceros. Not every safari destination has representation from all of the Big Five and even if they do, seeing one of each of the five is not guaranteed. However, the best luxury game reserves make every effort to deliver an up close and personal experience with some of the world’s most amazing animals.

Photo courtesy of Priscilla Pilon

SHAMWARI - http://www.shamwari.com Whether you are traveling with children, on a romantic getaway, or desire a more heart pounding outdoors experience, Shamwari, part of the Shamwari Group, has something for every discerning traveler. The game reserve is 61,000+ acres of wildlife and botanical 51 Upscale Living Magazine | Issue 38 www.upscalelivingmag.com


Photo courtesy of Shamwari. Bomma Dinner

reserve and Guests stay in one of the unique lodges, exclusive private villas, tented sites, or rustic explorer camps. We adored the contemporary African decÓr, private plunge pool and expansive deck at our thatched roof suite at Eagles Crag Lodge. Nighttime was particularly interesting as we listened to the animals communicating and used the telescope to navigate the stars. Our room was spectacular, but what we really loved were the thrilling game drives. We had an extraordinary ranger named Jan who was the most enthusiastic animal lover since Steve Irwin, the Australian Crocodile Hunter. Our twice a day game drives went by quickly with Jan at the wheel and we very much adored hearing the stories of the personalities of the animals we encountered. It was a daily adrenaline rush every time we encountered a lioness hunting or a male lion lying so close to our vehicle we could count his teeth when he yawned.  It was unique to have the opportunity for the group of us to dine with our guide each second night. It allowed us time to ask more in-depth questions about the animals and the conservation initiatives. The owners of the resort, The Shamwari Group doesn’t just talk the talk on conservation and community involvement, they walk the walk. All manicured areas of the resort are kept green by using gray water. They try to limit the trash and recycle everything. Excess food is given to the local orphanage at the end of the day. School children visit the Born Free and Educational Centers for free. Safari vehicles are lower in emissions. For its efforts, Shamwari has been given Green Leaf Environmental Status audited by the Wilderness Foundation of South Africa. 52 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 38 www.upscalelivingmag.com

Photo courtesy of Priscilla Pilon

Thoughtful is how I would describe the customer service. Each room came with an adorable burlap bag filled with safari game drive amenities: snacks, guidebooks, hand sanitizer and “comfort stop” items in case nature calls out in the middle of nowhere. Because it was unseasonably cold during our visit, hot water bottles and thick wool blankets were distributed on the Land Cruisers and upon our return a hot towel and hot beverages were waiting for us in the lobby.

T R A V E L GONDWANA - http://www.gondwanagr.co.za The resort is set up like the most elaborate summer camp ever. The Kwena Lodge has luxury huts reminiscent of Khoi-San dwellings and the resort also boasts spacious family-friendly Bush Villas. We did not have to move from our beds to enjoy the property. Tall glass windows and sliding doors allowed for stunning 180-degree views day and night. The striking lodge, only about five years old, included an infinity pool situated perfectly overlooking the animals’ watering hole for easy game viewing. Dining facilities had comfortable seating lined with African print pillows and fire pits in the middle of each section adding a cool vibe to the atmosphere. It felt like we were in an old pub hanging out in the bar, sitting on stools with animal skin hides for comfort. The bar is the “it” spot for pre-safari afternoon tea or liquid courage and postsafari cool cocktails or celebratory bubbles are a must. Our enthusiastic guide was dedicated to making our safari experience as exciting as possible, and his love of the flora and fauna was apparent as he patiently waited for us to snap dozens of photos of a female cheetah devouring an unlucky impala, bones and all.

Photo courtesy of Priscilla Pilon

What makes this lodge so special is its attentiveness to families, especially the children. Youngsters were welcomed on custom drives tailored to match their stamina and age appropriateness. The chef prepared special snacks and treats just for the little ones and they had their own miniature table setting at teatime. Homemade scones, clotted cream and preserves accompanied by rich coffee and choice of teas were served each afternoon before we embarked on safari, while hot chocolate and sherry were poured upon our return. During drives, our guide gave us comfort breaks like no other. He actually set up a proper table with linens for our elaborate picnic spread, a real throwback to civility in the bush. While many dining options were child-friendly, the menu was definitely epicurean in nature. We took the opportunity to try Ostrich (a red meat similar to beef tenderloin) and several enticing local fish entrees as well. A blast for all ages, the outdoor boma barbeque overlooks a wide ridge where, as the sun dips below the mountainous line, it bathes the entire property with a heavenly glow. Bush Lodge at Amakhala Game Reserve - http://www.amakhala. co.za - Situated in South Africa’s Eastern Cape, Bush Lodge at the Amakhala Game Reserve, a Mantis Collection property, specializes in providing first-rate hospitality at their premiere location tucked away in a valley of the reserve.

Gondwana front porches at Kwena Lodge. Photo courtesy of Priscilla Pilon

Our tented and thatched roof suite overlooked the watering hole, which brought the game very close to our private deck and plunge pool. Amakhala is a reserve of 18,000 acres and is home to The Big Five. Game drives were thrilling thanks to our ranger Miena. My favorite encounter was when a couple of young male elephants popped out of hiding and into the road, heading right for our open air Land Rover. We quickly reversed and backed into a small break in the bush, no one speaking more than a whisper. Within seconds the whole herd, babies and all joined the two. The majestic creatures silently waltzed past our vehicle leaving us speechless. While on drive, Miena made sure we had plenty of heavy blankets and hot water bottles for our laps since it was freezing during our winter drives. For evening sundowners, the back of the vehicle was turned into a makeshift picnic station where tasty treats and libations were flowing like the Chobe River. Because Amakhala is made up of a group of families who have farmed the land for generations, they have a special bond with the landscape. Committed to repopulating the

Gourmet food at Gondwana. Photo courtesy of Priscilla Pilon

53 Upscale Living Magazine |

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Elephants at Amakhala Bush Lodge. Photo by Priscilla Pilon

area with indigenous foliage, they are also heavily involved in rhino and cheetah conservation. The eco-system in managed by a team who educates local school aged children. After each game drive we returned to our comfortable tent where a lavish hot bath had been drawn, perfect for relaxing after bouncing around in a jeep all day. Nightly dinner up at the main lodge began with generous pour cocktails by the fire. My new favorites, Amarula and Caramel Vodka on the rocks, were served with dispatch.  The al fresco tables were elegantly set and were aglow from the campfire that made them all the more beautiful. Every amenity we needed was in our tents, from wonderful lotions and bath salts to electric warming blankets in the beds for the cold wintery nights. Although more rustic than the other safari accommodations we experienced on this trip, it had an authentic charm not repeated by any other property. ZIMBABWE Stanley and Livingstone - http://www.Stanleyandlivingstone.com At this Mantis Collection property, the Victorian-style main lodge lounge areas and dining rooms are filled with antiques and historical art. They also have an expansive terrace outdoors, which was our favorite spot for breakfast. We gobbled up fluffy pastries, fresh fruit, and savored our first cup of Joe while sitting silently in awe as a herd of elephants slowly made their way to the watering hole situated about 50 feet away from our table. Sharing our meal with these magnificent creatures set the tone for a wonderful retreat. The game drive rangers were so much fun! Along with the African elephants, enormous kudu, hoards of zebra and other noteworthy animals, our guide good-naturedly brought us closer and closer until we were within five feet of a protective black rhino mother and her enchanting baby. We sat in the vehicle jaws-dropping. Knowing how endangered this species is, made this sighting a truly memorable experience. On our way back to the Lodge, we stopped at the educational center where rangers give talks to tourists, locals, and children on the importance of conservation. Our room was a comfortable and spacious thatched roof villa with Wi-Fi, laundry service, and a relaxing porch with sunset views.   Victoria Falls is a short 10 minute drive from the property and the property. The affable concierge arranged for us to have a driver take us to the Falls, show us the ropes of where to rent a rain poncho (essential), and picked a meeting spot for us to find him for our return. Gourmet cuisine, first-rate hospitality, and stimulating game drives await visitors at this charming property. 54 Upscale Living Magazine |

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Photo by Priscilla Pilon

ZAMBEZI QUEEN - http://www.zambeziqueen.com Not your average river cruise, floating on the Chobe River between Botswana and Namibia on the Zambezi Queen is heavenly. Spacious staterooms are efficient and luxurious with soft linens and modern bathrooms. Stepping on to the Zambezi Queen for the first time, the staff singing for us traditional African music, offering us warm towels and welcome drinks, we swooned under the open skies with unobstructed views as faras the eye could see. Water safari guides offer excursions on small tender boats that took us to the water’s edge where animals feed and hunt on the islands in the middle of the river between Botswana and Namibia.  We were invited to a local village and were welcomed by its residents to witness their traditional way of life. Men bring water to the skilled women who build the walls of huts and our hearts melted as we interacted with the little children clutching our hands. Their smiles were infectious!  The community gathering space was filled with artisanal handmade crafts such as woven bowls, wooden spoons, and a multitude of African animal carvings. To make us feel even welcomer, the villagers sang and danced, pulling in a few of our fellow outgoing travelers into the celebration. Our gutsy guide was able to bring us ever so close to sleepy crocodiles sunbathing on riverbanks, water buffalo grazing and, most memorably, a herd of elephants crossing the river. As the water deepened, only their elegant trunks were in sight. Mothers pushed tiny babies completely submerged until all arrived safely on the opposite bank, their darkened backs glistening in the sun. The grace and beauty of the crossing brought me to tears. Our quarters consisted of cozy beds with wall-to-wall sliding doors that opened up to the Chobe River, revealing panoramic views with breath-


Niece Claire and Priscilla on safari break for sunset cocktail at Amakhala Photo by Priscilla Pilon

Kwena Lodge Hut at Gondwana. Photo by Priscilla Pilon

taking sunsets. Surprisingly, there was plenty of storage space for our luggage, and enough power outlets to charge up our electronics. The riverboat floated down the Chobe quietly and peacefully, allowing us to enjoy the stunning landscape. It was incredible the level of cuisine that the talented staff was able to prepare in such a small kitchen. The velvety soups were unforgettable as well as the hearty main courses and excellent wines. The bar staff welcomed us with open arms, greeting every single one of the guests by name and eager to please. The crew pulled us into the last nights’ entertainment of traditional songs accompanied by African drums. Dancing ensued where guests donned grass skirts and laughed until lights out.     One of the gems of the Mantis Collection, The Zambezi Queen offered us the perfect combination of five star amenities and the true African safari experience. SOUTH AFRICA CAPE TOWN AND BEYOND Steenberg Farm http://www.steenbergfarm.com A quick call to Uber and a short thirty-minute drive from Cape Town’s International Airport and you too could be sipping a pink glass of bubbles at an award-winning winery. Wine enthusiasts will recognize the Constantian region as being a premiere location for growing grapes that make substantial wines of distinction in South Africa. Steenberg Farm and Hotel is situated in the amphitheater of Constantia in the Table Mountain range. Historically significant, the property was the very first farm granted

Priscilla photographing Kudu from Zambezi Queen safari launch

by Simon van der Stel to a very feisty and legendary five-time widow Catharina Ras in 1682. The exteriors of the Heritage Suites maintain the 17th century architecture and design, but the interiors are a blend of modern sleek spaces and warm African notes created with earthy toned fabrics, original paintings, and objets d’art from local artists. World-class hospitality is a trademark of this property. Upon check-in we were asked what temperature we would like our private pool and would we like the fire lit after dinner? No need to ask for an after dinner drink, port and cognac were already decanted and waiting by the roaring fire. 55 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 38 www.upscalelivingmag.com

T R A V E L Amenities like the fully outfitted gourmet kitchen with granite countertops, cappuccino machine, and Nespresso coffee maker make it a dream to entertain in this house. Heated floors throughout meant that when stepping out of the oversized bathtub it continued the warm feeling in the spa-like bathroom. We hated to leave the Khoi Khoi Suite, but we were lured out by the promise of world-class cuisine and, of course, the wines. One night we ate a lovely selection of Tapas at Bistro 16 and the other night we dined at Catharina’s, where the wine list was long and the choices of fresh fish and tasty desserts were too. We could have spent a week there easily given the ability to spa, play golf and wine taste but the adventure must continue. GROOTBOS - http://www.grootbos.com/en/home The Private Nature Reserve Grootbos, designated as one of National Geographics’ Unique Lodges of the World, is adjacent to the pristine seashore leading to Walker Bay. The resort is pure magic - a virtual utopia where five-star accommodations and cuisine coexist with nature in an eco-paradise. We knew this place was something special as we strolled through the canopy of ancient Milkwood trees to get to our freestanding two-room suite. A wood fire was roaring in the living room stone fireplace, ripened fresh fruit was waiting in our kitchen area and the canopy beds were turned down for the evening anticipating our return from dinner in the main lodge.

Cape of good hope where Atlantic & Indian Oceans meet. Photo by Priscilla Pilon

We met our guide in the morning for a two-part tour that began with a short walk where she introduced the animal, plant and bird species of the reserve. Shortly after, we hopped into an open top Land Rover for a 4x4 flower safari that took us on back trails throughout the mountain range to cover some of the 10+ square miles of the floral kingdom. The Grootbos Foundation is an award-winning non-profit organization committed to responsible tourism and transforming communities. It was transformative to tour the Siyakhula Organic Farm where women attend the Food Production and Life Skills College. It is here on the reserve that we witnessed what they produce - organic fruits and vegetables, free range chickens, and honey from the beehives set in the beauty of the fynbos. It came as no surprise given our tour of the Siyakhula Farm, that the cuisine at Grootbos was the best we tasted in our three weeks in Africa. The sheer freshness of the locally sourced fish and with the chefs using the vegetation grown on the property, we could literally taste the wholesomeness in every bite. Each meal was a true gourmet farm-totable experience. The honey ice cream with honeycomb cookie was simply out of this world. Grootbos is nestled inside the best area to see the “Marine Big 5” whales, sharks, dolphins, seals and penguins. The list of resort activities was brimming with exciting outdoor adventures for people of all ages. Last Word Long Beach http://www.thelastword.co.za/home.htm The views from each of the suites at Mantis Collections’ Last Word Long Beach is dotted with surfers, paddle boarders, people walking their dogs and breathtaking views of Chapman’s Peak, Hout Bay and Table Mountain. Long Beach is definitely a convenient place to stay for extended holidays - generous sized suites with huge closets and storage spaces for beach toys and gadgets. Lovely amenities included a straw bag with beach towels and sun hats and we appreciated the plethora of converter plug enough to cover all our devices. At night I was lulled to sleep with the sound of the surf pounding the shore and in the morning I relished being wrapped up in the fluffy robe, sipping a piping hot cup of java on the oversized deck. Despite the chill in the air, the all-inclusive premium spirits and roasted coffee kept us warm and cozy throughout our stay. 56 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 38 www.upscalelivingmag.com

Photo by Priscilla Pilon

Breakfast was buffet style, but with an additional menu for elaborate hot meal choices and every seat in the lounge was prime beachfront dining. Since breakfast is the only meal served, it was good to force us out and about to explore the attractions nearby: Boulders Penguin Colony, a beach that is home to the endangered birds where the colony of adults and babies can be observed in their natural habitat and The Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, a meeting point between the cold Atlantic Ocean and the contrasting warm Indian Ocean. It was easy to see why the Last Word Long Beach has been regularly named as the country’s leading beach hotel at the World Travel Awards. The quiet and peaceful location, the attention to detail and personalized service made our stay very enjoyable. | By Priscilla Pilon

Vacation Rentals Private Islands Luxury Resorts Luxury Yacht Holidays

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KOTEK CAMILIA ARMOIRE The Camilia was created to grace the most regal of dining rooms with its elegance and splendor.

NAMIB | ARMCHAIR This invigorating, balanced and curved armchair is the master creation of powerful forces, where wood and satin cotton help to convey our mind to sublime a feeling of being embraced by a classic. And a classic makes any living room set look timeless. NAMIB armchair brings nature inside in an intriguingly elegant way as the piece embodies at the same time the strength of nature’s forces and its beauty


TRENDS Simple Luxury Thrills For Your Home 

BURLESQUE CONSOLE Revisit the dazzling world of a French cabaret through the Burlesque console. Its acrobatic polished brass loops & spins paired with black exotic skins and a black crystal on each one of the 4 drawers exude the mysterious traits of a feisty diva.

EMPIRE CHANDELIER Inspired in the stunning architectural building, the Empire State Building is a masterpiece. It has an extravagant shape full of modernity capable to transform every space in a stunning scenario. This is a natural decor piece that creates an exclusive atmosphere. 58 Upscale Living Magazine |

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Ultra Luxury Condo coming to Coconut Grove Park Grove, an ultra luxury waterfront condominium set on an unrivaled location just off Biscayne Bay, in Coconut Grove, is making deadlines, becoming one of Miami’s hottest residential markets. Designed by Oma, a New York practice led by Shohei Shigematsu, and Rem Koolhaas, a well known dutch architect, the striking towers of Park Grove set a new architectural standard in the already upscale Coconut Grove. Park Grove Tower 1 will set the bar as the most expensive condominium residences ever constructed in Coconut Grove and may be the most expensive in all of Miami. Park Grover Tower 1, the most exclusive of the three towers, will consist of 40 to 50 residences, and it will have the largest floor plans available with only two to three residences per floor, while other floors will also have full-floor residences. Park Grove will have luxurious amenities to offer to its residences including a resort-style pool with private cabanas, dedicated penthouse pools, gorgeous views of Biscayne Bay, lusciously-landscaped gardens beautifully designed by acclaimed international landscape designer, Enzo Enea, indoor and outdoor yoga spaces, state-of-the-art fitness centers, children’s indoor and outdoor play areas, adult gaming room with billiards and table tennis, private screening room, wine cellar with wine lockers, business center and exclusive concierge and butler services. For more information, visit www.park-grove.com

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From Portugal to Taipei for Hale Moana How a Hawaii Developer Does Global design $28,046,000 | 6,273 SF Interior | Lanais Totaling 845 SF | Panoramic Ocean / City Views When tasked with designing the Grand Penthouses at Park Lane Ala Moana, the development team of The MacNaughton Group and Kobayashi Group were informed by two things: A deep generational connection to Hawaii and a commitment to timeless, functional and lasting design. In every project they undertake the team travels the world to source the finest materials, finishes and fixtures and assembles the best interior-design, landscaping and architectural-design teams to carry out its grand plan. Now, with their latest Grand Penthouse offering, Hale Moana (Hawaiian for “House of the Ocean”), the developers are presenting owners with the opportunity to customize every design detail in their new home. From working with Park Lane’s trusted design team to finalize the design plan to accompanying the developers to personally handselect finishes and fixtures, owners will enjoy the process of being as involved as they choose in bringing to life the dream of homeownership at one of Hawaii’s premier luxury communities. Park Lane residences range from approximately $2.7M to more than $28M. For more information or to schedule an appointment for viewing, call D. Matt Pakkala, RA, Director of Sales or Bonnie Wedemeyer, Realtor®, Director of Sales at + 1 800 958 6175 or email Info@ParkLaneAlaMoana.com | Explore the Grand Penthouses at www.ParkLanePenthouses.com or to learn more, visit www. ParkLaneHawaii.com 62 Upscale Living Magazine |

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ARCHITECTURAL PLANNING J. Armando Leyva 253-653-6815





| By Daniella McKenzie

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A grand and coveted historic Canadian mansion — privately located in Toronto’s premier Bridle Path enclave, just 15 minutes outside of downtown Toronto — will be offered for sale at auction after 65 years of family lineage. Former newspaper publisher and author Lord Conrad Black, a Canadian-born British citizen who once controlled the world’s third-largest English-language newspaper company, will offer his primary residence through Concierge Auctions on March 8th. An impressive 23,000-square-foot-plus of living space set on over 6.6 acres, built in six phases and extensively renovated over the years, 26 Park Lane Circle has never before been available for sale. In this much-admired and regal estate, Black has entertained many prominent guests including British royals, world statesmen and many well-known entertainers and cultural figures. With an estimated value of $21.8 million, the property will sell in cooperation with Barry Cohen of Re/Max Realtron Realty Inc. Brokerage. Lord Black was quoted saying: “It is a big house for two people. We will be abroad a good deal, and moving to a more manageable home will be a convenience to us now as our careers have evolved. Auction is the best way to achieve this end, as it sets the timeline on what will be, in physical terms, a large relocation.” Crafted and constructed by famous international Architect Thierry W. Despont — who has been commissioned by other notable clients including Bill Gates, GianniAgnelli and Stavros Niarchos — 26 Park Lane 66 Upscale Living Magazine | Issue 38 www.upscalelivingmag.com

Circle is a magnificent Georgian residence that has everything from an indoor pool and spa to a chapel consecrated by two Cardinals. Taking the term ‘grand entrance’ to a whole new level, the residence is located down a winding, romantic driveway set back from the road, nestled amongst the trees without another building in site. Upon arrival, guests are greeted within the three-story foyer, complete with a grand staircase, impeccably detailed molding and an ornate chandelier. Offering endless options for entertaining, the estate is comprised of uniquely configured reception and living spaces where Black and his family have hosted Richard Nixon, Margaret Thatcher, Henry Kissinger, The Duke of Edinburgh, Sir Elton John, and many other prominent figures. The house has an elegant formal dining room, dual sitting and dressing rooms, a two-story/two-room library, state-of-the-art chef ’s kitchen, a media room, billiard room, wine cellar and multiple working fireplaces throughout. Including the guest apartment and coach house, the entire property includes a total of nine bedrooms, 11 full bathrooms and four half bathrooms. There will be an unpublished reserve. “Our firm has sold fine homes around the world, but this is one of the most extraordinary properties we’ve had the pleasure to represent,” said Mike Russo, vice president of Concierge Auctions. “From the design aesthetic to the family history to its bevy of distinguished guests, 26 Park Lane Circle is a remarkable estate in one of Canada’s most sought after neighborhoods. The chance to own here is rare and should be seriously considered by luxury buyers globally.”


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“26 Park Lane Circle is one of the largest residential parcels of land within the Greater Toronto area, nestled within arguably the best and most affluent neighborhood in Canada,” said Cohen, who has also worked with Concierge on three successful sales in the neighborhood including 24 Park Lane Circle, also sold by Black on a reserve format last year. “Never offered for sale, this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to owned a distinguished estate that is nothing short of incomparable.” Concierge Auctions will conduct previews of 26 Park Lane Circle by appointment only. For more information, call 212.257.5018.

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classic fork / contemporary spoon

UPSCALE DINING | By Karen H. Berliner There is nothing quite like a classic white tablecloth dining experience. It allows us to take a pause from our typical meals on the fly and enjoy good old fashioned cooking served with polish and finesse in a beautiful dining room, complete with intentional ambiance, well appointed china and flatware, presented with synchronicity by a team of professionals, all the while shut away from the hectic pace of modern life. Today the old school mentors can take advantage of the new and fresh influences brought literally to the table by the current generation of contemporary chefs via

fusions of ethnic influences, growing awareness of farm to table and green sourcing and further appreciation of the benefits of healthy eating. Put those two forces together, the present and the past, and you have the makings of pure culinary synergy. In that spirit, Upscale Living has gleaned a sampling of some classic dining spots with refreshed modern persuasion, delightfully sprinkled throughout the ever evolving dining landscape of New York.

ROCCO- NEW YORK CITY- NOMAD Rocco is the quintessential elegant classic American steakhouse, but pulls it off sans the typical heavy mahogany, brocade upholstery feel. Instead, prepare for a light space with a U-shaped bar, floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Madison Avenue and a vibrant red gold hued accent wall of Giallo di Sienna stone. In the back, there is a more intimate dining room with a wall of wines. Enough said. Start your palate going with a steakhouse classic salad such as their iceberg wedge with bacon and Roquefort cheese and sliced beefsteak tomatoes. Steaks and chops include the Porterhouse for two or more, New York sirloin, filet mignon and rib eye. Other meat selections include tender veal chops and lamb chops. If in the mood for lighter fare, their broiled fish such as red snapper, salmon and halibut are fresh catch favorites. For a treat, the 3 ½ pound steamed lobster is pure bare bones delicious. Steakhouse sides such as steak fries, creamed spinach, asparagus or broccoli, sautéed or steamed and current trend lobster mac and cheese with or without truffle oil are all hits. 70 Upscale Living Magazine |

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For dessert try the tiramisu, cheese cake, key lime pie or pecan pie or put the cherry on the sundae with a hot fudge treat crowned with a generous dollop of sweet whipped cream. | www.roccosteakhouse.com

Accolades  Executive Chef Johnny Jevric leads the kitchen with over twenty years of culinary experience at fine dining restaurants in New York City, including the past ten years as Executive Chef at Wolfgang’s.

The Wow Factor  The chilled seafood tower piled high with fresh market seafood includes oysters and clams on the half shell, steamed lobster, jumbo shrimp and stone crab. Scrumptious.


ANGUS CLUB STEAKHOUSE NEW YORK, NY Four friends, now co owners of Angus Club, updated this two-floor, 9,500-square-foot space that was once the Cuvée nightclub, showcasing a rustic posh interior with reclaimed timber walls, wood floors, custom metal chandeliers and black marble bar tops. Complimenting this is the abstract woodblock artwork hanging over the staircase, leading to the downstairs dining room, showcased with a marble statue of a gaucho wrestling a steer. With more than a century of combined experience among them, owners Executive Chef Edward Avdyli, General Manager Dino Gacevic, Sommelier Margent aslinka, and Host Zef Makaj, originally worked together at the Benjamin Steakhouse, leading them to the Angus Club today. Try some of their appetizers fast becoming signatures, such as the crab cake; made with pan-seared whole lump crab meat or the baked clams with panko breading. For the hearty diner, the roasted marrow bones are flavorful and perfect. The Porterhouse, one of Angus Club’s signature steaks, is served in portions for one, two, three, or four. The double-cut T-bone veal chop or the Colorado lamb chops round out the choice cuts options.

Accolades  Named one of the Ten Best Places to Sink Your Teeth into a Juicy New York Steak by USA Today, Angus Club Steakhouse consistently earns five-star reviews on OpenTable and was spotlighted in the Wall Street Journal.

The Wow Factor  On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, a pianist entertains downstairs at Angus Club, performing standard hits and original songs.

Sides such as the truffle cream corn or the spinach is served creamed, sautéed, or steamed-- all great choices. The crème brûlée and the tiramisu are made in-house and are consistently delicious. Angus Club’s wine cellar specializes in California cabernets. Merlots, zinfandels, malbecs and pinot noirs are also on the list that includes best-selling Italian and French producers.| www.angusclubsteakhouse.com

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The Perfect Pairing What better way to toast special occasion than with a flute of Charles Heidsieck NV Brut ($65), a rich and decadent Champagne. Cocktail Pairing: The perfect pairing would be a sparkling cocktail, like the Zbagliato, featuring Zonin Dress Code Prosecco - Grey Edition ZBAGLIATO 1 oz. sweet Italian Vermouth 1/2 oz. Italian bitters 1 dash absinthe 1 dash fennel bitters Zonin Prosecco Grey Edition In one glass, combine ice, sweet Italian Vermouth, Italian bitters, and absinthe and stir together. Strain content over into a second, ice-filled glass. Top the mixture with Zonin Prosecco Grey Edition. Stir together once more and serve.

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