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GILBERT NY Times Best Selling Author

JHis OSE EBER iconic career &

Plans for the future July - Issue No. 25

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Old Meets New - “A Collection of Statement Pieces by Etienne Aigner Summer Love - Beauty Essentials Le Smoking Hash - “An Interview with Fashion Designer Anne Valerie Hash The Season’s Most Fabulous Styles

36 Health & Beauty

14 Skilling Institute - “Beauty Machine” 36 Tracy Anderson

38 Arts & Entertainment 38 Agenda - “Upcoming Events”

45 Jewelry & Timepieces

45 Van Cleef & Arpels - “House of

the Gold Handed Jeweler

46 Home Décor & Architecture

46 Greg Rosenberg - “Capturing Nature in

Copper, Rock and Stained Glass”

50 Autos, Jets, Boats & Yachts

50 Mega Yacht Chartering 53 Sarasota Yacht Club - “Where Innovation, Modern Luxury & Tradition Happily Co-Exists”

58 Real Estate

58 Home Beautiful - “Gramercy

Park Townhouse - NY”

63 Kiawah Island Property 122 Flyway Drive

65 Travel

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The Peninsula - Beverly Hills Hotel Ocean House - “Luxury on a grand scale in smallest state” Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek, Dallas, Texas

74 Culinary

74 Pier 37 Restaurant Review 76 Where to Eat - NY, Boston & Miami

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Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 25


17 Jennifer Gilbert

NY-Times Best Selling Author

10 Hutton Wilkinson

Beverly Hills



Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 25

22 Anilu Oms

An Exceptional Designer

40 Jose Eber

& Plans for the future. His Iconic Career



A D M S P U B L I S H I N G G R O U P, L L C Publisher/Editor

Alina R. Leyva Design and Travel Editor

Natalie King

C O N T R I B U TO R S Natalie King — Natalie grew up dividing her time between Boston and her family’s country home in North Carolina. Her appreciation of style began with her work as a model and throughout her travels. She studied broadcast journalism at Umass Boston where she gradated with honors and then went on to pursue her career as a writer. Natalie began working for Upscale Living Magazine as the Fashion Editor where she reported from New York Fashion Week and produced the fashion and style features. For this issue, Natalie interviewed celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, Jose Eber in Beverly Hills, NY Times bestselling author Jennifer Gilbert, as well as producing the style features. For our next issue, she will be counting down the seasons top beauty products and featuring some of the best boutique hotels for a quick and glamorous getaway.

VP of Sales & Marketing - Mid/East Coast

Rich Murowski VP of Sales - West Coast

Bruce Ellington SALES OFFICE Bruno Babic, Diane Dorval, Janelle Harris,

Karen H. Berliner — A seasoned freelance journalist with a true love and flare for luxury food, wine and travel writing. Her passion for journalism coupled with her appreciation and driving interest in food and luxury travel, coupled with an insatiable wanderlust to boot, inspires her to explore this big world and bring back her finds to the local reader. Her work has been featured in Los Angeles, Edible East End (The Hampton’s), Social Life (The Hampton’s), Haute Living Magazine among other publications.

Mark Goodman, Myra Johnson Contributing Writers

Ava Roxanne, Emma Dance, Slavika Monczka, Karen H. Berliner, Kathleen Krueger, Kay Fernandez, Gary Peterson, Jay T. Photographers

Bob Hughes—Director of Photography NE

Ava Roxanne— A travel writer and blogger with more than 23,000 Twitter followers plus many more for her other platforms & freelance work. Fox News, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Spa Week and the Atlanta Journal Constitution have recently quoted her concerning spa, travel, skin care, fashion, technology, environmental, and various women’s topics. As a travel writer and the editor of Spa Travel Gal, her articles have appeared with Spa Week, H Magazine, Destinations Travel Magazine & CBS News amongst others. Ava believes Travel, Spa and Skin Care Experiences are not a Luxury, but Essential to a Healthy Body and Mind!

Fran Grenon —Travel Photographer Said Bazze —Director of Photography SE

Multimedia Correspondent

Kasey Grenon


Design Studio

A.R.C. Design Art Director

Alina R. Cabral

Slavica Monczka — created “Seductively French” (SF) to celebrate the allure of the French culture, the birthplace of haute couture, fine art, architecture, and gourmet cuisine. Through Slavica’s writing, you will be able to experience the uniqueness of France, the spirit of the people and the true meaning of passion. Through SF, she is able to produce luxury products that are aspirational, while empowering our audience to capture and create its own ‘joie de vivre.’ Emma Dance — A journalist for almost eight years currently based in the beautiful city of Bath in the UK. Her main passions in life are luxury travel, gourmet food and fine wines and spirits. She has travelled extensively across the globe, as well as within the UK, visiting around 20 countries in the past three years alone. Emma’s work has been published in regional publications in the UK, as well as on numerous websites.

Graphic Designers

Jacklyn Dana, Michael Vincent

Web Development

A.R.C. Designs

Kathleen Krueger — A full time freelance writer from Brainerd, Minnesota. She is a regular contributor to other print magazines and online ezines. She has a background in the construction/design industry and is very involved in the arts community. Her intuitive, feelings-based personality strongly influences her creative writing, but is especially evident in her poetry, her first love, when it comes to crafting with words.

Dear Readers, This summer, we were more than excited to announce the opening of our new office in the beautiful Sunshine State! and with this new venture, we’ve been meeting many talented people

“On The Move” by Roger San Miguel


in the region, one of the most beautiful, gifted & exceptional cuban designer is Anilu Oms, who creates the most gorgeous headpieces in the world! She opens up her studio and gives us an insight of how she got inspired to do what she does and much more! Hutton Wilkinson in beautiful Beverly Hills—president of The Anthony & Elizabeth Duquette Foundation for the Living Arts, and a member of the board of directors of “Save Venice Inc.” and Jennifer Gilbert—NY Times Best-selling Author Owner of “Save the Date event planner” are also a must read! And Old Meets New is a great article on a collection of statement pieces by Etienne Aigner. But Upscale Living Magazine doesn’t stop in the states!, Slavica Monczka, one of our talented contributor met with fashion Designer Anne Valerie Hash in Paris bringing us the latest in fashion couture!

“Thinking” by Victor Zaldivar

We offer an exciting variety of original art of FINE ARTISTS from various countries. WE SHIP WORLDWIDE.

So let’s just pick a copy of our latest issue and enjoy reading about The Best! From luxury travel, fashion, dining and entertainment, Upscale Living Magazine showcasing a lifestyle of beauty to our readers. Enjoy!

Alina R Leyva “Fruits & Wines” by Paco Gorospe

Tel/Fax: (212) 977-3374





Beverly Hills






Beverly Hills

Glamour and opulence transcends through all of your projects in

China, jobs which I am still considering at this time. I also design and

such an innate way. Can you tell me about your upbringing and early

sell “home decor” on HSN and continue creating new products for

influences that may have shaped your aesthetic?

my various licensors including Baker Furniture, Remains Lighting,

My childhood was a fantasy life. We lived in a big house in Hancock Park, an upscale old fashioned neighborhood in Los Angeles, we had antique furniture, and what I considered important paintings in massive gold frames, and mountains of silver, and baccarat crystal and French porcelains, five servants and parties all the time.  My mother wore clothes from the French Room at Bullocks Wilshire, and constantly changing jewelry, but on a regular day she had five carat diamond earrings on each ear.  I thought we were rich and definitely privileged

Jim Thompson Thai Silk, Roubini Carpets and my newest contract is to design “tabletop” for Mottahedeh Porcelains. I have published two books on Tony Duquette and another on Jewelry and have ideas for two more design books for Abrams which are on the drawing board.  I have recently completed a novel of historic fiction with my writing partner Flynn Kuhnert on the last ten years of Elsie de Wolfe’s life and the first ten years of Tony Duquette’s career.  We hope to have this published and also sold for television this year.

especially since my nanny, who had been my mother’s nanny filled

Your personal style is as iconic as your interiors, who are your style

my childish head with stories of vast wealth, gold mines, and French


furniture, dressing for dinner, and ponies as she recalled «the good old days» back in Bolivia where my mother’s «legendary» fortune emanated from. It was only later that I learned the sad truth that that›s exactly what it was... «a legend»!!!  The truth was we didn›t have a dime, lived like kings, the servants were «old household retainers» who got room and board and no money, and the furniture, paintings and jewelry were all left over from «before the troubles» also spelled «1928»... the extravagances came from my father, a hardworking, extremely talented architect who thought he had married a rich wife, and who had wonderful taste

When I was little... and I mean... still in grade school... my heroes were; Tony Duquette, Cecil Beaton, Oliver Messel, The Baron de Rede, Arturo Lopez Wilshaw, Emelio Terry and Carlos de Beistegui.  I was determined to meet them all (accept for Arturo Lopez Wilshaw and Emelio Terry who were already deceased)... I was fortunate to meet them all except for Cecil Beaton who died before I had the pleasure... and Carlos de Beistegui... although I did meet his nephew Juan who invited me repeatedly to the fabulous Chateau de Groussay.

in clothes which he selected for her from the French Room at Bullocks

Parties, jewelry, lavishness and jet-set glam are personified in much

Wilshire, a store owned by his uncle P.G.Winnett... but purchased retail

of your work. It is so inspiring to wear a piece of your jewelry (side

without benefit of «family discount»! All of these combined circum-

note: I don’t know this firsthand but can imagine), it is like the

stances instilled in me a knowledge of beauty, family pride, flights of

perfect adornment—both elegant and modern. When you begin

fancy, southern hospitality, (my father’s family were from Alabama and

sketching your design, how do you find inspiration?

my mother’s from South America... so I considered myself «thoroughly southern».) My love of decorating, and jewelry was easily picked up from the surroundings at hand.  All of this and the weekly visits to the local «Wiltern Theater» an art deco movie palace only five blocks from home which should the newest films from the last of Hollywood’s Golden Age instilled in me a desire and respect for what was to come later.  What are your current projects? I split my time between designing and flogging “jewelry”... both fine jewelry, and my costume jewelry lines for HSN...”interior decorating” ... I am currently consulting on a major hotel project in South America, a house under construction in Newport Beach, California and have been approached to do both residential and commercial work in Shanghai,

We work with a collection of stones... and they tell us what they want to be... the trick it to listen... and actually hear them!!! Unlike other jewelers... We don›t draw a picture first... like a picture of a butterfly for example... and then have the stones «torturously» cut to fit the picture... in fact we rarely if ever do any lapidary work... but rather take the stones «as is» and make them work for us.  This can be an expensive process as most of our stones are not «calibrated» and therefore each setting must be made individually.  Because of this... each of our pieces are «unique»... one of a kind... and because they are made by hand... none of the straight lines... are actually straight... as they have not been punched out by a machine... and that is why our work is special... and different... and has no correlation to what other jewelers are doing.  I like to think of «one of a kind» as the «definition» of «luxury»... something made only 11 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 25





Beverly Hills

for you... it doesn›t matter if it is expensive... or inexpensive... if it is made... «just for you»... that is «LUXURY»!!! What is your favorite memory of Tony Duquette? All the trips... we traveled around the world, the four of us, Tony, Beegle, Hutton and Ruth... probably ten times together... and then there were the trips to Europe, Asia and South America... we never really «did» America although we often discussed getting three Winnegagos with drivers and shopping across the country... but that never happened. Those trips we took were amazing... Tony knew everyone... everywhere... and we were invited and feted and shown little known treasures and secret places... and we shopped and shopped... and more importantly laughed all the time.   The Duquette›s had wonderful stories to impart, and we soaked it all in... they were like our parents... but better than

was our last project together before his untimely death at 85 in 1999...  Do you have muses? My wife Ruth fills this role for me. What advice could you give to emerging designers who are influenced by you and your style? Never compromise... go from the gut... listen to your inner voice and you cannot fail. Tony Duquette is known for his work with Old Hollywood glamour, such as Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly. Can you tell me an anecdote about an Old Hollywood starlet? Tony and I worked for so many (I even knew Mary Pickford)...  I think

parents... because we choose each other... so there was no baggage at-

his most eccentric clients were David O. Selznick and his wife Jennifer

tached... just mutual respect and a shared sense of adventure and fun.

Jones... Selznick bombarded Tony daily with «memo›s» about every

What is your favorite party moment?

single detail in the house from the trim on the lampshades to the type of «key hole escutcheons» on the door hardware... his wife, Jennifer Jones

There was a big night at the old Duquette Studio... and all the stars

on the other hand could never make a decision and never was asked to...

were in alignment ... and for whatever reason... everyone looked amaz-

she rarely attended meetings and rarely attended her own dinner parties

ing... there were no slouches... the women wore couture (I remember

because she could never decide what to wear or had decided herself

Louise Good wore Dior... all beaded and sequined to the floor looking

that her makeup or hair wasn›t presentable... not even for her decora-

like an iridescent mermaid... and Beegle wore Galanos couture which

tors to see. (I was ordered out of the living room once so that she could

he had made for her and given to her as a gift) and amazing jewels (I re-

pass through because she didn›t want me to see her without makeup!!!)

member my first pink sapphires that night (worn by Mrs. Delmar Dav-

anyway... Tony needed to talk to her about something and she wouldn›t

es) ... and Loretta Youngs diamond and Imperial jade deco earrings)...

come down for the meeting... so he went up to her room and found

and I went up to Jimmy Galanos and said, «Jimmy everyone looks so

her standing in the middle of a mountain of Charles James gowns... not

fabulous tonight and so many of them are wearing your gowns... and

being able to decide which one to wear to the meeting. Later when she

Beegle has never looked more beautiful»... and he said... «yes... she does

was married to the industrialist Norton Simon we decorated her beach

look beautiful... but she has the dress on backwards!!!} and I said...

house and again... it was the same old story!!!

«well, it›s a backwards party», and we all took our dinner jackets  off and put them on backwards and started walking backwards and just being plain silly... but it was amusing!

What are your plans for the future? WORK... I enjoy it all so much... I love meeting people, working with

What project are you most proud of? The interiors of the 12th century Palazzo Brandolini on the Grand

interesting clients, creating beauty, and meeting all the challenges. I would like to make a «secondary line of jewelry» for all of those ladies who really can›t afford my one of a kind piece... and I think this will

Canal in Venice, Italy. These were done for John and Dodie Rosekrans

become a reality «sooner than later»... I believe in following the path of

and are now destroyed (my definition of decoration is “doomed to de-

least resistance... «when the deer is ready to be shot... it will come into

struction”!)... I did this job in partnership with Tony Duquette... and it

the forest!!!)... let›s see what happens!!!

12 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 25

Beauty Machine


he best of both worlds now combines the wisdom of ancient healing arts with the latest of modern technology. Methods of wellness that were considered commonplace hundreds of years ago have gained popularity once again. As yoga, tai chi, and cleanses are talked about everywhere from Hollywood to your local neighborhood, it is easy to question what else we can do to improve performance, prevent disease and create a healthier lifestyle. As with many things in life, we realize that expanding a philosophy that was considered effective years ago may be the path toward wellness. In each issue, we will be exploring luxury spas that are known for healing benefits, as well as breakthrough technologies that are after the same goal. The story behind the Photon Genius, the world’s first Energy Sauna, is primarily adding modern science to ancient forms of healing. The benefits of using heat and light therapy have been recognized for hundreds


of years. Historically, the idea of soaking in hot water, such as natural hot springs, or man-made hot baths, has been considered instrumental in daily health since the time of ancient Greece, and earlier. As Bikram Yoga or “hot yoga” studios are popping up everywhere, it is easy to question…what is the benefit? How does immersing in heat, whether it be in a therapeutic bath, or yoga studio, help the body? Personally, I have found that different forms of heat therapy are initially visible in a more personal way, as the skin literally glows after you seemingly “sweat out” any impurities. The Photon Genius is more result-oriented, and the benefits may not be just skin deep. Basically, the result of using the Photon Genius is the support and heightening of your body’s own healing properties so that your body can rejuvenate itself more effectively. In effect, the Photon Genius powers up our own immune system using both frequencies and infrared light. Our body is designed to heal itself. This we know. By powering up our natural defense mechanisms and immune system, we fight off germs, bacteria and illness on a daily basis. Our bodies fight for our wellness, even when we are asleep. However, when our immunity is low, say from the common cold or prolonged stress, we are unable to fight with the strength that we need. We need more energy. The Oriental quote says it best: “We must change our direction lest we wind up where we’re headed.” As reported by the Skilling Institute in Arizona, “The Photon Genius nourishes the body with a complete spectrum of bio-available harmonic frequencies to break up blockages in the body, while moving the lymphatic and circulatory systems.” How does the lymphatic system benefit the body? Moving the lymph can be a vital method of aiding our healing capacity. Our lymphatic system works to move, balance, and drain toxins and impurities. Over time, as we are exposed to an increasing number of toxins, and while our immunity is down, our lymphatic system is not able to move well enough to eliminate toxins and impurities. The Photon Genius dynamically moves and balances all fluids of the body, including the lymph. When it comes to changing the condition of the body, the Photon Genius may very well be a “game changer” and a “life-saver.” The Photon Genius is an upright machine for home and clinic use that consists of proprietary light technology with the first and only Energy Infrared transmitters. The Infrared energy heats the body from the inside-out. “Far Infrared sauna therapy is said to duplicate the healthy frequencies of our own cells. The tissues selectively absorb these rays as the water in the cell reacts in a process called resonant absorption.” Infrared energy is known to produce powerful antioxidants in the body as well as nitric oxide, which has been called the “miracle molecule.” The studies associated with these technologies are vast and historic. Though they cannot claim to provide any cure for a specific disease, many people have found great results in healing many known diseases through use of these methods. It is inspiring to see an instrument that pairs ancient practices with modern technologies to promote natural healing and rejuvenation. This may very well be a way to take control of your looks and your life. Finding this “empowering” technology may be our best bet to

Real Science, Real Results provide a more vibrant, productive, healthier future. For more information on the Photon Genius and the Skilling Institute visit

“The key to the use of sauna therapy for cancer is it combines some dozen therapeutic mechanisms that act together in concert to inhibit tumor growth and strengthen the body.” —Dr. Larry Wilson, Author of the book “Sauna Therapy”

“Our cells are electrical and generally cancer cells are depolarized. The Photon-Genius technologies provide bioelectric energy that the body requires to function properly and removes the effects of pollution.” —Dr. Hayle Aldren M.D., M.D.(H), N.M.D.

“I use the Photon-Genius to clear skin issues and love it better than any other therapy. It helps with mobility, joint pains and detoxifications, and has worked well for fungus in fingernails. The fungus completely cleared away, and so did varicose veins.”

—Dr. Allen Harrison,

Certified Olympic Chiropractor

15 Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 25

O N T H E S C E N E : N e w Yo r k C i t y

How one woman is redefining the Social Scene NY Times Best-selling Author, Jennifer Gilbert, By Natalie King

Why we love her: Resilient and witty, Jennifer Gilbert has taken the event planning business into a new level. Recipient of Entrepreneur of the Year from Ernst & Young, her company is named among the top 500 woman-owned businesses. Why you know her: Quick appearances on The Real Housewives of NYC may have been her public coming-out, but for years, this sleek and chic New Yorker has been the woman behind some of the most innovative events in NYC and the Hamptons Read: Her debut book titled I Never Promised You a Goodie Bag is a wise, funny and shockingly painful look into the life of Gilbert, who survived the most horrific acts of violence when someone attempts to take her life. She survived physically through rehabilitation, and emotionally through helping others experience the joy of life that she lost on the day of her attack. Gilbert climbed back into a life of happiness through designing her business around bringing joy to others, and has evolved into learning how to experience a daily sense of joy for herself. Refreshingly Real: “My business is called Save the Date. Not the Jennifer Gilbert Agency. This is not about me as a person, It is 100% about bringing the dreams of clients to life�. See: Save the date events are everywhere you want to be. Experience their work at



new york | miami


| By Alina R. Leyva

hen we speak of luxury fashion, we often think of gorgeous and dazzling gowns, elegant handbags and classy-trendy shoes, but in most occasions, dressing up in beautiful gowns doesn’t mean one is complete, unless, of course, a stunning headpiece made by Anilu Oms, a lovely designer residing in Miami, accents the outfit. Headpieces have been a tradition of the Royal Family and many well known celebrities who has worked the likes of England’s headpiece designer, Philip Treacy, however, meeting Anilu Oms has left me thinking that perhaps Philip Treacy has something to worry ...

Anilu, tell us a little bit about yourself. Anilu Oms Fashion Millinery is a manifestation of my background as a designer. My headpieces are eclectic and avant garde, I use many natural fibers, leaves, seeds, organza and feathers. Sometimes I include embroidery with beads, synthetic materials and three branches. My works is very connected to nature. My training as a graphic designer and costume designer greatly influence my work. I love working with my hands. I treat my headpieces like sculptures. The woman who wears my headpieces is refine, and elegant, loves and appreciate art. What is your greatest career accomplishment so far? I have presented my headpieces in Tokyo Fashion Week 2010, China, Shanghai Expo 2010, Chicago and Houston Fashion Week 2011, and the various seasons of fashion Week in NY since 2007. Where are you from? Did your upbringing influence your design aesthetic? I was born in Havana, Cuba, and island with bright sunlight, and very defined strong colors. My Upbringing and education strongly influenced me as a designer. I grow up listening to classical music and being taken to the theater for plays and concerts. My mother was always dress up. I remember her pearls, her high heel shoes, and her Diorisimo perfume; waiting for my father to arrive from abroad as he was and international pilot. My grandmother who had great ability with

Which designers do you find inspirational?

her hands was a very accomplished embroiderer. She

I love Philip Treacy, his career trajectory. His work is quite an inspiration. He is

studied painting at a very well known academy of art.

responsible for almost all collections of Alexander McQueen, and even though his

In her house you could find all kinds of treasures like

aesthetics has nothing to do with mine, is always inspiring to see what he does.

the collection of fashionable hats from the 30’s and 40’s that I discovered in mint condition when I was a

Did you always know that you wanted to become a designer? How did you make

child. I could never imagined that they would be the

the choice to design headpieces?

inspiration for the first efforts in my work as a costume

I have always leaned toward the arts and design. I took classes in architecture, interior

designer, and that the theatrical magic of those elegant

design and graphic design. When I graduated from graphic design my husband asked

hats would come to define my style. The cinema maga-

me to be the costume designer for the music video he was directing. This experience

zines, and the moving pictures of Hollywood’ golden

opened the doors of the television, film and theater. But my career as a milliner is an-

era were the daily diet at home. All of that background

other story, my daughter, the young fashion designer based in NY Fabiola Arias asked

influenced my future.

me to help her in a fashion show when she was still student at Parsons, and I though

it would be a good idea to create headpieces to complement the beautiful dresses, so I fill out my bag with all sort of tools and materials and I flew to NY. Since then I make the headpieces for all of her collections. What plans do you have for your company for the future? In the future I would like to expand into other markets and besides, who would not like to see their hats on the heads of royalty! For those of you who would love to see more of Anilu’s beautiful creations, visit her at | Complimentary Photos & Said Basse Photography



A collection of statement pieces by Etienne Aigner

| By Natalie King


tienne Aigner is launching a collection of handbags that perfectly blends classic Old New York appeal with chic elements for the modern woman. The collection is influenced

by celebrated heiresses, with each family of handbags featuring distinctively classic lines and rich, beautiful colors such as Navy, Fawn and Bordeaux. The launch event was held at the Morgan Library in Manhattan, and attracted the perfect blend of uptown polish and downtown cool, much like the collection that was presented. Along with the handbag collections, their new accessories line was unveiled. A set of necklaces and earring in mixed metals and bold patterns were presented underneath a beautiful chandelier. Linked bracelets with colorful tassels were paired with metal bangles for a more bohemian style. I can’t wait to pair the Navy croco-leather Poor Little Rich Girl with a white tee and jeans for a perfect weekend look. As prices for the collection range from $178 - $348 we can all have a moment of New York royalty. Fall/Winter 2012 Handbag Collections Include: Whitney - The largest family in the fall/winter collection, the Whitney collection ranges from roomy hobos and totes to smaller cosmetic purses and envelope clutches. Mortimer - Staying true to the heritage of the brand yet made relevant to today’s woman, the Mortimer collection blends classic Etienne Aigner trademarks with modern twists and fun detailing. PLRG (Poor Little Rich Girl) - The perfect combination of fashion and function, the PLRG collection combines simple clean lines with a bold croco-leather texture in a collection that is both on-trend and timeless Delano - Easy to wear, stylish yet subtle, the Delano collection has the ideal handbag for the woman on the go who refuses to sacrifice style for the sake of practicality. Hutton - Named after the infamous heiress to the Woolworth’s fortune Barbara Hutton, the Hutton collection is a decadent range of styles in a luxurious calf hair. Beekman - For the woman who wants to make a statement with her handbag, the Beekman collection combines strong fabrics with classic shapes and striking details.




Le Smoking Hash An Interview with Fashion Designer Anne Valérie Hash | By Slavica Monczka


ashion designer, Anne Valérie Hash, has once again impressed us this year with her collections in Haute Couture and ready-to-wear, which include some stylistic consistencies and fresh new elements. Every season I am pleasantly surprised with the details of her

cuts, draping, and color combinations. Every year I become more drawn to Hash. Since my interview with the designer, I now understand why the use of manly traits, and realize how apropos her name is with the hallucinogen due to those unique color combinations, a Dali-like melting look of the designs, and androgynous style. With le smoking as her main inspiration this season, the designer will get you too intoxicated on Hash. Hash is known for obvious masculine features softened with femininity, so it is fitting that her inspiration for Fall-Winter 2012/2013 she says was the suit, a.k.a. le smoking as so famously accepted by Yves Saint Laurent versions in the 60’s. “I keep on balancing a masculine style with a feminine attitude,” Hash explains, “the masculine aspect enhancing femininity.” You will notice this throughout all four Hash labels; Haute Couture, AVHASHBY, and label Anne Valerie Hash which includes a line for young girls. Hash has had a steady yet quick climb to the top in her industry partially due to her studies at the highly acclaimed Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, and by gaining experience with some of the most respected names in the world of fashion. Her first internship was with the revered Carven Maison. “After that, I had other experiences at Nina Ricci, Chloé and Chanel. I learned technique, and how to build a garment, which is like architecture. At Nina Ricci for example, I was retouching Haute Couture pieces. I had to deconstruct and reconstruct the pieces. This greatly influenced my vision of fashion.” For her Spring/Summer collection this year, Hash was very brave in her color combinations appropriately named Blue Tangerine. It is courageous to

juxtapose the bold Yves Klein blue with a crisp orange, equally

a loose form of letting go.” Those are the details I refer to as Dali-like. “I

deep in pigment. Blue Tangerine is dedicated to the ten-year

also like to mix avant-garde pieces together with traditional looks or the

anniversary for Hash and calls this “a journey to maturity.”

other way round. This is the way I see fashion.”

If only all women could mature as gracefully as Hash who explains, “For this collection, I started with a new color palette

For more on Anne Valerie Hash and where to buy, visit the web site at

experimenting with tangerine, Klein blue, and pomegranate associated with tones dear to our house such as powder, sand and smoky blue. I have put the wardrobe together with delicate fabrics such as cotton chiffons, linen voiles, silk and taffetas.” The strong colors, and gallant designs are symbolic of who Hash is and what she represents. Her ten-year anniversary last year during the development of this season’s collections was when Hash states, “It was the perfect time to take a moment to think about our evolution and try to define properly the codes of the house.” Hash knows her clients well, and her clients are representative of her. “My client is modern. She is strong, precise, and sharp, with a presence and an aura. She is sensual, she unveils, she suggests, but she is never vulgar or obvious.” The feminist fashionista, Hash describes her evolution. “When I started my company, I was feeling young and vulnerable. I guess that’s the reason why I started working on men’s clothes. The fabrics of a masculine wardrobe (wool, cashmere, etc.) are reassuring and protective. I think working on men’s garments helped me to grow and to feel stronger in the fashion industry. Femininity entered little by little in my collections. Subtly, I started playing with lace, silk and muslin in pale skin tones. There I found my balance, and I am now fully expressing myself, acting rather than reacting, choosing and not being imposed.” Hash holds the highly regarded official Haute Couture label protected by the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Paris. Her defined codes of fashion apply to the custom couture line for her clients, which at times can require several hundredwork hours per piece. “Haute Couture is actually an artistic experience linked to the highest quality. It is based on mastering the traditional know-how and on an absolute attention to details. The technique is then freeing in order to create the outstanding, and the never before seen.” “Of course, Haute Couture inspires me when I design my ready to wear collections,” states Hash. This explains why her ready-to-wear makes me feel like I am wearing haute couture, with its uniqueness and superb fabrics. I loved, for instance, the way the sheer chiffon wrapped around the neck and draped along the torso seen on blouses this season. This topped off with the reinvented le smoking where, “The shoulder line melts into

“She, who chooses her attire, chooses the designer herself as well, like a beautiful friendship that could very well exist with a writer, a musician or a painter.” –Anne Valerie Hash



THE SEASON’S MOST Fabulous Styles!


| By Natalie King


Whether you are beach or city side, these eternally cool styles will prove to be your favorite summer staple. 1. WOMEN Alexander McQueen 4193/s Green. Price: $325.00. Retail: Select Boutiques. 2. MENS Marc by Marc Jacobs 294/s White, Red, Blue. Price: $140.00 Retail: Select Boutiques. 3. MEN Carrera 32/s Red White. Price: $135.00. Retail: Select Boutiques.


ARIS Portfolios are constructed with a combination of fixed and/or fixed indexed annuities. Any references to safety or guarantees are referring to the insured nature of fixed or fixed indexed annuities or fixed annuity portfolios and are subject to the strength and claims-paying ability of each underlying annuity company. Not FDIC insured. May lose value. No bank credit union guarantee. Not a deposit. Not insured by any federal government agency or NCUA/NCUSIF.. Product availability and features may vary by state. Results may vary.




TRACY ANDERSON | By Natalie King





nown for her celebrity following and fresh approach to fitness,

What is your advice for women needing inspiration to begin and

Tracy Anderson is the modern woman’s go-to for a results

commit to a workout schedule?

driven exercise plan. Tracy’s Method is comprised of DVD

series containing meal plans and fitness routines that engage accessory muscles, which creates the ‘teeny tiny’ silhouette that is her signature. Long, lean muscles are sculpted, instead of ‘bulking up’ as achieved with traditional forms of fitness. Gwyneth Paltrow, Courtney Cox and Shakira are among her clientele, along with the thousands of women who are working out with the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis DVD series, and 30-Day Method book. While Tracy delivers fast results, which is immediately gratifying, what I love most about the Method is the lifestyle element. She suggests “getting out your diary and making a time and date each day for your exercise” and I love the idea of making a date with yourself to work out. Both Metamorphosis and 30-Day Method are alike in that they are centered on bringing out physical strength along with and a strong sense of self. You are an inspiration to so many women who are looking to tone and feel more energetic. Each element of your method from the body type calculator to the meal plan bring such an easy-to-follow attain-

ability to getting the body that you want. I have recently completed Abcentric Metamorphosis and am loving how strong and empowered I feel each day. What was your inspiration to create the Tracy Anderson Method? My inspiration to create the Method was to empower every woman with the research, tools, and support that it takes to be your most proportioned self. To be your best you! I really believe that we each have so much to give but because feeling good in your own skin is such an important part of how we are able to feel empowered many of us don’t feel the courage to express all that we can. To create a method for every woman to embrace their own individuality and be as good and connected to themselves as possible makes me really proud. How do you stay inspired to create new products and routines? Easy, by all of the women that count on me, trust me, and are dedicated to including me in their lifestyle’s. They drive me and my close team. The staff that I have with me are all very close to me and they are magical people with unbelievable ethics and I couldn’t take care of all of these women without them!

Realize it is a big life change, don’t kid yourself about what it takes to get results and achieve a new level of health, when you make the decision really hold yourself accountable, choose a program that has proven results don’t trust anyone with your body and hard work, know that once you get past the initial kinks of becoming an exerciser for life it will be the one thing you never cancel on or let go. It will change your life! What has been your greatest career achievement? Well besides Gwyneth Paltrows butt I would say making our product Metamorphosis happen. To put the enormous amount of hard work into perspective I did 11,690 different butt lifts in 3 days of filming for the first 90 days for 4 different body types. Now we are done filming two years of it for everyone at home to have the real deal! We just don’t cut corners! Visit for info about Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis



FLORIDA—The Florida Orchestra (c) JM Lennon | The Black Party IX at Pearl Lounge on Saturday, July 28 @ Pearl Champagne Lounge in Miami Beach | Inaugural Wine, Women & Shoes Palm Beach Thursday, November 15 @ Mar-a-Lago Miami, FL | 2012 Diamond Ball Saturday, October 27 @ JW Marriott Hotel Miami | Lincoln Road Art Walk Saturday, August 4 @ Art Center South Florida Miami Beach, FL | CALIFORNIA—Relay For Life at Sea charity cruise benefiting the American Cancer Society on Oct 6 @ Embarkation Port: Los Angeles, CA | Smooth Summer Jazz Aug 26 @ Hollywood Bowl, CA | Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance @ Pebble Beach, CA on Aug 19, 2012 ILLINOIS—Chicago Collective (Fashion) The Best Menswear Show in the U.S. in Chicago, IL on· Aug 11, 2012 Aug 13, 2012 | NEW YORK—Couture Fashion Week on Sep 14, 2012 - Sep 17, 2012


AMSTERDAM—Amsterdam International Fashion Week Jul 2012 Inspired by the annual fashion weeks in Milan, New York and Paris, Amsterdam International Fashion Week takes its turn. It hosts a packed programme of catwalk shows, trade fairs, presentations and parties at venues across the city. | MONACO— Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2012 Luxury accommodation and hospitality packages to the Monaco Historic Grand Prix in 2012. on Aug 8, 2012 - Aug 16, 2012 | ITALY— Venice International Film Festival in Venice, Italy on Aug 29, 2012 - Sep 8, 2012 |






osé Eber is the personification of style, elegance and drive. His

of my closest friends, my family”. Their friendship took them around the

illustrious career has spanned four decades, and is an ever-evolving

world together. An evening that José will never forget includes a dinner

display of how we define beauty. He may be most known for

with Taylor at Buckingham Palace. When asked about the greatest gift

his celebrity clientele including Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, Cher-

that he has received from their friendship he replied, “She taught me

--everyone from Old Hollywood to emerging starlets. But beyond his

about honesty. About learning to appreciate life, and about caring for

public jet-set persona, and the glamour associated with his career, José

other people. Elizabeth was so passionate about life. She found beauty

evokes a compassion and kindness that is refreshingly humble. Perhaps

in everything whether it was a simple flower on the side of the road or

it is years of life experience, growing up in France, visiting Beverly Hills

a piece of jewelry. She was also very passionate about helping people,

on a whim in his 20’s, deciding that this is where he should spend his

especially those that she felt could not speak up for themselves. She was

life and then selling everything that he owned and scraping to get by so

the first to fight for AIDS research, the first to go public about the dis-

that he could make it happen. He has worked hard for everything that

ease. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind, and would be the first to offer

he has today…starting as an apprentice at fifteen and ending up with his

encouragement. She was always there for me. And I still feel her with me

own salons and one of the biggest names in the beauty industry. He says,


“I always have understood the importance of hard work. I enjoyed working all day and staying until ten in the evening each night. I was a great listener. Clients trusted me because I truly listened and help them find a style that would not only compliment them beautifully, but that would fit their lifestyle. I could have never guessed that my life would have ended up as it did, but I will say that I have always been very ambitious and I worked very hard into the direction of success”. Though he now lives a life of travel and success, the obstacles and setbacks that he has experienced in his life and in career have always been put into perspective by a sense of hopefulness. He says, “Even in my most difficult, challenging moments I have always stayed positive. This keeps me going…trusting that something wonderful is right around the corner, even in bad times. It is a very simple thing to say, but I always keep life in perspective, and appreciate waking up each day to see where life will take me”. His friendship with Elizabeth Taylor is also a driving force in his life. The aesthetic of José Eber Salon in Beverly Hills in tribute to the iconic actress. The lilac color and glamorous décor included in the design of the salon are just a few ways that José hopes keep Tayor’s spirit alive. What began with a phone call from an assistant, out of the blue, “Elizabeth Taylor would like you to come to the house and meet with her” evolved into many years of close friendship. That call was a moment that Jose felt his life change. “I drove up to her home to speak about doing her hair. Of course I was a bit nervous. But I just decided to by myself, and we hit it off. After all of our years together I count her as one


Just as he took the most simplistic, beautiful elements from his friendship with Elizabeth Taylor, honesty and appreciation of life, he applies a simple desire to his career—to help women feel their most beautiful. Individuality is key, he says. Like life itself, beauty is not something that we should compare or strive towards as an ideal. “What I love about hair is that it is a great way to play up what you love about your features and to conceal what you would rather not focus on” he says. “Age means nothing. It is about your outlook and attitude in life”. The bigger message that comes from the career and life of José Eber is the idea of opening your life to beauty, and allowing people and opportunities into your life to enhance who you are. Over and over again, he says, “Don’t be judgmental. Enjoy who you are. Enjoy time with yourself and the beauty around you”. Beyond the celebrity and beyond the glamour, José represents a very simple ideal, that sometimes in this fast-paced world we can easily forget, the idea that life is meant to be cherished and enjoyed. For a person who has based his career on something that can be taken as merely superficial, his deepest connections with clients and friends stem from the fact that he uses his talent as a stylist to bring out confidence in women so that they can feel their best. He says, “Life is just about waking up and feeling happiness and letting this be your focus”. And if you are feeling a little less than wonderful at this moment? As José has said, have faith in the fact that something wonderful is just around the corner for you.




Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 25



ertainly Van Cleef & Arpels is one of the most internationally

create pieces relevant to our world,” explains Nicolas Bos, Vice President

recognizable names in high-end fine jewelry, so much so that

and Worldwide Creative Director for Van Cleef & Arpels, and President

they are considered a reference to others in the industry. A

and CEO to the Americas. Bos shared with me the genesis of the House,

name called upon by the best collectors and auction houses due to their

and the significance depicted in some of their most magnificent jewelry

well-deserved reputation, and whose clients in the past hundred years

fit for even today’s princesses, pieces created by jewelers they call their

include celebrities and royalty abound. “We stay true to ourselves and

golden hands.*





Greg Rosenberg, Capturing Nature in Copper, Rock and Stained Glass


| By Kathleen M. Krueger

hen you step into the Shining Light Studio of artist

colors of the rock form shades that, again, cannot truly be duplicated.

Greg Rosenberg, you are immediately surrounded

Each one is a singular creation; one of a kind.

by nature. Rugged tree trunks stand with vines

You won’t find the creations of Greg Rosenberg displayed in art

twisting their way up to the foliage; the bright

galleries, but you will find them in people’s homes. In spite of their

colors of blue Morning Glories and red Roses light up the room; delicate

high art quality, very few of the pieces are purely decorative. As Greg

Lady Slippers are quietly nestled among fallen leaves of maple, birch and

has continued to experiment with metal sculpting, he has created

oak; Brazilian agates and the grains of ancient petrified wood display

3-dimensional copper plates that accent the sides of furniture along with

their multi-colored layers tightly imbedded in crevices of copper.

wall sconces that appear as branches or vines pushing their way out of a

The beauty of nature is this artist’s greatest inspiration as he fashions pieces of functional art. Lamps, windows, doors and even furniture are crafted in intricate detail to capture scenes from the Minnesota northwoods where Rosenberg has his studio and makes his home. Greg Rosenberg has been producing stained glass art for over 30 years. A self-taught artist, you will find that his work has continued to evolve over the years. When he was having difficulty find lamp stands that

rustic cabin’s wall. Rosenberg’s pieces become family heirlooms, meant to be passed down from one generation to another. “My pieces are very personal. People purchase them because they identify with them. The pieces make a statement for them about who they are.” Currently, Rosenberg is creating several pieces for a family home that

would properly accent his nature-inspired stained glass lamp shades, he

will be christened “Maple Leaf Cottage.” He was commissioned to create

decided to try his hand at making his own from copper. After his first

a piece with the maple leaf theme for their entry door. However, once

creation of a vine wrapped stem to be the base of a bouquet of blue

the first piece was done, the owners decided they wanted to continue

Morning Glories in stained glass, he was hooked.

the theme throughout the home and have added additional pieces to

Now, he spends as much time creating the lamp stands as he does the shades, and each one is totally unique. “You can make a duplicate of the stained glass lamp shade by reusing

compliment the original in their entry. Although Rosenberg sells his creations, it isn’t the motivation behind his art. That’s part of the reason you won’t find it available accept directly

the mold,” Greg says, “But there is no mold for the base. Every one is

through his studio. He will never be a Tiffany with multiple productions

totally unique.”

of his pieces; they are too unique. But if you own a Rosenberg piece,

As you look around the studio, you’ll see creations that don’t fit the normal stained glass patterns. That’s because the translucent pieces fitted into some of the artwork isn’t stained glass. Greg discovered that he

you’ll own it because you fell in love with it and will never grow tired of discovering all its intricate details. Greg Rosenberg can be contacted through his website, www.

could create a whole new look by using slices of agate or petrified wood where you will find additional examples of his

in his lamp shades and windows. The irregular shapes and truly earthen

amazing work. | Photos provided by Shining Light Studio.








2012 Boca Raton Heart Ball




1. John Gallo and Christine Lynn 2. Stuart and Gayle Rader 3. Pam, Paul and Jamie Slattery 4. JD and Zelma Nichols, Mary Jane Saunders and George Newkome 5. Ruben Silverio and Dr. Karen Mashkin 6. Brian Saver and Lauren LaPonzina, Mistress of Ceremonies 7. Sid and Pat Breman 8. Bobby Campbell and Michelle Pratt 9. Karl Schmitt, Coach Howard Schnellenberger, 2012 Boca Raton Heart Ball Sports Honoree, Paul Hornung, Lazar Jones and Roy Ripak

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An Extraordinary Experience





| By Dale King

by outsiders, or picture the finest hotel with a staff to client ratio of


Monaco Grand Prix or a dream vacation, the worldwide mega yacht

one-to- one. Visualize a top class restaurant where you can eat only

charter fleet is expanding rapidly year upon year. With some simply

the best gourmet food of your choosing, or envisage a vacation itinerary

stunning vessels to choose from, opulence and grandeur are at every

where you decide exactly where to go and when to go there. This is what

turn. As new super yachts are built, boundaries are being pushed to

you get when you charter a mega yacht!

the extent that each new vessel is trying to ‘out do’ the last. Side and

magine a luxury property where you can relax totally undisturbed

Whether it is for an event such as the Cannes Film Festival, the

Chartering such a thing of beauty gives you a platform from which to

aft decks expand into balconies, wave piercing hulls that are sleek and

explore some of the most scenic and idyllic places in the world. It gives

‘jaw droppingly’ streamlined and cool smoked glass panelling are now

you a chance to conjure up the most exceptional vacation imaginable

becoming obvious requirements. Based in many ports around the

and then simply sit back and leave it to the crew to turn that dream into

world these yachts were built for one purpose... and that is to make a

a reality. This is one of the real benefits of mega yacht chartering.

statement. This they do without question. Whatever your destination

Whilst it is true that chartering a vessel of this size certainly doesn’t come cheap, it could be seen that the advantages far outweigh the cost. So with this in mind, let’s explore some of them. Tailored to suit On a chartered vessel the crew and staff are there to take care of your

and whatever your itinerary, there is almost certainly a mega yacht to suit your purpose. Try before you buy Many of the Mega Yachts that are available for charter hire are also available for sale. If you do happen to be in the market for one, then this

every need, whether that be kicking back and relaxing on board in

can be a great way to take her out for a test drive. In fact, any broker

sumptuous surroundings, or arranging a guided tour to historical places

worth their salt will tell you that once a client has spent a week or two

of interest. Whatever it is you require, it can be tailor-made to suit.

aboard a stunning chartered super yacht, they are far more likely to make

You decide where to go, what to do and when to do it. If you want a

a purchase if they are looking to buy. In fact many a successful sale has

candlelit dinner on a deserted beach in a secluded bay, then the crew and

been concluded in this way. This is a golden opportunity to get a real feel

staff can arrange it. If you are a true adrenalin junkie then your crew can

for the yacht, appraise the crew and their professionalism and check out

make sure that you experience some of the best activities the area has to

the plethora of on-board facilities.

offer. Whether it be horse riding or white water rafting in New Zealand,

In essence, the new breed of mega yacht is about as close to perfection

scuba diving in the azure waters of the Cozumel reefs in Mexico, or

as you are likely to see. If you can couple this with being able to explore

mountain biking through the pine scented forests of Denmark, your

(at will) some of the most stunning and inaccessible reaches of the

crew and staff are there to make sure it happens.

planet, then the real benefits of mega yacht chartering are there for all to

Wide choice of vessel









Young Society of Love and Hope Serves “Haute” Tea at The St. Regis Bal Harbour | Photos by Mitchell Zachs


1. The Haute Tea committee, also members of the Young Society of Love and Hope (l-r): Kim Pushkin, Ellie Bernstein, Brooke Rosenfeld, Sasha Goldsmith, Stacy Gibb, Dana Swickle, Chairman Jillian Posner, Michelle Rubell, Jillian Jacobson, Therese Gibb, Alison Zhuk, Ali Gibb, Nicole Simkins, Kirsten Vogel, Jenna Gibb and Brittany Mutchnik. 3. Winners of the hat contest at Haute Tea were Diane Ares, Lady Monica Heftler and Nicole Simkins. 4. Sonja Zuckerman, Life Chairman of Love and Hope, was honored at the Young Society of Love and Hope’s Haute Tea luncheon.




SARASOTA YACHT CLUB W H E R E I N N O VAT I O N , M O D E R N L U X U R Y & T R A D I T I O N H A P P I LY C O - E X I S T | By Natalie King

In an industry steeped in tradition, yacht clubs are typically associated

edge approach to programming. While it may seem to be an unlikely

with luxury and comfort rather than innovation and progressive man-

combination, Sarasota Yacht Club has braved a downturn in the club

agement practices. However, Sarasota Yacht Club, located on beautiful

industry, embraced a new generation of members and come out at the

Sarasota Bay, has managed to integrate all these elements.

top of its game.

Founded in 1926, the club has always enjoyed a reputation for gracious living, which more recently has expanded to recognition for its cutting-

Just one step into the recently renovated facility gives the first indication that this is a progressive club. The 23,000 square foot clubhouse,




totally remodeled in March of 2012, now boasts a standing-seam metal

Sarasota Yacht Club has found new life by expanding to non-tradition-

roof, coastal contemporary feel and nautical details like sail shades, high

al markets and embracing non-traditional offerings. Their proactive ap-

ceilings and a floor actually built from a deconstructed yacht deck. The

proach to the state of the industry has positioned the club as an industry

details, carefully mapped out by DSDG Design and a committee of

leader and a place members are proud to say is their home base. The

members during the design process, incorporate traditional design ele-

club’s growing reputation is such that it isn’t surprising that celebrities

ments with a contemporary vibe.

and local dignitaries are frequent guests. Recently, Sarasota Yacht Club

Just as the exterior of the club has evolved in the past two years, the spirit of Sarasota Yacht Club has evolved as well. While always synonymous with laid back luxury, the club and its senior management, including General Manager Bernie Kloppenburg and Sales and Marketing Director Dana Soldati, were met with a challenge after the renovation:

hosted a luncheon and premiere party as part of the Sarasota Film Festival that attracted stars like Geena Davis and The Artist’s Penelope Ann Miller. Justin Timberlake launched his 901 Silver Tequila at the club and Mitt Romney visited the club just last year. “We’ve made sure our members and guests have access to classes, events

should they adapt their membership model and offerings to encompass

and programs that are second to none in the yacht club industry,” says

activities for members of all ages or should they maintain their tradi-

Kloppenburg. “In turn, we’re proud to boast a membership base of

tional approach? The forward-thinking management team chose to

involved leaders and professionals of all ages, from a variety of places.”

set goals to expand their more traditional membership base to include younger families and to offer programming that keeps members of all ages interested. Recent programming additions support that goal -- focusing on luxury offerings for the whole family. A new sailing program has been added, along with a watersports program, fishing clubs, family nights, , water aerobics classes, wine dinners, a concert series and a refurbished fitness center. The club has found that members are eager for a additional offerings that span beyond dining and boating, something not all clubs provide. In order to better meet the needs of their growing membership base, Sarasota Yacht Club recently introduced a business membership program for area executives. This is just one of many membership options, including marina, social and seasonal options. There are a number of seasonal members who reside in other parts of the country but see the value of membership at Sarasota Yacht Club for times when they vacation or summer in the Sarasota area. Soldati and Kloppenburg’s efforts are paying off. With private clubs across the country facing tighter budgets and dwindling memberships, SYC is part of a small percentage of clubs that have managed to grow. Research by the Sports and Leisure Research Group identified that in the past two years, 81 percent of clubs either stayed stagnant or lost members. On the other hand, in the past year, Sarasota Yacht Club has signed more than 100 new members and continues to see monthly growth at more than 100 percent of what they saw last year. In addition, the average age of members has dropped by 20 years, from 74 to 52, since 2010.

HOME BEAUTIFUL Gramercy Park Townhouse Location: Gramercy Park, New York City | By Natalie King


ith its grand bones and patrician façade, this 1848 Gramercy Park townhouse renovation presented exciting challenges for New York’s Fractal Construction LLC. Their dream was simple but ambitious: the reconfiguration of a building into two

dwellings, one atop the other, of equal value and scale. At the same time, the structure’s deteriorating condition meant investing in a whole new steel frame, as well as, the replacement of electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems. The end product resulted in a beautiful 620 square foot open-plan, floor-through kitchen/dining/living space, media room, office, three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. From the beginning, the new generation and growing New York family imagined a showcase home that both honored its soul, while unashamedly brought it into the new century. To accomplish their goal, the design architect brought in help from established lighting designers and sculptors, resulting in a Manhattan address that captivates like few others. Inside its walls, you’ll find the ceilings of the living and kitchen area punctuated with the sensuous sculptures and exploding light fixtures. The bricks-and-mortar rear wall has vanished, replaced by a glass curtain fitted with tiny diodes, invisible by day, but glinting at night like a private constellation. The outdoor terrace leading from the living room has a glass floor and overlooks the private gardens below. With every available patch of roof converted into usable space, the house boasts two more terraces as well as a roof deck. Behind the brick suit of this Gramercy gem awaits a masterpiece so arresting and unexpected where steel, glass and ceramics combine to create a residence as thrilling as it is comfortable. Photography: Eric Laignel Photography, 917 204 4338

Paul Warchol Photography, 212 431 3461

Design Team: Architecture Design – Fractal Construction LLC

Principal Designer – Ulises Liceaga

Project Manager – Annemarie Moerl

Architect of Record – ODA

General Contractor – Ross Lee Renovations, Peter Murphy


Fractal Construction’s own principal, Ulises Liceaga and wife Christina Isaly Li

ceaga, along with their five children (all under eight years old)


Renovated Residential Townhouse


4,500 Square Feet

Design Year:


Construction Complete: May 2007



Kiawah Island Property 122 Flyaway Drive— A Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home Offering privacy and stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, this home has 6,712 square feet of living space including a screened deck, screened porch, rec room and a pool. This home encompasses privacy with its own boardwalk to the private beach. Three floors unfold a Wright influenced design including a great room with 30 foot lofted ceiling and brick hearth, four bedrooms, including a master suite that incorporates the entire third floor, five full and two half baths, a media room, sun room, private office space, and outdoor living spaces. Enjoy gorgeous ocean views by the beautiful and secluded dipping pool, and end the day with a sunset soak in the hot tub. ........................................................................... Listing Price: $8,950,000

Beds: 4 | Baths: 5 | Half Baths: 2 | Square Feet: 6712 Year Built: 2003 | Property View: Ocean | Neighborhood: Osprey Beach

Investing in




B E V E R LY H I L L S - C A

The Peninsula Beverly Hills is a very distinguished and refined hotel, a true luxury. This hotel is conveniently located a few blocks from the famed Rodeo Drive and Century City Mall, the perfect location for your shopping! You can even book their complimentary Rolls-Royce Phantom to drop you anywhere within the Beverly Hills area. There are 193 luxuriously elegant rooms and suites, and 16 private detached Villas and Villa suites with their own entrances. Some of these villages include their own private kitchens and Jacuzzi. If you would like peace and relaxation, you will find it at The Spa, which offers over 30 treatments ranging from The Peninsula Signature Custom Facial to the Signature Massage. The Peninsula Beverly Hills looks and feels like an exclusive private residence. Their Garden Suites offers a newly relandscaped 1,000 sq. ft. garden that creates a luxurious outdoor living experience featuring a firepit and a tranquil water feature surrounded by lush greenery. Their dining experience is also as fabulous as all the other amenities this hotel offers. The Belvedere, Hollywood’s power dining favorite is the only Southern California restaurant to win the AAA Five Diamond Award for seventeen consecutive years. You can enjoy a traditional afternoon tea at the Living Room, or relax at the Roof Garden and the Club Bar, home to fine wine and cognac enthusiasts. RATED—


GARCIA IMPORTED TILE Where quality & client satisfaction is our Priority!

We travel anywhere in MA, RI, CT & NH


32 Weir Street, Taunton, MA 02780 - (508) 824-2868 | Fairhaven Office: 410 Main Street, Fairhaven, MA 02719 - (508) 991-4455


OCEAN HOUSE Luxury on a Grand Scale in Smallest State | By Paul Kandarian For a tiny state – the nation’s tiniest – Rhode Island’s got a lot going

Its upscale amenities are abundant, including the 12,000-square-foot

on. There’s the state’s famous beaches (it is known as the Ocean State,

OH! Spa, a Forbes Five-Star spa, with 20-meter heated lap pool, a

after all, with more than 400 miles of coastline), an incredible culinary

championship-level croquet court, a private beach for guests, dedicated

scene, particularly in the capital city of Providence, world-class academia

floor valet for butler service, high-tech rooms with cell-phone boosters,

(think Brown University, Rhode Island School of Design) and a rousing

HD LCD flat-panel TVs with multimedia connectivity available in

arts scene which includes Trinity Repertory Company, the country’s last

rooms, and gorgeous carpevola marble bathrooms.

full company theater. And it’s got great places to stay, with tons of quaint B&Bs sprinkled throughout the state, but not much in the way of palatial hotels, those old grand dame-style edifices that reflect regal Victorian days long gone. Enter Ocean House in Watch Hill, hard by the Connecticut border,

The award world has taken note: Ocean House earned the AAA Five Diamond ranking for 2012 – the first and only Five Diamond-ranked hotel in the state. I’ve stayed at the Ocean House a couple of times, and start to finish, the star treatment all guests get is second to none, from the free valet

a $146-million luxury hotel that opened in 2010, replacing the

parking to quick and efficient check-in to wait staff in restaurants to

original Ocean House that was built in 1868 but fell on hard times in

staffers just greeting guests passing by in the hotel’s elegant common

recent years. Ocean House is a magnificent hotel high on a bluff with

rooms and hallways.

180-degree ocean views, that is massive in size but cozy by design, with but 49 rooms (the original had 159) ranging in size from 500-squarefoot guestrooms to massive 2,700-square-foot luxury suites.

On my most recent visit, a birthday party for a friend, I’d taken ill and had to retreat to my room for the night (not a bad place to be unwell, I

T R A V E L might add, with splendid ocean views on both sides of the corner room).

items carry the origin of each dish’s main ingredient and virtually all

I called for room service for specific, easy-to-handle items, and not only

food is from within a 150-mile radius, coming from places like Caven-

was my order met quickly, the man bringing it to me kindly offered

dish Farms in Vermont and Wolfe’s Neck Farm in Maine. In summer,

some homeopathic treatment advice that his wife uses successfully to

the chefs harvest their own seasonings from an on-site herb garden.

battle the same condition I had. Ocean House began life in 1868 and for the next 135 years, reigned su-

The hotel’s Club Room, a members-only dining room with limited tables available for resort guests, offers classic ambience of a wood-

preme, high on the bluff, as the place to be in summer for those up and

paneled drawing room, first-class bar with gorgeous and red-leather

down the East Coast looking to escape the summer heat. But by 2003, it

furniture. The bar itself is exquisite and most unique, fashioned of

shut down, victim of neglect and disrepair. In 2004, Bluff Avenue LLC

hammered zinc. On the walls are self-drawn caricatures by a wide range

bought the sprawling property, tore down the ancient building and in

of actors, musicians, singers and movie stars that once hung in Books &

its place now stands one looking very much like what the old one did,

Co. in New York City. They were collected by a man who worked there

including being painted its signature soft yellow. The original had 159

had famous folks do a self-portrait when they came in, and dozens grace

rooms; there are now 49, and 23 private residences, the latter fetching

the walls now of the Club Room, where they serve simple lunches and

prices starting at $1.5 million.

dinners of steak and seafood.

The new owners paid homage to the old Ocean House; more than

The OH! Spa is another must-visit component of an Ocean House stay,

5,000 salvageable artifacts and furnishing elements were harvested from

with seven luxurious treatment rooms, including a couple’s room and

the original structure and many of them – including a massive, 12-

nail salon. The couple’s room includes a deluge shower, private hyrdo-

foot antique mirror – now grace the new building. The elevator is the

soaking therapeutic tub, and bathroom. A relaxation room is most, well,

original, too, iron grating, wood paneling and all, just expanded to make

relaxing, with great views of the ocean.

it roomier. The front desk (expanded to make room for computers) and front door from the original are here as well. Another time, stayed one fall midweek night and found the place stunningly appointed with amazing attention paid to guests, not to mention the stately staircase leading to the front door from valet parking lined with hundreds of bright pumpkins. The rooms are gorgeous; all have water views. Ours had a marble bath

And with all that ocean around, it’s not a bad idea to take advantage of it. From May 1-Oct. 15, the Ocean House offers cruises aboard two boats, both a three-minute walk from the hotel. Light snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are included, and more abundant fare can be ordered. Hotel bookings have been solid and on the rise since opening in 2010, officials said. Management of Ocean House is also running the nearby historic Weekapaug Inn, which benefitted from a $15-million renova-

with black-and-white heptagonal floor tiling, and a bedroom area that

tion. Built in 1899, the inn’s original 67 rooms will become 28 guest

opens to a spacious balcony with lounge chairs and 180-degree water

rooms, plus four, two-bedroom residential suites. The Weekapaug Inn

views, including of Stonington, Conn., across Little Narragansett Bay.

was scheduled to reopen in October 2012.

Early risers can amble to the balcony and check out surf fishermen on

While Ocean House is a terrific place to walk around, the immediately

the beach. A nice touch: The floor valet brings in the day’s paper of your

adjacent area is as well, a very short stroll down the hill to the water,

choice and French press coffee, making waking up that much easier.

where you’ll find a quintessential New England harbor, local beach, a

The new Ocean House’s design brings together British Colonial, early

wonderful, eclectic collection of boutiques, shops and restaurants (the

American and seaside aesthetics in yellow, blue, turquoise and cream.

Olympia Tea Room is an eatery worth checking out), and the Flying

Public spaces are adorned with an incredible multi-million dollar art

Horse Carousel - brass ring and all – a classic merry-go-round that is


a National Historic Landmark, one generations of children have long

One of the best places in the hotel is outside on the wide, wrap-around


porch, an exquisite place to enjoy drinks in the waning summer sun,

Then meander back to Ocean House glowing in the dusk on its hilly

though such a dalliance will cost you; drinks are very expensive here,

perch, a throwback to the grand hotels of old and testimony to what was

cocktails starting around $14 each. But the view alone, of the ocean,

once there - and has risen again.

croquet court, adjacent palatial homes, is worth a quick round. Seasons Restaurant, open to the public, is terrifically appointed, created by the Niemitz Design Group of Boston, and features such things as a 15-foot long communal dining couch with three small tables. Menu

(For information on Ocean house, 1 Bluff Ave., Watch Hill, R.I. call 401-584-7000 or visit


Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek® is one of the most notable destinations in the United States. The Mansion retains the intimate ambience of the private residence it once was. Meticulously restored interiors, hand-carved fireplaces, marble floors and stained-glass windows preserve the estate’s original magnificence while impeccable service, an attentive staff and thoughtful amenities ensure absolute comfort. The 143 newly restyled rooms and suites reflect’s the hotel’s residential sensibilities and comfortably chic atmosphere. Amenities include 24-hour in-room dining, Massage services, Outdoor swimming pool with food & beverage service, overnight valet parking, full housekeeping service twice daily including nightly turndown services, concierge to assist with car rentals, complimentary shoe shines, laundry & dry-cleaning, secretarial services, theater and sport tickets, restaurant reservations, beauty & health requests and more. RATED—

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PIER 37 | By Alina Cabral Pier 37 is a refreshingly different dining experience in Downtown New Bedford. With a menu that is influenced by the Gulf Coast, you will find a modern take on traditional southern comfort food and fresh seafood in rich, flavorful dishes using Louisiana style preparations. In the Northeast, you rarely find black eyed peas and southern greens offered alongside your favorite fish or sirloin…but Pier 37 gets it right, with the perfect amount of ambiance to add to the experience. The live music is what really sets Pier 37 apart from the other restaurants in the area. The live jazz, blues and rock played while you dine sets the tone for a great night out. Check out their website for a menu and list of upcoming performances.



Wines Accessories


Must Have.

Restaurants are selected by staff and recommended by readers. For additional listings and information, email us at

Wine Caddy Sculptures, from H & K Recycled Metal Art, are beautifully hand-crafted metal art pieces made from recycled steel and copper by European artisans. Preserving old world craftsmanship, each piece is individually bent, cut, welded and brushed, resulting in an original work of art. $29 - $119,

NEW YORK Masa Restaurant (Midtown West) — An Elegantly designed Japanese restaurant in the Time Warner Center. There are 26 seats in Masa. There is no menu. You will have an unparalleled omakase experience. 10 Columbus Circle, Time Warner Center. Price Range: $300-500 prix-fixe Kuruma Zushi (Midtown) — This exquisite restaurant is where the best Zushi can be found where they fly fish in from Japan. 7 E. 47th St. 2nd Floor (5th & Madison). $80/$100/$120. Per Se (Midtown) — Contemporary American cuisine is one of New York diners favors! With its designed menu changes daily, everyone can enjoy the freshest seasonal ingredients it provides everyday. 10 Columbus Circle, 4th Floor. $125 prix-fixe, $135 (vegetarian) & $150 tasting menu.

MIAMI This elegant stainless steel wine cooler is completely mobile and contains 21 bottles of wine. Both halves are cooled to different temperatures (through a digital thermostat) allowing the white and red wines to be refrigerated at the appropriate levels. All the accessories are included - separators, deposit of ice, the platform to serve as a wood. The wheels have brakes that allow you to remain firmly in any position.

Atrio Restaurant & Wine Room at Conrad Miami — An American/ Asian/Latin American Cuisine all under one roof. This wonderful contemporary cuisine can be enjoy with a nice glass of wine, dimly-lit room and a soothing vista to Miami’s city lights.


Azul Restaurant at Mandarin Oriental — Located on prestigious Brickell Key, Azul offers unparalleled vistas of Biscayne Bay and the Miami skyline. It’s extensive raw bar is impressive and its flavorful dishes leaves you wanting more!. 500 Brickell Key Dr.


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BOSTON, CAPE COD & THE ISLANDS Bistro du Midi — A modern style French cafe located on Arlington Street in Boston. Their brunch brings decadent selection of brioche french toasts, salmon Benedict and pancakes with mixed berries, and dinner, of course, displays a true french bistro, from the array of pates to lobster macaroni gratin. 272 Boylston St. Atria — This fine dining restaurant set in an 18th century sea captain’s house on Upper Main Street in Edgartown gets rave reviews for its gourmet cuisine and high caliber service. Diners can sit in the elegant dining room or the brick cellar bar downstairs. Atria restaurant offers a variety of creative dishes with influences from around the country and around the world. 137 Main St., Edgartown, MA LOS ANGELES Bistro 45 — A favorite among Pasadena’s nouvelle riche with its light ambiance and gallery-like decor. The seasonally inspired menu changes frequently, with dishes such as braised veal short ribs with Asian five spice, Fanny Bay oyster salad and many other delicious food. 45 S. Mentor Ave., Pasadena, CA. Comme Ca — A contemporary brasserie with white leather banquettes, mirrors everywhere, chalkboard walls with nightly specials written on them and knickknack-filled shelves. They have an impressively stocked raw bar and traditional brasserie dishes like steak frites, delicious escargot doused in parsley butter and miniature croutons. 8479 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, CA

If you would be interested in having your Restaurant listed here. Please email us at







& To exalt, enthrone, establish and defend, “To welcome home mankind’s mysterious friend Wine, true begetter of all arts that be; Wine, privilege of the completely free; Wine the recorder; wine the sagely strong; Wine, bright avenger of sly-dealing wrong, Awake, Ausonian Muse, and sing the vineyard song!” - Hilaire Belloc 1825.


hroughout the ages, wine not dog has been regarded as man’s best friend and as stated above, drinking the right casket of vintage wine is something everyone should experience for it inspires the senses. The virtues of wine has been extolled by the Bible, ancient philosophers and even doctors of our modern age for its ability to seduce the mind as well as its health benefits. Not just any wine deserves the high praise of Hilaire Belloc’s poem, therefore the need to distinguish between vintage wines and the rest has always been an issue which was finally put to rest by different classification such as Napoleon III’s (another wine connoisseur) official classification system in 1855. The intricacies of classifying wine, isn’t the issue up for discussion but just a preamble to the list of Top 8 Wines every connoisseur of wine and personal wine cellar should have.

Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 25

“Vintage Wines You Must Have” This list of elite vintage wines takes into account the history, reputation, taste and pricing of each individual brand. § Barolo Percristina by Domenico Clerico: Italians poses a broad

to be given the Premier Grand Cru Classe (A) status. This tells

food and wine culture that makes them the envy of all Europe.

you all that is needed to be known about this “White Horse

And when it comes to wine, the Barolo Percristina has no rival

of France” which is backed with over 200 years of sublime his-

in Italy. This vintage ruby-coloured wine cultured in Western

tory mixed with its fair share of controversies. Its main grapes

Piedmont from Nebbiolo grapes is one of Italy’s oldest wines

are the carbarnet franc, merlot and sauvignon, which give it a

(1810- till date) that is classified under the DOCG Classifica-

unique flavor and aroma. A bottle of the Chateau Cheval Blanc

tion. The Barolo Percristina is known for its aroma, elegance

sells for approximately $380.

and supple texture when tasted. A bottle of “the king of wines and wine of kings” as it is fondly known, costs approximately $133. § Kosta Browne-Pinot Noir Sonoma coast: it is widely known

§ Chateau Margaux- 1994: the people of France have always loved their wines and French vineyard/wineries usually have no rivals outside France. The Chateau Margaux winery is classified as a Premier Cru (first growth) winery due to its class, cost and

that Thomas Jefferson was a lover of fine wine and he did his

the fact that it has been in circulation since the 16th century.

best to inculcate the building of wineries in Americans by cre-

Its chequered history also adds to the allure one of Bordeaux

ating vineyards in the White house. Kosta Browne Pinot Noir-

finest vintage wines gives the senses. A bottle of the 1994 vin-

Sonoma coast 2008 produced in Sonoma county California,

tage red, sells in the range of $300-$500.

USA is definitely a by-product of Jefferson’s work. Although a relatively new brand, it has quickly found its way into the heart of wine lovers worldwide and its reviews by leading experts have been earth shattering. It offers the taste buds a unique variety of tastes which include; hints of plum, cedar, mushrooms while cherry and blackberries provides the depth. A bottle of Kosta Browne Pinot Noir-Sonoma coast costs roughly $60 and each sip is worth every cent. § Brunello Di Montaclino- Casa Di Baldassi: dubbed as the

§ Chateau Petrus-1975: the Chateau Petrus winery which has been in existence since the 18th century is known publicly as the world’s finest. This jewel of Bordeaux (from the right bank of Bordeaux) is made from carbarnet franc and merlot grapes which are hand picked and produced traditionally. The Chateau Petrus wines are famous and have been sited or used in different movies worldwide. The Average bottle goes for approximately $800-$1,500 while its more vintage offerings have sell in the range of $2000- $4000 per bottle. Wine connoisseur

“king of Italian reds”, this vintage red wine made from sangio-

can have a taste of the Chateau Petrus-2004 in different restau-

vese grape in the town of Montaclino, Tuscany is sure to thrill

rants for $60 per serving.

the senses. It provides you with a hint of spices and a depth of cherry and plum. A bottle of this Italian king goes for approximately $120 per bottle. § Carbarnet Sauvignon Napa valley Katrryn Hall- 2008 Hall: an

§ Chateau Ausone-2002: also a Saint Emilion wine (from Bordeaux’s right bank, France) and the second wine to be given the Premier Grand Cru Classe (A) status. It is revered in France and worldwide for its quality which is backed by

American carbarnet with the power to change how you drink.

history and innovative bottling. This Grand vin is produced in

The Katrryn Hall carbarnet is made in Napa Valley, Califor-

limited quantities of 2000 cases per year making it one of the

nia and although considered as a relatively new brand, it has

most sought after brands by wine lovers. The Average bottle

quickly established its place in the cellars of all wine lovers. A

of Chateau Ausone 2002, costs approximately $900 while

bottle of Napa valleys finest goes for approximately $100.

its vintage bottles have been auctioned in the price range of

§ Chateau Cheval Blanc 1981: a Saint Emilion wine (from


Bordeaux’s right bank, France) and one of the only two wines Upscale Living Magazine |

Issue 25





Bartending Elite Gather for Diageo Reserve World Class 2012 Global Final Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



1. Bartender of the Year 2010 Erik Lorincz (L) and wife Maria Boiani attend the Ketel One House at Villa Riso during the Diageo Reserve WORLD CLASS 2012 Global Final. 2. Bartender of the Year 2010 Erik Lorincz. 3. Actress Christina Hendricks (L) and Managing Director of Diageo Reserve Rudy Paoli attend the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ultimate Game Changer Experience. 4. (L to R) Dominic McCarthy, Piers Adam and Hooman Jamshidi attend the CIROC Celebration at the Mahiki Bar

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