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Vol. 1 Number 4 • June 2014

Real stories from real heroes; the soldier, the veteran, the wounded, and the families that keep it together





Rich Legacy / Bright Future



12 Traits of a Great Father

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Caring for our Nation’s Veteran Caregivers By Linda Kreter

of caregiving is great, with role changes, steep learning curves, and isolation. In providing Caregiver Workshops at military hey are quiet and often unseen. They are installations this year, several common themes strong and resourceful, caring and comemerged. Though present in most communities passionate. They will roar when needed to and at every military base/post, Caregivers feel obtain the help they need. They are the Caregivinvisible and isolated, even from one another. ers of our nation’s veterans. Caregivers are the heartbeat of the military fam- Linda Kreter, Pamela Eggleston &Torrey Shannon They wish they knew more about how to live with someone with combat injuries, and how to ily and the backbone of the veteran medical care best help their spouse/adult child/sibling/friend. system. According to the most recent RAND They are grateful for the Internet, but nothing can study, there are 5.5 million military Caregivers take the place of an empathetic hug; or talkin 2014, with 20% caring for veterans of our ing directly with someone who has walked most recent conflicts. But, few know they in their shoes. Finally, they realize that exist. helping others also helps them to grieve For a brief moment, imagine a “Nafor what might have been, restores their tional Take Your Vet to VA Today” strength, and empowers them to share event. This would be a day where the what they’ve learned. Peer support is 1700 VA medical centers, vet clincritical. ics, or sites of care would attend to We are a generous nation, and we the hourly needs of the veteran to move to fulfill unmet needs. Most provide the caregiver a single day people know a veteran, and some of respite. It’s nearly unimaginable know many. From this day forward, given the sheer numbers, isn’t it? reach out to help a Caregiver of a But it would be an excellent visual veteran of any era. Our WWII vets to show the vital importance and have aging and end of life needs, our contribution of our Caregivers. Vietnam veterans have often shunned Veteran Caregivers are intrepid; formal help until absolutely necessary, going where others fear to tread in their and tamped down combat experiences and quest for answers. Most did not raise they their aftermath. Those in Korea, Thailand and hand and commit to military service and need the Gulf wars, Kosovo, Grenada, Kuwait, and so to learn the military culture under great duress. many other places are smaller in number, but not in They rapidly absorb information about Invisible Incontribution. And, for our OIF/OEF/OND veterans, sucjuries like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and cessfully returning home is aided when the community recogTBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and myriad physical and more visible conditions. They learn to navigate a labyrinthine medical system, nizes and supports the entire family. Proactively offer assistance to a caregiver who may not have the energy all the while reminding medical staff they are an integral part of the care team. It has been a slow road to understanding in a system that previously to ask, know the power of an understanding smile, and the welcomed ease focused solely on the veteran, and large bureaucracies are seldom swift provided by listening without judgment. Caregivers will not feel as alone if we practice outreach, increase awareness, and integrate them with their change agents. Caregivers carry a heavy load, and some examples are vivid. One OIF families more smoothly into the community. It is a matter of respect, comveteran, raped by another soldier tried to hang himself; he was saved by his passion, and grace. Caregivers, know that you matter and that America is learning to excaregiver spouse grabbing a chair and raising him on her shoulders to elevate him until EMS arrived. Another soldier was shot by one of his squad press their support and understanding more each day. mates in Iraq (the only survivor of four in the room) in Iraq; his caregiver mother could not discuss her situation with anyone due to the investiga- Linda Kreter is the founder of Veteran Caregiver, and a strong advocate tion. One caregiver sibling had to explain to the rest of the family that her for veterans, caregivers, and military families. brother preferred addiction to facing his combat PTSD. The complexity



June 2014 / HOMELAND


Photo: JP Edge


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Caring for our Nation’s Veteran Caregivers

22 A Night Out with High Tech High

10 12 Traits of a Great Father

24 Exciting Events at NTC Liberty Station

12 Outright War and Inner Peace

30 Did You Know? – facebook

15 NTC at Liberty Station – Rich Legacy / Bright Future

32 Top Ten Best Individual Rivalries in Sports

18 Discover San Diego – Point Loma, Harbor Island & Shelter Island

34 Homeland Marketplace

20 The USS Recruit homelandmagazine.com

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HomeLand Publisher Michael J. Miller

Production Editor Liz Standsfield Contributing Writers Rick Rogers CJ Machado Linda Kreter Cyndia Rios-Myers Wounded Warrior Project



Photography JP Edge Graphic Design Trevor Watson

Greetings and a warm welcome to HOMELAND Magazine!

Please take some time to get to know the layout of our magazine. Homeland Magazine focuses on real stories from real heroes; the soldier, the veteran, the wounded and the families that keep it together. Our magazine is driven by passion, vision, reflection and the future. The content is the driving force behind our magazine and the connection it makes with soldiers, families, veterans and civilians. Homeland is about standing your ground, resilience, adaptation, inspiration and solidarity. HOMELAND is inspirational, “feel good” reading; our focus is on family, military and civilians alike. I believe HOMELAND is where the heart is, and our publication covers a wide variety of topics, and issues about real life and real stories. We are honored to share the work of so many committed and thoughtful people. They say San Diego is a military town, I find that San Diego is a HOMELAND town, where military and civilians work and live together. Over the next few issues we will feature the rich legacy and bright future of liberty Station, “where the historic meets the happening” We appreciate your support and are so happy to have you as a reader of HOMELAND Magazine. With warmest thanks, Michael J. Miller, Publisher


June 2014 / HOMELAND

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HOMELAND / June 2014 9

Happy Father’s Day

12 Traits Of A Great Father By Julian Marcus


June 2014 / HOMELAND

“Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a daddy.” A good father makes all the difference in a child’s life. He’s a pillar of strength, support and discipline. His work is endless and, oftentimes, thankless. But in the end, it shows in the sound, welladjusted children he raises. On Father’s Day, much of the world will take the time to appreciate the work of good fathers. While you show your admiration for your own dad, take the time to see if you yourself have what it takes to be a great father, whether you have children or plan to. 1- He’s a good disciplinarian
 A good father loves his children, but he doesn’t let them get away with murder. He strongly disapproves of his children’s misdeeds, using tough love to prove a point. He does this through the power of his words, not his fists. Likewise, a father doesn’t reward his children for actions that are expected of them, such as helping with house chores or performing well in school. If his child drops out of school, the father demands that he provide for himself, considering the child no longer wants to invest in his own future. 2- He allows his kids to make some mistakes 
A good father realizes that his children are human, and that making mistakes is part of growing up. Spending money recklessly, getting into minor car accidents, getting drunk and sick for the first time, even dating questionable women are rites of passage, and a good father recognizes this. However, he makes it clear that repeated irresponsibility won’t be tolerated. 3- He’s open-minded
 A good father understands that times, people and tastes change over the years, and doesn’t try to maintain some gold standard of his own time. For instance, he realizes that body piercings are more commonplace than before, that more couples have premarital sex, and that people talk more candidly about personal issues. In other words, he allows his children to be citizens of their day and age. 4- He teaches his children to appreciate things A good father never lets his children take what they have for granted. From the food on the table to the good education he’s paying for, a good father will make his children see the value in everything they have. He’ll ask his child to get a job to help pay for a part of his first car, and take

the time to illustrate how important a good education is. He doesn’t let his kids treat him like an ATM. 5- He accepts that his kids aren’t exactly like him Everyone is different and a father knows this well. He won’t expect his kids to live the same kind of life he does, and do the same kind of work. He also respects their values and opinions, as long as they don’t harm the family or anyone else. 6- He spends quality time with his children
 A dad knows how to have fun with his kids too, taking them out to games, movies, and supporting their sports teams by attending their matches. He takes the time to listen to his kids and have a good, easy chat with them. He also makes time to help them with their homework, every night if necessary. 7- He leads by example 
A good father is above the old “do as I say, not as I do” credo. He will not smoke if he doesn’t want his kids to do it, and definitely won’t drink heavily. He teaches them to deal with conflict with a family member and with others by being firm but reasonable at the same time. 8- He’s supportive & loyal Although he may be a football fanatic, if his son doesn’t share his love for the game, he accepts it. He may be loyal to his alma mater and dream of having his kid follow his legacy, but if his son prefers to study abroad, he’ll support his decision to take a different path. 9- He challenges his kids
 A father wants his children to be the best they can be, and gives them challenges that help them grow as human beings. This means giving them some liberty to face setbacks and resolve conflicts on their own. Or it could be a task,

such as building something for the house. 10- He teaches his children lessons
 A father figure is the prime source of knowledge in the ways of men, and teaches his kids accordingly. From shaving to being courageous, a father molds his kids into wellrounded members of society. He especially instructs them in proper etiquette, on being honest and keeping their word, and on being thankful. A great father knows he must sacrifice his own comfort for his fatherly duties. For instance, if he comes home from a hard day at work and catches his kids looking at porn on the Net, he’ll take the time to address an awkward situation even though he’s tired. 11- He protects his family at all costs
 As the main provider of security and necessities, a father will do whatever he can for his family. He’ll take a second job to provide for them, and he’ll put his own safety on the line to keep them out of harm’s way. This is how a father instills in his children the importance of personal sacrifice. 12- He shows unconditional love
 This is the greatest quality of a good father. Even though he gets upset at his children’s faults and may lament that they did not attain what he hoped for them, a father loves his children no less for it. Give Props To Dad In these days of polarized sexual politics, the value of a great father is often overlooked. But there are few things as valuable as a father who will do everything he can, and provide all the tools he has so that his children can become better than him.

HOMELAND / June 2014 11

By Cyndia Rios-Myers “That’s sad,” said my son to me. I looked up from my computer and looked at him. He was seated at his spot at the dining table playing Minecraft while eating his breakfast. Minecraft being sad? That was odd. “What’s sad?” I asked of him. “The boy’s dad dying,” he said, never taking his eyes from his game. I then looked at my own laptop screen and saw the video - or audio that he’d reacted to. It was a video of a boy who decided to pay a good act forward in honor of his soldier father, who’d passed away in the war. “It’s sad that he died,” he reiterated. “I agree,” I said with a sigh. “It is very sad.”


June 2014 / HOMELAND

I then thought of his father, a US sailor who was out to sea. “Your daddy will be okay, buddy. Sailors and soldiers fight in different areas. Usually,” I qualified, as I recalled my husband’s 9 month deployment to Iraq. “Why do people die in wars?” he asked. I took a breath as I considered how best to answer the heavy question. “People die because…they are fighting other people.” “Why? Are they bad people?” Instantly, I thought about the strong conviction we had when we invaded Afghanistan, and the grey area that Iraq was. I thought of the thousands who died in both wars, and of the survivors who were still fighting the

war. But that might have gone over his head, I knew, so I gave him an answer he could understand. “The people we fight? No. Not always. A lot of times they are doing what’s been ordered to them by the people in charge. Sometimes the people in charge are bad guys, though.” The conversation got me thinking about my own interpretation of who the good guys were. My time in the Navy (13 years past) didn’t feature any wars. The intelligence area that I worked in and the people who worked there were mainly concerned about the North Korean and Iranian threat, but not much else. So in my mind, there weren’t any real “bad guys,” at least none we were currently engaging. Continued on page 26>

LIBERTY STATION – It’s all happening here!

HOMELAND / June 2014 13

NTC at LIBERTY Rich Legacy / Bright Future BY RICK ROGERS Photo: JP Edge


June 2014 / HOMELAND


TC at Liberty Station comes at you a stately rush. From the Spanish Colonial architecture to the emerald golf course to the scenic waterfront, the place is grand at every turn. But while the scenery -- along with Liberty Station’s terrific venues, cafes and art centers -- might grab you, it’s the history that might longest linger. Simply put, there are many reasons why NTC at Liberty Station is on the National Register of Historic Places and a must-see for everyone from daytrippers interested shopping, dining and culture to those fascinated by military history. Naval Training Center at Liberty Station, as the name implies, started life nearly 100 years ago as a training base and quickly earned fame as the “The Cradle of the Navy.” Although hard to imagine now, at one time San Diego was once thinly populated and hosted just a fraction of the military presence it has today. To change that California Congressman William M. Kettner convinced San Diego businessmen in about 1919 to approach the Navy about moving a training site from Goat Island in San Francisco Bay – now Yerba Buena Island – to Point Loma. Legend has it that business leaders offered the sea service 200 acres to make the move. Whatever the bargain, it was apparently too good to pass up. By 1921 a deal was struck and work begun on the training center under the direction of architect H. Lincoln

Rogers, who a few years earlier helped design the New York water supply system. From the start it was clear that the Naval Training Center would be no ordinary installation, but a special place seamlessly blending military order with the cultural heritage of the region. Taking a cue from structures built in Balboa Park for the 1915 Panama-California Exposition, Rogers and assistant W.L. Menzies created elegant barracks and headquarters in

a modified Spanish Colonial Revival style that has withstood the test of time. In October 1923 thousands gathered to officially open the San Diego Naval Training Station. (Scores of years later the name would change to the Naval Training Center.) Those with sharp eyes will note that streets and places are named for key figures in naval history. Through the decades, the training center would see its numbers rise and fall depending on the needs of the

military. Its high-water marks came during World War II when 33,000 sailors served there and again during the Korean War when its ranks swelled to about 40,000. In all 1.75 million men and women would train there. A popular monument embodying the decades of training that took place there is the “USS Recruit,” a landlocked training ship that was once also known as Building 430. First christened in 1949, the “Recruit” was for many years the only commissioned Navy vessel that did not float. The mock ship helped train hundreds of thousands of fresh recruits in the basics of seamanship and is located to this very day on Geary Drive between Evans and Chauncey roads. Possibly the most intriguing NTC at Liberty Station sites for the athletically inclined is the ninehole Sail Ho golf course, one of the oldest in San Diego County. It’s history dates to the 1920’s when Albert G. Spalding of Spalding sporting goods fame built this gem of a par-3 course that still garners rave reviews. With dramatic elevation shifts offering a panoramic view of the downtown San Diego and the harbor, Sail Ho offers a quick golf fix and great scenery. Back in the day, the Navy used Sail Ho in its physical fitness program. The legendary golfer Sam Snead managed the course in 1942 during his stint in the Continued on page 16>

Actors that trained at NTC

Earnest Borgnine

Henry Fonda

LIBERTY STATION – It’s all happening here!

Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Charles Durning

HOMELAND / June 2014 15

Continued from page 15> military. Pro golfers Billy Casper, Gene Littler, Craig Stadler, Phil Mickelson have all played here. A unique feature of this golf course, perhaps found no where else, is a pair of grave markers unobtrusively placed next to the eighth green noting the passing of a golf-loving former base commander and his wife. No retrospective of NTC at Liberty Station history could be complete without mention of its rich Hollywood connection that stretches back to 1924. Bob Hope entertained the troops at the Luce Auditorium. James Cagney, Pat O’Brien, Buster Keaton, Marlene Dietrich, John Garfield, Betty Grable, Jimmy Durante, Roy Rogers, Milton Berle and Abbott and Costello are just a few of the many personalities who appeared here. Actors Henry Fonda, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Charles Durning and Earnest Borgnine all trained at NTC. Movies such as “Top Gun,” “Battle Cry,” “Here Comes the Navy,” and “In the Navy,” were all at least partly shot here. In the late 1990s, the TV series “Pensacola: Wings of Gold” was filmed

Photo: JP Edge


June 2014 / HOMELAND

here as well. But all good things come to an end – and some times even lead to greater things. By 1993 the Navy decided it no longer needed the training center and the long-serving base was marked for closure under the Base Closure and Realignment Act of 1990, better known by its acronym BRAC. By this time, after 74 years of use and growth, NTC comprised more than 300 buildings and covered nearly 550 acres. Looking at this large and unique space, the question for San Diego city leaders became what should be done with the historic landmark with the desirable address? The City of San Diego had some ideas. In 1997 it reached an agreement with the Navy to allow the service to continue using part of the base while transferring most of it to city ownership. Ultimately after years of meetings and debate, San Diego city planners partnered with The Corky McMillin Companies to breathe new economic and cultural life into the fine old bones of the 361-acre site.


Filmed at NTC Movies such as “Top Gun,” “Battle Cry,” “Here Comes the Navy,” and “In the Navy,” were all at least partly shot at NTC.

Historic meets the Happening where the

Photo: JP Edge Barracks and open spaces were transformed into office space, meeting venues, retail shops, hotels, cafes and schools in a transition so successful that in 2007 the Liberty Marketplace won a “Redevelopment Award of Merit” from the California Construction Magazine and NTC Promenade took an Orchid award for Urban Design from the San Diego Architectural Foundation. That same year, the Association of Defense Communities named NTC at

Liberty Station the Base Redevelopment Community of the Year. The passing years have witnessed many historic events at NTC at Liberty Station and that history continues today. To learn more about NTC at Liberty Station, come for a visit and take the 1.3mile walking tour. The free audio tour is available by cell at (619) 342-8021. For more information, call the NTC Foundation office at (619) 573-9300.

LIBERTY STATION – It’s all happening here!

HOMELAND / June 2014 17


Special thanks to www.sandiego.org

DISCOVER san diego

This months featured spotlight – Point Loma, Harbor Island & Shelter Island

Point Loma, Harbor Island & Shelter Island A Neighborhood of Dramatic Contrasts. West of downtown San Diego, you’ll find Point Loma, Harbor Island and Shelter Island, all of which offer great restaurants and a variety of accommodations. These areas feature picturesque marinas from which sportfishing excusions, whale watching tours and harbor cruises depart. A peninsula jutting into the sea, it’s easy to think of Point Loma as a dead end - “land’s end” in fact. But, as the site where San Diego was discovered in the first place, it seems more appropriate to consider Point Loma as a starting point - the start of a new land, a new dream, a new way of looking at things. And that’s just the place to start your own exploration of San Diego, with a voyage around Point Loma, Harbor Island and Shelter Island.

Point Loma Point Loma encompasses at least five distinct districts. Up on The Point are beautiful, multimillion dollar mansions. Down by The Midway you’ll find seedy strip shows and Kobey’s Swap Meet, the city’s largest weekend swap meet. On the Ocean Beach side, surf pounds the rugged coastline, while The Harbor side is a safe haven for yachts. Point Loma’s fifth district is Liberty Station, the waterfront urban village in the redeveloped Naval Training Center that includes hotels, restaurants, shops, a waterfront park, the historic Sail Ho Golf Course and the NTC Promenade, home to over 48 museums, galleries, artist and design studios, dance companies and other organizations that showcase San Diego’s creative community. Point Loma is known locally as an excellent spot for tide pooling, where low tide brings a magnificent reveal of the underwater reef, exposing flowery anemones, crabs and a myriad of other sea creatures to the delight of visitors and locals who frequent these pools. And don’t miss a trip to the Cabrillo National Monument home of the Point Loma Lighthouse for a look back at San Diego’s nautical history and stunning views of the bay and downtown skyline. If you’re looking for great surf, locals frequent a number of quality surf breaks along the western edge of Point Loma.

Harbor Island For a thin strip of land directly south of the airport, Harbor Island packs a lot into its two miles of real estate. Large hotels, marinas and several restaurants, including Island Prime and Tom Ham’s Lighthouse, call this island home. A shoreline path complete with a steady ocean breeze keeps walkers, joggers, skaters and bikers cool while they enjoy panoramic views of the San Diego skyline, Coronado Island and the Big Bay. Several grassy areas provide ample picnic opportunities. Harbor Island is also an ideal place to enjoy the city lights by night, firework shows on the 4th of July, the annual boat Parade of Lights in December and sailing races, such as the America’s Cup, when they are taking place.

Shelter Island A nautical atmosphere prevails on Shelter Island, one of San Diego’s principal boating centers, where marinas, resort hotels, restaurants and bayside parks welcome sailors and landlubbers with recreational amenities. Many short and long-range sportfishing trips depart from here, catching a host of Pacific fish like Yellowtail, Albacore, Halibut, Dorado, Calico Bass and a variety of rock fish. Shelter Island is also home to Humphreys Half Moon Inn & Suites, and their summer Concerts By The Bay, which attract nationally known musicians and comedians. At the end of Shelter Island, you’ll find the Yokohama Friendship Bell, a large bronze bell housed in a pagoda structure, that was a gift from the city of Yokohama, Japan in 1958 to commemorate the sister city relationship between San Diego and Yokohama.


June 2014 / HOMELAND

What to Love • Exploring the tide pools below the lighthouse at the west end of Point Loma. • Whale watching in the winter from the glass-enclosed observatory at Cabrillo National Monument. • Taking a ½ day, ¾ day, full day or multi-day sportfishing trip from the docks of Shelter Island. • Humphreys’ summer concert series, where you’re certain to find one of your favorite artists on the bill. Scuba diving in the kelp beds off the coast of Point Loma.

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2305 Historic Decatur Road

Building 902 class A office at Liberty Station spectacular balcony views of the Bay & Downtown

Building 902 Owned and Managed by:

LEED GOLD, CORE & SHELL LIBERTY STATION – It’s all happening here!


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Photo: JP Edge USS Recruit (TDE-1/TFFG-1) at Liberty Station (Formerly Naval Training Center), San Diego For 40 years. the stationary training ship USS Recruit, fondly called the USS Neversail, served as a school for recruits going through their basic seamanship training. As a national, state and local icon, it is an important part of NTC’s historic district. Commissioned by Rear Adm. Wilder D. Baker in 1949, it was the Navy’s only officially commissioned non-sailing ship. Originally built as a 2/3’s scale model of a training destroyer escort, the standard Navy fittings were salvaged from mothballed ships. Operating as a standard Navy ship, sailors learned marlinspike seaman skills and observed traditional navy shipboard procedures on its decks. It continued to be used for recruit training even though it was decommissioned in 1967. In 1982, it was reconditioned as a training guided missile frigate. Designated in 2005 as a State Landmark, the future for the four-story, 233-foot long ship is to open it as a museum and flagship for Liberty Station. .

Boost The Happy In Happy Father’s Day Yes, YOU can boost Happy with one simple practice.  Put your focus on what makes you happy.  Focus on the good things you like seeing in your loved ones.  Example: when someone gives you a genuine compliment, thank them for noticing.  You will get more good things.


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Photo: JP Edge

“What you focus on expands”. This means whatever you focus on, you’re going to get more of the same. So focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. You like your loved one’s beautiful smile, smile back in appreciation and you are likely to get more. Test this and see if it works for you.  Imagine if you focused on only the positive things and ignored the negatives.  You might say, “But, you can’t ignore the negatives.”  Test this for a day, add another day, and see how it works and feels.  It will work, but not always on the first day. Focusing on the good is as contagious as a smile. When you smile, your family smiles too.  Has anyone ever caught you doing something good and praised you for it? Didn’t you want to do more? For Free Consultation on Joyful Parenting, Bully-Proofing, or Joyful Relationships contact Chris Nielson 858-538-9705 www.joyfulrelationships.org

LIBERTY STATION – It’s all happening here!

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A Night Out with

High Tech High By CJ Machado “Can, Will, Do” is High Tech High’s philosophy. Founded in 2000, the Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs High Tech High Charter School incorporate five essential habits of mind: perspective, relevance, connection, and supposition. Every student’s project culminates in a final exhibition before an audience of experts, teachers, peers and family. Renowned for developing student’s skills in academics, workplace and citizenship for post-secondary success. HTH encourages student’s critical thinking while ensuring that every pupil’s voice is heard. HTH recently hosted Village Fest on May 2nd at Liberty Station to support their Charter Schools. The student’s involvement and creativity was the highlight of the event. There were live bands, dance performances, student’s art gallery, food stands, a fun photo booth, interactive activities, exhibitions and many more festival activities. All of the students participated whether showing off their creatively made, elaborate hats or tending the booths to raise money for their school. There was a definite connection between students, teachers and the community. Students were confident and empowered, ready to embrace the world’s many challenges. High Tech High is based on a lottery system and is located at Liberty Station, 2861 Womble Rd., San Diego, CA 92106 (619) 243-5000.


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LIBERTY STATION – It’s all happening here!

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Exciting events are happening at NTC Liberty Station during all of June!

15 Buildings Now Open! ; Galleries & Museums ; Dance Place ; Artist Studios ; Unique Shops ; Historic Exhibits ; Solare Ristorante ; Meeting, Festival, ; ;

Event & Wedding Venues North Chapel Karate, Capoeira, Fitness & More

Located in the Historic Heart of Liberty Station Roosevelt, Dewey, Historic Decatur and Truxtun Roads


Friday Night Liberty FREE Open Artist Studios, Galleries & Performances Every First Friday 5pm - 8pm Directions, schedules, event booking & leasing info: NTCLJCFSUZ4UBUJPODPNt.573. 24

June 2014 / HOMELAND

On June 6th Friday Night Liberty is a night of fun, free open studios, galleries and performances. See the first ever FX Dojo Ninja Art Show, featuring over 30 artists inspired by Ninjas in Building 202. So Say We All takes over Barracks 17 Event Center with some of San Diego’s best writers performing; catch Malashock Dance’s students with Guitars in the Classroom for a collaborative performance in the plaza both from 6-8pm. Meet a feathered friend at the San Diego Museum Council, along with artists, gallery owners and more! This is San Diego’s biggest gallery walk; don’t miss out! On June 7 from 9-4 come play Bocce for Autism, Bocce Tournament Players have registered to play- cheer them on or you can play casually all day for $20 per player Kids can play for $10/player or $15/team of 2. Enjoy live music all day, great cheese steaks, beer, amazing raffles, arts and crafts, face painting, bounce house, sports activities and more!. On June 14 come join former Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson in a 5k or one mile Kids Fun Run benefiting his Tomlinson’s Touching Lives Foundation. After the races participants can enjoy: Autograph booth featuring current/ former Chargers players and local celebrities, free drinks and food. And a Kids Fun Zone - featuring bounce houses from L.B. Jumpers Express, games and contests. Try Open Sky Yoga on Sunday June 15, 22 and 29 from 8:30-12 at Ingram Plaza. See events, festivals and classes at NTC online at www.ntclibertyastation.com

2825 Dewey Rd, San Diego, CA 92106 (619) 876-4550 • sdws.org

The San Diego Watercolor Society was founded in 1965 and is consistently ranked among the top watercolor organizations in the country. It is open to anyone with an interest in watermedia art and its 700-members include some of the best watermedia artists in the world. The organization's gallery and education center is located in the NTC Galleries at Point Loma's Liberty Station, a historical site formerly housing the Naval Training Center. Programs include monthly juried shows, workshops taught by nationally recognized artists, monthly meetings and demonstrations, weekly paint-outs, classes for beginners and outreach to children in schools and after-school programs. As an all-volunteer non-profit, it receives funding from the San Diego Arts and Cultural Commission and is being funded for a military art program on base housing sites from the James Irvine Foundation.

Train Your Brain • Writing Adventures Camp Comprehension • Magic Math Super Spelling and Reading Small Group Instruction 1-4 PM Grades 2-8 June 23- July 11 July 14 – Aug. 1 Aug. 4- Aug. 15

Banyan Tree Learning Center P. 858-578-6616

The gallery is open to the public. The First Friday of each month is when each new show has its Opening Reception. Free Admission.


Monday to Friday Happy Hour 3-6pm

10% Military Discount

2558 Laning Rd, Ste C103 San Diego, California 92106

(619) 224-0100 sushiyafood.com

Located just minutes away from Downtown San Diego and the International Airport in historic Liberty Station, SUSHIYA Point Loma is a premiere Japanese establishment offering classic and exotic Japanese dishes from nigiri and sashimi delivered fresh daily to specialty rolls and entrees from the grill. Aside for full service dining and take out, we also offer pet-friendly patio seating and delivery services. Come on in and experience San Diego’s Best Happy Hour and sushi deals throughout the day and we guarantee you will leave sushiya with a smile!

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LIBERTY STATION – It’s all happening here!

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Continued from page 12> I never considered it a surety that we were always the good guys. I considered our forces “us” and the others “them.” It didn’t occur to me how problematic that would be for my Navy superiors, not until I attended an ammunition engagement school. “That there is the ignition switch,” said the Fire Controlman First Class as he pointed to a slide on a projector screen. The other students in my class stared at the black oval indicated, fully aware of what it was. “If any of you have a problem with turning that switch, you shouldn’t be here.” No one said anything. “Does anyone have any reservations about turning that switch?” he asked. I raised my hand. “What is your problem?” he asked of me. Usually, the job of Operations Specialists was to monitor, track, and report and vessel threats we saw. It was not our job to engage them. Others such as FC’s did that - just like our instructor. However, this class was mostly made up of OS’s. “If I turn that switch and that missile hits another ship, many will die,” I answered. “If you are lucky and you do it right,” he retorted. “I’ll do what I have to, but it won’t come easy,” was my reply.

“Why do people die in wars?” he asked. I took a breath as I considered how best to answer the heavy question. “People die because…they are fighting other people.”

We’d love you to send us your favorite personal Hug-A-Soldier moment. Just send us your photos with a caption/name and a line or two and we will feel honored to publish them in the next issue of Homeland magazine. Write “My Photo” in the email subject heading to increase your chances of selection. Each photo you submit will need a caption. Make sure you are the copyright owner of the photo(s), and/or have permission from anyone you have photographed before sending us your pictures. ISend photo to info@ homelandmagazine.com Subject heading: My Photo “Hug-A-Soldier


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For a moment, I wondered if my gender had been affecting my judgment. A fellow OS (and a male) seated behind me disavowed me of that notion. “Hey, I’d do it too. She’s just saying that it won’t be easy.” “What is hard? You’ll be at war!” he instructor exclaimed. “It is your job to protect the ship and the crew! That is all you will need to think about.” “On that ship, there will be someone like me. Staring at a monitor, wearing a uniform and taking orders. That would be a life I would be taking,” I meekly said. The FC1 launched into a diatribe about enemy forces and war. I listened carefully though, as I knew that he wasn’t wrong, either. I think that instructor might have lost respect for me then, but I accepted that. What I wouldn’t accept was the surety that we were the good guys. No one could be the good guy all the time. I thought of that as I looked at my impressionable son. “Sometimes people die in wars. It is always sad when that happens. I doesn’t matter which side they are fighting on.” He said nothing, but ate his Cheerios and carried on with his Minecraft game. While I was relieved that the heavy conversation had come to an end, I was also relieved for the opportunity to teach my son about war and inner peace.

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Wounded Warrior Project’s purpose is to raise awareness and enlist the public’s aid for the needs of injured service members; to help injured servicemen and women aid and assist each other; and to provide unique, direct programs and services to meet their needs. Learn more or find out how you can help at woundedwarriorproject.org. , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , © 2013 Wounded Warrior Project® All Rights Reserved


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VA Home Loans for Veterans by a Veteran As a homeowner myself using my VA loan and as a multiple home investor, I understand purchasing a home is one of the biggest and most important purchases someone will make in their lifetime. Being a 10-year active duty Veteran as an Airborne Paratrooper, I know what it means to sacrifice your time away from civilian life and the abuse your body takes in the military. That’s why I’ve made it my mission as a Loan Officer to reach out to other Veterans to assist with their Home Purchases. From pre-qualification to closing, I will be there to ensure that the loan process for your home goes as smoothly as possible. You will find that I strive to keep in contact with my clients throughout the entire process and to be easily accessible. In addition to VA home loans, I also specialize in FHA and Conventional home loans. BRE# 01147747 NMLS# 9873 Top Producer 2008 through 2013

NICK COWAN “Iraq Veteran”

Nick Cowan “Your Direct Mortgage Lender”

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Just For Fun



facebook Did You Know a Facebook employee standardissue hoodie recently sold on eBay for a whopping $4,050 with nearly 50 bidders battling it out to win the auction. Did You Know despite being blocked; there are roughly 95 million Facebook users in China.

Did You Know about 20% of all photos this year will end up on Facebook. Did You Know that Mark Zuckerberg owns a Hungarian sheepdog named Beast, who has a Facebook page with 1.5 million fans.

Did You Know approximately 7.5 million sites contain the Facebook Like or Share Buttons. Did You Know Internet entrepreneur Steve Chen worked at Facebook for a few months before quitting to set up a small website called YouTube! Did You Know you can change your language on Facebook to “Pirate.” Did You Know the Facebook logo is blue because of founder Mark Zuckerberg’s color blindness. The color that he can see best is blue. Did You Know AOL and Microsoft tried to recruit Mark Zuckerberg when he was in high school after he created Synapse, a program that used artificial intelligence to learn users’ musiclistening habits. Did You Know that Mark Zuckerberg has amassed 220,000 Twitter followers despite the fact that he’s only tweeted 19 times in four years, and not once in 15 months. Did You Know the Average Facebook User Has 130 Friends. Did You Know the original Facebook website had an image of a man’s face on it. Dubbed the “Facebook guy” it was recently revealed that the photo was actually Hollywood legend Al Pacino.


June 2014 / HOMELAND

Did You Know the first person to invest in Facebook was the cofounder of PayPal, Peter Thiel, who invested $500,000 in June 2004. Did You Know in 2005, East Asia’s richest man, Li Hu Shing, invested $120 million dollars in Facebook. Did You Know in May 2009, a Russian investment firm, Digital Sky Technologies, invested $200 million in Facebook in return for a 1.96% stake in the Website. Did You Know Iceland used Facebook to rewrite its constitution! Did You Know Facebook pays $500 to anyone who can hack into it! Did You Know that Facebook is the biggest photo album in the world.
In September last year, Facebook revealed that users upload 3.5 million photographs to the site every day and in total Facebook stores 250 billion images.

Did You Know that at the end of 2013, the company reported that of its billion or so users every month 945 million access the service from their phone or mobile device. Did You Know adding the number 4 to the end of Facebook’s URL will automatically direct you to Mark Zuckerberg’s wall.


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cliniquesculpture@gmail.com In this second part of my series on breast augmentation we’ll be discussing some of the specific breast implants, and alternatives to breast implants, including natural fat transfer to the breast. Today we have an amazing array of silicone breast implants. Essentially all breast implants have a very tough, thin, highly cross-linked outer shell. This outer shell contains the contents of the implant, which can be saline or various silicone gels that have different properties. The shell can be smooth or textured with various proprietary irregularities formed on its surface. Some doctors prefer one textured surface to another. These surface modifications were supposed to reduce the amount of implant contracture that occurs in various severities in a large proportion of implants. I was involved in one study where various surface modifications and chemical modifications were examined and the surface modifications had thicker capsules, and more contracture than smooth implants long- term. My patented porous surface modification performed the best, but has yet to come to market. Clinically, most of the surgeons I know believe that the smooth implants are the best choice currently. Some new advances in implants are the “gummy bear” implants, where the gel that fills the shell is more cross-linked and will not flow out of the shell if it is ruptured, staying together as more of a solid than a liquid. The can also give more projection (taller for the width) , helping somewhat with sagging (ptosis) of the breasts. I quite like these implants and are my implant of choice. The FDA has recently approved shaped implants, having more of a tear-drop shape, potentially giving a more natural appearance. However, there are many technical issues with these implants, including correct placement, rotation or malposition issues after placement. Shaped implants are now generally reserved for breast reconstruction after mastectomy. Natural fat transfer has now become a very power tool for breast augmentation. I have long dreamed about using the body’s own tissues for breast enhancement, and today that has become a reality. I personally started using autologous (from one’s own body) fat transfer (AFG) in 1987. Until about 7 years ago, most of my colleagues and I didn’t put AFG into the breast because we didn’t know if there might be a breast cancer risk. However, we now have some data, but not absolute statistically significant data, that AFG is safe. Currently, natural fat transfer to the breast is my method of choice for breast augmentation, and less than 2% of my augmentations are now with silicone implants. The advantages of AFG are; there are essentially no scars, we can place the fat in more anatomical areas that implants don’t correct, such as the cleavage, superior and superior lateral areas, it won’t contract, it doesn’t have the high reoperation rate of breast implants of 34% at 3 years and 66% at five years, and there is no recommendation that they be changed at 10 years. Disadvantages include; we can only about double the breast tissue you currently have, you cannot instantly become “California Big”, and you usually have to have significant lipo to get enough of your fat for the size change you desire. For more information visit my website at www.cliniquelipo.com/ naturalfattransfer Dr. Seare

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Williams finished the season with a .406 batting average, while DiMaggio had a 56-game hitting streak. Williams remains the last player to finish the season hitting over .400, while DiMaggio’s 56-game streak is still the MLB record. Williams finished his career with four home run titles, four RBI crowns and six batting titles, including two triple crowns. He won the AL MVP twice and 12 times finished in the top 10 including four runnerups. DiMaggio won two batting titles, topped the AL twice in HRs and twice in RBI. DiMaggio picked up three MVP awards and finished in the top 10 in MVP voting 12 times during his career. The biggest advantage Joltin’ Joe had over the Splendid Splinter were his nine titles in 13 major league seasons, to Williams’ zero. The debate on which player was better will remain eternal.

Best Individual Rivalries In Sports

Sports Rivalries are what get the fans’ attention, attract ratings and provide drama. Whether the players loathe each other or have great respect for one another, rivals usually bring out the best play in each. Some are in individual sports, while others match up directly head-tohead. No matter what the playing surface or field, these are our favorite 10 match-ups.

10 Phil Mickelson - Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods won the first of his 14 majors at the 1997 Masters. Ever since, the media and golf fans have been clamoring for a rival. Mickelson was labeled as the best golfer to never win a major early in his career. He finally broke through with the 2004 Masters and has won three more majors since then. They are the biggest names of their generation in golf. They were the highest paid athletes in the world in 2007. They have yet to play as the last pair in a major on the final day. To truly reach the great rivalries of all time, that will need to happen.

9 Ted Williams Joe DiMaggio

The summer of 1941 is considered one of the greatest in the history of baseball. Williams and DiMaggio captivated the public and to this day maintain two of baseball’s premiere records and milestones.


June 2014 / HOMELAND

8 John McEnroe - Bjorn Borg

Borg and McEnroe met 14 times during their career. A true rivalry, each won seven times. What made the rivalry intriguing were their contrasting personalities and styles. McEnroe was the bombastic American from New York who was athletic, serving and volleying his way to victory. Borg was the laid back Swede who preferred to play from the baseline. The height of their rivalry came in 1980-81 when they played each other in back to back Wimbledon and US Open Finals. After losing to Borg at Wimbledon in 1980, McEnroe won the other three. McEnroe’s victory at Wimbledon in 1981 ended Borg’s five-year and 43-match streak of dominance at the AllEngland Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. Borg retired shortly after losing the McEnroe at the US Open in 1981. He was just 25 years old.

7 Martina Navratilova ChrisEvert

“Martina and Chrissy” met an astounding 80 times during their careers with Navratilova holding a 4337 advantage, including a 10-4 head-to-head record in Grand Slam finals. The rivalry lasted 15 years, a feat that may not be matched today. They are tied for fourth all time with 18 Grand Slam singles titles.


6 Rafael Nadal - Roger Federer

There have not been many rivals that have dominated their sport together like Nadal and Federer. Since Federer won his first Grand Slam singles title at Wimbledon in 2003, Fed and Rafa have combined to win 24 of the last 29 grand slams. Federer is considered by many to be the best player ever. He has a record 16 Career Grand Slam titles. Amazingly, Nadal holds a 14-7 career record against Federer. He also leads 5-2 in Slam finals and 6-2 in Grand Slams overall. Only five other players have won Grand Slams during their amazing run. Juan Martin Del Potro was the only won to defeat either in a Slam final. At only 24, Nadal has a realistic chance at matching Federer’s record.

3 Jack Nicklaus - Arnold Palmer

The Nicklaus-Palmer rivalry was born at the outset of televised sports and was the catalyst for golf becoming a regular part of sports broadcasting. Many credit their 1962 showdown in the US Open at Oakmont as the birth of their rivalry. Nicklaus overcame a three shot deficit to force an 18-hole playoff. He beat Palmer by three shots in the playoff for the first of his record 18 majors. Palmer captured seven slams in his career. Four times during their great rivalry they finished 1-2 in Grand Slams.

2 Muhammad Ali - Joe Frazier

5 “Sugar” Ray Leonard - Roberto Duran

Duran and Leonard fought in two of the most famous non-heavyweight fights in the history of boxing. The first occurred when Leonard returned to the site of his Olympic gold medal, Montreal. Leonard made the mistake of trying to fight Duran, instead of boxing him. On June 20, 1980, Duran upset Leonard with a 15-round unanimous decision that gave Duran the World Lightweight Championship. Leonard exacted his revenge in the Superdome in New Orleans. In the infamous “No Mas” bout, Duran quit at the end of the eighth round. He cited stomach cramps as the reason he threw in the towel. He was doubted in both the United States and his native Panama.

4 Bill Russell - Wilt Chamberlain

Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain matched up with each other an astounding 142 times in the 10-year span of their rivalry. While Chamberlain almost always posted better stats. It was Russell’s Celtics that usually got the upper hand, winning 85 times head-to-head. Chamberlain matched up with Russell eight times with three different franchises in the post-season. Russell and the Celtics went 7-1 in those match-ups. The met twice in the Finals with Russell’s Celtics winning both times. The Celtics rallied from a two games to none deficit in 1969 to win the series in seven games. Wilt was finally able to be on a team that defeated the Celtics as a member of the 76ers in 1967. The Sixers won in five games in the Eastern Conference finals on their way to the NBA Championship. Wilt would lose twice more to the C’s and Russell before his retirement at the end of the 1969 season.

Ali-Frazier provides many memories for boxing fans of the early 1970s. Their fight of the century and “Thrilla in Manila” are considered two of the greatest matches in the sports’ history. In the “fight of the century” both men entered with undefeated records. Each won gold medals in the Olympics, Ali in Rome in 1960 and Frazier in Tokyo in 1964. The Thrilla ended when Frazier ring man Eddie Futch stopped the fight after the 14th round. Frazier would never talk to Futch again. After the Thrilla, Ali said it was the closest thing to death that he had experienced.

1 Larry Bird - Magic Johnson

The Bird Magic rivalry began when they faced off for the 1979 NCAA Championship. Bird and Indiana State entered the game with a 33-0 record. The game was the most anticipated in NCAA tournament history. NBC received a 38 share and 24.1 rating as Magic and MSU romped to its first title. The rivalry continued in the NBA. Bird and Johnson met three times in the Final (1984, 85 and 87) with the Lakers winning twice. Between 1980 and 1988, the Celtics and Lakers combined to win eight of the nine NBA Championships. They combined for six MVP awards and five NBA Finals MVP Awards. Many credit them with rescuing the NBA.

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Thank you for serving. Now let us serve you. Call 760-430-0808, or visit 711 Center Dr, San Marcos, CA


by Cyndia Rios-Myers

Proudly supporting all those who have bravely served our country

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Homeland June 2014  

Real stories from real heroes; service members, veterans, the wounded and the families that keep it together.

Homeland June 2014  

Real stories from real heroes; service members, veterans, the wounded and the families that keep it together.

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