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Vol. 1 Number 6 • August 2014

Real stories from real heroes: the service members, the veterans, the wounded, and the families that keep it together

Summer Days

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Your Chevy Truck & Camaro Headquarters

Voted North American Truck of The Year.

Serving our Military personnel & their families for over 52 years CALL OR STOP BY TODAY www.CourtesySanDiego.com 750 Camino Del Rio North San Diego, CA 92108

619.873.4765 2

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CAMP HERO It’s the summer to discover By Tim Ney

The camp themes include:

he Armed Services YMCA San Diego is truly excited to launch its newly “revised” CAMP HERO program which has six separate camps starting on July 22nd and running through August 29th. We are truly excited to offer Military Families an opportunity to have a fun filled summer. Camp Hero is open to children of military service members from all service branches whose ages are between 7 & 14 years old by August 1st.

August 4th to 8th Soak Zone Week - Summer is here! Looking for ways to cool off, participants will enjoy water activities and get soaked every chance they get while experiencing the sights & sounds of Sunny San Diego.


Frequent relocations often require military families to leave friends and extended family behind. Through a variety of activities, field trips, crafts, and challenging games, kids will tackle tough topics including making new friends, family separation, taking responsibility, and conflict resolution. Camp Hero is a chance for kids to build friendships and share common experiences while further developing their self esteem and resilience. These opportunities will take place in the classroom as well as in the community through two local field trips each week. “One of our goals with the newly “revised” Camp Hero is to schedule the program in conjunction with the local school calendars, this way parents won’t have to worry about missing work when school is out,” said Tim Ney, Executive Director. Jon Rios, Program Manager, is responsible for the new program design and was very focused on ensuring the camps were both fun and educational for the participants. During the first day of camp, kids had the opportunity to participate in a behind the scenes tour of the LHD USS ESSEX. It was filled with hands on activities including sitting in the captains chair, detailed overview of ship controls, and even trying on naval fire fighter suits for the full experience! The children were able to eat their lunch in the mess hall where all active duty personnel eat on a regular basis. The trip concluded with a group photo on the ships landing strip and a souvenir photo of the USS ESSEX for each participant!

August 11th to 15th Movin’ & Groovin’ Week - Learning the art of rhythm and dance, campers will participate in talent shows, lip syncing contests and dance competitions! August 18th to 22nd Adventure Explorer Week - Exploring different forms of adventurers including space, the wild-west, and super heroes! Participants will enjoy daily challenges and twists that will keep them guessing! August 25th to 29th Buggin’ Out Week - The great outdoors is full of creepy crawlies! Participants will learn about their environment in new and fun ways while exploring San Diego’s terrain through hikes, trails, and becoming one with nature. You can learn more about the camps by contacting Jon Rios at 858-751-5755 Ext 124 or via email jon.r@militaryymca.org.

One of our goals with the newly “revised” Camp Hero is to schedule the program in conjunction with the local school calendars, this way parents won’t have to worry about missing work when school is out,” said Tim Ney, Executive Director. 4

August 2014 / HOMELAND

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16 ORIGINS Dog Days of Summer

20 FEATURE Sunday Liberty

30 FOLDS OF HONOR Paying it Forward; An Inspirational Tribute


Homeland 4 FEATURE Camp HERO It’s the summertime to discover

7 FEATURE Honoring the Greatest Generation


What do veterans and entrepreneurship have in common?


Mission Valley & Old Town


14 FEATURE Warriors Helping Warriors

Just For Fun Interesting Facts Behind Popular Posters

32 DID YOU KNOW? homelandmagazine.com


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HomeLand Publisher Michael J. Miller

Contributing Writers Wounded Warrior Project Linda Kreter Folds of Honor Armed Services YMCA Rick Rogers CJ Machado



Public Relations Linda Kreter CJ Machado Graphic Design Trevor Watson

Greetings and a warm welcome to HOMELAND Magazine! Please take some time to get to know the layout of our magazine. Homeland Magazine focuses on real stories from real heroes; the service member, the veteran, the wounded and the families that keep it together. Our magazine is driven by passion, vision, reflection and the future. The content is the driving force behind our magazine and the connection it makes with service members, families, veterans and civilians. Homeland is about standing your ground, resilience, adaptation, inspiration and solidarity. HOMELAND is inspirational, “feel good” reading; our focus is on family, military and civilians alike. I believe HOMELAND is where the heart is, and our publication covers a wide variety of topics, and issues about real life and real stories. We are honored to share the work of so many committed and thoughtful people. They say San Diego is a military town, I find that San Diego is a HOMELAND town, where military and civilians work and live together. We appreciate your support and are so happy to have you as a reader of HOMELAND Magazine. With warmest thanks, Michael J. Miller, Publisher

Homeland Magazine is published monthly. Submissions of photographs, Illustrations, drawings, and manuscripts are considered unsolicited materials and the publisher assumes no responsibility for the said items. All rights reserved. Homeland Magazine 13223 Black Mountain Road, #168 San Diego, CA 92129 858.877.3421 Contact Homeland Magazine at: info@homelandmagazine.com


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Honoring the Greatest Generation


he USS Midway was born of the Greatest Generation. Built in only 17 months, it was commissioned a week after the end of World War II. The largest ship in the world for a decade, it was the only carrier to serve the length of the Cold War and beyond. But its roots have always remained with the Greatest Generation. The Battle of Midway turned the tide of the war in the Pacific. The USS Midway followed three years later, yet many people today assume the USS Midway fought the battle. That’s just one reason why a 90-seat Battle of Midway Theater is now under construction on the museum’s hangar deck. It promises to be a remarkable experience.

Where Your Accomplishments Are Valued!

A 14-minute multi-media film has been produced in Hollywood, complete with renowned battle survivor Ensign George Gay as a holographic narrator. The production team obtained rare battle footage and then filmed a number of scenes aboard the USS Midway Museum last year. The museum’s sick bay had to be converted into berthing quarters with chain racks, circa 1942. An engine room was converted into boiler room for filming purposes. The museum’s SBD Dauntless of the Battle of Midway era was made available to the film crew. Midway’s bridge was used to film scenes with Japanese Navy commanders who made fateful decisions (in Japanese) that contributed to America’s successful ambush. But the movie will focus on the young Americans who became known as the Greatest Generation. A generation that is disappearing before our eyes. Honoring their legacy has become a high priority aboard eh USS Midway Museum. Here’s a sneak preview from the movie’s trailer: “American and Japanese aviators share their innermost hopes and fears. Commanding officers on both sides grapple with the imminent battle’s significance. And otherwise anonymous young sailors below deck shake free of their homesickness and uncertainty as they report for duty with battle only hours away. The holographic images appear as life-sized people, on stage, in front the screen, and serve as narrators of the Voices of Midway.” Several days a week, World War II veterans are stationed in front of our Corsair and Dauntless, volunteering their time to share their first-person stories with our guests. Especially popular are the Pearl Harbor survivors who wear their signature white windbreakers. Some have extensive photo album displays they share with Midway’s 1.1 million annual visitors. Men in their late 80s and early 90s, still “reporting aboard” Midway, sometimes hours before we open!

The USS Midway Museum is available for military retirements, re-enlistments, changes of command, and other military events.

We’re proud to be your resource!

Plans now are being developed for activities in 2015, which will be the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. Once the Battle of Midway Theater opens in January, the museum will shift the focus to other activities. Our Legacy Week celebration surrounding Memorial Day Weekend will center on the Greatest Generation, including a very memorable wreath presentation ceremony that will be open ot the public. In August we will be making a big change. Instead of our annual high end black-tie fundraising gala, we are going to hold a more affordable community celebration on August 14 with Big Band entertainment, dancing, food from the era, etc. We will be working in concert with the Spirit of ’45 organization, a great partner of the USS Midway Museum. Its plans here in San Diego for the 70th anniversary next year in August are expanding almost by the minute. The latest information is available at www.spiritof45.org. Continues on next page>

Contact the Military Event Manager for more information

(619) 398-8252 • www.midway.org

HOMELAND / August 2014 7

Continued from page 7> Every year the USS Midway Museum hosts the Navy’s annual Battle of Midway commemoration dinner for approximately 1,000 community leaders. Sadly, fewer and fewer Battle of Midway survivors are able to join us for this stellar event every June. The day will come when they are no longer among us, making each commemorative dinner that much more meaningful. Their loss is a big inspiration for Midway to complete and open the Battle of Midway Theater. The larger experience will include artifact displays and various videos that tell some of the fascinating sub-plots, such as the battle’s code-breaking story. In addition to Midway, “The Kiss” sculpture next door has become an enormously popular Greatest Generation tribute. Midway led a community fundraising drive that netted more than $1 million in eight weeks to save The Kiss. Today, tour buses regularly stop at The Kiss and thousands of couples have struck that famous 1945 pose in Times Square for a photograph. The USS Midway Museum is committed to preserving the legacy of the Greatest Generation and inspiring future generations of visitors. .

The USS Midway Museum’s SBD Dauntless will be showcased in front of the Battle of Midway Theater. These photos show the remarkable restoration work of the museum’s volunteer air wing.


August 2014 / HOMELAND

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est. 2002









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PC 87989


OVER 850 STORES NATIONWIDE! • MON–FRI: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. SAT: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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What do veterans and entrepreneurship have in common? Drive. Vision. Perseverance. < Jeff Underwood

By Linda Kreter


oday’s military veterans have amazing options today to support their return to their communities – and to re-invent themselves as business owner/operators. One highly successful program is the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV). “Entrepreneurs go through waves of success, then slumps, but through the EBV Program, I learned that my military experience of considering any challenge solvable made all the difference”, says United States Veteran, retired Navy linguist, Misty Birchall, a graduate of the UCLA EBV program, who credits her experience there with improving her business skills. Another San Diego graduate of UCLA’s EVB, Navy Veteran, Jeff Underwood adds, “The EBV program took my military background and sharpened my focus on the adaptability and resilience many veterans share when presented with a challenge”. The EBV executive program comprises seven world-class schools and colleges of business (Syracuse, UCLA, Florida State, Texas A&M, Purdue, University of Connecticut, Louisiana State, and Cornell School of Hotel Administration), with Syracuse hosting this EBV Consortium, which is privately funded and offers veterans with service-connected disabilities the opportunity to pursue their passion to become a small business owner. Both San Diego based veterans credit the EBV program with providing them crucial business networking and foundational support. (http://whitman.syr.edu/ebv/programs/)


August 2014 / HOMELAND

When Misty, a Persian linguist, came home from the Middle East, the experience was challenging. “I felt ten years older than my friends and needed a new focus”. She was also very motivated to parlay her military discipline and love of learning into a lifestyle more suited to her personal growth. From a passion of baking combined with a zeal for discovering delicious craft beers in San Diego, Misty formed PubCakes, becoming the creator of delicious cupcakes made with local craft beer. (www.PubCakes. com) This unusual business endeavor set her apart at UCLA’s EBV program, and she continues to attend every EBV gathering possible to maintain the network of stellar mentors and fellow entrepreneurs. “Even when there are low points in business, I’m not afraid to ask for help, and the ability to seamlessly adapt from the military has served me well”, she says. EBV’s advisory groups are readily available to graduates and she rates her EBV experience as critical to her success. PubCakes’ craft beer cupcakes are marketed online, at fresh air markets, gourmet food shops, and showcased at weddings and parties in the greater San Diego area. Misty has extended her business reach via the creation of specialty Craft Beer Cake Mixes so customers can produce their own baked goods while adding their favorite craft beer. Her goal one day is to grow her niche business with increased retail distribution and online sales.

< Misty Birchall

Jeff Underwood knew early that he wanted to go to film school and earned a scholarship to USC’s School of Cinematic Arts via a Navy ROTC scholarship, followed by military service. After retiring from the Navy, he gained additional skills including graphic design, photography, and motion graphics. Beginning with corporate marketing videos to pay the bills, he realized that the marketplace was changing beneath him and made the first of many business redirects toward his newest passion: health and wellness. Today, his interest in for media production is often coupled with his training and knowledge about health coaching. “That journey can often take a long time to navigate,” Jeff says. “But I feel like EBV helped speed me along my path much more quickly.” During his EBV program, he realized he needed to narrow his business focus to thrive. Today, Jeff spearheads San Diego Health Nut (www. SanDiegoHealthNut.com) and provides free health assessments, nutrition education, and follow-on coaching to his clients. He also maintains a library of testimonial videos and relevant blogging to motivate others to better wellness. There are 400 members of his Meetup group to give the community a way to support each other and make healthy living more fun. Giving back is also important to Jeff, and he’s determined to leave a legacy of improved quality of life for many. Numerous veterans have lingering

issues from life in the service: poor sleep, nutrition, weight gain from reduced exercise levels, and even chronic pain that may be improved with his program. Eventually, Jeff plans to combine his newfound love for CrossFit and use his wellness knowledge to help those who are motivated to become a more elite athlete. Both Misty and Jeff acknowledge the continuing value of the EBV program to their new careers, and highly recommend the program to other veterans. And in case the irony of enjoying beer cupcakes while embracing wellness was missed, please enjoy Pubcakes in moderation, and contact San Diego Health Nut to enjoy life to the fullest!

Entrepreneurs go through waves of success, then slumps, but through the EBV Program, I learned that my military experience of considering any challenge solvable made all the difference.”

HOMELAND / August 2014 11

VA Home Loans for Veterans by a Veteran As a homeowner myself using my VA loan and as a multiple home investor, I understand purchasing a home is one of the biggest and most important purchases someone will make in their lifetime. Being a 10-year active duty Veteran as an Airborne Paratrooper, I know what it means to sacrifice your time away from civilian life and the abuse your body takes in the military. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve made it my mission as a Loan Officer to reach out to other Veterans to assist with their Home Purchases. From pre-qualification to closing, I will be there to ensure that the loan process for your home goes as smoothly as possible. You will find that I strive to keep in contact with my clients throughout the entire process and to be easily accessible. In addition to VA home loans, I also specialize in FHA and Conventional home loans. BRE# 01147747 NMLS# 9873 Top Producer 2008 through 2013


August 2014 / HOMELAND


Special thanks to www.sandiego.org

DISCOVER san diego

This months featured spotlight – Mission Valley & Old Town San Diego

Mission Valley

San Diego Chargers.

What to Love Centrally located with easy access to the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld San Diego and downtown’s Gaslamp Quarter, Mission Valley offers a host of affordable accommodations for families and business travelers alike. Bustling with activity, Mission Valley is an epicenter of dining, shopping and entertainment, with plenty of restaurants, retail malls, movie theaters, the 9 hole Riverwalk Golf Club, and Qualcomm Stadium, home of the

For a bit of San Diego history, visit the Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcalá, one of twentyone missions that dot the California coast. The mission still actively serves to this day, as a beautiful and enduring symbol of San Diego’s prosperity.

Shopping The two main shopping centers in the area, Mission Valley and Fashion Valley malls offer an oasis of retail therapy. The upscale Fashion Valley Mall contains luxury department stores, including Bloomingdales and Neiman-Marcus, as well as premium brand shops by the likes of Tiffany, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, the Apple Store and many more.

Old Town San Diego Just south of Mission Valley and known as the birthplace of California, Old Town teems with a lively, authentic atmosphere, boasting 17 museums and historical sites including the Whaley House, which tops Travel Channel’s America’s Most Haunted list. Quaint boutiques, mouth-watering restaurants, colorful art galleries and festive theatres populate Old Town, making it a not-to-be-missed hot spot for tourists and locals alike. Mexican cuisine is the specialty in Old Town, where you’ll find authentic fare at any of the many cantinas. Just follow the aroma of freshly made tortillas and take a seat outside. Enjoy the sounds of local mariachi as you sip on the best margaritas in town.

• Old Town’s mouth-watering Mexican food and refreshing margaritas. • Visiting the Whaley House close to Halloween. • Luxury shopping at Fashion Valley Mall, at Bloomingdales, Gucci or Tiffany. • Narrated tours of San Diego on the Old Town Trolley including free on and off privileges.

What to Know • During Charger Games and morning and evening drive times, traffic in the Mission Valley area can become congested. • Parking in Old Town can be a challenge, but there are a number of paid parking lots and many hotels offer visitor parking. The Old Town Transit Center offers both Trolley and Coaster service for easy access around the county.

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t Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP), our logo often embodies the journey of our wounded veterans. Carried off the battlefield after being injured, many of our warriors progress through their recovery to then become the person who helps to carry other wounded veterans through their recovery process. We call this “Living the Logo™.”

One program that facilitates this process is our Peer Support Program. Peer Support helps veterans develop one-to-one friendships with fellow warriors who are further along in the recovery process, with the goal that the individual being mentored will eventually mentor a fellow warrior. For retired Army Sergeant Victor Thibeault, this concept is not new. “I have been a peer mentor since becoming a noncommissioned officer in the Army, and I don’t intend to stop,” he said. Thibeault was wounded in Kandahar, Afghanistan on December 3, 2003. He grabbed a grenade that was thrown through the window of the Toyota Hi-Lux he was driving, mitigating the effects of the blast and preventing injury or death to innocent civilians in the proximity of the blast. Despite his own injuries, he provided immediate medical aid to his injured battle buddy and carried him a quarter mile to safety for treatment. For his actions, he was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action. Thibeault says when he looks at the WWP logo, he sees his story.

“I feel it is my responsibility to help other veterans because so many people and organizations helped me,” he said. “I strive to listen to the veterans, understand their unique situation, provide guidance on how to get where they want to be and help link them with organizations that can assist.”


August 2014 / HOMELAND

“I have been a peer mentor since becoming a noncommissioned officer in the Army, and I don’t intend to stop.” He and his battle buddy went through the hospital together and essentially mentored each other through their initial recovery. After recovering from his injuries at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and while on temporary disability retirement, he represented military veterans within the Department of Veterans Affairs for Compensation/ Pension and any entitlement for benefits associated with military service. He interviewed thousands of veterans, filed paperwork in accordance with Title 38 C.F.R, and aided beneficiaries and their families in navigating the Department of Veterans Affairs process. After retiring in March of 2008, Thibault received assistance from organizations such Sentinels of Freedom and Operation Homefront to help with his continued recovery and transition to civilian life. In June of 2010, he was selected to join the Combat Wounded Veterans Challenge team. He volunteered for the charity to help other wounded warriors complete prosthetic research on several glacier travels, climbing Mount McKinley in Alaska in 2011 and Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa in January 2013 to raise awareness for combat wounded amputees. Today, in addition to being a peer mentor for WWP, Thibeault focuses on local outreach, what he calls “trench work,” to find local veterans who need help with issues such as benefits or homelessness and link them with organizations that can assist. He estimates he volunteers 40 hours per week with various local charities including East County Veterans Resource Center. He also is the founder and current volunteer Chief of Operations for the Combat Wounded Amputee Network, working closely with the PARR Foundation. Peer mentoring is Thibeault’s new mission and a way to continue to serve since losing his military career. His grassroots method of reaching out while leveraging a variety of resources embodies the WWP Community Integration approach of creating a web of support for veterans by linking individuals and organizations all working separately with the same end goal in mind. “I feel it is my responsibility to help other veterans because so many people and organizations helped me,” he said. “I strive to listen to the veterans, understand their unique situation, provide guidance on how to get where they want to be and help link them with organizations that can assist.”

HOMELAND / August 2014 15

COMING TO LIBERTY STATION Leading Paint & Sip Studio to Open in Point Loma’s Liberty Station Pinot’s Palette, a national Paint and Sip franchise known for providing guests with an entertaining evening of art and wine, announced today it will open a studio in San Diego. The new studio, located at 2820 Roosevelt Road, is scheduled to open August 15th, 2014 and will be the latest studio launch for Pinot’s Palette as the company expands nationwide. Franchisee Julie and Dan Truckenbrod, a longtime Navy family, will open the new location in Point Loma’s Liberty Station. The area holds special meaning for the Truckenbrods as Dan’s father attended basic training at Liberty Station, formally the Naval Training Center, in 1970. Mark your calendars for the grand opening on August 15th and 16th. “San Diego is really embracing the arts right now and people are ready for a new way to engage. Customers are excited to attend our classes and extend their imaginations while having a good time with family and friends,” Truckenbrod said. “I look forward to the opening of my studio, so guests in the San Diego community can ‘Paint. Drink. Have Fun.’ — our motto!”

Paint. Our events last 2 to 3 hours depending on the complexity of the painting. Classes are held most evenings generally between the hours of 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Classes are great for Girls Night Out, Date Night and Birthday Celebrations. You can book an event in our private party room for special occasions. Great for Birthday celebrations, Bachelorette parties and Corporate Team Building. Drink. Available by the glass or by the bottle, our beautiful bar holds a variety of carefully selected wine and craft beer for your enjoyment. We also have a Captain’s List of additional fine wines that can be purchased by the bottle with 2 days advance notice. And with enough notice, we can obtain almost any wine to make your evening or event special and unique. Have Fun. Anyone can paint and drink but the “Have Fun” is what sets Pinot’s Palette apart from the competition. We have the perfect mix of a classy, upscale studio, fun loving artists with character and upbeat music likely to prompt a rowdy sing along. Pinot’s Palette continues to expand to new cities throughout the country and Liberty Station will be our 50th open studio!


Pinot’s Palette / Liberty Station • 2820 Roosevelt Suite 106 • (619) 675.0058 pinotspalette.com/libertystation


Dog Days Of Summer

VetLoan Advantage

Special Financing for Vets Who Own Small Businesses •

A rebate up to $3,000 maximum on an SBA-504 loan, used to purchase building, large equipment. • A fee waiver up to $2,500 on a Community Advantage loan for working capital, equipment, inventory, tenant improvement, business acquisition. • 2% loan fee waiver (savings of up to $1,000) on an SBA Microloan #1 SBA-504 lender in the nation


www.cdcloans.com 16

August 2014 / HOMELAND


hy is this time of year, approximately forty days from early July to early September, referred to as the ‘Dog Days’ of summer? We have all heard the myths about Dog Days, most of which focus around our canine friends, which is why the old folks say this time of year is called Dog Days. Some of the myths that I have heard are hunting dogs will not hunt, dogs go mad and foam at the mouth for no apparent reason, snakes go blind and strike at anything that comes near them, (dogs in particular), no use in going fishing because the fish will not bite, wounds and sores will not heal, if it rains on the first day of Dog Days, it will rain every day for the next 40 days, or the opposite-if it does not rain on the first day of Dog Days then it will not rain for 40 days, and the list of myths goes on. The above-mentioned myths are just that, myths. Handed down from generation to generation, but the real origination of this time of year being dubbed Dog Days, is based on a partial myth also. The term Dog Days was coined in ancient Rome, and was named after the star Sirius, the Dog Star, which is the brightest star besides the sun. It was thought that due to the rising and setting of Sirius at around the same time of the sun each day this time of year, that Sirius added its heat to the sun’s heat, thereby making the days hotter. Hence the term Dogs Days. Our modern day usage of the term has little to do with Sirius or his alleged wrath. We use the term Dog Days to refer to anything that is slow, lazy or languishing.I think the best way to appease the wrath of Sirius is to gather up my canine friends and go stagnate on the couch in front of the air-conditioning or hit the beach and enjoy the cool San Diego breeze.

LIBERTY STATION – It’s all happening here!

HOMELAND / August 2014 17


August 2014 / HOMELAND

LIBERTY STATION – It’s all happening here!

HOMELAND / August 2014 19

Sunday Liberty featuring By Rick Rogers


Special to Homeland Magazine

ruth was I didn’t have much to do one recent Sunday. The morning dawned overcast and gray and for once I didn’t have more work than hours in a day to do it. The fishing rods held no allure, and the waves did not call my name. Books refused opening. Being an early riser, I had all day to do something, but nowhere to do it. I considered heading to Pacific Beach or La Jolla, but the crowds at the first and the parking at the latter put me off the notions. Sundays are meant for lazing and recharging not calculating stress and expense. Then I thought about Liberty Station. I’d written two stories for Homeland Magazine on the former naval base turned budding San Diego hotspot shouldering its way into rising prominence among San Diego natives and tourists. One story dug into Liberty Station’s unique and startlingly rich and deep history; the other on its more recent past and future prospects. Admittedly, most of this knowledge came from a distance through research and interviewing those with proverbial skin in the game or a stake in Liberty Station’s success. Why not put Liberty Station’s high praise to the eyeball test? Consider it an unannounced inspection -- or to use a naval phrase a shakedown cruise -- to determine just how true the claims of Liberty Station’s widespread appeal were. In short, test whether it could live up to the hype. What the heck? Might as well and while at it expand my world a little beyond the North County perimeters of La Costa Avenue in the north and Via De La Valle in the south and see what Liberty Station has to offer on a typical Sunday morning. Just 20 minutes later I pulled through Liberty Station’s gates. Had I not known better I might have thought it an active military base still. The


August 2014 / HOMELAND

symmetrical precision of Liberty Station’s stately building, the guarding fence, its broad avenues and the calm demeanor reminded me of Sundays spent on defense installations across the Untied States and around the world. The atmosphere seemed a cleansing breath after a week of hard work -- a reward of sorts. I drove the perimeter, heard a tolling bell and watched parishioners make their way to church. I nearly mistakenly drove off the base when I spotted the USS Recruit, the famed 225-foot landlocked training ship upon which hundreds of thousands of fresh Navy recruits learned the basics of seamanship before it became a relic after its last decommissioning in 1997. I got out to take a look. I was not alone. Diane and Manuel Luna from Douglas, Ariz., were posing with the ship’s superfluous anchor. What had brought them? “Getting out of 110-degree heat,” joked Manuel, describing the oppressive weather of Phoenix. “But we’re at Liberty Station because we were looking for a quiet place to have breakfast with some friends. It was here or Mission Beach, but we wanted something more relaxing.” “This is just so beautiful,” added Diane, gazing upon the esplanade and nearby Nimitz Bridge, where two fishermen were measuring their luck. “They did a really great job with this place. It is just beautiful. We’ll be back.” I moved on and parked on the other side of NTC Park to look around – and find something to eat. There tucked into a corner of Liberty Station sat The Loma Club, Liberty Station’s picturesque 9-hole, parthree golf course and arguably the birthplace of the game in San Diego. Those of a certain age will remember the longrunning TV show “Cheers.” For a time every local watering hole laid claim to being “where everyone knows your name.” But The Loma Club – with its brawny exposed beamed ceiling from a bygone era – actually lives up to the urban legend. Customer’s here are known by name – as are their golfing buddies. As if the atmosphere isn’t enough, golf rounds are cheap by any standards, let alone San Diego standards.

Historic where the

Happening meets the

To top it off my sausage burrito was excellent and the bartender the epitome of conviviality. I could’ve easily stayed much longer. But on I pushed. Joggers passed me as did many bikers – the peddling variety. With each step my notebook filled: quiet to point of serene, easily walked, plenty of free parking, well-maintained, plenty of shade. Then I spotted an event sign and women and girls in bright kimonos and men in traditional, muted yukata robes. I had stumbled upon the Japanese Summer Festival. The smell of ginger, yakitori and ramen wafted through the air. I lived nearly five amazing years in Tokyo, though those days had rarely sprung to life so fully as they did that day. This merited another notation: the unexpected sight or memory can lie around any corner at Liberty Station. Then like a self-fulfilling prophecy there stood perhaps 120 spandex-clad people engaged in mass yoga in something called “Yoga Rocks the Park.” At this moment the sun decided to appear and seemed to smile upon the spiritual journey below – om, indeed. I pull muscles just getting out of bed, but for a few minutes I listened to the soothing music and appreciated the flexibility of others while noting their event in Carlsbad next month. From there I walked to my car to end my orbit of Liberty Station, but not without marking the businesses along the way: fitness club, art museum, café, chocolate shop, hardware store, school of art, tea house and brewery to name just those spotted in a single block. Before noon had struck, I again passed through Liberty Station’s gates happy and unexpectedly energized. I had spent next to nothing and had gained what I considered quite a bit. Not three hours before I had nothing to do. Now not only had I things to consider, but also a rough understanding of what Liberty Station had to offer. Every trip offers up treasures if only sparked thoughts. But the best trips leave you planning your return. Rick Rogers is a longtime reporter in San Diego. August is full of free family friendly events! Spend your summer at Liberty Station! www.LibertyStation.com

LIBERTY STATION – It’s all happening here!

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2825 Dewey Rd, San Diego, CA 92106 (619) 876-4550 • sdws.org

The San Diego Watercolor Society was founded in 1965 and is consistently ranked among the top watercolor organizations in the country. It is open to anyone with an interest in watermedia art and its 700-members include some of the best watermedia artists in the world. The organization's gallery and education center is located in the NTC Galleries at Point Loma's Liberty Station, a historical site formerly housing the Naval Training Center. Programs include monthly juried shows, workshops taught by nationally recognized artists, monthly meetings and demonstrations, weekly paint-outs, classes for beginners and outreach to children in schools and after-school programs. As an all-volunteer non-profit, it receives funding from the San Diego Arts and Cultural Commission and is being funded for a military art program on base housing sites from the James Irvine Foundation.

Train Your Brain • Writing Adventures Camp Comprehension • Magic Math Super Spelling and Reading Small Group Instruction 1-4 PM Grades 2-8 June 23- July 11 July 14 – Aug. 1 Aug. 4- Aug. 15

Banyan Tree Learning Center P. 858-578-6616

The gallery is open to the public. The First Friday of each month is when each new show has its Opening Reception. Free Admission.


Monday to Friday Happy Hour 3-6pm

10% Military Discount

2558 Laning Rd, Ste C103 San Diego, California 92106

(619) 224-0100 sushiyafood.com

Located just minutes away from Downtown San Diego and the International Airport in historic Liberty Station, SUSHIYA Point Loma is a premiere Japanese establishment offering classic and exotic Japanese dishes from nigiri and sashimi delivered fresh daily to specialty rolls and entrees from the grill. Aside for full service dining and take out, we also offer pet-friendly patio seating and delivery services. Come on in and experience San Diego’s Best Happy Hour and sushi deals throughout the day and we guarantee you will leave sushiya with a smile!

Mention Homeland Magazine and get 10% OFF Business Hours: Monday thru Thursday 11:00am to 9:30pm, Friday 11:00am to 10:00pm, Saturday 11:30am to 10:00pm, Sunday 11:30am to 9:30pm 22

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Discover An adventure awaits!

Call hotel directly and mention code FUN to receive 15% off your stay and discounted kayak & paddleboard rentals! Full Restaurant & Bar | Complimentary Parking | Government Discounts Family & Military Reunions | Weddings & Receptions | Birthday Celebrations 2592 Laning Rd. San Diego, CA 92106 | 619.221.1900 www.marriott.com/sanal

LIBERTY STATION – It’s all happening here!

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Spend your Summer at NTC Liberty Station! NTC Community Spotlight Events- August 2014 August is full of free family friendly events! Spend your summer at Liberty Station!

15 Buildings Now Open! ; Galleries & Museums ; Dance Place ; Artist Studios ; Unique Shops ; Historic Exhibits ; Solare Ristorante ; Meeting, Festival, ; ;

Event & Wedding Venues North Chapel Karate, Capoeira, Fitness & More

Located in the Historic Heart of Liberty Station Roosevelt, Dewey, Historic Decatur and Truxtun Roads


Friday Night Liberty FREE Open Artist Studios, Galleries & Performances Every First Friday 5pm - 8pm Directions, schedules, event booking & leasing info: NTCLJCFSUZ4UBUJPODPNt.573. 24

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August 1- Friday Night Liberty at NTC, enjoy a night of free performances, open studios and hands on art making. See an artistic Tribute to a Star Wars featuring 70+ artists in Barracks 17; play with clay at Expressive Arts in Building 202 or help paint a community art piece at M. Fischbeck Studio in Barracks 19. FNL always has live music, like Opera Nero at the Watercolor Society. Go online to see all the happenings- www.ntclibertystation.com. Happening at the NTC Command Center: 2640 Historic Decatur Road, San Diego August 9- Check out Voice of San Diegoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Politifest! From 10AM-2PM, this free family friendly event focuses on jobs, schools and housing with booths, activities, beer and conversations. Featuring guests Honorable Toni Atkins, live music and more! Happening at the Legacy Plaza: 2641 Truxtun Road, San Diego. ArtWalk returns August 16-17 from 10-6 for the 9th annual free festival featuring over 175 artists, music, interactive art and food. Featuring KidsWalk a fun, family friendly art making space with colorful activities for kids of all ages! Happening at Ingram Plaza: 2640 Historic Decatur Road, San Diego.

Discover An adventure awaits

Call hotel directly and mention code FUN to receive 15% off your stay and discounted kayak & paddleboard rentals! rentals

Complimentary Parking | Complimentary Breakfast Daily | Complimentary Dinner Mon-Thurs All Suite Rooms for Visiting Family and Friends | Government Travel | Family & Military Reunions

2576 Laning Rd. San Diego, CA 92106 | 619.222.0500 www.sandiegoairport.homewoodsuites.com

LIBERTY STATION â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all happening here!

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A Reflection of Design and Culture



fter more than 40 years of practice in San Diego, KMA Architecture found themselves searching for a new office that reflected the office culture that had evolved within its well-established walls. Having worked in the same space for 30 years the team knew exactly which qualities were a priority: natural light, natural ventilation, walk-ability and an open floor plan to support the creative and communal design culture. After some members from the group toured a historic barracks unit they found that the long linear forms provided the ideal open and well-lit space for the office as well as providing its inherent sense of history bonded to the City of San Diego. The potential of leasing at Liberty Station sparked the imagination of the entire company. It would be a unique opportunity to establish a creative space that combined the great contextual history of San Diego and its architecture with new ideas, design and process. Aside from great architectural style the Liberty Station Campus also had personal significance to the company. From 1999 to 2009, KMA had built several new office buildings on the Liberty Station campus and the office has designed many projects on Military bases so they though it was very fitting for their new creative office to exist within this piece of local military history.

It was a unique process to design a creative and inspiring new space within a historic context. With the use of modular furniture, bright accent colors and the creation of an architectural â&#x20AC;&#x153;galleryâ&#x20AC;? the team was able to move in and set up shop in 2 weeks. The team did not want to alter the historic building and its design features in any way so their design is based entirely around the existing barracks.

DESIGN IS OUR PASSION, VALUE IS OUR GOAL and we believe that our passion for architecture is contagious and are eager to share a fresh perspective. Be a part of our process. The office is located at 2710 Historic Decatur Road, Suite 201, San Diego, CA 92106. For more information, please visit www.kma-ae.com.

2305 Historic Decatur Road

Building 902 class A office at Liberty Station spectacular balcony views of the Bay & Downtown

Building 902 Owned and Managed by:


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San Diego’s Favorite Night Out!

Grand Opening Liberty Station August 15, 2014 Join us for an unforgettable evening filled with fun, friends and fine art. Girls Night Out • Date Night Private Parties • Corporate Parties View our painting calendars and RSVP online. Use code Military15 at checkout for $15 OFF. PinotsPalette.com/LibertyStation


Pinot’s Palette / Liberty Station • 2820 Roosevelt, Suite 106 • (619) 675.0058 LIBERTY STATION – It’s all happening here!

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Quality of life.

it’s built right in. Lincoln Military Housing provides premier homes and outstanding management and maintenance services in Camp Pendleton and San Diego communities. We strive to understand the changing needs of military families and consider it our duty to improve the quality of life for those who serve.

Move In Today! Featuring Newly Built and Remodeled Communities:

Free 24-hour Maintenance • Free Family Events • No Security Deposit • Utility Allowance For Camp Pendleton information please call (888) 718-2779 or visit LMHCampPendleton.com For San Diego information please call (866) 779-5434 or visit LMHSanDiego.com


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Welcome to Military Auto Center ~ Where Everyday is Military Appreciation Day!

Serving All Americans

9323 Activity Rd. San Diego CA 92126

Our Mission.... Is to provide a transparent auto buying experience to Veterans, Active Duty, their Family and Friends. We do our best to locate vehicles with the lowest pricing available on used & new cars. We provide no-hassle sales negotiations and finance consulting, plus a variety of other services to help make your car shopping an easy, pleasurable experience.

BE SURE TO CATCH OUR END OF SUMMER SALE ON AUGUST 21st, 22nd, 23rd & 24th.... And more vehicles will be displayed at our location on MCAS Miramar and at our warehouse just one block off base.... “NO Federal Endorement Implied” Visit us at our NEW 30,000sq.ft. Warehouse just one block off the base or on MCAS Miramar Air Base Across the street from Mc Donald’s! Be sure to visit our virtual showroom of inventory available for purchase. There you will see detailed information about each vehicle, a picture gallery, as well

as convenient ways to contact us for more information about that vehicle. COME SEE US IF LOOKING FOR A VEHICLE AND IF IT IS NOT IN OUR INVENTROY WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO LOCATE WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR.

POOR CREDIT ~ ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY ONLY.. ~ GIVE US A CALL.. WE CAN HELP EVEN IF YOUR CREDIT SCORE IS BELOW 500 ~ ONLY $500 DOWN ~ CALL US TODAY!!!! (Active Duty only.... Rates from 8.99% to no more than 19.49%)

“America’s Warriors should NOT have to fight for a great deal.”

Call 858.831.7887


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Folds of Honor

Paying it Forward; An Inspirational Tribute.


s a PGA Professional and golf course owner, Major Dan Rooney continues to use the game of golf as the flagship fundraiser for the Folds of Honor Foundation. Founded by Rooney in 2007, Folds of Honor provides academic scholarships to dependents of fallen or disabled service men and women. Every year, golf facilities

28th on their historic Captain George Thomas designed course. Club members played in foursomes alongside golfers from the Marines, Air Force, and Navy. The best ball format tournament featured a flyover and Honor Guard. It is through action such as this that has allowed Folds of Honor to make a difference.

own wife and little girls waiting for him at home. In a life-altering moment, Rooney was able to see the other side of war. When Rooney turned his attention back to the cabin of the plane, he was disappointed to see that more than half of the passengers had

The inspiration for Folds of Honor began when Rooney returned home from his second tour of duty in Iraq as an F-16 fighter pilot in the Oklahoma National Guard. He personally witnessed the crushing impact that lost service members have on their families. As his flight landed, the pilot announced they carried the remains of Corporal Brock Bucklin on board and asked – out of respect for his heroism and family – all passengers to remain seated while his casket deboarded.

Today, the Folds of Honor Foundation exists to provide hope of a brighter future for those whose lives have been permanently altered as a result of their loved ones’ service to our great nation. across the nation participate in Patriot Golf Day, hosting events in support of the mission. Though the request is for courses to add as little as one dollar to their green fees over Labor Day weekend, they are given the freedom to use different methods at any time throughout the year. One Southern California course, La Cumbre Country Club, hosted such an event on July

Rooney sat watching as the flag-covered casket was removed from the plane and Corporal Bucklin’s twin brother walked alongside it towards the awaiting family. Among those waiting was Corporal Bucklin’s young son, Jacob. The scene sent Major Rooney’s thoughts to his

disregarded the pilot’s request for respectful patience. He felt the need to do something, it was time to act. Knowing he couldn’t change the fate of fallen soldier Corporal Bucklin, Major Rooney made a decision to spend his life changing the future of America’s grieving spouses and children. In 2007, he formed the Folds of Honor Foundation, a 501C-3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing educational opportunities otherwise unavailable to this most deserving group of heroic American citizens. Today, the Folds of Honor Foundation exists to provide hope of a brighter future for those whose lives have been permanently altered as a result of their loved ones’ service to our great nation. At the beginning of 2014, the number of dependents of disabled or fallen U.S. military personnel was over 1.4 million people. To date, Folds of Honor has been able to provide over 5,500 scholarships to military families in need. The first scholarship? It was given to none other than Corporal Bucklin’s son, Jacob. For more information on Folds of Honor or to find another event in your area, visit the website at www.foldsofhonor.org


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graphic design magazine design brochures newsletters flyers logos web pages marketing materials & much more! trevordesigns@yahoo.com trevor.viewbook.com

A Career in Dentistry is a Wonderful Thing Programs Offered Include: • Dental Lab. Technician

(4 weeks long. Tues-Thurs 9 till 4)

• Dental Assisting Training

(4 weekends long. Sat & Sun 9 till 5)

• Dental CEU’s Courses Available • RDA Prep Courses and Review

Funding Available for Military Spouses


(Available from 8am -10pm) California Dental Board Approval Provided #4164

www.DentalCertifications.com San Diego 3175 Midway Drive (619) 226-0451 Kearny Mesa 4344 Convoy Street (858) 278-0303 El Cajon 700 N. Johnson Avenue (619) 442-2506 Chula Vista 638 Palomar Street (619) 409-9026

Carlsbad 2525 El Camino Real (760) 729-9223 San Marcos 711 Center Drive (760) 747-4911 Opening Soon in Oceanside

“At BOOT WORLD we honor those who have dedicated their lives serving others. We have the utmost respect and appreciation for all service members, veterans and military families who protect and support our Homeland.” - Ed Stone, President Boot World, Inc./ KM Shoes www.bootworld.com

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Just For Fun


Interesting Facts Behind Popular Posters

Lord Kitchener Wants You This famous recruitment poster depicting Secretary of State for War, Lord Kitchener, first appeared on September 5th, 1914, on the cover of the London Opinion. During that month the country had its highest number of volunteers. The poster became the inspiration for the legendary Uncle Sam “I Want You For The US Army” poster, which America used in both World War I and II. It also inspired the famous Smokey the Bear “Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires” Poster.

V-J Day in Times Square We Can Do It! American graphic artist, J. Howard Miller, created this poster. In 1941, Miller’s work came to the attention of the Westinghouse Company and he was hired to create a series of posters to sponsor the company’s War Production Coordinating Committee. This poster is commonly called Rosie the Riveter. The poster became a symbol for women who produced war supplies and took new jobs replacing the male workers who were in the military.


August 2014 / HOMELAND

This photograph was taken on August 14, 1945, by Alfred Eisenstaedt, and published a week later in Life magazine. The photo was a spontaneous event (not posed) that occurred in Times Square when it was announced that the war on Japan had ended. Most are unaware that another photo was taken of the same couple at about the same time at a different angle, by Navy photo journalist Victor Jorgensen. It is also a popular poster. It was published in the New York Times the following day and titled “Kissing the War Goodbye.”

Lunch atop a Skyscraper Daredevil photographer Charles Ebbets took this legendary photograph, on September 29, 1932. The photo shows 11 workers having a lunch break on the 69th floor of the RCA Building (now the GE Building) in New York, during the last months of construction. The photo credit on posters was listed as ‘Unknown’ for many years. The copyright owner of the photograph did not recognize Charles C. Ebbets as the photographer until 2003

Farrah Fawcett When this photo was taken, Fawcett was still an unknown actress. She had not yet signed on for the hit show Charlie’s Angels, but got some work doing commercials. Her agents wanted a bikini shot of Fawcett and hired freelance photographer Bruce McBroom, who had worked with her before. She tried on several swimsuits, but when Fawcett finally tried on a red one-piece to cover a childhood scar on her stomach, McBroom knew he had something special. The 1976 poster of Farrah Fawcett sold a Record-breaking 12 million copies.

Albert Einstein This famous photo and popular poster of Albert Einstein was taken March 14, 1951, by UPI photographer Arthur Sasse. After an event at Princeton to honor Einstein on his 72nd birthday, Sasse and other photographers were desperately trying to convince Einstein to smile for the camera. Einstein was in a car returning from the event and was tired of smiling all day. When the photographers didn’t let him alone he is said to have shouted: “That’s enough, that’s enough!” When these words didn’t deter the photographers, the reaction they received was even better.

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Homeland Proudly supporting all those who have bravely served our country

For advertising information info@homelandmagazine.com

Thank you for serving. Now let us serve you. Call 760-430-0808, or visit 711 Center Dr, San Marcos, CA

San Marcos Some discounts, coverages, payment plans and features are not available in all states or all GEICO companies. See geico.com for more details. GEICO and Affiliates. Washington, DC 20076. GEICO Gecko image © 1999-2014. © 2014 GEICO

Linda Kreter, the Founder of VeteranCaregiver.com is a strong advocate and subject matter expert for families and caregivers of our wounded warriors and veterans. For more information on peer support for caregivers and resources/guidance to better navigate the VA medical system, go to www.VeteranCaregiver.com Our goal is to enhance quality of life and ensure no veteran nor their caregiver ever stands alone.

Military Auto Center


CHANGE with membership Call For Details

(619) 297.4321

Military Spouses & Caregivers Need a PT, home-based, portable business? Join us for opportunities with a team who cares & a product that works!

Call Linda for more info: 410-703-5810 http://lkreter.nerium.com

is NOW at MCAS MIRAMAR (West end of commissary parking lot)

End of Summer Sale

Aug 21st, 22nd, 23rd & 24th...

And more vehicles will be displayed at our location on MCAS Miramar along with other selections at our warehouse just one block off base.... For more information call us at:

(858) 831-7887

MilitaryAutoCenter.com "Serving ALL Americans"

Brewery Tours of San Diego

Public & Private Tours Available: • 7 Days a Week • Day or Night • For Any Size Group Visit & Sample at Award-Winning Breweries in “America’s Finest City”

"Gift Certificates Available"

You've served. now we want to serve by making a


Y u

Free coaching to give you the body, energy, and positive attitude you've always wanted. we customize All Superfood programs to help you reach your goals. money-back guarantee.

619.961.7999 SDBeerBus.com 34

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BRAVE Support them at: findwwp.org


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Homeland August 2014  

Real stories from real heroes; service members, veterans, the wounded and the families that keep it together.

Homeland August 2014  

Real stories from real heroes; service members, veterans, the wounded and the families that keep it together.

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