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Family Structure

Family Structure ď‚— There is a unity of production and consumption

together with common property. This type of family is becoming more and more rare today. ď‚— The nuclear family, parallel to industrialization

and urbanization, replaces traditional families. The nuclear family consists of a husband, wife and unmarried children and is more suitable to modern Turkish social life today.

TURKISH FAMILIES : ď‚— Turkish families have some cultural differences

from other nations. A traditionalTurkish family usually consists of parents and children .Children generally don’t leave home before marriage unlike some nations. Relationships with relatives are very strong. They visit most of their relatives in all the festivals and a lot of Turkish families live very close with their relatives . Generally people who become old in a family is looked after in that family and aren’t sent to anywhere and is respected as before.

 Children learn Turkish traditions since birth. If they

have elder sisters or brothers, they do not call them with their names, they call them ‘elder sister (abla) or elder brother (ağabey)’. This is a way of reflecting respect towards older ones. Older siblings call their younger ones with their names.  In a Turkish family mother and father take decisions

together. Children listen to and respect older people, learn to be a good person from them and all the people in the family love, help and protect each other.

Family Structure MARRIAGE IN TURKEY ď‚— In the traditional family, marriage is still a family rather than a personal affair. Marriages are not conducted by the imam anymore as they were before the republic. By law they have to be civil. Approximately 40% of marriages are only civil, 50% are both civil and religious, 10% are only religious which means they are not legal. Polygamy is very rare and only in some villages with a rate of 3%. ď‚— It is legally forbidden to marry before the age of 15 for women and 17 for men. The average age for girls to marry is around 17-18. Early marriages are more frequent in rural areas. For young men in big cities the problems of receiving an education, military service and acquiring a job are among the reasons that delay marriage.

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Turkish Families

Turkish Families

Turkish Families

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Turkish Families

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Turkish family structure  
Turkish family structure  

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