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Writing your proposal ( 1. Title: Make Sure that the First Letter of Each Appropriate Word Is Capitalized. 2. Abstract: No more than 120 words. 3. You MUST address explicitly the following six elements in your proposal: (1) Objectives or purposes: • Provide a brief background or rationale for your research, and clearly state what the purpose of your paper is. • State your research question(s) along with the purpose. • Discuss how your research fits the theme if possible. (2) Perspective(s) or theoretical framework: • Write thorough and substantive literature review on your research topic. • Discuss your theoretical framework. • Address what has been done in the existing literature, analyze and synthesize it as a segue to the discussion of why you are writing your paper. (3) Methods, techniques, or modes of inquiry: • Discuss your methodology, e.g., narrative inquiry, phenomenology, or case study, action research, etc. • Discuss your data collection methods, e.g., field notes, observation, interviews, documents, surveys, etc. (4) Data Sources, evidence, objects, or materials: • Provide a discussion of your data analysis. • Provide salient, important emergent themes with evidence from your data. (5) Results and/or substantiated conclusions, or warrants for arguments/point of view: • Discuss your findings carefully and thoroughly by revisiting the literature while providing a new perspective. Address your research questions. • Discuss implications of your study or recommendations for educators. • Try to answer the “So what?” question. 6) Scientific or scholarly significance of the study or work: • Discuss the significance of your study including how your study can contribute to the literature. • Revisit the conference theme and how your proposal is tied into the theme.

Writing your AERA proposal  
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