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Film review: Kingsman: The Secret Service Lauren Copland Gratuitous violence. Grotesque characters. Glorious soundtrack. Gadgetry. Gentleman.

bad boy exterior is someone who is fiercely loyal and willing to take a beating rather than betray a promise.

These seemingly discordant aspects merge together in Kingsman: the secret service and, defying all laws of nature, somehow work. It’s a parody, satirising action films, specifically old school James Bond, taking things to absurdly hilarious levels whilst also paying homage to the much loved spy thriller format. It features enough suit porn to last a lifetime, cleverly disguised weapons galore, an obligatory female ass shot as well as a powerhouse of British stars including Colin Firth, Mark Strong, Mark Hamill and Michael Caine.

After a bonkers police chase, Eggsy needs to call in a long held favour with Kingsman, Harry Hart (Colin Firth). What ensues are death-defying challenges in Kingsman training, facing off against rich private school wankers and a billionaire environmentalist villain (Samuel L. Jackson) with no stomach for violence, poised to destroy the world’s population with his metal-legged accomplice Gazelle.

Based on a comic book series, Kingsman, directed by Matthew Vaughn of Kick Ass and X-Men: First Class, revolves around cocky kid Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin. Residing from the rough housing estates of England, he has a penchant for trouble whether it be with local thugs or the cops; however, hidden beneath his

This film takes concepts and clichés that are expected and twists them into something original and wholly unexpected. It’s surprisingly yet ridiculously enjoyable. You’ll be met with plenty of expletives, black comedy, gory violence and an exploration of class and just what exactly it means to be a gentleman.

Quizzical Q1) What is the most recent colour for humans to learn to see?

Q3) Nickleback

A) __________

Q4) Nickleback

Q2) The name of what colour comes from the processing of wheat?

Q5) Nickleback

A) __________

Q2) Nickleback

A) __________ Q5) What colour was the dress that recently took the internet by storm? A) __________

Quiz Recap

Q4) What is Monica Lewinski famous for wearing?

The answers to the last quiz are as follows

A) __________

Q1) Nickleback

Q3) What did Lupita Nyong wear to the Oscars??

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