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Creativity is probably one of those things you can’t use up – the more you exercise it, the more there is.

the lookbook the day after that, and then they go to print and the clothes go on sale straight away. It’s mayhem, but it’s an awesome energy and really fun, even though it’s stressed.’ Wowee. All I know is it makes my argument that ‘it really DOES take six weeks to do my ironing because in my busy lifestyle of watching Gossip Girl re-runs and seeing how long I can stay in bed without getting bedsores, I just really can’t spare the time’ look a bit shit.

A million girls would kill for this job.

So what does it take to get into the fashion industry, I hear you ask? Strategically distributed sexual favours to anyone associated with a fashion house? A photographic memory of every piece of ‘constructive criticism’ given throughout all twelve seasons of Project Runway? Surgically removing a rib? Calm down, fool! Kathryn has some more pragmatic suggestions. ‘Get as much experience as you can first before you jump out and try

to start your own brand,’ she tells me. ‘There are just so many logistical components like pricing and tax and just things you don’t really think about as a designer, and there’s nothing better than getting work experience at a handful of places and just soaking in as much as you can before you bite the bullet and do it for yourself”. Seems logical. Still, the sexual favours can’t hurt, right?

You’re in desperate need of Chanel.

Seated as I was in front of The Oracle Of Fashion Wisdom, I was obviously going to plunder Kathryn for style tips (I’m only thinking of you here, readers). Kathryn tells me ‘I don’t feel like anyone should listen to the Trinny and Susannahs of the world who tell you you’ve got to cinch your waist in, and you can’t wear red with pink and things like that. I just think don’t be restricted by it at all. Especially with fashion right now; clashing prints and clashing colours and wearing something baggy over something baggy over something baggy is all cool, and as long as you’re staying true to yourself, I think it radiates.’



Sage words – fingers crossed it’s still true every time I crack out my collection of 80s polyester power-leotards with build in shoulder pads. (I don’t care what any of you say, IF IT WAS CHIC AND SOPHISTICATED DAYWEAR ON DYNASTY IT SHOULD COUNT NOW.) There was, however, one last question to ask, one as old as time itself with the power to ignite debate of almost religious fervor: are leggings ever pants? Kathryn pondered. She chose her words with care. ‘I think for the cameo brand and our customer, leggings probably aren’t pants.’ Preach.

Alice Bitmead wanted a pony, but all she got was this lousy bio.

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