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Middlebury Parks & Recreation Department

Fall Activity Guide Programs, Athletics and Special Events for Adults, Youth and Families

Sept.-Nov. 2013

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Middlebury Parks & Recreation Department Fall Activity Guide • The Addison Independent • August 29, 2013

Mission Statement The Middlebury Parks & Recreation Department (MPR) shall provide lands, facilities, and services for community members of all ages and all income levels. It shall provide programs for both sport and leisure. The department shall serve as instructor, facilitator, and partner in efforts to promote and improve quality of life for participants. MPR will work with an involved public and business community to provide a healthy and aesthetically pleasing environment with opportunities for cultural growth. The department should be flexible enough to meet the changing needs and tastes of the community, while finding creative ways to deliver recreation programs and facilities that are affordable to the residents of Middlebury.

TaeKwon Do K.I.C.K.S.

for the whole family

Special Back to School Program for

new members – ONE MONTH FOR $30! (Reg.$65) Offer expires Sept. 30th

Please contact us for info about special afternoon & self-defence programs (for kids & women) that can be held at your school. “Megan has blossomed with the confidence she has gotten from TKDKICKS! She has learned respect and how to really focus with patterns. I like that she knows how to defend herself if she would have to for me, I love the fun atmosphere and wonderful TKD family!” – Katie

CLASSES IN VERGENNES & MIDDLEBURY FOR KIDS AGES 3 THROUGH ADULT. “In short 8 months - my overall health has benefitted – my breathing is better, I ache a lot less, I’m much more flexible, my balance was never great but it’s slowly getting there... my self-confidence has shot up! My grand-daughter and I have a great time.” – Cheryl, proudly representing our over 50 crowd!

K.I.C.K.S. actually stands for Keep fit, Inner strength, Confidence, Kinship & Self-defense, which we believe are all skills that should help your child regardless of age cope and prepare for the real world. We strive to teach life skills and strong character through a disciplined but loving safe environment.

More information, please contact Master Kellie Thomas 377-0476 or email

Call to set up a FREE first class!

Middlebury Parks & Recreation Department Fall Activity Guide • The Addison Independent • August 29, 2013

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General Information Contact Us

Middlebury Parks & Recreation Department Offices Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Closed Saturday and Sunday and Holidays Mailing and Physical Address: 94 Main Street Middlebury, VT 05753 Other Contact Info: Phone: (802) 388-8100 x205 or x222 Fax: (802) 388-4364 Website: FB@ Town of Middlebury Parks & Recreation

Middlebury Parks & Recreation Board Colby Benjamin — ACT Teen Center Representative Monica Benjamin — Member-at-Large Sabrina Butterfield — ID #4 Representative Greg Boglioli — Vice Chair Tricia Allen — Ilsley Library Representative Susan Shashok — Selectboard Representative, Chair Bill Ford — Member-at-Large

Staff of Middlebury Parks and Recreation Department Terri Arnold, Director Dustin Hunt, Program Coordinator (802) 388-8100 x205 (802) 388-8100 x 216 Yvon Pouliot, Grounds & Facilities Supervisor (802) 771-7251 cell phone

ADVERTISING The Addison Independent prints and distributes this publication three times per year. We welcome your advertisement for a business, program or event in our publication for a fee; please contact us for more specific information. INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY Programs may be cancelled in the event of severe weather or power outages. MPR encourages you to do the following if you have questions: Call: MPR Offices Voice Mail system, 388-8100 ext 216 Check: Facebook, Town of Middlebury Parks & Recreation Check: Town of Middlebury web page,

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Middlebury Parks & Recreation Department Fall Activity Guide • The Addison Independent • August 29, 2013

REGISTRATION INFO New this fall: Online Registration!!! Instructions for Online Registration: TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT: 1. Go to 2. Create Account(located under member login) 3. Enter all primary and secondary guardian info 4. Use the “add family member” button to add all members of your household 5. When every member of your household has been added click “Done.” You are now logged in and can register for programs 6. Write down your login name and password. You only need to create one account per household TO REGISTER FOR PROGRAMS: 1. Login using username and password 2. Click “Browse Activities” in the Quick Links Box 3. Find the type of activity you would like to register for (Soccer, Gymnastics, etc.) and click search 4. Find the section of the program you would like to register for and click the shopping cart icon located on the left hand side of the screen. (Note: please make sure the program registration is open. There is a green bar that says available next to each section. If the bar is red it means that the program is unavailable to register for at that time. Please pay close attention to registration start dates and times for each program) 5. A green box will pop up one the bottom of the screen, click “enroll now.” When the next page opens chose the family member you would like to enroll in that program. Click “Add to Cart” 6. Read and agree to the waiver 7. You now have the option to proceed to checkout or continue shopping (enrolling in more programs). Once you have enrolled in all the programs you wish to, click “proceed to checkout” 8. Fill out all of the payment information and click “Finish.” A confirmation email will automatically be sent to the email on file. You also have the option to view and print the receipt.


51 Main Street, Middlebury


If you have any questions about how to register online please call 388-8100 ext 216 or 205 or stop in the Parks and Recreation office and we would be happy to walk you through the steps. • You may still register for all programs in person at the Middlebury Parks and Recreation Office • Advanced registration is required for all programs, classes or special events, unless otherwise stated under the program information. • All fees are due at the time of registration, we cannot “hold” a space for anyone without full payment at time of registration. • All programs have a minimum and maximum enrollment. We request that you register in advance to ensure minimum class requirements are met. We reserve the right to cancel a program if minimum numbers are not reached. • There is a $25 service fee on all returned checks and/ or declined debit and credit cards.

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Middlebury Parks & Recreation Department Fall Activity Guide • The Addison Independent • August 29, 2013

REFUND POLICY • Full refunds will be given for all classes by MPR. • If you need to cancel your registration before the second session of the program, we will refund you a pro-rated registration fee, minus 10% processing fee, or issue a credit, good for one calendar year, for the full class fee. After the second session is attended, eligibility for a refund is void. • Please be aware that refund requests may take up to 30 days to process. • Refunds will not be issued from a credit. • Refunds will not be issued for programs costing $10 or less, unless the program is cancelled by MPR. • One-day programs, trips, or special events are not covered under this policy (i.e., no refunds or credit available) • Contracted programs by community instructors have their own guidelines; call for more detailed information. • Every effort is made to ensure that the information in this guide is accurate. We reserve the right to add, withdraw, or revise programs or events as needed. For more updated information, please visit our website often. ACCESSIBILITY Individuals with or without disabilities may register for all programs offered by MPR provided program safety can be met. The Department provides reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities. Contact MPR offices in advance of the program start date to discuss accommodation on a case-by-case basis.

RESERVATIONS Facilities and Sports Fields

Municipal Gymnasium   94  Main  St.   Middlebury,  VT  005753 5763   Recreation  Warming   Hut   201  Mary  Hogan  Drive   Middlebury,  VT  005753 5763   Trail  Around   Middlebury   Harold  Curtis  Park   Schoolhouse  Hill  Road   East  Middlebury,  VT   05753   05740 Middlebury     Recreation    Park   201  Mary  Hogan  Drive   Middlebury,  VT  05753   Middlebury  Town  Pool   298  Buttolph  Drive   Middlebury,  VT  05753    

Parking Toilets/Restrooms  

Full sized   court  or  2  half   courts   Parking   Toilets/Restrooms   Semi-­‐kitchen;   tables  &  chairs    


No restrooms  


No restrooms  





Perimeter town  trail   Children’s   Playground   Tennis  Courts   Children’s   Playground;   Sports  Fields  

Can be  rented   Call  388-­‐8100     Can  be  rented   Call  388-­‐8100  

M.A.L.T   Middlebury   Parks  &   Recreation   Facility     Can be rented Call 388-8100

Outdoor,   Can be rented unheated  pool   Call 388-8100

Middlebury Parks & Recreation Department requests that all groups planning to use our facilities or fields please notify us F inacilities advance byamaking a reservation. Anyone wishing to make RESERVATIONS-­‐   nd  Sports   Fields   a reservation must complete a facility use application, available in our offices or on-line at the Town website. Facility Use Request Forms arerequests   considered onall   a gfirst-come basis, depending Middlebury   Parks   &  Recreation   Department   that   roups  planning   to  use  our  on availability. Rental fees may apply. For additional information regarding availability, rates, and facilities   or  fields   please   notify   s  in  advance   y  making  a  reservation.    Anyone  wishing   reservations, contact the MPR u offices at (802)b388-8100.

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Middlebury Parks & Recreation Department Fall Activity Guide • The Addison Independent • August 29, 2013

Bridge School 1469 Exchange Street • Middlebury, Vermont 05753

...because “School is not a preparation for life, it IS life” MIL Foreign Language Program K-6 33 years of excellence in Elementary Education Bridge School is a State-Approved School, eligible to receive town-paid tuition students.

Financial aid available. Call now. Limited Openings for 2013-2014


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Middlebury Parks & Recreation Department Fall Activity Guide • The Addison Independent • August 29, 2013

New this Fall! Check it Out! Wilderness Ways 101 –

Wednesdays 3:30-6:30 p.m. 9/11-10/23 Registration opens online and in person on Aug. 30th

This seven-session after-school program is developed for kids 8-12 years old, focused on the Trail Around Middlebury’s (T.A.M.) natural communities by incorporating traditional woods knowledge and allowing for a deeper understanding of the natural world. Week 1: September 11 (Wednesday) Awareness. Participants embark on a journey of learning to read the natural landscape. Relying on and tuning into observation skills. We will learn to identify trees, observe undetected, and incorporate ourselves into the forest. Participants will learn to use a small survival tools in a controlled and safe manner. Week 2: September 18 (Wednesday) Fire. Participants will learn to make fire in a safe and effective fashion that eliminates environmental damage. We will use both modern and primitive methods of fire making and use our fire to make a tool. Week 3: September 25 (Wednesday) Wildcrafting. Participants will learn to sustainably harvest a variety of wild edibles and prepare them for eating. Week 4: October 2 (Wednesday) Cooking Using our new skills. Participants will learn to prepare wild foods over a fire

Joshua Hardt and create a delicious dish wholly out of their landscape. Week 5: October 9 (Wednesday) Tracking Participants will learn to identify wild animal tracks. This will include beginning to grasp concepts in animal behavior. Students will also learn the art of concealment and stalking. Week 6: October 16 (Wednesday) Shelter Using only what can be found in the forest students will construct a comfortable shelter that is warm, safe and livable. Week 7: October 23 (Wednesday) Family DayParticipants can bring their families to show off a traditional north woods camp, make a meal, share stories etc. Cost: All seven weeks at $220.00, SAVE $25!! Or $35.00 per session

Community. Hands off!

Hard driver

Wild parsnip, which can cause itching and blisters, has returned to Vermont. See Page 16A.

In the garden Read some tips for caring for your plants in hot weather in our garden column. See Page 4B.

An East Middlebury teen has ambitions both on and off the racetrack. See Sports, Page 1B.



Vol. 66 No. 27


Middlebury, Vermont

Thursday, July 5, 2012

30 Pages




Salisbury UNTY man takes ON CO on Jewett

Two locals to serve on search and rescue panel



In House bid, Ryan stresses ecomomy 75¢

By JOHN FLOWERS 48—Pages SALISBURY As a self employed paint contractor, Salisbury resident Tim Ryan has navigated Mond through some choppy financial  waters during the past four years ont while the economy has faltered. y, Verm And through it all, Ryan believes Middlebur his fortunes — and those of other small business owners — could have No. 22 been improved if state government Vol. 24 had done more to relieve the tax isolated burden and an reduce regulations on is not enterprises. year in Bay struggling Oven a banner Now Ryan, 45, has the decided he orus, t. After school will of tryphosph to change state economic favorite middle above incidenfor runoff development policy within. teaches bacteria’s lastfrom Lakethat he week usen, who , watched frompool of 2011 ntheticHe confirmed along theirfor the Windha in Jericho will parks run as an independent from a sludge photosymajorHouse to close Addison-2, seat hadrepresenting turned science food, green have lain the district that includes the towns n has as Oven Bay to chunky month. urgh’s Severso • Patty EW STEIN pastCornwall, g Champ this of his Goshen, Ferrisb Hancock, ng glass its Smith showca By ANDRONT — Jeff50 summers at glisteni waters ed anythin Leicester, Salisbury. week, Ripton unique Parkandclosed in West within hours. never witness Friday,” she ses teen center in Middlebury South THOMAS RICHARDS, LEFT, Joe Barton and Kimberly Palmer enjoy a game of Foosball in the Addison Central Teensdancin VERM of the past Last State Ryan will face incumbent Addison-2 , and Bay g talents her g ‘For What lain camp ndRep. ed on blooms Willem Jewett, D-Ripton, in the during summer camp recently. mornin “We have in Champ until two weeks spent much Independent photo/Trent Campbell Kingsla Nov. It’s Worth, Friday we witness to heavy ter at the Town s Lake Page 5) 6 General Election. ’ a show family’ But it wasn’t it was thick beach due (See d Vermonally like whatwas crystal clear “ManyAlgae, people are making less Hall n. Friday. six hours kept getting and potenti Addiso the born-and-raise said. “It now than they were four or five See Page Theater on within are low of the it just 10. years ago,” Ryan said of the toll ago that seen blooms blue-green algae, ... and thenEvery hour, thicker.” age rates make spot. or the recession, inflation, fixed costs, • Mortg starting to the had ever pea soup. thicker and fishing acteria, are in a series looking at how locals are good role models and structure. local kids who need guidance. taxation and stagnant salaries have and were swim and buyers Read about toxic cyanob “It helps keep some kids on track,” reacting to moves to cut spending on That’s definitely what I used it for in had on those making a living in the favorite and his son Lisa thicker estate moves. his real n t. their high school, it was just a safe place.” he said. “They can come here and be the federal government level. construction industry. engulf Severso 29, his wife pull-ou the local Cunningham, 19, started attending in a nice climate and have bigger ADDISON COUNTY –– Isaiah “You can’t maintain this type of While state of our 16-page on June in By KAITLYN KIRKALDY Goff nodded as Jenn Cunningham the club as an eighth-grader. Now kids influencing them well.” pattern for a long period of time.” fishing market Editor’s note: Nonprofits and other described the importance of the Boys enrolled at Community College of Three local teen centers –– the Ryan is a lifelong Vermont resident and graduate of Otter organizations that depend heavily on and Girls Club of Greater Vergennes. Vermont, she still drops by to hang Boys and Girls Club of Greater Vergennes, Middlebury’s Addison Cen“It’s the stability, the kids go to out and lend a hand. Valley Union High School, class of income from U.S. government sources Goff, 15, explained that the club tral Teens (ACT) and The Bristol 1985. He graduated from Castleton have to look for other funding or rein school, come here and then they go (See Ryan, Page 18A) in their services. This is the second home,” she said. “It’s nice to have provides a positive environment for (See Teen centers, Page 17A)

ay, July

9, 2012

n amplai ff s hit Ch sphorus runo bloom e of record pho

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e First tim yers home bu

Area teen centers feel funding pinch Shrinking grant pool causes worry

e celebrat City to heritage French

Ten months after Irene, fish stocks appear strong

ctors, • Re-ena live musicwill and food a all have flair French ay this Saturd nes. in Vergen 14 See Pages

By ANDREA SUOZZO ADDISON COUNTY — It’s summertime, and that means more locals are heading out to local streams and waterways for recreation and fishing. Jesse Haller, a fishing guide for Green Mountain Adventures and president of the New Haven River Anglers, said so far many of those anglers have been happy at the end of the day. But Haller said despite fishermen’s good fortune it’s still too early to tell if fish populations fared well in the wake of Tropical Storm Irene — that, he said, won’t be clear until state and

and 15.

air in the Music dlebury in Mid -Green offers

this l on-the • Festiva performances going many greatthere is more 11. on Page week, but Arts Beat on. See

Addison County

More sustainable food systems on the table at UVM conference


span. Days board, president this year’s estimated of the Field attenda nce at was around 64th annual last year’s 15 percent Field Days lower than edition. During (See Field Days, Page a good 31)


20, 2012

32 Pages

Monkton 75¢ 35.9-acr tussles ove e quarryin r propose g operatio d n

By ANDR EW STEIN MONK ton DeveloTON — The Accord Monkpment (DRB) ing to is nearing Review Board filed by Brisson the applica whethe a decision David r Stone LLC tion applica to permit a content on Manage Shlansk and tion y’s quarry off for a 30-plus ious “Brisso ment Compa Burchfield of Monkto n ny LLC, n Road. acre ing and Stone will rely blasting on drill(See Monkto rock n quarry, ledge to Page 5)

Orwell pupils use floating classroom Canoe day camp focuses on ecology By KAITLYN KIRKALDY SUDBURY –– Fourteen kids and two teachers guided their canoes away from the shores of Lake Hortonia and paddled over to a small bay full of lily pads and milfoil, looking around at the different plants and wildlife and taking samples from the water. The group went out to the lake this past Thursday as part of the five-day East Creek Project, a canoe day camp for students from Orwell Village School that is sponsored by

the Vermont Community FoundaEn gard e!


g runnin t back in lzapfel 3 House sea Ho onIndex for Addis


• A dynasttheir fourth straigh in Brisduo won use Race Page 18. . See Great Outho Fourth tol on the

• When an 18-whe into flames, eler burst responders citizens and first helped life. See Page 2. save a man’s



tion’s South Lake Champlain Fund. conference on sustainable agriculture For Barb Young, a teacher at the were g. All six of the Addison Northeast in Burlington last Thursdaymornin NICO BRAYT ll school, leads the project and has sday the need for change. at Middleb Supervisory Union school boards adamant about Wedne ent Campbe done so ON, for theLEFT, past six years. She University of Vermont Interim ury’s ratified the new four-year teachWorden explained ent photo/Tr July parade Town the benefits parries a set the scene Independ Hallof having an grew out as this er’s contracts last month. Theof new President John Bramley attack taught —program ’s Fourth hand-to such of theone.Theater earlier by Theo contracts represent the first collec- for the “Necessary [r]evolution notion “It’s-hand an opportunity for the kids s in Bristol this month.Wells Spackm that tive bargaining agreement boards for Sustainable Food Systems” marche to learn about stage the environment, comba to combat on The class an in a Corps and teachers have agreed to in two conference. t techniq the have fun in the environment and Drum — titled recreation “Our rural communities are ues and stage is suppos years. The ANeSU executive comFife and hopefully create a love for the enbasic weapon ed “Are You of the duel ndence mittee will not ratify the contracts disappearing, our farmers grow old Talkin’ to look from “Dange vironment that will continue,” she Indepe and 17. s in order scary but To Me?” until August, said Chair Lanny with no prospects for retirement, ER Mt. 16 said. and their sons and daughters have is actually and taughtrous Liaison to perform WARN see Pages (See By the way, Page 12A) Each day the students go out on s” during by abandoned the farms and rural a some THE SETH Bristol, of the careful and Lindsay Pontius a class the canoes to a different body of e from communities. Our nation is obese, most infamo safe skill. By ANDY • Briann photos and Neil a decisivng water in the morning and early afand we’re dying of diseases related us fights Participants claimed the Girls a McCormick ternoon. VERGE KIRKA followi LDYThen they return to the to poor diet and lack ofGOP exercise. were Independ in theater claims NNES school House the World ent photo/Tre history on their journals and of Farmers the Most people havethe no idea ywhere and Debra in Champ — to work ’ crafts nt Campbel. Vergenn compile daily reports. They will ul- are ionship Obituaries ................................ 6AERS their food comes from or where it’s saw passage Brown the combinMarket board showing es of that t’s majorit l law. Women membe timately compile a booklet their is 2nd themsel Classifieds ......................... 5B-9B produced,” FLOW session up and Vermonhe said. ’s rs will a switch ation of findings — civil unionout of the saidinclude d a pointed a recruitin that also pic- ves in a Service Directory .............. 6B-8BH Page 18. class. See Sportsin the Bramley to By JOHN s first sidewal from Monday changealso nation’ triangle arranging fore in SBURG g effort, and a little tures and stories about their experi- k and EntertainmentFERRI ........................ 13Ape has environmental degradation, loss fel of finished election on along that a thunder urgh s Mato the Thursda bit landsca Holzap said 2000 green’s two more that ences. that , Ferrisb Community Calendarl ...... 8A-10A topsoil and a system dependent on the of momen triple the ys monum in in ................................ ranchemicals. Vermont central reform FarmSports since fossil politica bit1B-3B lead to cent Thursda storm struck on feland The tum program is an extension of number fuels a district22) helped t dairy a market ent to Coming farm-ra y afternoo Holzap a reofclass la Secretary in running vendors work the students do during quite Withou of Blue Spruce in the of Agriculture Rossnes-are tand modore back Vergen Smith ised meat n, was grillaChuck urgh, Page rat Arabel added unders thethough As recently past twotheyears. academic at year, it is an Thomas food access and hunger issues Democ Vermont House Ferrisb MacDo for her vendors said many rie Audet “I just don’t survive ZO as an fun summer camp. dozen nough. and fair labor issues to the (See laundry 2010,optional longstan first will the BARB YOUNG, LEFT, Isabelle Nichols, Ella Patterson and Sydney Smith canoe on Lake Hortonia during rt, custom SUOZ market for on maybe vendors which EA proceed are enjoying If farms ding ers. The new Bridpo “We do aa lot of environmental list. Orwell Village School summer canoe camp last week. The camp focuses on local waterways and water ecology. sidewal halflined up s. during much better By ANDRLEBURY — pass in this how our little farms that were I “Hones align2000. k Independent photo/Andrea Warren improve She estimate a year But both Ross and Bramley Camp, Page ment 12A) along ago, City Park. that fronts Main (See the created had to MIDD were not tly, we percent. d by “probab s her take That was es do not Vermont (See Advocates, Page 12A) fall. The month s to be has This

On par

sins Berry couhistory as the roll into t y was born

By the way

Fighting saving a fire, a life

federal agencies do surveys later in the summer. “We’ve had a good early season, but that doesn’t give us a huge indication of how the population will handle the hot months,” he said. Chet McKenzie, a fisheries biologist for the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife, said annual fish population surveys begin in August, so the state won’t have any official numbers on fish populations until then. But it’s clear, he said, that larger brook trout, an indicator species (one that offers a picture of a habi(See Fisheries, Page 18A)



lebury, Vermont Field Da  showe ys a hit in spi rs, Route te 17 rep of airs the annual event’s Jim Foster, five-day

Dancing show pro to test




By JOHN FLOWERS MIDDLEBURY — Two Addison County residents will help draft a new Vermont search-and-rescue policy in the aftermath of the Levi Duclos tragedy. Participating on the new search and rescue committeeVol. created24 by the Legislature that will help craft thatNo. 28 policy will be Rep. Willem Jewett, D-Ripton, and David Shaw, assistant chief of the Middlebury Volunteer Fire Department. Duclos, a 19-year-old New Haven resident, died of hypothermia during a Jan. 9 hike along the Emily Proctor Trail in Ripton. Vermont State Police By JOHN drew widespread criticism for its FLOW response time NEW following the DuclosERS HAVEN of family’s 911 and for its lack — ty call Fair Addiso and coordination with local rescue teams n CounField close on to participateDays that had been available run that Aug. 11 followi drew to a in the search. ng another spite of officials State lawmakers quickly drafted some plancalled a bill calling for a success site for a new rain in that responding to during hikers who are missing drenche portion s of three d the or in distress. That legislation, days of recently signed into law by Gov. Peter Shumlin as Act 155, calls for creation of a 13-member “Search and Rescue Strategic Plan Development Committee.” That committee, to convene for the first time on July 11, is charged with 12 tasks, including: • Reviewing the existing structure for search and rescue operations in Vermont and what might be its advantages and shortcomings. • Considering models used in (See Shaw, Page 18A)

s urge farmer Dairy in farm bill reform

this measur three can look farm bill, hard time reform a the brink how they federal 7) year’s will have local dairy don’t know bill, Page ss, dairy farms (See Farm in busine Peter Welch, staying told Rep. g. s ay mornin farmer last Thursd D-Vt.,

Bristol at hors duo wins eshoes

The Ve


s Farm

ers’ Ma

City prep Vergenne s for See Page s Day. s 13-16.

rket blo


Street in ly at least a dozen-a summer on the ” for this prepared , accordi fly, 500 many ven“It feels vegetab nd-a-half sellersas many as ng to mardors this remarka les, hot of fruits, ket board ble. I year,” coming here foods, Smith a Panton member Theresa meats said. “We and thinking and making remember and Union had to residen 30 , ‘Yes!’” Smith, MORE rethink she said. bucks High Schoolt and Vergenn ways set VENDO because we along The market’ RS SIGN es teacher who, be- and suddenl that front blockhad al- the ON attentio s surge has also ended up y we had people there, n of burgh’s behind vendors caught the market. ... who vegetab Flower . Ferris” les as Power, which well (See Vergenn as flowers sells and es, Page 7)

We work every day to keep Addison County strong. ADDISON COUNTY

INDEPENDENT Serving Addison County, Vt., Since 1946 Serving Addison County since 1946 • 388-4944

Page 8

Middlebury Parks & Recreation Department Fall Activity Guide • The Addison Independent • August 29, 2013

Supporting Teams, Sports & Recreation for 30 years!

Everything for the Rink, Court, Pool, Field & Diamond 68 Main Street, Middlebury 388-3443 • Open 7 days Enter to win a $50 gift card @

After You Play…

Pre-K and Kindergarten Introduction to Sports Who: Children ages 3-5 Location: Middlebury Municipal Gym Schedule: Thursday’s from 3:30-4:30pm Sept. 12th-Oct. 17th (6 Weeks) Instructor: Dustin Hunt Cost: $60 Residents $75 Non-Residents Minimum: 5 Children Maximum: 20 Children Registration Opens: August 30th at 8:30am both online and in person Description: The Middlebury Parks and Recreation department is pleased to offer this new program aimed to peak young children’s interest in a variety of sports. Each week we will focus on the basic skills of a new sport while keeping the environment fun and engaging. Parents will be encouraged to join their children on the floor at the end of each session, allowing the players to show off the new skills they learned that day. Sports covered will include basketball, soccer, football, baseball and much more! During our last session kids will enjoy a fun day playing all of the games they have learned topped off with a pizza party and a certificate of participation for each child.

There’s Always Time to Read

Ramunto’s! We’re on your team! Ask about Nino’s Team Pizza! Sign up and Save!


388-7755 • Delivery daily from 5pm


The Team You Can Count On


38 Main St., Middlebury


M-Sat 9:30-5:30 Sun 11-4

Page 9

Middlebury Parks & Recreation Department Fall Activity Guide • The Addison Independent • August 29, 2013

Program Registration Form • Please fill out every field of this form. • Parent must sign bottom of form if participant is under 18 years of age. • You can put multiple children on each form.

Middlebury Parks & Recreation 94 Main St., Middlebury, VT 05753 388-4041/8103

Ck# Date:


Amt. Rec’d

Rec’d by:

Home Phone:

Parent/Guardian: Day Phone:


Mailing Address



Emergency Contact: Program



Relationship: Sect.

Registrant’s Name

Phone: D.O.B.

Make Checks Payable to: Town Of Middlebury





Total Fees: $

RELEASE: I understand that there are risks of physical injury inherent in participating in sports and recreational activities. I understand that the Town of Middlebury does not carry health or accident insurance for participants of its programs, and strongly advises paticipants to carry adequate coverage for themselves and their family. I am aware of the particular risks involved in the above programs and have considered these risks before registering myself or my child. I hereby release the Town of Middlebury, its employees, and agents from any liability of personal injury, or the loss or damage to personal property which I or my child may experience in connection with activities sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department. I hereby consent to any medical procedures deemed advisable for my child in the event I cannot be reached and my child has sustained an injury. I hereby consent to the use of my or my child’s photo, video, etc. by the department for flyers, presentations, etc. NOTE: All programs are on a first-come, first-served basis. Space may be limited in some programs!

Signature of Participant (parent if under 18)


Page 10

Middlebury Parks & Recreation Department Fall Activity Guide • The Addison Independent • August 29, 2013

Tot Time Gym Drop-in Hours Who: Children ages 5 and under Location: Middlebury Municipal Gym Schedule: Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10am-12pm Cost: $2.00 per drop-in or buy a 10 visit pass for $15.00. Daycares please ask for special pricing options! Description: Here’s the perfect opportunity to get your infant or toddler out of the cold while meeting other young families in the area. Children enjoy playing with ride-on toys, gymnastics mats, bouncy balls and much more. Come and go as you please!

Save the Date: 37th Annual Turkey Trot Scenic 5k and 10K Races Sunday November 24th, 2013 12pm Mark your calendars for the 37th annual running of this pre-Thanksgiving event. All participants will receive a special gift and we’ll be giving away turkeys, gift certificates and much more! Race brochures will be available in the Parks and Recreation office in MidSeptember.

Page 11

Middlebury Parks & Recreation Department Fall Activity Guide • The Addison Independent • August 29, 2013

Fall Gymnastics

Instructor: Terri Phelps 771-8040 *Important: Please Read* Online Registration will begin on Tuesday Sept 3rd at 5:30pm You may also register in person starting at 5:30pm on Sept. 3rd in the Parks and Recreation Office *Registering in person does not guarantee a spot*

Emily Cannon, ND

September 9th - November 16th (10 sessions) Res (non res) Preschool (ages 3 – 4) A. Friday 10:00 - 11:00 $110 ($120) 5 B. Friday 11:00 - 12:00 $110 ($120) 5 C. Saturday 9:00 - 10:00 $110 ($120) 8 D. Saturday 10:00 - 11:00 $110 ($120) 8

Safe and Effective Natural Medicine

 spots spots spots spots

available available available available

Young Beginner (ages 4-6) E. Saturday 11:00 - 12:00 $90 ($100) 8 spots available Beginners (ages 5+) F. Tuesday 3:15 - 4:15 G. Saturday 12:15 - 1:15


hether you come for Chiropractic, Naturopathic or Acupuncture services you will receive care that focuses on you as a whole person. We specialize in blending conventional with alternative, holistic and complimentary medicine.

$90 ($100) 7 spots available $90 ($100) 8 spots available

Beginner/Advanced Beginner ( ages 5+) H. Wed. 3:15 - 4:15 $90 ($100) 7 spots available Advanced Beginner I. Monday 3:15 - 4:15 J. Saturday 1:15 - 2:15

$90 ($100) 7 spots available $90 ($100) 7 spots available

Intermediate K. Wed. 4:15 - 5:15 L. Saturday 2:15 - 3:15

$90 ($100) 7 spots available $90 ($100) 7 spots available

Intermediate/ Advanced M. Tuesday 4:15 - 5:15

$90 ($100) 7 spots available

Advanced N. Monday 4:15 - 5:15 $90 ($100) 7 spots available O. Saturday 3:15 - 4:30 $100 ($120) 7 spots available Students will work to improve strength, flexibility, and coordination, as well as skill development in a safe and fun environment. Instruction will be included on uneven bars, beam, floor exercise, springboard, parallel bars, and vault. *New this Fall* Gymnastics Fun Nights- 2nd Friday of every month5-9pm, Gymnastics, Pizza, Games and much more! $20 per night. 20 Spots Available. Ages 5+ Gymnastics Sleepovers- Saturday, September 28th and Saturday, October 26th. 6pm-9am Gymnastics and games all night with the unique opportunity to sleep over in the gym! $30 per sleepover. 20 spots available. Ages 5+

Amy Littlefield, ND, LAc, FABNO Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncturist Specializing in Integrative Oncology Support

 Nicholas Cannon, DC

Try Chiropractic... Providing solutions to your everyday health concerns

New Marbleworks Location! 152 Maple St., Ste. 302 (across from Noonies Deli) Middlebury • 458-0488 •

Insurance Accepted

Stay Active. Stay Connected. Telecommunications Sales & Service Data Cabling & Fiber Optic Solutions 802-388-8999 John and Jim Fitzgerald


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Middlebury Parks & Recreation Department Fall Activity Guide • The Addison Independent • August 29, 2013

Middlebury Parks and Recreation Fall Soccer 2013

Fire & Ice Restaurant Families welcome. Kids’ menu available. Ask about our children’s theater! od, Great Fo e Legal Vic


Mon – Thur 5pm • Fri & Sat 12pm • Sun 1pm


Inspiration . Motivation . Results Check out our new website Voted #1 Fitness Center in the region, every year.


Follow us on facebook. open 7 days a week merchants row • middlebury • 388-7547

Playing Times: Division 1- Grades 1 and 2 (Coed) — Wednesday and Friday 3:30-4:45 Division 2- Grades 3 and 4 (Gender Specific) — Tuesday and Thursday 3:30-5:00 Division 3- Grades 5 and 6 (Gender Specific) — Boys: Monday and Friday 3:30-5; Girls: Monday and Thursday 5-6:30 (Note: 5/6 grade girls play later in the evening so that any girls interested in participating in the field hockey program on Monday afternoons may do so) • All practices will be held at the Middlebury Recreation Park • Program will begin the week of September 9th. Players should show up at their designated playing time on the first day and they will be divided into specific teams from there. • New this year — Online registration for soccer will begin on Friday, August 30th. • For those looking for more information on how to register online, we will be holding a registration/ informational night on Tuesday, September 3rd from 5:30-6:30pm. • For those still wanting to register in person, we will begin accepting registrants immediately in the parks and recreation office, or receive more information about the online registration process we will be holding a registration/informational night on Tuesday September 3rd from 5:30-6:30pm. • We will begin taking early registrations in the recreation office starting on Monday August 5th • We ask that all players be registered on or before Friday September 6th. Fee: $60 for Residents of Middlebury, $75 for Non-Residents (Scholarships are available) *Each player will receive a ball and jersey to keep* If you are interested in coaching a team please email Dustin Hunt or call 3888100 ext 216 The Town of Middlebury Parks and Recreation would like to thank Chevrolet and Shea Motor Company for their continued support of the Middlebury Youth Soccer Program Shea Motor Company 510 Court St , Middlebury, VT 05753 Sales: (802) 458-0552 • Service: (802) 458-0553 Email:

Middlebury Parks & Recreation Department Fall Activity Guide • The Addison Independent • August 29, 2013

Page 13

Work on moving the puck to your teammates and receiving passes. Learn about positioning to help your team clear the puck out of your end and score goals! Each night ends with games: 3-on-3 half-ice scrimmage, keep-away, and other creative, fun games.


Middlebury Tigers Field Hockey Clinic

Who: Children in grades 3-6 Location: MUHS Jette Field When: Monday’s from 3:15-4:30pm - September 9th-October 14th Instructors: Brooke Jette and the Middlebury Union High School Varsity Field Hockey team Cost: $40.00 Residents $45.00 Non Residents Register: Online or at Parks and Recreation office starting August 30th Description: Players will work with the varsity players to develop the skills necessary to play the game of field hockey. Athletes will have the opportunity to get specialized stick work training while also participating in fun scrimmages. Equipment will be provided.

Adult Co-ed Introduction to Hockey

Location: Memorial Sports Center Schedule: 6 week session, 7:45-9:00 pm, 11/8, 15, 22, 12/6, 13, 20 Instructor: Mike Morgan Cost: $100 for full session, or $20 per night, checks payable to FOMH Sign up: contact Mike Morgan at Here’s an opportunity to get started in adult hockey, or to work on your existing hockey skills. Each night’s ice time includes a warm up followed by skill development and practice drills. Improve your maneuverability by building your turning, stopping, and starting skills.

Schedule your Childrens’ Birthday Party Activities now with the Cacklin’ Hens! 388.2221 Check Our Website for Fall Class Schedule: 383 Exchange Street • Middlebury, VT

Season Information Session and Registration for Programs: Saturday, September 21 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. or Wednesday, September 25 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Both sessions will be held at the Memorial Sports Center (ice rink). • I already registered my skater for the season, do I need to come? Information about our MAHA programs for the upcoming season will be available. Payment of fees is also due at these sessions. • I still want to register my skater for a MAHA program — can I do that during these sessions? Yes. For more information about our programs and fees, please visit • Do I need to register my player with USA Hockey? Yes! To sign up for a MAHA program, all participants (except Learn to Skate players) must register as members of USA Hockey prior to registration. To do this, please visit and register your son or daughter as a player. A $44 fee will be charged. Please print and bring the confirmation sheet with you to registration or email the page to • In need of equipment? Equipment rental will take place at these sessions, so please bring your child with you for a fitting. • Interested in a scholarship? Scholarships are available for all programs on a first come-first served basis. Learn to Skate: An Initiation to Hockey Program Introduce skating and hockey skills (with emphasis on skating) to children ages 4-7 in two 6-week sessions, meeting once weekly on Saturdays. A fun, first experience on the ice. Fee: $80 per session. All necessary equipment, other than skates, is available to rent for $25. Again, the USA Hockey registration is not necessary for this program. For more information about Learn to Skate and a complete listing of our other programs, please visit All fees and registration materials are posted.

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Middlebury Parks & Recreation Department Fall Activity Guide • The Addison Independent • August 29, 2013

Aikido – The Art of Peace

Aikido is a martial art and ethical training created by Morehei Ueshiba (1883-1969). The self defense techniques practiced in Aikido teach us, in an experiential and physical way, the power of harmony which can transcend and eradicate violence. Aikido practice develops agility, awareness, and strength; deepens concentration, and encourages relaxation. Aikido practice challenges each practitioner to realize his or her potential as a “powerful, compassionate, creative, self-aware human being”. Fall Introduction to Aikido Series Sept. 24 thru Oct. 17. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30 to 6:45. Adults and youth (13 yrs. & up). $50 for 4 week series. After completing the beginners series, students may join ongoing classes, with the remainder of October free for those who continue on. On-going Adult/Youth classes Mondays 5:30-6:30 & 6:45-8:15, Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30 to 6:45 Classes are open to anyone 13 or older who has completed the introductary series. Dues are $35/month for unlimited classes. Located in Blue Heron dojo, lower level Town Office Building. Observers welcome anytime. Ongoing children’s classes meet Tuesdays 4:00 to 5:00 and Saturdays 9:00am to 10:00am. Open to ages 7 through 12. New students may join at any time. Dues are $50/month for unlimited classes, or $10 per class. Sibling discount available.


Location: Middlebury Municipal Gym FIRST CLASS FREE! Need more info??? Go to email or call Liz at 802-989-5977 Morning Zumba: Mondays & Wednesdays @ 8:30 Morning Yoga:Tuesdays @ 8:30 Evening Zumba: M, T, W & ‘First Fridays @ 5:30 and TH @ 6:00 First Fridays’ ----kick off each month with a Friday Zumba class at 5:30! (Sept 6th, Oct 4th, Nov. 1st, Dec. 6th) Punchcards available - $6.50 per class

Head instructor, Jonathan Miller Lane, 3rd Dan For more information visit or our Facebook page. Contact Jonathan @. 802-989-9069

Middlebury Recreation Opportunities Play Area Abbey Pond Trail Access: Case Street Battell Woods Access: Seminary to Springside St. Cannon Park Access: Main Street Chipman Hill Access: Washington St. Ext. Cross St. Bridge Riverfront Access: Bakery Lane Creek Rd. - Fucile Fields Access: Creek Road DM Means Memorial Woods Access: Seminary St. Ext. Gagne Parcel - canoe launch




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Access: Creek & Three Mile Bridge Rd.

Harold Curtis Park - E. Midd Access: E. Midd., E. Main St. Harry Goodro Rec. Area Access: E. Midd., E. Main St. Jack Brown Park - E. Midd Access: Lower Plains Rd.

a a

swim hole

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Trails Benches Play Area Parking Jeffrey Murdock Nature Preserve a a Access: MUMS or T.A.M./Springside Dr. Jessica Swift Park a Access: Mill St. pedestrian bridge Klink Park River Path a Access: Mill St. MALT Falls Power House/Mill Site a Access: Printer’s Alley Marble Works River Front Park a a Access: Maple St. Middlebury Recreation Park a a a Access: Court St. Mill Street Riverfront a Access: B/T Klink & Jessica Swift Park MUHS Athletic Fields football, baseball Access: Charles Avenue

Fucile Field, soccer, lacrosse, softball Access: Creek Rd. Storr’s Park a Access: College St. & Franklin St. Wright Park a Access: Seymour St. Ext.

Middlebury Parks & Recreation Department Fall Activity Guide • The Addison Independent • August 29, 2013

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Addison Central Teens Presents:

Ride, Roast & Rock Saturday, Sept. 28, 2013 Middlebury Town Green *Bike Ride * Music by local teen bands* *Pig Roast with veggies & desserts* REGISTER NOW at or pick up a registration form at the Middlebury Bike Shop or Middlebury Parks & Recreation Office Want more info? Contact Molly Reed at

A.C.T. Offers ACT provides a Teen Center and after-school alternatives that are welcoming, safe and fun for all teenagers in the community. • • • •

Pool Table Ping Pong Table Foosball Bike Rides

• • • •

A Wii System Computers Free internet access Free food and Refreshments

Upcoming Activities & Special Events • • • •

Teen Dances DJ Skate Nights Clothing Swap & Shops Spoken Word Seminars

• • • •

Community Suppers Ride, Roast & Rock Youth Advisory Council Clay & Beading Workshops

• This fall the Folklife Center will host a program at the ACT teen center where teens will learn how to have their voices heard, using digital photography, audio, and video. Hours of Operation Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 3:00 - 6:00pm Thursday & Friday 3:00 - 6:00pm

Check ACT’s website or Facebook page for school break hours and events!

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Middlebury Parks & Recreation Department Fall Activity Guide • The Addison Independent • August 29, 2013

2013-2014 Middlebury Parks and Recreation

Midd Kid Dance Classes

Instructor: Christine Giorgio Location: Middlebury Warming Hut77 Mary Hogan Drive When: Session I: September 16 through November 8th ~ 8 week session Cost: $90 per class, per session Register: Online or in person starting Friday August 30th at 8:30am TAP Beginner Tap (ages 5-9): Thursday 4:30-5:15 Intermediate/Advanced Tap (ages 8-12): Tuesday 5:15-6:00 Adult Tap (ages 14 and up): Tuesday 6:45-7:30

BALLET Baby Beginner Ballet (ages 3-4): Thursday 3:45-4:30 Beginner Ballet (ages 5-7): Tuesday 4:30-5:15 Intermediate Ballet (ages 8-11): Thursday 5:15-6:00 HIP HOP Beginner Hip Hop (ages 5-8): Wednesday 3:45-4:30 Intermediate Hip Hop (ages 9-12): Wednesday 4:30-5:15 LYRICAL Intermediate Lyrical (ages 10-13): Tuesday 6:00-6:45 Session II begins in February. There will be a recital in May of 2014 for all sessions.

Dancing with My Baby Location: Blue Heron Aikido Studio (below Municipal Gym) When: Tuesday and Friday mornings from 10am-11am Sept 9th-October 28th Program Description: Get out and get fit! “Dancing with My Baby” is the ONLY fitness or dance class in Addison County that welcomes you to bring your little one (6 weeks+) with you. One hour of dancing, toning, and stretching will boost your energy more than that nap you fantasize about! This is the class for you if you want to improve your strength, stamina, posture, and flexibility. The playlist includes rock, reggae, pop, hip hop, salsa, funk, reggaeton and more. All caregivers are welcome (yes, even if you don’t have a little one with you). Take 2 classes/week and you’ll see noticeable fitness results this summer! For more information please contact: Lindsey Hescock- 388-3381 or Instructor Bio: Lindsey had her baby in February 2012 and began looking for active classes that would include her baby. After discovering that the closest classes were in Montpelier and Essex, she was inspired to create “Dancing with My Baby”. Using her 20+ years of experience with dance, fitness, and competitive

sports, she has developed a fun class that gives caregivers an effective, total-body workout. Lindsey is also a well-known Zumba® Fitness Instructor, sought after by fitness centers, schools, and organizations throughout Vermont for regularly scheduled classes and special programs. Cost: $40 for 4 Classes, $60 for 8 classes for 100 $16 classes, $12 for drop in. Price includes one adult and one child.

Middlebury Parks & Recreation Department Fall Activity Guide • The Addison Independent • August 29, 2013

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2013 Middlebury Flag Football Important Information REGISTRATION and EQUIPMENT ISSUE- Middlebury Municipal Gym Tuesday September 3rd 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. 8th grade: 6:00 p.m. 7th grade: 6:30 p.m. Wednesday September 4th 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. 4th grade: 6:00 p.m. 5th grade: 6:30 p.m. 6th grade: 7:00 p.m. ***Please bring two (2) separate checks or cash with you to registration*** 1) REGISTRATION FEE: Write a check to Friends of Middlebury Flag Football Grades 5th -8th $40.00 Grade 4th $20.00 2) EQUIPMENT DEPOSIT: Original check will be returned/voided when all equipment is returned All players- $125.00 Write a separate check to Friends of Middlebury Flag Football SKILLS CLINIC / TEAM ASSIGNMENT: Saturday September 7th 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. Flag Football Clinic hosted by Middlebury College Football team at Middlebury College Alumni Stadium. BRING YOUR FLAGS A WATER BOTTLE IS A GOOD IDEA CLEATS ARE OPTIONAL LEAVE THE REST OF YOUR GEAR AT HOME 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Coaches meet to select teams. Sunday September 8th: Coaches contact each player regarding: team assignment, practice details and their contact information. PRACTICES / GAMES: Practice times are determined by each coach. 5th – 8th grade teams have 2 practices each week Games are on Saturday- games are played at the MUHS practice fields 7th & 8th grade games: 9:00 a.m. 5th & 6th grade games: 10:30 a.m. 4th graders do not have Saturday games (they have 2 learning sessions each week)

Page 18

Middlebury Parks & Recreation Department Fall Activity Guide • The Addison Independent • August 29, 2013

HOOPLA Where: Mary Hogan School When: Mondays 5:30pm-6:30pm Sept 9th-Oct 28th For more information please contact: Lindsey Hescock- 388-3381 or Program Description: What do you get when you combine great music and hula hoops? You get HOOPLA! “Hoopla” is a fitness experience where you learn hooping basics and tricks that you’ll use to dance and tone your body. Think you can’t hoop? Try it and prove yourself wrong! Hoops of all sizes provided. (Participants can order or make a hoop of their own for an additional fee.) Instructor: Lindsey Hescock Cost: *$40 for 4 classes* $60 for 8 classes* $12 for Drop-in $ 5 Child (with adult)

Fall Programs

Children’s Story Time will be on hiatus in September but will start back up in October: Wednesdays – baby & me story time (birth-two years old), starts at 10:30 Thursdays – preschool story time w/a craft, starts at 10:30 Youth Media Lab, for 4th-6th graders, will start back up Sept. 3rd, Tuesday at 3:30. Make your mark the 2nd week in September: Ilsley will be hosting Dot Week programs focused on creative crafting & art! Finally, mark your calendar for Sept. 30th, 6:30 pm: S.S. Taylor, author of DCF nominated book The Expeditioners, will give a talk! (all ages welcome) Featured Adult Program: Vermont Humanities Council 1st Wednesdays lectures, all starting at 7:00pm, will feature: October 2 - Sally Matson presents Margaret Bourke-White, Courageous Photographer November 6 - Daniel Fogel presents Reading Henry James December 4 - John Stauffer presents Giants: The Parallel Lives of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln January 8 - Jule Emerson presents The Costumes of Downton Abbey. Sponsor: National Bank of Middlebury For a complete list of programs, visit and click on “News & Events.”

Drop-In Programs Adult Co-ed 30+ Basketball- Wednesdays 6:45-8:30 at Municipal Gym For more information please contact Bryan Jones @ 989-8399

Adult Co-ed Volleyball- Monday’s 6:45-9pm at Municipal Gym For more information please contact Tom Randall @ 343-2652

Middlebury Parks & Recreation Department Fall Activity Guide • The Addison Independent • August 29, 2013

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SAVE THE DATE… Wednesday, October 9th is National WALK/BIKE TO SCHOOL DAY. Leave the cars at home and walk/bike your children to school to help promote exercise and reduce carbon emissions!

Other Fall Programs in Addison County

Middlebury Area Land Trust • 388-1007

TAM Trek (Race and Hike): Sun, Sept 22, Middlebury College Football Lot Supporting the TAM: Our goal is to raise $10,000+ towards TAM maintenance costs. All participants will be eligible for prizes and refreshments. Fees: The event costs $25 (early) $30(day of) for individuals, $50/$60 for families and $90/$115 for teams.


Rocks and Glacial Deposits of the Champlain Valley Saturday, October 5, 9-11 am. Led by Ray Coish, Geology Professor at Middlebury College. Explore the fascinating geological and glacial history of the Middlebury area in a leisurely hike along the TAM over the (Chipman) Hill and through the (Means) Woods. Meet at Co-op Insurance lot on Washington St Ext.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a calendar of ongoing events, a guide to summer camps, ideas to get you out of the house, or seasonally appropriate activities for the whole family, .com


MiniBury has you covered! an insider’s guide to family friendly activities in Middlebury, Vermont • Owned and operated by a local Mom!

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Middlebury Parks & Recreation Department Fall Activity Guide • The Addison Independent • August 29, 2013






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