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A unique,

vibrant, independent girls school Adcote School for Girls Little Ness, Shrewsbury Shropshire, SY4 2JY Telephone: 01939 260202 Email:

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2014/2015 Prospectus

Ranked 4th nationally at

A Level BBC & Telegraph

Newspaper 2013

Welcome... Adcote School for Girls In the following pages, I would like to introduce you to our unique and vibrant day and boarding School, to encourage you to come and visit us and to offer you an insight into what makes Adcote one of the most successful and dynamic girls’ schools in England. Adcote School was founded in 1907 and has a long and distinguished history. We have an enviable reputation for providing an excellent all round education for aspirational girls. The School is located in an idyllic rural location, just four miles outside Shrewsbury, Shropshire and housed in a Grade I listed building, surrounded by 30 acres of glorious parkland.

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At Adcote, we nurture girls’ individual talents and pride ourselves on ensuring that all girls have the opportunity to excel, be it academically, on the sports field, in music or performing arts.


We build self-respect, confidence and a caring attitude to others. Our small classes, in safe and secure surroundings, enable our girls to realise their full potential. Adcote girls go out into the world equipped with the skills to balance successful personal and professional lives, and ready to face the challenges of life in a multi-cultural 21st Century. Here at Adcote School our door is always open. I encourage you to contact us and arrange a visit to see all that Adcote School has to offer.

We look forward to welcoming you to Adcote soon. Gary Wright - Headmaster

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life at Adcote School

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Ethos & Atmosphere

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At Adcote our day and boarding girls are thoroughly integrated.

privileged to be “ ableI feelto study at a school where the atmosphere, friendliness and student welfare is as paramount as its academia

This encourages friendship and excellent interaction between all members of the School community. New girls discover a caring environment and family atmosphere, with an overriding ethos of respect, courtesy, good manners and kindness which enables them to be happy and to thrive. The exceptionally inclusive nature of Adcote means that it is a warm, friendly and exciting place to be, where expectations are high and learning is fun. There is a tangible sense of community at Adcote but with genuine emphasis on focusing on each girl as an individual. The girls’ achievements, whatever their nature, are highly regarded, allowing them to develop a sense of their own significance and pride.

Whilst the girls enjoy a quiet rural location, we are mindful that we are a multi-cultural community. We are outward looking in our attitude and ethos. We are an Anglican school and the girls may attend our local Churches, but we celebrate all faiths and cultures and seek to extend the hand of friendship to all. There is a wonderful programme of visiting speakers and we encourage our girls to be socially and culturally aware. We promote links with local schools and offer fundraising support to a number of charities on a regional and international level.



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Juniors At Adcote we learn as a family. No-one is left behind. We work together.

Our Junior School has grown significantly in size and popularity over recent years... ... with huge support from local parents and increasing interest from overseas. Through our small class sizes and dedicated teaching and support staff, we have gained a reputation for providing outstanding individual care and attention. We know every child and how to get the best from her academically, be that stretching the more able or tailoring support in a way that best matches an individual’s learning style. The pastoral support along with a varied curriculum provides girls with a nurturing environment in which they flourish both academically and creatively. Girls can enter the Junior School at the age of 4 with transition to the Senior School at aged 11. Kindness and courtesy are strong features of the ethos of the Junior School.



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Academic life is flourishing in our Senior School and we are proud of our pupils’ achievements.

“ At Adcote teachers are extremely supportive and we study great, interesting topics.

Whilst we have an outstanding academic record, our focus continues to be on nurturing the girls’ natural curiosity and passion for learning. Achievement, confidence and happiness are central to the philosophy of Adcote, where girls are encouraged to reach their full potential. The Senior School gives girls a chance to develop an understanding of the viewpoints of others and to think about contributing to the world around them. We aim to bring the best out in every girl – regardless of her academic ability when she first enters the Senior School. Small class sizes enable our dedicated teachers to deliver tailored learning for pupils of all academic abilities, including the highest. Individual help is available for any girls who require support with their studies or to help them overcome a specific learning difficulty.

A wide range of subjects are taught in the Senior School, which is reflected in the large number of options available at GCSE and iGCSE. Both the Performing and Fine Arts form an integral part of life in and outside the curriculum, as do Art and Textiles. Sporting and cultural activities are also used to inspire initiative, ambition, responsibility and compassion.



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Sixth Form

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Adcote Sixth Form is a dynamic and purposeful community, which offers a unique and fulfilling experience... …to enable our students to grow as individuals. Our outstanding academic results at A Level, our Oxbridge success, and entry to other top Universities, accounts for our recent, and growing, popularity. In 2013, we were ranked 4th in the UK for our results, when comparing the average UCAS points per pupil. Our Sixth Form offers small class sizes with specialist, first class teaching in a wide range of A level subjects, as well as the opportunity to study BTEC courses. Each pupil is able to discover and develop her talents and potential throughout the two years of the Sixth Form, within a caring and supportive environment. At Adcote, we prepare our girls for University application and selection interviews, and encourage our pupils to apply for positions of responsibility within the School. We strive to inspire them to participate in, and initiate, extra-curricular activities all of which help to prepare them for the world beyond School and University.

“ I have had the best preparation for University I could ever wish for.

Adcote Sixth Form pupils leave us as confident young ladies with poise, who are ready to take their place in society.



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Academic Excellence

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The high academic attainment of many of our pupils guarantees that all leave Adcote for higher education.

I feel that Adcote is a wonderful, kind and nurturing environment full of caring and supportive staff.

Excellent academic results are viewed as the bedrock upon which everything else depends. In 2013 the School was ranked 4th nationally for the performance of pupils at A level according to the Department of Education, when comparing the average score per pupil. One recent Head Girl achieved 5 A* grades at A level and has gone on to Oxford University to read Law. Another achieved 4 A* grades and is currently studying Law in Paris. Thus our leavers gain places at Russell Group universities and have also found success in applying to universities of their choice overseas.

In 2013 at GCSE, 100% of pupils achieved the equivalent of at least 5 passes at grades A* - C and 90% of all equivalent grades were awarded A* - C. Throughout the School, pupils’ progress and attainment is regularly monitored. Parents are kept fully informed of girls’ achievements and effort through formal and informal meetings and reports. We pride ourselves on encouraging girls to make the most of their individual talents and to achieve beyond their target grades.



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Pastoral Care

“ My favourite thing about this school is the classes are small so you feel like a family.


Pastoral care is something we believe is essential to ensuring our pupils are happy... ...and have the perfect environment in which to learn, develop and succeed. This is true for both our British and international girls. Starting any new school can sometimes be a daunting experience. We provide Induction and Taster days throughout the School to support and reassure new pupils, so that when they start at Adcote they already feel that they are amongst friends. We ensure that all pupils regularly meet our pastoral care team, who are highly professional, dedicated and approachable. All girls, be they day or boarders, local or international, have someone with whom they can discuss any problems or concerns. Our Form Tutor system helps to provide the girls with a sense of security and peace of mind. We will always do everything we can to ensure that the girls are happy and settled.



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“There is a positive,family friendly, environment with brilliant teachers who support you through your unique time at Adcote.

” At Adcote we feel that achievement in public examinations is far from being the only ingredient of a good education.

Recent events have included a visit by Baroness Harding, Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords, old Adcotian, Sita Brahmachari, author of several award-winning novels for children, and local magistrates. Sport is regarded as very important and girls have the opportunity to enjoy netball, hockey, lacrosse, athletics, archery, golf, badminton,

Not only do we believe in maximising each girl’s academic ability, but we also provide a wide range of responsibilities and activities which allow pupils to experience competition, compassion and leadership to equip them for the challenges in life that lie ahead. We pride ourselves in offering a broad and fulfilling all-round education complemented by an extensive range of extra-curricular activities.

rowing, tennis, horse riding and swimming. Adcote is now one of the leading schools for gymnastics in the region. The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and the Rotary Interact Club are also strongly supported, both of which encourage charitable work amongst their activities.

From jiu-jitsu to drama, from horse riding to share trading, and from yoga to chocolate making, we offer extra-curricular activities for everyone. We will always do our best to accommodate any requests for new activities.

Music, dance and drama provide fun and entertainment as well as challenging the girls’ imagination.

In addition, we have a comprehensive schedule of visits and presentations from outside speakers, which involve pupils from across the school age range.

The School also has an outstanding choir and we have been delighted to have links with the well-known Military Wives Choir based at RAF Cosford.



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“ The best thing about this school is how at home I feel in the boarding house.

We welcome boarders from the age of 8 years old through to the Sixth Form. Adcote is a full termly boarding school, with a happy mixture of British girls and students from other countries. We offer full and weekly boarding in a safe, caring, friendly and disciplined environment in a school where privacy and independence are respected, and where the

The Head Matron and her team provide the care, comfort and support which are so important for the girls’ well-being and success, nurturing and guiding the youngest boarder through to the maturity of the Sixth Form student. We have a strong sense of both family and traditional values in the Boarding House. By encouraging self-discipline and a sense of responsibility, we seek to promote self-confidence and assurance without arrogance.

girls can enjoy companionship, fun and a lively programme of boarding activities.

Girls are welcome to stay in the boarding house for occasional nights. Casual boarding responds to the occasional need such as involvement in a school drama production, a birthday celebration, or for when parents need to be away from home for a particular reason.

Recent years have seen an increase in the popularity and demand for boarding places. As part of an on-going School plan for investment

Boarding for part of the term can also be arranged, to enable parents to take a holiday, attend a conference or respond to family emergencies.

and regeneration, we are expanding and significantly upgrading our boarding facilities. We find that most girls enjoy sharing a room, whilst some of the Sixth Form have a study bedroom of their own.


We are accredited for the Forces Continuity of Education Allowance and Adcote School is a member of the Boarding Schools Association (BSA)


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Global Perspective

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We encourage an appreciation of diversity, with around a fifth of our pupils from overseas, representing seventeen different nationalities.

Adcote School is truly a global community which prepares

Our pupils share the common values of respect and tolerance and we encourage the development of a pupil’s individuality and open-mindedness.

girls for the multi-cultural Adcote looks outwards to ensure that our pupils are equipped to thrive in tomorrow’s global workplace. There are many opportunities to give the girls a sense of responsibility and an awareness of the needs of others, within a tolerant and caring environment.

environment ahead. Our girls gain a clear insight into,

At Adcote we celebrate the differences in our languages, our cultures and our heritage, by encouraging our overseas students to teach us about their own countries. Our girls are enquiring and curious and relish the opportunity to make friends and learn about others. We want to acknowledge and have pride in our cultural diversity by investigating our own community and using the resources we have to learn about the world around us.

and empathy with, the rapidly changing nature of our society, which will enable them to be good

Our international girls have performed at Adcote and in local primary schools in their own native language or costume, seeing how animated and interested others are in whom we are and where we come from. Our students are often invited home, across the miles, to visit their friends and experience firsthand the differences in societies and traditions.

citizens and make an excellent contribution in the world beyond Adcote School.



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Adcote is proud of its strong links with the community. We believe it’s important to share the beautiful manor house at Adcote and its wonderful surroundings with as many people as we can.

The local vicar is Chaplain to the School and boarders worship regularly at the parish church. Ministers from a range of other local churches also contribute to our assemblies. We are proud of our good relationships with other schools in the area. Local school children are invited to special events such as the Christmas Concert. Gifted and talented children from a number of local schools have joined Adcote girls to take a course in Critical Thinking. Our pupils take part in community service, such as visiting local retirement homes and singing carols in the local village. Recently, Adcote pupils of various nationalities performed a series of plays in different languages to pupils from a variety of local schools.

We regularly host activity and sport camps which local children may attend and our tennis facilities are often used in the holidays.

Adcote girls are also keen to support local and national charities. Each year the Juniors coordinate the Operation Christmas Child collection to send Christmas presents to needy children. The annual harvest festival service builds links with a local school for people with mental and physical difficulties and also to a drop in centre for homeless and vulnerable people. The girls also support Goodwill children’s homes in Southern India, as well as participating enthusiastically in events such as Comic Relief and Children in Need.



The School is the setting for a large number of weddings each year, as well as a venue for concerts and recitals.

A unique,

vibrant, independent girls school Adcote School for Girls Little Ness, Shrewsbury Shropshire, SY4 2JY Telephone: 01939 260202 Email:

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2014/2015 Prospectus

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