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London calling Feeling the burn Trump’s are state visit to Britain Farmers casualties of finally hastariff a date Trump’s warInside, Inside,A2 A2

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Jail measure new line Stakes highdraws in C-D vote





By Sarah Trafton scribed by law.” islature, Gardner said, and it “The would decision to leave Cairo-Dursuperinert Conti, Dale Handel, Brock Juusola, require a super-majorBulich wants the law to proColumbia-Greene Media principal before becoming A few CloudsColumbia-Greene Media Partly Patchy tendent. Robert Poelstra, Nicole Maggio, Steve ham is my decision,” Taibi the Cloudssunny and Sun and Partly sunny Clouds and fromattwoSunny vide more clarity on regional ity vote, or approval said evening and sun, a CATSKILL — A resolution to andsun cooler clouds clouds and nice sun; pleasant Scores of parents, students, alumni LaFever, Claudia Zucker, Bernadette meeting. “I’m doing what is best for thirds of the lawmakers. my showers shower CAIRO — A month after administrajails. rescind the bondand forfaculty the profilled the high school audiGavin-Palmieri and Todd Hilgendorff. family and myself. This is a choice that County attorney Edward in the Cairo-Durham CenLegislator Larry Gardner, posed new Greene County Jail HIGH LOW LOW 67 68 66tive turmoil HIGH 70 District, 78 an unprecedented I made for myself.” Kaplan agreed. tral School and the bids for its construc- D-Hunter, who is also the par“I agree because When asked if the board it’s didalready not innumber of candidates have lined up 61 40 50 tion was added to the agenda liamentarian, said the Finance 64 49 44 51for four 47available 60seats on the school out of committee,” Kaplan tend to renew Taibi’s contract, PresiI think it’s great that we have an active community that for Wednesday’s full board Committee was not the proper told lawmakers. Complete weather, weather, A2 A2 Ottawa board. dent Stephen Brandow declined to Complete Montreal meeting, proposal by a venue to propose the resolu58/40 wants toafter be ainvolved. There is no time limit on 61/46 Terms will end for Dr. Peter Byrne, respond, except to say that contract tion. Catskill lawmaker. Massena rescinding a resolution and Gary WarnerPlattsburgh and Dennis Burke. The — Laura Giarrusso, HistoryBulich teacher negotiations are a personnel matter. “Resolutions were adopted 59/45 Legislator Michael Bancroft legislators are free to change fourth seat will be to fill Dean Pectal’s The board also felt the heat for the 58/43 60/35 requested a pause on jail con- by the full Legislature for the Ogdensburg how they voted inLori the Miner past, Malone term. Pectal stepped down unexpired 57/44 removal of Spanish teacher bond and for the construcstruction, a $70 million investPeterborough Potsdam 58/43 Gardner added. Kingston last year citing employment reasons, Burlington the National Honor Society adviser, SARAHThe TRAFTON/COLUMBIA-GREENE MEDIA of ment 63/38 59/43 tion contracts,” Gardneras said. the next 30 years, torium March 28 looking for answers large turnout schoolover board 54/41 The $39 million U.S. De59/46 Agostinoni said. Board Clerk Bridget Jail critics attended the Greene County Legislature’s a position she heldofforAgriculture 21 years. bond Lake Placid would be inconsistent so that the county could seek of“This from the board education. hopefuls Finance comes weeks after the district Watertown partment 54/40meeting The position is held by Robert Mac-Legislator 56/42 Committee Monday to support The Cairo-Durham Assoin the community thought thebe in nawith that and would parted Michael ways with formerlegislative Superintensupport Many in amendwas approved Teachers in September Giffert.R-Catskill. Bulich offered a resolution Bulich, to halt the jailTaibi, whoing Political Action Committee board Taibi to step down. dent Anthony served at the law of rescinding them.”ciation’sand a county that pressured states ture bids for construction project and re-examine option a shared jail. The resolution Incumbents Dennisthe Burke andof Gary Taibi deniedtothat he wasthe forced out. school for 12 years, first as highcounty schoolshall But resolution has to “Each continue Rochester SeeSee STAKES A8 is on the agenda forrunning, Wednesday’s board meeting. Warner are in the as arefull RobJAIL A8 66/45 maintain a county jail as pre- be considered by the full LegUtica

By Sarah Trafton


Buffalo 60/44


Batavia 64/44

Syracuse 62/46

da Costa’s star Milazzo strikes on the rise again Hornell 66/46

Albany 63/48 Catskill 64/49

Twin County home sales down, but prices rise

Binghamton 60/46

Buckling up in rear seat may become law Hudson 64/49

Shown is today’s weather. Temperatures are today’s highs and tonight’s lows. Brandon da Costa By Melanie Lekocevic Sophomore Isabella ALMANAC SUNColumbia-Greene AND MOON of Valatie has been Media Statistics through 3 p.m. yesterday Today Thu. Milazzo followed up her chosen to attend the down Temperature Precipitation Sunrise Housing 5:35 a.m.sales 5:34were a.m. perfect with twoYesterday as of 3game p.m. 24 hrs. througha3 p.m. yest. Sunset and median 8:09 p.m. sale 8:10prices p.m. were National Center of Moonrise 4:32 p.m. 5:44 p.m. High Low 0.56” hit shutout up for homes in the Twin Moonset 4:06 a.m. 4:36 a.m. Excellence Academy Counties in the first quarter of PAGE B1 Phases PAGE B1 Moon Full 2019. Last New First



The quarterly report is issued by the New York State May 18 May 26 Jun 3 10 Association of Jun Realtors and 14.58 12.69 analyzes factors including the Forecasts and graphics provided by AccuWeather, number of Inc. new©2019 home listings, closed sales, median sale pricCONDITIONS TODAY es and the number of UV Index™ & RealFeel Temperature® homes available for sale in each county across the state. 5 5 5 The report compares data 4 4 3 3 2 1 of 2019 from the2first 1quarter to the same time period last 46 51 56 58 63 65 66 66 66 63 62 year. 8 a.m. 9 a.m. 10 a.m. 11 a.m. Noon 1 p.m. 2 p.m. 3 p.m. 4 p.m. 5 p.m. 6 p.m. The higher the UV Index number, the greater In the need for eye and skin protecColumbia County, the tion. 0-2 Low; 3-5 Moderate; 6-7 High; 8-10 Very High; 11+ Extreme. The patented number of new listings this RealFeel Temperature is an exclusive index of effective temperature based on eight weather factors. year compared to 2018 rose NATIONAL WEATHER TODAY from 309 to 322, or an increase Seattle Winnipeg of 4.2%. Montreal At the same time, 65/52 61/46 DEC is acquiring more 64/42 the number of home sales Another womanBillings has Toronto 63/41 than 1,100 acres 80/56along that closed in the first quarDetroit come forward accusingMinneapolis 75/60 72/49 the Hudson for wildlife New York ter of this year declined from San Francisco 65/54 66/53 Jamel Brandow ofDenver raping Chicago Washington 73/54 161 in 2018 to 137 this year, a preservation 73/58 83/56 herLosas a child Kansas City drop of 14.9%. The median Angeles 81/65 PAGE A3 72/60 sale price held fairly steady at PAGE A3 By Melanie Lekocevic Atlanta $250,000 this year compared 77/62 Columbia-Greene Media El Paso to $246,212 last year, an in92/65 Houston ALBANY — It may soon be illegal 84/64 crease of 1.5%. Chihuahua forHuston, passengers to ride in the back of 90/60 Miami Monterrey Rudy of Tri-Hud86/74 82/70 a vehicle withoutsaid a seat ALASKA son Realty in Hudson, thebelt in New HAWAII York state. numbers in a smaller market Honolulu Shown are noon positions 85/75 Legislation proposed Fairbanks of weather systems County and like Columbia tend by state Hilo Anchorage 74/49 precipitation. Temperature Sen. David Carlucci, D-38, would 84/70 57/45 to fluctuate more than in bigJuneau bands are highs for the day. 57/42 amend existing traffi c law Pruning rose bushes can ger markets because a few to require Police say a10sMissouri -10s -0s 0s 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 100s 110s changes can have a big impact intimidate thecats mostoff man ordered on data. He expects the showers t-storms rain flurries snow ice cold frontthewarm front stationary front



Greenerrape future Second for Columbia allegation made


Rose pruning Network demystified of horror

experienced Craigslist andgardener, then NATIONAL CITIES but the fear misplaced tortured andiskilled them Today Thu. PAGE A6 City Hi/Lo W Hi/Lo A2 W Albuquerque 83/57 pc 85/55 s Anchorage 57/45 pc 55/44 c Atlanta 77/62 s 83/66 pc Atlantic City 66/57 pc 69/57 pc Baltimore 72/54 pc 74/58 pc Billings 80/56 pc 73/52 pc Region A3 Birmingham 80/64 s 83/64 pc Opinion Boise 73/52 c 65/47 A4 sh Boston c State/Nation 60/50 c 61/49 A5 Charleston, SC 79/61 s 83/68 s Obituaries Charleston, WV 71/51 s 76/60 A5 pc Charlotte 74/55 s 81/62 B1 pc Sports Cheyenne 78/51 s 79/49 s Comics/Advice Classifi ed B4-B5 Chicago 73/54 pc 79/56 t Cincinnati pc Classiied 70/51 pc 77/65 B6-B7 Comics/Advice B7-B8 Cleveland 70/50 pc 70/60 pc Columbus, OH 70/52 pc 76/62 pc Dallas 85/66 pc 85/69 pc Denver 83/56 s 84/56 s Des Moines 77/63 pc 87/64 pc Detroit 72/49 pc 70/60 pc Hartford 65/50 pc 69/46 c Honolulu 85/75 s 85/74 s Twitter Twitter Houston 84/64 pc 84/67 t Follow: Indianapolis 69/51 c 77/66 pc Kansas City 81/65 pc 86/67 s @CatskillDailyMail Knoxville 72/56 pc 79/62 pc Las Vegas 92/65 pc 74/52 c



A proposed law that could be voted on this week would require adults and children to buckle up if they ride in a vehicle’s rear seat.

seat belts to be used by all passengers, including adults in the back seat. A similar bill has been making its way through the Assembly. The bill could be voted on this week. “It’s safer, but I don’t think we need a new law for everything,” said Rachel Trent of Hudson. “I do make

sure my kids are belted in in the back seat.” At the present time, the law mandates seat belt use by adults and children in the front seat, but only children under age 16 are required to buckle up in the rear seat. If passed by the Senate and Assembly and then approved by Gov. Andrew

Cuomo, the law would require all passengers to wear a seat belt, regardless of where they are sitting in the vehicle. “It’s a common-sense piece of legislation,” Carlucci said at a press conference at the state capital in See BUCKLING A8 MELANIE LEKOCEVIC/COLUMBIA-GREENE MEDIA

Getting in the back seat? A proposed new law would all passengers in a vehicle Source: New York require State Association of Realtors, Inc. to buckle their seat belts.


Today Thu. City Hi/Lo W Hi/Lo W Little Rock 85/65 s 86/63 s Los Angeles 72/60 pc 65/53 r Miami 86/74 t 85/75 t Milwaukee 67/50 c 73/51 t Minneapolis 75/60 pc 78/53 t Nashville 71/57 c 84/64 pc New Orleans 84/68 s 86/69 s New York City 65/54 pc 68/55 pc NorfolkBy Sarah Trafton 73/59 s 79/62 pc Oklahoma City 85/63 s 85/66 s Media OmahaColumbia-Greene 81/66 pc 91/69 s Orlando 84/65 pc 87/64 pc CATSKILL — Greene County lawPhiladelphia 70/55 pc 72/57 pc Phoenixmakers 100/72 pc 91/61 pc rejected a resolution to award Pittsburgh 69/52 pc 72/60 pc a fuel contract to the lowest bidder due Portland 56/41 c 58/43 c Portland sh 66/52 sh to recent64/52 litigation. Providence 61/49 c 66/46 sh thes resolution failed Raleigh In a 5-4 73/54vote, s 79/60 Richmond 73/53 78/58 pc Committee on to pass in thes Finance Sacramento 66/52 sh 62/51 t St. LouisMonday.76/59 pc 84/65 pc Salt Lake City pc 77/46 pc Bottini84/64 Fuel, of Saugerties, was the San Francisco 66/53 r 61/53 r lowest bidder, offering Savannah 80/62 s 86/66 s a rate of $2.1833 Seattleper gallon 65/52and sh 68/51 c a delivery charge of Tampa 85/70 pc 87/70 pc $0.1240. Thepccounty Washington, DC 73/58 75/60 pcanticipates using

Greene County remembers County rejects fuel bidchild overabuse legalvictims issue

By Sarah Trafton “The pinwheel is a Legislasymbol “I’m opposed to it as well,” in the Public Works Committee, legof hope, safety, health said. and Mediabe dis- tor Patricia Handel, R-Durham islators asked if Columbia-Greene Bottini could most importantly, happi“But our legal counsel told us our qualified as the lowest responsible fi rst CATSKILL — Bright flashes ness,” hands tied.”said Sherri Law, of the of bluebyand silver reflect in are bidder, a requirement the attorney Health did not notifyAssociation’s its clients if sunlight, dozens Bottini of Mental general’s office.the Bottini’s legalasissue REACH Center. they overpaid, Kaplan said, but swept pinwheels blow in the breeze “It personal stands for the carefree the funds into accounts. On the the web web — a colorful display to honor On childhood we want for all “That was illegal though right?” young lives tainted by children and is a call to neighLawrence said. It is also the governing board’s responsibility to ensure lence. bors, members Kaplan conficommunity rmed that it was. Theand Mental Health that sealed bids are opened at a public meeting that the Associaand County leaders toAdministrator play a role in Greene tion of Columbia and Greene protecting and nurturing our Shaun Groden reminded legislators bid is awarded to the lowest responsibleCounties bidder.has hosted Pinwheel citizens. It that the youngest county is obligated to symboltake the Gardens in observance of Na- izes our efforts to change the — Shaun Groden Greene County Administrator lowest responsible bid. Weather(W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice. Facebook Facebook 24,000 gallons between its highway tional Child Abuse Prevention way our community thinks “It is also the governing board’s garage in Ashland, the Cairo Office Month for the past three years. about child that abuse prevensponsibility to ensure sealed bids CatskillDailyMail/ building on Mountain Avenue and the The Greene County eventare took tion,” according to a stateopened at a public meeting and Edward vember to diverting more than $1.7 was closed, county Rivertown Senior Center in Athens. placeattorney from 1-2 p.m. Tuesday ment from the to Child Advothat the bid is awarded the lowest Legislators Harry Lennon, D-Cairo, million from customer credit balances Kaplan said. outside of the Greene County cacybidder,” Center of Columbia responsible according to and the “This would be fertile groundatfor Larry Gardner, D-Hunter, Michael and was ordered to pay $3.2 million in Office Building 411aMain St.comptroller’s Greene Counties in Hudson. state website. Bulich, R-Catskill and Gregory Davis, criminal restitution and civil damages, lawsuit,” he said.The Columbia County event Ann Gibbons, of Catskill, Bulich agreed with Handel and exTRAFTON/COLUMBIA-GREENE MEDIA took The resolution passed Public Works GenR-Greenville supported the resolution. according to the state AttorneySARAH place from 2-5 p.m. on was intrigued by thethe event pressed concern that rejecting bid Greene County Treasurer Peter Markou Ann Gibbons, forLawrence, Child with Martinez, and Park in Office. of Catskill planting pinwheels Legislators Charles Martinez, R-anderal’s Monday inHobart 7th Street See VICTIMS See BID A8 Abuse Prevention Month on Tuesday. it. When the resolution first surfaced Linger voting against Coxsackie, Thomas Hobart, R-CoxHudson. sackie, Patrick Linger, R-New Baltimore, William Lawrence, R-Cairo and Linda Overbaugh, R-Catskill opposed it. Bottini Fuel pleaded guilty in No-

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A2 Wednesday, May 15, 2019






‘No end in sight’ for the farmers feeling pain of Trump’s trade war Mike Dorning Bloomberg

Clouds and sun

A few evening showers

Sun and clouds

Clouds and sun, a shower


LOW 49

67 44

66 51

Partly sunny Clouds and and nice sun; pleasant

70 47

78 60

Ottawa 58/40

Montreal 61/46

Massena 59/45

Bancroft 60/35

Ogdensburg 57/44

Peterborough 63/38

Malone Potsdam 58/43 59/43

Kingston 54/41

Rochester 66/45

Utica 58/45

Albany 63/48

Syracuse 62/46

Catskill 64/49

Binghamton 60/46

Hornell 66/46

Burlington 59/46

Lake Placid 54/40

Watertown 56/42

Batavia Buffalo 64/44 60/44

Plattsburgh 58/43

Hudson 64/49

Shown is today’s weather. Temperatures are today’s highs and tonight’s lows.



Statistics through 3 p.m. yesterday



Yesterday as of 3 p.m. 24 hrs. through 3 p.m. yest.




Today 5:35 a.m. 8:09 p.m. 4:32 p.m. 4:06 a.m.

Sunrise Sunset Moonrise Moonset

Moon Phases Full



Thu. 5:34 a.m. 8:10 p.m. 5:44 p.m. 4:36 a.m.



Jun 3

Jun 10


May 18 May 26

14.58 12.69

Forecasts and graphics provided by AccuWeather, Inc. ©2019

CONDITIONS TODAY UV Index™ & RealFeel Temperature®























8 a.m. 9 a.m. 10 a.m. 11 a.m. Noon 1 p.m. 2 p.m. 3 p.m. 4 p.m. 5 p.m. 6 p.m. The higher the UV Index number, the greater the need for eye and skin protection. 0-2 Low; 3-5 Moderate; 6-7 High; 8-10 Very High; 11+ Extreme. The patented RealFeel Temperature is an exclusive index of effective temperature based on eight weather factors.


Montreal 61/46 Toronto 63/41

Billings 80/56 Minneapolis 75/60

Detroit 72/49

Chicago 73/54

Denver 83/56

New York 65/54 Washington 73/58

Kansas City 81/65

Los Angeles 72/60

Atlanta 77/62 El Paso 92/65

Houston 84/64

Chihuahua 90/60



Anchorage 57/45



Miami 86/74

Monterrey 82/70


showers t-storms

Honolulu 85/75

Fairbanks 74/49 Juneau 57/42

10s rain

Shown are noon positions of weather systems and precipitation. Temperature bands are highs for the day.

Hilo 84/70

20s flurries




50s ice



cold front


90s 100s 110s

warm front stationary front

NATIONAL CITIES City Albuquerque Anchorage Atlanta Atlantic City Baltimore Billings Birmingham Boise Boston Charleston, SC Charleston, WV Charlotte Cheyenne Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Columbus, OH Dallas Denver Des Moines Detroit Hartford Honolulu Houston Indianapolis Kansas City Knoxville Las Vegas

Today Hi/Lo W 83/57 pc 57/45 pc 77/62 s 66/57 pc 72/54 pc 80/56 pc 80/64 s 73/52 c 60/50 c 79/61 s 71/51 s 74/55 s 78/51 s 73/54 pc 70/51 pc 70/50 pc 70/52 pc 85/66 pc 83/56 s 77/63 pc 72/49 pc 65/50 pc 85/75 s 84/64 pc 69/51 c 81/65 pc 72/56 pc 92/65 pc

Thu. Hi/Lo W 85/55 s 55/44 c 83/66 pc 69/57 pc 74/58 pc 73/52 pc 83/64 pc 65/47 sh 61/49 c 83/68 s 76/60 pc 81/62 pc 79/49 s 79/56 t 77/65 pc 70/60 pc 76/62 pc 85/69 pc 84/56 s 87/64 pc 70/60 pc 69/46 c 85/74 s 84/67 t 77/66 pc 86/67 s 79/62 pc 74/52 c

City Little Rock Los Angeles Miami Milwaukee Minneapolis Nashville New Orleans New York City Norfolk Oklahoma City Omaha Orlando Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland Portland Providence Raleigh Richmond Sacramento St. Louis Salt Lake City San Francisco Savannah Seattle Tampa Washington, DC

Today Hi/Lo W 85/65 s 72/60 pc 86/74 t 67/50 c 75/60 pc 71/57 c 84/68 s 65/54 pc 73/59 s 85/63 s 81/66 pc 84/65 pc 70/55 pc 100/72 pc 69/52 pc 56/41 c 64/52 sh 61/49 c 73/54 s 73/53 s 66/52 sh 76/59 pc 84/64 pc 66/53 r 80/62 s 65/52 sh 85/70 pc 73/58 pc

Thu. Hi/Lo W 86/63 s 65/53 r 85/75 t 73/51 t 78/53 t 84/64 pc 86/69 s 68/55 pc 79/62 pc 85/66 s 91/69 s 87/64 pc 72/57 pc 91/61 pc 72/60 pc 58/43 c 66/52 sh 66/46 sh 79/60 s 78/58 pc 62/51 t 84/65 pc 77/46 pc 61/53 r 86/66 s 68/51 c 87/70 pc 75/60 pc

Weather(W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice.


Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, during a news conference after a weekly caucus meeting at the U.S. Capitol in Washington on April 30, 2019.

and the communities they support is threatened,” Lynn Rohrscheib, president of the Illinois Soybean Growers, which represents 43,000 farmers in the state, said in a statement Monday. “Illinois soybean producers face greater challenges each day without a deal. We see no end in sight.” The sense of peril was evident in the president’s announcement Friday in tandem with new tariffs on China of an ill-defined plan to help farmers with $15 billion in assistance that would come on top of the $12 billion in aid announced last year. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said he is working on a plan and will submit it to the president within “a few days to a couple of weeks.” Republicans from farm country warned that patience is waning, even as they avoided criticism of the president. “I’d say the farm community is right on the edge of having

been as supportive as they can be before that begins to turn,” said Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo. “But hopefully the president will come to some conclusion here soon.” Yet even a modest shift to Democrats or a loss of enthusiasm among his supporters could be consequential in the next election. Trump dominated rural America with a 28 percentage point advantage over Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016 yet lost the popular vote. He only won the Electoral College by carrying Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania through a combined margin of less than 80,000 votes. The trade war is already reverberating through American agriculture, as farm exports to China plunged from $19.6 billion in 2017 to $9.2 billion last year. Overall, U.S. farm income dropped 16% last year to $63 billion, about half the level it was as recently as 2013.

Bloomberg’s Lydia Mulvany, Isis Almeida, Mario Parker and Steven T. Dennis contributed.

Missouri man adopted cats off Craigslist, then tortured and killed them, police say Kyle Swenson The Washington Post

Winnipeg 64/42

San Francisco 66/53

American farmers, among Donald Trump’s most loyal supporters, face mounting financial pain from the president’s trade war with China and the growing risk that the damage will outlast the conflict. The standoff with China over trade is compounding the strain of five years of falling commodity prices and losses from spring flooding. And as the dispute drags on, China is forging relationships with competing suppliers and farmers in other countries are reorienting operations to cater to the Chinese markets. Among the hardest hit and most vulnerable to continuing tensions are soybean growers across the U.S. grain belt. Soybean futures on Monday skidded to their lowest prices in more than a decade and are down more than 20% from a year ago. That is a direct blow to Trump country. In the the 2016 election, Trump carried eight of the 10 states with the largest soybean production, all of them in the Midwest. Iowa, the country’s second-largest soybean producer after Illinois, swung from Democrat to Republican in 2016 and easily could swing back again. Some agricultural leaders harshly criticized the latest escalation, though farm groups mostly have been wary of blaming Trump directly because of his popularity in rural America. “Washington, D.C., has made another miscalculation, and the livelihoods of farmers

The rainy spring this year makes things worse. Midwestern farmers typically choose between planting corn or soybeans but corn requires earlier planting. But the window for corn is running out as farmers wait for fields to dry. “This could really be a double-whammy if they wind up planting more soybeans than they would have otherwise, if they can’t get a corn crop in,” said Joseph Glauber, former chief economist of the U.S. Agriculture Department. “Some people are going to have financial difficulties with this. If the prices continue to hold at these levels, people are going to burn working capital.” Farmer bankruptcies in six Midwest states rose 30% in 2018, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. A report by First Midwest Bank in Chicago showed past-due agricultural loans up 287% in 2018 over the previous year. Jonathan Coppess, a University of Illinois professor of agricultural policy and former head of the U.S. Farm Service Agency, said that U.S. farmers’ overseas competitors will gain more advantage as the dispute persists. “There’s ripple effects. That then changes farmer behavior in different countries,” Coppess said. “Overall you could have more soybean acres. That then creates more soybean production worldwide. You don’t just turn it off.”

The bodies began showing up along Laura Hill Road early in the new year. The wide thoroughfare cuts through the residential neighborhoods of St. Peters, Missouri, northwest of St. Louis. Leafy subdivisions curl off the main road. As the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported this week, beginning last January, dead and mutilated cats started appearing along the suburb’s streets. Local resident Tim Weber told KTVI on Monday he found two dead felines on his property alone. “One of my kids said, ‘Well, there’s another one in our backyard,’ “ Weber told KTVI. “So I had one on the side of my yard and in my fenced-in yard.” But what could have possibly been explained away as roadkill or the result of hungry predators turned out to be something much less easy to understand. And it all tied back to Craigslist. Last Friday, the St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office arrested a man from the neighborhood named Kaine Louzader on two felony charges of animal abuse. Citing court documents, the Post-Dispatch reports that the 20-year-old was allegedly scrolling through Craigslist for cats and then taking them home to kill them. Louzader is believed to have killed at least 12 felines, according to law enforcement. KPLR reports the defendant is currently out on bail. The arrest will likely further fuel concerns among animal activists about the safety of pet adoptions on sites such as

Craigslist. PETA has complied a number of instances where animals were offered on Craigslist, only then to be PHOTO CONTRIBUTED killed or seri- Kaine Louzader ously injured. “The use of entities such as Craigslist definitely are not a good idea to find a new home for a pet,” Kathy Warnick, the president of the Humane Society of Missouri, told KPLR. “[T[hey do not vet the prospective new owner.” Louzader’s neighbors were shocked at the allegations. “Why would anybody want to do anything to a cat for, they do nothing bad,” resident Hiram King told KMOV. “Just mean, ain’t no excuse for it. I’ll be honest with you there’s definitely no excuse for it.” “It’s disturbing,” Weber told KPLR. As the Riverfront Times reported this week, police initially picked up Louzader’s trail when a resident spotted a man in a white Toyota Camry dumping what later turned out to be a dead cat from his car on a side street near Laura Hill Road. Police matched the vehicle to the one that belonged to Louzader, who lived in the neighborhood with his grandparents, the Post-Dispatch reported. According to KPLR, Louzader was employed at Mercy Hospital in St. Charles, Mo. A St. Charles County police sergeant contacted Louzader last Monday. When the two began speaking, the officer noticed

scratches on the suspect’s arms, fingers and hands. He asked about the injuries. Louzader explained that an elderly patient at the hospital where he worked had scratched him. Soon, Louzader reportedly admitted the marks were from the cat he had killed just the day before. According to the Post-Dispatch, he would eventually tell police he had been killing cats since January. He admitted to surfing Craigslist for ads for cats or kittens. He would take in the animals, then stomp their heads or strangle them in the bath at home or on his patio. Once they were dead, Louzader allegedly said he dismembered some of the animals, cutting off their limbs and head before leaving the parts around the neighborhood. Louzader was arrested. Mercy Hospital representatives told KPLR his employment at the facility was suspended when the arrest became public. He has since resigned. As St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney Tim Lohmar explained to KMOV, animal abuse can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony. His office decided to go forward with the heavier charge due to the cruelty involved. “It becomes a felony if the

HUDSON RIVER TIDES High tide: 2:21 a.m. 4.4 feet Low tide: 7 a.m. 0.1 feet High tide: 12:39 p.m. 4.2 feet Low tide: 7:25 p.m. −0.3 feet

animal was mutilated prior to death, so that is something we’re going to have to look at and make sure that in fact we can prove the animals were mutilated before they died,” Lohmar told the television station. The prosecutor noted the defendant had scratching on him, leading him to believe the animal was still alive “fighting for his life” before it was killed. Neighbors in the area expressed concern that Louzader’s alleged feline rampage went on for five months before he was caught. “If someone’s capable of doing that to an animal, who knows what they can do,” St. Peters resident Doug Custer told KTVI. “I can’t imagine what kind of sick person would do that to an animal.” COLUMBIA-GREENE MEDIA The Register-Star/The Daily Mail are publishedTuesday through Saturday mornings by Columbia-Greene Media (USPS 253620), One Hudson City Centre, Suite 202, Hudson, NY 12534, a subsidiary of Johnson Newspaper Corp. Periodicals postage paid at Hudson, N.Y., and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Register-Star, One Hudson City Centre, Suite 202, Hudson, NY 12534. TO SUBSCRIBE To order a subscription, call our circulation department at (800) 724-1012 or logon to SUBSCRIPTION RATES: Digital Pass is included with print subscription Daily (Newsstand) $1.50 Saturday (Newsstand) $2.50 Carrier Delivery (3 Months) $71.50 Carrier Delivery (6 Months) $143.00 Carrier Delivery (1 Year) $286.00 EZ Pay Rates: 3 months $65.00 6 months $130.00 1 year $260.00 DIGITAL PASS ONLY RATES: Includes full access to and the e-edition. 3 Months $30.00 6 Months $60.00 1 Year $120.00 Home Delivery & Billing Inquireries Call (800) 724-1012 and reach us, live reps are available Mon.-Fri. 6 a,m - 5 p.m., Sat. 6 a.m. - noon Sun. 8 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.


Wednesday, May 15, 2019 A3

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CALENDAR Wednesday, May 15 n Catskill Library Board 6:45 p.m. at

either the Catskill Library, 1 Franklin St., Catskill or Palenville Library, 3303 Route 23A, Palenville n Catskill Town Board Committee meeting 6:30 p.m. at the Town Hall, 439 Main St., Catskill n Greene County Legislature Special Public Works Committee and a Special Finance Committee held prior to the regular Legislature meeting No. 5 at 6:30 p.m. at the County Office Building, 411 Main St., Catskill

Thursday, May 16 n Coxsackie-Athens BOE 6:30 p.m.

High School Library, 24 Sunset Blvd., Coxsackie n Coxsackie Village Planning Board 7 p.m. at Village Hall, 119 Mansion St., Coxsackie n Windham-Ashland-Jewett CSD Board of Education 7 p.m. in the School Library, 5411 Route 23, Windham

Monday, May 20 n Athens Town Board 6:45 p.m. at the Town Hall, 2 First St., Athens n Greenville Town Board 7 p.m. at the Town Hall, 11159 Route 32, Pioneer Building, Greenville

Tuesday, May 21 n Athens Village Planning Board 6:30

p.m. at Village Hall, 2 First St., Athens n Catskill Central School District BOE board member and budget/proposition vote 1-9 p.m. in the CHS Gymnasium, 341 West Main St., Catskill n Coxsackie-Athens Central School District BOE annual budget vote 1-9 p.m. at Coxsackie Elementary and E.J. Arthur Elementary schools n Durham Town Board 7:30 p.m. at Town Hall, 7309 Route 81, East Durham n Greenville Central School District annual meeting and election 1-9 p.m. Ellis Elementary Cafeteria, 11219 Route 32, Greenville n Greene County Legislature CWSSI panel meeting 4 p.m. at Emergency Services Building, Cairo n Hunter Town Board 7 p.m. at the Town Hall, 5748 Route 23A, Tannersville

Wednesday, May 22 n Athens Village Board 6:30 p.m. at

Village Hall, 2 First St., Athens n Catskill Central School District BOE 7 p.m. in the CHS Library, 341 West Main St., Catskill n Catskill Village Board 7 p.m. at the Senior Center, 15 Academy St., Catskill

Thursday, May 23 n Windham-Ashland-Jewett CSD

Board of Education 7 p.m. in the School Library, 5411 Route 23, Windham

Monday, May 27 n Catskill Town Offices closed in ob-

servance of Memorial Day n Coxsackie Village Offices closed in observance of Memorial Day n Greene County Office closed in observance of Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 28 n Catskill Town Planning Board 7 p.m.

at the Town Hall, 439 Main St., Catskill

Saturday, June 1 n Coxsackie Village clean up day 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

Monday, June 3 n Athens Town Board 6:45 p.m. at the

Town Hall, 2 First St., Athens n Cairo Town Board 7 p.m. at the Town Hall, 512 Main St., Cairo

Thursday, June 6 n Cairo Town Planning Board 7 p.m. at the Town Hall, 512 Main St., Cairo n Coxsackie Village workshop 6 p.m. at Village Hall, 119 Mansion St., Coxsackie

Monday, June 10 n Catskill Village Planning Board

7 p.m. at the Catskill Senior Center, 15 Academy St., Catskill

Police investigate fatal crash in Craryville By Amanda Purcell Columbia-Greene Media

COPAKE — An autopsy was scheduled Monday for the victim of a fatal two-car crash on Route 23 on Saturday, police said. Jamie Wing, 42, of Norwalk, Connecticut, was killed in the crash on State Route 23 on Saturday just before midnight, according to a statement from the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office. The crash happened east of County Route 7, according to the sheriff’s office. Wing was driving a 2008 Toyota

Highlander when he crossed over the center lane and into oncoming traffic, striking a 2007 Saab, police said. Police are still investigating why Wing crossed into the eastbound lane. Wing’s vehicle went over a guard rail before striking a utility pole, police said. Wing was extricated from the vehicle by emergency personnel and taken by Community Rescue Squad to Columbia Memorial Health, where he was later pronounced dead. The driver of the Saab, Harle Edwards, 28, of Craryville, suffered facial

injuries and a broken arm in the crash. He was taken to Albany Medical Center by Greenport Rescue Squad. The accident is still under investigation by sheriff’s deputies and investigators, and the Sheriff’s Accident/ Incident Investigation Unit. Columbia County Coroner Bernadette Powis is also investigating. An autopsy was scheduled for Monday, but the preliminary cause of death was not known as of press time. State Route 23 was closed for approximately three-and-a-half hours during the investigation.

Second rape allegation made By Amanda Purcell Columbia-Greene Media

HUDSON — A second alleged victim has come forward to accuse a Hudson man of raping a child. Jamel D. Brandow, 36, of Hudson, was arraigned Friday on four new counts of first-degree rape, a class B felony, in Hudson City Court. His case is expected to be heard by a Columbia County grand jury Tuesday. The alleged victim, who was not identified by authorities, reported to Hudson police last week that she was raped four times between 2007 and 2008. The woman, now 20, reported the crime to city detectives after she saw a news article detailing Brandow’s arrest April 5, according to the Hudson Police Department. Brandow was accused last week of violently and forcibly raping a 10-year-old girl at knifepoint at a State Street home, police said. Brandow allegedly bound the girl using zip ties and duct tape before sexually assaulting her, according to court documents. When Brandow allegedly unrestrained the girl, she managed to escape, running several blocks, barefoot, to her mother’s workplace, where she called 911. Police arrived within minutes to find the girl visibly upset and crying. Police Chief L. Edward Moore called the recent case “startling and extremely disturbing” in a statement to the media the day after the incident. Within hours of the alleged incident, Brandow was charged with first-degree rape of a child less than 11 years old, a class B felony; first-degree unlawful imprisonment, a class E felony; second-degree menacing, a class A misdemeanor; and endangering the welfare of a child, a class A misdemeanor, according to Hudson police. City police said they are continuing to investigate the possibility of other alleged victims. Anyone with information is asked to call Hudson Police at 518-828-3388 to speak to a detective.

NEW CHARGES Brandow, who was being held at the Columbia County

Noon - 6pm Henry Hudson River Front Park Hudson, NY




Jamel Brandow was brought to Hudson City Court on Friday afternoon for his arraignment on new rape charges.

Jail, was brought to Hudson City Court on Friday after a warrant was issued for his arrest. But his arraignment was postponed until a later date after the judge reviewed the written account of the charges filed in court. Defense attorney Danielle Neroni Reilly, of Albany, argued that the documents accusing her client of rape were insufficient. Necessary information required under each element of the crime was not included, she said. She asked Hudson City Court Judge John Connor Jr. to dismiss the charge. But the judge decided to postpone the arraignment instead. “I have the same concerns,” Connor said. The arrest warrant was signed by the city’s other judge, Brian Herman, on Thursday, and Connor had no further information on the charges, he said. “There just doesn’t seem to be any information other than there was some complaint that happened some 10 or 11 years ago,” Connor said. “There’s not much information beyond that.” The prosecution will have until Brandow’s next appearance at 1 p.m. Tuesday to submit more in-depth documentation on the accusations against him, Connor said. Connor returned Brandow to the Columbia County Jail without bail. Meanwhile, a Columbia County grand jury is expected to convene at 10 a.m. Tuesday in Columbia County Court to determine whether there is enough evidence to move the case forward to trial. Columbia County District Attorney Paul Czajka requested in court that the defense notify

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To reach reporter Amanda Purcell, call 518-828-1616 ext. 2500, or send an email to, or tweet to @ amandajpurcel.

Editor’s Note: A charge is not a conviction. All persons listed are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Charges can be amended or dismissed.

Saturday, June 1 Henry Hudson River Front Park will be filled with food Sponsored by trucks, food vendors, & live music. Enjoy the river front view while enjoying some amazing street food.

Hudson Brewing Co.

Community Rescue Squad, Greenport Rescue Squad, Craryville Fire Company, Hillsdale Fire Company, and State Police assisted at the scene. Investigating for the Sheriff’s Office were Capt. John DeRocha, Lt. Wayne Lopez, Senior Investigator William Foster, investigators William Dunspaugh and Ian Boehme, Deputies Daniel Keyser, Matthew Leonard, Patrick Mayo, and Patrick McMahon.

Olde York Distilling

him as to whether the defendant will testify at the grand jury proceedings Tuesday morning. In her retort, Neroni added that the Columbia County District Attorney’s Office and Child Protective Services, who at that time had formed a joint task force, looked into the same rape allegations against Brandow sometime in 2007 or 2008. At that time, Neroni said, the accusations against Brandow were determined to be unfounded, and he was not prosecuted for the alleged rape. There is no statute of limitations for first-degree rape under state law. A person convicted of the charge faces a minimum of five years and a maximum of 25 years in prison. Brandow has a prior criminal record. He was sentenced April 30, 2014, to five years in state prison for third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, a class B felony. Brandow was one of three individuals arrested after a vehicle search by police yielded a “substantial amount” of heroin, packaged for sale, with about 50 individually wrapped glycine envelopes, police said at the time of Brandow’s arrest. The Columbia County District Attorney’s Office, Columbia County Child Protective Division, Child Advocacy Center and state police assisted in the most recent investigation.

n Logan T. Cesternino, 20, of New Baltimore, was arrested at 2:49 a.m. April 21 in Coxsackie and charged with operating a motor vehicle with a blood-alcohol content greater than 0.08% and driving while intoxicated, both unclassified misdemeanors. He was issued an appearance ticket. n Leah Anderson, 23, of Clifton Park, was arrested at 10:45 a.m. April 19 in Athens and charged with seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, a class A misdemeanor, operating a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs and with a suspended registration, both unclassified misdemeanors, having a controlled substance in a non-original container, a violation, operating a motor vehicle without insurance, and moving from a lane unsafely, both infractions. She was released to a third party. n A 15-year-old male from Cairo was arrested at

12:30 p.m. April 22 in Cairo and charged with thirddegree criminal trespass, a class B misdemeanor and criminal mischief, a class A misdemeanor. He was issued an appearance ticket. n A 12-year-old male from Climax was arrested at 1:30 p.m. April 22 in Cairo and charged with thirddegree criminal trespass, a class B misdemeanor. He was issued an appearance ticket. n Max B. Lopez, 26, of Bristol, Rhode Island, was arrested at 6:30 p.m. April 22 in Hunter and charged with fifth-degree criminal possession of marijuana, a class B misdemeanor. He was issued an appearance ticket. n Derrick R. Moore, 39, of Coxsackie, was arrested at 10:24 p.m. April 22 in Coxsackie and charged with operating a motor vehicle with a blood-alcohol content greater than 0.08% and driving while intoxicated, both with previous convictions and classified as E felonies, aggravated unlicensed operated of a motor vehicle, a class E felony and fifth-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, a class D felony. His arrestee status is unknown.


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Fear and misinformation are obstacles to measles vaccinations tetanus. Yet many people are unwilling to get their shots or vaccinate their children. Results of a new study, published last week in the journal Psychological Science in the Public Interest, draws on hundreds of studies on psychology, behavioral science and vaccinations, according to a report from the Washington Post News Service. The study concluded that using education campaigns, and trying to persuade people to get the shots, is far less effective than using indirect behavioral nudges, according to the Washington Post article. The reason most people don’t get vaccinations for themselves or their children, the study found, isn’t because they need convincing but because they perceive inconveniences or obstacles. “When it comes to vaccines, I think we have this optimistic belief that just by telling people facts you

can change their behavior,” said Noel Brewer, the study’s lead author. “But when was the last time someone told you one fact and suddenly you lost five pounds or started brushing your teeth?” The study’s findings were released at a time when a small but vocal contingent of anti-vaccination advocates have been spreading misinformation about vaccines, to the frustration of public health officials. Outbreaks like the one we are now experiencing nationwide are frustrating simply because of how preventable they are. Stopping misinformation with facts and getting over the fear of vaccines is a good start, but individuals who fail to get vaccinated themselves or keep their children away from vaccinations should not be surprised when others question the decision for one that affects many. Sometimes, nothing works as well as public pressure.


Leave the Fourth of July alone The Washington Post

In the abstract, it might seem fitting for the president of the United States to deliver an address to the country as part of theFourth of July festivities in the nation’s capital. It is, after all, the country’s birthday; why shouldn’t the nation’s highest officeholder lead the celebration? There is even some precedent with Ronald Reagan in 1987 at the Jefferson Memorial (on July 3, in point of fact) and Zachary Taylor in 1850 at the Washington Monument (though that didn’t turn out well; he reputedly ate a bowl of cherries and cold milk left in the hot sun and died after becoming ill in the following days). One can get happily lost imagining how George Washington or Abraham Lincoln or John F. Kennedy might have graced such an occasion. Unfortunately, no imagination is needed to know what President Donald Trump might say,

and that is one reason to worry about his plans to interject himself into the day’s events. According to an account by Washington Post reporters, he has “effectively taken charge” of planning for the District of Columbia celebration. The plans apparently include moving the giant fireworks display from its traditional spot on the National Mall to make room for Trump to give a speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Unfortunately, Trump has had many opportunities to show that he could speak for and to the entire nation in such circumstances - and he has flunked each one. On his first full day in office, he politicized a visit to Central Intelligence Agency headquarters. He delivered a political speech at the National Scout Jamboree, of all places. He turned an overseas presidential visit to U.S. troops into just another campaign stop. He will hijack any event for

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In the United States, medical experts were stunned recently to learn that measles, once thought eradicated, has returned. Measles is making an undesirable comeback because of fear and misinformation. An ambitious quest to conquer measles came tantalizingly close to success, but it has slipped away because of ignorance. If we’re going to defeat measles once and for all, we will have to overcome the worst adversary of all: simple human behavior. The U.S. is in the midst of the worst measles outbreak in decades and it is spreading. The Twin Counties felt a twinge of disquiet when the state Health Department announced last week that a Greene County person contracted measles in the Brooklyn. Vaccinations have saved the lives of millions of children by preventing illnesses such as diphtheria, smallpox, measles and

Dear Mike Pence: The real persecution of Christians isn’t here in America

partisan political purposes, or to stoke his ego, or both. The Fourth of July should be a time to remember what binds us as a country, not exploit what divides us. There are practical concerns, too. The fireworks display on the National Mall and the free concert that precedes it attract hundreds of thousands of Americans annually. The National Park Service - coordinating with local officials, police and transit - has mastered the logistics. Time is running short to design a new plan, and accommodating a presidential appearance, and accompanying protests, means additional layers of security that will inconvenience those attending. Trump has spent previous Independence Days at the White House, hosting military families at a cookout. We would urge him to continue that fine tradition and allow Washington to celebrate a holiday that doesn’t need fixing.

or publications. Writers are ordinarily limited to one letter every 30 days.

Vice President Mike Pence on Saturday warned the graduating class of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, to be prepared to suffer for their faith. “The truth is,” he told an audience of over 40,000 attending the commencement ceremony, “we live in a time when the freedom of religion is under assault.” Pence said that Liberty graduates should expect to be “ridiculed” for their biblical beliefs, much in the same way that his wife, Karen Pence, was criticized for taking a job teaching art at a Christian school that opposed same-sex marriage. Pence needs some perspective. According to one estimate, in 2016, a Christian was killed for his or her faith every six minutes. Today, the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities is rampant, especially in the Middle East. The Islamic State has forced nearly 5 million Syrian Christians to flee for their lives. In Nigeria, Boko Haram militants have been targeting Christian villages for nearly two decades. Most recently, Islamic terrorists killed Christians worshiping on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka. Pence is an evangelical Christian. And while fellow members of his religious tribe face a few challenges to their religious liberties, especially when it comes to Christian institutions committed to traditional views on marriage, these challenges pale in comparison with what those who name the name of Jesus are facing worldwide. Pence’s persecution complex should not surprise us. Evangelicals in America have seen themselves as victims since the 1960s. The Christian Right emerged in the 1970s with an agenda focused on returning prayer and Bible reading to public schools, resisting demographic change in the wake of new immigration,

John B. Johnson Publisher - ext. 2304

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Fea teaches history at Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Memorial Day Parade and Service To the editor: You are invited to participate in the Annual Memorial Day Parade and the Memorial Service immediately following on May 27, 2019. Line up at 12:30 p.m. at Sewer Plant Access Road, Maple Lane,

Prattsville. Step off 1 p.m. The parade concludes at the Prattsville Town Hall and the Memorial Service will take place on the Town Green. If you have any questions regarding the parade, please

contact me at 518-708-3960 or email dadaj123@yahoo. com. Thank you in advance for your participation and support. Arnold R. Jaeger Prattsville

Common barriers to treatment include the cost of mental health care and insurance, prejudice and discrimination, and structural barriers like transportation. Less than half the adults in the US get the help they need! Half of all lifetime mental health conditions begin by age 14, and 75 percent by age 24. Early intervention has been demonstrated to help. Those in crisis are fortunate in this area to be able to call on the Mobile Crisis Assessment Team (518-943-5555) for immediate assistance.

Why care? Through our own words and actions, we can shift the social and systemic barriers that prevent people from getting assistance and building better lives. By encouraging others to show why they care, or how they care, we can improve life for all of us! Join with NAMI and other organizations in our area this month and care! Nicole Corey, President The National Alliance on Mental Illness, Columbia County, NY Valatie

Why Care? To the editor: About 46.6 million adults in the United States experience a mental health condition in a given year. May is Mental Heath Month. Serious mental illness affects about 1 in 25 adults. Forty-six percent of those who die by suicide have a diagnosed mental illness, and psychological autopsies suggest that up to 90 percent of those who die by suicide have an underlying mental illness. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US, but it is preventable.


n Mail: Letters to the editor


we should always keep a vigilant watch over the liberties we enjoy so that those rights are not taken away by tyrannical, power-hungry despots. But American evangelicals should have more important issues on their plates than worrying about a few misguided progressives who do not like Christian schools or offering tired diatribes against the sins of the Obama administration. One of those issues include the warm evangelical embrace of a president who continually lies to the American people, obstructs justice, separates immigrant children from their families, and draws a moral equivalence between self-proclaimed white supremacists and those who fight against this kind of racism. Perhaps evangelicals might spend less time playing the victim and more time addressing their failures to deal with systemic racism and or their failure to welcome strangers in the form of refugees and immigrants. Or maybe evangelicals should spend more time thinking about an approach to political life that is less about fear and more about hope in a coming kingdom defined by compassion, mercy and justice. A commencement address should be a celebration of the graduates. A commencement speaker must put down the self and offer words of encouragement and some wise advice about life after graduation. To his credit, Pence did some of this. But his words of exhortation were couched in a belief that progressives are lurking in the shadows, ready to undermine Christian America and persecute the faithful. I wonder what a Sri Lankan Easter worshiper or a Christian Syrian refugee would think about the way American evangelicals are describing “persecution” these days.


SEND LETTERS: The Daily Mail 1 Hudson City Center Hudson, NY 12534 n E-mail:

defending segregation in Christian academies, overturning Roe v. Wade and stalling the gains of the feminist movement. The movement gains strength by scaring evangelicals into believing that they are constantly under attack. Without this discourse of victimhood, the donations will stop, and the Christian Right will lose its hold on the levers of power within the Republican Party. At one point in Pence’s speech on Saturday, he gave a moving testimony about his conversion experience. It was a powerful story of redemption and faith. But in the context of Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Liberty University and the rest of the Pence speech, it seemed that the vice president was suggesting that an evangelical conversion will naturally lead to Christian Right politics and the unrelenting support of an immoral president. It does not. For Pence, who came of age spiritually and politically at the time of the Christian Right’s ascendancy, there is little difference between evangelical faith and a political agenda. He sees the world in black and white. It is “us vs. them” in an epic battle for the soul of the nation. And the Liberty University crowd, students and supporters of what Falwell Jr. claims to be the largest Christian university in the world, cheered. At one point the crowd even began a chant of “U.S.A., U.S.A., U.S.A.” It should also not surprise us that Pence wasted no time turning his commencement address into a rally for President Donald Trump. He praised the Trump economy, reminded the audience that “America stands with Israel,” talked about abortion, and attacked former president Barack Obama for his supposed threats to religious liberty. As the Founding Fathers of the United States taught us,

‘Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable.’ L. Frank Baum BUSINESS EXECUTIVES Peter Dedrick Circulation Manager - ext. 2411 Gregory Appel Advertising Director - ext. 2463 Tammi Ullrich HR/ Business Manager ext. 2402

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Joseph Chast Joseph Chast (22 June Central School, and as a 1925 – 11 May 2019) Born in school board member. As NYC, Joseph Chast lived in a member of the Coxsackie Coxsackie and Athens, NY Rotary Club, he served as for most of his 93 years. Joe Student Exchange Chairman. worked at many jobs includ- After retirement he was often ing switch tender on the RR, seen at gallery openings, and truck driver building electric on his front porch chatting lines, taxi driver, and auto- with the neighbors. Survived mobile salesman. A graduate by his wife Dorothy Anna Bernof the College of Life er Chast, his two sons Underwriters, he sold and one daughter, life insurance for many four grandsons, two years. He worked as great granddaugha rural letter carrier ters, two nephews, in Athens and Scotia. and their families. SerOn retirement he was vices will be private flagman for contract with a public memoutility work. Joe loved rial and Celebration people and was alof Life at a later date. ways willing to help. Chast In lieu of flowers, doHe served as a volunteer fireman in West Athens nations may be made to West Limestreet Fire Company for Athens Limestreet Fire Commore than 50 years, during pany or the Special Olympics. which time he had terms as Arrangements have been entreasurer, president and Fire trusted by the family to RichCommissioner. He was build- ards Funeral Home of the ing inspector in the Town of Mid-Hudson Valley Inc., AthAthens for a few years. Joe ens, NY. Condolences may be served a term as PTA presi- made at www.richardsfuneraldent at Coxsackie-Athens

Edward John Hendricks Edward John Hendricks, 56, Jennifer Thomas of Oak Island, a longtime Catskill resident, NC, Tanya Theaker of Caledied February 3, 2019. He was donia, Michigan and Amanda born in Catskill, a son of the Kazda of Post Falls, Idaho. late James E. and Vincenza Several aunts, uncles and “Winnie” Morrone cousins survive. Also Hendricks. A lifelong left to mourn are his Catskill resident, Eddie two guardians Katie was active in Program Rooney and Georgia at Ulster – Greene ARC Wells. Calling hours in Catskill from 1981 will be held on Fritill 2014. Eddie particiday from 2:00 – 4:00 pated in the NYS Speand 6:00 – 8:00 pm cial Olympics, was an at Millspaugh Camavid camper and wellerato Funeral Home, traveled. He enjoyed 139 Jefferson Hgts., Hendricks spending time at the Catskill. A Celebration Earlton Hill Campsite and en- of Life will be led by Sister Sue joyed his time in Lakeland, FL. Zemgulis, O.P. on Saturday at Brother of Arlene Hendricks 10:00 am at the funeral home. of Lakeland, FL and the late Interment will follow in Town of James J. Hendricks; uncle of Catskill Cemetery.

Ruth E. Podmijersky Ruth E. Podmijersky passed and Paul J. Podmijersky, her away May 12, 2019 surrounded brother in law Peter Novack, by her loving family. Born Au- adopted son Patrick M. Shangust 3, 1935 in Peterborough, non, along with eight nieces England, she is the daughter and six nephews. She is also of Francis and Grace survived by several (Treliving) Elsom. cousins in England Along with her mothas well as many dear er and brother, they friends. Visitation moved to Hudson, NY hours at the Bates in 1950, and Ruth be& Anderson-Redcame a United States mond & Keeler citizen June 29, 1956. Funeral Home will be On March 5, 1960, she Friday from 4-7pm. married her husband Paul G. Podmijersky. Podmijersky Funeral services at the funeral home will be They shared 53 years together until his passing in Saturday at 11:00, followed by 2013. Ruth leaves to cher- interment in St. Thomas Cemish her memory, her son and etery in Churchtown. Memorial daughter in law Paul M. and contributions are welcome to Amanda Podmijersky, grand- be sent to the Stuyvesant Falls children Lucas, Abby, Danielle, VFW #9593.

Joseph P. Glaser Joseph P. Glaser, Jr. of Earlton passed away on May 10, 2019.

Tim Conway, beloved TV bumbler, is dead at 85 Bruce Weber The New York Times News Service

Tim Conway, whose gallery of innocent goofballs, stammering bystanders, transparent connivers, oblivious knuckleheads and hapless bumblers populated television comedy and variety shows for more than half a century, died Tuesday in Los Angeles. He was 85. His death was confirmed by his publicist, Howard Bragman. With a sweetly cherubic face, a deceptively athletic physicality and an utter devotion to foolishness and slapstick, Conway was among Hollywood’s most enduringly popular clowns. The winner of six Emmy Awards and a member of the Television Academy Hall of Fame, he was a leading nonleading man, a vivid second banana whose deferential mien and skill as a collaborator made him most comfortable — and often funniest — in the shadow of a star. For Conway, those stars were, most notably, Ernest Borgnine, with whom he appeared on the popular early-1960s series “McHale’s Navy,” and Carol Burnett, on whose comedy-variety show Conway was regularly featured from 1967 to 1978. Conway’s career had a serendipitous beginning. After mustering out of the Army in the late 1950s, he was working for a television station in Cleveland, writing, directing and occasionally performing, creating characters for comedy spots on a show devoted to movies. Actress and comedian Rose Marie, best known for her later role as a comedy writer on “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” happened to be passing through Cleveland and watched Conway work; she arranged for him to audition for Steve Allen, who was impressed. Conway made several appearances in sketches he wrote for himself on Allen’s prime-time variety show. In an interview with the Archive of American Television in 2004, Conway recalled that when he was cast in “McHale’s Navy,” he was a novice actor. “I had no professional training at all,” he said. “I had a sense of humor and had been in front of a microphone, but as far as doing movies or series work or anything like that, I had no idea.” That show, broadcast from 1962 to 1966, concerned a PT boat crew in the South Pacific during World War II who, led by Lt. Cmdr. Quinton McHale (Borgnine), flouted Navy regulations at every turn and considered the war a chance to enjoy an island vacation. Conway played Ensign Charles Parker, an enthusiastic officer with a young career already blighted by mishap who is assigned by McHale’s superior officer and frustrated nemesis, Capt. Binghamton (Joe Flynn), to infiltrate McHale’s crew and report back on their transgressions. Parker’s twin qualities of incompetence and sweettemperedness end up making


Carol Burnett shares a laugh with Tim Conway during taping of her final show , March 19, 1978 after 11 years of music and comedy on CBS. “I think it’s classier to leave before you’re asked to leave, ” Miss Burnett said during a break in Friday’s taping. “I’m proud of our show. I’m no dummy. It’s time to put it to bed. ”

him more of an ally than an adversary, and the role allowed Conway to develop and deploy the arsenal of pratfalls, double takes, facial tics and other hyperbolic depictions of physical and emotional distress that served him for the rest of his career. In 1967, Conway was cast in the title role of a western comedy series, “Rango,” about a Texas Ranger who, assigned to a desolate ranger station, manages to attract trouble where there hadn’t been any. It was the first of several shows starring Conway that did not last long, among them two variety series, “The Tim Conway Comedy Hour” (1970) and “The Tim Conway Show” (198081). Conway was not unaware that as a headliner he wasn’t exactly money; he once had a vanity license plate reading “13 WKS.” Conway reached the height of his supporting fame on “The Carol Burnett Show” with characters like Mr. Tudball, an office martinet with an awful toupee, a vaguely Scandinavian accent and a flummoxing secretary (Burnett); and the Old Man, who moved so slowly that he couldn’t perform in any of the occupations (sheriff, butcher, fireman) he found himself in. His sketch work showed him to be a superb comic collaborator, especially with Burnett and Harvey Korman. He was also known for including ad-libs that forced his cast mates out of character into not entirely suppressed hysterics. He won four Primetime Emmys (including one for writing) for his work on the Burnett show, which is widely considered one of the enduring high points of television comedy, screwball division, in league with “Your Show of Shows,” “The Honeymooners” and “I Love Lucy.” Conway was born Dec. 15, 1933, in Willoughby, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, and grew up mostly in nearby

Chagrin Falls. His father, Daniel, was an Irish immigrant who worked as a groom, mostly for polo ponies. As a boy he dreamed of being a jockey. His mother, Sophia, was of Romanian descent, and the original given name on his birth certificate was Toma, which he has explained was a Romanian variation of Thomas; as he wrote in his 2013 memoir, “What’s So Funny? My Hilarious Life” (written with Jane Scovell), his birth certificate was later altered to read Thomas Daniel Conway. (Years later he changed his name so as not to be confused with British actor Tom Conway. “Steve Allen suggested I just dot the o,” he said.) Athletic as a student at Chagrin Falls High School, he excelled at tumbling — a skill he later deployed to great effect in his comedy — and went on to study speech and dramatics at Bowling Green State University, after which he went into the Army and, as he once put it, “defended Seattle from 1956 to 1958.” Conway’s film credits include two “McHale’s Navy” movies in the mid-1960s and a number of movies for children and families. He and Don Knotts played a pair of inept outlaws in the Disney films “The Apple Dumpling Gang” (1975) and its sequel, “The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again” (1979). The two teamed up again in “The Private Eyes” (1980), a Sherlock Holmes spoof that Conway also helped write. But far more of his work was done for television, where Conway was nothing if not prolific as a guest star in recent decades. He won Emmys for guest appearances in 1996 on “Coach,” in which he played the peculiar gardener of the title character, a college football coach played by Craig T. Nelson, and in 2008 on “30 Rock,” playing Bucky Bright, a wildly out-of-touch former television star. Younger viewers may know Conway best as Dorf, a

Four dead, 10 rescued, 2 missing after planes collide in Alaska Tim Elfrink and Alex Horton The Washington Post

Two sightseeing planes collided Monday afternoon off the coast of Alaska, leaving at least four people dead, the Coast Guard said. All 14 passengers on the two planes came from the cruise ship Royal Princess, which was on a seven-day trip from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Anchorage. “We are deeply saddened to report this news and our thoughts and prayers are with those who lost their lives and the families impacted by today’s accident,” Princess Cruises said in a statement. Initially, the company said five people had died. The two planes collided Monday at 1:08 p.m. local time, according to Princess Cruises, about eight nautical miles off Ketchikan, Alaska. The names of passengers killed have not been released; one was identified as a Canadian citizen.

Ten people were rescued, the Coast Guard said, and the search continued for two people still missing on Tuesday. One plane, a de Havilland Otter seaplane operated by Taquan Air, was carrying 10 guests from the cruise ship as well as a pilot, returning from a tour of the nearby Misty Fjords National Monument. The other aircraft, a de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver operated by an “independent tour,” according to the cruise line, carried four Royal Princess passengers and a pilot. The Beaver appeared to have crashed on a steep rocky shoreline, partially submerged upside down in seawater, volunteer rescuer Chris John told the Anchorage Daily News. U.S. Coast Guard planes and vessels scrambled a rescue mission after the crash, sending an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew and two 45-foot Response Boat-Medium crews from its

base in Ketchikan. The 10 rescued passengers were being treated at PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center, USA Today reported, and one of those patients was in critical condition. Coast Guardsmen were aided by volunteers in the search, said Capt. Stephen White, the commander of the Juneau sector. “In a remote area such as this, given our limited resources, we rely on our partner agencies and appreciate the support that good Samaritans have rendered to this point,” White said in a statement. The Coast Guard said it is “unaware” of why and how the planes collided. The National Transportation Safety Board has sent a team to Alaska to investigate the crash. In a statement, Taquan Air said it was “devastated” by the incident and suspended all scheduled flights as it cooperates with investigators, the

Daily News reported. Monday’s collision was the second crash involving Taquan in the area in the past year. In July, after a plane crashed into a mountainside, investigators concluded a pilot turned off a warning system that alerts to such collisions, the Daily News reported. All 11 people onboard survived, though some of them suffered serious injuries. A 2015 crash in the same area was eerily similar to Monday’s incident. A plane with cruise line passengers crashed into a mountain while returning from the Misty Fjords National Monument, killing all eight passengers and the pilot. Lax standards and flying despite poor weather led to the crash, investigators concluded, according to the Daily News. The plane was operated by Promech Air. It was bought by Taquan the next year.

diminutive character with a Mr. Tudball accent who appears in a series of short slapstick films he wrote; or as the voice of Barnacle Boy — the sidekick of Mermaid Man, who was voiced by his old co-star Borgnine — on the long-running animated show “SpongeBob SquarePants.” Conway’s first marriage, to Mary Anne Dalton, ended in divorce. They had six children, who survive him. Survivors also include his wife, Charlene (Fusco) Conway, whom he married in 1984, as well as grandchildren and great-grandchildren. In a foreword to Conway’s autobiography, Burnett called him “a kind and funny genius.” “His sketches with Harvey Korman deserve a spot in whatever cultural time capsule we’re setting aside for future generations,” she wrote. “Maybe there are other performers as funny, but in my opinion I can’t think of anybody funnier.”



A6 Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Wednesday, April 24, 2019 A3

Town of Catskill marker: Kykuit orfor Lookout Statehistory reviews permits jail CALENDAR

Wednesday, April 24

n Claverack Zoning Board of Ap-

peals 7:30 p.m. Town Court Building,

ByRoute David Dorpfeld, 217, Mellenville 518-672-7911 Greene County Historian n Clermont Zoning Board of ApForpeals Columbia-Greene Media Hall, 1795 Route 7:30 p.m. Town

9,AClermont 518-537-6868. couple weeks ago I ren Columbia Countyfrom BoardDebbie of Superceived an email visors Public Works Committee 6 p.m. Allen alerting me to a history 401 State St., Hudson. 518-828-1527 marker in the town of Catskill Columbia Economic Development on nEmbought Road. I was Corporation 8:30 a.m. 4303 Route 9, aware of the marker, but have Hudson. never viewed it. n Copake Hamlet Revitalization It is different than blue Task Force 7 p.m. Town Hall,the 230 Mounand New York state histain yellow View Road, Copake 518-329-1234 toricn markers all familKinderhook we Townare Historical Comiar with. It looks to be bronze mittee 7 p.m. Town Hall, 3211 Church and is affixed to a rock ledge St., Valatie not ntoo far off theBoard road.Workshop It was Philmont Village 7 p.m. Village Hall,by 124the MainOnteora St., Philmplaced there ont 518-672-7032 Chapter of the Daughters of Pine Plains Zoning Commission the nAmerican Revolution. It 5:15 p.m. Town Hall, 3284 Route 199, reads as follows: Pine Plains 518-398-7155 KYKUIT LOOKOUT n Red Hook OR Central School District “FROM THE TOP THIS Board of Education 7 p.m.OF District Office Conference Mill Road EleHILL SIGNALRoom, FIRES WERE mentary School, 9 Mill Road, RedREVHook LIGHTED DURING THE 845-758-2241WHEN KINGSTON OLUTION Red Hook Town p.m. WASn BURNED BYBoard THE7:30 BRITTown Hall, 7340 South Broadway, Red ISH (1777) AND TO WARN INHook 845-758-4606 HABITANTS OF THE TOWN n Taghkanic Comprehensive Plan WHEN INDIANS AND TORIES Committee 6:30 p.m. Town Hall, Route WERE “ 82, WestABROAD. Taghkanic 518-851-7638

Fortunately for Greene County the British never made Thursday,County April 25during it to Greene Chatham Village Board 7 but p.m. the nAmerican Revolution, Tracy Memorial 77 Chatham St., Tories were a Hall, constant threat. Chatham Why do518-392-5821 I say that? Because n Chatham Town Zoning for Board of despite strong support the Appeals 7 p.m. Town Hall, 488 Route colonial cause and no battles 295, Chatham 518-392-3262 fought here, there were many n Columbia Economic Development Loyalists or Tories who caused Corporation Governance and nominatmurder and ing committee mayhem. 8:30 a.m. 4303 Route 9, As we learned when we Hudson n Copake Zoning Board of Appeals 7 p.m. Town Hall, 230 Mountain View Road, Copake 518-329-1234 n Germantown Planning Board 7 p.m. Town Hall, 50 Palatine Park Road, Germantown 518-537-6687 n Hudson Community Development and Planning Agency noon One North Front St., Hudson n Kinderhook Village Planning Board 7:30 p.m. Village Hall, 6 Chatham CAIRO The Greene St., Kinderhook—518-758-9882 County Historical Society n Kinderhook Town Board 7 p.m. presents 43rd annual Tour Town Hall, its 3211 Church St., Martin H. ofGlynn Homes 10 a.m.-4 Municipal Building, p.m. Valatie June 1 innCairo. The tour features Kinderhook Town Zoning Board of historic throughout CaiAppeals 7sites p.m. Town Hall, 3211 Church roSt.,from late 1800s through Valatiethe 518-758-9882 the n early 1900s.Zoning Board of ApRhinebeck peals 7:30 p.m.the Townbeautiful Hall, 80 East MarExplore arket St., Rhinebeck 845-876-1922 chitecture along the main n Stockport Town Board Workshop streets and back roads from 7 p.m. Hall,Cairo. 2787 Atlantic Ave., Acra toTown South The town Hudson 518-828-9389 is located at the foot of the

was located on the slope be- ancestral homes or fled to studied American By Sarah Trafton history, Totween Round Top (not be con- Canada. As for the Tories with riesColumbia-Greene were people who did not Media fused with Little Round Top in European roots, it is estimated actively support the AmeriCOXSACKIE — Plans for the new Cairo) and High Peak. She says that about 15% fled to other can Revolution and remained Greene County Jail are under state it is believed Joseph Brant was parts of the British Empire. loyal to the British monarchy. review, a final hurdle before the project one of the instigators in con- I suppose the rest tried to get Tories were ground, also referred as can break countytoofficials say. structing the fort. Loyalists, Royalists and King’s along the best they could in The former Greene County Jail, at 80 Wiltse says the following uncomfortable circumstancMen. Today will justwas stick Bridge St., we in Catskill, closed in last about the fort’s use: “At the es. We know there was retriwith theafter words Tory or LoyalApril it was declared unsafe for staff Fort, food and supplies, as bution on the part of the vicinmates. The sometimes new facility, scheduled ist.and The patriots to be built on a 50-acre site off Route well as goods, were stored, and tors. In his book “The Greene referred to them as “persons 9W behind the liberties state Greene there the Tories planned their County Catskills: A History,” inimical to the of Correctional Facility, must firsthave be approved by forays to the Hudson Valley America.” Historians Field Horne writes: “The final the state that Department of Environmental below. In addition to prisoners estimated 15-20 percent impact of the Revolution on Conservation. The department posted its destined for Canada, tradition of findings the population atmonth the time the farmers of Greene was the earlier this on its website, says some young, unfortunate were Tories. victims marked for death by confiscation of the property of In “Iupstate New York and can comanticipate the construction those ‘indicted or convicted PHOTO COURTESY OF DEBBIE ALLEN torture were detained at the themence Hudson Valley Tories in late May the or early June,” Greene of adherence to the enemy, fort as well. Many and gory received support Countyconsiderable Administrator Shaun Bronze Grodenmarker on Embought Road in the Town of Catskill were the 19th-century legends authorized by a 1779 act to the designating the location of a lookout used during the American said,Native addingAmerican that he expects the DEC and from allies. told of the treatment received new state government … A list Department of Transportation permits These Native Americans were Revolution. at the fort. The tales increased by John T. Reilly of confiscated will be issued in May. part of the Iroquois Nation and Construction of the new jail is pronot native to Greene County. to the British. The British paid Route 23A, or as it was known in violence with each retelling estates includes only 12 Coxand three from jected to well-known take 18 months to twoa bounty years, for each suspected for years, the Rip Van Winkle as time went on; probably un- sackie names SARAH TRAFTON/COLUMBIA-GREENE MEDIA Their most leader Groden said. the Great Imbocht (Catskill), Greene County lawmakers discuss an amendment to remove a $1.3 million garage from the plans for the new jail at a recent fairly…” rebel delivered to them and Trail. was Joseph or Thayen“I don’tBrant, anticipate any site problems,” although there were meeting. jail are being reviewed by the state Department Environmental Conversation. If thecertainly permits Wiltse brings us of up-to-date in some cases werePermits willingfor to the new Recently I learned from danegea, who led he said. “The landMohawks is flatter thanaccept a pan- a scalp meet approval, construction of the jail could begin in May or June. more sympathizers.” when she says: “Today, the as proof that Hunter Town Historian Dede and Loyalists against the rebcake.” When all is said and done, supporter of the colonial Thorpe that folks from the Tory Fort site is very much els. After thethe war Because soilheisfled clay,tono ablasting historically significant during its State facility, Evans said. “It was determined thatmarker it was tell the an item of historical interest what does this been slain. mountain top have “The spoken of projects will be running last developable Canada. should be required, Groden said. cause had Historic Preservation Office review. two piece of property that holds its rightful in come us? Itonto demonstrates thatroll,” the The mountaintop in Greenetheasite place “Torythe Fort” There a couplefrom of re“It is are advantageous a construction “SHPO reviewed andcalled deter-thealong sameand timeline,” Evans saidplace could the village tax mountaintop lore. Over the American Revolution was County was very lightly settled that Tories and their Native standpoint,” he said. mined the project had potential to dis- of the jail. Groden said. “We did not want to take corded incidents in which Tomany the that notfinal just frontier a war tofrom throw our Environmentally, the site is before slightly theturb endNative of the American Revo- American allies usedThe as avillage hid- years archeological received bidshave backvisited in away theoffcomries and their Native American place andare some intrepidmunity.” hik- British oppressors as we permoreraided complicated. Deputy Public March point and once bids awarded, War and consisted ing Information place and stopping allies and kidnapped lutionary resources,” claimedtothat The they project involvessupapproximately Officer Danthat O’Keefe said. “Greene project will ers takehave 18 months twodigging The county considered ceivedalso them, but a civilbuilding war as of a vast wilderness was between westerntheNew York people believed 91.5 square feet of permanent impacts or scratching of the soil has County accepted SHPO’s recommenyears, Evans said. the jail near the 911 center or the menwell, pitting neighbor against ported the colonial cause in largely impregnable except and raids they conducted in to state wetlands; approximatelyfor 13,433 dations to avoid those areas of archeo“Our facility will be more robust and tal health building in Cairo, Groden yielded remnants of human neighbor and sometimes a few trails that the Native the valley below. Thorpe diGreene In one of these squareCounty. feet of permanent impacts to state logical sensitivity in terms of construc- bigger with more capacity,” said.ruins said, the configuration was not ThereEvans are few to but family members against famknew about. They rected me to the book “Pio-willbone. cases the Stropes, wetlands adjacenta husband areas; and Americans the use tion siting and activity.” The plant goseen fromexcept a capacity of right. be the tumbled ily members probablydistrito a these trails to come fromcomponent neer Days the Catskill and were slaughtered. of wife, approximately 21.2 acres ofused habitat Another critical ofinthe 800,000High gallonsstones to 1 million, said. of earth “We looked at the — Coxsackie and he heaps the west and conduct raids Peaks” by Leah Showers Wilgreater extent than we learned In occupied another, by often referred to the Short-eared Owl, an project involving Coxsackie increasing “The last update was more 20 bution center but we had the same issue which mark thethan walls.” on the rebel supporters in tse, which includes a bitago,” abouthe said. in school. as endangered the “the abduction of the species, and the Northern capacity at its wastewater treatment years The plant was built as the Save A Lot site,” Groden said. After the war the Native Harrier,three a threatened the valley.plant. One of these trails this infamous spot in the in 1972. “That could be a developable, taxpayAbeels,” or four species, people according supported to DEC’s findings. have been in a moratorium The increasedAmericans capacity willwho eliminate ing property the future.” ReachinDavid Dorpfeld at gchistoKaaterskill Clove Catskills. since were kidnapped and carried follows the “We the Tories returned to their county had to come withis awhat 2005,” Village Mayor Evans said. the need By using the former state land, the off toThe Canada to be turned over upand we know today as Mark According to Wiltse the for fortoverflows, Evans said. mitigation plan to minimize the impact The moratorium prevented the vil“Now there will never be raw sewage county was not hurting any commuon the two species, Groden said. lage from adding any major connec- going into the river,” he said. nity’s tax base, Groden said. “We were given 50 acres from the tions to its sewer plant. The village is also looking to expand “Plus the site is home to two state state,” Groden said. “Of that, we are In May, the village received a $14.4 its water storage capacity with an $8 prisons,” he said, adding that residents disturbing 19 to 20 acres. The rest of million loan from the Environmental million grant, Evans said. would have less of a NIMBY reaction. the acreage is dedicated to be forever Facilities Corporation to upgrade the The project will include the installaA location along Route 9W is conwild in a land management agreement.” plant, Evans said. Greene and Cox- tion of a 2 million gallon capacity tank venient for transportation purposes, The fields will be periodically sackie correctional facilities will foot in summer 2020. Groden added. trimmed so the predatory birds can 60% of the bill for their usage, Evans The county had considered several Public comments regarding the DEC continue to hunt, Groden said. said, and the village has secured a $2.5 alternative sites for a new jail, Groden permits will be accepted until May 3. To should take part this year’s COXSACKIE — The annual Sarah’s hula hooping. some of said. Comments be in addressed to “We exceeded what they [DEC] typi- million state grant to recover Children’s activities inCoxsackie Earth Day Celebraevent, contact Jeffrey at 518-4 One possibility was an unfinished Patrick Connally, NYSDEC Region cally ask for,” Groden said, alluding to the cost. tion will take 10 a.m.-3 clude painting, catch 478-5414 The county will be responsible for place subdivision behind Saveface A Lot in Cox- a Headquarters, 1130 or N. jhaasrph@aol. Westcott Road, the mitigation plan. p.m. May 18 at Coxsackie Rivand release fishing contest, Schenectady, 12306. are asked to The site was also determined to be the cost of putting in lines to the new sackie. com.NY Vendors erside Park on the shores of chalk drawing and making donate $25 for covering exhomemade birdfeeders from penses related to the event. the Hudson River. Invited guests include lo- pine cones and peanut but- Like and share our face book cal farmers, solar businesses, ter. Environmental books for page Coxsackie Earth Day. state Department of Environ- children will also be available. Environmental documenmental Conservation, Carey Greene County Cornell Cotaries are shown monthly at Institute, Catskill Moun- operative Extension Master the Village of Coxsackie Oftain Keeper and Columbia- Gardeners will be on hand to fice Complex Building. These Greene Community College answer gardening questions. Food vendors offering are free and open to all ages. Conservation Club. Additioninformation on dates meals will for also be More ally we have invited Hudson vegetarianexperiences HUDSON — Rosanne Cash will perform a benefit people of all ages to access the Hudson and times can be found on part of this year’s celebration. Riverkeeper, plant sale with concert for the Hudson River Historic Boat RestoraRiver and to witness the beauty of the river’s shores the Coxsackie Earth Day face also the be live enter-of Eleanor’s local nurseries, yoga and There willfrom tion & Sailing Society May 4 at Club Helsinki Hudson, intimacy cockpit, and to learn book page. zumba instructors along with tainment. 405 Columbia St., Hudson. how to sail.

Coxsackie Annual Earth Day 43rd annual Tour of Homes on June 1 in Cairo celebration held May 18

Benefit concert to be held for the Hudson River Historic Boat Restoration & Sailing Society

Catskills with breathtaking views and a history rich in agFriday, April 26 riculture, industry tourn Hudson Historic and Preservation ism. Commission 10 a.m. City Hall, 520 WarThe grass roots Hudson River Historic Boat RestoraAs the last surviving example of a class of boats Tickets can be purchased ren St., Hudson 518-828-1030 tion & Sailing Society is very excited to host the eveknown as ‘raceabouts’ that were designed for speed, the day of the tour for $30 at ning by casting off at 7:30 p.m. with a program of HudEleanor represents a unique chapter in the evolution tour headquarters located at son River Sailing Lore and Tales of the Sea followed at of sailing. The not-for-profit Hudson River Historic CONTRIBUTED PHOTO the Sacred Heart Church, 36 9 p.m. by the evening’s main event, Rosanne Cash acBoat Restoration & Sailing Society, established in 2011 beautiful home in Cairo will be one of the homes featured on Church St., Cairo. To reserve This hemlocks, the damage HWA TANNERSVILLE — Hem- tree species throughout New sailors, companied by husband/co-writer/producer and arwelcomes, historians, musicians, adventurers, 43rd Annual Tour of Homes. advance sale tickets for $25, GCHS’s lock Woolly Adelgid Primer: York and at the Arboretum. is causing in our forests, ranger John Leventhal on guitar. and woodworkers to join in the celebration of theand resend a check payable to GCHS What’s Happening with Hemlocksturn are of a her foundation theand management andand comgraceful lines seaworthiness the Proceeds from the ticket sales and considerations group, MeadowSuite, will perProceeds from the sale to: Greene County HistoriHemlocks in New York? with species that create uniquemake munity science efforts being for gifttickets baskets support and sponsor willmusic go to help people who helped that happen. form fromsupvarious histour the gifts cal Society, P.O. Box 44, Cox- of port Caroline Marschner (New habitats andTickets provide several the final stages of historic sailboat Eleanor’s resfor the event to support arespread availemployed toEleanor slow the County Historical torical time periods. Tickets Find us on sackie, NY 12051. Advance Greene York State Hemlock Initia- ecosystemable services, includtoration and her first splash back in the Hudson River by calling Club Helsinki Hudson directly at 518of HWA in New York. We will the Bronck Museum, for this event are $10. sale tickets will not be mailed Society, tive) co-sponsored with ing protecting cleanorwater re- tofinish since 2001. Eleanor, now owned by the Hudson River 828-4800 by going The Club page on helsinkihudthe event by taking a Facebook! For information on the the Vedder Research Libut will be distributed the day and New York State Schoharie Watershed Month sources. The Historic Boat Restoration & Sailing Society, was built Drinks and food are not included in the $135 short hike to the Arboretum’s CONTRIBUTED PHOTO 43rd Annual Tour of Homes, the tour. Reservations must brary. integrates 10 a.m.-noon May 18 at the Hemlock Initiative in 1903 in City Island, New York. One-hundred-andbenefit ticket price. Information hemlock about standthe tosociety scout and for 518- Cash. New this year, the Greene call Donna Poulin atRosanne be HudsonRegisterstar received by May 31. research, management, Mountain Top Arboretum sixteen-years-old, but newly outfitted and restored the complete restoration story is available by visiting woolly adelgid. This program 821-0894 or Carol Serazio at County Historical Society Bagged lunches will be and outreach to address the 4 Maude classroom, Center, providing guided hands-on the website by an all volunteer member crew, she will serve as a waterborne Education available for as long as they invites visitors to the Bronck 518-731-9050 or visit www. Adams Road, Tannersville. growing threat of HWA in the will take place indoors and last at the Sacred Heart Museum at 3 p.m. June 2 for For additional The hemlock woolly adelgid state. NYSHI Education and outdoors. Dress appropriateLet Annex Us Make Life EZ-er... concert in support information on the Bronck Church and will Your be a special (HWA) is an invasive forest Outreach Technician Caro- ly for the weather. Admission offered for sale by the Cairo of the Meadow Ridge Heri- Museum events, contactTHEpest line Marschner will share the is free. For information, call that threatens PUBLIC NEEDS native THE TRUTH; #SupportRealNews tage Barn. The instrumental them at 518-731-6490. Little League. eastern hemlock, a common importance of conserving 518-589-3903.

What’s happening with Hemlocks in New York

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Domestic Medium Hair Domestic Short Haired 7 Years Old 5 Years Old Female – Spayed Male - Neutered Peridot wandered into a Desc. Sweet, curious, rescue from warehouse as a stray, but she the ACC’s euthanasia list. is very sweet and very friendly. Shelter AnimalKind Shelter Animal Kind

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Senior Living

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 A7


Senior Briefs We want to hear from you. To send information to be included in Senior Briefs, email to; mail to The Daily Mail, Atten: Senior Briefs, One Hudson City Centre, Suite 202, Hudson, NY 12534; fax to 518-828-3870. For information and questions, please call 518-828-1616 ext. 2490. We would like to have information at least two weeks in advance.

ATHENS SENIOR CITIZENS ATHENS — The Athens Senior Citizens meet at 1:15 p.m. the second and fourth Monday of the month at the Rivertown Senior Center, 39 Second St., Athens.

CAIRO GOLDEN AGERS CAIRO — The Cairo Golden Agers meet at 1:30 p.m. the second and fourth Wednesday of the month at the Acra Community Center, Route 23, Acra.

CATSKILL SILVER LININGS SENIORS CATSKILL — The Catskill Silver Linings Seniors meet at 1 p.m. the second Thursday of the month at the Robert C. Antonelli Center, 15 Academy St., Catskill. Newly elected officers

are Sheila Pedersen, president; Joan Young, vice president; Renate White, treasurer; Patricia Cardinale, secretary. Georgie Ramsey will continue serving as travel coordinator. New members are welcome. Dues are $5.

COXSACKIE AREA SENIORS COXSACKIE — The Coxsackie Area Seniors meet at 1:30 p.m. the second and fourth Wednesday of the month in Van Heest Hall, Bethany Village, 800 Bethany Village, West Coxsackie.

SENIOR CITIZENS OF COXSACKIE COXSACKIE — The Senior Citizens of Coxsackie meet at 1:30 p.m. the first and third Monday of the month at the Coxsackie Senior Center, 127 Mansion St., Coxsackie.

GREENVILLE GOLDEN AGERS GREENVILLE — The Greenville Golden Agers meet at 1:30 p.m. the first Wednesday of the month at the American Legion Hall, 54 Maple Ave., Greenville.


meet at 1:30 p.m. the fourth Thursday of the month at Tannersville Village Hall, 1 Park Lane, Tannersville.

WAJPL GOLDEN AGERS HENSONVILLE — The WAJPL Golden Agers meet at 1:30 p.m. the first and third Monday of the month at Hensonville Town Building, 371 Route 296, Hensonville.

MOVING FOR BETTER BALANCE ACRA — Moving for Better Balance will be held 10-11 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays June 4 through Aug. 27 at the Acra Community Center, Senior Nutrition Site, Old Route 23B, Acra. Class size is limited. Preregistration is required and can be made by calling Toni Carroll, wellness coordinator at 518-731-7429.

SUPPORT GROUPS COXSACKIE — A grief support group will start meeting at 6 p.m. the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at the Bethany Village in Coxsackie. While the loss of a loved one is a common source of grief other reasons include the loss of a job, the death of a beloved pet, experiencing a major health

challenge such as cancer and the ending of a relationship. Grief is a very personal and individual emotion. Support groups provide many benefits to those who are grieving. Those who are experiencing grief early on can connect with others in the group who have successfully managed their grief and are further along on their road to feeling happy once again. More information can be found at the face book page at Coxsackie Grief Support Group and also by contacting Jeffrey Haas at 518478-5414 or jhaasrph@aol. com. CATSKILL — The Alzheimer’s Association holds support group meetings at 3 p.m. the first Wednesday of the month at The Pines, Jefferson Heights, Catskill. COXSACKIE — The Alzheimer’s Association holds support group meetings at 6 p.m. the third Thursday of the month at Heermance Memorial Library, 1 Ely St., Coxsackie. CATSKILL — The Pines at

Catskill and Columbia Memorial Health will host a Stroke Survivor and Caregiver monthly support group at 3 p.m. the second Wednesday of the month at The Pines at Catskill Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation, 154 Jefferson Heights, Catskill. For information, call 518-943-5151.

SHOPPING BUS CATSKILL — The Greene County Department of Human Services offers a shopping bus to Greene County residents 60 and older, living in the towns of Ashland, Athens, Cairo, Catskill, Coxsackie, Greenville, Hunter, Jewett, Prattsville and Windham. Seniors are picked up at their door, driven to Catskill for shopping and then have lunch at a local senior center before returning home. Special trips are scheduled periodically. Monday: Mountain Top/ Catskill (Windham, Ashland, Prattsville, Jewett and Hunter). Tuesday: Cairo/Greenville/ Catskill. Wednesday: Athens/Coxsackie. The Shopping Bus does not

run on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Election Day (November), Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The trip to Colonie Center will be Dec. 20. The following is the 2019 trips to Colonie Center. Trips are the third Thursday of the month. The cost is $10. Payment is due at time of departure/boarding. May 16, June 20, July 18, Aug. 15, Sept. 19, Oct. 17, Nov. 21, Dec. 19. Reservations must be made no later than 3 p.m. of the Wednesday before the trip. In addition, during snow or ice storms, it may be necessary for us to close our senior service centers because of hazardous driving conditions. When we close the centers, we also cancel our transportation services for the day, which includes the Shopping Bus. Advance notice/reservation required for all shopping bus transportation. For information or to reserve a seat, call Janet at 518-719-3559.

Senior Menu CATSKILL — The following is the weekly nutrition menu offered by the Greene County Department of Human Services’ Senior Nutrition Program. Served daily with each meal are bread or alternative with Promise Spread; low fat milk, coffee or tea. All persons 60 and older and their spouses are invited. The suggested donation for each meal is $4. The menu will be the meal that is delivered to all Greene County homebound meal clients. Those wishing to receive lunch at a center are asked to call the respective location at least a day in advance. Rivertown Senior Center, 39 Second St., Athens; 518-9452700. Acra Community Center, Old Route 23B, Cairo; 518-6229898. Jewett Municipal Building, Route 23C, Jewett; 518-2634392. Washington Irving

Senior Center, 15 Academy St., Catskill; 518-943-1343. Town of Coxsackie Senior Center, Mansion Street, Coxsackie; 518-731-8901.

MAY 15 THROUGH MAY 22 WEDNESDAY: Lemon baked fish, au gratin potatoes, carrots, chocolate chip cookie. THURSDAY: Beef pot roast with gravy, green beans, cole slaw, mashed potatoes, vanilla pudding with fresh berries. FRIDAY: Greene County Senior Citizens Day. MONDAY: Quiche Lorraine, hashbrowns, California mixed vegetables, peaches. TUESDAY: Linguini with red clam sauce, spinach, mandarin oranges. WEDNESDAY: Beef pot pie, wax beans, mashed potatoes, vanilla pudding with strawberries.

MAY 22 THROUGH MAY 29 WEDNESDAY: Beef pot pie, wax beans, mashed potatoes, vanilla pudding with

strawberries. THURSDAY: Chicken Divan, brown rice, fresh salad, broccoli, hummingbird cake. FRIDAY: Pork chops with mushroom gravy, braised cabbage, sweet potatoes, fresh pineapple. MONDAY: Closed. TUESDAY: Macaroni and cheese, broccoli, stewed tomatoes, pears. WEDNESDAY: Chicken and biscuits, mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, birthday cake.

MAY 29 THROUGH JUNE 5 WEDNESDAY: Chicken and biscuits, mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, birthday cake. THURSDAY: Cook’s choice, cauliflower, chocolate pudding. FRIDAY: Chef’s salad, fresh fruit. MONDAY: Pork Lo Mein, Oriental vegetables, pineapple chunks.

TUESDAY: Turkey and cheese salad plate, beet salad, potato salad, rice pudding. WEDNESDAY: Baked fish with dill sauce, broccoli, cheesecake swirl brownie.

JUNE 5 THROUGH JUNE 12 WEDNESDAY: Baked fish with dill sauce, broccoli, cheesecake swirl brownie. THURSDAY: Meatloaf, gravy, mashed potatoes, spinach puff, fruit cocktail. FRIDAY: Baked chicken, gravy, fresh salad, brussels sprouts, sweet potato, fresh fruit. MONDAY: Beef chow mein, brown rice, broccoli, mandarin oranges. TUESDAY: Pork chop, gravy, red cabbage, applesauce, mashed potatoes, vanilla mousse. WEDNESDAY: Tuna salad plate, three bean salad, potato salad, carrot sticks, pears.


plate, three bean salad, potato salad, carrot sticks, pears. THURSDAY: Hungarian goulash, egg noodles, fresh salad, honey balsamic brussels sprouts, orange creamsicle poke cake. FRIDAY: Sweet and sour chicken, red roasted potatoes, California mixed vegetables, fresh fruit. MONDAY: Veal parmesan with rotini, California mixed vegetables, peaches. TUESDAY: Sloppy joes, brown rice, wax beans, butterscotch pudding. WEDNESDAY: Roast pork, gravy, applesauce, mashed potatoes, butternut squash, birthday cake.

JUNE 19 THROUGH JUNE 26 WEDNESDAY: Roast pork, gravy, applesauce, mashed potatoes, butternut squash, birthday cake. THURSDAY: Chicken salad plate, macaroni salad, tomatoe and cucumber salad, fruit

cocktail. FRIDAY: Battered fish, green beans, roasted potatoes, fresh salad, strawberry shortcake. MONDAY: Lemon chicken, parsley potatoes, spinach, peaches. TUESDAY: Baked fish with herbs, oven roasted potatoes, California mixed vegetables, peanut butter cookie. WEDNESDAY: Roast turkey with gravy, asparagus, mashed potatoes, stuffing, chocolate pudding.

JUNE 26 THROUGH JUNE 28 WEDNESDAY: Roast turkey with gravy, asparagus, mashed potatoes, stuffing, chocolate pudding. THURSDAY: Roasted chicken sandwich, roasted red pepper slice, potato salad, spinach salad, pears. FRIDAY: Pulled pork, cole slaw, wax beans, collard greens, fresh fruit.

Ninth annual Senior Citizen Day at the Historic Catskill Point CATSKILL — May has been designated nationally as Older Americans Month to honor the achievements, value and contributions of older residents. The Greene County Department of Human Services announces they will be sponsoring their ninth annual Senior Citizen Day at the Freightmasters Building at the Historic Catskill Point (Main Street, Catskill) to recognize our county’s seniors. The date has been set for May 17. Doors will open at noon and festivities will end at 4 p.m. Senior Citizen Day is devoted to the many senior citizens

of the county and their accomplishments. Representatives from the Department of Human Services will be on hand with information on services that are available through the department for those over the age 60, and local organizations and businesses will be in attendance with informational displays of services pertinent for older citizens as well. A special part of the day will be the recognition of the 2019 Senior Citizen of the Year, Robert Hoagland of Tannersville, and Outstanding Contribution by a Senior Citizen winner, Peggy Snyder of Athens, and fellow award

nominees. The main function of the day, however, is to have fun. The theme this year is “A Salute to the USA and Military.” A boxed lunch will be served. If you wish to attend and receive a complimentary boxed lunch, you must RSVP. You can do so by signing up at your area senior nutrition site or by calling the main office at 518719-3555. Need transportation so you can attend? Just let us know when you make your reservation. Any further questions regarding the day can be directed to the department at 518-719-3555.

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Columbia-Greene Media • The DAILY Mail

A8 Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Buckling From A1

Albany this week. “I was talking with someone earlier who said they had no idea this wasn’t the law, and I think that’s part of it. It’s about educating people about the dangers of riding in the back seat and that you are not immune to injury if you are riding in the back seat.” Carlucci said there are about 37,000 fatalities from vehicle accidents each year, and wearing a seat belt, anywhere in the vehicle, reduces the chances of being killed. People not wearing seat belts are eight times more likely to be injured or killed, he added. “By requiring it by law, we are sending a message saying not only is this the right thing to do, it’s a legal obligation to do this as well,” Carlucci said.

Jail From A1

were awarded in March in seven packages: off-site utility work by Bellamy Construction Co. of Scotia in the amount of $1,338,970; facility site work by James H. Maloy of Loudonville in the amount of $4,317,000; general construction work by Jersen Construction Group of Waterford in the amount of $21,089,000; food service equipment installation by David J. Hummel Enterprise of Gansevoort in the amount of $351,000; plumbing and fire protection by Ashley Mechanical Inc. of Kingston in the amount of $3,576,240; heating, ventilation and air conditioning by John W. Danforth Company of Halfmoon in the amount of $4,161,000; and electrical and security electronics by Nfrastructure Technologies of Clifton Park in the amount of $4,333,184. Legal repercussions are possible if the motion carries and the bids are rescinded,

Greene County Sheriff Greg Seeley said he supports the legislation because it is a matter of saving lives. “I really don’t want to burden anyone with more laws, but if it’s a safety issue like this, then I’m all for it,” Seeley said. Seat belt use might have made a difference in the limousine crash in Schoharie on Oct. 6, 2018, that left 20 people dead, Seeley said. “If they had seat belts on, maybe they wouldn’t have died,” he said. Grant Shelby of Catskill said he makes sure everyone in the back seat is belted in anyway. “If you get into my car, you are going to wear a seat belt,” Shelby said. Patricia Clancy of the Medical Society of the State of New York attended the press conference and said her organization strongly supports the legislation.

“The data shows that unbuckled rear-seat passengers have more deaths or more injuries by being unrestrained,” Clancy said. “From our perspective, we would like all

Kaplan said Tuesday. Greene County Administrator Shaun Groden asked if there would be an issue adding the resolution to Wednesday’s agenda. “Everything has to come through the committee system to get on the agenda for Wednesday,” he said. Gardner did not see a problem. “It came up tonight and we are held to the reasonable notice requirement,” Gardner said. Throughout the meeting, Bulich asked several department heads including Economic Development and Tourism Director Warren Hart and Highway Superintendent Robert Van Valkenburg if services they provide cause money to leave the county. The department heads confirmed their services require some funds to leave the county. “I was asking questions raised by people within the county,” Bulich said. “My colleagues are being told by their constituents that they want to see our money staying in the county and being

used for the construction of a jail to fund employees in Greene County. My whole point was Greene County money is leaving every day in different departments.” Interest in halting the project was spurred by recent state reforms. Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a series of bills into law with the 2020 state budget April 1, which will go into effect in January. Included is a law eliminating bail for misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies. Police must issue appearance tickets to individuals charged with misdemeanors and class E felonies rather than make custodial arrests. The reforms are expected to keep about 90% of people out of jail prior to their court date. On average, two-thirds of the incarcerated population are being detained as they await their day in court, according to As of April 19, the county boarded out 31 inmates to jails in Albany and Columbia counties, according to a jail intake report. Of the 31 inmates, 17 are

The New York Times News Service

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea on Tuesday demanded the release of a ship impounded by the United States for evading international sanctions, calling the seizure a “flagrant act of robbery” that violated the spirit of the agreement reached last year between the North’s leader, Kim Jong Un, and President Donald Trump. U.S. prosecutors say the North Korean ship, the Wise Honest, was used to export coal and import heavy machinery in violation of sanctions imposed on the North over its nuclear arms program. The ship was detained in Indonesian waters by authorities there in April 2018, and its seizure by the United States was announced last week. The ship has since been taken to American Samoa. “The United States’ action is an extension of its calculation aimed at subjugating us through the so-called maximum pressure and flatly denies the spirit of the June 12 Joint North Korea-U.S. Declaration where both sides agreed to build new relations,” the North Korean Foreign Ministry said in a statement, referring to the broad agreement reached between Trump and Kim at their first meeting, in Singapore. “The United States must mull over what repercussions its gangster-like act will entail,

and must return our vessel without delay,” the ministry said. The seizure of the Wise Honest was the first time the United States had impounded a North Korean cargo vessel for alleged international sanctions violations. The United States announced it soon after North Korea fired off two short-range missiles, its second such launch in five days. Analysts said the North’s resumption of short-range missile tests was aimed at pressuring Washington to ease its stance on sanctions relief, after the collapse in February of the second summit between Trump and Kim. Those talks, in Vietnam, ended early after Trump rejected Kim’s offer to dismantle one of its nuclear facilities in exchange for lifting the most painful sanctions. Trump insisted on a full dismantlement of its nuclear program. North Korea is desperate to lift a series of U.N. Security Council sanctions imposed in 2016 and 2017. Unlike previous sanctions that targeted the North’s ruling elite, these penalties sought to strangle North Korea’s economy by banning all the country’s key exports, including coal, iron ore, textiles, fisheries and cheap workers. They also sought to drastically curtail North Korea’s ability to import fuel. Kim has said he would abandon diplomatic engagement with the United States

it also helps protect everyone in the car, he said. “You can’t argue with science and statistics,” Mento said. “It’s a well-known fact that anything in the back seat becomes a projectile. Depending on your weight and the velocity of the car, in an accident you can become a dangerous projectile. This is good legislation and in the end it will provide a margin of safety for everyone.” Mento said he recently had a close call on the road, and even though he wasn’t driving fast and there was no passenger in the back seat, he saw the importance of seat-belt usage. “Just the other day I avoided hitting a deer and everything in the back seat ended up in the front seat,” Mento said. “If I had people in the back seat, it would have been really scary.”

charged with felonies and 14 face misdemeanors. The report is on par with the Vera Institute of Justice’s prediction that inmate populations will decrease by 50% with the new reforms, former legislator Lori Torgersen said. The county is responding to the reforms by reducing the 80-bed jail to 48 beds, Groden said Tuesday. “It will be split between genders with 32 male and 16 female,” he said. The state Commission of Corrections has received notice of the change and, once approved, the Legislature will vote on it as a change order, Groden said. The change will not delay construction because the bids have already been awarded, he said. Torgersen said she believes regional jails are inevitable as lockups across the state are left half-empty but remain staffed to maximum capacity, in accordance with state law. A 1991 interpretation by the state Attorney General’s Office indicates regional jails

are permissible through municipal cooperation agreements. Bulich, Torgersen and former legislators Aidan O’Connor Jr. of Durham and Kevin Lennon of Catskill sought a similar interpretation from the governor in December. State Commission of Corrections Chairman Allen Riley replied to Bulich in a letter dated March 6. “The Commission has emphasized that whether to construct a new facility or whether to seek legislative authority to share services with another county was a local decision to be made by Greene County,” Riley wrote. The county explored this option, Groden said. “The law has to be changed at the state level and we were told it would never go through,” he said. Bulich agreed that the majority of the Legislature shared this viewpoint but the recent reforms have changed everything. “We were thinking maybe they would [change the law] if they were willing to do bail

reform,” Bulich said. Bulich said he believes his colleagues are aware of the substantial financial investment the jail will be for a small number of inmates. “But they are not convinced the state will change the law,” Bulich said. Jail critics have been working unsuccessfully to get confirmation from the state that the matter has legislative support, Bulich said. Legislator Jack Keller, RCatskill, said he will support Bulich’s resolution Wednesday night. “It’s a changing universe,” Keller said. “Incarceration rates are dropping and will continue to drop. We should invest in looking at this one more time before making this enormous economic expenditure.” In addition to the state reforms, Keller’s perspective is influenced by his constituents, he said. “I think they deserve we look into it one more time,” Keller said.


Rear-seat passengers, both adults and children, would be required to wear a seat belt under a proposed law that could be voted on by state lawmakers this week.

North Korea demands return of cargo ship seized by U.S. Choe Sang-Hun

New Yorkers to buckle up. It does save lives.” The AAA is also urging passage of the law and appeared at the press conference this week.

Each year about 33,000 people are killed in motor vehicle crashes, and seat belts are “the single most effective means of reducing the risk of death in a crash and have saved nearly 300,000 lives since 1975 in the U.S. alone,” according to the organization’s website. State Sen. Daphne Jordan, R-43, supports the legislation. “Buckling up is common sense and seat belts have been proven to save lives,” Jordan said. “A report from AAA found that, over the course of 20 years, 886 rear-seat passengers who were unbuckled died in traffic accidents in New York state. This legislation will help prevent such tragedies and should become law.” Coxsackie Police Chief Sam Mento said seat belts are an important safety precaution and that is something emergency responders see firsthand. By requiring rear-seat passengers to wear seat belts,

and find a “new way” of protecting his country’s national interests unless the United States changed course. He gave Trump until the end of the year to offer a new proposal for ending the nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula. But the seizing of the Wise Honest indicated that the United States was redoubling its efforts to enforce the sanctions, particularly by cracking down on illegal ship-to-ship transfers of fuel and coal. Analysts said the North’s recent short-range missile launches were meant to warn the United States that it would return to bolder missile tests unless the United States compromised on sanctions. They said the impounding of the Wise Honest provided North Korea with an excuse to escalate tensions that were already on the rise. If North Korea resumes intermediate- and long-range ballistic missile tests, it will undermine Trump’s biggest diplomatic achievement in dealing with North Korea so far. The North has not launched a long-range missile since late 2017, something that Trump has repeatedly cited as proof that his diplomacy was working. In their broadly worded Singapore agreement, Trump and Kim promised to build a “new” relationship between the two nations and work toward the “complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”


this rejected.” ment, the Clermont Fire StaDavis changed his vote tion and the Catskill location from being against the bid to of Capital Region Off-Track From A1 for it. Betting, according to the Bottini was charged with settlement released by the atcould result in costly legal second-degree falsifying torney general’s office. business records, for the offees. Groden wanted to know “You should all feel free to fense, which took place be- how the fuel bid dilemma vote with your conscience,” tween 2004 and 2016 and af- would be resolved. fected 131 customers. Kaplan said. “We had a passage in one “Bottini Fuel orchestrated Overbaugh, who had origicommittee and a failure in nally made the motion to a brazen scheme to defraud another and I still need fuel,” support the resolution in Fi- its customers for the benefit he said. nance, withdrew her motion of the company and its ownTo award the bid to the ers,” according to the state Atand changed her vote. second bidder, Main torney General’s Office. “This Magazine of Care, thelowest “We are not condoningOfficial resolution would what the owners did,” Gard- conduct was long-standing have to come up again in ner said. “I’m sure there are and harmed individual, busiPublic Works, Gardner said. Bottini employees in Greene ness and government cusThe legislature will hold County that are mortified by tomers.” The Best of Columbia County is a Reader’s Choice Contest, special Public Works and FiLocal government agenwhat the company did and nance Committee meetings town June have to take a lotvoting of grief forAprilcies begins 1, affected 2019 andinclude continuingthethrough 6, 2019. what the owners did. I don’t and village of Hunter, Jewett, Wednesday night before the think they deserve to have the East Jewett Fire Depart- full board meeting.

Best of Columbia County


Find out who made it to the finals, Publication Date: June 28, 2019 then vote forFriday, your favorite! Deadline: Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Best of Columbia County allows county residents to make their voices heard in deciding the best of the best in a broad field of over 75 categories--including best bar, best burger, best plumber and best florist. Round One of voting (April 1 through April 30) will be a nomination period, the top three of each category will move on to Round Two. Round Two of voting (May 6 through June 6) will consist of the top three in each category from Round One.

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He’s been there


Peyton Manning understands hardships Tiger Woods overcame in comeback.Sports, B2

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 B1

Tim Martin, Sports Editor: 1-800-400-4496 /

Brandon da Costa’s star on the rise Columbia-Greene Media

VALATIE — Brandon da Costa from Valatie has been playing soccer since the day he started walking. Brandon’s father, a Brazilian immigrant came to this country to attend Columbia Greene Community College and later Mercy College. Gustavo da Costa, not only brought his euphoric style of soccer to this country, but also instilled it in his son. Brandon is hoping to emulate his father’s footsteps and play professionally as his father did for the local indoor Albany Shockers team. At an early age, Brandon started playing on a recreational level in Kinderhook and quickly moved into the Crane Soccer Club. After a few short years of playing there under the watchful eye of his father, Brandon moved to the Albany Alleycats Soccer Academy where he has been for the last 4 years under the tutelage of Alleycats Youth Director, Juan Carlos, who was immediately impressed with Brandon’s skill level.


Brandon da Costa of Valatie.

“In my 27 years of working with youth soccer players, I have had the opportunity to know some outstanding players, Carlos said. “Brandon

stands out to me as one of the sharpest, most talented, committed, hardworking and reliable soccer player, which I have had the honor to know.”

Juan Carlos, together with Coach Eric Larkin, continue to monitor Brandon’s success See STAR B3


Brandon da Costa of Valatie has been chosen by the prestigious National Center of Excellence Academy to attend, train and compete for 11 days against some of Europe’s finest youth soccer programs.

With frantic stretch looming, Mets try to regroup Kevin Armstrong The New York Times News Service


New York Yankees catcher Austin Romine (28) talks with starting pitcher Jonathan Loaisiga (38) on the mound during a recent game against the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park.

Yankees get Hicks back, lose Loaisiga, Andujar James Wagner The New York Times News Service

NEW YORK — When it comes to injuries this season, every step forward for the New York Yankees seems to be accompanied by two backward. Before Monday’s scheduled game against the Baltimore Orioles was postponed because of rain, the Yankees welcomed a key player, center fielder Aaron Hicks, back

from the injured list to make his season debut. He had been out since March 1 with a lower back injury that required two cortisone shots and a lot of rehabilitation. But in the afternoon, the Yankees announced that Monday’s scheduled starter, Jonathan Loaisiga, would be scratched and shut down for four weeks with a rotator cuff strain in his throwing See YANKEES B3

After two wins and a rainout against the last-place Miami Marlins at Citi Field over the weekend, New York Mets manager Mickey Callaway on Sunday acknowledged he was not out of the storm yet, as his team prepared for a six-game road trip. “We’ve been disappointed in the way we’ve played,” he said. “We need to play better.” For the middling Mets, who are now 19-20, frustration had built up as they went 1-5 during their previous road trip through San Diego and Milwaukee. Upon returning to Queens on Friday, Callaway met with general manager Brodie Van Wagenen and co-owner Jeff Wilpon before players reported to the stadium to discuss how to get the team back on track. On the field, the Mets responded immediately with an impressive 11-2 victory over Miami, but Callaway knew management’s message was not just about a single weekend. “I’m not trying to rain on the parade, but it’s one game,” Callaway said. “We have to continue to focus.” The Mets will get another opportunity to reset as they visit the Washington Nationals beginning Tuesday. Neither team has taken off in the National League East after expressing an expectation to win now. The Nationals are 16-24 and in fourth place, 3 1/2 games behind the third-place Mets. If the Mets do not right themselves quickly, they know that it will be a long time before they get another breather. Following Monday’s off day, the Mets have a stretch of 20 games in 20 days that will take them to Washington and Miami


New York Mets manager Mickey Callaway (36) looks on from the dugout during a game against the Cincinnati Reds at Citi Field.

before button-hooking back to New York and then to Los Angeles and Arizona. “We’ve got to keep it going,” Callaway said. “We’re better than we’ve shown.” The problem is not so much that they haven’t shown it, but that they’ve only shown it on one side of the ball at a time: When the Mets have hit, the pitching has been subpar, and vice versa. But in beating the Marlins, the Mets relied on a grand slam by shortstop Amed Rosario one night and the all-around talents of Jacob deGrom, the NL’s reigning Cy Young Award winner, the next. DeGrom provided support for himself, as well: In addition to allowing one run over seven innings, he posted two hits and

drove in a run to win, 4-1. He recognized the need to rebound quickly. “We had a rough road trip, and we’re out there battling every day trying to win baseball games,” said deGrom, who improved to 3-4. “We weren’t able to do it on the road, so to come out and take two early in a short home stand is a big plus for us.” DeGrom’s return to normalcy over his past three outings has been a huge encouragement for the Mets. He has surrendered a total of three runs in that span, and his earned run average is down to 3.26 after a stretch in which he went 0-3 See METS B3

Baffert’s Improbable the probable favorite heading into Preakness John Cherwa Los Angeles Times

As the controversy over who should have been declared the winner of the Kentucky Derby continues to fester, the Preakness Stakes is doing its best to find relevance amid its own turmoil before the race Saturday. Maximum Security, the disqualified winner of the Kentucky Derby, won’t be there. Country House, the elevated winner of the Kentucky Derby, won’t be there. Runner-up Code of Honor and third-place Tacitus won’t be there. It’s the first time since 1951 that the first four horses across the finish line in the Kentucky Derby have passed on the trip to Baltimore. It’s the first time since 1996 that the Derby winner has not gone to Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore. That year Grindstone had bone chips in his right knee. Pimlico is a crumbling icon that might lose the race after next year. Its future is even more uncertain than who the winner of this year’s race will be. So, it’s against that backdrop of chaos that we offer five story lines to watch this week for the Preakness Stakes. Why should anyone care about this year’s Preakness? The winner of the race, regardless of how


An exercise rider works Improbable during morning workouts at Churchill Downs on May 2.

little we know about him, will have the tag of winning a Triple Crown race and that

immediately gets him a spot in the breeding shed. Oxbow, the 2013 winner, won only three

races lifetime, with victories in a maiden race, the LeComte Stakes and the Preakness. He was second in the Belmont. Then there is 2011 winner Shackleford, who won six races lifetime, including the Grade 1 Clark and Metropolitan Handicap. He had second-place finishes in the Haskell, Indiana Derby, Kelso and Breeders’ Cup Dirt Mile. Oxbow stands for a $15,000 stallion fee and Shackleford for $20,000. Even though Shackleford had a much better career, being a Preakness winner gets you a better seat at the table. And that’s why there will be 10 or 11 entered to run in the Preakness. Who is the likely favorite? Even if Country House had run, the Kentucky Derby winner would most likely have been no better than third on the odds board. Bob Baffert’s Improbable, who was the Derby favorite, looks to hold that honor again. Even though Improbable is winless in three starts this year, he’s been in tough company. He was fifth, and moved to fourth, in the Kentucky Derby after getting boxed up for most of the race. Baffert is looking for his eighth Preakness win, so he knows how to master the place known as Old Hilltop. He has a big-time jockey switch to See BAFFERT B3



B2 Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Baseball American League East W L Pct GB Tampa Bay 24 15 .615 — NY Yankees 24 16 .600 .5 Boston 22 19 .537 3.0 Toronto 16 24 .400 8.5 Baltimore 14 26 .350 10.5 Central W L Pct GB Minnesota 25 15 .625 — Cleveland 21 19 .525 4.0 Chi. White Sox 19 21 .475 6.0 Detroit 18 21 .462 6.5 Kansas City 14 27 .341 11.5 West W L Pct GB Houston 27 15 .643 — LA Angels 20 21 .488 6.5 Seattle 20 23 .465 7.5 Oakland 19 23 .452 8.0 Texas 17 21 .447 8.0 Saturday’s results Boston 9, Seattle 5 Detroit 5, Minnesota 3 Chi. White Sox 7, Toronto 2 LA Angels 7, Baltimore 2 Oakland 3, Cleveland 2 Tampa Bay 7, NY Yankees 2 Houston 11, Texas 4 Minnesota 8, Detroit 3 Sunday’s results Boston 11, Seattle 2 Baltimore 5, LA Angels 1 Chi. White Sox 5, Toronto 1 NY Yankees 7, Tampa Bay 1 Houston 15, Texas 5 Detroit 5, Minnesota 3 Cleveland 5, Oakland 3 Monday’s results Baltimore (Hess 1-4) at NY Yankees (Cessa 0-0), PPD Houston 8, Detroit 1 LA Angels 5, Minnesota 4 Chi. White Sox 5, Cleveland 2 Oakland (Fiers 3-3) at Seattle (Kikuchi 2-1), 10:10 p.m. Tuesday’s games Cleveland (Carrasco 3-3) at Chi. White Sox (Banuelos 2-2), 2:10 p.m. Baltimore (Cashner 4-1) at NY Yankees (Happ 2-3), 6:35 p.m. Houston (Miley 3-2) at Detroit (Carpenter 0-1), 7:10 p.m. LA Angels (Pena 2-1) at Minnesota (Gibson 3-1), 7:40 p.m. Texas (Miller 1-2) at Kansas City (Duffy 1-1), 8:15 p.m. Oakland (Anderson 4-2) at Seattle (Leake 2-4), 10:10 p.m. National League East W L Pct GB Philadelphia 23 16 .590 — Atlanta 21 20 .512 3.0 NY Mets 19 20 .487 4.0 Washington 16 24 .400 7.5 Miami 10 29 .256 13.0 Central W L Pct GB Chi. Cubs 24 14 .632 — Milwaukee 24 18 .571 2.0 Pittsburgh 20 17 .541 3.5 St. Louis 22 19 .537 3.5 Cincinnati 18 23 .439 7.5 West W L Pct GB LA Dodgers 27 16 .628 — San Diego 22 19 .537 4.0 Arizona 22 19 .537 4.0 Colorado 19 21 .475 6.5 San Francisco 17 23 .425 8.5 Saturday’s results Pittsburgh 2, St. Louis 1 Chi. Cubs 2, Milwaukee 1, 15 innings NY Mets 4, Miami 1 Atlanta 6, Arizona 4 San Diego 4, Colorado 3 Cincinnati 5, San Francisco 4 Washington 5, LA Dodgers 2 Sunday’s results Miami (Smith 3-0) at NY Mets (Syndergaard 2-3), PPD Pittsburgh 10, St. Louis 6 Colorado 10, San Diego 7 San Francisco 6, Cincinnati 5 LA Dodgers 6, Washington 0 Atlanta 5, Arizona 3 Chi. Cubs 4, Milwaukee 1 Monday’s results Milwaukee (Peralta 2-1) at Philadelphia (Nola 3-0), 7:05 p.m. Pittsburgh (Kingham 1-0) at Arizona (Ray 2-1), 9:40 p.m. Tuesday’s games Chi. Cubs (Hendricks 2-4) at Cincinnati (Roark 3-1), 6:40 p.m. NY Mets (Syndergaard 2-3) at Washington (Hellickson 2-1), 7:05 p.m. Milwaukee (Woodruff 5-1) at Philadelphia (Eickhoff 2-1), 7:05 p.m. St. Louis (Flaherty 3-3) at Atlanta (Foltynewicz 0-2), 7:20 p.m. Pittsburgh (Musgrove 1-4) at Arizona (Weaver 3-1), 9:40 p.m. San Diego (Paddack 3-1) at LA Dodgers (Kershaw 2-0), 10:10 p.m. Interleague Saturday’s results Philadelphia 7, Kansas City 0 Sunday’s results Philadelphia 6, Kansas City 1 Tuesday’s games Colorado (Freeland 2-5) at Boston (Sale 1-5), 7:10 p.m. Tampa Bay (Morton 3-0) at Miami (Smith 3-0), 7:10 p.m. Toronto (Thornton 0-4) at San Francisco (Beede 0-1), 9:45 p.m.

Pro hockey NHL PLAYOFF GLANCE Conference Semifinals (Best-of-7; x-if necessary) Eastern Conference Boston 4, Columbus 2 Thursday, April 25: Boston 3, Columbus 2, OT Saturday, April 27: Columbus 3, Boston 2, 2OT Tuesday, April 30: Columbus 2, Boston 1 Thursday, May 2: Boston 4, Columbus 1 Saturday, May 4: Boston 4, Columbus 3 Monday, May 6: Boston 3, Columbus 0 Carolina 4, NY Islanders 0 Friday, April 26: Carolina 1, NY Islanders 0, OT Sunday, April 28: Carolina 2, NY Islanders 1 Wednesday, May 1: Carolina 5, NY Islanders 2 Friday, May 3: Carolina 5, NY Islanders 2 Western Conference San Jose 4, Colorado 3 Friday, April 26: San Jose 5, Colorado 2 Sunday, April 28: Colorado 4, San Jose 3 Tuesday, April 30: San Jose 4, Colorado 2 Thursday, May 2: Colorado 3, San Jose 0 Saturday, May 4: San Jose 2, Colorado 1 Monday, May 6: Colorado 4, San Jose 3, OT Wednesday, May 8: San Jose 3, Colorado 2 St. Louis 4, Dallas 3 Thursday, April 25: St. Louis 3, Dallas 2 Saturday, April 27: Dallas 4, St. Louis 2 Monday, April 29: St. Louis 4, Dallas 3 Wednesday, May 1: Dallas 4, St. Louis 2 Friday, May 3: Dallas 2, St. Louis 1 Sunday, May 5: St. Louis 4, Dallas 1 Tuesday, May 7: St. Louis 2, Dallas 1, 2OT Conference Finals (Best-of-7; x-if necessary) Eastern Conference Boston 2, Carolina 0 Thursday, May 9: Boston 5, Carolina 2 Sunday, May 12: Boston 6, Carolina 2 Tuesday, May 14: Boston at Carolina, 8 p.m. Thursday, May 16: Boston at Carolina, 8 p.m. x-Saturday, May 18: Carolina at Boston, 7:15 p.m. x-Monday, May 20: Boston at Carolina, 8 p.m. x-Wednesday, May 22: Carolina at Boston, 8 p.m. Western Conference San Jose 1, St. Louis 1 Saturday, May 11: San Jose 6, St. Louis 3 Monday, May 13: St. Louis 4, San Jose 2 Wednesday, May 15: San Jose at St. Louis, 8 p.m. Friday, May 17: San Jose at St. Louis, 8 p.m. x-Sunday, May 19: St. Louis at San Jose, 3 p.m. x-Tuesday, May 21: San Jose at St. Louis, 8 p.m. x-Thursday, May 23: St. Louis at San Jose, 9 p.m. Stanley Cup Finals (Best-of-7) Carolina or Boston vs. St. Louis or San Jose

(Best-of-7; x-if necessary) Eastern Conference Milwaukee 4, Boston 1 Sunday, April 28: Boston 112, Milwaukee 90 Tuesday, April 30: Milwaukee 123, Boston 102 Friday, May 3: Milwaukee 123, Boston 116 Monday, May 6: Milwaukee 113, Boston 101 Wednesday, May 8: Milwaukee 116, Boston 91 Toronto 4, Philadelphia 3 Saturday, April 27: Toronto 108, Philadelphia 95 Monday, April 29: Philadelphia 94, Toronto 89 Thursday, May 2: Philadelphia 116, Toronto 95 Sunday, May 5: Toronto 101, Philadelphia 96 Tuesday, May 7: Toronto 125, Philadelphia 89 Thursday, May 9: Philadelphia 112, Toronto 101 Sunday, May 12: Toronto 92, Philadelphia 90 Western Conference Golden State 4, Houston 2 Sunday, April 28: Golden State 104, Houston 100 Tuesday, April 30: Golden State 115, Houston 109 Saturday, May 4: Houston 126, Golden State 121 Monday, May 6: Houston 112, Golden State 108 Wednesday, May 8: Golden State 104, Houston 99 Friday, May 10: Golden State 118, Houston 113 Portland 4, Denver 3 Monday, April 29: Denver 121, Portland 113 Wednesday, May 1: Portland 97, Denver 90 Friday, May 3: Portland 140, Denver 137 Sunday, May 5: Denver 116, Portland 112 Tuesday, May 7: Denver 124, Portland 98 Thursday, May 9: Portland 119, Denver 108 Sunday, May 12: Portland 100, Denver 96 Conference Finals (Best-of-7; x-if necessary) Eastern Conference (1) Milwaukee, (2) Toronto Wednesday, May 15: Toronto at Milwaukee, 8:30 p.m. Friday, May 17: Toronto at Milwaukee, 8:30 p.m. Sunday, May 19: Milwaukee at Toronto, 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 21: Milwaukee at Toronto, 8:30 p.m. x-Thursday, May 23: Toronto at Milwaukee, 8:30 p.m. x-Saturday, May 25: Milwaukee at Toronto, 8:30 p.m. x-Monday, May 27: Toronto at Milwaukee, 8:30 p.m. Western Conference (1) Golden State, (3) Portland Today, May 14: Portland at Golden State, 9 p.m. Thursday, May 16: Portland at Golden State, 9 p.m. Saturday, May 18: Golden State at Portland, 9 p.m. Monday, May 20: Golden State at Portland, 9 p.m. x-Wednesday, May 22: Portland at Golden State, 9 p.m. x-Friday, May 24: Golden State at Portland, 9 p.m. x-Sunday, May 26: Portland at Golden State, 9 p.m. NBA Championship (Best-of-7) Milwaukee or Toronto vs. Golden State or Portland

Golf PGA Championship Tee Times At Bethpage State Park - Black Course Yardage: 7,468; Par: 71 Bethpage, New York First Round Thursday Tee No. 1 6:45 a.m. _ J.J. Spaun, Rob Labritz, Beau Hossler 6:56 a.m. _ Jeff W Schmid, Sam Burns, Keith Mitchell 7:07 a.m. _ Jason Caron, Byeong-Hun An, Andrew Putnam 7:18 a.m. _ Kyle Stanley, John O’Leary, Harold Varner III 7:29 a.m. _ Michael Lorenzo-Vera, Justin Harding, Richy Werenski 7:40 a.m. _ Jimmy Walker, Vijay Singh, Jason Dufner 7:51 a.m. _ Chez Reavie, Graeme McDowell, Brendan Jones 8:02 a.m. _ Hao-Tong Li, Russell Knox, Tyrrell Hatton 8:13 a.m. _ Shaun Norris, Lee Westwood, Charles Howell III 8:24 a.m. _ J.B. Holmes, Lucas Bjerregaard, Troy Merritt 8:35 a.m. _ Matt Wallace, Joost Luiten, Brian Mackey 8:46 a.m. _ Luke List, Casey Russell, Abraham Ancer 8:57 a.m. _ Adam Long, Craig Bowden, Joaquin Niemann 12:10 p.m. _ Danny Lee, Michael Thompson, Justin Bertsch 12:21 p.m. _ Lucas Glover, Cameron Champ, Rich Berberian Jr 12:32 p.m. _ Paul Casey, Emiliano Grillo, Daniel Berger 12:43 p.m. _ Ian Poulter, Tony Finau, Billy Horschel 12:54 p.m. _ Gary Woodland, Rafael Cabrera Bello, Matthew Fitzpatrick 1:05 p.m. _ Keegan Bradley, Martin Kaymer, Padraig Harrington 1:16 p.m. _ Dustin Johnson, Jon Rahm, Jordan Spieth 1:27 p.m. _ Bryson DeChambeau, Kevin Kisner, Pat Perez 1:38 p.m. _ Phil Mickelson, Rory McIlroy, Jason Day 1:49 p.m. _ Satoshi Kodaira, Matt Kuchar, Cameron Smith 2 p.m. _ Corey Conners, Jim Furyk, Marc Leishman 2:11 p.m. _ Jorge Campillo, Stuart Deane, Chesson Hadley 2:22 p.m. _ Kurt Kitayama, Andrew Filbert, Dylan Frittelli

Transactions BASEBALL American League Detroit Tigers - Activated 2B Josh Harrison from the 10-day IL. Optioned 3B Harold Castro to Toledo (IL). Placed RHP Tyson Ross on the 10-day IL, retroactive to May 11. Recalled RHP Zac Reininger from Toledo (IL). Kansas City Royals - Optioned RHP Jake Newberry to Omaha (PCL). Los Angeles Angels - Placed RHP Luis Garcia on the 10-day IL. Recalled RHP Taylor Cole from Salt Lake (PCL). Minnesota Twins - Optioned CF Jake Cave to Rochester (IL). Recalled RHP Tyler Duffey from Rochester (IL). New York Yankees - Activated CF Aaron Hicks from the 10-day IL. Optioned CF Mike Tauchman to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (IL). Placed RHP Jonathan Loaisiga on the 10-day IL, retroactive to May 10. Placed 3B Miguel Andujar on the 10day IL. Recalled RHP Chance Adams and LHP Nestor Cortes Jr. from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (IL). Oakland Athletics - Activated CF Mark Canha from the 10-day IL. Designated DH Kendrys Morales for assignment. Seattle Mariners - Optioned RHP Dan Altavilla to Arkansas (TL). Recalled RHP Austin Adams from Tacoma (PCL). Sent LHP Wade LeBlanc on a rehab assignment to Tacoma (PCL). Tampa Bay Rays - Sent RHP Hunter Wood on a rehab assignment to Charlotte (FSL). National League Arizona Diamondbacks - Optioned RHP Jon Duplantier to Reno (PCL). Recalled RHP Jimmie Sherfy from Reno (PCL). Atlanta Braves - Optioned RHP Kyle Wright to Gwinnett (IL). Colorado Rockies - Optioned 2B Garrett Hampson to Albuquerque (PCL). Los Angeles Dodgers - Sent LHP Caleb Ferguson on a rehab assignment to Oklahoma City (PCL). Milwaukee Brewers - Sent RHP Chase Anderson on a rehab assignment to San Antonio (PCL). Philadelphia Phillies - Placed RHP Edubray Ramos on the 10-day IL. Recalled LHP Austin Davis from Lehigh Valley (IL). Sent 2B Scott Kingery on a rehab assignment to Lakewood (SAL). Pittsburgh Pirates - Placed 3B Jung Ho Kang on the 10-day IL. Selected the contract of 2B Jake Elmore from Indianapolis (IL). Transferred RHP Jameson Taillon from the 10-day IL to the 60-day IL. San Francisco Giants - Activated CF Aaron Altherr. Designated C Erik Kratz for assignment. Selected the contract of LF Courtney Hawkins and CF C.J. McElroy from Sugar Land (ALPB). Washington Nationals - Signed RHP Michael Blazek to a minor league contract.

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Pro basketball

NBA Playoff Glance Conference Semifinals


Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods walk down the fairway on the second hole during the Pro-Am of The Memorial Tournament Presented By Nationwide at Muirfield Village Golf Club on May 30, 2018 in Dublin, Ohio.

Peyton Manning understands hardships Tiger Woods overcame in comeback Sam Farmer Los Angeles Times

As Tiger Woods pulled off his stirring victory at Augusta National last month, one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history watched from his couch in awe and appreciation. Peyton Manning was at home in Denver, taking in the Masters moment that captivated the golf world. Woods is his friend and occasional playing partner, and Manning — who won a second Super Bowl ring after four neck surgeries nearly ended his career — has a special appreciation for the physical challenges the world’s most famous golfer had to overcome. “I know from the injury standpoint how hard he worked, how determined he was, the adjustments he had to make,” Manning said in a phone interview. “I really think it’s just kind of the beginning. I don’t think that’s the last time he’s going to get crowned.” Woods’ next chance for a major championship title comes this week in the PGA Championship at Bethpage Black, where he won the U.S. Open in 2002. Despite four back surgeries that two years ago left him unable to get out of bed, let alone play golf, Woods battled back to win his 15th major, three shy of tying Jack Nicklaus for the most ever. Manning, who retired after his Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50 three years ago, is reluctant to claim even a sliver of the spotlight that’s currently trained on Woods. But he agreed to speak to The Times for this story because there are undeniable parallels between the 43-year-old superstars. Both overcame long odds and debilitating injuries to claw their way back to the mountaintops of their respective sports, even after injuries that in most cases would be careerending. The two discussed that privately last year when they were pro-am partners at the Memorial Tournament, Real, Reputable, where they will be paired again next Trusted. Your News month. “The one thing that really Media. frustrated him was his limited practice repetitions,” Manning said. “He used to be a guy who was out there all day hitting balls. He used to try to get 1,000 contacts with the ball (in a practice session). That could be putts, whatever. He THISchips, PUBLICATION said, ‘Now, that’s out the winREAL dow.SUPPORTS I can only do so many,


because if I do 1,000, I’m not going to be able to walk the next day.’ “I was the same way. I was a guy that could throw all day. I was a stay-up-till-2-in-themorning guy to watch film. I was a guy that was going to sacrifice my pre-practice stretch in order to be talking to the coach about the game plan during my stretch. Or staying in the meeting until 12:50 for a 1 o’clock practice, working on a new red-zone play. “But once I had my injury, that all changed. I said, ‘No, I’ve got to go through my full rehab and pre-practice routine of warming my body up, my arm up. I’m going to sacrifice my last-minute film because the physical has to take over.’ I think Tiger kind of has the same thing.” So Manning could relate when, before the final round of the Masters, Woods said he was setting his alarm for 3:45 a.m. to get warmed up and ready for his 9:20 tee time, moved to the morning because of an approaching storm. Before Woods put head to pillow that night, his quarterback friend reached out to him. “I sent him a text that Saturday night saying, ‘Hey, good luck tomorrow,’ “ Manning said. “And he wrote back, ‘Thanks. It’s going to be fun.’ That tells you how excited he is to be back in the arena.” Then, unbeknownst to Manning, his 8-year-old daughter grabbed his phone and sent Woods a text of her own. “She texted, ‘Tiger, it’s Mosley Manning. Just wanted to wish you luck tomorrow.’ He texted her back: ‘Thank you so much. I appreciate it.’ That kind of told me he’s pretty relaxed and ready to roll. And Sunday, he sure played that way. He looked calm and in control out there, like the old Tiger.” After his win last month, Woods discussed the crippling back pain he endured in recent years — and his recovery from it. “I could barely walk,” he said. “I couldn’t sit. Couldn’t lay down. I really couldn’t do much of anything. Luckily I had the procedure on my back, which gave me a chance at having a normal life. But then all of a sudden, I realized I could actually swing a golf club again. I felt if I could somehow piece this together that I still had the hands to do it. The body’s not the same as it was a long time ago, but I still have good

hands.” After his neck surgeries, Manning had to relearn how to throw. He did that at Duke University in workouts cloaked in secrecy. He marvels at the way Woods had to deal with his body betraying him in public, enduring physical meltdowns in tournaments and missing shots that once were automatic. “For him to see himself hitting shots that weren’t good, that can be a scarring thing to deal with,” Manning said. “For Tiger, before his injuries, I guarantee you that the ball always went where he wanted it to go. And he was probably shocked when it didn’t. “Now, all of a sudden, he’s hitting shots that are off-line, not going anywhere, and chunking his chips. To see yourself doing that is like, oh my gosh, it can make you just not want to play anymore or never be able to overcome that. “I was kind of the same way. I was always really surprised when the ball didn’t go where I wanted it to go. I was aiming for that inside number on a guy’s jersey, and I was going to get it there. When it didn’t go there, I was surprised.” Because of nerve damage in the wake of his surgeries, Manning initially lost all feeling for where his right arm was relative to his body. He had to stop throwing. He would stand in front of a mirror and practice his throwing motion, just so he could control the motion of his arm. “Tiger had to do the same thing,” he said. “He had to stop playing. Because you don’t want to do that for too long, throwing bad or hitting bad, because that kind of becomes your new norm. He deserves so much credit for being able to overcome the mental part of not hitting great shots, and hitting bad shots. The fact that he’s overcome that tells you even more, just how impressed people should be about how far he’s come.” So what fuels a player who has already made more money than his family will ever need, has assembled a Hall of Fame career, and is facing an arduous uphill climb with a slim chance of success? For Manning, who played a team sport, the people around him were huge motivators. He won a Super Bowl and cobbled together Canton-worthy credentials with the Indianapolis Colts, but, after Manning missed an entire season, that


team was moving on to Andrew Luck. Manning’s next chapter was with the Broncos. “The fact that I was going to a new team, and (linebacker) Von Miller’s going, ‘We just signed PFM — Peyton Freaking Manning,’ and Von has no idea about my injuries. So it’s like, you know what, I’m going to work as hard as I possibly can to be that player Von Miller thinks he’s getting as a teammate. I don’t want to let him down. “Tiger is playing with these guys now that are looking up to him. I think that part kind of motivated him, like, ‘Hey, I want to be that guy that this guy is used to seeing. This guy says I was his favorite player growing up, and I want to be that player.’ “But I also think it’s kind of the challenge of, ‘Hey, can I overcome this?’” Manning has known Woods for two decades. They were pro-am partners at Bay Hill in 2005. He has seen Woods at the height of his greatness. “I played with him last year, and you saw some of those things coming back,” Manning said. “Maybe you saw some things that seemed a little more human, because he had set the bar so high. “In the Tour Championship (which Woods won in 2018), you saw it. I think he knew this (return to prominence) was coming. You kind of take these baby steps, and you look for little things that just kind of tell you, hey, there’s some progress here. ‘I’m feeling better. I’m seeing things.’ You take these quiet little victories — a good shot or a good throw. Of course, winning the Tour Championship isn’t a quiet victory, it’s a big one. “But I think he had all those things kind of build up last year. Hey, I’m just going to keep throwing completions, if you will, and finally the touchdowns and the birdies are going to come. Obviously for him, they came in a big way in the Masters.” Manning said the rehabilitation experience, tough as it was, changed his perspective for the better. And he believes it’s the same for Woods. “In a strange way — you hate to deal with it and go through these injuries — but the fact that you overcame it, you certainly learn some things,” Manning said. “It’s pretty gratifying knowing you can come through it. You’re almost glad you went through it.”



Wednesday, May 15, 2019 B3

Columbia-Greene Media

Since April 10, the Cubs are winning at a 77.8 percent rate Teddy Greenstein Chicago Tribune

How hot are the Cubs running? Forget for a second about Kris Bryant hitting five home runs in his last eight games, Old Man Jon Lester shrinking his ERA to 1.16 or the Cubs going 9-0-1 in their last 10 series. Consider that it rained every moment of every day (or so it seemed) during the Cubs’ 10-game homestand, creating what could have been a sloppier track than the Kentucky Derby had. Yet there was not a single weather delay. That’s more stunning than a team going 21-6 after a 3-8 start. How have the Cubs been getting it done? Here are five explanations: 1. The ultimate utility guy. Bryant subbed for Anthony Rizzo (tight back) at first base Sunday. And despite not having taken ground balls at the position in, by his estimate, “maybe a year and a half,” he came up aces in the first inning. With Lorenzo Cain at first, Bryant fielded a chopper from Christian Yelich. Had Bryant immediately stepped on the bag and fired to second, Cain might have darted back safely to first. So Bryant faked a throw to second

and then hustled to the bag, catching Cain in a pickle. “Really smart,” manager Joe Maddon said. Bryant, who played some first base at the University of San Diego, called it “instincts.” In the fifth Bryant smoothly handled a two-hop smash from Yelich, shifting sideways in a way that would have made Rizzo blush. “It’s fun to give Rizz a hard time, saying, ‘I can do it (too),’” Bryant said. Bryant has started at first, third and both corner outfield spots this season, prompting Lester to call him “kind of an uber-super-utility guy. And his offense speaks for itself.” His bat was quiet early this season after left shoulder inflammation hampered him last year, but Bryant has surged in May with a .510 onbase percentage, five homers and 13 RBIs in 11 games. “He is starting to look like the Kris of old, feeling healthy, and that’s a huge boost for our club,” Lester said. 2. Another gear? Lester and Bryant engaged in a fun debate after the game. In short, are we seeing peak Javier Baez? “I feel like he’s been playing well,” Lester said, “but I don’t really feel like he’s been hot. ... He hasn’t gotten Javy

hot.” Baez does lead the Cubs with 49 strikeouts in 161 atbats, if anyone still cares about that stat. But he also leads the team in homers (11), slugging (.627) and WAR (2.5) and is tied with Rizzo for the RBI lead (29). Maybe because Bryant knows precisely how hard it is to thrive at the plate, he replied to Lester’s take with a smiling rebuke: “I don’t know what Jon is watching. Javy is on base all the time, getting hits. Jon is completely wrong. “There might be another whole level to his game. He’s been one of the best players in the whole game, so I think he’s pretty hot.”

Baez went 2-for-3 with a walk and an RBI double Sunday, but the play that had everyone buzzing came in the field. With a man at first and the hefty Jesus Aguilar running from third, Baez fielded a slow grounder. Rather than try for the inning-ending double play, he fired a seed to the plate to cut down Aguilar. “Big-time play,” former shortstop Alex Rodriguez commented in the ESPN booth. Baez put so much of his body into the throw, he ended up facedown on the wet grass. “He changes the outcome of the game regardless of how he’s doing at the plate,”

Lester marveled. Maddon said the key was that Baez “processed the play before it occurred,” deciding he would go home because of Aguilar’s lack of speed. Baez has hit safely in a career-high-tying 11 straight games. Lester expects even more from him, if possible. “I think Javs gets better the more he plays,” he said. “You see him making strides with the approach that he takes. You’ll see him swing at a 58-foot slider or curveball, but then the next one he’ll put in the seats. I don’t think there’s too much of a ceiling on what he can do.” 3. First things first. Lester has not allowed an earned run in three straight starts. Kyle Hendricks has not surrendered an earned run this month. Jose Quintana has had one bad start out of eight. Cole Hamels leads the team in innings pitched (49 2/3) and has the best WHIP (1.07) among the starters. As for Yu Darvish, well, he at least is much improved as a teammate this season, frequently chatting with fellow Cubs in the clubhouse before games. 4. Shutting the door. The bullpen’s 180 is so central to the Cubs’ surge, it’s the first thing Maddon mentioned after being asked if he could be any happier with

Star and work to elevated not only Brandon’s skills, but the level of all his teammates. This has never been more proven then by the recent achievements of Brandon. He has been selected, out of pool of hundreds, by the prestigious NCE Academy (National Center of Excellence) to attend, train and compete for 11 days against some of Europe’s finest youth programs. Under the tutelage of former Manchester United player John Curtis, Brandon and his selected teammates will compete against top English youth academies such as

Sheffield United and Manchester United. This is undoubtedly an opportunity of a lifetime for Brandon and his teammates to show their skills in front of academies and coaches of the highest levels. Former participants have gone onto placement within professional youth ranks. There will be a fundraising event on Saturday from 11a.m.-3 p.m. at the Wolff’s Biergarten in Troy. During the event, there will be opportunities to win prizes donated by local businesses as well as the chance to enter to win a trip to Italy. All the proceeds from the event go directly into a travel fund to send Brandon to England for this tremendous opportunity.

Brandon da Costa of Valatie.

diving back to third base on a pickoff attempt on March 31. At the time, the Yankees said the tear was small and that Andujar still registered good strength in his shoulder. Boone on Monday said Andujar had received a couple of medical opinions in which surgery was not suggested. Andujar’s situation is a bit murky: Some players who suffered labrum tears — including an unnamed former Yankees pitcher, according to general manager Brian Cashman — have undergone rehabilitation and returned to play without needing surgery. “Some people can sustain and last with the new norm and others can’t because it’s painful, and you have to react to that pain and surgery comes in to be an intervention to fix,” Cashman said last month. Andujar has not publicly complained of any pain, but his performance at the plate has caused concern. He had said that the injury manifested itself most when he threw, not hit, so the Yankees put

him through a stretching and strengthening routine, plus a gradual throwing program, before he returned from the first IL stint on May 4. With the emergence of Gio Urshela, a sure-handed third baseman, the Yankees were able to use Andujar primarily as a designated hitter. But Andujar, usually a stout hitter, went 3 for 34 with no runs batted in, nine strikeouts and weaker contact than normal. After internal discussions, the Yankees decided to give Andujar another break. “He’s such a tough player that he’s able to deal with stuff,” Boone said. “But I do think it takes him longer to get ready each and every day.” The Yankees’ medical staff has been busy this season — and that was before Andujar and Loaisiga joined the wounded on Monday. Loaisiga, who felt discomfort in his shoulder after a bullpen session this weekend, had been filling in for James Paxton, who has been out since May 4 with left knee inflammation. The Yankees don’t need

a fifth starting pitcher until May 21, and Paxton might be ready to return by then. At least one thing was certain Monday night: Hicks had fully recovered from the back injury that was originally supposed to keep him out only a few days during spring training but lasted more than two months. Boone has often referred to Hicks, 29, as one of the most underrated players in baseball — a strong defender who can smash home runs, draw walks and hit from both sides of the plate. Boone said part of the reason for Hicks’ long rehabilitation was the Yankees’ desire to make sure his body was conditioned and built back up properly. Since dealing with what he said doctors termed chronic back pain, Hicks has added a new workout routine that he said helps his core and hips, and thus his back. “When I do my core exercises, my back feels good,” he said.

Deputed Testamony took the second leg of the Triple Crown, then this might be your horse. Alwaysmining has won his last six, including an 11-length win in the Federico Tesio Stakes. Now, all those wins did come at nearby Laurel Park, which isn’t a top national circuit. The colt is trained by Kelly Rubley, a former middle school science teacher with two master’s degrees. Who else from California will be there? It’s slim pickings from

California. In addition to the presumptive favorite Improbable there is Anothertwistafate, who is stabled at Golden Gate Fields. Trained by Blaine Wright, the colt won the El Camino Real Derby and got an automatic entry into the Preakness. He finished second to Cutting Humor in the Sunland Derby and second to Owendale in the Lexington Stakes. He fell just short of having enough qualifying points to make the Derby field. “He’s a big, long-striding

horse,” Wright said after the colt worked at Golden Gate on Saturday. “This will be five weeks between races, so I sent him out going a mile. ... Now all we have to do hopefully is travel.” His plane leaves on Tuesday. How much longer will the Preakness be at Pimlico? The people of Baltimore seem to adore the Preakness and believe it is part of the city’s fabric. The problem is the place is a dump. This year they closed down 7,000 grandstand seats


Chicago Cubs catcher Willson Contreras (40) hits a sacrifice ground-out, bringing in Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant (17) during the first inning against the Milwaukee Brewers on Sunday at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Ill.

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Brandon da Costa of Valatie.

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shoulder. He became the 17th Yankee to land on the IL this season. The most ominous news was yet to come: Third baseman Miguel Andujar returned to the IL, his troubles at the plate making clear that the labral tear in his right shoulder was still affecting him. Andujar, 24, was expected to be re-examined soon, and the possibility of seasonending surgery has not been ruled out. “I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily off the table, but I wouldn’t say that it’s more so on it now,” manager Aaron Boone said of the possibility of surgery. “We’ve got to get a better handle on this, and then probably just get him built up in the best way possible if we can move forward with that.” Andujar, the American League rookie of the year runner-up last season, originally hurt his throwing shoulder

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Mike Smith. And, finally, there is no real standout in the race. Is there an underdog horse we should be rooting for? The sentimental favorite is Alwaysmining, a Marylandbred racing in his home state. If you can overlook the fact that no Maryland-bred has won the race since 1983, when

how his team is performing. He praised the group for its “different skill sets.” Brandon Kintzler, for example, has a terrific groundball-inducing sinker. He’s also functional with the glove. Brewers left fielder Ben Gamel hit an absolute screamer back to the mound in the eighth, and Kintzler snared it. “That ball caught him,” Maddon joked. 5. Acing chemistry. These guys pick each other up. Willson Contreras fired a one-hopper to second on an Orlando Arcia steal attempt. Daniel Descalso snagged it and used his left leg to block the bag. Runner out. Stat benefit goes to Contreras. “We trust everybody on this team,” Bryant said. “So it’s really fun to be a part of.” Lester endured a Kyle Schwarber adventure in left that resulted in a three-base error to rack up his fifth quality start. And Bryant helped the team survive Rizzo’s absence. “It’s always next guy up,” Bryant said. Lester kidded Rizzo after the 4-1 victory that having a personal catcher would not suffice. “I told him I’m going to have a personal lineup going forward,” Lester said. “Every five days he will have off.”


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with a 9.69 ERA. “I had a couple of bad ones in a row, but I wasn’t too worried,” deGrom said. The Mets’ arms remain the roster’s strength, but there are issues they hope will be sorted out sooner rather than later. Noah Syndergaard will start the series against the Nationals, but he will be followed by Wilmer Font, the pitcher the Mets acquired in a trade with the Tampa Bay Rays last week. Left-hander Steven Matz was scheduled to throw a bullpen session Sunday morning, but he remains under close watch with a nerve issue. Jason Vargas, the fifth starter, is on the mend with a hamstring injury after starting to string together solid starts. Even with the interruptions, the pitchers have started performing more efficiently and aggressively. “It has stabilized for sure,” Callaway said of his

because they are unsafe. The track needs to be rebuilt at a cost of about $400 million. Pimlico currently runs only 12 days a year. This is yet another crisis the Stronach Group is dealing with, in addition to the horse deaths at Santa Anita. The Maryland Jockey Club, which is Stronach, in the last few days averted a strike by union workers at the track. They have been without a contract since the end of 2017. The Stronach Group wants to create a “super track” at

rotation’s performance. “This is the way these guys are capable of throwing.” The bullpen is also in flux. Reliever Jeurys Familia is scheduled to rejoin the active roster after battling shoulder inflammation. He had struggled to find a rhythm as the setup man before being placed on the injured list. In his previous 10 appearances, he allowed 11 walks over 10 2/3 innings while posting an 8.44 ERA. In his place, relievers Robert Gsellman and Seth Lugo have excelled, and Callaway allowed that he would be selective in deploying Familia. “It’s not that we don’t feel confident in him at that point,” Callaway said. “We do feel like there’s going to have to be a little bit of an easing him back in to fit back where he should in the bullpen.” Callaway knows he can only be so patient. After his lengthy meeting with Van Wagenen and Wilpon, he was asked if he felt added pressure moving forward. “No, not at all,” he said. “I already felt that way.”

Laurel Park and has offered to finance the improvements. It is state law that the Preakness cannot be moved out of Baltimore without legislative consent. It has rankled some that Stronach has used the bulk of its state subsidies to improve Laurel, not Pimlico. The race will be run there at least one more year after this year. After that, it’s a matter of who can best exercise their power.


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The follow- PUBLIC ganization were filed of Copake, County of TION/BUDGET VOTE Hearing on the proThe law has required ucation of the Catskill by the Board Clerk at to: (a) acquire two (2) voters who are the STATE OFan assessNEW Hudson Housing$ THE sources Act. Availability For Penalty Note and Mortgage persons unknown to in plaintiff, ing items are to be voted upon: The ES: Sanitation Administration dures for contesting lage of Catskill, Greene County, with the Secretary of the Authority NOTICE FUND ISand HEREBY posed thatYork theon Ashland Water CentralTrunk School leastis available days at a atmaximum place at claim 9:00 -seven COUNTY OF (HHA) re- YORK Public Comment2019-2020 Contact Per- buses may be reviewed the Office of polling claiming, or who may to GENERAL LEGISLA63,005 LinesDistrict, & ment in (7) the AssesNew the 12th Day of Columbia son Comments on this project aggregate the Mayor, Hudson City Hall, have an or generally State New ofof New York. Pumping Stations $ 69,000 TIVE Board Trustees, sor’s 512 election Main St., Budget June, 2019ofat 9:15 a.m. an AllYork that GIVEN, that the ServicBoard quests for the Taconic District prepare an- State Greeneproposals County, New GREENE priorOffice to atthe cost of p.m. tointerest cast in,their balfrom must be TERESA DIEHSNER 520 Warren Street, Hudson, or specific lien upon the real Sewage Treatment & DisCairo, NY. Dated this 23th day es and Expenses $ 6,000 JUDIpiece, parcel and lot of land sit(SSNY) 01/03/2019. has been desigof Education of the contractors nual on Drinking Water SSNY York, be authorized and voteLOAN (by May 10, Hills Central School $250,000; (b) expend lots. SERfor LAWNto OCWEN submitted shall in writing the ConNew Yorksums 12534. Dated Hud- AND propertyFURTHER described in this acApril 2019 Janice Hull, is Sole CIAL Village Police of Justices, Plant the $ 459,000 EMuate, lying and being in This the nated ALEX ROSKIN LLC, Office location: Greene as Central agent LLC posal Catskill School beto held in such Quality Report. expend sums of of 2019) ifTown the ballot to District for atsuch NOand tact NYSDEC Person no later son, New York, the 13th day of tion; such unknown persons beAssessor LLC, of Cairo Services and Expenses $ CARE PLOYEE BENEFITS $SNOW 205,905 VICING, Town of Coxsackie, County of 55Arts. NORTH of Org. 6,filedLLC. with County. SSNY has upon whom process District, Greene the Board of Education report has been mailed money, which will be be mailed to the voter purpose from unalloTICE IS HEREBY GIVV. REMOVAL SERVICES ing herein generally described than 06/14/2019 625 Broadway May, 2019. Andrew B. Howard, 194,200 FINANCES ClerkDEBT SERVICES $ 158,092 Farm 55 NORTH LLC. Arts. Org.on Greene and State of New York. Arts. of 6,Org. filedof with the SSNY been as against may County, it New York, will atGRAND Room the Taconic cated to alldesignated billable water required School or the dayMATTHEW, before the fund Counsel balance; THATto bepetitions the Columbia Apartand intended included in or 30 daysof after theWanted publication Esq. Corporation City EN Treas.-Coll., Services and be ExTOTALfor SEWER FUND VINITA New York E. State Department of 410 Premises known as 1137 Route Help filed with the SSNY on the SSNY on 04/04/19. 03/25/2019. Office loc: agent the following candidates designation, date Albany, NY 12233 of Hudson A P P R O P R I A T I O N S Environmental Conservation penses $ 47,400 Bond and 81, Coxsackie, (Town of Coxof LLC upon served. The post ofhold the Annual Public Hills Central School, parcels and users. A District purposes for election (May 20, 2018) and (c) levy the necesnominating ET. AL. ment Complex, 41 04/04/19. Office: Greene CounOffice: Greene County. Columbia Out Our namely: wife, of widow, husof this notice, whichever isYork, later. sary tax therefore, to Check $1,015,002 ESTIMATED REV- NOTICE Notice of Intent to Modify Note Issue Expense 2,500 North sackie) (Section: process againstis fice address to $which Hearing on the Budget New LLC, copy NY of 12051. this report the 2019-2020 school if the ballot willDate: be Craryville, for the the office memty. SSNY designated asCounty. agent whom OF SALE Second Street, HILL FARM, EASTGREENVILLE GRANBY, CT needs 7 band, widower, heirs at law, (518) 402-9167 CENTRAL May 03, 2019 VIL- OXEN Tax Advertising Expense ENUES Interest Earnings $ Block: 3,be Lot: ApproxSSNY as it54.00, SSNY has whom beenprocess desigof the LLC designated upon may served. shall mail a$8, Hudson, on SSNY Wednesday, May on Tuesday, 8, tobe available at 16) the Ash- the years, inNYRents the amount of NOTICE picked up personally leviedPOand collected ber of thedescendants, Board of execEdIS Permittee: HEREBY 12534. temporary workers May 5/1/2019 12/1/2019, work tools, next of kin, SCHOOL BOX 129 4982 2,300 STAFF Professional Ser1,000 Sewer and ChargLAGE OF HUNTER 6349 MAIN imate amount of lien agent the LLC SSNY upon nated as agent upon SSNY against itof may be served. shall Mail and a copy process equipment provided without costamounts to81worker. 2018,$of80,000 at any 6:00 p.m. in es 2019 6:30 pre- in land Town Hall, the $42,640,929 Bud- GIVEN by PO the voter at the such as ucation shall bedevisees, filed pursuant to Ofa supplies, Details ofPenalties the(The project utors, administrators, NOTICEatOF SALEp.m., SUPREME STATE ROUTE GREENST BOX 441 HUNTER, NY vices Information $ 973,612 on Sew$276,520.05 plus interest shall mail copy of process to the whom process against whom process against will be The available without cost workers whoby Copy of Process to: against the LLC served the Catskill High and vailing time. budAshland Post get), and fice of Judgment theFacility: Board Clerk. may be the creditors, District trustees, Clerk VILLE, NYtodetermined 12083 NOTICE TO with legatees, COURT COLUMBIA COUNTY of Housing insurance require12442-0441 HUNTER Technology $ 10,000 Election, er Rents $ 10,000to Townlevy of Final costs. Premises will beOffice sold LLC, 3276 Route 23A, Palencannot reasonably return to their permanent residence at it themayLLCbe may served. be Backwoods BIDDERS Theof Board of Educa- at committees, lienors,Clerk's and asRHINEBECK Plaintiff -All V qualified WASTEWATER TREATServices andLibrary Expenses $ 12th 2,500 Catskill Pump Maintesubject of filedof upon Trading him/her is: for School the ments get willofbetheBANK, available for the and to onprovisions the Town $18,894,778 voters who the Board Education the District dated mayStation beagainst ob- Foreclosure ville, NY 12463. Purpose: Any end DARLENE work day. 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Work is guaranteed for 3/4 entered in the Office of main office, 41 North LA, ET AL, et al Defendants Atarate sealed bids for: REFUSE in or lien upon, or title to said reGRAND TOTAL ESTIMATED NY 12442 Application ID: es $ 41,100 SPECIAL ITEMS Esq., Referee. Davidson Fink 3276 Route Pa- Freehold Roskin, 48 Half Circle Hettos, LLC. Filed23A, with SSNY of the workdays the contract period. Hours offered 12431. New York,$ Second the 2B, Catskill Central NOTICE IS during HEREBY You may NY also review trict? 4. To transact such than Aprilby,22, 2019 at Street, torney for Plaintiff(s) Schiller, al property through or under REMOVAL and RECYCLING REVENUES SEWER HudFUND the 4abled" - 1Clerk 9 3 8 and - of 0 0 the 1are 1 5 County / so 0 0 0cer0 1 each Unallocated Insurance LLP Attorney(s) for Plaintiff 28 a Suite on 2/6/2019. Office: Greene lenville, NY Dr, Ancram, NY12463. 12502. Purpose: week may the be& more or less than2019-2020 stated in item 11 Any lawful New York 10013. PurSchool District and GIVEN that annual copy that is posted on C. CATSKILL PUBLIC tified by the Greene other business as may 5:00 p.m., prevailing Knapp, Lefkowitz Hertzel, them, or either of them, and FOR SCHOOL $1,015,002 BY ORDER OF Permits(s) being Modified: 1 154,500 Municipal Association East Main Street, Suite 1700 son, NY 12534 on or of Greene, wherein depending on weather and crop conditions. Workers not County. SSNY designated as Purpose: Purpose: Any Any lawful Lawful Rochester, LLP, 200 John Audubon their respective widows, YEAR The Board of Education THE BOARD TRUSTEES Article 17 Titles 7 & 8 Mu- required Dues $ 2,750 Contingent Ac14614-1990 Tel. pose/Character or NY activities. Latof after meeting ofJames the qualithe Town Clerk's bulleLIBRARY BUDGET County Board ofSERElecCatskill Public Library. properly come before Eachwives, petition LOAN April 1,OF2019 dur- OCWEN agent for process & shall mail acts toSuite work extra hours offered. $13.25 hr. orany time. purpose. Purpose. Parkway, 202, Amherst, husbands, heirsto at reserves the rightper to reject VINCENT J. SEELEY, PRESIcount $ 10,000 IS PUBLIC SAFE- ing nicipal - Surface Dis585/760-8218 For located sale informato: 369 Main Street Catskill NY est whichat business: AnyHEREBY lawful tin date boardupon NOTICE FORnormal 2019-2020 FIS- VICING, tions SPDES willLLC receive ab- applicable fied voters the Ta- the pursuant must be widowers, directed is the business pieceofrate. Applicants tomeeting apply contact CT NY 14228 Attorney (s) for law, next of kin, descendants, or all bidsOr andapply waivefor anythe inforTY Police, Services andperExDENT charge Project is located: in Department tion, please visit at business 12414. Purpose: any lawful of Labor atPlain860-2636020. is to dissolve: No purpose the Town Hall. If any FURTHER GIVEN, that CAL YEAR Shall the sentee ballots by mail. conic Hills Central to the Education Law the District Clerk, must Plaintiff and VINITA E. hours. Information is Hettos, LLC. Filed with LLC tiff (s). Pursuant to a Judgment malities or defect in such bid. executors; administrators, deviJEWETT in GREENE COUNTY job at the nearest local office of the SWA. Job order penses $1,275,860 Parking, or call (800) date. under the stateNew$ also questions or March concerns a copy of Expenses the sum Notice ofavailable $801,928, sepAbsentee ballots School District will enbe of thebidsState of New signed at least Blue Lapis LLC, Art.of of specific ET AL. are at MATTHEW, sees, legatees,by creditors, trustof Foreclosure and Sale Sealed will be received in be Project Description: Themust New #215191. Services and Legal Catskill Self Stor280-2832 Dated: 20, mitted SSNY on 2/6/2019. LB FERMENTS LLC, ArticlesOfYork Limited Liability tered April 1,Tuesday, 2019, will sell ees, committees, lienors and the District Office Greenville arise in regards to the ment of the amount of arate and apart from be Defendant(s). received in the Of- Employee held onmust May York. twenty-five (25) qualiOrg. filed with SSNY York State Department 17,000 Fire Department, Serage, Inc. operator’s sale for 2019 the I,of Envithe w w w. h u d s o n h o u s i n Org. with the SSNY on Notice of Formation of fice:filedGreene County. be Iable to at plant, cultivate, weed of and harpublic auction to theofhighest assigns, all of whom Central until: DATE: Fri- fied non-payment of storage charg- undersigned vices and Expenses 187,500 ronmental Conservation (DEC) Law. $ will This report, please make us Company money which be the Catskill Central fice of the Board Clerk vest 21, between the AND FURTHER NOvoters or and 2%whose of on 2/1/19. loc.: Referee 4/2/19. Office loc:Off. Greene a2019 large variety vegetable, fruit School and flower crops. SSNY designated as Limited Liability Comday, June 3, 2019 TIME: 10:00 bidder at Columbia County names, except as stated, are Safety Inspection, Services and is proposing renewal De- Applicants es pursuantDistrict to the power ofacsale will LEGAL NOTICE have a9:00 general knowledge of vegetable County. SSNY has been desigis made aware and we will try notification required for School School budget, not than and 3:30 hours of should noon andStreet, TICE IS HEREBY GIVthe voters in the Thomas previColumbia Co. SSNY selllater ata public aucProposals will be agent for process & a.m. Specifications and bid Courthouse, 401 Union unknown to plaintiff; Expenses $ 52,400 HEALTH contained in NYS CLS 182. The partment Initiated Modification Ashley Brennan., you are herepany (LLC). plant propagation and that greenhouse maintenated as agent uponas whomagent proto Section offer solution. pursuant District for the and P.M. the day of the production, p.m., prevailing in beEN a copy ofonthe annual designated aton the GREENE up support towilland no forms obtained the ous Hudson, NYpropagation. 12534 ontime, June 18, Scaglione, potentialelection, son, as heir shall mail the to: LLC 369may Main Public Health,purposes Services and durEx- cepted following property be sold at tion to the State Pollutant Discharge bytonotified that a the Columbia and Must able may to liftbeup to 50 lbs. Wolcott & Car-E. 206 cess against be Name: the Limited Li- later ThankDepartment you. Richard ing ofthe ensuing year maintenance of May the COUNTY Election and Vote, May nance the Commustatement of the whichever greater, upon whom process COURTthan 3pm, May 1, District’s website www.green2019beVeterans atrequired 12:00 PM. Premises to the estate ofis Frederick Scapublic auction on Friday, Elimination System (SPDES) penses $ 50 Registrar of Vital County of Social May to operate machinery and do various other Street Catskill NY roll, served. SSNY shall mail proLLC Articles of ville or at the Business glione a/k/a Frederick Scaknown as 156 Hover Avenue Tompkins, Su- ability (the Company Budget), as Catskill Library 21, 2019. A list of all nity work. Room of farm the maintenance, Ta- amount of the District R. and may bePurpose: served & any shall Services 17, 2019at at Public 1:30 p.m. on the HOUSE, Permit NY0241075, pursuant to field Statistics, Services Law. and preEx- 2019, has filedTown a Petition General brush of clearingmoney and 320 MAIN the HHA's cess to: 150 Water St., Catskill, 12414. Organization filed with glione a/k/a Fred Scaglione, Office, Greenville Central a/k/a 162 Hover Avenue, Gerchain saw operation could be required on a regular basis. 2 premises of Catskill Self Stor6 NYCRR Part 750-1.18, and penses $ 25 TRANSPORTAagainst you, dated April 11, for calendar 2020 and STREET, persons to CATSKILL, whom ab- conic pared by the Board of main Hills Central which will be required must state the name mail proc.: Any 28Lawful Re- pervisor NY 12414. Purpose: office or via email lawful of PUBLIC mantown, New Yorkin12526. Sec duties Adam residence Scaglione, potential son, School, 4982 SR 81, Greenexperience the above listed is preferred. NOTICE 750-1.19, theballots Priority Ranking TION Dept. of Public Works, age, Inc. at Rt. 23 Cauter2019, allegingof thatState you abanPurpose. Education, may be ob- as that the necessary tax NY sentee shall School, Craryville, New to fund the School Dis- and of the ynolds Rd., Kinde- Secretary 12414, on May 22, months indicated in and detailed ville, NY 12083. Robyn Bhend 149. Block 1 Lot as heir to the estate of Frederick System known as New York Services and Expenses $ skill Road in Leeds, New York doned the child (SSNY) Ayden M. The New York on NOTICE OF FORMAtained by any resident be levied to pay the have been issued will York, at which time the trict's budget for the candidate. A copy of LB FERMENTS LLC, relief rhook, NY 12106. 2019 at 9:15 AM, project description. NOTICE is hereby givBusiness Official Dated: May 63. All that piece or parcel of Scaglione a/k/a Frederick R. State's Environmental 866,850OF Street $ 12451. Catskill Self Storage, being is a finding of TION SUPREME COURT - COUNTY March 8,sought 2019. Office MILLER FARMS, SUFFIELD, such CT needs 7 temporary A Lighting LIMITED same. For detailed Li- premises be available for in- 415 of theECONOMIC District during HHA polls willGeneral be improvements opened to workers 2019-2020 petition may Scabe Articles of lawful Org.ROF filed Purp.: any purp. 14, 2019 5/1/2019 toschool land, with the Scaglione a/k/a supplies, Fred known as (EB43 is an OpBenefit Permit Strategy 95,000 ASSISInc. reserves theEqual right to cancel en that a license, num- LIABILITY abandonment of the child Help OF COLUMBIA U.S. III location: 12/7/2019, work tools, Greene glione, et al.,atHousing thereon, in theby Town of equipment budget informaspection to qualified the fourteen days portunity bysituate voting mayear, exclusive pub-costobtained the Office with TITLE the TRUST SSNY on Ayden abrary sale at any time for any TANCE ServicesCOMPANY and(14) Expenses PS). This modification has also vote and terminationHas of HILL ROAD, Employer un- HIGH provided of without to worker. will ber M.,"Pending" LEGAL 2015-1, County. SSNY Desig- (LLC) Pursuant to a NOTICE OF PUBLIC Germantown, Columreason. Auctioneers: Ber- ATHENS, $immediately 26,700 CULTUREpreceding AND REC- der been reviewed under the Moyour parental rights.for Personal available without cost workers cannot tionthecontact theCol. library voters of the District at chine and County ballotofon the be lic monies, may beHEARob- toofDefendant(s). District who Clerk during 4/2/19. loc: BY U.S. BANKOffice NATIONAL ASNY 12015: direction of the been applied by the NOTICE OF ORbia, State of New York. ApproxiING Village of Kinderhook ZonJudgment of Foreclosure and of LLC REATION Parks, Services nie Leis Customer Name Unitr # , hawk River Source Water Pro- AIDE name of the LLCand is U.S. service ofas thisAgent petition upon you, The reasonably return to their permanent residence at the end NEEDED for general SOCIATION, AS LEGALSSNY TITLE nated d i r e c t o the Office of the Board the Annual Meeting, following items: tained by any taxpayer regular school hours. Greene County. Section 103, Block 6, Dept of HUD and undersigned to sell mate Amount of Judgment is ing Board of Appeals PLEASE Sale, duly entered 4/9/2019, GANIZATION OF Expenses $ 70,000 HOME AND Description of Goods Brittney tection Program. The facility re- housekeeping and shopAshley Brennan, hasprocess not been 12th of the work day. Transportation reimbursement and sub- I, upon whom Street Capital, TRUSTEE, Plaintiff against 518-943-4230. Clerk during regularusers of- ping commencingSERVICES Thurs- encourages 1. To adopt the annual in the during petition shall dehas been designated 11:flow 3 Lot Beer, Wine Liquor $218,665.15 interest and sistence TAKE NOTICE that there willcompletion be The the undersigned will COMMUNITY Hyer 0347 Chair,Section Couch, Misceives from domestic is District provided upon of 15 daysReferee, or 50% attempted atityourand last known LIMITED LIABILITY in the plus Hudson area MARK A. MCCARTY; CAN- against may be LLC. Articles of Orday, May 2, 2019, ex- and NOTICE IS FURTHER ficehas hours, to with budget of the Taconic the days imatfor least the asCOMPANY agent upon whom costs.a vehicle. Premises willtimes be sold a public hearing held before theis scribe sell at public auction, at the CoTHAT CERTAIN Minority and ALL of the fourteen work contract. Work guaranteed 3/4 of the Planning $ 4,000 Cemetery, and a design8:00 flow ofAM 0.3259 cellaneous Christine Rodriguez address of SSNY 5612 at retail underWassman the Al- ganization 2-3 a DACE MCCARTY, et al served. shall filed with lumbia County Courthouse, subject 6-9 to provisions ofCall filed workdays Village of Kinderhook duringpreceding theZoning contract period. not401 cept Saturdays, SunGIVEN, that the District 3:00 The PM, until the day week, Hills Central mediately length of Workers the term of Services and Expenses $ Women's mgd. facility discharges 1108 Miscellaneous, HouseRoad, Knoxville, Tennessee, process hours. School PIECE OR PARBusiness En- PLOT, Defendant(s). Pursuant a of mail coholic Beverage Con- Secretary FIRST:Theagainst nametothe copy of process of State of terprises Union $13.25 Street,contain Hudson, NY Judgment Index Board ofto Appeals at the Kinderwork extra hours per hr. or 14,000 BENEtreated wastewater Outfall (646)770-6166. hold William E. Smith due to a returned from that has goods walk-in reg- CEL of the Annual day orEMPLOYEE holidays, during District for No the17-11845. fiscal required the Annual Meeting ex- offered. office and the Judgment of Foreclosure and LLC may be served. OF LAND,viaDistrict WITH to voter submit trol Law atmailed 562 SHEPthe Limited Liability applicable piece rate. Applicants to apply contact CT hook Village Hall, 6 Chatham 12534, on 6/10/2019 at 10:00 For sale information, please to: The LLC, 231 Main 001 to the Schoharie Creek, a 1617 Motorcycle, Bike, boxes FITS State Retirement $ address. All efforts and further New York (SSNY) on Sale entered on December 3, istration and any per- THE Election & Vote. AND AIRLINE regular school hours proposals. year 2019-20 and to Department cept name of the inSSNY shall mail proBUILDINGS ARD HILL ROAD ROX- 107,615 of LaborNew atSun860-263-6020. Or apply for the Street, Saturdays, Kinderhook, York am, premises knownlast as 65 High visit or call CAREERS Start Company is ELIZAclass C(TS) water. The sewage attempts at personal Street, P.O. Box service 192, 2018. I,to: the undersigned 2, 2019. 8:00 A.M. toRetirement 4:00New P.M., son canOF register to I M BYP RTHE authorize theKenneth requisite days or nearest holidays, at state cess 150 WaterReferSt., the of the Chatham, SWA.must JobNYorder Osystem V EORDER Mconsists E N T OF Sof Here on at Tuesday, May 28,local 2019office at cumbent, Street, 12037, (800)-Get 280-2832. Es- job BURY NY 12474 for April trained as FAA collection Fire and Police $ VILLAGE CHATHAM being impracticable, the HonoreeBETH will sell atHOUSE public auctionLLC at New Baltimore, New location: Work will the include notdescribed limited as to)and planting, vote with theMEETING School THEREON THE BOARD OF EDUat theoffice Office the Suportion therefore to be #215182. District school buildname resirick, Esq.,Aviation Referee 16-14795 7:00 PM to consider follow-(butthe and follows: Catskill, able ERECTED, separate sewers. Treatment in- certified 182,809 Social of Security $ PLANNING BOARD D. Nichols, On Jonathan Premises Con- York Technithe Lobby ofNY thereferred Columbia (hereinafter York Purpose: fertilizer, cultivating, harvesting, hanging Island Drive,$ 14,700 Townof SUPREME ing proposed application. Athe Ar- hoeing, ALL that certain plot, piece or COURT - SITUATE, 145,200 Medicare COLUMBIA COUNTY, cludes: screening, grit removal, District from 8:00NEW AM CATION OF THE cian. perintendent raised by aid taxation on applying ings between dence of each signer, Judge of12124. the Columbia County 239 Purpose: Any 401 Lawful LYING, AND Financial for qualiCounty Courthouse, Union sumption. as the "Company") tobacco properly spaced at heights of 20 feet. Taking lawful purpose. ea Variance for a Garage locatNOTICE OF PUBLIC AUCTION parcel of land, with the buildings Copake, County of$ COUNTY Workmen’s Compensation YORK The Planning Board of BEING comminutor, clarifiers, fied Family order dated on of OF Street, Hudson, N.Y. on the any Schools, 343 West to 3:00 PMCOLUMMonday CATSKILL the taxable hours of packing 8:00 a.m. and and must state the Purpose. students. Jobproperty placeIN primary THECENTRAL TOWN THECourt, byFARMHOUSE tobacco. to set, operate SECOND:The ed at and 1 Church Street, Kinder- Being The City of Hudson, New York, down and able improvements thereon 68,125 Unemployment Insurthe Village ofFriday Chathamon willdays hold activated sludge, secondary ment May 3, 2019, has authorized Columbia and Catskill, the BIA 29th day of May, 2019 Articles at 1:00 Public assistance. Call AIM Main Street, through SCHOOL DISTRICT on the District. 4:00 p.m., prevailing name and residence of and repair farm machinery and farm buildings. Drive bus OF ATHENS, AND CATERERS, LLC Hearing hook, NY Lot # 43.20-2-58. The shall sell at public auction in the erected, situate, lying and being of premises Organization of folthe that personal service of this pe- State a meeting on Monday, MayTI20, clarifiers, high rate sand filtra- for free information 866ance $ 1,000 Disability Insur- U.S. p.m. described given as of Newat York. Notice is hereby transport workers and from field. Notof Chatham, all workers ROF LEGAL when theIIIPM District Judychlorination, Kusminsky New$ 6,000 York, each 2019 To Council elect Chambers two (2) time and also for attoinspecsaid the candidate. OF GREENE plans are available Common of to in the Village Town 562will be SHEPARD HILL County's Coat 7:30 at the OfficTracy COUNTY ance Hospital & tion, and dichlori- 2. tition effected on you by SSNY Company lows: Allan thatorder tractwere or entered parcelfiled of Greene required to drive. Workers that are requested to drive will has been desigthat 296-7094 TRUST 2015-1, tion at theElection. Kinderhook A Village the Hudson City War- District of Ghent, County of Columbia schoolInsurance building and at TLE es are open, at Main the AND BoardSTATE Clerk isOF of Hall, the520 Board re- AND FURTHER NONEW Memorial Village Hall, 77 Medical $ 837,300 nation. Sludge primary and members publication notice at least ROAD of thisTransportaland, situate, and being in of ordination be require to possess appropriate license. No one will be thelying Secretary agent of SERLLC BY bywith the Supreme Court, ren Street, Hudson, two New York Hall, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.that to 1 does andnot State ofHEREBY New aYork, Section U.S. BANK NA- YORK Street, Chatham, NY Patricia LOSAP $ free 60,700 DEBT secondary sludge with scum of once per week in each of four nated each as association Board Clerk's Office, Education: (2) rejected port offortax TICE IS GIVthe Town of New Lebanon, Cotheexemptions, position possess driver's ROXBURY NY 12474 tion Plan Draft State on April 16, 12534, on the 10th day of June p.m. and Wednesdays 5-7 p.m. 66.10, Block 3 and Lot 43. whomandlibrary process B DRIVER, experiColumbia on Monday, DeLong, Deputy Clerk Street, Village Premises which is pressed and to CLASS VICE Interest $in TIONAL successive May weeks.6,You are upon ASSOCIAlumbia County,County, State of New Mosthow of themuch time work performed outside some343 West Main and Principle public members for five (5) license. showing of isEN, that pursuant toThe a willOF behauled sold NOTICE OR2019, 2019. 2019, at 3:00 o’clockBenefits in the af- times If, a sign language interpreter, approximate amount of the curof Chatham Dated: May 8, 2019 a landfill. DEC proposes to in- ence 134,714 GRAND GENpreferred. hereby summoned to appear against it TOTAL may be TION, the 22ndpremises day ofA p r iasl , 5:00 under hot or cold conditions. Work is very physically York. Said known AS LEGAL TICatskill, New York, unthe District. The Budyear terms, commencthe total assessed valrule adopted by theis subject to provisions GANIZATION OF PM ternoon, the premises located rent Judgment lien assistive listening system, or Ghent Associates LLC, THIRD: The County ERAL FUND APPROPRIAcorporate the following changbefore the Honorable Jonathan EOE, F/T, P/T. Please call demanding requiring workers to bend, stoop, lift, and carry 954 US bearing Route 20,Index New Lebaserved. post of- TLE 2019, TRUSTEE, get $4,720,798 andThe attachments til May 2019Plaintiff for the ofes ing July 1, Hudson, 2019 up ue final assessBoard of experience Education in at 427on Warren Street, $157,506.32 plus interest any other accommodation will filed Judgment In- 518-325-3331 LIMITED LIABILITY County BuildTOWN OF8,GHENT PUBLIC TIONS into the permit: Total residual D.Arts Nichols, Columtoon 50 the lbs. on a frequent basis. 1 month re-and ofJudge Org.of the filed with fice within the14288-19, State of New non, N.Y. 12125. (Section: 18,a Greene address toESTIMATwhich Number New York, bearingontaxJune map quired costs. The Premises will be be required tolisted. facilitate your accordance AnnualPLEASE Meeting on dex will also be available expiring ment rolls used with NOTICE TAKE NO# limit 861-2016. Max chlorine was updated; Lim- and ED REVENUES Greene Coun- against forroll workor bia County Family Court, 401 COMPANY ing Block: 1, in Lot:which 15.2). ApproxiSec. of State of NY York the ofSSNY shall a$ MARK copy amount of whichof may be number 109.52-3-35. The mini- in sold subject to 2008 provisions ofthe the participation in this public prohear- §2035 A.the MCCARTY; tyon Payment in Lieu of mail Taxes TICE that regular Ghent Zacker, its for Esq. temperature was UnionMain Street,Street, Hudson,CatsNew the May 21, 2019. the District's web30, 2024, to succeed that budgetary and of mate lien $ Referee. FIRST:The name of 411 (SSNY) 3/25/2019. Cty: JOB OPPORTUNITY $18 fice of the is York, 12534 on June 11, 2019 at copy Carrier Judgment looking forof CDL-A mum bid shall be $300,000.00. ing please the Village aforesaid ForecloofTheany process examined at Company the office 12,506 Housing Pay- CANDACE Town meeting on May changed to monitor; Reporting MCCARTY, 203,038.57 plus interest and kill, site. Federal real property Any Board person shall be RAS Nadine cess is contact exempt from Bulk Education Law, any Boriskin, LLC 900 theammonia Limited NY on modern * Gazzola $15ofP/H LIand * SSNY de- against sure Will and train Sale; Index # TheNYC conveyance the subject Clerk at 518-758-9882 or okvil- Drivers. is Greene. willto begin at 7:30 p.m. for has beenLiability changed P/H ment in exemption Lieu Taxes $ 13,000 1 Columbia. p.m. Your failure to appear betheof LLC served oflocated thePremises clerk, located at 4th costs. will be sold et16, al2019 Defendant(s). entitled have his/her tax report William Arp, whose taxation, shall be anreferenda or proposiSpecialized Equipment. Local Merchants Concourse, Company is HV FLAG, Floor, Room 427 $14.50 P/H UPSTATE NY lagehall@villageofkinderhook. 10437/2016. premises shall be subject to the Professional sig. as onagent upon upon FOURTH: The Street, instead of 7:00 p.m. at the from (as NH3) to (as N); MoniInterest him/her and Penalties on12th Real fore the Court June 11, 2019 subject to provisions ofSecrefiled is: positions Buffalo to Elmira. 560 Warren to Judgwill beTaxes annexed toUtiliany Pursuant nameTown placed the Suite June nexed to inthe budget tions toGuterman, amend the org one week advance of the Excellent Theodore II, Esq., terms andexpire conditions of ayour Pen- 435 you currently careon for LLC for310, (hereinafter re- If terms Coordinated Ghent Hall,aupon Route 66, Property $ 30,000 toring soluble Westbury, reactive phos& Technical atwhom 1 p.m. will result in a against default process judgment terms sale. In- The Pay/Benefits. Email for tary ofandState been Street LLC;$ ment Hudson, Newofhas York of York. Foreclosure alty Note andand Mortgage in the document. public hearing. All persons in- application: Referee. otherwise to register provided that New tentative/preliminary 30, 2019; one who twobudget, or friends Ghent, New Dated: May ties GrossCapital, Receipts Tax phorus, total kjeldahl judgment being entered against 11590, At- relatives ferredYork to as the nitrogen "ComPlan dex No. 11297-17. Margaret E. Transportation may be served & shall designated as agent Duane terested are invited to attend. amount of $100,000.00 in the The Forsubmitted sale information, please grants me the rightMcto draft call Sales/Michelle enteredRadley on 9, 2019 63,000 Franchise Tax Street, Revenue as N, Nitrate, Nitrite as N, and have Medicaid or Medicare, you, and granting the above­ 166 budget as well as the and he/she personally ap- torneys year unexpired term election and bud- be for orvoting Donnelly, Esq., Referee. for Plaintiff. pany") for to Greene mail process 21 upon whom process Central School 888-339-2900 x12 Dated: Tuesday May 14, event is not de- Beekmantown at www.AucNew$ 500 York, assume the name of County Ghent Clerk $final 45,0002B, Clerk Fees Po- December nitrogen as N was added; you referenced relief requested by Suite maythe beproperty: eligible (a) toon 3, is 2018. Calla Raymer Leibert Pierce, pearsTown and known or total adopted budget commencing or District get vote shall be 2019 by atvisit said election, must seeks the following for SECOND:The Articles is available for veloped for a commercial use, or call (800) 280-2832 s/Kristina Berger Secretary Konig Rd., Ghent, NY against the Company will be conducted start lice $ 700 Catskill the Columbia County Depart- New York 10013. Pur- a I, proven LLC Attorney(s) Christopher for Plaintiff 420 Damien working for them as a 9/1/19: the undersigned Ref- Sampling to the satisfacof Fees which itTown willof form about May 2019 machine or absentee be filed with Disof Organization the personal as evidenced by a21, certificate of French SHELDON MAY &the ASSOCIreview and 12075.General Pur- pose/Character SHADOW 66, LLC. Arts. of Org. quarterly for a two-yearof period; Fire Protection $ 191,203 Parkmay be served. The public ment of Social Services. FAMILexington Avenue -city Suite and 840 Teacher - MS assistant. No Cerof eree Melber. The will sell atSSNY public part; and shall be posttion of the Board Clerk and expiring on June ballot. The hours durtrict Clerk of the Board ATES Attorneys at Law, 255 occupancy, within three (3) NOTICE OF SALE Company were filed comment. It is filed with the on Low priority ing Meter Fees $ 47,000 Zoning LY COURT THE STATE OF WINDHAM FALLS RESchool Counselor New York, N.Y. 10170 (347) pose. post of office tificates needed. business: Any Earnings lawful state myaddress presentto available Road, Rockville Centre, years of the conveyance of title, Elementary SUPREME COURT atOffice: theorLobby of ALTY to be then thereafter ed $on District bulletin auction 30, 2021 to (347)462succeed ing which the- COUNTY polls ofMerrick Education at the TaTeacher 04/19/19. Columbia mercury minimization requireFees 3,000 Interest NEW YORK COUNTY with LLC the Secretary 286-7409 on OF COthe business Articles ofof 2610 which the are Secretary (347)565-6200 NY 11570 or; (b) all or a portion of the OF COLUMBIA purpose perThese are tenure track positions address Newof Greene Columbia County. SSNY as Org. $board(s) 4,000 Towermaintained Rental $ 20,270 ments were and, ShortIn the Matter of TranAyden for the entitled to designated voteCounty at the Costa. shall be kept benefits. open conic Hills Central Statefiled onadded; 20, Joseph County NYMarch Sec. of State OFshall mail the pro- LUMBIA health Investors, & retirement Dated: 4/23/2019 File Number: property is sold within three (3) with MTGLQ L.P. Madass Management the$as New agent of the LLC upon whom Licenses and Permits 39,225 term high intensity monitoring 3. Lebanon, Mowris Child under the Age of mitted NOTICE SALENY SUPREME 401 Union public under notices, well Courthouse, School District Election Purchase ofgarbage School shall be from to School District on or Salary range $47,230 -noon $52,830 2019. sit's website, greeneState (SSNY) 3/29/19. 30483 PB years of the conveyance of title. Plaintiff, Against Unknown heirs cess is 436 CommerLABORER FOR process against it may be Fines and Forfeited Bail $ for total phenolics was added. Eighteen Alleged to be Aban8 LLC Arts of Org. filed C O U RT C O U N T Y O F York Limited Liability month and year of my ApplicaStreet, Hudson, N.Y.of Office and Budget as the District's webBuses: full time w/bene- (based 9:00on experience). p.m. prevailing before April 18, 2019 THIRD: County inThe Greene Co. served. SSNY shallVote. mail copyNo 110,000 Sale of PropertyThis and As a result of the EBPS full company, doned Ashleyof Brennan cial Street, ProvinceGREENE, LAKE tion & details available at with bySec. StateRe--of Company Law. birth areGREEN November, on theto the 29th day of SSNY site. person shall be entitled time or for as long at 5:00PM prevailing within the State of New Home page. The docuprocess LLC, 609 Warren Compensation for Losses $ technical review, a new fivefits. EOE. Call 518-325spondent. FF No: 8244 ORDER Deadline design. Agent of HOMESTEAD INC., Plaintiff, town, MA, 02657. NY (SSNY) 9/18/2018. notification made May, 2010; the place of LLC, my ment 2019 atNY1:00 p.m. 5/3/19. to vote whose name NOTICE ISis Revenues HEREBY Street, Hudson, 12534. Pur- LLC 10,500 Unclassified year The perTO ALLOW FOR ALTERNAvs.FIFTH: NYMD GREEN Yorkterm inis proposed. which of- 3331. is also available upon whomthe proThe LAKE, Company Cty:SERVICE Greene. SSNY de- pursuant toGIVEN, Section birth is Troy, NY; my for $FURTHER 10,000 Transfer from Cemepose: lawful purpose.either mit includes updated forms andis described as cess TIVE UPON reading that premises doesAnynot appear ET AL., Defendant(s). Pursuant fice of the Company review during normay be served. is organized for all lawsig. as Affirmation agent of upon of Funds the $ items Limited the latest general conditions. tery 150 State the attorney Jes- 206 present is Referee Dami- mal to an Order name Confirming that tract or SSNY on theAllregister of this theTrust following will follows: located is Columbia. hours at Liability shall mailare copy purposes, and to do sica Details of changes speciAid, Revenue Sharing $ 40,037 parcel NOTICEof OF COMPLETION OF Keenan, Esq., Senior whom process against Report and Judgment of MasForeCompany enful Christopher land, situate, District or on the apbe presented to the FOURTH: The Secre311 West Bridge St., of process topermit Theand LLC State Aid, Mortgage Tax $ fied in the draft fact TENTATIVE ASSESSMENT Assistant Social Services any and all duly things closure and Sale filed necon may be served &Attorshall Law. trangelo. lying and being in the qualified voters of the propriate election distary of State has been 31,600 State Aid, Court Facilisheet which may be viewed ROLL & GRIEVANCE INCatskill, NY 12414. ney for the Columbia County 4 Canaan Circle South April 9, 2019, I, the undersignedor mail process to 8 N. essary, convenient, Town ofregister New(Pursuant Lebanon, trict of the Catskill Central School and printed from the DEC web ties $ 1,500 State Aid, Police FORMATION to Department of Social Services, Referee will sell at public aucdesignated as agent The public hearing is Salem, NY 10590. Purincidental to that purTOWN OF NEW BALNotice of Formation of dated Franklin St., a Athens, site at: Grants $ 10,000 State Aid, Columbia SECTION & 526 Real April6, 11,2019 2019, copy of County, tion at the Greene County on District at the Catskill Greene 506 County Board upon whom process May at 5:00 Any lawful acpose. ZONING 1580 ANCRAM LLC NY 12015. General permits/6054.html. Availability CHIPS $ 85,000 State Aid, DWI State Property Tax Law) NOTICE is pose: which is annexed hereto, IT IS TIMORE, Courthouse, 320 Main Street, of New York. of Elections. Senior High School against the Documents: Company PM at which time any tivity. Dated: April 17, 2019 BOARD OF APPEALS. Arts. of Org. filed with of Application $ 10,000 State AidOther $ -0hereby given that the Assessor ORDERED to allow the ColumPurpose. Catskill, NY on June 7, 2019 at Said premises known The register of voters Gymnasium on Tuesmay application be served. The Filed documents, TOTAL REVENUES of the Town of Cairo, County of bia Countycomments Department of will So- Notice FREEMAN is hereby OTHER given as Secy. StateHOWARD, of NY 9:30 a.m.,ofpremises known as public Route day, REAL May 21,TAXES 2019, so954 prepared shall be and draft permitsto THAN ESTATE Greene hasUS completed the 20, TenpostDepartment office address cial received. Services, as provided in that 605 Green Lake Catskill, be P.C. there will be a$ New (SSNY) on Road, 03/14/19. CATSKILL CENTRAL Lebanon, N.Y. filedAssessment in theRoll Board when Hearing the will be tative where are availableof 778,191 Real polls Estatebefore Taxes for the FCA § 1036( to effect to service New 12414 and 609 If whichapplicable, the Secretary you ared),unable at- Public 441York, East Allen Street Office location: ColumDISTRICT for inspection normal $3,942,607 TOTAL ESTIMAT-to 12125. current yearoffice and thatand a copyshall has onSCHOOL Ashley Brennan with the Green Lake Road, Catskill, NY tend, open from Clerk's State shallduring mail procomments todated be the P.O. County. Box 1328 Town of 1:00 New p.m. Balti- (Section: bia SSNY business hours at the address been filed with the Cairo Town ED REVENUES $4,720,798 Abandonment Petition, 12414. All that certain plot, 343 West Main Street 18, Block: 1, be open for inspection 9:00 p.m. for the purcess is 261 West 22nd considered should be Hudson, more Zoning Board of designated asNew agent of April of the contact person. To enClerk, at Cairo Town Hall, where Tax Rate Per Thousand $23.96 11, 2019, via publication in piece or parcel of land, with York the Catskill, in New York Lot: 15.2). qualified voter sure pose FUND of voting, by votStreet, writing to Appeals itby mayany be seen and examined WATER LEGISLATIVE $ timely Apt. service 31, at the New time the Hudson Register Star and 12534 buildings and improvements 7:30 p.m., LLC upon whom pro- submitted 12414 Approximate amount ing machine: of the District on by any interested person until 11,000 SPECIAL ITEMS $ of inspection, it is recommendYork, NY 10011 The Knoxville News Sentinel, to May 1, 2019, at the Manager, 311 thereon erected, situate, cess against it maylying be Mobility OFSt., PUBLIC lien Day. $ 203,038.57 weekdays between the ed A. BOARD Grievance Notice is here205,500 HOME ANDMEMBER COMMU- of that anThe appointment beNOTICE published once a week for Town Apartment for Rentbe and being in SSNY the Town ofshall Ath- West FIFTH: Company Bridge CatsHall, Water 3809 served. Notice HEARING ON BUDmade with theColumbia contact person. NITY SERVICES: Adby given, that the assessor will four consecutive weeks. Such plus interest and ens, Countyis ofhereby Greene given and kill, 295 County CANDIDATES hours of 8:00 AM and is organized for all lawNY 12414, referCounty Route 51, Hanmail process to Helene State Environmental Quality be in attendance the Tentaministration 65,965members Purifica- costs. service will be deemed legally State Neworder York, Section thatof an entered ence GET/ANNUAL MEET3:00 PM, withprevailing To elect $four ful purposes, and to do GCCTP. All renacroix, New York. Jaffe, 1080 Fifth Ave., Review 2(SEQR) Determination tion $ 376,500 Transmission tive Assessment Roll at the As- CAIRO, adequate service to obtain juris103.00, Block 4 and LotCourt, 33 and bdr mobile home, by the Supreme ING/BOARD OF EDUPremises will be sold to Distribution the Board ofof Educatime, on each512ofMain the quite any setting, and things necbe re- The Project is anallUnlisted and $ 212,500 Othsessor’s Office, over must the Respondent $775 a Action mo., Section 103.00, Block 4 and NY Lot sponses subject the subject Apt. 6B, County, NY, Columbia on diction CATION ELECto NY, provisions five days prior the rent and notconvenient, have a significant Cairo, for to a miniertion: Water Hearing – GAGAS $ will - 0 - EM&willsec., & Ref. a must,or Ashley Brennan. Dated: 5/3/19 Public essary, 30. Approximate amountAny of ceived on or before be ofStreet, 10128. Purpose: the 22nd day of April, TION/BUDGET VOTE filed and noimpact pets.845-706-8504 on the to environment. A mum of fourjudgment hours on theDistrict followAnnual School Seat 1:BENEFITS 3 year$ 313,235 term Hon. Jonathan Nichols Columjudgment is $1,385,671.03 plus 5:00 incidental that purPM on May 7, PLOYEE Use Variance Ap- + terms lawful activity. Declaration is on file. DEBT SERVICES 2019 bearing Index 2019. ing days: 3, 2019 BECounty IT RESOLVED, that the bia Family Court NOinterest and, costs. Premises of Friday sale. 1 month and$ 193,282 8 days Election and- May Vote and Negative pose. plication submitted by A coordinated review was not GRAND TOTAL WATER FUND 10am-2pm Wednesday May TICE OF ENTRY PLEASE willNumber be sold subject to provisions 13966-19, a the Board of Education Mobile21, Homes Index 11297-17. in theNo.polling place performed. (May 22, R 2019 through The And I #LLC, Dated: March 2019 comments are SEQR Lead AgenA P P R O PLLC I A to T I allow ONS 8, 2019 10am-2pm Saturday - 345 TAKE NOTICE that the within is Riversand of filedChing Judgment Index 17- Unless for Rent copy which may of the Central School Donnelly, during the Annual June 30, 2022) App of ofAuth. filed withbe made, FREEMAN HOWARD, this plan ESTIMATED REV- Margaret May 18, 2019E. 8am-12noon by cy None Designated an order entered In thewill officebe of a$1,377,982 0665. James A. Caruso, Esq., wedding/special examined at the office District of the Town of Esq., Referee. Seat 2: 3 year term School District Election appointment only Tuesday - TAGHKANIC, State ENUES venue Water Sales and Sec. of Schiller, State of NY considered the Clerk of the Famlly of events P.C. Historic Preservation Referee Knapp, final Court upon 2 BDR, Act no on propof the clerk, located at completion Catskill, Raymer Lei- smoking,. May 10am-noon (SHPA) Determination The Charges Water McCalla and 21, Vote.2019 (July 1,$1,330,920 2019 through the State of New of YorkGreene inthis the Lefkowitz &2/21/2019. Hertzel, LLP, Cty: 200 (SSNY) 441 East Allen Street no pets, $850 erty owned on the east$ bert & 6pm-8pm The Board of proposed activity is not subject Services to Other Gov’ts. 560 Warren Street, County, New York, County of Columbia John James Audubon Parkway, Pierce, LLC Juneof30,County 2022) Route NOTICE IS FURTHER plus Columbia. SSNY de- comment period. P.O.util. Boxain1328 mo., plus sec. Assessment Review will meet to review accordance with 25,130 Minor & OthSuite 202, Amherst, York Hudson, NY,Newupon grants hereby authorizes and side for Plaintiff SeatWest 3: $Sales 3Coxsackie, year term Attorney(s) GIVEN, that applicaCall 518-851-2389, sig. as agent Hudson, New 61, on Tuesday, May 28, 2019 be- dept. SHPA. The permit type isYork exer Receipts 2,500 Penalties ANNUAL VILLAGE MEETING 14228, Attorneys forto Plaintiff me the right assume directs the Board Clerk PUBLIC NOTICE 420 Lexington Avenue (July 2019 through tion for absentee bal518-965-6038. whom process against VILLAGE OF CATSKILL A pub- NY. 12534 on Water 1, Rents $ 18,250 Intertween the hours of 5:30pmempt or the activity is being reAll persons - Suite 840 the be name of & Billshall Hu- NOTICE givewill notice to the est OF FORMAJune 30, 2022) lots may be obtained 9:30pm, Cairo Town Hall, in Earnings $ 1,182 GRAND viewed in accordance with fedlictohearing be held on the may served REFEREE’S NOTICE OF wishing to be heard in ston. The city and TION qualified voters the TOTAL OF A andLIMITED York, N.Y. 10170 said hear and examine ESTIMATED REVE-+ New historic preservation regutentative budget, to of authoSeat or 4: 1 year term at town, the toOffice of the eral SALE INprocess FORECLOSURE mail to SUc/o LEGAL NOTICE OF opposition will Want to Rent all properly filed complaints in 395 N1U Emonth S WAT E R 8F Udays N D (347) lations. Coastal Management rize the assessment and of collecstate COURT of Cooperman, my present LIABILITY School District the favor PREME – COUNTY COMPANY 286-7409 and Board Clerk, 343 West Citrin PUBLIC have opportunity at the relation to assessments, on the $1,377,982 SEWER FUND This project is notHEARING, located in a tion of taxesPublic on Tuesday, May OF GREENE MIDFIRST address is Hudson NY; Annual Hearing (LLC) (May 22, 2019 through Main Street, Catskill, Attn: Plaintiff V. –Wlodinguer, BUDGET VOTE AND application of any person be- CATSKILL LEGISLATIVE $ 11,000 SPECoastal Management and and place stated 21, atBudget 6:00 p.m.,and at the BANK, against – ANY of The 1 bdr aptarea for 2 the Fifth month andTO year on2019 the the name of the LLC is time June 30, 2020) New York. Applica- ELECTION 529 Ave., 4th Fl., Catskill High School Auditori- above. UNKNOWN HEIRS THE seniors on the 1st floor (if Please Recycle my birth are June Annual Meeting includ12th Street Holdings, um, 341 W. Main Street. A copy Patrick Linger, Chair. ESTATE VAIKE POOLE, et NY, NYOF10017. General possible) (518)697-8060. 1965; the place District Election Articles Orofing said tentative budgetof is availal Defendant(s). Pursuantofto my a LLC. Purpose. able in the Office offollows: the Clerk of Judgment of Foreclosure and ganization birth is North Tarryand Vote, asfiled with the Village of Catskill whereof it Sale entered on March 2019. town, NY; my 5,present NOTICE OFState PUBLIC Notice of Formation of Secretary of may be York inspected by any BUDinterI,Limited the undersigned Referee will New name is William M. HEARING ON Liability Cor(SSNY) on sell at public auction at the front ested person during office Huston. (LLC): (Back- April GET/ANNUAL poration 1, 2019. MEETNew woods Trading Com- York office location:

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Tuesday, April 30th Dinner $12 Allen TAKE-OUTS ONLY 3:30pm-6:30pm Saturday, May 18th In Memory of Joel HalfApril Chicken only $8.00 Tuesday, 30th Dinner $12 Master Gardener available to answer any questions on plants PRE-ORDER Half Chicken 518-851-2439 only $8.00 Call or 828-6540 518-828-8775 CALLS DAY OF721-8173 EVENT NOON-530PM PRE-ORDER 518-851-2439 Mt. Pleasant Reformed Church Sacred HeartMt. Carmel Shrine CALLS DAY OF EVENT NOON-530PM 518-828-8775 Corner ofHeartCty. Rt.Ave. 31 Carmel &(Rte Church Road 442 Fairview 9),Shrine Hudson Sacred Mt. Greenport 442 Hudson, Fairview Lower Ave. (Rte 9), Hudson 5/11-5/18

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Fax 315.661.2520 Fax 315.661.2520 email: email:



at Greene County qualified, responsible shall be held on May 7, fits. EOE. Call 518-325- Walk-In Bathtub. Receive C M YApril, K 2019 up to $1500 off, including a Route 78 (Colgate bidder. The GCSWCD Gordon W. Bennett, 2019 at the same 3331. Saturday - Sunday, April 27-28, 2019 - B5 Place your classified ad onlineRoad) at: COLUMBIA -GREENE MEDIA bridge, located reserves the right to LAO Sole Assessor place and time for the HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE WORKER. New Place your 640 classified online at: ft. east ad of the in- reject any or all bids, adoption of the Reso- NYSDOT York State Dept. Of Transportation is hiring for permamonths)establishing Reliable High Home Care Helper Wanted lution thereof, the name and good and sufficient tersection Greenville Town Offic- to District, of Greene waive if anynecessary, informal- ORDER the nent employment. Applicants must have a CDL A or B NOTICE TO ALL ADVERTISERS day 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Private residence, pleasant en- Speed Fiber Optic Technoladdress of the bidder bond of indemnity of a County es in said town, to hear and therein, the Town Board Route 23C and ities and to se- TOWN and the Town with air brake endorsement and a clean personnel/drivvironment,OF exp. a plus, but not District; DURHAM cont ogy. Stream Videos, NOTICE TO ALL ADVERTISERS Open Monday-Friday 8 a.m. 5 p.m. record. Must be and willing to work nights, holidays and and the appropriate duly authorized surety and examine all comhereby further Greene County Route lect the Bid, the acBoard hereby further needed. Will train.518-828-2163 y. To ensure the best response to your ad, please take time to check that your ad is correct the first time it appears. If you see an error, please call immediately to have it changed. OF We can correctM anyEDIA errors the next day’s ing p aper. (except Sunday ESTABLISHMENT Hou C OLUMBIA -G REENE Music and More! inCall EarthB6 Tuesday, April 23, 2019 weekends. Must pass a pre-employment physical and contract title: "East company, equal to the plaints in relation to ORDERS that the 78, in East Jewett, ceptance of which, in ORDERS that a copy ene MediaReport is responsible for the error, will credit youresponse for the cost of the bytothecheck er rorthat on the of publication. However, the publishers arean responsible forcall one incorrect day and liability shall no tcorrect exceedany the portionintests. ofthethenextCompetitive EMERGENCY MEDIwages and random OTETA errors immediately. To we ensure the best to your ad,space pleaseoccupied take time yourfirst ad isdaycorrect the C first time it appears. If you see error, please immediately to only, have1-855-970-1623, it changed. We can errors day’s p aper. (except Sunday and link Today JOB OPPORTUNITY $18 Wednesday, May 15,benefits 2019 B5 sold olumbia -G reene M edia Kill Streambank Stabilfull amount of the Conassessments, on the Town Board met and New York, 12424. its judgment, will best of this ORDER, shall oak, are available. NYS is anshall EOE. error andMonday). is limited to the actual cost of istheresponsible first ad. for Thethe publishers not be you liableforfortheany adverthe tisement SERVICES 1-888-586-9798 P/H * $15However, P/HDISLI Media error, weshall credit space omitted occupiedforbyany thereason. er ror on the first CAL day of NYC publication. the *publishers are responsible for one incorrect day only, and liability no tInquire exceed at the518-622portion of 9312 the or indo ization If Columbia-Greene near CR78 tract,VILLAGE as security for will application of cost anyof said perheld a public hearing The work Street, consists of Commencing assure the efficient be posted on the offi- SDA/SDL 107 DOT Road, Cairo, NY. CERTIFIED HOM at tisement a The THE OF VALas River $14.50 P/H UPSTATE NY TRICT Town of Durham, space occupied by the error and is limited to the actual cost of the first ad. The publishers shall not be liable for any adver omitted for any reason. colle INQUIRIES: Mobile Homes pany) Articles of Or239 Island Drive, Town sma Bridge". the LOCAL faithful DEVELperfor- PUBLIC son restoration believing to hear all COURT persons inOF NOTICE the of himap- SUPREME performance of work. TownSAVING sign-board ENERGY NEW If you currently care your Cleaning item point in the center of a Greene ATIE 526 point being 15.00 feet PURSUANT to forNew County, is cial DR. MARK DAVEY Sma 345 for Rent quired to be paid to the said Experienced Carpenters that the rights of the purchaser thence North 52 degrees, one ganization were filed of Copake, County ofof 239 WINDOWS! Beautify your P.O. BOX 455 The GCSWCD will pany) mance on the self/herself to ag- PUBLIC terested inbeOF the proTHE STATE NEW The Hudson Housing proximately 800 linear Bids may held by SUPREME shall be published relatives orCOURT friends who Articles ofpart OrIsland Drive, Town Village of Valatie Street OPMENT OF NOTICE distant, abe bearProfessional York State Town sealed bidsLaw for and for y Fullthe time work. based enon PLATTSBURGH, NY Referee atand 285 on Main Street, Chain the place and of beginning, shall be assigned to for and a beOF ac- seeking home! Save onPay monthly with the Secretary of ganization Columbia the 12901 conduct a Pre Bid the toContractor of all Authority grieved. publication posed Emergency have STATE Medicaid or Medicare, YORK - COUNTY refeet channel, the GCSWCD pein official newspawere filed Copake, County of The 435 Housekeeping Service in get & Technical commonly referred to THE CORPORATION, OF NEW TAGHKANIC, Hudson Housing ing ofofGreene S stream 64A (HHA) degrees 00' Article §§209, Black Top12-A, in place. 2 BDR, no experience. Call/text 518-528Catskill, County, New containing two acres of land. Al- of quired by the plaintiff, and the (518) 561-0100 Ext. 211 ergy of bills the with Town NEW WINState of New State of New York. you may be eligible to Conference and York site with the covenants and containing procedures Medical Services disGREENE quests proposals from and will include excariod not to exceed sixper not Hudson. Will clean houses hom the Secretary of Columbia and the as River Street, said Plaintiff, - and COUNTY OF (HHA) 8644 from no 1800Remodel! pets, $850 e so that other piece of land situYork, 15 days the auc00" within East of ofan iron Authority 209-c 209-d1,400 the smoking,. Approximately m a i l : valid assignment thereof refiled YORK DOWS start working for them as a plus activ (SSNY) 01/03/2019. SSNY has been desigshowingon on May 10, State agreements contained fordate, contesting an astrictthe on the 16th day of GREENE or apartments. 10yrs exp. OCWEN LOAN SERcontractors forto LAWN vation and fill create ty (60) days from the less thana 10 days 5/10/-5/16 ated in said of Jewett, tion when said Referee’s of Town New York State of New York. util. mo.,(ten) plus sec. point being 17.69 feet with Referee, the provisions -againstproposals from A. Colarusso & Son, Inc., Quarry Division is seeking an stake embedded in quests Town Board of the US tons, type 6 Up to 18 months no interpersonal assistant. No Cer- dept. DEADLINE: 5/1/19 Text Mechanic. or call (518)697-9522. Office location: Greene nated as agent ofManual LLC SSNY County and State aforesaid deed willhas bealigned ready foravailable delivery. 2019 at 10:00 AM. At- (SSNY) in said is the April, at 7:30 pm VICING, LLC, CARE and SNOW asessment new stream date of2019 the for opening of OCWEN prior to the meeting of the judgment of foreclosure Call 518-851-2389, onProject 01/03/2019. been desigexperienced Heavy Equipment Must have IF Y distant, and on a bearLOAN SERcontractors LAWN PAUL J. KEELER, Town of Durham hereconcrete at com12.5mm. Mill/rebate START: 7/1/19 est. Restrictions apply 855LC. County. tificates needed. (347)462- 518-965-6038. bounded and described as fol- nated THIRD: The Referee is not reupon whom process and entered insofar tendance SSNY at the has site Office and location: Contract Drawat theas assessor's office at sale the Town Hall, 7309 VICING, need channel asSERVICES well as V. bids, the purpose and not more EOE/AAE Part blacktop time LLC, Site Worker position experience and knowledge with diesel engine, brake, Greene agent of LLC ing of for N and 66herein degrees Farm date SNOW Chief Fiscal for REMOVAL by all driveways mon of lands 338-5767. 2610the (347)565-6200 with 55 lows: Beginning atOfficer South west quired tojunction send any notice to the CARE Pastor: f/t; Nonprofit Christian Prote NORTH 6, LLC. as the same relate to such pur410 Medical Aides been designated as County. against it may be with Columbia County Nutrishowing is Mandatory ings. at the Greenville Town Route 81, East Durclutch, hydraulics and electrical systems and possess VINITA E. MATTHEW, at the whom Columbia construction of Apartrock of reviewing the bids than 20 days prior to SSNY has upon process 57' 48" West of an iron V. REMOVAL SERVICES Help Wanted the County of C o l u m ORDERS that pursuant and intersections. now or formerly of corner of the above described purchaser and if he neglects to Farm ings, /19. NOTICE church; conduct pastoral activi- own hand tools. Full-time position, chase by or assignment to 550 overtime as &needed. Services OFof SALE SUPREME tion program forFOR the Elderly. As- 410 Arts. Org. filed with agent LLC upon served. The52 post ofand ofContractors shall been Bid selection willpurbe against Offices. ham, NY, and Apartaat secET. AL. ment Complex, 41 at and log structures. and investigating the such date. LABORER garbage Stay in yourWant home longer designated as it may be stake recovered the Lot thence South degrees, call at the time and place speciVINITA E. MATTHEW, the Columbia bia for the sole now to the maps, plans and No escalation costs in ties; Master’s Deg. in Theology Commissa; running to Rent plaintiff shall be deemed includHelpOF Wanted COUNTY OF nty. COURT: sist with meal preparation, de- 395 Check the SSNY on project 04/04/19. EOE, Full Out BenefitsOur provided, including pension/profit 712 whom process against fice address to which meet at the site made to the lowest, Dated this 11th day of ond public hearing company, full time w/benewith American Standard NOTICE OF SALE North Second Street, Work items also inqualifications of BidBY ORDER THE fied to receive his deed, he will West 7 chains, 64 links to the wait! agent LLC upon served. The post ofLUNG CANCER? And Age or Related; Resume: Windcommon junction of ET. AL. ment Complex, 41 OXEN HILL FARM, LLC, EAST GRANBY, CT needs 7 pose of representing reports filed with the the bid. The Town and cleaning. Must have INDEX # 16-0108 Anthence from said therepoint ed in these terms of sale with livery, as GREENE sharing plan. Salary commensurate with experience. Office: Greene itat Poder, may be - County. served. the SSNY shall mail a fits. EOE. Call 518-325Walk-In Bathtub. Receive be charged with interest Lands of Amos Goodsell, Check Out Our Greene County qualified, responsible April, 2019 shall be held on May 7, NOTICE IS HEREBY Hudson, NY 12534. clude the installation of ders prior to awarding TOWN BOARD OF ham-Hensonville United Methtemporary workers 5/1/2019 to 12/1/2019, work tools, 60+? You And Your Family whom process against fice address to which valid NYS drivers license; be the same force and effect as if drus Plaintiff, against lands now or formerly NOTICE OF SALE North Second Street, the ESTATE OF BERTown Clerk of will the OXEN Highway Dept. of beginning alongof the Over HILL LLC, EAST GRANBY, 7 302, Hudson, NY 12534 attn: pon SSNY CATSKILL 1 FARM, bdr apt for 2a Send resumeCTto needs PO Box after on the whole amount his GIVEN North 55 West designated asa itthence lift 50 up to Church $1500 off, including odist @to 5296 State SSNY shall copy of WISE; any process supplies, equipment provided without cost worker. Route 78 De-Mail (Colgate bidder. The GCSWCD Gordon W.the Bennett, 2019Contract. at the same May Be Entitled To Signifi- BUY pursuant to a NOTICE Details of project able and be various bioengineering the All inTHE TOWN OF DUROdintsov, fendant fully set forth at running length. may bedegrees, served. the SSNY shall mail a Hudson, of Smith; ISpounds; HEREBY NY 12534. NARD ENERtemporary workers 5/1/2019 12/1/2019, work Department tools, Town Durham on or supply awithout free center of said River seniors onWindham, the 1stNY floor Resource or Cash complete an Call applicainst Andrey purchase unless the Referee 8against chains 85the links to the center of Route 23, 12496 Housingoftraffic will be control, available cost to workers who(if toHuman anyt agent theProcess LLCLisa upon available to work as needed Assigned Hon. M. Copy ofbridge, to: SSNY LLC served cant Award. 866EIGHTH: All expenses of reRoad)ofJudge: located reserves the right to LAO Sole Assessor place and time for the Final Judgment of and insurance requirepractices and the creaquiries in reference to HAM shall Mail a copy of any process supplies, equipment provided without cost to worker. said point GIVEN pursuant to ato Details from of the project fract GY-ONIX BROADabout April 4,return 2019, water truck for a asshall deem to extend East kill stream, thence along Wallkill SchoolRd., District possible) (518)697-8060. tion at Central 91 Newman Hudson, NY. Street onit proper a bearing of thence 5/11, 5/15, 5/18 NYSDOT HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE WORKER. cannot reasonably permanent residenceNew at ved. Fisher Monday-Friday. Contact OFA at their Lam to an cording the Referee’s Deed, inwhom against 951-9073, 877-915-8674 Backwoods Trading upon him/her is: 12th Housing will be available without cost to workers who 640Pursuant ft.process east ofOrder theforin- Copy reject any or all bids, adoption of the ResoForeclosure dated ments may be obtion of riparian and the project shall be diDATED: April 16, 2019 Special Education of stream Process to: against thetheLLC served the for completion of and center of said as it winds A+ B of beginning along the Final Judgment of insurance requireCAST Yorkend State Dept. Of Transportation is hiring for permawhich are available for the of the work day. reimbursement phalt roller. Sealed S time 23 degrees 02' 00" 518672-5323 for additional in- Transportation opy Interlocutory ment Directcluding real property transfer for Information. No Risk.warNo furni cannot reasonably return to their permanent residence at itCompany may Judgbe LLC, served. Substitute Teacher Beekmantown Central School 30 Street Holdings, LLC; free toilet, and lifetime tersection of Greene to waive any informallution establishing the February 6, 2019, and tained at the HHA's wetland areas and varrected to James Busaid purchase. FOURTH: All and turns to the place of beginDeb nentsubsistence employment. Applicants must have a CDL or B DistrictCertification him/her is: 12thof ments and provided completion of 15A days common boundary of Foreclosure dated may be obORDER formation and with an is application. EQUIPMENT, Trading INC.; upon public inspection, the upon bids along a nonSale shall dated mail Januarycopy 16, Backwoods tax and transfer stamps, shall W, a distance seeksreimbursement therequired: following for Money LC, ing the of the workforday. Out Oftub Pocket. SSNY ranty on the and instal- and ning, 14 Acres of taxes, assessments water tained Germans Hill 23C Road, 166 Duane Street, airofbrake endorsement and aisclean personnel/drivorwith 50% work contract. Workend guaranteed 3/4 Transportation County Route and Company itiescontaining therein, and to se- Street District; and Town entered in the Office of February main office, 41and North 3654 ious plantings. chanan atthe the 5/9-5/23 LLC, 30 Holdings, LLC; Students with 1-6 lands or formerly the undersigned Referee 9/1/19: 6,the 2019, and at the HHA's TOWN OF DURHAM HSBC BANK, USA, creation of an Emerbe bornenow by the purchaser. collusion bidding cerand subsistence is provided upon completion of the 15 days base IF YOU own a home, you contents ofDisabilities Clark lation! 109.26 feet to a point; Pa- 2019, land be the same more or less. rents, which at the time of sale, Call us at ing record. Must be willing to work nights, holidays and of the workdays during the contract period. Hours offered of process to the LLC, Freehold NY 12431. Suite 2B, New York, or Students with FrenchisTeacher - MS for 3/4 Greene County Route lect the Bid, the ac- 166 Board hereby further the Clerk of the County Second Street,Street, HudBid Documents may GCSWCD, at sell at public auction at the Germans HillASSOCIARoad, Duane - Anytime. Any- cont NINTH: Said premises are or 50% ofstated the physical work contract. Work guaranteed of said Smith onto be a entered need Homeowners Insurance. in the Office of office, 41 North ESTABLISHMENT OF main NATIONAL gency Medical Servictification form, ss103d House B&B. Property is OXYGEN ALSO ALL THAT PIECE OR are liens or encumbrances upRIDI thence on the same 463. will weekends. Must pass a pre-employment and each week may be more or less than in item 11 Disabilities 7-12 Generalist 1-855-465-5426 School Counselor 3276 Route 23A, PaPurpose: Any County lawful Freehold New York 10013. PurLobby 78, ofinthe Greene East Jewett, ceptance of which, ORDERS that aHudcopy Protect No your house, belongof the workdays during the period. Hours offered of son, NY 12534 on or be is- Second (518) By the sold inGreene, “as622-3620. is”Street, physical order and tanks to refill. No Experienced Roofers, Top and Pay. NY 12431. 2B,of New York, sold, everything must go! where. bearing of S wherein 66 deClerk of the County EMERGENCY MEDISubmit Substitute Teacher Apon saidexamined premises shalland be paid PARCEL OF LAND situate inin Suite TION; SIMPLEXGRINes District is tests. hereby of the General MuniciElementary Teacher Competitive wages Workers and benefits random OTETA depending on weather crop conditions. not contract bearing S 23 dewful Courthouse, 320 Main12463. Street ings, valuables & more. Call cut, lenville, NY week may be or less than stated in item 11 condition, subject (a) Any acts activities. Lat- Purpose: pose/Character of New Must have transportation. deliveries. The All-New New or York, 12424. itsTown judgment, will best of this ORDER, shall OCWEN LOAN after April 1, 2019 dursued free offrom charge on son, Order of to: the plication and completed referoak, mahogany furniture, These are tenure track positions Any County lawful 10013. Purby theYork Referee the prothe of Jewett, of are Greene, available. NYS isestabanhours EOE.each Inquire at$13.25 518-6229312 required toown work extra offered. per more hr. oror grees 57' 48" E,on aSERdiswherein NY 12534 or ofpal CAL SERVICES DISwatt proposed to be NELL LP; NEW YORK Law, will be VIAGRA & CIALIS! 60 pills now for a free quote. Don’t grees 02' 00" W, a disCatskill New York 12414, on depending on weather and crop conditions. Workers not ence forms (available at covenants, easements, reserwith healthwicker, & retirement Call Purpose: Any lawful One G4 is only 2.8 inch indoor art benefits. work, Inogen est upon whichof Greene business: Any lawful The6,date work consists assure the efficient be posted the officeeds of the sale. andCOMMISSIONState of New York pose/Character . 107518-965-5200 DOTand Road, Cairo, NY VICING, LLC is the ing normal business applicable piecethe rate. Applicants to apply contact CT compact discFIFTH: (CD)The at after GCSWCD, Jeff Flack, or activities. Latofto 730 tance of restrictions 17.69 feet to OCWEN LOAN SERApril 1, on 2019 durTRICT for 100 pills for $150 lished Town wait!$99. 844-338-3881 STATE opened May 7th, 2019 June 2019 at 10:00 AM, acts, House for rent: required to work extra hours offered. $13.25 per -hr.$52,830 or Salary range $47,230 tance ofof 167.00 feet907 vations and of re5/8-5/22 collectibles and useful pounds! FAA approved! purpose. purchaser theAny premises will bounded and purpose described as fol- business: Department of Labor at 860-2636020. Or apply for the LLC is to dissolve: No business perthe restoration of apperformance of work. cial Town sign-board Plaintiff and VINITA E. hours. Information is GCSWCD office, Executive Director. Farm $35, est date upon which lawful to Mr. Anthony White, P.O. Box (based onapply experience). ApplicaFREE shipping. Money an recovwith Premises known as: 224 Route lows: LLC is the ing normal business applicable piece rate. Applicants to contact CT Mother/Daughter house for PURSUANT toon New Board hereby further at 7:30pm. Send all ER Beginning OF TAXATION AND cord; iron (b) Anystake violations of re- VICING, Houses for Sale items. info 518-258-3108 a point; thence the in the center of at the time and place of sale, job at the nearest local office410 of the SWA. Job order info inkit:debt? 1-855-839Over $10K Be debt 310, N.Y., 12589. & Wallkill, details available specific date. mitted under New proximately 800 linear LLC Bids bethe held and (c)shall be MATTHEW, ET published also available at hours. Greene County Office 8248 ofHelp Labor at 860-263Or apply for the at FREE Jewett, LLC. New York containing sale lessWanted than 25 tion 6020. back guaranteed! Call To- Atte is may to dissolve: Noby business purpose perered; thence on the Of- 17, Professional andthat VINITA E. Department Information is York State Town Law cord; Any state ofAL. factsare an Plaintiff ORDERS the debids Janet ParFINANCE, 209 by owner, Columbia County the highway leading from Jewsign a memorandum of hisS Hettos, Filed with 895-7104 1738 same free in800-404-0244, 24-48 months.1-800Pay a Gain Needed part time live in Elder job atfrom theAlbany nearest local of the(845) SWA. Job Deadline order York Limited Liability miles 3bdrm/2bdrm that of certain plot parcel of specific feet stream channel, the GCSWCD for aENpein the official newspathe Defendant(s). I,S the w w w.and hbearing u dan s oCairo, nthe hon o§§209, uNew s i NY n23 - also Building, day: 435 &able Technical date. under accurate survey may show; (d) same bearing of 66 nty. all Employee must be to plant, cultivate, weed and harMATTHEW, ET AL. are available at ett Centre toSUPPORT Jewett Heights at mitted chase agreement to Article 12-A, 5/3/19. NOTICE OF COMPLEscription of the bountridge, Town Clerk, CHILD SSNY on 2/6/2019. OfNotice of Formation of VIAG fraction of what you owe. Port care for husband and wife from #215191. 00"and W, a undersigned degrees 02' on 2.5 $250,000.00 call the building imCompany This 870-8711 Taghkanic: 10acs andwithwill includeandexcariod toLaw. exceed six- York per ofuOF the Town Referee Any zoning 12413. Paper copies vestDefendant(s). a State large variety vegetable, fruitacres andColonial flower& crops. the pointnot where the boundary comply the terms conLimited Liability FARMWORKERS Laborers - 4 fulltime temporary jobs degrees 57' 48" as land, I,of81, the w w. h dor ssub-division on h o u sE, iregnnot -a the 209-cwith and 209-d the w TION TENTATIVE daries ofshould such pro7309 Route E Employee FORCEMENT SECTuesday am Through Friday for BBB rated. Call National trato fice: Greene County. must of be able cultivate, Limited Liability Com518-966-5026 provements erected situate, ly- Notice Bulk Carrier weed lookingand for harCDL-A A+ distance of 46.04 feet of days Formation central vacum, hot tub, to fplplant, Applicants havenecesa general knowledge vegetable ulations or amendments there564 notification ditions of sale herein contained line between the a bisofrom v emade - d eof s Company vation and fill to create ty (60) the less than 10 (ten) days Services Wanted will sell at public aucProposals will be acof the Project Manual available 06/10/19-11/06/19. Altobelli Family Farms, Law. This distance of 87.97 feet am, some experience A. Colarusso & Son, Inc., Quarry Division is seeking an & ing undersigned Referee Town Board of the vest a large variety of vegetable, fruit and flower crops. Drivers. Will train on modern ASSESSMENT ROLL posed extended disDurham, NY 12423 or FRE Debt Relief 1-855-403TION; HARBACH 5/7-6/4 and (LLC). being in the Town as of Limited SSNY designated tank pany tile & hw flrs, 42-ft Garage production, plant propagation and greenhouse mainteto a point; thence runto; (e) Rights of tenants or perLiability Comand pay the purchase money. c r i b e d premises and premisSection a new aligned stream pursuant date of theto opening of notification prior to the the meeting Kinderhook, Manually plant, cultivate, harvest Specialized Equipment. Local 526 atiron cepted up to and no tion can obtained upon sary including help withas personApplicants have a general knowledge ofand vegetable experienced Heavy Equipment Mechanic. is will made to an stake recovMain Jewett, guar sell atpropagation. public aucProposals will be acCounty of Greene, 3654. Townbe of74 Durham Cleaning teed (Pursuant to GREENE Sections trict shall be set be in person at the Town ELECTRONICS, LLC; nance and Must able to should lift up Must 50 have lbs. $299,000 agent for process &as pany Name: Wolcott & Cares conveyed to Limited Gomalia W. sons in possession of the sub- will SIXTH: The bidding beherekept ning N 58' positions Buffalo Elmira. (LLC). production, plant propagation and greenhouse mainteDENTAL INSURANCE. Call 9761 al care and meal 206 ofAfor the Livegetables. Use hand and power tools tototill, fertilize, channel as well date and not COUNTY COURTlater than 3pm, May 1, cepted receipt ofproperty a Section non-reexperience andGREENE knowledge with diesel engine, brake, of Newto: York, Section todegrees May be required topreparation operate machinery and do various other ered; thence continuNY State (845)propagation. 229-1618 atorin the up (f) toAny and no by after the 506 and 526 of more the forth the attached Hall. The Durham Bbids, RO D Cthe ADunham Spurpose T CarI NinG pursuant Howard byWolcott Jesse open the is struck Excellent Pay/Benefits. Email for Physicians ject premises; equity of tion shall mail 369 Main roll, LLC Articles of Mutual Insurance nance and Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs. hourly flat rate to be deter00" W, a distance of Name: & RIDING LAWN mower 48" transplant, thin,andprune, apply pesticides, clean, ability Company Law. Block 4 Lot 35 of and The clutch, hydraulics and electrical systems and possess construction rock tersects of reviewing the bids 206 thanat 20 days prior field work. General farm maintenance, brush clearing HOUSE, 320 MAIN 2019, at the HHA's fundable deposit House for weed, rent: application: of Limited Li-of later ing the3pm, same bearthe center line of said down; andthe in case anypursuant purchasany 129.00 Housekeeping ServiceNOT in Stor COURTthan May 1,to COUNTY ORDERS that redemption of the UNITED Real Property Tax Law) Schedule "A" Reserves and shall Town Board SUPPLY WORLDCompany for details. May be on required operate and do maintain various other Street Catskill NY Organization filed iswith mined. Call 518-828-7365 cut, runs good, $695. 2300 YOU 30.03 feet to an iron pack, and loadto produce. Operate, repair, trac- running Articles of chain operation could beposition, required a St., regular basis. 2machinery land area oflog the Property de- roll, For sale: or own saw hand tools. Full-time overtime as needed. 59 Dodge Hudson, NY and structures. andLLC investigating the ability such STREET, CATSKILL, main office or via email Fifty Dollars ($50.00) er shall fail to comply with any of 2019, highway; thence northSTATES OF to 57' re- HOUSE, Company Law. Hudson. Will clean houses just a generator, discount plan, REAL field work. General farm maintenance, brushx12clearing andcall ing of date. Sat 66AMERICA degrees Antiques & 320 MAIN the HHA's to the maps, plans and Notice is hereby given include the entire the right to reject any 5/8-6/5 WIDE; STERLING with 12414. Purpose: any Secretary of State of 888-339-2900 months experience in the above duties listed is preferred. watt $175, 40 scribed as follows and as set PUBLIC NOTICE Fish/Hunt tors/implements to grow and harvest crops. Mix and ap12534. 2.pension/profit 3bdrm, large stake embedded in NY filed EOE, Full Benefits provided, including 712 erly along the center said the above conditions of sale, Work items also in- Organization qualifications ofof with Bid- as BY 12414, ORDER OF THE coverage for 350 10yrs procedures. deem the premises within 120 chain sawapt operation could be required on a regular basis. 2 on May 22, indicated in Drawings detailed and Contract or apartments. exp. DEN they 48" E, a Assessor distance of STREET, CATSKILL, main office or via email Collectibles reports filed with the that the Town ofplan. Durham and or all bids. Any quesJEWELERS d/b/a KAY in Deed recorded on July Grumman Otisco 12 Jon w/ 866-679-8194 inch drop seeder spreader Phys lawful New York (SSNY) onof Secretary kitchen & livingroom. No above pets. irrigation. ply agrichemicals, Withstand extreme NOTICE OF FORMAsharing Salary commensurate with experience. highway fifty (50) feet, thence the premises so struck down to 2019 ofto State of PUBLIC concrete at the juncor http://www. months experience in maintain the duties listed is preferred. days from the date of sale. NOTICE LC, forth Text or call (518)697-9522. clude the installation ders prior awarding TOWN BOARD OF new at 9:15 AM, project description. can be obtained for MANAGER CONV. store 35.46 feet toinGreenville, adetailed point at NY 12414, on 22, 302, as swivel seats,7 Tidewater 15’ 12, 2013 in Office of the Town Clerk offor sale the theindicated Town of 518-977-3848 518-821the Town Board heretions call Hwy $35, All OBO . (518)610JEWELERS; temperatures, lifting 50 lbs, movements, Chatham Public Library AdvisoMarch 8, the 2019. Office easterly and with said him will of again be putFORMAup Ad# ranc MILLER SUFFIELD, CTrepetitive needs temporary Send resume toMay POSuper Box Hudson,FARMS, NY or 12534 attn: TION OFparallel A LIMITED TENTH: At or before the time of New York (SSNY) on the tion lands now or BUYINGANTIQUES and NOTICE OF iled Clerk various bioengineering the Contract. All inTHE TOWN OF DURpremises known as 43 HHA is an Equal OpFifty Dollars ($50.00) full time, 401k, full Trailer, Minn Kota Endura Elecof the County of Greene in 415 8541. LB FERMENTS LLC, the high water mark of General Help 2019 at 9:15 AM, project description. ry Committee Vacancies. SeekTown of Durham on or 8248. 6118 workers 5/1/2019 to 12/7/2019, work tools, supplies, County of Greene has by further stooping. 3 months verifiable experience. $13.25/hr, ¾ Joe vanHolsteyn at boundary line to the center of under the direction of said RefNEW YORK STATE Human Resource Department or complete an applica- MILLER NOT location: Greene from making a bid the bidder, if other LIABILITY COMPANY anything old. Trunks, 8, 2019. Office FARMS, SUFFIELD, CT needs Medical 7 temporary formerly of Huyck; runTION OFApril Asame LIMITED tric 2016 models. unopened Aides benefits, salaray comm. on Liber 1420 and Page 101:filed ALL March practices and the creaquiries in reference to HAM 5/10-6/7 HIGH HILL ROAD, portunity Employer unon April 26, 2019. The ing three volunteers for 3-yr equipment provided without cost to worker. Housing will Articles of Org. eree under the terms of the creek being the westerly line the Kinderhook Creek; guaranteed contract; tools and supplies, housing, transpremises known as 43 HHA is an Equal Opabout 4, 2019, 2446 completed the TentaORDERS that the im518 527 1154. tion at 91 Newman Rd., Hudson, NY. REA 415 than plaintiff, shall exhibit to the DEPARTMENT Greene OF LA- LIABILITY General Helpcost workers County. 5/1/2019 tocannot 12/7/2019, supplies, (LLC) Lamps, vintage clothing, Hummingbird 40’ Sonar, All VIAGRA 550 work &tools, PLOT, DesigPIECE CIALIS! 60 pills pape & Services ning thence along with exps. Email: COMPANY available without to workers who terms starting July ROAD, 1, 2019. be loc: THAT tionCERTAIN of SSNY riparian and location: the project shall be diDATED: April 16, 2019 sale, without application to the the of lands of Pollock (formerly ATHENS, NY 12015: der the direction of checks should be portation expenses paid by employer. Transportation, with the SSNY on running thence along Referee cash or certified HIGH HILL portunity Employer unwhich are available for cedu tive Assessment Roll provements and exBy order of the Town equipment provided without costforto $99. worker. Housing will BOR and NEW YORK nated as Agent of LLC furniture. Old store displays used 5 times. $$extras includThe name of the LLC is OR PARCEL OF LAND, with the reasonably return to their permanent residence at the end 100 pills for $150 AIDE NEEDED for general Apartment for Rent Submit letter and resume by County. SSNY DesigBeekmantown Central School lands ofpayable the same on der Court, unless plaintiff’s southerly free toilet, and lifetime war- be SNY 4/2/19. wetlandandareas andloc: var- Persons); rected thence to James Bu- (LLC) Section 103, 6, ATHENS, U.S. Dept of HUD and made toattorthe Athens, 2Bdrm, heat included subsistence paid to worker upon 50% completion of to check(s) for atcurrent leastBlock tenof percent available without cost workers who And cannot Office said Kinderhook Creek NY 12015: direction the public inspection, the LUNG CANCER? Age h t t for the the year penses proposed shall Board, Janet Partridge, ed, registered until 2022. First STATE DEPARTMENT improvements and more. Attics, barns, work Transportation reimbursement and subDistrict the following for of upon whom process housekeeping and shopMay 22,seeks 2019 to Craig SimFREEresidence shipping.Money back 295theNEEDED Columbia County 12th Street neys shall elect to make such along theas west lineat ofCapital, Poolock nated Agent of LLC ranty on the day. tub and instal- reasonably the following two (2) name of the LLC is $950.00/Month References/No return to or their permanent the Family end ated buildings AIDE for contact general (10%) of the amount of on theand bid. contract. 466-9757 to locate nearious plantings. chanan the The Lot 11: encourages Section 3 U.S. Greene County Soil Wallkill Central School District tal50 Greene County. SSNY 9/1/19:in 60+? You And atYour looker will take home. high water mark the Section 103, Block 6, Dept of HUD sistence isPlease provided upon (877) completion of 15 days 50% creation of an Emerthereon erected, situate, lying and that a copy has finance contract(s) with ping the Hudson area Town Clerk-Collector basements, complete house mons, President, Chatham 736 OF TAXATION AND FIapplication; and such purchasapproximately fifty (50) feet to guaranteed! 1-800-758against it may be LLC. Articles of Orlation! Call us at Pets. Call 518-622-3849 or isof$2,000.00 the Special work day. Transportation reimbursement and subEducation whom processat 12th housekeeping and ELEVENTH: The defendants Street Capital, courses: N 74for degrees esttheState Workforce Agency office and apply FrenchaTeacher -50 MS hom and Bid Documents may upon GCSWCD, ALL THAT CERTAIN and Minority and encourages and FIRM 518-622-3518 of work contract. Work guaranteed for 3/4 ofusing the May Be Entitled To SignifiCAIRO, 2 bdr mobileshophome, being in theSSNY Town of Jewett, with vehicle. 2-3 times a has been designated School Board, Woodbridge following three (3) Lot 11: Section 3 contents. 845-430-7200. gency Medical Servicer will beWater held liableConservaany defisaid boundary line; thence been filed with the licensed contractor(s) 9761 NANCE; NEW YORK Substitute Teacher sistence is provided upon completion of 15 days or 50% served. shall 6 4 6 8 3 0 7 5 9 1 . e m a i l 1-855-465-5426 ping in the Hudson area School Counselor ganization filed with DIRE and/or others may be in possesagainst it may be NY1296188 workdays during the contract period. Workers not LLC. Articles of 58' 00" W, a distance quite setting, $775 a mo., the Greene County, State of New week, 6-9 hours. Call be examined and is(518) 622-3620. By cant Cash Award. Call 866PLOT, PIECE OR PARWomen's Business Ention District. Addenda, Ave., Chatham, NY 12037. ciency there may be said boundary required:Work is guaranteed for 3/4 of the as agent upon whom westerly courses: S Town 07 premises, degrees THAT CERTAIN with and ALL es District is between hereby and of5/7-6/4 theCertification work contract. Elementary Teacher Greenville Clerk to provide emergency a vehicle. times a STATE along DEPARTMENT mail a free copy process sion of theMinority foreclosed SIBE Cha Secretary of of ganization required to work extra hours offered. $13.25 per hr.1-6 or rent & sec., & 2-3 Ref. a must, SSNY (646)770-6166. more particularly bounded filed with Students with Disabilities 5/10-5/16 of 124.17 feet to an Women's YOUperiod. CAN'TWorkers SAY MUCH 951-9073, 877-915-8674 ved. York, the sum for which the line to the center of State saidshall highsued ofofcharge Order of the These are tenure OR track positions week, CEL OF LAND, WITH terprises to submit ifproposed any, willto be issued workdays during the CT contract not 5/10-6/7 process against theon served. 6-9 hours. Call 35' 33" W, amay distance PIECE PARBusiness Enbepremises estabMiscellaneous at the 11159 SR 32, medical services VIAGRA & piece CIALIS! pills and purchaser have to PLOT, applicable rate.60 Applicants toorapply contact OF LABOR, UNEM$500 Show no pets.845-706-8504 to: The LLC, 231 Main Students with hours New York (SSNY) on Secretary described asdisc follows: being Tru Vine LLC Articles with just 25 words, unless Antiques & with health & retirement benefits. mail a copy of process way. Premises will be sold subshall be struck down upon the for Information. No Risk. No of State of required to work extra offered. $13.25 per hr. or iron stake embedded pro- and compact (CD) at GCSWCD, Jeff Flack, THE BUILDINGS AND proposals. (646)770-6166. only to and thosethepersons 730 Sale LLC may beBox Department of pills Labor at$150 860-263-6020. Or 7-12 apply forfor the of 38.97 to undertake legal action to re-a CEL OF LAND, terprises tofeet submit for for 712 Disabilities Generalist lished Town 4 15 $99. 100 AIRLINE CAREERS Start Greenville, New York, throughout the Town Fem General Help Salary range $47,230 -WITH $52,830 PLOYMENT INSUthey toare published in 55 (w/S part of No. 64 Grant 22served. Harding Street, P.O. 192, ject to Provisions of filed Judgsale, and that for which they April 2, 2019. New applicable piece rate. Applicants apply contact CT of Org. Filed NY Sec. Money Out Of Pocket. Collectibles to: The LLC, 231 Main New York (SSNY) on in concrete; thence St., Patent: Experienced Line Cooks GCSWCD 907 Executive Director. Teacher Apjob at the nearest local office Submit of theSubstitute SWA. Job order Ipoint; M Pthem Rthence O Vmay E from MSbe E12 NSale TdeS whose name further and move there which is THE (based experience). ApplicaFREE shipping. Money SSNY shall office, mail pronewspapers statewide with AT& Here -Get trained asAND FAA& AIRLINE BUILDINGS and Board hereby Mobile Homes Beginning at a point in where itHouses seen and inonState conjunction with Coxsackie, 4Bdrm, heat includments andoffice Orders for Index #: may be purchased on the adre- proposals. Department Labor at 860-263-6020. Or apply for the RANCE DIVISION; KEY for New Baltimore, New CAREERS Start (but York location: of (SSNY) plication andof completed referP.O. Box 192, Servers Needed. #215182. Work willReferencinclude not limited to) planting, Attention: Oxygen Users! tion details available April 2,are 2019. New 414. the running N 85any degrees and shall16' be the sole choice and Greene County Office the York Daily Impact ERECTED, dress on record as THEREON back guaranteed! Call To- job Aviation center of150 the highway leaded BUYINGANTIQUES and Relia 345$1,200.00/Month cess to: Water St., Street, for FAA Rent 518grees 25" W, disat the nearest local of New the SWA. Job order sale, and also for costs or 16-0108, and more specifically, M P R&District O V E Inquire MRestaurant E TechniNDeadline Tthe Sinat Here ORDERS that the deand byaCounty any Icertified the and 209 examined Columbia ence forms (available at office BANK f/k/a FIRST NI-Get trained as OXYGEN Anytime. AnyYork 12124. Purpose: applying fertilizer, cultivating, hoeing, harvesting, hanging Windham NY. within. 239 Island Drive, Town 3/18/2018. Gain freedom with a New Baltimore, New AIDE NEEDED for general from NYNPA. Call 315-661SUPREME COURT responsibility of the purchaser. office location: wful ing 13' 00" W, distance Building, Cairo, NY with from West Chases to Jewett day: 1-800es/No 800-404-0244, Pets. Call 518-622-3849 LYING, AND having obtained the will include not limited to) to planting, cian. Financial aid forhereby quali- certified expenses occurring on such re- SITUATE, the following ofJACK sale: York anything old. Trunks, to 12, Catskill, NY 12414. tance of 94.43 feet to a THEREON 5/3/19. ERECTED, NOTICE OFterms COMPLEscription of athe bouninterested person until Town Board tobacco properly spaced at #215182. heights ofWork 20 feet. Taking (but Aviation Techniwhere. No tanks refill. No 518-755-7808 AGARA BANK; any lawful purpose. housekeeping and shop2446 or contact this newsof Copake, County of Portable Oxygen ConcenDavid E. Woodin, Esq. David E. Office in Columbia Co. TOY TAGHKANIC, 2 BDR, no York 12124. Purpose: COUNTY OF COLUMto Anthony P.O. Box hoeing, or 646-830-7591. email Being Heights opposite a big birch applying fertilizer, cultivating, harvesting, hanging Island Drive, Town 870-8711 Taghkanic: Colonial sale. Upon purchaser’s default, FIRST: TenOF per cent (10%) of 239 fied students. Job place12413. Paper copies of 32.58 feet to an iron SUPREME Lamps, vintage clothing, BEING IN Referee THE contract documents. COURT - SITUATE, down andthepacking to White, set, operate Purpose: Any Lawful point; thence S TOWN 1610acs de5/14-5/25 LYING, TION TENTATIVE daries of such profortobacco. qualideliveries. All-New Wire Grievance Day. further paper today! pingFinancial in Hudson area WISE, Woodin, LLC Box 310, Wallkill, N.Y., 12589. trator! No more heavy Bulk Carrier looking forAND CDL-A fema properly spaced at heights of Old 20 The feet. Taking Columbia and the of smoking,. noaid pets, $850andtobacco tree marked running thence SSNY Desig. Agent of cian. central vacum, hotP.O. tub, fpl ment the bid deposit will auto-matithe purchase money of said any lawful purpose. BIA Copake, County of assistance. Call AIM furniture. store displays Quo and repair farm machinery farm buildings. Drive bus of the Project Manual stake recovered at the OF ATHENS, AND It is the Contractors' COUNTY OF COLUMPublic Hearing Purpose. withstudents. a vehicle. 2-3plus times a down Job place(845) 895-7104 Inogenable Oneto G4 only 2.8 hous grees 54' 38" W, abe disDrivers. IN Will that train the on modern THE TOWN ASSESSMENT ROLL posed extended disThe Assessor willGarage in BEING ORDERS total fied 433 Main Street Catskill, and packing tobacco. set,is operate tanks and refills! Guaran5/10-6/7 the centre of said highDefendants. plus util. a mo., sec. tile285 & hw flrs, 42-ft cally beROF forfeited and applied to premises will required to be Columbia State of beNew York. ven along Napolitano Painting Int. Ext. Being LLC whom Process to transport workers to and from field. Not all workers for free information 866U.S. III LEGAL TIand more. Attics, barns, and the Specialized Equipment. Local can be obtained upon week, 6-9 hours. Call junction of lands now COUNTY OF GREENE responsibility to verify BIA ment assistance. Call AIM Greene CoFAA Drive approved! farm Prices! and pounds! farm buildings. bus 514 repair New York 12414 (518)821of 36.88 feet tothe a OF Cleaning ATHENS, AND (Pursuant toofSections trict shalldeficiency, be asif any. set tance Services Offered 526 North 52County's degrees East 3 Public attendance with maximum amount pro- dept. teed Lowest Call Hearing $299,000 the aforesaid paid to the said been Referee in the Help Wanted. GM experienced $600 Call 518-851-2389, Pressure washing & Staining. In pursuance adesigjudgrequired to drive. Workers thatand are requested tomachinery drive will SSNY has ered way positions to Elmira. 296-7094 may beBuffalo served. SSNY 736 field. basements, complete house DISH & 1-855-839Supplies TLE TRUST 2015-1, (646)770-6166. of New York. Notice is 5of hereby given Greene to workers to be and from Not workers receipt a non-reforbe free AND STATE OF NEW and obtain any and all the or formerly of attached ROF III229-1618 LEGAL TI-of COUNTY FREE infoPets kit:all 6194 Sarah M. Schneider, Esq. ordination Transportaand Links, thence (845) Such forfeiture shall not beVila U.S. form certified orCocamechanicto full time, benefits, point at the junction the Oxygen Concentrator OF GREENE 506of cash, and 526 of the State forth in the requireinformation to possess 866appropriate license. No one High-end will 30transport yrs. experience. Tentative Assessment posed beprocess expended County's Cha Excellent Pay/Benefits. Email to for 518-965-6038. ment of foreclosure nated as agent of LLC contents. 845-430-7200. rt, Chains shall mail required to drive. Workers that are requested to drive will BY U.S. BANK NASSNY has been desigthat an order entered 296-7094 Simon & Schneider PLLC Attor1738 fundable deposit of south 40 degrees, East 18 Apt. forforrent: YORK issued Addenda. It shier’s check, at theTax timeLaw) waiver of rights plaintiff tois TLE 2015-1, working for a great family run AIRLINE lage ofany Valatie; running application: rejected the position that not866-941-2913 possess a Saratoga, driver's tion Plan Draft residential including Store: Housekeeping Service in does lands nowtheor following formerly AND CAREERS Start STATE NEW Spee Realsale Property Schedule "A" ofand shall AFFORDABLE NEW SIDRoll forTRUST on is $199,356.00 (One ordination Transportaand granted in and the nated require to outside possess appropriate license. No one will upon whom BThorpe’s DRIVER, experion Chains 402 Union stOFPO neys U.S. Plaintiff P.O. BoxNA908 CLASS orBox call license. TIONAL ASSOCIASIBERIAN HUSKY for be sale latio ATHENS - Will 3 trained bdr., kitch. & FAA DR. Links to the6, centre of agent of entire LLC place of sale and for process which the seek andas obtain damages from business GMC TanMost ofclean the time work be isLake performed someby the94Supreme Court, George, Loudonville, Fifty Dollars ($50.00) Premises will be sold requested that bid BANK thence along lands of BY Hudson. Monday, May 2019, Here -Get ashouses ING! Beautify your home! of Clow; running YORK Notice is hereby given include the rejected forINSURANCE. the position that does not possess a driver's daysMain and locations. Hundred Ninety Nine tion Planreceipt Draft 888-339-2900 x12 above entitled action Miscellaneous ence preferred. Benefits against it may be 6193 Street Tannersville r i l , the No pets. Very good condition. East kill creek thence along times under hot or cold conditions. Work is very physically 1064 Hudson NY Referee’s will be given. the defaulting bidder. SEVnersville. 518-589-7142 ask Want to Rent DENTAL Call $500 DOB 01/01/19, 395 Long Island. 518-423-6031 or TION, AS LEGAL TIupon whom process CLASS B DRIVER, experiColumbia County, on Monday, and PM Contract Drawings or apartments. 10yrs exp. Save on subject to ASSOCIAprovisions packages be picked certified Aviation Techniclud same following 5:00 Mostmonthly oflift,the time work is 730 performed outside someenergy thence along lands of 564 will be sold that entered the Assessor of ENTH: TownIn on of the Durham and TIONAL Please that due to Premises Thousand Three HunServices Wanted May 2019, for Sale EOE, F/T, P/T. Please call ence demanding requiringBenefits workers tolicense. bend, stoop, and carry Call 518-945-1659. NY 12485 note (518) 589-7700 Datthe centre of day said creek South case the plaintiff shall SECOND: The residue of said for Brad and in6, the ofemailunder served. The post ofPhysicians Mutual Insu- Female, checked 12534 preferred. TLE TRUSTEE, Plaintiff against it may be the 22nd ofA pBuildr i lfor , 5:00 times or cold NEW conditions. Work white. is very vet physically Text calllbs. (518)697-9522. cian. Financial aida for quali-basis. can be obtained Som of filed In- subject up to Board the PreN Bid bills with hot beautiful AS LEGAL TIMANAGER CONV. store four (4) courses: 85 TION, Greene County same onJudgment the following up toor 50 on frequent 1 month experience retoFifty provisions the PM Town of Greenville, the Town here5/15-5/28 5/10-5/16 ed: April 22, 2019 be theprior purchaser, or in the event purchase money will be redegrees West 10 Chains, the dual role of the Asdred and Six Dol518-325-3331 5/8-6/5 fice of the Clerk of the rance Company for details. and has all shots. Call fice address to which a 61 CATSKILL 1 bdr apt for 2 Purpose: Any lawful EOE, F/T, P/T. Please call demanding requiring workers to bend, stoop, lift, and carry against served. postW,of-a TLE Job place- SIDING from 1800Remodel! Attention: 2019, Oxygen Users! Fifty bearing DollarsIndex ($50.00) Greene full time, full fied dex #(3)861-2016. Max Conference quiredstudents. for work listed. TRUSTEE, Plaintiff degrees 13'date. 00" ing DENTAL INSURANCE. Call Call three N 66 ofpurpose. filed Judgment InCounty ofColumbia Greene by furtherThe sessor incourses: the adjoining lars) for the 401k, establishCounty BuildNOT just a on discount plan, 518-392-9212. to 50 lbs. a frequent basis. 1 month experience County of on seniorsassistance. on the 1stCall floor (if up 518-325-3331 the SSNY shall mailhas a MARK be Number ment AIM A.ofthat MCCARTY; Gain freedom withre- a Up 18 months no interaddress to which Medical Aides a ing benefits, salaray comm. on April 26, 2019. The Physicians Mutual Insurance Zacker, Esq. -48" Referee. AORDERS certified check or against 514to for 411 Main14288-19, Street, Catsdistance 52.92 feet Services Offered degrees 57' W,and a dex #OPPORTUNITY 861-2016. Max quired work listed. completed the Tenta- fice the imJOB $18 for Towns of Durham ment of the District REAL coverage for 350 proDo possible) (518)697-8060. Bulk Carrier looking for CDL-A the 27th day of March, copy of any process fice copy 866- est. Restrictions apply 855- Portable 550 free information & Services Oxygen ConcenCompany for details. with exps. Email: CANDACE MCCARTY, SSNY mailemato MARK of which may bebe 411 POODLE1 NOT 6mo checks should RAS Boriskin, LLC 900 bank payable A. ofMCCARTY; kill, NY to an draft, ironshall stake Will 855-434-9221 train on modernor TOY P/H NYCEsq. * $15 P/H Town LI * JOB distance feet Zacker, cedures. - the Referee. tiveMain Assessment Roll the provements and exGreenville, a 67.78 joint sesherein, and Street, Cats2019, I, the David GonOPPORTUNITY $18 Drivers. just a discount plan, REAL $500 296-7094 against LLCA.served d at examined trator! No more heavy 505-6471. Apartment for Rent Bulk Carrier looking for CDL-A et al Defendant(s). female, shots & dewormed, copy of any process at the office Specialized Equipment. Local made payable to the Well Merchants Concourse, the order of the CANDACE MCCARTY, AFFORDABLE 9 30 4th Floor, Room 427 $14.50 P/H UPSTATE h t t p : / / w wNEW w . d eSIDn - Drivers. in concrete; iron those stake to be RAS LUNG AndLI Age Boriskin, LLCNY900 P/H forNYthe year bedded penses proposed shall to Professional coverage fortrain 350 on procedures. sion Board hereby further kill, Will modern NYCCANCER? * $15 P/H * positions zalez, Esq.,current theis:under295an for tanks and refills! GuaranColumbiatowns County upon him/her 12th Buffalo to Elmira. eet, of housebroken, loves children solv Pursuant to a served Judgagainst the LLC the clerk,County located Soil at 4th ING! Beautify yourEmail home! Greene Wallkill Central School District REALTY LLC, Suite 310, Westbury, Greene County Soil IfULTRA you currently carethe for your $14.50 et al Defendant(s). 866-679-8194 or http://www. The Coordinated 60+? You And Your Family Specialized Equipment. Local 435 AUTO & Technical thence on a bearing of set; thence on the Merchants Concourse, and that a copy has finance contract(s) with Excellent Pay/Benefits. for TECHNICIAN will take place on (SatORDERS that estiFloor, Room 427 P/H UPSTATE NY teed Lowest Prices! Call Professional sona signed Successor RefStreet Capital, LLC; York 560 $600. Call (518)610-5940 Special Education CAR A PLACE FOR MOM has ment of Foreclosure upon him/her is: 12th positions Buffalo to Elmira. Warren Street, Save on monthly energy Ad# relatives or friends who and Water ConservaArts. filed with If May New 11590, Atand Conservato11th**): a ofJudgBe knowledge Entitled CAIRO,York 2 bdr mobile Transportation Plan The 06 Water degrees 23' 00" Pursuant same bearing Nhome, 66 Suite ofSignifiall 310, Westbury, youBasic currently careTo for your application: been inDuane filed with the N licensed contractor(s) State urday May matedof cost the typiCoordinated the Concentrator 435 Substitute Teacher & Technical eree said judgment Pay/Benefits. Email for DIRECTV AT&T. 155 Excellent 166 Street, We helped over & a million t to Hudson, 6118 Oxygen or famicall bills with beautiful NEW and Sale entered on have Medicaid orrequired: Medicare, Street LLC; quite setting, $775 mo., York Transportation cant makes Cash Callwho 866- tion District. the SSNY on relatives torneys Plaintiff. tion District, negotiable offor Foreclosure Busi Certification draft forNewAddenda, Greene and models or Award. friends W, a Capital, distance of ment degrees 57' 48" aaW, a New York 11590, Atapplication: Store: 866-941-2913 Greenville Town Clerk to provide emergency At the Greenville Town calStudents property assessed Plan Beekmantown Central School 888-339-2900 x12 Channels & 1000s of Cars lies find senior living. Our named, will sell at pubSuite 2B, New York, of grants rent & sec., & Ref. must, SIDING from 1800Remodel! you may be eligible to December 3, 2018. with Disabilities 1-6 166 Duane Street, 951-9073, 877-915-8674 free the to draft or call if any,me beright issued 04/04/2019. Office loc: United States Governand Sale entered on (no European vehicles). have Medicaid or Medicare, District seeks the following for County iswill available for distance of 87.59 feet 179.80 feet to an iron torneys for Plaintiff. at 11159 SR 32, medical services Offices: at working $125,000.00 for10013. Greene Shows/Movies On no Demand no pets.845-706-8504 Not! trusted, local advisors help 888-339-2900 or Students with (One lic auction at the lobby Up to 18 months interNew York Pur- Suite Central School pher assume start for them as a you x12 formay Information. No Risk. No Beekmantown I, the undersigned Ref9/1/19: DENTAL INSURANCE. Call fice 2B, New York, name of County Monday thru Friday only to the those persons be eligible to Greene County. SSNY ment Bonds (at par December 3, 2018. public review and Disabilities 7-12 Generalist to an iron stake set; stake embedded in Wednesday, May 6th, personal Greenville, New York, throughout the Town (w/SELECT Package.) District seeks the following for up! C Hundred Twenty find solutions to your is available for est. Restrictions apply 855Teacher - MS assistant. No Five Cer- French of the Columbia pose/Character of New and Damien Money Out Of Physicians Mutual Insu- 9640 eree will sell at public 10013. PurTop Pay - Pocket. Benefits Christopher working for them as a 9/1/19: Submit Substitute Teacher Ap- start whose name has been designated value), a satisfactory the undersigned Refcomment. Itand adis public FALLS RESchool Counselor thence on the same AT&T Internet Percent Mobile Homes unique needs at 99 no cost to rance Company for details. concrete; thence S 89 I,WINDHAM where itCourt may belawful seen and York in or conjunction with between the hours of tificates Thousand Dollars) review and 505-6471. 415 (347)462General Help County House in pose/Character business: Any sent Melber. plicationneeded. and completed refer-is personal French Teacher - MS Telephone 518-758-8190. auction at the Lobby of assistant. No Cerof The city and Earth Elementary Teacher dress are on record as as agent upon whom Bid Bond executed by eree will sell at public Chuck Culpepper maybe something caught his available on the comment. 345 a.m. for Rent Reliability. Unlimited Texts NOT just a discount plan, CAS you. Call: 1-800-404-8852, LLC Articles of WINDHAM bearing of N 66 dedegrees 33' 00" a ALTY and City examined by perany the District and E, the 9:00 & 1:00 p.m. proposed to REence formsFALLS (available at be These is business: 2610 (347)565-6200 Counselor OXYGEN - Anytime. Any- School the of ItHudson, business purpose are needed. tenure track positions New state tificates (347)462all c the Columbia County net. Any lawful my present Ato 844-258-8586 PLACE FOR w/ MOM has havingof County obtained the available process against the the Bidder and an ac- auction at the Lobby of 120 Countries AT&T, 1Greene TranElementary Teacher Org. filed NY Sec. of The Washington Post grees 57' 48" W, a disCLASS B DRIVER, experiinterested person until Town Board hereby distance of 89.90 feet with health & retirement benefits. Wednesday, May 13th, $102.88 (One Hundred on the where. No tanks to refill. No coveragedown for 350 pro- $14. eye andREAL he ducked a little ALTY LLC Articles of New York, theNew 1st business mitted underonthe (347)565-6200 the address taled TAGHKANIC, 2 County BDR, no LLC to Mr. may Anthony be White,served. P.O. Box 2610 Courthouse, 401 Union helped atrack million famipurpose perare over tenure AIDE NEEDED for- Benefits general are New Greene Wireless. Call 4positions FREE contract documents. ceptable surety, in an the Salary range $47,230 $52,830 These Columbia sit's website, greeneence preferred. State (SSNY) 3/29/19. tance of 17.69 feet to a deliveries. The All-New Grievance Day. further to an iron stake set; LABORER FOR garbage cedures. 855-434-9221 or between the hours of Two Dollars and Eighty County TranOrg. filed NY Sec. of Automobiles 310, Wallkill, N.Y., 12589. free smoking,. no pets, $850 with health &senior retirement benefits. day ofLimited May, 2019, at mitted York Liability mon my Lebanon, housekeeping and shoplies find (based on experience). Applicabit.Our h 9t30t p : / /Lawn Street, Hudson, N.Y. Anyone with knowledge ofliving. under Quote - 1-888-534-6918. NY the- sit's It is the Contractors' SSNY shall mail pro- tion amount equal at Courthouse, 401 Union EOE, F/T, P/T. Please call & .Garden COMPUTER (845) Inogen G4 isgarbage only 2.8 Office Co. point atin athe centerline company, full 895-7104 time w/benew w w dforeSale n - Spe rangelocal $47,230 -ISSUES? $52,830 The website, Assessor will ORDERS thatthe theto total 9:00 &Greene 1:00 p.m. Eight (SSNY) Cents) annually thence running NNew 04 3/29/19. details available at Salary cash plus a.m. util. mo., plus sec. State ping& inOne theFOR Hudson area LABORER 9:30 o'clock in be thein York Company Law.greeneThis trusted, advisors help 672 ber, month on the 29th day of Street, Limited Liability and year my 518-325-3331 responsibility toofdocuverify (based onracetrack experience). Applicacess to: Phil Belfiore, least ten (10%) percent Hudson, N.Y. FREE DIAGNOSIS by pounds! FAA approved! Equip/Services “And he probably caught the grand traditions of Home page. The fits. EOE. Call Deadline SSNY design. Agent of of said River Street; attendance with the maximum amount prowith a vehicle. 2-3 times a Wednesday, May 13th, and the Town Board degrees 45' W, a dept. Call 518-851-2389, Office in Greene Co. company, - Company Call DISH TV $59.99 190 nolo full time w/bene- tion find toFor your Belson Frances Robles forenoon, theispremises notification made my Ken & solutions details available at May, 2019 at 00" 1:00 p.m. Law. This 5/3/19. birth areand November, GEEKS ON SITE! Virus ReCARS/TRUCKS WANTED!!! and obtain any and all Home FREE info kit: 1-855-839PO Box 748, Catskill, of the Base Total Bid on the 29th day of 3331. week, 6-9 hours. Call ment is also available LLC upon whom prorunning thence along 518-965-6038. Tentative Assessment posed to be expended Channels High a between the hours of SSNY herebydesign. further Agent of fits. docu- notification distance of 184.70 feet Call Luis bit,” Mott infields could speculated unique needs $14.95 at noDeadline cost tooff guard a little JOB EOE. OPPORTUNITY $18 have pursuant Section described inThe Schedule my The & AT&T. 155 sic Newreview York Times News Service premises described as is made Don moval, Data Recovery! 24/7 DIRECTV We buy 2002-2018 2010; the place of normy 1738 (646)770-6166. DEER FENCE. is your issued Addenda. It is ment NY 12414. Purpose: shall be submitted with May, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. 5/3/19. for during cess may be served. Speed Internet. Free Instalthe center of said River Toda onalso thehereto following is an$199,356.00 (One 4:00 p.m. & 8:00 p.m. LLC ORDERS the propro- 3331. you. Call: 1-800-404-8852, is available P/H NYC on * $15 P/Hstartled LI * EMERGENCY to iron stake recovupon that whom Channels & Running 1000s of 206 of the Limited ARoll attached and pursuant ami- birth landscape investment what Maximum Secontinued. “I’m sure Luis didn’t SERVICE, InCars/Trucks, or For follows: All that tract or to Section is Troy, NY; my requested that bid Any Lawful Purpose. each Bid. The premises described as mal business hours at lation, Smart HD DVR Inshall mail Street on aWant bearing of cess 1- 844-258-8586 P/H CAREERS UPSTATE NYStart home days locations. Hundred Ninety Nine New England Patriotsfor owner Robert by Appointment Only posed method of fi- $14.50 AIRLINE review during nor- 206 ered atofthe junction of SSNY may be served. Demand beingNationwide eaten by On deer? IfPickso Liability Company made aand part hereof, Mas- present tocopy Rent Mak repair/On-line solu- Shows/Movies Not! Free 395 parcel land, situate, of the name packages beis Damipicked GCSWCD is Limited exempt cluded, Free Voice Remote. AllDurham that tract or SSNY curity into barging rightward do thatup! intentionally. an Have 311 West Bridge St., mal you -Get currently care for 564 of to The LLC N 23 02'Town 00" trained as your FAA give us1-888-416-2208. a Package.) call forHe’s a deer Please note that due Thousand Three Hun- follows: Services Wanted At process thedegrees nancing be copy em- IfHere business hours atto Liability formerly lands nowbeing or shalltomail towi tions . $20 OFF ANY SER- (w/SELECT Call Law. known as 1306 River Kraft all but defeated two charges of soslee COMPUTER ISSUES? lying and in the Company en Christopher MasSome restrictions apply. up prior to the Pre Bid from paying sales and parcel of land, situate, fence quote, we are relatives friends who VICE!Derby Catskill, NY 12414. certified or Aviation Techni4 Canaan Circle South E, a distance of 167.00 the dual role of the Asdred and Fifty Six DolAT&T Internet 99 Percent Offices: ployed is through the 311 West Bridge St., and into Kentucky disaggressive rider (who has ridof process to The LLC of the Niagara Mohawk 100% 844-892-3990, 855CATSKILL 1 bdr apt for 2 men Street, Valatie, NY. FREE DIAGNOSIS by Town of New Lebanon, operating through the Call 1-855-401-9066 Law. trangelo. licitation of prostitution when a Florida Conference date. Medicaid or Medicare, compensating use tax- lying and being the (if 4WINDHAM cian. Financial aid for qualiCASH FORUnlimited CARS! WeTexts buy 518DENTAL INSURANCE. Call 385-4814 Reliability. Salem, 10590. Purfeet to NY point orinfloor place sessor NY in 12414. the adjoining lars) forCorp.; the establishTOWN OF NEW BAL- Columbia RENTAL n of The public hearing is Catskill, **Saturday, May 11th, establishment an in- have Canaan Circleof South Power running seniors on the 1st mac GEEKS ON SITE! Virus Rewinter. Call 518-851-3430. Approximate amount qualification. Had he glanced den for Mott), but I don’t think County, you may be eligible to Physicians Mutual A May certified check or The fied students. JobInsurance placeall120 cars! Junk, high-end, 514 es of the State of New ofAny New Lebanon, Countries w/ AT&T to- at l Services Offered on 6,Formation 2019 at 5:00 pose: of beginning. Towns of Durham and ment of thelands District county judge Monday out key eviTIMORE, ZONING PROPERTIES II PurLLC between thelawful hoursacof Salem, dependent taxing dis- start public hearing isis TOWN Do you owe more 24/7 that to possible) (518)697-8060. NY 10590. Recovery! thence along of Town OF NEW BALNotice of ofthrew of Judgment Company for fordetails. NOT State of New York. working them as a moval, ment assistance. Call infield AIM taledit doesn't Get HON bank draft, Call matter! 4 horse FREE into the and Data spotted York and of cities and Columbia County, a Intercareless rider. I think the PM at which payable time anyto on $5000 in TaxSERVICE, Debt? Call tivity. Greenville, aAPPEALS. joint ses- TIMORE, herein, and the Town BOARD slee Articles of lawful Org. filed personal with dence 9:00 a.m. & 1:00 p.m. pose: trict on an Ad Valorem May 6,OF 2019 at 5:00 EMERGENCY In- Wireless. Any acEarthlink High Speed same, N 82 degrees just free a discount plan, REAL ZONING 1580 ANCRAM LLC obtained in surveillance videos and $388,779.96 plus assistant. No Cerfor information 866Said premises known free towing and same day 70,0 Wells &repair/On-line Associates INC. We Quote - 1-888-534-6918. the order of will the PM AFFORDABLE NEW SID- coverage for counties on aall materi- State of New York.Only public comments 877home solu350 procedures. sionat and for those towns Board hereby further Notice is interest. hereby NY Sec. of State some lewd human act? Had he NY Arts. by Appointment basis and will be taxed which time given any BOARD net. AsTax Low As $14.95/ just kind of got the jump on tivity. 51' 00" E, distance OF APPEALS. of Org. filed with tificates needed. (347)462costs gray 296-7094 cash! Newer Models too! solve Problems! Peras 954 USthat Route 20, Said premises known ING! Beautify your home! traffic stop. Greene County Soil public als to be incorporated or http://www. month be received. tions . $20 (for OFF theANY firstSER3 DISH will take (SatORDERS estithere will onbeNew a Notice 3/13/2019. Of- 866-679-8194 /19. a The Board ofTree Assessagainst all properties comments will TV $59.99 For bore 190 HOM sonal or Business! IRS, of 60.00 feet tothe an iron as (347)565-6200 is hereby given Secy. of StateConservaof NY that cond Call 1-833-839-3981. noticed a fistfight between guys Dated at place Albany, The Family Biz (SSNY) him, so to speak, when he New Lebanon, N.Y. Save on monthly energy 2610 Ad# months) and Water into the work. 954 US Route 20, VICE! 844-892-3990, 855If you are unable to atReliable High State and Local. 30 years in Channels The ruling a resounding victory for day urday May 11th**): mated costatwill tothe the typiPublic Hearing before in Greene Co. 6118 um- (SSNY) ment Review meet within District, $14.95 High Athe be received. stake set there bejunca New on was 03/14/19. York, the 28th of that LLC. articles will of N.Y. org. fice bills with the beautiful NEW LABORER 12125. doution District, negotiable 385-4814 The successful Bidder, Lebanon, FOR MMA garbageaspirations Business! Call NOWout. for aWhether Speed Fiber Optic Techhe car could have sma Donate Internet. your to Wheels tend, comments to be to Speed Free InstalAt the Greenville Town cal property assessed Sma Town ofplea NewtoBaltidesig. agent of CLASS B whose SNY Kraft, on Monday June 3, SSNY which all propIfthe you are unable at- Public 845before tion ofHearing lands now or Office location: ColumDRIVER, experi- nology. who had refused accept a SIDING shall from be 1800Remodel! March, 2019 filed on 4/17/2019. Of(Section: 18, Block: 1, free consultations at an ofcompany, full time w/beneUnited States GovernStream Videos, For Wishes, benefiting to whom a Contract is 12125. considered should be tend, lation, Smart HD it’s DVRhard In- for y bled as518-325delusions? he see Offices: at Town $125,000.00 (One fice more Zoning Board of the whom process t of bia 2019, loc. between the LLC erties within the comments to be even it or not, Earthlink High Speed Inter-corrected ence EOE. preferred. Benefits Up to 18 months noTown inter- fits. of New BaltiCounty. SSNY formerly said Comfice Did near you. 1-888-742David A. Gonzalez, ESTATE SALE, Rte. 23A Columbia Lot: 15.2). get Call Music and More! Call EarthMake-A-Wish. We offer free deal, maintaining he did nothing illegal ment Bonds (at par awarded, will be Five re- (Section: Block: and 1, and cluded, Free Voice Remote. submitted in writing to considered Wednesday, Mayp.m., 6th, more Hundred Twenty Appeals 7:30 be served. SSNY pro- designated hours of 18, 4:00 the use ofapply convenshould be 9640 net. As Low As $14.95/ EOE, F/T, someone P/T. Pleasegulping call link est. Restrictions 855- 3331. Sat-Sun 9-3, Zoning Board ofa Lot: agent of a Today mint julep missa; running thence hom Esq. County, SSNYp.m. desg. may to know.Palenville, Thatand happens so fast.” Approximate amount 1-855-970-1623, towing your donation is restrictions apply. value), aassatisfactory quired to execute Mobility Manager, 311 heor visited a day spasubmitted in Jupiter, Florbetween the hours Thousand Dollars) is agent month (for the first 3 Some May 1, 2019, at the 995 mail process to 518-325-3331 be when 8:00 p.m., atwhom the shall tional bonds by the 505-6471. in writing toof Appeals 41515.2). April 27, 28. Selling the activ General Help 7:30 p.m., LLC upon whom proalong lands of same Successor Refereeof LLC 1-888-586-9798 100% tax deductible. Call of lien $ 203,038.57 Earthlink High Speed InterCall 1-855-401-9066 of slapdash crafting? Apartment for Rent Bid Bond executed by Mobility Approximate amount He said, “It all happens in two West Bridge St., Cats9:00 a.m. & 1:00 p.m. proposed to be Town Hall, 3809 PO Box 992, Windhall ida, Manager, 311 May 1, 2019, at the cess against it may be on two consecutive days in late Januon a bearing of S 64 518-650-1110 Today! Freeman Howard, P.C. process may be Professional net. As Low As plus interest and County A PLACE MOM has CAS the NY Bidder and an ac- West of295lien $ Columbia 203,038.57 kill, 12414, referApartment for Rent The&guesses the disorientWednesday, May 13th, Town $102.88 Hall, (One00" Hundred County Route 51,CatsHanNY FOR 12496. Purene served. Bridge you owe more that three seconds.” 3809 SSNY Technical in degrees 00' E, a plus $14.95/month (for theor first 3 Do served. SSNY shall ham, Attorneys for St., Plaintiffs helped overColumbia a million fami- 435 ENERGY SAVING NEW costs. AIDE NEEDED for general Kraft refused toshall pay a fine and perform ceptable surety,All in an interest and 295 County ence GCCTP. reHONDAin ACCORD$5000 Tax Debt? 2011, Call all c between the hours of Two Dollars and Eighty nacroix, New York. pose: Any lawful purve., ary. kill, NY 12414, referCAIRO, 2 bdr mobile home, ing aftermath of the race May 4 County Route 51, Hanmonths.) Reliable High mail process to Helene housekeeping and shopdistance of 258.70 feet lies find senior living. Our WINDOWS! Beautify your mail process to 4143 441 East Allen Street JohnWells Velazquez, twoPremises will be sold costs. & miles Associates INC. We taled amount must equal to reBeekmantown Central School Lawn & Garden 70,000 (allthe hwy), 4dr, sponses beAve., service toatresolve the quite setting, $775 a mo., 9:00Box a.m. &two 1:00All Eight Cents) annually The subject ofp.m. the nacroix, NY community ence GCCTP. repingRt.9 in the Hudson area pose. Speedon Fiber York. Jaffe, Fifth 672 seekscentered trusted, local advisors help District home! Save on Optic monthlyTechen- solve to an iron stake em- Premises the following Co. East Chatham P.O. 1328 Tax Persubject toNew provisions on aforpuddle, a flash gray, winner fully Problems! equipped, ex Get least 1080 tenon(10%) percent will be sold Equip/Services rent & sec., & Ref. atimes must,a CAIRO, 2 bdr mobile home, time Derby who rode ceived or before with a vehicle. 2-3 Wednesday, May 13th, and the Town Board Public Hearing will be Any misdemeanor sponses must be renology. Stream Videos, Mu9/1/19: find solutions to your quite setting, $775 a mo., ergy bills with NEW WINsonal or Business! IRS, The subject of the charges because the deal Apt. 6B, NY, NY bedded in concrete; NY. Any6-9 Hudson, New York of filed further judgment and subject no pets.845-706-8504 cond. 1 owner, $7500 firm. day of the Base Total Bid to lawfull provisions week, hours. purCall rent French Teacher - glare, MS 5:00 PM on May 7, of on a distracting sound, State and Local. 30 years in too! sic and More! Call Earthlink & sec., & Ref. a must, between the hours of hereby the Use Variance Apceived on or before unique needs at no cost to DOWS from 1800Remodel! Code of Honor to a third-place Public be ofpose 10128. thenceofHearing on thewillsame 12534 Athens, (518)945-1623 terms sale. School (646)770-6166. DEERCounselor FENCE. is your would requiredAny him admit that shall have bePurpose: submitted with to filed judgment and noyou. Call NOW for or a pets.845-706-8504 2019. Today 4:00 p.m. &the 8:00 ORDERS that the proCall: 1-800-404-8852, Elementary Up to 1-877-933-3017 18 months no inter- Business! plication submitted by the 5:00 PM on May p.m. 7, on the rare din of 150,000 specTeacher Use Variance Aplawful activity. 845-255-5472. landscape investment bearing of S 64 definish corrected to second, last Mobile Homes Index No. 11297-17. free consultations at an ofSCHEDULE each comments Bid. Thewon LC, prosecutors of sale. Unless are Restrictions apply 855- fice near you. 1-888-742would have the case if"A" ittoOnly These tenure positions by Appointment posed00'method ofdisfi- terms AIRLINE CAREERS Start 1- 844-258-8586 Riversand LLC allow plication 2019. beingareeaten bytrack deer? If so est. submitted by 345 for Rent Parcel 1: Have a CPAP machine for grees 00" E, a Margaret E. Donnelly, tators. It seemed implausible with health benefits. GCSWCD is Iwill exempt Mobile Homes with The Index No. trained 11297-17. week described theutos/Trucks Derby task made, this plan be Unless Here -Get as FAA give us & a retirement call for a deer 338-5767. Ching LLC, At that thewedding/special Durham Town nancing to to be emaAll comments are Riversand topaying trial.And allow Salary range $47,230 - $52,830 sleep apnea? Get replace- 9640 COMPUTER ISSUES? piece or parcel tance of LLC 15.00 feet to Margaret Esq., Referee. for Rent fromof salesupon and made, fenceformer quote, weApplicaare of NY went E. Resources Donnelly, considered certified Aviation Techniwhile listening to industry inTwo20 Araton then dribbled out the clock to cement teammate Havlicek’s, took App Auth. final filed with John Joseph Havlicek was bo Offices: ployed is through the TAGHKANIC, 2 BDR, no 345 events venue prop(based on experience). this planon will be aHarvey this way: “You’ve got 20 horses ment FDA approved CPAP wedding/special 995 Wanted FREE DIAGNOSIS by of land, with buildings operating the point Raymer or place of Esq., McCalla LeiKraft’s decision fight the charges compensating taxcian. Referee. Financial for $850 qualiCty: Sec. tion & detailsthrough available the at Stay in your home longer Earthlink High Speed Inter- FRE completion ofuse this LLC. Arts.noof aid Org. filed smoking,. pets, of State of to NY **Saturday, May 11th, establishment of an inerty owned on the east considered final upon The New York Times News Service siders that all that much blame machine parts and supplies GEEKS ON SITE! Virus ReTAGHKANIC, 2 BDR, no winter. Call 518-851-3430. events venue on propthe Boston victory, setting off pandeover as coach. Martins Ferry, Ohio, on April net. (19 this As year). LowYou’ve As 8, 1 andbe a routine appurtenances bert Deadline with in the race Pierce, LLC beginning. fied util. students. Job placees of what the State ofCty: New de- turned for Rent American Standard plus aRaymer mo., plus Leisec. comment period. with the SSNY on smoking,. normally would CASH FOR CARS! We buy have (SSNY) 2/21/2019. between the ofhours dependent dis- McCalla side of County Route completion thisof erty at little or Luis no cost! Free $14.95/month moval, Apartment Data 24/7 5/3/19. no Recovery! pets, $850 owned ontaxing thea east (for the first 3 thereon, situate, lying lay with 26-year-old jockey Attorney(s) for Plaintiff Parcel II: ment assistance. Call AIM monium in Boston Garden. Havlicek Havlicek was voted to the all-NBA the second son of Frank Havlicek, 295 Columbia County York and of cities and John Havlicek, relentless force for Walk-In Bathtub. Receive dept. Call 518-851-2389, pon Columbia. bert Pierce, LLC got to pay attention what we’re high-end, to- large 03/08/2019. Office: plus SSNYpublic de- and sleep guide included! 1- all cars! Junk, 9:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m. side trict of on County an Ad Valorem 61, West EMERGENCY util. a mo.,SERVICE, plus sec.Incomment period. into NOTICE a highly often acrimoReliable High of Route PUBLIC for free information 866and being in&Coxsackie, the Village Bulk Carrier Saez. looking for CDL-A up to $1500 off, including a months.) 420 Lexington Avenue parcel All that piece or 518-965-6038. counties on all materitaled it doesn't matter! inst case Attorney(s) for Plaintiff Columbia County. 877-411-9455 home repair/On-line soluhugged by Russell, mobbed by fans fourontimes, thefree second team sev-going had Speed immigrated theposiUnited S dept. Call 518-851-2389, sig. as agent upon NY. by Appointment Only of 61, basis and will be taxed the Boston Celtics over two decades was AllTown persons do, where’s the Fiber to Optic Will train modern West Coxsackie, CAIRO, 2 bdr mobileLECKA/GETTY home, 296-7094 STREETER IMAGES NOTICE FORMAof Valatie, -of Suite 840with toilet, and lifetime war- to land, buildings 420 battle the police and prosecuGet free towing and same used PUBLIC NOTICE als to beOFwith incorporated hall nious Lexington Avenue tions setting, . $20 OFF ANY SSNY designated as 518-965-6038. Equipment. Local whom process against The Board Assessagainst allAll properties wishing to beof heard in nology. Stream Videos, Muquite $775 a SERmo., Specialized That’s why the Kentucky NY. persons and stripped of his No.17 jersey. en times and the defensive first-team from Czechoslovakia at 12, andorMg and two championship eras and one of HOME SECURITY Leading ranty on the tub and instalTION OF A LIMITED tion, where we’d like to be, who Kinderhook, County of New York, N.Y. 10170 day cash! NEWER MODELS and appurtenances positions Buffalo to Elmira. OF FORMAintoinbe the work. Robert Kraft during halftime NBA All-Star part&ofRef. thea 2019 c/o tors -395 Suiteat840 VICE! 844-892-3990, 855rent &assec., must, agent ofthe the LLC upon game Palm Beach and More! Call Earthlink can may served & County. shall NOTICE ment orReview will meet withinmingles the District, favor opposition will Want to Rent smart home provider Vivint sic wishing to be heard in Excellent Pay/Benefits. Email for lation! Call us at 1-855-465stewards’ further decision to LIABILITY COMPANY too! Call 1-833-258-7036 Columbia and State of (347) 286-7409 thereon, situate, lyinginNew The play was immortalized by the five times. Russell, who isHome considered (Turkalj) Havlicek, who was of Cro 385-4814 the greatest clutch stars NBA history, no pets.845-706-8504 TION OF A LIMITED The process successfultoBidder, man, mail York, N.Y. 10170 we’d like to battle, who you whom process against Today 1-877-933-3017 Smart has an offer just c/o NBA All-Star Weekend at Spectrum Center on February 17, 2019 in Charlotte, North on Monday June 3, which shall be all propapplication: have opportunity at the twee anda 24 other men were charged 5426 CLASS B DRIVER, experi- 395 favor or opposition will (347) Want to Rent (LLC) New York, herein and being in the Village COMPANY toKraft whom Contract is LIABILITY orthe callfor for Calldays, 877-480-2648descent to uer, Citrin suspend Saez 15 you. racing 286-7409 itencemay be served. Celtics’ longtime radio broadcaster, to have been most indispensable but born in the United St died Thursday. He was 79. Cooperman, 2019, between the have erties within theat Town Call time and place stated don’t want to be behind you beEarthlink High Speed Interpreferred. Benefits CATSKILL 1 bdr apt for 2 opportunity the Carolina. ESTATE SALE, Rte. 23A Have a CPAP machine for 888-339-2900 x12 The name of the LLC is bounded and deget a professionally installed 22 in conjunction with a wider inApartment for Rent of Valatie, Town of (LLC) awarded, will be reFl., Feb. SSNY shall mail copy Attn: V. Wlodinguer, hours of 4:00 p.m. and and the use of convenabove. released Monday, could have net. As Low As $14.95/ EOE, F/T, P/T. Please call seniors on the 1st floor (if Please Recycle Palenville, Sat-Sun 9-3, Johnny Most, whose call — “Havlicek Celtic of all, called Havlicek “the best His parents ran a general store, an time and place stated home security system with $0 His death was announced by the sleep apnea? Get replaceVIAGRA & CIALIS! 60 pills CATSKILL 1 bdrGreene apt County for 2 12th Holdings, cause you know the horse is go298 scribed as County of possible) name offollows: the LLC the is Kinderhook, quiredStreet to execute a The OF eral vestigation into human sex trafficking at a at of process to the LLC, seniors month on(for the floor first (if 3 SUPERINTENDENT 518-325-3331 529 Ave., 4th (518)697-8060. 8:00 p.m., tional bonds by female the Patrick Linger, Chair. April 27, baffled 28. Selling the activation. ment FDA approved CPAP for $99. doesn’t 100 pills for $150 above. the 1st Please Recycle anyone who SCHOOLS LLC.FifthArticles of Fl., Or- 12th luxury hotel, The Breakers. people, clients Commencing atvideo a of stoleHudthe ball!” — became enshrined in all-around player I- ever saw.” family lived above it, on U.S. Celtics. Noparticularly cause Columbia andwas given. the 432 Street Holdings, ing to come back onand you. So all40 in n State Street, NY, NY 10017. General machine parts supplies FREE shipping. Money ATHENS2 bdr., heat inE L I Z A B E T H T O W N L E W I S chain of massage parlors in Florida. Kraft possible) (518)697-8060. Patrick Linger, Chair. ganization filed with LLC. point in the center of a Articles of OrState of New York, ride horses and wouldn’t dream While the case against Kraft hangsgloriin the of the spa, who were not subjects WESTPORTHavlicek, CSD son,of the NY 12534. Purevery highlight reel of the Celtics’ by Lansing, an Ohio Valley who averaged 20.8 points Havlicek showed an unassuming Purpose. at little or no cost! Free back guaranteed! Call Tocluded, $950, references, the things have got to come intown n of and Secretary of men State of not Village of Valatie the other were charged with Website: ganization filed Street with herein There bounded andinstructions pose: Any balance, lawful pursleep guide included! 1- Whee day: 800-404-0244, 1-800no could pets, be Callpenalized 518-622-3849 of - PreK-12 riding one competitively. he still by NFL investigation. were no ous history. few hundred residents near for his career, played in more games 459 STUDENTS but unyielding consistency throughout Cor- trafficking. New York (SSNY) on play that you think you want to commonly referred to Notice of Formation of Secretary of State of described as follows: 877-411-9455 870-8711 SALARY: $110,000 - $140,000 How we, as a have Roger Goodell, who has the asearch warrant onofhow topose. prevent ack- Limited April 1, Liability 2019. CorNew New York (SSNY)inon “Red Auerbach always said, ‘Look for West Virginia. (1,270) formuch Bostonshould than Russell, scored 16-season, Hall Fame career. HeCommissioner a good trip without comKraft’s lawyers bombarded the court om- poration York office location: culture, a small (LLC): (Back- April 1, 2019. New broad authority to hold recalled players, league ex- more these people fromby being videotaped. an edge,’” Havlicek in a 2015 According to Lucas, Havlicek wo points expect (26,395)ofthan a laterperCelticpromising was known the nickname “Hondo,” your race, basically.” with motions, firstComto keep the video woods Trading York office evilocation: son atop a fast, large animal in “The fact that some totally innocent ecutives and owners accountable for con-



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Robert Kraft wins critical ruling on video in prostitution case

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John Havlicek, a dynamo in two eras of Celtics gl Rentals Garage Sales

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John Havlicek, a dynamo in two eras of Celtics glory, dies at 79

diligently at everything, given him by a childhood friend who NBA video marking the 50th anniver- star, Larry Bird, and handed out more Such descriptions make includin the dence private until the case was resolved women and men had their entire lawful duct he deems detrimental to the league. a crowd of than fast, large animals? studies. He was bewildere (6,114) any other Celticjobcollege had trouble pronouncing his surname sary of the steal, referring to the Celtics’ assists sound nearly impossible, and then to prohibit the video from being time spent in a massage room fully record- Those penalties can include fines of up to WeHavlicek might expect more thanthe we Celtics organizational patriarch and playmaker except Bobborn Cousy. histomemory Harvey Araton and who thought si- teammate dribbled out the clockHavlicek’s to cementstrong, former of Havlicek’s, tooknine-time John Joseph was in could count onon him play s butLucas’ that, ofreliance course, doesn’t preused as evidence. The release of the videothen would imagine. $500,000 and suspensions, based not just ed and viewed intermittently by a detecThe New York Times News Service champion coach. “I did what I was supBut when he joined the Celtics asand fearing that his roommate lent demeanor wasoff reminiscent of John the Boston victory, setting pandeover as coach. Martins Ferry, Ohio, on April 8, 1940, hard hurt, as he did in another clude jockey wrongdoing in anwould — which, according to police affidavits, tive-monitor is unacceptable It doesn’t take long around on the legal case against Kraft but also on and results Marcus Hayes slipped a bit in the area of hiring womworking daily with the team. And it’s industry.” analytics report posed to do. I never realized it would come academically ineligible a rookie in 1962 as the seventh pick of Wayne in the 1953 movie of the same monium in Boston Garden. Havlicek Havlicek was voted to the all-NBA the second son of Frank Havlicek, who Eastern Conference final seventh John Kraft Havlicek, relentlessofforce for — old, old sport with jockey sus- andth showed as thea recipient sex acts The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily toItdraft, tire ofHavlicek people, thelast damage hesecond did to league’s reputafrom the lack of sufficient pre-monitoring en over the last three years — but even close.” certainly seems that way. his staff use thisComlong, butnot it isthe everlasting.” our team.” thatracetracks year’s college was name. was hugged by Russell, mobbed by fans team four times, the team sevhad immigrated to the United States game, coached by Heinsohn, against the Boston Celtics over two decades pensions long meshed into theto pre would have prejudiced any trial, his law- written guidelines,” themissioner mostly wagerers, complaining judge wrote. tion. Adam Silver has acknowlSixers might be mainly leading, Harding andwith O’Reilly were PHILADELPHIA — They One are onplay the epitomized Spanning eras The that included Rus-Czechoslovakia As aschoolprofessional, Havlicek wasths a but tenacious defender anroutine Havlicek’s and stripped of his No.17 jersey. and she was en times and the defensive first-team from at 12, and Mandy the Knicks in 1973. and two championship eras and one of hum of the news. In-on yers argued. thewas competence of jockBecause thein video evidence was the five baTacopina, New York lawyer who edged the issue andtimes. has Joe addressed it. aCowens, children when Lara Price, theseries, chief all teams are doing better — about even who the court, chatting up VIPs. They are the sell and Dave star center of Havlicek, cused on avoiding body fatrun that heN indefatigable work ethic. Some teamreputation as the pre-eminent hustle The play was immortalized by the Russell, who is considered (Turkalj) of Croatian Earlier in the Havlicek had the greatest clutch stars in NBA history, tant during the fractions, often sprouting from In legal motions and at coaches’ hearings, meetings, Kraft’s sisplotting filed a Network, federal class-action civil rights law- hired forlongtime the strategy. police’s decision to stop Kraft eys, such that one States. definition ofjoined The NBA began a maWomen’s operating officer, theof team inat training Dallaswas Mavericks, who a female the 1970s, Havlicek part ofdescent eight mates, Cousy included, doubted he cally arrived camp slim player of his time and possibly, as Celtics’ radio broadcaster, to have been the most indispensable but born in the United into a screen set by Dave DeBusschere, died Thursday. He was 79. in July, one of the turns intimidation central to lawyer argued that police had and confirm his identity as rode in oncalled behalf of Joyce Vedral, a His fitness a bad nightto out onjust Earth thehe league also fo1996, months Iverson CEO“the and a female assistant coach after On overreached thebysidelines, scouting competiCeltics championship teams in all, would much. down and had to “eat his way ba ny older Celtics fan would argue, ofaran allsuit Most, whose calland — “Havlicek Celtic ofa three-day all, Havlicek best parents ran aamount general store, and thewould thebefore Knicks’ bruising power Histhey death announced the Johnny history. The Sixer all Allen sports, generally tiltforward, to the when hid was surveillance cameras friend’s car,—the evidence from traffic expert inlosing her 70s, andNBA other law-abiding be one spent among those who rum at thethe All Star Game inplayer Charlotte, arrived. She now stands third on the investigations last season revealed a U.S. tion. In theinside war room, recommending never insaw.” an Finals. He was “He didn’t really shoot from thewrong his playing weight,” Heinsohn said time. stole the ball!” became enshrined in all-around I ever family lived above it, on 40 in nearseparating his right shoulder. After sitCeltics. No cause was given. side of Mott’s they distincdidn’t bothe the spa. On Monday, Judge Leonard Han-building stop was also thrown massage patrons captured on the video, complain about jockeys. N.C., in February toHavlicek, promote equality, masthead, after CEO Scott O’Neil culture of misogyny and sexual harassThey’re theOn buildings. alsowho a standout at Ohiopoints State when the outside or dribble that much,” said “But heand could dodeal. things like tha April 1965, the Celtics were every highlight reel of15, theout. Celtics’ gloriaveraged 20.8 by Lansing, an Ohio Valley town of a Hear ting out one game, Havlicek labored showed an trades. unassuming tion between “aggressive” and big serHavlicek of Palm Beach County Court agreed. “All clinging information obtained through the said Kraft’s case —an and the prosecutions complaints about jockey after inclusion and networking. ment. president Chris Heck,“careless.” but she knows They’re hiring and firing. Buckeyes won NCAA title infew 1960 Heinsohn, who had played alongside cause he was so darned disciplined to a 110-109 lead in the decious history. for his career, played in more games hundred residents near Wheeling, through the final three games, reduced but unyielding consistency throughout And then there Hanser said in a 26-page ruling thatmaking the stop is suppressed as the fruit of amazing,” an offor all the other accused most jockey forseveral a while and one “It was said Jill Snodgrass, The scored sea — haswas changed. The NBA for has where bodies are buried that sure that Bryce and reached the championship game Havlicek seasons inthing Boston. added. sive seventh game of‘Look the 1965 Eastern “Red Auerbach always said, forunlaw(1,270) Boston thanmen Russell, West Virginia. to mainly using histhey weaker left hand. a 16-season, Hall Fame They’re career. He The ruling followed astar meetinvestigators had of reasonable probable Duke who we likely ful search,” the wrote. grows must who isa the Sixers’ vice president ofthanhad fiveCeltic female three remain would never recognize. She loves lifewas Harper and Carson Wentz come tojudge the in doomed. two subsequent seasons, in officials; which “Butto he wasclear: like aJockeying wideworked receiver inbe footHavlicek a man of such pr Conference final playoff series. With an edge,’” Havlicek recalled in 2015 more points (26,395) a later According Lucas, Havlicek “His right arm was dangling — most was known by the nickname “Hondo,” ing Friday that, according to draf cause to request that surveillance cameras 2007 WNBA “This case should be dismissed within The next step would most likely be for so hard. service and operations. She met eight active. Becky Hammon was the first near the top, and can’t wait for the next Wells Fargo Center, they’re making ball, and he would run and catch long Havlicek co-starred with his roomration and routine that he folde five seconds remaining, center Bill RusNBA video marking the 50th anniverdiligently at everything, including his star, Larry Bird, and handed out more guys wouldn’t have even been out given him by a childhood friend who Ann Oldfather, Saez’s attorbe installed in various parts of the female scout in ler an hour,” Tacopina said. lawyers to file awomen motion to dismiss Yet asCousy Kentucky Horse Racwhose jobs mirror hers, and NBA assistant coach in studies. 2014, with the generation to join her. ney, sure thatOrchids you come, too. mate Jerry Lucas, another future NBA passes from for layups.” socks on aparticipants hangar in the locker from under the saryKraft’s of thesell’s steal,inbounds referring topass the Celtics’ college He was bewildered by assists (6,114) than any other Celtic there,” Heinsohn said. had trouble pronouncing his surname had 10 (with of Asia Day Spa, including in The the treatment Tacopina, a former prosecutor, said the the case. For now, the prosecutor in the ing Commission Executive only one this seaso they explained how they balance their Spurs,teams followed by78Nancy Lieberman, “Having womenThe such as myself for perception, in America: The hitand Hall of Famer. Those wonLucas’ of reliance In his Havlicek was before slipping into his game 76ers’patriarch basket a guide wire overhead, nine-time onfirst hisscrimmage, memory skills, playmaker except Bob Cousy. injury up to Havlicek inunifo and who thought Havlicek’s strong, si- organizational nine incaught the room): the three rooms. video surveillance was illegal, po- that caseThe has left open the option ana appeal Director Marc Guilfoil said last personnel, which hard-driving careers and motherhood. whoCeltics was abecause assistant for three thewould younger women to7, look up to was gives revolution is coming. reality, for 84 games. (Another member of the rosmatched with Jim Loscutoff, aGame burly In an interview, Ryan, Havlicek giving the the ball and chance to champion coach. “I76ers did what I wasof supfearing his roommate beBut when he joined the asKings when he able to make only lent demeanor was reminiscent of John stewards, one former steward But he said the search warrant was of Monday’s ruling. “We reviewing licein had failed to do what isand called “miniweek, two ofthem theand three stewards With so many women inwas charge, seasons, Boucek, first with deal season:foS an“ruin idea: OK, it’sshot attainable. What the The revolution ter Bob Knight, who would go on forward known for his physical play. author, who covered Celtics win the series. posed tohas do.arrived. I never realized itare would come academically ineligible a rookie 1962 as the seventh pick of Jenny one and score 4 points as this the CeltWayne in the 1953 movie of 76ers: the same and racing official, four Derby “insufficient” because it did not define the judge’s order at this point,” Michael mization,” monitoring and stopping rewho by now have made both and with so many women either on the Kings and now with the Maverdo I need to do to get there?” she asked. The Sixers employ a number of revamp their to a renowned and controversial career After a while, a winded Loscutoff yelled Boston Globe, called him allGuarding Chet Walker, a star forlast this long, but it is everlasting.” ics lostjockeys, a seventh game inand the postseathat year’s college draft, Havlicek was our team.” name. Oldfather Saez “the by rota parameters of how to protect customers Edmondson, spokesman for the Palm when there is nowith criminal activity. rulings -appears horse Kristi Toliver Karen the court (asarea officials) around it icks. Price just of the Susan thoughtful, smart and confident wommy Butler, Tobia coaching college ball.) out:unanimous “Hey, you’re crazy. Nobody runs standard of stamina, the essen warderas for Philadelphia, inRusthe nearcording Spanning that included As(Wizards), a professional, Havlicek was so fo- disson atahead home for first time. The New mainly aor tenacious defender an One play epitomized Havlicek’s phone from New York, where at the spa who were not under suspicion positions. County prosecutor’s office, in “You can’t justthe keep it Umlauf running and say,and qualification andhejockey Stack (Bulls), Natalie Na- down.” (as coaches or indefatigable evaluators), NBA vice president of busien in high-profile We’re proItthe was with Celtics that Havlicek like that. Slow without the ball and the g the free-throw line, Havlicek began Simmon sellBeach and Dave Cowens, star center ofsaid cused on avoiding body fatWilliamson, that typi-thesusYork Knicks, Lucas inJonathon their lineup, work ethic. Some teamreputation the pre-eminent hustle he moving haswith been riding at Belmont from being as videotaped and from violaan email. deal withhis it later,’” heasaid. “It istwoa ba-NBA Havlicek pension -camp have bustling kase (Clippers) assistants. itpart makes the NFL and‘We’ll Major League nessslimmed operations and,on as to aest collegian at championship. filing nine of thethe most significant indideveloped game as unique sixth man in history.” He ad “Quitracepushsilently ticking theoffive allotted sec1970s, Havlicek wasoff eight mates, Cousy included, doubted he are callyallarrived at trainingresponded, went win the NBA player of his time and possibly, as maMonroe and Park. The ruling stated: “After char tions of their Fourth Amendment rights Because was charged as Hal a first-time tenet anachof surveillance, and it’sWNBA shocking track CVs enriched with an item and legend Sue Baseball like pre-suffrage Virginia, theto first female head manager viduals who helped the Sixers to their me hard and quit running soaCeltics position playerUConn — small forward and that Havlicek too often “falls betw ondshe that 76ers’ guard hadsic Celtics championship teams inlook all,Greer would amount to much. down anding had tosoBird “eat his wayI’llback The won the NBA champiny older Marjanovic. KS CHICKEN BBQCeltics fan would argue, of all hearing before the Board of against unreasonable searches and sei- offender, Kraft, 77, unlikely thatshooting these law enforcement officers had Guilfoil sawfor asthe crucial: Among ronisms. joined Nuggets’ office last Cavaliers’ men’s team — which, second consecutive ONLYtime. 3:30pm-6:30pmBROOKS CHICKEN hard.” guard. Early inthe his career, hefront to inbound thewas ball. Then, atto theface count thethe cracks” of historical measure never50-plus-win losing in anseaNBA Finals. He was “He didn’t really shoot from the his playing weight,” Heinsohn said. onship title next season, defeating BBQ This group Stewards, Luis Saez who rode of ww zures. The$12 judge also called the video evitime in jail, and his record would have not done this. These were serious Fourth April 30th Dinner their multifaceted jobs, Bar“The NBA’s doing a great job,” said fall, and the Pacers’ Kelly Krauskopf is of course, means she’s a happy Hoo TAKE-OUTS ONLY 3:30pm-6:30pm son and another playoff appearance in of four, Havlicek peeked back at Greer, Havlicek never did stop moving, raised the visibility and value of the compared to generational also a standout at Ohio State when the outside or dribble that much,” said “But he could do things like that bethe Milwaukee Bucks led by Kareem On April 15, 1965, the Celtics were hickendence only $8.00 of themselves as a MAXIMUM SECURITY in thepeers Tuesday, April 30th Dinner $12 “seriously flawed.” been expunged if hetossed completed the terms Amendment violations here, and the bara Borden and Brooks Becraft Jessica Mendoza, who was recently the NBA’s first female assistant general these days. 2018-19. DER 518-851-2439 who had just the ball in Walker’s all the way to April, 9, 1978, when he sixth man, or first man off the bench, Oscar Robertson and Jerry West. Buckeyes won an NCAA title in 1960 Heinsohn, who had played alongside cause he was so darned disciplined,” he Abdul-Jabbar (then known as Lew Al- are clinging to a 110-109 lead in the deciHalf Chicken only $8.00 twelfth race at Churchill Downs rather, they The cameras were 518-851-2439 haphazardly of the plea dealyou in Palm County, judge had noofchoice to suppress the scored NT NOON-530PM 518-828-8775 have29served riders in Rivers various hiredBeach asgame an adviser to the Mets’ front manager. Tyneeha isthe theinVP of human These are intheand sort of direction. women PRE-ORDER before becoming abut whenadded. Ruspointsasin a victory over In Havlicek was n reached the championship Havlicek for several seasons instarter Boston. cindor) seven games. sive seventh game of the 1965 Eastern art- Mt. Carmel Shrine onmother May 4,Boston, isThey hereby susrecognize th where he keeps a home at the famed tape.” stalled, the judge said,NOON-530PM and theyyour captured CALLS DAY OF EVENT 518-828-8775 capacities. fice. She is a gold-medal Olympic softThe league office is nearly 40 percent resources and also is the of2019, forwant daughters to become. They Havlicekseasons, reachedinand tipped the sell,like a aplayer-coach, the Buffalo wasprepathe last time apended undervalued after his rookie w Ave. Conference (Rte 9), Hudson which “But he was wide receiver retired in foot- afterHavlicek was aBraves. man of Itsuch In the years after retirement from the finalHeartplayoff series.Shrine With in two subsequent Sacred Mt. Carmel fifteen (15) racing days, set will act as a b In the hours after Maximum ballhis player who broke ground in 2015 merfolded Villanova current Suns player female, and, the ration NBA said, itroutine might one make the Sixers perhaps most pro-with 442 Fairview Ave. (Rte 9),Bill Hudson pass to Celtics guard Sam Jones, who 1968-69 season and Tom Heinsohn, a and Celtic wore No. 17. said. More than anyt ball, and he would run and catch long Havlicekthe co-starred roomthat he his and Celtics, heHeinsohn maintained a26, low basketball five seconds remaining, center RusMay 23, 24, 25, 27, 30, 31, generations, but t Security went down to 17th asfuture the first female broadshe raisedhisastime a day have a female commissioner. gressive the most Jerryprogressive Lucas, another NBAin-booth passes from Cousy for layups.” socks on a hangar in theMikal lockerBridges, room whom profile,2019 splitting sell’s inbounds pass from underteam the inmate Juneto1, 2,between 6, 7, 8, 9,New 13,crusa place, everyone had accused They aren’t caster call League Baseball Havlicek single parent asEngland she tookand a and decade “Absolutely,” said Oris Stuart, major sports league in Famer. the country, Hall of Thoseifteams wonto78 ofa Major In his first scrimmage, was before slipping intothe his game uniform. Florida with his wife, Beth 76ers’ basket hit a guide wire overhead, 14, 2019 for failure to control the colt himself, sionals. game. Sherosnow is part of ESPN’s Sunearn especially her undergraduate degree, whom one he league’s chief diversity inclusion nota chance the world, to the 2018 84 games. (Another member of the matched with Jim Loscutoff, a burly In an and interview, Ryan, Havlicek’s co- with (Evans)his Havlicek, had met at giving the 76ers the ball and to according mount andamake propthe colt unable to respond on day Night Baseball team. “My biggest Athe woman won class at a time. Annelie Schmittel, officer. “The hiring of women by our Racial & Gender Report Card by the Inter was Bob Knight, who would go on forward known for his physical play. author, who covered the Celtics for The Ohio State and married in 1967. win the series. er effortisto maintain a straight Twitter. Many cited a greenness thing is, I get excited to think about former college high jumper, directeams and the league is part of our stitute for Ethics and Diversity in Sport. dential vote in 201 Guarding Chet Walker, a star for- to a renowned and controversial career After a while, a winded Loscutoff yelled Boston Globe, called him “the all-time Havlicek is thereby survivedcausing by his wife; course inter-a Print & Digital Print & Digital born of a life of only four races, when it becomes not such a big deal.” tor of player development and travels long-term and holistic commitment This year’s report card will include elected Speaker out: “Hey, you’re crazy. Nobody runs standard of stamina, the essence of son, Chris, ward for Philadelphia, in the area near coaching college ball.) whowith played basketball the of ference several rivalsatthat betweenwith December It’sHavlicek not aour bigteam deal tothat the Sixers. The thegreatteam. 2018 Katie O’Reilly, the chief toFrom attracting retaining theallworld’s Lindseybegan Harding,Itwhom thetheSixers Each day, our team stories matter. From coverage of crimeand and courtsand Each day,breaks breaks stories that matter. coverage ofmoving crime courts sentatives, twice was with Celtics that like that. Slow down.” without the ball and the the free-throw line, Havlicek University of Virginia; and a daughter, infrom the disqualification and March marketing 2019. On the Sun-justresulted to in depth stories andstories series about issues of importance to the public---what we to in depth and series about issues ofbest importance to the public---what we says the Sixers rank among officer, returned as asecscout last summerhis then protalent.” Pepsi, Lockheed M developed game as aleague unique twoest sixth man in history.” He added Havlicek responded, “Quit pushsilently ticking off the fivehired allotted Jill Havlicek Buchanan, a high school do meaningfully impacts theimpacts communities we cover.iswe do meaningfully the communities cover.identical today hisreignite mount.” morning after the Derby, top 10 maternity leave in timeofto the player moted tohad playerposition development Which nearly ing in merepresentation so hard and I’ll quit running so player coach — smallthe forward andteams that Havlicek the too misoften “falls between onds that 76ers’ guard Hal Greer basketball and lacrosse who also “It’s been pro It all gave the Derby That Will I nowby turn you and ask your these most turbulent I to now turn youfor and asksupport for yourinsupport instatement these mostofand turbulent andHall of Fame trainer Bill Mott,campaign. sion Harris Blitzer Sports women in tosenior-level positions, month. PhilaUnite playoff The Sixhard.” shooting guard. Early in hischanging career, he to inbound the ball. Then,earlier at thethis count cracks” of historical measure when playedNot lacrosse at Virginia and married businesses better, changing times. Local journalism is more important ever. than Columbia-Greene times. Local journalism is more than important ever. the Columbia-Greene End another frayed strand whose Country House won & Entertainment, the Sixers’ parent ers peers and that the Knicks are No.The 1. Daily That’s “The Sixers’ raised performance isMedia’s far stole Amy the prestiof four, Havlicek peeked back at Greer, the visibility andpublications value ofpublications the Havlicek never did moving, toand generational like Hever Brian from Buchanan, a former major league - the Register-Star, Mail, Ravena News-Herald and Media’s - the Register-Star, Thestop Daily Mail, Ravenacompared News-Herald Female doctor to linger across the coming the race after Maximum Secu- Institute and above other teams’,” said Richcompany. wrong, said a former employee ofhold both to steps head inform, entertain public offiwhen cials accountable. inform, entertain and hold public officials accountable. who had just tossed the ball in Walker’s sixth man, or first man off the bench, all the way toand April, 9, 1978, he Oscar Robertson and Jerrygious West.Smithsonian ps, three or four to the — we no longer raise months andrim perhaps rity’s disqualification, said: engagement “I weeks and ard Lapchick, director of the Institute “We believe that a culture led by the NBA and MSG, the Knicks’ parent their community wing. direction. before becoming a starterIt’swhen Russcored 29 points in a victory over the In Boston, Havlicek was never would be even better,” he said. “For all never been easier to subscribe - call (518)- 828-1616 visit It’s never been easier to subscribe call (518) or 828-1616 or visit doesn’t mean years. To the ongoing arguvery strongly believe that itawas Diversity Ethics in Sport, afterretired strong, innovative leaders produces company, who remains closely ItaffiliIvana year, Seric, 6-foot-2, five-position Havlicek reached andfortipped theandsell, a player-coach, after the Buffalo Braves. was the last time a undervalued after his rookie every dunk they’d on us, paywe’d gap remains ments aboutget Maximum Securithe horse. Why, I don’t know.Croatia, hearing about the nine women we inated with the league. the best outcomes and positions our player from Split, started alllayups pass to Celtics guard Sam Jones, who 1968-69 season and Tom Heinsohn, a Celtic wore No. 17. Heinsohn said. More than anything, ably getty,two backdoor on them.” tack on one about Luis Saez, male coach in any Sometimes we don’t know the terviewed. “That’s an impressive num“The league is including women teams and brands for long-term suc- four seasons at the New Jersey Instiall while remembering that any reason why horses don’t run a novelty, as No ber you just gave me.” who work for all of MSG, not just the cess,” said managing partner Josh Har- tute of Technology, where she received the toughest job in McG straight. that Ianddiscussion coach Muffet The baller league isn’t perfect, Knicks,” he said. “The Sixers have the ris. “We have incredible women in our I don’t PhDs inknow basketball math. Nowofshe sports always mustwill include that think he saw something. Lapchick stressed — the teams have most women in significant positions organization who are the best in the Lapchick. helps compile You and present the daily know, being a green horse, of jockey.

When it comes to putting women in charge, the Sixers are ahead of th


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Kawhi vs. Giannis: Tired Raptors head to Milwaukee for slugfest Sopan Deb The New York Times News Service

Whew. Now that the good people of Toronto have had a second to breathe after Kawhi Leonard beat the buzzer and the Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday night — much to the chagrin of the already cantankerous fans in Philadelphia — it’s time to look ahead to what is sure to be another heavyweight series. The weary Raptors must summon the energy to slug it out with the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference finals, beginning Wednesday night. The Bucks, who have home court advantage, will be playing their first game since easily dispatching the Boston Celtics in their semifinal series last Wednesday, while the Raptors, in a blink, will try to shift gears after an elimination game that will go down as one of the greatest in NBA history. In their last series, the Raptors dealt with a Sixers team playing a slower, more deliberate game, thanks to the stylings of center Joel Embiid, who often plays with his back to the basket in the low post. And Toronto had the perfect antidote for Embiid: Marc Gasol, a big man who thrives on post defense. In the first round, the Raptors played the Orlando Magic, which has one of the slowest offenses in the

league. But Milwaukee, with its pace-and-space offense, is the embodiment of the modern NBA. The Bucks play much faster — and Toronto will have to deal with one of the best open-court players in the league, Giannis Antetokounmpo, trying to limit his eurosteps-to-slam-dunk combinations in the paint. Gasol might find Antetokounmpo running circles around him, if he’s not chasing Brook Lopez at the 3-point line. But it just so happens that the Raptors have Leonard, a two-time defensive player of the year. His oversize hands, thick frame and exceptional lateral quickness make him an ideal counterpunch to Antetokounmpo on both ends of the floor. The Bucks won three of their four matchups against the Raptors this season. In the lone loss, in January, Antetokounmpo scored 43 points and grabbed 18 rebounds. If the Raptors are going to have a chance in this series, they need more from their starting point guard, Kyle Lowry. He was uneven against Philadelphia’s stifling defense, averaging 13 points and six assists on 40% shooting from the field. If Lowry thought Philadelphia was tough, wait till he gets a load of the Bucks, who had the best defense in the league during the regular


Toronto Raptors forward Kawhi Leonard (2) makes the game winning basket over Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid (21) during game seven of the second round of the 2019 NBA Playoffs at Scotiabank Arena. Toronto defeated Philadelphia.

season. Lowry played some of his worst basketball against Milwaukee, averaging only 6 points on 23% shooting in three games. This matchup might come down to which

members of the supporting cast provide the most. Lowry is a five-time All-Star. He needs to play like one. Toronto will need more from the bench, too.

Serge Ibaka, who scored 17 points in Game 7 against Philadelphia, will have to provide valuable minutes on defense against Antetokounmpo. Fred VanVleet, who often quickly oscillates from a starting-caliber point guard to a shouldn’tbe-on-the-court player, might see more minutes, especially if Lowry continues his struggles against the Bucks. Milwaukee is difficult to beat at home (33-8 at the Fiserv Forum in the regular season), but the Raptors can take some lessons from the Boston series this month. The Celtics were occasionally able to fluster Antetokounmpo by loading up the paint with multiple defenders and walling off the rim. He often found himself with no space to move. Of course, he overcame that by relentlessly attacking the basket anyway and getting to the free-throw line. Leonard will need to work hard to stay out of foul trouble, given how reliant Toronto’s offense has been on him in the playoffs. Antetokounmpo’s supporting cast can make things easier on him by hitting their outside shots, which were a struggle against Boston. If the Bucks can spread the floor, Antetokounmpo will get to the rim. And then the Bucks will win. It’s as simple as that. That means Brook Lopez and Eric Bledsoe, for example, who are shooting 28% from 3-point

range in the playoffs, need to do better. The return of Malcolm Brogdon (after nearly eight weeks out with a torn plantar fascia in his right foot) will be a big help, provided he can recapture some of his strong play from the regular season. Either way, this matchup will feature high-quality basketball and two elite stars who are on track to be all-time greats. Whether it draws in casual fans is another question entirely. It should, but fans on each side groused throughout the season that their team was being overlooked. Television ratings have been down so far compared with last season, and Milwaukee isn’t exactly a big market. But no one is overlooking these teams now. There’s only Leonard being a quiet assassin in one corner and Antetokounmpo in the other as a one-man freight train. While neither have outsized personalities and don’t seem to care much for off-the-court exposure, their styles of play make them a compelling matchup for years to come. Hopefully, people watch. With injuries potentially derailing the Golden State Warriors’ yearly romp to the title, both of these teams are legitimate threats for the crown. The question is which superstar will take them there?

Beilein leaving Who’ll be Beilein replacement? Here Michigan is a loss for are some Michigan coaching candidates all of college basketball Nick Baumgardner Detroit Free Press

Shannon Ryan Chicago Tribune

One of college basketball’s best jobs is open after John Beilein confirmed Monday that he is leaving Michigan for the NBA to coach the Cavaliers. The void at the college level will extend beyond Ann Arbor. Beilein, 66, was reputed to be one of college basketball’s cleanest coaches as the game has been swallowed by salacious stories stemming from an FBI investigation, and subsequent federal trials, into bribery of players and their families. He had been a refreshing antidote to a sport muddled with scandal, running a program free of public accusations of misconduct. He was an unintentional PR campaign for a sport at a crossroads as it awaits potential NCAA sanctions in the wake of last week’s conclusion of the bribery trials as well as a possible change to the NBA’s “oneand-done” rule and more permissible interaction between agents and players. But Beilein reportedly had grown frustrated by the savage world of recruiting and the chore of dissuading top players from leaving early for the NBA draft or transferring. The pending losses of freshman Ignas Brazdeikis and sophomore Jordan Poole to the NBA will hurt the Wolverines’ chances next season after they reached the national championship game in 2018 and the Sweet 16 this year. The program is so well-established under Beilein, Michigan should aim high for his replacement. Thunder coach Billy Donovan, Villanova’s Jay Wright and Texas Tech’s Chris Beard are names being tossed about, while Wolverines assistant coach Luke Yaklich and former assistant LaVall Jordan, now head coach at Butler, could be nice fits as well.

Beilein took over a dormant program in 2007 that hadn’t been to the NCAA Tournament in almost a decade and built it into a national contender. In 12 years, he guided the Wolverines to two Final Fours — losing in the title game both times — and four Big Ten tournament and regular-season titles with a 278150 record. Still in the shadow of the ever-dramatic Michigan football program, Michigan basketball became a quietly consistent powerhouse. That relative lack of pressure from fans, alumni and administrators at a school where basketball plays the role of appreciated kid brother could be appealing for the next coach. Although Beilein interviewed for the Pistons job last year, it was still a shock when ESPN broke the news Monday morning that he’s taking the Cavs job. He will take over a rebuilding team that went 19-63 this season, tied for the NBA’s secondworst record. The idea of potentially coaching Zion Williamson would appeal to any coach, and Beilein has a reputation for developing players in a calm, professional manner that should mesh well in the NBA. The Cavs own a 14 percent chance — the same as the Knicks and Suns — to land the No. 1 pick in Tuesday’s draft lottery. Beilein moved gradually up the coaching ladder from high school to junior college, Division III and Division II before getting his first Division I job in 1992 at Canisius. Stops at Richmond and West Virginia preceded his stint at Michigan, and now he has reached a career pinnacle in the NBA. Replacing him at the college level won’t be easy. Michigan needs to hire someone with as much character off the court as success on it.

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Register-Star erst ar skillDailyMail

John Beilein’s time at Michigan basketball has come to a close. And now athletic director Warde Manuel has the biggest test of his career. Manuel has had his short list for Beilein’s successor at U-M for some time now. That process ramped up heavily last year when Beilein entered discussions with the Detroit Pistons about a coaching job. Now it’ll go into full action as Beilein’s off to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers. U-M will certainly spend some time weighing options of whether it wants to swing at a big name with a lot of cash, or find a younger coach it believes capable of being its next great men’s basketball leader. Here are a few names to consider: Billy Donovan, Oklahoma City Thunder This would fall into the category of extremely expensive, but U-M is far from poor. Donovan has been in the NBA for four years with the Oklahoma City Thunder and did just get an endorsement from his general manager, but he has had three straight first-round exits. Would he be interested in returning to college? Donovan was a two-time national champion at Florida who, like Beilein, rebuilt a college program before taking a stab at the NBA. Michigan is a much more desirable job today than it was when Beilein took it back in 2007. Still, it would take some serious work — and maybe some good fortune — to pull someone like this. Brad Stevens, Boston Celtics This would fall into the same category as Donovan and would, perhaps, be even more of a long shot. The Boston Celtics had a rough close to their season this year, though Stevens hasn’t given any public indication that he’d like to return to college basketball. The former Butler coach, and Indiana native, could’ve had that Indiana job at the snap of his fingers back in 2017 but is still in Boston. This would be a dream hire for Manuel. But dreams don’t always come true. Chris Beard, Texas Tech


Texas Tech Red Raiders head coach Chris Beard reacts from the sideline against the Virginia Cavaliers in the championship game of the 2019 men’s Final Four at US Bank Stadium.

Beard might be the hottest young name in college basketball right now. He’s 46, he just took Texas Tech to the national championship game — beating U-M in the Sweet 16 in the process. He does things his own way and he’s had great success at each of his coaching stops to date. He did just sign a six-year extension that’ll pay him nearly $5 million. So Michigan would have to make him one of the top two or three highest-paid coaches in America. Michigan has more resources than Texas Tech, plain and simple. But if Beard is happy at Texas Tech, his current high salary might be more than enough to keep him there. Mike White, Florida White has already had the unenviable job of replacing a legend as he took over for Donovan at Florida back in 2015. He has gotten the Gators to the NCAA Tournament three straight times, including an Elite Eight in 2017. He can recruit. He is well-respected. Michigan could absolutely pay him more than the $2.6 million he’s making right now. White is only 42, his track

record isn’t very long and he has no Michigan ties. But he took over in a tough spot at Florida and has handled himself very well so far. Porter Moser, Loyola (Chicago) Beilein and Michigan beat Moser’s upstart Loyola squad in the Final Four back in 2018, but Moser’s run in the Missouri Valley Conference no doubt proved he can coach. He’ll turn 51 in August and he’s been at Loyola eight years. Teams have shown interest in him before, but he’s opted to stay. U-M could clearly entice a candidate like this with more money than he’s ever been offered. The drawback? His Final Four run was his only NCAA Tournament appearance at Loyola. He’s never coached above the MVC and the Big Ten is a different animal altogether. LaVall Jordan, Butler Jordan’s long been viewed as one of the sharpest (and still one of the youngest) branches of Beilein’s coaching tree. He was an outstanding guard developer during his time in Ann Arbor as an assistant (2010-16) and when he left the program to take

over at Milwaukee in 2016, some thought he’d be the ultimate successor to Beilein one day. Maybe that’ll happen. Jordan took over at Butler, his alma mater, before the 2017-18 season. The Bulldogs made the tournament last year, but had a sour 16-17 record in 2018-19. Has Jordan accomplished enough to get this job? Luke Yaklich, Michigan assistant The odds that Yaklich, 43, was going to go through this entire coaching cycle and not get a head coaching job somewhere, albeit at a lower level, were probably low. He has never been a head coach before, but an internal hire could help Michigan further advance the culture Beilein’s put together so far. Yaklich has been a noted defensive star, as Michigan has had the No. 2- and No. 3-ranked defense each of the last two years. The drawback? He’s never been a head coach. His focus at U-M was completely on the defensive end. Everyone knows him, but there’d be some risk involved. Saddi Washington, Michigan assistant Washington, 43, took over briefly as Michigan’s interim head coach this summer when Beilein was recovering from heart surgery. He’s in the same boat as Yaklich here: He has never been a head coach but he’s very well respected in coaching circles as someone who is ready for a job. But this job? Hiring an internal candidate would obviously ease things up in recruiting and further advance Michigan’s Beilein culture. But like Yaklich, Washington is completely unproven and U-M is a big-time high-major job. Juwan Howard, Miami Heat assistant Howard has never been a head coach and he’s never coached in college. But he’s been on an NBA bench since 2013 and, obviously, he has Michigan ties as a former member of the Fab Five. He is a well-respected mind in NBA circles and his name has been floated for some pro head coaching vacancies. This would involve some creative thinking, as again, Howard has never coached in the college ranks.


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Easy cheesecake recipe is a no-fail classic Years ago, you published a recipe for cheesecake, which you said was very good. Well, it was not only “good” — it was TERRIFIC. As a native New Yorker, I know cheesecake. I have moved and lost my recipe. Can you republish it? It’s the best! DEAR ABBY Cheesecake Lover In Deland, Fla.


Thank you for the compliment. I’m glad to oblige. My mother made it — with either cherry or blueberry topping — and I have fond memories of raiding the refrigerator with her again and again for “just a smidgen” more! We both carried the sweet tooth gene, and I have many delightful memories of her dinner and dessert recipes, which comprise the Dear Abby cookbooklet set. Mama was a talented hostess and prepared them for dinner parties (so have I). For readers interested in ordering the set, send your name and mailing address, plus check or money order for $16 (U.S. funds) to Dear Abby — Cookbooklet Set, P.O. Box 447, Mount Morris, IL 61054-0447. In addition to the recipes, there are tips on entertaining, and anyone who hasn’t entertained before should be sure to read them. By following the suggestions, even the most nervous first-time host or hostess can be confident. I hope you will enjoy making this cheesecake for many more years, because I serve it with pride. Abby’s Cheesecake Crust:

1 1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs 1/2 cup butter, melted (1 stick) 1/3 cup powdered sugar Cheesecake: 3 (8-ounce) packages cream cheese, softened 4 eggs 1 cup sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 pint dairy sour cream (at room temperature) 1 (21-ounce) can prepared cherry, blueberry or strawberry pie filling 1. Heat oven to 350 degrees. 2. Combine graham cracker crumbs, powdered sugar and melted butter. Press into bottom of 8-inch springform pan. 3. In a large bowl, beat cream cheese, eggs, sugar and vanilla until smooth. Pour mixture over prepared crust. 4. Bake at 350 degrees for 50 minutes (until center is set). 5. Remove from oven and spread sour cream on top of cheesecake. Return to oven and bake an additional 5 minutes. 6. Remove from oven and allow to cool. Spread desired topping on cheesecake. 7. Chill overnight. Before serving, carefully remove sides from pan. Serves 16. Tip: To minimize cracking, place shallow pan half full of hot water on lower rack of oven during baking. And be sure the sour cream is at room temperature when you spread it on.

Family Circus

Classic Peanuts


There are many options for prostate treatment I am a 79-year-old male who has been on tamsulosin for years, but it is not helping much. A recent CT scan showed my prostate at 6.2 cm transverse measurement. My urologist suggests taking Avodart to shrink it. However, I have read that this drug, along with other similar drugs, can cause an aggressive type of TO YOUR prostate cancer and other GOOD HEALTH problems. I have noticed that you also favor prescribing those drugs. My question is, Why should take it if I’d have to give up my sexual relationship and end up dying from cancer? I am very sensitive to drugs and am allergic to many. My urologist says that the aggressive cancer information is not true. What is your opinion? Some real facts, please.

study, suggesting that the apparent increase in risk of aggressive prostate cancer was not real. In November 2018, another study was published looking at the same issue. It found that Avodart and Proscar reduced the overall risk for prostate cancer, but that benefit was in low- and medium-risk prostate cancers. Aggressive prostate cancers were not significantly reduced by taking the medication, but there was a trend toward reduction, especially in men who took the medication the longest. After reviewing all of the available data, I still feel that these medications are a valuable part of therapy for men with symptomatic enlarged prostate. Men with intolerable sexual side effects should find a different option. Your urologist should provide you options.

I wouldn’t prescribe a drug if I really thought it would cause terrible side effects in many people and increase their risk of aggressive prostate cancer. Let’s start with side effects. All drugs have the potential for side effects. Dutasteride (Avodart) and drugs like it block the form of testosterone that both increases prostate size and helps cause baldness. The major side effects are sexual. They can cause a decreased libido (interest in sexual activity), difficulty getting an erection and problems with ejaculation. As far as prostate cancer risks, one study did suggest that aggressive prostate cancer might be more likely in those who take these testosterone blockers. However, shortly after publication, critics identified a methodologic problem in the

I have been prescribed Janumet XR and am concerned if this drug is addictive. I do not want to be on this medication long-term. Can I get my diabetes under control by weight management and diet?


Janumet is not addictive. Many people are able to control diabetes through careful management of diet and weight control (exercise is the other important lifestyle management tool); however, depending on where your sugar levels have been, your doctor may have decided to put you on medication now to protect your body. It’s possible for many patients to get off medications, but it requires a real commitment: a big change in diet and exercise, usually with significant weight loss.


Hagar the Horrible


Horoscope By Stella Wilder Born today, you have a great deal of confidence you display in the most stylish of ways, whether you are enjoying social time with friends or professional interaction with co-workers. You have a way of entering a room that tells everyone already there that things are about to get very interesting indeed — and you don’t disappoint. You are able to influence people simply by being present and involved; you don’t have to say much to get your message across, whatever it may be, and you find that you would much rather teach by example than by lecturing others about what they should or shouldn’t do. You like to have your way, certainly, but you are able to give way when you must in order to maintain good relations with others. You are quite attractive to others, and whether or not they would be willing to act upon any feelings they may have for you, they are always wondering what it might be like to be with you. You have the kind of colorful and irresistible personality that pleases the senses and fuels the imagination. Also born on this date are: Andy Murray, tennis player; Emmitt Smith, football player; James Mason, actor; George Brett, baseball player; Eddy Arnold, country singer; Madeleine Albright, statesman; John Smoltz, baseball player; Chazz Palminteri, actor; Joseph Cotten, actor; L. Frank Baum, author. To see what is in store for you tomorrow, find your birthday and read the corresponding paragraph. Let your birthday star be your daily guide. THURSDAY, MAY 16

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) — You may encounter more difficulties today than expected, due in large part to an error in how you are navigating a certain situation. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) — Your expectations may be somewhat unrealistic right now and may re-

quire some adjustments. It’s all right to hope for the best, however. CANCER (June 21-July 22) — You are going to have to exert some extra pressure on someone who isn’t getting with the program as quickly as you had hoped. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) — You’ll likely have to be direct and efficient in your dealings with a partner today. This should be understood; apologies are not necessary. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) — You’re tempted to sit back and wait for others to come to you, but that’s not how to get what you want. You must be more aggressive than that. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) — Time has been on your side as of late, but it’s not likely to be that way indefinitely. You’ll want to get used to doing things in more of a hurry. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) — You can’t expect others to be entirely in sync with you today until you tell them precisely what you are doing and what you expect to gain. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) — You are eager to explore a new opportunity that you suspect will be presented very soon. Have you completed all preparations? CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) — You may be better off today than you have been in recent days, but you can’t simply sit still and expect improvements. Be proactive. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) — You are fighting with your instincts today, but you’re not sure what the main problem is. Ask a friend for his or her honest appraisal. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) — Money matters come to the fore today, not because you’ve done anything wrong but because you can do much to avoid a problem in the future. ARIES (March 21-April 19) — You will have the chance to do something you’ve long wanted to try, but take care that you don’t jump in without considering the cost.


Baby Blues

Beetle Bailey

Pearls Before Swine

Dennis the Menace


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B8 Wednesday, May 15, 2019 Close to Home


THAT SCRAMBLED WORD GAME By David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek


NYMEO DIGINS XONVCE ©2019 Tribune Content Agency, LLC All Rights Reserved.

Answer here: Yesterday’s

Score 1 point for each correct answer on the Freshman Level, 2 points on the Graduate Level and 3 points on the Ph.D. Level.

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Unscramble these Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words.

History Level 1



(e.g., He caused the fall of the Aztec Empire. Answer: Hernan Cortes.) Freshman level 1. This emperor really did not fiddle while Rome burned. 2. The “Pentagon Papers” revealed news about this war. 3. This Greek city-state was noted for its military proficiency. Graduate level 4. The Easter Rising of 1916 took place in this country. 5. Harry S. Truman promised Americans a deal that was ____. 6. It was attacked 18 years before it became a state. PH.D. level 7. He was the governor of New York state from 1943 to 1954. 8. Saigon was renamed in honor of this man. 9. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended this war.


Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon.

(Answers tomorrow) Jumbles: LIMIT CAULK LIMBER ENTITY Answer: The lawyer picked up new business because her happy customers were — “CLIENT-TELL”


Solution to Tuesday’s puzzle

Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit, 1 to 9. For strategies on how to solve Sudoku, visit

Heart of the City

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SUPER QUIZ ANSWERS 1. Nero. 2. Vietnam War. 3. Sparta. 4. Ireland. 5. Fair. 6. Hawaii. 7. Thomas E. Dewey. 8. Ho Chi Minh. 9. Mexican-American War. 18 points — congratulations, doctor; 15 to 17 points — honors graduate; 10 to 14 points — you’re plenty smart, but no grind; 4 to 9 points — you really should hit the books harder; 1 point to 3 points — enroll in remedial courses immediately; 0 points — who reads the questions to you?



Pickles For Better or For Worse

Get Fuzzy

Hi & Lois


THE Daily Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 1 Cook in oil 4 Place of refuge 9 Shoots carefully 13 Told a whopper 14 Locale 15 Entreaty 16 Rainbows 17 Tropical fruits 19 TV crime drama series 20 Changed addresses 21 Relaxes 22 __ out; get rid of gradually 24 Actress Sara 25 Evergreen tree 27 Pandemonium 30 Numbered golf clubs 31 Digger’s tool 33 Depressed 35 Promise’s partner, in phrase 36 Hit the __; begin a rapid decline 37 Azure or navy 38 British custom 39 Ill-will 40 Verse writers 41 Zigzag skiing 43 Instructed 44 Floor pad 45 Island nation near Sicily 46 Frequently 49 Steeple 51 Kids’ running game 54 Sin 56 __ one’s time; wait 57 Social misfit 58 Small weight 59 Leak out 60 Candy store chain 61 Say hello to 62 Afternoon hour DOWN 1 Forest trees 2 Like a give-andtake relationship 3 Linear measures: abbr.

Commuter Puzzle

by Jacqueline E. Mathews

Mother Goose & Grimm

Bound & Gagged

Created by Jacqueline E. Mathews

4 Fight against 5 Still breathing 6 Not bananas 7 Frosted 8 Black or Baltic 9 Request a second trial 10 Misfortunes 11 Encounter 12 Disrespectful talk 13 Fond du __, WI 18 Arrogance 20 Apple computers 23 Handsome young man 24 Pharmacy orders, for short 25 Sandy grit 26 Asks nosy questions 27 Commanded 28 Unproven charge 29 Canker sore site 31 __ milk; nonfat drink 32 Hole in the ground 34 Word before Virginia


Tuesday’s Puzzle Solved

Non Sequitur

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36 Blemish 37 Boxing match 39 Street talk 40 Ashen 42 Make __; atone 43 Dartboard 45 Chop finely 46 Possesses 47 Complimentary


48 __ up; shredded 49 Like lemons 50 Yearn 52 Tool with a blade 53 Word of mild surprise 55 Greyhound, e.g. 56 Word that startles



Wednesday, May 15, 2019 B9

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In search of edge, elite basketball prospects are repeating a grade — in middle school Samantha Pell The Washington Post

WASHINGTON — When Melanie Williams was first approached about the possibility of having her son repeat a grade in middle school to improve his chances of earning a college basketball scholarship, she opposed the idea. Her son, Terrence Williams, was doing well in school and on the court, and having him repeat a grade seemed unnecessary. She didn’t want her son to be teased for going through the same grade a second time, or have trouble adjusting to a new set of peers. But after more than a year of studying the benefits of reclassifying, Williams changed her mind. Five years later, Williams maintains that reclassifying Terrance and having him repeat the seventh grade was the right move for her son’s academic and athletic future. Terrance went on to become one of the top eighth grade basketball recruits in the Washington area, and is now a four-star college prospect at Gonzaga College High School with scholarship offers from elite academic institutions such as Stanford, Notre Dame, Virginia and Georgetown. “It just made him a mature student, a mature player,” Williams said. “I saw the effects almost immediately not only academically, but in basketball as well.” Williams’ decision did not make her son an anomaly within the elite boys’ basketball community, but rather kept him among the norm. Reclassing, as the practice is more commonly known, has been around for at least two decades and has included athletes in sports from hockey to baseball to lacrosse. But it has become increasingly common in recent years among the highest levels of boys basketball, including kids across all demographic and financial backgrounds and starting as early as elementary school. While those in hoops circles argue that the practice almost always benefits the players, educators have expressed skepticism, and there remains a negative stigma around it outside of the basketball community. Several parents of players who have reclassed declined to comment for this story, citing a fear that they would be viewed negatively for not having their child participate with his age group. “We’re just in an odd place right now,” said Jay Bilas, a college basketball commentator for ESPN. “Just let each kid, each parent do what you want to do, that’s fine, do what is best for your kid. But man, there is no way that parents are spending as much time sort of facilitating their kids’ academic success as their athletic success.” Reclassing has become prominent in the hypercompetitive


Gonzaga College High School forward Terrance Williams shoots a free throw as the DeMatha student section does their best to distract him.

Washington-area basketball scene, with some estimating that half of all Division I-bound men’s basketball players reclassed in middle school or younger. Of the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference’s eight first-team players this past season, five - all of whom are projected to play for major college basketball programs - have reclassed, as have several top players in two other prominent private school leagues: the Mid-Atlantic Athletic Conference and Interstate Athletic Conference. It has become so common, some say, that many families feel the pressure to reclass their children as a means of keeping up with their peers. “It is what it is, because everybody else is doing it,” said Joe Sego, a longtime middle school boys basketball coach in Hyattsville, Maryland. He added that he has fielded more calls from parents interested in reclassing this year than ever before. “You don’t even hear, ‘Oh, your kid is good and all, but he’s 15 [playing on a team of 14-year olds].’ You just don’t hear that, because half of his team is 15.’” When parents make the decision to reclass their child, it isn’t as simple as having him retake the same grade at the same elementary or middle school. Instead, parents often transfer their children to a private school, which can be costly, or home-school them for a year. “I think if the goal is to get a [college] education and have it paid for, then by whatever means,” said Ricky Goings, a coach who founded the nonprofit Everybody Deserves

a Shot, a Washington-area program that helps local basketball players find college scholarship opportunities. “You are talking about $100,000 [college] scholarships. If that means an extra year in high school, middle school, why not?” One factor in the decision can be a player’s positioning within the shoe company-sponsored AAU circuit, which provides players with exposure to college coaches on travel teams that are based on grade level. If an aspiring point guard, for example, is in a grade level with talented players at the same position - including ones who may have dropped down a grade after reclassing themselves - his family might make the decision that his college scholarship chances are better by moving down a year. Many in the basketball community warn that not all kids who reclass wind up making it to Division I. It is often helpful, they say, but sometimes players see little or no improvement in their recruitment after reclassing. However, some see it as a pivotal step in a player’s preparation for private high school basketball and, eventually, college. For Stefan Marcelle, a ninth grader at Georgetown Prep, reclassing in eighth grade from a public middle school to the private Woods Academy gave him a chance to adjust to a private school academic curriculum before entering high school. Without reclassing, said Marcelle, whose cousin is former NBA player Roy Hibbert, he doesn’t feel as though he would have been ready academically. “It’s a pathway to college,”

Marcelle said. --While there are several success stories among players who have reclassed, critics of the trend warn that repeating a grade can often harm children socially or academically. Jim Barnes, the vice chair of the Association for Middle Level Education executive board and the principal of Chestnut Ridge Middle School in Shamong, New Jersey , said that reclassing a student is “really a problem” and “isn’t healthy.” “It is becoming not about schooling,” Barnes said. “Where are our priorities? Are our priorities with the academics or the athletics? That is the concern I have, being in education.” Barnes said that research has shown that holding a student back in first or second grade can be helpful, but that once kids reach the fourth grade or above, it is better to keep them moving along with their same class. “I think once you start focusing on that and it’s becoming an athletic type of situation, students would lose focus on the whole academic side of why they are in school,” Barnes said. “To me, we are in school to learn and progress.” Most parents of players who reclassed said that the additional year of schooling strengthened their children academically, while some acknowledged there was an adjustment period socially. Still, because the trend is associated with being considered a high-level athlete, there often isn’t the same stigma that might ordinarily come with repeating a grade.

“It’s almost like a badge of honor now,” said James Parker Jr., president of the Premier Youth Basketball League. “Like, ‘I’m good at basketball and I’m focused on the game, so I’m going to reclass.’” It’s more likely to draw the ire of opposing players or parents who have not made the decision to reclass, and take issue with the age gap. “I think when all of us were younger if you got held back, there was usually nothing positive about being held back, but when it is the parents’ decision to hold the kid back and it’s done for athletics, that is where it causes some of the jealousy,” Bilas said. “Like, ‘Wait a minute now, my 16-year-old is playing against this 18-year-old kid, and he reclassed and they are playing in the same grade. What the hell?’” By and large, however, those issues don’t come up on the recruiting trail. Former longtime college basketball coach Todd Bozeman, who is originally from the Washington area, said that college coaches don’t care whether a player has reclassed in middle school and it “doesn’t even come up” in conversations unless it’s an unusual case. “I still think you have every right to do what you see fit for your child,” Bozeman said. Many high school coaches are similarly supportive. Paul VI Coach Glenn Farello, who works in admissions at the school, said he has no issue with a player who has reclassed so long as the family made the decision for the right reasons. “I mean, no question an extra year of development does not hinder the process, it definitely helps,” Farello said. “It is to give their sons and daughters a little bit more of an advantage when we are talking about the endgame, and endgame meaning being college studentathletes.” For Melanie Williams, what ultimately changed her mind about reclassing her son Terrance, who will be a senior next season, was seeing that he had room to improve on an admissions test he took for a local private middle school. She said she recognized that the extra year would benefit him academically while setting him up for further success on the court. “It has paid off,” Melanie said. “As I always tell in my conversation with college coaches and faculty when we talk to them, as a black family, this is a decision that can have an impact on [Terrance’s] kids’ kids. Basketball on the surface can seem like an obvious thing, but for me, it was such a bigger decision that sets our family up and his family up for generational impact.”

Players marveling at condition of Bethpage Black, despite heavy rain Greg Logan Newsday

FARMINGDALE — The only water hazard at Bethpage Black is the pond in front of the green on the par-3 eighth hole, but after a rainy weekend followed by a Monday afternoon deluge, it’s fair to say all 18 holes could be considered a potential water hazard for the 101st PGA Championship that begins on Thursday. In fact, when Ireland’s Shane Lowry arrived at the course on Sunday, he said the first hole looked like the set for the movie “A River Runs Through It.” But Lowry and several other top contenders were pleasantly surprised to see during their Monday morning practice rounds how well the course handled so much water. “It’s unbelievable,” Lowry gushed. “I can’t believe how dry it is. The fairways are firm for the rain we’ve had. “I came in (Sunday) to register, and the first fairway was flooded. We get down there this morning, and it’s perfect. And then, the greens are perfect. The ball’s even taking a bit of a bounce on them. The course is brilliant.” Lowry’s sentiments about Bethpage Black’s conditioning were echoed by Dustin Johnson, the No. 1-ranked golfer in the world. “I know it’s had a lot of rain, but the greens are fairly dry,” Johnson said. “I was surprised how dry it was. The fairways are soft. You’re not really getting any roll, but it’s not muddy. “It’s been great. And the greens are unbelievable. They’re perfect.” Bethpage Black’s official length is 7,459 yards, and it will play every inch of that after all the moisture it has absorbed recently. Lowry described it as “brutally long” on Monday,


Dustin Johnson looks over the third green during a practice round for the PGA Championship at Bethpage State Park - Black Course.

noting that cool morning temperatures in the 50s were a factor. But he predicted the course will firm up and become extremely difficult because the forecast calls for warmer weather with only a 30 percent chance of showers during the morning of Thursday’s first round and dry conditions the rest of the week. Bryson DeChambeau, the No. 8-ranked player in the world, saw Bethpage for the first time, and it met his expectations. Many have

said driver will be the key club in the bag this week, and he agrees. “One hundred percent,” DeChambeau said. “Drivers and long irons are the key clubs this week. If you can control that and make sure you’re hitting it in the fairways and on the greens, controlling your spin rates, you’ll be on the top of the leaderboard. “If I have my driver going well, I’ll be deadly ... I’m excited to play it. This is always a golf

course I thought would suit my game.” Although the consensus holds that the big bombers should be favored, Brandt Snedeker has a different view. He finished second in the FedEx Cup playoff event that was staged on Bethpage Black in 2012. “Driver is important, but I don’t think it’s the key club,” Snedeker said. “I think this week putting is going to be the key thing because the greens are so fast and so good. I think guys will be able to make a lot of putts. It will bring more people into it.” Snedeker said the fairways for this major championship are wider than for the 2002 and 2009 U.S. Opens held on the Black. “Don’t get me wrong,” Snedeker said. “You’ve got to hit the fairways here, especially if you hit it pretty far because there are a lot of uphill second shots on these par 4s. They’re tough to hit, especially if the greens are firm. As important as that is, the greens are so good that somebody is going to make a ton of putts.” Still, guys like Gary Woodland, who can wield the big stick, can’t help but feel they have the advantage. Woodland tied for fourth in the 2016 FedEx Cup playoff event at Bethpage and believes he’s a horse for this course. “This is one of my favorite courses we play all year,” Woodland said. “It’s just a great golf course, a ‘big boy’ course. The rain is going to make this place long. It’s going to make the rough pretty tough. If you drive in the rough, it’s hard to attack and then you’re scrambling to make pars. “I’m excited for this week. You’ve got to drive the ball in the fairway, so for me, the driver is a huge key this week.”


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